Saturday, July 22, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Jesus said something very plainly and without hesitation.  He said for you to be perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect.  In that statement He was talking about love and that you must be perfect in loving others.  He said to love your enemies and to pray for them.  He called attention to the fact that I am no respecter of persons, that I do not release My blessings on some people and withhold them from others.  He said that I cause it to rain on the just and the unjust and that I make the sun to shine on the good and the evil. 
   My Son Jesus said that when you love your enemies that you will be known as My child.  He was describing unconditional love, the kind of unconditional love that treats everyone the same, with honor and respect as well as love.  My love is the same for the sinner as well as for the saint. (Matthew 5:43-45)  Jesus was stressing in that teaching that you must be perfect in loving others as I love you, unconditionally and without reservation. 
   He contrasted My unconditional love with the love of the unbelievers and tax collectors who only love those people who love them.  He said that there is no reward from Me for only loving those who love you.  He said that you must greet with equal love both your family members and strangers.  Then He said that you must be perfect in loving others just as I am perfect in loving everyone.
   The people who heard that message were confused but challenged.  They knew that they had never been able to love people unconditionally and the instruction of Jesus was a challenge, also one which the hearers thought was impossible to attain.  I knew that it would be hard for My children to love as deeply and unconditionally as I do, but I also knew that after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, when He came to live in My heaven that He would send My Holy Spirit into the earth to live inside of My children who invite Me into their own spirits.   As a result of having My Holy Spirit of love in them, He knew that I would provide the power and ability for My children to love with My perfect love and that it would be possible through the power of My Holy Spirit and His ability to love unconditionally because He is My own Spirit, the Spirit of Love. (John 13:34)
   So it is easy to love others as I love you when you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit.  When My Spirit lives inside of you and you are attentive to His words of love to you, then you have the ability and power to allow My love to flow from you like rivers of living waters.   It is not in your own fleshly power; it is only in My power of Holy Spirit that you can love others with My unconditional love.  So even though the challenge to love others as I love you remains, My children know that My love supplies the unconditional love necessary to love others as I love you, even to love your enemies. 
   When you are opposed or stricken or robbed or insulted by someone, you must know that  the devil is behind that action and that the way to overcome his power is for you to love your enemy as much as you love your friends and to pray for them.  In doing that, in spreading love in the earth, you have become perfect in love, just as I am perfect in love.  You are known as My child only by your loving your enemies as well as your friends and family.   Jesus said that even the tax collectors, which were a classification of politician at the time, that they love their friends and families.  It is the people who love their enemies who are My children because they are mirroring My love characteristics of loving the unlovable and the people who curse Me and call Me their enemy.  
   It is not easy for you to love others as I love you, and it's only possible with the power of My Holy Spirit.  First you must know My love for you, being firmly rooted and grounded in My love by your knowing the depth, width, breadth and height of My magnificent love for you.  (Ephesians 3:14-20)
   Meditate upon My words until you become intimately acquainted with My love in the inner man.   It is when you are rooted and grounded in My love for you that I am able to do exceeding, abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to the power of My Holy Spirit that is in you. Fear has to leave you when you are rooted and grounded in My love because perfect love casts out fear.
   Jesus would not have told you to become perfect in love if it were not possible to do it.  Seeking to know Me with your whole heart and to know My love is the secret to knowing My love.  You must diligently seek to know My love.  With My Holy Spirit's power, nothing is impossible.  My Spirit is the Spirit of Love and He will teach you how to love others unconditionally.
    You must come to Him in faith for Him to teach you  (James 1:5-8)
    Your Father of Love and Mercy

Friday, July 21, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    We have looked at the standards that I raise up in My children against the works of the devil which are sent from hell to bring destruction and death to you and your children.   We have taken to heart the teachings of Jesus relating to what standards to raise with people when the devil causes someone to oppose you, strike you, take your goods from you, force you to accompany them, curse you or do any other evil act to you.  We saw that Jesus said for you to show love to the person that the devil is using against you, turning the other cheek when you are stricken, to always agree with an adversary, to give more than is taken from you, to bless those who speak evil against you.  In other words, Jesus told you to overcome evil by doing good things to the people who do evil to you. 
   We have also talked about how to treat the demons who are behind all evil actions and saw that Jesus said in My name to cast out the demons, to command them to be quiet when they speak and with the power of My Holy Spirit you should pray in intercessory prayers in the language of My Holy Spirit whose words will battle against the demons who are the instigators of all evil deeds.
   There are other standards which Jesus told you to raise against evil and one is the evil that comes from politicians, which were the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes and the hypocrites in the days that Jesus walked the earth.  He spoke at length about the activities of those politicians and religious leaders.  He said for you to not to listen to them, not to bind yourself to them and not to adopt their thoughts, attitudes, evil speaking and their divisive actions.  He said that if you bind yourself to them in adoration, in doctrine, adopting their theories and espousing their radical policies, that you will inherit their woes which are the curses of the devil who uses them to corrupt My children. (Matthew 23:1-11)  You will inherit their corrupt ways of robbing from the poor, refusing to help widows and orphans, withholding alms from the needy which places them under the demon of poverty and you will become filled with the pride and arrogance which cause the politicians to fall from their pedestals of power. (Matthew 9:35; Matthew 10:8; James 1:27; Matthew 18:7; Matthew 23:13-33) 
   The insight of Jesus is that you belong to a nation not of this earth, which is My kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  He said that you have not come into a human nation which is eventually destroyed, but you have come into My heavenly kingdom which surrounds you with a multitude of heavenly hosts who work unceasingly for your peace of mind, plus your spiritual and material prosperity in the earth.  You have inherited My kingdom of heaven with all of its majesty and My unconditional love which transforms you into My image of love in the earth.  You cannot receive all of the blessings that I have for you if you are in complete unity with earthly political parties which exist for their own edification and to destroy their opponents.  Jesus warned you against them.  His standard against them is to refuse their appeals and to refuse to bind yourself to them or you will fall just the way they fall from their pedestals. 
   He said to give to your earthly nation what is required of you, which is to pay your taxes.  He also said to give to Me what I ask of you, which is your love and devotion.  In return, you are loved, prized and rewarded with My blessings. (Mark 12:13-17)
   Your only political tenets should be the heavenly tenets of My kingdom, those being to love people as I love you, to keep peace with everyone, to spread goodness and kindness in the earth, to be merciful by forgiving everyone, to be faithful in all things, to have patience with people who have no patience, and to be joyful in the midst of problems.  Against those characteristics of Mine there are no political or earthly laws because they always overcome everything evil, negative and destructive in the world.
   Instead of adoring the political heads of your nation which will cause you to be judged by their judgments, save your adoration for Me, My Son Jesus and My Holy Spirit.  We are the heads of the spiritual nation in which you have been born into.  We love you with unconditional love and it is our pleasure to give you all of the wonderful benefits of My kingdom of love.  The result is that you will have heaven on earth.  If you bind yourself to human politicians, you will have hell on earth.  It's your choice, as always.
   Don't be deceived by human political persuasions.  They are the devil's temptations under deceptive coverings.  They will have you fighting with people whom I instruct you to love.    
    I am Love and My rewards for you are unconditional love and joy in every area of your life.
    Your Loving, Merciful, Good and Kind Father    

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My standard of love, which I have admonished you to always raise in troubling situations with other humans, will work miracles with anybody who comes against you in opposition, bullying, strife, anger, hatred or any other of the devil's traps that he sets for you.  Love always overcomes evil; goodness always overcomes evil; kindness always overcomes evil.  Love is My standard to use with humans.
   There are instances when the standard that you must raise is My standard of authority, taking authority over the devil in intercessory prayers and in ministering deliverance to people who are possessed by the devil.  Using love does not work with the devil.  Only using the authority of My name will overcome evil spirits of any kind, the demons who possess and oppress people, the demons who are behind destructive weather, the demons who are controlling angry people and the demons who cause health problems.  Through intercessory prayers of My Holy Spirit, you can allow Me to take authority over demons and cast them out of circumstances, out of people, out of troubling situations and out of rebellious individuals.  When you succumb to My Holy Spirit's anointing words in prayers, My Spirit, Himself, takes authority over those demonic spirits and wrestles with them, winning every time.  That is why I gave My spiritual languages to people, to allow My Holy Spirit's words to speak My authoritative truth to the demons, to speak My knowledge to them, causing them to leave your life and go to hell. 
   My words of authority in My Spiritual language are powerful.  They astound the demons and the demons know that they have no power to overcome My own supernatural power.  We have met many times in spiritual battles and I have defeated them every time.
   When you pray in My spiritual tongues, My power is exalted in the heavens and even the demons bow to My will. (Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4) This truth is why it is so important for My children to be baptized in My Holy Spirit and pray in My spiritual language, because they are the only proven words that are powerful against evil.  You know that you are praying My words and with My authority when you pray in My Holy Spirit's intercessory languages.  There is always 100% success rate when you let My Spirit use His strategies to accomplish what you and I want accomplished.  His words have the authority to do what I command evil spirits to do, which is to stop harassing My children.
    This is why I said that the formula works of walking in the Spirit plus praying in the Spirit equals everything working together for your good.  (Romans 8:9-28)  In every bad situation and in every bad circumstance you must use My standard of love with humans who come against you, but you should use My standard of taking dominion and authority over the evil spirits who instigate every trying situation.  When you do this, you handle the kingdoms of both families the way Jesus did, loving people but taking authority over demons.  Sometimes people use strong authority with people, insulting them and demanding things be done.  All that does is play into the hands of the devil, joining with him to spread evil in the earth. 
   Being led by the Holy Spirit + praying in the words of My Holy Spirit = all things working together for your good. 
   Being led by My Spirit will result in your loving other people unconditionally.  Praying in the words of My Holy Spirit allows Me to execute My will in the heavens against evil demons who are behind every evil thing in the earth.  Both of those together causes all things to work together for your good.
   Become a doer of My words, always loving people unconditionally.  Become a doer of My words by being baptized in My Holy Spirit and interceding in My spiritual language.  When you do, I can do super abundantly, exceedingly more than you dare think, ask or imagine, according to the power of My Spirit in you.  It is the gospel, the good news in simple form.
    Your Father of All Liberating Truth 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dear Precious Child,
   Everyone has standards by which they were raised depending upon their heritage, their backgrounds, plus their financial, social and political standards which outline their concepts of right or wrong behaviors.  If you judge other people by your own family standards, even though they don't have the same heritage, background or financial, social and political standards, then you have become a law unto yourself, expecting others to think and act like you do with your particular programming.  You judge them for not measuring up to your own standards.  It is those judgments which Jesus warned you against, saying that if you judge others by your narrow standards that the devil will make sure that you will be judged by other people also by their standards and declared guilty of not measuring up to their own particularly stringent standards. (Matthew 7:1-6)  Judgment begets judgment.
    Where is the error?  It is in expecting anyone to have the same actions of right or wrong that you have, even though they don't have the same family, religious or social programming.  Judging others by your own narrow standards while you are not living up to My standards to which you claim as your guide is opening the door to having hell in your life because you have become hypocritical by being led by the devil to judge others by your own narrow standards. 
    On the righteous side, there are people who do not have access to My words through religious teaching but they do instinctively what I instruct My children to do.  Those people have My words written on their hearts because they are sensitive to My voice within them.  They have become good laws unto themselves, making righteous decisions, knowing good from evil, refusing to judge others, and even returning good for evil.   Their conscience bear witness to My truth and they follow their conscience.  I said that it is not the hearers of My words who are righteous but it is those who are doers of My words who are righteous in My eyes. (Romans 2:12-16)  It is doing My will that causes My kingdom to come into your life because the person who does My will is refusing to follow the devil's temptations and by doing My will they are glorifying My characteristics in the earth. 
    Some of My own children who are born of My Spirit are reluctant to trust Me when I write My words of guidance on their hearts, leading them onto righteous paths.  They don't know My voice because they only trust the human voices of their religious leaders.  Humans are always subject to the temptations of the devil.  If their leaders cannot hear My voice of guidance which writes My beneficial words on their hearts, then they are often led astray themselves and they lead others of My children astray into inheriting the devil's kingdom on earth instead of inheriting My kingdom of love, peace and prosperity on earth. 
    You must learn to hear My voice inside of you so that you will not be deceived.  Remember that My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.  My voice within you will lead you to forgive people instead of judging them, to love instead of hate, to return good for evil done to you instead of returning evil for evil,  I will coach you to pray for people you call your human enemies and to make peace with those people who oppose you and persecute you.  I will prompt you through My Holy Spirit to do what Jesus taught all of My children to do.
   Do not set up yourself and your human heritage as a standard.  When you become My standard in the world, you will bless the people who judge you.  You will do good to them.  You will forgive them just like I forgive you instead of retaining their sins and judging them.  I judge no one and as My child you must learn not to judge but to, instead, easily forgive others.  It is in doing those things that qualify you for having heaven on earth as My kingdom comes into your life as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)
   Your Forgiving, Loving Father 

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   We talked about the fact that when the devil comes in like a flood with his evil ways that My Holy Spirit will raise up My standard against him. (Isaiah 59:19)  We talked about the truth that My standards are always love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, faith and patience.  There is no standard of behavior that overcomes evil like goodness, kindness and love.  Evil cannot stay around good actions because goodness repels evil. 
   My Holy Spirit is the gold standard, the highest quality of gold standard which supports My behavior in you of being loving and kind, even to your enemies.
   In your nation the gold standard in money is the amount of gold necessary to back up paper and metal money.  If there is no gold standard, there would be no money because money has to be backed up with gold. 
    It's the same in My kingdom.  Your activities that are loving, kind and good are backed up by My Holy Spirit whose fruit are love, kindness and goodness. (I Corinthians 12:4-11) So when My children yield to My Holy Spirit's gold standards, you become loving, kind and good to others, even to your enemies.   I told you that I am good to the unbelievers as well as to the believers, that I make the sun to shine on all of you.  All loving actions, all kind actions, all good actions come from Me and can only come from Me because I am the gold standard for every good action in the world. (Matthew 5:43-38)   I back up your standards that you set in the world with My gold standards.
   I am calling them "gold" standards because when My children operate in their world using My gold standards of love, goodness and kindness toward others, they are sowing seeds for gold to come into their lives in the form of My kingdom treasures coming on earth as they are in My heaven.  As you sow seeds in the world from My gold standards of love, goodness and kindness toward others, those gold standards multiply into multiple golden blessings flooding into your life because you have opened the doors and windows to the earth through which My blessings flow from My heaven.
    My gold standard is backed up by the blood of Jesus Christ, My Son.  He paid the price so that My children can incorporate My Holy Spirit into their lives, giving them a new life, new thoughts, new attitudes, new speech and new actions which come from My kingdom of heaven.  When My Spirit comes to live in you, He brings all of the gold with Him which He places in your spirit, ready to become flesh in you as you become My image in the earth. 
   Remember when you were wrestling with the decision of whether you wanted to ask for My Holy Spirit to live in you, and I asked you if you wanted to continuing to wallow around in familiar garbage or if you wanted My unfamiliar gold. You chose at that moment and said that you wanted My unfamiliar gold.  At that instant, in the twinkling of an eye, your entire motivation for living was changed because you became a new creation when you became born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  My gold began to flow into your life in the form of insightful wisdom, unconditional love, unearned kindness, unlearned knowledge, unspeakable joy, forgiveness for others instead of condemnation, peaceful thoughts instead of toxic thoughts and you became patient with everyone because of the gold standard of love which is in My Holy Spirit.
    You received the first fruits of being instantly made into My child.  Your walk with Me has been a golden walk as if We are on streets of gold.  You see things with My eyes and you hear things with My ears, bringing spiritual insight which enlightens your mind and causes great joy in you. Yes, the gold standard has become your standard and your life is rich with My blessings.
   Share this truth with others, that the gold standard in My kingdom is My Holy Spirit and My unconditional love which is in you.
   Your Gold Standard Father


Dear Precious Child,
   When Isaiah heard My prophesies from My angels about what was to come for the salvation of the world, He said, " When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard." (Isaiah 59:19)  My standard is ongoing, forever, hopefully always being exemplified by My children in their lives.  My standards are always love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and faith.  Those are My characteristics and they were the characteristics of Jesus and they are the characteristics of My Holy Spirit.  Setting a standard is not raising a national flag in pride.  It is My children becoming My image in the earth by having My same characteristics so that others will be witnesses to My true character instead of the ones given to the world by the children of the devil through the politicians, the religious leaders and the hypocrites.  Isaiah had faith that I would come through with a plan that would bring salvation to the world and he wrote about it after seeing a vision of it.  
   I fulfilled the prophesy of Isaiah.  I sent My Son Jesus into the world to die for the sins of the world and to destroy the works of the devil. (I John 2:2; I John 3:8)  He showed My true character to the world, the ideal being Love. After Jesus died for the sins of the world, I sent My Holy Spirit into the world with My very same characteristics, all of those deriving from Love.  So love is always the standard that I want My children to exemplify when evil appears with its diabolical ways in a circumstance or in a situation.  My standard in those instances is always to overcome evil with good, as taught by Jesus and My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 5:38-48; Romans 12:21) 
   That is the only victorious standard which My children must further in the world, doing good and kind things to people who persecute them, who rob from them, who hit them, who disagree with them, who oppose them or openly sin against them.  My standard is always to think goodness and to always speak goodness and to always do good actions when people persecute Me and My children, rob from them, hit them, disagree with Me and My children, oppose Me and My children and openly sin against Me and My children.  I always forgive their sins and endeavor to bless them when they turn to Me.  I never hurt people.  It's the devil who brings evil against people. 
    When My children make the wrong choice and either do evil to someone or return evil for evil done to them, then that evil separates My children from Me.  The demons who cause the evil action comes between us so that I cannot hear their prayers. (Isaiah 59:1-2)  Isaiah also knew that truth, that sins separate My children from Me.  However, when My children raise up My standard of love in every situation, then I am glorified and I hear the prayers of My children and can easily answer them.  In that scenario My Goodness floods the earth instead of evil flooding the earth. 
   My children need to see this teaching of Jesus as My truth.  Often My children read the instructions of Jesus and think they are fiction, thinking they are not applicable to today.  Those children never receive the full reward of having heaven on earth because they only pick and choose which of My teachings they will believe and which ones they will disbelieve as being for another time.  They never win their spiritual battles because they return evil for evl and refuse to forgive.  They have to wait until they get to heaven to have the fullness of their inheritance, while those who hear My words and do them will receive My kingdom coming into their lives while they are on earth.  
   As My child, raise up My standard of goodness in your thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions.  When you do, you glorify Me much more than religiously glorifying Me in worship services.  Often My children spend an hour religiously glorifying Me from their flesh but their thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions glorify the devil's character, sowing evil for evil into the world which set up barriers between us. 
   You have the choice of what thoughts to remain in your mind.  Reject every thought, attitude, word and action that is not of love.  Instead, do good, and you will be raising My standard in your world.
    Your Father Whose Standard is Love.  

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   CAUTION!   When you see that sign you immediately become cautious in order to see what the danger is that to which you are being alerted.  You know that there must be a danger ahead or the sign would not be there, and your senses are sharpened so as to know how to avoid the problem.  The danger sign might be alerting you to a poison, an explosive, a large hole in which you could fall, a wild animal which could attack you or many other reasons for you to be careful.  Most of the time My children are sensitive to warning signs in order to protect their lives and their health.  However, often they are nonchalant and ignore the caution signs to their own demise, walking right into the dangerous situation rebelliously with no concern for their own lives.  They drink something which is clearly marked as poisonous to their bodies, they play with explosives as if they are toys, they curiously ignore signs pointing to large holes, and they bypass the warning signs pointing to areas where wild animals are known to be.  They take their lives into their own hands, it is said, meaning that actually they are prideful and think they know more than the authorities who posted the signs or wrote the warning labels.  Yes, they ignorantly, because of curiosity or just plain rebellion, test the limits just to see if the warnings are feasible. 
    My very own children are influenced by the devil to test the caution signs that I, as their Heavenly Father, wrote in My Instruction Book to all of My children.  The devil is the father of spiritual and mental rebellion.  Testing and trying My words of wisdom and knowledge which caution My children about dangers in their lives is at the basis of every one of his temptations.  If you will notice, when the devil tempted Jesus in His thoughts he said, "Has God said" this, that and the other.  The devil tried to entice Jesus to question My wisdom and knowledge and tried to poison the mind of Jesus so as to entice Him to do the opposite of what I instructed Jesus to do; that being rebellion in its truest form.  The devil told Jesus that He wouldn't really die if He ignored My warnings and did what I warned Him not to do or He would die.  Jesus did not fall for the tempting traps placed in His thoughts by the devil because He had My supernatural power to refuse to rebel against My cautions and warnings.  Jesus knew My words to be true and valuable to Him in His life on earth and in furtherance of His ministry. (Matthew 4:1-12)  Jesus commanded the devil to leave him and proclaimed that I am His Father and that He only answers to Me.
    My other children are tempted by the devil every minute of their days, tempted  to give no credence to My warnings and cautions which I spoke through Jesus and the new covenant prophets.  The devil causes them to bypass the warnings about loving their enemies, keeping peace with their human enemies who persecute, oppress or harass them, refusing to yield to angry thoughts, always returning good for evil done the them, praying for the people who injure them, call them names, or steal from them.  Instead of believing My cautions and warnings, they often fall for the temptations of the devil to retaliate and seek vengeance against people, even though I said not to seek revenge but instead to forgive everyone and allow Me to avenge you.  (Romans 12:14-21)  All of those warnings and cautions were given by Me to alert you to dangers which will come upon you if you obey the devil's temptations instead of taking My advice and keep peace with everyone.
   Heed the caution and warning signs written in My Instruction Book to you and the ones spoken in your mind by My Holy Spirit.  They identify all of the evil thoughts, attitudes and actions which I warn you against as being from hell which come into your thoughts in order for the devil to cause you to have hell on earth.   Instead of heeding the voice of the devil in your thoughts, you must heed  My words of love which I encourage you to do in order for you to have heaven on earth, which is My desire for you. (I Samuel 15:23)  Saul was in danger of losing his kingly benefits because of rebellion against My warnings which were given by Me to help him in governing his people.  I said that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft because they both come from the devil.
    Give value to My words of warning and caution.  I am your Father and everything that I do and say is to make sure that your life on earth reflects My life in heaven.  Goodness, kindness, forgiveness, mercy and love are the thoughts that I put in your mind.  Follow them and you will have heaven on earth.
    Your Loving Father