Friday, October 20, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   The veils from hell which cloud your mind invade your thoughts so that I cannot get My words of liberty into your mind. The devil has one purpose and one purpose only, that being to rob, kill and destroy you by his methods of destruction and death.  Destroying My children is the method by which he gets back at Me for ostracizing him from My family in heaven.  The pollution of My family in heaven had worked for him because he took many of My angels with him when he unwillingly left. 
   Every time the devil tempts a child of mine and is successful with the desire to dominate, control, judge, condemn, rob, embarrass, avenge, kill, abuse, intimidate or defame another one of My children, he does it to Me because I live in My children.  The devil can't do those evil things to My children without an earthly person to cooperate with him and do his will, which is to destroy My children and the earth that I created for them. Destroying everything good that I created is at the basis of his lust for power. (Genesis 1:4, 10, 12,17&18, 25, 31)
   As I said, the devil can only do his destructive acts by incorporating My own children in his works.  I gave My children authority over the earth so the devil deceives My children into giving their own wills over to him.  The devil has to entice My own children to do his will in the earth before he can bring his evil works to fruition.  The devil, himself, has no body through whom to work in the earth, so he has to gain the cooperation of My own children in his efforts to destroy everything good that I created.  That cooperation is done through temptations in the minds of My children, tempting them to cooperate in his evil works. 
   Deception is the devil's most successful avenue into the thoughts of My children.  The evil enticements never appear as what they are.  They are always thoughts which question My will and My wisdom which My children had from the beginning but which has been clouded by the evil veils placed in the minds of My children and have continued from generational to generation through evil curses.  (Genesis 3)  All the time I had a solution which I even kept hidden from My own angels but which was revealed over 2,000 years ago. 
   I sent My Son Jesus into the world to save the world from the devil and his curses.  Jesus demonstrated My will for the earth when He healed the sick, cast out demons from people, raised the dead and ministered love to the brokenhearted.  He taught to My children about My goodness and kindness and My salvation for them.  He even died for their sins, transgressions, iniquities and their mistakes.  The devil required death for them so Jesus died for all of humanity, being the supreme sacrifice for the sins of the world.  The devil required death for the sins that he tempted My children to do, so Jesus was willing to die for all the sins of everyone who had ever lived and would ever live. (John 3:16-17)  Jesus died in the place of all of My children.   
    After Jesus rose from the dead, He sent His own power source, My Holy Spirit, into My children to be My voice of love, peace, goodness and power inside of them. (II Timothy 1:7)   My Holy Spirit is My supernatural power over all of the works of the devil. (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4)  My Holy Spirit gives to My children all of My wisdom and knowledge to rid the earth of the demonic pollution placed there by the devil in his efforts to sabotage Me in the lives of My children. (John 16;12-15)
   Not only do My children cry out for victory over the devil's evil works, but the whole earth cries to be redeemed from the works of the devil.  (Romans 8:20-25)  I said that My Spirit helps My children in their weaknesses, that when they don't know how to pray that they must allow My Holy Spirit to pray His Words of total redemption through their mouths in behalf of all of My children and the earth itself.  My words of salvation come through those words of intercessory prayers which I pray through My children in My prayer language. (Romans 8:26-28)  Just as I spoke My words of power in the beginning and created the earth, I speak My own words of authority, power and re-creation through My children in other tongues. (Hebrews 2:3)  Do not neglect such a great salvation, I say.
   My solution to all of the misfortunes of My children and the earth woes is through the power of My Holy Spirit being resident inside of them through being baptized in My Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ finished His ministry in the world and sat down with Me in the heavens.  Now My Holy Spirit is lord in the earth in the lives of My children who allow Him to be their Lord, their shepherd, their guide, their advocate, their intercessor, their wisdom and knowledge.  When My children allow My Spirit to be Lord in their lives, they allow Me to be their God and Father.  (II Corinthians 3:16-18)  The veils are removed and I become your Loving Father, as in the beginning.  There is victory over all evil in the earth in the ministry of My Holy Spirit.  Again I say, do not neglect such a great salvation as is available through My Holy Spirit 's words in His intercessory prayer language prayed through your mouths.  
  Your Father of Love and Peace    

Thursday, October 19, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   Yes, My child, there is a way to eradicate the evil veils over your mind which separate you from Me.  In My Instruction Book to you I told you that the demons who tempt your flesh always lust against Me and My words to you that come from Me into your mind.  Those demons want to dull your ears so that you cannot hear My words of wisdom which free you, and the demons blind your eyes so that you cannot see My good works in your behalf. That is what causes all of your problems, the invading lusts of the flesh from hell of which I warned you. (Mark 4:19)  I said that the flesh lusts after the Spirit and those demons in your flesh do it in order to dominate you to do the devil's will which will curse your life instead of your doing My will and having a life of abundant blessings in the earth.(Ephesians 2:3; Romans 13:14)
   I also said that My Spirit lusts to dominate the demons in your flesh which are tempting you to do evil.  Those evil spirits ministering to your flesh tempt you to sow evil seeds and reap the will of the devil in your life, which is destruction.  I lust to dominate those demons, having a great desire for you to not only dominate those demons but to cast them out of your life into hell by the power of My Spirit, which then allows Me to do My will in your life, bringing to you a life of love and peace.  (I Peter 2:11; Ephesians 4:22)
   My desire is that you have heaven on earth, which is what Jesus prayed for you. (Matthew 6:10)  Adam had heaven on earth until he yielded to the devil's temptations and opened the door for the devil to enter the earth and curse the earth with his destruction and death.  When you yield to the temptations of the devil, who presents to you lusts of the flesh, then you also become cursed with destruction and death.
   What I desire for you is that you, with the power of My Holy Spirit, dominate the temptations of the devil, casting them out of your life and into hell at the first tempting thought to judge, criticize, lust after sex, lust after money, lust after importance, lust after attention, lust after pity and sympathy, lust to steal or rob, lust to return evil for evil, lust to act or react with anger, desire to kill anyone, lust to strike back when stricken, lust for revenge, lust to be praised for your flowery verbal prayers which get no reward from Me, lust to make idols of divisive politicians or corrupt religious leaders, lust after discord and strife, and lust to always avenge yourself instead of making peace with others.  My Son Jesus taught explicitly about those temptations that come into your fleshly mind every day of your life.  He taught that you should crucify them, sending them to hell instead of your yielding to them and inheriting hell in your life.(Galatians 5:24; Ephesians 4:22) 
   My Holy Spirit alerts you to lusts which enter into your mind.  I tell you to flee from them, immediately casting them out of your thoughts and into hell. (II Timothy2:22; Titus 2:12)
   My Son Jesus did not leave you without comfort and power.  He sent His own power source, My Holy Spirit, into your life for you to have My supernatural power to refuse evil temptations and to become My righteous child in the world, a light set on a hill, the salt that savors the whole earth with hope, faith, love, peace, goodness and kindness.  (Matthew 5:13-16)  I said that when you choose My righteousness instead of choosing the devil's evil lusts, you will be blessed, enjoying enviable happiness, being fortunate and spiritually prosperous with life-joy and satisfaction in all things. 
   You have My life inside of you and you have My power inside of you.  You have everything necessary for the abundant life and soul peace. (John 3:16-17) Seek to become My distributor of love in the earth to all people and you will live a life of joy and peace, My light on a hill for the world to see and glorify Me for My unending love and forgiveness.
   Refuse evil temptations.  Instead, be led by My Spirit.  All good and perfect things come from Me, Your Father of Light.   You will have peace on earth and you will spread peace on earth when you are baptized in My Holy Spirit and led by My Holy Spirit to do My will in the earth instead of being led by the devil to do his will in the earth.  Choose to do good to everyone.  Crucify evil thoughts that are placed by the devil in your thoughts.  Send them to hell from where they originated.
   Your Father of Love, Peace and Goodness

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   There are evil veils which enter into the minds of My children which can program them for a life of misery.  When the devil feeds those veiled thoughts into the minds of My children, they are not recognized immediately as thoughts which put negative forces into action which will curse a person's life.  Those thoughts are thoughts of self pity and the lust for sympathy for oneself that will capitalize the thoughts of that person on his or her own pitiful circumstances or tragic situations as if they are going to last forever with no relief and no changes.  The negative thoughts from the devil make the person EXPECT more misery, more rejection and more tragedy in order to perpetuate the devil's work in the earth.(Romans 6:12)
   When the devil can entice you to believe for failure, disease, tragedy and misery to come your way, then you have agreed with the forces from hell to bring them to you on their paths of destruction.  Whatever you believe, you will receive.  If you believe for misery, you will inherit misery.  If you believe for tragedies, you will inherit tragedies,  If you believe for rejection, you will inherit rejection.   When you receive all of those debilitating effects in your life, the devil is thrilled because he has defeated one of My children. (Romans 8:44)
   At the basis of these demonic veils which can consume the minds of My children is the lust for sympathy from others rather than the desire for respect from others.   The extreme desire for sympathy craves pity and so the devil injects self pity into the thoughts of the person which will create a thick covering over the person's mind, deceiving the person into thinking that pity is a desired reaction from others when the truth is that other people lose respect for the person who speaks self pity which demands pity and sympathy from others.  The devil tells the person with self pity that commanding negative attention from others is favorable when in reality it causes other people to reject the person because the negative words are poison to their own ears.  (Ephesians 4:29; Hebrews 6:19)
   The desire for pity and sympathy from others is insatiable.  There is no end to it until the person is left alone with more thoughts of self pity.  The lust for pity is a lust for emotional self gratification just as much as a lust for sex is a lust for fleshly self gratification.  Both are demonic and both are destructive to a person.  (Psalm 106:14)
   When someone's lust for pity is rejected by others, then the person is also rejected because of constant negative words which beg for the sympathy of others.  The person who spouts words of self pity which require sympathy from others becomes no more than a beggar, always begging for your sympathy and pity.  If you do try to sooth the person with words of sympathy and pity, the person is only satisfied for a few minutes and then there is an appeal for more sympathy and pity from you because its demonic and the devil is never satisfied.  It is lust and lust is insatiable. (John 8:44
   Rejoice!  There is a cure.  My Holy Spirit has the cure for the demonic lust of self pity and the lust for the sympathy from others.  My Spirit will enlighten the minds of My children to the length, depth, width and breadth of My love for them.  There will be no desire for pity or self pity because of My child being established in My love.  My love will cast out all thoughts of self pity and the lust for sympathy.  
   My child who is redeemed from the demonic spirit of self pity and the lust for sympathy will earn the respect of other people and be stable mentally and emotionally.  There will be no more rejection.  Instead of pity, there will be respect and admiration because the person who was once dead to My voice will be alive to My love.  He or she will be saved from the demons who lust for self pity and sympathy because those demons will be cast into hell.  Galatians 5:220
   The person who is saved from the demons of self gratification and self pity will glorify Me because they were once dead and are not alive.
    Your Loving, Living, Respectful Father  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   When My children become born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, their citizenship is no longer in the earth.  They become citizens of My heavenly country, My kingdom.  Jerusalem was the capitol city of the Jews, but I told them that My  born again children are members of the heavenly Jerusalem, My capitol city of the Living God.  (Hebrews 12:22-28)  I assured them of their superiority to the earthly country by naming the inhabitants of their new country.  I said there are innumerable angels who are workers and servants of the inheritors of My salvation, which are My children.   (Hebrews 1:14)  I said also in their new country, My kingdom, are other inhabitants who work along with Me for their continued salvation, leading them into having My kingdom of peace and love to also be part of their lives on earth.  I said also in the inhabitants of their new spiritual country are the first born whom Jesus rescued from hell and took with Him to heaven when He rose from the dead.  Also in your new country are the spirits of My children who have been born of My Spirit and died in the flesh and ascended into heaven to be with Me.  I said that Jesus and I are in the My capitol city in heaven, the capitol of your new country, the Kingdom of God, and we want to bring My kingdom into your life on earth. 
   Can you see how superior My kingdom is to any earthly country, kingdom or nation?  I said many times that I desire that My kingdom will come into your life on earth just as it is in heaven.  I also told you the many things that can keep you from inheriting My kingdom becoming evident in your life while you still exist in the earth.  One of the things that keeps you from having My kingdom becoming evident in your life is your allegiance to the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes of your day, the politicians who are led by the devil.  Jesus warned against them when He walked the earth and the same evil spirits tempt, lead and guide politicians in their divisive, angry, strife filled, discordant, judgmental, evil ways in your country in the earth today. (Matthew 5:20; Matthew 16:6)  Yet, My children ignore My ways and bind themselves to extreme political differences, allowing their political parties to become their idols.  Extreme patriotism in the form of devotion to their earthly countries becomes the motivation of My children rather than devotion and allegiance to Me and My kingdom and they are led down the path to destruction and even death. (Matthew 16:11-11) War becomes glorified instead of peace being glorified.  I said that Jesus came to bring peace to the world, but people who have made politicians their heroes are led into war after war by power hungry politicians.  My heart is grieved that bitterness and strife from political disagreements become the normal emotions of My children rather than peace and harmony. (Matthew 23:4) 
   I told My children through Jesus when He walked the earth that if they bound themselves to the politicians and religious leaders, seeking to have their country be the avenue of their happiness and stability, that they will inherit the woes of the Pharisees and hypocrites instead of inheriting My marvelous blessings by their seeking My kingdom of righteous, peace and joy.  Yet many of My children, instead, still seek the kingdom of the politicians and their unstable kingdom which changes from evil policy to evil policy.  (Matthew 23:13-15; 23-29; Hebrews 12:26-28) 
   My children in the earth, since the devil was allowed to become the evil prince of their world, continue to want gods whom they can touch, see, adore, something they can worship that is of flesh,  Politicians are available to be adored because of their quest for power over people.  When My children make their earthly countries and the politicians the avenues of their salvation, they honor the flags and laws of their countries over My words of wisdom and salvation in their Instruction Book and from the Holy Spirit.  I said that you can't serve both, seeking salvation through your country and also seeking salvation through Me.  It is impossible. (Matthew 7:13-20)  My children can enjoy the benefits of a stable country, but when the country becomes fragmented by politicians, then your devotion to them is misdirected and you will go down the same path to destruction as they do.  When storms, fires, floods, hurricanes and droughts come to your country because of the bitter, angry, divisive, judgmental words spoken about any of My children by politicians, then if you are bound to the rhetoric of the politicians you will suffer their woes sent from hell by the devil.  If you are bound to the politicians you are responsible for the devil's joy in bringing destruction because you contributed to it and furthered it by clinging to the divisive rhetoric of the politicians.  My warnings to you went unheeded.
  Those of My children who seek My kingdom and My righteousness instead of seeking security from an unstable, divisive county and its politicians, My children of righteousness will shine in the darkness as My kingdom benefits become evident in their lives.  They know that they are not of the world but they are of My stable, unmovable kingdom of love which I sent into the world to save the world from the evil works of the devil.  I send the brightness and warmth of their lights to be beams of hope and faith in the darkness. 
   Bind yourself to Me and My Holy Spirit so that you will defeat the devil in every area of your life, thus inheriting every bit of your blessings from My kingdom of love, mercy, kindness and goodness, even while you live in the earth. (Matthew 6:10; Luke 11:20)
   Your Father of Immeasurable Benefits of Love

Monday, October 16, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   Along with the demon of poverty that is passed down from generation to generation in many earthly families, there can also enter a spirit of lust for material goods in those people who are lacking in the comforts that bring happiness and prosperity.  Because of guaranteed poverty from their heritage, there are no means of buying the comforts which bring emotional stability.  When the lust for material goods becomes overpowering, there also enters a demon of robbery, stealing or thievery which places into the minds of people who lack goods the thought that the only way to get the basic necessary goods for a family is through stealing from someone who already has them.  The demon of robbery tells the person who lacks earthly goods that stealing is the only logical way to attain them.  Remember that those thoughts come from hell, not from the previously pure mind of a person.  It seems like the last resort for providing for a family. 
   Because I know the historical horrors of poverty used by the devil as an avenue of dominating My children through not being unable to provide for a person's family, I instructed something through Jesus that helps to avoid engaging in conflict when you are being robbed by a person who has a generational curse of poverty.  I said not to resist evil, that if a person sues you or accosts you and asks for your coat that you give him your cloak also.  I also said to give to someone who begs from you, that you do not refuse anyone who borrows from you, and that if someone forces you to go one mile that you go two miles with the person.  I said to give to the poor, the orphans and the widows.  If My children supply the earthly goods of the poor, then the needs of the poor are satisfied and there is no opening in their minds for the demons of robbery to enter.  When My children teach a person who has a family heritage of poverty the ways to exit from that generational curse, it is a noble action and praiseworthy from Me.  For you to supply food for their tables, clothes for their backs and finances for their housing is when you have become My bodies in the earth. I have no earthly bodies through whom I can supply earthly goods except through you. 
   To those of you who say that if you meet the needs of the poor that they will not have learned anything and will continue begging,  I say to you this truth: even though I forgive your judging thoughts, you continue judging and condemning the poor, the beggar, the women with many children, the immigrant with no training and the uneducated people.  You repeat your propensity to judge just like the poor repeat their begging.  Both are actions that are demonically induced and not one is more problematic than the other in My eyes.  I forgive both and you must easily forgive also.  Forgiveness begets forgiveness and judgment begets judgment.
    Some of My ministers are called to educate the poor on becoming productive people with their own means of support.  It takes breaking the cycle of poverty induced by demons of poverty.  Until the poor are all trained to break the chains of poverty, My children must contribute funds to feed them, clothes them and house them.  I contribute to your prosperity and you must pass on to the poor the same grace that I give to you.
   There is robbery even among the rich when the demon of greed takes over.  Lust for money is never satisfied.  There is a lust for more money, more money and more money, even in the churches.  Some ministers' appeals for giving to their ministries never stop, continually robbing from the poor with promises that My blessings will overtake the givers if people, even the poor, give to their ministries.  As I told you, that is the demon of the whore of Babylon. (Ezekiel 23:17)  It is paying to have a relationship with Me, buying My blessings.  That is whoredom in My body of Christ.  The motivation becomes to pay for My blessings. 
   Even My own children in the body of Christ have wars and fights with each other.  They have no financial or material security and so they fight each other in order to become more important, more prosperous, more secure.  (James 4:1-11)  I said that they have not because they do not ask.  They do not ask because they don't have faith.  When they do ask, they ask to use it on their own passions, not to share with others less fortunate than themselves who are begging and stealing to meet the needs of their families.
   My children are My distributing agents.  I alert you on which ground is the good ground and which ground is the perverted ground of spiritual whoredom.   Joyful giving to the poor will produce joy in you because you have met the needs of My children who are blinded to the presence of the demon of poverty in their lives. 
   Your hand can either be a hand that offers relief to the poor or it can be a hand that points a finger in judgment at the poor.  (Isaiah 58:6-11)  It's your choice, either blessings or curses.  Choose My blessings.
   Your Loving, Giving Father             

Sunday, October 15, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   The lust for sex, lust for food, lust for power, lust for attention, lust for perversion and lust for physical goods that belong to others are all tied together, being characteristics of the devil's personality, as are the lust for winning over other people and the lust for importance.  None of them are normal mental appetites.  They are all extreme desires, the desire to have more than is beneficial for personal satisfaction. They cloud the minds of My children and My words no longer are important. The lust for importance and winning over other people are respected in your society.  They are not normal.  They are demonic. (Hebrews 6:17-19) 
   People who have the spirit of lust for importance desire to place other people under themselves, desiring to be more respected, more desired, more influential, more powerful, more well known and more successful, even to the extreme of dominating other people in order to exalt themselves.  Because of being based on self conceit, the spirit of lust for importance will see that a person with that lustful programming is praised by others, exalted by others and elevated by others in order that when the devil has overplayed his hands in the life of the person by prideful thoughts of himself or herself, which is inevitable, then the fall from importance is far, even falling to the bottom of importance in the eyes of other people.  As I have said, the strategy of the devil is to exalt a person and when he has promoted the person to the top, then he instigates a fall from respect into the pit of dishonesty, dishonor and failure.  (Proverbs 11:2)  That is the way the devil works.  The strategy of the devil is to get back at Me by causing a life of hell on earth for My children who are created in My image. 
   The devil can't get back at Me any other way except through My children.  My grief is that My children often participate in their own destruction by not recognizing that the devil works in extremes.  Living a life of importance in order to help other people can have lives of comfort and peace is a noble mindset, but living a life in search of importance which exalts oneself over other people by domination and selfish ambition is the mindset of the devil. (Psalm 10:2 and 4)
   The lust for winning is connected to the lust for importance.  A normal desire to win can be healthy if the desire of the person is not to ridicule, belittle, destroy or dominate other people to the degree of robbing them of their self respect.  Again, pride is involved.  When demonic, extreme pride results in winning, then other people suffer from your win.  Instead, My loving type of joy in winning inside of a person will also elevate his or her opponents to places of honor instead of dishonor, to security instead of instability, to self respect instead of shame.  My loving type of joy in winning lifts the losers in a competition up to the same degree of respect as the winners.  My joy in winning considers the emotions of others but the devil's lust for winning inside of a person is only interested in elevating his or her own emotions to new heights of extreme pride.  In My family My joy of winning is called graciousness, grace extended toward others because of My unmerited favor toward you. (Matthew 7:13; I Timothy 1:14)
   In the lust for winning there is an unquenchable appetite for training and exercise.  When exercise and training is to the extreme, the person is assaulting My temple, the temple of My Holy Spirit, which is her or her own body. (I Corinthians 3:16) Only with the lust for winning will a person put his or her own body through such rigorous exercises that parts of their bodies shut down their normal functions and cease in running an efficient machine, which is the human body.  The lust for winning will disregard the wisdom of normal, beneficial exercise which enhances the working of their body and the lust will push them until they punish their bodies instead of working within the beneficial functions that I put in their bodies.  When lust for winning takes over a person, his or her bones break down, joints become damaged, the heart becomes over stressed, beneficial hormones are shut down and their normal hormonal benefits cease,  The temple of My Spirit eventually becomes damaged beyond repair.  Wise care for My temple was scrapped and the lust for winning and importance became the motivation,  In winning by both competition and self gratification by constantly pushing beyond wise goals, the demon of lust become their god.  You have seen that people who have a lust for exercise sometimes have grotesque bodies.  They have often used chemicals to enhance the possibilities of their winning, even knowing that the chemicals are poison to their bodies, the earthly temple of My Holy Spirit.  Obsession and compulsion have replaced My wisdom.  Winning then becomes more important to the athlete than My words of wise and beneficial exercise conduct.
   Lust for anything comes from the devil.  An extreme, demonic desire for anything is based upon lust.  My children who are consumed by lust for anything human are  committing spiritual adultery, making gods of something or somebody other than Me.  That kind of lust is addictive.  That's what lust becomes, an addiction which becomes your motivation and life source instead of Me being your motivation and life source.  The devil is a cruel father, bringing his destruction into your life.(John 8:44)
   I want to be your Heavenly Father.  Everything good comes from Me, the Father of Life.  Learn My instructions to you that are contained in My Instruction Book.  Learn to listen to My Holy Spirit who lives inside of you.  He will explain to you and amplify My words in your Instruction Book.   He personalizes them for you and gives you the power to follow them, every one of them. (Matthew 5: 19-20)
   Having My kingdom come into your life on earth is My desire for you.  Listening to My Holy Spirit is the key because He is now Lord to My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit. (II Corinthians 3:17-18)
   Your Loyal, Loving, Merciful Father 

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   The lust for money is so deceitful that it stays hidden in the minds of My children, tempting them to hunger for money in ways that can even cause them to rob from My most unfortunate children, being miserly and selfish with the financial blessings that I have freely given to them.  When the lust for money has complete control of a person's mind, the person is sometimes tempted to enslave people to work for them with little or no remuneration, no pay, no respect for them, considering the workers as mere subhuman servants instead of equals.  When I said that you cannot serve the flesh and Me at the same time, that is what I was talking about, that if you have a miserly love for money that it will cause you to enslave people for your own good, either paying them no wages or only enough money to merely exist instead of being prosperous themselves. (Ephesians 2:3)
   My ways are higher than the ways of the devil who works in your flesh. The love of money demons who operate in the flesh of people give them the thoughts that their workers are subhuman, only deserving of wages fit for animals whom they feed with crumbs from their floors.  That debauchery is the reason I told you and My other children to refuse the mental temptations to love money ahead of loving other people as I love them.  The love of money will cause you to cheat people, rob from the poor and have a feeling of superiority over less fortunate people.  The devil is proud of his work and he will expose your miserly attitudes by seeing that your money is taken away from you, leaving you penniless.  The devil is a cruel master.  The end result of being bound to him through lusts of any kind will guarantee your downfall.  Creating his hell in your life on earth, with your cooperation, is his deepest desire.   My deepest desire is, with your cooperation, to create My heaven in your life on earth. (Matthew 6:10)
   The lust for food is called gluttony.  It has the most visible results with people who yield to the temptation to continue eating long after being satisfied.  That demon of lust gives a person the desire to eat beyond satisfaction so that other people will not take away what he feels is his rightful portion, fearing a lack of food.  Lust for food is closely connected to the lust for sex because it is a physical need rather than only a mental need.  Lust for food will cause a person to relish going to all you can eat buffets in order to satisfy the need for unending food.  Unfortunately, there is no way to satisfy the demon of gluttony because the next meal is anticipated when one meal ends.  The thought that you might be taking food away from another person never enters the mind of a gluttonous person.  His or her only thought is getting all the food into his or her mouth that they can handle in order to keep it from others. 
   The lust for attention is even more diabolical.  That lust often operates in many politicians, entertainers, some religious leaders and mass murderers.  There is an unsatisfied hunger for being in the spotlight, the center of attention, a person most adored by everyone.  Vanity is at the core of it. Because of the mass media that is available in your world, the means are endless for people who have the lust for attention to satisfy the demon of lust in them.  What has caused the lust for attention is often the complete adoration and emotional worship from other people who have elevated the lustful person to the position of importance or have idolized the person beyond necessity.  The people who have idolized them have created a monster of lust for attention.  Unfortunately, the demon of lust in them will do what the devil always does, tempts them with the desire for more attention until they are tempted to do something so bizarre, so immoral and often unlawful that they fall from grace in the eyes of their worshipers and are disgraced by the demonic lust for attention.  There are always demons who want to help a person fall from grace in the eyes of other people so that there is a celebration in hell for their misfortune.
   The demons of lust for alcohol and drugs in the life of a person will cause the  person to abandon children, their jobs, their marriages, their homes, their entire security in order to have another "fix" which causes them to escape from the realities of life in the earth where evil is prevalent.  My loving arms are My answer to people who need to escape from life.  I can supply the security, the joy, the love, the peace that the demon of lust promises to unhappy people.  I supply the power to resist those temptations.  My kingdom life that I promise to you as a member of My family is forever.  The lust for alcohol and drugs only satisfy for a few minutes or a few hours and then the lust for more takes over, even unto death of the body.  I promise a rewarding, peaceful life to which there is no end.  The people who seek Me with the same determination that they seek mild altering drugs will be satisfied by Me with a life of joy and love.  They will be satisfied beyond imagination. (Galatians 5:16; I Peter 4:2)     
   Learn to recognize the demons of lust which tempt you and also tempt other people.  You must love the people who are slaves to lust.  There is no greater condemnation and judgment from the devil for My children than what he has for those people who yield to lusts of some form and have had to pay the full price to the devil. (Matthew 25-26)  My love and compassion is constantly flowing to the slaves to demons of lust.  I desire to set them free.   When I say free, I say free indeed even from the demons of lust.  (John 8:36)
   Pity the person who is enslaved by lust.  Love the person.  Hate the demons. (Ephesians 6:12) My wrath is on the demons, not on the people whom I created in My image.  My love never ends for My children.  I understand the weakness of their flesh because I walked in flesh in the person of Jesus.
   Your Loving, Forgiving Father