Saturday, November 18, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   My words of instruction, encouragement, guidance, admonishment and love that are found in My Instruction Book to you came from Me and are given to all of My children to aid them in their earthly journeys.  Jesus Christ, Himself, gave you the most valuable guidance and instructions to ever be given by any person because He walked the earth as My Son and He knew the methods of deception that the devil uses against My children to enslave them to the works of his demons, which are called sins.  I said in My Book that My Son came to earth to destroy the works of the devil, thus making it possible for My children to be saved from doing evil actions in the earth.  (Romans 1:15)
   After the ministry of Jesus was fulfilled in the earth and He died for the sins of everyone in the world, He came back to heaven to live with Me and He sent His power source, My Holy Spirit, to live inside of My children to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ, which is to destroy the works of the devil in their lives.  When My children are in tune with My Holy Spirit, they are able to hear My Fatherly advice, receive My Fatherly encouragement, follow My Fatherly guidance, heed My Fatherly instructions and become rooted and grounded in My deep and abiding love for them.  There is no other way to be saved from the evil that is in the world since Adam unknowingly invited the devil to enter the world and bring his army of demons to curse everything in it.  (Genesis 3:11-19)  It was My magnificent plan to save the world that I kept hidden in My heart from the beginning of the earth in case My first children were deceived into allowing evil to enter and curse them and their world.  My plan is a workable plan and has freed many of My children from the evil works of the devil in the earth.
   There is no truth that I sent Jesus into the earth to save My children from My wrath.  It is a lie from hell.  There has never been an ounce of wrath in Me for any of My children.  All of My children are made in My image.  I would be a monster of a father to have wrath for any of My own children.  The only wrath that I have is for the demonic bullies, the devil and his demons, who deceive My children into doing their evil actions in the earth.  If My children bind themselves in loyalty to the demons who tempt them, following those evil passions and spiritually illegal behavior, then they, by association, will inherit My wrath that is shed upon the devil and his demons. (John 8:44)  It is only by My children being bound by association to the father of evil that My wrath for the demons comes upon My own children.  It was never My intention.  That is why I instruct and admonish My children not to obey the temptations of the devil, so that they will not place themselves in a position of inheriting My will for the devil instead of inheriting My blessings for My children.  
   It is only by being bound to the devil by loyalty to him that My wrath comes upon any of My children.  They inherit My wrath for the devil and his demons by being bound to evil actions, not by My will in any way. (John 8:44; James 4:7-10)  It's like if your child is hanging around with a den of robbers and the robbers den is invaded by the civil authorities, your child will receive the same punishment from civil authorities that the real robbers do, even if your child has done no illegal act.   Your child is guilty of criminal activity merely by association and will be punished, not as a act of your will but as an act of the will of the robbers.  My children are absolved of any guilt by the sacrifice of Jesus, forgiven and white as snow.  But if they continue to bind themselves to the demons who are the subJects of wrath from Me because of what they do to My children, then those children inherit My same judgment of the devil by association. not directly by Me.  (John 5:22; John 12:47)
   My children who seek Me and My righteousness by being born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit have the power to refuse temptations to do evil and will love My other children unconditionally, as I love them.  They will learn to recognize the voice of the devil in their thoughts and refuse to obey him, thus being saved from evil, meaning saved from the devil's judgment for sins.  They will also learn to recognize My voice of love in their thoughts and they will do My will in the earth which qualifies them to inherit all of My kingdom benefits in their lives.  (Matthew 5:1-12)
  My children who become bound to the passions of the devil's temptations in their thoughts, doing his will in the earth, they will inherit destruction and death.
  My children who are bound to Me and My guidance and instructions, doing My will of good in the earth, they will inherit all of the blessings of My heaven in their lives on earth. (Matthew 6:10)
   You have My power to do My will.  Don't deviate from My will.  Only do what My Spirit guides and instructs you to do and you will have heaven on earth.
   Your Father of Saving Instructions   

Friday, November 17, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   We talked about My wonderful plan, the mystery I hid from everyone in the heavens and earth from the foundation of the world. I said that it was My way to fully implement My salvation for My children and for the earth.  The reason for keeping it hidden was so that the evil one, the devil who had invaded the world, would not be able to sabotage it by using his deception in getting My children's permission to rob, kill and destroy them like he has many, many times. 
   I had the prophets speak of salvation, but they thought that I was talking about saving their nation and making it more powerful.  Even after Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to My disciples, telling them to wait for what I had promised them, which was a hidden mystery, they wanted to know if I was going to make Israel the most powerful nation in the world. (Acts 1:4-9)  
   My salvation was never for a nation.  My salvation is for each one of My children, saving them from the works of the devil in the earth who came into their domain and polluted it at the beginning.  As a dutiful Father, my job is to protect My children from evil, to alert them to evil and to rescue them from evil.  Salvation begins to come to My children's lives when I come to live in them in the person of My Holy Spirit.  That was My plan, the mystery that I kept hidden for generations, My plan of saving you from the evil that is rampant in the earth.  It is Christ, the victorious one, living inside of you. (Colossians 1:27)  He empowers you to do My will in the earth, overcoming through you the curses of the devil by leading and guiding you, instructing you and also admonishing you when you get into evil territory.  That is what I do, as your Loving Father, is save you from evil.
   The big picture, the entirety of My plan, is that My children will make My Holy Spirit the only Lord of their lives, allowing Me to make them as powerful. knowledgeable and loving as Jesus Christ was when He walked the earth,  In becoming My true children, led and empowered by My Spirit, you will eliminate the devil completely from your life the earth, casting him and his demons into hell, never to invade your part of the earth again.  I said that when that day comes that the righteous will shine forth as the noon day sun.  (Matthew 13:41-43)  Salvation will be complete in your life because you will be saved from evil by the power of My Holy Spirit.
   There are lies from hell which are keeping My children from knowing My plan of salvation, accepting the truth of it, and becoming My children of power and authority in the world.  They have been told that I will take them out of the world to escape the devil's works even though Jesus prayed that I would not take them out of the world but that I would keep them from the evil one.  (John 17:13-20)  I answered His prayers when My mysterious plan culminated and I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in My children with the power to keep them from the evil one.  From that moment forward they were not of the world just as Jesus Christ was not of the world.  Their citizenship is in My heaven so that they are My ambassadors in the earth.  Those who are waiting to be taken out of the world will be taken out, but not by Me.  They will be taken out when their bodies die from diseases that the devil brought into the world with him.  They were intended to remain in the world and overcome all evil in their lives, destroying the works of the devil so that their portion of the world became purified, just as they were purified when they began to listen to My Holy Spirit who lives inside of them.
   Complete and total salvation is available.  Being saved and rescued from the works of the devil is available.  I am looking for loyal children who are willing to diligently seek My whole kingdom and diligently seek for My entire characteristics of righteousness to live in them so that they will be called and recognized as My children who exert their power over the works of evil demons in the earth and love the unloved, maligned, persecuted, abused, religiously corrupted people in the earth.  What you do to them, you do to Me.  If you love them, you love Me.  (Matthew 25:40)
   My children who know Me rescue the people who are perishing at the hands of evil and they care for the spiritually and physically dying people in the world, giving them hope and faith in Me.  When you infuse hope and faith into them, you  have done My will in the earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10) 
   Don't focus on being taken out of the world.  When you do, you are lax in taking your place as My child in the world who has My power and ability to overcome evil just as your brother Jesus did.  Pray in the words of My Holy Spirit and He will target the devil and his demons with His power to overcome them.  Walk in love and peace with all people and My kingdom will come into your life as it is in heaven. That is the mystery of My plan for the salvation of your earth.
  I identified the real good news, which is My power of the Holy Spirit which saves you and your earth from evil.  Do not be ashamed of it.  Depend upon Me and My Spirit and you will have joy unspeakable.  (Romans 1:15) 
   Your Saving, Loving Father 

Thursday, November 16, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   You can't trust someone you do not know.  You can't have faith in someone you do not trust.  You cannot rely on someone you know only casually or merely by the words of mutual friends.  The more you personally know someone by your own acquaintance, the more you can learn to trust him or her and you can have faith in that person if you see admirable qualities.  So faith, which is the basis of the relationship My children have with Me, comes from becoming intimately acquainted with Me so that you trust Me unequivocally. 
   Because you live in the earth and I live in the heavens, a relationship between us is impossible without certain things happening.  There has to be a connection, an intercessor that unites both of us through whom one-on-one communion flows.  I provided Him for you.  He is My Holy Spirit who was sent by My Son Jesus and Me as My gift to you. (Romans 8:27)
   I said in My Instruction Book to you that from the beginning of the world I had a plan, a mystery that I kept hidden for centuries, not even letting My angels know the plan, the wonderful mystery. (Romans 16:25)  That magnificent plan was concocted in My mind before I created the first man in case he succumbed to the devil's temptation and allowed evil to enter into the earth.  I knew that, in a world of evil, My children could not continue to exist in their world unless they had a viable connection to Me through whom they could receive My guidance, My wisdom and My love.  Without a connection to Me, they would die spiritually, mentally and physically because of the curses of the devil. 
   My plan remained hidden throughout My covenant with a nation through whom the human part of My Son Jesus would come to earth.  It could not be revealed until My Son Jesus came to earth to die for the sins of the world.  He gave glimpses of My plan, but My children could not understand the plan fully until My Holy Spirit came to live inside of them. (I Corinthians 2:7)  That was My plan, that I would send My Son Jesus into the world to pay the price for their sins and then He would send His source of power, My Holy Spirit, into them to give them the power to bring My kingdom of heaven into the earth.  (Mark 4:11)  Jesus told His followers that My plan was veiled from their understanding, but when My Holy Spirit came to live in them that He would fully explain My plan. Their minds were darkened at the time by the presence in the world of evil spirits.  (John 14, 15, 16) 
    One of My prophets described it when He said the mystery is, "Christ in you, the hope of glory."  Yes, Christ being the victorious one living in you, He begins to reveal My glorious, workable and divine plan, that being that I would come to earth to live in each one of My children, if they will it, actually making them the temple of My Holy Spirit in the earth.  By My taking up residence in them, I change them into My image from the inside of them with My power, abilities, wisdom, knowledge and unconditional love for them.  I am able to defeat evil little by little in their individual lives by speaking to the evil spirits and casting them out of the earth and into hell.  Through the ministry of Jesus Christ, I was able to take dominion in the earth away from the devil and give it back to My children through My living inside of them.  That battle was won in the spiritual dimension with Me winning the war between good and evil. (Matthew 13;41-43)   
   My sovereignty is established again in the world by the will of My children who choose to allow Me to live inside of them and become the temple of My Holy Spirit, hearing My words and heeding them.  (I Corinthians 6:19)  Because I gave the earth to My Children in the beginning, I must have their permission to become Lord of the earth again by living inside of them.  (II Corinthians 3:16-18)
    My plan is slowly being accomplished by My children who seek My kingdom with their whole hearts and seek to become My righteousness with their whole hearts.   By seeking Me, they come to intimately know Me and they are not deceived into following the temptations to do evil because they recognize their enemy. (John 16:7-11)  They know the joy of having Me living inside of them with comfort, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, love, power and graciousness flowing from Me into them.
    My plan is workable. (Ephesians 3:9)  Living inside of My children is the only way I can restore the earth to the glorious state it was before evil came into it, cursed it and cursed My children.  The gift that I gave to My children of having dominion over the earth at the beginning was thwarted by the devil when Adam allowed him to enter the earth and take over the earth as its judge, its god and its evil father.  My plan, My mystery, was that I would come to earth to live in My children, no longer communicating with them from heaven but communicating with them from the inside of them in their spirits.  In taking up residence in the earth inside of My loyal children, I am again allowed to be God of the earth through My Holy Spirit.  I become sovereign in the earth only when My children follow My guidance and allow Me to be their Loving Father.
   To those who know Me and understand the marvelous mystery of My plan, I am able to accept their invitation to live inside of them and be their Loving Father with wisdom and knowledge to change all curses into blessings, to change all problems into solutions, to restore all devastation into rewards, just like I did with Job when He began to know Me face to face.  There is no closer face to face relationship than My living inside of you. (Job 42:5; II Corinthians 6:16)
   The way to intimately know Me is to allow Me to live inside of you and then for you to seek to hear My voice.  Faith comes from hearing My personal words spoken to you in words that you can understand. (John 15:12-15)  My words are heard by you in your thoughts.  That was part of the mystery I hid from the foundation of the world but which I reveal to you when you personally hear My voice.
    What a glorious day it is in My heaven and in the earth when My children begin to hear My voice. (Colossians 1;27; Romans 10:17)  Our family relationship is firmly established at that time and your life can become blessed with the benefits of My entire kingdom entering into your life on earth. 
    Your Loving Father of a Divine Mystery 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   Many of My children have no relationship with a good, caring, earthly father.
   Many of My children have no security from having a good relationship with a good, caring, earthly father.
   Because of that lack of a firm foundation in knowing good fatherhood in all of its perfection, many of My children don't know what to expect from Me as their Heavenly Father of Love.  In that situation, My children fear that I will neglect them, fail to provide for them and certainly not love them unconditionally because of the erroneous teaching that I am good and evil, loving and then judging.  I am neither evil nor am I a judge.  (John 8:15 and 22) This is why you must know the scriptures and know the power of My Holy Spirit.  He is the One who teaches you My true character from the inside of you in your thoughts,  (John 16:12-16) 
   You can search the scriptures in My Instruction Book of the New Covenant to you and see that I am your Father who relieves you of burdens, not one who adds burdens to your life in any way, ever.  It is the blinded religious leaders who add to your burdens.  (Matthew 23:4)  My new relationship with you is stronger than My old human covenant with a nation because it is the miracle of your becoming My deeply prized child when My Holy Spirit comes to live inside of you that makes a new person out of you with My nature and characteristics inside of you in your spirit.  That new character is eager to become resident on the outside of you so that you will be identified as My child, made in My image. 
   My final plan was that the descendants of the children that I created at the beginning of the earth would become My sons and daughters who have more right to My kingdom benefits than people who merely have a human covenant with Me.   Sonship is more binding and everlasting than a human covenant because a human covenant can be broken by one of the parties.  Sonship can never be broken because the blood line of the parents remain inside of a child forever. 
   Being My child of promise because of My Spirit living inside of you is infinitely more beneficial to you because of your being a child of My Love and Spirit with My blood is inside of you.  Your DNA is My DNA.  Earthly covenants are broken every day.  Children of My old covenant broke our covenant constantly because of their weakness for falling for the temptations of the devil, even when they arrived in the promised land that I created for them.  But, being My child by way of My Spirit living inside of you, that relationship can never be broken.  My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit might fall away from Me for a time because of fraternizing with the devil, but they are still My children, although  often wandering ones like the prodigal son who rebelled and then came back to his father and his home.
   The children of Abraham, through whom My covenant with a nation came, always claimed to be more favored than other people.  I chose only Abraham because of his human bloodline which was more pure than others.  I needed the most pure human bloodline available through whom My own Son Jesus could enter into the world and live in a human body, being Son of Man and Son of God. (Romans 4:17-18)  The people trusting in that old covenant must accept My new plan of becoming My child through My Spirit living inside of them, bringing sonship instead of merely a covenant.  Sons and daughters are heirs to the estates of their parents by reason of being born into the family with the blood line of their parents inside of them.  That is why My children have the right to be heirs of My kingdom.
   When My children intimately learn about Me and My Son Jesus, they know that I am Love and all good, that there is no evil in Me.  When they learn that truth, there is security and stability for their minds.  They are in a position to inherit My kingdom benefits in their life.  My loving Fatherhood becomes real to them and they become stable, secure and loved by a loving Father.
   Your Father of Love, Goodness, Kindness and Peace

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


My Precious Child,
   Some of My children only know Me as their Savior, a feat accomplished by Jesus Christ.  Some of My children only know Me as God, but not as their Father.  Some of My children only know Me as a judge, neither knowing Me nor the scriptures and My power.  Some of My children know Me as King, because of the translation of My Instruction Book coming from a nation ruled by a king.   Some of My children only know Me as the baby Jesus, never going beyond the birth of Jesus to learning about His adult ministry of love and sacrifice.  Some of My children only know Me as My Son Jesus, not knowing about My salvation  struggles for them against the devil during My temporary and old covenant with a nation from creation until the birth of Jesus.  Some of My children know Me as the Father of Jesus, but never as their own Father of love.  Some of My children know nothing about the power of My Holy Spirit that I sent into the earth to be received by them whereby they have authority over the devil and are saved from all evil.  Some of My children don't know me at all, only knowing Me through the hearing of their ears from other people, like Job only knew Me until we met face to face and He lamented the fact that he never really knew Me until He met Me face to face. (Job 42:1-5) 
   In My Instruction Book I have caused to be written every revelation through which it took many centuries for Me to be able to reveal My true nature and character, that of a loving Father.  When Jesus referred to Me as Father, it inflamed the religious leaders and religious politicians to where they planned to kill Him. The truth that I can be a personal, loving, saving Father to all of My earthly children was too blasphemous in their minds for them to accept. (John 8:19; 8:39-44)   
   The people who only know Me as judge don't really know Me, refusing to believe that Jesus said that I judge no man.  (John 5:22)  Notice He said that I judge no "man".  (John 8:15-I6)  I only judge the devil.  I judged him when I cast him out of My heaven.  I judge him again when My children, through the power of My Holy Spirit, cast him out of their own lives and out of the lives of other people, sending the demons to hell.
  Jesus also said that He judged no one, but if He did judge that His judgement was just.  In other words, He only judged the devil, just like I, as His Father, taught Him.  I want to teach My other children how to judge the devil and cast him out of their lives and into hell.  First they must have the revelation of My power and authority.  (Matthew 1:16-23) 
   The people who think of Me as the sweet baby Jesus don't know that My ministry in the earth through the adult Jesus was for the forgiveness of their sins and the sins of the whole world.  They don't know that I want to save them from the works of the devil in their every day life. 
    You can be like Paul when He said that his divine purpose in life was to become intimately acquainted with Me. You have the full benefit of his search to become intimately acquainted with Me from his writings in My Instruction Book.  He communed with Me face to face and learned about Me, My power and My love.  He learned about My love for peace.  He learned about My kindness and goodness toward My children.  He learned about the power of doing good to everyone.  He learned about the forgiveness of sins because of his own sins being forgiven.  He learned about overcoming the devil in the earth by the power of My Holy Spirit.  He learned about taking ascendancy over the demons that worked in his flesh.  He learned about the power that he had to cast them into hell. 
    You need to know Me as Love, Savior, Father, restorer, guide, advocate, helper, forgiver, provider, protector, power source, as your light in the world, as your victor and your deliverer.  I am all that you need.   I am sufficient for all of your needs.   
  Those of My children who only know me erroneously as a judge don't fully know Me as the forgiver of sins.  I can't be both, a judge and also forgiver of sins. 
   I have given to My Holy Spirit the ministry of tutoring My children as to My real personality and character.  I gave Him the responsibility of teaching My children that I am love.  Only when you allow Him to fully tutor you in the revelation of My being Love can you know the height, depth, width and breadth of My love for you.  There is no firm foundation of faith in you until you know Me as Love.  I said that when you are established in Me as Love that you are in a position for Me to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to My power that is in you. (Ephesians 3: 15-20)
   The prophet Paul said that his primary aim was to know Me, to become intimately acquainted with Me.  That goal was accomplished.  He knew Me as Love and Peace and Goodness.  James was well established in My character.  He said that you should not let anyone say that they were tempted by Me.   He said that all good and perfect gifts come from Me, the Father of light. 
   Make it your determined and prime purpose to become intimately acquainted with Me.  When you know Me face to face, you will have heaven on earth as My kingdom comes on earth in your life.
   Your Loving, Saving Father 

Monday, November 13, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   If parents in the earth do not adequately protect their children from evil, keeping them from physical, sexual, spiritual and emotional abusers, they are considered neglectful parents and are in danger of losing their children to governmental agencies.  If parents do not provide adequate food, shelter and guidance for their children, then they are charged with failure to provide for their children and are in danger of losing their children to governmental agencies.  If parents expose their children to criminal behavior, then they are charged with contributing to the delinquency of their children, and they are in danger of losing their children to governmental agencies.  All of those parental failures are considered bad parenting and their children need to be saved from the effect of inadequate or bad parenting.  Oftentimes, the governmental agencies which are designed to protect the children, provide for them and save the children fail because of low funding and inadequately trained personnel.  In that scenario, the children are worse off than they formerly were.
  In the beginning I created the earthly home for My children and then created them, provided everything they needed as a good Father, placed them in a fruitful earth to tend it and enjoy its bounty.  As a good parent in an effort to protect them, I gave them instructions on how to avoid evil temptations, telling them to only do the good that I taught them instead of doing evil which might come into the earth to tempt them.  I identified the criminal behavior of the devil who might come into the earth and tempt them to do his evil works, instructing them not to obey the temptations, all in an effort to save them from doing works of evil which would invite destruction into their lives.  My instructions and guidance were to save them from evil, as a good parent does, because I am a loving Father.
   Unfortunately, My cautions were not obeyed by the first of My children that I created, and they allowed an evil spirit to enter into the earth through deceiving them.  The results were that he, the devil, became a cruel parent to My children. (John 8:44)  His evil deeds became their motivations rather than My goodness being their motivations.  My children and their earth became subject to an evil dictator whose desire was to destroy My children and their beautiful earth that I had given to them.  The evil dictator, the devil, placed a veil upon the minds of My children so that they could no longer identify the difference between good and evil.  They only knew evil motivations which resulted in killing each other, robbing from each other and stealing from each other.  The dictator's aim was to entice My children to destroy what I had created for them and destroy My gifts to them which would bring everything good into their lives. 
   In order to save My children from the works of the devil, I had to introduce My character to them so that they would be able to recognize Me and My true character in their minds.  I slowly identified the elements of My character to them in degrees so that they would know Me as their provider, their protector, their deliverer, their victory; their peace, their healer, their guide, their ever present help, their goodness and their comfort.  Very, very slowly My children began to recognize Me as their God by Me slowly introducing My character to them. (Genesis 22:14; Exodus 15:26; Exodus 17:15; Ezekiel 48;35; Jeremiah 33:6; Psalm 23:1)
   Recognizing My true character came very slowly to My children because of the veil that was still upon their minds that kept them from knowing Me in My fullness.  They were listening to the devil in their thoughts, but at least My revealing My character to them made them able to know Me in a small degree as who I am, their strength and their God.  Unfortunately, because the veil also kept them from knowing the devil as who he is, all evil, My children thought that I was also God of evil as well as God of good.  That misconception persisted in the minds of My children until I was able to send My Son Jesus into the world to show in a fleshly body My true nature of being their Loving Father.  Jesus was able to show them that He was My son, the image of My true character, a loving healer, protector, provider, goodness, kindness, guide, helper, comforter, and their victory over evil that the devil implemented in their lives.
   The religious leaders rejected all of the true teachings of Jesus because they refused to regard Me as a loving Father.  They held onto the errors in their mind that I was both good and evil, an evil judge and an occasional good king.  The devil encouraged the religious leaders and the religious politicians to hold onto that error so that they could easily manipulate the people out of fear of Me.  That was what the devil had taught to the religious leaders and they refused to see it as a lie. (John 9:44; John 8:44) Even as Jesus healed the sick, cast out demons from the people and identified that the devil is their real enemy, as He healed the brokenhearted and declared the truth relating to My being a loving Father, the religious leaders plotted to kill Him. (Matthew 10:8) To regard Me as loving and kind, peaceful and good, was threatening to the religious leaders because as long as the people believed that I was both good and evil, they were easily manipulated by the fear of going to hell.  As Jesus persisted in doing good in the earth, more people rejected the religious leaders and religious politicians and they turned to Jesus for His loving ministry of healing them and teaching them valuable truths about My true nature.
   Through the ministry of Jesus many of My children were able to perceive Me as their good and loving Father, not the monster of good and evil that the religious leaders had taught.  In an effort to restore My children to a loving relationship with Me as it was in the beginning before the devil was allowed to enter the earth and veil their minds with lies, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, His being raised from the dead and His ascension into heaven to live with Me, He and I were able to send into the earth the Source of My power, My Holy Spirit.  We sent Him to live inside of My children with the ability from the inside of them to teach My truths to them and to dispel the lies of the devil.  My children who invite My Holy Spirit to live inside of them have a private tutor who has the power and ability to enlighten them on My true loving nature and My characteristics of goodness and kindness toward them, toward all of My children and toward their earth that I created for them to govern.
   My Holy Spirit's words pierce through the devil's veil that he placed on the minds of all of My children. (Hebrews 4:19)  My Spirit enlightens My children with revelations of My true nature and My goodness and kindness toward them as their Loving Father.  I become personally known to them as their Loving Father.  Miracles begin to happen in their lives because of My power being resident inside of them, and My characteristics become their characteristics. (Galatians 5:21-24)  They become the light of the world, as Jesus proclaimed they would be. (Matthew 5:14-16).  Their light leads others of My children back to Me.
    My spiritual children have the power though My Spirit to reject the evil that still comes into their thoughts by the devil.  I speak My words to you to save you from evil works from hell.  Doing good by the power of My Holy Spirit is the motivation of My spiritual children who have made My Spirit the Lord of their lives.  (II Corinthians 3:15-18)  It is My Holy Spirit who saves you from evil and does My good works through you in the earth, endeavoring to bring My kingdom on earth to you as it is in heaven.  I desire to create heaven on earth for My children who seek Me and My righteousness.
    Your Father of Love and Kindness       

Sunday, November 12, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
  In My efforts to warn you how to avoid participating with the devil, which leads to your own destruction, Jesus used His short time on earth to teach you how to recognize the tempting thoughts that the devil uses in your mind to entice you to do his will and join with him in creating problems for you.  If you will remember, Adam and Eve fell for his temptations and allowed the devil to bring curses upon them and upon the earth. (Genesis 3)  Remember, Jesus was also tempted by the devil and did not obey him because He knew they were deceptive efforts to trick Him into obeying the will of the devil in an effort to further the devil's curses in the earth and stop Jesus' ministry of saving My children and the earth from the effects of the devil's sins done through people. (Matthew 4:1-11) 
  Many of the teachings of Jesus were to identify the works of the devil so that you will refuse to obey the devil's temptations, refusing to give him permission to bring further destruction into your life through his curses.  Jesus' teachings also tell you how to enter into My kingdom while you live in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10)  It is when My will is done in the earth that My kingdom can come into your life.   
   Jesus outlined many times what is My will for your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions that you take, and My new covenant prophets also reiterated them many times, hoping that you would be enlightened by them and be determined to do My will in the earth so that you will inherit all that My kingdom blessings have for you. 
   We talked about the temptations to worry, to become anxious, to become angry, to pray aloud to seek praise from people, to seek vengeance, to return evil for evil done to you, to become impatient with people and impatient with Me when prayers are not immediately answered.  One of the temptations which Jesus identified as one which has the most immediate and worse consequences is the temptation to judge someone.  Those judgments come in many thought patterns, thoughts of judging what people wear, judging their grooming, judging their actions, judging their words, judging their religion, judging their customs, judging their ethnicity, judging their beliefs or judging people for their actions toward you. 
   Jesus said that the guaranteed consequences of any kind of judgment from you is that the devil will see that you are judged by the same measure that you have judged someone else because judgment is what the devil does is judge My children.  (Matthew 7:1-5)  Jesus did not quantify it at all by saying that you might be judged by the devil.  He said that you will be judged by the devil.  When Jesus told you not to judge a person for the speck that is in his or her eye when you have a log in your own eye, He was saying that the log of judging someone in your own eye is many times more devastating to you than the speck in the eye of the other person is damaging to her or him.
   He told you in the same reference to judging that you must not cast pearls before swine or give what is holy to the dogs.  He was saying that when you judge someone that you are doing something evil toward a person who is holy in My eyes, one of My own children, because I live inside of that person.  When you judge someone you are playing the role of the devil because he became the judge of people and of the earth when Adam gave him authority over it.  Jesus did not mince words in that comparison because He said that if you do judge someone that the demons from hell will not only do evil toward the person but they will turn and trample you because you have joined with them in judging someone. (Matthew 7:6)  In other words, they will judge you with the same measure you have participated with the demons when you judged the other person.           
   The devil uses your emotions to try to deceive you into judge someone.  When he can deceive you into judging someone, then your evil thoughts become attitudes. Then those attitudes affect the words you speak and the actions that you take.  If you continue in the judgmental thoughts, then you will speak the devil's bitter words and they will pollute your life and the life of your family because you have spread the devil's evil works instead of spreading My good and kind works in the earth.  (Ephesians 4:29-32; Hebrews 12:14-15)  Remember that living in the earth is a battle between good and evil, choosing which you will distribute in the earth, either blessings or curses.
   I do not teach you how to identify the devil's works to condemn you.  I teach these things to you to save you from participating in the works of the devil.  I teach them to you so that instead of judging people, that you will judge the devil and only the devil when he tempts you.  I teach these insights to you so that you will be able to recognize your enemy, the devil, when he brings tempting thoughts into your mind to judge other people for anything that you think does not measure up to your standards.  However, when your standards become My loving standards, you will raise up the standard of love to everyone whom you are tempted to judge, blessing them instead of judging them, forgiving them instead of judging them, praying for them instead of judging them. and bringing peace to every situation.  When you forgive people, then My forgiveness for you is evident to you and you know that you are white as snow in my eyes.  If you refuse to forgive someone, then what is evident in the spiritual dimension is your judgment for someone which separates you from My kingdom benefits.   (Matthew 5:12)  When you bless people instead of judging them, My blessings flood into your life. (Isaiah 59:19)   When you pray for people instead of judging them, you will be healed. (James 5:16) 
   Judge the devil's tempting thoughts and cast them into hell.  That is their origin and they belong there where there is gnashing of teeth.  Don't let the devil use you to execute his judgment upon anyone.  If you do, then he will judge you also.  Jesus taught you this valuable lesson.  Learn it well and heed it.
   I am eager to flood your life with blessings.  Seek Me, seek My kingdom and My righteousness and everything I set aside in My inheritance for you will flood into your life.
   Your Father of Valuable Wisdom