Monday, June 26, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    When your thoughts, attitudes and words are in agreement with My will, then whatever you ask I will do.  It's really that simple.  Think about this: if your thoughts, attitudes and words are images of My will, you will never ask amiss, or ask outside of My will. (James 4:1-3) All of your requests will be in line with My will and I am eagerly waiting for you to ask so that I can answer, "Yes."    Praying My will is easy.  It's praying in an attitude of love with the desire of keeping peace with everyone.
    I never withhold anything from My children.  Everything that I have is yours because We are One.  The only things that keeps you from having My kingdom in your life on earth are the attitudes and words from the devil who tempts you to do his will in the world.  (Isaiah 59:1-2; James 3:1-8))  When you are doing the devil's will, you are not acting as part of My family and therefore not able to access the wonderful things from My kingdom.  I said that those who do My will are My children.  Remember that Jesus said if you are offering your gifts at the altar and remember that someone has something against you, that you should leave the altar and make peace with the person so your prayers will be answered.   Keeping peace with everyone is paramount to your enjoying all of the wonders of My kingdom. (Mathew 5:21-26)
    Displaying My good thoughts, attitudes and words in your world will enable you to receive your inheritance from Me.  Displaying the devil's evil thoughts, attitudes and words will disqualify you from your inheritance of having heaven on earth because you have switched loyalties and are agreeing with thoughts and attitudes from hell.  You have fallen for the devil's trick which he sent to trap you into allowing him to abide in you through anger, hatred, strife, judging, jealousy, envy, lying, bitterness, lust and other attitudes from hell. You become like Adam and Eve, cursed in every area of your life. (Genesis 3:14-19) 
    I am your good Father and I want you to have everything that I bequeathed to you.  When you do My will in your life of loving everyone and keeping peace with everyone, you can access everything that I have for you because I am not hiding anything from you.  It is the devil who has hidden My blessings from you.  When you are no longer bound to him in any way, then you have proven that you are My child and you are identified in the heavens as My child. (John 15:7) My heaven opens to you to bless you in every way.  Abiding in Me and letting My words abide in you means that you are changed into My image of love and peace in the earth because I live in you.
    All good things belong to My children who are doing My will in the earth because they intimately know Me.  Don't be deceived into doing the will of the devil in the earth, becoming images of his evil character of hatred, anger and strife.
    It is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom because I am Love and I love you.
    Your Generous, Good Father        

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I said in the Bible, My Instruction Book to you, that I am the same yesterday, today and forever, that I have never changed. (Hebrews 13:8) Only My children's perception of Me has changed from the old covenant of religious laws to the new covenant of love.  For instance, under the old covenant of laws My children assigned to Me the character trait of the devil of being judgmentally condemning.  Under My new covenant of love, I revealed that trait of judging and condemning people as being the devil's trait instead of My trait.  I revealed that I never take into account a wrong that any human does.  (I Corinthians 13: 4-7) I revealed that I want to always cast out a demon who causes a person to be judgmental and condemning, as tempted by the devil to be.  I revealed Myself as Love, being forgiving of people instead of judgmental and I asked My children to also be forgiving of the misdeeds of others just like I am forgiving of their misdeeds. (Matthew 6:13-15)
   I judged the devil by I casting him out of My heaven, and I judge the demons who cause My children to break religious and civil laws.  The guilty parties of all sins are the demons, not My children who are only used as pawns of the devil.  By the power of My Holy Spirit, I chase out any judgmentally condemning demons from My children when I come to live in their lives.
   When you realize that all sins, transgressions, iniquities and misdeeds are committed in response to the devil's temptations, then you will put the blame on the real guilty party, the devil.  My children are free of blame in My eyes because Jesus Christ died for all of the imperfections in behavior for all of the people who ever lived and will ever live.  When Jesus cast a demon out of a person He told the person to go and sin no more, even the most vile lunatic called Legion because of His many demons.  When Jesus said to "sin no more", He was saying not to let the demons back into their lives which caused them to sin.  Jesus never condemned Legion or judged him. (John 5:14)  He judged the demons by casting them ouf of their resting place in the man. 
   The ministry of My Holy Spirit in the earth today is to do the same works that Jesus did when He walked the earth.  It is to free My children from the devil's evil works in their lives and to restore the glorious inheritance to My children which I set aside for them from the foundation of the world, which is success and prosperity of body, soul and spirit.  (Luke 11:13; Luke 11:20)  
    I am the same Father and Holy Spirit today in your world as I was in Jesus when he performed His ministry in the earth.  I want to restore My kingdom in your life as it is in heaven, just like it was at the beginning before the devil was allowed by the first man to enter the earth and curse it along with all humans.   To My children who do not meditate upon, obey, and further the devil's works in the earth, My kingdom can come into their lives because there are no demonic spirits in them opposing My goodness. (Matthew 5:16)  Their works of love, peace and mercy glorify Me in the earth.   When their love glorifies Me in the earth, My name is magnified and My true nature of Love is known.
    There are no records of any disobedience of any of My children in My heaven.  There are only records in the minds of humans who hold grudges and refuse to forgive, as led by the devil because he keeps records of them so that he can condemn My children.   I forgive My children and only hold vengeful thoughts against the devil, himself, because of what he had done to My children in bringing destruction and death into the lives of My children.
   I am the same as I always was, forgiving, nonjudgmental to My children, loving, kind, good, peaceful, joyful when right prevails, merciful and I have enduring patience with My children.  I know the source of any evil that they do and it is at the behest of the devil whom I threw out of My heaven for his evil ways.
   I am the Savior of the world.  I save every person who comes to Me for My love and mercy.  I save you from all the works of the devil and I continually save you from his works in the earth when you are yoked to Me through being born of My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 11:29-30)
   Your Loving, Peaceful Father     

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dear Precious Child,
   As described in your Instruction Book, the Bible, there are two kingdoms at work in the earth, the kingdom of satan and My kingdom, called the knowledge of good and evil in the Book.  The free will that I gave to My children in the beginning was a gift, letting them have the advantage of choosing whom they will follow, whether My voice of good or the devil's voice of evil.  Rather than have puppets or slaves as children, I wanted children made in My image with My intelligence, My will and My wisdom which would equip them to govern and care for their earth that I created for them in the same manner that I govern and care for My heaven.  I took the chance on their making wrong choices.  So because of My love for them I made many provisions in My will for effective ways to rescue or save them from the consequences of their wrong choices.  Still, they have obeyed the evil voice rather than My good voice.  
  As the history books in the Instruction Book report, the first man Adam made the wrong choice, even after being warned by Me not to listen to that evil voice of death, and he chose to obey the voice of an alien spirit, the devil, after being tempted by the devil in his thoughts.  In doing that, the first man allowed the devil to invade the earth, the beautiful paradise that I created for him, and the devil brought his ravaging demons to curse My children and the earth with their destructive curses.  From that day until this day, there have been two kingdoms at war in the earth and in the heavenly dimensions around the earth vying for the lives of My children. 
  The history book section of My Instruction Book tells the multiple efforts that I have made to rescue or save My children from the consequences of their wrong choices, which come from obeying the temptations of the devil who speaks his will into their minds.  I identified the works of the devil by giving them religious laws, but My children used those laws to judge others or to judge themselves as being evil.  They were not meant for that. (Romans 5:13) They were meant to identify the temptations as the work of the devil so that My children could avoid obeying him and suffering the consequences of those sins.  (Romans 7:7) 
   None of My children could follow all of the laws in order to become righteous, so I sent My Son Jesus to die for the sins of the world, which He did, paying the price for the sins of the whole world. (I John 12:2)  Jesus and I sent My Holy Spirit into the world to be received by people and become born of My Spirit.  (John 3:5)  After being born of My Spirit they become righteous in My eyes because I see their spirits where My Spirit lives instead of seeing their flesh where they yield to the temptations of the devil.  They have the power to refuse the devil.        
  Many of My children today mimic Adam's deception and disobedience as if they were the first man.  They listen to thoughts, temptations and lies placed in their minds by the devil and they believe them as if they were their own thoughts.  They forget that there are consequences for doing the will of the devil in their lives.  My Holy Spirit is warning them the entire time that they are siding with the devil and will have to suffer his consequences for obeying him.  Unfortunately My children are often blinded to the devil's works and the deception of his temptations. 
    My children who become born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit have My supernatural ability to refuse the temptations in their thoughts placed there by the devil to deceive My children into doing his will in their lives.  When My Spirit's voice is louder than the voice of the deceiver, then My children are able to refuse to obey the tempting thoughts.  Instead of doing the will of evil, My true children follow My guidance because I am their Father. 
   I gave to My children the way to enhance their faith so that they can more efficiently obey My voice and that is by praying in the Holy Spirit.  I said that the way to build up your faith is by praying in the Holy Spirit.  (Jude 20)  It is like charging your weak batteries.  Praying in the Holy Spirit not only accomplishes much in the spiritual dimension but it builds up your faith so that you more easily identify My voice in your thoughts. 
   Because I am Love, I provided the way for you to restore your earth to its former excellence and that is by being led by My Holy Spirit and praying in My Holy Spirit.  (Romans 8:22-29; Romans 8:14)  My words created your world and My words restore your world to what I intended it to be at the beginning before evil was allowed to enter.
   Choices do matter and I hope that you will choose what My voice admonishes you to do, which is to do My will, which is to love others as I love you.  In doing My will you are allowing Me to bring My kingdom into your life in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10; Luke 11:20)  Through the power of My Holy Spirit you have the wisdom to make the right choices.
   Your Father of Saving Grace



Dear Precious Child,
   You must never forget the fact that at the beginning of the world I gave the earth to people to govern, to have dominion over and to take care of as their own world, along with My guidance.  That was the beginning of free choice.  (Genesis 1:26-32)  My children choose their own destiny, sometimes ignorantly and sometimes with purpose. 
   My first two children, Adam and Eve, chose curses instead of My blessings when they chose to obey the devil's words instead of My words.  They opened themselves up for having hell on earth by ignorantly choosing the devil's curses through his deception of their minds instead of choosing My kingdom of heaven in their lives through taking My advice, which would have allowed Me to flood them with My multiple blessings. (Genesis 3:14-20)  As a result of Adam's choice, the earth was flooded with demons from hell who tempt My children to do the will of the devil in the earth, which brings curses into their lives, instead of doing My will in the earth, which brings blessings into their lives.
   My efforts through the history of men was to send My instructions to people in an effort to rescue them from choosing to do evil in their world, which brings curses their lives, instead of choosing to do good in their world, which brings heaven on earth to them.  I sent prophets to them to speak for Me because the devil had put a covering over their minds which blocked them from hearing My advice.  I sent religious laws which identified for them the devil's ways so that they would reject the evil thoughts in their minds which enticed them to do his evil will.  I sent judges to decide between good and evil in your courts.  All the time I was sending prophets to speak for Me and alert My children to the temptations of the devil in their thoughts. 
   Finally I sent My own son Jesus into the world to speak for Me, to identify the devil, to alert you to his temptations and his deeds in the earth.  Yet, many of My religious children refused to listen to Jesus.  Instead they continued to listen to the religious leaders who constantly added burdens to their lives with guilt and condemnation instead of listening to Jesus who took the burdens off of them, healed them, cast out the demons from their bodies, encouraged the brokenhearted and let the prisoners go free.  A core group of disciples of Jesus believed My teachings through Him because they saw My miracles done through Jesus and recognized that He was My Son. 
  I made Jesus the payment for the sins of everyone in the world who had lived formerly, the ones who were living at the time, and those people who were to live afterwards.  That feat was accomplished by His dying on the cross to receive the punishment of the devil for the sins of everyone.  He died for the sins of the whole world which come from My children obeying the devil and his demons instead of believing Me and My words of warning about the evil that is in the world. 
   Jesus went to hell for everyone who ever lived, paid the full price of death, and then He rose from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit.  From there forward in time, My children are all pure in My eyes because of the payment of Jesus. 
   However, just because they are pure in My eyes does not mean that they are pure in the earth because many still listen to the voices of evil in their thoughts and still obey the devil in their actions.  As a result, your life in the earth continues to be cursed in many ways, even though I told you that if they will listen to My words and obey them that you will have My kingdom of love evident in your earthly life instead of having the devil's curses that destroy you.  You must choose constantly between good and evil, blessings and curses, and you must do My works of good in the earth to qualify you for your inheritance, which are My full kingdom benefits.  You must always return good for evil done to you, bless those who oppress and persecute you, always choosing to do My will in your life which brings My blessings into your life, instead of continuing to do the will of the devil which curses your life.
   I do not allow the devil to harass, tempt, and destroy My children.  My own children allow him and his demons to continue their work in the earth by My own children yielding to their evil commands.  In doing that, My own children multiply the works of the devil in the earth instead of multiplying My good works in the earth by yielding to My commands which bring My heaven on earth in their lives.
   Jesus outlined the way to having My blessings evident in your life when He taught you to pray that My will would be done in your life so that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in My heaven.  (Matthew 6:10)  I made it possible when I sent My Holy Spirit to live in My children.  My Holy Spirit gives you the power to recognize the devil's temptations, gives you the power to refuse to obey his temptations, and also gives you supernatural power to pray prayers that change the devil's destructive works into miraculous works from Me.  (II Peter 1:3)
   I gave My power to you and I gave My army of angels to do the works of the Holy Spirit in your life when you pray in the prayers of My Holy Spirit.  When you receive My Holy Spirit, My supernatural power is in your mouth when you pray in My spiritual language and My supernatural wisdom is in your thoughts when you hear My voice.  I even give you the power to obey My voice which is merely taking My Fatherly advice which causes you to refuse to do evil and to always do good in the earth, mirroring My heaven.  Mirroring My heaven brings My heaven to earth in your life.  That is what Jesus prayed, and it comes in your life when you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit. (John 20:21-23; Acts 2:1-4 and 17-21)
   I have given you an Instruction Book called the Bible and I have given you supernatural power to change your earth into the heaven on earth that it was at the beginning.  You have everything necessary to have My kingdom come into your life as it is in heaven.  Jesus died for it.  Do not make His sacrifice for you null and void by continuing in the works of evil in the earth by thinking and speaking evil against anyone.  Glorify Me by doing My good will in the earth and then you make it possible for My will of giving you My kingdom to become real in your life.
   Your Father of Love and Peace

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   You have heard, and it has been proven to you, that positive thoughts produce positive attitudes and positive words spoken so that you are blessed mightily in your earth by Me and My heavenly forces.  You have also heard, and it has been proven to you, that negative thoughts produce negative attitudes and negative words spoken so that you are cursed mightily in your earth by the devil's demonic forces.   The thoughts, attitudes and words of a person sow seeds into either the devil's garden of curses or in My garden of blessings.  It's that simple.  Yet, My children continue to think and speak negativity as if there were no consequences to their actions.  Good thoughts, attitudes and words produce good results.  Bad thoughts, attitudes and words produce evil results.  Heed these words.
   From the very beginning of the earth I gave My children a choice between good and evil.  My advice not to take into their thoughts the evil words from hell was ignored by My children in favor of believing the words from the devil which tempted the first man and woman. (Genesis 2:15-17) My children and the beautiful world that I created for them has been under curses since then.  It has been My endeavor to lead My children out from the curses into My blessings, even though there are still evil spirits around tempting My children to think his destructive thoughts, develop his toxic attitudes and speak his bitter words into his garden of evil so that he can further curse their lives with more evil works. (Genesis3;14-18) Romans 8:22-25)
   You wonder, well, what about your forgiveness and your love, Father?
   They are forever and ever.  My love and forgiveness absolve you of all sins, trespasses, iniquities, and mistakes as far as I and My kingdom are concerned,  In My eyes and in My Kingdom you are forgiven and loved abundantly.  You are white as snow because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.   
   However, because you still live in the world where the prince of evil reigns, when you take into your mind the devil's thoughts and attitudes, they are eventually spoken by you and you give orders to the devil to further curse your life with his destructive ways.  In other words, the devil demands that you suffer the consequences of your sins which he has tempted you to think and speak.  That's why the temptation came to you, to suck you further into the hell on earth that the devil has planned for your life.
  There is good news, that being that Jesus and I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live inside of My children and empower them with My supernatural power to overcome the works of the devil, his temptations, his attitudes which contain his energy, and his toxic words which he wants you to speak, giving him permission to carry out the destruction that he has planned for you. 
   I have better and more beneficial plans for you, those being that with the power of My Holy Spirit guiding and empowering you, that you will be able to refuse the temptations of the devil, destroy his works in the earth and allow My kingdom to become real in your life on earth as it is in heaven.  My desire is that you will be blessed abundantly in the land which I gave you, that being the earth.
   Jesus said when He walked the earth that when He cast out a demon from a person that no doubt My kingdom had come upon that person.  (Luke 11:20)  After Jesus became the Christ and defeated the devil in hell, after He rose from the dead and came to sit down with Me in heaven, He sent the same Spirit who empowered Him while in the earth to cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, the same Spirit who raised Him from the dead, Jesus sent that same Holy Spirit into the earth to live inside of My children. (John 20:21-23) Jesus referred to My Spirit as My promise to My children.  (Acts 1:8)  Then at the appointed time, My kingdom came into the earth and baptized My children with the power of My heavenly forces, enduing them with My supernatural power.   They began to speak My words, pray My words, become enlightened by My Holy Spirit by Him removing the veils from their minds; and they began to understand the teaching of Jesus like they never had.  My Spirit fulfills the prophesies of Jesus. saying that My Spirit would take the teachings of Jesus and explain them fully. (John 16:7-15)  Without My Holy Spirit inside of My children, there is no tutor. 
   The first thing My Spirit will teach you is to choose your thoughts, your attitudes and your words spoken.  He and I want you to enjoy the blessings that it is my good pleasure to give to My children. (Luke 12:32)  When you stay loyal to Me seeking Me and My righteousness, then you will reap all of the benefits of having My kingdom of love become real in your life on earth.  But, if you begin to believe the thoughts of evil placed in your mind from hell, becoming, hateful, angry, judgmental, condemning, lustful, fearful, envious, jealous, racist or any other attitudes from hell, then you are forsaking My blessings and choosing curses instead of blessings.  It's your decision.  When you discern that you are being tempted by the devil in your thoughts to switch over to his kingdom of destruction and death by having sinful thoughts and attitudes, immediately switch back to seeking My kingdom and My righteousness.  Reject evil thoughts and send them straight to hell. 
    Positive thoughts and words bless others; negative thoughts and words curse you and others.  As My child, think positive thoughts, rejecting any thoughts which will curse anyone.  Also, speak only words that build up the hearer in faith, love, compassion and peace.  That's what I do and you are My child.  Only speak the words, as My child, that I tell you to speak so that you sow seeds into My beautiful garden of love and receive back 100 fold.
    Your Father of Love and Peace 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Dear Precious Child
   Yes, when the words of your mouth are never negative but instead are always positive and acceptable, then the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart are pleasing to Me.  (Psalm19:14)  Why are positive thoughts and words  pleasing to Me?  Because when they are positive I know that your faith and trust is in Me instead of having faith and trust in the works of the devil, who is the father of negativity, and because you have faith in Me, you will reap the blessings of My family that come from My kingdom.  
   When you glorify My works of goodness in the earth by speaking positive words and thinking positive thoughts which develop positive attitudes in you, then the Holy Spirit is able to instruct My angels to distribute My blessings to you. 
   When you glorify the destructive works from hell by speaking negatively about anyone, or speaking negatively about your situations in life, then the devil is able to instruct his demons to distribute curses in your life and in the life of the person about whom you speak.  Because you have judged someone of something, judgment boomerangs back into your life many times.  I told you that when you judge others that the devil will judge you in return.  The devil is poised and ready to catch you in meditating on any of his negative thoughts and words so that he can judge you with the same judgment with which you are judging others. 
   I am poised and ready, hoping  to view you meditating on positive thoughts, displaying loving attitudes and speaking positive words.  When you do, then the windows and doors of heaven open to flood you with My blessings.  
   Listen to this and heed it well:   Negative thoughts in your mind and negative words from your mouth are seeds sown into the evil garden of curses and you will be cursed in return when you think on negative images, display negative attitudes and speak negative words about anyone or anything. (Matthew 7:1-4) Thoughts are important because when you think negative thoughts you have accepted seeds from hell into your mind which carry destructive curses.
   I have told My children many times through the old covenant prophets, Jesus Christ and the new covenant prophets that you have a choice between good and evil, blessings and curses. (Luke 6:45; I Peter 3:10-11)  
   I spoke about the root of bitterness which the devil places in your thoughts in which he tempts you to judge someone, condemn someone and then speak words which judge the person, causing you, yourself, to assist the devil in cursing the person which will curse you in return because you have judged. (Romans 12;21)  That is why I taught you to bless instead of curse others, to love instead of hate, because whatever spiritual power is in your attitudes will be projected into either heaven or hell, cuing the spiritual residents there to flood your life with either goodness or destruction, depending upon what thoughts, attitudes and words were meditated upon and spoken, whether they were evil or good.(Mark 7:14-23)
   In speaking of this key to My kingdom I said that the word is nigh you, in your mouth and in your heart, the word of faith which is spoken by the righteous. (Romans 10:8)  Make every thought, attitude and word from your mouth come from My righteousness and you will have My kingdom benefits while in the earth, which is heaven on earth.
   I am your Good Father, the creator of all good and marvelous things. You are My child.  Think, speak and act as My good, loving child and all the benefits of My kingdom are yours.
   Your Father of An Infinite Number of Blessings

Monday, June 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    The most important allegiance in your life is your allegiance to Me and My Kingdom of Love.  People pledge allegiance to their countries, their states, their clubs, their jobs, their mates, their flags, but I said that the most important allegiance is to Me and My kingdom because no earthly kingdom can do what I can do for My children.
    I told all of My children that they had not approached a mountain where a former kingdom was first established by religious laws, the one where I appeared to them in fire and gave them a message that even made Moses fearful.  I said that you are now surrounded by a different kingdom, a cloud of spiritual beings, witnesses from My kingdom of power and love.  I identified My Kingdom as being the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the Living God. (Hebrews 12:1; 18-24)
   In the heavenly kingdom which surrounds you and is available to you, I identified innumerable angels, the first born who were raised from the dead when Jesus was raised from the dead, the spirits of just men who are made perfect, the blood of Jesus, Jesus Himself the mediator of a completely new covenant, and Me.  We comprise the kingdom to which you belong, a spiritual kingdom which is everlasting, more powerful than all earthly nations combined and multiplied a million times over.  My kingdom is the most powerful kingdom in the entire universe.  AND WE ARE AT YOUR COMMAND WHEN YOU SEEK MY KINGDOM AND MY RIGHTEOUSNESS.  We love to meet the needs, wants and desires of our earthly counterparts, knowing that you are family members who will dwell with us eternally some day.  In addition, we want to make sure that your life in the earth is enjoyable, peaceful, loving and favored with an abundance of blessings.  The cloud of witnesses around you want to make sure that you receive all of your inheritance. 
   In order for you to attain all of your inheritance as My child, I warned you again about the dangers in the earth that might cause you not to qualify for the blessings in My treasure chest for you.  I said to strive for peace with everyone and for the holiness which qualifies you to see and hear Me.  I said for you also not to fail to see Me with your spiritual eyes.  I said do not let a root of bitterness spring up in you and cause problems, defiling you.  (Hebrews 12:12-17)  I said to lay aside every weight and sin that clings to you.  I want you to run and finish the race that is set before you, looking to Jesus who is the author and the finisher of your faith. (Hebrews 12:1-2)   I want you to finish your earthly journey being a winner of every gracious gift that I have for you.
  The way to win every race is for you to let brotherly love rule your life because love is what binds us together, love for strangers, love for your neighbors, love for your family, love for your enemies, love for those who are different from you in culture, in nationality, in race and in social graces.  Love is the blood that flows through My body, the body of Christ.  Love never fails and love overcomes every sin that people can commit.  Love can transform the most vile, sinful, arrogant, prideful, beastly person because love changes everyone.
   You have everything available for you to attain all of My inheritance that I set aside for you from the foundation of the world.  Continue in your allegiance to Me, and to only Me, so that holiness will become your character and cause you to qualify for receiving your inheritance of love gifts while even in the earth.
    Surrounding you in the spiritual dimension around you are a multitude of helpers  who are eager and willing to rush to your aid when you need rescuing from the evil that is in the world.  I am your Good Father.  I provide whatever you need. 
    Your Loving PaPa