Wednesday, July 18, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   My Holy Spirit wrote My wisdom through the disciples of Jesus who became the apostles.  He wrote through John, called the Divine, that the reason that My Son Jesus Christ was born into the earth was for His duty appointed by Me of destroying the works of the devil. (I John 3:8)  The common belief is that Jesus Christ saved you from your sins.  That is basically true, but since sins come from My children yielding themselves to the devil's will which comes into their thoughts, then the truth is that Jesus Christ came to earth to save you from yielding to the works of the devil in your life.  Jesus Christ died as payment required by the devil for the sins of the whole world.  The Holy Spirit came into the world to live in My children whose sins had been forgiven for the purpose of infusing them with the gift of discernment so that they would recognize the temptations of the devil and to have the power to resist the temptations of the devil in the future. 
   Before Jesus Christ went to the cross He asked Me not to take My children out of the world but instead to keep them from the evil one.  (John 17:15)  That is exactly what I did.  I answered the prayer of Jesus and sent My Holy Spirit into My children who invite Me into their lives.  I give to them the power of My Holy Spirit to refuse the devil's temptations in their thoughts, and I gave to them the authoritative power to cast the demons into hell.    
   The devil is a thief and a robber.  He deceived the first man, Adam, and came into the earth by trickery and deceit so that he could rob from My children, taking away their birthright, their legal inheritance of all of the blessings of My kingdom of heaven which I had given to them when I created the first man.  Jesus said that the devil climbed into the sheepfold, that he did not come into the earth through the proper door, which is being birthed by a woman like Jesus did.  I had to devise a way to redeem the earth from the invaders, the devil and his demons, and I had to do it legally.  It had to be spiritually legal so that He would have authority in the world that I gave to all people.  So in order to come in through the proper door, as My Holy Spirit called it, I sent My Holy Spirit to impregnate a human woman named Mary and she bore Jesus, Son of Man and Son of God, with authority in the earth and in the heavens. (John 10:1) 
    The devil requires death for My children whom he has enticed to do his will in the earth because he is the father of destruction and death.  The mode of his operation is to tempt My children to do his corrupt will so that he can make sure and heap his curses upon them.  The final result of those curses is death for their sins of breaking human and religious laws.  So the devil is the father of temptations and evil acts.  After his temptations succeed, then he accuses My children to the legal authorities for their  punishment for their crimes which often is death.  For emotional and attitudinal sins he merely heaps terminal sicknesses upon them, which punishes them for their thoughts, attitudes and words spoken which were a result of his temptations.  The devil is an abusive bully, a hateful, vindictive father who not only causes your final death but also is the cause which precipitates it. (John 8:44) 
    The good news is that Jesus Christ came to earth to destroy the works of the devil.  Through being crucified, dying, then going to hell, then being raised from hell by the Holy Spirit, He redeemed the earth and redeemed My children from the curses that the devil heaps upon them when they do his will in the earth.  Jesus paid the price required by the governmental authorities and the devil.
   That is good news, that Someone died in your stead for all of your sins.  Not only that, but after going to hell for your sins, being raised from the dead and then coming to My heaven with Me to rest from His labors, He graciously sent My Holy Spirit into the world to live in My children and empower them to resist the devil just like Jesus did and then send him to hell.  That is the best news ever in the history of the world, that My plan worked and My children of promise have the power to cleanse the world of the works of the devil, just like Jesus did.(I Corinthians 15:56-58)
   How marvelous are the feet of My children who walk the earth bringing peace and love to all people.  They are abundantly blessed above all measure.
   Your Loving, Powerful Father 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
    The apostle James was well schooled in words and the results of their effect in the earth and in the lives of My children.  He went so far as to make the claim that if a person does not make a mistake in what he says, that he or she is perfect, able to bridle the whole body, (James 3:2)  He compared your tongue to a bit in a horse's mouth, able to guide the horse wherever you desire.  He also compared your tongue to a ship's rudder which guides the ship wherever the pilot decides, even in strong winds.  He even said the tongue is a small fire which sets ablaze a whole forest.   Even though it's a small member of your body, it stains the whole body and sets on fire the cycle of nature and it is set on fire by hell itself.  James knew how difficult it is for a person to tame his or her tongue and even said that a person cannot tame it without spiritual help from My Holy Spirit.  He said without My help the tongue is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. (James 3:3-9)
   His righteous concern is that My children bless Me but curse people who are made in My image.  So from the same mouth comes blessings and curses.  James said, "IT SHOULD NOT BE SO."  He said that a spring does not bring forth fresh water and dirty water at the same time.  He said that a fig tree cannot bear both figs and olives. Neither can salt water bring forth fresh water. (James 3:9-12)
   James said that a person's wisdom and understanding shows forth in his or her life in the meekness of his or her spoken wisdom.  He identified selfish ambition, bitter jealousy and falsehoods spoken from your mouth to be devilish, coming from the devil himself.  My Holy Spirit had revealed to James that where jealousy, strife and selfish ambition are found, there are every vile activity and disorder.  In other words, every demon from hell is present when you speak strife-filled words.  Yes, bitter words cause curses in the lives of the speaker and spreads evil into your world. (James 3:13-16)
   The wisdom from Me that comes from My heaven, said James, is pure, peaceable, gentle, reasonable and merciful.  He said that My wisdom brings forth good fruits without insincerity and uncertainty.  He said with certainty that the harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace their aim. (James 3:17-18)  In simple language that means that you will have harvests of blessings from Me, all of your prayers answered and enjoy My kingdom of heaven in your life on earth if you will only think peaceful thoughts, speak peaceful words, and make peace with everyone, even your worse human enemies.  I said the peacemakers are blessed because they are called My children, heirs of My kingdom of heaven even while they live in the earth.
   James' cure for refusing to speak corrupt words is that you must submit yourself to Me, then resist the devil's temptation to speak evil words.  The devil will flee from you when you resist him and submit yourself to Me, drawing close to Me as I draw close to you. (James 4:7-8)
    The lesson on the power of the tongue by James becomes more personal.  He said do not speak evil against anyone because if you speak evil against your brother or sister in the earth, you speak evil against the words that I have taught you about the danger of speaking evil words.  My Holy Spirit wrote through James that if you judge a person, after studying My words that specifically say for your protection absolutely not to judge anyone, you have judged the lessons that I have taught to you about the power of your words and said that they are of no importance so you don't have to follow them.  (Matthew 7:1-4)  In doing that, you have become a judge of My words instead of a doer of My words. (James 4:11-12)  When you ignore My instructions not to judge anyone, you have said that I, even as the creator of the world, do not know what I am talking about.
   It is My children who are doers of My words who inherit My kingdom of heaven while they live in the earth.   Jesus said if you love Me you will do what I instruct you to do.  I instruct you in order to keep you from uniting with evil and become cursed like Adam was, passing his curses down to you through generational curses.  When you were born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, you were released from all those curses unless you choose again to be reunited with them by choosing to speak the words that the devil tempts in your thoughts.  The devil  puts negative, judgmental, griping, demeaning, complaining words in your thoughts, expecting you to speak them with your tongue.  When you do, you have given the devil control of your tongue and your life again, allowing him to flood you with his destructive curses for your body, soul and spirit.
    Only speak peaceable, uplifting, loving words in every occasion and every circumstance, and then you can enjoy My heaven in your life on earth.   
   Be a guardian of your words for in them are life or death, blessings or curses, good or evil.
   Your Instructional, Caring Father

Monday, July 16, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   There is such great truth in the power of your words and Jesus was not the only One who taught with great emphasis about the power of your words.  He taught that you can tell from what spirit a person is operating by the person's words that are spoken from his or her mouth.  He compared that truth to a tree and the fruit that grows on the tree.  He said that bitter fruit does not grow on a good tree and good fruit does not grow on a corrupt tree. ( Matthew 7:17-18; Matthew 12:33-37)          He said that by your words you are blessed and by your words you are condemned. 
   By those truths Jesus told you that you can discern the state of a person's heart by the words that he or she speaks.  He said if the words, or fruit, are corrupt -- being negative, judgmental, hateful, accusatory, bitter or demeaning -- then the tree is corrupt, meaning that the person has some corruptness in his or her heart that needs to be shed, and the person needs to come to Me to be empowered by My Spirit so that his or her words will come from a pure heart instead of a corrupt heart. 
    The apostle Paul also taught about bitter words and how they will curse your life and the life of the listener.  He said not to let bitterness proceed from your mouth, but instead to only speak words that build up the listeners and bring grace to them.  Then He said not to grieve the Holy Spirit by letting bitterness, wrath, anger, rage and evil speaking proceed from your mouth; but, instead, to be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another just like Jesus Christ forgave you, (Ephesians 29-32)  He also said by your words you are blessed and by your words you are cursed, depending upon whether the words are good or evil.  It is in these truths that the difference is revealed between the words in your thoughts and whether they are from the devil or whether they are words from Me.  I said from the beginning that you have the choice between good or evil, between blessings and curses.  That clearly means that good thoughts, attitudes, words and actions bring good results into your life because blessings come from My kingdom of heaven and from Me.  It also clearly means that evil thoughts, attitudes, words and actions, as prompted by the devil in your thoughts and emotions, bring destructive results into your life because curses come from the devil's kingdom of hell. (Luke 6:45)
    The reason the Holy Spirit is grieved by your negative words is that the corrupt communication from your mouth blocks Him from being able to reward you with My kingdom blessings.  When you choose to speak negative words about someone or to someone, then My Holy Spirit has to retreat from your life and the devil's demons come immediately on the scene to bring your words into destructive reality. (I Peter 3:10)  You have authorized the exchange from heaven to hell by the thoughts you allow in your mind, the attitudes that develop from those thoughts and finally your words that you speak.  You can change and only accept My thoughts into your mind, meditating on them so that they develop good attitudes.  From those good attitudes you will speak uplifting, loving words that bring good news to the hearer which allows My kingdom to minister to them..
    Yes, it's always your choice whether you sow seeds into My kingdom or the devil's kingdom.  It is guaranteed that the seeds you sow by your words will determine if you have hell on earth or if you have heaven on earth. (Galatians 6:7)
     Choose to always speak happy, edifying, complimentary, uplifting, hope filled words to everyone and you will feed My peace into their lives.  (Isaiah 52:7)  Love filled words will feed My kingdom of love into the lives of the brokenhearted, thus fulfilling the ministry of Jesus Christ. (Galatians 6:2; Romans 13:10)

Sunday, July 15, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   My words are truth.  Your words are truth, creating heaven or hell in your life.  Words establish either goodness or evil in you life.  I said that by your words you are condemned and by your words you are justified.  (Matthew 12:37; Luke 6:37) I said in the beginning when I created the first man that My children were made in My image; so your words are creative, just as Mine are creative.
   When your words are loving, kind, encouraging, gracious and uplifting, then My angels are present in your life to do wonderful things for you because those words are the attitudes in My heaven.  When you words are bitter, demeaning, unkind, judgmental, sarcastic or emotionally injurious, then the devil's demons are present in your life to do destructive things to you because those words are the attitudes of hell. 
   You ask why words are so important?   You must remember that the world was created by My words and the first man and woman were are created by My words. (Genesis 1:26-31) When Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil to turn stones into bread, He said, "Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." (Matthew 4:4)  To be truly alive, enjoying My goodness in your life on earth, My children must pay heed to My words which are spoken to you to enlighten, guide, correct, build, protect and comfort you. 
    I am your Father and My personal words to you will set you upon a high hill that is above the rudimentary things of the earth.  My personal words to you feed your mind and your soul so that emotional stability is the result.  When you hear My words and keep them, you will become stable and strong even when you are harassed and verbally abused by people who are being used by the devil.  You know that every battle is won by your loving the person speaking the hurtful words.  Your only battle is with the demons who are tempting the person to harass and oppose you. 
    The spiritual truth behind the importance of words is that My power is behind My words.  I said that My words will make you free.  (John 8:32) I said that you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.  I said that faith comes by hearing My words,  My words are creative and every time you hear My words they are words of power which change you, change your circumstances and change your life.  They are productive, creating heaven or hell. 
   I have told you in the past that words are capsules of power because every word carries either heaven or hell inside of it.   Positive words produce positive results and negative words produce negative results.  Yes, even your doctors of behavior teach you that truth.  They counsel you that there are reactions to actions and that the reactions to any hateful words from you will result with hateful words and actions boomeranging back upon you.
   When you digest all of My teachings about the power of your words and heed My admonitions, you will be on your way to having heaven on earth because the truth of having My kingdom of heaven in your life on earth is largely dependent upon your spoken words and the words that you allow into your thoughts.  (Psalm 19:14; James 3;10-18)
   My loving instructions to you will guide you into the blessings of My kingdom coming into your life on earth.  Jesus Christ died for those glorious blessings to come into your life.  Following My instructions through Him will enrich your life beyond measure!
   Your Father of Blessings and Rewards

Saturday, July 14, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   Everybody with a heart of love wants their children to live a life of happiness, joy, peace, rest and love toward all of their fellow human beings.  I, as your Heavenly Father, want you to have a life filled with the same blessings and rewards.  It was possible with the first man and woman until they allowed evil to invade the earth through the same rebellious angel that I threw out of My heaven because of his desire to usurp My authority in My own heaven.  That father of evil waited until I created My own children and then tempted them to obey his will in the earth so that he could get vengeance against Me for ostracizing him from My heaven.  The evil plan worked and My own children whom I made in My image became his puppets in the earth, eager to do his evil will which was to destroy their own earth at his subtle leading. 
    In order to save the beautiful earth that I created and in order to save all of My children created in My image, I had a more brilliant plan than the evil one did.  So I sent My Son Jesus to be Son of Man/Son of God, born of My sperm, the Holy Spirit, and a woman named Mary, so that He could legally enter into the earth and have authority in the earth.  However, My Son Jesus still had to have the help of My Holy Spirit so that He could do the works of My kingdom of heaven in the earth by overcoming the works of the devil.  Jesus' ultimate desire was My desire, which was to be able to bring My kingdom of heaven into the lives of My children in the earth who would recognize Jesus as My Son and accept His crucifixion for the sins of the whole world.  We were able to accomplish the task.  My plan was hidden from even the angels, but was prophesied part by part by My prophets who were killed by religious leaders who did not like their words of correction which told them that they needed to turn from their wicked ways and come back into My family of love so that I could bless them. 
  When Jesus was teaching about the devil and his devious way of entering into the earth, He said that any being who enters into the earth not by the proper door into the sheepfold, but enters some other way is a thief and a robber.  (John 10:1)  He was saying that His own legal entrance into the world through a human mother, like all other people had entered into the world, was spiritually and legally proper so that He would have authority in the earth which I gave to humans in the beginning.  (Luke 1:26-36; Genesis 1:27-28)
   However, the devil did not enter the earth legally through being born of a woman, like Jesus did, but he deceived Adam and Eve, tricking them by using temptations so that he could enter the earth and rob and steal the abundant life from My children that I intended them to have.(Genesis 3:1-7 and 13) He succeeded by trickery.
   My plan all along was to send a Savior and He was Jesus Christ.  While He walked in the earth He healed the sick, cast out demons and taught about My kingdom of heaven coming into the earth.  He even said that when He cast out a demon from a person by the power of My Holy Spirit, that My kingdom had come upon that person. (Luke 11:20)
    The devil was livid with anger and plotted to use the demon of jealousy in religious leaders and politicians to stop the ministry of Jesus Christ by accusing Him to the authorities so that He would be crucified.  They succeeded.     
   After Jesus was betrayed by the priests, the religious leaders and the politicians, He was crucified for the sins of the whole world.  He was able to accomplish the task set before Him by Me, which was to die for the sins of the whole world.  The same hypocritical religious leaders and greedy politicians who had harassed Him during His loving ministry to people in need, who were the sick, the demon possessed and the brokenhearted, those religious leaders were the people who betrayed Jesus to the rulers, accusing Him of being a lawbreaker.  They made sure that He was crucified.  Little did they know that it was part of My plan because He was crucified for the sins of the whole world, He died, He went to hell, He rose from death and hell, and He walked in the earth for 40 days, continuing to teach about My kingdom of heaven coming into the earth in the lives of My children during that generation.
   Before Jesus left the earth to join Me in My heaven, He told My children to wait together for a few days until they were baptized in My Holy Spirit.  Then He joined Me.  Jesus relinquished His claim to My Holy Spirit, allowing Me to pour My Holy Spirit upon all the followers of Jesus who were waiting to receive what I had promised, which was My kingdom of heaven coming into the earth when My Holy Spirit was poured out from heaven onto the people who were waiting for Him.  All of the prophesies relating to that glorious day from the prophets, John the Baptist and Jesus were fulfilled on that event which happened on the Jewish day of Pentecost.  The people who were baptized in My Holy Spirit spoke in languages they had never learned and they had joy so unspeakable that viewers thought they were drunk with wine.  There were signs in the earth and in the heavens, revealing that My kingdom had come to earth as it is in My heaven. (Acts 2:1-4)
   My promised day had come when salvation from the works of the devil came to earth in the person of My Holy Spirit who took up residence in the lives of My children who seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek My righteousness. (I Corinthians 6:19)  My Holy Spirit is still being poured upon My children who turn from their cruel ways and come to Me for the power to do My kind, good, and gracious will in the earth.  It is in the lives of My children of promise who hear My voice and take My advice that My kingdom of heaven is manifested in the earth.  I communicate with them in dreams, visions and through directly speaking My wisdom and knowledge into their thoughts,  Then it is their duty to obey My admonitions to them such as loving their enemies just as I love them.  Each occasion of hearing My voice and taking My advice is rewarded with more benefits of My kingdom coming into their lives because they have proved that they are responsible enough that I can trust them with more and more rewards.
   It is through My children who are baptized in My Holy Spirit, who hear My words and obey them, they are the people through whom I am able to bring salvation into the world by the power of My Holy Spirit, just like I did with Jesus Christ.  Those of My children who hear My voice and obey it are the ones upon whom the rewards of My kingdom pour into their lives while they live in the earth. (Luke 12:32; Hebrews 3:7; Hebrews 3;15)
   My joy is complete now that I know that there are some of My children who persist in doing My will in the earth as it is done in heaven. Those children of Mine allow My Holy Spirit to bring salvation into the earth by the power of My Holy Spirit, just as Jesus Christ did.   My joy is complete because I know that some of My children appreciate what I have done for them, which is that I have given to them all the benefits and blessings of My kingdom of heaven by sending My kingdom of heaven into their lives on earth. 
  Your Father Whose Plan is Still Working 

Friday, July 13, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
    When My children think about prophesy, they usually think that to prophesy they must tell about something that is to happen in the future.  The word "prophesy" means to speak for Me.  There are many times when I give to you the gift of a word of wisdom or the gift of a word of knowledge or the gift of a word of discernment.  When you tell to other people what I spoke to you to help them, it means that you relay to someone an idea, a revelation, an instruction, an insight or an enlightenment that takes away a burden from them or it gives that person insight into a matter of great concern, or often you give to the person a revelation that the Holy Spirit gave to you from Me that gave you great understanding into spiritual matters.  When you received the gift from Me and then told someone, you prophesied to the person. 
   The prophet Joel spoke and wrote to other people the prophesy of My kingdom of heaven coming into the earth when My children are born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit.  He received the event happening in a vision many years before it happened in the earth, and it helped prepare the way for My kingdom to come into the earth.  In a vision Joel saw into the heavenly dimension and He saw an event into the future, an event of My Holy Spirit on the day of the first Pentecost leave Jesus Christ in heaven and enter into people in the earth.  He also saw the fires of My Spirit hover over their heads, and He said that they prophesied and that they were able to have spiritual dreams and visions about things to come into their lives and their situations,  John the Baptist prophesied the same thing, about people being baptized in My Holy Spirit and fire.  (Matthew 3:11-12) 
   Joel saw in a vision that the gift of My kingdom coming into the earth would be for slaves also, not just men and women that My Spirit would be poured upon; also.  He saw in the vision that there would be signs in the earth and spiritual signs called portents in the heavens.  He said that one of the signs would be that the sun would be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the Great Day of the Lord dawned.  He said that everyone who called on My name would be saved.  That is exactly what happened on the day of the fulfillment of Joel's vision and the prophesies of John and Jesus when My kingdom of heaven was poured out from heaven by My Holy Spirit into the lives of My children in the earth, being in them and on them. (Joel 3:1-5)
   Being a participant in that famous event in the history of the world, Peter knew immediately that's what had happened to them on the event of the Jewish fulfillment of the day of the feast of Pentecost when My Holy Spirit was poured into and onto the lives of the believers in Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 12:1 and 22-24)
   Not only did Peter acknowledge that the fulfillment of the prophesy of My kingdom of heaven being poured out upon My children by the Holy Spirit had truly happened, but he also acknowledged that what had happened to Jesus Christ was a fulfillment of a prophesy recorded by David.  He said that the prophesy of David came from a vision about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, His going to hell for the sins of the whole world, that I did not leave him in hell, but by the power of My Holy Spirit He was resurrected with great joy. (Psalm 16:8-11; Psalm 132:11)
  Peter even recognized and acknowledged that the vision of the prophesy of Jesus Christ ascending into heaven to sit at My right hand on the throne had also occurred close to that day. (Psalm 110:1; Isaiah 57:19)
  From that day forward, the earth changed completely.  It had begun to change dramatically when My Holy Spirit entered into the womb of the woman named Mary, creating My Son Jesus.  Through Him the object was to allow people to see My true character of mercy and compassion when He healed the sick, cast demons out of people, and taught about My kingdom of heaven coming into the earth.  Then Jesus fulfilled His assignment of dying for the sins of everyone who ever lived in the earth.  He fulfilled the prophesies of many, many people and then yielded to death in order to go to hell for the sins of the whole world. He fulfilled the prophesies of being raised from hell and appeared to people, coming back to earth. as He had promised, for a short time.
   After Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, My children of promise were able to wait for My kingdom to come into their lives, only knowing that it was a promise from Me.  That phenomenon happened on the feast of the day of Pentecost and still happens multiple times every day in the earth.  My children who seek Me and seek My righteousness are filled with My Holy Spirit and experience My kingdom of heaven coming into their lives on earth, just like Jesus prayed. (Matthew 6:10)
   When Jesus left the earth, He said that He would not leave His followers without comfort because He would send My Holy Spirit into their lives to take His place,  and He outlined extensively the benefits thereof. (John chapters 14, 15 and 16) That is what happened in the upper room when the 120 people began to speak languages they had never learned and the Holy Spirit became, for each one, his or her personal comforter, tutor, counselor, protector, provider and Loving Father, just like Jesus had said when He said that My Spirit would be inside of them rather than just with them, as He was in and on My Son Jesus Christ.  (Acts 2:1-4)
   The world changed that day of the first Pentecost for the people who were waiting for what I had promised, not really knowing the full extent of the magnificence of the prophesied occasion.  After the magnificent fulfillment in their lives, the participants were never again the same.  They had My kingdom of heaven operating in their lives with the rewards being beyond all of their human expectations.
   I described the results of the phenomenon in the life of My children when I said that because of the power of My Holy Spirit working in you, that I am able to do infinitely beyond your highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes or dreams and exceedingly, abundantly above all that you dare ask, think or imagine.  They are done only by the power of My Holy Spirit in you.
   My Holy Spirit changed the world because He is My very own Spirit.  He desires to make His dwelling place in the earth inside of you, counseling you, comforting you, tutoring you, battling for you against evil, protecting you and giving you the rewards of My kingdom of heaven so that you can have heaven on earth, as prayed by Jesus Christ, (Matthew 6:10)
    Your Father, the Author of Fulfilled Prophesies

Thursday, July 12, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
    I spoke to and through the prophets, to and through Jesus Christ, to and through the disciples/apostles and I speak to and through you, My children of promise.  My words are not from some royal domineering king.  They are from Your Heavenly Father who loves you and wants the best for you, whose good pleasure it is to give you the kingdom of heaven. 
   My personal words to you that I speak into your thoughts are for your comfort, your encouragement, your guidance and your exhortation.  They are for maneuvering you onto the right paths in life so that you avoid evil traps set for you.  They are for soothing your emotions when you are hurt.  They are for guiding you into green pastures so that you can rest from your labors.  They are for correcting you when you are rebelliously headed down the wrong paths.  They are for giving you instructions in the righteous attitudes and words which will sow good seeds into the earth, returning to you good events which will bless you.  They are for schooling you in forgiveness which releases you from the curses of the past.  They are for instructions in the works of your demonic enemies so that you can take authority over them.  They are for teaching you battle strategies to use against those demonic enemies. 
   My words to you are for schooling you in My righteous actions so that you will operate as a righteous being in an evil world.  They are for producing in you an obedient, wise, kind, prosperous, yet strong child who immediately operates in the power of My kingdom of heaven when anything that's the slightest bit evil enters into your thoughts, you mind or your heart.  I gave you the power to send those thoughts to hell where they belong. That authority comes from the discerning words that I speak to you personally through the Holy Spirit who lives in you. (Hebrews 12:5)
   There are also powerful words given to you by Me for your protection and your deliverance from evil.  Those are the words that I said are in your mouth, the words of faith in which you believe. (Romans 10:4-17)  Your initial words of faith caused you to be born again.  Your current words of faith are the ones that you pray in the Holy Spirit which battle against the principalities and powers of the air, the ones who are harassing and abusing you with negative earthly events. (Ephesians 6:10-18)
   When you are praying in the words of the Holy Spirit, He is empowering the angels to battle for you in the spiritual dimension around you, battling with your words as weapons and He speaks to the angels on how to use My powerful abilities that I gave to them.  When you are praying in My Holy Spirit, thousands of your demonic enemies are falling at your side and ten thousand at your left hand without your observing the ensuing battles. (Psalm 91:7)
   When you pray in My Holy Spirit, no evil will succeed in your life and no plague will come close to you because I have given My angels charge over you to keep you safe in all of your ways.  (Psalm 91;10-11)   I said that I will be with you in trouble and when you call upon Me I will answer you, delivering you and honoring you.  (Psalm 91:15)  
   Those promises from Me to you are contingent upon one thing; that being that you dwell in My secret place inside of you where I live in the earth.  (Psalm 91:1;  I Corinthians 3:16)  It is only when you are in unity with Me that My words in you are releasing My power.  Jesus Christ made it His desire to stay in constant communication with Me, always able to hear My voice and always willing to spend hours in prayer in My Holy Spirit which enabled Him to defeat the devil's works in the lives of people.  Without the guidance of My Holy Spirit inside of Him, His being baptized in My Holy Spirit and Him using the prayer power of My Holy Spirit, Jesus was merely a human man; not Jesus Christ, the Victorious One. 
    You can be a victorious person just like Jesus Christ.  He is in you and you are in Him.  I am in the Father, so you are in the Father.  That's the only safe place to be, in His loving, protective arms.  Jude told you to pray in the Holy Spirit to build yourself up in faith.
    Be led by My Holy Spirit + pray in My Holy Spirit = all things working together for your good. (Romans 8:14  + Romans 8:26-27 = Romans 8:28)
    Your Father of Love and Effective Provisions