Saturday, June 23, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   After Jesus healed the man who had been blind since birth, word spread quickly to everyone, especially to the Jews who did not believe that the man had been blind until they found his parents who attested to the fact that He had been born blind.  The Jews drove the man away, thinking that he was a threat to them because believers in Jesus were increasing rapidly.  Jesus found the man whom He had healed of blindness and asked him if he believed in the Son of Man who had healed him.  The man asked to be told who he was so that he could believe. Jesus identified himself as the One who had healed him.  The man professed his belief and worshiped Jesus. Jesus told the man, "It is for judgment that I came into the world, so that those without sight may see and those who see will turn blind," speaking of becoming spiritually blind, (John 9:1-38)  His judgment was for the devil and the demons.
   Some Pharisees who were present denied that they were spiritually blind.  Jesus quizzed them, saying, "Blind?  If you were physically blind, you would not be found guilty, but since you say that you see spiritually but don't, your guilt remains." (John 9:40-41)  Jesus was speaking about their hypocrisy and their spiritual unbelief that they revealed by not recognizing Him as My Son.
    Then Jesus told them the parable of the shepherd.  He told them that anyone who does not enter through Him, the gate, that person is a thief and a robber; but that anyone who enters through His gate is the shepherd of the flock, speaking of My Holy Spirit.  He said that the gatekeeper lets Him in and the sheep know His voice.  He said that the True Shepherd leads the sheep out one by one because they know His voice.  He said that they never follow a stranger but instead run from a stranger.  The people who were listening did not understand what He was saying, so he elaborated further. (John 10:1-5)
    Jesus went on to say that, truly, He is the gate to the sheepfold and that all others who have come are thieves and robbers, that the sheep took no notice of them.  He repeated that He is the Gate and that anyone who enters through Him will be safe, will go freely in and out, and will find pasture to rest.  He warned the people that the thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy, speaking of the devil.  Jesus said that He came so that people will have life and have it to the fullest degree.(John 10:6-11) 
   Again Jesus verbally stressed that He is the Good Shepherd who lays His life down for His sheep.  He said that the hired man, speaking of the written religious laws, is not the shepherd and the people do not follow them and so they run away from the hired man because he has no concern for the sheep. (John 10:11-13) Jesus stressed this fact because the Pharisees had confronted Jesus about healing the blind man on the Sabbath, saying it was illegal.  They did not rejoice that a man who had been blind could now see.  They were only concerned about arresting Jesus for breaking the religious and political laws by healing on the Sabbath.
   Jesus said again that He is the Good Shepherd, that His sheep know Him, that just as He knows the Father and the Father knows Him, that He lays down His life for His sheep.  He said that the Father knows Him because He not only lays down His life but He takes it up again.  Jesus said that He would lay down His life willingly, of His own free will, and that He would do it at My command. (John 10:14-18) He was prophesying His crucifixion, His death and His resurrection from the dead.
  The true facts in that parable caused disagreements among the Jews.  Some said that Jesus was possessed by a demon, a raving lunatic.  Others said that he opened the eyes of a blind man, which a man who was crazy could not do. (John 19;19-21)
   The truth in this parable about Jesus being the Gate relates to My children inheriting My kingdom of heaven in their lives on earth.  He was the Gate between the prophesies of old which were given under the old covenant of religious laws and the fulfillment of those prophesies when My kingdom came on earth in the lives of My children who become born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit.  It is His sacrifice for their sins that cleanses My children, enabling them to be born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit.  (John 20:19-23; Acts 1:1-8) Acts 2:1-4)
   In the truth of the parable of the Good Shepherd Jesus was teaching that My children know My voice of wisdom and knowledge, My voice of revelation, My voice of love and My voice of insight.  My children recognize the voice of their Shepherd because they feel safe and secure in My words.  In saying that My sheep know My voice and they will not follow the voice of a hired hand, Jesus was saying that the religious laws which the devil used to add burdens to My children and condemn My children are not the voice of a good shepherd, that they are the voice of judgment and condemnation. 
   In the parable of the Good Shepherd, Jesus was revealing My loyalty and My love for My children, and He was revealing the ineffectiveness of the old covenant laws which never led to salvation for anyone.  If they did, there would be no need for the Gate, the Good Shepherd, to come to earth to die for the sins of the world and there would be no need for My Holy Spirit to come to earth to live in My children who seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek My righteousness.
   In the parable of the Good Shepherd, Jesus was testifying to My love and My loyalty for My children.  The greatest love is that a person will lay His life down for His friends. (John 15:13) Jesus laid His life down for the whole world.  He exemplified the greatest Love known to people when He laid down His life as the Gate so that My children could be born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, thus inheriting My kingdom of heaven in their lives on earth.  Their inheritance of My Holy Spirit enables them to overcome all of the works of the devil in the earth. ( I John 3:8) 
   Your Father of the Workable Plan for Salvation 

Friday, June 22, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   The parable of the fig tree was the last parable that Luke recorded as taught by Jesus concerning My kingdom of heaven coming to earth to live in My children.  He told His disciples that as soon as they saw the fig trees bud, they knew that summer was near. meaning that they could anticipate the coming of summer when the trees bloom.   He said that when they saw certain things happening that Jesus prophesied, then they knew that My kingdom was near.   Then He told them solemnly, or truthfully from His heart, that before the generation of people living at that time passed away that My kingdom coming into the earth to live in My children would have taken place.  Then He said that His words would never pass away, even if heaven and earth ever passed away.  He wanted you to know that you could believe, trust in and rely upon His words.  (Luke 21:29-33)
   When Jesus walked the earth, many times Jesus said that My kingdom coming into the lives of My children was near in time.  On one early occasion He said that there were people standing in the crowd listening to him teach that day who, before they died, would experience His return when My kingdom came into their lives as the prayer of Jesus was answered of My kingdom coming to earth as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 16:28; Matthew 6:10)
   All of the teachings of Jesus called parables are related to My kingdom coming into the earth to live in My children who seek Me.  Previous to Jesus starting His ministry in the earth, John the Baptist preached to the children of Israel to, "Repent, for the kingdom of God is near." (Matthew 3:1)  In His proclamations John taught that he baptized the people in water for repentance, but that when Jesus began His ministry He would baptize people in My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 3:11-12)  When Jesus began His ministry of healing, casting out demons, comforting the brokenhearted, His teachings always related to My kingdom of heaven coming into the lives of My children, as prophesied by John the Baptist as being the baptism in My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 4;17) Jesus even said that when He cast a demon out of a person that My kingdom came upon that person. (Luke 11:20)  It was the power of My Holy Spirit who cast out the demons, covering the person with My Holy Spirit.  
   Water baptism for the children of Israel gave way to baptizing people in My Holy Spirit through Jesus casting out demons from people.  Then on the day of Pentecost, after Jesus rose from the dead, he sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in My children with the same spiritual power that operated in Jesus Christ when He lived in the earth.  Jesus no longer needed the power of My Spirit when He came to live with Me in heaven where there is no evil, so He sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in My children who need My power in their lives over the evil demons which have tormented their lives.  After He rose from the dead, He visited His disciples and told them to go to Jerusalem and wait for My promise to them of being clothed with Power from on high, (Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:1-8; Acts 2:1-4)
   The acts of My Holy Spirit are recorded in the book of Acts, the actions of His baptizing My children in My power for the purpose of giving My children power over the devil and his demons who live in the earth, the demons who had polluted the earth since Adam allowed them to invade the earth with their curses.
   The wonderful mystery of how I was going to come to earth to live in My children so that I could give them power over all evil was hidden even from the angels until the proper time came for Jesus to die for the sins of the whole world.  He rose from the dead and took the keys of authority for heaven and hell from the devil, giving them to My children who are empowered with My Holy Spirit.  When My children are baptized in My Holy Spirit, they have the keys of authority to heaven and hell in the person of My Holy Spirit living in them.  (Matthew 16:19; Revelation 1:18)
   My plan to live in My children of promise and give to them My power over all evil in the earth came to fruition on the day of the first Pentecost and it has taken place an immeasurable number of times since then when My children seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek My righteousness.
   When My children are baptized in My Holy Spirit you become supernatural, yet humble; powerful over evil, yet loving to other people; wealthy in spiritual gifts; yet, wise in administering them.  You have the power to become My obedient children; yet are still living in human bodies.  You have the power to become a temple of My Holy Spirit and you have the power of My Holy Spirit to allow Him to become Lord of your life.  (I Corinthians 3:16; II Corinthians 3:17-18)  My Holy Spirit becomes your tutor, your protector, your provider, your advocate and your counselor.  I teach you all of My wisdom through My Holy Spirit who lives inside of your spirit.  (John 14:12-17; John 14:26-27; John 16: 7-15)
   My mysterious plan for My heaven to come on earth and live inside of My children in the earth became possible through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ because My Holy Spirit is the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead who comes to live in you when you become born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:11)  My kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven when My Spirit comes to live in you. (Matthew 6:10)
   Give to My Holy Spirit the same respect and honor that you give to Me.  He is My Very Own Holy Spirit, the spiritual power source who ministered through Jesus and raised Him from the dead, and the spiritual power source from Me who lives in you.
   Your Father of Divine Power

Thursday, June 21, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   There is within the nature of people the demonic desire to want to be the greatest, the most talented, the smartest, the most recognized, the most wealthy, the most handsome or most beautiful; in other words, the best in everything.   The disciples of Jesus got tricked by that demon to argue about who would be the greatest when Jesus was gone from them.  Jesus told them that among pagans there are kings who lord over them and those who have authority over them are called their benefactors.  Jesus warned the disciples that the struggle for becoming "the best" among them must not happen to His disciples  when He was gone from them. (Luke 22:24-26) He emphasized this warning by speaking, "No," to them, meaning no, do not seek to be the best, the greatest.  Then He said that the greatest among them must be thought to be the youngest among them, the one who always is considered to have the least authority in a family.  He said that the leader must always be the one who serves others.  (verse 25)
  Then Jesus asked the disciples who is the greatest, the one who sits at the table waiting to be served or the one who serves the people at a table?   He proclaimed that it is the ones who are humble enough to serve who are the greatest in My kingdom of heaven. (verse 27) He called attention to the fact that He was serving them, His own disciples. and He served them by washing their feet. (John 13:5) 
   He complimented His disciples that they had all been loyal to Him, that they had stuck with Him throughout His trials, and so He was conferring My kingdom upon them and He told them that they would eat and drink at the table of My kingdom and that they would judge the 12 tribes of Israel. (verses 28-30) 
   Simon Peter had been one of the most loyal follower of Jesus from the beginning and He had received the revelation from Me that Jesus was the Christ, My Son.  His leadership position was established already, Yet, Jesus told Peter that the devil was going to temp him and after that incident that Peter must strengthen his brothers in the kingdom.  (verses31-32)
   Peter proudly declared that he would go to prison for Jesus and even be put to death for him.  Jesus prophesied that before the next morning came that Peter would deny knowing Jesus Christ three times.  (verses 33-35). 
   It happened just like Jesus prophesied.  Peter was tempted by the devil to deny that he knew Jesus not once, not twice, but three times.  His pride revealed in his declaration that he would die for Me is what opened the door for the devil to tempt him.  Peter, at that moment after denying Jesus three times, resolved that he must strengthen his brothers in Christ not to do what he did, which was to proudly declare that he would always be faithful and even go to prison or die for Jesus.   It is by the mouth that evil speaks proudly. 
   As they approached the Mount of Olives, Jesus told His disciples to pray that THEY WOULD NOT BE PUT TO THE TEST."  (verse 39-40)  He withdrew from them and prayed, asking Me to be released from the events that were to follow, but he also said that whatever My will was, that He would do it.   When Jesus succumbed to do My will, I sent an angel from My heaven to strengthen Him. (verses 43-44)
   Jesus went back to His praying and He entreated Me again not to make Him go through what He knew was His destiny. He prayed until sweat ran down His face like blood.  When He rose from praying, Jesus went to His disciples, found them asleep for the second time, and admonished them again, saying that they should be devoted enough to stay awake at least an hour and pray THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE PUT TO THE TEST, which means that they would not be temped by the devil in the coming days to refuse to be a follower of Jesus. (verses 45-46)
   Be careful that any prideful professions flow from your mouth.  When you do, you give permission for the devil to make a liar out of you by tempting you to do the opposite of what you declare that you will do.  (Matthew 5:34; Matthew 26:74)
   I said that by your words you are blessed and by your words you are condemned. ( Matthew 12:37) 
   There is so much to be gleaned from My Instruction Book.  The parables of My kingdom of heaven are given by Me to you so that you will consider the prize of My high calling that I have for you.  Truths in the parables of My kingdom of heaven are given by Me so that My children will know the truths in them, those being the keys to your having My kingdom of heaven in your life on earth.   Until you know the truth, that My kingdom of heaven came into the lives of the followers of Jesus on the day of the first Pentecost and continues on in your day by coming into the earth in the lives of those people who seek first My kingdom and My righteousness, those being My Holy Spirit.  Until then, you are deceived by false prophets who are still waiting for My kingdom to come to earth.
   The greatest people in My kingdom are the humble and the meek. (Matthew 6;10)
   Your Humble Father

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   While Jesus was teaching one day in the temple, proclaiming the Good News of My kingdom of heaven coming into the earth, the chief priests, the Jewish elders and the lawyers came up to Jesus and quizzed Him about upon whose authority He was teaching such revolutionary teachings.  Instead of answering the question, Jesus replied with a question, quizzing them under whose authority the baptisms that John the Baptist were performed, asked the religious leaders was it from heaven or from man?
  The religious leaders and the lawyers argued among themselves about the proper answer, surmising that if they said it was from Me that Jesus would ask them why they didn't believe John's teachings.  If they answered Jesus and said that John's ministry was from man, then people would stone the religious leaders because the people believed that John was a prophet. So their safe reply was that they didn't know from where John the Baptist's authority came.
   In great wisdom, Jesus replied that because of their answer to His question that he wouldn't tell them upon whose authority He was doing what He was doing, which was teaching about My kingdom of heaven soon coming into the earth. 
   Then Jesus added to his teaching a parable about a man and his vineyard.   He said that the man planted a vineyard and leased it to tenants because he was going to be abroad for a while.  When the time came to collect his payment from the tenants, he sent a servant to get his share of the profits,   Instead of paying what was owed, the tenants assaulted the servant and sent him away without any portion of the profits.  The owner of the vineyard was determined to get what was due him, so he sent another servant to retrieve his share of the profits.  Again the tenants assaulted that servant shamefully and sent him away empty handed.  The owner of the vineyard persevered and sent a third servant to get what was due to the owner.  The tenants wounded that servant also and threw him out. 
   As a last resort, the owner of the vineyard decided that if he sent his son to collect his share of the profits that the tenants would surely respect him.  He sent His son to collect his share but instead of paying what they owed, the tenants held a verbal conference among themselves and decided that the son was surely the heir and if they killed him that his inheritance would be theirs.  So they not only threw the son of the owner of the vineyard out of the vineyard, but they killed him.
  Then Jesus finished the parable by asking what the owner of the vineyard should do to the evil tenants.  Then He answered His own question, saying that the owner of the vineyard would make an end to the tenants and give the vineyard to other people. Then He quoted prophetic scripture that said, "It was the stone that was rejected by the builders that became the chief cornerstone," speaking about Jesus Christ who was the Rock upon which My church is built.  
   Jesus ended the parable by saying that anyone that falls on that stone will be dashed to pieces and whoever the stone falls upon will be crushed. 
    The scribes and chief priests recognized that Jesus was talking about them so because they were afraid of the people they did not obey their temptation to lay hands on Jesus at the very time but they knew He was talking about them. 
    As a result of that parable being taught by Jesus in the temple, the chief priests and the lawyers waited for an opportunity to trap Jesus.  So they later sent people to pose as agents of the religious laws so that they might trick Him to say something that would be grounds for them to hand Him over to governmental officials who were already eager to arrest Him and charge Him with subversion against the nation.  The agents tried to trick Jesus by first flattering Him by saying that His teaching were right and that He was teaching about Me in all honesty.  Then they asked a question of Him, asking if it was permissible for them to pay taxes.  Jesus was aware of the cunning trick and showed them a coin with the head of Caesar upon it, saying to pay to Caesar, meaning the government, to pay to it what is due to it but to also pay to Me the loyalty and respect that is due to Me. 
   Jesus was more wise than the manipulating demon speaking through the chief priests and lawyers, and he remained gentle as a dove.  In that instance the chief priests and the scribes were unable to find fault with the wisdom of Jesus.(Luke 20:1-25) 
    The truth in this parable of the kingdom of heaven coming to earth was the authenticity of the facts in His parable.  The religious leaders of the past had assaulted every prophet that I sent to them to appeal to them to change their ways and become a nation of peace, but they would not listen to My prophets and instead assaulted and often killed them.  They wanted greatness as a nation at the cost of losing their standing with Me.  In the parable of the vineyard owner Jesus prophesied that the nation of Israel, through which My salvation was to come into the world, that the leaders of that nation would be responsible for killing My Son whom I sent to save the world.  As a result, the heirs of My kingdom of heaven became the poor, the sick, the blind, the deaf, the brokenhearted and the pagans who had become believers in the ministry of Jesus Christ.
    After the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, My new covenant of the Holy Spirit made it possible for Me to receive into My kingdom every Jew, Greek, Gentile, male, female, bond or free, as I am no respecter of persons.  Even though the politicians and religious leaders of the nation of Israel rejected Jesus Christ, many of the hearts of the people became soft and they believed in My kingdom of heaven coming into their lives.  They became free, indeed, because those whom My Son Christ sets free from evil are free, indeed. (John 3:36)
    Your Liberating Father

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   After a man named Zacchaeus had listened to Jesus teach and then said he would give half of his property to the poor and said he would return four times any money to people that he had cheated, Jesus told him that salvation had come to his house that day because the Son of Man had come to seek out and save the lost. (Luke 19:8-10)
   While people were listening to Jesus He went on and told this parable about the unpopular king because they were near Jerusalem and the people imagined that My kingdom of God was going to show itself then and there that day.  The parable was about a nobleman who went to a foreign country to be made a king and afterwards returned to his own country as king.  Before he left for the foreign county, the nobleman summoned ten of his servants to him and gave each one of them a pound and told them to do business with their one pound while he was gone.  (Luke 19:11-13)
   The compatriots of the nobleman hated him and send an envoy to follow him with the message that they did not want him to be king over them. (verse 14)
    Upon his return after becoming a king, he sent for his servants to whom he had given a pound to see what return he had for his money.  The first servant told the king that his one pound had made ten pounds.  The king said, "Well done, my good servant. You have proved yourself faithful in a small thing so I will appoint you the authority over ten cities."  The second servant told the king that he had gotten a return of five pounds for his one pound.  The king told him that he had done well and that he would be in charge of five cities. (verses 15-20)
    Another servant came to the king and told him that he had put the one pound away in a napkin because he was afraid of the king, that he had heard he was an exacting man, that he picked up what he did not put down and that he reaped what he had not sown, that he robbed from people.  The king called the man "wicked" and said that he would be condemned by his own words because he accused the king of picking up what he had not put down and that he had reaped what he had not sown. (verse 21-23) He asked the man why he did not at least put the one pound in the bank so that the king would at least have gained some interest. (verse 24)
   The king told some of the people standing by to take the one pound from man who only had one pound and give it to the man who had ten pounds.  The people protested that that man already had ten pounds.  The king said that to everyone who has, more will be given; but to those who have not, even what they have will be taken away. (verses 25-26)
   The king instructed them to bring his enemies to him so that they would be executed because of their rebellion. (verse 27)
    The man who refused to use the one pound in business for profit was motivated by fear, just as Job was motivated by fear in his life. (Job 1:1-5)  Because of the fear, Job lost everything and was impoverished.  Job and the man who saved the one pound instead of doing business with it, both men did not know Me.  They feared Me because of the religious laws and the strictness of them because the laws feed fear of Me into the minds of My children.  Fear immobilized the man who kept the pound of money in the napkin.  He was like Job who finally said to Me that he had previously only known Me by the hearing of his ear, as reported by other people, but when he encountered Me face to face he began to know Me not as a God to be feared but as one to be loved and worshiped for My kindness and wisdom.  (Job 42:1-6)
   Through their encounters with Jesus Christ, My disciples, the poor, the blind, the deaf and the brokenhearted people knew My true character and personality, that I am love, that I am not a God to be afraid to approach.  Jesus revealed My true nature, that of Love.  He said that anyone who had seen Him had seen Me.  Because of their face to face encounters with Jesus, the formerly unfortunate people became the most fortunate among men.  Yet, the people who were still trusting in old covenant laws which instill fear in people, those Jews who were loyal to their religious laws refused to welcome My Son into their lives as their Savior.  They lost what little they had while the poor, the blind, the deaf and the brokenhearted became blessed with My kingdom of heaven coming into their lives when My Holy Spirit came to live inside of their hearts, (Acts 13:47) The least of My children became royalty by My kingdom coming to live inside of them with authority over all the works of the devil, while the people under the old covenant of religious laws chose to remain under those religious laws and so they lost the little that they had which were the prophesies of the coming of their Messiah because they did not recognize Jesus Christ as My Son. (Romans 9:30-32; Galatians 3:14) 
   Yes, the reality of the culmination of the prophesies was taken away from the nation of Israel when Jesus Christ came into the earth because their fear and unbelief did not allow them to recognize Him as their real Messiah, just like the fearful servant whose one pound was taken away from him and given to the servant who grew his one pound into ten pounds.
   However, even though the old covenant of religious laws was made null and void, the individual Jews who became born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit became heirs, along with  the Gentiles who had become joint heirs with Christ. (Romans 8:17)  For in Christ there are no Jews, Gentiles, males, females, bond or free.  All are equal as My children in My eyes. (Galatians 3:28)  
   My children who are endued with My power from heaven have authority over all of the demonic kingdoms that persist in their efforts to destroy the earth that I gave to My children.  My children have the power of My Holy Spirit to cast those demons into hell.  When they do, My righteousness shines in My children of promise like the noonday sun because I live in them. (Matthew 13:41-43)
   Your Loving, Peaceful Father  

Sunday, June 17, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   In teaching My children about the importance of praying persistently, Jesus Christ taught about an unscrupulous judge and a persistent widow.  The judge neither feared Me nor respected people.  The judge was not an example of Me but was only used as an example of how persistence in prayer against evil pays off for people. 
  There was a widow in the parable who lived in the same town as the unscrupulous judge,  She kept coming to the judge over and over again insisting that he do justice for her against her enemy who had wronged her.  The judge finally said, after being harassed by the widow over and over to do justice for her, he finally said to himself, "Well, maybe I don't fear God or respect people, most of all the widow, but since she keeps pestering me I must give her just rights to her or she will keep harassing me and worry me to death."  By now you must realize that the unscrupulous judge is the devil, the father of evil.  (Luke 18:1-5)
  Jesus followed the teaching on the parable with a more descriptive meaning when He said firmly, "Believe this, God will see that justice is done to his chosen children who appeal to him day and night when there is a timely delay in answered prayers." 
   Then Jesus made a declaration that is unusual for Him.  He said, "I tell you truly, (as if to say I promise you), that the judge WILL vindicate her, seeing that justice is done for her and that it will be done speedily to get her off of his back." (Luke 18:6-7)
   Jesus closed out this parable by saying that when He came back from the dead that He hoped He would find faith in the earth. (Luke 18:8)  He died so that you might have faith in Me, the faith that comes as a gift of My Holy Spirit. (I Corinthians 12:9) 
   One of the valuable lessons in the parable is that when My children are praying intercessory prayers, standing in the gap between a person and the devil, it takes more than supplementary prayers of asking for a supply of resources.  When you are dealing with evil which is affecting your life or the life or a family member in some way, in that spiritual scenario of battling against evil, by praying intercessory prayers of praying in My Holy Spirit you are allowing Me to instruct My angels to fight the battle against demons in the atmosphere who refuse to give up their influence in the life of the person for whom you are praying or refuse to give up an injustice done in your life. (Ephesians 6:10-19)
   Praying in the language of My kingdom of heaven, called praying in tongues, incorporates My angels into fighting the battle against the principalities and powers of the devil in the atmosphere around you who are causing the injustice to you.  The devil does not give up easily what he has been allowed to do in your life  in some way.  Only by your getting the spiritual help of the heavenly hosts by your praying in the language of My kingdom of heaven can you win the battle with the devil who holds on firmly to what he has robbed from you.  It takes spiritual power of My Holy Spirit to successfully win battles against the devil and his works. 
   When you pray in the Holy Spirit unceasingly, as Paul said, all injustices done to you will disappear and divine justice will be done for you in answer to your intercessory prayers.  Praying in My Holy Spirit uses intercessory prayers in the language of My kingdom of heaven to incorporate My angels to battle for you against the demons who plague your life.  My Spirit pesters the demons who cause the injustices in your life, pesters them into releasing you and your family from their strongholds.  There is no other way to overcome evil works in your life other than My Holy Spirit's prayers which fight your battles for you and ushers the demons out of your life and right into hell. (Matthew 13:41-43)
   There is an earthly national language that you use in communicating with earthly people.  There is a spiritual language of My kingdom of heaven which you must use in communicating with Me and My angelic hosts who battle for you in the spiritual dimension.  In praying in My spiritual tongues you have My power to defeat all evil.  Do not neglect such a great means of salvation because it is Me speaking My solutions to all of your problems.  (Hebrews 2:2-3)
   Your Father of All Solutions

Saturday, June 16, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   Jesus told a parable about the attitude of humility in service to others.  He told about you and a servant working together in tending sheep or plowing a field.  He asked if you would say to the servant to come and eat with you or if you would ask the servant to fix the meal, since it was his or her regular duty to do that.  He said that it would be more fitting to tell the servant to get the meal ready and wait on you while you eat and drink, telling the servant that he or she can eat and drink afterward. (Luke 17:7-10)  It's a matter of learning humility.
   The emphasis in this parable is on the fact that a servant does what he or she is told to do and expects no overwhelming praise because the servant knows that he was hired to do specific things and is paid to do those very things. 
   Jesus said it's the same thing for His disciples, when they have done all they are told to do, that humility in the servant is to expect no words of praise because they are doing what they are called to do.  A good attitude of servants is to realize that they are called to serve, called to do certain things.  They should not expect overwhelming praise because they have done their duties, done what they are called to do.
   Humility is called forth in this parable for My children who are called to serve love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy and patience to others.  All of the keys to My kingdom of heaven as found in the parables of Jesus should be considered by you to be your duty as a child of My kingdom of heaven.  A wise king's children must work and be productive, like all of the servants.  They do not expect to be praised more or given more attention than the employed servants who are hired to work. (Matthew 5:5)
    It's with an attitude of humility that My children must expect to receive their blessings from becoming my child, without craving attention or praise for merely doing what I tell you to do in order to escape the evil that's in the world.  The benefit for you is that you will be out from under curses and begin to walk in blessings.  Obeying My beneficial instructions is for your good, because doing them causes you to escape from the evil that's in the world.  There is no need for you to be praised for taking My advice and escaping the curses that come from the devil.  When you are rewarded with blessings, it's because you have sown good seeds of My kingdom and those seeds will reward you with good plants which bless your life.  A job well done has its rewards without the worker expecting praise.
    A child of mine who serves My kingdom blessings to others and who feels that he or she must be praised and appreciated for doing what I tell the person to do is craving praise, having his or her eyes turned inwardly instead of outwardly.  He or she is not satisfied that being a child of My kingdom of heaven affords him or her a multitude of blessings.  He or she wants all of the praise from the person in authority and other people for doing what is required of them.   
   The learned from this parable needs to be from you and aimed at Me for helping you to avoid curses, problems, sins, iniquities, destruction and transgressions, all of which cause you to fall for the invisible traps set for you by the devil.  When you have obeyed one of My admonitions and see that you have escaped destruction in some way, it's incumbent upon you to thank Me for helping you to avoid pitfalls which would bring consequences into your life.  It's not incumbent upon Me to praise you for doing what I, as your Father, instruct you to do.
   The Jews of My old covenant were called to a duty, one of keeping themselves unspotted by evil and teaching others to be unspotted by evil by obeying religious laws.  There was nothing in our covenant that said that I must praise them or you must praise them for obeying religious laws and remaining clean.  There are many revealed words from Me about every way to avoid the devil and his works.  It's for the good of My children that they choose to obey My words.  In doing so, they avoid destruction and death.
   A grateful child is filled with gratitude for his parent for helping him to succeed in life, being appreciative of his parents' tutoring and guidance. The scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees thrived on the praise of their subordinates.  And it was the praises of those subordinates that caused pride and arrogance to enter into the religious and political leaders, causing them to feel above others instead servants of the religious laws. (Proverbs 29:23)
   It is for this reason that I told My children not to call any man "father" except your Father who is in heaven.  People elevating someone above others causes the praised person to elevate himself or herself above others in his or her own mind, inviting pride and arrogance from the devil to rule the person's ego.  (Matthew 23:9)     
   Humility is what is required of My children rather than having a hunger and thirst for praise.  Humility comes from a grateful heart. (Matthew 6:3-4) Pride and arrogance come from hell in order to enslave everyone. (Proverbs 29:23;
    Your Father of Loving Encouragement