Tuesday, February 20, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
    In an effort to see that My children are reconciled with Me, (that is, being brought into harmony with Me and in agreement with Me), I sent My Son Jesus into the earth in a fleshly body so that My children could be restored to a peaceful, harmonious relationship with Me.  He had to come to earth in flesh from heaven and suffer the punishment for the sins of the whole world, go to hell for them, defeat the devil in hell and be raised from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit.  Because of that magnificent feat, He paved the way for My Holy Spirit to enter into the earth and be received by My children who choose to seek Me, giving them the same power and authority of the Holy Spirit that Jesus possessed to overcome the evil in the earth that comes from the demons who remain in the atmosphere of the earth. 
   The wonderful ministry of Jesus in sacrificing Himself for the sins of the whole world also allows My children to hear My voice more clearly from the inside of them and obey My guidance and personal instructions, therefore coming into harmony with Me as their Loving Father.  As My Holy Spirit cleans house in My children who are My temples in the earth, the thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken by My children are changed from evil to good, from tumultuous to peaceful and from angry to loving,  Those of My children who yield themselves to My guidance and cast out the old sinful nature and take on My divine nature are called "born of My Spirit."  When they become baptized in My Holy Spirit they receive their army of angels whom I give to them to assist them in being saved from the works of the demons in the world.  In that baptism, My angels bring the fire of My Holy Spirit to defeat the demons who still afflict My children.  (Luke 3:16-17)  I am a Loving Father.  I do not leave My children without the proper arsenal to win the war against their spiritual enemies, the devil and his demons.
    My children who agree to enjoy the benefits of My kingdom of heaven becoming real in their lives are restored to the same harmonious relationship with Me that Adam enjoyed before he allowed the devil to come into the earth with his demons and curse the lives of My children.  (Genesis 3:14-19)  When you have partaken of My plan for the redemption of the world, you become an ambassador of My kingdom, which is My family, participating with me in endeavoring to reconcile other people to a harmonious relationship with Me.  (Hebrews 2:13-18)
    One way to reconcile people to Me is by forgiving them of their sins like Jesus forgave you of your sins. (John 20:21-23) When you do forgive someone, you make the path clean from heaven to earth for the person to have a harmonious relationship with Me. 
    When people are considered your human enemies because of doing evil to you, another way for you to help in reconciling them to Me is by loving them instead of hating them, blessing them instead of cursing them, doing good to them instead of returning evil for the evil they do to you and praying for them which allows Me to defeat their real enemies who are causing the evil situation, the devil and his demons.  In doing loving things to people who do evil to you, you reconcile them to you and to Me by your love. 
    Another way to reconcile people to Me is to share your testimonies about My wonderful and miraculous interventions in your behalf in which I save you from evil works.  When you do share My good works in your behalf, the hearers of the testimony begin to believe that I love them and that I will work in their behalf, too.    
    Another way to reconcile people to Me is by intercessory prayers in their behalf.  In praying My heavenly prayer language for them, I am able to send My spiritual messengers to them to speak My wisdom, knowledge and peace into their minds and change their attitudes.  (Colossians 1:9) Another thing that happens when you pray for someone in My spiritual prayer language is that I am able to defeat the demons who are the real enemies of all of My children.  Jesus said that when He casts out demons from a person by My Holy Spirit that My kingdom comes upon the person. (Luke 11:20)
    Another way to reconcile people to Me is by being a loving witness of My character instead of being a condemning, judgmental person.  When you proclaim to be My child, My character is in question if you are not a child of love to everyone.  (II Corinthians 5:17-21)
    Another way to reconcile people to Me is by being ready and able to introduce them to Me and pray for them to be born of My Spirit which changes them in the twinkling of an eye from children of sin into My children of love because I come to live inside of them.
    I have given to you the ministry of reconciliation, reconciling all people to Me.   I will lead you in which way to reconcile each person whom I send to you to be reconciled to Me.  Every individual person takes special care in how they come to Me, so let Me tell you what is needed in each situation.
    Coming into harmony with Me, your Loving Father, is the ultimate desire of every heart and I go to great lengths to see that My children contribute to the reconciliation of everyone by loving them, praying intercessory prayers for them, telling testimonies to them, forgiving them, blessing them, doing good to them and praying for them to be born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  When you do those things, you are fulfilling the instructions that Jesus Christ gave to you and there is great joy in you because you have witnessed the transformation of the person into a new creation in Christ.
    You are privileged to be a part of the reconciliation of a person to harmony with me.  When you do, you are a part of an eternal change which affects everything in the life of a person.  You and I rejoice together at the glorious event.
   Your Father of Reconciliation

Monday, February 19, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   You often forget the I created your world, that I created humans and that I put My human children in charge of their world to tend it and make it productive in all ways. (Genesis 1:26-31) I taught the first man, Adam, the intelligence to successfully tend to his possessions and help them bear fruit and multiply. Since Adam did not heed My warnings to refuse to listen to the alien spirit of the devil, he and Eve listened to the temptations, yielded to them and allowed evil to flood the earth.  Genesis 3:1-19) From then forward, Adam and  his descendants were in the unfortunate state of hearing not only My wisdom and knowledge in their thoughts but also the temptations to do evil from the devil.  My temporary solution was to speak to the descendants of Adam through prophets, humans who could differentiate My voice from the voice of the devil. Throughout the history of humans, I was able to speak to My children occasionally through virtuous kings and judges, as well as prophets.  All of My instructions were for the general public, all people who would listen and profit from My words.
   Those temporary fixes only sufficed until I was able to send My Holy Spirit into the world in human flesh in a man identified as the son of man/Son of God.  His flesh was called Jesus because He was born on a human woman, but I was His real Father and His true identity was Christ, the Son of God.  (John 6:68-70) I sent Him into the world to die for the sins of the whole world, the sins of every person who had ever lived and those who would live after Him. During His time on earth, He revealed My true nature, that of being a Loving Father instead of the cruel king that the devil had educated My children to believe.  He revealed My character as love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy and joy instead of being a cruel king of oppression, one who punishes for disobedience, a king who takes from his subjects instead of giving to them. and a king who makes rules which are too difficult to obey. Jesus Christ revealed Me as His Father and the Good Father of all of My children instead of being an evil taskmaster and He taught that the devil is the real evil taskmaster but I am a kind and loving Father.
   It was apparent that general guidance through the prophets was not efficient because masses of people would not obey My instructions.  That was caused by the devil's interference by his putting his temptations in the minds of My children and they influenced others. 
   The appointed time came for My efficient plan to be implemented which had been hidden from people and even the angels from the foundation of the earth. (Romans 16:25-26)  The plan was that I would come and live inside of My individual children in the person of the Holy Spirit and that I would be their personal guide just like I was the trusted and personal guide of Jesus Christ. (Colossians 1:27) In that workable plan, every person would have his or her own opportunity to either choose My guidance to do good in the earth or choose the devil's guidance to do evil in the earth.  I would not be working with masses of people at the same time, some who want to obey and some who do not want to accept My help.  (John 16:12-16) At least under My new plan each person would be responsible for working out his or her own salvation from the works of the evil by listening to My voice of guidance and hopefully not be influenced by the disobedience of the masses who had not yet learned to hear My voice. (Philippians 2:12)  The relationship would be between Me and My individual children, not a nation, not a country, not a church, not a denomination and not a particular race or culture. 
   In the administration of My new covenant, the covenant between My individual children and Me, that being that I would live inside of them in the person of My Holy Spirit, Jesus told you what would happen, that I would usher into the world My kingdom of heaven.  I said that those of My children who choose to hear My voice from the inside of them will be victorious over the voice of the devil and refuse to obey him, choosing instead to obey My instructions through which you and My other children will overcome all of the evil that is in the world by coming to know Me one-on-one, individually, as your Father of wisdom and knowledge.  You will trust My instructions and take My advice because you love Me, and you will love Me because of My love for you.  (I John 4:19)   
    My plan is still in operation.  I am available to live inside of My children and guide them from the inside of them away from evil and onto the green pastures and still waters of life. They need to learn to hear My voice and then choose to obey My workable instructions because I give them the power to obey. 
   Trust My wisdom and knowledge and you will have heaven on earth because My kingdom of heaven has come into your life. 
    We make a great team -- Loving Father and loving child -- spreading My love into the earth.
    Your Father of Workable Wisdom

Sunday, February 18, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   Throughout the history of humans, I have had a difficult time identifying Myself to them as a Loving Father to My children because they insisted on giving Me their own human characteristics, relating to Me the characteristics of their kings and other leaders who ruled with unmerciful judgment and an iron hand.  They attributed both good and evil as the makeup of My personality because they did not realize that there was a devil who had entered into their world who was responsible for all the evil in the earth.  Even after I sent My Son Jesus into the world to reveal My true characteristics of love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness and goodness, remaining even into your time in the earth the old lies still persist that I am cruel on one hand and loving on the other hand to My children.  Religious people enjoy using that lie to control My children by fear, which is completely opposite to My personality and, in fact, is the personality of the devil.  Religious people beat their own children into submission because they are taught that it is My will.  That is a lie from the mouth of the devil.
   Those people don't know Me personally.  They only know Me by the hearing of their ears, like Job, and they find themselves also wallowing in the same curses that Job had.  In other words they only know Me from the teachings of people who also do not personally know Me.  When Job met Me face to face, he admitted that he only knew Me by the hearing of his ears in erroneous teachings, but when he finally met Me face to face He knew Me as who I really am, a Loving, Generous Father.  Job's curses were reversed when He obeyed My instructions and forgave his friends who had misinformed him about My nature. (Job 42:1-6)  Your world is full of Jobs today who only know Me by hearing the words of people who also do not know Me personally but only know Me by the hearing of their ears.
   My Holy Spirit is ready, able and willing to teach you personally the various parts of My personality.  You need to become enlightened about My nature of love toward people as well as My power that's available to defeat the works of the devil who is the real enemy of My children. (Ephesians 3: 14-20; Ephesians 1:16-23) It is the devil who has polluted the minds of My children so that they attribute human negative characteristics to Me.  When My children become born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in my Holy Spirit, My personal teachings are available to them because I live inside of them as their personal tutor.  (John 16:12-15)  The first thing I want to teach them is My character of love toward My children and their world.  That revelation is the very reason the devil fights any knowledge about the truths that come from My baptizing My children in My Holy Spirit, because when My children begin to hear revelation knowledge from Me, the first thing I teach them is about My personality which is Love.  As long as the devil can keep you misinformed with the lie that I am a cruel taskmaster, he has control of you and your life.  When My children learn from Me that I am Love, they begin to be free from the bondage to lies from the devil which sometimes comes from erroneous religious teachings.
   My Holy Spirit wrote in My Instruction Book to you that My personal characteristics are love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, patience, mercy, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  There are no indications that I am a cruel taskmaster in those descriptions of My personality.  (Galatians 5:22-25)  If you have been misinformed about My true nature by people who don't intimately know Me, then you must seek Me and My righteousness so that My Holy Spirit can teach you individually about My true nature.  When you do, you will know Me as who I am, your Loving Heavenly Father.
   My children who are misinformed about My loving personality and still believe that I am a cruel taskmaster like their own kings, leaders, rulers, and government officials, they assume the personalities of those cruel leaders and act toward their families and other people with the same cruel personalities, polluting the earth with evil attitudes, words and actions.  But when My children meet Me personally and know that I am love, then they become loving toward people because they want to act like Me, their Loving Father.  They become My image of love and peace in the world, as I intended.  (I John 4:17)  It says in My Instruction Book that, "As I am, so are you in the world," meaning that the more you become intimately acquainted with Me, the more you become like Me because you become loving like Me, peaceful like Me, joyful like Me, good like Me, kind like Me, merciful like Me, patient like Me, gentle like Me, faithful like Me and filled with self control. 
   No where in the description of My characteristics do you see fearful, angry, wrathful, sowers of strife and division, jealous, blindly patriotic, envious, selfish, impure, drunken, controlling, politically idolatrous, a liar or a sower of dissension.  None of those are My characteristics.  Those negative traits are the personality of the devil.  The people who yield to his temptations display those traits and are doing his will in the earth instead of doing My will in the earth.  (Galatians 5:16-21)
As a result, they sow seeds into the devil's family and reap curses from his kingdom of death and destruction.  (Matthew 7:13)
   My Holy Spirit said, "As He is in His heaven, so are you in the world."  My desire is that you display My characteristics in the world, loving your enemies for Me, blessing your enemies for Me, doing good to your enemies for Me and praying for your enemies which authorize Me to defeat the demons who are enticing your enemies to do evil acts to you.  Those demons tempt you to return evil for the evil done to you, but when you follow My guidance you will return good for the evil done to you, just like I do.  I told you to do the duty of spreading love in the earth and let Me seek vengeance for you by fighting the demons in the spiritual dimension around you who cause all of the problems in your world.
   When My children become My image of love in the world and pray intercessory prayers as led by the Holy Spirit, the redemption of the world will come because My children and I have worked together to rid the world of evil. (Romans 8:112-4 and 19-28)
   You do your part of becoming loving and peaceful in the earth and I will do My part of becoming victorious in the war against evil.
   Your Father of Love and Power 

Saturday, February 17, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   You are My favored child of promise.  (Psalm 106:4; Luke 2:52)  The people in the earth who are poor in spirit, being oppressed, distressed, abused, maligned, afflicted or dominated are My favored children and I said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.  (Matthew 5:7)  The people who mourn are My favored children and I promised that they would be comforted by Me.  I said that people who are meek and humble are favored and that they inherit My blessings while they live in the earth.  My children who hunger and thirst after My righteousness are My favored children and I promised that they would be satisfied with all good things.  I said that My children who are persecuted for doing what I tell them to do, which is sowing kindness and goodness in the earth by loving their enemies and never returning evil for evil done to them, they are My favored children and I said that the kingdom of heaven is theirs.  I said that people who are merciful to everyone are My favored children and that they will receive mercy from everyone.  I said that My children who are pure in heart are My favored children because they refuse to only see evil in others but are determined to see the good in them, just like Jesus said when He said that He and I look on the spirits of people where My good resides instead of looking on their flesh where evil resides.  I said that the pure in heart will see Me because they are not trained by religious spirits to only see evil in people.  My favored children are all of My children who seek Me and seek to do My will in their lives.  Great are their rewards, I said. (Matthew 5:3-11)  It is in your having those attitudes that allows Me to pour My blessings upon you. 
    The attitudes of being meek, humble, hungry for righteousness, thinking little of yourself and your own comforts, being kind, good and merciful, seeing good in people instead of evil, and being so loving and peaceful that you are persecuted by others, those attitudes come from your allowing Me to show My appreciation for your showing love to  everyone and I can reward you abundantly.  I said that other people will see your good works and glorify Me, knowing that it is My power that is loving others and keeping peace with everyone through you.  I said that you are My bright light in a dark world and you are the the salt of the world that makes My words palatable to everyone. (Matthew 5:13-16) 
   I love everyone in your world and I want to flood their lives with My blessings, but I am limited upon whose lives I can pour My blessings because some of My children bind themselves to the devil by sowing evil in their world and they allow the devil to send his demons to form a barrier between themselves and Me. (Isaiah 59:1-2)  I am eager to flood blessings upon those deceived children of Mine, but My blessings cannot penetrate the spiritual barriers that the devil has built between Us. 
   However, I made a perfect way.  Those of My children who are obedient to Me and refuse to do evil to their enemies but instead do good to them, they are My emissaries of My love to the people who are bound to the devil by doing his will.  I impress you and My favored children of promise who refuse to do evil to your enemies and instead do good to your enemies, I impress you to do My actions of goodness to the people who are bound to the devil and doing his will by doing evil to you.  In doing what I instruct you to do, which is to love your enemies, to do good to them, to bless them and pray for them, in doing those actions you are fulfilling the words of Christ to you and doing what He was commissioned to do in the earth.
    My children who do My will in the earth are not blocked by the demonic barriers in the heavenly dimension like I am as placed there by the iniquities of My children who do evil, become My enemies, and block Me from flooding them with My goodness.   So I impress My children of promise in the earth to pour My goodness, forgiveness and mercy upon the humans who have made you and Me their enemies.  I tell you to do good to them, to bless them and to pray for them so that I am authorized to execute My judgment upon the demons who tempt them to do evil to you.  Our unity in working together, your loving your enemies and My defeating the demons who motivate them, allows me to break through the barriers of the devil.  Our unity in working together will be successful in seeing that your human enemies become saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.  (I Timothy 2;1-4)  I bypass the devil's barriers by asking My children of promise to pour My goodness upon the people who do evil to them while I am blocked from doing it. 
   I did the same miraculous thing through My Son Jesus.  I could not cast out the demons, heal the sick and the brokenhearted from My heavenly home because of the barriers in the spiritual dimension placed there by the sins of My own children. So I sent My Son Jesus to live in flesh and do that I was limited to do by the barriers which were authorized by My children to separate them from Me. Jesus became flesh so that He could pour My love upon My children, do good to them, pray for them, and by the power of My Holy Spirit cast out the demons who ruled their lives. 
    As My child of promise and My favored child, you are authorized by Me and empowered by My Holy Spirit to pour My goodness, forgiveness, kindness, mercy, blessings and love upon My children who have strayed into evil territory and are doing evil in the world.  When they do evil to you, as My favored child you are commanded by Me to do good to them, to forgive them, to bless them and to pray for them, thus fulfilling the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world.  When you do, you are rewarded beyond measure by Me, your Father, because you have done what I ask you to do, thus demonstrating your love for Me.  (John 14:21)
   Make your human enemies your favored friends, loving them, blessing them, doing good to them and praying for them.  When you do, you are showing your love for Me because you have taken My advice and loved Me as your Father.
   If all of My children consistently did this one thing that I ask of them, there would be no more evil in your world because I would be able to rid the earth of evil through My favored children of promise and their obedience.  You can do it in your portion of the world.  Do it for Me, your Loving Father.  When you do, you are participating with Me in saving the lives of people who have strayed.
   Your Father of Loving Favor            

Friday, February 16, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   As your protective Father of magnificent provisions I am determined to see that what you lose in promoting My kingdom in the earth will be justly returned to you with enormous benefits and rewards.  When you do good, bless and pray for your enemies, I am your Father who sees that judgment is done to the demons who afflict you and that justice is done to My children who display My characteristics in the earth by heeding My words through Jesus Christ.  In promoting My family values in the earth of love, peace and mercy, you are identifying Me as your Father and you will receive wonderful rewards for seeking My kingdom and My righteousness, as Your Brother Jesus taught to you.  Unfortunately, My children who promote division, strife, anger, discord and wrath will inherit what the devil has as his rewards, which are destruction and death. (Galatians 5:16-21)
   From the beginning of time I never hid from My children the truth that you choose between good and evil every moment of your lives.  I even said that if you choose to think good thoughts, speak good, edifying words and do good actions toward My other children that you will inherit My wonderful blessings because you have chosen My mode of operating in the earth that I gave to you.  I also said that if you choose to dwell on the evil thoughts that invariably come to your mind, then choosing to speak those evil things and perform the evil actions with which you are tempted, that the curses of destruction and death will flood into your life on earth because you have chosen an evil family over My loving family.  (Deuteronomy 28)  The clarity of My warning has never diminished.
   My children proved that they were powerless to refuse evil, so I made it possible for My Son to come to earth and die for the sins of the whole world in order to satisfy the political fervor of the day which demanded death on the cross for lawbreakers.  My Son was innocent of any civil lawbreaking but He was guilty of breaking religious laws in able to heal the sick, cast out demons, comfort the brokenhearted and let captives of the devil go free.  He died on the cross for everyone who had ever sinned and would ever sin, making null and void the devil's judgment upon My children.  He suffered the punishment for everyone.  He had to offer forgiveness for the sins of everyone so that I could send My Holy Spirit into the earth to live inside of My children and give to them the same power that Jesus had when He ministered in the earth, the power to refuse to do evil, the power to heal the sick, the power to cast out the demons who cause sickness and evil behavior, the power to perform miracles, and the power to love their enemies.
   My children who are born of My Spirit and are baptized in My Spirit have the power and ability to only do good to other people, to love their enemies, to only return good for evil done to them and to intercede in My spiritual prayer language in order for Me to defeat the demons who taunt them and tempt them and other people.  They have the power and ability to hear My voice and they have the power to follow My advice.  If they do, they are rewarded by Me.  (Matthew 5:44-48)
   There are great rewards for My children who hear My voice and obey Me because My instructions to you keep you from doing evil in the world which has its own rewards if you choose to do evil. The rewards for My children who do evil are not beneficial to them because they are from the devil and are curses. (Matthew 6:1-8))  My rewards for you are beneficial and glorious, making you the head and not the tail, above instead of beneath. 
    I said that you are blessed and rewarded when you are persecuted for righteousness sake. (Matthew 5:10-16)  I was not talking about your being persecuted for proclaiming My name in public as if the more your say "Jesus" in public makes you righteous.  I was not talking about your declaring that you are My child to everyone you meet.  I was not talking about proclaiming all the time in public about the good you are doing in church.  I was not talking about when you are martyred for refusing to deny Me.  I said you are blessed and rewarded when you are persecuted for RIGHTEOUSNESS sake. 
    Immediately after teaching about being blessed for righteousness sake, Jesus began teaching you about what are righteous actions toward others.  He said when someone strikes you and you refuse to return the evil, you will be referred to as being a coward, weak and powerless by other people.   In reality you are being righteous because you are obeying and doing what I told you to do.  When you love your enemies, you are righteous and are often persecuted and ridiculed for not hating our enemies. not demanding an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  When you do good to someone who insults you, injures you or robs from you. you are being righteous if you do what I told you to do which is to give them your cloak also if they take your coat, to give them more than they take from you.  You are often persecuted and ridiculed for not defending yourself in that situation,  You often are persecuted and ridiculed by other people because you did not defend yourself.  Those things are what I meant when I said that you are blessed when people persecute you for righteousness sake, meaning for doing My righteous actions in the earth that were taught by Jesus.   I said when you do what I ask you to do in righteous actions, that you will be rewarded. 
   My Holy Spirit confirmed the teaching of Jesus about being righteous when He said that even if you cast out demons in My name, heal the sick in My name, speak in tongues, even give your body to be burned in My name, that those things do not make you righteous.  He said that it is acts of love toward the unloved, your enemies, the depressed, the sinners and the homeless, that those loving actions toward others are what makes you righteous because I love them and when you allow Me to love them through you, you are being righteous as I am righteous.(I Corinthians 13:1-4)  It is when you are patient, kind, loving, good, hopeful, and faithful that you are righteous.  In being boastful, angry, jealous, irritable, resentful, arrogant, rude, rejoicing when wrong prevails and insisting on your own way, you are not righteous.  In other words, it is not in publicly and piously declaring your allegiance to Me that you are righteous.  Instead, it is in how you treat your human enemies that declares your righteousness. 
   I said that your righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees or you will never enter into My kingdom of heaven while you live in the earth.  It is in doing what Jesus Christ and I teach you to do that makes your righteous.  It is not in you publicly declaring your own righteousness that makes you righteous in My eyes.
   You must heed the teachings of Jesus Christ if you declare your belief in Him.  It is not in your declaration of your allegiance to Him or to Me that identifies whether you have become My child of righteousness.  It is in your acts of love, forgiveness, mercy and peacemaking that identify that you are My righteous child.
   I said to seek My kingdom and My righteousness and everything you ever need will be given to you.  It is not in what you do publicly that earns rewards from Me.  It is what you do in secret to your enemies that testifies of your righteousness and earns rewards from Me.
    As your Loving Father, I delight in rewarding you.  I gave you My righteousness.  You are equipped to do My righteous deeds by My Holy Spirit.  Do them in secret and you will be rewarded by Me.
    Your Father of Great Rewards                                   

Thursday, February 15, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   When the child of a good father in the earth has been robbed by a bully or injured by a bully, the good father seeks justice for his child by going to the authorities and seeing that the bully is disciplined for his or her evil act done upon the victim.  If the child has been robbed, the good father will replace the sum taken and if his child has been noble in the situation the good father will reward his child for his good character even more by returning an increase of the amount that was stolen.
   A bad father under the same scenario will encourage his child to return to the bully and rob from him or beat him up, as in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  In doing that, the father is sowing seeds of violence for his own sake so that he will look like the tough one.  However, the bad father just ends up being a bully also.
    I am your good Father who created you and the rest of My children and I know what is the right way for you to react to evil done to you.  I know that returning evil for evil done to you only gives more power to evil and the instigator of the evil done to you, who is the devil.  I know that if you will return good for any evil done to you that you will end up being the winner in the situation because goodness increases the goodness in your life and evil increases the evil in your life.  When you return evil for evil done to you, you sow seeds in the devil's spiritual garden and you will receive back 30, 60 or 100 times the evil that was done to you, all instigated by hell.  When you sow goodness for evil done to you, you sow good seeds into My spiritual garden, called My kingdom, and you will receive 30, 60 or 100 times rewards from Me. (Matthew 13:3-8)  I said for you to do the loving and let Me do the fighting against evil.
    When I told again and again not to do evil when people do evil to you such as rob you or cheat you, insult you or injure you, I told you that instead of your doing evil to them that you should do good to them,  I told you to forgive them, to bless them and to pray for them. Those instructions were not given to you in order for you to be merely a sacrificial person, a coward or a weak person.  Those instructions were in direct relation to what I do to the person. (Matthew 5:45)   When you are My child, you do in the earth what I do from My heaven.  I forgive you for your imperfections and I forgive everyone for their imperfections.  I also forgive everyone who does evil to you but I exact judgment upon the devil.  You must do the loving and let Me do the fighting against evil.
    What you don't see happening when you follow My instruction and do good to someone who does evil to you, what you don't see is what is happening in the spiritual world around you.  I told you to do good things and to pray for your enemy, not to seek vengeance, but to let me avenge you.  When you do good to the person and pray for the person, I told you that I seek vengeance against the demons who instigated the evil done to you. (Romans 12:19)  When I do My Fatherly protective duties for you in the spiritual dimension of fighting the demons who caused you problems, the human who either robbed from you or injured you will change and be gracious toward you.  The person will eventually love you for your kindness and goodness toward him and he will want to know Me like you know Me.  (I Timothy 2:1-4)  You must do the loving and let Me do the fighting against the demons.
    There is more to this scenario.  When you show love to the person who does evil to you, doing good for him, blessing him and praying for him, those actions of righteousness in the earth by you allow Me to not only fight for you against the demons who caused the situation so that you will end up winning the battle against evil, but I send angels to restore what was taken from you and restore them to you many times over what you lost.  That is My justice for My children, not only restoring what you lost but rewarding you many times over for your sowing My righteousness in the earth. (Isaiah 9:7; 58:2)  I said that you allow Me to exact judgment upon the devil and his demons and you allow Me to do justice for you when you follow My instructions.  Part of My justice for you is returning to you 100 times what you have lost.  That's what I do as your loving Father.  You do the loving and let Me do the fighting of evil. Let Me see that justice is done for you many times over what you have suffered from evil being done to you and taken from you.  I will restore the blessings many times over.
    Allowing Me to seek justice for you and rewarding you for sowing My righteousness in the earth is better than you doing evil and suffering the trauma of obeying the devil and suffering his destructive reward for it.  Your following My command by returning good, blessing and praying for your enemies allows Me to exact judgment against the demons who afflict you.  It's much, much better than your yielding to the devil, returning evil for evil done to you, then having to repent for your sins of doing evil because the devil has already begun exacting upon you the consequences for your sowing evil.  (Proverbs 21:3)  Turning from evil and repenting of the evil you have sown is good, but refusing to return evil for evil has greater rewards from Me.
    My instructions for you to love your enemies has great rewards for you. (Hebrews 11:6 and 10:5 and 10:35)  You must do the acts of loving your enemies and let Me do the fighting for justice for you.
   Your Justice Loving Father

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   Good earthly fathers stand between their families and invaders when invaders enter their premises.  In some instances it is civilly legal for the father to injure or kill the invaders if they appear to have killing on their own minds.   Bad fathers retreat in the face of danger, letting their families fend for themselves.
    When Jesus said that He would not leave you comfortless, without comfort in the form of protection, love, guidance, healing, mercy and forgiveness, He said that I would come to you in the person of My Holy Spirit who would take over the ministry of Jesus in the earth and also be My presence in the lives of My children who need My Fatherly help and comfort. (John 14:18)
    I came to earth to live in My children, making My earthly dwelling place the spirits of My children instead of a man made temple made with earthly elements called the Arc of the Covenant as in the old covenant.  (I Corinthians 6:19)  Do not call your churches the house of God.  If you do, you are denying My housing in the earth as being the spirits of My children.  You are refusing to acknowledge that I live in My children when you join together in worship and call the building My house.  My real, actual dwelling place in the earth is in my children and when My children come together to worship Me, they are the many mansions that I said were prepared for them. (John 14:2)   I live in My children, not in any building constructed with human hands.
    Because I live in My children, we have a personal, one on one relationship in which I can speak words into your thoughts which protect you from impending danger, protecting you from missteps that you often take.   I also protect you from temptations which come to you from the devil which you think are your own thoughts.  I discern the spirits that tempt you to do evil to someone or return evil done to you and I caution you to cast them out of your mind.  When words are spoken to you or actions are done to you by other people which offend you, injure you, rob from you or steal from you, I tell you to love the people who do evil toward you, protecting you so that I can deal effectively with the demonic spirits who are causing the evil to come against you.  I protect you from danger, destruction and death by My words which I write to you and individually speak to you.
    As your Father, I use My words to protect you.  I even wrote a personal book for you which contains My teachings through Jesus and the new testament prophets which are pertinent to your living a protected, happy, glorious, joyful, peaceful life on earth.  I was thinking of you when I died on the cross for the sins of the whole world.  I was thinking of you when I compiled the Bible in My mind..  I was thinking of you when I inspired the composition of it through people.  I was thinking of you when I sent My Holy Spirit and His power into the earth to live in My children.  I was thinking of you and protecting you when I wrote over and over again not to return evil for evil done to you.  I was thinking of My love for you when I told you to love your enemies, knowing that I can only deal victoriously with the demons who afflict you from the atmosphere around you if you are spreading My love in the world.  I was thinking of you when I said that the world belongs to you and that My words spoken into your thoughts by My Holy Spirit are My love words to you.  I was thinking of you when I sent angels to serve you as you work out your salvation with My help from the Holy Spirit.  I was thinking of you when I sent My kingdom on earth to live in you.  I think of you all the time as I protect you from the evil that is in your world.
   I love you with a love that is unimaginable by human ability.   I am your Father of Unconditional Love. 
   You are the apple of My eye.  You are My child of promise, the inheritor of My kingdom of heaven.
   Your Father of Protective Abilities