Friday, January 19, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   My children have been trained by the devil to be judgmental because that is the way that he can continue to inflict destruction upon the world.  He tempts My children to judge other people for anything different from themselves.  They are trained by their parents through family heritage and people within like socioeconomic heritage, clubs, sororities, fraternities, service groups and churches to be judgmental of people of different races, to be judgmental of people of different colors, different beliefs, different cultures, different clothes and different interests. (Matthew 7:1-6)  
   Men who are gifted with certain sports expertise are deemed superior to men and women with sports expertise that are thought to be less physical.  People in well respected social clubs, sororities, fraternities and churches are thought of as being smarter, more attractive and more wealthy than others, all in an effort for them to feel superior.  People in certain professions are looked upon as being superior to people in other occupations, although the training might be just as intense and rigorous.  In religions, men are considered more important, more authoritative, more wise, more intelligent and more loved by Me than women.  All of that programming is done by the devil in order to train My children to be judgmental of everyone. 
   The devil is very successful in his efforts to train My children to be judgmental.  Because of his success in his endeavors, conflicts arise between people, divisions arise between people, strife occurs between people, wars, killings, abuse of people, stealing from people and robbing from people occur.  Because of those attitudes of judgment from My children, famines, floods and destructive winds are unleashed upon the earth from hell all because of judgmental thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken by My very own children. (Matthew 7:1)
   When My children learn mercy from Me, they become nonjudgmental, looking upon everyone as deserving of My love, My mercy and My abundant life.  They build their houses on My rock.  Then when destructive winds blow, torrential rains come and portions of the earth becomes flooded because of judgmental attitudes of My other children, the people whose houses are built on My rock will not fall.  The houses of the people with judgmental attitudes will fall because they have sown judgment in the world, allowing the devil to judge them with his destruction. (Matthew 7:24-27; Luke 3:9) 
   I have said that there is no differences between people in My mind, that in My family there are no male, female, Jew or Gentile, but everyone is loved and valued by Me as Jesus Christ is loved and valued.
   Because of being so successfully trained by the devil to be judgmental, My children need to PRACTICE BEING NONJUDGMENTAL as acts of their will.  In the highways and byways of life, when you see someone that your demonic programming causes you to be judgmental toward, immediately do something good toward that person, complimenting the person for some physical quality, something about their looks, their clothing, their demeanor, or doing something that will elevate them in your eyes to their being My child on equal footing with your validation.  In doing that, you are passing on to other people the loving validation that I give to you, letting them know that you admire something about them.  Those acts of being good and merciful to the people whom you have previously judged will be doing what i ask you to do, which is to bless your former enemy, to bless the person and to DO GOOD to him or her.  Merely not judging someone will not validate the person.  It is in doing an action of goodness which will bless the person. 
   In doing some act of goodness to the person, it breaks the power that judging others had on you in the past because you have refused to judge the person and instead did what I instructed you to do, which is to do good to others.   (Luke 6:27; Luke 6:43-45;Romans 12:19-21; Ephesians 5:9; Ephesians 6:7-8; Galatians 6:10)
   In the beginning when I created your world, I said that everything that I created was good.  When you do good acts to other people, especially those people whom you are tempted to judge, you are restoring My goodness to the earth, deeming as being good the person you normally would have cursed with your judgment.  You are saying, as I said in the beginning, "It is good," by doing good to another person. 
   If you will continue to follow this instruction of Mine as commanded by Me in your Instruction Book, you will be restoring others and your world to goodness because you, as My child, have done good to others because I have done good to you.
   Pass on My goodness to everyone and you will enjoy a life in the earth of love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness, goodness, patience and faith.  You will inherit My kingdom while still living in the earth, as Jesus prayed.  (Matthew 6:10)
   Make the choice to do a good act when you are tempted to judge someone. You will inherit goodness instead of judgment and you will be magnifying My goodness in your world.
   Your Father of All Good Works

Thursday, January 18, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   It is because of My deep and intense love for you that I gave such explicit instructions through My Son Jesus on how to avoid evil.  Good Fathers teach their children how to avoid evil and its consequences.  My instructions are the same, cautioning you to always be on the alert to recognize the temptations that come into your mind from hell suck as to return evil for evil done to you, the temptation to pray publicly in order to gain praises from people, the temptation to become angry, the temptation to lust after anyone or anything, the temptation to abuse anyone or anything, the temptation to hate anyone, the temptation to worry or be anxious about anything, the temptation to judge others, the temptation to listen to the doctrines of religious leaders and politicians who are hypocrites, and the temptation to engage in strife of any kind because yielding to those temptations will place you in the devil's hands for him to curse your life in his dastardly ways.  Those warnings came from My heart of Love, My desire to protect you and My other children from the devil who roams in the world seeking whom he may devour.  (Matthew 5, 6, 7; I Peter 5:6-8)
   In the Holy Spirit's warning to you about being on the alert to recognize evil that is in the world by discerning every thought, I told you to be sober and vigilant, constantly on the lookout for any thought that invades your mind that comes from hell which entices you to participate with evil.  If you notice, My Spirit said that the devil seeks whom he MAY devour, an indication of his having to have permission from you to devour you.  The devil knows that he has the means to deceive you and that he CAN deceive you, but you have to yield to him and give him the power to curse your life by following his instructions to do evil instead of following My instructions to do good in the world.  In yielding to the devil's temptations, you are giving him permission and saying to him that he MAY curse you by bringing devastation into your life.
   As an example, when the devil tempts someone to openly oppose you or injure you, you have the choice between yielding to the temptation to return evil for the evil that was done to you as tempted by the devil and you have the choice to return good for the evil done to you, blessing the person and praying for the person as instructed by Me.  The consequences of yielding to the devil is that you are cursed with further injuries, even being taken to the devil's jail where you will endure hardships and pay the full price that is required of you.  Instead, if you return good for the evil done to you, showing My goodness. kindness and forgiveness toward the person who did evil to you, it will result in your being blessed abundantly by My kingdom of Love.  What will happen to you spiritually is what happened when Jesus refused to yield to the devil.  When Jesus resisted the devil's temptations, the devil left Him  and My angels came and ministered to Him.  It will happen to you just as it did to Jesus.  (Matthew 4:11)  My angels will minister to you and the person who did evil to you will be humbled and will eventually glorify Me. (Matthew 5:16)
    My Holy Spirit said that you must resist the devil steadfastly, knowing that the same afflictions of being tempted by the devil are happening to all of the other people who live in the world.  (I Peter 5:9)  Nobody escapes his temptations.
    The effects that come when you resist temptations to do evil is that each success for you makes you stronger, more perfect, more stable and more settled in My kingdom of Love and power. (I Peter 5:10-11; Matthew 5:43-48)
    In your life on earth you are in a constant battle between good and evil.  When you are empowered by My Holy Spirit, you have every kind of arsenal available to My children.  You have the power of My Holy Spirit.  You have a myriad of angels on your side.  You have a Loving Father who assists you by instructing you and warning you about the temptations to do evil, as I did in the instructions to My children through Jesus Christ.  You have the spirits of the departed saints assisting you and the spirits of just men who have been made perfect.  You have the guidance of My Holy Spirit.  You have the tutoring of My Holy Spirit.  You have Jesus Christ who lives to intercede for you,  You have My Unconditional Love for you, love which forgives all sins, all iniquities, all transgressions, all misdeeds, all mistakes, and He restores to you all of the blessings of My kingdom which accompany the abundant life that I promised.  (Hebrews 12:22-24
   You have all the elements of My kingdom working for you.  All you need to do is to resist the temptations that come to your mind to do evil of any kind.  You need to do good to all of My children, to bless them and pray for them, friend or foe.  In doing what I ask you to do, the foes become your cherished friends, blessed children of My kingdom of love.
   Your Father of Valued Instructions        

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
    I warned you through Jesus to beware of the doctrines of the Pharisees, Sadducees and the scribes.  (Matthew 16:6, 11, 12, 18, Mark 8:15, 38)  I emphasized the warning many times because I know the poison that comes from their mouths in an effort to lead you astray from the narrow path that leads to righteousness.  Their doctrines lead you onto the wide path that leads to destruction.  I said that they shut the doors of My kingdom to people, neither going in themselves nor allowing My children to enter and be healed.  (Mathew 23:13) 
   The religious leaders and politicians opposed Jesus in every city and they opposed every truth that He taught.  They chided Him for healing on the Sabbath.  Their emphasis was on keeping the laws instead of having mercy for My children.  It was because of My mercy and compassion that I healed people. but the religious and civil laws were gods to the Pharisees instead  of mercy and compassion being their attitudes toward the ill and the infirmed people.
   Jesus said that the Pharisaical  hypocrites go from town to town making converts and the converts are more children of hell than they are.  (Matthew 23:15)
    Another reason to beware of the doctrines of religious and political leaders is their beliefs of swearing by the altar, the gold in the temple, the gifts on the altar, swearing by heaven or My throne.  I told them through Jesus not to swear at all, lest they swear falsely and cause the devil to rain guilt and condemnation upon them. (Matthew 23:16:22)
   In the lecture by Jesus on the woes that are on the Pharisees and hypocrites He said that their emphasis is an intent on people paying tithes and offerings but they neglect the more important things in their laws such as justice, mercy and faith in Me. (Matthew 23:23-24)  He said that they strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel in placing their own righteousness in their paying tithes instead of how they treat My other children through justice and mercy.  He said that they are more concerned with outwardly keeping of laws instead of having faith in Me through a one-on-one relationship.  They believed that keeping the letter of the political and religious laws placed them in My kingdom.  Instead, it kept them out.
   My Son became more descriptive of the dangers of the leaven or doctrine of the hypocritical Pharisees when He said that they clean the outside of their bodies to make an impression of being righteous but inside they are full of extortion and excess. (Matthew 23:25-26)  He called them blind, referring to the veils over their minds.  He said that their emphasis is backward, that they must clean the inside first and then the outside will also be clean. 
    Jesus continued His identity of hypocritical Pharisees and scribes and the demonic veils upon their minds when He said that they are whitewashed tombs which are clean on the outside but inside contain the bones of dead men and all manner of uncleanness.  He said that they appear to be righteous to people but inside they are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. (Matthew 27-28)
   Jesus chided the hypocritical religious and political leaders for building tombs to the prophets and statutes to the people they consider righteous and then saying that if they had lived in the time of the prophets that they would not have taken part in the blood shedding of the prophets.  He said that their sons are some of the people who murdered the prophets.  He called them serpents, a brood of vipers, referring to the demons who motivated them.  Jesus said that He was sending to them prophets and wise men and that they would scourge them in the churches, persecute them and even crucify them, doing the same thing to His prophets that their forefathers did to the prophets of their day.  He even said that all of their carnage would come upon their generation.
   In His lectures on the evils of the religious and political hypocrites, the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes, Jesus was warning you to avoid their doctrine and teachings because they are poison to your mind and will lead you quickly into the gate that leads to destruction.  (Matthew 7:13-14)
   After warning My children about the doctrines of hypocrites, I showed the depth of My compassion for them by saying that even though their ancestors killed the prophets that I sent to them, I desired often to gather their children together as a hen gathers her brood of chicks under her wings but they would not come to Me.  Jesus prophesied that because of the hypocritical thoughts placed in their minds by the devil which motivated them to refuse to obey Me, their houses become desolate and forsaken.  Jesus told them that they would not see Him again until they could welcome Him into their hearts.
   My compassion was amplified by Jesus when He told the Pharisees that even though their fathers killed the prophets, I was waiting for them to return to Me so that I could welcome them and gather them under My protective arms.
   Hypocritical veils are still resident in the minds of some of My children in the earth.  The people who listen to the doctrines of the hypocritical religious and political leaders, who meditate upon their words and allow their lies to become part of their belief systems in their minds, those people will become desolate and forsaken when, all the time, I am waiting to gather them into My loving arms.
    The same discernment is available to My children in your day.  You must be conscious of their fruits of love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, joy, patience and faith.  If those fruits are not apparent but if discord, division, strife, anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, prejudice, abuse and bitterness are evident, then avoid their poison like the curse that it is, sent from hell to make your life forlorn and desolate. (Matthew 23:38)  Love will overcome every sin, every iniquity, every transgression and every misdeed.  The greatest cure for every sin is My love.
    Your Loving, Protective Father

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   The veil of fear over your mind will keep you from receiving anything from Me.  Fear produces anxiety and fretting which completely occupy your mind to the degree that there is no more room in your thoughts for My thoughts of faith and peace.  Fear even grips you in your heart, taking precedence over any feeling of well being.  Fear is debilitating and demonic and it sucks every bit of energy from you, exhausting you and making you emotionally and physically immobile.
   Very often, fearful thoughts center upon not having enough to eat, not having enough to drink, not having enough money, not having housing or clothing, not having friends, not having savings for the future, all of which are signs of lack of faith in My provisions for you. 
   Jesus, in his teachings, spoke on this very subject.  He said that the demons of fear and anxiety will cause your mind to be preoccupied with the lack of many things, things for the present and things for the future.  When fear captivates you, it will not let go.  The only thing that will loose the bonds of fear from your mind is for you to cast it out of your mind and substitute thoughts of your faith in Me as your Loving Father who provides for all of My children.  (Matthew 6:25)
   Jesus said that you cannot serve two masters, the devil and Me. (Matthew 6:24)  He said, therefore, for you not to be anxious about what you should eat and what you should drink or about your body, worrying about what you should put on your body for clothing.  He told you to think about the birds of the air and the lilies in the field, knowing that they do not toil by endlessly working and neither do they spin out of control with fear and fretting by worrying from where the next meal will come.  They instinctively know that I will provide for them.  He said that your fearful thoughts and anxious thoughts will not add one minute to your life; neither will the fearful, anxious thoughts produce food, drink or clothing.  He said that if I clothe the grass of the field which will be cut and burned, how much more will I provide for you if you have faith in Me. (Matthew 5:26-34.  He encouraged you not to take into your mind any worrying, fearful, fretting or anxious thoughts.  Good Fathers provide everything for their children without their children being fearful and anxious.
   You can choose to profess faith in Me by professing that I am your Father, your provider and that I will provide what you need according to My riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)  Worry will not produce provisions for you but faith in Me will produce what you need. 
   If fearful thoughts captivate your mind so that you cannot lasso those thoughts and cast them into hell, then you need to become established in My love for you.  My Holy Spirit said that you need to become strengthened with My might in your inner man and that Christ needs to dwell in you with faith until you are rooted and grounded in Him until you comprehend with all the saints the breadth, height, length and depth of My love that surpasses all human knowledge and that you become completely filled with the fullness of My love, all which produces unwavering faith in Me.   (Ephesians 3:14-29)
    When you are filled with the knowledge of My love, and when you are filled with the completeness of My loving character, then I am able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to the power of My Holy Spirit who lives in you.  When you are established in My love for you, then My glory will be evident in you and in My entire body of Christ.
    Being established in My love for you will banish all worries, all fear, all anxiety and all fretting because perfect love casts fear out of your mind. (I John 4:18)
    When your mind is filled with the knowledge of My goodness and My love, there is no room in your mind for fear and anxiety.
    Your Father of Perfect Love                   

Monday, January 15, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   Hypocrites targeted Jesus many times in His ministry.  The demon of hypocrisy covers the minds of some of My children and will not allow My words of freedom to enter into their minds.  Hypocrites came against Jesus through the Pharisees, the Sadducees and the scribes.  They were religious and political, accusing Jesus of refusing to follow the religious and political laws of their forefathers while they, themselves, were lawbreakers also.  Jesus accused the hypocrites of not following their own laws, Jesus said that even though they paid their taxes, they neglected the primary elements of the laws which included judging demons by casting them out of people and they neglected having mercy for people who were heavily burdened and they neglected having faith in Me and My desire to relieve the burdens of My children.  (Matthew 23:23)   He told His followers many times to beware of the doctrines of the religious leaders and the political leaders.(Matthew 16:6-12) 
   Every act of ministry that Jesus did was criticized and called blasphemy by the religious and political leaders.  (Luke 13:10-17)  Their laws were more important to them than relieving the burdens of people, which Jesus did.  The national and religious laws became gods to the hypocrites instead of Me.  I came to them in the flesh of Jesus Christ and they did not receive Him because He cast offending demons out of people, He healed the sick, He taught truth to them about My kingdom of love, mercy and peace. 
   When the demon of hypocrisy covers the minds of My children, it blocks My truth from entering.  My children cannot assimilate My words which bring peace to them.  They have built their houses on sand which fall when the rains come, floods come and winds come. That is what the Pharisees had done, they had built their houses on religious and political laws, not upon knowing Me and hearing My personal words to them. (Matthew 7:24-27)  They never knew Me as a Father of Loving Guidance of which their King David wrote.  (Psalm 23)  His trust was in Me but the trust of the hypocrites was in their religious and political laws.
   Jesus taught the Pharisees and other hypocrites that the laws were made for people, that people were not made for the laws.  They were given by Me to lead and guide My children away from the devil's works in the earth.  They were never meant to become burdensome to My children and indications of the spirituality of anyone or lack or spirituality of anyone. 
   In a long litany Jesus spoke about the woes of the Pharisees, Sadducees and the scribes.  He wanted to amplify the problems that would come upon My children if they listened to those religious and political leaders, heeding their words and following their teachings.  (Matthew 23)  Their lives fell apart, as predicted by Jesus, when the teachings of the false prophets failed to bring My kingdom into their lives on earth.  Religious laws cannot bring My kingdom into the earth.  Only My Holy Spirit ushers My kingdom into the lives of My children in the earth.
   Hypocrites criticize people who have followed My instructions to be baptized in My Holy Spirit with the gift of praying in My spiritual languages.  Some only believe in the ministry of Jesus and refuse to believe in the ministry of My Holy Spirit, even though My instructions were emphatic to the followers of Jesus that they receive My power in their lives. (Acts 1;1-8)   Very often, hypocrites not only criticize other people but they abhor people who become filled with My Holy Spirit.  In doing so, they cut themselves off from the power of My Spirit which ushers My kingdom into their lives.  They refuse to believe that in My spiritual kingdom there are spiritual languages which identify them as My children of promise.  Every nation has its own language and My spiritual nation, called the kingdom of God, has its own spiritual language which I give to My children when My kingdom enters into their life.  It is in praying in My Holy Spirit that My kingdom is strengthened and built in the lives of My children (Jude 20)
    It is encumbent upon My children to forgive the hypocrites for their narrow mindedness.  The devil has blinded them to the marvels of being led by My Spirit to do My will in the earth. Be merciful to them and pray for them, that the eyes of their understanding will be open to My truth.
    Be merciful and forgiving to the religious and political leaders who have yielded to the hypocritical demons but beware of their teachings, as Jesus told you to do, or their woes will come and minister to your life and rob you of My blessings. 
   Do not be deceived, the doctrines of the religious and political leaders want to curse your life as they are cursed themselves with powerless lives which have substituted religious and political laws for the one-on-one relationship that I want you to have with Me through My Holy Spirit.
    A one-one Father/child relationship with Me will insure you of My kingdom coming into your life on earth as it is in heaven.  My words will be your guidance instead of religious and political laws guiding you, which become null and void to you when you hear My voice of guidance.  (Romans 7:6; Romans 8:2; Galatians 5:18)
    Refuse the hypocritical demon which points out the sins of other people in your thoughts.  All people have sinned and fallen short of My glory.  Bless all people and be merciful to them, forgiving them as I forgive you.
    Your Loving and Merciful Heavenly Father

Sunday, January 14, 2018


My Dear Precious Child
   I am your Father and I want to keep you from being deceived by demonic thought patterns which invade your mind such as the temptation to judge other people for their speech, their attitudes or their actions.  Your fleshly standards have nothing to do with My standards. (Matthew 7:1-5) Your standards that were programmed into you from your parents' heritage or your political beliefs or your religious standards which cause you to judge other people are not My standards. 
  You think that some of the judgmental thoughts that come to your mind are just normal for people to entertain.  Judgmental thoughts are normal for children of the devil, a truth that was taught by My Son Jesus.  He told the Pharisees and the scribes, the political and religious leaders at the time, that they were of their father, the devil. (John 8;44)  Their judgmental attitudes identified from which kingdom they were acting and it was certainly not My kingdom of mercy and forgiveness.  Jesus identified His kingdom as the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the Pharisees and scribes as the kingdom of the devil.  Judgment comes from the devil but mercy comes from Me. 
   When My children become born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, they become members of My family, My kingdom of God which is merciful to sinners.  The old judgmental thoughts pass away and all thoughts become new, new thoughts of forgiveness and mercy.  Very often, old judgmental thoughts will creep back into your mind as initiated by the devil through either your own thoughts, your friends or from religious or political leaders.  Old curses begin to again creep back into your life along with the judgmental thoughts because Jesus said that you will be judged by the same standard by which you judge others.  It is not My will that you are judged by your own actions.  It is the devil who brings all judgment upon My precious children by tempting them to judge others so that he can judge them in return for judging according to his temptations. 
   The devil uses the spiritual principle of sowing and reaping to cause curses to come upon My children.  That truth is that the seeds that you sow will return like plants to your life.  It is forever established and your enemy, the devil, uses that truth of Mine to cause you to be judged by your own judgments.  From the beginning I instituted that truth so that My children would produce good plants from the seeds that they sow.  After Adam allowed the devil and his demons to invade the world, they used that spiritual truth to cause My children to be judged by their own thoughts by tempting them to judge others. 
   Jesus emphatically taught this truth about judging others, guaranteeing you that judgmental demonic curses will come into your own life from your judging other people for their attitudes and actions instead of forgiving them and being merciful to them  Being merciful to them and forgiving them is accomplished by My Holy Spirit giving you the revelation that people whom you judge are only acting from the negative mental programming of their parents, their religion or their politics, just as you are when you judge them.  So when you judge someone else, you are judging yourself for your own lack of knowledge of My truth, that forgiveness and mercy are My reactions when My children are caught up in the devil's thought patterns.  Forgiveness and mercy must be the reactions of My children when they see other people caught up in the devil's thought patterns.
   As taught by Jesus, the description of what happens to you when you judge other people should convince you to stop yielding to judgmental thoughts.  He said not to give what is holy to the dogs, speaking about not giving My children to demons to bring curses upon them by your judging them.  He also said for you not to throw pearls before swine, speaking about My truths.  He said that if you do judge people according to the devil's temptations in your mind, that you give My precious children to the devil to be judged and that they will be trampled underneath the feet of the demons, and that because you have forgotten my truth about mercy and forgiveness, that the demons will also turn and tear you apart.  He was telling you that judging others not only curses the people you judge, but it causes the devil to curse your life also. (Matthew 7:6)    
   There is no more vivid description in My Instruction Book about the dangers of bonding with the devil in judging others as in the teachings of Jesus about the dogs and the swine, those being the demons cursing the lives of the people whom you curse as well as them turning and judging you in return for your judging others.
   Jesus was saying that you fall short of the truth also when you judge others, which He described as the boulder that is in your eye when you judge someone for the splinter that is in his eye.  He said that you must refuse every thought of judgment that comes into your mind or your prayers will be difficult to answer. (Matthew 7:7-14)  He said that when you do to others as you want them to do to you, refusing to judge them, that whatever you ask, it will be done for you.  He said that when your mind is free from the demonic veil of judging others, as you want them to refuse to judge you, that if you seek me that you will find Me, if you knock on the door of My kingdom that the door will be opened to you.  If the  demonic veil of judging others becomes resident  in your mind, it will block the door to My kingdom from being opened to you.  (Matthew 7:7-14)
   Jesus said that the gate is narrow that leads to having the abundant life that I promised but the gate is wide that leads to destruction. You must learn to discern the spirits that are ministering to your mind.  The demon of judgment is constantly tempting you to judge others.  My Holy Spirit is constantly admonishing you to forgive others and be merciful to them. 
   You know the thoughts from Me by their fruits.  Goodness and kindness tell you to forgive and be merciful.  You know the thoughts from hell by their fruits. Pride and domination tell you to judge others, deeming the people to be inferior to you. (Matthew 7:15-20) 
   Make it your determination to discern every thought that comes into your mind, whether it is from heaven or from hell. 
   Cast into hell every thought of judgment of others. Those thoughts are sent from hell in order for the devil to bring hell into your life on earth.
   My instructions to you to forgive and be merciful brings the blessings of My kingdom into your life on earth.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   My Son Jesus taught you that hatred is a demonic veil that can cover your mind that will not allow My healing words to penetrate it in an effort to transform your mind into being the mind of Christ from which love always flows.  Hatred causes a heart of stone in you which will not allow you to bless the people who curse you, who do evil to you or oppose you.  Hatred is not only an attitude but it is a demon from hell sent from the devil to keep you from inheriting My blessings in your life on earth because the hateful attitude that it perpetuates will always reject My thoughts of love that I send to your mind. (Isaiah 59:1-6)
   Jesus reminded His followers that their religious and national laws taught them to hate their enemies and to love their friends. (Matthew 5:43-48) Jesus told them to reject the thoughts of hatred and to, instead of hating, He told them to love their enemies just as much as loving their friends.  He even amplified that change of mind by telling them to pray for their enemies and to do good to them. That command was completely opposed to what My children had been taught by their religious and national laws which told them to stone their enemies and any lawbreakers to death.  They were told through laws to only love their family and friends but to hate their enemies.  (Leviticus 24:14-23; Number 15:35-36; Leviticus 19:17) 
   The new attitude of Jesus about loving their enemies was opposed to the civil laws that they had been taught by their forefathers.  Yet, I, their Heavenly Father, was telling them through Jesus Christ to love their enemies just as much as their friends.  Jesus told them that, instead of hating their enemies as was their custom, that they are now told by My Son to love their enemies.  He said that there is no reward for the people like the tax collectors who hate their enemies.  There are good and great rewards from Me for My children who love their enemies as much as they love their friends.
    My Son Jesus was able to show them how to love their enemies also.  Humans cannot love their enemies with their own human power.  It take the supernatural power of My Holy Spirit to change the stony hearts of My children into hearts that are soft with thoughts of love instead of hatred for their enemies.  (Ezekiel 11:18-20)  That change of heart can only come through the ministry of My Holy Spirit who empowered My Son Jesus and empowers His believers. When I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by My children, the people who chose to receive His power were given by Me the supernatural, soft-hearted ability to love their enemies just as I love them.  (John 13: 34-35)   My love flowing through My children changes your enemies and makes them want to know Me and My love.  To continue to hate your enemies causes you to spread the curses of the devil in the earth. 
    Jesus continued in His teaching about loving your enemies by saying that when you respect and praise only your friends instead of also your enemies that you are no better than the unbelievers.  He said that giving respect and praise to your enemies is doing good to them from a heart that has been transformed by My love.  It changes your enemies just like I have changed you by My love for you.
    I ask you to become perfect in love, not only by loving your enemies in your heart but showing your change of heart by doing good to your enemies and praying for them.  Your attitudes and actions toward your enemies displays the condition of your heart, if it is of love or of hatred.   If it is of hatred, then you have no rewards from Me, only rewards of destruction from your father the devil whose ways you follow.  If your attitudes and actions toward your enemies are of  love and forgiveness, doing good to your enemies and praying for them, then you have great rewards from Me because love has its good rewards because of the flow of an abundance of love from you.  Sowing love seeds in the earth in the lives of your former enemies will reap rewards from My kingdom of love for you.
    The way to tenderize the hearts of your enemies is for you to love them, to do good to them and to pray for them.  When you can love them as I love them, you are displaying My attitudes and actions toward them. (Luke 6:27: I Thessalonians 5:15; Romans 12:17) They will desire to turn from the evil that they do and begin to love others, too.  They will want the rewards that you have in your life of love, joy, peace, goodness and kindness.
    My love changed you.  My love displayed through your love for your enemies will change them.  My love has the power to change everyone and your world.  It starts with changing your enemies by My love shown to them through you.
    Your Loving Father