Sunday, March 18, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   In abundance in the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love are authoritative rules of action which, when followed, cause My children to succeed and prosper in the world that I created for them.  In other words, actions in the earth produce reactions in My heaven.  My precepts of doing good in the earth take precedence over every action of evil which became prevalent in the earth when Adam allowed the devil to enter and curse all people as well as the earth. (Genesis 3:11-19)  Therefore, My precepts of doing good will destroy the devil's evil works in the world every time.
   I am not like earthly fathers who tell you to do something and not question it, commanding their children to do it just because they said to do it.  I explain to you the spiritual works and the corresponding earthly works that occur because you have followed My instructions in the earth.  When you know the results that happen because you take My advice and follow My instructions, you are more inclined to follow My instructions because you understand the reasoning behind My instructions.  
   The precepts of My kingdom are simple such as love overcomes hate and good overcomes evil. (Luke 6:27; Matthew 5:43-44)  When My children fully understand those two precepts of the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love, and when they observe them, being obedient to only think, speak and act in loving attitudes and doing good works in the lives of friends and enemies in their lives, they will become the heads of all things instead of the trails, inheriting in the earth the riches of the glorious inheritance that I have stored for them in the heavens. 
   The prophet David, who is thought of as "a man after My own heart," was a man who treasured My words more than any person.  He wrote songs extolling the importance of My words to him, confessing his trust in the precepts, ordinances, testimonies, statutes, laws and commandments that flow from My mouth into the thoughts of My children.  When understood, each precept has its own power, as well as each statue, commandment and so forth and so on.  David wrote that all of My precepts are right and that they rejoice the hearts of My children. (Psalm 19:8)
    David's love for My Fatherly instructions was superior to any other person, other than Jesus.  Both Jesus and David professed many times that they could not live without My personal words spoken to them in their minds.
    David sang to Me that My words were a lamp to his feet and a light to his path.(Psalm 119:105)  He understood that each Fatherly instruction from Me made the good paths for his life clear and distinguishable.  He never put his faith in the temptations that come from hell or the words of ungodly people. (Psalm 1)  He only trusted in the goodness that came in My instructions.  Only My children who hear My words and treasure them are able to confess, like David, their love for My Fatherly advice and counsel.  They are like Peter who said to Jesus, "Where else can we go?  You are the only One who has the words of eternal life."(John 6:68)
   In one of his songs confessing his love for My words, David sang a song to Me saying that he meditated on My precepts and that his eyes were fixed on them day and night. Day and night!  Sometimes it takes that discipline in order to shut out the unbelieving words of other people and the doctrines of religion.  He chose one of the precepts that are contained within My instructions that are the authoritative actions that My children must make, and he thought about it day and night until he saw the importance of it and the truths relating to it. (Psalm 119:15) After My Spirit revealed the truth of that precept, then he went to another of the precepts and meditated upon it and on and on until he knew the inner spiritual activity behind My precepts, which are the authoritative rules of your actions which further My kingdom in the earth, such as love overcoming hate and good overcoming evil.
   Not only did David meditate upon My precepts, which are My actions of love which are the authority in the earth that you must adopt, but he asked Me to make him understand the ways of all of My precepts because he was meditating upon My wondrous works day and night.  He knew that if he walked in the truths in My precepts that he would always walk in victory. (verse 45) David knew that when he walked in My precepts that My blessings would overtake him.  (verse 56)  Oh, that My other children would have such love for Me and such confidence in My words. When you do and when you follow My precepts, you  will walk in victory and in My blessings. When you spread My love in the earth and do good to your enemies, My precepts guarantee victory over evil and guarantee My blessings to flow into your life on earth.
   David said that he only made friends of My other children who keep My precepts so he was not influenced by the sins of others. (verse 63)  He wrote that even though godless people manipulated him with lies, that he kept My precepts with his whole heart. (verse 69)
   David proclaimed to Me over and over again that he meditated on the precepts of the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love and that, because of the truths in them, My love always comforted him.  He observed that the godless spirits who came against him were put to shame because of his keeping My precepts of spreading love and goodness in the world.  (verses 76 & 78)  He had confidence that the truths in My precepts had given him life because he never forgot them. (verse 93)  Because he kept My precepts, he was more wise than the aged (verse 100) because in My precepts he found understanding to hate the false ways of the devil. (verse 104)  He proclaimed that he directed all of his ways according to My precepts because he hated every false way of evil. (verse 128) 
   It is music to My ears when My children proclaim that they will direct all of their ways according to My words because there are no other words that bring the eternal blessings from my kingdom to My children.
    David asked me to redeem him from the oppression of people so that he would continue to keep My precepts. (verse 134)  He said that even though he felt small and despised, He said that he did not forget to follow the actions found in My precepts. (verse 141) He asked Me to consider his deep love for My precepts and he asked me to preserve his life according to his steadfast love for Me. (verse 159)
   This man after My own heart sang that all of his ways were before Me and he asked that I observe his keeping of all My precepts. (verse 168)  He wanted to please Me so much that he asked Me to help him with My loving hand because he had chosen My precepts above the instructions of anyone else. (verse 173)  He had chosen them, but he wanted My help in choosing to love over hate and doing good over doing evil.  Oh, that all of My children would want to please Me to that degree. With the power of My Holy Spirit My children receive My help after they choose My ways over the devil's ways.  
    Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, you have access to My Holy Spirit's help by His living inside of you.  He reveals My love to you and He urges you to love My precepts, statutes, ordinances, testimonies, commandments and laws because He knows the victory that comes into your life when you follow My authoritative rules of action in the earth toward other people. 
    Use Jesus Christ and the prophet David as examples of dedication to My words and to Me.  Jesus said if you love Me that you will keep My words.  (John 14:23)  Make it your mantra to be like Peter, saying, "Where else can I go?  You are the only One who has the words of eternal life."
   Meditate upon My words until they become flesh in you and you only speak words that edify others.  Meditate upon My words until your first reaction when someone opposes you is to love him, to bless him, to pray for him and to do good to him.  People will observe the works of your faith and glorify Me. (Matthew 5:14)      
   Your Father Who Teaches Loving Precepts

Saturday, March 17, 2018


My Dear Blessed Child,
   I told My children to choose between good and evil, blessings and curses.  It's not an easy choice because sometimes you can't immediately distinguish the temptations that come into your mind from hell.  Occasionally you think when thoughts of hate and revenge come into your mind, you think that you deserve to hate a person who does evil to you in the form of racial insults, speaking opposition to your religious or political beliefs, physically injuring you, robbing from you, killing someone that you love, someone who rejects you or someone who does evil toward your children. Your immediate reaction is to hate the person and return evil for the evil that he has done to you.  Returning hate to the person comes from the devil who sets up the scenario, tempting someone to do evil to you so that you will return the evil and multiply  the devil's evil will in the earth that I gave to My children. (Romans 12:17-21)  You can never defeat evil with evil.  The only way to defeat evil is with good.   
   When My children refuse to return evil for evil done to them, no matter how heinous, and when you bless a person who robs from you, or kills someone close to you, or speaks insults to you or about you, or differs in religious and political beliefs, or opposes you or or does injurious acts toward your children, by refusing to return evil for evil you are doing My will in the earth and you allow My love to flow to the unloved, the robber, the killer, the person with opposite beliefs, the racist or someone who injures or kills your child.  When you continue doing My will in those matters, praying for the person and doing good actions toward the person, then you have demonstrated My will in the earth, forgiving the sins of the person and furthering My kingdom of love that comes from My heaven. 
   I know how hard it is for you to choose to react in the opposite reaction than the devil tells you to do in your thoughts.  He wants you to hate the person and to seek revenge.  Because the desire is always in your mind to retaliate with the person, that is why I sent My Holy Spirit into you, to give you the power to do My will of sowing goodness in people in the earth. 
   Because of the presence of the devil and his demons in the atmosphere around the earth, the common thing for My children to do is to seek vengeance because the only way he can continue to curse your earth is through you and My other children when he tempts you to do evil deeds and to return evil for evil done to you.  In returning evil for evil done to you, the devil does not add to the evil in the original action; instead, he multiplies the evil because he sends more and more demons into the matter because you have given him permission. (Matthew 5:38-48)  With the power of My Holy Spirit in you, you have the power and ability to refuse to return evil for evil done to you.  You have the power of My love to love the person who furthers evil in the world.
    Instead of merely adding to your good actions by inviting My angels of goodness and kindness into the matter, when you return good for evil done to you,  I multiply the presence of My good angels in the matter; and you, as well as your enemies, become blessed and fortunate by being surrounded by My kingdom which produces the abundant life, furthering My kingdom in your lives.
   You must realize that there are generational curses in families.  Anyone who does evil to you is acting from the generational curses that the devil has instituted in his or her family from years past.  I said that the devil's curses would continue to the third and fourth generations. People act and react according to those family curses from the devil and without My Holy Spirit they can only obey the temptations to do evil.  But you, with the power of My Holy Spirit, have the authority and the power to return good for evil done to you.  In doing that, you often cause your enemy to want to know Me.  In knowing Me, the person will end the generational curses from the past in his or her family.  In doing My will of returning good for evil done to you, I work My miracles in the lives of people.  
    I do not instruct you to do My will in the earth simply as an exercise to test your  obedience and to teach lessons to you.  That is not My character.  Everything I advise you to do in the earth is accompanied by the presence of My kingdom ushering My rewards into your life on earth to you and also to your enemies.  My instructions to avoid evil and promote good acts in your earth are designed to defeat the kingdom of evil and promote My kingdom of love in the earth.  By giving credence and obedience to My instructions, you work with Me to cover the earth with the knowledge of My goodness in the earth like the waters cover the sea. (Isaiah 11:9) After your returning good for evil done to you, My angels minister goodness to you and your enemies just like they did with Jesus when He refused to obey the devil's temptations in his mind. ( Matthew 4:11)
   To enjoy the marvelous rewards that come from following the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom, thus receiving the benefits, the blessings and the rewards, you must know them and practice them.  I put them in My Instruction Book and you have My Holy Spirit to implement them in your life. (John 16:13)
   You have everything for the abundant life that I promised, full of the riches of My glorious inheritance for you.  (Ephesians 1:16-18)  Determine to seek My kingdom and My righteousness and everything good in My family will be added to your life on earth.
    Your Father of Effective Guidance

Friday, March 16, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   Earthly parents reward their obedient children who follow the guidance of the parents and who honor the parents by taking advantage of the wisdom and knowledge of their parents.  Even though good parents love all of their children equally, some of the children do get extra rewards for honoring the parents by obeying their instructions which results in keeping peace in the family and prevents dishonor from coming to them. 
   It's the same in My family.  I love all of My children equally, but My children who take My advice, follow My guidance and lean on My wisdom and knowledge for avoiding evil do get rewards for their loyalty and appreciation of family unity.  I said in My Instruction Book that I caused to be written by My prophets that a person must believe that I am and that I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. (Hebrews 11:6)  So the promise of a reward is always in the equation, convincing My children that taking My advice and following My guidance always results in obtaining rewards.  Gaining rewards must never be the motivation, but love and honor for the parents must always be the motivation.
   Because there are two spiritual factions at work in your world, those being good and evil, My children who sow good seeds in the earth as taught to them by Me, their rewards are not handed out by Me as a result of their good deeds.  Their rewards come to them because they have sown seeds of love and peace in My kingdom of heaven which will grow good plants which reward them abundantly.  My children who are ignorant of the good and evil choices that are in their world often sow evil seeds by yielding to the temptations of the devil and they sow seeds into the garden of the devil which always bring destruction and death.
   Sometimes My children are informed about the evil seeds that they are temped by the devil to sow, but they go ahead and sow them anyway by being unforgiving, bitter, unkind, selfish, sexually promiscuous, gluttonous, discordant politically and religiously, envious, drunken, lying, jealous, sowers of strife, hateful, angry. and many other attitudes and actions which  grow plants in the devil's kingdom which will curse their lives.  My principles of sowing and reaping escapes their understanding or sometimes they just defy My instruction and cause havoc in the lives of their families, friends or enemies, allowing the devil to flood the earth with his rewards which are the curses of destruction and death.(Galatians 6:7-8)         
   We talked previously about the benefits of being My child, that when you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit that you inherit the riches of My glorious inheritance that I stored for you from the foundation of the world. (Ephesians 1:17-18)  All of My wisdom and knowledge are available for your enlightenment, which is called truth.  Truth opens the doors wide to My kingdom of heaven so that all of My blessings pour into your life.  Truth informs you about your enemy, the devil, who sets traps to declare you unable to correct your inheritance and your rewards, plus My Holy Spirit gives to you the power to resist the temptations of the devil so that you do not enter into his kingdom of destruction and death.  I said that My Holy Spirit leads you into all truth because He is My very own Spirit.  He and I worked together to create the earth and its beauty, its many terrains, and its blessed resources, so He knows how to teach you the truths in My wisdom and knowledge which keeps you unspotted from the corruption that the devil causes in your world. 
   My Holy Spirit empowers you to be single minded in seeking to know Me and My righteousness.  He gives you the power to heal, to do miracles and raise the dead, and he gives you wisdom and knowledge of truth that elevates you with My truth.  He frees you from the bondage of the devil, giving you the insight on how to say, "No," to the temptations that the devil puts into your mind.  (I Corinthians 12:7-11) He gives to you a new language, the language of My kingdom of heaven and He trusts you to use that language in praying so that through your mouth He can give to My angels the necessary instructions to amplify My kingdom in the lives of My children.  He gives you My words of prophesy which bring insight and freedom to others because you speak for Me.  Those are only some of the marvelous works that My Holy Spirit brings into your life, making you a powerfully supernatural person in a natural world.  People see My works of good in you and glorify Me. (Matthew 5:16)  
   Rewards to My children are different from blessings.  Rewards are earthly benefits that come from your obedience to My Spirit, obeying Him when other people fall away in disappointment and unbelief.  I said that you are rewarded when you diligently seek Me. (Hebrews 6:6)  I said that when you pray by entering into your prayer room with only My presence there, that you are rewarded openly. I also said that you are rewarded when you also give your offerings to the poor in secret. (Matthew 6:4)  I said that when you are persecuted for my sake that you will be rewarded by My heaven. (Matthew 6:6)  I said that any of My children who receive a prophet will receive a prophet's reward and anyone who receives a righteous man in My name will have a righteous man's reward.(Matthew 10:41)  I said for you not to abandon your confidence in Me because it has great rewards.  (Hebrews 10:13)  In other words, it is the works of love, peace, goodness and kindness that cause you to obtain a reward from My kingdom of heaven.  There are blessings for all of My children, but the rewards are given to those in whom the works of My love, joy, peace, goodness and kindness shine in the world.  My kingdom of love rewards My children in whom My righteousness is apparent in the world because they have sought My righteousness, found My righteousness and wear it as a breastplate of My love. (Matthew 6:33; Ephesians 6:14)
   It is in loving your enemies and doing good to them, hoping for nothing in return, that causes you to inherit a great reward.  I said that when you love your enemies that you will be recognized as My child because I am kind to the ungrateful and to the evil. (Luke 6:35)  I also said that My Son comes with the angels and rewards  everyone according to the works of righteousness in them.
   All of My children have an inheritance because I set it aside for them from the foundation of the world.  My children who display My character of love to other people will receive great rewards while they live in the earth because they have distributed My love, My peace, My mercy, My joy, My goodness, My kindness, My patience and My faithfulness in their world.  Their rewards while they live in the earth will be 100 times what they have sown because they have become My image in the world, doing My will to others. (Matthew 13:18-23)
   Your Father Whose Kingdom Has Great Rewards

Thursday, March 15, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   There are great benefits and rewards for people who live in free countries, countries which are not under the rule of oppressing and dominating leaders. Very often dominating leaders gain temporary control of the countries and internal and external wars take place, all in an effort for the devil to use his destructive powers to continue his oppressive rule of the earth as given permission ignorantly by Adam at the beginning of the earth.  Wars are constant between countries, between ruling factions inside of the countries and within the different political factions, all begun and perpetuated by the demonic principalities and powers in the spiritual atmosphere around the earth. (Ephesians 6:10-18) The lives of the inhabitants of the countries are cursed because of the demonic control that  gains control of their national governments.  The people inherit the woes of the Pharisees, Sadducees and scribes, which are the political and religious leaders who are led by the demons of control and domination.  The corrupt leaders think that they have gained control of their nations, but instead the devil has.
   My children who have come to Me for My guidance and salvation in their lives become born of My Holy Spirit and thus inherit the spiritual benefits of becoming My child.  When they are baptized in My Spirit, they become inhabitants of My kingdom of heaven because My Holy Spirit comes to live inside of their own spirits, establishing My authority in the earth.  My heavenly nation also descends from heaven upon them in answer to the prayers of their Savior, Jesus Christ, when He prayed that My kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10) There are wonderful and marvelous benefits that come upon My children at that moment as old things pass away and all things become new.  (II Corinthians 5:17) They belong to a new nation, the kingdom of God, instead of belonging to a corrupt nation in the earth where discord and battles between factions continue to curse the nation.  
   Along with My children of promise receiving My Life Source , the Holy Spirit who lives within them, one of the riches of the glorious benefits of My kingdom coming into the lives of My children is that they become completely surrounded in the spiritual dimension around them with a myriad of angels sent from Me, their loving Father, to serve them for the rest of their lives on earth. (Hebrews 1:13-14) They no longer are subject to earthly nations that are controlled by the devil, because they are born into My spiritual nation by the presence of My Holy Spirit living inside of their bodies.  (I Corinthians 6:19) 
   I said that My children would be baptized not only with My Holy Spirit, but also with fire.  The prophet Ezekiel wrote that when the heavens opened to him in a vision that He observed the angels who had coals of fire within them.  He said that wherever My Holy Spirit went, the angels went and they, along with My Holy Spirit, performed miracles, healings and marvelous benefits for My children from the spiritual dimension around them. (Ezekiel 10:1-8; Acts 2:1-4) Those angelic servants answer directly to My Holy Spirit when My children pray in My Holy Spirit's heavenly prayer language and He instructs His angels in My wisdom and knowledge of how to make the lives of My children joyful, loving, peaceful, and filled with goodness and kindness while they live in the earth. 
   The angels also  war against the demons who oppress My children and bring destruction into the lives of My children while they live in the earth.  That is where the only wars exist for My children of promise, in the spiritual dimension where the demons are bringing destruction into the lives of My children.  My angels whom I sent to be the army of servants who minister for My children are the spiritual beings who defeat the devil's forces in the atmosphere.  Those angels are instructed and motivated by My Holy Spirit who lives within My children with all of My power and authority of heaven at their disposal.
   That is a marvelous and beneficial gift from Me to My children, the presence of My Very Own Spirit living inside of them, and also their having an army of servants sent from Me to work along with My Holy Spirit in bringing My kingdom of heaven to earth with all of its peace, love, mercy, joy, goodness, kindness, patience and powerful faith.  As long as My children stay loyal to Me and are led by My Holy Spirit, all the forces of My heaven are at their disposal, working to make their lives heaven on earth.   Only when they become tempted by the devil and succumb to his temptations which entice them to do his will in the earth, just like Jesus was tempted after He was baptized in My Holy Spirit but refused the temptations, only when My children yield to doing the devil's will in the earth of hating, becoming angry, becoming immoral, impure, lying, bitter, unforgiving, jealous, selfish, envious, politically partisan, sexually perverted, religiously hypocritical or drunken will My children leave My kingdom of heaven by allowing the demons who tempt them to form a barrier between us.  (Isaiah 59:1-4; Galatians 5:19-25)) In that scenario, instead of My kingdom being present in the lives of My children in the spiritual dimension around them, the demons from hell form a barrier between us because My children have yielded to the temptations of the devil just like Adam did.  My Holy Spirit and I are grieved that My precious children have again been deceived into doing the will of the devil by doing the devil's commands in the earth. (Ephesians 4:29-32)
   I am always forgiving and when My prodigal children return to Me, I restore their blessings to them, their marvelous inheritance that came into their lives because of the crucifixion, death and being raised from the dead of Jesus Christ. There are residual effects in the lives of the families of My children who have temporarily yielded to the devil's will, but those can be restored to their former glory by My children praying in My Holy Spirit until all goodness is restored by My Holy Spirit and His heavenly army of angels. 
   The benefits and rewards of being born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit are endless, just as My love is endless.  The benefits of staying pure in My righteousness are endless.  The benefits create heaven on earth for My children who constantly seek Me and My righteousness.  When you incorporate My righteous behavior into your life on earth, My heavenly benefits from My heavenly nation, into which you were born and received citizenship, will flood into your life on earth.  Other people will see My good works in you and glorify Me. 
   Do not return to the idolatry of seeking salvation from an earthly nation.  It can never be done because there are no lasting benefits in it.  Idolizing an earthly nation by having extreme patriotism and loyalty to it will curse your life because the devil works in worldly politics.  Jesus commanded you not to put your trust in anything worldly.  Keep your trust and faith in Me and My heavenly hosts who work in your behalf as long as you stay loyal to Me and My kingdom of heaven.   Jesus died so that you can have heaven on earth.  I instituted My heaven coming into your life.   I commanded it.  You must embrace Me and My blessings that I have for you for My kingdom to continue in your life on earth.
   Your Father of Marvelous Plans  

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
    The success of any nation lies in the actions of the citizens of that nation.  Of course, the success depends upon the citizens being educated in the constitution and bylaws of that nation so that they will know the laws of the land.  When the citizens know the laws of the land, then they can obey the laws and be confident that their rights will never be threatened and they will never threaten the rights of other people which might cause legal battles, jail time, imprisonment and the loss of their own rights which are given by the constitution and bylaws of their earthly nation.  Often, because of ignorance of the laws of the nation or rebellion against the laws, the citizens of that nation wind up losing their rights and having to be imprisoned for breaking the laws. They are not the only ones who suffer the loss of freedom.  Their children suffer, their mates suffer, their financial stability suffers and their families end up losing their homes, vehicles, their income and assets, all because of one person breaking one law.
   In My kingdom of heaven, My children must and trust the power and authority of My constitution and bylaws, as attested to by King David when he gave praises to Me for the security that is found in My constitution and bylaws.  Eventually they were the teachings that My Son Jesus so eloquently taught to His disciples relating to the rights that My children have when they are born of My Spirit and baptised in My Holy Spirit which causes My kingdom to come into their lives.  David gave honor to My words of guidance, the establishment of the rights of My kingdom, which are the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom.  (Psalm 19 and 119)  He wrote about the pleasures, the security, the delight, the stability, the comfort, the enlightenment and the salvation that comes from knowing My statutes, precepts, ordinances, testimonies and commandments spoken in My words to My children which are in the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of heaven through Jesus Christ and My Holy Spirit given through the prophets who spoke the words of My kingdom.  
   There are only a few constitution and bylaws of earthly nations which require forgiveness from the citizens for wrongs done.  Most laws require retribution, punishment of some sort in the form of financial repayment or years in prison for the lawbreaker.  The heads of most nations in your world set the standards for the laws of that nation.  Some leaders are contentious, cruel, divisive, oppressive, savage, selfish, self centered, hungry for war, controlling and even demonic, so the laws of their nation are also of those demonic pecepts such as requiring to immediately kill people if they don't obey the laws.  Others are more discreet, but are equally as cruel, refusing to aid the people who are hungry, poor, diseased or displaced from other nations.   
   I am the head of your spiritual nation and My children take on My personality and actions also.  One of the most effective statutes of My spiritual kingdom of heaven is the action of forgiving other people in the same way that I forgive you.  That statute was instituted by My Son Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the whole world.  Therefore, when My children forgive other people also, just as I do, they are furthering My kingdom in their own lives on earth.  They are showing their allegiance to My kingdom which is made up of My family.  Because they are mirroring My actions in their lives relating to other people, they receive the rewards of My kingdom in their lives on earth because they have obeyed the spiritual laws that supersede all the laws of earthly nations and religions. 
   The spiritual law of forgiveness in My kingdom of heaven supersedes all of the laws of all earthly nations which seek retribution.  I said that the law of the Spirit of Life that in Christ Jesus has made you free from the laws of sin and death that are the laws of earthly nations. (Romans 8:2)  The laws of earthly constitutions and bylaws always seek punishment of some sort, but the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom seek forgiveness for all sins, iniquities and transgressions.  My children come to Me for My forgiveness for breaking the laws of their nation or for  breaking spiritual laws, trusting in My forgiveness. 
   My precept relating to forgiveness, which is in the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of heaven, is that I have forgiven your sins, therefore you must forgive the sins of everyone.  (John 20:21-23)  That command came from the mouth of My Son who had previously suffered on the cross for your sins and the sins of the whole world.  He had gone to hell for your sins, was raised from hell by the power of My Holy Spirit, and was walking the earth again before He came to heaven to be with Me.  His first commandment to you, after paying the price for the sins of all people, was for you to also forgive the sins of other people because He had paid the price for all sins.  (John 3:16-17; I John 2:2)  He paid the price of retribution for all people as required by the constitution and bylaws of all nations in the world so that all people are forgiven by Me.  Therefore, as one who has been forgiven, you must forgive others.
   Jesus had already proclaimed that when you forgive others, you are also forgiven. (Matthew 6:12)  Jesus Christ paid the price so He was justified in telling you to forgive other people the way that He forgives you.  My statute on forgiving others supersedes the laws of all earthly nations which require retribution.  Jesus suffered retribution for the sins of the whole world so He has the right to require that you forgive other people the way that He has forgiven you.
   When My children follow My guidance of forgiving everyone, as found in the spiritual bylaws of My kingdom of heaven as spoken by Jesus Christ, they prosper, their children prosper, their mates prosper, their financial stability is blessed, their homes are blessed, their animals are blessed, they are blessed in their jobs, they are blessed in their associations and the riches of My inheritance floods into their lives.  I say again, observing the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom relating to forgiving other people results in the windows of heaven opening and My blessings flooding into your life. (Deuteronomy 28:1-13; John 15:7)
   However, if you refuse to forgive everyone who wrongs you in some way, seeking vengeance by refusing to forgive the person, I said that you place yourself under the constitution and bylaws of the earthly nation which requires retribution. (I John 5:19)  Because of wickedness that is in the world, the curses of the devil will curse your family, your mate, your children, your job, your financial stability and on and on because seeking retribution and vengeance comes from the devil.  When you bind yourself to him instead of to My guidance of forgiving everyone, you also bind yourself to his curses. (Deuteronomy 28:15-19; Romans 12:14-21)  Let me avenge you, because I punish the real culprits, who are the demons behind the injurious situation.  When you forgive and do good things to the person and I defeat the works of the demon who is causing the problem,  peace comes to the situation.
   My children need to become acquainted with the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom in heaven which affect everything in your world.  When you further My kingdom in the earth by obeying the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of heaven, you help Me flood the earth with My love, forgiveness and peace.  That is My will for your life.
   Be a good citizen of your new nation of origin which is My kingdom of heaven.
   Your Father of Life Changing Words 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   When you become My child, born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, you are an inhabitant of My kingdom, because you are in My family.  When Isaiah prophesied the coming into the earth of My Son Jesus, He said that the power of His government shall be upon His shoulder. I said that He would be called many names, Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace.  In that prophesy I was telling you that My children of promise have a new birth into a new family and the nation of their origin will be new, changed to My kingdom of heaven with Me as their Father.
   Upon the event of your new spiritual birth, the loyalty of My children who are born again switches from their old earthly nation and its constitution and bylaws to My kingdom and its new constitution and bylaws which are given to them by My Holy Spirit. (Isaiah 9:6)  When I said that the government shall be upon His shoulder, I meant that He has the power of My wisdom with which to teach My instructions so He will tell you what old things must pass away and what  things must become new because He has all power and authority in your new nation.  In other words, I meant that I had given Him the responsibility to let you know about your new constitutions and bylaws of your new nation of origin which is My spiritual nation.  You have a new spirit which is born of My Spirit, so you have a new nation. The things of your old earthly nation are polluted by the devil but My kingdom of love is unpolluted.  
   You must never doubt that I was talking about your belonging to a new family, a new kingdom with new motivations that come from love and with a new constitution and bylaws which always brings peace.  No longer should the old constitution and laws of your old nation be your guide because they are not based upon love and peace.  They are based upon divide and conquer which come from the devil.  The new constitution and bylaws were given by Me in order for My children to distribute the love and peace of My kingdom into the earth and so they are pertinent to your newly born spirit.  With citizenship In your new spiritual nation, called the kingdom of God, there is a new atmosphere, one of peace and love.  There are no wars in My kingdom with your siblings, who are your countrymen.  There is only peace.  I said that His government and its peace will never end, that My Son shall bring peace and shall establish it along with judgment on evil and justice for  the righteous.  He announced that My zeal performs it.   The power behind His zeal is the power of love which is the most powerful energy in the universe.  (Isaiah 9:7)
    The first thing that Jesus Christ did after being baptized in My Holy Spirit is He refused the temptations of the devil to entice Him to establish His country of origin as being an earthly nation which is controlled by the devil and his demons.  The devil enticed Jesus to worship Him which would make Jesus loyal to the devil's kingdom that rules the earth.  After refusing the devil's temptations, Jesus fulfilled His responsibilities to Me which were to begin teaching you and My other children about your new nation and its constitution and bylaws.  It is said that He healed the sick, cast out demons and taught about My kingdom coming into the earth.(Luke 9:2; Matthew 4:17)
   Instead of obeying the old religious bylaws of an earthly nation that said that it is not legal to kill anyone or you will be judged, Jesus said that the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom say that you must not even get angry at someone or you will also be liable for judgment from the devil.  The bylaws of your new nation further My government of peace in the earth.  He also said not to obey the old bylaws of your old nation that say it's legal to take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, which comes from seeking vengeance.  He said to let me avenge you by defeating the demon behind the injury  Instead of fighting back, He said for you not to even try to defend yourself if someone strikes you, but that you should allow the person to strike you on the other side.  Sowing peace in the earth  increases My government of peace in the earth.  That is the reaction that you must have now that you are an ambassador in the earth of My kingdom of love which has new modes of behavior. 
    Jesus also said that the old bylaws of your old earthly country that say that you must love your friends but hate your enemies no longer applies to you because you belong to a new nation, the kingdom of love.  Instead, He taught you that the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love say that you should love your enemies; and not only love them but that you should bless them, pray for them and do good actions to them. In doing that, you fulfill My government's constitution and bylaws of love in the earth.  You and My other children of promise are the ambassadors of My kingdom of love to the earth. Your citizenship is in My kingdom, no longer in the earth. 
   Unfortunately some of My children choose to operate under dual citizenship.  They want to become angry and take their frustrations out on someone but they still want Me to shower My blessings upon them.  They want to kill someone who tries to steal from them and still receive the riches of their inheritance while they live in the earth.  In choosing dual citizenship by obeying the constitution and bylaws of their earthly nation of the past, they temporarily return to the curses of the earthly nation and they will be judged by the devil for their anger and killing which allows the devil to judge them, costing them either their family, their job or their friends but it certainly will cost them their blessings from Me because they have switched back to acting from the motivation of the earthly nation of their past.  Old things were supposed to pass away and all things were supposed to become new when My kingdom of heaven came into their lives. They were to refuse the devil's temptations to return to their old nation and its curses. (II Corinthians 5:17)   
   Some of My other children who fall for the devil's temptation to operate under dual citizenship will begin to hate people again, forgetting that the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love say to love your enemies, to bless them, to pray for them and to do good to them.  Because they have blended religion and politics, they make enemies of people with different political doctrines than their own, and they make enemies of people of different ethnic origins whom I have said to love and treasure.  I can no longer bless those children of dual citizenship with the riches of My kingdom of love because they have become the prodigal sons, switching allegiances and loyalties back to the ones of their old nation.  Like the prodigal, if they return to Me, I welcome them with open arms but they often suffer the old consequences of bonding with the devil.  I restore what has been robbed from you.
   As My child, make sure all of the old things pass away in your life.  As My child, if you  continue to bond with the constitution and bylaws of the old nation to which you used to belong with its sins, iniquities and trespasses, you have been deceived by the spirit of national patriotism to return to the bondage of the devil.  There are no righteous nations or I would not have had to send My Son into the earth to redeem it.  All earthly nations kill in the name of nationalism, all earthly nations steal from other nations in the name of nationalism, all nations abuse their citizens in the name of nationalism, all nations are anti-kingdom of heaven in the name of nationalism.  Jesus said to give to the government of the earth that you owe to it, but give to Me what you owe to My kingdom which is your loyalty, your devotion and your love.  (Luke 20:21-25)
   My Holy Spirit wrote many letters through My prophets in the New Testament of My Instruction Book chastising My children for returning to the laws of their old nation, bringing pollution and poison into My family in the earth.  They forgot that they were inhabitants of My kingdom of heaven with its constitution and bylaws which sow love, mercy, peace, goodness and kindness into the earth. 
   I send present day messages to My children to return to Me and the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love which sow My character of love in the earth.  Doing My will in the earth always allows the riches of My glorious inheritance to flood into your life on earth.    
   Again I say to you to seek My kingdom and My righteousness and all good things will be added to your life.  (Matthew 6:33)
   Your Father of Love and Peace

Sunday, March 11, 2018


My Dear Precious Child,
   My children are constantly confronted with choices, but the most conflicting choices are between the constitutions and bylaws of their earthly countries/states and the constitutions and bylaws of My spiritual kingdom to which they belong.  Those choices are often diametrically opposed to one another.
   One example of the conflict between the two written constitutions and bylaws relates to killing.  The constitution of your country allows for you to kill someone who tries to steal from you.  It gives you permission to stand your ground and shoot or stab or kill in some way a person who breaks into your house or business and attempts to steal from you.  Your earthly laws of your country also gives you the right to kill someone who attempts to kill you, calling it the right to defend yourself.  Most countries have similar laws, often called an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth in My Instruction Book to you. 
   In teaching one of His tutoring sessions, Jesus Christ implicitly gave the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of heaven to My children.  He said that the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love are opposed to earthly countries.  He said that you have heard it said that you must exact an eye for an eye; in other words, that if someone injures you that you must do the same thing to the person.  It's what My children have been telling their children forever, that if someone picks a fight with them that they should fight back with the same force.  All of My children do that, tell their children to defend themselves against a bully. 
   In the teachings on the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of heaven, Jesus said that My children should never resist evil, but instead that if someone strikes you that you should refuse to return the blow.  He said that you should turn your other cheek to also be struck, which is in direct opposition to the rights afforded in your country. (Matthew 5:38-39)  Which constitution are you going to obey?
    Jesus added more to the difference in the rights afforded to My children by My kingdom of heaven.  In the wisdom of one of My prophets, I told you that there are great values to My commandments, ordinances, precepts, statues, testimonies and laws, all which relate to the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of heaven.  Within My wisdom and knowledge, which belong to all of My children, are found the values to the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of heaven. (Psalm 119 and Psalm 19:7-14)  They keep My children from falling for the temptations of the devil.  Within My constitution and bylaws are the ways that I have of protecting My children from being killed, injured or destroyed.  
    Jesus also said that if someone sues you and takes your coat that you should not resist the person but that you should give him your cloak also.  (Matthew 5:40).  That instruction relating to My kingdom's constitution and bylaws is completely opposed to the laws of most countries which encourage you to counter-sue a person who sues you, adding to the conflict between you.  When you add to the conflict, you add to the demonic involvement in the problem.
    Another one of the principles, precepts, ordinances, statutes, commandments and testimonies that Jesus taught to My children relating to My kingdom of heaven is that if someone forces you to go with them one mile, that you should not resist the person but that you go with him two miles.  In following this command, you avoid being injured and even killed for resisting the evil done to you.  The command to keep peace with everyone has great benefits to My children of My kingdom of peace.  Jesus was called the Prince of Peace and you are His spiritual sibling because of My Holy Spirit of Peace who lives inside of you.
   Also one of the instructions of Jesus relating to My constitution and bylaws is that if someone begs something from you, that you graciously give what the person has requested and He said for you to give to someone who wants to borrow from you.  The laws from the old religious constitution and bylaws is that you should never be a borrower or a lender, but Jesus said that the commandments of My kingdom of heaven is that you give to beggars and loan to anyone who asks. (Matthew 5:41-42)  In doing those things, you are sharing your bounty with others who are in need, just like I do for you.
    Jesus expanded on the Jewish law that says not to kill someone or you are liable to be judged.  He said that the constitution and bylaws in My kingdom say that you must not even become angry at another person or you will be in danger of judgment and that if you call someone a derogatory name that you are in danger of the fires of hell.  His commandment in that teaching was revealing to My children that anger is at the base of all killings so if you refuse to become angry at someone, you are observing the bylaws of My kingdom of peace and you will stop anger before it tempts you to kill.   In refusing to be angry at anyone, you are protected from the fires of hell and the judgment of the devil. Which constitution and bylaws will you obey, the ones of My kingdom of heaven that bring peace to a situation or the earthly ones which give you permission to kill?
    In summing up his teachings relating to the spiritual constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love, Jesus taught that any laws of your country that tell you to love your friends and hate your enemies are opposed to the constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love, which are to love your enemies, to bless them, to pray for them, and to do good to them.  In keeping peace with your enemies and loving them, blessing them, praying for them and doing good to them, you are doing to them what I do to you, forgive you and show you My love in abundance.  He said that you must be perfect in observing the ordinances, precepts, statutes, testimonies and commandments of My kingdom of heaven.  He said when you do to everyone what I do to you, that My kingdom comes into your life on earth as it is in heaven because you have done My will.  (Matthew 6:10)
   When you were born of My Spirit you became My child, a resident of My kingdom, so the elements of the spiritual constitution and bylaws of My kingdom of love supplant the old earthly bylaws of your country or state which give you permission to kill, injure or destroy people.
   Whichever constitution and bylaws you choose to obey will display to which kingdom you belong.  When it's My kingdom, then mercy, peace, goodness, kindness and love will flow from you and you will enjoy My kingdom benefits while you live in the earth.
    Your Father of Beneficial Instructions