Friday, September 22, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
  There was a heavenly action of Jesus before His death that was very necessary because of the impending work that laid ahead of Him.  The heavenly action was to forgive the sins of the people who had crucified Him.  As an act of His will, Jesus needed to forgive the people of such a dastardly act before He would be able to go to hell for the sins of the whole world and be raised from the dead for the sins of the whole world. (I John 2:1-2) 
   Think about it, if He had held onto the sins of His prosecutors in His human mind there would have been a veil of judgment there and He would not have been able to yield to the power of My Holy Spirit sufficiently to be raised from the dead. 
   Since forgiving a person releases that person from your judgment, if you refuse to forgive a person then records of their infractions are still present in your mind and you are subjecting that person to punishment from hell because you are prosecuting the person in your mind.  All of your persistent thoughts are to wish evil actions upon the person who opposed, injured, embarrassed, robbed, killed or destroyed something or someone whom you love.  Jesus knew the importance of forgiving His prosecutors and asking Me to forgive them while He was present in the earth in His human body. 
   When Jesus asked Me to  forgive his prosecutors and accusers, His human mind was cleared of any judgmental "logs," meaning secret sins which might interfere with His assigned duty, which was to go to hell for the sins of all humanity and then to be raised from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit.   He needed the entire, full power of My Holy Spirit to be raised from the dead but with judgmental thoughts in His human mind His spiritual mission would have been negatively affected.  That action of Jesus in forgiving the sins of the people who killed Him gives even more importance to His words after He was raised from the dead when He appeared to His followers, breathed My Holy Spirit into them and told them that whose sins they forgive are forgiven and whose sins they retain in their minds are retained, meaning there would still be a record of them in the earth in their minds, the only records in existence because I have forgiven them, wiped them away. (John 20:22-23)
   When you refuse to forgive someone, there is a mental video playing over and over in your mind by the devil, a video of the person's evil actions against you.  It gains power over your mind every time it is relived.  The result of the negative video playing in your mind is that anger increases and a desire for retribution increases.  You forget the admonition of Jesus to first get the "log" of judgment out of your own eye before you attempt to get the "speck" out of the eye of anyone. (Matthew 7:5)
  Jesus knew the importance of forgiving the sins of his prosecutors and accusers so that the power of My Holy Spirit would not be diminished in Him.  The full power of My Holy Spirit was present to do His work in the important situation because of the words of Jesus as He asked Me to forgive His prosecutors and accusers.  His human mind was cleansed of any thoughts of retribution, blame or judgment. (Luke 23:34)
   In an earlier teaching Jesus had told My children that if you are at the altar giving alms and you remember that someone has something against you, that you are to leave the altar, make peace with the person, and then return to the altar to give your alms.   He was saying that allowing My Spirit to cleanse your mind of all unrighteousness will enable your prayers to be answered more quickly because there are no barriers between us from your mind, for instance no record of your retaining the sins of anyone.  (Matthew 5:21-26)
   If you persist with thoughts of bitterness and anger, holding the sins of anyone in your mind, then My Spirit is grieved because He cannot continue His mission of delivering My kingdom benefits into your life, (Ephesians 4:29-32)
   Do what your Brother Jesus did.  Forgive everyone and you will be free of the mental torture placed there by the devil.  I want you free, free indeed by your taking My advice in all situations.
   Your Forgiving, Loving Father

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My teachings to you through Jesus are meant to lead you away from and around the devil's traps that he sets for you and all of My children in order to spew upon you his curses which destroy your life of peace and joy on earth. 
  We have talked about his thoughts of worry and anxiety that he places in your mind in an effort to entice you to keep your thoughts on things you lack instead of your thoughts always being on faith in Me to answer your prayers.  You already know that believing Me opens the door from heaven to earth upon which My blessings flow.  So if your thoughts are constantly upon the lack of things you need, worrying about them in your mind instead of your thoughts being upon My desire and ability to answer your prayers, then your lack will persist because you are believing for more lack.  The constant worry and anxiety determines what you will inherit more lack instead of your inheriting answers to your prayers. 
   I am your Good Father who knows what you need but I can't answer your prayers if the veil of anxiety and worry prevail in your mind, your belief for lacking goods being stronger than your weak faith in Me.  You are believing for more lack to be in your life instead of believing for Me to answer your prayers.
   We talked about the fact that a person can only think one thing at a time, so you can't judge a person in your thoughts and bless the person at the same time.  Jesus was very emphatic when He told you not to judge anyone or you will be judged.  Judging other people for anything will guarantee that you will be judged.  If you truly believe that Jesus knew spiritual truths and knew how to skirt around the devil's traps, you will pay close attention to this truth.  
   When you accept into your mind the devil's judgment of anyone, whether a person has opposed you, injured you, stolen from you, killed someone you love, or whether you have merely judged a person for clothes he wears, the haircut of the person, the color of the person's skin, the person's behavior, the person's beliefs, the person's politics or religion, anything that you deem negative about anyone, if you allow those judgmental thoughts to continue in your mind, then you have guaranteed that the judgment of the devil will come upon you and curse your life in the earth.  Jesus said it!  Believe it!
   In that dissertation Jesus gave the example of your judging a person for the small speck in the eye of the person while you have neglected to notice the large log that is in your own eye. (Matthew 7:1-5)  In other words, the devil's power behind his tempting you to judge someone is more damaging to your life than the little imperfection in the person that you judge is to his or her life.  Your succumbing to the devil's temptation to judge a person brings more of the devil's devastation upon you than the small infraction of social, civil or religious laws which you observe in the other person brings upon that person's life.  I have forgiven both of you already, so you must forgive everybody or you have fallen right into the devil's trap.  if you have continued to hold onto and nurture a judgmental image given by the devil in your mind, then  he has your permission to also judge you in return, big time. 
   Jesus labeled the practice of judging others as hypocritical.  He said to take the log of unjustly judging others out of your own mind and then you can successfully forgive the person for the speck that is in his or her eye. (Matthew 7:5)
   It is in this powerful revelation that the vastness of My forgiveness is evident.  I have said that the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed all humans of all sins, wiped the slate clean in My mind and there are no records of them. (I John 2:2) So the only record of offenses in existence are in your mind unless you also forgive all offenses and imperfections, as commanded by Jesus. (John 20:22-23)  If you retain the sins and imperfections of anyone in your mind, then you have joined with the devil in his will to bring devastation upon the person you judge as well as yourself.  Because of My forgiveness for you, you owe forgiveness to everyone.
   To seal the importance of this teaching about the veil of judging others that is frequently placed in the minds of My children, I said for you not to give what is holy to the dogs, meaning for you not to give the life of a person whom I have cleansed from all unrighteousness, declaring the person holy, don't judge the person or you give the person over to the demons from hell for them to judge, condemn and destroy, along with you, whom I have also cleansed and declared holy.(Matthew 7:6)  If you do yield to the devil and judge anyone, you allow the demons from hell to trample the person under their feet and then turn and attack you with their demonic judgments.  Judge not or you will be judged.   I said that you are to put the demons of judgment under your feet of authority, not allowing yourself and other people to be put under the feet of authority of the devil by your judging anyone.  (Luke 10:19)
   It is when you have refused to judge everyone that when you ask anything it will be given to you because you are doing to others as you want them to do to you.  They will refuse to judge you because you have refused to judge them. 
   Make forgiveness and mercy your constant mindset rather than thoughts of judging others.  When you do, you will ask and it will be given to you, you will seek My kingdom and My righteousness and they will become your kingdom and righteousness, and you will knock at the door of revelation knowledge and insights and wisdom will be given to you because your mind is clear of judgment and condemnation for everyone.  There will be room in your mind for My thoughts  because the devil's thoughts of judgment are gone because you have learned to immediately forgive and bless others.
   Do not retain the sins of anyone.  I gave you the power of My Holy Spirit to forgive the sins of everyone so there will be no record of them in the earth for the devil to use to destroy My children.   Forgive others immediately just as I forgive you immediately.
   Learn this lesson well.  When you do, the doors and windows of your life will be open and My blessings from heaven will flood into your life, making you My bountifully blessed child.
   Your Father of Abundant Love                   

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I said that there is a veil on the minds of My children which keeps them from believing in Me and My ministry in the earth through Jesus.  There are also veils over your mind and over the minds of My other born again, baptized in the Holy Spirit children that are placed in your minds to block the way of your receiving your full inheritance from Me while you  live in the earth.   The veils are from hell and they keep My children from hearing My voice, only allowing you to hear the negative words placed in your mind by the devil's angels, his demons. 
   One of the first teachings to you from Jesus about this truth was when He taught you not to worry with your mind spinning out of control, toiling with anxious thoughts about a need that you have, whether for food, clothing, finances, shelter or any other necessity or comfort that you lack.  He clearly said not to worry, not to be anxious about them.  Often prayers to Me are accompanied with thoughts of anxiety, doubt and unbelief whether I will answer your prayers.  Those negative words in your thoughts that come from the devil in the form of worry, doubt and anxiety will block My words coming into your mind to give you assurance that I am answering your prayers and help is on the way.  So if you persist in entertaining the worry and anxiety thoughts from hell, you can't receive My answer to your prayers because your mind is yielded to the father of lies instead of being yielded to Me, your Father of all provisions.  I revealed Myself to an entire nation of Jewish people as Jirah, the God of Provisions.
   In His teaching Jesus wisely gave to you an image to place in your mind to replace the worry thoughts.  He said that you must look at the birds of the air, how they neither sow seeds, reap plants nor do they gather grain into barns.  Yet, I feed them bountifully. That nugget of truth was meant to replace the negative thoughts of worry from hell placed in your mind that you will never get the things that you need to exist and prosper.
   As a further example of My identity of being your Father of Provisions, Jesus also told you to switch from the negative thoughts of lack and there being no relief in sight to a thought about the lilies of the field, how they don't spin our of control with worry about being watered, nor do they toil feverishly in order to entice Me to provide what is needed for them to add their beauty to the earth.  Jesus said that even the most adorned man who ever lived was not clothed with beauty like the lilies of the field. Jesus was switching your mind from the negative thoughts from the devil to My positive thoughts relating to My ability to answer your prayers.  He was wisely saying not to let worry and anxiety accompany your prayers. (Matthew 6:25-34)
   That informative teaching instructs you not to allow the veils of worry and anxiety to persist in your thoughts because they can interfere with your prayers being answered.  You cannot think two thoughts at the same time, ones of worry from hell and ones of faith from heaven which convince you of My desire to answer your prayers. 
   As the reason for your not allowing thoughts of worry and anxiety from hell to enter into your mind, Jesus gave to you My wisdom and insight into the root of the problem, that being that a person cannot have two masters, cannot be loyal to both, that he or she must hate one and love the other.  He said that you will despise one and be loyal to the other, but you cannot be loyal to both.  He said that you cannot serve both Me and mammon, which are one the evil thoughts of worry from the devil with which he tempts you , (Matthew 6:24)
   Jesus was saying that you cannot entertain worry thoughts from hell and My thoughts of faith from Me at the same time because your mind can only think one thing at a time.  You have to choose which will be your father's words that you believe, either the devil's worrying words of impending doom or My words of encouragement and faith. 
   My words of insight to you say that you can't have two masters.  THEREFORE, do not be anxious for anything.  He was saying if you worry and are anxious for anything that you have begun entertaining in your mind the devil's thoughts and you have inherited his anxiety which will rob you of your inheritance of good provisions from Me.  It cannot be more clear. 
   My Holy Spirit said for you to, "Be anxious for nothing, but with prayers, supplication and thanksgiving let your requests be known to Me, and then My peace which passes understanding will keep your mind and thoughts in Christ Jesus," not on the demonic thoughts of lack or anxiety.  My Holy Spirit encapsulated the valuable teaching of Jesus relating to worry into that one sentence, the teaching relating to refusing to serve the god from hell by worrying; but, instead, to present your requests to Me because I am your Father of answered prayers and peace. (Philippians 5:8-9)   
    Your Loving Father of All Provisions

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   To bear My standards in your body is to become My righteousness in the earth where evil has prevailed since Adam's disobedience when he listened to the devil and began to hear not only My good instructions but also the instructions of the devil in his thoughts.  Not until the birth of Jesus Christ did My righteousness become visible to My children.  Anyone who saw Him saw Me.  The attitudes, words and actions of My Son Jesus revealed to all living beings the righteousness of My character.  
   The sacrifice of Jesus in His dying for the sins of everybody in the world cleared the paths from My heaven to earth for My Holy Spirit to come to earth to live within My children and raise My standards of behavior when evil presents itself in the minds of My children.  My Holy Spirit gives to My children the power and the ability to act and react like Jesus acted and reacted when evil presented itself, without judgment and without condemnation for people but with the courage to defeat the evil demons who are behind all evil.  When that happens, My righteousness goes forth in the earth like the noonday sun.  I desire that My children bear in their own bodies the standards of My love, My kindness, My goodness, My mercy, My joy and My patience with all people. (Matthew 12:42-43)
   I did not create you in My image to be the bearer of bad news, of bitter words and actions, of judgment and condemnation.  I created you to be the bearer of good news, of encouraging words, of merciful actions, of forgiveness instead of judgment, of freedom from evil instead of condemnation.  I CREATED YOU OUT OF MY LOVE BECAUSE I AM LOVE.  I created you to be Love in the world.  My Holy Spirit reveals My Love to you and His endeavors of working in you is to train you to become My Love in the world.
   It grieves My Holy Spirit and it grieves Me when you succumb to evil temptations and spew forth the devil's evil judgments into your wonderful world that I gave to you.  I grieve because I know that you will eventually suffer the consequences of your judgments when the judgments from hell upon you could have been prevented if you had consulted Me, received My loving words to you and acted upon them, doing My good in the earth instead of acting out the judgments of the devil upon other people. (Ephesians 4:29-31)     
    Every time you judge someone, a veil of spiritual darkness covers your mind again because you have judged someone instead of forgiving the person.  All you can think about is the actions of the person you are judging.  So My strategy of overcoming the rush toward judgment which causes the devil to judge you in return for your judging someone is for you to immediately forgive people instead of judging them for their evil attitudes, evil words spoken and evil actions taken. (Matthew 7:1-2) 
   Immediate forgiveness from you for everyone means that you are acting toward others in return for My forgiveness of you.  Because I have forgiven you immediately, you must also forgive immediately.  The blood of Jesus Christ was not shed only for you.  It was shed for the sins of everybody in the whole world, every person who ever lived or will ever live. (I John 2:2)
    If you retain the sins of anyone, then your sins are retained in the devil's mind and he will judge you with his destruction in return.  It is his greatest joy. (John 20:22-23)  If you forgive the sins of everyone, like I do, then there are no records of them for the devil to use against you in judging you with his destruction.
   Immediate forgiveness by you for everyone will keep the slate clean and the devil will have no basis upon which to judge you.  Because there is no record in your mind of an offense, there is no record for the devil to use to judge you in return. (Matthew 7:1-2)
   The blood of Jesus Christ constantly cleanses you from all unrighteousness.  Let the blood of Jesus Christ in you, My Holy Spirit, cleanse everyone of all unrighteousness in your mind.  Forgiving them means to release them from your mind.  When you release them from your mind, there is no record of the sins from which the devil can also judge you.  There is only the joy of forgiveness in your mind which robs the devil of his power because he has no arsenal with which to destroy you. (I John 1:7)
   Forgive everyone immediately and you will be My child of forgiveness.  (Matthew 6:12)
   Your Father of Immediate Forgiveness

Monday, September 18, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Following My instructions found in My Instruction Book, the Bible, will keep you from inheriting the judgments of the devil while you live in the earth.  The devil's judgments are problems, devastation, diseases, being robbed of blessings, being killed, destroyed and even death.  There are deceptions from hell which come to your mind which cause you to unknowingly bind yourself to the devil's works in which you end up allowing the devil to take away from you all of the blessings that I have given to you.
   The way to defeat the devil is by your being on alert for you to discern every thought that comes into your mind, whether it is from heaven or from hell.  The devil tempted Adam.  Adam believed him and destruction in the form of curses from hell came upon the earth. (Genesis 3:1-20)  Jesus resisted the temptations of the devil and My blessings from heaven were able to come into the earth.  (Matthew 4:1-11)  
   Every person in the world has temptations every second of their lives, temptations to judge others, to curse others, to condemn others, to criticize others, to bully others in their thoughts, to deem others as being inferior in taste, in decor, in actions, in clothing, in politics, and on and on.  If the devil can get you to agree with his judgmental temptations in your mind, he can also judge you and spew his life-robbing activities into your life.  When you refuse to accept the judgmental thoughts, you are on the way to the angels ministering to you, bringing blessings into your life. 
   The first step toward victory from judgment by the devil is to do what I told you through My Holy Spirit, which is to cast down every thought and imagination that exalts itself against My truth when I told you not to judge others. (Matthew 7:1-2)  If you participate in a judgmental thought from hell, nurturing it, then you will bring the devil's judgment upon yourself, not immediately but somewhere down the road when you won't relate it to your judgmental thoughts from the devil. The reason the devil tempts you to judge others is so that he can judge you also because you have opened the gate to his judgment by binding yourself to his judgmental thoughts in your mind. 
   The devil is the deceiver and he does not announce to you in your mind, "This thought is a judging thought."  Deception is his mode of operation.  Deceiving you by making you think that a judging thought is your own thought is his deception.  It has worked for him since the beginning of time. 
  So nip the devil's destructive plans for your life in the bud by stopping them at the first sign of there being a judging thought in your mind about someone or an organization or an institution.  I said to, "Cast it down.'  Cast it back into hell, which is from where it came with the purpose of cursing your life because of your choice of choosing curses from hell over choosing blessings from Me.  Note that I said to cast down imaginations.  All negative thoughts in your mind are imaginations put there by the devil to entice you to accept them, nurture them, and then grow the devil's curses in your life.
   Number One:  Recognize a negative thought as a judgmental thought. 
   Number Two:  Cast down into hell every judgmental thought that comes in your mind.  (I Corinthians 10:5)    
   Number Three: Then bless the person, the organization, the institution or whomever you were tempted to judge.
   Number Four: Pray in the Spirit for the person or people you were tempted to judge.  Praying for them dispenses My spiritual knowledge to them so that they will come to a knowledge of My truth.  In doing this you are bringing every thought into obedience to Me.
   In doing those things, you are doing what Jesus did, by the power of My Holy Spirit refusing to participate in the judgment of others and in your own judgment.   
  When the devil's temptation in your thoughts for you to judge someone is cast into hell and when you bless and pray for the person instead of judging the person, there is victory over evil in the earth.  The deception under which the devil operates is revealed, the demon who tempted you is judged by you, causing the devil's judgment of someone and yourself to be averted and you have stood your ground against evil.  Oh, what a happy day it is!  There is always a celebration in My heaven when My children are saved from evil by resisting judgmental thoughts.
  The only thoughts to accept into your mind are My thoughts from heaven, whatever is loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, joyful, peaceful, pure, thoughts coming from good fruits which sow good seeds, being sincere and patient.  (James 3:17-18; Philippians 4:6-8)  I promised that there is a harvest of peace to those of My children who sow peace and make peace with everyone in their thoughts, their attitudes, their speaking and their actions.   There is wonderful peace in your own soul when you reap My rewards for making peace with everyone. 
   Your life on earth is governed by whatever thoughts you accept in your mind and in conversation with other people, accepting the ones from hell or accepting My thoughts from heaven.  Choose My thoughts wisely and live a life of an abundance of joy in the earth.
   Your Victorious and Loving Father                  

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Dear One,
   Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see Me. (Matthew 5:8)
   When you are pure in heart, without judgment toward anyone, at peace with everyone, loving your enemies, never retaliating for any wrong done to you, refusing to pray and give alms in order to be seen by others, when you display My personality through your personality, when you become righteous as I am righteous, when you love everyone as I love you, then there are no barriers in your mind which continue to create a veil between us. (
   A judgmental mind is an opinionated mind, a mind which declares some people worthy and other people unworthy.  A mind which does not forgive is one which declares guilt without hearing any real evidence.  Yes, I said without hearing any genuine, true evidence from Me.  The true evidence from Me is always that the devil is behind every evil thought, attitude, words spoken or actions taken.  The person is forgiven by Me and you must learn to immediately forgive everyone also as My child.  When you don't forgive everyone, you not only retain their sins but you retain your own sins, accepting judgment from the devil. (John 20:22-23)
    When people serve on jury duty in a court of law, the jurors do not make a judgment until they have heard all of the evidence from both sides, plus the instructions which detail the laws regarding the case.  If a juror makes a judgment after only hearing one side of the evidence, then that person is removed from the jury.  No decision of a jury panel is legal until all of the evidence is presented and the instructions relating to the laws are given.  Then the jurors have to examine all of the evidence and make an educated decision.  Jurors who voice opinions or judgments before hearing all of the evidence can themselves be judged to be in contempt of court, removed from a jury, and jailed, especially if they try to influence other jurors. 
    My children have thoughts from hell placed in their minds every second of their days which judge other people, judge their clothing, their speech, their physical attributes or lack of them, their ethnicity, their beliefs, their culture or lack of it, judge their choices, their grammar, their actions and their habits.  Those judgments form veils over your mind which keeps you from seeing any good from Me in the people. (Hebrews 10:19-20) You have become judge, jury, prosecutor and executioner by deeming the people to be inferior to you and your associates.  Any critical thoughts are judgments on your part in determining a person's unworthiness in your eyes, the eyes of your flesh.
   Critical thoughts come from hell.  You know they are not from Me.  They don't originate from your spirit.  They come from your enemy, the devil, who wants to blind you with his judgmental opinions so that you can't see Me in others and cannot see Me in the dreams and visions that I give to you to aid you in your spiritual life. (Joel 2:28-29) You can't see Me and My revelations in My words if fleshly judgments cloud your mind because judgments are all that you see.  You don't see My miracles that are before your eyes.  You don't understand truths because your thoughts are on the inferiority of other people whom you have judged as being unworthy of your idea of perfection. 
   When you train yourself to cast out every thought that exalts itself against My truth, then you will begin to see Me and walk in unity with Me.  You will have a life of heaven on earth because when people judge you, you will bless them and genuinely pray for them that they will come to a knowledge of the truth. 
   Every belittling thought needs to be cast into hell.  Every judgmental thought needs to be cast into hell.  Every critical thought needs to be cast into hell.  Every condemning thought needs to be cast into hell.  Every angry thought needs to be cast into hell.  Every vindictive thought needs to be cast into hell.   They are all demonic, sent from the devil to bind you to his judgment of you.  Hell on earth is the judgment from hell upon those of My children whom the devil successfully tempts to judge others.  I grieve because of it, but it has been your choice of choosing curses instead of blessings.  The warnings are clearly outlined in My Instruction Book.  Jesus said, "DO NOT JUDGE LEST YOU BE JUDGED."
   When you learn to arrest every thought that is not from Me, judging the thoughts as being from hell, and then casting out the offending thoughts, then your mind is unpolluted, the veil is lifted from your mind, and you easily see Me in dreams and visions, in My words, in people, in the beauty of the earth, in the scarred people, the lost, the homeless, the sinners, the mentally deranged and the criminals.  You will see into their spirits instead of seeing their flesh and its impurities. (Matthew 7:1-2)
   Jesus said that He saw the spirits of people and did not judge them but humans are led by the devil to see the flesh of other people and judge them. (John 8:15) My desire is that you become like Jesus, seeing the spirits of people, refusing to have any negative opinions, any judgments, any criticism of the flesh of any person.
    Make it your desire to intimately know Me.  Then cast out of your mind all judgmental thoughts toward other people, judging only the negative thoughts from hell by sending them back to their evil kingdom.   Then My light will shine in your mind and you will see Me face to face, knowing Me intimately.  My kingdom will be yours because you have chosen the good part. (Matthew 14:43)
    Your Forgiving, Loving Father                         

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My love is shed abroad in your heart by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5:5)
   My mercy is everlasting, producing compassion in you for the the lost, the injured, the depressed and displaced of My children. (Matthew 5:7)
   My forgiveness is ever active, releasing you from guilt and condemnation. (John 3:16-17)
   My goodness, along with mercy, follows you all the days of your life, producing in you good works toward the needy.(Psalm 23:6)
   My joy is every present in your spirit by My Holy Spirit, causing you to rejoice in everything, good circumstances or bad circumstances. (James 1:2-4)
   My loving kindness toward you flows from you, causing you to excel in doing kind deeds toward My other children in your world. (II Corinthians 6:6)
   My patience with you while the fruit of My Spirit is growing and ripening in you will cause you to be patient with others who are also slowly maturing in spiritual matters. (Romans 5:3)
   My faith in you that causes Me to be patient, kind, merciful, forgiving, good and loving to you makes you faithful to Me by your being so appreciative of My blessings that you are thankful in all things. (Hebrews 6:12)
   We have a mutual admiration relationship.  I love you because I am Love and you love Me because of My love for you. (I John 4:8)
   In My eyes every person in the world is loved as My only child, deserving of My love, because I created him or her as My offspring.  Even if they don't know Me, I love them and want them to know Me intimately as their Loving Father just like you do.  When they realize that I am Love and they know their value to Me, they need to know that they qualify for My kingdom benefits.  That is where you come in.   As earthly representations of My righteousness you allow other people to know My true personality, that of being Love.  However, when My light inside of you is still darkness on the outside by your being judgmental, condemning, divisive, opinionated, politically partisan, prejudiced, vengeful or hypocritical, those attitudes that come from demons working in the flesh will keep you from receiving My wonderful gifts that I have already given to you to enhance your life in the earth and make it a joyful experience instead of hell on earth. 
  When the outside of you, your earthly characteristics, suddenly become dark after you have received the light of My Holy Spirit, then you have to be careful or the devil's darkness that is on the outside of you in your flesh will smother My light that is on the inside of you.  It is the devil's lifelong work to steal My light from you.
  There are many of My born again and baptized in My Spirit children who are uninformed of the truth that My desire is that they allow My righteousness that is in the Holy Spirit inside of them will become their identity on the outside also so that people will see My goodness and glorify Me as their Father. (Matthew 5:14; I John 1:5)
   I told My children to seek My kingdom and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS.  My kingdom and My righteousness are forever pursuing you.  When you seek My kingdom and My righteousness with the same fervor that I am seeking you, We meet with spiritual fireworks exploding, endeavoring to make you into My image in the earth so that people will know that I am Love.  Your reward is that My kingdom comes into your life while you live in the earth. (Matthew 6:10; Luke 11: 26)
   Your Light Beaming, Light Giving Father