Monday, May 22, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My main duty as your Loving Father is to help you rid your life of the obstacles which keep you from obtaining your rightful inheritance from Me.  Good earthly fathers do the same.  I, as your Father of unconditional love, have an obligation to My children to instruct, lead, guide, admonish, tutor and shepherd them to the green pastures of peace and rest.  You want to do the same for your children, lead them and teach them how to avoid evil so that they will not bind themselves to evil thoughts, evil attitudes, evil words spoken and evil actions, thus participating in having their lives cursed instead of blessed with your good gifts that you provide for them.  The evil actions that you teach them to avoid are some of the ones that I teach you to avoid.  However, there are more subtle temptations that the devil sends to My children that are unrecognizable and My children yield to them without knowing it.
    Jesus taught about those temptations in His first teaching sessions with My children.  He said that their religious laws told them not to kill or they will be judged, but Jesus said that becoming angry with anyone is a temptation to which you must not yield because if you do yield to that demon that you will be taken before the devil's council and judged until you pay the full price for your actions.  He said that if you become angry and insult a person that you will be in danger of the fires of hell,  In other words, He was saying that the temptations to become angry are from hell and that you will be punished by the very devil who tempted you to become angry if you yield and become angry.  (Matthew 5: 21-26)  Jesus was revealing to you the demonic spirits who are behind killing and they are spirits of anger.  If you refuse the temptation to become angry, then you refuse to participate in insulting anyone, seeking vengeance against anyone and you will not put yourself in a position to be judged by anyone, neither a human nor the devil. 
   Jesus identified to My children the spiritual beings that are behind anger and killing and they are demons from hell.  If you don't yield to their temptations, then you don't put yourself in a position to be judged by them by sowing seeds of anger into the devil's garden of curses. By the power of My Holy Spirit, you must learn to recognize the demonic temptations to become angry with someone, call upon your authoritative power from Me, and cast out the demons of anger from you, casting them into hell.
    Another revelation which you must understand is about judging people.  Jesus taught that the temptation to judge someone comes from the devil.  The devil's strategy is that if he can entice you to judge someone for any reason then you are opening yourself up to be judged also by the demon from whom the temptation came.  You will receive curses from hell in your life because you have yielded to the judgment of the devil.  It's the same result that comes upon you from being angry.  When you judge someone, you are yielding to a temptation from the devil in your thoughts and you place yourself as the judge and jury of the looks, attitudes, actions or words spoken by another person.  The result is that you, yourself, are judged also because you have participated with the devil in his judgments of people.  (Matthew 7:1-5)  I do not judge anyone.  Jesus said He does not judge anyone.  The devil judges and condemns people.  Traps are set for you by the devil in order to tempt you to judge someone so that he can judge you with his curses.  By the revelation of My Holy Spirit you must learn to recognize the thoughts to judge someone so that you can call into action My authoritative power to judge the very demons which tempt you, refusing to obey them but instead casting them out of your life and into hell.
   These truths were hidden from My children by the devil who does not want you to know My truth about the fact that the basis of all negative thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken are from hell, sent to deceive you into joining with the devil in doing his will in the earth.  When you join in doing his will, you stop doing My will in the earth and curses come upon you instead of having My blessings come into your life.  Doing My will in your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken in the earth will produce My blessings flowing from My heaven into your life.  Doing the devil's will through yielding to his temptations will invite curses to flow into your life from hell. 
    It's all so very simple but some of My children still have a veil over their minds which does not allow them to understand My truths.  It takes the wisdom of My Holy Spirit to break through the veil and reveal My truths which make you free from bondage to the devil's curses.  If My children do not submit themselves to My Holy Spirit, then they are powerless against the devil and his curses.  I instructed My children many times in My Instruction Book, the Bible, about the availability of My Holy Spirit to lead them into all truth. (John 14, 15, 16; Acts 1;4-9)  It is the power of My Holy Spirit which gives My children the authority to resist the devil and to cast him out of their thoughts so that they are free of his deception through his temptations and his torments.
    Call into action the authority of My Holy Spirit.  He is eager to assist you in giving you My power to cast out demons from the tempting thoughts in your mind.  Just like you would call the policemen who have the authority to arrest thieves who come into your earthly house, you also have the authority to use the power of my Holy Spirit to cast out of My temple in the earth, which is your body, any offending demon who is temping you to do the devil's will in the earth. 
   Call into action the authority you have in the power of My Holy Spirit every time a tempting thought enters into your mind.  Give no place to the devil, but immediately cast out a tempting thought and send the demon to hell who is behind the tempting thought.  Do not give one minute of thought to temptations in your thoughts.  They are sent to curse your life.
   My angels come to minister to you after you refuse a temptation just like they did with Jesus.  (Matthew 4:11)  My kingdom comes upon the people who win a battle with the devil.  (Luke 11:20)
   Call upon My authority when every temptation comes to your mind. Exercise My authority in casting out the demons and you will enjoy My kingdom coming into your life.  (Matthew 6:20)
    Your Loving, Protective Father

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   You are eager to protect your home from thieves.  Some of My children buy alarm systems, put iron bars on windows and doors or buy vicious attack dogs, all in an effort to protect their earthly belongings from being carted off by thieves and robbers.   That is wisdom.  Anything to keep someone from robbing from you and taking all of your valuables is considered wisdom. 
   However, there are more subtle thieves whom you allow to take more valuable things from you, your peace, your joy, your love and your mercy.  Those thieves are called the devil and his demons. (John 10:10) They are spirits and they are not visible to the human eyes, but they are more insidious in their plans, their methods and their actions.  They often live inside of you in your generational DNA, the negative character traits passed down from your relatives.  Because they live inside of you, their ability to curse your life is easy.  For instance, let's say that you family has in its DNA a gene of addiction that is passed from parents to children for generations.  Some children in that family will never yield to the temptations of the addiction demon and their lives are not ruled by addictions.  There will be other children in the family who are not spiritually or emotionally strong enough to refuse the temptations to become addicted to alcohol or drugs and so they succumb to temptations of the demon of addiction as a way of escaping life's problems.  They lose their families, their jobs, their homes, their reputations and the respect of others.  So the devil, the thief, has stolen everything from them.  Often their addictions kill them or they kill themselves at the temptation of the devil. And so the prophesy of Jesus relating to the devil and his works is fulfilled, they come to steal, kill and destroy.   Everything in the life of the person has been destroyed.  It all started with a generational curse, which you often call a gene, which was passed down into a person's DNA from his parents, his grandparents, and all the way back to the first man.
   There are other generational curses through which the devil works in the lives of My children.  One is a generational curse of anger, another is lust, another is greed. another is judgment of others, another is gluttony, another is strife, another is jealousy, another is envy, another is laziness, another is domination, another is immorality, and on and on.  They are opposite to My characteristics that come from My unconditional love. (Galatians 5:16-25) 
   Very often if a person comes from a religious background, controlling generational genes will be the demons of judgment and condemnation.  Instead of being bound to My Holy Spirit who will lead them to constantly forgive others as I forgive them, the people in that family are bound to religious laws which cause them to constantly judge and condemn others.  In return, the people will be judged, themselves, by the same measure that they judge others because they have sown seeds of judgment into the devil's garden of evil.  The generational religious demon will see that they are judged.  My children must be careful to whom they bind themselves because they will be judged by the same demons as their idols.   
   There is always help available.  I said that Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil.  (I John 3:8)  Jesus, Himself, said that He came to earth to give an abundant life to My children and to restore everything that the devil steals from them.  That is good news.  It is the best news.  It is glorious news.  It is called the Gospel, the Good News.
   My method of saving you from the works of evil in the world and from the works of evil in your generations heritage is for you to have the same power in your life that Jesus had.  He had the spiritual, supernatural authority and power of My Holy Spirit in His heritage to resist the temptations of the devil.  He also had the power to cast demons out of people.  When My Holy Spirit is allowed to live in My children at their invitation, He does the same things through them that He did through Jesus Christ, destroys the works of the devil.  He even does more, as Jesus said He would do.  He restores to My children all of their valuables that have been stolen from them by the evil one.  He restores love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance to their personalities.  Those are My personal characteristics and they call forth My kingdom to become real in the lives of My children.  All of My goodness is restored to My children who become One with Me through My Holy Spirit and all things become new and abundantly blessed.  (John 17:20-23)
  Become led by My Holy Spirit, walking in the footsteps of My Holy Spirit, and you will be known to the heavenly hosts as My child, an heir to all of My blessings.  My children are the people who do My will in the earth, My will of loving others as I love them, My will of always forgiving others, My will of blessings others instead of cursing them, My will of never returning evil for evil done to them, but instead they return good for evil.  My children are guided by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit so that all things stolen from them will be restored to them 100 times over.
   Always trust the Good News to manifest works of goodness and kindness in your life when you are led by My Spirit and pray in My Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:12-14; 26-28) Then all things will work together for your good because My kingdom has come into your life.
   Your Father of Restoration   

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Yes, there are negative traits in your DNA which work against you instead of for you.  Some families have generational curses that are anger genes which cause the people to always erupt in unnecessary anger when even mildly opposed.  Some have lust genes which cause the people to have a desire for excess sex, for excess power, for an excess of money, for an excess of attention or for an excess of material things.  Some families have drunkenness genes which crave alcoholic beverages to excess until the person is out of control emotionally, logically and physically.  Some families have poverty genes which do not allow family members to ever get ahead financially either by laziness or irresponsibility.  Some families have vengeance genes which don't allow the family members to forgive and make peace with everyone.  Some family members have unclean genes which cause the family members to always seek uncleanness in body, soul and spirit with disarray, dirtiness in mind and body.  Some families have genes of conflict which tempt family members to always enjoy chaos in family relationships through arguing, disagreeing, opposing each other, fighting with each other and injuring each other.  All of those negative traits in the DNA of the family members will not allow My children to exhibit the fruit of My Spirit, which are My DNA characteristics of righteousness.
   Even though My children are born with some of the negative DNA characteristics of the devil, all is not lost.  There is salvation available to My children from the negative genes, which are the works of the devil.  There are positive genes of righteousness which are infused into your spirit when you are born of My Spirit.  Old motivations pass away and new motivations are evident.  My Spirit chases out the negative ones if you are willing. There are sometimes a few deceitful ones which are hidden from you that surface occasionally and must also be eradicated from your body, which is the temple of My Holy Spirit.(I Corinthians 6:15-20)   Any thoughts, attitudes, words spoken or actions you have taken that are not loving, peaceful, joyful, kind, good, merciful, patient and forbearing need to be resisted, cast out, and you must allow My Holy Spirit to reprogram your mind with My DNA, which is always loving kindness.  (Romans 12:2)
   The benefits are many to My children who allow Me to transform their minds so that they always do My will in every situation instead doing of the former actions and reactions that the DNA of the devil programmed in their flesh. (Romans 12:2)  When My children respond to every circumstance and situation in life with My love for the people involved, then My light in them draws the people to Me.  Love always wins.  Love always heals.  Love always forgives.  Love is always peaceful and brings peace to every situation.  Love overcomes all negativity.  Love overcomes all anger.  Love overcomes all addictions.  Love overcomes all vengeance.  Love overcomes all abuse.  Love overcomes all selfishness.  Love overcomes all the works of the devil which plague My children from their DNA generational curses.
   If you will ask My Holy Spirit to reveal to you the works of the devil's DNA that are still in your flesh, He will do it.  He will shine His light in the crevasses of your personal DNA and reveal to you the hidden generational curses that have kept you from inheriting My promises.  The demons who bring those curses into your life need to be sent to hell where they belong.
   When those DNA generational curses are eliminated from you, then My kingdom benefits flood into your life. (Luke 11:20)  My kingdom of righteousness becomes your motivation and all things become new.  Salvation from the works of the devil come to those children of Mine who seek My righteousness instead of seeking the works of the devil who tempt the flesh of My children to do his will in the earth through generational curses.
   Doing My will in the earth has marvelous benefits.  (Matthew 6:10)
   Your Father of All Salvation

Friday, May 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Even though you walk around in the earth in a fleshly body, you don't have to live in bondage to the passions of your flesh where generational curses from your past relatives haven taken up residence in your flesh. called generational curses.  With the power of My Holy Spirit living inside of your spirit, you have the spiritual authority and the power to resist those temptations of the devil and deny their ability to manifest their destruction in your life toward other people as well as destructive actions that sow seeds of destruction in your own life.  The apostle Paul said it effectively when he said that though he was often a slave to the passions of the flesh, he is victorious through My Holy Spirit in denying the demons in his flesh the opportunity to do their destructive acts through Him.  (Romans 7 and Romans 8:1-5)
   My generational blessings of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance will flood into your life when you follow the guidance of My Spirit instead of yielding to the temptations of your flesh to do the devil's dastardly deeds.
    Life in the earth is a series of military battles against the devil's temptations, your choosing to either disobey them or your yielding to their destructive attitudes, words and actions.  In your thoughts there is always the choice between good and evil.  Very often, reasoning from the devil instead of reasoning from Me is chosen to act upon and a generational curse is able to rule in your attitudes, your words or your actions.  Because of the seeds that you have sown in the devil's garden of destruction, there will be evil plants grown which will cause a barrier between you and My blessings flowing in your life.  (Isaiah 59:1-4) However, there is no condemnation from Me.  There is only guilt and condemnation in your thoughts from the devil, the same that he did in the beginning to the first man and woman when he shamed and condemned them for doing what he tempted them to do.  (Genesis 4:3-7)
    Taking authority over the passions of the flesh to do evil is possible for My children who are led by My Holy Spirit.  I desire that My spiritual children are able to refuse fleshly passions and send the demons behind the temptations to hell after being in submission to My Holy Spirit who gives to you My anointing to cast into hell the offending demons. 
    Always remember that there is My power available to you in which you have the authoritative power to refuse the devil's temptations which will lead to destruction in some area of your life if you yield to them.  You have My Holy Spirit's authority and power to rid your flesh of the destructive demons who tempt you to do the devil's will.  My Spirit gives to you the power to do My will in the earth which results in your sowing seeds in My garden of love which will grow loving plants in your garden of life.
   Learn, from the tutoring of My Holy Spirit, to recognize the temptations to do evil as being from hell and then resist doing the devil's will.  Instead, submit yourself to Me and do My will in every situation which will produce blessings in your life.  Blessing begin flowing immediately after you resist the devil's urges, as seen after the temptation of Jesus when He resisted the devil.  After He defeated the devil  by refusing to do his will, My angels ministered to Jesus.  (Matthew 4:21)
   I said through Jesus that if He cast out demons by the power of My Holy Spirit, then My entire kingdom comes upon that person.  (Luke 11;20-23)
   Get rid of the generational curses passed down from your relatives.  They plague you and tempt you because of their desire to keep you in bondage to them.  My children who have generational demons of poverty can never become financially successful until they cast those demons into hell.   Family demons of anger will manifest anger through you in every stressful situation until you are punished by civil authorities for actions done in anger or until you are consumed with bitterness and die as a result of illnesses.  (Galatians 5:13-16)  Family demons of lust will persist in the thoughts of a person until he or she is arrested for his or her lustful works and sent to prison or killed by a person who has been offended by the lust.  The objective of every generational curse is the death and destruction of the people.
     When Jesus came back to live with Me in My heaven after being resurrected from the dead, We sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in My children who need my power to rid their lives of generational curses.   My Spirit knows how to clean his dwelling place of the demonic spirits.  Give Him free reign to do it.
    Be attentive to My Spirit and do all that He leads you to do.  In doing My will in every matter you are qualified to inherit all of My blessings.  It's worth winning every battle against the devil when he tempts you in your thought.  You have My power.  Use IT.
    Your Loving, Merciful Father

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   We established the truth that genes in human families are a result of generational blessings or generational curses.  You know that it all began in the beginning, the history of the world, recorded by Moses in the book of Genesis.   You surely see the correlation between genes, generations and Genesis.  So all of the thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken by people are determined by the first curses that the devil brought into the world after he deceived Adam and was allowed access to curse men, curse women, curse the serpent and curse the ground.  Moses understood this truth and wrote it for your information. 
   It was evident from the first that I did not curse anything.  Everything was good that I created and it was recorded as good.  (Genesis 1:3-4; 12-13; 17-18; 20-21; 25; 29-30) In fact when I created the first man to have dominion over everything in the earth, I said that it was not just good but very good.  Everything worked in harmony and I created a helper for the first man from his own flesh to help him in his good management of the earth.  Then the devil deceived them and gained access to the earth, dispensing his evil curses upon men, women, the serpent and the ground that I had created.  I even had Moses record the horrible curses that came upon My good creations as a result of the devil's presence in the earth.  One curse that the devil brought into the good earth that I created is that he curses the thinking of women and makes them think that they are nothing without a man to dominate their lives and the devil curses women through the men who rule over them.  (Genesis 3:16)  Genetic demons began to be passed down through women and men and the result is that every woman thinks that she incomplete without a husband and men think that they have the right to rule over women with cruelty.  Think about the demons who were allowed to enter into My good earth that I created when they brought that curse of the devil into the genes of the first man and woman.  Right then is when servantile submission of women to the domination of men began and domestic violence by men onto women began in the earth at that moment.  It was all injected into the genes of My first children by the devil and his demons when they were allowed to enter into the earth.
    Positive and negative genes began to be present in the human race as recorded by Moses in his view of the creation of the world and the downfall of people from the blessings that I put upon the world in the beginning.   Instead of everything being blessed, as I intended, the devil brought his curses into the earth.  From that day forth, men and women began to have the choice between good and evil, blessings and curses.  Some of them are in the genetic composition of their brains and are passed down from generation to generation.
    Thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and his death and resurrection, My children can have the power to rule over the demonic genetic curses that rule in their own thoughts which manifest themselves in bad attitudes, words spoken and actions taken.  When My Holy Spirit lives in My children with My full and complete power and authority, My children have the spiritual legal right to cast those demons out of themselves and into hell.  Then they have the pleasure, if they choose, of allowing My Holy Spirit to transform their minds into My thoughts, attitudes, words and actions and their lives on earth become blessed as it was at the beginning of the earth.  This is why I said not to be conformed to this world but that you must be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you will know what is My will in every circumstance and situation.  All things become new when your mind is transformed to only think what I think, say what I say and do what I do.  You can be as Jesus was, My true children who do My will in the earth. (Romans 12:2)
   Become My children who are led by My Holy Spirit instead of being led by the passions of the devil that come from generational curses through genes from past relatives.  It is possible to those who seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek My righteousness.  They are yours, you might as well have them so that you can live a blessed life while in the earth.
    Your Loving, Tutoring Father


Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    The very word "gene" comes from the word "generation".  Science and religion both agree that a person's character (personality) comes from family generations of the past, being programmed into the children of each generation.  The positive family traits come from My family of love and the negative traits come from the devil's family of curses.  In other words, the knowledge of the tree of good and evil has taken up residence in the lives of every human who is born in the earth.  No member of any family in the earth gets all of the demonic traits and no family in the earth gets all of My virtuous traits.  Some parents, through either the self discipline of resisting negative traits or being renewed by My Holy Spirit, are able to negate the negative genes and multiply the positive ones.  Sometimes, a person's experiences allow that person to resist his own negative traits from hell and build up the positive traits from My heaven.
   Yes, there are generational curses which plague families in the earth.  Those curses are the negative family traits which are programmed into every generation of some families which cause constant turmoil, chaos, conflict, division and discord in each generation.  The conflict never stops because the devil never stops using the demons which are passed down from each generation into the next one.  Every generation multiplies the conflict until it results in destruction and death in one of the generations.  You can only imagine the destruction that has been done in every generation by the demons that have been passed down from generation to generation.  The generational curses are actually a certain classification of demons which are referred to by scientists as genes and they multiply the devil's evil in the world with each generation.
   The good news is that Jesus Christ died so that those demons which cause generational curses can be cast out of My children and sent to hell from where they came.  When a person is born of My Holy Spirit, one of the first actions of My Holy Spirit in the life of that person is to clean His new temple, chasing out all negative genes, or demons as I know them to be.  I said that all things become new.  My Spirit cannot live in a temple that has conflict, anger, chaos, hatred, prejudice, turmoil, division and discord as its furnishings.  My Holy Spirit does a good house cleaning in order for all things to become new in the life of the person.  There are new motivations, new thoughts, new attitudes, new words and new actions immediately because My positive, loving, peaceful character traits are infused into the person who is newly born of My Holy Spirit.  He or she is truly a new creature in Christ Jesus. (John 15:1-7)
    The devil does not give up easily.  The demons that he put in a family originally but have been cast out by My Spirit will roam the earth looking for a resting place and they prefer to return back to their former residence. (Matthew 12:43-45) I said that the demons look for opportunities to return to a member of the family which has been born of My Spirit because it is familiar territory and those demons can manifest their curses much more easily in that person and perpetuate the same generational curses again and again.  They see that one of the temples of My Holy Spirit has been swept clean and they create a situation in which they can enter again into the person.  If they are allowed to enter, I said that the condition of the person is worse than it was before welcoming My Holy Spirit to live in himself or herself. 
    From that day forward, for the person who has allowed the demons of generational curses to reenter him or her, it is necessary for the person
to seek Me and I will reveal to him or her how to chase out the generational demons again.  I said to submit yourself to Me, to resist the devil and he will flee. Submitting yourself to My Holy Spirit's wisdom is necessary for protection and power to be manifested in you.  Yes, I told you that there are many ways, the first of which is to submit to Me and then resist the devil's temptations to do evil actions which begin with evil thoughts.  The demons have to manifest their ways or they are ineffective in the devil's work in the lives of people.  When My children repeatedly resist obeying the temptations to return to doing evil, the demons will have to leave as commanded and they will leave the person.  That generational curse will be powerless in that particular family because of the power of My Holy Spirit in resisting the temptations.   My children must listen to My Spirit when He alerts to a temptation as being what it is, the devil wanting to return to its former human body so that it can manifest its evil in the life of the person and in succeeding generations again.
    Keeping a continuing communion or conversation with Me in your thoughts is one of the keys to My kingdom of love being present in your life.   (Psalm 143:5; Psalm 19:14)   The demons that were generational curses in your life from the past cannot re-enter your thoughts and mind when your thoughts are on Me and My works in your behalf.  I told you what to think upon in My Instruction Book. (James 3:13-18; Philippians 4:8) 
    When My generational blessings are present in your life, in your thoughts, our attitudes, your words spoken and your actions taken, you are blessed above and beyond your wildest dreams and expectations.  My kingdom of love comes to earth in your life. 
    Resist the generational demons and their temptations to return into your spiritual and human DNA. 
    My benefits of bountiful blessings for you come from My deep and abiding love for you.  It's worth having My DNA of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and forbearance in your thoughts and attitudes. 
    Your Peace Loving Father                        

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   You must be convinced beyond a doubt that I, as Your Loving Father, knows best relating to all of your thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken.  When you know the constitution and bylaws of My Kingdom of Love, you are informed of all of the heavenly benefits from taking My advice and following My valuable guidance.  What is paramount is your knowing all of the spiritually legal benefits of listening to Me as your Father and following My advice. 
   The truth is that there are alien evil spirits in your world which are roaming the earth like a roaring lion seeking My children who wander outside of My Kingdom of Love so that he can devour them.  Those demons from hell are poised and ready to tempt My children and then destroy them when they get into enemy territory by following the will of the devil to be done in their lives instead of following My will.  That truth is the reason that Your Heavenly Father knows best relating to everything concerning your life in the earth.
   Some of My children are satisfied with merely knowing that I forgive their sins, trespasses, iniquities and rebellious actions that they do in response to the temptations of the devil.  Yes, forgiveness of all of your sins is a glorious part of My Kingdom of Love.  However, it's not all of the benefits.  When My children only know about My forgiveness, they are constantly sinning so that they can be forgiven, sinning so that they can be forgiven and on and on because they don't know that I supply My authoritative power of My Holy Spirit to live inside of them to alert them to the devil's temptations from hell so that My children can refuse to do the devil's will instead of depending upon My forgiveness over and over.  (Romans 5:20-21; Romans 6:1-4) 
    Sinning over and over again and being forgiven by Me over and over again does not glorify Me because there is no heavenly inheritance that comes upon you because you still suffer the devil's consequences of the sins over and over again.  You are forgiven by Me and are clean in My eyes, but the seeds sown in the devil's garden will grow evil plants which will curse your life.   When you are placing yourself under the old laws of sinning and then being forgiven, then you are not reaping the benefits of My new covenant with My children. 
   My covenant of Love dispenses new power to live in My children.  I give My Very Own Holy Spirit to live in them with the power to refuse temptations from hell, I give to My children who ask from Me the authoritative power to cast demons out of the world instead of obeying them.  I give to My children eyes to recognize the evil spirits who temp them and I commission My children to cast them back into hell from where they came,  To those of My children who seek Me, through My Holy Spirit I teach My children all of the spiritual wisdom and knowledge necessary for them to be victorious in life over evil instead of always sinning and having to be forgiven by Me.  My forgiveness is universal, but My guidance is for My children who seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek My righteousness. 
    I said that obedience is better than sacrifice.  That means that it is much more beneficial for My children to seek to hear My words of guidance, then do what I lead them to do, always returning good for evil done to them, and then My kingdom benefits come into their lives on earth.  Obedience to My guidance saves My children from having to suffer the consequences of their sins after making sacrifices for forgiveness, as was taught under religious laws. 
   When My children view My guidance as beneficial insight and wisdom, then obeying My guidance themselves, they stay well entrenched in My Kingdom of Love instead of venturing into the devil's kingdom of destruction and death caused by yielding to the temptations of his demons.  When you obey My guidance, which keeps you thinking, doing and saying My personal ways in the earth, then you do My will in the earth and My Kingdom of Love floods its benefits into your life because you have dispensed love and peace in the earth that I gave to you.
    My Holy Spirit wants to lead you into all truth by teaching you how to avoid evil in the earth.  He wants to teach you about My angelic hosts which are sent by Me to be in unity with My Spirit and they obey every word that He commands.  My Spirit wants you to pray in My spiritual words so that solutions will be sent to My ways and means committee, which are My angels, empowering them to bring solutions to all of your problems.  This all must be done in an attitude of love, for I said that even if you pray in human and angelic words, they must be in an attitude of unconditional love.  (I Corinthians 13:1)
   My Spirit wants to build a temple of love in you through whom all of the world is blessed.  I know how to do it because I am your Father.  Become intimately acquainted with Me, listen to My guidance, do what I lead you to do, and then reap the benefits of heavenly living while in the earth. (Matthew 6:10)
   Your Loving Father