Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Dear One,
    My children are under the impression that when I warned you through Jesus about your words that He was talking only about what you consider "curse words," as in saying that you damn someone.   That is far from the truth.  Any words that are judgmental, vindictive, belittling, condemning, scornful or oppressive will curse the speaker and the victim because of calling into action the forces of hell. (Isaiah 58:9)
    Jesus said that by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned. (Matthew 12:36-37) That should give you a powerful revelation of how important your words are.  He also said that you give an accounting for your idle words.  He could not be more emphatic that you either sow to My kingdom of life or you sow to the evil kingdom of destruction and death.  He only spoke the words that I told Him to speak. He said it's safe to only say yea or nay because sometimes what you say comes from hell and sows seeds into hell which will produce curses in your life. (Matthew 5:37)
   James also said that you should refuse to swear by heaven or anything in the earth, that your words should be yea or nay so that you will not fall into condemnation. (James 5:12) James knew that the mouth is the member of the body that causes more problems than others because it speaks from My heaven sometimes and then sometimes it speaks from hell. He said it sets on fire hell itself, stoking the embers of satan so that the words burst into flames and curse you.  (James 3:7-12 James 4:11-12)
    Jesus told the Pharisees that they were of their father, the devil. when they spoke words of judgment and condemnation about Him, adding to their own burdens. (John 8:44-49)  David knew this truth, because he prayed that the words of his mouth would always be acceptable to Me.
    I have sent this message through modern day prophets who coach people to think positively and speak positively, always speaking words that edify   themselves, build up others and enhance their circumstances.   (Ephesians 4:29-30) Yes, they are prophets who know the truth of the power of words, that words either sow seeds in heaven or in hell.  They put that truth in acceptable, wise words instead of religiously spoken words in order for the truth to be digested and become part of your daily practice.  There are many testimonies that confirm this truth, that relationships improve, prosperity increases, bad circumstances turn into good circumstances, conflicting situations turn into peaceful ones and happiness is the result.
    I created the world with words and you are made in My image.  You create your world by your words.  If you stoke the fires of hell by bitter words, then hell will send its curses into your life.  If you stoke the fires of the angels in My heaven by speaking loving, edifying, gracious words, you summon them to minister My goodness to you.  If you bless your enemies and do good to them, you send My angels, with My fire in their inner beings, to burn the evil out of your enemies.  (Matthew 3:11; Romans 12:19-20; Ezekiel 10:2-4 )
     When you are present in a situation where there is strife, let your words be limited to yes, no or preferably no words at all.  You do not need to justify your beliefs, your politics, your religion, your doctrines, your rights or your opinions.  That is when trouble starts, when you start to avenge yourself.  I said that I will avenge you.  I will prove the truth without your participation and it will be sweet, gentle vengeance which glorifies My ways.
     Be cautious which kingdom you glorify with your words, either My kingdom of love or the devil's kingdom of strife.  You sow to one or the other.  Sow to My kingdom of love and you will reap My blessings.
     Your Father of Blessings

Monday, January 30, 2017


Dear One,
   In an effort to reveal My characteristics of love to My children, I revealed Myself in increments to the people under My first covenant with a nation because they could not accept My entire character at once as a good Father.  Their ideas of characteristics of fathers were domineering, condemning, rigid, punitive and unloving because those are characteristics of what their enemy, the devil, produced in fathers at the time.  Under My old covenant with a nation, My efforts to convince My children of My real nature was done by My saying to them, "I am" -- and then revealing a particular segment of My personality.
   I revealed My self as a provider when I said that I am Jehovah Jirah.  I proved Myself to them as their provider over and over and over again, yet they continued to take the lead in their own lives, not really believing that I could provide everything for them if they would be patient and wait for My provisions.  They still sought their own will instead of My will, even thought I told them that I am their provider. (Genesis 22:14)  They didn't know Me.
   I wanted them to know that My will in their lives would guarantee their success but they must allow Me to be their shepherd.  Jehovah Raah was My personality trait of wanting to shepherd My children in order to keep them from walking into the traps set by the evil one.  When My children allow Me to lead them on the paths of righteousness, there is no confusion because paths are clear that lead to the abundant life.  (Numbers 27:16-17; Psalm 23:1)
    Jehovah Rapha, the Lord of your health and healing in sickness, was a part of My character that was revealed when I healed their sick.  (Genesis 15:26; Genesis 20:17)  They still rejected My healing gifts and sought incantations from witches for their healing.  They did not like My instructions that they should hear My words to them and follow them.  They wanted a quick fix so they sought healing from emissaries of the devil who had cursed them with diseases. They chose not to know Me as healer and depend on Me to instruct them in being healthy.
    I wanted to constantly lead them into peaceful green pastures, revealing Myself to them as Jehovah Shalom, their peace. (Judges 6:23-24; Psalm 23:2)  Yet, they loved war and persisted in sowing seeds of war with people and with other nations, blaming Me for their calamities and destruction.  They didn't know Me.
    Jehovah Nisi, the God who displays banners of victory, signaling victory over the devil and the evil that he causes in the world is My characteristic of being an overcomer. (Exodus 17:15)  Yet My children insisted in making other people their enemies, causing them to walk in the devil's destruction and death. (Ephesians 6:10-12)  They didn't know Me.
    I offered to make them righteous, with the power to be free from evil, so I revealed My righteousness when I told them that I am Jehovah Tsidkinu, (Jeremiah 33:15-16)   They previously thought that I was both good and evil but I revealed to them that I am the Lord of Righteousness.  Still, they continued to believe that I brought both good and evil upon My children. They didn't know Me.
     The only way to show them that I was their Good Father who heals them, protects them, provides for them, makes them victorious over evil, leads them into peaceful pastures, delivers them from the works of the devil, and gives to them My own righteousness was for Me to come to earth in the person of My Son to show them My true nature.  Jesus told them that I am a kind, merciful, loving and a good Father.   The religious and political children who called Me their God killed Him for what they said was His heretical teachings and blasphemy.  They didn't know Me.
     When I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth, I gave Him the assignment to reveal My true nature to My children who choose to hear My voice which is inside of them in the person of My Spirit.  He reveals My nature and My character to you of your good Father, your good shepherd, your healer, your deliverer and your victor over evil, your provider of all good things, your peacemaker, your righteousness, your guide, your counselor and your comforter.  It is only through the revelation given by My Spirit that My children can know My true nature as their loving and gracious Father. 
    Jesus said that not everyone who prophesies in My name, casts out demons in My name and do miracles in My name will enter into My kingdom living in the earth.  He said that only those who do My will are the ones who will enter into My kingdom living.  (Matthew 7:21-23) That is because I will lead them around the traps set by the devil by their doing My will, and I will teach them to reject evil thoughts from their minds which tempt them to judge people and become angry.  Only by taking My advice to avoid binding yourself to evil will you enter into the blessings of My kingdom.  My children who persist in doing the will of the devil, even though they prophesy in My name, do miracles in My name and cast out demons in My name, they will never be able to fully enter into the blessings that I set aside for them to have in the earth from the foundation of the world.   They will come to heaven to live with Me when their bodies die, but while they are alive in the earth they will not have My kingdom living.  In fact, many will have hell on earth because they did not allow Me to guide and shepherd them around evil pitfalls.  Instead, they did the will of the devil, sowing controversy, discord, strife, vengeance, anger, judgment and condemnation in the world and inheriting the same in their lives.
   That is a hard truth to swallow, that only doing My will in the earth instead of doing the devil's will in the earth is the way to have heaven on earth.  Doing the devil's will of judging, being angry, being bitter, being vengeful, sowing strife and discord will cause you to reject My will and do the devil's will.  By rejecting My will you will qualify for the devil's inheritance of destruction instead of My inheritance of the abundant life because of My godliness at work in your life.  I even give you My godliness and My power to reject evil and do good.   Jesus said that you have no excuse if you call yourself by My name,  (John 15:22; Romans 2:1-5)
    All truth from My Spirit says that My true character is love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and forbearance. 
    Any identification that says that I am vengeful, angry, judgmental, condemning and punitive is from the bowels of hell sent to authorize you to be of those same attitudes which lead you to destruction and death.  They put to death Jesus Christ and they delight in putting you to death by separating you from Me, the giver of life and all good things.  (Luke 12;31-32)
    When you know Me intimately, you hear My voice and keep My words by taking My advice.  When you do, My kingdom comes to you in the earth as it is in heaven.
     Your Instructional, Tutoring Father of All Truth            

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Dear One,
   Every word that came out of the mouth of Jesus, as dictated by Me, was for your protection from the clutches of your enemy the devil, who is an invader in the earth.  You have no reason to blame Adam for allowing the invader to enter the earth when you, yourself, join with him many times a day by entertaining his thoughts.
   When you believe his temptations to judge other people, to become angry with other people or to accuse other people instead of forgiving them, you develop attitudes that become toxic to your own body.  When you meditate upon those toxic attitudes by allowing more meditations from hell to invade your mind, you let the toxic attitudes grow in your mind until they develop into verbal accusations, vengeful judgments and angry words which spew from your mouth which condemn you because you have declared by those toxic words that you have left Me and joined into unity with the evil kingdom. (Galatians 5:14-16)  When the disagreement escalates in your emotions until you call one of My children a fool or an imbecile or any insult, you declare that person unworthy of My love and forgiveness because you have refused to freely forgive the person.  Jesus said when you insult one of My children what you have joined with your enemy and you are in danger of the fires of hell to enter into your life with destruction and death.
   If anger causes you to strike a person or harm a person in any way, you are in danger of being brought before the council of lawmakers.  When you strike back at a person who strikes you, a full fledged fight ensues and you are both arrested and sent to court.  I said that the seeds that you have sown in the devil's court of death will judge you until you have paid the full price.  (Matthew 5:21-26) 
    In My Instruction Book to you, I covered that common scenario that happens every second of every day in the earth.  I said not to do evil to another person and not to return evil that is done to you.  My words could not have been more plain.  Temptations to become bound to the works of the devil in doing his will in the earth are minute by minute invaders in your thoughts.  It is called "the flesh" in My Book, but it is called the flesh because that is where your enemy, the devil, invades and issues his edicts for you to do his will. Doing his will brings destruction and death into your life.
    My Holy Spirit lives in your spirit, not in your flesh, and He is constantly issuing His admonitions to you to forgive people who offend you, to forgive people who accuse you and to forgive people who abuse you.  (John 20:21-23) He is constantly telling you to do good to someone who injures you in any way, either emotionally, physically or spiritually.  (Romans 12:18-21)   My edicts bring peace and love into your life because they cause you to do My will, planting seeds into My garden of love which will grow love plants in your life. 
    Every word that I spoke through My Son Jesus was given for your protection, to instruct you how to avoid becoming corrupted by uniting with evil and as a result reaping destruction.  Every word that I spoke though My Son Jesus was given to instruct you how to stay on the narrow path that leads to the abundant life that is reserved for My children who hear My words and do them.  I teach you how to enter into My kingdom living while in the earth. (Matthew 7:1-14; Romans 2:1)
    My desire is that all people in the earth enter into My kingdom living.  I provided the way through Jesus Christ and His words in My Instruction Book.  I also provided the tutor, My Holy Spirit, to teach you the way and to give you the power to refuse evil temptations which are sent from hell to divert you from the narrow path.
    My love for you provides everything that you need in teaching you how to avoid evil and embrace good.  I said that you will know them by their fruit.  Love, mercy and forgiveness are fruit from My tree of life, the Holy Spirit.  Be led by Him and you will have peace on earth for which Jesus Christ died.  It involves good will towards all people.
    Your Father of Peace and Good Will

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Dear One,
   Instant forgiveness counteracts instant judgment.  When your mind begins to be flooded with instant judgmental thoughts, you have a choice in a split second of whether to hold onto the judging thoughts about someone or whether to forgive the person for not living up to your standards which come from either religious, political or social measurements.
    If you hold onto judging thoughts, they will quickly escalate into an attitude.  That is when they become toxic to you and your future.  Judgmental attitudes are accompanied by your emotions which declare the person you are judging as inferior to you because he or she does not measure up to your ideals.  That is when you begin to be cursed, because you have allowed an evil judgment to hatch in your mind into an evil attitude.  Attitudes contain energy from your emotions and that is when you begin to attract to yourself similar evil spirits because you have sown seeds into hell and you will reap judgment from hell. (Matthew 7:1-2)  Your toxic attitudes will show on your face, in your speech and in your actions.  To explain it further, I said that it is by your kind words that you are acquitted as My child, being beneficiaries of My forgiveness and love, and it is by your evil words that you are condemned as joining with the devil, being beneficiaries of his destruction and death. (Matthew 12:37)
    If you have judgmental thoughts and instantly reject those thoughts, casting them into hell, and replace them with forgiveness for the person for his or her not living up to your social, religious or political ideals, then you have sown forgiveness seeds into My kingdom of heaven and you will also receive forgiveness.  Jesus said it plainly when He prayed to Me, "Forgive us our sins as we forgive the sins of others." (Matthew 6:12)
    My cure for the sins of the whole world was to allow My Son Jesus to die for the sins of everyone.  So as far as I am concerned you are forgiven before you ever judge someone.  But the problem is that you are still bound to the works of the devil if you do his judgmental work in the world.  I have forgiven you, but the devil never releases you from the judgment of your joining with him in judging others.  There is great delight in hell when you yield to the temptation to judge someone because you have taken yourself out of the protection of My forgiveness and placed yourself in the arena of the devil's judgment.  It may not happen at that moment or that day, but sometime in the future you will suffer the judgment of the devil which brings destruction in some area of your life, either to you, your children, your work, or your social life because of your judging other people.
    Monitor every thought that enters into your mind.  I know that it is not easy.  That is why Jesus separated himself from people and sought solace in order to pray.  That is why Paul went into the desert for years, in order to learn to hear My voice of mercy and forgiveness so as to be able to extend forgiveness to everyone, just like I do.  Old religious, political and social programming must be rejected from your mind or you will fall, ever so quickly, into judging others and then be judged by the devil through other people. 
    It is still a battle between good and evil, as at the beginning when Adam allowed evil to rule the world.  The sacrifice of Jesus in dying for your sins made it possible for you to have My Holy Spirit to live inside of you and reprogram your mind from the judgments of the devil and instead program it with My thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of mercy and forgiveness in order for you to have the abundant life that I promised to everyone who comes to Me and is led by My Holy Spirit.  Yielding to the mind of Christ, which is in My Holy Spirit inside of your human spirit, allows Him to help you become transformed into My image in the world, and that is the secret to your having a life of an abundance of peace, goodness, kindness and love.
   It's all about mercy. 
   Practice rejecting judgmental thoughts before they become toxic attitudes. Substitute merciful, forgiving thoughts and you will lead a blessed life.
   Your Merciful Father

Friday, January 27, 2017


Dear One,
    You must be careful not to yield to instant judging thoughts that immediately flood into your mind that are judgment thoughts left over from the old fleshly programming of your mind which were selfish, condemning and punitive.   If thoughts are not kind, gentle, giving, forgiving, spiritually informative and loving, then they are not from the new beginning of your choosing to be led by My Spirit.  Instead of My thoughts, they are from fleshly programming that were put there by the devil by his using his spirit of prejudice, his spirit of domination, his spirit of condemnation and his spirit of  superiority.
    Prosecutors and judges in your courts of law who yield to the habit of rushing to   judgment are eventually judged by their own peers and relieved of their duties.  Their attitudes of immediately judging a person guilty of a crime without hearing all of the evidence are contrary to the laws of the land and their peers know that they will be a mockery to the legal system. 
    My children who rush to judgment in their daily lives will rush to deliver their prideful criticism, their egregious punishment and their condemnation will find themselves being criticized, punished and condemned by other people because of the seeds that they have sown. (Romans 2:16:20)  They scorn the poor, the ignorant, the disabled, the sinners, the unenlightened and the prisoners while they, themselves, are caught in the trap of judging others which is completely opposed to what their brother Jesus taught.  He taught them to lovingly minister goods to the poor, to teach the ignorant, to help the disabled, to forgive the sinners, and to visit the prisoners. (John 12:46-50)
    Rushing to judge others brings more problems into the lives of My children than any other demonic thoughts, demonic attitudes, toxic spoken words and evil actions.  Because the devil is the father of judgment of the world, when My children judge others by his standards, they will reap what he always metes out onto humanity, which is calamity and destruction.  (James 5:9-11)
    Rushing to love others and forgive others will bring more blessings into the lives of My true children than can be imagined because I am Love.  (Ephesians 3:14-20) My true children understand the temptations of the devil that cause people to sin and they forgive the people, just like I do as their Father.  My true children who are led by My Spirit are confident that I raise up My standards of love and forgiveness, mercy and peace in their minds which will cause them to reject judgmental thoughts.  When you put yourself in the position of being a judge, you put yourself into the hands of the one who curses the world and you will be cursed because you have bound yourself to evil. (John 8:15; Romans 12:1-2)
    Everything that happens in your life will require a decision to either judge others or love and forgive others.  If you judge them, you will not pray for them and bless them.  If you love them and forgive them, you will erase their bad actions in your mind and you will absolve them of all sins, just like I do.  (Matthew 7:1-6)
     You are called to love and forgive.  You are called to refuse to judge others but instead to bring them into My family by covering them with My love and forgiveness.
     Are you My child or are you the child of the devil who judges everyone?  Your fruit that comes from your thoughts, your attitudes, your words and your actions will be evidence of which kingdom you have sown seeds into.  (Matthew 6:22-24)
     I want children who are the light of the world.  Some of My children prefer darkness to light so they judge others and they reap darkness, hatred, destruction  and death.
     Let My light of love and forgiveness shine from you so that others will glorify Me and want to be My child.
     Your Light Giving Father 

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Dear One,
   Discerning, or judging, the different voices in your thoughts which entice you to do either good or evil is the cure for all of the problems of My children.  When you accept the voice of evil as being the voice that will be your motivation for doing certain things and act upon that motivation, it will bring destruction in some area of your life because those temptations come from hell.  When you accept My voice in your thoughts and do what those thoughts tell you to do, then you sow good seeds into My garden and good, beneficial blessings come into your life.
    My children who have been baptized in My Holy Spirit have My voice in their thoughts at the forefront of their minds unless they yield to the temptation to judge other people or become angry with other people.   When they take those two wrong paths as directed by the voice of evil in their thoughts, they allow curses to come into their lives, separating themselves from Me and My valuable voice of guidance which keeps them on the narrow path that leads to abundant blessings.
     Jesus told you that truth when He told you the benefits of having My Holy Spirit live inside of you.  He said that when My Spirit comes to live in you that He will reveal sin, righteousness and judgment to you.  I reveal to you which thoughts are from My kingdom of righteousness and which thoughts are from the evil kingdom of hell.
     As long as you live in the world you are subject to hearing both good thoughts and evil thoughts in your mind.  I did not leave you without a gauge with which to measure which thoughts are beneficial for you and which thoughts are destructive to you.  I gave you My Holy Spirit to entice you to reject judgmental, angry, bitter, divisive thoughts which will bring destruction to you.  Instead, I entice you to treasure and obey loving, kind, peaceful thoughts which are valuable to you because you have sown seeds of goodness in your world that I gave to you.  In addition, I gave you an Instruction Book which contains all of My words of caution to you as spoken by My Son Jesus, so you have in black or red writing on white paper before your eyes My words of instruction to you,  The Constitution and Bylaws of My Kingdom.  You have My very own personal words as spoken by Jesus and you have My very own personal words to you in your thoughts from My Holy Spirit which lead and guide you on the paths of righteousness.  They are not judgmental, angry, bitter or divisive. 
    If you will be attentive to Me, My Holy Spirit will reveal to you which thoughts are from hell, sent to lead you to some kind of destruction, and He will reveal which thoughts are from Me, sent by Me to lead you to a life of divine blessings.  The problem with My children is that they more often obey the strife filled thoughts from hell instead of obeying My Spirit's thoughts of keeping peace.  They would rather obey the thought to curse someone with negative thoughts and negative words, or to strike back with fists or words when someone opposes them or strikes them.  Those actions are totally opposed to My instructions through Jesus and through My Holy Spirit's leadings.  (Matthew 5:19-26; Romans 12:18-21) 
    I said that your words and actions must be more righteous than the words and actions of the politicians and lawmakers or you will not enter into My kingdom living while you live in the earth.  Yet, My children bind themselves to the actions of the politicians and the lawmakers, which are the Pharisees and the scribes, and they expect to live a life of peace.  It is impossible.  When you bind yourself to conflict and division, you cannot inherit My kingdom living because you have chosen evil instead of good.
     I love you with My unconditional love which forgives and restores you when you choose the paths to destruction.   When you come back to Me, I lead you back on the right path.  My love has provided everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3-4) I gave you an Instruction Book so that you would visually, with your eyes and mind, know My divine will in everything.  I gave you My Holy Spirit who gives you the power to do what I outlined as My will in My Instruction Book through Jesus.
     I love you.  Do you love Me enough to do My will by keeping My words?  Do you love Me enough to refuse to obey the voice of evil in your head which tempts you to injure emotionally or physically others of My children, and do you love Me enough not to obey the voice of evil who tempts you to abuse My other children by judging them or which tempts you to strike back with angry words or toxic attitudes at someone who opposes you?  Do you love Me enough to do what I teach you by My Holy Spirit to do currently and which I outlined in My Instruction Book to do, which to love others as I love you?   I said if you love Me, you will keep My commands. (John 14:15 and 21)   My commands are given by Me to protect you from evil, to guide you away from evil, to guide you onto the narrow path that leads to kingdom living. (Matthew 7:13-27)
    I love you with unconditional love.  Return the favor. Return your love for Me by obeying My command to love others as I love you. 
    Your Father of Peace and Kingdom Living 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Dear One,
   There are few absolutes in your world.  One sure, tried and true absolute is that everything I have is yours because you are My child.  Yes, I said that everything I have is yours, My peace, My love, My goodness, My blessings, My supernatural power, My joy, My salvation from all evil, My righteousness, My prosperity, My grace, My forgiveness, My authority in the earth, My kingdom, and My life. They were all bought and the price paid by My son Jesus.  As you know, they became yours when you were born of My Spirit, when My Spirit came into you and  created a new life within you.  The start of the appropriation of My gifts for you is begun when you are baptized by My Holy Spirit because He is your advocate who dispenses My gifts to My children who desire them.  He is the promise that I gave through Jesus when He told them to wait for My promise, the One who would explain all of the teaching of Jesus, one who would be your counselor, advocate, tutor, the Spirit of truth, the One who reveals all things hidden and the One who reveals My love to My children. (Acts 1:6-8; John 16:7-15)
    There is a reason that Jesus said to seek My kingdom and My righteousness.  It's because when you seek My kingdom and find it, all of My gifts become legally yours because you are My child.  Then when you seek My righteousness, which is becoming conformed to My image, the dispensing of My gifts to you begins and you become identified in the heavens as My child by your character traits.  Your spiritual royalty is then established and My hosts of angels bring to you all the benefits of being My child.  That doesn't happen all at once.  It happens precept by precept, line by line, here a little, there a little, because your human brain can only handle a little truth at a time.  It takes time for you to take off the old evil habits and put on My good habits which are always character traits of love.  Religious laws are stripped away and spiritual truths are incorporated into your mind.
    My love for you has nothing to do with your ability to assimilate spiritual truths.  My love is never earned.  It is yours because I am love.  Your ability to receive all of My blessings depends upon your seeking to become My righteousness in the earth.  You cannot return evil for evil done to you and expect to receive My blessings.  You cannot hold grudges, being unforgiving, and expect to receive My blessings. You cannot strike back at someone who strikes you and expect to receive My blessings.  You cannot only love those who love you and expect to receive My blessings.  I said when you return good for evil, when you bless those who curse you, when you turn the other cheek, when you love your enemies as I love them, then you are known as My children in the earth and in the heavens.  My blessings to you in the earth and My blessings for you in the heavens will flow like a river to you. (I John 5:2-6)
   Every big and little thing that I have in My heaven belong to you as My child.  Seek My righteousness and receive your blessings.  Your name is written on them.  No one else can have them but you.  They are waiting for you. (Matthew 6:33)
   Your Kind and Loving Father  

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Dear One,
     My Son Jesus was the first person to every speak words directly from My mouth.  His words were directly from My mind of wisdom.  The prophets of old spoke My words also, but not with purity.  Not until My Son came into the world did My perfect will become known to people. 
     I warned My children through the prophets of old and through Jesus about national pride and personal pride. that both would produce a fall caused by an invasion in the earth of demons from hell called the spirits of antichrist.  Remember that I said that the spirit of antichrist was active in the world even when Jesus walked the world. (I John 4:3)  In other words, I was saying that demonic spirits were active in the earth which would water down the words of Jesus or make His words of no importance, just like they had done since Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth with his demons which produced temptations and curses which came upon people who obeyed their temptations.
    Even in the temptation in the Garden of Eden the devil said, "Did God really say ----" such and such.  Can't you see the deception, questioning the full extent of My words?  Because of that element of pride, which questioned My words, the devil convinced Adam and Eve to allow evil to enter into the world.  Throughout My dealings with the nation of Israel, pride resident in the leaders and in the people caused them to always question My words and water them down with logic, convincing them that I didn't really mean what I said. Therefore they sowed seeds to the kingdom of evil which caused other people to conquer them and then they blamed the evil on Me.  All the time it was the devil's spirits who were responsible for My children questioning in their minds My instructions to them. 
     My children do the same things today, questioning My direct instructions to them from Jesus Christ, the One who conquered evil in the earth, in hell and then rose from the dead, sending My Holy Spirit to live in whoever invites Him.  My Spirit gives credence and importance to the words of Jesus, explaining them fully in the minds of My children who seek to know Me face to face.  ((john 14:21; John 14:26) Those children of mine who treasure My words will keep My words because they love Me.  They will believe My words to never return evil for evil but instead to return good for evil, knowing that if they return evil for evil that they are activating the demons from hell to come against them with curses, but if they return good for evil that they are activating My kingdom to work in their behalf, bringing blessings into their lives instead of curses.  (Matthew 5:38-48) 
    There are many of My children who believe the words in their minds of the antichrist, words which water down or completely negate the words of Christ about how to treat their fellow man of never returning evil for evil. (Romans 12;19-21) The temptations of the spirits of antichrist convince My children who call themselves by My name that Jesus did not really mean not to yield to evil because he wants you to protect yourself from evil people, kill them and conquer them.  Jesus said that when you return good for evil that you conquer the evil that motivated someone to come against you.  Some of My children reject that truth because of being flesh minded instead of being Spirit minded.  They go from problem to problem because they sown seeds in the kingdom of hell, reaping destruction from hell  instead of sowing seeds in My kingdom and reaping success and blessings. 
    The spirits of antichrist, which negate the teachings of Jesus, have put a veil over the minds of My children.  My children who do not depend upon My Holy Spirit for their guidance and teachings will always go back under old covenant laws and old covenant national prophesies and will inherit destruction and death.  They have blindly been led by the spirit of antichrist who constantly negates in their minds the importance of the teachings of Jesus Christ in an effort to lead them astray, which he succeeds in doing.   Instead of being humble they become prideful and arrogant, ignorantly forgetting that nations of old fell out of My blessings because of them.   They inherit the woes of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the scribes and the hypocrites instead of inheriting My blessings that come from taking My advice through Jesus and by the power of My Holy Spirit and taking My advice which opens the gates of heaven for them. (Matthew 23:13-33)
    You must be prepared that every time you read My words or meditate on my words to you through Jesus that there will be thoughts in your mind which say, "God didn't really mean that.  It was just for the people in the time of Jesus," or other words which come from the spirit of antichrist which negates My words through Jesus Christ.  That is why those thoughts are called the anti-Christ, because they are completely opposed to His words or negate His words in some way.
     Pride always goes before a fall.  It will cause you to make My valuable, protective words to you of no effect and make your own thoughts and words, which have been influenced by the spirit of antichrist to be of more importance.  The spirit of antichrist will see that your peace is destroyed, your family is dysfunctional, your prosperity is robbed from you, and your life is filled with destruction until you die. 
     I am grieved when My children do not live My kingdom life of blessings while in the earth because they have not have loved Me enough to give credence to My words and follow them like obedient children because they know that I have their best interests at heart. 
     Humility will cause My children to seek My words and My righteousness and they will believe that all good things will be added to their lives. (Matthew 4:17; Matthew 6: 9-10; Matthew 6:31-33 ) 
     Your HUMBLE FATHER                 

Friday, January 20, 2017


Dear One,
    From the beginning of time, My children have been charged by Me with choosing good over evil.  I told the first man, Adam, not to choose to become acquainted with evil, but he was deceived by the creator of evil, the devil, and he did not take My advice.  Instead, he joined in unity with evil and the result was the spiritual pollution of the earth with evil spirits who entice all My children to do evil deeds which multiply and curse their existence in the wonderful world that I gave to them.  I made a way out by sending one of their own beings, Jesus Christ, whose mother was supernaturally conceived by My Holy Spirit and He was commissioned to die for the disobedient acts of all people.   I ALWAYS HAVE A WORKABLE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS OF MY CHILDREN.
    After Jesus Christ paid the price for the sins of everyone in the world, He came back to My heaven to live with Me and We sent the same Holy Spirit who impregnated His mother Mary, causing her to conceive Him and birth Him, the same Holy Spirit with My power who raised Him from the dead, and We sent the same Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by My children who choose to do My works of good in the earth, making them supernatural rather than their having merely earthly natural power.  Those of My children who choose to receive My Holy Spirit are supernaturally charged with My power to overcome the evil in the world.  (Acts 1:7-9)  YES, I ALWAYS HAVE WORKABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS OF MY CHILDREN. 
    After the day of Pentecost when My Spirit first began to live in My earthly children, they began to do supernatural works in the earth, defeating evil in various ways because of the spiritual power that was resident in them, that power that was given to them by My Very Own explosive and authoritative Holy Spirit.  I did not leave them without power, as Jesus said. (John 14:12-18)  He said that He would not leave you powerless but that you would have the same power that raised Him from the dead, that it would be living in you with the power to overcome all of the works of evil.  That was a momentous day in the earth, when I sent My own Holy Spirit to live in My children who choose to do My good works over the devil's evil works in the earth.  (Acts 2:1-4)  AGAIN, YES, I ALWAYS HAVE WORKABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS OF MY CHILDREN WHO ARE LED BY MY SPIRIT. 
     My Spirit filled children began to do My works of good in the earth but the father of evil, the devil, did not give up easily.  Impregnating the minds of My children with his evil ways, called the works of the flesh, allowed him to deceive My children again and become lord of their lives in many ways.   Their works of good, done through the power of My Spirit, were mixed with works of evil, done through the temptations of the devil.  Good began to be overcome with evil in many ways because some of My children began to be deceived by the devil's temptations and evil began to pollute again the heaven on earth that I created for My children, after I even gave them My very own power of My Holy Spirit to discern evil and to overcome evil.  They began to allow the devil to rob them of their power to do good.  AS ALWAYS, I STILL HAVE WORKABLE SOLUTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS OF MY CHILDREN. 
    I commissioned several of My children to produce an Instruction Book composed of various books which outline the works of My Holy Spirit but also which identify the works of the evil spirits who are empowered by the father of evil, the devil.  In the Book I outlined the many ways to overcome evil and I included a history of the struggles with evil that all of My children have while they live in the earth.  I also tell how to overcome every thought, every attitude, every evil word spoken and every evil action taken by them which pollutes the heaven on earth that I desire for My children.  Within the two gifts from Me, My Holy Spirit and My Instruction Book, are contained everything necessary for an abundant life and walking in the godliness of being My children while living in the earth.  (II Peter 1:2-9)  With the combination of My Instruction Book and My Holy Spirit, effective workable solutions was instituted in the earth which lead to the solutions for all problems of My children to be known and implemented. YES, WITH THE POWER OF MY HOLY SPIRIT AND MY INSTRUCTION BOOK, THE BIBLE, YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER AND INFORMATION TO OVERCOME EVERY PROBLEM.
     The problems which remain are that My children do not believe that their own thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of judgment and condemnation meted out by themselves upon other people are what cause them to be also judged and condemned.  When they join in unity with the father of judgment, the devil, they also receive his judgment and condemnation.  Problems flood into their lives and they never connect the problems with their own judgments and condemnations of others.  (Matthew 7:1-6)  They also join in unity with the devil by yielding to his thoughts of fear and terror which are indicators that they believe the thoughts of the evil one more than they believe Me.  They arm themselves with weapons to fight their sisters and brothers in the earth rather than arming themselves with My power to overcome evil.  They yield to anger from hell when someone opposes them instead of yielding to My Holy Spirit who always teaches them to forgive so that they will be forgiven.   Instead of rejecting thoughts of anger, judging, condemning and fear, they yield to those demons and return to the pigpen with the devil as their lord. They leave My sanctuary of peace on earth and return to hell on earth which was their former state of mind. all because they have been deceived again.  I NEVER GIVE UP ON MY CHILDREN.  I CONTINUE TO LEAD THEM AND GUIDE THEM INTO SOLUTIONS THAT ARE AVAILABLE WHEN THEY RETURN TO ME TO SAVE THEM FROM THE EFFECTS OF THEIR JOINING IN UNITY WITH THE FATHER OF EVIL.
     My Holy Spirit is always ready to teach you, to train you in righteousness, to identify evil works, to caution you to impending traps set by the devil to entice you to again yield to his attitudes, and to empower you to refuse the temptations to do evil just like I did for Jesus. (Matthew 4:1-11)
     I have given you everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness.  Yield to My Holy Spirit instead of to the devil's thoughts.  Study My Instruction Book so that you will know your legacy as My child, knowing all of your rights that you have as My child.
      I never leave you without comfort and solutions when you are in unity with Me.  The problem is that you do not know My Instruction Book and you do not listen to My Holy Spirit who leads you into all truth.  I have given both to you to help you live in a heaven on earth.  Utilize everything that I give you and you will have kingdom living while in the earth.
     Your Loving, Solution Providing Father

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Dear One,
    All of My children spend their lives fighting the wrong enemies, being deceived into thinking that other human beings are their enemies.  That deception is fathered by their real enemy, the devil.  The devil and his demons use human beings to carry out their destruction in the earth, but the real culprits are the principalities and powers of the air, those being the devil and his workers who are called demons.  They are the instigators of all evil.
    If you will read about the creation of the world, you will see that all good things come from Me. (Genesis 1:12, 18, 21, 24, 25 and 31). The devil was allowed to enter into the world through the permission of Adam and the devil and his demons invaded the atmosphere of the earth, flooding your world with evil temptations which work constantly on My children, enticing them to do the devil's will in the earth instead of doing My will which brings joy and peace.  Doing the devil's will brings death and destruction. (Genesis 2:14-19)  
    I told you clearly that you do not battle against flesh and blood but you do battle against the spiritual beings of the devil and his demons who are the real instigators of evil in the world, those being the cause of all of your problems.  (Ephesians 6:12) However, My children still treat other humans, My very own children of My creation, as your enemies by striking back at them when they oppose you in some way.  In doing that, you multiply the works of evil and let the devil become lord of your life. 
     My Son Jesus vehemently instructed you to do the opposite.  He told you never to return evil for evil done to you but instead to always return good for evil, to bless those people whom the devil is using to hurt you, to pray for the people, because doing good actions toward those who hurt you will always overcome the works of evil, making the devil shrink back in defeat. (Matthew 5:38-45)  The person whom you thought was your human enemy will become your friend and the real instigators of the evil done to you will have to leave the situation because they can't stand to see My good prevail.
     Every one of My instructions through My Son Jesus to you involve new and different ways of overcoming evil.  The old ways of doing things, an eye for an eye, only increases evil in your life.  It multiplies the devil's works in your life instead of defeating them.  Jesus said that the old ways must pass away and all things must become new.  The problems that exist in the lives of some of My children today are due to My children refusing to let the old things pass away.  They continue to return evil for evil.  Some of My children still believe that human beings are their problem so they continue striking back and returning evil for evil.  Families are destroyed, fortunes are lost, wars prevail and it is as if Jesus Christ did not come into the world and die for the sins of everyone.  He died for your sins but also for the sins of the people that the devil is using against you.  He died for the people whose political and religious beliefs are different from yours.  I said that He died for the sins of the whole world.  (I John 2:1-3)          
    I instructed you never to seek vengeance.  Some of My children heed those words but some of My children, instead, hold on to the old way of seeking vengeance.  I said to let Me avenge you.  In order for Me to avenge you, I said that if your human enemy is hungry that you should feed the person, if the person is thirsty that you should give him water, that you should pray for the person because when you pray for the person you are heaping My angels upon the head of the people you consider your human enemies and those angels will be able to turn thoughts of loyalty of your human enemies from the devil to Me and to you.  (Romans 12:17-21)
    The devil entices My children to blame other people for their problems or to blame Me for their problems, thinking that I am testing them.  Job made that mistake and was cursed in every area of his life.  Only when Job met with Me face to face and understood that neither was I his enemy nor were his friends his enemies, he was restored to prosperity in every of his life after he forgave his friends.
    With the power of My Holy Spirit you have all of the weapons necessary to defeat your real enemy, the devil.  You have intercessory prayers where you join with me in speaking My words which are weapons which defeat the devil and his demons.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)  You have My instructions to make peace with everyone because human beings are not your enemies.  You have My instructions to overcome evil with good.  You have everything necessary to defeat evil in your life, but first you must take My advice on how to treat people who oppose you in order for Me to be glorified in the earth. (Matthew 5:16)
    My new ways are powerful.  Cast away the old, unworkable ways and embrace My new commandment, to love others as I love you.
    Your Father Who Overcomes Evil With Good     

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Dear One,
     If some thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken do not produce good results in your life, then they need to be rejected instead of tried again over and over again. expecting a different good result every time.  If they didn't work in the past, they won't work in the present or the future.  It is even said in your world that insanity is expecting good results from behavior that has only resulted in more problems in the past.  I said it more clearly in My Instruction Book when I said to forget all that is past and to look to what Jesus Christ told you to do, mirroring His works in the earth instead of the old works that failed you. (Hebrews 12;2)   Repeatedly doing dead works from hell which produced destruction in your life in the past will produce the same destruction when engaging in the same activities today.
      There are always other more effective ways of doing things.  You would not have come to Me for My ministry of problem solving if things from the past had worked.  You sought Me for Me to become your Father and Jesus Christ to be your Lord in order for Us to work miracles in your problems.  If you do not seek to know and do My will in every area of your life, then you have not allowed Us to do our effective works.  If you continue in seeking revenge, in judging others, in promoting strife, in returning evil for evil done to you, in yielding to anger, in making political leaders your saviors, in making religious leaders your saviors, in being rebellious and seeking your own will, then you will continue to wallow in the same problems for years and years and years.  You will think that I did not answer your prayers when all along the problem was that you continued in doing the devil's will in relation to how you treat other people instead of doing My will.  Old things must pass away for all things to become new.
      Jesus said that there are those who call Me Lord who do not enter into My kingdom living while in the earth.  Just because a person calls Me Lord does not mean that he or she is making Me his or her Lord.  Often I am their Lord in name only, not in devotion and loyalty.  (Matthew 7:21-27)  Jesus said that those people who do My will will enter into My kingdom living while in the earth.  They will enjoy heaven on earth because they followed the admonitions of Jesus, keeping and obeying every word that He taught, even things that were in opposition of the old covenant laws.
      I do not keep anyone out of My kingdom life in the world.  Refusing to do My will in every matter keeps My children out of My kingdom living because doing My will always leads them around the traps set by the devil to enslave My children to the passions of the flesh which rob and kill themselves and other people by having attitudes of anger, resentment, strife and other demonic ways.  Trying to have two masters is the problem, praising Me in words only but still doing the will of the devil in relation to how you treat other people will set up barriers which block Me from being able to usher My kingdom living into your life and they will block your having a life of abundance in which blessings which overflow.   Persisting in having old jugmental thoughts, old toxic attitudes, bitter words spoken and doing injurious actions toward people are what build barriers which keep My blessings out of your life.
      Yes, thoughts matter. (Psalm 19:14)  Yes, attitudes matter. (Matthew 5:3-11) Yes, words matter.  (Ephesians 4:28-31; Matthew 15:11 and 16-20 )  Yes, actions matter. (Ephesians 4:32; Romans 12:20-21)  Good ones allow Me to flood you with My blessings and evil ones set up barriers which keep My blessings from entering into your life.
      My joy is full when My children enter into My kingdom living while in the earth because it means that they have been devoted to doing My will instead of their own will or the devil's will.  It means that heaven on earth is their prize because they have determined to do My will, making Me the Father of all blessings to themselves. (I Corinthians 9:24-27; Philippians 3:13-14)
      Forget all the unworkable ways of the past, forget them since they didn't work anyway.  Only do what I teach you to do, press toward the high mark that Jesus set which is forgiving others and loving others as I love you.  (John 13:34; John 20:21-23)
      Your Forgiving, Giving Father

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Dear One,
    When you want My new life to become real in your life, you must reject everything that connects you to the old  life.  Remember My teachings through Jesus about the old wine skins and the new wine, also the old material and the new patches.  (Matthew 9:16-17) If you combine My new thoughts and motivations with the devil's old destructive thoughts and motivations, you will never have My kingdom living in the earth, the life that I promised to My children.
    Instantaneously when you choose to receive My Holy Spirit, allowing Me to create a new life with new thoughts, new attitudes, new ways of speaking and new actions taken, you find that, behold, all things have become new.  You are elated with the changes in your life, experiencing My new life in the way you think and the way you act.  However, because you live in the earth, which is still influenced by the devil, you find that the devil does not give up easily.  There are constant temptations by him to woo you back to his ways of destroying your new life and sucking you back into doing his will in the earth.  Losing even one of his emissaries to Me is never allowed by him without his battling hard to woo you back slowly, before you even know that you are already listening to him in your mind and by your obeying his temptations that were formerly your way of life.
    My mercy is always extended to you.  I never chide you for obeying your spiritual enemy.  Instead, I immediately forgive you and begin to entice you back into the new life that I freely gave to you.  However, until you come back into My family, like the Prodigal Son, you will continue to sow seeds by doing the devil's will that will invite demonic curses to invade your life again. reproducing the old life that you thought you had left.   I gave My children free will at the beginning and you have the right to choose between good and evil.  My will is for you to always choose good over evil.  Often you don't recognize that you are entertaining evil thoughts in your mind and you think on them until they become a bad attitude.  Then you speak destructive words and do unkind actions toward people.  You wonder where your new life went and why you are not still walking in newness of life.  My new life never left you.  You left My new life and returned slowly to the thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken when you were walking in the curses of the old life before My Holy Spirit gave you My new life so freely through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
    My new covenant prophets wrote many warnings in My Instruction Book to people of the past who did the same thing, yielded again to the will of the devil which brought the curses of the old life into their new life in Christ Jesus.   The curses of the old life when they were in the family of the devil by doing his will becomes evident again in their lives.  (Romans 7:22-23)  My Son Jesus taught you many times that the devil is your enemy and that he does not give up easily.  My Holy Spirit, who lives inside of you, will discern for you when you are tempted to return evil for evil done to you and He entices you to do the opposite, which is to return good for evil so that My kingdom will remain active in your life with all of My blessings instead of your returning to the ways of the devil and doing his will in your life which brings destruction and even death. 
    Under My covenant of love with My children, all of My writings in My letters to My children in My Instruction Book through Paul, Peter, John and James relate to your allowing My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you instead of your returning to the attitudes and activities of the old life where the devil led and guided you. (Galatians 5:13-26)  You cannot combine the two.  Jesus said that you will either love Me and hate evil or you will love evil and hate Me.  You cannot serve two masters. (Matthew 6:20-24)
    If you will listen to My Holy Spirit, who speaks to you in your thoughts, He will caution you when you are getting into evil territory again by choosing to think judgmental, bitter, vengeful, lustful, condemning, envious, unkind, selfish and strife filled thoughts.  He will encourage you to cast those thoughts into hell and you will replace those thoughts with My kind, merciful, peaceful, loving, forgiving thoughts which will bring My kingdom blessings into your life.  
     Pigpen living awaits you if you try to mix good and evil.  My kingdom living awaits you if you endeavor to always think good thoughts and have good attitudes and speak words that built up, not tear down, and if you do My will in the earth. 
      My will must be done in your life for My kingdom to come into your life and bless you. (Matthew 6:10) You know My will because I spoke it through Jesus and I published it in the New Covenant in My Bible, which is My Instruction Book.   (II Timothy 2:10-16)  My Holy Spirit reminds you of My will and He empowers you to do My will so that you will have heaven on earth.
     Walk in newness of life and let the old things pass away.  My blessings will overtake you again.
     Your Father of New Beginnings

Monday, January 16, 2017

Dear One,
    My uninformed children want Me to always swoop in and change situations and circumstances for them in order for them to be happy.  Then they return to their old ways which caused the problems.  Later they beg Me again to work My miracles and change other people and circumstances so they can again be happy.   That is the pattern of the lives of some of My children.  
    That is not what My real relationship with My children involves.  My new covenant of the Holy Spirit involves your allowing Me to change you into a vessel of love in the earth and in return you inherit all of My blessings which are reserved for My children of love. 
    My desire is that you allow Me to change you from the inside which changes you on the outside into My image of love in the earth. Then all of My goodness and kindness toward My family comes into your life because you are identified as My child.  That is how it works.  Your circumstances change and your situations change because you have changed.  All old things have passed away and you will behold all things in your life becoming new because you are a new creature.  All of the things that were cursed by your old life from doing the will of the devil will be changed into all things being blessed in your new life by your doing my will in the earth.  
     All of this transformation from old to new starts with your receiving My Holy Spirit into your spirit, creating a new person who is motivated by Me through My Spirit who lives inside of you.  My thoughts become your thoughts.  Doing My will as taught by My own thoughts infused into your mind will change your attitudes into My will.  I will change your former corrupt speaking into only speaking love words and I will motivate you to change your former destructive actions into your only doing love actions in relation to your life's choices.  It's really very simple.  You no longer allow your former mental programmer, the devil, to be your god/father. (John 8:42-45)  Instead, when you allow My Holy Spirit to give you My new birth, I become your loving Father who leads and guides you into a life with an abundance of blessings which come from My love, joy, goodness, kindness and other of My characteristics which are at work in you.
     When you allow My Holy Spirit to transform you into having My thoughts and attitudes, speaking only My love words and doing only My kind and good actions, you do not have to beg Me to rescue you from troublesome circumstances because whatever you ask I will do for you. (Matthew 21:21-22; John 14:12-14; John 15:7-8) 
      I told you not to be conformed to the world, to your former thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions, but instead to allow My Holy Spirit to transform you by putting My new thoughts, attitudes and motivations which come from My love into your mind.  In allowing Me to transform your mind into the thoughts and attitudes that are in My mind, you will bring My kingdom into your life, as Jesus prayed.  (Matthew 6:10; Romans 12:2)   You will have the same mind that was in Christ Jesus.  (Romans 8:1-2; Philippians 4:4-9) 
      Some of My children want Me to only be their Savior, always saving them from the bad seeds they have sown which allowed the devil to curse them.  It is My good pleasure to rescue them.  But I want My children to be led by My Spirit constantly in their lives so that they become transformed, becoming My images of love in the world.  When that happens My blessings come easily into their lives because My kingdom is evident.  Where My kingdom is evident, My blessings are in abundance and people see your good works and glorify Me.  (Matthew 5:16; Deuteronomy 28)
     It is your choice whether you want to be satisfied with being conformed to the world's behavior, always living a life needing to be rescued from problems and curses, or if you want to become transformed into My virtues which result in your having all of My blessings in your life. I said that I have given you everything necessary for the abundant life and My godliness being evident in you, which is My character.  (II Peter 1:3-11)   My Holy Spirit's tutoring and My Instruction Book's accounts of My teachings through Jesus contain all that you need to transform you into My character which will attract the blessings of My heavenly family into your life.  Your cup will run over with My goodness and mercy, and kindness will follow you all the days of your life in the earth.  Another plus is that you will live with me in My heaven forever   
     When you make Me your Shepherd, you will not want anything because everything in My kingdom will be yours.  (Psalm 23)
      Your Father of Abundant Blessings

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Dear One,
     For new beginnings to change the course of a life, there must be steps taken which will brings changes into place which will benefit you.  I gave you that insight when I told you not to be conformed to this world but for you to be transformed in the spirit of your mind so that you will know My perfect will.  Knowing My perfect will always changes old thinking into new thinking.  (Romans 12:2) 
     Your natural mind does not know what to do to bring changes from old thinking and habits to new thinking and habits.  As the Creator of you and your world, I know ways that will change the old thinking and habits which made your life miserable into new ways which will make your life successful and happy.  The problem is not that My children don't want to change.  The problem is that My children don't know how to change from old mental programming to new mental programming.  Because I am your good and loving Father, I can help you in that endeavor.
     As in any learning process, there must be a book and a teacher.  As your Loving Father I made it possible for some of My children to compile an instruction book, called the Bible.  That Instruction Book outlines all of My centuries old struggles with humanity in which I used various efforts in order to give to them the necessary tools which would lead them into doing My will in the earth, with the end result being to bring My heavenly kingdom into the earth to benefit their lives.  I began to make that possible by sending My Son Jesus into the world to be a living example to My children of My will.  After His death and resurrections as payment for the sins of the world, He and I sent My Holy Spirit into the world to be a private and personal tutor to My children who seek to do My will.  Through some of My obedient children, My Holy Spirit led them to compile an Instruction Book outlining My struggles with humanity to have My will done in the earth, called the old testament. 
      I also commissioned some of My children to write books relating to the ways to help you and My other children to know My will, called My new testament or covenant.  So in those two important provisions from Me, an Instruction Book and My Holy Spirit, who is your personal teacher, I provided everything necessary for My children to know and to do My will in the earth.  (II Peter 1:2-3)
     Now in the earth My children have the Book and the Teacher, all that is necessary for learning how to have an abundant life and My godliness, which is having My character, causing them to do My will in the earth and, thus, inheriting all of My blessings.  To those of My children who do My will in the earth, they are the ones who glorify Me and cause even the unbelievers to glorify Me. 
     You have all that is necessary to transform your mind with the knowledge of My will.  You have My Book, called the Bible, and you have My Teacher, the Holy Spirit, who with your cooperation will lead you into all truth.  (John 3:5: John 14:16-17; John 16:13-14)   You need only one other thing, the desire to know Me intimately.  That desire in alive in the hearts of every human being, to know Me.  Add your own determination to that desire to know Me, as Paul did, when he said that his ultimate desire was to know Me so intimately that he could prove My will in his own life by becoming My image.  Make that determination your own will, to know Me intimately.  My Holy Spirit gives to My children the power to do My will in their lives.  You must lay aside your own will in order to allow Me to transform your  human mind with My will. 
    In this new beginnings lesson, I said first not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind as to My will.  That means to refuse to think and act according to old negative programming by things in the world, but instead to only think and act according to My new positive programming that you allow Me to place in your mind by My Holy Spirit, as confirmed in My Instruction Book.
     Don't hold onto the old negative mental programming.  You must cast it aside and allow Me to transform your mind.  When you allow Me to transform your mind with My Spirit, you allow Me to issue your heavenly inheritance to you by bringing My kingdom into your life on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)
      Heavenly transformation brings heavenly rewards.
      Your Father of Good Tutoring   

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Dear One,
    My old covenant with a nation was made through Moses whom I chose to issue My advice to humans on how to avoid the temptations of the devil to kill, to steal, to make idols, to covet, to commit adultery and on and on.  Through those commandments I identified the devil's evil temptations in the minds of people by My telling them not to do those things which the devil tempted them to do or they would suffer consequences from the devil because of joining with his kingdom.  That was the spiritual reason for My giving the old commandments. 
    The reason for giving the religious laws was not for them to be used as guidelines by which people would judge others for not obeying them.  The reason was also not for the devil to use the commandments to judge you and condemn you for disobeying.  What I meant for good, by warning you how to avoid joining with evil, was perverted and used by the devil to judge you and other people.  (Romans 7:5-10) That is called the letter of the law, that being that the laws were used against people at the behest of the devil instead of them being used to identify the works of the devil so that My children could avoid doing them and thus escape the curses from hell.  I wrote in My new covenant with My children, the covenant of love, that the letter of the law kills.
    I also wrote that the spirit of the law brings life, meaning that the real reason for issuing My advice to you is so that you can remain entrenched in My love and peace because you have chosen not to obey the thoughts in your mind to kill, steal, make idols, covet, etc.  That was the reason that I issued the commandments to Moses through My Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Life.
    I wrote in My Instruction Book that when you are led by My Spirit, that you are no longer under religious laws and the devil's judgment that comes from the laws. .  When you are led by My Spirit, He will not lead you to do any of the works of the devil, not sexual immorality, impurity or debauchery.  He will only lead you to do what is good, pure, peaceful and loving.  (Galatians 5:18-23)  There are no religious laws which empower My children to be loving and peaceful.  Only My Holy Spirit empowers you and tutors you in love and peace.  I also said that I did not give you My Spirit and work miracles among you by your obeying the religious laws. (Galatians 3:1-6)  I gave My Spirit to you and I work miracles for you by your believing Me and having faith in Me to do them. 
    Following religious laws will not make you righteous.  Only through believing the words of My Son Jesus and receiving My Holy Spirit into your life will you become righteous because I give My Holy Spirit to live in you and His life inside of you makes you righteous.  Then His job is to mold your mind and body into also being righteous by His teaching you and revealing truths to you.  (Romans 8:1-6)  Through those revelations you will become My image in a world that is hungry for Me and My truths. 
     Religious laws bring death to people who are ruled by their flesh where the devil works his will in their lives.  My Holy Spirit brings life to those of My children who are led by My Spirit because He only leads you to do My will in the earth.
     When you are led by My Spirit, guided by My Spirit, being obedient to My Spirit, you will have heaven on earth because My kingdom has come into your life.
     It is a happy day for Me and I rejoice when My children access all of the benefits of My kingdom living while in the earth because My purposes and strategies have produced what I created them to produce, children made in My image, witnesses of My character.
      Your Rejoicing Father  

Friday, January 13, 2017


Dear One,
     Good parents teach their children how to succeed in life.  They teach them manners, kindness and goodness toward other people, being merciful toward others, helping others.  They teach how to be resourceful, how to reject evil influences and to feed and cloth those people who are in need.  In other words, good parents teach their children how to be good citizens. 
     I teach My children the same things.  In addition to teaching earthly values, I teach My children spiritual values, the values relating to My spiritual family which is often called My kingdom. I teach My children how to bring My heavenly kingdom into their earthly lives so that they will experience heaven on earth.  I teach My children how to love others as I love them.  I teach My children to forgive all lawbreakers, whether civil lawbreakers or religious lawbreakers.  I teach My children to keep peace with everyone.  I teach My children to be merciful.  I teach My children to always return good for any evil done to them.  I teach My children to automatically forgive everyone who opposes them, does evil to them, insults them, embarrasses them, injures them or is vengeful toward them.  I teach My children that love always overcomes hate and that goodness always overcomes evil. 
     I not only teach My children spiritual things that overcome the evil in the world, but I give to them the power and ability through intercessory prayers to defeat the evil that destroys the lives of other people.  I give My children the power to resist temptations to do evil, and I teach My children not to judge the people who succumb to evil temptations.   I give to My children My very own Holy Spirit who is My personal power source, the source of My power that is higher in authoritative power and in explosive power than anything found in the earth or in the heavens.  My authoritative power has dominating power over every demon in hell and over the devil himself, who is the source of all evil in the world.
     I empower My children with My very own power so that they can defeat the devil's works in the world just like My Son Jesus did when He walked the earth. (I John 3:8)   I empower My children to love their enemies and to love the unlovable people.  I said that anyone who does not love others does not love Me.  I said that the way to be identified as My child is not in name only, but in acts of love.  (I John 3:9-18)
    The only commandment in My new covenant with My children is that you love others as I love you.  (John 13:34)  Believing in My son Jesus qualifies you to be My child and you become born of My Spirit.  Your acts of My love in the world toward other people qualifies you to receive My inheritance for you which I laid aside for you from the foundation of the world.  I said that when you love others with My love, that when you ask anything that you will, it will be done for you.  (I John 3:22-24)
    Become My teachable child and I will teach you how to love others through the power of the lover of your soul, My Holy Spirit.
    My love flowing from you to others will open the windows of heaven and My goodness and blessings will overflow in your life and the life of everyone around you.  
    Love is the master key to having heaven on earth!  (Matthew 16:19)  
    Your Father of Love and Goodness 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Dear One,
     In some of the first teachings that were taught by My Son Jesus to you, I taught about attitudes and the power of attitudes.  My first teaching about attitudes is referred to as the Beatitudes, often referred to as My instructions to "be of these attitudes".  In that teaching I said that anyone who has these attitudes in their lives will be blessed by Me. (Matthew 5:1-12)  Those attitudes are attitudes of mercy, humility, meekness, righteousness seekers, purity of heart, forgiveness, returning good for evil done to you and seekers of peace with all people.  The rest of My teachings to you throughout My Instruction Book amplify My teaching on attitudes.
     Under My old religious laws I said that you should not kill because, if you do. you will be in danger of being judged by courts of law.  (Matthew 5:21) Through Jesus I narrowed down the teaching and instructed you that even being angry with someone is just as dangerous to your life as killing someone.  I said that in being angry with someone that you are in danger of the judgment of the devil.  I amplified that and said that when an attitude of anger controls you and as a result you call a person a fool or an idiot, thus maligning the character of a person of My creation, that you are in danger of punishment by the fires of hell.  The fires of hell are more punitive than courts of law. (Matthew 5:22) 
     The devil tempts you to be angry and then punishes you for your actions that he, himself, tempted you to do.  There is rejoicing in hell by the demons when you become angry with someone and retaliate.  It releases them to bring all of their destruction into your life and the lives of your children.
    My warning about being angry is ignored by most of My children.  Instead, most of My children believe the logic of the devil in their own minds, believing that you deserve to be angry when someone opposes you.  I say the opposite.  I say that you should make peace with anyone who has something against you before you offer your gifts at My altar. (Matthew 23-24)  Your prayers cannot be answered by Me when anger sets up a barrier between us.  (Isaiah 59:1-2)
     The spiritual war between good and evil is constant in your life on earth, and the choice that you have is whose will in the earth you are going to do and thus further that kingdom in the earth, either My kingdom or the kingdom of evil.  When you further My kingdom of love in the earth, you are abundantly blessed by Me.  When you further the kingdom of evil in the earth, you are abundantly cursed with destruction by the devil.
     Anger is an attitude from hell which curses My children more than any other temptation because it leads to punishment by the devil.  It leads to discord between you and others. It leads to family wars and national wars.  Anger leads to thoughts and attitudes of retaliation and vengeance.  All of those works of the devil will produce curses in your life that not only destroy you but curse your children to the third and fourth generations with destruction because anger is  passed down through family heritage.  The devil wins the battle between good and evil when you yield to the demon of anger.
     That is the reason I taught you through Jesus how to deal with the demon of anger.  I told you how to choose blessings instead of curses.  Instead of retaliating with anger when you are opposed by someone, injured by someone, embarrassed by someone, confronted by someone, maligned by someone, cursed by someone or accused by someone, I said not to defame the person through whom an offense came at you by calling the person a derogatory name because it feeds the flames of hell already at work in the situation.  In that scenario, thoughts of anger have grown into angry attitudes and then to angry words spoken.  Instead, I said to make peace with the person or the next step will be angry actions of personal injuries which might advance into killings. 
     In My teachings through Jesus I showed you the power of good and bad attitudes.  I showed you the truth relating to the power of My attitudes of forgiveness and mercy in you which bring peace to strife filled situations and causes the demon of anger in another person to shrink away and become powerless, magnifying My presence of love in the earth.   However, if you feed the anger in another person with more anger from you, it empowers the demon of anger to multiply his presence in the earth and you further the devil's will in the earth because you have given permission for him, like Adam did, to destroy many people in the earth by using anger, vengeance and retaliation.
     My ways are so much higher than your ways.  My instructions to you in this spiritual dispensation of My love is that you have thoughts, attitudes, words and actions that only come from My love.  When you are able to discern good thoughts from evil temptations, casting away the temptations to do the devil's will in the earth and instead only doing My will in the earth, you will inherit My blessings in overflowing measures.  My Holy Spirit gives you the power to do My will.  He gives you the power to overcome evil with good.  He makes you qualified to inherit My blessings in your life.  He is your strengthener, your advocate, your power, your wisdom, your knowledge and the dispenser of My love to you and through you, which will put you in the spiritual position to be blessed. 
     It is My pleasure to give you My kingdom of blessings; but, first, it must be your pleasure to do My will in all matters, one of which is to forgive others instead of multiplying anger in your world. 
     Anger will destroy you.  Mercy and forgiveness will bless you.
     Your Father of Mercy and Forgiveness 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Dear One,
     Every situation and circumstance in your life involves events happening that test whether you will react with good or with evil thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken toward other people.  They are traps set by your enemy, the devil, sent in your daily life which will entice you to either do what I instructed you to do by returning good for evil done to you or whether you will do the will of the devil, returning evil for evil.  Those choices will affect your life in ways that you have no idea.  You must know by now that if you react emotionally and return evil for evil done to you, that you are allowing the devil to curse your life, giving permission for more events to happen that will not only make you unhappy, but make you depressed, confused and angry, seeking revenge against the person who opposes you, hurts you, maligns you, robs from you, embarrasses you, lies about you, or does any other actions of evil against you.
     Please pay close attention to the warnings that came from Jesus.  He told you that your reactions must not depend upon who was right or wrong in a situation.  Your reaction in every situation must be to return good to the person who opposes you, no matter who is right or wrong. (Matthew 5: 20)  Right or wrong does not come into play in any situation because everyone has been right and wrong at different times in their life.  My will in any stressful matter is that My children ALWAYS RETURN good for evil done to them.  In doing that, you sow My righteousness in the world instead of furthering evil in the world.  Jesus taught My will in every strife-filled situation when He taught you to make the choice to return good for every act of evil done to you.
     If you will remember, one of the first things taught by Jesus in his teachings is that anger is equal to killing and that an angry person receives judgment from the devil just like one who kills.  He said that if someone has something against you, no matter if the person is angry with you or you are angry with the person, that you must make peace with that person before you worship Me or bring your gifts to the altar. (Matthew 5:21-24)  He knew the truth taught by Isaiah, that your strife with someone separates you from Me.  Every attitude from hell sets up a barrier so that I cannot dispense your inheritance to you which has been reserved for you since the foundation of the world. (Isaiah 59:1-2)   Jesus said to make peace with everyone or your prayers cannot be answered.  Isaiah offered the solution.  He said that when the devil comes in like a flood, that My Spirit will raise up a standard against him. (Isaiah 59:19)  The most powerful standard is the one that Jesus taught you, that you must make peace with someone with whom you have a problem or who has a problem with you.  In doing that, doing good, which means doing My will in the matter, then there is a guarantee that My words will prevail. 
     Jesus said to overcome evil with good.  My words relating to how to handle a situation where someone has something against you, My instruction in the matter is that you make peace with the person.  When you do, then My words will prevail.  Your righteousness will be rewarded because the barrier between us is removed by your acts of kindness and goodness, You have sown seeds of My goodness in the world and plants filled with kindness and goodness toward you will grow in your life,        
     If anyone opposes you, make the choice to do what Jesus taught you to do.  It is opposite to what the devil tells you to do in the sowing of his will in the earth.  The instruction in your mind to return evil for evil done to you, having evil attitudes toward anyone who has evil attitudes toward you, speaking evil words toward anyone who speaks evil to you, retaliating with evil actions toward anyone who does evil actions toward you, those are from the devil.  The thoughts in your mind from Me are to return good for the evil done to you.  When you make the choice to return good for evil done to you, it is a guarantee of your obtaining your rightful and bountiful inheritance.
     Make choices to always return good for evil done to you and your cup of blessings will overflow, causing you to soar with the eagles above the elementary things of the earth.  (Isaiah 40:30-31)
     Doing My will always brings peace and love to you.  Doing the devil's will by making the choice to return evil for evil will bring curses into your life.
     Your Instruction Book contains all of the ways to overcome evil in your life.  My Spirit gives you the knowledge and the power to do them. 
     My peace I give to you.
     Your Father of Goodness

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Dear One,
     You tell your children that choices matter.  I tell My children that choices matter. The choices that I advise you to make matter much more than than the choices that your children make because the spiritual choices that My children make are moral choices, mental choices and emotional choices, all of them being choices between good and evil which will affect every area of their lives.  For instance, a child's choice between friends might result in his or not being exposed to illegal activities which will affect the child's current life.  Second by second My own children must choose between listening to the devil himself in their minds when he is tempting them to make choices between judging someone and My enticement to forgive someone.  The choice to judge someone results in forming habits of judging others which involves the spiritual law of sowing seeds and reaping the same curses or blessings in your life, depending upon which choice you make.  (Genesis 2:9; 15-17)
     Jesus was very explicit in this matter.  He even gave a warning, saying that if you do judge someone that you will be judged yourself by the same standard by which you judged someone.  (John 8:15; Matthew 7:1-2) He knew that the spiritual being who judges you and then curses your life because you judged someone is the devil. 
     My standard in all situations when you are tempted to judge someone is to immediately extend mercy and forgiveness to the person, praying for My blessings upon that person.  I said that I set up a standard.   (Isaiah 59:19)  My standard relating to your being tempted to judge someone is for you to instead forgive the person and extend your mercy and My mercy to the person because you know that everyone is tempted by the same devil.  You know that yielding to his thoughts of judging someone will result in your being judged yourself, inheriting the devil's judgment which are curses which bring destruction and death. (Matthew 18:21-22) 
      My children who are nonchalant about not judging do not know that their lives in the earth are a battle between good and evil, between blessings and curses.  They do not know the truths in My Instruction Book and they do not know My promises to them of overcoming evil with good.  They continue to judge other people and in turn become angry, wrathful and live lives filled with strife.  Being judgmental does not only affect you, it affects other people to a great degree because the judgmental person is never peaceful and loving.  He or she is always vengeful, touchy, always seeking to punish a wrongdoer by speaking judgment upon the person or to the person or excluding the person from his or her acquaintances. 
      Forgiving a person does the opposite.  When My children forgive a person, he or she releases the person from judgment because he or she has “given the person forward,” releasing him or her from the judgment in his or her mind.  Jesus said whose sins you forgive are forgiven.  So when you forgive someone, I forgive the person also because My forgiveness is universal, always in operation.  I forgave the person before you extended your forgiveness to him or her.
     Judgment always declares a person guilty of an infraction.  Forgiveness declares a person not guilty because he or she is forgiven by Me.  My forgiveness is constantly extended to humanity.  Make your forgiveness also extend to all of humanity. (John 20:20-23)   Jesus said He give you His peace and the sins of everyone you forgive are forgiven.
     If you want peace in your mind, always forgive the sins of everyone, including yourself.  I do, and forgiveness is My standard.  I said that My words will not depart out of your mouth forever.  My words will always be words of peace, love and forgiveness.
     Make right choices between thoughts of good and thoughts of evil.  Hold onto what is good and reject what is evil.   Anything that is of love is from Me. 
     Your Father of Love and Forgiveness

Monday, January 9, 2017


Dear One,
    Your arch enemy, the devil, cannot create anything because he is not a creator.  He can only take what is Mine and use it against you and Me by taking them to an extreme or using them erroneously.  One example is judging.  He uses My written laws given through Moses under an old covenant with the Jews to tempt you to judge someone by the person's actions in disobeying those laws. The laws were never meant to be used by My children to judge others. They were given so that people would be able to identify the works of the devil and avoid joining with him in his destructive ways.  
     In other words, religious laws under Moses were given so that you would know that thoughts in your mind to kill, steal, covet and other temptations are from hell, and not from Me.  They were given by Me to help My children identify the works of the devil. (Romans 5:12-15)  But, satan uses them to entice you into doing his will of judging others in the earth and thus inheriting destruction and death. The devil uses the religious laws to give you standards by which to judge others by their lack of obedience to them.  That is an erroneous use of the religious laws given to the Jews. 
    Also, the devil uses his temptations to engage you in mental exercises of judging others by their acceptable or unacceptable dress, by their hair styles, by their correct or incorrect grammar, by their manners or lack of manners, by their success or lack of success, by their professional or unprofessional acceptance, by their cleanness or uncleanness and by other things covered in religious and social laws.  That is where the problem begins for My children because of the spiritual law of sowing and reaping that I put into existence in the earth at the beginning relating to crops.  My instilling principles in the earth relating to crops was never meant to be used relating to judging others.  They were meant to help My children sow seeds for good crops which would support and feed their families.  When Adam allowed the devil into the earth, the devil enticed Adam and his first family to use that good spiritual law relating to crops for his evil, just like he always does.  A good spiritual principle was perverted into causing My children to judge others and condemn others, using religious laws as standards of acceptable or unacceptable behavior.(Galatians 6:7-10)
    The devil also used My principles found in religious laws to cause My children to let the devil judge and condemn themselves, thus causing guilt and condemnation to haunt them all of their lives.  Guilt and condemnation are two attitudes of judgment which keep My children in bondage to the devil and his works. (Romans 5:16-21) My children who do not intimately know Me are held in fear of punishment by Me by the devil's words of guilt and condemnation placed in their minds.  Those words of guilt and condemnation do not come from Me.  They come from the devil in order to hold you in bondage to fear of Me.  My words to My children who hear My voice will only be My words of mercy and forgiveness. 
    Listen to these words:  The devil is not used by Me as an emissary of Mine to keep you in line and test your loyalty to Me.  That is a lie from hell.  I would be a cruel Father if that were true.  The devil is an alien spirit whom I cast out of My heaven because of his preference for evil.  I did not send him into the earth to test the loyalty of My children.  In fact, I instructed Adam and now I instruct all of My children not to allow him to gain entrance into their lives by their yielding to his tempting thoughts, attitudes, words and actions.  I said that his ways bring death and destruction but My ways bring life and soul peace.
    I said in My new covenant of love that I do not give to you a spirit of fear.  (I John 4:17-21) I said that I give you a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:6-7)  The fear of punishment from Me is a demonic spirit and it comes from the devil.  His perversion of everything that I created is how he gains entrance into the lives of My children.  Religious laws and political tenets are used by him to condemn My children and cause them to judge and condemn others, thus acting from the devil's nature and character.
     Mercy and forgiveness are from Me.  My children who act from My nature and character spread mercy and forgiveness in the world because everyone has missed the mark of perfection that I wish My children to attain, which is becoming an image of My love in the world. (Romans 6:6-14)
     Every facet of My personality and character was portrayed through My son Jesus.  Every word that came from His mouth related to My will which brings goodness to every area of your life.  There is no other image that you have of My true nature other than Jesus Christ.  My Holy Spirit wants to create My nature and personality in you so that people in the world will be able to witness My character in you and want to know Me and become like Me.  (Acts 1:8; Matthew 5:16)
     Your Father of Goodness and Kindness