Monday, November 30, 2015


Dear One,
    Judging others will not lead them to repentance, which means changing their ways.
    Condemning others will not lead them to repentance, which means changing their ways.
    Punishing others will not lead them to repentance, which means changing their ways.
    Lecturing others will not lead them to repentance, which means changing their ways,
     My Holy Spirit wrote through the prophet Paul that you should not despise My goodness, forbearance and long suffering because it is My goodness that leads a man to want to change His ways from evil to good, which is what repentance really is. (Romans 2:4)
     John the Baptist, who was the embodiment of religious laws, always preached repentance, which was considered at that time to be feeling sorry for their sins, seeking penance, having self hatred and promising again and again to change. (Matthew 3:) However, My Son Jesus merely forgave sins, cast out the demons which caused the sins, and told the sinners that My kingdom came upon them when the offensive demons left their bodies. (Matthew 9:2-7; Luke 11:20) He knew that My children did not have the power to resist evil without the power of My Holy Spirit living inside of them.   That is why Jesus did not preach the same thing John the Baptist preached, because He knew that without My power inside of the people, they had no authoritative power to resist evil. (Acts 1:4-5)
     So if it is My goodness and kindness that leads a person to want to change their ways from evil to good, then it is your goodness and kindness toward others that lead a person to want to change his or her ways from evil to good because I gave to you the ministry of reconciliation, reconciling all people to Me.  Your forgiveness, love and goodness are what draws a person to want to change his or her ways. (II Corinthians 5:17-18)
     This truth is the reason why I taught through Jesus that you must forgive your enemies, do good to them, pray for them and bless them, because it is those acts of love which draw them to Me and My goodness.  My Holy Spirit wrote that you must not try to avenge yourself but that you must feed your enemy and give him water if he is thirsty; in other words, do good to him or her because when you do those acts of goodness you heap My angels upon their heads to minister to them, turning their hearts from stone to flesh, from hatred to love. (Romans 12:19-21; Ezekiel 10:1-4)  His point was that you can overcome evil with good, leading a person to want to change his or her ways from evil to good. From there on, I and My angels take over the pursuit for their souls.
     Religious laws under the old covenant of punishing your enemies became of no effect, dead, under My new covenant of love for all of humanity.   Instead of judging and condemning others, My powerful ways of loving your enemies and doing good to them by the power of My Holy Spirit, just as I do, are My ways instead of the ways of the flesh.  My ways produce miracles every time, tenderizing the hearts of people.  Their hearts are hungry for love, goodness and kindness, and when they experience My character in My children they will want to change their ways from bad to good. 
    It is not religious laws that draw anyone to Me.  People are repelled by religious laws.  It is My goodness and kindness that people crave.  You, by the power of My Spirit, are My ambassadors of goodness and kindness in the earth.   It was My goodness that drew you to Me.  Extend My goodness to others and see My  miracles happen in their lives. (II Corinthians 19-21)
    Your Forgiving, Reconciling Father

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Dear One,
    Where there is unconditional love, there is joy.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is peace.
    Where there is unconditional love, there are good works.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is kindness toward others.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is gentleness toward others.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is mercy toward the ungodly.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is patient endurance with others.
    Where there is unconditional love, the faults of others are unseen.
    Where there is unconditional love, bearing burdens of others is constant.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is understanding.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is constant and instant forgiveness.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is complete acceptance of everyone.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is lightheartedness.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is no judgment or condemnation. 
    Where there is unconditional love, I am present because I am Love.
    Where there is unconditional love, My glory is present to do miracles.
    Where there is unconditional love, there is heaven on earth. (I Corinthians 13)
    Jesus told you to love others as I love you. (John 13:34)
    When you have a revelation of My love for you, I can do super, abundantly more than you dare think of imagine, according to the power of My Holy Spirit in you. (Ephesians 3:14-20)
     Love completely covers every sin, iniquity, transgression and mistake and makes them nonexistent.  That is what I do for you.  Endeavor to do the same for others and you will be known as My children, the sowers of peace.  (Matthew 5:9)
    Where there is unconditional love, My heaven is evident in your earth. (Matthew 6:10)
    Your Loving Heavenly Father

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Dear One,
    My instructions, My advice, My guidance, My admonitions, My warnings, My cautions, My counsels, all of My words to you bring life.  The temptations of the devil, the impressions of the devil, all of the words of the devil bring death to you.  That is what the scripture means, "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death," the spirit of death being the devil who uses old covenant laws to condemn My children. (Romans 8:2-6)
    There are two voices who speak in your thoughts, My Holy Spirit who leads you to the abundant life that I promised through loving others as I love you; and then there is the voice of the devil who tempts you to be angry, selfish, self consumed, judgmental, volatile, vengeful and hateful which lead to death and destruction.  The death that he fosters begins with destruction of family unity, the death of mental peace, the death of relationships, the death of prosperity, the ceasing of doing acts of kindness and goodness from you which will lead eventually to emotional and  physical death,  That is his mode of operations, killing you in slow, unrecognized ways.
     My ways are opposite from the evil ways.  They are to love everyone as I love you and through that love you will honor others, validate others, restore others to your love, forgive others, reconcile others to your good graces if there is opposition, bless others regardless of their attitudes and actions, and give to those people who are in need,  The only way that you can do those things and be extensions of My love is to choose to take the instructions of My Holy Spirit to heart and become a doer of My words instead of a hearer only.  When you choose My voice of love that appears in your thoughts and are written in your heart, following My guidance, you will find yourself being flooded with My blessings. (Romans 8:10-13)
     I said there are ways that lead to destruction and there are ways that lead to life.  You have the choice every minute of the day which voice to follow, either the one which only leads to death or My words which only lead to prosperity in every area of your life.  All of My instructions have to do with how you treat other people.  They have nothing to do with how many times you go to church or synagogues, how much money you give to an organization, how many religious classes you take or how many religious books you read.  It has to do with how you, as led by My Spirit, treat others, especially the unlovable ones.  
    Jesus said that those who feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, house the homeless, clothe the naked, visit the sick, minster to those in prison, all as led by My Spirit to love others, those people will enter into the blessings of My kingdom.   He said that in doing those things to others you do them to Me.  (Matthew 25:33-40) 
     I do not reject anyone because they do not love and keep peace with everyone.  Their negative actions toward others cause them to be judged by the devil and kept out of the benefits of My family life.  Displaying the character of the evil one is what causes My children to disqualify themselves as My true children who are inheritors of My blessings of goodness.
     I seek to restore all of My children to My graces.  I send out myriads of angels to entice them back into My family so that they will enjoy the benefits of My kingdom life instead of the cursed life in the pigpen of strife and judgment. 
     Choosing to follow My guidance of loving others as I love you always results in living a blessed, happy, joyful, peaceful, love filled life.  I even give you the Spirit of Love who guides you to thoughts, attitudes and actions which display My character of love.  Hear His words that are written on your heart and observe them.  The abundant life is awaiting you. (John 14:23-26)
     Your Father of Promise  

Monday, November 23, 2015


Dear One,
    My covenant of love as revealed by My Holy Spirit to My children holds only one commandment.  All of My admonitions, My instructions, My advice and My principles are contained within the commandment that you love others as I love you.  Jesus proclaimed it and My new covenant prophets of love reiterated it in their writings to you. (John 13:34)
   James was one of My prophets of the ministry of love.  He told you that some people who hear or read My desire for them, which is to love others as I love you, but who turn away and go back to their own selfish, self consumed ways of thinking he or she is right in his own actions and wisdom, he or she will always reap what he or she has sown.  But he said when anyone looks into My spiritual law of liberty and does what I ask them to do, loving others constantly, he will be blessed in all of his doing. (James 1:19-25)
    My law of liberty is doing what I lead you to do, what I even wrote for you to do under My covenant of love for all people.  It frees you from the spiritual laws of the devil whose actions for you lead only to destruction and death, (James 1:19-21) The devil's laws of bondage to strife, anger, vengeance, discord, prejudice and pride always produce death.  My law of love always produces physical and spiritual life plus mental and emotional soul peace.  (Romans 8:2)
    You are faced with the choice every minute of the day in your thoughts of whether to extend love to others or whether to judge, condemn and belittle them in your thoughts as being inferior, poor or not living up to your standards.  I have no standards for anyone except that unconditional love from you will always fulfill all of the judgmental laws of the old covenant prophets.(Romans 13:8-10)
    I told you through the prophet Paul, another minister of love, that you should bear the troublesome faults of others, meaning you should react in love toward the person whose actions are abusive, accusatory or offensive to you.  When you can do that, you have truly fulfilled the law of Christ, which is to love others as I love you. (Galatians 6:2-5)
    There are many hearers only of My law of liberty. They forget that their happiness and success depend upon following My advice to love others as I love you, which is with forgiveness, mercy, kindness and goodness. 
    It is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom, loving you and providing the benefits of My love to you.  Make it your good pleasure to also give the benefits of My family to others, having forgiving and loving thoughts for others and doing good acts toward everyone.  When you bring peace to every situation you are known as My children. (Matthew 25:37-40; Matthew 5:9)
    My true children know My voice and follow My parental advice.  They inherit all of My blessings when they do.
    Your Shepherding Father of Liberty

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Dear One,
    My beneficial instructions are meant to always bring success into the lives of My children.  There are written instructions in My Book relating to every problem, circumstance and troubling situation that can occur in your life.  There are even more personal instructions by My Holy Spirit to you relating to specific disturbing events that happen just because you live in a world where evil exists.  But, be of good cheer, I have overcome every form of evil and there is nothing that comes upon you that is not common to people. (John 16:33) I will always show you the way of escape from the problems if you will follow My instructions.  (John 16:33; I Corinthians 10:13)
    My primary instruction through Jesus was to FIRST seek the wisdom that comes only from Me and My kingdom when problems arise.  Instead of first worrying, fretting, toiling or spinning around in circles for the way out of the problem by using your own weak, ineffective solutions which have no lasting results, FIRST seek Me and My insight into the situation by praying in My Holy Spirit and listening for My wisdom.  Make no emotional reaction to the problem because problems can never be handled in the emotions.  Emotional responses will only amplify the problem, adding fuel to the problem and delaying the solution to the burden.   It takes My wisdom to tackle every trying situation. (I Corinthians 1:25)
    My Holy Spirit said through James that if you lack wisdom you should ask Me for My wisdom, asking in faith that you will receive the perfect solution to the troublesome mess which gives you discomfort and heartache.  (James 1:5-6)
    It is necessary to separate yourself from others and pray in your prayer closet because it is easier to be attentive to Me when you are separate from the world.  Jesus promised that if you only pray in secret with Me that I will reward you openly.  (Matthew 6:6)
    Another facet to My instructions on what to do FIRST when troubles arise in your life besides seeking Me and My wisdom is that you also seek to display My righteousness.  Displaying My peaceful, loving, merciful, kind, good and gracious character will turn the hearts of your enemies and those who are involved in the troubling situation to be peaceful, loving, merciful, kind, good and gracious toward you.  This part of My insight is very important because My peaceful, loving ways shown to everyone involved will tenderize every volatile, mean, angry, vicious, and vengeful person, turning his or her heart to you.  (Matthew 44-48; Romans 2:4) Peace will be the result.
    I said that if you seek My kingdom and My righteousness that everything will be added to you.  I give you insight into the problem, cuing you on what to do which always involves bringing My righteous character into every situation.
   Instead of becoming emotional and angry, when you seek My wisdom in every matter and display My loving, peaceful character in troublesome situations, your prayers will easily be answered.  When you do, you make My job easier of reversing the situation so that it enhances your life instead of destroying your life.
   My ways are so much more superior than your ways.  Determine to follow My instructions in every situation and you will see that you will possess abundant blessings that are too many to count.  (Matthew 6:25-33)
    I am your Father.  I lead you to beneficial solutions so that you will be blessed in every area of your life. 
    Your Wise and Generous Father

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Dear One,
    Do you often wonder why people who do not call themselves by My name are often more prosperous, joyful, happy, loving, generous and peaceful than some of My children?  Jesus taught that it rains on the just and the unjust and the sun shines on the evil and the good.  In other words, He was saying that I am no respecter of persons.  That might not seem fair to you who call yourselves by My name, yet there is a spiritual principle or law involved in His teaching on the subject.(Matthew 5:45-48) 
     Jesus taught this truth when He taught that the old religious laws said to require an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but He said not to to do evil to others who oppose you and to give more than is required to those who sue you, to go further on the road than is asked of you, to give to anyone who asks anything of you and that if anyone wants to borrow from you, you must not turn that person away.  He also said that their religious traditions were to love their neighbors but hate their enemies.  Instead of those actions, Jesus' instructions are to love your enemies, to bless those who curse you, to do good to those who hate you, to pray for those who spitefully use and persecute you.
    So the people who are loving, kind, merciful and generous to others are the ones who inherit the promises that I made to My children because they are doing, by their programmed instincts, what I told them to do. By their environment, their background and their heritage they have measures of the fruit of My Spirit which fulfill the principle of sowing to My kingdom, so that is why they receive My blessings. The principles of seed sowing are a spiritual principle that is open to everyone.  I instituted that spiritual law in the beginning before I created people, that what is sown in the earth will reap from heaven the same commodities for harvesting.  So the people who do what I ask of My children without being told  also receive My blessings which lead to a happy life.
    My Spirit said through Paul that those who do what spiritual principles require, without even knowing what those principles are, they reap the same benefits as those who know the laws and do them.  So people who love others, are merciful to others, forgive others, share their fortunes with others, those people have sown to My kingdom of love and they reap the benefits of My kingdom. (Romans 2:13-16)
    The problem with many of My own children not having received their inheritance due them while they live in the earth is that they do not operate in the world by My principles of love which include  never returning evil for evil, refusing to strike back with hands of words, blessing instead of cursing others, forgiving instead of judging others.   Because of religious laws, they do the opposite.  They hold grudges, they judge the spirituality of others, they speak bitter words instead of uplifting words, they strike back immediately when struck with words or hands, they refuse to share their bounty with the poor and those in need, they engage in religious and political wars readily and claim to do it in My name instead keeping peace with everyone,
    I said that whoever does what the new covenant spiritual principles of love requires without even knowing the spiritual laws will reap the benefits or rewards of those principles. (Romans 2:13-15)  And, those who profess My name and pridefully boast to be My children but who do not do what the principles of love require, breaking the very principles of love and dishonoring Me by refusing to follow My instructions, they cause My name to be blasphemed and maligned. (Romans 2:23-24) Then they wonder why they are not receiving My blessings.  It is not because I am withholding their blessings.  It is because they are sowing to the garden of destruction instead of to My garden of life.
    I issue an open invitation to all of My children to join with Me in spreading love and peace in the world.  Those who follow My instructions, whether by instinct or knowing My words, will reap the benefits of My kingdom while in the earth.  It is a spiritual principle that cannot be overturned.  Seeds produce like plants.  Judging and returning evil for evil done to you will produce judgment for you and evil being dispensed into your life. 
    Love shown to everyone, even your most evil enemies, will produce love in your life.(Matthew 5:44-45)  Forgiveness to the person who does the worst injuries to you will produce forgiveness in your life. (Matthew 6:12) Mercy shown to everyone will produce mercy shown to you. (Matthew 5:7) Peace produces a peaceful life for you and identifies you as My child. (Matthew 5:9) Joy produces a light heart.  Kindness and goodness shown to others, regardless of their bad attitudes and actions, plants seeds in My kingdom and produces My spiritual, mental, emotional and physical blessings in your life.  My kingdom descends upon your life in great force and blesses you. (Matthew 5:19-20)
    I gave you a new Spirit, My Spirit, so that you will have the supernatural, spiritual power to follow My advice told to you by Jesus and My Holy Spirit.  You have the power and you have the written instructions.  Go and do likewise. 
    My love, forgiveness, blessings and inheritance are for all My children.  Those who follow My advice receive them because they have sown the seeds of love, forgiveness and peace in the earth.
    Your Loving, Peaceful, Forgiving Father 

Friday, November 20, 2015


Dear One,
    Rebellious children do not take the advice of their parents.  Instead, they become followers of the unwise advice of their peers or of rebellious adults.  Good parents want to guide their children away from evil influences and evil traps set to lead them to destruction.  Still, many of the children take the advice of those people who are already bound to addictions, injurious actions, unwise activities and unstable environments.
     Unfortunately, it's the same in My family.  Some of My children do not take My advice, the valuable insights that I have given to them since the creation of the earth.  In their demand for independence from My instructions, advice, admonitions and commandments, they have unknowingly followed the guidance of their enemy, the devil, who has cursed My children from the beginning.  There are only two ways, My ways which lead to the abundant life, and the ways of the devil, which lead to destruction.   There is no middle ground, no other voices.  It's either My voice in their thoughts or the voice of the devil in the thoughts of My children.(Genesis 2:17)  Most often, they choose the evil voice because it always glorifies their selfishness instead of speaking of My ways of love and peace.
    Even My most loyal children often fall for the voices of selfishness, being only  conscious of themselves and their own emotions.  They fall for the thoughts in their minds which tell them to strike back when stricken, return evil for evil done to them, go to war when finding peace is always available, killing each other with weapons or offensive and oppositional words, participating in strife and anger in their religions and politics, always hating other people who differ from them instead of loving them as I commanded.
    I warned My children through Jesus and the new covenant prophets that their enemies are not human beings but their enemies are demonic spirits in the air around them.(Ephesians 6:10-18)  Still, they want to fight other humans instead of forgiving them and then following My instructions to only war against the real enemies, the demonic powers in the air, by praying in My Holy Spirit.  They obey the voices of strife and war instead of My voice of love and peace.  They forget that I said what they do to the least of My children they do to Me. (Matthew 25:34-40)
    One key of My kingdom is to learn to discern the difference between My voice of peace and the devil's voice of discord.   My Holy Spirit is the decision maker in discerning which voice is of Me.  He has been given the job of discerning (judging) between the two voices in your thoughts and then giving you the power to follow My guidance of truth instead of the voice of deceit.  (John 16: 8-11)  Your happiness during your life on earth depends upon that discernment because if you do not depend upon My Spirit's guidance you will fall for the devil's plans to bring discord into your life.  Always err on the side of love because My Spirit will always influence you to love others and be peaceful to others, no matter how deceived and deluded they are by the devil.  No person is ever "right" in My kingdom, there is only love for everyone, because love and all of its outgrowths are My RIGHTeousness.
    Sow strife and you will reap more strife in your daily life, pressed down and running over.
    Sow anger and hatred and you will reap hatred and anger shown toward you, pressed down and running over in your daily life.
    Sow judgment and you will reap judgment pressed down and running over in your daily life.
    Sow forgiveness and you will reap forgiveness in your daily life, pressed down and running over.  (Luke 6:31-38)
    Sow My love and you will reap love in your daily life, pressed down and running over.
    Sow peace and you will reap peace in your daily life, pressed down and running over.
    Sow understanding and you will reap understanding in your daily life, pressed down and running over.
    Sow My wisdom and you will reap increased wisdom from Me, pressed down and running over. 
    Sow My kingdom of peace into the earth and you will reap the abundant life that I promised, pressed down and running over.
    Seed time and harvest are the enduring principles or keys of My kingdom.  You will reap what you have sown.  If you sow to the devil's spiritual garden of destruction you will reap destruction . If you sow to My spiritual garden of love, you will reap the abundant life that I promised. (Galatians 6:7-10)
    I want you to reap the abundant benefits which are My good pleasure to give you.   Seek My kingdom and live the blessed life. (Luke 12:31-32)
     Your Forgiving, Loving, Peaceful Father

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Dear One,
    Jesus didn't teach and admonish just to hear His own voice.  He taught you My principles of life which he guarantees will result in your having a peaceful, quiet, prosperous and blessed life.  Every word that proceeded from His mouth was spoken to increase peace in the lives of My children.  The problem is that My ways aren't your normal ways and they have never been the ways of My children since the incident in the Garden of Eden when humans began not only to hear My voice leading to My goodness coming into their lives but also they heard the devil's evil temptations which lead to destruction. (Genesis 2;15-17) Evil ways became the way of self preservation for My children instead of My ways of showing love, goodness and kindness to others.
    When I sent My Son into the earth, I restored My beneficial instructions to My children, ones which would correct the mistakes made which lead to problem after problem.  I started with a simple, elementary principle, do to others as you would have them do to you.  That was so simple that My children overlook it or merely chose to follow it as long as people treat them with kindness.  But when  someone did an evil act toward them, they switched back to the old way of seeking vengeance instead of doing good to them. (Matthew 5;44-45)
     Jesus went into more detail, giving you an example of a principle of love which is to refuse to become angry at someone who offends you.  He said that a person who has anger toward another person is in danger of being judged by the devil, inheriting his destruction. He said that the old laws said not to kill, but his insight and wisdom said not to even be angry with anyone.  He went further and said that anyone who insults another person is in danger of being brought up before the council of hell where the devil becomes your judge.  In a further nugget of wisdom he said that anyone who calls a person a fool is in danger of being liable to the fires of hell, meaning that the person opens himself up to be judged by satan.  He was revealing a truth, that when you yield to the devil's demon of anger that you have joined in unity with him and he will judge you until you have paid the full price. (Matthew 5:21-26)
    Jesus was so emphatic about this nugget of truth that He gave the way to avoid the judgment of hell when you are tempted to be angry with another person or to oppose someone.  He said to make peace with anyone who accuses you of anything or is in opposition to you instead of being angry with the person.  He said that if you don't make peace by apologizing and coming into unity with the person; but if you continue in anger, then the devil will definitely bring you before his council of hell and they will return to you a situation grown from the seeds of anger and you will have to pay the full price for your yielding to the anger instead of forgiving and forgetting the accusatory matter.
    His instructions later in the teaching were to love your enemies, blessing them and doing good to them.  When you are able to do this by the power of My Holy Spirit, you sow seeds into My heavenly kingdom and blessings come upon you and in your life because you will reap My goodness instead of the devil's destruction by your yielding to his temptations and reaping the destruction that he distributes from hell. (Matthew 5:41-43) 
    This key to My kingdom is the most basic one spoken by Jesus.  He was clear, concise and definite about this teaching.  He knew the emotional pull toward doing evil, acting out of negative emotions rather than acting out of My loving emotions, called the fruit of My Spirit (Galatians 5:11-23)
    Anger wants to destroy you.  I want to save you from the works of anger so I told Jesus to speak this key to My kingdom living so that My children would know how to and why to refuse to return evil for evil done to them.
    I am a preserver of My children.  My Holy Spirit makes My ways easy to do.  The benefits of taking My advice are glorious.
    Always return good for evil done to you!
    Your Father of wisdom.          

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


 Dear One,
    Fear is the greatest enemy of My children, not the other humans that you make your human enemies, your neighbors, your family, your friends, people of different cultures, different races, different religions, different beliefs or different social standings.  None of those are your enemies.  Your enemies are in the spiritual dimension around you, of which fear is the most powerful. (Ephesians 6:12-18)
    A wise man once said that the only thing to fear is fear itself.  That is because fear causes you to become paranoid, reclusive, angry, vengeful, striking out at anyone whom you deduce to be your human enemy.  That is what fear does in your mind in relation to others.
    Fear also causes the negative hormones of your body to flood into your brain, your muscles and all of your organs, resulting in self imposed internal turmoil which causes diseases in your body.  Fear does that.  No human that you consider your enemy can do that.  So your most powerful enemy who wages war against you is fear which comes into your mind by news of strife filled events caused by others humans.  Yet, those humans are not your enemy.  Fear caused by the news of strife is your enemy.  Fear is introduced into your mind by your friends, the news media, your religious community and politicians.  Peace is introduced into your mind by My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 10:26-31; Matthew 28:5-8; Luke 1:13 and 28.)
    I said that I do not give you a spirit of fear but I do give you a Spirit of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1:6-7) I always say not to be afraid.  So the arsenal that I have given you is a Spirit of a sound mind that is much more powerful than your enemy of fear. A sound mind is a Spirit of peace, the peace that does not allow you to slip into making flesh and blood your enemies.  My Spirit of peace, who is My Holy Spirit, will assure you that I have the solution to every problem that comes your way, that I will protect you, provide for you, assure you and guide you away from the situations that allow fear to occupy your mind and curse you, spirit, soul and body.
    Caution is an outgrowth of My guidance to My children.  I said to be cautious that you do not become a slave of fear, a slave of anger, a slave of worry, a slave of strife, a slave of bitterness, a slave of unforgiveness, a slave of a fearful mind that lacks peace, a slave of hatred of others, a slave of vengeance,  or a slave of political and religious fear.
   Fear attracts other calamities to you because fear is of the devil and fear is an invitation by the evil one to continue his destruction in your life. 
   Your mantra must always be that you have confidence in Me and My power instead of the power of fear, that you are fully persuaded that I will keep My promises.  (Romans 4:20-22; II Timothy 1:12-14)
    I am your Father.  Faith in Me chases away all fear.  My children must be the ones who speak faith when others are speaking fear.
    I give you a Spirit of power over evil, love for others, and a sound, peaceful mind.
    Your Loyal and Protective Father 

Monday, November 16, 2015


Dear One,
    All good parents want the best things in life for their children.   To facilitate that, the parents give wise guidance to their children so that the children will avoid making decisions themselves that will result in injury or destruction. When the children do not take the advice of their parents and there are bad consequences, good parents always rescue their disobedient children, instruct them on what should have been done, and then restore the children to their good graces.  The parents hope that the bad consequences from the bad choices have taught their children that their parents know how to help them avoid the pitfalls of life by their taking the advice of their parents.
   It's the same thing with My children.  I give to them My heavenly GPS system in the person of My Holy Spirit and trust that they will take his advice when He guides them around pitfalls and traps set by their enemies which are meant to afflict them, leading to some form of destruction or even death.  I know every tempting trick of the devil and I know where he has set up circumstances in an effort to cause disdain in the lives of My children.  I cannot stop the devil's plans because I do not have authority in the earth since I gave authority to My children, told them through Adam that I gave them the authority to have dominion over the earth.  Adam gave some of his authority to the devil when he ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, retaining the ability to hear from Me but also cursing the lives of people by allowing the devil access into the earth to tempt My children to do his evil works. 
    I sent salvation into the world through My Son Jesus, allowed Him to die for the sins of the world, take back from the devil the authority I originally gave to people and I give it back to My children who receive My Holy Spirit.  Through the gift of My Holy Spirit in their lives, My children have the authority and ability to refuse to obey the temptations of the devil.  In addition, they have the authoritative power to overcome the works of the devil.  The first step in overcoming those works is to take My advice given to you via My Holy Spirit.  He will lead and guide you, He will counsel you, He will warn you, He will provide for you all knowledge and wisdom necessary for the abundant life.  He will take what is Mine, as Jesus said, and give it to you.(John 16:13-15) He shows you how to avoid the pitfalls set by your enemy to trap you and afflict you with his miserable curses.
     I said in My Instruction Book that I gave you everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness.  (II Peter 1:3-4)  Through Jesus I revealed Myself to My children as their Father.  To the people of the old covenant through which the flesh of Jesus was born, I was known only as a heavenly king.  They transferred to Me the personality of their own kings, as a distant deity who was ever ready to punish them for every infraction of their laws.  When Jesus referred to Me, He called Me "Our Father".  That was heresy to the people of that old covenant. 
     I revealed My true relationship with My children through Jesus.  My Spirit solidifies My Fatherly parental relationship with My individual children when He reveals personally to them that they are My children, not My servants as was thought during the old covenant relationship with Abraham and his descendants. (Matthew 5:9; Romans 8:16-17)  The suffering to which you are called is in refusing the temptations of the evil one to do his will. Jesus did it and He gave you My Spirit, the same power that He possessed.
    You are My children of promise, children to whom I never break a promise but am always loyal and loving. (Galatians 4:28; Matthew 7:21)  My Spirit is always leading and guiding you onto the right but narrow path that lead to receiving My blessings. (John 16:13) He leads you away from the paths that lead to spiritual, emotional and physical destruction, which are wide because people have given the devil permission on so many occasion to curse their lives with his works.
   Following My guidance results in your receiving your rewards, as My Holy Spirit said.  (Hebrews 11:6)  The rewards are the blessings that I promised to My children who follow My guidance around the pitfalls of life into the blessings of life.
   So, then, it is the same thing in My family as it is in earthly families.  I provide perfect guidance for you through My Holy Spirit and I lead you to make the right choices and decisions that will lead you onto the paths which produce blessings instead of curses, life instead of destruction.  That's what good fathers do and I am your Good Father.  It is My good pleasure to give you everything that I want My children to have. (Luke 12:32)
    My heart leaps for joy when My children take My advice in their daily lives and follow My advice which leads them onto the paths where My blessings will flow easily and abundantly to them.  It all begins with loving others as I love you.
    Your Father of Rewards

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Dear One,
     It grieves Me that many of My children do not enter into the blessings of My kingdom while in the earth.  Jesus said that not everyone who calls Me Lord will enter into My kingdom of heaven with all of its benefits.(Matthew 7:21-23))  In that series of lectures He was talking about My children who judge others, hold grudges and refuse to forgive, worry and fret instead of having faith, those who refuse to love their enemies, refuse to bless and refuse to do good to their enemies, those who follow after false prophets who teach prejudice, rebellion and war, those who hold lust in their minds, those who swear falsely, and on and on with his identification of the devil's temptations to do evil so the devil will cause you not to inherit My kingdom blessings that I have for you.  (Matthew 5, 6, 7) 
    I do not keep anyone out of My kingdom of heaven while they live in the earth.  The ones who continue to follow the voice of the evil one and do his works will not be able to enter into My kingdom living while in the earth.  They might strive to do mighty works in My name, but they continue to follow the voices of evil temptations that are always beckoning My children to obey so they will be unable to inherit My blessings.
    I do not reject anyone.  It is the fruit of evil thoughts, attitudes and actions which plague My children, causing them to display the fruit of the devil in their lives which causes them to never have the right keys to the doors to My kingdom of heaven while they live in the earth.  They curse their neighbors and people of other races and religions but still expect to have the blessings of My heaven in their lives.  It cannot be so because they are serving two masters.  They are attempting to serve Me by professing My name, but they are also following the voices of evil which produce evil actions which are contrary to My character.
    Let Me repeat:  I do not reject anyone.  It is the fruit of the evil one in the lives of My children which block the blessings of My kingdom from flooding into their lives. (Isaiah 59:1-4) I do not condemn anyone. I continue to pursue everyone with admonitions to return to Me so they can be blessed.
    My desire is to bless all of My children.  It is the desire of the devil to rob My children by tempting them to have his evil thoughts, words, attitudes and actions.  I provide My loving, peaceful ways for My children through the power of My Holy Spirit within them.  I provided My Book of Instruction which confirms the words of My Spirit. Those loving, peaceful ways are the narrow way that Jesus taught will allow My kingdom to come into your life. (Matthew 7:13-14)
   I keep open every gate that leads into kingdom life for My children; but, instead,  they often choose the other gates which lead to destruction by listening to and following the voices of anger, hatred, vengeance, strife, conflict, lust, envy, rebellion to governmental authorities, and other demonic thoughts.  They listen to religious preachers, teachers and politicians who desire to built up their own kingdoms instead of establishing My kingdom of love in the earth through the righteous actions of My children.
    Jesus taught while He walked in the earth that even then My kingdom could come into the lives of My children.  He said that when He cast satan out of the life of a person by My finger, who is My Holy Spirit, that My kingdom would no doubt  come upon that person. (Luke 11:20) If you will notice his strong words, Jesus said NO DOUBT My kingdom comes upon the person who has been released from the power of the devil.  NO DOUBT is a strong pronouncement.  When that pronouncement came from the mouth of Jesus it is without any doubt that when the devil's activity is cast out of the lives of My children by an act of their own will, as led by My Spirit, then there is no doubt that those children of mine will walk in all of the blessings of kingdom living that I promise. 
    The narrow gate to My kingdom is to love others as I love you.  When you refuse to hold grudges which would cost you My blessing of peace of mind; when you are tempted to return evil for evil done to you and instead return good to that person; when you forgive instead of entertaining vengeful thoughts which turn into evil actions; when you give everything and more to anyone who asks; when you turn the other cheek when anyone strikes you with words or fists instead of obeying the voice of the devil to strike back, when you love the people of different races, cultures, religions or political persuasions, you are refusing to join in with the devil's plans to keep you from inheriting the blessings of My kingdom.  Jesus said when you, "do the will of My Father," you will be overcome with My goodness that it is My pleasure to give to you.  My instructions are to love others as I love you. (Luke 12:31-32)
    You cannot receive the blessings of My kingdom when you have chosen to think, speak and act in obedience to the voices of evil.  If you do follow his  temptations you have chosen his curses instead of My blessings.
    I rejoice when you, by an act of your will, reject the devil's kingdom of curses and you immediately return to Me for My blessings.  You will again enter into the narrow gate by choosing My ways instead.  By entering into the narrow gate of love, you begin to collect your inheritance by being My child and exhibiting My true character of love.
    Your Loving, Peaceful, Forgiving Father
    (I Corinthians 13)

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Dear One,
    The reason the successes and failures of the children of Abraham were included in My Instruction Book is so that My children will learn lessons from history, lessons of the blessings that come from heeding My instructions and following them.  Also, there are many more lessons to be learned from the curses that came from refusing to take My advice and instead they did the opposite,  which was the temptations of the devil, instead of their taking My advice.
    My Holy Spirit wrote through the new covenant writer of the book of Hebrews that Abraham was a wonderful example of obeying My instructions and he is lauded as being the father of belief through My old covenant with him. He became the father of many nations and it was through one of the nations My Son was able to take on flesh and become the Savior of the world.  (Hebrews 11:8-12) However, when I led the captives of that nation out of the bondage under another nation, they only appreciated My deliverance of them for a short time and then they began to worship other gods.  (Hebrews 6:3-19) Their rebellion against Me cost them the privilege of entering into the promised land that I had provided for them.  They took on multiple demons (curses) by their worshiping of idols and I could not allow them to take those demonic attitudes into the promised land of milk and honey lest they also curse the land. 
    Their descendants were allowed to enter but were warned by Me not to take on the practices of the inhabitants of the land of milk and honey because they would be led away from me and My guidance.  My guidance produces blessings instead of curses.  Again those children did the opposite of what I had instructed them and they became motivated by the devil's temptations instead of being motivated and led by My guidance.   There are multiple lessons to be learned from the history of My relationship with My children.
    One of the lessons to be learned is that My guidance always produces blessings and the temptations to do evil always produce curses.  That has been My insight to My children from the beginning of the earth.  Yet, My children fail to learn that valuable lesson.   For instance: My instructions from My Son Jesus, the instigator of My new and last covenant with My children, was that by the power of My Holy Spirit inside of them they have the power to resist the temptations of the devil to do evil to others.  Jesus made it crystal clear when He said that My children must always return good for evil done to them and when they do I am able to bless them abundantly.  He emphatically said that if someone strikes you on the cheek as an invitation to battle with you that you should not return the slap but you should offer the other cheek to be struck as an invitation to keep peace, refusing to return evil for evil.  In doing that, you stop the plan of the devil at that point, refusing to join with his plan to destroy you and your attacker.  Jesus said that you must love and bless your enemies by doing good to them instead of battling against them.  Jesus knew that in loving them, blessing them and doing good to them that it would rob satan of his plans to engage you in conflict which would result in your being killed or badly injured. (Matthew 5:21-26)
     Those wise and productive instructions of Mine through My Son Jesus were followed by the first disciples of Jesus but were eventually rejected by others as showing weakness.  So they went back to doing what the devil tempted them to do, which is return evil for evil. (Romans 12:17-21) That resulted in wars which killed multitudes of My children whom Jesus came to save from early death through the curses of satan.
     Through the history of My new covenant with My children the same things have happened.  My children receive My Holy Spirit, become born of My Spirit, baptized in My Spirit, have the power to refuse to return evil for evil done to them, but eventually they fall again into the clutches of the devil's temptations to return evil for evil done to them.   They fight within their families, they fight their mates, their friends, their neighbors and then those fights escalate into fighting people with different forms of religion.  Then religious wars result in the early deaths of multitudes of My children.  If only they had followed the teachings of Jesus as they did in the beginning with the power of My Spirit within them; and if they had refused to return evil for evil done to them, they would be blessed beyond measure.  (James 4:1-11)
      Being blessed beyond measure in the amount of blessings that were promised when My Spirit wrote that when My children have a full revelation of the depth, breadth, length and height of My love for them and pass on My love that I am able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than they dare think or imagine.  That is being blessed beyond measure.   (Ephesians 3:14-20)
     Jesus said that those who do My will are His sisters and brothers and mother.  He said that those people who keep peace with everyone are called My children. (Matthew 7:21; Matthew 12:49-50)) Yet, multitudes of people are killed, mentally and physically injured and lands are destroyed by My children who call themselves by My name.  They have returned evil for evil done to them and so they inherit the curses of satan instead of inheriting My blessings.  They have become children of the demon of politics instead of My children. Jesus told the leaders who operated in religious and political ways that they were of their father the devil because they did not follow My ways of peace. (Matthew 5:9; John 8:42-45)
     I have asked My children in the past who their father is because their actions and attitudes show that I am not their father.  The actions of people show whose child they are, either My child of love and peace or the devil's child of conflict and evil actions.
    If every one of My children will refuse to return evil for evil done to them, your world will be the paradise that I created it to be in the beginning.  Jesus told you how to do it and that is to keep peace with everyone. (Matthew 5:23-26)
   Bring peace to your little corner of the world by doing exactly what your Brother Jesus said when the devil's bullies confront you and do evil to you.  Do good to those people, bless them instead of cursing them and returning acts of evil toward them.  Love everyone who is confrontational and go good to them instead of returning evil words or actions and you will experience My heaven on earth.  (Matthew 5:38-48)
    Your Loving and Peaceful Father

Friday, November 13, 2015


Dear One,
     In courts of law a jury or a judge cannot find an accused person guilty of a crime until they have heard all of the evidence and seen or heard all of the related audio and visual exhibits,  They have to hear the prosecutor tell all of the evidence that proves the person guilty and then they have to hear the advocate, the defending attorney, present all of the defense evidence and exhibits of why he thinks the person is innocent of the crime.  Also, the advocate can call character witnesses to testify to the good personality of the accused as evidence that the accused could not have committed the crime.  Most of the time, the accusing prosecutor is not allowed to present evidence of past crimes committed by the accused.  Only after all of that testimony is given and recorded can the jury or the judge decide the guilt or innocence of the accused. 
    A jury is made up of six or twelve peers of the accused.  Their deliberations have to be in depth, viewing all of the evidence, the exhibits and the testimony of the accusers,  Then the verdict has to be unanimous.  There cannot be one person who refuses to find the person guilty. 
    Additional legal documents must be referenced, read and discussed before a verdict can be reached.  Those documents are the laws relating to the offense.  The offense of which the defendant has been accused must be a crime against a written law, not merely a religious law, a political law or a law against society only.  The laws broken must be the established laws of the land. 
     Finding a person guilty of breaking the laws of the land is a long, tedious, tough process before a verdict is reached. 
     My children who are made in My image, the image of unconditional love, often find themselves making snap judgments of guilt relating to others without knowing the situation, the evidence, any actual exhibits of the guilt of the person, or knowing whether there are religious laws that were actually broken.  It makes no difference if there is overwhelming evidence, because the blood of Jesus that was shed while He was on the cross declares the person not guilty in My mind and should declare the person not guilty to My children.  Yet, My children still accuse and condemn others of being guilty of not measuring up to My expectations and their expectations.  All the time, Jesus is holding out with a verdict of, "Not guilty."
     I said that all have sinned and fallen short of My glory so no one is completely innocent in the flesh, being sinless, because all have yielded to the devil's temptations in some way.  Yet, Jesus died for those sins, iniquities, mistakes and transgressions.  So all men are innocent in My sight because of the punishment that Jesus suffered for their sins.  I said He died for the sins of the whole world. (I John 2:2)
     So My children must also die to the fleshly temptations by satan to judge and condemn others, which will reverberate back upon My children and judge them.   My children must learn to refuse the thoughts of judging, condemning and criticizing others because of their behaviors, their cultures, their race, their religion, their politics, their social standing and their actions toward others. 
    That is why I made the old covenant laws null and void when I instituted My new covenant with My children, which is the covenant of love as revealed by My Spirit.
(John 13:34)  All old religious laws were replaced by My law of love and forgiveness.  My love, as revealed through My Spirit, covers every law that is broken and makes the person white as snow.  Religious laws do not exist in My mind  and they don't exist in the minds of My children who are made perfect in My love. 
    There was only one commandment given by Jesus when he rose from the dead after suffering the punishment for the sins of everybody in the world.  He said to forgive others as I forgive you.  He said that every law given under My old covenant with Abraham is fulfilled when you treat others as I treat you, with love and forgiveness.  (Galatians 5:14) Jesus gave to you the authority to forgive the sins of others and wipe their slate clean, just as He and I wipe your slate clean.  (John 20:22-23)
    Wipe the slates clean for everyone you know, your family, your friends, your acquaintances, your religious leaders, your political leaders and all of your enemies. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean of sins in your mind and you declare the person sinless. That mercy shown to others will gain mercy for you from others.  The forgiveness you extend to others will gain forgiveness for you from others.  The clean slate you extend will result in your having a clean slate in My eyes. 
    Instead of looking for evidence, exhibits and testimonies to declare other people guilty of not measuring up to your expectations, apply to the person the eternal evidence of Jesus who paid the price for their sins and the sins of the whole world.  Declare every person's slate clean, white as snow.  The devil is the one who is guilty and he is judged already by Me. (John 16:7-11)   Don't bind yourself to the devil and his judging and condemning anyone or you will inherit My judgment against him.
     Love covers a multitude of sins and wipes them clean.  That is My greatest commission to My children, to love others and wipe clean their slates by forgiving them.  (James 5:20; I Peter 4:8)
     Your Loving, Merciful Father

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Dear One,
    Jesus said that He, as My Son, looks on the spirits of all of My children instead of judging them on the deeds of their flesh. (John 8:15) That's what love does, covers over every sin, iniquity, mistake or transgression because in My eyes they never existed.  (Proverbs 10:12; I Peter 4:8)
     Sin has its own punishment because the cause of the sins, the devil, tempts My children to sin and then doles out the punishment for those sins because he is the destroyer.  There is no punishment for sins that come from Me because only forgiveness comes from Me, erasing all sins from My eyes. (John 16:11) I said that though your sins be as scarlet, they will be white as snow.  Jesus died for the sins of the world so all sins are spiritually washed in His blood. They can't get any more pure than to be white as snow. (Isaiah 1:18-19)
      After Jesus rose from the dead He breathed upon His followers and said when they received the Holy Spirit that whose sins they forgive are forgiven and whose sins they retain are retained.  Do not retain the sins of anybody or your judgment will cause you to be judged also by the devil. (John 16:11)
     Your mercy in forgiving others will result in your being forgiven by others.  (John 20:22-23) 
      Forgiveness is an outgrowth of mercy.  Mercy is an outgrowth of having My love revealed to you so that you know the height, length, depth and breadth of My love for you and you extend My love to others. (Ephesians 3:14-10)  I said that when My love is revealed to you and flows from you to others that I will do exceedingly abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to the power of My Spirit within you.
     Since mercy is an outgrowth of love, you need to practice the mission given to you by Jesus of forgiving everyone because you have mercy on them for their yielding to the temptations to do evil. You have also yielded to the devil's  temptations to do evil by judging others. You understand the mental pulls to do evil to others, whether it is the tempting pull to break the laws or the tempting pull to judge those who break civil, religious, political or society's laws. 
     Your civil laws have the authority to punish lawbreakers in order to protect society, but you have the authority given by Me to forgive them because you have mercy on them for falling for the temptations of the devil to break laws.  You side with your Brother Jesus in forgiving them instead of condemning them and punishing them. (John 8:15; John 5:22)
     Being merciful and forgiving to everyone fulfills My ministry of love.  Forgiving them releases you from the punishment of the devil that comes from your judging them which results in you being judged as a result. When you are merciful and forgive everyone, as is My mission for you in the earth, then there are no spiritual laws broken because all sins are white as snow.  You are free from judgment issued by the devil and others are free from the same judgment. (Matthew 7:1-2)
     I said that there is no greater love than for a person to lay down his life for his friends.  (John 15:12-13)  When you can lay down your inclination to judge and condemn others, even in your own thoughts; and, instead, when you can have instant mercy and forgiveness for others, then you have shown great love.  You have fulfilled My great commission, which is to forgive others and love them as I love you. (John 20:22-23; John 13:34-35) 
    That is My only commandment, to love others as I love you. 
    Since mercy is an outgrowth of love, when you are merciful to others you are covering them with My love.  My Love, shown by you, will transform them.
     Your Loving, Merciful Father

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Dear One
    The psalmist David wrote, "Let the words of My mouth and the meditation of My heart be acceptable in your sight, Oh, Lord, My strength and My redeemer."(Psalm 19:14)   
    That was great insight for David to have, seeking to have pure words and pure thoughts that are acceptable to me.  David did not know the full extent of the importance of having pure, loving thoughts toward everyone.  He only knew that I have pure, loving thoughts toward him, and he desired to have pure, loving thoughts toward everyone. Jesus taught the importance of having pure, loving thoughts when he taught that when one person looks at another person with lusting thoughts that he or she has committed adultery in his or her heart already, without doing the acts of adultery. (Matthew 5:27-30)  He also said if a man is angry with another person, that he has killed already.  (Matthew 5:21-26)
    Taking those important teachings of Jesus into account, relate that to judging a person in your mind for being different than you, a different race, a different social standing, a different political persuasion, a different religion, a different educational level, different clothes and different cultures, all which produce actions for which you might judge the person.  You don't even have to verbalize your judgment, Jesus said that the mental judgment is enough to sow seeds of judgment into the devil's garden of destruction which will return judgment to you.
Jesus said that you will not inherit the benefits of My kingdom while in the earth if you persist in judging others.
    The basis of that teaching is that you must be merciful to everyone, understanding that their motivations for their actions are varied, just like yours are; and, because I do not judge you, as My child you must not judge others.  I said that you owe every man love because I love you. (Romans 13:8-10) You owe every person mercy and understanding because I do not judge you nor do I judge anyone. Mercy is an outgrowth of love.  As My child, you owe mercy and understanding to everyone.  When you are merciful, you obtain mercy from others.  When you judge others, even in your mind only, you sow seeds into the devil's garden of judgment and you will receive judgment by the devil.
    Refusing to yield to the devil's temptation to judge someone takes practice, practice, practice and more practice.  It takes the discernment of My Holy Spirit to  
alert you to the thoughts of judgment which sneak into your mind ever so easily, depending upon your religious background.  Since sin gets its power from religious laws, if your religious background is limited you will not be easily susceptible to judgmental thoughts.  But if your religious background is plentiful, you will be prone to be open to judging thoughts from hell toward others. Unfortunately, religion itself, without revelation of My Holy Spirit, programs My children to judge everyone and everything.  Religious people have no understanding of the motivations behind law breaking, that all lawbreaking is yielding to temptations of the devil.   Revelation by My Spirit reveals truth, which is understanding and freedom, and understanding brings mercy which floods My children with mercy.
     I challenge My children to practice every minute of the day discerning the thoughts of judgment which invade your mind.  They are plentiful.  Arrest them and cast them out before they take hold and eventually cause you to be judged. When a judgmental thought enters into your mind about anything or anybody, push the reject button in your mind and reject the thought.  Immediately bless the person and extend merciful thoughts to him or her.  That action is submitting yourself to Me instead of to the judgment thoughts. It is resisting the devil and causing him to flee from you.  (James 4:7) 
     Practice, practice, practice until you are proficient at being merciful to everyone, refusing to judge anyone; but instead, readily blessing everyone you see, think about, and with whom you live.  When you are merciful to everyone, you will obtain mercy from everyone and there will be no more turmoil in your life.  You will live the life of peace that I desire for you, which is part of My kingdom of heaven. (Romans 12:18)
     Practice makes perfect. Practice showing love others as I love you.
     Your Loving, Merciful Father

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Dear One,
    The more revelation you have about the spiritual dimension around you, the more faith you will have because revelation comes from Me via My explanations to you.  Faith comes by hearing My words. (Hebrews 11:1; Romans 10:17)
     The less revelation you have of the spiritual dimension around you, the less faith you can access when tribulations come into your life via the devil and his destructive works.  The only places Jesus could not do any of his works were in towns where there was a spirit of unbelief.  Faith and belief come by hearing My words as revealed by My Holy Spirit. The only time My Spirit cannot do His mighty works in your life is if a spirit of unbelief is present.
    So that should convince you that the more revelation you have regarding My kingdom which is present inside of you in the person of the Holy Spirit and also around you, in the cloud of witnesses, the more faith you will have. Hebrews 12:1
and 22-25; Acts 2:4)
    Spiritual ignorance is the cause of My children whose houses are built on sand and are destroyed when the storms of life come.  Those of My children whose houses are built on My rock of revelation knowledge are the ones who stand in the midst of the storms of life. (Matthew 7;24-27)
    My children who do not know that all of their problems come from the devil are ones who blame Me for everything mean, ugly, destructive and horrible in their lives.  They think that I try their faith.  That is a lie.  I am not the tempter, nor am I the trier of their faith.  (James 1;12-20) The devil, who Adam allowed into the earth at the beginning, is the tempter and trier of My children.  The plan of the devil is to get back at Me through destroying My children so he incorporates the will of My children in his dastardly plans by tempting them to do his will.
    My Holy Spirit is the One who reveals that truth to My children.  He reveals what are My works of righteousness and what are the devil's works of sin; plus, My Spirit discerns the difference in the two when My children are tempted by the devil away from their faith.   My Spirit identifies the truth from Me and He identifies the lies from hell. (John 16:8-13)
   All spiritual life involves a battle between good and evil, between My kingdom of life and the devil's kingdom of death.  When My children yield to My Spirit and allow Him to teach the difference, discerning the difference between the two, they will recognize the devil's works of evil and they will recognize My good works.  I said that your battles are never with flesh and blood but all battles are with the devil's principalities and powers from hell who tempt and try you.(Ephesians 6:2)
    You must have mercy on those of My children who are ignorant of the spiritual dimension and who blame me for evil works.  They have been taught by people who are ignorant of spiritual things because of lack of revelation knowledge of the battle between good and evil.  Seeking Me for My truth is the cure instead of only seeking the knowledge of other people who are also misinformed of the truth.
     My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth.  Seek Him and His revelation knowledge.  Revelation is merely allowing My Spirit to remove the blinders from your spiritual eyes which were put there by the devil in the beginning.  When the blinders are gone, My Spirit puts My truth into your mind through which you will find complete freedom.  (II Corinthians 2:17-18)
    I said that I do not want you misinformed of spiritual things. (I Corinthians 12:1)
My Holy Spirit is the teacher of all spiritual things.  He will lead you into all truth, taking what Jesus taught and revealing them to you.  You must seek Him for revelations on scriptures and the teachings of Jesus.  The more truth you have from My Holy Spirit, the more freedom you have from the works of the devil. (John 8:31-32)
    Seek the truths of My kingdom and seek My righteousness and everything good will be added to you.
    Your Loving Father of Truth

Monday, November 9, 2015


Dear One,
    Under My covenant with Abraham, because of the sins of mankind I instituted the religious practice of sacrifices.  The requirement for sins was the shedding of blood, so when My children laid their hands upon the heads of their animal sacrifices, transferring their sins onto the animal, then killing the animal, their sins were forgiven for another year.  The requirement by satan, who entices My children to sin, is death because he is the father of death.  So under the old covenant, which is now extinct, sacrifices released people from the punishment by satan for their sins.
    My institution of My new covenant of the Holy Spirit was that the religious practice of sacrificing sheep and goats became null and void because of the sacrifice of Jesus who died for the sins of the world.  Death for sins of the world were satisfied by the requirements of satan for obeying him.  That is why I said that obedience to My guidance is better than having to make sacrifices.  I said that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as the sin of idolatry.  (I Samuel 15:22-24)  In other words, taking My advice, following My guidance and becoming merciful instead of judgmental is better than continuing to be judgmental and then asking for forgiveness. Why is it better for you?  Because when you are judgmental you are sowing seeds into the devil's garden and he will see that you are judged for it.  So you might be flooded with judgment in areas of your life, suffering for your being judgmental, without ever becoming merciful.  Your flesh, your earthly life, will reap judgment for the judgments that you give to others.  So do you see why becoming merciful, in obedience to the Holy Spirit, is better for you than your continuing to be judgmental and reaping judgment upon yourself from satan?   I said that My merciful children obtain mercy.  I said that My children who judge others will be judged by others, as led by satan to do. 
    Jesus taught My children under My new covenant to love their enemies as well as their friends, to return good for evil done to them, to pray for their enemies instead of judging them.  Those were basic keys to My kingdom.  Yet, My children plan and plot against their enemies, thinking they are protecting My name.  They aren't.  They are sowing seeds for their own destruction, yielding to the devil who wants to kill them.
    The merciful actions of My children toward their enemies will result in their obtaining mercy from everyone.  Mercy will sow seeds into My garden of peace and peace will be the result.  It will change the hearts of their enemies, causing their enemies to become their friends.  Peace will reign instead of discord and destruction.
    My children must be careful in desiring to win souls to My kingdom when they are still sowing judgment seeds in judging others instead of being merciful.  They will make disciples of their own judgment instead of making disciples of My peace.
    Always making peace with others was the first thing Jesus taught his followers.  Somewhere it all got lost in religious and political rhetoric. Somewhere the gospel of peace became the gospel of conflict, and it should not be so.  Conflict and judgment are the gospel of satan because he wants to judge My children with their
own judgment.  There is no means for him to judge them without their having judged others.  (Matthew 5:  20-26; 38-45)
    Jesus said it is easy to love those who love you.  (Matthew 5:46-48) He said that loving others who differ in religious practices, actions, political beliefs, in racial and cultural backgrounds, that is the kind of love that brings peace into your life.  Only My Holy Spirit can work the characteristic of love into you.  His fruit of love toward you can become your fruit of love toward others.  My mercy toward the lawbreaker, both religious and civil, will become your mercy because of the indwelling of My Spirit, if you will obey His voice.  Forgiveness and mercy for others are much better than sacrifices of service to your church, paying tithes and saving souls only to make them disciples of judgment if you are judgmental. 
    Jesus said that the children under the old covenant had done all that their priests required of them but he said that woes would come upon their priests, the  scribes and Pharisees, because they had refused to teach people to be merciful and faithful to Me. Instead, because of their laws they became judgmental.  (Matthew 23:23-36) My concerns were for My children who were led into destruction instead of being led into the abundant life.
     Mercy always brings mercy because it sows seeds into My kingdom garden.  Judgment of others always brings judgment upon yourself because it sows seeds into the devil's garden of judgment.  You will reap what you sow. (Galatians 6:7-9)
     Turning to Me for forgiveness will result in instant forgiveness, but there may be judgment returns to come upon you because of your previously sowing judgment.  My forgiveness is instant.  Recovery from judging others may take a while unless you begin to always show mercy to others like I show to you.  Flooding the earth with mercy will stop the flood of judgment from satan upon you for your being judgmental.
    My ways are contrary to the ways of religious tenets.  My ways are kind, loving, good, merciful and peaceful and nonjudgmental. Choose My ways and live the abundant life that I promised.
    Your Father of Mercy and Peace

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Dear One,
    I created your world with My words and I created My children in My image to also be creators by their words.  Jesus explained that truth when He taught that by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned. (Matthew 12:35-37) He couldn't be more explicit than that.  That means that by your positive, encouraging, loving, faith-filled words you will sow wonderful seeds into My kingdom of love but by your negative, discouraging, angry words you will sow seeds into the kingdom of destruction.
   There are negative words that seem innocent to My children but they grow plants of destruction in their lives because they glorify the works of the devil.   We have referred to them in the past as "poor me" words and martyr words.  A more descriptive term is "woe is me" words.  "Woe is me" thoughts, attitudes and words will invite more and more woes to come into your life.  They are complaining, griping and groaning words about your situation in life, about the way people treat you, about the way you are so unlucky, about how put-upon you are, speaking griping and groaning words instead of speaking loving, encouraging words which will change the way people treat you.  Changing your words to positive ones will change your station in life, which will make you lucky because you are Living Under Christ's Kindness by sowing loving seeds. 
     Instead of sowing woe words and glorifying the devil's works which will multiply your woes, speak words of faith and belief in Me which are testimonies of My works in your behalf.  (Romans 4:20-22; II Timothy 1:12-14)
    "Woe is me" words are meant to garner sympathy for you from others, making sure they know that you are unhappy and afflicted in life.  Would you rather have sympathy from people because of your woes or would you rather have respect from people that comes from overcoming the woes of life by taking My advice and practicing My effective ways?  That is a choice that My children must constantly make, and some of My children choose sympathy from people because it causes them to get the attention that they want.  However, that attention is actually lacking in respect and admiration.  Also, an additional  problem is that speaking of your woes all the time will increase the woes in your life and you will never enter into My rest for your soul.  You will never collect any of your inheritance from Me while you live in the earth because you are constantly sowing woe seeds into your garden of life, multiplying the woes in your life.(Galatians 6:7-9)
    The children of Israel who wandered forty years in the wilderness griped, groaned and moaned about My provisions for them and it cost them 39 years of misery because of the additional years of the miserable journey that they chose by their "woe is me" attitudes. (Hebrews 3:8-19; Jude 1:15-16) 
    "Woe is me" seeds will invite into your life more and more woes which will curse your life from hell because "woe is me" words are testimonies to the works of the devil in your life. You are sowing to destruction when you curse your life with "woe is me" words.  Those words are faithless, unbelieving, and they will increase your woes.  If you continue to bind yourself to woe words, you will increase the woe situations in your life. (Matthew 16:19)
    Come to Me, all of you who sow woe words into the garden of destruction and allow me to teach you how to only speak believing words of faith which elevate you in life to being blessed by me in all ways. 
    Your Loving Father of Truth  

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Dear One,
     I told My children in My Instruction Book that they are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses eager to minister to them and for them.  Within that cloud of witnesses I said are My angels, the assembly of the first born who were redeemed by Jesus, the spirits of just men who have been made perfect, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Me.  (Hebrews 12:1 and 22-24)  I also said that My angels are servants and ministering spirits to the ones who are inheritors of salvation.   I described them as appearing to people as winds and flames of fire.  (Hebrews 1:7 and 14; Ezekiel 1:12-13 and 20; Ezekiel 3:12-14; Ezekiel 10:1-5)
     Those scriptures should encourage you that you are not alone in your battles but you have a myriad of help in the spiritual dimension around you. 
     On the day of Pentecost where My loyal children were praying and waiting for My promise for which Jesus commanded them to wait, a mighty wind was heard and tongues of fire were evident above the heads of the believers.  That was the first day My true children were able to receive the help of their spiritual servants that I assigned to them. (Acts 2:1-4)  Every time My children ask to be baptized by My Holy Spirit they receive their spiritual servants, their assigned angels, to minister to and for them. They are part of My gifts to My children.  They minister for My children at My command.
     Now do you see why it is important for you to seed the spiritual cloud that surround you with kind, encouraging, sweet, uplifting, blessing words to others, your enemies as well as your friends?  That is why Jesus spoke so emphatically about only speaking peaceful words.  It is because when you speak kind, loving, peaceful words you are seeding the clouds in the spiritual dimension around you with blessings which will produce kind, loving, peaceful events in your life delivered by My angels at My command.
     John the Baptist said that he baptized people with water, but when Jesus was equipped to minister that He would baptize them with the Holy Spirit.  (Matthew 3:11) When Jesus was baptized by John in the river, the heavens were seen to open and My Spirit descended like a dove and lighted on Jesus. The form of a descending dove is identical to the form of a flame of fire.  Jesus was not only anointed by My Holy Spirit on that day for ministry, but His spiritual servants were given to him to minister along with Him. (Matthew 3:16-17)
     Jesus began to teach and do great miracles by the power of My Holy Spirit and he taught that you are justified by your words and you are condemned by your words.  (Matthew 12:37)  That should show you how important your words are to your present life and your future.
     So this truth of seeding the clouds works with both kingdoms, My kingdom and the kingdom of evil.  My children either seed  or sow to My clouds when they bless people and do good to them, or they also seed or sow to the clouds of evil when they curse people with negative, judgmental, condemning, bitter, unforgiving words.  Their words will grow plants in their lives, depending upon in which kingdom their sow their seeds.
      Words have the power to bless or to curse others; and, in turn, they either bless or curse you.  The connection between My heaven and earth has always been  through words, through My words to My children through prophesies and personal instructions and also through My children's prayers back to My kingdom in heaven.  The connection between the devil's hell and My children is also through words, his temptations of you and also your curses of others to his kingdom of hell which commission him to bring destruction on others and yourself.
      Now you must understand why My plan all the time was to get My words into the mouths of My children through their prayer languages, so that My words would come out of their mouths and bless them and bless others.  It was My redemptive plan from the beginning of the earth, to get My instructional, constructive words into the earth so that My words through the Holy Spirit can be effective in redeeming not only My children but the entire earth. (James 3:10-16)  Remember that I created your world with My words and I redeem it with My words spoken by My children. 
     Seed My clouds of salvation by only speaking words that bless others and yourself instead of speaking words of destruction that curse others and yourself.  Your devotion is known by your words, whether they are judgmental, destructive words or whether they are loving, blessing words.
     You know which words are My words. They are love words and blessing words. You will reap what you sow.
     Your Father of Blessings

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Dear One,
   When My children speak beautiful words, they invite beautiful things into their lives from heaven.
   When My children speak ugly words, they invite ugly things into their lives from hell.
   Beautiful, uplifting words create events that lift up My children and make them happy.
   Ugly, destructive words create events that destroy My children and make them sad.
    Words have mighty powers in the heavens and in the earth.  Jesus said that a good tree brings forth good fruit but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit.  He even said that a corrupt tree is cut down.  I do not do the cutting down.  The devil destroys the trees that bring forth evil fruit because he is the caretakers of those trees.  The object of the devil in tempting My children to bring forth evil words is to allow him to cut them down. (Matthew 7:15-29)
     You have observed good, uplifting words build up a person who has previously been depressed.  You have observed evil, sharp words tear down a person who earlier might have been happy.  Kind, uplifting, joyful, merciful. positive words built up My kingdom in My children.  Bitter, unkind, domineering, unforgiving, negative words tear down My kingdom in My children.
     Words have the power to destroy and words have the power to heal.  Destructive words never leave the minds of My children, they are emblazoned into their minds.  The destructive words will yield evil in the lives of My children.
    Constructive words never leave the minds of My children.  They are also emblazoned into their minds. The constructive words will yield goodness in the lives of My children. (Ephesians 4:29-32)
    My words to My children are always loving, kind, constructive, uplifting, encouraging, faith building words.  They produce My kingdom inside of My children, transforming My children into My image of being loving, peaceful, joyful, good, kind, merciful, patient, and faithful. I change the hearer of My words into vessels of peace. (Galatians 5:22-23)
    For My children who allow Me to change them into My image, the words flowing from their mouths will spew forth rivers of living waters, just like My Holy Spirit spews forth rivers of living waters from His innermost being.  They will heal your earth and they will heal all who hear them. 
    You will know My true children by their fruit.
    Your Sweet Fruit Bearing Father


Dear One,
    Some of My children, even in this age of enlightenment by My Holy Spirit, still believe that I am a killer.  They believe that I am the originator of storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, believing that all of those are used by Me to punish the inhabitants of the earth for sinning.  They use the scriptures of the old covenant with Abraham in which to prove that I am a killer.  The writers during the old covenant were ignorant of the devil's work in the earth so they attributed his work to Me.  Some of My children in your age who know the devil is the killer and destroyer believe that I allow him to be my enforcer of punishment.  I said that My children must not be deceived.  I do not allow any killing and destruction. 
    The truth is that My children allow the devil to do his killing and destruction in their world by cooperating with him in his temptations, obeying him by speaking curses upon their world.  They speak bitter words of racial, social, religious and political prejudice. That is the work of the evil one, the devil.  They rob from the poor in refusing to meet the needs of the downtrodden. That is the work of the evil one, the devil.  They return evil for evil done to them.  That is the work of the devil in order to multiply his curses in the earth.  They curse everyone who offends them.  Cursing is the work of the devil.  Instead of doing good to those who offend them, they do the same evil to the offenders that was done to them.  That is the work of the devil because he loves to extend his offensive works to everyone.   None of those things are My work.  They are the works of the devil, as allowed by My children.
    When I said that what you bind on earth is bound in heaven, that means whatever you allow on earth is allowed in heaven. (Matthew 16: 19) As the overseers of the earth, which was the ministry that I gave My children when I created the first man, whatever My children allow the devil to entice them to do, and they do it, then they have allowed the devil's work to be done in the earth.  I have no part in the evil matters.  My duty in the earth is to save My children from the destruction.  But, I can only do it when they leave their unity with the devil and return to Me.  When that happens, I rush in to save My children from the destruction they allowed satan to do in their lives. (John 3:16-7) I have no judgment or condemnation for My children because I do not judge and I do not condemn.  I walked the earth in My Son Jesus and I know the subtle temptations to do evil works in the earth as devised by the devil.  I am the One who saves.  The devil is the one who kills and robs. (John 10:10)
     Why would I tell My children not to kill if I was a killer through diverse weather changes?  I would have to have multiple personalities if I were a killer.  I don't.  That is what James was talking about when he wrote that I have no shadow of turning, being evil on one hand and then being loving on the other hand.  (James 1:13-17) No. I am not. I am Love and there is no truth to differ with that revelation. 
    Jesus came to earth to save My children, not to kill them by punishing them for sinning. The only punishment for sins comes from the devil who entices My children to sin and then he punishes them for obeying him. Sin is its own punishment.  I do not punish anyone.
    I am sovereign in the heavens but I am not sovereign in the earth unless My children allow Me to be the lords of their lives, making Me their motivator, their counselor, their teacher, their advocate, their Father to whom they listen and then take My advice. I gave the earth to men in the beginning and I do not usurpt the authority I gave to them .  However, through the power of My Holy Spirit I can become soverign in the lives of those people who actually live and move and have their beings in Me.  Through those children I become the sovereignty that I am in the heavens.    
    My saving plan for the earth was that My Spirit would  be given permission by My children to live in them and transform them into My image.  When that happens, when My children become love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, faithful and patient, like I am, then I am sovereign through them in their little piece of the world because they govern the earth through My guidance. 
    Forgiveness must always be the reaction of My children toward others.  Keeping peace with everyone must be the motivation of My children who make Me lord of their lives. Mercy toward every lawbreaker, every rebellious person, the poor, the deceived, the addicted, the weak and those who sins have debilitated them are the actions of My children who know My mercy.  Loving everyone as I love you is the key to doing what I ask of My children.  When you love everyone as I love you, My kingdom will overtake you and you will experience kingdom living while in the earth.  It's very simple, loving others, being merciful to others and keeping peace with everyone brings heaven to earth for you.  
    Your Loving, Merciful and Peaceful Father     

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Dear One,
    My children ignore My instructions which will change their lives into the utopia that I want them to have.  They ignore My keys to My kingdom which coach them to bless their enemies instead of cursing them.  Instead of blessing others, they bind themselves to every religious leader and politician who curses their country, their leaders, cursing people who differ in their political beliefs and people whose politics and religion have led them to oppose My children,  They, themselves, My own children, oppose their enemies and curse them.  Some of My children curse everyone in the earth who is not their same color, their same nationality, their same religion, their same denomination, their same political persuasion and their own social standing.  They war against everyone, even their own families.  As a result of cursing anyone, they curse themselves because of the seeds they have sown. Their lands are flooded, tornadoes and hurricanes destroy people and property, crime is rampant, their policing officials do criminal acts, their families are in turmoil and cures become ineffective against diseases.  It all starts with cursing others instead of blessing them, like I told My children to do. Collective cursing of others from My children allows the devil to curse their earth. The devil is the father of curses, as you saw from the beginning. (Genesis 2:14-19)
   I did not tell My children to bless their enemies just as a religious action, to prove they are Godly. There is a spiritual action in the heavens which affect their lives when My children bless their enemies instead of cursing them. Seeds of the abundant life are planted when My children bless their enemies. Seeds of a life of destruction are planted when My children curse anyone. (Deuteronomy 28)
   Let's look at cursing others, which means thinking, speaking or acting against someone, being opposed to anyone.  In cursing someone in your mind, speech or actions, you sow curses into your own life.  Jesus told you over and over again that you will reap what you sow.  He said if you sow to destruction you will reap destruction.  He said if you sow to My kingdom of love, you will reap the benefits of My kingdom. 
    If you wonder why there are extreme variations in weather, floods, droughts, prolonged freezes, prolonged high temperatures, then you should check the attitudes of My other children and yourself, check the seeds that are being sowed.  Begin to do the opposite, blessing everyone instead of cursing them, praying for your enemies instead of cursing them.  You must do good to your enemies instead of opposing them and killing them with either your mouths or your tools of destruction. (Matthew 5:38-42)
    Whose child are you?  Are you My child who sows seeds of love, peace, goodness and kindness?  Or, are you the child of the devil who opposes, curses, condemns, fights, judges and sows destruction?  You are known by your fruits, your attitudes. (Matthew 5:9)
    When My children are collective in their cursing others, whether another religion, another nationality, another culture or their own leaders, their curses will seed their atmosphere with anger and strife.  As a result there will be devastating floods, destructive weather patterns and crippling snow storms.
    Attitudes and actions are powerful.  They seed the atmosphere around you with either curses or blessings, depending upon from which kingdom you are speaking and acting.  It is the old seed sowing and harvest which Jesus taught My children over and over.  If you sow curses in the devil's garden by speaking evil about anyone, you and your family will inherit the devil's curses in some area of your lives.  If you join collectively with many others in cursing anyone, any followers of a different religion, people of any other nationality or culture, cursing your leaders, the curses upon your area, your state and your country will be devastating.  There will be a large harvest to your seeds of strife in the form of devastation because you have sown curses from hell and you have reaped curses from hell.
    This truth is Love Sowing and Peace Keeping 101 in the tutoring by My Holy Spirit. Yet, your religious leaders and oppositional politicians are ignorant of My ways.  Instead of incorporating your participation in blessings others and thus inheriting My blessings, they suck My children into the self destructive practice of cursing others, much to the devil's delight because he gets to curse My children in multiple ways from his evil garden of hatred. (Matthew 5:43-48)
    When something or someone offends you, immediately bless the person and do good to him or her instead of joining with their strife.  When you do, you stop the activity of strife and sow into My garden of peace instead of furthering the curses that come from sowing strife and anger in your world.  You preserve your own life as well as your world.  You sow seeds in your atmosphere of peace and you will have peace in your world. (Matthew 5:38-
    You have heard of seeding the clouds with chemicals in order to induce them to rain during a drought.  A more effective way is for all of My children to seed them with blessings for their enemies instead of the curses that they have sown in the atmosphere.  My children need to turn from their own negative thoughts, words, attitudes and actions of opposing people and begin to bless and do good to people.  Then the clouds will rain in slow, even, earth quenching rains, not the floods that often come after a drought were people are killed and properties are destroyed. (Matthew 7:24-27)
    I told you to pray for your enemies who do evil to you.  In doing that, you reverse the strife induced curses in which the devil connived to engage you so that he can curse you in every area of your life. The seeds you sow in response to someone doing evil to you will determine whether My blessings are returned to you or the curses that the devil delights in giving will return to you. (Matthew 5:43-45)
    You will reap what you sow.  If you sow blessings of love and peace, you will reap My blessings.  If you sow evil speaking, fear, opposition and strife, you will reap the same things.  It can't work any other way.  Seed time and harvest are forever. (Galatians 6:7-9)
    Bless others and you and your family will live the abundant life.  Curse others and you and your family will live a cursed life. I grieve for you when you choose curses. (Ephesians 4:29-32)
    I delight when My children take My advice and love others as I love them.  I delight when they inherit My kingdom blessings in their lives.
    Your Father of Love and Blessings