Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Dear One,
    The principle of seed sowing in the earth never stops because it was instituted at the beginning when I created people.  It originally related to growing crops, which crop seeds you sow will yield the same crop.  When the devil was allowed to enter the earth through Adam's refusal to take My advice and the devil became prince of this world, he incorporated the same principle of seed sowing when he tempts My children to judge others, deeming them lower than yourself in religious stature, political stature, social stature, cultural stature, racial stature or in educational stature.  (Luke 12:31; John 14:30; John 16:11)
   I warned My children through Jesus not to judge people because the result will be boomeranging judgment upon yourself.  (Matthew 7:1-2) The devil is waiting for My children to yield to his temptation to judge someone so that he can bring his same judgment upon you.  Unfortunately, My children who think that I am the judge of people will think that they are entitled to the same acts of judging that they attribute to Me.  The devil uses that toxic logic with some of My children.  Instead, I tell My children to have lowliness of mind, esteeming others as better than themselves.  All of My children are equal in every way in My mind.  (Philippians 2:3-15) 
   Some of My children have separated themselves unto Me, have come to know Me intimately, and are led by My Spirit after they have been taught by Him the keys to My kingdom.  They have embraced the keys to My family treasury and have adopted them as their life's work of love. Those children of Mine allow My Spirit to reveal to them the traps of the devil and they don't yield to his temptations to judge others. They find that their lives are blessed in the earth which I gave to them in all ways.  When they continue to hear My voice of forgiveness for everyone, they continue to be blessed. 
    There are others of My children who have never heard the good news of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the ministry of My Holy Spirit, both of whose ministries have provided My ways to be saved from the works of the devil in the earth.  And yet you judge those people who have never even heard about My love?  (Romans 10:14-17)  Do you judge them for not hearing what was never told to them?  That judgment that comes from hell returns to those who judge people who have never even heard the good news.  
    My children often also judge those people who have inherited demons of poverty, disease, rebellion, narrow political tenets, narrow religious tenets, failure, anger, and other family genes.  You, whom have been redeemed and purified by My Spirit, should be forgiving instead of judgmental of them.  You were bought with a price and then you judge others who have never even heard that I value them above jewels. You curse them with your judgment instead of blessing them and then you wonder why your prayers are rarely answered, deeming that I said no to your requests.  You are blind to the fact that your own judging of others has allowed the devil to judge you.  You are like those whom Jesus said know neither the scriptures nor do they know My power. (Matthew 22:29)     
    I said that the meek shall inherit the earth.  Meekness connotes humility, never thinking more highly of yourself than others.  Humility elevates others instead of demeaning them.  Humility blesses instead of cursing others by judging them for their manner of dress, their manner of speaking, their race, their customs, their political beliefs, their religious beliefs, their differing opinions or other differences.  (Romans 12:14-21; Romans 13:1-8)  Humility never looks on the flesh but looks on the spirit of everyone and acts in love.
    Become intimately acquainted with Me and you will become humble, loving, peaceful, joyful, filled with goodness and kindness toward those people who differ from you in attitudes, beliefs and actions, because I am forgiving toward all people.  I understand every person's differences and I forgive the ones which are opposed to My family.  You must do the same.
    Forgiveness and mercy are better than the repentance that you make after you have obtained judgment from the devil for judging others.  You can avoid the painful suffering that you experience after having judged someone and you are judged by the same measure.  Make it a habit to forgive and be merciful to everyone.  Then you do not have to fear the judgment of the devil.
    Remember that I am not the judge.  The prince of this world, the devil, metes out his judgment every chance he gets when you yield to his temptation to judge others.   Resist his temptations, refuse to judge others,  and live the abundant life that I promised.
    Your Loving, Nonjudgmental Father 

Monday, May 30, 2016


Dear One,
    As was proclaimed to you by a man once, being "saved" is not only a one time thing.  The word "salvation" connotes My lengthy work in My children.  You were saved in your spirit from the judgment of the devil for your sins when you were born again of My Holy Spirit, all because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  (John 3:6) You are continually being saved from the temptations and works of the devil all of your life in the earth by the renewing of your mind by My Holy Spirit. (Romans 12:2)  You are finally saved from the works of the devil when your earthly body dies and you receive your new spiritual body in My heavenly home. (I Corinthians 15:40-44) So you were saved when you were born again, you are being saved by the renewing of your mind by the Holy Spirit, and you will be eternally saved when your natural body lies and you receive your celestial body.  Real salvation is a long process.
     Some of My children stop being "saved" as they call it, when they are first born of My Spirit because they refuse to be baptized in My Holy Spirit.  He is the One who transforms your mind by renewing it, teaching you My truths one-on-one, teaching you the difference between My family and the family of the devil.  My Spirit is the only tutor of revelation truth, enlightening your human mind from the inside of you to recognize My promptings to do good and the devil's temptations to do the evil that comes at all of My children in their thoughts from the devil and his demons.  My Holy Spirit is your guide, your power, your advocate, your tutor, your counselor, your standby, your strengthener and your constant protector.  He renews your mind, teaching you all things pertaining to My family and He also reveals to you the workings of your enemy, the devil.  He discerns the difference between the two kingdoms for you, giving you the power to refuse the evil temptations which entice you to do the works of evil instead of My works of good in the earth. (John 16:7-15)  That is being constantly "saved" because My Spirit saves you from the destructive works of the devil. (I John 3:16)  My Spirit endeavors to destroy the works of the devil in your life.  It is the works of My Spirit in your life that make your life in the earth loving, peaceful, joyful, patient, filled with goodness, kindness and mercy.  He is the One who builds faith in your to believe My promises to you.
     Your eternal home, where you will live with Me forever and ever, requires that you have a spiritual body and so when your earthly body dies and returns to dust, I will put upon you a perfect celestial body which will enable you to live in My heaven with Me.  (Colossians 3:2-4)
     My Spirit said through Paul that you should set your mind on Me and My ways.  He said that you should discipline the tempting works of the devil, battling against them, resisting them, casting them out of your mind and body, refusing to obey the devil.  If you obey the devil he will put upon you the judgment that I put upon him when he caused separation between Adam and Me.   (Colossians 3:5-15)  My Spirit listed the things that are the works of the devil and incur the judgment of the devil.  Some are corrupt communication, lying, blasphemy, malice, wrath, anger, idolatry, covetousness, uncleanness, fornication and on and on.  He said that you must put on the new man, bounding in peace, humility, thankfulness, kindness, goodness, meekness, long suffering, bearing the faults of one another, and forgiving one another as I forgive you. 
     The spiritual process of being constantly saved from the works of the devil can only be accomplished by allowing My Holy Spirit to be your tutor.  I gave Him to you to take up residence in you to be My presence in your life.  I want you delivered from the works of the devil while you live in the earth.  It is through the ministry inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit that transforms your mind and makes it possible for you to have My abundant life while you live in the earth.  
      I did not create My children to live a life of misery while in the earth.  It is though My Holy Spirit living inside of you that overcomes all the evil that is in the earth.  My children who allow My Spirit to teach them and guide them are the ones who destroy the works of the devil in their lives, just like Jesus did.  They are the joyful ones.
      I love all of My children.  It is those who hear My words and do them who reign in the earth as ones who have overcome the works of evil.
      Your Father of Power and Love

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dear One,
    My words to you from the mouth of Jesus, if you take His advice, will lead you to the abundant life that I promised.  My words from the Holy Spirit will lead you into the paths of righteousness which will bless your entire life.
    My words to the nation of Israel through which the flesh of My Son Jesus descended became the laws used by the devil to bring sin and death to My people.  Those commandments became a curse to My children because of what satan does to them.  What he does is refer to them as ineffective, implying that I did not really mean that you would escape death if you obeyed them.  The temptations of the devil became more powerful after the commandments were given to the nation of Israel because the devil used them to condemn and judge My children.  Before there were no commandments, there was no sin because there was nothing to use to gauge behavior as being good or bad, as was done by the devil, using them as a basis for bringing guilt and condemnation upon My children.  My words that were given to help My children identify the works of the devil so that they would avoid participating with evil and inheriting death became the very avenue through which the devil condemns and destroys. (Romans 7:10-25)
    Does that make those old covenant commandments evil?  No.  They were given to reveal the temptations of the devil as what they are; but, instead, the devil used them to judge and condemn My children for trespasses, iniquities and sins so that they would inherit his gift of death and destruction.(Romans 3:20)
    My plan from the beginning of the world was to send My very own Holy Spirit into My children to be their guide instead of the commandments which allowed the devil to tempt them, judge them and condemn them, but I had to defeat satan in his own territory before My Spirit could come to live in My children and accomplish My goal.  Jesus had to die for all the sins of the whole world, he had to descend into hell, be raised from the dead by My Holy Spirit and then come to live with Me.  When that was accomplished, then My Holy Spirit could descend into the earth to be received by My children in their thoughts, giving them the power to overcome the works of the devil instead of their trying to resist the devil by their own inadequate power by following the old commandments.
   This is the good news: My Holy Spirit does what the old commandments could not do, which is defeat the evil spirits that tempt My children.  My Spirit gives you power to refuse the temptations of the devil which cause you to yield to him  and then, as a result of obeying the devil, receive the devil's curses which are destruction and death.(Romans 7:10-25) What the indwelling of My Holy Spirit accomplishes in My children, through revelations of My Spirit and being led by My Spirit, is that My children are empowered to live a life of abundant blessings and peace for their minds.  They have the supernatural power to resist the devil and they have My personal words to them so that they will avoid the traps set by the devil in his temptations to do evil, even his tempting My children to judge and condemn others who do not obey the old commandments which became null and void when I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth so that a person can become born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit. (Romans 8:1-11)
    The only commandment that is in effect for My children is the commandment of Jesus, that you love one another as I love you.  (John 13:34-35)   When you, as empowered by My Holy Spirit, can love everyone, forgive everyone, have mercy on everyone, do My works of goodness and kindness to everyone, then you have fulfilled all of the old commandments which did not give you the power that My Holy Spirit does. (Romans 13:8-10) The words of My Holy Spirit set you free from the commandments which brought death because of the devil using them to condemn and judge you and others.  (Romans 8:2)
    Old covenant commandments and laws were only given until My new covenant of the Holy Spirit entered the world to give My children the power to defeat the works of the devil in their own lives and in the world, just like He did through Jesus. (I John 3:8) 
    You are debtors to My Spirit of love, not to the commandments given to the flesh of the people of Israel.  (Romans 8:12-17)  Your citizenship is not in the earth.  It is in My heaven if My Spirit lives within you. 
    Love is the spiritual energy in My family.  Love overcomes all evil,
     Your Father of the Words of Life    

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Dear One,
     We have talked the last few days about your having the faith to take the advice of Jesus and to do what He said in relation to blessing and praying for your enemies instead of returning vengeance to them.  It takes faith to do what He also admonished you when He told you to refuse to be angry with anyone but instead to forgive everyone who opposes you, also to not pray in public to be heard by people but instead to pray in your room alone with just you and Me, also for you not to let anyone know how much you give to the poor, also for you to refuse to strike back at someone who strikes you, also for you to love your enemies instead of hating them, also to never judge anyone or you will be judged by the devil.  It takes unshakeable faith in you for you to take the advice of Jesus and then to do what He said to do.   My children, in their flesh, do not have the spiritual power to be obedient to Him.  It takes the power of My Holy Spirit living inside of you to give you the gift of faith to deny the fear that is in your flesh which causes you to react in anger, vengeance, retaliation, opposition, pride and rebellion. 
    I know that the flesh of My children, which is influenced by the temptations of the devil, is completely opposed to the leading of My Spirit.  My Spirit through Paul said that there is a war going on between your flesh and My Spirit, your flesh wanting to obey the temptations of satan, which brings death, and your spirit wanting to obey the promptings of My Holy Spirit, which bring life.  My Holy Spirit explained this phenomenon through Paul, saying that the works of the flesh are death but the works of My Spirit are life and soul peace.  Once you realize that your thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions are either done as yielding to satan or to Me, then it makes it easier for you to yield to Me, knowing that I have your best interest at heart.  It is the revelation of My Spirit who gives this truth to your mind. (Romans 7:4-25; Romans 8:1-14)
    These admonitions by Jesus were not given with the promise that I would only bless you if you are obedient to Me.  They are given so that you will be able to, in the power of My Holy Spirit, obey the instructions given by Jesus in order to avoid the destructive curses of the devil who seeks to devour you by leading you astray from the ways that bring life and soul peace to you. 
   Your flesh cannot, of itself, deem you righteous and blessed.  It is only My Holy Spirit, leading your flesh to do My works of love and goodness, who leads you to do acts of righteousness which bring blessings into your life.  I stated emphatically to you that the works of the flesh, which easily respond to the works of satan, will bring death to you; but the works of My Spirit, who lives in your spirit, brings life to you.  (Acts 1:8; John 14:26-27; Acts 2:1-4)
    The choice between blessings and curses, of which I told you emphatically, goes on constantly in your life.  My Spirit called it a war for your life, with satan tempting your flesh to do the works of destruction and My Holy Spirit in your spirit, prompting you to do the works of righteousness which bring a blessed life to you and peace to your mind. 
    Life in the earth is a constant battle between good and evil.  It was not that way in the beginning when I created it to be an image of My Heaven.  It was only when Adam allowed the devil to invade the spiritual atmosphere of the earth that the battle began between the devil, who wants to destroy all that I created, and his battle is with Me, because I want to bless all of My children with unimaginable blessings.
    The instructions of Jesus are simply the ways to avoid your yielding to the wiles of the devil, recognizing them as temptations and refusing to do them.  My Holy Spirit gives you the faith power to refuse his temptations and instead to take My advice and do the opposite to what the devil, in your thoughts, tells you to do.  After all, who is your father?  Am I your Father or is the devil your father?  To whomever you yield your will is your father at that moment and you will either receive My blessings or the devil's curses of destruction, depending upon whom you obey.
    The good news is that My Holy Spirit gives you the spiritual power to take My advice and yield to My instructions, assuring you that My ways are higher than the ways of the flesh. (II Corinthians 10:5; Isaiah 55:9-11)
    Your Father of Victory  

Friday, May 27, 2016

Anger's Judgment

Dear One,
    My children have faith that they will spend eternity in heaven with Me, absolutely relying on that promise from Me.  However, do you believe the warning by Jesus that if you are angry with your brother that you are in danger of judgment from the devil?   Jesus taught that not only are you in danger of judgment if you kill someone, but that if you are angry with someone that you are in danger of judgment and that if you insult your brother or call him a fool that you are in danger of the devil's fires of hell, since he is the judge in the earth and the dispenser of punishment.
    I am not the judge.  The devil is the one who judges you.  He is the one who tempts you to do evil things and then he judges you for it because he wants to destroy My children.  (John 16:7-11) Your Brother Jesus was trying to impress upon you the importance of forgiving someone instead of being angry with him or her. (Matthew 5: 21-22)  Jesus wanted you to know the importance of forgiveness instead of being angry and bitter.
    Do you really believe the warning words that Jesus spoke as much as your believing that you are going to heaven when your body dies?  If you do, then if you do get angry and do evil actions because of the anger, if you believe those words from the mouth of Jesus you will make peace with the person with whom you are angry before you pray and ask Me for forgiveness or ask Me for anything.  (Matthew 5:23) He even said that you must make peace with anyone who accuses you of anything before you go to court because if you do not make peace with him or her that the accuser will turn you over to the judge and he will exact the last penny from you; in other words, you will pay the full price required by the devil's laws of sin and death. 
     Do you really believe that Jesus knew what He was talking about?  Do you really believe that He knew the consequences from hell that will come upon you if you yield to anger? 
     Sometimes My children do not act like they believe the teachings of My Son Jesus about anger because they believe that there is such a thing as "righteous anger".  That is an oxymoron of terms because My righteousness does not know anger as an emotion.  My righteous children who believe My warnings to them know that anger is from hell and that forgiveness and mercy are from Me.  When the demon of anger invades your mind, you must not yield to its fires from hell but instead you must forgive immediately to avoid the judgments of the devil, which Jesus said will exact your last penny.  He will make you pay for allowing his emotion of anger to do his works in the earth.  His works in the earth are destruction and death.(John 10:10)  My works in the earth are making you the recipient of My blessings. I do that by teaching you to eradicate the temptations of the devil by refusing to obey them, refusing to become angry with anyone; but, instead, to forgive immediately so that you can be forgiven and remove any obstacles from heaven to earth which has blocked My blessings from coming to you because of anger.
    Anger is an emotion of the devil.  Anger is at the basis of every unpleasant, divisive, disruptive, volatile, strife filled, jealous, bitter incident in the earth. Your Brother Jesus was teaching you to recognize the works of the devil and to avoid them by refusing to obey their temptations. He asked you not to return evil for evil done to you but instead to forgive your enemies, to bless them and to pray for them.  In other words, He warned you to respond to anger from another person or injury from another person with forgiveness so that you will be forgiven and avoid the judgments from hell. (Matthew 5:22) 
    Jesus said to do to others what you want them to do to you.  You want forgiveness from others so you must always forgive others.  When you sow the seeds of forgiveness, you will reap forgiveness from everyone.  If you sow seeds of judgment and anger for others, you will reap judgment from them and from hell.
    Ask My Holy Spirit to be your umpire, always alerting you to the temptations of anger to bind you to the works of the devil. Jesus said that you will pay the full price from hell if you yield to anger.  Instead, He said to always be forgiving, kind, and compassionate with others. (Colossians 3:12-17)
    Examine your heart and see if you really believe the warnings and admonitions of Jesus on how to overcome the works of the devil.  An important one is that you must refuse to be angry with anyone but instead that you forgive everyone and make peace with everyone, remembering that seeking peace is an outgrowth of knowing Me and becoming transformed by the renewing of you mind so that you may prove to others what is My perfect will, which is to spread peace in the earth.(Romans 12:1-2)   My peace produces tranquility and a life of abundance.
     Your Forgiving Father

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Dear One,
    My children believe that I will answer their prayers and they often have faith for perfect answers.  There are many areas in which My children do not have faith in the things that I instructed them to do in order to facilitate the atmosphere in the earth that will help Me in My orchestration to answer their prayers.  One of those areas is in the instructions of Jesus that you bless your enemies instead of returning evil for evil done to you. 
    Do you really have faith that if you bless your enemies instead of doing evil toward them in thoughts, attitudes, speech and actions that I will see that you are blessed in return and your prayers will be more easily answered? (Matthew 5:38-48) When you produce in your own life the atmosphere that is in My heaven of love and forgiveness, then I can more easily swoop in with My angels and answer your prayers.  If you curse your enemies with your thoughts, attitudes and words, then you are producing the atmosphere of hell in your life and I cannot come into the situation and bring My miracle working power to bless you also because you have blessed your enemies.  It takes faith in the words of Jesus for you to bless your enemies.  Do you have faith in the instructions of Jesus?
     Jesus also told you not to practice piety before other people by telling about your giving money to the poor and by praying in public because often your public praying do not contain prayers to Me but they are prayers to impress the listeners of your piety. You have said it yourself about someone, "He says the most beautiful prayers." Well, that person got his reward when he prayed because he was secretly seeking the admiration of the hearers of his beautiful prayer. 
    Do you have faith that the prayers that are easily answered are the ones that you pray when only I am listening when you are in your room one-on-one with Me?  If you really believe the teachings of Jesus, you will take His advice and only pray when you and I are in communion.  Religion requires that you pray beautiful prayers in public and tell about your giving of money to the poor in order to impress the hearers of your piety.  I require that you only pray in your room with Me as the only hearer and that when you give to the poor that your one hand doesn't know that the other hand is giving.  In our one-on-one communion, without the piety spiritual attitudes present, it is much easier for Me to answer your prayers because you are praying to Me, intercoursing with Me instead of with human hearers.(Matthew 6:1-6)
    People say that sometimes I do not answer prayers.  They have missed the whole entire teaching of Jesus when He gave instructions and warnings on how to
pray.  People would rather blame Me than take the time to determine to set the atmosphere in the earth which will help Me by setting a loving relationship in the earth.
    My children quote what Jesus said about asking Me for things, seeking Me,  finding Me, knocking on My door and it will be opened,  They profess that all you have to do is ask, seek and knock.  (Matthew 7;1-12) That sound statement by Jesus was accompanied by His teaching which expounds on the truth that if you judge you will be judged.  It was all in the same truth revealing instructions.  In other words, He was saying  that if you don't judge other people, but instead if you forgive people quickly, then whatever you ask it will be given to you and whaterver you seek, you will find it, and whenever you knock on the door of My kingdom that I will open the door to you.  True faith in you will not judge anyone, giving credence to the teaching of Jesus that if you do judge others you will also be judged and the demonic spirit of judgment will keep you from receiving the answers to your asking, seeking and knocking.  Have faith in the full and complete teachings of Jesus.
    Jesus also amplified this truth by saying that there is a wide and easy way that leads to destruction but there is a narrow and hard way that leads to the abundant life. I give you the power to navigate that narrow road.  Then Jesus said that not everyone who says, "Lord, Lord," will enter into My kingdom benefits while they live in the earth.  He said that only those who do MY WILL in the earth will enter into My kingdom benefits.  That is because you have produced an atmosphere of love and forgiveness in the earth which makes it easy for Me to answer your prayers when you have faith enough to take My advice.  If you are in unity with the devil by judging others, cursing others, returning evil for evil, praying publicly to be admired by people, bragging about your gifts to the poor or your tithes, those evil actions will authorize demonic spirits to block My answers to your prayers from coming to you.  Jesus was not talking merely to hear Himself talking.  He was expounded My truths which lead you to receive your rightful inheritance while you live in the earth.
     I never withhold good things from My children.(Luke 12:32)   Your joining with the evil one, doing his will in the earth instead of My will in the earth, authorizes the devil to rob you of what I have already authorized to be given to you from the foundations of the world. (Matthew 7:21)   Even if you prophesy in My name, cast out demons in My name and do many miracles in My name, if you are also doing the works of evil in the earth you will not inherit the blessings that I want you to have.  Jesus said it more emphatically when He said, "Depart from Me, you doers of evil."   Faith not only causes you to be born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  Faith empowers you to do My will in the earth, even though it is often diametrically opposite to what other are doing.  My Spirit will empower you to bless your enemies, to quickly forgive others instead of judging them, to only pray in communion with Me and give to the poor in secret instead of to be heard and seen by others,  (Matthew 7;24)
     Jesus concluded that lengthy teaching by encouraging you to build your house upon the rock of revelation knowledge of His teachings so that when the devil comes to tempt you to do his will instead of My will, that you will refuse him because you have faith that My instructions will bring good results in your life. (Matthew 7:25-27)
    I said through James that faith without the loving works that come from true faith is dead faith. (James 2:17-20)  Faith without the works of love in your life produces nothing.  The works of true faith are soul peace, joy, love, forgiveness, goodness and kindness toward all people.  In that earthly atmosphere I can do super abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, because of the power of love and faith that is in you. (Ephesians 3:20)  There is no robber from hell operating o snatch your blessings from you when you walk in love and peace.
     Your Loving, Peaceful Father  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Dear One,
   My children must have faith in the truth about My forgiveness, that they will receive My forgiveness if they forgive others just like they must have faith that a soft answer from them will turn wrath away.  Jesus prayed that I would forgive you if you will forgive others.(Matthew 5:12)  Then after He rose from the dead He breathed My Holy Spirit into His disciples and told them that the sins that they retain are retained and the sins they remit are remitted.  So by those two statements of His, we are back to the basic principle of seed sowing, what seeds you sow will be returned to you and they will be returned to you with the same measure that you gave out.  (Matthew 18:21-22) You cannot expect Me to release you from the blame of your sins if you retain the sins of others and blame them
.  Forgiveness is universal, always available, but a person needs to receive the forgiveness before he or she is free from condemnation. 
    If you hold a grudge against someone, refusing to forgive the person, then I cannot release you from the blame and condemnation that satan speaks in your mind against the person.  But, if you forgive the person who offended you, then you can readily receive My forgiveness because you are no longer bound to the person with your refusal to forgive.  Holding a grudge against the person binds you to the person because his or her offense against you is always on your mind, causing you to relive every element of the offense.  Because you don't release the offender from your condemnation of the offense, you are not free from the incident yourself and so you also are in a position to be judged guilty by satan because of your holding onto the grudge. 
    My forgiveness is universal.  It is available to everyone who asks Me for it because the price has already been paid for your freedom.  Guilt and condemnation will vanish from your mind when you absolve the offenses of everyone, forgiving everyone who opposes you of any offense.  But if you hold onto a grudge, refusing to forgive the person, you are bound to the offense of the person and I cannot forgive you because you are willingly retaining the offense of the person in your mind.(Matthew 16:19)
    Holding on to a person[s offense against you will bind you to the other person by your unforgiving attitude.  In that scenario, you cannot accept My forgiveness, either, even though it is available and always offered to you.
    When you walk in faith, you will easily and readily forgive everyone, releasing them from your judgment.  Then you will be free to enjoy My forgiveness for you.  You must pass on My forgiveness for you to others as a free gift.  You are freely forgiven by Me, so you must freely forgive others.
     If you love Me, you will do what I ask of you.  I told you to forgive others for your benefit, that benefit being so that you will also enjoy the freedom that comes from your being forgiven by Me, free from the judgment of the devil.
     Your Forgiving Father    

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Dear One,
     Not only did I send My Son into the world to give you many tidbits of My parental wisdom, but I even told you how to implement His instructions to you by speaking them through My Holy Spirit and through the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon.  Jesus told you to never return evil for evil done to you and you should refer to the wisdom of Solomon relating to His teaching.  Solomon only asked for wisdom from Me, not riches or lands or jewels.  From him you will find that He gave many insights into implementing My instructions given to My children through Jesus. 
    A valuable word of wisdom through Solomon that instructs My children about how to respond to anger from another person is that a kind word will turn away words of wrath that are directed at you from another person.  Kind words will negate the power of the wrath from another person, causing the person to cease his or her angry speaking.  Can it be that simple?  (Proverbs 15:1)  Yes, it is that simple because anger has to be agreed upon or multiplied by someone to be able to continue its tirades.  If there is no agreement, no return of anger for anger, then the original anger from a person is powerless, especially if a kind word is returned instead of angry words.   A simple phrase of, "I'm sorry," or, "You are right," or, "Please forgive me," will actually defuse the angry person and all of the power in his or her anger will dissipate because good always overcomes evil. 
     Solomon also said in that wise statement that grievous words from you will stir up anger in another person instead of turning the anger away.  Grievous words will increase the angry situation, increasing the spiritual power behind the anger.  So if you return evil for evil spoken to you, you increase the demonic power in a strife filled situation.  But if you speak kind words, the anger in the person will fall to the earth defeated because it had no agreement from you.  
     Grievous words include words of blame placed on the angry person by you, words of guilt placed upon the angry person by you, words of excusing yourself, words of opposition, any words which increase the anger in the person.  Those things only increase the power of evil in the situation.  But taking upon yourself the blame, just like Jesus did when He took upon himself your sins while on the cross, your assuming the blame by apologizing even though you might not be guilty of causing the situation, taking upon yourself the blame by asking to be forgiven will completely defuse the power of wrath.   Yes, it is that simple.
     Arguing with an angry person, blaming an angry person, opposing an angry person or condemning an angry person, will only stir up the anger in the person and make it more powerful.  My Holy Spirit amplified this truth when He spoke through James and Paul that no bitter words should come out of your mouth, only words which bring grace to the hearer. (Ephesians 4:29-30; James 3:10; James 4:11)  Words from you of blame, condemnation and guilt will only increase the power of the anger in others.  Words of apology, asking for forgiveness, stating how sorry you are for what you did to cause the anger will all diffuse the situation and rob anger of the power which is meant to destroy the relationship.
     In the past I asked you if you would rather be right or would you rather be righteous?  You replied that you would rather be righteous.  Then take upon yourself the blame for things attributed to you by another person, whether you are guilty or innocent in the accusation.  Ask for forgiveness from the person.  You will be fulfilling the example of Jesus when you do. (Galatians 6:2)  That is what I meant when I said not to seek vengeance for yourself, seeking to prove yourself right in anything.  Be willing to declare yourself wrong just to keep peace and to defeat the devil ,  If you are right, I will prove you right eventually and there will be no anger involved in the situation.  (Romans 12:18-21)  Anger will be defeated, which is My desire in all things.
     Keeping peace sometimes requires you to accept guilt upon yourself when someone is angry with you.  Seeking to avenge yourself will always provoke another person to increase in anger and then destruction will be the result.  If you will follow My instructions, you will do what Jesus did, take upon yourself the accusations of the other person as being right and ask for forgiveness just to keep peace.  I will avenge you later when the situation is not dire and unpleasant.
     Remember this principle, that kind words will always rob wrath of its power.  Kind words promote My kingdom in the earth but grievous words promote hell's curses in the earth.
     Your Father of Peace

Monday, May 23, 2016


Dear One,
    I told you in My Instruction Book that I did not give you a spirit of fear, but instead I gave you a spirit of power, love and a sound, stable mind. (II Timothy 1:7)  Fear comes from hell to entice you to kill another person whom you have been programmed by prejudice to fear, also to strike back at another person who has opposed you or struck you, or to shrink back in terror instead of doing good and blessing someone who intimidates or belittles you.  Fear either immobilizes you, causing you to be unable to do what I cautioned you to do when someone injures or opposes you, or fear causes you to shrink in fear to someone who has injured or opposed you. (Matthew 5:43-45) The reason the devil causes you to be fearful is so that you will do the opposite of what I advised you to do in dangerous situations, which is to bless your enemies and to do good to your enemies. 
    First you must understand the reason for My advice to you to refuse to return evil for evil done to you.  My reason for telling you not to return evil for evil done to you is that I know that if you return evil for evil done to you, you will multiply the demonic spirits at work in the situation if you react to evil with anger. You invite more evil spirits into the situation.  BUT, if you do good and bless someone who does evil to you, My good angels of protection will protect you and will defuse the power of the evil spirits because good always overcomes evil.  My good angels will chase off the evil spirits who cause the actions of evil done to you.  No one will be killed and no situation will escalate into a full fledged skirmish if My children will trust Me and trust My words to you to never return evil for evil done to you.
    Family wars, religious wars, political wars, civil wars and national wars will be nonexistent if My children follow My advice and refuse to return evil for evil done to them.  Evil actions against you will fall to the earth and become powerless if you will trust me, having faith that I surely have given My angels charge over you. (Psalm 91)  My children profess to have faith in Me, but they have more faith in their armor, their destructive words, their arguments, their divisive opinions and their fears, which all are from hell. 
     Do you really have faith that My angels will protect you and that thousands will fall at your side because you dwell in My shadow?  That only happens if you refuse to return evil for evil done to you.  If you join with the evil, returning evil attitudes, evil words and evil deeds done to you, then you have switched sides and you have joined with the devil because of his fearful thoughts that he puts in your mind.  Eventually you will die by your armor if you have faith in your armor instead of Me, because of the spiritual principle of "If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword."   Also, if you return destructive words, arguments or oppositional opinions in reaction to the evil rhetoric of others, you will inherit destruction and condemnation for yourself because of your destructive words.  I said by your words you are condemned and by your words you are justified as being My child.  (Matthew 12:34-37)
     My children who profess to live in faith but who return evil for evil done to them need to become established in My love because perfect love will cast out all fear and there will be no actions of their wills to return evil for evil done to them. (I John 4:18-21) When they are established in My love, they will truly trust Me and have faith that what I tell them to do is workable in their lives.  They will believe Me when I said that returning good for evil will defeat evil every time. (Romans 12:10-21)  My true children of sound faith know that My goodness will always overcome evil.  Even in your life, it was My goodness toward you that caused you to repent, turn from anger and fear, and become unified with Me.  It was My love for you that drew you to Me.  (Romans 2:4)  It is My love and goodness toward you that causes you to remain in unity with Me and have faith in My instruction to overcome evil with good.
     Distribute My goodness in your life to others and you will be flooded with goodness.
     Distribute the devil's evil in the world by returning evil for evil done to you and you and your family will be flooded with evil works.
      You either believe Me and do My works or you believe the devil's thoughts of fear and further evil in the earth.  You are known by your fruits, your attitudes, words and actions and what you sow you will also reap.  (Galatians 6:7-10)
     Sow goodness and you will reap goodness.
     Your Father Who Delights in Giving You My Kingdom
      (Luke 12:32) 

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Dear One,
     Religious laws were never meant for My children to use as gauges upon which to judge other people.  Jesus was emphatic about that.  He told you not to judge others at all.  (Matthew 7:1-2) The religious laws were given to the nation of Israel in order to point out to them the activity of the devil so that they would avoid his temptations and cease following his destructive ways of sin and death.  (Romans 8:1-10)  Obeying religious laws was never a requirement to declare anyone's righteousness or unrighteousness because all have followed the tempting voice of the devil, led to sin and been led astray.  Yes, even the followers of religious laws are led astray by the devil. (Romans 3:23)  Righteousness only comes from being born of My Spirit which places My Spirit inside of a person, dispensing My guidance and will in that person and creating a new person.  Righteousness is of My Spirit, not of any actions of the flesh.
     So judging anyone, either by religious laws, social morals or cultural and racial practices, is not of Me,  Judging other people is of the devil because he is still god of your world and he is the one who attempts to judge you by tempting you to judge other people  He tempts you to judge someone by their actions, their dress, their speech, their religious beliefs or any other means.  It is a trap set for you to tempt you to act like the devil and be judged by him in return for your judging others. (II Corinthians 4:4-7; Galatians 1:4)
    Grace is the forgiveness of all sins, transgressions, iniquities, mistakes and misdeeds, which Jesus accomplished when He died on the cross for the sins of the whole world.  His death and resurrection was for everything for which you would be  tempted to judge someone.  When you judge someone, you are saying that the blood that Jesus shed was not a sacrifice for the person that you judge, only that it was a sacrifice for yourself.  My Spirit said that He died for the sins of the whole world. (I John 2:2)  The devil wants you to judge others so that he will get to judge you because judgment seeds sown by you will result in your being judged also, by the same measure.
     You must make yourself conscious of My forgiveness and grace when the temptations come to your mind to judge others.  Submit your self to Me, resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7-8) You must apply the same forgiveness and grace to others who are not measuring up to your ideal of perfection.  Apply the same grace that I apply to you, complete forgiveness.  If you continue in holding grudges, seeking vengeance, judging others by religious standards instead of forgiving everyone, then you are inviting the curses of hell into your life to bring their destruction. (Matthew 7:3-6; Deuteronomy 28:15-19)
     It takes practice to forgive people rather than always judging people.  Your mind is programmed by the devil to judge others, using religious laws, social mores, regional expectations and racial prejudice.  The devil's thoughts come to your mind immediately to size up someone who looks different, acts differently, dresses differently, talks differently and on and on.  You must make a determination to refuse those thoughts of prejudice and racism, knowing that they come from hell to entice you to judge others so that they can judge you in return.  That should be the impetus for you to practice forgiving others constantly when judgments enter into your mind.  Those judgments are from your flesh, placed there by the devil to entice you to join with his judgment so that he can also judge you with his destructive actions in your life.
     Practice forgiveness constantly.   Practice, practice, practice and then practice it even more until you are proficient in forgiving all negative actions of others which do not measure up to your religious and social programming. When you are proficient in forgiving others, you are acting like My child, one who appreciates My forgiveness for you and the whole world.
    Practicing forgiveness will make you proficient in forgiveness, which causes you to be forgiven by everyone.
    Practicing forgiveness will make you proficient in spreading My grace in the world.    (Matthew 5:43-48)  When you are proficient in forgiveness, you will be blessed more than you can imagine because you will no longer be judged by the devil.  Instead, you will be blessed by Me.   (Ephesians 3:20)
    Your Forgiving, Gracious Father

Friday, May 20, 2016


Dear One,
    Forgiveness releases a person from punishment for their sins, iniquities, failures, transgressions, mistakes and misdeeds.
    Judgment insists on a person being punished for their sins, iniquities, transgressions, mistakes and misdeeds.
    Which would you rather have in your life, forgiveness or judgment?
    Jesus said that you will have what you have sown in the lives of other people, either forgiveness or judgment.  He said if you judge others, that you will be judged by the same measure that you judge. (Matthew 7:1-2)  He said that if you forgive the sins of others that you will be forgiven. (Matthew 6:12)  He made it very plain and explicit that the seeds that you sow will return to you, depending upon into which spiritual kingdom you have sown seeds.  If you sow seeds of judgment into the kingdom of the devil, then he will repay you with the same judgment that you have sown.  But, if you sow forgiveness into My kingdom, you will be completely forgiven by others for your sins and you will receive My forgiveness because there are no evil attitudes of judgment from you which stand between you and My forgiveness. (Isaiah 59:1-4)
     Your sowing of either judgment or forgiveness seeds in your life and the lives of others is what determines your present and future circumstances.   That truth is the basis of all of your problems and troubles in life, seed sowing.  The apostle Paul said, by revelation of the Holy Spirit, that you should not be deceived into believing that judging others has no punishment from hell, because what you sow you will also reap.  (Galatians 6:7-10)  You either sow judgment for others or you sow forgiveness for others.  Whichever you sow, you will also experience in your life, maybe not instantly but eventually.  The devil will not let you get away scot-free, he prowls the earth just waiting for you to judge someone so that he can judge you with his destruction in some form.  I also seek My children who have experienced My forgiveness, enjoyed the liberty of forgiveness, and then they forgive readily when someone opposes or hurts them.  My heavens open up and share the benefits of that forgiveness, which are peace, joy and love.
      My family is the family of forgiveness and the devil's family is the family of judgment.  You constantly have the opportunity to choose which family you will believe and amplify in the earth.  If you amplify My forgiveness, then you enjoy the benefits of being free from judgment and condemnation, reaping joy, peace and love.  If you amplify the devil's judgment toward others, you will reap his rewards which are destruction and death. 
     I not only asked you to forgive others, I also gave you the spiritual power to forgive others.  That spiritual power is My own Holy Spirit, who came to live in you and give you the power to forgive others.  (John 2:22-23)  I knew that My children are powerless in their own flesh to forgive others, so I sent My Holy Spirit into those who ask for Me to live within them, giving them the spiritual power to forgive others. (Colossians 2:13-15; Galatians 6:8)  In doing that, you escape the judgment of the devil for your evil seeds that you have sown in the past by judging others.  My Spirit gives you the power to forgive others as I have forgiven you.  I did not tell you not to judge and then leave you without the power to refuse to judge.  I did not tell you to forgive others without giving you the power to forgive.   I sent My Spirit to live in you, giving you My ability to forgive everyone.
     The devil cannot condemn My children who follow My guidance because there is no judgment or condemnation in My family. (Romans 8:1-2)  There is only liberty and freedom from the works of the devil.  (II Corinthians 3:16-17) That is why Jesus spent time in earth, to destroy the works of the devil, which He so magnificently accomplished. (I John 3:8)
     Train yourself by an act of your will to immediately forgive everyone.  In doing so, you stay free from the works of the devil.  You stay free from guilt and condemnation. 
     I forgive you.  You must choose to forgive others.  It's a family trait.
      Your Forgiving Father        

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Dear One,
    We talked about the supernatural power of My love, the power to change you, your family and your world.  There is no other power that measures up to the power that is in My unconditional love, not atomic power, not electric power, not wind power, not hydrogen power.  My unconditional power is more explosive than dynamite power because it can change the flesh of My children from hating, being angry and fearful into being My unconditional love, also, which glorifies Me.  (Matthew 5:16; I Corinthians 6:20)   My love changes the unloving people into loving people, changes the demon possessed into Holy Spirit born again people, changes angry, war loving people into peaceful people, changes the sick into healthy people, and changes the rebellious people into obedient ones.  My love has more supernatural power than all earthly powers combined.
     There is a negative, demonic power that does the opposite.  It's called judging.  I do not judge and My children must refuse to judge others. (John 12:47)  Judging other people changes the circumstances of My children from blessings into curses.  It changes peaceful situations into strife filled ones which attract every demon from hell to bring their curses into the lives of the people involved in the strife. (James 3:16)  Because condemnation and judging are of the devil, only destruction can be the result of My children condemning and judging others. 
    My Holy Spirit gives thoughts of understanding and forgiveness to you, not judgment and condemnation.  My Spirit reveals the difference between sin and righteousness and He teaches you to be righteous, not judgmental.  (John 16:7-11)  I only judged one being and that was the devil when I banished him from My heaven.  Because he was judged by Me, he endeavors to get back at Me by  judging My children, tempting them to judge others so that they will also be judged by his destructive power. 
    When Jesus taught you the principle of judging, He was very definite about it.  He said, "Do not judge lest you be judged, for by the measure you deal out judgment, you will be judged."  (Matthew 7:1-2)  It could not be more clear, and yet your teachers often say that I am the judge of people.  That is a lie.  I only judge evil demons because of their evil works toward My children.  I separate demons from My children by casting them out.  That is My judgment seat, to cast out from My children the demons of illness, the demons of mental oppression, the demons of strife, anger, racism and hatred.  That is the judgment that I do, cast out demons.  I do not judge the person, only judging the demonic works in My children. (Romans 14:10)  
     Jesus said that I judge no man but that I gave all judgment to Him.  I gave him permission to judge the demons who oppress My children.  (John 5:26-27)
      If you become judgmental, you join the family of the devil and his judgments will come upon you because you have joined with him as his child.  That is why Jesus was so adamant about your refusing to judge people.  He said to judge the demons who tempt you instead of judging other people.  (Matthew 7:3-6)  He even said that if you do not judge others, that if you ask it will be given to you and if you seek that you will find and that if you knock the door will be open to you.  Read the entirety of the teaching of Jesus on this matter.
      So you must realize that there is destructive power in judging other people.  The antidote for your judging people is to make a determination to always forgive people, because I have forgiven you.  Forgive other people instead of being vengeful and condemning.  When you are moved with mercy and forgiveness for everyone, you are My child and you bring glory to Me.
     Judge not, lest the devil judge you also.
     Love always forgives because unconditional love comes from Me.
     Learn the power of My love and learn about the power of the devil's judgment so that you will be equipped with the right kind of power in the earth.  (Ephesians 1:15-23; Ephesians 3:14-20)
     I am eager and able to do super abundantly more for you than you dare think or imagine when the power in you is My love.
    Your Father of Love            

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Dear One,
    You have sung for many years the song that I gave to you about the power that is contained within My love:
    "Oh, there is power in love, there is power in love.  There is life-giving power in love.
     Jesus suffered and died that you might receive His love and His power to forgive.
     Yes, there is power in love, there is power in love.  There is life-giving power in love.
      The price has been paid that you might receive My power to love and forgive."
    My children do not have My power to love unconditionally until they have My Holy Spirit living inside of them to give to them My supernatural power to love and forgive others.  Human love cannot love other people unconditionally.  Human love is always conditional, "If you love me, I will love you,"  or "If you act like I think you should act, I will love you," or "If you believe like I believe, I will love you," or, "If you look like I look, I will love you."  Those all come from human conditional love, and that kind of love is what causes racism, judgment, bitterness, strife, dissension, division, discord and anger. 
      My unconditional love, which comes from Me via the Holy Spirit to those who are baptized in My Spirit, that supernatural love looks beyond all differences in belief, actions, races, dedication, all sins, iniquities, mistakes and failures of others and looks upon the real person, the spirit of the person who is pure and unadulterated. (John 8:15-16)  When you are spiritual, because of My Spirit living inside of you, you have the spiritual ability to look on the inside of every person and see what I see, the need for regeneration.  You become forgiving instead of judgmental.
    A nonspiritual person cannot forgive supernaturally because the person does not have My spiritual power to forgive others.   It is only with My power of love that you can forgive from your heart; that is, from your spirit.  Without My Holy Spirit living inside of you, you do not have the loving power to reject all thoughts of vengeance.  Without My Spirit living inside of you, you cannot supernaturally forgive others.  It was after Jesus breathed My Spirit into His disciples that Jesus told them that they had the power to either retain sins and to forgive sins. (John 20:21-22)  Until then, there was no supernatural power for them to completely forgive the sins of anyone.
     When you are born of My Spirit and are baptized in My Spirit, you have My  supernatural ability to see beyond the oppositional sins of others and forgive them completely, just like I do.  The people who do not forgive from the heart do not have the supernatural ability to forgive others, or sometimes they have My Holy Spirit abilities but they have chosen to be children of the flesh rather than My spiritual children who accept the guidance of My Spirit.  If they continue to be judgmental children of the flesh, they will be judged through their own judgment by the devil, inheriting his destruction.  (John 10:10)
    The good news is that by following the guidance of My Holy Spirit, you have the spiritual ability to love the unlovable and you have the ability to forgive the people who oppose you, rob you and kill you or your loved ones emotionally and physically.  You have the same abilities as I do because you are My child and you are in unity with Me, in unity with My love and in unity with My forgiveness because you are led by My Spirit.  (Romans 8:14-16)
    Yes, there is life-giving power in My love.
    Go and do to others as I do to you.
    Your Father of Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Dear One,
     Whatever a person thinks in his heart, so is he. (Proverbs 23:7-8)  Whatever words you eat that proceed from the mouths of others, you will vomit out of your mouth and if they are not of love, so will you lose your sweet words that come from My Spirit. 
    I told you not to eat the familiar garbage of judgmental religious zealots, mean spirited political personalities, naysayers, friends or acquaintances who spout fear, defeat, dissension and conflict.  If you eat their words, taking them in through your ears, you will vomit them out of your mouth.  If they are not of love, they will curse your life because by your words you are condemned as having yielded to the devil or by your words you are justified as being My child. (Matthew 12:35-37)
    My words and perceptions are opposite from the ones that come from the mouths of people who are filled with perceptions that come from hell, those people who do not hear My love-filled, peace-filled words from My mouth.  When you hear words from others that judge and curse people, you will form in your mind a perception of the people who were cursed by those children of mine who have judgmental perceptions of others.  You will form an opinion of being in opposition to the people who were judged and cursed and you will eventually curse them also, causing yourself to also be judged and cursed.  When that happens, you will be one of the ones to whom Jesus referred as, "Woe are you," because you have judged others like the Pharisees did.  (Matthew 18:6-9; Matthew 23:10-15; Matthew 23:23-33)
    Your perceptions come from the attitudes of your earthly parents, your religious teachers, your politicians, your friends, your siblings, your acquaintances.  If those people do not seek Me and hear My personal words to them which are words of love and peace, then you have eaten their garbage and then have vomited garbage out of your mouths.  Your words have cursed your present and future because you did not judge or discern the words as being from hell.  Instead, you gobbled them up, spewed them out of your mouth and then you wonder why things are falling apart in your life.  You ate garbage words from hell, meditated upon them until they became attitudes and perceptions.  Then you spoke them and cursed your own life.  You wonder why you are cursed and have inherited woes instead of blessings.
     Your perceptions of the actions of others are attitudes which carry energy with them, either energy of My kingdom or energy from hell.  If they are from Me, they are filled with love, goodness, kindness and forgiveness.  You will speak from those attitudes and receive love, goodness, kindness, mercy and forgiveness from others.  If your perceptions are from hell, they are filled with hatred, judgment, discord, bitterness and strife.  You will speak from those attitudes and receive curses from hell into your life.  By your words you are either blessed or cursed.
     Isaiah prophesied that there would be those people whose hearing is so dulled by the devil that they do not choose to perceive My words.  Instead, they hear the words of their enemy spoken through the mouths of others and they develop a perception of judgment which boomerangs back and judges them.  (Matthew 13:14-23)  They do not connect their judgment which came upon them with their own judgment of others.
     Remember that the only judgment that I ask you to do is to judge or discern the spirits that are speaking through others, whether they are from hell or whether they are from Me. Reject any words that are not from My love. (Romans 5:5-8; II Corinthians 13:10:  II Thessalonians 3:5; II Timothy 1:7; I John 3:10; I John 4:8-16)
     You must refuse to eat the words of the devil as delivered through religious and political scribes and Pharisees.  Isaiah said if you do that you will vomit them out of your mouth and curse your life.  He said if you eat negative, judgmental words that you will lose the sweetness of words that come from Me.
     Some of My children are consumed with eating the right kinds of foods in order to say healthy and live long lives.  Jesus said that My kingdom does not consist of what you eat or drink.  He said My kingdom consists of righteousness, peace and joy in My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 12:33-37; Matthew 15: 16-20;Romans 14:17)
     Your perceptions of others will either be thoughts of forgiveness and love or they will be thoughts of judgment and condemnation.  Whichever perceptions you speak will determine whether you will be forgiven or whether you will be condemned. (Matthew 6:13)  If you forgive others, then the road from My heaven to you is clear so that My forgiveness flows constantly to you.  But if you refuse to forgive others, then your judgment of others will block My forgiveness from flowing to you.  (Isaiah 59:1-4)
     Do not eat the garbage of judgment that comes from the mouths of others or you will speak judging words and be judged.  Instead, if you protect your mind from negative speaking, you will speak sweet words of love and be known as My child.
     Your FATHER OF LOVE     

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dear One,
    Always remember that everything that I ask you to do is for your benefit so that I can easily deliver your inheritance to you of love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, faithfulness and patience. (Galatians 5:22-23)  As a result of My love for you, it is always My good pleasure to give you everything in My kingdom.  (Luke 12:32) I delight in answering your prayers and orchestrating solutions for your problems.  After all, I am your good Father who only does good things for His children.
    When your mind starts to worry about things, don't yield to the worry thoughts because they are from hell, sent to jerk you out of faith and into fear. 
    A good way to put yourself back into the mental attitude of faith is to praise Me for My good deeds toward you and to rejoice that I have solutions to every problem that is common to people.  (I Corinthians 10:13) Praising and rejoicing clears your mind and clears the atmosphere of negative spirits which brought the worry to your mind.
    Instead of talking about the problem, talk to yourself and other people about My goodness and My kindness, My mercy, My forgiveness, My love and gentleness.  in that atmosphere, I can easily and readily bring the solution to your problem into your life because there are no barriers. (Philippians 4:4) Your talking about the problem puts up barriers that block Me from being able to bring the answers to your prayers to you. (Isaiah 59:1-4)
    This is why James said to rejoice when you are tried by the devil, because James knew that rejoicing restores you to faith and thwarts the devil's plans.  He said to count it all joy when a trial comes your way because it will build patience in you.(James 1:2-4)  He said if you will rejoice that you will become steadfast, lacking in nothing.
    The promise of "Lacking nothing" should be a good reason for you to rejoice.  When you know My steadfastness toward you, you will rejoice in your steadfastness toward Me.
    Your steadfast father  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Dear One,
    Praise statements from your mouth into the heavens declares your confidence in Me and your confidence that the answers to your prayers, the solutions to your problems and the orchestrations of My strategies are already at work and will be manifested soon in the natural world. 
    Praising Me is doing what Abraham did when I told him that he would be the father of many nations.  He called the things that were not yet manifested in the earth as though they were already done, finished and enjoyed. (Romans 4:16-21)  It was impossible for his physical body and Sarah's body to conceive a child, but they did have a son by a miracle.  Abraham became what I promised to him, the father of many nations. It is written that he gave glory to Me instead of looking at human limitations, even while the odds were impossible. To give glory to Me is to rejoice and be exceedingly glad while waiting for the promise to be fulfilled, casting aside fear, doubt, unbelief and worry and substituting, instead praises from your mouth and in your mind.
     You might wonder what it means to give glory to Me.  That is a simple thing to do.  It means that you state My attributes which prove to you that I am loyal to you and your needs.  It means that you speak confidence in Me for My power in the Holy Spirit who orchestrates all good things. It means that you speak your honor for Me for being a good and loving Father.  It means that you thank Me for all past occurrences of My works in your life.  It means that your tongue always speaks positive words instead of negative ones.  Giving glory to Me means that you speak your gratitude for all of My works that you have experienced in your life. 
     Can you see that your speaking your confidence in Me and your speaking glorifying words of thanksgiving have a spiritual result in knocking down all barriers that you allowed satan to put between us by your speaking negativity into the heavens, summoning demonic forces to come between you and My heavenly family?  When you begin to praise Me and bring glory to Me, those barriers are  knocked down by My angels and we enter into the spiritual dimension around you to do our mighty works in your behalf, spurred on by your words of praising Me for helping. 
    When there is a current earthly sports event happening, there are multitudes of people cheering on both teams, yelling encouragement at the top of their lungs in order to be heard.  Those encouragement are like gasoline in an engine for the players, giving them energy to win.  That is what praising Me and glorifying Me does.  When the words from your mouth speak confidence in My abilities it's like the sports fans yelling, "You can do it,"  which spurs on the participants.  Praising Me and glorifying Me gives My heavenly family the energy and encouragement to complete our tasks of answering your prayers, meeting your needs and providing your wants.  It is providing the energy that comes from unity, that where two or three agree a thing is established.  (Matthew 18:19-20)
     I have told you in the past that I am not an egomaniac who needs your praises.  I am a loving Father who coaches you on how to avoid the works of the devil and how to further My beneficial works in your own life.  The most important way is to praise Me because it slaps the devil in the face and causes him to retreat in defeat when you speak your confidence in Me instead of always speaking confidence in him by talking about his works as if they were permanent in your life instead of merely temporary inconveniences.  Speaking negativity glorifies the devil but speaking positive statements in praise of Me will add your energy to My energy and We will get the answers to your prayers accomplished.
     In times of trouble, let no words proceed from your mouth which glorifies evil, but instead only speak words which glorify Me and continue to add your confidence to My works in your behalf.
     It's still a battle between good and evil.  Whomever you praise and glorify will be the most empowered one because you have added your praise to either Me or the devil.  Thank Me for My finished work in every affair and those words of praise and thanksgiving keep Me actively working for you. 
      Praising, praising, praising, praising are the words of the cheerleaders, which you are in the stands of life.  Glorify My works in your life by praising and thanking Me continually.
      Become My loudest and most constant cheerleader and We will accomplish great things in your behalf.  Praises are cheers in My behalf.  They are words of rejoicing that the mission is already accomplished.
       Your Father of Faith

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Dear One,
    My children have instructions from Me on how to overcome every difficulty, every toxic situation, every reason for depression and every feeling of defeat.  My instructions are to choose to rejoice and be joyful.  (Isaiah 12:3-5)  In choosing to rejoice and be joyful, you choose to proclaim that I am your Father, the Father of all beneficial solutions.  I told Isaiah that choosing to rejoice and be joyful, instead of being depressed, defeated, confused and sad, that rejoicing pumps living water out of the well of salvation that is inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit, renewing your mind that I have the answer to your prayers and the solution to your problems.  The waters of salvation are the waters of which Jesus spoke, the living waters that come from My Holy Spirit. (John 7:38-39)
    The devil brings tribulations into your life hoping that you will lose your joy over his testing of your faith.  (James 1:2-4)  When you lose your joy, by refusing to  rejoice. you accept his defeat because you join with him instead of with Me.  You change the object of your loyalties from Me to the evil one, yielding to his depression instead yielding to My joy.  The way to overcome that descent into depression is for you to immediately choose to rejoice when trials come into your life at the orchestration of the devil.  Tributulations, which are the trying of your faith which come from the devil, are to engage you in believing in the devil's destruction instead of believing in My overcoming power.  (John 16:33) 
    Rejoicing is the spiritual automation which pumps My living waters to the surface of your mind and your mouth, bringing from the inside of you the verbal confirmation of your confidence in Me.  Rejoicing and choosing to be joyful announces to the demonic forces that I am your Father and that I will see that the bad incident or situation has to yield to My power which makes it into a blessing instead of a curse.  It is by rejoicing that every spiritual and emotional battle ends in victory for you.  Rejoicing is the helmet of salvation of which I spoke when I told you that all battles are against demonic powers instead of with people.  You put on the helmet of salvation by rejoicing, which brings to the surface saving words and attitudes from My Holy Spirit who lives in you.  Those words empower your mind and your mouth, causing you to effectively use My weapons of spiritual words to win the battles.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)
    If you will make rejoicing a major part of your verbal proclamations when things go awry, you will always be the head and not the tail, you will always be above every trial instead of under the burden of every trial sent by the devil.  You will be victorious before victory is apparent to your natural eyes if you will rejoice during troubles.  Rejoicing brings healing waters out of the wells of beneficial solutions that are resident in the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of you.
    Therefore with joy will you draw waters out of the well of salvation and in that day you will proclaim, "Praise the Lord."
     When problems come, choose to rejoice in Me and My solutions.
     When troubles come, choose to rejoice in Me and My orchestrations.
     When tribulations come, choose to rejoice in Me and My overcoming power.
     When testings and trials come, choose to rejoice in Me and My powerful abilities which cause you to overcome them every time.
     The devil can't stand your praises of Me and your rejoicing.  They are deafening to his ears, causing him to exit from the situation and taking his demons of trials, testings, tribulation, problems and troubles with him.  If you will rejoice and praise Me when things are upsetting, it shortens the time of the demonic imposition and then the troublesome situations disappear quickly. 
    Praising Me and rejoicing accomplishes great things, the most effective is that they stop the works of the devil in your life.
    Your Tutoring, Loving Father

Monday, May 9, 2016


Dear One,
    My family is made up of spiritual elements which are desired by everyone in the earth and the members of My family exemplify My true character in the earth, characteristics which are sought by everyone in the earth.  My Son Jesus exemplified those attitudes which are always present in My personality. 
    My Holy Spirit said that My family, that being My kingdom, is made up of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (Romans 14:17) The characteristics of righteousness are love, mercy, forgiveness, a giving and sharing attitude, meekness and humility.  Those are part of My family values.  If they are not evident in the character of a person who claims to be My child, then the person must be a work in process or is My child in name only and not as being born of My Spirit.  Jesus told you to seek after My kingdom and My righteousness and then everything will be added to you. 
    After a person is born of My Spirit, which is the result of seeking My spiritual family DNA, having My basic family gene in him or her, then that person is identified as My child, by the presence of My Spirit in him or her.  The process of seeking My righteousness comes after the new birth, which comes by allowing My Holy Spirit to change your flesh into the image of My character.  Some of My children only seek My kingdom but stop there, not becoming personally acquainted with Me which changes the fleshly personality of the person into the image of My character, becoming not just a member of My family but one whose flesh is made into My image. 
     Besides righteousness, I desire that My children exemplify My character trait of peace in all of their relationships in the earth, having nothing to do with opposition, fighting, discord, division, rivalry,  jealousy, envy, wars, dissension or anger.  Jesus coached you on how to keep peace with everyone but My children often prefer contention to peace because of their programming by the father of their former earthly family, the devil.  Switching family allegiances from My family of peace back into the family of discord guarantees the loss of peace in the minds of My family members.  They become disjointed again, falling out of peace with My family values.  However, My values of kindness and goodness toward all people guarantee that you will have peace in your mind because you have sown peace in the earth.   My Son Jesus was called the Prince of Peace and I have called you to also be descendants of My peace so therefore you must also be princes and princesses of peace in the earth.  When My first Son Jesus was born into the earth, the angels proclaimed Peace on earth, GOOD WILL towards all men.  Good will means that you bring peace into every life and that you inject goodness into every situation, according to My will.  My angels and I proclaim peace on earth in all of our dealings with My children.
     My family members draw joy out of the inner beings of their spirits and they praise me as a result, proclaiming My goodness and kindness. (Isaiah 12:3-4-6)  My joy causes My children to be strong in faith (Psalm 32:11)  My children can choose to be joyful, even in tribulation, because they know that I will rescue them and bring them out of their pits of despair.  Very often My children must choose to speak joyful words of praise, knowing that the devil's trying of their faith will produce great rewards from Me if they remain joyful in faith.  (James 1:2-4)  That formula is a powerful testament of what joy produces, always guaranteeing that all of your wants and needs will being supplied.  When My children are established in the truth of My goodness and kindness toward them, that is cause for great joy, their choosing to praise Me and thank me for My wonderful works in their lives.
     When My children choose to be joyful in dire circumstances, choosing to praise Me instead of praising the devil's works by worrying and fretting, then the evil one has to leave because you are amplifying loyalty to Me instead of loyalty to the evil works. When bad things happen to you, praise Me.  When you are tempted to do evil, praise Me instead of yielding to the evil.  Praising Me solidifies our unity and invites Me into your situation to make you victorious. 
     Joy is strength.  When you choose to be joyful instead of depressed, you are exercising spiritual muscles to make you an overcomer, choosing good over evil.  Praising Me has won billions of spiritual battles by My children because when you praise Me and thank Me you are predicting victory.
      My children exemplify My righteous family traits in the earth, they keep peace with all people and they choose joy when evil temptations come upon them.  They know that Jesus prophesied that you will have tribulations in the world but that you must rejoice because He overcame all evil and you will overcome also with the power of the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead. (John 16:33)
      Be joyful in Me at all times. 
      Your Father of Spiritual Family Values    

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Dear One,
    Would it surprise you to know that you not only have a Heavenly Father, but you have a Heavenly Mother?  I am your Heavenly Father, the giver of all good gifts to My children, and you have a Heavenly Mother, the invisible body of Christ called the invisible church which surrounds you in the spiritual dimension. 
    Paul referred to your Heavenly Mother as the Jerusalem that is above which is free, who is the Mother of us all. (Romans 4:26)  When Jesus' earthly mother demanded to speak to Him as He was teaching, He said that His real mother and brothers are those who do My will.  He spoke of those people who are in a relationship with Me through being born of My Spirit and then who hear My words and take My advice.  (Matthew 12:46-50)  He was not disparaging the position of the mother who birthed Him into the world, but He was amplifying the importance of the entire cloud of witnesses in the spiritual dimension who are always ready to comfort, encourage, rescue and tutor you, along with Me.  He was speaking of the nurturing part of My kingdom, which is that cloud of witnesses consisting of the angels, the spirits of the first born who were enrolled in heaven, the spirits of the justified people who are now made perfect, the blood of Jesus, also Jesus, Himself and Me. (Hebrews 12:22-24)  Your nurturers are many.
     Jesus even asked this question to the people who were gathered around Him to hear His message of truth, "Who is My mother?"  Then He went on to say that the new Jerusalem, the new country to which My redeemed children claim as their spiritual country, they are your relatives, your true brothers, sisters and your mother.  My Holy Spirit said that your new country will never be shaken off of its tower of permanence because it is My country consisting of your Heavenly Mother and Me.  We will never end.
    Jesus was not telling you to ignore your earthly mother.  Love always causes you to honor earthly parents.  He was saying that your powerful and true parents are in the heavens around you which take precedent over your earthly origin because of the power of the spiritual dimension.  When you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, your citizenship is in My heaven instead of in the earth.  Only the citizenship of your flesh is in the earth, but the citizenship of your true self is in My heaven. 
    My Spirit, who lives inside of you, is your true parent.  He is the one to whom you should listen and obey because He has your best interest at heart.  He will tell you to honor your earthly parents, but He will also tell you to honor your heavenly parents, Your Heavenly Father and your Heavenly Mother, the invisible, universal  body of Christ who is the invisible real parent. (Proverbs 1:20-23)
    Give honor to your Heavenly Mother and appreciate her ministry for you and to you.  She and I have your best interest at heart.
    Your Heavenly Father 

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Dear One,
    We talked about My gifts to you of supernatural wisdom, knowledge and prophesy that include My personal counseling of you, My personal guidance for you, My personal insights for you and everything relating to our one-on-one Father and child relationship.  (James 1:5)  Then we talked about My gifts that are available to you of your ability to pray in spiritual heavenly languages which allow Me to orchestrate answers to your prayers and we also talked about My gifts to you of the ability to speak in human languages unknown to you and then interpret them which are for a sign to unbelievers of My presence. (Acts 2: 1-4)  Those gifts which are given to you accomplish My plan that was hidden for ages, My plan to get My fresh, spiritual words into the earth in order to efficiently defeat the works of the devil, furthering the works of Jesus. (I John 3:8)  They are made available to those of My children who receive My power through being baptized in My Holy Spirit, yielding their tongues to Him.  Supernatural things begin to happen when My children yield their tongues to My Spirit for Him to orchestrate My will in the lives of people.
      Three other spiritual power gifts that I provide to you, as the need arises for them, are gifts of healing, miracles and discerning of spirits.  When medicine and doctors have done all they can do, then I can enter into a dire situation and bring My supernatural healing powers and heal a person.  My healing abilities go beyond what human knowledge can accomplish.  I do what I did through Jesus, restore sight to the blind, cause the crippled to walk, stop uncontrolled bleeding, raise the dead, healing anything that the human body and mind has inherited from the devil which is meant to kill and destroy them. (Matthew 10:7-8)  My healing abilities go beyond what human physicians can accomplish because human resources are limited to human knowledge.  My resources are unlimited.
     The gift of miracles that I give to My children, as the need arises, involve many things, one of which is to cast demons out of people which produces making a person whole again.  One of the other gifts which assists you in receiving this gift of miracles is the gift of discerning of spirits.  As evidenced by the ministry of your Brother Jesus, I gave Him the spiritual insight to discern the difference between when a person was physically ill from a disease or whether a demon had entered into the person with sin which caused physical or mental problems.  As a result, Jesus knew whether to use My gift of healing from a disease or whether to cast out a demon that had entered into the person.  Discerning the difference is paramount to knowing the proper gift which is needed.  I reveal it to My children.  My power accomplishes both, whether the need is for healing or whether the needs is for a miracle of casting out a demon from a person.  My gift of discerning of spirits makes the difference in effective ministry to someone else. 
(I Corinthians 12: 4-11)
      There are other ways that the gift of miracles are applied to situations and exemplified.  There are instances when I give you My miraculous power which will  cause storms to disappear, tornadoes to reenter the clouds, hurricanes to return to sea, tropical storms to dissipate and other supernatural gifts which affect nature in a positive way, delivering people from devastation caused by the devil. The workings of miracles are given as My Holy Spirit wills.
       The most powerful and thrilling working of miracles in the earth is in the new birth of a person, changing the person from being merely human to being born again by My Holy Spirit when My Spirit enters into the spirit of a person and makes His abode inside of the person.  (John 3:3-6) Everything changes in the person, the person becomes spiritual rather than being merely human, of the world.  Joy enters into the person.  My Love transforms the person.  The person has a peaceful mind so that as a new person he or she sows peace in all of his or her relationships.  Instead of being judgmental, the new person becomes merciful and forgiving.  Instead of being selfish and self serving, the new person is filled with goodness and desires to do kind works to others.  Instead of being powerless in relation to spiritual things, he or she is filled with faith in Me.  Instead of being impatient with others, the person is patient and loving.  The person who formerly was evil has become filled with My goodness.   All of those new spiritual attributes come when the person is born anew of My Spirit and is baptized in My Holy Spirit with supernatural powers to change powerless flesh into powerful flesh as led by My Spirit. That is the biggest miracle performed by My Holy Spirit in the world, changing the human person into a spiritual person.  It is more miraculous than moving demonic spiritual mountains into the sea.  It is accomplished only by My Holy Spirit as witnessed to and ministered by My spiritual children. 
    There is no miracle celebrated in heaven as much as the miracle of the new spiritual birth of a person.  My Holy Spirit changes a mere human into My spiritual child, an inheritor of My entire kingdom.  I celebrate along with the angels.
    My gifts to you accomplish many things in the earth, always increasing your ease, comfort and happiness in the earth.  The gifts are from Me, meaning they are spiritual in origin, so they change you and change your earth in accordance with My will.
     My gifts to you are never deserved by anyone.  They are free, given from the abundance of My heart.  They are given to enhance your life and the lives of others through you.  My gifts always astound the person through whom they come and they astound the people who receive them because they are supernatural in origin and they change things in the world. (II Peter 1:3-11) 
     They belong to you.  Receive them and minister them as the need for them arises.
     Your Heavenly, Gift-Giving Father              

Friday, May 6, 2016


Dear One,
   We talked about My supernatural gifts that I give to My children which enhance their lives.  We talked about the supernatural gifts of wisdom, knowledge and prophesy through which I speak thoughts and words to My children which contain insight and understanding far above and beyond what humans can deduce.  Those gifts answer all of your questions relating to My guidance and My help when you are confused, depressed or mentally perplexed.  My words to you through My Holy Spirit bring liberty to you.  (II Corinthians 3:17)
    Two of My most powerful supernatural gifts which I give to My children are speaking in unknown languages, both worldly ones and spiritual ones.  It is through those gifts that I am able to answer prayers and do My most miraculous works in the earth. From the beginning of time in the earth My communication with My children has been through creative words because I created the world with My words so My desire has always been to get My words back into the world so that I can speak My words and create solutions to all human problems.  I give to My children the ability through My Holy Spirit to speak in human languages that are unknown to the speaker as a sign to the unbelievers that I am present in their gathering.  Then I give the interpretation of those languages to someone else as a sign to the unbeliever that I am present. Those are called messages in unknown tongues, that being a language unknown to the speaker. (Acts 2:1-4)
    Another way that I instituted getting My creative spiritual words into the earth again is by giving My children the gift of praying My spiritual languages, the languages of My heaven.  I spoke the same words when I created the earth with the help of My Holy Spirit.  They are the words of My kingdom of love.  When praying in the languages of My Holy Spirit, My children are allowing Me to create solutions to problems, plus divine orchestrations of circumstances and situations which change problems into solutions and curses into blessings.  I do those things through My Holy Spirit who lives in the earth in the bodies of My children who have asked Him to live in them. (I Corinthians 6:19-20)  It was through Paul and Silas' praying in My spiritual tongues that prison doors were supernaturally opened for them and the restraints were loosed.  (Acts 16:25-26) Paul said that he prayed in tongues more than anyone. (I Corinthians 14:18)  That is why he had such a powerful ministry, because he allowed My Holy Spirit through the spiritual languages to instruct My angels to go ahead of Paul and prepare the way for his ministering to My children.
      Because praying in My spiritual languages is the most supernatural gift that I give to My children, it is shunned by many people.  That gift has been indiscreetly used by some of My children which has resulted in My precious gift been disparaged.  Jesus was very emphatic when He said to pray in your closet where I hear you and I will reward your prayers openly.  He knew the temptations of the devil to cause people to display My gifts in a prideful way, which results in their being belittled. Jesus said that Our Father will hear you in secret but reward you openly as a result of your prayers which are prayed one-on-one in unity with Me. (Matthew 6:5-6)
     Another wonderful benefit of praying in My Holy Spirit is that you build up your faith by praying in My supernatural language as spoken through your mouth by My Holy Spirit in prayers. (Jude 20)  Praying in the words of My Spirit is similar to throwing coals in the furnaces at electrical plants.  My spiritual words produce power to enlighten you and others like the plants deliver electrical power to entire cities and states.  My Holy Spirit's prayers through your mouth are filled with power to change your world.  That is why the devil fights so hard to belittle and malign My Holy Spirit's words.
    My creative words spoken through your mouth in the words of the Holy Spirit contain formulas for medicines which heal people.   Any scientist who is spiritually discerning will receive those formulas in his or her mind and produce cures for diseases which were previously incurable.  My words spoken through your mouth in spiritual tongues will influence governmental officials to make peace with nations and end wars which kill and destroy.  My words spoken through your mouth in spiritual tongues will set up situations and circumstances which solve problems between people which, to the natural eyes, look hopeless.  My words spoken through your mouth in spiritual tongues will create jobs for the jobless, cause people to send food to the hungry, bring peace to family squabbles, deliver money to the penniless, and My words will destroy the works of the devil.  Intercessory prayers made by My children will save the world from destruction because I watch over My word to perform it. (Jeremiah 1:11-12)
      Supernatural words produce supernatural events.  They change people and they change circumstances.  They create events according to My will instead of the devil's will.
      There was a price paid for you to have My Holy Spirit living inside of you with His spiritual languages which change you and your world.  Jesus died for that wonderful gift to be yours.  Please do not disparage it or malign it.  Receive it, if you have not previously done, and let me change your troublesome circumstances and your problematic situations into blessings from My kingdom of love.  That is what I do, I perfect things for My children. (Luke 12:32)
      Your Father of Powerful Words