Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Dear One,
You have experienced how patience and faith combined have paid off. They have paid a bigger dividend than you ever imagined.
When you apply patience, along with faith, to your prayers you give me and My hosts the opportunity to perform our work in the heavens so that the results of those works can eventually appear in the earth. Without the completion of our work in the heavens, you would not see the positive end result in your situation.
Patience is undergirded by confidence in Me. Without that confidence in Me, you could never have patience. Faith gives you confidence in Me, and then confidence causes patience to operate.
Kindness and goodness are part of the equation also because those fruits of the Spirit keep the spiritual atmosphere around you unencumbered by negative spirits which would love to interfefre with My work in the heavens. When you do good to all men you create an atmosphere of peace and love which facilitate My ability to bring the completion of the anwers to your prayers into the earth.
You can see that all the fruit of the Spirit work together to benefit you in receiving the answers to your prayers.
Love, God
I Timothy 6:11 & 12; Hebrews 6:12;

Monday, March 30, 2009


Dear One,
I have so much to tell My children.
I have so many secrets to share with you.
I have a multitude of deep insights to reveal and gifts of wisdom and knowledge to give to My children.
All of My gifts are already revealed inside of your spirit where the mind of Christ dwells, but your natural mind has clouded the images and dulled My revealing utterances to you.
If you will open yourself up to My revelations, then the veil will be slowly lifted so that you will be able to consume My truth in small doses, just like you eat a meal, bite by bite, not plate by plate and all at once.
The consumpti0n of My revelation is like building a house, first the foundation and then the walls, and then each individual room and then the roof and the fixtures and so on.
I talked about building the temple in the Bible and then talked about rebuilding it when it was demolished. I do the same in your life, building My temple inside of you through revealing My insights and wisdom to you, bite by bite, then letting digestion do its work. Then I feed you another bite and let digestion do its work. I do the feeding, you do the digesting. Then My earthly temple is build inside of you like it is supposed to be built, with Me as the builder.
Love, God
I Corinthians 6:18

Friday, March 27, 2009


Dear One,
There are times when you must dig up plants that have taken over your garden, ones that you have planted and nurtured and grown from negative seeds that you have planted.
When you recognize that you consistently planted diseased seeds in the past and you are reaping the crops from those bad seeds, you should come to Me with a request for insight on how to tear out the cursed plants and replow the ground and replant good seeds through prayer and loving, positive thoughts, words and actions.
Some cursed plants may need to be pulled up by their roots. Some plants may need to be sprayed with plant killer. Some may need to be smothered with mulch. I know the proper way to eliminate the cursed plants that you grew in the past by planting negative, cursed seeds.
Confer with Me on to how to eliminate and eradicate every plant in your garden of life that will harm, poison or cause spiritual and emotional death to you and your family.
I am the Great Gardener.
Love, God
Matthew 13: 3-9 Matthew 13:31 & 32

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dear One,
When you watch Me work and observe the results, you will never forget the thrill of the experience. My work is all behind the scenes, but you know in your spirit that what I have promised I will do.
You get a glimpse of My workings every once in a while and you are amazed.
There are times when you forget that I do the impossible. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I never stop midway. I always finish every project as long as there is belief and faith in the earth.
Sometimes the interference of men may slow down the manifestation of the completed product, but it will be finished. I will see to it with wholeheartedness because I am your Heavenly Dad.
Love, God
II Corinthians 1:20; Ephesians 3:20; Revelations 1:8

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Dear One,
Cooperation in the heavens is paramount to having your prayers answered.
You can compare that truth to the principle of earthly cooperation. If there is no cooperation between members of a marriage, of a family, of a business or of a corporation, then you see that events that happen are counterproductive to your well being.
The same is true with answers to prayers. You must be in harmony with people in the earth to spur harmonious activity in the heavens. Jesus revealed this same truth when he prayed, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven," and when he taught that what you bind or loose on earth is bound or loosed in heaven. The two dimensions are connected, they are symbiotic. What is done in the earth is done in heaven.
It would surprise you to know that every action in the earth causes an action in the heavens. If there is a loving action in the earth, then My love spirits are activated in the heavens. If there is a hateful, vindictive action in the earth, then satan's hatred spirits are activated in the heavens. In other words, your life and your future life depend upon which team you choose to play on at the time.
Choose My team and have a love filled, prosperous life.
Love, God

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dear One,
I am the repairer of the breach, the healer of the discordant.
I am the One who is willing and able to perfect everything that your enemy has negatively affected in your life, big or small. I have the means and equipment to repair every malfunction in relationships or personal actions that exist.
I have the ability to repair the breach that is presently existent in your life, and I will. Just give it to Me. I'm powerful enough to handle it and perfect it.
Love, God
Isaiah 58:11-14

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dear One,
Very often your mind is still limiting Me in believing what I can miraculously do. You expect much less than I can do. You are willing to settle for only a small portion of what I can do. That is the reason why I gave men a spiritual language with which to pray, because men can only believe for a small portion of miracles, but I can speak forth huge portions of miracles and they will be done.
Your mind is limited in its belief in the possibilities of My power and ability. Give Me your large desires rather than your small idea of what I can perform. Give Me the impossible to do, not the possible by your standards.
You think nothing is being done until you finally see the answers to prayers and then you are amazed that I can actually do the impossible. That is why I said I am the "I am" because I am able and willing to do the impossible. I am the impossible.
Love, God
Ephesians 1:19; Ephesians 3:20

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Dear One,
My children hear My voice when they have the mental attitude of a sheep. That's why I said that My sheep know My voice, because a sheep has the attitude of dependency upon the shepherd. Sheep are smart animals in the fact that they know their lives are enriched by the presence of the shepherd. He lead them to the greatest pastures for good. He leads his sheep to places of rest. He leads them to still waters to drink. He gives them peace because the sheep know he will protect them from the wolves with his rod. The sheep know that the shepherd will use his staff to rescue them from the thicket. The shepherd leads them to food even when there are wolves in the vicinity. The sheep are full of gratitude because they know that the shepherd is a gift to them. They know that there will be goodness and mercy with them all of their lives because of the presence of the shepherd in their lives. They know that they will have the care and protection of the shepherd all the days of their lives.
Like the sheep and the shepherd, My children know that I will provide food, water, rest, protection and love to them all of their lives. Their confidence in Me is steadfast and sure. I am the Good Shepherd.
Love, God
Psalm 23


Dear One,
Sometimes you ask for some things that seem to you to be impossible for Me to accomplish, but when it is answered you are astounded. That is a sign that you have not left your first love. You
knew that the task was possible when you turned it over to Me, but your amazement is refreshing to Me because it is part of the child-like faith that is powerful .
You trust Me and you relinquish control, and then you receive the gift with joy and wonderment just like a child.
Hard hearts receive nothing. Child-like hearts receive things that are impossible by human standards.
Love, God
Matthew 18:3; Revelation 2: 2-4.


Dear One,
"Prepare the way of the Lord. Make His path straight."
When you join with My Spirit in prayer you are preparing the way for Me to work. You are making the path straight for Me to work more expeditiously for you. You clear the path of negative blockages.
By praying in the spirit, you also open the paths into the hearts of your family members and other people for whom you are praying. You are preparing that path also for My triumphant entry into their hearts where the old will become new.
Love, God
Matthew 3:3;


Dear One,

Negativity is a spirit that nags, nags, nags at you. It will nag at your mind until it convinces you of doom. It won't let go unless you speak My positive words to it. Then it has to leave with its nagging words.

Negating My blessings for you is what negativity intends to do. It never brings anything good into your life. It only cancels out good by negating it. It does have its own productive work; it bring curses into your life and the lives of your family members. It starts its own cycle of death, death of good things, death of prosperity, death of health, death of happiness, death of all good things.

Positive words build success.

Negative words tear down all success.

Refuse to dwell on any negative thought, whether instigated by your own mind or the words of another person.

Love, God

Philippians 4:8


Dear One,
See what a difference a day makes?
In 24 hours a person's mood can go from sad to happy and vice versa.
Often there is no tangible reason for the change, no physical illnesses, no upsetting news, no failures. However, you must use those times to pray extra prayers because there might be activity in the heavens that is meant to disturb you or cause you some uneasiness. Together we can stop the events before they occur if you will submit to My leading you into intercessory prayer. We often take care of catastrophic events without your conscious knowledge of them.
Use the days when a partner's mood goes from positive to negative as a call for deep, fervent prayer so that bad events will be averted.
Love, God
I Thessalonians 5:17


Dear One,
How much do you love other people?
You can gauge that by how much you love yourself. I told men that there are only two commandments, to love Me and to love others as you love yourself.
The life that is in your neighbor is also in you, because it is My life. You love others because they are part of you, part of Me and My family.
You can only care for others as you care for yourself. if you neglect your own needs, you will be stressed to the place that you cannot care for others.
Relate this to caring for the temple. You are My temple and if you do not keep My temple in tip top shape, then you are neglecting My house and you cannot follow My guidance because of confusion from lack of care.
Be led by My Spirit not by negative emotions or logic or guilt or manipulation or confusion.
I asked you to love me because when you love Me you will listen to Me because I am your Heavenly Father. I know what is necessary to make your life happy and prosperous.
Love, God
Matthew 22:38 & 30
photo from NatashaP at www.flickr.com

Monday, March 16, 2009


Dear One,
Dark clouds in life turn to white clouds at varying times when prayer is applied to them. It is similar to salting a cloud to encourage rain. Sometimes it rains immediately and other times it takes a while before the rain in the clouds begin to leave the dark clouds and the clouds begin to turn white. One never knows how long it will take but, rest assured, the dark clouds will turn to white ones.
Sometimes there are winds and storms that accompany the rain leaving the dark clouds. You must not fret when that heppens in life situations.
Remember that when Jesus cast out demons there were varying degrees of discomfort in the person at the time. Demons never leave without a fight and they like to put on a show of some type. Just ignore their tantrums, knowing that the displays are their last effort.
Dark things always turn to white when My light illuminates them.
Love, God
John 1:9; John 3:19; John 8:12; John 9:5; John 12:46

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Dear One,
Truly, time is of no essence when you are spiritually minded because My seemingly unfulfilled promises are already fulfilled, the seemingly unanswered prayers are already answered, the unwritten songs are already written and unaccomplished efforts are already accomplished. Reality is in faith, not in the current moment, which is temporary.
Remember that things that are seen are made out of things that are unseen. Your faith and patience makes them eventually become seen. You can celebrate in the incubation stage because you know that you know that you know that the unseen will become seen because I have promised it to you .
Love, God
II Corinthians 4:18; II Corinthians 1:20; Hebrews 6:12
photo courtesy of Richard Nix at flickr.com

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Dear One,
Don't let negative spirits win. When you submit to their thoughts and emotional promptings you have let them win the battle.
If you continue in their mental tirades and rantings and ravings, then you are a participant in your own demise and you have joined your enemy in his techniques and his tactics because they become your tactics, too. There is a place where you no longer are a victim of your spiritual enemies but you are in collusion with them to bring yourself and your family to destruction.
Don't let the negative spirits get you to that place, where you are a partner in destroying yourself and your family.
Battle against those mental spirits instead of joining with them. Don't allow them to control your thoughts, your attitudes and your words. Root out the negativity from your mind and speak My words to those spirits of negativity. They understand My words and they will flee.
Love, God
Philippians 4:7-9
photo courtesy of RandySonOfRobert at www.flickr.com

Friday, March 13, 2009


Dear One,
Keep your spiritual eyes sharp so you can see the open doors that I have created for you to pass through. When I have opened them they will be so apparent that you will have no reluctance to enter them. You will know that the opportunities have been orchestrated by Me.
My ways are far superior to earthly ways, and you can't miss the importance of them.
Only fear will blind your eyes to the opportunities created for you. Fear puts blinders on your spiritual eyes and you miss the open doors.
When you know My perfect Love for you, you have great joy and profound exuberance when you see the opportunities to enter into an open door. The door may be open for you to comfort another person. The door may be open for you to encourage others. It may be open for you to spread My joy. It may be open for you to offer My love to another. It may be open for you to validate the existence of another person who needs your recognition and validation.
Your spiritual eyes must always be open for My gifts to be dispensed to the needy, whether the need is for love, joy, encouragement, comfort or salvation. You are My hands and arms and eyes and heart in the earth. Keep your eyes open for doors that I have opened.
Love, God
I Corinthians 12:1-11

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Dear One,
Don't be surprised that your prayers continue to be answered in ways you would never dream of.
Remember that I never stop answering prayers. They will be developed and developed until the perfect answer is visible.
What you have entrusted to Me I will perform. That is what I promised and that is what I will do. You gave the problem to Me and now it is mine to perfect.
You could not have entrusted the situation to Me unless you trusted Me to answer the prayers in the most beneficial way to everyone involved.
Trust that My promises are yea and amen, so be it.
Love, God
II Corinthians 1:20; Ephesians 3:20

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dear One,
Letting go of things and letting go of people is the hardest thing a person can do.
Letting go is a big problem because it may seem like you are letting go of a life preserver. Clutching onto things and people may seem like they are your only connection to reality. Things and people may be your only security and without them you feel insecure. That is another way of saying that those things or people are your gods. Whatever gives you security is your life source, and your life source is your god.
I cannot be your life source if you have other life sources. One of the commandments I gave to Moses was that man should have no other gods before Me. I said that knowing that if you cannot let go of things or people that you would actually be clinging to them as your gods. Release them and receive My life source, which will truly sustain you and give you total security.
Don't clutch onto things or people. They have no eternal salvation for you.
Love, God
Exodus 20:3; Deuteronomy 8:10; Psalm 91

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dear One,
Love is where you find it. You can find love in the strangest places. Often it is closer than you ever thought it would be.
When you give love freely, then you will see that others will reciprocate and love will pour from people to you.
Love seeds are the only seeds that repeatedly come up 100 fold. Love never returns to you in the form of hate. It is impossible. Agape love is unselfish love and it can only return 100 fold to you.
There are other kinds of love which will return negative emotions to you, but those kinds of love are self-centered and self seeking. When ego is involved in giving love, the returns are not always pleasant.
Freely give My kind of love and it will freely be given back to you from others, no stings attached, no encumbrances, no expectations. That's the way I love you.
Love, God
I Corinthians 13:1-7
photo courtesy of Richard Nix at www.flickr.com

Monday, March 9, 2009


Dear One,
You can find joy in the midst of turmoil.
You can find joy in the midst of strife.
You can find joy in the midst of confusion.
The secret is to find that secret place on top of our private mountain inside of you, our place where we commune together high above the elements of the world. In our communion you will receive My joy because we are one. I share everything that I have with you. When you are one with Me you have all of My emotions, love, joy, peace, patience, faith, goodness and kindness.
At My table you will find everything beneficial to you. I grow the fruit of the Spirit in My garden for you to consume. Joy is for your benefit, to lift you out of the emotional prison in which you often find yourself.
Love, God
Psalm 5:11;Psalm 16:11; Psalm 21:1; Romans 5:11; Romans 14:17
photo from Richard Nix of www.flickr.com

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Dear One,
My loves lift you higher than you've ever been lifted before.
My love in you will lift others higher than they've ever been lifted before. That's what My love does, it lifts and lifts and lifts.
Human love can't lift you as high as My love can lift you because human love is based on self-consciousness, expecting others to love you in return.
My love is based in heaven consciousness, expecting nothing in return. My love lifts the heart, the mind, the body and the emotions. My love will not allow you to stay in the sea of depression that can swallow you up. My love rescues you from the sea of depression and sets you on the solid rock of the highest mountain. My love surrounds you with peace and joy. All outer problems and inadequacies and areas of lack vanish in the presence of My love because they are of no consequence.
Watch things change when you are baptized in My love. Evil can't stand it. Deceit can't stand it. Strife can't stand it. Conflict can't stand it. Depression can't stand it.
My love is the only power that can deflect the negativity of the world and lift you high above it to the Secret Place of the Most High. Let Me swaddle you in My love.
Love, God
I Corinthians13:4-7; I John 4:10 & 11
photo compliments of mumbleyjoe at www.flickr.com

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Dear One,
My love truly lifts you up.
Love lifts the spirits and the emotions of all who participate in the communion of My love.
Love is truly powerful because it is My nature. The power of love cannot minister to a person without changing him. He will be changed forever in the depth of his being. He will revel in its power until My power has finished its job.
Love has no description or explanation because it is spiritual power which transcends human words. If men were to try to capture its essence, he would be disappointed because there is no container which is able to contain it.
Love will heal you. Love will lift you above life's problems. Love will support you. Love will thrill you. Love will always promote you higher and higher above the problems of the world..
Commune with Me and receive My love because I am love.

Love, God
Ephesians 3:17-21
photo courtesy of Krisdecurtis at www.flickr.com

Friday, March 6, 2009


Dear One,
There are many wolves in sheep's clothing.
There are wolves who are motivated by greed demons who require your money in exchange for their prayers. Those are the same wolves that Jesus chased out of the temple because they were selling sacrifices.
There are other wolves who will try to convince you that your service is required at their institution in order to please Me. I require no service in exchange for My love.
There are other wolves who will seduce children into sexual activities in exchange for their blessings.
There are other wolves who will prey on weak women in exchange for their attention, money and devotion.
There are other wolves who delight in enslaving the weak in exchange for their guidance
What is the antidote for falling for the trickery of religious wolves? You must constantly rely upon the gut reaction, My Umpire's testimony in the midst of your being, which is often called the discerning of spirits. Always obey the voice of the Umpire in the midst of your being. He will reveal the truth to you in all situations. When there is even the slightest feeling of discomfort or uneasiness in your spirit you must back off from any association with the person until the revelation is clear as to the motive of the person.
Wolves can assume many, many religious costumes in order to deceive My children. Learn to recognize their trickery and run from them .
I give salvation, deliverance, guidance and love freely to My children.
Love, God
Matthew 7:15-20; Acts 20:29-31; I Corinthians 12:10

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Dear One,
Make sure that you seek My kingdom and then everything will automatically be added to you. When you seek mammon in any form your attitudes begin to change from kindness to crankiness, from generosity to greed, from unity to division, from peace to turmoil, from joy to sadness and from love to hatred. My kingdom has wealth that you can't even imagine. It has commodities much more valuable than anything you can seek in the earth. Don't change your devotion from Me to earthly things. They can become idols very quickly.
Love, God
Matthew 6:24


Dear One,
I spoke to My children about changes in the twinkling of an eye.
You are changed from death to eternal life in the twinkling of an eye. One minute you are in the body, the next blink you are in heaven with me and all the saints.
When you have summoned My help in prayer and I am working in any situation, things are changed in the twinkling of an eye. Often you do not see the changes because they are spiritual changes. Eventually they will become earthly changes and you will see them with your earthly experience.
Changes are constantly occurring in the minds and spirits of people and you do not see them because they are not yet revealed to your human eyes. You must realize this, that every prayer prayed in the Spirit creates change. If you were out of the body and in the spirit you could see every change and you would be amazed at the changes.
Also consider this fact, every time you pray in the Spirit you are allowing My designs and solutions for the situation to be revealed so that My angelic workers can implement My perfect solutions.
My words are never idle words. They are always active and alive and sent forth to accomplish perfection for the situation.
Love, God
Jeremiah 1:12; II Corinthians 4:17 & 18; Hebrews 6;12

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Dear One,
How often do you forget that you have authority over all of the evil spirits that have been harassing you and your family?
You often forget that it is principalities and powers in the air who are the problem, not your family or friends. The evil spirits are the ones who have instigated the whole mess, not the loved one. Yet you get frustrated with the loved one rather than getting indignant and confrontational with the evil spirits because of their part in the situation. You have the authority to cast them out of the person and out of the situation. They have no legal right to attack your family.
Speak to those evil spirits and they will cease their harassment. They know My name and they know the authority that you have in My name.
Love, God
Mark 6:7; Mark 9:1; Ephesians 6:10-12

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Dear One,
All people have My life in them. Some people only have a small remnant of My life remaining in them because they have given areas of their lives over to the evil spirits that are prevalent in the earth, but My life is still in them.
The small remnant that remains always wants to go home to the safe place where it began life, with Me.
I told you that I foreknew you and that I predestined you to be molded into the image of Christ. Christ was My first son who was anointed with My power. I desire that all men become as He was and is, that they become anointed with My power and authority in the earth because My power in them needs to be exercised to destroy evil.
Sidestep all of the entanglements that the evil one has laid out for you. The ones you don't recognize I will point out to you. Then you will use My authority which is in you to destroy the works of evil just like Jesus did in the earth.
Avoid conflict at all cost. Keep peace with all men. I gave you the power and ability to do it.
Love, God
I John 3:8; II Corinthians 4:6-11;
photo courtesy of Richard Nix at www.flickr.com

Monday, March 2, 2009


Dear One,
I have told My children to think only on what is good and kind and of a good report. Carry that further in your life and look for only those things that are good and kind and of a good report in other people. Blind your own eyes to the negative attributes in other people. When you see the good that is in all men you will be living My words of, "To the pure in heart all things are pure."
When I desire that you do see the evil in another person I will give you the discerning of spirits and show you how to get rid of the evil. Until then, seek for the good in all men. It's there.
Love, God
Phillipians 4:8; Matthew 5:8; Titus 1:15
photo of myself and our latest "gold" addition to the family

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Dear One,
The devil will put as much on you as you can stand. He knows your weaknesses and he knows your limits. Until you get courageous and put a stop to his actions, he will continue with his harassment of you, piling more and more and more on you until you break.
You must stand up against him and get him out of your life so that you can live peacefully and contentedly. Come against him at the first sign of his work, which will be an attack in your thoughts, cast him out and the activity will cease.
He is the coward, not you.
Love, God
Matthew 4:3-11; James 4:7;