Saturday, January 31, 2015


Dear One,
   When Jesus came into the earth He was called the Light of the world.  His words illuminated the way to Me and to My saving grace which freed people from the works of evil in the world.  My words which came out of His mouth brought life to people.  It is written that in Him there was no darkness, no bad news, no words of despair, division, judgment, anger or depression.  There were always words of love, joy and peace.  That is why people flocked to Him to hear His words of life. (John 6:63) 
   Jesus, Himself, told My children that they are the light of the world also, a light that cannot be hidden that is placed on a hill, a candle that cannot be hidden under a container.  He said not to let the light in you be full of darkness by letting the evil one overtake you and snuff out your light, (Matthew 6:22-24) causing you to spread bad news into the world instead of My good news. 
   There are people in your world who are sitting in darkness, consumed by the gospel of fear and destruction as heard from your religious and political leaders. They are sitting under the shadow of death that is spread by unenlightened people who preach bad news instead of My good news.  They are addicted to bad news and are spurred on by the devil to speak more negative words into the ones who are already living in darkness.  What a travesty it is when My Light in My children becomes darkness and they share it with others, bringing other people into the same bondage to fear.
   There are also My children in your world who are still the light of the world, always hopeful, always speaking the good news, always enlightening people with words of faith in Me to bring good and beneficial solutions to their problems and to the problems that are evident in the world as caused by the devil.  They are the beams on top of the hill which bring light into the darkness in the souls of others.
   The most faith-filled, light-filled words that you can speak to others is, "My God has a solution to your problems."  Telling them about My effective solutions to your problems in the past and declaring your confidence in Me to provide solutions to any problems that will arise in the future is being a light in a world of darkness.  Where there is no light, there is despair and death. Where there is a ray of hope emanating from you, there is light which gives hope to people. 
   You are the reflection of My light.  You are the reflection of My love.  You are the reflection of My hope.  You either throw a lifeline to others or you drown them in fear and hopelessness.
   My life in you has no darkness.  Only if you allow fear and despair to enter into your flesh as taught by the harbingers of destruction and motivated by the father or death will you spread negativity and darkness into the world. Those who sow seeds of darkness into the world will inherit the fruit of unrighteousness and destruction in every area of their lives. (Ephesians 5:11-15)
   Where is My good news?  Where is My gospel of life?  Where is My gospel that says that I am replete with solutions for every problem encountered by My children?   It is still alive within My children but often has been crusted over by the gospel of fear and judgment. (Hebrews 2:14-15) You can stir up the light by being that light on a hill that invites all people to enter into the abundant life that I promised for My children. (Luke 5:14-16)
   Light dispels all darkness.  Constantly allow My Holy Spirit to rekindle the light of the gospel of peace in you.  It happens by one-on-one communion with Me rather than one-on-one communion with the gospel of fear and death. (John 6:67-68)
   Rejoice because I bring life, peace and love to your life.  Your light will shine before people when you only consume the words of life. (I John 1:5-7)
   Your Loving Father                     

Friday, January 30, 2015


Dear One,
   Through My Son Jesus I have shown My children My perfect image, the image of My personality and character.  I showed that I am love to all beings, that I work peace in every situation in which I am invited and when My advice  is heeded.  I sent My very own Holy Spirit into My children who invite Him to be their counselor, tutor, advocate and guide.  I called certain of My children to write about My goodness, My kindness, My love and My good works in the earth so that they would have an Instruction Book to which they could refer to help them access their full inheritance which has already been granted to them.  I have given everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness.  (II Peter 1:3) 
  So why do some of My children continue to walk in defeat, deceit, spiritual and mental poverty and sickness? Refer to the writings of James who vehemently wrote about the very problem and the effective solution.(James 1:19-25)
  My Spirit said through James that every good and perfect gift comes from Me and that there is no variation in My personality, no shadow of turning by blessing you on one hand and cursing you on the other hand. I do not send bad things in your life to teach you anything.  Your enemy the devil sends them to destroy you, and he is doing an effective job of it because of the ignorance of My children. (James 1:12-15) James said that My children must be My image in the earth, free from all anger because anger does not work My goodness in any circumstance and situation.  Yet, My children read those words and refuse to allow My Spirit to change them into My image of being free from all anger and only being vessels of love. (James 1:20-21)
   My Spirit said that one way to display My image is to be quick to hear from My Holy Spirit, be slow to speak from your flesh and to be slow to anger.  Instead, some of My children are quick to speak from their fleshly passions, quick to anger and slow to hear from My Spirit. James wrote that you must put away all of the old habits of wickedly speaking to others and thinking filthy thoughts of strife; and, instead, become meek, full of humility, receiving My implanted word which is guaranteed to save your soul from all of the curses that are in the world because of the devil's works.  (John 10:10)
   James compared the problem to a person who looks in a looking glass, sees an image and then goes and forgets what he saw.  What he was explaining is that when you look into My keys of My kingdom, of which Jesus taught so often, and if you read them only, not allowing them to take root in you and change you into My image which Jesus portrayed while in the earth, you will not share in My goodness.  He said that the person who perseveres, diligently seeking to become My image in the earth by becoming loving, joyful, a peace maker, good, kind, merciful, faithful and patient, that he or she will be a doer of My word, that that person will be blessed in all that he or she does. (Galatians 5:13-24)
   My Holy Spirit wrote through James that when you look into the perfect law of liberty, then go and become My image of one who is free from the works of the devil, then you will be blessed in everything while in the earth.  You must be identified as being My child before your legal inheritance can be administered to you.  When you look into My Instruction Book, then do not allow My Spirit to work My righteousness into your flesh, you will gain nothing but curses that come from your own mouth by tearing down others who are made in My image.  The devil works his destruction through you by tempting you to curse others instead of blessing them. Sow anger and you will reap anger. (James 3:8-12)
   When My children look into the perfect law of liberty, which is My new covenant of love for all of humanity, and allow Me to create My image of love in their lives by making them the image of love, then I can do superabundantly more than they dare think or imagine because of the power of My Spirit of love within them. (James 1:22-25; Ephesians 3:14-20)
  Your Loving Father
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Dear One,
   Jesus spoke words of life, words that bring peace to the souls of people, words that lead and guide you into the paths of righteousness where rest for your mind is always found.  My Holy Spirit always speaks words of peace, words which have life within them.  When My children decide to pursue those goals, to always speak words which bring life to themselves and to the hearers, then those people will be known as My children because they dispense peace into the world. (Psalm 23:1-3); Matthew 5:9)
   Dispensers of division, destruction, strife and dissent are children of another father, the father of death.  Some who call themselves by My name but speak words of fear and strife are actually children of the evil one because they speak his words into My world that I created and still love. It should not be so. (Luke 8:43-45)
   You are constantly being urged one way or the other way, by My Spirit to speak words of life or by the spirit of evil to speak words of death. It is your choice whether you want to reap life or whether you want to reap death.  You cannot reap life by sowing death seeds into your life and the lives of others and you will not reap death by sowing life-giving love seeds into the earth.  Your garden of life depends upon the words that you speak. (Matthew 6:22-24)

   My children are deceived because their words of death and strife do not immediately curse them, but they will eventually be inundated with destruction in some areas of their lives.  The timing of the destructive events will be delayed by the father of destruction because of his efforts to blind you to the fact that those devastating events that come upon you were ordered and proclaimed by your words of strife, as led by the devil, much earlier in the past.  I told you that the words of life and death are in the power of your tongue and that you WILL eat the fruit of them. (Proverbs 18:21)
   Cursing your family and other people by speaking negative, hateful, angry, demeaning words will boomerang back upon your life in multiple ways, all because you, as My child, ordered them by the words spoken into your garden of life which grows only what you plant into it. (James3:9-12) 
   Blessing your family and all other people by speaking positive, upbuilding, faith filled, edifying words will boomerange back upon your life in multiple ways, all because you, as My child, ordered them by the words spoken into your garden of life which grows only what you plant into it. (Matthew 5:43-45)
   My children lose faith because their prayers are not answered.  They want to eat the fruit of My goodness while they are sowing seeds of destruction by their words and actions.  It's impossible to receive the answers to prayers while projecting into the world the seeds of the evil one.  You can't plant seeds in one garden, the garden of evil,  and expect to reap plants from the other garden, the garden of goodness and kindness. (Luke 16:13) 
   It is My good pleasure to give you all of the benefits of being My child.  I am pouring them from heaven upon you constantly.  Your ability to receive them depends upon your words and your actions, whether they are from the family of good or of the family of evil.  When you speak and act from the characteristics of My family, those being positive, gracious, life-giving words and actions, the pathways to you are open and clear of obstacles. When you speak and act from the characteristics of the family of evil, then the spirits behind those evil acts will completely dam up your blessings from flowing into your life. (Hebrews 4:2-3)
  I told My children to choose between good and evil, blessings and curses.  You must learn to recognize the temptations of the evil one to entice you to speak and act from his family, thus allowing him to curse everything that concerns you.
  My Holy Spirit discerns between the two families, between good and evil.  Listen to Him and have soul peace all of your life.  (Deuteronomy 30:19; John 14:15-17)
   Your Father of the Garden of Life and love
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Dear One
  Jesus said that My words are spirit and they are life.(John 6:63)
  You are made in My image.  The first man's words were spirit and life but when he allowed the enemy of the world, the devil, to enter his domain, then the words of men began to have the power of life and the power of death. Remember that Solomon wrote, as directed by the wisdom of My Holy Spirit, that life and death are in the power of the tongue. (Proverbs 18:21)  I said that you would eat the fruit of it.
   My born of the Spirit and baptized in the Spirit children must learn that valuable key to My kingdom which is pertinent to their having My kingdom evident in their lives.  They either eat the cursed fruit of the evil one or they eat the fruit of My goodness and it all goes back to the power of the tongue.  James wrote that people bless Me but also curse people in the earth.  He said it should not be so. (James 3:10)
  My Spirit wrote through Paul that every word you speak should bring grace to the hearer, meaning that the person must feel that he or she is a much favored person to you and to Me.  Every person to whom you speak must feel that he or she is valued above every jewel and precious mineral in the earth.  When I speak to you, that is the feeling you get when our conversation is over.  (Ephesians 4:29) Your words should always edify others, building them up instead of tearing them down.  When you allow My Spirit to tame your tongue and you  accomplish the admonition to only speak words which validate the existence of others, you will eat the good of the land, which is every advantage that I have provided for My children. If not, if you continue to tear down the spirits of people who are created in My image, then you will eat the fruit of the father of destruction, being cursed in every area of your life.  (Matthew 12:36-37; Deuteronomy 28)
  I have given you My keys of My kingdom so that you will be able to enjoy your life on earth, plus I have given you the power to accomplish the tasks of using the keys. One important key is for you to only speak words which build up instead of tear down others.  So you have the instructions and the power to follow those instructions.  The only thing lacking is your willingness to give credence to My guidance.  When you do, you will enjoy every good pleasure that I give to My children, 
the abundant life.(John 10:10)
   It is My pleasure to give you My kingdom.  Make it your pleasure to take My advice and use the keys that I have given to you which open every door to the storage bins which obtain your inheritance.  They are My treasure chests with your name written on them.  There are proper keys to those treasures, one of which is bridling your tongue, taming it until you only speak uplifting words to everyone.  (Matthew 5:37)
   I lift you up.  Go and do the same with others. Transform the earth by your words.
   Your Loving and Uplifting Father        
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Monday, January 26, 2015


Dear One,
  You have heard many times the saying that when all else fails, read the instruction book. People have ruined multitudes of purchases  because they have failed to read the instructions of the inventors or manufacturers on how to efficiently operate their helpful devices.
  The same thing has happened to My children relating to their lives.  They fail to read My Instruction Book, called the Bible, on how to have a good, peaceful and abundant life while in the earth.  I not only provide the Instruction book but I also provide a private tutor to personally teach you the intricate details relating to the instructions in My Book.  He is My Holy Spirit whom Jesus said would lead you into all truth, would take what He said and explain the wisdom relating to every principle of life that Jesus taught. I said He would give you My power to understand those principles and the power to utilize them, making you successful in every area of your life. Remember that Jesus said that He did not come to the world to destroy the world but that through Him the world might be saved from the father of destruction. (John 3:16-17;I John 3:8)

  My Holy Spirit lives inside of you to identify to you the works of evil, to identify to you My works of righteousness, and to give you discernment or judgment between the two.  (John 16:7-15) The minds of My children have been dulled by the devil so that they cannot discern the difference between good and evil unless they have My private tutor inside of them to do His work of revelation, which you often call something just "dawning" on you. What happens is My Spirit removes the blinders from your eyes and you understand valuable truths which will set you free from spiritual and mental blindness. (John 8:31-32)

  Everything that My Spirit teaches you will be confirmed in My Book so that you will not be led astray by vain imaginations.  You will cast aside all erroneous teachings that were taught to you by religions and you will receive the truths which magnify Me and My works in the earth.
  My Holy Spirit glorifies or exaggerates My characteristics to you.  He does My works in the earth which cause you to be in awe of My power and My wisdom. He brings the fullness of My kingdom, which Jesus promised, into your life.  He will exaggerate My characteristics in you if you will allow Him to do His full works which I commissioned Him to do.  He will work the fulness of My peace, My love, My mercy, My goodness, My kindness, My faith, My joy and My patience into you, making you My image in the earth. When you allow Him to do His mission, you will inherit the fullness of my gifts to you, delivering your full and complete inheritance which is due you as My child.(Galatians 5:22)
  Jesus called My Holy Spirit "the Promise of the Father,"of which Jesus spoke when He said that We would send another counselor to you, one who would live in you instead of be merely with you. He reveals the helpful hints in My Instruction Book to your mind from inside of you. (John 14:15-18)
   Any student has to have a book and a teacher.  I gave My children My Instruction Book and also a private tutor, My Holy Spirit.  You have everything necessary for having the abundant life of which Jesus spoke. (II Timothy 3:14-17)
   Take advantage of all of My gifts to you and you will have an abundance of them, as I promised.(Matthew 7:11; Matthew 13:11-12)
   Your Loving Father         

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Dear One,
  In the earth a person must be identified as a legal beneficiary of an inheritance before the person is given his full benefits. The lawyer, the advocate, makes sure that the ones in attendance at the reading of the will are identified as legal heirs. A person who does not have the necessary identity is not a recipient of any portion of the will.
  It's the same thing in the heavenly dispensation of My will. My Holy Spirit is the advocate who works the necessary identities into my children.  The people who receive the full inheritance that I provided for My children are always those who display My character, the fruit of My Holy Spirit, those being love, joy, peace, faith, goodness, kindness, mercy and patience. My Holy Spirit wrote through Paul that against those character traits there is no spiritual law that would deny the person inheriting My blessings. ( Galatians 5:17-23)

  My blessings are always being poured upon the earth, just like the rain is on the just and the unjust, but the unjust are not in the proper pathway to receive the fullness of My blessings because of their character traits which come from the father of destruction. If they were to inherit My full inheritance, they would destroy the benefits just like their father does.
  I wrote over and over again in the letters to all of the churches through Paul, Peter, John and James that My children must love others as I love them and that My children should return good for evil done to them so that they will bear the identification of being My children.  With the proper spiritual identification they will receive their full inheritance while in the earth. (Galatians 6:2)
   Your thoughts, attitudes and actions determine whether you inherit all of the  blessings that I have for My children which Jesus called the abundant life. My Spirit wrote that even if you give your life to be burned for Me or give all our goods to the poor and don't have love, you gain nothing. NOTHING.
  Jesus said if you are praying and know that someone has something against you or you have something against someone, that you should go and make peace with that person and then return to your prayers. Otherwise your prayers are powerless. (Matthew 5:21-24) 
  I grieve for My children who are inheriting nothing because their inheritance already has their name engraved on it but they don't have the proper identification in order to receive it.  (Ephesians 4:30-32)
  My last will and testament is a legal and binding heavenly document.  It is My new covenant.  Every person who has ever been born has his or name engraved upon the full portion of it.  The only delay is that it is waiting for their identification to be verified in order for the blessings to pour into their lives. Their identification is verified by their seeking Me and My kingdom and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, and then everything will be added to them.(Matthew 6:33) They become My righteous child with the proper identification to spend eternity with Me when they turn to Me and accept Jesus as My sacrifice for their sins; but receiving My full earthly blessings depends upon their identity being verified by My angels who dispense My blessings.  When the characteristics of the devil are being displayed by people, their identification as My child is scratched out and the name of their enemy is substituted. (Romans 6:15-16)
  There are some of My children who are willing to wait until they enter their heavenly home before they inherit the fullness of blessings.  That is their choice.  But I want My children to avoid the constant suffering caused by uniting themselves with the devil, doing his works in the earth, and inheriting nothing of My kingdom while in the earth.  Paul wrote what some of those works are. (Galatians 5:22-23)
  I desire that you glorify Me in your body as well as in your spirit.  That comes by your becoming personally acquainted with Me and  spending time with me, hearing My words and becoming like Me in character because you know Me intimately.  (Ephesians 1:15-23)
  Children bear the images of their parents.  My true children bear My image in their spirits and in their bodies.(II Corinthians 13:11)
   Your Loving Father (Ephesians 5:1-5)

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Dear One,
   If you ever doubt My patience and My ability to save My children from the works of evil, from their mistakes, from their sins, from their iniquities, and from bad choices, read the history of the nation of Israel in My Instruction Book.  You will see My patience with them, even with their many rebellions, their impatience with Me and their uniting themselves with other gods.  Every time that they returned to me, I welcomed them back and instructed them on how to return to My good favor and receive My blessings again.  I told them over and over that they must hear My words, follow them, and they would eat the good of the land. Every time they left false gods and returned to Me, their prosperity returned in every area of their lives. The ones who didn't return to Me but instead remained united with the gods who institute sin in the world, they perished in the earth and were cursed in every area of their lives. I sent prophets, judges, righteous kings, etc. to help them return to My blessings, but many refused. (Deuteronomy 28:1-18)
   After My Son Jesus was born through the human lineage of Israel, My covenant with that nation ended and My new covenant began for all humanity, not just for a particular nation. Through Jesus I taught My children how to stay in unity with Me in order to receive their full inheritance and it begins with the sacrifice of Jesus and the ministry of My Holy Spirit.  Jesus coached My children in areas that were opposite to their religious teachings.  He told them that they could have peace on earth if they refused to return evil for evil done to them.  In your vernacular it would be called Peace 101. It is so simple that My children refuse to take My advice.  Returning evil for evil done to them will always result in creating strife which summons every work of evil into their lives.  So My advice through Jesus, Peter, Paul, James and others is to never return evil for evil done to you but to turn the other cheek in humility, returning good for evil done to them.  Then the evil work done to you will fall to the ground powerless because you have not added evil to the original evil. Peace will flood into your life. (Matthew 5:21-24; 38-48; Romans 12:21)

  I am always informing My children about the curses that come from joining with evil thoughts, attitudes and actions.  I send prophets.  I send writings.  I send philosophers. I send stories, movies, poems, and any way that someone will hear Me, into the world to cue you on how to keep peace with people. (Matthew 23:37-39)
  Remember that peacemakers are called My children and are therefore labeled as eligible to inherit all the benefits that I have stored for My children. The pathways from heaven to My peacemakers are clear of any obstructions that will block My blessings from entering their lives.(Matthew 5:9; Isaiah 59:1-2)
  It has been said that My children who are born of My Spirit are saved at the moment of conversion, then they are repeatedly saved by Me from the works of evil throughout their earthly journey, and then they are completely saved from evil when their bodies die and their spirits ascend into My heavenly kingdom.  So they were saved, are being saved and will be saved from the works of evil. (John 3:16-17)
   I go to great lengths and efforts to get My information to you to make sure that you stay in union with Me so that you can overcome the evil works in the world which Jesus came to destroy. The beginning place is Peace 101, keeping peace with all people.  I gave you the admonition to do it and the power of My Holy Spirit to accomplish it. What else do you need?  You have My guidance and My power, that is My Instruction Book and My tutor.  The only thing lacking in most instances is the desire to be a peacemaker.  Without seeking that key, all things in My inheritance cannot be obtained by My children. In fact, they will be overcome with evil if they return evil for evil. (Ephesians 3:14-18)
   I said that the peacemakers are known as My children.  Keeping peace with your mate, your children, your relatives, your friends and your enemies will cause you to receive all of My blessings which make you one of My fortunate children.  My inheritance is yours.  There is a codicil to My will, that those who receive their full inheritance must be peacemakers and extend My love to everyone. My love for all of the world never stops so the love of My children for all humanity should never stop. (I Corinthians 13:7-13)
  Your Peaceful, Loving Father

Friday, January 23, 2015


Dear One,
  We have talked about your obtaining the desires of your heart, that is My desires for you which come from your spirit where I live.  We also talked about the desires or lusts of your mind and how they can curse you and separate you from Me. We talked about the children of Israel and how they begged Me to be delivered from the bondage of Egypt and how I sent a savior, Moses, to lead them out of bondage and lead them to the promised land.  I performed many miracles for them, but they still groaned and criticized Me for the food that I gave them and griped because the journey was hard.  Because of their attitudes, they separated themselves from My goodness and it took them years and years instead of weeks to enter into the promised land.  They even wanted to go back into bondage in Egypt because they expected a journey of ease instead of a hard journey. They could have had a short journey of ease if they had continued to hear My voice and take My advice.  Their attitudes and evil actions caused the long, laborious journey. (Hebrews 3:7-19)
  The same thing happens in My family today.  I bring My children into a close relationship with Me by coming to live in them through their being born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, but when things become hard, because of their bad attitudes and actions, they gripe and groan at Me for not immediately answering their prayers. The problem is never from My end of the relationship.  It's always from the earth side, because of the attitudes and actions of My children.
   My Holy Spirit said through Paul that you must glorify Me in your body as well as in your spirit, meaning that your thoughts, attitudes and actions must reflect My glory, that is My personality, in everything you do. (I Corinthians 6:19-20) 

   Is it possible to glorify Me in your body as well as in your spirit?  Yes, it is, by being slow to speak and slow to anger because your wrath does not work My righteousness in any situation.(James 1:19-26) It cuts off your blessings in the heavens because you bind them by your angry thoughts, attitudes and actions.  What happens in the heavens is that with evil speaking and wrath you change allegiance from Me to the father of wrath and you authorize his demons to put a blockade on the path from My blessings to you, binding them from coming into your life.(Matthew 16:19)  In those situations I grieve for you that you did not master your thoughts, attitudes and your tongue.(Ephesians 4:29-32)
   Glorifying Me in your body is easy when you know Me intimately because knowing Me allows you to become My reflection.  When I said to glorify Me in your body, that's what I meant, that you should become a reflection of Me in your family and all of your relationships. When you become My image in the earth, thus being a witness to My love, then you put yourself in direct line for My blessings which are always being poured out upon the earth. (Ephesians 3:14-20)
   Your Loving Father

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Dear One,
   You must realize that the desires of your fleshly mind are not always good for you. Sometimes you lust after something or envy someone for some things that they have.  Those desires may not good for you; in fact, they will work against you. The desires of your spiritual heart,  as led by My Holy Spirit, are desires that are good for you because they are from Me and they bless your life, not curse it. (Psalm 37:4-5)
  For instance, say a child of Mine lusts after a person and pursues marriage with that person, asking Me to bless that union.  A spiritually and emotionally immature child, eager for marriage, will lust after an equally immature person.  You would not willingly give your physically or emotionally ill equipped child to a marriage which would probably contribute to his demise. However, an equally immature, lustful person might pursue your child as led by an evil spirit in an effort to curse you for three or four generations. (Numbers 14:18-19)

  It's the same with My children. If one of My children lusts after something and demands that I give it to him or her, but if that person has not grown in wisdom, knowledge and the revelation of being My love dispensers in the world, because of My love and sense of protection I do not grant that desire because it would not be a blessing.  Instead, it would be a curse.  Unfortunately, the father of lusts and envy will often see that that person receives what he or she was insistent on; and, as My word says, leanness will come to the soul of the person, meaning that the thing that was lusted after will cause problems that brings insurmountable burdens upon him or her.
   I only dispense the parts of My inheritance to My children which are a blessing and will bring further blessings.  That is why your fleshly efforts to help Me answer your prayers by concocting your own ways that you think are the fastest way to solve your problems will often bring leanness to your soul, because that way is usually the orchestration of the evil one who wants to curse My children instead of bless them.(Galatians 5:22; John 10:10) 
  My mature, humble children are willing to wait for My will in every matter and only do what I instruct them to do. Then My plans and orchestrations will be perfect and will be a blessing to everyone involved in the situation.(Romans 8:14-17)
  The children of Israel were the chosen lineage through which My Son would enter the world, so I had a covenant with them which they repeatedly broke. I brought them out of bondage, according to My will, led them through the wilderness, provided food and drink for them, but they rebelled against Me, didn't like the food and drink I provided and became rebellious because the journey took so long.  The journey took so long because of their griping and groaning and rebellion.  I couldn't allow them to enter their promised land with such habits or they would have cursed their promised land.  In fact, the ones who were the most verbally rebellious never entered.  (Psalm 106:8-15) I didn't bring leanness to their souls.  The father of their lusts is the one who brought leanness to their souls because he is always eager to curse My children.  They obeyed him and lusted and griped and groaned, putting themselves into a direct path to be cursed by him.
   I put that story in the history section of My Instruction Book so that you will not fall for the same tricks of the devil who causes you to lust after something, then he grants it to you by your insistence, and  curses you with what you desired. 
   I said that My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts, that they are higher and will bless you in the end, not curse you.  Often My children say, "Not your will but mine be done, Father."  After much insistence, because of your switching loyalties, the devil will see that your will is done and you are cursed by it.(Isaiah 55:9-13; II Corinthians 10:4-7)
   I will always save you if you return to Me, but I grieve at your insistence upon inheriting curses instead of My blessings.
   The prodigal son returns to Me for My full storage of blessings.
   Your Father of Blessings (John 3:16-17)     

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Dear One,
   We have talked at length about My promises to you which are My will for you.  We have talked about that they are yes, amen, so be it.  We have talked about My goodness that is always flowing to you, My peace, My unconditional love, My kindness to all of My creation, My grace which is My unmerited favor, My joy even in the midst of turmoil, My mercy which is everlasting, My mountain moving faith and My Holy Spirit power to defeat all works of evil in your life.  With My provisions you cannot fail.  (Matthew 19:36) 

   I never disinherit you. I never stop you from accessing My divine inheritance that I set aside for you.  However, by obeying the temptations of your enemy, the devil, you can separate your own self from My flow of  heavenly gifts to you because in becoming unified with him you no longer are in unity with Me.  It's like a soldier who has every wonderful benefit of spirit, soul and body supplied for him by his country but he decides to join in unity with a cause of his enemy and become a member of the enemy country which robs, kills and destroys their soldiers.  That soldier is no longer on the base of the good country where good benefits flow to its soldiers. He has separated himself from the country of good provisions and joined the country of corrupt provisions. The soldier chose to separate from the country of blessings and chose, instead, the country of curses.  It's called treason by deception.  (Isaiah 59:1-2; Matthew 6:24)
   That is an example of what happens when you choose to separate yourself from Me.  It's your choice that has caused your lack of success in every area of your life by your joining with the family of destruction.  I am still your loving Father, eager to restore you to My wonderful benefits just like the prodigal son was restored after he grew tired of eating the pig slop. You will eat pig slop as long as you stay in unity with the devil and his family of demons. (Luke 15:11-25)
   Some of My children continue to fraternize with the devil but declare that My inheritance is for them. My promises are still for them but the ones who inherit them are for the ones who take My advice instead of obeying the temptations of evil. My promises are for My children who do not hold grudges but instead forgive someone who wronged them.  Holding grudges will cause you to be separated from the flow of My goodness to all humanity.  Spreading strife in the world will cause you to be separated from the flow of My blessings beause strife is of the devil.  Strife summons every curse of evil upon you because your mind is stayed upon an injury done to you. To be released from that curse of binding yourself to evil, you must take My advice and forgive the person who wronged you. Upon forgiving the person, you release yourself from the curses and return to My flow of blessings.(Matthew 6:14-15)
   Unkind, bitter, contemptuous, belittling words separate you immediately from My blessings because words never die but remain in the mind of the hearer, repeatedly cursing that person. Those destructive words are words from hell and are meant to destroy.  When you allow words from hell to curse a person through your mouth, you separate yourself from Me and My blessings because you have joined with the father of destruction. My Holy Spirit and I are grieved that you have left the comforts of our family and have become a minister of the devil, however temporary it is. You think you are justified to refute another person but you are, in reality, putting yourself on the side of evil and will inherit the evil yourself. Remember that Jesus said that anyone who calls another person a fool is in danger of the fires of hell. I grieve when you persist in putting yourself into the fires of hell by obeying the voice of the devil. (Matthew 5:22-26; James 1:19-21)
  The same thing happens when you judge another person by his behavior, his nationality, his religious beliefs or his politics.  Jesus said that you judge yourself when you do because that judgment comes back upon you.  I have mercy on everyone.  You must have mercy on everyone because it is an outgrowth of My Spirit inside of you.(Matthew 7:1-6)  By judging others you join with the enemy and inherit his curses. When you are merciful to others, you join with Me and inherit My blessings. (Matthew 5:7)
    Your inheritance is waiting for you.  Refuse evil and embrace good and you will be in the direct path of the dispensation of My blessings.
     Your Merciful and Loving Father 

Monday, January 19, 2015


Dear One,
  I have talked about My divine promises to you many times in My Instruction Book. There are many promises and many examples of My children inheriting My promises in that book. The promise of eternal life, which is My life coming to live inside of you, is the most important one because He identifies you as My child, one who is legally an inheritor of My kingdom.  (John 3:16-17)  When a person accepts Jesus as his or her Savior, then My supernatural life comes to live inside of the person's human spirit. A new creation exists from that moment forth and is identified as My very own child, a sibling of Jesus, and one who has life that is above human life.(I Corinthians 5:17)  

   Another of My promises that I made to My children is that they could, if they are willing, receive the supernatural power of My Holy Spirit. In doing so, they become infused with My power in all of their being, not just in their spirits which came from being born of My Spirit.  My Holy Spirit's power then becomes available to them to overcome every work of evil in their lives and the lives of others.  My wisdom and knowledge begin to flow from My Spirit into their minds, My guidance becomes available to lead them onto  safe paths, My healing powers become available to them, My Fatherly advice is personal to them, My comfort become one on one, My insight and understanding become easily accessed. They begin to have every aspect of My personality available to minister personally to  them.  Because of intimate knowledge of Me, they become My images in the earth, leading others into a personal relationship with me. (John 16:7-16)
   Another promise that I make to My children is that they and their households will be saved from the works of the devil.  (Acts 16:30-31)  As you become more transformed into My image, the people of your household will want My life and all the power and benefits that come with it. Your prayers will bring them to the place of desiring to know me. Then I will flood them with My love.
   The most sought after benefit of knowing Me is that I bring total peace to your mind. I give you the peace that passes all human understanding.  It's not the peace that the world gives, but it is My peace, the peace that exists in My heaven.  Confidence in Me becomes your strength, knowing that it's My good pleasure to give you My kingdom so your mind is at peace. (Philippians 4:6-8; Luke 12:32)
   The most thrilling benefit that comes directly from My promises is that you become filled with the knowledge of My love for you. My Spirit reveals to you that you are My child and the revelation of the depth, breadth, width and height of My love is poured upon you and into you.  You become My love child with the knowledge that you are loved and dearly prized by Me.  (Ephesians 3:17-20)
   Remember that My promises are yes and amen, so be it.  (II Corinthians 1:20)
   Your Loving Father  

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Dear One,
  My children who are ignorant of their true spiritual heritage do not know that they have the right to access their inheritance while in the earth.  They have been blinded by their spiritual enemy to think that they don't deserve anything. My promises say that the righteous inherit blessings in the earth.  You are righteous because of the spiritual bloodline of Jesus that came into you when you were born of My Spirit.  That is when you became eligible for your spiritual inheritance.  As your thoughts, attitudes and actions become more righteous, reflecting My image in the earth, then your inheritance begins to flood into your life. (Romans 4:20-24)
   Jesus taught you that you must seek My kingdom, My righteousness and everything would be added to you.  That is a spoken and written will as spoken by My Son.  So My kingdom became yours already when you are born of My Spirit.(Matthew 6:33; John 10:10)
   Jesus taught that part of your inheritance while in the earth is that you would have My power through being baptized in My Holy Spirit.  With that gift to you, My Spirit is not only resident in your spirit but permeates your entire body, bringing you My wisdom, My discernment, My healing power, My counsel and My guidance to enable you to avoid evil and overcome the works of evil in your life and the lives of others.
(I John 3:8; Acts 1:5-8)
   Another part of your inheritance is that as My child you receive angelic servants to minister to you and for you.  I send them to you because you are My child and they help you just like My angelic hosts help Me carry out My will.  I give them instructions through My Holy Spirit's words spoken through your prayers. The evidence of My presence accompanied by My angelic hosts in the earth have always been called My glory.(Hebrews 1:14 John 11:40; John 13:31-32)
   While still under My old covenant with a nation, Jesus spoke that I am the kingdom, the power and the glory.  Yet He said that My kingdom is yours when you find it, and My power is yours when you seek to be baptized with My Holy Spirit, and My glory is yours when you become My child because I become present in your life with My angelic hosts to minister for you. 

   So I say to you, My child, that My kingdom, power and glory are also yours in the earth.  Otherwise you would not be able to overcome the devil and his works like Jesus did. Your full inheritance is that My kingdom is yours, My power is yours and My glory is yours because of my presence in your life.  As you become more like Me, your full inheritance is manifested in your life.  My Holy Spirit's duty is to make you My perfect, spiritually mature image.  Jesus said that you must be My perfect image just as I am perfect. (Matthew 5:48) I give you everything necessary to accomplish it.  
    Your Loving Father    

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Dear One,
  My Holy Spirit said emphatically that My promises to you are, "Yes," and your response needs to be "Amen."  That means so be it.  Nothing that originates in My heaven can keep My children from their inheritance. Only what originates from the earth can keep you from receiving every good and perfect work that I give to you.  I pour out My blessings constantly onto all humanity because Jesus paved the way from heaven to earth so that they would flow like a river to you. (II Corinthians 1:19-20)
  When My children think and act as My children, then they authorize the angels to deliver to them everything pertaining to My kingdom. (Hebrews 1:13-14)  Thinking and acting like My offspring comes from learning about Me and then taking advantage of the keys of My kingdom. Those keys open My treasury boxes of heaven.(Matthew 6:19-21)
   One of the keys came directly out of the mouth of Jesus when He said to forgive others.  It is a primary key to a burden free life.  Holding grudges against someone who has wronged you will stop the flow from the treasury, not because of Me but because you have joined with the devil in heaping curses upon yourself and another child of Mine.  When you forgive everyone, you release yourself from the curses and you release the other person from the effects of your curses, curses being negative thinking and acting. (Matthew 6:12-14;John 20:21-22)  

   Jesus spoke about the fact that another important key of My treasury box in My kingdom is to pray for and do good to your enemies. Your enemies can be anyone who injures you by thought, word or deed or it can be someone whose religion or politics is in opposition to your beliefs. They are entitled to their own beliefs because I give them freedom of choice.  You must have the same mindset, giving them freedom of choice.  You might be just as deceived as they are about certain tenets of religion or politics. Do good to them and pray for them and in doing so you will gain further insight into how to operate in the world as My child.(Matthew 5:43-48)
   Another important key of My kingdom is to refuse to engage in any kind of strife, division, dissent, argument, debate or disagreement.  Refusing to insist that you are right on something is to be humble.  To insist you are right comes from the spirit of pride, which always precedes a fall. (Proverbs 16:18) I said to let Me avenge you in all matters.  If you are right, I will prove you right.  If you are wrong, you save yourself a lot of embarrassment caused by your insistence on being right. (Romans 12:19)
  The master key of My kingdom is always to love others as I love you.  You can only do that with the power of My Holy Spirit who is the dispenser of love in the earth. He will reveal to you the depth, width, height and breadth of My love for you and then you will be able to love others with the same power of love.  Paul found that key and taught that when you are able to spread My love to everyone that I will do for you far more super abundantly than you dare think or imagine and My glory will be yours. (Ephesians 3:14-20)
   My promises are always, "Yes," toward you.  I want you to have everything that I give to you, so let your response be, "Amen," so be it, by using your keys to My kingdom effectively.
   Your Generous and Loving Father   Matthew 16:19           

Friday, January 16, 2015


Dear One,
  Every human being in the earth was spiritually made in My image. 
  Do all humans reflect My image?  No.  At the beginning of the earth humans began to obey the temptations of an alien spirit, the devil, and parts of their personalities began to reflect his image instead of Mine.  Yet I did not leave them without salvation.  I came to earth in Jesus to show them My image.  In doing that, I also provided to them the spiritual power through My Holy Spirit to again reflect My image. (Genesis 1:27; Galatians 5:19-24)
   Since all people are made in My image, you can understand why I was adamant through Jesus that you treat them as My image, even the ones who are temporarily reflecting the image of the devil.  Remember that you also reflected the devil's image at one time and still occasionally yield to his temptations to treat others with the hatred and disdain that he has for them because they are My creation.  The devil cannot get back at Me for banishing him from My kingdom, but he can get back at me through My children by tempting them to do his will in the earth, which is to destroy My creation that I love.(John 10:10) 

   Please do not participate with the devil in his mission to destroy the people that I created in My image and the earth that I gave to you and to them. Jesus prayed that My will would be done on earth as it is in heaven.  My will in heaven is that all men would be saved and come to the knowledge of Me.  That is My will in the earth also.  You must yield to my Holy Spirit and let Him restore you back to My image so that you will do to other people the good that I do to them and to you.  Then they will know My true image through you.

   Refuse to return evil for evil done to you, forgive others of their mistakes, misdeeds, sins, transgressions and iniquities, do good to and pray for your enemies, renew your mind so that your thoughts will be My thoughts, return good for every evil, be willing to pray in intercessory prayers for all who are obeying the will of the devil because you know that you were obedient to him also and that you often fall for his petty and judgmental thoughts today.  When you pray for the sick, cast out the demons from the people who have completely yielded to the devil's temptations and taken on his personality, and when you introduce people to My kingdom you are again My image in the earth, you are My children who are delighted to take My advice and follow it. (Matthew 5:21-48) 
   Be conscious that when you injure a person by thought, attitude, word or deed, you are doing it to a person who is made in My image, one who originated in My sight and whom I knew from before the beginning of the earth. That person is just as precious in My sight as you are because I am no respecter of persons. My love is unconditional and all inclusive.  (Romans 2:11; Jeremiah 1:4)
   Pray for a revelation of My love so that you will become an image of My love and your love will become unconditional and all inclusive. (Ephesians 3:14-20)
   Your Loving Father  I Corinthians 13:7-13  

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Thursday, January 15, 2015


Dear One,
   The keys to My kingdom are many and varied.  I said that few find the life that I offer.  Remember that I did not hide anything from My children.  It is the evil one, the devil, who hides My benefits from the abundant life.  However, I said that anyone who asks will receive and anyone who seeks will find and anyone who knocks it will be opened to him.  That clear declaration from Jesus announces that I am in the other dimension from your earth constantly giving My blessings, giving My wisdom and insight and opening the door to the life that I promised to My children.  So the granting of those benefits depends upon your using the keys to My kingdom effectively. 
   For instance, My Holy Spirit said through Paul that where there is strife there is every evil work. He was telling you that when you participate in strife that you are inviting every evil spirit to enter into your life.  Think about bees and their stings.  One bee sting hurts temporarily but a multitude of bee strings can kill a person or at least temporarily make him miserable.  Likewise, one incident of strife with another person increases the work of evil in your life many, many times because the call goes out from hell inviting evil spirits to invade your life and curse you. That has been a spiritual principle since the devil was given permission to enter your earth by the first man.  (Deuteronomy 32:29-31; James 3:13-16)  

  The importance of that key to My kingdom should constantly be taught because it is at the core of most of the problems of My children.  By falling for the devil's temptations and engaging in strife, My children authorize their spiritual enemies to bring all of the devil's forces to work in the lives of their families.  It all starts with a spark of temper or an angry word, which is the signal to call the forces of evil into the situation.  Then war between two or more people is declared and all out devastation is the result.  (James 4:1-3) 
   So what is the solution?  My wisdom is the solution to every problem.
My wisdom will always tell you to forgive people.  When you do, you are free to receive My gifts and benefits which are My good pleasure to give to you because you have cut off your relationship with evil and returned to Me to be covered with My forgiveness and My Kingdom benefits which were your inheritance all along.  (Luke 12:32; Matthew  12:28)
  You can't play on both teams, My team and the team of the devil. They are opposed to each other. You cannot have two leaders, Me and the devil.  His object is to kill you and My object is to save you. (Matthew 6:22-24)
  Strife is of the devil, the father of lies who tells you that you are right to be angry and vengeful. (Mark 8:34-47) 
  Forgiveness comes from Me, the Father of Peace, who tells you to forgive yourself and others and you will inherit all of the benefits of My Kingdom of Love.  (James 4:7-11; James 1:17-22)
  Your Loving and Forgiving Father                 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Dear One,
  There are antidotes for every poison in your world.  There are also antidotes for every dis-ease of spirit, soul or body caused by damaging words.  The antidotes are words, too, words of, "I'm sorry," "Please forgive Me,"and "I forgive you."  Those heartfelt simple words can erase the effects of every evil done to others or to you. They pierce all the way to your spirit and the spirit of the other person and begin a healing of dis-ease caused by previously spoken words or previous acts of unkindness or injury.  As we have talked before, they release the bindings that glued you to the person in your mind with thoughts of your evil words of actions or the evil words or actions of others toward you. (Matthew 16:19)
  Forgiving others is an act of your will, a choice, a decision for you neither to hold other people in bondage to you nor you to them.  It releases you and the other person from the emotional turmoil caused by the original action of strife. (John 8:36)
  Who is right and who is wrong in a situation has nothing to do with forgiveness.  Jesus paid for all sins, mistakes and wrongdoings.  What is important is that all participants in the strife-filled actions need to be released and set free from the prison of an unforgiving spirit. (Romans 3:23)
  When a person feels that he or she is right in a situation, then pride is also a matter which the person needs to address. It is written that no one has escaped sinning, no, not one.  So holding on to an offense by someone else against you is a form of transgression because you are bound to the actions of the other person and therefore a recipient of the damaging effects of the destructive act. (John 20:21-23)
  When you forgive yourself and others, you are released from prison.  You are healed of the dis-ease caused by the destruction of the situation and you are free. It is as if the situation never happened because it didn't in My mind and it needs to be erased from your mind. (Isaiah 1:18-20)
   Antidotes heal from all manner of toxins.  My antidotes heal from every toxin which injures the bodies, emotions and spirits of My children.  My antidotes are not of your world.  They are of My world  Forgiveness is the most powerful antidote that humans can facilitate in order to be free. (John 8:32) 
   Remember that Jesus said that while you are praying and it comes to your mind that someone has something against you, that you must leave your prayer closet and go to the person and ask forgiveness.  Then you can return to your prayers with faith that I will flood you with My good works that are a result of My good pleasure toward you.  An unforgiving spirit will hinder your prayers as well as poison your entire being.(Matthew 5:22-26) 
   I forgive you readily and you should extend the same grace to others so that you can be free to receive My blessings.(Matthew 11:25-26)
   Your Forgiving Father

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


  We have talked at length about how My loving words pierce between the soul and the spirit, the joints and the marrow, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart, and always heal the bodies and emotions of My children.  Because I am Love, My words are pockets of Love which restore the thoughts and attitudes of My children to perfection so that My children will be healed in every part of their lives. My words only create life, never destroy life. (Hebrews 4:12; John 6:63)
   We have also talked about how the destructive words of the devil spoken through your mouth have the power to kill the spirit of a person which eventually leads to killing the person's body, soul and spirit. I remind you that life and death are in the power of words. (Proverbs 16:21)
   Jesus said that you are blessed by your words and you are condemned by your words. (Matthew 12:37) Your words chart the course of your life and the courses of the lives of people to whom you speak.
   I gave My children the authority to manage the earth when I legally gave it to them.  I intended for them to speak only My life giving words instead of death words which rob, kill and destroy the lives of others.  (John 10:9-10)  Only when satan entered the earth, at the permission of the first man, did robbing, killing and destructive words enter into the lives of My children.
   If you have cursed the lives of yourself, your family and others by your negative, destructive words, you can reverse the direction of your futures by beginning to speak My love filled words on every occasion, choosing to bring life instead of death, praying in the Spirit at every opportunity and allowing My Spirit to change your negative thoughts about people to loving, merciful thoughts.  Then your words will also bring life instead of death and you will be known as My child because you bring peace to every situation. (Matthew 5:9)
   This truth is why forgiveness is so important and why Jesus and all of His disciples wrote repeatedly about it.  When you, as an act of your will, choose to forgive a person who has wronged you in reality or in your perception, then you set on course My heavenly forces to restore My kingdom to you and you release My power to work in the life of the perceived wrongdoer. "Forgive Me," and "I forgive you," are some of the most powerful words in the human language because you release the person and yourself from the curses that accompanied your grudge. You put yourself in the position to be known as My child, free from the burdens of an unforgiving heart. (Ephesians 4:32)
   Choose to speak forgiving, life giving words and you will experience the magnificent benefits that come from being My child.  (Galatians 5:13-18)
   Your Loving and Forgiving Father    

Monday, January 12, 2015


Dear One,
  When My children hear My personal, love filled and peaceable words to them, there is healing that comes to their spirits, their emotions and their bodies because My words have the spiritual energy within them to heal.  My words only heal, never kill.  My words always spur My children toward feeling loved and loving others.  They lead to success, prosperity and a peaceful life. I never stop creating what is good with My words. (Matthew 5:24; Matthew 6:63-68) 
  In the story of Ananias and Saphira in My Book, it was Peter's accusations toward them that brought destructive fear to their minds and caused them to have a heart attack.  His accusing words were not My words.  They were words which portrayed Me as an evil god who seeks to kill the disobedient.  Those were and are the words of the father of lies, the devil.  Peter was still under the old testament lie that I am an evil, vengeful god.  He was not yet schooled in the revelation of My Holy Spirit that I am loving Father, even though Jesus taught Him that truth.(Acts 5:2-11)       
  I have told you in My Instruction Book that your words can heal and words can kill.  I have told you personally that words can heal and words can kill.  I have told you through science, through physiologist, psychologists and sociologists, that words have the power to heal or kill.  Yet, My children do not believe the truth and they continue to kill with words.  Parents use words that kill the spirits of their children, provoking them to anger which comes back upon the parents  eventually, causing family strife and discord. (Ephesians 3:21) Politicians speak words that incite hatred, violence, division, discord and strife in their constituents.  Preachers even teach and preach doctrines which create fear of Me within My children.  It should not be so.(Ephesians 4:29-32) 
  Even the interpreters of My Book can be negatively influenced by the evil one to write that fear of Me is the beginning of wisdom.  They bring old covenant lies into new covenant truths.  The children who know Me know that it is awe of Me, not demonic fear of Me,  which brings wisdom because the person who experiences My wonderful works and is in awe of me will seek more of Me and become more and more filled with My wisdom.  Fear of Me never brings wisdom.  It causes My children to shrink in terror from Me rather than seeking to come to Me to be filled with My love.  (Proverbs 1:7)
   Remembering that I always create with My words, because you are created in My image, you must tame your tongue and only speak words which bring grace and peace to the hearer.  That is what Paul said in his letters to My children.  Paul knew Me face to face because he spent years alone with Me. He was intimately acquainted with Me, not just by the hearing of the ear like Job was when he was cursed by his fear. Job's curses were reversed when he sought Me and I spoke to Him, revealing My true character.  Then he knew Me personally. (Job 42:3-6  Ephesians 3:16-21)
   Put a bridle on your own tongue, being determined to only speak words that heal and bring peace to the listener.  Then you will live in peace and love as I intended.(James 1:23-26)
   Out of the inner belly of My children flows rivers of living waters, I said.  They are words that heal every area of their lives and the lives of the hearers. They are words that come from My Holy Spirit, the One who reveals My love. (John 7:37-39)
   Your Loving Father     

Sunday, January 11, 2015


   You have the power to change the direction of your life and the direction of the lives of other people, and it's all by the power of your tongue. I said in My Instruction Book that life and death are in the power of a person's tongue.  (Proverbs 18:21) You either bless your life by your words or you curse your life by your words according to whether your words are positive or negative.  You either bless the lives of others by your positive words or you curse their lives by your negative words. (Matthew 12:36-37)
   Let Me give you a peek into how that happens.  You are made in My image.   Take the truth that My words are powerful and cut between the soul and the spirit.  When you speak a harsh, injurious, critical, demeaning word to another person, those words enter the ear, then the mind, then they enter the spirit of a person where the source of life is resident.  The negative words will rob that person of life because those negative words are of the devil, who wants to destroy all of My creation.  An image of defeat becomes visible in the mind of that person and his or her conduct becomes conducive to bringing defeat about.  You have set a standard of defeat; and the person's mind, aided by satan, will bring defeat into the life of that person.(Hebrews 4:12)
   It's the same thing with what the bitter, negative words do to you.  They set up an image of bitterness in your own mind and then your flesh, aided by the devil, becomes determined to bring that image into reality.  Hormones are released which will make sure that negative results will be produced in your life.  The bitterness will consume you.  (James 3:14-16)
   When your words are pure, peaceable, gentle. merciful and loving, then you will have peace in your life. (James 3:17-18)
   I said that My words cut asunder joints and marrow.  Your words also enter the line between joints and marrow   Joints connect bones, which make a person mobile, and the marrow in bones is where white and red blood vessels are stored.  Life is in the blood so marrow is the source of life. Your words affect the mobility or direction  of your life and the lives of others as well as the distribution of life or death to your life and the lives of others.  (Galatians 5:14-15)
   Also, My words discern the thoughts and intents of the heart.  My loving words to you validate your existence and build in you a love factory, dispensing beneficial hormones into your body, healing it and strengthening it.  Your words do the same thing if you choose to speak loving words.  They create within a person a feeling of being valuable. If you speak negative words, they can create within a person an image of being worthless.  It's all done by words because words create images in human minds and then the energy in a person brings that image into existence.
   Your thoughts produce attitudes and attitudes produce words.  It all starts with thoughts.  Let My Holy Spirit purify your thoughts and then your attitudes and words will be ones that produce peace, grace, mercy and love in your life and the lives of others. (Philippians 4:8)
    Your Loving Father

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Dear One, Your words never die. They live on forever. I said by your words you are justified to receive My blessings and by your words you are condemned to destruction.(Matthew 12:35-37) I said that life and death are in the power of the tongue. (Proverbs 18:21) Those declarations should convince you that you should put a filter on your words, declaring whether you want to be blessed or cursed. Paul wrote in My Instruction Book that My words are quick, powerful and sharper than a two edged sword, piercing even the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit, of the joints and marrow, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart. That is a wonderful description of the power of My words. (Hebrews 4:11-12) You are made in My image with the same attributes and so your words are also quick, powerful and sharper than a two edged sword. You can create heaven or hell in your life. You can create heaven or hell in the life of another person with your words. You either bless or kill with your words. Jesus said to his disciples that their words should be yea or nay for anything else comes from evil.(Matthew 5:36-37) That was before they were born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit. My Holy Spirit became the filter after they were born again. He will filter your words while they are still thoughts if you will allow Him to do His job. He will cause you to throw out the judgmental, cruel, abusive, divisive, injurious and cursing words before you speak them and summon heaven or hell to begin to minister for or against you. He will tell you what words to speak and what words to reject. (James 1:26) James said that it is not an easy job to tame your tongue. He wrote that hell is set aflame with your tongue and that the tongue is a rudder which guides your future life into either blessings or curses. (James 3:3-12) With the aid of My Spirit you can tame your tongue and be guaranteed only blessings in your life. (Ephesians 4:29-30) James said that My Holy Spirit is grieved when you speak negative, corrupt words. That is because He knows that He cannot bless you when you have given permission to the fires of hell to burn up your blessings. My Spirit said through Peter that a man should live considerately with his wife so that his prayers will not be hindered. (I Peter 3:7-11) I created the earth and My children to tend it with My words. (Genesis 1) You create your world of blessings or curses with your own words. Let My Holy Spirit be your filter, cuing you with what words to speak and which ones to reject. Then only speak what He encourages you to speak. In doing that, you will not grieve My Holy Spirit who wants to deliver to you your full inheritance. You should not bless Me and then curse with your words people who are made in My image. (James 3:9) When you do, you curse your own life. Those words never die. They produce what you mean for them to accomplish. Then they boomerang back on you. Your Loving Father ht

Friday, January 9, 2015


Dear One,
   I never wanted children whom I could dominate. I wanted children who are made in my image with reasoning power, a will, the desire and ability to learn from Me and with all of the aspects of My character of love.

 The first man, Adam, had those abilities and character traits. After he allowed My enemy, the devil, to invade his earth, Adam and his children began to take on the character traits of their enemy. The aim of that enemy is to dominate and control My children in an effort to get back at Me for exiling him from My heaven. His domination and control of My children is an effort to destroy them and their domain which I gave to them. It's his greatest desire. Unfortunately, he blinded the minds of My children and convinced them that I have his characteristic of domination, too. rather than the truth that I am Love and I have always been Love. (Romans 5:5-8) My salvation for My children was accomplished by My son Jesus who died for them and He made it possible for them to receive My Spirit into their very own spirits, creating a new life in them. It is My life which comes from My Spirit. (John 3:3-6) When My children are able to hear from My Holy Spirit, who teaches them through their thoughts and confirms those teachings in My Instruction book, one of the first things taught to them is the revelation of My kingdom of peace, which is called love and the devil's kingdom of destruction, which is called sin. My Spirit gives My children the power to discern or judge between the two, darkness and light. (Ephesians 5:4-8; John 16:7-11) You want your children to grow up and become good citizens with the valuable teachings that you have given to them from their youth. I am the same way because you are made in My image. I want My children to hear from My Spirit, who is their personal tutor, so that they can grow in wisdom and in spiritual power to do what Jesus did, defeat the works of the devil, and live the abundant life that I promise to them. (John 10:10) James wrote that there is no shadow of turning in Me by My being good on one hand and evil on the other hand. He said that I do not tempt you to do evil because I have no evil with which to tempt you. He said that the passions of the flesh do the temptations as instigated by the evil one. (James 1:12-18) He said that every good and perfect gift comes from Me. I give wisdom to My children on how to succeed in life. I give wisdom to them on My parenting skills which must be copied with their own children so that they will be skillful managers of their families like I am. (Colossians 3:21) I give My wisdom to them on how to get their prayers answered and not stopping that manifestation by having evil and unforgiving attitudes. (I Peter 3:7-13) My love is so great that I did not leave you without a tutor, a teacher, a guide, an advocate, a counselor, all which is the ministry of My Holy Spirit. He leads you into all truth and I teach you through Him. I also gave My Instruction Book which will confirm every nugget of truth that you hear from My Spirit. With My Word and My Spirit you are equipped with wisdom and power to defeat every evil influence in your life.(John 6:63; Hebrews 4:12-13) Praying in My Spirit and being led by My Spirit will result in everything working together for your good because I am your Good Father who loves to bless you with every good work. (Romans 8:14-16; Romans 8:26-28) Love, God (John 3:16-17)

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Dear One, When I created humans, I didn't want puppets that I could control by strings or wires like a toy. I wanted children like Me, made in My image, ones whom I could teach valuable information about how to manage their earth just like I manage My heaven. I wanted spiritual beings, just like Me, whom I would cloth in earthly bodies so they could be well equipped managers of the earth, able to tend the properties that I give to them.(Genesis 2:26-31)

  In giving them free will, I took the chance that they would rebel against Me and fall for the wiles of evil spirits who were in spiritual worlds around the earth and who might seek to dominate them by temptations.(Genesis 2:9) That is exactly what happened. The first man allowed an evil spirit to gain access to the earth that I had given to My children. In listening to and obeying the evil one, the good earth that I created for My children became cursed. My children, who were able to hear My good teachings and advice also became open to the temptations of the devil who is the one who cursed them and their earth. The first man did not heed My warnings to refuse the temptations of the evil one who mixes his evil knowledge in the minds of My children with My good knowledge. The devil deceives My children. That is called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (Genesis 2:17) I sent My Son with the power to defeat the evil spirits, destroy their work in the earth and then send into My children My supernatural power to continue to destroy the works of evil just like My Son Jesus did. That is called the good news, the gospel. (John 10:10; I John 3:8) My children must seek to hear My words to them because they are more use to hearing the words of the evil one. They are use to selfish thoughts, destructive thoughts, abusive thoughts, evil speaking, bitter thoughts, vindictive thoughts and other temptations that come from hell. They must seek Me to hear My thoughts on every matter that pertains to them. Then I will teach them how to defeat the evil one and his cohorts, robbing the demons of their power like they rob My children of their power. (Matthew 6:32-33) When My children choose to seek Me, seek My wisdom, seek My teachings, seek My abilities, seek My power, then they will be able to overcome every negative thing in the earth that has plagued and cursed them. They will be saved from the works of the devil and they will be in a personal relationship with Me just like the first man, Adam, was in the beginning before he let the evil one into his domain, the earth. With My power comes the authority to regain the earth for themselves and become the effective managers of it, which was My original plan for My children.(Acts 2:1-4) You want to give your children their inheritance. So do I. I want My children to enjoy the gifts I give them out of My good pleasure. (Luke 12:32) I am your problem solver, your giver of wisdom and your Good Father. Take advantage of My gifts for you which save you from destruction and defeat.(James 1:5-8) Your Saving and Loving Father(John 3:16)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Dear One,
Poets, philosophers, psychologists and sociologists talk about the garden of life. Is there a real thing? Yes, there is. The garden of life is the spiritual atmosphere around you which grows either spiritual blessings or curses in your life. The first garden of life recorded in the history of humanity is found in the first books of My Instruction Book. If you will notice I told the first man not to obey any alien spirits and sow destructive seeds into his garden of life. The first man was deceived by an alien spirit, obeyed him and sowed seeds of destruction into his garden of life. That has continued down through all of mankind with My children sowing good seeds and bad seeds into their own gardens, even after I have alerted them and cautioned them about the deceptions of the father of destruction who tempts them to sow thistles, thorns and brier seeds into their own garden. Those seeds are attitudes and words of bitterness, anger, judgment, division, fear, despair, abuse and domination. They cannot grow beneficial plants which return blessings to them. (Deuteronomy 30;19-20) Jesus Christ died for the actions that sow bad seeds and grow destructive plants in the gardens of life of My children. Then He sent My Holy Spirit into them to empower them to change their thoughts, attitudes and actions from sowing destructive seeds to sowing beneficial seeds from which they could grow nutritious plants which will meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs from their gardens of life. (Acts 1:4-8)

My children who have wisely chosen to receive My Holy Spirit, taking His advice and sowing only seeds of love, kindness, mercy, goodness and peace, will experience the abundant life in all areas of their lives when the seeds that they plant are from My Kingdom of Love. When you sow from the Kingdom of Love, you will reap products of love in all forms. When you unknowingly or ignorantly sow from the kingdom of destruction, you will reap its seeds which will curse you and destroy you. My efforts toward My children are to always teach them the value of sowing the seeds of love and kindness in the earth so that they will reap the same plants and live the abundant life that I provided for them in the beginning. When mistakes are made by My children and they obey the father of destruction, I continue to offer them the opportunity to return to My family and begin sowing My seeds of love into their garden of life. I never give up on anyone. I know the deceptive power of the father of lies who tempts My children. Because I gave free will to My children, I cannot usurp their authority in the earth that I gave to them which enables them to make their own choices, but I do urge them back onto the right path when they have been diverted by evil temptations. I eagerly await their return to enjoying the benefits of My family, forgiving them and restoring them to right standing in My family. However, they often temporarily experience the curses that come from their being in unity with evil and sowing evil seeds into their gardens of life. A return to sowing love seeds will produce good crops. (Mark 8:5-8) It grieves Me deeply when My children of love fall for the lies of the evil one and sow bitter, angry, wrathful, clamoring and evil speaking seeds into your own gardens of life with malice. I am grieved then because I know the torture that they will bring upon themselves by sowing those seeds and reaping the curses from them. I grieve especially when My children know the truth but still yield to evil temptations and sow seeds of destruction into their lives. (Ephesians 4: 30-32; Galatians 5:13-25) My Holy Spirit alerts you to the presence of evil temptations. Jesus said that He will teach you to discern between good and evil thoughts, which is where all of your choices begin. My Spirit will wave a red flag in your mind when you are tempted to accept the seeds of evil into your mind which will produce bad attitudes and bad actions as a result. That is why you must learn to hear and obey My voice of good in your thoughts. (John 15:7-11) I gave you choices because I love you. Choose rightly. Your Father of Love (John 13:34)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Dear One, For My children who choose the narrow gate and path that lead to My abundant life, I don’t leave them without help and comfort. I provide an Instruction Book and a Private Tutor. The Instruction Book is called the Bible, or The Book, and the Tutor is My very own Holy Spirit who is available to live inside of them if they choose to receive Him.

He took the place of Jesus in the lives of the disciples of Jesus and He becomes that still small voice who leads My children into all truth, comforts them, encourages them, teaches them, reveals helpful instructions to them, discerns evil temptations, and gives My power to change all of the previous destructions into blessings. (Matthew 7:13-14)(John 16:15-17) What more do you need? Peter said that I provided everything necessary for the abundant life and complete happiness. He even said that you must allow My Spirit to change your character and personality into Mine and by that you will be able to access all of the benefits of being My child, inheriting the physical, emotional and spiritual treasures that I have for you. (II Peter 1:3-12) Everything that My Spirit teaches you will be confirmed in My Instruction Book so that you will not be led astray back onto the path of destruction. The truths in My Book are your Constitution and Bylaws relating to your new life, a life of which you formerly knew nothing. It contains your spiritual Bill of Rights also, ones which you need to know so that you will stay on the right path of life. (II Timothy 3;15; I Timothy 3:16-17) The road to destruction will no longer hold any attraction for you when you take complete and full advantage of My Book and My Spirit. But if you are only a casual visitor on the path of life and righteousness, occasionally going back and forth to the road of destruction and its curses, you will not obtain all of My blessings which were meant for you. Your citizenship change must be full and complete and you must learn to refuse the temptations to return to the path of destruction. The temptations will come because the father of lies will want you back under his domination. I give you My power to refuse the temptations so that you can stay on the fulfilling, enjoyable, happy, glorious path to a life filled with blessings and good things from My storehouse of good fortune. (Luke 12;23; James 1:12-17) In the civil courts of law of your land, when you serve on a jury called to make a wise decision of guilt of innocence, the judge always tells the jurors that they have everything necessary to make a wise decision. He says that they have instructions on the laws pertaining to the matter and they have the testimony of witnesses. He says that they have everything necessary to make a wise choice. I say the same thing to My children. I said through Jesus, Peter, Paul, John and James that you have everything necessary to stay on the path that leads to a glorious life. What more do you need? You have My own Spirit and you have a detailed Instruction Book which will confirm all of the personal words of My Spirit to you. So you have the testimony of My Spirit and the Book of Laws of My kingdom. (Revelations 12:10-11) When My children do make wrong choices or decisions, they have an advocate, an attorney, who is Jesus Christ the Righteous One, who was and is the payment for their wrong choices. He paid for your past mistakes and He has already paid for your present and future mistakes. However, your ease on the path of life depends upon your attention to the Instruction Book as well as the voice of My Holy Spirit who is My presence in your life. A judge in a civil court tells jurors to go and do good with their instructions on the law and their good judgment. I tell you the same thing, go and do good with My Instructions and My Holy Sprit who is the voice of good judgment to you.(John 16:13-15) Continue on the path of My abundant life with My Book and My Spirit and you will say about life what I said at the beginning when I created the earth for you, “It is very good.” (Genesis 1:31) Your Father of the Good Life (John 10:10)