Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Dear One, You experience great joy when you are able to tell someone about My miraculous interventions in the life of a person.. You both praise Me and rejoice that My love has become
evident to someone. There is no way that you can imagine the joy in My heaven when you and others rejoice in the blessings that flow so readily down the rapids of the River of Life to you. It thrills everyone in the cloud of witnesses which surround you. Your appreciation is music to My ears and to the ears of heaven. The avenues from heaven to you are perpetually open when you can praise and thank Me for My works in the lives of my children. Your gratitude is like a rotor rooter which clears the roads of negativity which blocks the flow of blessings because of unbelief, grumbling, griping or strife. Appreciation and gratitude from you can actually blast open the barricades that you sometimes allowed the devil to place through your cooperation in his thoughts,attitudes and words which you have spoken. The words of praise and thanksgiving are sonar blasts which accomplish great things in bringing heaven to earth, which is what I desire to do. Instead of griping, complaining and speaking division and strife, substitude loving words, plus praise and thanksgiving to Me and watch the reversal from curses to blessings happen. I said by your words you are condemned and by your words you are justified. Think and speak words which justify your place in My family and justify your inheritance, leading to all things working together for your good. Love, God Hebrews 13:15-17; Psalm 92-1-5; Philippians 4;6-9; Psalm 18:48-49; Psalm 30:11-12; Psalm 35:18; Psalm 69:30-34; Psalm 100:4-5; Matthew 12:36-37.
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Monday, January 27, 2014


Dear One, Jesus cautioned about putting new wine into old wine skins. Paul related it to a second marriage as opposed to a first marriage. The difference between the relationship of My first covenant with a country through who My Son Jesus would come and My relationship with My children in the last covenant is that I want to have a one-on-one relationship with each one of My children. Jesus shocked the religious leaders when He called Me Father. They considered it blasphemy because they only knew Me as a king because that was the custom of their country. Jesus introduced Me to My children as their Father. He even called Me PaPa.

  When a person only knows Me as King instead of knowing Me as Father or PaPa, then that person doesn't have a personal, intimate relationship with Me. He or she only knows Me through the description of another person, not through the relationship which I promised in the new birth through the person of the Holy Spirit. Peter made the mistake of putting the same relationship with Me under the old covenant with a nation onto My children under the new covenant, requiring the same requirements of sacrifice, observing the old customs, and other religious laws. Paul had spent two years in the desert with Me through My Holy Spirit, so he knew Me through personal, one-on-one, intimate knowledge, knowing Me face to face. Peter had walked and talked with Jesus while He was in flesh, but he transferred the laws of the old national relationship into his new relationship with Me. It's just like Paul said, you don't bring the relationship with an old wife into a new marriage. It doesn't work. It corrupts the new marriage. Paul understood that sin gets its power from the law. He even said that there was no sin before the law was given because there was no identification of sin. He knew that satan takes advantage of the law to tempt people to sin, tempting My children to break religious laws so that he can condemn them, heaping guilt on them at all times. That is why Jesus said that the only new commandment under the new covenant with My children is to love others as I love you, because all other commandments are capsuled in love. Therefore, if you love others just as I love you, you will not take advantage of them or take anything that they possess. You will be a giver instead of a taker. Love does not kill, love does not steal from others, love does not lie about others, love does not take the mate of another person, loves does not envy someone's possessions. My unconditional love for others makes My children become perpetual givers instead of perpetual takers. You become givers of love, givers,of joy, givers of peace, givers of mercy, givers of faith and givers of patience. All of the religious laws are fulfilled in love. That's why Jesus said that He came to fulfill the law, because He had My unconditional love for people so He kept My one requirement, that love toward others was His primary motivation. When religious laws were not in the vein of love, Jesus did not observe them, such as healing on the Sabbath. Love for the sick, the broken hearted and the ones in bondage overcame the religious law. Love is the only requirement under My true relationship with My children, passing My love on to others. When you become intimately acquainted with Me and My love for you, you will not be concerned with religious laws, using them to condemn others or yourself. You will only be concerned with loving other the same way that I love you and all of My children. Therefore, you will fulfill the one commandment of Jesus, that you love others just as I love you. Then sin has no power over you. Love, God Matthew 9:14-17; John 13:34-35; I Corinthians 6:12; Ephesians 1:16-22; Ephesians 3:14-20; I Corinthians 13:4-7.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Dear One, Negativity negates. Negates means to take away, to make null and void.

Negative emotional work against you. The pulls toward negativity are characterized by worry, anger, judging, condemning, envying and other signs of strife which will always create more strife and division. They will always pull you away from love. Negativity makes your blessing null and void. Love always unites into one mind, one soul, promoting unity. Jesus prayed that My children would be one just as He and I are one. So anything that separates and divides is not of me. Seek My wisdom when emotional upheavals tend to come from outer space into your mind. All negative emotional upheavals are robbers sent to make you adopt negativity as your mindset. Watch your blessings flow away from you when that happens because you have joined the side of the robbers of your peace of mind. My spiritual wisdom will always unite you with others, not divide you from others. Wisdom is of love and it creates understanding and peace. Love, God Matthew
5, 6 and 7.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Dear One, When heaven and earth unite with one purpose, there are solutions which flow from heaven to earth to anyone who will receive them. The desired results must be to bless everyone concerned in the problem. Any delay is never from heaven's side. It is always from earth's side, from the thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of the parties participating in the problem. When thoughts, attitudes and words change in the earth from bad to good in the minds and actions of My children, then My solutions can flow like a solution river with the living waters that I intended for all people. My solutions are always flowing. They never stop. They are eternal. They are perpetual. They are everlasting. They answer every need. Because of the fact that I am only able to work where there is unity with My will, if the minds of My children are against anyone then they are not in unity with Me relating to the problematic matter because I am never, ever against anyone. I am Love and Love is never against anyone. When love and forgiveness are finally embraced by My children, there is absolute and perfect unity with Me relating to the offending person and then prayers are easily answered. When My children are in strife with anyone, with any of My children, then unity is absent from our relationship and I am bound from entering the problem and bringing My perfect solutions. I told my children that what is bound on earth is bound in heaven and what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven. That truth is the reason Jesus said that when you stand praying and realize that you have something against someone, that you should go and make peace with the person and then return to your closet to pray. Unity with Me and unity with others is paramount to speedily receiving answers to prayers. Haven't you noticed that when you have changed your attitude toward other people that you have seen magnificent answers to your prayers emerge from out of nowhere? The only barriers to answered prayers are in the thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of My children. When love for all humanity is present in your life, there are no barriers to answered prayers. When selfishness, bitterness and strife are present, you have authorized those demons to block the answers to your prayers from flowing like the river that I intended. Where there is strife, there is every evil work. It takes at least two people to have strife in a matter. When one person releases the strife from himself or herself, then there is no unity of strife and I can more easily work in the matter. When love flows from My children, then there is a clear pathway of love to them on which blessings and solutions can flow. Unity based on love is a conduit from My heaven to you on which My blessings and solutions flow. Maintain unity of love with others and all problems will disappear. Love, God Isaiah 59:1-15; Matthew 5:21-26; Matthew 18:19-20; Matthew 16:19; Matthew 6:12-15; James 3:13-18; I Corinthians 13:1-7; Proverbs 23:7; Matthew 15:18-20; Matthew 12:36-37.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Dear One,

     Judgment plants grown from judgment seeds can be pulled up, released and discarded after judgment has boomeranged back onto you . It's not too late to thwart the activities of judgment upon yourself and the other people whom you have judged. The actions involved in the correction process are to change your ways and your thoughts, attitudes and actions relating to the people whom you judged. That is called repentance, turning and going the other way, the way of forgiveness, mercy and understanding. It involves blessing the ones you cursed in the past, praying for their good. You have observed the reality of being repentant for judging others and then seeing blessings restored after changing your thoughts, attitudes and actions toward the people you have judged. You have observed it many, many times. You have also observed the fate of people who have refused to repent and turn away from judging others. You have watched judgment boomerang back on them and curse them in the course of their lives and it hasn't been a pretty picture. Negative seeds grow negative plants for the sower unless the sower repents and goes the way of love, being merciful, kind and good. Loving seeds grow loving plants for the sower. Nothing else can grow in the atmosphere of love except more love. Love, God Matthew 7:1-5; John 29:23-24; Matthew 6:12-13; Matthew 3:1-2; Matthew 3:8-11; Luke 3:3-8; Luke 5:30-32; Luke 13:5. .

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Healthy Thoughts Produce Good Energy

Dear One,
Energy is power. The minds of My children produce energy just like My mind produces energy. That is why I cautioned My children to cast down imaginations and everything that exhalts itself against the knowledge you have gained from Me. In other words, you have the authority to cast down every thought and attitude that is not of love because if it is not a loving thought or attitude, it is not of Me. When you have thoughts that oppose someone, you send energy which will curse the person and also curse you while you nurture the thoughts, pouring into your bodily system negative hormones. That is why people who harbor grudges get sick and even die. If a thought is not blessing someone, it is cursing the person. If it is not forgiving, it is sowing seeds of unforgiveness which will return to you and curse you. Those are the reasons I told you to bring every thought into captivity that exalts itself against My knowledge and wisdom. If any thought is not of love, it is not from Me. I gave those admonitions to My children to ensure that they will have good health, prosperity and good relationships, just the way you teach your children. It's like catching a robber in your house. You would immediately call the authorities to take care of the matter. A negative, condemning, judgmental, lustful or unforgiving thought is an invader in your mind and needs to be brought into captivity and cast out. Jesus used My words to do that very thing when He was tempted by the devil. You have power and authority yourself to cast out those invaders who want to capture your mind and hatch evil schemes of strife, leaving you sick, diseased, bitter and poisoned. Very often your thoughts are thoughts of strife and you don't even realize it for days. The instant you realize it, don't get condemned. I never condemn My children. Instead of being condemned, get on the offensive and cast down those imaginations that exhalt themselves in your mind against Me and My mercy and forgiveness. Cast them into hell where they originated. Your good health depends upon it. Blessing thoughts will bless you and others. Accusatory, unmerciful, unloving thoughts will curse you and others. I have given you the authority to cast those thoughts into hell. Do it and you will live the abundant life. Love, God Matthew 4:1-12; II Corinthians 10:3-9; Philippians 4:6-9; Psalm 5::1; Psalm 19:13-14; Psalm 4:3; Matthew 9:4; Matthew 15:18-20; Matthew 12: 37.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Dear One,
The human mind is an energy machine, creating either good energy or bad energy. I created My children in My image with all the abilities in the earth to be the authoritarians, the bosses, the managers of the earth. In the beginning the only energy produced by the human mind was good energy because the original man walked and talked only with Me. When the first man was deceived by the evil one, then he began to listen also to the author of evil, the devil. He could hear from the evil being and from Me. The properties of the human mind to create energy never stopped. The difference then was that My children had the ability to create either good or evil, depending upon whom they were choosing to listen and obey, either Me or the devil. So the minds of humans can authorize the production of things for their own benefits or they can authorize production of things to their own detriment, depending upon which choices they make. After Jesus was resurrected and cleared the avenues between humans and me, restoring My complete power through My Holy Spirit whom We sent into the world to be received by My children, then the ability of My children to create all good in their lives was restored and perfected if My children choose to take My advice, My wisdom and My insight. If not, then the voice of evil is louder in their minds and they suffer more and more curses because they listened to the father of curses, the devil. In the beginning I told My children that they had the choice between good or bad, blessings or curses. Just like your own children constantly make the choice to obey their parents or to obey the voices of their peers who want to lead them down destructive paths, it's the same in My family. The more My children choose to take My advice, the more blessings are evident in their lives. The more My children choose to take the advice of the evil promptings, the more curses are evident in their lives. I told some of My children, 'This day choose whom you will serve." You have found that it's a minute by minute choice. Forgiving others and refusing to judge others takes being a constant watchman so that you can refuse temptations to hold grudges and judge others. My children need to listen to the Holy Spirit's voice of discernment which identifies evil promptings as what they are, temptations sent to defeat you. The power of love produced by My love is the energy I want you to transmit. It heals everything. Love, God Genesis 1:27-31; Genesis 2:1-11; Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8; Galatians 5;13-26; Ephesians 3:14-20.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Dear One,
When you are led by My Spirit of love and when you pray in the Holy Spirit, everything will work together for your good. What is involved in walking in the Spirit of love? It is walking constantly in forgiveness for everyone, in mercy for everyone, refusing to take into account a wrong done to you, turning the other check when struck on one cheek, giving to the poor, meeting the needs of people you meet who are lacking in worldly goods, speaking wisdom to the people who are confused, giving your alms in secret, not practicing your piety in public, deeming others more important than yourself, refusing to judge others; in other words, doing what Jesus asked you go do, which is to love others just like We love you. What does it mean to pray in the Spirit? It means that you have received My Holy Spirit into your being, allowing Him to use your mouth to speak My will into the earth for the purpose of answering prayers and correcting the mistakes and misdeeds of My children. It means that you allow My Holy Spirit to defeat the principalities and powers of the air who are warring against you and your family. It means being diligent in season and out of season to go into your closet and pray without attracting attention of others, being eager to participate with Me in redeeming everything in the world from the curses of the devil. Only good can come when you walk in My Spirit of love. Only good can come when you pray in the Spirit at all times. I said when you don't know how to pray that My Spirit knows the intricacies needed in each individual situation to correct the problems for which you are praying My angels take My wisdom, insight and My battle strategies and they are able to perfect every situation for which you pray. When I said that everything works together for good, I meant that your prayers, My words, and My angelic hosts all works together for you to meet your needs. When I said that all things will work together for good to those who are called according to My purpose, My purpose in the earth according to the commandment of Jesus is that you love each other as I love you. All incidents can be changed from bad to good when you pray in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit of love. In the beginning when I created the world with My words I said every time that it was good. So now when you pray and allow My words to again create in the world, the results will always be GOOD. There is no other result when you pray in the Spirit except GOOD results. It's not a mere possibility. It's a guaranteed reality. Walking in love creates the atmosphere for your prayers to be answered. Remember the formula given by My Spirit to Paul. It is this: being led by My Spirit + praying in the Spirit = everything working together for your good. When you are led by My Spirit you will be motivated by My love and you will spread love in the earth. When you pray in the Spirit you are distributing My words in the earth, creating all good things again. Love, God John 13:34-35; Romans 8.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Dear One,
When Jesus asked the rich man to sell all he had and give to the poor, the fact that the rich man would not do it showed his attitude toward the poor and also toward his real lack of desire to obey Jesus. The rich man wanted to know what he needed to do to inherit eternal life. He said that he always kept all of the commandments. That's when Jesus said there there are none good except Me. Then Jesus told him to sell all his goods and give to the poor. The rich man could not do it. His reaction to the admonition by Jesus showed his attitude toward the people who were less fortunate than him. His trust was in his riches. Your attitude toward the poor in spirit and financially poor people shows a lot about where your heart resides. If you judge others because of their lack of desire to work and be financially productive, you are demonstrating that you do not know what is at the basis of poverty. It's a demonic spirit of poverty which not allow some of My children to become prosperous. It's a curse of poverty. When Jesus told people to give alms to the poor, He didn't tell them to find out first what the motivation was behind the situations of the poor, whether they wanted to work or not. He knew what is behind all poverty and it's a demonic spirit of poverty. I told My children to give to the poor and Jesus continued the admonition when He said to give alms to the poor and to not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. There were no stings attached to the giving. So the problem with the rich man was his attitude toward the poor, that his riches were more important to him than the poor who found themselves in pitiful circumstances. His attitude was what was the problem. Jesus had taught at length about attitudes and their effect upon the life of a person. He said the poor in spirit are blessed because the kingdom of heaven is theirs. He was fulfilling the prophesies about Him, that through Him the blind would see, the sick would be restored to health, the broken hearted would be healed and those in bondage would be set free. Jesus was saying to the rich man that attitudes are everything. The attitude of the rich man toward the poor and his own riches cost him the blessings of eternal life. There were many other rich men who came to Jesus who were not admonished to sell all of their riches and give to the poor. Jesus knew their attitudes were attitudes of being merciful to the poor rather than being judgmental of the poor. He knew their attitudes were the same as My attitude, mercy rather than judgment. Thoughts and attitudes are everything in receiving My kingdom and then walking in the blessings of My kingdom. Love, God Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18; Matthew 19: 17-22; Matthew 5:3; 16-26; Matthew 6;1-4; Matthew 5: 27-30; Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 5:1-12.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Dear One,
Attitudes produce energy. My children tell their children, “Don’t take that attitude with me,” or “If you don’t change your attitude you will have to stay home.” Those parents know that the attitudes of their children project negative emotions which will poison the peace of the entire family. It’s the same thing in My family. The bad attitudes of My children poison the love and peace of My family by projecting injurious emotions into the spiritual dimension around them. That’s why Jesus so emphatically taught about attitudes. He began his first teachings with examples on attitudes which bless and attitudes which curse. Attitudes produce energy, the power which will either curse or bless. Attitudes which bless are positive attitudes which come from the emotion of love towards all of My creation. Attitudes which curse are from negative thoughts which produce negative attitudes which withdraw love from any part of My creation. Your good or bad attitudes toward the poor in spirit or the people who are poor in goods will affect your prosperity because they either bless or curse, depending upon the thoughts which are nurtured. Your bad attitudes toward others in the form of judgments will curse you and other people by returning judgment to you. Your good attitudes toward others in the form of forgiveness will bless you and others by returning forgiveness to you. Jesus spoke explicitly about those two attitudes. Yet My children often ignore His firm teaching about the power of thoughts and attitudes. He even said that thoughts and attitudes are just as powerful as actions. Jesus knew the energy that emanates from a person from bad attitudes will attract bad events into the life of the person. My children often judge a person who has done something which is considered a bad action, but their judgmental attitude toward the person also sows as many seeds of destruction which will return to them and curse them. That’s why Jesus taught about forgiveness, which involves refusing to judge anyone because if a person judges another person, judgment will boomerang back on him. Return to the elementary teachings of My Son who taught specifically about forgiveness and being nonjudgmental. His teachings were given to teach you the foundations of My family which bless My children. He knew that when you have My loving attitudes toward others that you will be blessed with the goodness of My family because you have projected My attitudes into the world. Bless everyone, even those who curse you, and you will be blessed. Forgive everyone, even those who do not forgive you, and you will be forgiven by others. Seeds sown in the world always return to you. Love, God Matthew 5, 6, 7.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Dear One, Rather than having thoughts against a person, an organization, a government, or any other entity which you feel has wronged you, put the blame on the real spiritual being who is behind all evil and conflict. Blame the devil, the author of all evil. All temptations to do evil to others originate with the devil. The temptations that he devises are always to defeat My children and the world that I created. I said that your battle is not with flesh and blood but with evil principalities and powers of the air. Yet, My children persist in making all problems the product of people. They do not originate with flesh and blood. Take people out of the equation altogether relating to evil deeds. The ideas for all evil deeds comes from hell. Yes, people succumb to the promptings of the devil,; but you have, too, on occasion. Can you understand why Jesus asked Me to forgive the people who killed him? He knew the spiritual being behind the entire scheme was the devil. He wanted the people forgiven. The temptations to engage in hatred, strife, anger, judgment, condemnation, lying, envy, murder, stealing and other acts all create emotional energy which will curse you and others. Those come from hell. Engaging in judgmental and strife-filled thoughts and attitudes curse you first, then they curse other people on whom you project the evil thoughts and attitudes. You must choose between being curse givers or blessing givers. Choosing between life and death is a right I gave to My children. Returning good for evil done to you is My way, perpetuating blessings for everyone involved. . You have guaranteed powers from Me which will overcome the works of the devil. My powers are love, peace, faith, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and joy which always bless you and others instead of cursing you and others. My powers in you create positive energy which will smother the works of evil. I said that love covers a multitude of sins. My powers which emanate from love will smother the enemy's powers. You have seen it do that millions of times. The power of My Spirit in intercessory prayers will defeat the works of the devil in every instance, restoring blessings to your life. When you walk in the Spirit of love toward people and then pray in the Spirit which deals with the evil spiritual beings behind the bad situation, then everything will work together for your good because you are called for the purpose of spreading love in the earth. Under stressful situations you must not do what you normally are inclined to do, which is react with self defense and oppositional attitudes and words toward others. Walk in love. You are immediately forgiven and blessed by Me so you should do the same thing, forgiving and blessing others. Love, God Matthew 5:21-25; Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 6:12-15; Ephesians 6:12-18; James 1:12-15; James 3:5-17; James 4:7-12; James 5:9.; Luke 23:34.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Dear One, You will always be tempted to fall out of love with someone so that the flow of love from you to the rest of My children will be disturbed and even sometimes completely thwarted. It will come from the devil but he will use your family, your friends, your acquaintances, strangers, people with political beliefs that are contrary to yours, or people with religious doctrines which are different from yours. Jesus' coaching of My family to turn the other cheek and to refuse to take into account a wrong suffered. is the antidote for the poison of judging others and engaging in strife when they come to uproot the constant flow of love from you.

  Jesus said it's easy to bless those who agree with you and show love to you. He said even the political and religious leaders do that. He gave the way to keep the endless supply of love flowing from you. That is to bless those who curse you and to do good to those who spitefully use you. A person who spitefully uses you is one who does it on purpose, with a desire to injure you. Jesus said to bless them. He gave the actions that characterize unconditional love, which are blessing your enemies, doing good to them, returning good for evil done to you, becoming peacemakers in every situation in life. You can only do the acts of unconditional love when you realize that your battle is not with flesh and blood, but with alien spirits from hell who want to cause you to cut yourself off from My love by engaging in judging others and participating in strife which are of your enemy, the devil. When you return good for evil done to you, you are continuing in the flow of My love which is never cut off from My heaven. My flow of love to you continues forever. You are the only one who temporarily blocks the benefits of the love flow from Me to you and that only happens when you join the enemy camp and perpetuate his characteristics in the earth. Returning good for evil that is done to you will take away the power of the enemy and defeat him when he is assaulting you with evil intents through others. If you will pour love and f orgiveness upon the people who are opposing you, you will defeat evil at the outset. There will be no evil repercussions that flow from you to others, poisoning the whole situation. You either persist in spreading love or you will instead begin to spread evil with its poison and venom. Jesus wanted to save My children from losing their wonderful inheritance from Me, a peaceful, loving and prosperous life. His methods made no sense to those who heard Him at the time, but they make perfect sense to those who hear them now because the Holy Spirit gives you understanding of the spiritual dimension and the war between good and evil. I won the war for you and sent My Spirit into you so that you can walk in the victory. Practice what Jesus taught and you will walk in My victory that Jesus won for you. Unite with the evil one by judging and sowing strife and you go back to the garden of Edan and make the same mistake the first man made by listening to evil promptings and obeying them. Jesus said He came to earth so that you might have life and have it more abundantly while in the earth. That will happen when you can walk in unconditional love with everyone. My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Love. When you have Him inside of you, you have the power of My love to heap upon others. Love, God Ephesians 2:2-8; Ephesians 6:12-18; Matthew 5:21-25; Matthew 5:38-46; Matthew 7:1-2; Ephesians 5:1-2; I John 1:6; I Corinthians 13:4-8;

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Dear One, Can we reverse the curses that you have either purposely or innocently chosen by your thoughts, attitudes and actions? Yes, yes, yes, they can be reversed. Jesus made that possible. It may take a time of ridding yourself of the negative thoughts, attitudes and actions of negative talking before I and My angels can reverse the effects of the curses for you. When you have chosen to participate in the kingdom of curses by judging others or participating in strife instead of choosing to participate in My kingdom of blessings, then there are repairs that need to be made in the breaches pertaining to your inheritance which you have allowed the enemy to access by judging others or having attitudes and actions of anger and strife.

 By participating in judging others and strife, you have invited the kingdom of darkness to invade your life. Jesus taught that truth over and over. Paul, Peter, James and John wrote about it over and over and over. When you fully realize that you have joined with the kingdom of darkness by negative thoughts, attitudes and actions, then if you will repent by reversing your negativity and doing what I taught you to do, then I begin to restore and correct the damage that has already been done. Repenting involves changing your thoughts, attitudes and actions to what I asked you to do which are to bless those who curse you, doing good to those who spitefully use you, turning the other cheek if struck, returning good for any evil done to you. In other words, walking in unconditional love for everyone is what I taught you through Jesus. We work very quickly to repair the damage done so that your return to My family will reactivate the issuance of your inheritance which is the abundant life that Jesus promised where all of your requests are granted. I said that I would do exceedingly, abundantly, more than you dare think or imagine according to the power that is in you. If the power operating in you is darkness, then your resources are limited and cut off. If the power operating in you is My power of the Holy Spirit, then you will walk in love and be led by Me, multiplying your blessings. In your world it might take a little time for the change from curses to blessings to be evident. In My heaven, it is instant and the methods of reversing from curses to blessings starts immediately because you have changed your allegiance back to Me and My blessings. You remove the barriers when you repent, reversing the energy and power previously produced from evil energy, changing to My energy and power produced by pure, loving, merciful thoughts, attitudes and actions. Reversing the curses that came upon you by negativity in your life toward others should be your main focus. Confer with Me. I will show you how to do it more efficiently by renewing your mind. Love, God II Chronicles 7:14-15; Matthew 5:21-48; Matthew 7:1-14; Matthew 8:24-27; Proverbs 23:7-8; Psalm 139:23-24; Matthew 12:34-37; Romans 12:1-2; Ephesians 4:21-24; Ephesians 3:14-20.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Dear One, Every person in the earth faces adversity in some area every day of their lives. Yes, every person. That is not because of Me. It's because of satan's entry into the earth, bringing evil in the beginning when he deceived the first man on the earth.
     There are ways to overcome adversity and they are all incorporated into the power available to people in the person of My Holy Spirit. He brings to all people who will call on Him the powerful ways and means of overcoming evil and adverse situations. My Spirit is head of My ways and means committee. Jesus prayed that I wouldn't take My children out of the world, but that I would keep them from the evil one. His prayer was answered mightily because I sent My Own Spirit into the earth so that those who would take on My life that is resident in My Spirit can have the power to overcome all evil and adversity that is resident in the earth. The same Spirit who had the power to raise Jesus from the dead is available to all people who hear the truth about the availability of My power. So the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you and is able to overcome all evil in your life. My Spirit will make everything in your life work for good because you are called according to My purpose, the purpose of spreading My love in the earth. There are ways to avoid the devastation that plagues the lives of My children. The first way is to walk in love with everyone, keeping peace with everyone. Jesus said that the peacemakers are called My children. If you are in conflict with anyone, then you are not walking in the image of being My child because you are not keeping peace with everyone. You know how to remedy that. It is by forgiving everyone, blessing those with whom you are at odds, doing good to those who persecute you or use you spitefully. Those are elementary ways told by Jesus to avoid the plagues caused by anger and strife. So the first way is to walk in love at all times. Another way is to pray in the Spirit at all times, in all places, in the Holy Spirit like Jesus instructed, which was in your prayer closet, not making a spectacle of yourself but making your requests known to Me and then allowing Me to pray the instructions for answering your prayers. My instructions, which are prayed in My Holy Spirit prayers, correct all mistakes and rebuild My kingdom in your life and the lives of your family. My Spirit is the Lord of your life if you will allow Him to be. He has all of My wisdom, all of My knowledge, all of My insight, all of My righteousness, and all of My power and might. His prayers correct every mistake made by you and your family, every misdeed, every sin, every iniquity and every act of ignorance of spiritual interaction. He is My Own Spirit whom I sent into the world to restore the world to the goodness that it was when I created it. A current mantra is, "You have the power." Well, you really do have the power when you have My Holy Spirit inside of you. You have the power to reverse every action of evil which has been aimed at you. You have the power to walk in My love, which is the strongest power in the heavens and in the earth. You are My child with the power of My Holy Spirit. You can overcome everything which comes against you when you pray in the Spirit and be led by My Spirit, always abounding in love. Faith works by love. Love, God Romans 4:23-25; Romans 8:11-17; I Corinthians 10:12-13; John 17:15-16; Acts 1:8-9; Acts 2:1-4; Ephesians 5:-2-5; II Corinthians 3:16-18; I Corinthians 12:4-11;Jude 1:20.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Dear One, My divine power has given you everything necessary for an abundant, fulfilling life. In addition to that, My divine power has give you everything necessary for godliness.
What more do you need? You have My power and you have My righteousness. Just because you have My power doesn't mean that you call upon My Holy Spirit power or effectively use His authoritative power and His dynamite power in accessing your inheritance and in destroying the works of the devil who wants to rob you of everything necessary for an abundant life. Just because you have My righteousness inside of you in the anointing of My Holy Spirit doesn't mean that you yield to My character every minute of the day. When you walk in an attitude of love with all people, then you have displayed My righteousness. My righteousness is displayed through love, mercy, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness and faith. Very often you sing about being My righteousness and at the same time you are judging another person. Sorry, but that is not a badge of righteousness. You bless Me but curse another person. James was specific about that practice. Is being robbed of a portion of your inheritance worth the fleshy satisfaction of judging others? No. Peter said that My divine promises are contingent upon your taking on My divine nature. He said to make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, knowledge, self control, steadfastness, brotherly affection, godliness and love. He said if these things abound in your life that they will keep you from being unfruitful in the knowledge of what Jesus promised. He said that if you lack those attributes of righteousness that you are shortsighted and blind, forgetting that you have been cleansed from fleshly passions. He also said that you must be zealous to confirm your calling to righteousness through which you will be rightly provided an entrance into My kingdom. Peter said he was reminding My children of this for their benefit, so that they will receive their full inheritance. Paul also wrote a like admonition when he taught about being led by My Spirit. Take it from the expert, Jesus, whose teachings covered every aspect of having an abundant life. After you freely receive My Holy Spirit into your life, then My righteousness begins to grow in you. The abundant life is attracted to My righteousness which is displayed in your life. You are My child and My righteousness is your identity, which attracts everything necessary for the abundant life. Love, God II Peter 1:3- 15; Romans 10:5; James 3:5-16; Galatians 5:13-25; Matthew 5:20-46; Matthew 7;1-6; John 3:16-17. .

Monday, January 13, 2014


Dear One, One of the most profound truths that is hard for My children to believe and accept is that what you allow on earth is allowed in heaven. You have heard it said that whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven. I gave My children authority on earth at the very beginning of the earth, the authority to tend to everything that I created. I created the earth for My children. I gave it to My children with the right to be the authority in the earth, to take care of it, to tend to all of its resources, to do in the earth what needs to be done to bless it and themselves.
  My children allowed evil to enter the earth with his curses and he and his demons started cursing the lives of My children by tempting My children to agree to their destructive curses. So My children had the ability to listen to both good and evil because they allowed the voice of evil into the world. Jesus died to restore to My children the power to make good choices when We sent My Holy Spirit to live inside of My children. He delivers My wisdom and insight to My children who will listen to Him. He restored My authority in the earth again, but it is always through My children who will listen to Me and choose My advice. So what My children allow in the earth is also allowed in heaven because My children are My authority in the earth. In other words, if you follow My advice to you, then My angels in the heavenly dimension will work in your behalf because you have allowed My will to be done in the earth. But, if you follow the advice of the evil one, then you have allowed his demons to work against you in the heavens, multiplying his curses in your life. You have allowed it because you chose evil over good, allowing evil to work in your life. You are not only the authority, you are the final say, the proclamation, the declarer. You are My mouthpiece, My prophet, My voice in the earth. I said by your words you are condemned and by your words you are justified. That should explain this truth clearly. If you are thinking and saying something which is from strife, you are allowing strife spirits in the heavens to minister to you and your family. When you think, say, and project My goodness and kindness in the world, you are allowing goodness and kindness to minister for you in the heavens; thus blessing your life and the lives of your family members. When you do not think, project or do evil and selfish things in the earth, then those evil spirits are not allowed to minister to you and your family because you have not allowed it in the earth. Evil things are forbidden to affect your life because you have chosen good over evil with your authority in the earth. Your thoughts and attitudes are not your private business. They are open to good and evil. If you accept evil temptations sent by the devil, then he knows it and builds upon it in an effort to defeat you. When you accept My good thoughts and attitudes into your mind, then I rejoice and build upon them in the heavens in an effort to bless you more than you can imagine. So, simply put, what you allow on earth is allowed in heaven. What you disallow on earth is disallowed to minister to you and your family in heaven. You must begin to act as My child with My authority, disallowing evil thoughts, attitudes and action on your part. When you do, those spirits are bound in heaven from causing destructive events in your life. I said that just as Jesus is, so are you in the world. Only allow loving thoughts in your mind. Anything that is not a loving thought is from the evil one who wants to gain entry into your mind, thus being able to curse you because you have allowed it by entertaining evil, vindictive, selfish thoughts which become attitudes and actions. I said to choose good and live the abundant life. That was the first key to My kingdom that Jesus gave to My children Love, God Matthew 16:18-19; Matthew 12:35-37; Philippians 4:6-8; Isaiah 7;14-16; Deuteronomy 30:19-20; James 3:13-18.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Dear One, For what purpose are you called? I said that all things will work together for good to those who are called according to My purpose. So what is My purpose?
If you will check the teachings of Jesus, you will find that his commandment is to love others as He loves you. He said when you do that, then you have fulfilled all of the other commandments. Jesus made it simple because all truths are simple. He pared truths down to one simple statement, that you love others as He loves you. So that's the purpose to which you have been called under the new dispensation. It's the dispensation of love. The basis of that admonition is the truth that I am love. Because I am love, then My purpose for all of My children is that they love everyone just as I love them. Loving you is My purpose in your life and the purpose to which you are called is to love others. When you love others to the same degree that Jesus and I love you, then you will not kill anyone because you love that person; you will not envy what someone has because you love them and are happy for their prosperity; you will not take another person's mate because you love your brother or sister so much; you will not steal from anyone because you love everyone and don't want to take what belongs to them; you will observe a day of rest for your employees because they need to rest one day a week so as to regain energy to work another week; you will love other people unconditionally because I live in them; you will have no other gods because you know Me as love and no other entity is love. All religious laws are fulfilled when you love others as I love you. The purpose to which you are called is to love others as Jesus loves you. He laid down His life for you. When you love others, you will lay down all prejudices, all strife, all discrimination, all criticism, all judging and all jealousy. That's what love does. Love, God John 13:34-35 ; John 15:12-17; Romans 5:5; Romans 8:28; Romans 13:8-14; I John 3:19-24; II John 6; Ephesians 5:1-2; I John 4:7-12.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Dear One, I taught you to not be surprised when things are not going the way you desire that they go. I told you that nothing comes against you that is not common to men. I told you that you will not be tempted or tried beyond your endurance, but that you will be able to stand in that day, and having done all to stand. I also told My children that all things will work together for their good to those who are called according to my purpose. Don't ever forget that my purpose is that you love everyone as you love yourself because all of My commandments are capsuled in that new command of Jesus, that you love others. I also told you that when you are led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit that everything will work for your good. There is no other result but everything working for your good when you walk in love and pray in the Spirit, even when it looks the complete opposite. I am the correcter of all mistakes, all improprieties, all iniquities, all sins and all transgressions. That's what the resurrection of Jesus accomplished, so that My Holy Spirit could come into your life and coach you on the ways to avoid evil and to restore things in your life to perfection when you mess up and obey the voice of darkness. That is My grace. However, do not let My grace be an occasion to choose to willingly make mistakes, depending upon and trusting in My forgiveness. You know that judging others will cause you to be judged. You should not engage in judging others just because you know that I have already forgiven you. There are repercussion for judging others. The result is that you will be judged by others. I always forgive you, but your judgment seeds will produce judgment plants against you. Genuine repentance will take care of it when you reverse the thoughts and attitudes of judgment and bless the people you judged, restoring them to My grace and restoring yourself to My grace. Just like the Israelites had to keep rebuilding the temple when they engaged in activities that resulted in tearing it down, there will have to be a time of rebuilding of My temple inside of you since you are the temple of My Spirit in the earth. There is labor involved in rebuilding My temple. You often have to tear down the walls that evil built and then rebuild new walls which are unshakable. It is better to obey the voice of Love which speaks to you at all times. Then there will be no tearing down and rebuilding, tearing down and rebuilding. There will only be building a firm structure of Rock which cannot be removed. I am with you during every disturbing situation, encouraging you to hear My voice and make My way straight to repair the breaches in the walls of your life. Love, God I Corinthians 10;12-13; Ephesians 6:12-18; Romans 8:5-17; Romans 8:26-28; Galatians 3:13-14; Hebrews 12:14-15; Galatians 5:13-25;I Corinthians 5:19; Jeremiah 1:9-12; Isaiah 58:11-14.
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Friday, January 10, 2014


Dear One, Just like all truths do, My advice to you to seek first My kingdom and My righteousness and then everything will be added to you has many facets of truth. There are multiple areas of application of all truths.

  Yes, if you always seek the ways of My kingdom, which is to be led by My Spirit, you will have prosperity in every area of your life. If you will seek My guidance, My leading, My wisdom, My love, My insight, My humility, My power, My goodness, My kindness and all of the facets of My character, then all good things will come to you. Another facet of that truth is that if you will seek to uncover the good elements in other people, seeking their good qualities and the good parts of their personalities, then you will be nonjudgmental and you will not be judged by others. That is simple, elementary truth yet My children pass over it like it is mere dribble from the mouth of Jesus rather than truth that will free them from problems caused by judging others. If you will seek to see the need for love in people rather than seeing the outer core of flesh, then you supply love to the person.

 And you will find that all good things will be added to your life. When you seek to see My kingdom in people instead of the flesh, then you will be doing what Jesus said to do, to look on the spirit of the person rather than looking on the flesh. He said that's what He did and still does. I look on the spirits of people, not their flesh. All good spirits come from Me so when you seek the good in others you will find it. If you seek the flesh, the negative parts of the personalities of people, then you will find the negative parts. Amplify the good and you will enlarge the good in people, giving them the grace to grow in righteousness. Amplify the negative parts of the personalities of others and you will enlarge the bad, robbing them of the grace to grow in righteousness. You will find what you will seek. Remember that others will do the same to you because of the seeds you sow. Love, God Matthew 6:33; John 8:15-16; Romans 8:1-17; Romans 8:26-28; John 3:16-17.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Dear One,
I love and want to care for every person in the earth. When I created people I said that My creation was good. Even when people allowed satan to enter the earth and bring his curses, I still loved all of My creation, including My children whom I created because they are made in My image. I said that I love the world so much and I care for it so much and I want to save it so much that I sent My Son into the world so that He might save it, not condemn it. I still love the world so much that I am endeavoring to save it through My Holy Spirit. My Spirit is commissioned to do the same thing that Jesus did, destroy the works of the devil and forgive the sins of people. Jesus died for every person in the world, even the ones who ignorantly obey the temptations of the devil. Those people are blinded by the devil, just like Jesus said, to the works of evil. I did not condemn physically blind people through Jesus, I healed them. I do not condemn spiritually blind people. I want to heal them and I want to save them from the works of evil. You have My Spirit inside of you, My power to do in the earth what I do in the heavens, to blot out and obliterate the sins of people. Jesus told His disciples when He breathed My Holy Spirit into them that they had the power to retain sins and they had the power to forgive sins. That is an awesome responsibility, to obliterate the sins of others and make them white as snow. It's called forgiveness. You have been given the ministry of reconciliation, reconciling all people to Me. It's done by proclaiming forgiveness for anyone who wrongs you, anyone who spitefully uses you, by returning good for evil done to you and by forgiving all the sins of others. Their sins are only retained in the earth by other people because Jesus already paid the price for the sins of the whole world. Because you are a recipient of My forgiveness, you are obligated to issue forgiveness to everyone you meet, Do unto others what I have done for you. Love, God Genesis 1:26-31; John 3:16-17; Matthew 15:30-31; I John 2:11-12; John 12;40; John 20:19-23; Acts 28:27-28; II Corinthians 5:17-21; Hebrews 2:17-19; Matthew 11:25-26; Luke 23:34; Romans 5:13.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Dear One, Worldly knowledge puffs up, setting a person apart from less knowledgeable people. My knowledge, which is called wisdom, never puffs up a person, never sets anyone apart or above the less knowledgeable. My wisdom will humble a person because the person who receives wisdom realizes that he or she is not the author of the wisdom.

  The person knows that he or she is only the catcher of the wisdom, not the Pitcher. The knowledge that I am the Pitcher, the giver of wisdom, will not allow anyone to become puffed up and judgmental of others. When a person receives My wisdom and knowledge, there is also the accompanying insight that I am the author of it. My wisdom and knowledge don't set you above anyone else, they free you from bondages to spiritual ignorance which has bound you for years. They free you from judgmental attitudes, free you from evil thoughts, attitudes and actions, and they give you love for all of My children. My wisdom frees you, it never binds you to political or religious beliefs. It frees you from the habit of always sowing negative, divisive, destructive seeds which will grow plants which will surely curse you. My wisdom frees you from untruths which have become tenets of political and religious doctrines. The pride that comes from an increase of mere earthly knowledge will precede a fall because there will come an end to earthly knowledge. It will fail you because it doesn't attack the real problem in every situation. The basis of every problem is spiritual so only spiritual wisdom will solve problems. My wisdom will encourage a person to pull back from arguments, encouraging My children to forgive everyone instead of forging ahead with vengeance and anger. When you become forgiving, loving and nonjudgmental, refusing to do anything that will inflame others, you are labeled in the heavens as My child because you did not take into account a wrong suffered and you kept peace in every situation.

  Humility is quiet, unassuming and flexible. Pride is stubborn, boisterous and boastful, elevating itself. Love, God I Corinthians 6:1-3; Romans 8:3-17; James 3:13-18; James 4:1-12; Proverbs 2:6-15; Proverbs 4:20-26; Proverbs 15:1-4.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Dear One, The people who are in need of My help are blessed. That's what Jesus said. He said that My kingdom belongs to the poor in spirit. The people who are self sufficient and self determined bless themselves but they are limited in their resources with which to bless themselves and handle their own problems. To be blessed is to be fortunate, to have extreme happiness and pleasure, to have partaken of My goodness and My grace which has its abundant rewards. No wonder Jesus called the poor in spirit as being blessed. Testimonies come from the ones who have sought Me and My solutions to their problems, people who have received My spiritual help in reversing the unfortunate things that happen in life in the earth.

 They have experienced My kingdom having been present in their lives to the degree that they are no longer poor in spirit but are blessed with My goodness. Theories come from people who are strong in their own selves but testimonies come from people who are so poor in spiritual power that they need Me and My intervention into their lives. The people who are strong in themselves are often judgmental of the people who are poor in spirit, being condemning of those who have made mistakes and fallen into misfortune. I said that the people who are in need of redemption and restoration are blessed. You must adopt the same thought patterns. Jesus said that the religious and idealistic people who are self sufficient only seek for knowledge. Knowledge merely puffs up and increases the sins of judgment and condemnation of others who are in need of Me, suppressing the people who are poor in spiritual power. The poor in spirit seek for Me, they find Me, and they have meaningful testimonies of My goodness, kindness and love. Those testimonies are food for others who are poor in spirit because they encourage others to seek Me and find Me and become redeemed and blessed. Look upon the people who are in need of me, the poor in spirit, as blessed and fortunate because they will become intimately acquainted with Me by experiencing My goodness and kindness. Love, God Matthew 5:3; Matthew 5:10-12; Matthew 18:12-14; Matthew 8:16-17; Matthew 12:28-30; Matthew 8:4-John 3:31-35; John 4:39; John 21:24-25; Romans 10:16-17. Matthew 7:1-6.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Dear One, When My children turn from participating in evil, judgmental or fearful ways and return to Me, turning to Me for help with love for Me and dependence on Me, which is called faith, then those pure attitudes attract My angels who are eager to work in your behalf. You must always remember that I never leave you, but you are the one who leaves Me and often engages in pig pen antics which are from hell. Jesus taught extensively about attitude adjustment when He taught the Beatitudes in which He told My children to change their attitudes and be of one attitude with Me, which is to love others as themselves, to bless those who curse them and to do good to those people who spitefully use them. That takes an attitude adjustment, for sure. He taught drastic attitude adjustment so emphatically because He wanted My children to inherit the benefits of being My children, knowing that My angels and I can more efficiently bless them when they are exemplifying the attitudes that prevail in My heaven. The energy that is produced from good attitudes have the same fragrances and beauty as are exemplified in My heaven. When you change from putrid, foul smelling attitudes and begin to replace those attitudes with fragrant, beautiful attitudes, My angels and I are quickly attracted to you to provide help in time of need and bring with us the blessings that are yours in your inheritance as My child. You have seen people who lost their earthly inheritance by riotous living, so you should be able to understand the principle that Jesus taught of seed sowing and harvest. The same principles apply. Watch the hummingbirds and the butterflies. They are attracted to beautiful colors and fragrances. You never see them trying to get nectar from dead, thorny bushes. Since things in the earth are replicas of spiritual things, you should learn this principle from nature, if for no other reason. You encourage My angels to come and build nests in your branches, your heavenly surroundings, when you exemplify the thoughts, attitudes and actions of My family. Birds of a feather do flock together. Love, God Isaiah 59:1-8; II Chronicles 7:14-15; Hebrews 13:5-8; Matthew 5; Matthew 13:31-32; I Corinthians 6:9-11; Galatians 5:13-26.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Dear One, The plants and flowers in the earth have fragrances and colors in the earth which attract bees to them in order to share their pollen for production of honey which is sweet to the taste and beneficial to the health of humans. The plants and flowers in the earth have properties that produce seeds and berries that feed the birds who provide beauty for your eyes and melodious music for your ears in their songs.
     Compare those truths to My children and My angels which I send to minister to them. The good attitudes, thoughts and words of My children attract My angels to My children because the loving attributes have colors, fragrances, food and melodies in the spiritual dimension. Love, peace, joy, goodness and kindness, faith, patience and mercy have beauty which is an enticement for My angels to work in your behalf. If your attitudes, thoughts and words are putrid, thorny and black, My angels have to retreat because you have called to yourself the demons of the devil one. You have given permission to the evil spirits to work their destruction in your life. Remember I said that what you have loosed on earth is loosed in heaven and what you have bound on earth is bound in heaven. Because I gave you dominion in the earth, the workings of good are called into being to work in your life or the workings of evil are called into being to work in your life. It is your choice. My angels who work for Me in your behalf are not attracted to evil activities. Instead, they are repelled by them. When your attitudes are reflections of your own enemies, the powers of darkness, then you are inviting the evil one and his demons, who were expelled from My kingdom, to enter your domain and curse it. My angels are not attracted to negativity of any kind. In fact, they are repelled by it. That is why you are justified by your words or you are condemned by your words, depending upon which you choose to amplify in your life. You can immediately change the spiritual climate and spiritual beings who are ministering to you. When you change your thoughts, attitudes and actions from negative, judgmental, condemning, oppositional, divisive and strife-filled, change them to positive, loving, forgiving, merciful and full of blessings, then My spiritual kingdom is summoned to work in your life and the lives of your family again. My Instruction Book is full of instances where My children have abandoned their negative ways and changed to positive ways and enjoyed the benefits of My grace and forgiveness. Those instances are given to you as examples of others who have condemned their own lives by their thoughts, attitudes and actions but have repented and changed their actions, enjoying the benefits of being My children instead of acting as children of the evil one. Remember that by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned. Birds in the earth are attracted to nutritious and beneficial seeds and berries. So are My angels through whom I bless you. Love, God Matthew 13:31-35; Matthew 12:34-37; Matthew 16:18-19; John 20:22-23; James 3:2-18.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Dear One, Jesus asked Peter three times for a declaration of Peter's love for Him. Jesus knew Peter's tendency to be fervently loyal when things were going right, but He knew that Peter had a tendency to want to leave when things got heated. Jesus knew Peter's tendency to want to return to the security of the religious laws which were his foundation from the past. Peter did exactly that after the resurrection of Jesus. He required of others the obedience to religious laws from the past. In soliciting Peter's loyalty, Jesus felt that He could trust Peter to keep the new covenant of love which Jesus was to institute, trusting that Peter would not try to put new wine into old wine skins, or put My children who experienced the freedom of the law of love and life in Christ Jesus back under the guilt and condemnation which came from religious laws. Jesus solicited the loyalty of Peter before He gave Peter the commission to feed His sheep. Jesus did not want to leave His sheep under the tutelage of someone who would further burden them.
  When you love someone, you will do everything to please the person. You will not offend the person. You will not tantalize the person. You will not deny your loyalty to the person, which Peter later did. Peter received My forgiveness but Peter struggled with the pull toward burdening others with the bondage of religious laws for years. For years Peter enjoyed the approval of men rather than My approval. He later grew in grace and knowledge of My love. I don't question you and your loyalty to Me. I know your heart. I know the desires of your heart to please Me, but I also know the enticements of evil which come to lead you into actions which are detrimental to your mental health, your physical health, and your spiritual health. I sent My Holy Spirit into your life to give you the power to destroy the works of the devil in your life just like He did through Jesus. I give you the power to refuse to do injurious evil acts at the prompting of the devil. I gave you My power to conquer the devil and his promptings. I give you the power to love all of My creation, the people and the earth. I said that the laws of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus have set you free from the laws of sin and death. Don't return to the religious laws and reap the condemnation and guilt which come from feigning obedience to them. Loving others is My commandment. When you love others, you have fulfilled all religious laws. In My love there is no prejudice, no opposition, no political party spirits, no strife with anyone, no denominational doctrines which separate, no grudges, no bitter rhetoric, no anger and no railings and ravings. Love does not rejoice at the failings of others. Love is patient, kind, believes the best about everyone, appreciates diversity. Love is not rude and arrogant. Love is not selfish and insist on its own way. Love isn't boastful or jealous. Love bears all things and pays no attention to a wrong. Love is My nature. Against love, there are no laws. When you refuse to love others as I have commanded you, you are denying Me and My love. Love, God Matthew 5:44-48; John 18:19-27; Matthew 26:31; John 21:15-19; John 13:34-35; John 15:12-13; John 15:17; Romans 12:9-21; I Corinthians 13:4-7;

Friday, January 3, 2014


Dear One, I have many idealistic children who know Me by My reputation as a good Father and a benevolent king of the universe. They are in love with the idea of me. The idealism satisfies them because they have never had a need for a one on one relationship with Me. They have been law abiding citizens who follow all national laws and most religious laws, as least openly. They very often are fearful of a personal relationship with Me because of fear of spiritual matters. They must be cautious of being judgmental of My children who are in need of My help whom I called the poor in spirit. The idealistic people are still My children, loved by Me, but there are few personal testimonies from them because of there not being a need for My personal intervention is their lives. Their abilities to solve their own problems keep them from knowing Me intimately. Pride will often cause them to be judgmental of the people who need Me and they become opposed to them. There are others of My children who have found themselves in need of My spiritual help because of either generational curses or having opened themselves up to the works of satan in some way. Those people are the ones whom Jesus called the poor in spirit because of their lack of spiritual power. Jesus said that they are blessed because of their need for Me and My spiritual power in their lives. He said that theirs is the kingdom of heaven. He said that their need for spiritual power would open them up to receive the power of My Holy Spirit who brings heaven to earth in their lives, giving them the necessary spiritual arsenal to defeat the works of evil in their lives. When Jesus cast out demons from people, He said that My kingdom had come upon them. The poor in spirit are the ones who reach out to Me for My help. They experience the miracles of My power, My love and My gifts of peace and joy. They are the people who have testimonies of the reality of My existence and My help which I gave in their times of need. They are not idealists who are merely in love with the idea of Me. They are My children of a realistic relationship, being intimately acquainted with Me because of their having sought Me and found Me and received the full supply of their needs. They have also received the revelation of the reality of My existence. They are the ones who continue to have testimonies of healings, of answered prayers, of the supply of supernatural help from Me, of revelations, wisdom and insight into Me and My family. Idealistic children and children who are in need of My help are all loved by Me. The ones who were poor in spirit and in need of My help are the ones who have testimonies of My love, grace and power manifested in their lives. I bless both My idealistic children and My children who were poor in spirit but now have My power at work in their lives. The idealistic ones must be cautious of looking with judgment and disdain upon the poor in spirit. I said they are blessed. They are blessed because of their need for Me. Love, God Matthew 5;1-3; Matthew 6;25-34; Mark 7:17-23; Luke 1:49-54; Luke 11:20; Romans 1:28-32; Philippians 4:19; John 3:11-21.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Dear One, Repeating My insight to you; I do not need your defense. I said vengeance is mine. Doesn't that say that I don't any defenders in the earth? My methods of defense in the earth has always been the same. Love is your only effective power in the earth. All of the working of My Spirit come from love. Joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, faith and flexibility are all powerful tools in the earth which work from love. When you engage in defense of Me and My ways, you get into
religious doctrine which has always caused problems between people. You must pray for My spirit of discernment to reveal to you when someone is being used by the evil one to entice you into doctrinal arguments supposedly in defense of Me. All wars between countries have been fought in defense of some doctrine which was only partial doctrine, anyway, because if the people touting the doctrine had even an iota of My wisdom they would know that the devil is the father of religious doctrines which separate people. My children will build an entire religion around some doctine which is only partially complete in revelation. They will kill others because of it, all it defense of Me, they say. In reality, they destroy people and property because of their doctrine, not because of My truth. If they knew my truths, my elementary and rudimentary truths, they would know that turning the other cheek and refusing to return evil for evil are My truths on how to handle differences in doctrines. There are political doctrines which people hold dear to their hearts which are erroneous and strife-filled, yet My children use them to separate themselves from and oppose others of My children. They demonize the opposition as if they were children of the devil. It should not be so. Then you wonder why there are devastatng storms that happen because of emotional storms between people. Diverse wars are all fought because of religious or political doctrines. Any political or religious doctrine which teaches opposition, strife and hatred are doctrines from hell. They are products of the antichrist spirit which has been ministering in the earth forever. Jesus said that the antichrist spirit was around when he walked the earth. He saw it operating in the Pharisees and the Saducees who spouted religious and political doctrine of the time. He revealed their doctines as false and adding burdens to the lives of My children. Wars which kill and maim My children are fought in defense ot Me. That is not My will. My methods are to turn the other cheek when you are met with opposition, to bless those who curse you, to do good to those who spitefully use you. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. He died to bring peace to the earth, yet people make doctrines at the behest of the devil which cause disagreements, arguments, wars and destruction. It should not be so. I do not need any defense. I can take care of Myself. When you are met with opposition from anyone, go into your closet and pray for the opposing person. Seek My wisdom and truth pertaining to the situation. Then you will be free of the inclination to wage opposition, disagreements and wars. I have a host of angels who work with Me. I don't need your defenses in the earth which are based on doctrine. If a doctrine is not of love, it's not of Me. Love, God II Timothy 2:19-26; Matthew 7:24-29; Matthew 15:7-14; Matthew 16:11-12; Matthew 22;33-46; Matthew 18:7-14; Matthew 23:13-39.
photo from Sapphires Moonbeams 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Dear One, There are dangerous pursuits which are guaranteed to injure you such as speeding in vehicles at unreasonably dangerous speeds. Refusing to engage in those dangerous pursuits which will injure you is much better than trying to get healed by the medical profession if you lose a limb or have a brain injury caused by engaging in dangerous acts. So disobeying the temptation to do dangerous and unwise acts is much better than striving to get restored to wholeness after unwisely obeying the temptation to engage in dangerously excessive speeding. That is a good example of My admonition that obedience is better than sacrifice. All of My commands, admonitions, instructions and guidance to My children are given to keep them from succumbing to evil temptations and then suffering the effects from the evil one who tempted you in the first place. There are evil
consequence's to obeying the voice of evil in your thoughts. You coach your children about how to avoid the consequences of dangerous pursuits. So do I. I do the same thing for you and all of My children. There are wise warnings given by Me to you on how to avoid participating in obviously dangerous things. There are subtle temptations from the enemy that you need to identify as spiritually dangerous such as judging others, being unforgiving, being unmerciful and being unloving, returning evil for evil done to you, and retaliating in anger when you are opposed. Those are just as dangerous and life threatening as the obvious ones. They separate you from My blessings because they are not thoughts and attitudes and actions of love. They put you into the enemy's prison of curses. I told My children that I gave them the will to choose between good and evil, blessings and curses. I unequivocally asked My children to choose blessings and live. Identify the temptations that come to your mind to judge others, to hold grudges, to return evil for evil, to retaliate in anger when opposed, to be unmerciful and unloving. Those thoughts, attitudes and actions are just as damaging to you as the obvious temptations to do violent and evil acts. Jesus spoke specifically about them because He saw and understood the effects of them on the lives of My children. Doing to others as you would have them do to you is the guide in those areas. Love, God Matthew 5, Matthew 6 and Matthew 7; Galatians 5:16-25; Philippians 2:3.