Monday, August 31, 2015


Dear One,
    David's song of profession relating to the results of his allowing Me to Shepherd him covered every area of his life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Not one facet of his life was left without comfort and success because of his reliance upon Me.  (Psalm 23)
    There are many of My children who read David's all encompassing profession of faith who think that reading it and speaking it will allow them to experience the same degree of success in their lives.  Merely reading it and speaking it will not change events in their lives from bad to good, will not change the curses to blessings. 
     David's first statement is the secret to the rest of his profession of faith.  He professed that I am his Shepherd. In that very statement he declared his reliance upon Me for everything.  A Shepherd guides his sheep, protects his sheep, provides for his sheep and alerts his sheep to oncoming dangers.  A Shepherd leads his sheep into restful areas and gives his sheep the luxury of having peace in their minds because of their having confidence in their Shepherd.  They follow him willingly and obediently for their own good. If they didn't, they would be killed and then consumed by evil beasts.
     Some of My children do not realize that the success of their earthly life, which includes destroying the works of the devil, depends entirely upon their allowing Me to lead and guide them from the inside of them, from their spirits, where My Holy Spirit lives.  Jesus said that when He came back to heaven to live with Me that He would send My Spirit to be their guide and their comfort and their power to overcome all evil that exists in the world. (John 14:10-17) He said that My Spirit would reveal My love to them.  He even said that My children would do greater works because of the presence of My Spirit in their lives.  He is the One who Shepherds you, leading and guiding you according to My will.
      In your life today in the earth, the Lord is My Spirit.  Your body is His dwelling place.  (I Corinthians 6:19-20)  He is Lord, your Shepherd, your Guide.  My promise to you is that where My Spirit is, there is liberty and freedom from all the works of evil.  (II Corinthians 2:17-19)  Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil. (I John 3:8)  He sent My Spirit into you to continue His work and do even greater works in destroying the works of the devil.  The only way that He can accomplish His work is with your cooperation and your allowing Him to guide you and reveal all truth to you which will cause you to become children with My character and personality with the power to love everyone as I love you. 
     You have the power of love to love everyone as I love you.  In loving others unconditionally, you destroy many works of the devil in their lives.  You also have My power to cast out demons, heal the sick, speak My words of wisdom and knowledge, and bring other people into My kingdom so that they also will be My dwelling places in the earth.  My desire is that all people will know Me, from the least to the greatest.  (Jeremiah 31:34)  I forgive their iniquities and don't even remember their sins because they have been forgiven as far as the east is from the west.
      Allow Me to be your Shepherd 24/7, as you say, which means every moment of the day. David knew that only when he allowed Me to guide him constantly would he have success in every area of his life and have freedom from problems.   I have the solution to every problem that can attack you. I want to lead you into the paths of solutions.
     With My Spirit leading you and guiding you, that promise is guaranteed.
     Your Problem Solving Father

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Dear One,
    In Psalm 23, David's song professing the benefits of My Love toward all of My children covers every area of a person's life, the need for a guide, the need for  protection from evil, the need for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical prosperity, the need for resting from laborious labors, the need for peace of mind, the need for mental restoration, the need for righteous characteristics, the need for freedom from fear, the need for an assurance of  My presence, the need for an infusion of new spiritual life from My Holy Spirit, the need for one on one communion with me so that My personality will become their personality so that My goodness and mercy toward them and will flow from them and all of My children, covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. (Isaiah 11:9)
     David's final profession of faith in Me also covered the end of his human life when he left the earth and came to live with Me. (Psalm 23:6)  He professed that he would dwell with Me in My house forever.  That aspiration is the hope that has ruled the thoughts of all of My children since the beginning of time, that there is a spiritual life beyond the human grave.  David knew the depth of My love and he knew that he would live in My Kingdom of Unconditional Love for eternity. And he does. 
     The spirits of all humans long to return home to My heaven from where they originally came.  I said that I knew you from the foundations of the world.  (Ephesians 1:3-5) I knew you before you put on humanity and became a human being.  You were previously a spiritual being, part of My very nature.  You, along with all human beings, long to return to the comfort, rest and peace of My dwelling place, the Kingdom of Unconditional Love where you are forever prized and valued as My child.  
    I told you in the past when you were troubled with earthly problems that you should consider yourself an only child, the heir of all of My blessings.  That statement was given to you so that you would know the expanse of My love, that My Love is so encompassing and vast that I make every human being conscious of the knowledge that My heart goes out to every one of them as if they were My only child, worthy to be showered with all of my Fatherly goodness and kindness.  I confirmed it in the teaching of Jesus about My pursuing a lost sheep.  (Matthew 15:4-7)
     I spoke the truth of My Love being showered upon all of My children when I told the children of Israel that I longed to gather them together like the hen gathers her chickens under her wings, but they would not let Me.  (Matthew 23:37) Even in their rebellion, I pursued them in order to bring them back into unity with Me where the covering of My Love was present.
     David intimately knew the joy, the peace, the rest, and the benefits of being in unity with me, being in a Father/child relationship so that he became intimately acquainted with me.  Because of that intimacy, he had the assurance of life after the death of his body.  He knew that when his earthly life was over that he would live with Me in My Family of Unconditional Love where every cell of his spiritual being would be powered, blessed and valued by My Love for eternity.
     That is what happens when you enter into your heavenly home that I have prepared for you.  I welcome you into your Home of Eternal Love as if you were My only child.  "Welcome home, My Love child.  Enter into My Love, My Peace and My Joy."(Matthew 25:34)
     David had an assurance of that welcoming home event.  I want all of My children to have the same loving assurance.  Those who know Me as Love have that assurance.  My children who have believed erroneous teachings that I am their judge will always walk in fear during their earthly lives. I said that perfect love will cast out all fear of punishment.  In other words, when you are rooted and grounded in My love for you, you will have no fear because fear cannot exist in the revelation of My Perfect Love. (I John  4:17-19).
     Pray for a revelation of the breadth, depth, length and height of My Love for you.  When My Spirit reveals My Love to you, you will have no fear of anything. (Ephesians 3:14-20) You will have the same assurance that David had, that you will dwell in My House of Unconditional Love for eternity.
     Your Loving Father      

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Dear One,
    When David. the songwriter, wrote his confident song about his complete reliance upon Me and My being his Shepherd, it was one of the most important declarations of faith ever written. (Psalm 23)  That is why it is quoted so often.  Yet, My children do not realize the depth of his dependence upon Me, upon My shepherding, upon My guidance, My wisdom, My ability to provide for him, My righteousness that came from his communion with Me, and My power to defeat evil.  Only Jesus was more dependent upon Me and My power.  Jesus said that he only said what he heard Me say and only did what he saw Me do in visions.  Jesus came from Me into the world so He knew My abilities face to face.  David learned them by worshiping Me in one on one communion.
     David professed that one of the results of knowing Me one on one, becoming intimately acquainted with Me, is that goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life.  He had already written about the many aspects of My goodness and mercy toward him. (Psalm 23:1-5) He wrote that I made him to rest from his labors, laying down in green pastures.  He wrote that I gave him peace of mind, leading him beside still waters.  He wrote that he wanted for nothing because I provided everything for him.  He wrote that even when evil came to tempt him and overcome him, that I had already prepared wisdom and knowledge for him in the form of words of encouragement and solutions to all problems that might occur, and that those words of wisdom and knowledge were already prepared for him, ready for him to hear.  He said that they were ready to be served to him at My  dinner table of communion when he came to Me to gain My insights.  He wrote that he had no fear even in the face of death because I am always with him, ready with My rod to beat off evil demons and My staff to gently guide him out of the dangerous thickets of life.  He wrote that his cup of blessings from Me were not only adequate but that they were constantly overflowing in his life.
     Then David wrote that goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life.  (Psalm 23:6) In the same writing, he had already written many professions relating to My goodness and mercy being evident in abundance to him.  In those professions he was declaring that My goodness and My mercy were around him, baptizing him, surrounding him and evident to him.  Then he said that goodness and mercy would "follow" him.  That confession and profession of his faith relates to My goodness and mercy proceeding out of him, leaving a trail behind his every move.  In other words, David was professing that because of My goodness and mercy toward him, that he was going to be dispensing goodness and mercy to everyone with whom he came into contact, that My goodness and mercy would follow his every thought, word and deed.  He was saying that he would do to others as I had done to him.  He was saying that My goodness toward him would flow through him, following in his path of life toward others.  He was saying that My mercy toward him would result in his being merciful toward others rather than judging them.   He was saying that he would be a witness of My goodness and mercy toward him by dispensing goodness and mercy to others. that those acts of My righteousness would follow behind his every word and deed.
     Those acts of righteousness toward others are called the fruit of My Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23)  They are the result of your communion with Me, hearing My words and becoming just like Me so that your thoughts, attitudes and actions will be witnesses of My true character which you dispense to others, just like David said and later Jesus commanded when he said to love others as I love you.  (John 13:34-35)
      My desire is that My goodness and mercy will follow every word and action of My children.  Love for others results in your dispensing My goodness and mercy to them.
      Your Loving and Merciful Father 

Friday, August 28, 2015


Dear One,
    The song writer David wrote that his cup of blessings runs over because I am his Shepherd.  He knew that I have an abundance of all things for My children, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  He knew that the more diligent he was to listen to My personal guidance and wisdom that the more fortunate he was to be in a position to be blessed with My benefits.  He knew that My wisdom and guidance is given for that purpose, to lead him to a place of peace for his mind, calmness for his emotions, joy for his spirit, plus health and prosperity for him physically. 
    David had found that all human wisdom had failed him, left him powerless over illness and ill fortunes.  He came to Me for My wisdom, My insight, My instructions, My Fatherly advice and My constant guidance.  That is why is it said that he was a man after My own heart.  He sought communion with Me, as evidenced by his writings, and he listened to My guidance and followed it. As a result, he professed that his cup of blessings ran over again and again.  His cup wasn't half full, a quarter empty or even full.  My blessings in his cup of life, which he constantly held out to Me to be filled, was not merely filled, but it constantly ran over the top.  
       David knew that My communication with him was through My Holy Spirit.  He said that I anointed his head with oil.  Spiritual oil is always indicative of My Holy Spirit.  He wrote that his portion of the oil of My Spirit was not limited, but that it poured over and over into his mind.  He said that because My Spirit anointed his mind with My wisdom and knowledge, that I anointed his entire being, physically, mentally, emotionally and physically.   He knew that merely anointing his head with My Spirit one time, only filling him to the top once, was not enough.  He knew that I needed to pour him full to overflowing over and over again with My words of guidance.(Psalm 23:5)
      Also, David amplified this truth, his total dependence on Me through My Spirit, many times in his writings.  In the words to his first song recorded in his song book, he professed that a person would be blessed abundantly if he or she refused to hear the counsel of scoffers, the scorners or the wicked, but that the person must delight in My words, meditating day and night on My written words to My children. He said that if person delights in My words day and night that that person will be like a tree planted by the water, drawing nourishment constantly from the stream.  He said that My children who meditate on My written and personal words to them will bear fruit in due season and their leaves will not wither and die.  Then he made a declaration that is hard for My children to believe.  He said that that person will prosper in all that he or she does.  He said ALL that he or she does.   Prospering in all that he or she does is having their cups running over with My blessings.
     There are trees that are planted in the desert plains whose roots are not deep alongside a stream of water. (Psalm 1:1-3)  David insinuated that those trees are dependent upon someone to water their roots from a water jug, never adequate enough to wet and nourish the trees adequately, so their leaves wither and their fruit is diseased and deformed.  There are many of My children who depend upon other people to teach and tutor them, never seeking My personal wisdom and knowledge themselves. Their roots are shallow because they are neither rooted and grounded in My love for them, (Ephesians 3:14-20); nor are they knowledgeable about My power.  (Ephesians 1:16-22)  Only My Holy Spirit can reveal My love and My power.  (Mark 12:24)
    That is why David told you to meditate on My words day and night, so that My Holy Spirit will reveal to you all truth, giving you My wisdom and knowledge relating to everything in your life.
    Don't be like the trees on the desert plains who must wait for someone to water them from a water jug occasionally.  Your fruit will be unpalatable and your life will wither like the dry leaves.  But if you are planted by My rivers of living waters, always seeking to hear My words to you, then you will be rooted and grounded in My love and My power. Through those revelations, your cup of blessings will always overflow and you will want for nothing, just like David said when he professed that I am his Shepherd and that he wants for nothing.
    Allow Me to lead you to that place, where you are in need of nothing because ALL of your wants, desires and needs are met abundantly.
    Your Loving and Benevolent Father  

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Dear One,
    In Psalm 23 David wrote a marvelous profession of faith. He professed his confidence in My abilities to provide everything that was needed in David's life, physically, emotionally, mentally and physically. His confidence was in My Shepherding abilities and because of those abilities he knew that I would protect him, provide for him, lead and guide him and teach him. David knew the necessary talents of a good shepherd, and because he knew Me so intimately he professed that I am the perfect Shepherd.
    David spoke of My preparing a table before him in the presence of his enemies.  (Psalm 23:5) He was not speaking of My preparing a table in heaven because there are no enemies of My children there.  He was speaking of his earthly life, that I prepare a table of wisdom and knowledge for him, just like Jesus said that man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from My mouth. Jesus said that you must eat the bread of His flesh and drink the wine of His blood.  Both David and Jesus were talking about hearing My voice and then taking My advice. 
     It was the presence of My Holy Spirit in Jesus that made His blood so special.  A child's blood type comes from its father.  The blood type of Jesus came from Me through My Holy Spirit because My Spirit overshadowed Mary and impregnated her with My spiritual sperm.  (Luke 1:35) So when My children choose to be born of My Spirit, they take into their spirits My blood type, My Holy Spirit.  That is how being born of My Spirit takes place.  (John 3:3-9)Jesus said that it is impossible to understand, but that it's like the wind blowing, you can't see it but you know and feel the results of it.  When you choose to be born of My Spirit, you don't know how the dramatic change is made in you, you just know that you are different, with new attitudes, new thoughts, new motivations and new values.  That is the table of which David spoke, that even in the earth where there are many spiritual enemies at work to defeat you, but that I make available to you the ability to be born of My Spirit with the power to overcome all of the works of the devil. Fear is gone and faith in Me replaces it.
    In the time of David it was at the dinner table that men were able to teach their children.  They were gathered together to eat human food, but it was the habit of fathers to use that setting to prepare their children for life with its many difficulties.  They taught their children how to avoid evil, how to treat others, how to be prudent, how to  gauge their time, how to watch for invaders, how to take care of their crops and animals which were their food supply.  Some good human fathers do the same thing in your world.  It is a time of being in total unity around the meal and the ears of children are open to the teachings of their fathers. So when David professed that I prepare a table for him, even in the presence of his enemies, he was saying that when unity with Me is accomplished, that I am able to commune with My children, teaching them, mentoring them, guiding them with My wisdom and knowledge so that they will not yield to those enemies who are ever present in the spiritual world around them, but My children will overcome those works of the devil, just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:8)
    My wisdom and knowledge, which Jesus knew was the only basis of his ability to overcome all evil, are always available to My children.  David said that I constantly prepare the table for My children, always being available to give them insight and wisdom in order to triumph over everything in life which would corrupt or destroy them. Two of the fruit of My Spirit are wisdom and knowledge. They reside inside of you if you are born of My Spirit and baptized with My Spirit. The solutions to all of your problems are available in the person of My Holy Spirit.
    My table is prepared.  Come and eat of My wisdom and knowledge and I will tell you how to find all solutions to problems in your life.  To eat of My flesh and drink of My blood means to hear the words of My Spirit and then to take My valuable advice, making them flesh in you. Your cup of blessings will run over.
    Your Father of Wisdom and Knowledge

Friday, August 21, 2015


Dear One,
    As your loving Shepherd, I deliver you from any fear of death.  David knew that truth.  He professed it when he wrote that when he walked through the valley of the shadow of death that he feared no evil because I was with him.  David lived in the shadow of death because of his loyalty to his country which had a history of war from its early days in the promised land into which I had brought them.  His ancestors did not take my advice but instead they married with the inhabitants of the land and took on their gods.  As a result, they inherited a war demon which still curses them. David lived under the shadow of the spirit of death because of that.  Yet, his profession of faith in Psalm 23 was that, as he lived constantly under the shadow of death that he had no fear of death because he knew that I would never take My presence from him. He wrote that he would fear no evil.  He knew also that on the occasion of his exit from this earth and his entry into My heaven that his mind would be peaceful because of My presence with him.
     He wrote that My rod and staff comforted him. (Psalm 23:4)  He knew the shepherd's tools.  He knew that the rod was used to beat off the wolves and other beasts who might pursue his sheep.  He knew that the rod was never used on his sheep, only on the beasts who were a constant threat.  David also knew that his staff was used to lasso his sheep when they wandered into the thickets and couldn't get out.  They would call to him and he would find them and use his staff to gently guide them around the thorns on the bushes in the thickets.  He knew My gentleness and that is why he said that My rod and My staff were a comfort to him, both necessary to rescue him from any problems, those which might lead to death and those which might lead to troubling problems in his life.  David confessed that he would not fear evil or death because he personally knew Me as his guide and his protector. 
     John had the same assurance of death, that there is no fear of death or in death when a person has allowed Me to perfect the revelation of My love in him or her.  (I John 4:11-19)  Paul was also determined that My children would have a full revelation of My love for them and he said he prayed that I would, through My Holy Spirit, reveal to My children the height, breadth, depth and length of My love for them.  That is definitely a full revelation.  It leaves nothing out.  It is not mere human knowledge, he said, but he said that you will be filled with the fullness of Christ himself when you have a perfect revelation of My love. (Ephesians 3:14-19)
     David ended his writing in Psalm 23:5 by saying that his cup runs over and goodness and mercy follow him all of his days.  Paul explained it it even more fully when he wrote at the end of one of his letters to My children that by the power that is at work in you, who is My Holy Spirit, I am able to do exceedingly, abundantly far more than you dare think or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)  Paul certainly knew what it means to have your cup running over with the goodness of My gifts to My children when the fear of death is gone and My Holy Spirit reveals the fullness of My love to you. 
     When My Light shines into your soul the revelation of My love, there are neither shadows of death nor shadows of fear.  There is only love, peace and joy.
      I am your Father of Love.  Ask My Spirit to perfect My love for you and in you.  All fears will vanish when My love becomes fully perfected in you. 
      Your Loving Father

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Dear One,
    David wrote in his profession of faith in Psalm 23 that I led him beside still waters, restoring his soul. Sometimes the greatest miracles that my children can experience are the restorations of their minds which occasionally rage out of control like a roaring river, overflowing its banks, negatively affecting everything in its path, spirit, soul and body.  David had many experiences where he was perturbed, perplexed, mentally disturbed and depressed because of circumstances in his life, yet he had found comfort in Me and the wisdom that I gave to him which led him out of his raging mental uncertainty and confusion.  My wisdom became his guide and resources rather than his previous out of control mind which was a curse rather than a blessing.
    David said that I restored his mind, not as a one time thing but regularly.  As a result, his mind became peaceful, like still waters, because I led him to mental stability. In the minds of My children, every word that proceeds from My mouth does that very thing, brings peace to the minds of My children.  That calmness of mind is one of the benefits of being My child, bringing no more worries, no more fears, no more confusion, no more mental spinning and toiling without direction and solutions. I restore the minds of My children to complete peace and tranquility.
     He said that I "restore" his mind.  That says that his mind had previously, somewhere in the past, been calm and tranquil.  It says that I restore it to that previous place of peace.  Jesus amplified that truth when He said that My children must come to Me as a young child whose mind is clean, pure, problem-free, with no sense of being tortured with cares, worries, indecisions or fears, but only with  a willing decision to hear My voice that is filled with solutions to every care that presents itself in the lives of My offspring, 
    Young children are dependent upon their parents because they know that their protection, their success and their prosperity in all areas of life are resident in the minds of their good parents.  So David was saying the same thing, that I restore the minds of My children to the place where they are filled with My wisdom and My knowledge after willingly listening to Me and being finally restored to sanity and peace.
    Paul said that you have the mind of Christ. (I Corinthians 2:16)  He said that the devil, the god of this world, has blinded My children to the light which leads them out of darkness and into the light of solutions to every problem.  (II Corinthians 4:4-7) He said "let" the same mind be in you that was in Jesus, who only did what He saw Me do and only said what He heard Me say, which are always uplifting and positive.  (Philippians 2:5-6)  He said to be careful for nothing but to always with prayers and supplications "let" your requests be known to me, and that My peace will lead you beside the still waters from which I led David to drink. In Jesus' admonitions he was saying that it must be an act of your will, as a loving child, to let My mind be in you, leading you; and to let, as an act of of your will, your requests be made known to Me. 
    Jesus said if anyone is thirsty, let him come to the waters of life, the Holy Spirit. (John 4:13-14)  He is the still waters of peace which bring solutions to all of your problems, restoring your soul to peace and tranquility.  (John 7:37-39)  I restore everything, including peace to your mind.
     Your Peaceful Father  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Dear One,
    The faith of David when he wrote Psalm 23 is the epitome of the kind of faith that I give to My children who make Me their true Shepherd. (Psalm 23:1-2 David professed in the first part of that writing that I am his guide, his leader and his Shepherd.  He said that because he has made Me his only guide and leader that he has no lack, no need for anything because he already has everything that he wants.  That is a true statement of faith and confidence in me.  The key to that statement is that he wants for nothing because I am his complete guide, his counselor, his advocate, his source of wisdom and insight, his provider, his healer, his comfort, his strength, his source of victory over evil, his shield in spiritual battles, a constant presence in his life, and I am his Shepherd who leads him into the right paths of goodness. 
     I want all of My children to be able to say the same thing, that they want for nothing because I am their Father who has provided everything they need spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Peter wrote that I have given to My children everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3) His profession of faith in Me even gives the source of My ability to give everything that is necessary for the abundant life to all of My children who make Me their Father, the ones who make Me the constant source of the life of abundance in them. 
     Peter said that it is through My "divine power" that everything comes to My children from Me.  My divine power is My Holy Spirit.  Jesus made it even more clear when He said that when My Holy Spirit comes to live in My children that He leads them into all truth, that He gives wisdom, knowledge and insight into all earthly matters, that He takes what Jesus taught and explains it fully to My children, that My Spirit gives power and authority over all evil whose aim is to destroy My children, that He will issue to My children the power to heal and cast out all evil spirits which cause torment in the bodies and minds of My children.  In addition, He said that My Spirit will give you rest from your labors, because He is in Me and I am in Him and we are in the Son and we want to be in all of My children to help them live a life of joy and abundance while they live in the earth. (John 14:15-18; 14:26-27; John 15:26-27; John 16:7-15) 
     My Spirit wrote through Paul that the gifts of My Holy Spirit are enough to meet every need, want and desire in your life.  (I Corinthians 12:4-11)  Paul wrote that his divine purpose in life was to intimately and personally be acquainted with Me  so that he could trust Me enough to be his only Shepherd, not making religious leaders, politicians, military leaders, teachers or friends his loving Guide, but making Me his all in all.  He refused all religious doctrine that conflicted with his knowledge of Me as revealed by My Holy Spirit.  His model was Jesus who only did what he saw Me do spiritually, and he who only said what he heard Me say personally to him through My Holy Spirit.
    If you want Me to be your Shepherd, leading you beside the still waters and onto the paths of righteousness where you want for nothing, spend time with My Holy Spirit.  Commune with Him. He reveals My intense love for you, revealing My wisdom and My guidance for you so that you will want for nothing. (Psalm 23:1-3)
    Your Loving, Shepherding Father        

Monday, August 17, 2015


Dear One,
    You know that I said that you have the free will to make choices for yourself between good and evil.  (Genesis 3:4-7)  I don't force you to do anything.  I give you good, sound advice in the form of wisdom and you have the choice of whether to accept it or not.  When you do accept My wisdom and act on it, then keys are available to open doors to My kingdom.
    So what did David mean when he said that I make him to lie down in green pastures?  In your mind you might deduce by that statement that I force you to lie down in green pastures.  That is not what happens.  What happens is more simple and loving than the thought that I force you to do something.
    You know when you are exhausted from trying to do things yourself with your own meager human wisdom and you don't want to quit trying to do things your own way?  When you finally decide that your ways are inadequate and you are so exhausted from trying one thing after another to no avail, hopefully you will finally turn to Me and decide to follow My advice, allowing Me to be your true Shepherd.  After you make that life changing decision, I sense your exhaustion and I say to you, "My dear child, give it all to Me, relinquish every ineffective strategy and orchestration to Me, allowing Me to take the entire situation and work My marvelous power in your behalf.  Lay everything down, My child.  And then you must lie down in My green pastures of rest so that your soul can be restored after its ineffective battle of trying to handle the situation with only human strategies.  Here, My child, let Me handle the orchestration while you rest from your labors."  
    To your own child in a like situation you would say, "Take a load off, honey.  You are spinning out of control.  Let Me handle your problem while you rest and relax."   That is a picture of what David was saying when he said that I make him to lie down.  It's like your saying to your human child, "Go, lie down.  You are driving me crazy with your constant spinning out of control.  Lie down right over there on that overstuffed mattress on that huge bed and take a load off of your feet."  That is not the vernacular that I use, but the meaning is the same.  After you come to Me and give Me your problem, I make you take a rest from fretting and worrying so that you will find rest for your mind.     
   Part of restoring your soul is for Me to make you take a rest from spinning and toiling.  After that, you can hear My voice because there are no mental battles going on in your mind taking up valuable space there which needs to be open and untangled in order to hear Me and My wisdom relating to the situation. It is from My love for you that I lead you to lie down in green pastures for a much needed rest from labors.
     Do you need a rest from your ineffective labors?  Ask Me for My wisdom and then follow My advice.  Give all of the troubling situation to Me.  I am well able to give you the necessary wisdom and insight into the situation and how to genuinely solve it. 
     "Come to Me all of you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your soul.   My yoke is easy and My burden is light."  I do not crash from the burdens which exhaust you.  Give them to Me and then rest.  (Matthew 11:28-30)
     Your Loving Shepherd


Dear One,
    In the earth good parents want their children to follow their guidance, obey their family rules, become images of the parents and their parenting skills so the children will lead full, rewarding, happy lives. The happiness of the children are at stake, plus the reputations of the parents are at stake.  If their children become rebellious, unkind, disrespectful, yielding to addictions, self centered, carousers and lawbreakers, then the parents' names begin to be shamed and maligned to other people. It is said that the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Jesus used a better example. He said that He is the vine and you are the branches.(John 15:1-8)
    When it was written in My Instruction Book that I lead My children in the paths of righteousness FOR MY NAME'S SAKE, it is talking about the fruit that falls from My tree of life, meaning the actions of My children are a direct reflection on Me and My parenting skills.  The actions of My children either enhance My character traits or they malign them.  (Psalm 23:3)  Either My character traits of love, peace and joy are evident in their lives or the devil's character traits of fear, hatred and rebellion are evident.  It depends upon whose guidance they are following.
    You know that rebellious earthly children can bring shame to the names of their parents. You know virtuous earthly children who bring acclaim to the names of their parents. The actions of children are always a reflection upon their parents because they were trained by their parents' skills which were passed down from their own parents.
    It is the same with My children.  They are a reflection of Me and My parenting skills.  Their love, their efforts at making peace with and among all people, their constant forgiving attitudes, their joyful personalities, their good and kind acts of benevolence, their long-suffering patience, their strong and enduring faith in My goodness, their extending mercy to everyone, even to lawbreakers and to people who physically and emotionally injure them, all of those are the fruit that falls from My tree, evidence of My good parenting skills. They are the fruit that grow on you, My branches. 
    However, if My children are filled with hate, if they are fearful, if have angry emotional tantrums, if they are unmerciful and unloving toward people, if they have judgmental and condemning attitudes, if they are vengeful and unforgiving, those are all reflections of the devil, who is their enemy and their temporary father, rather than those being an example of My character.  For My name's sake, they are destroying My reputation among the people of the world.  They are claiming to be My offspring but they are not displaying My attributes and My character.  I am always merciful to them and forgiving, but the problem is that their distasteful, rebellious actions cause unbelievers to have erroneous ideas about My character and unbelievers do not want anything to do with Me.  The unbelievers would be silly to choose to follow a Father who is abusive and demeaning, the character traits which are often displayed by My children. 
     I only lead My children in My paths of righteousness, teaching them through the tutoring of My Holy Spirit to reflect My true character because they have spent time with Me and have come to be a reflection of Me to the world.  (Galatians 5:22-23) But, people who have spent time listening to fearful, judgmental, condemning, unforgiving, faithless, hate-filled teachers will be a reflection of those teachers who only teach and display the character of the evil one.  Those teachers have incorporated the parenting skills of their own hostile earthly fathers into their ideas of My character.  Jesus came to earth to show My true character and he taught My true character, for My name's sake; meaning so that the people of the world would know My loving character rather than the erroneous character as spoken by religious and political leaders about Me, which then becomes the characteristic fruit of their hate-filled and fear-filled followers.
     I lead you into the paths of love and rest.  There is no other way that I lead you because the paths of love are My paths. I do not lead or dwell on the paths to destruction.  I only live on and lead My children in My paths of righteousness where all of My blessings flow to them.
     David said that he wanted for nothing because he made Me his Shepherd and he willingly followed My leading.  (Psalm 23:1)  I always lead in the paths of righteousness, for My name's sake, where I flood My children with My blessings.
      Your Loving and Benevolent Father

Sunday, August 16, 2015


Dear One,
    I enjoy spoiling My children.  I delight in spoiling My children.  I take pleasure in spoiling My children.  I even said in My Instruction Books that it is My good pleasure to give good gifts to My children. (Luke 12:32)  I created My children in order to have loyal offspring upon whom I can pour out My blessings from My heaven.
    My children have given a bad meaning to being spoiled.  Being spoiled by Me means that My children have inherited all of the spoils, the goods which came to Me after an enemy was defeated.  Jesus defeated the devil in  hell and He made it possible for Me to spoil you and all of My children with all of My good gifts.  Those gifts were originally yours, but they were confiscated by the devil when he deceived Adam into allowing him to enter the earth and rob My children of their rightful inheritance.  Jesus won back all of those gifts and He sent My Holy Spirit to be the dispenser of them.  They already had your name on them, so they are rightfully yours as My child. 
    The only time My children interfere with receiving My gifts is when they become like prodigal sons, following after Adam's example by listening to the devil, believing him, and following his promptings instead of Mine.  In doing those things they leave the comforts and advantages of being My child and they become one with the evil one.  They eventually find themselves living on a pig farm eating the pig slop with the pigs. They are cursed spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  The degradation becomes too much for them and the ones who come back to Me to receive My forgiveness and validation as being My children will begin receiving the benefits of being My children again.  All is forgiven and My blessings are bestowed upon them. There is no condemnation from Me, only rejoicing that they were lost and now they are found.  I pursue them while they are lost like the one lost sheep out of the hundred. 
    Often the devil influences My children to manifest his character in the earth by acting like what you call spoiled children but they really are rebellious children.  They have temper tantrums, become angry, rebellious, hateful, vengeful against some of My other children, sowers of strife among their families, fostering division among their religious and political institutions, all in obedience to the devil's promptings.  They claim to be doing those things for Me, but they are doing them for their own self gratification, endeavoring to appear as emissaries of Mine but they are actually missionaries of evil.  They inherit his evil curses instead of inheriting My blessings.  Their eyes are blinded and they are ignorant of their actions because they do not know My Instruction Book which was given to help them stay on the paths of righteousness.
    When you make Me your true Father, I always lead you on the paths of peace with all people.  (Psalm 23) As your Loving Father, your Shepherd, I lead you beside the still waters of peace.  I lead you to rest in green pastures which have no conflict or strife.  I restore your soul which previously was consumed with worry and fretting, restoring it to calmness and complete rest. I open the gates to the paths of righteousness, leading you onto them so that you will be known as My child with My character. 
    I give you confidence in Me instead of your having fear of death because I am always inside of you, assuring you of My love for you.  (I John 4:18-19)  I comfort you with My rod by beating evil spiritual scavengers off of you, and with My staff by gently pulling you out of the thickets filled with thorns in which you might wander. 
    While living in the earth in the midst of your enemies, who are the demons from hell, I prepare a table for you which has everything that you need, want and desire.  I give to you everything necessary for an abundant life.  (II Peter 1:3-4) I even give to you My character which is true godliness and purity, all by the indwelling of My Holy Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23) Your cup will run over with My blessings.  My goodness and mercy are evident in your life all the days of your life when you stay in unity with Me. 
    I said when I am your Shepherd, your true Father, that you will not want for anything. (Psalm 23:1)  Instead, you will be blessed in every area of your life.
I spoil you and embrace you and let you know that you are My treasured child.
   Be sure and stay in unity with Me.  Refuse evil promptings.  Resist them and they will leave you.  (James 4:7-10)  My blessings are for today and for the world to come when you are in heaven with Me.
    Your Loving, Giving Father

Friday, August 14, 2015


Dear One,
     I said that hearing My voice and then taking My advice is the first key to having success in every area of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, in relationships, professionally and recreationally. (Matthew 6:33) My wisdom is available to anyone who seeks it.  Human wisdom is often inadequate unless it is wisdom that has come from Me and had been taught to others by the hearers of My wisdom. But true wisdom is hearing My personal words to you relating to everything in your life. 
    In your world education is the key to financial success.  Education is wisdom relating to particular areas of life and it is touted as a guarantee of success. That is not always true because many people with a number of educational degrees are not successful in life because of lack of wisdom in other areas of their lives.  Earthly wisdom that is gained from education is not cheap.  It is expensive.  The key is to gain educational wisdom but to also gain the wisdom necessary to make the right decisions, the right choices, how to exhibit the right behavior, the right treatment of other people, the right exercise of your will, the right care for your possessions, the right guidance for your family and others, and how to sow the right seeds in your garden of life so that you will reap the blessings of My family. 
     When you come into ownership of new machinery, new household appliances, new vehicles or new electronic devices, the first thing you do is to read the instruction manual, gaining wisdom on how to make the new equipment work efficiently in your life. If you don't, there is a danger of your ruining the acquisition quickly, rendering it useless to you.  The same thing applies to your life.  I have given to My children an Instruction Book called the Bible, which is an accumulation of many books of instruction on how to make your life successful in the earth.  I even sent My Son into the world to relay efficient wisdom to My other children on how to have the abundant life that I promised, abundant love, abundant joy, abundant peace, abundant goodness, abundant kindness, abundant mercy for others, abundant patience toward others, abundant faith to receive all of My blessings into your life.  I even told you through Him that the key is to seek Me and My wisdom, called My righteousness, and that everything will be added to you.  His pleas to My children were that they seek Me and follow the instructions in My new updated Instruction Book.
    Very often My children follow the instructions in an old Instruction Book, one meant for My outdated relationship with a country through whom the flesh of My Son Jesus descended.  They take those instructions and apply them to My new relationship with all people.  I warned them not to put the new wine into the old wine skins.  Jesus said that they had been taught religiously to hate their enemies, but He said that the truth from Me is that they love their enemies and do good to them.  Those were two of the instructions from Me relating to having success in their lives.  If they stick with the old religious instructions, they will have failures and curses in their lives because they were using outdated, noneffective religious practices which came from men instead of from Me. Often old instructions from Me were related to what was happening in the history of that old covenant with a country which have no relevance to your life at all today. 
    My new advice of great wisdom given through Jesus was so revolutionary that  the religious leaders of the day crucified My Son for teaching the true elements of My will in all matters. They wanted to continue in the old, outdated instructions of their prophets, rejecting the instructions from My Son who was My Perfect Mouthpiece in the earth.  My methods are effective and workable in the lives of My children, but they must throw out the old ones that were meant for a rebellious nation and embrace the new ones which are meant for all of My new creations. (Romans 8:6-9;  II Corinthians 35:17)
    "My wisdom cries aloud in the streets," was said by the man who asked Me for My wisdom.  (Proverbs 1:20-23)  He did not ask for riches or status, he only asked for My wisdom.  I gave prime elements of My wisdom to him and he became wealthy in riches and in status, not because he sought them, but because he sought My wisdom and My wisdom attracted them to him.  Rulers came from far and near to him simply to hear his wisdom, depositing gold and riches at his feet.  You must learn from that history, knowing that when you seek My wisdom, receiving it and taking My advice, that My angels will see that My blessings overtake you.
    So seek My wisdom relating to all matters in your life.  Hear My personal words of instruction to you.  Hear My loving words and encouraging words of advice which I always confirm in My Instruction Book.  They are tailor made for you and your situation.  I am inside of you and I know your circumstances and your problems.  I know how to make a path out of the bad situations for you.  They might never be instructions that I give again because they are specific to your finding the solutions to anything troubling in your life. (I Corinthians 2:11-14)
    James told you that if you lack wisdom relating to anything, that you should ask Me for knowledge and insight relating to your situation.  He said that when you are being tried by the devil in anything, that you must seek My wisdom, receive My wisdom and follow My advice.  When you do that, you will walk in My abundant life, as promised.  You should not just endure the suffering.  Seek Me and My righteous way to solve the problem earthly while I am working to solve it spiritually.  (James 1:2-8)
    My promise is that if you will seek My kingdom and My righteousness that everything will be added to your life.  The first thing that I will always tell you is to love others as I love you.  That is the starting point. 
    I am eager for My children to inherit all that I have for them.  You must follow My advice in order to put yourself in the flow of My blessings.   My river of blessings and wisdom never stop flowing from My kingdom. They are for you, set aside for you from the foundation of the world.
    Seek My wisdom and live.  I know how to overcome all of the works of the devil. 
    Your Father of Wisdom and Knowledge

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Dear One,
    I have given a primary key to My kingdom to earthly counselors and psychologists who choose to receive that valuable key.  It is called replacement therapy, training people to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, replace negative attitudes with positive attitudes, replace negative actions with positive actions.  That effective key has helped millions and millions of people change their life circumstances and situations, only the people who take the advice of their counselors and doctors. (Matthew 16:19)
     Some of My spiritual children have, on occasion, rejected that valuable key because they consider it secular, worldly and nonreligious.  Those children know neither the scriptures nor My power. My Instruction Book is full of teachings from the prophets, from Jesus and from the Holy Spirit through the apostles and disciples of Jesus about faith and hope.  I teach My children to replace thoughts of fear and worry with faith and hope.  It is such a simple key that My children fail to see that it is the most valuable key to My kingdom. 
     Religious naysayers often want Me to do everything for them.  They want Me to be what is considered a sugar daddy in the world, rushing in and rescuing them from their problems which have often been the harvest from bad, negative seeds that they have sown in their own garden of life.  Those children do not realize that this born of the Spirit and baptized in the Spirit union that they have with Me is a joint venture between us.  From the beginning of time, taking My advice was paramount to receiving My blessings.  Adam did not take My advice and curses came upon people and the earth from the devil. 
      So replacing fearful, worry thoughts with faith and hope thoughts is the responsibility of My children.  They are the keepers of their own minds.  Only when they are in constant fellowship with Me am I able to reprogram their minds with My faith thoughts, but they have to choose My ways over the ways of the evil one.  So it's still the old story of your choosing good over evil, starting with thoughts, then attitudes and actions.  When you are always cognizant of your own thoughts, becoming the watchman that I asked you to be, you will cast out the thoughts that are contrary to what I say and you will replace them with My promises which are always built on faith in Me and hope in My ability to do spiritually what you cannot humanly do.  (Matthew 4:1-11)
      Jesus told you not to "take thoughts" of worry or fear into your mind when the devil presents them to you.(Matthew 6:25)  He said that those thoughts are from the family of darkness instead of My family of Light. He said that you cannot expect to have My blessings in your life when you dwell on the things you lack instead of dwelling on the things that I have in My family of endless provisions.  He said that darkness and Light cannot exist in the same minds of My children, for either you will embrace one or embrace the other. He said to cast the dark thoughts out and replace them with faith thoughts, thoughts of My ability to meet your needs and provide for you.  You must know the Instruction Book so that you will efficiently replace bad with good because even the devil knows the scriptures.
Your strong statements spoken of your confidence is Me is what makes him leave your thoughts and leave you alone.  Hearing your strong statements of confidence in Me are deafening blows to his ears.  The choice is made by you between good and evil when you cast out the negative thoughts and choose to believe and speak My positive, faith-filled thoughts. 
      Replacement therapy, or choosing good thoughts over bad thoughts, is one of the most effective keys of My kingdom.  I said that you must cast out negative, imaginative thoughts that exalt themselves against the knowledge of My abilities and powers that you have in your mind. (II Corinthians 10:4-5)  I did not say that I would cast them out of your mind.  I said that you must do it.  I said that your weapons of warfare are not human weapons, but they are mighty, in agreement with Me, to pull down the strongholds that want to take control of your mind.
      In your life I have replaced what formerly was the kingdom of darkness with My Spirit, who is the administrator of My kingdom of Light.  Be attentive to your thoughts to catch, arrest and cast out every thought that is of fear or worry.  That is the key to continuing to walk in My Light.  When you entertain dark thoughts very long in your mind, you are allowing My Light to be diminished and darkened.  (Matthew 6:21-24)
    Speak My words of faith to those demons who bring worry and fear thoughts into your mind.  Speak My words to them, just like Jesus did.  Those demons have to flee you and go to hell if you send them there.  They know My power and they are frightened of it.  Use the power of My scriptures to snuff out the words spoken in your mind by the angels of darkness. 
     I am your Father, not your dictator.  I give you the keys to My kingdom so that you will participate WITH me in ridding your life of evil curses which you call persistent problems.  We work together, not independently. 
     Replacement therapy works, both spiritually and humanly.  Take My advice and monitor your thoughts, casting the negative ones out of your mind and into hell where they belong.  Replace the negative ones with My positive, faith-filled ones just like Jesus did.  Then follow My leading, taking My personal advice to you in all areas of your life so that you will inherit My kingdom while in the earth as well as when you come to live spiritually with Me in the heavens. (Luke 11:20)
     Your Light Giving Father    

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Dear One,
    There are some of My children who follow me, allowing Me to lead and guide them through the power of My Holy Spirit, and there are some of My children who want to lead Me, telling Me what is the best solution to their problems and then asking Me to bless their strategies.  You can guess which of My children are blessed beyond imagination. 
    There is no way the human mind alone can concoct the strategies and organizations necessary to walk in My effective paths of life on which My benefits flood into your life and all of your prayers are answered.  Your human mind is limited in its abilities and powers to only what is seen with the human eye and heard with the human ear.  Unfortunately it is also influenced by the enemy of My children, the devil, who wants to curse every aspect of your life.  Yet, some of My children still want to pray to Me, asking Me for answers to their prayers but they want to continue in the limitations of their human minds, trying to figure out ways to succeed in areas in which they were formerly cursed. They do not want to take the time, by spending time with Me,  to hear My effective wisdom and insight into their problems.  They want to do ineffective religious duties and programs, hoping to earn My attention, expecting Me to bless their human efforts.  It doesn't work that way and it never worked that way. That strategy is a precursor to complete failure.
    When you have a problem with a mechanical instrument, you go to a mechanic for his or her expertise.  When you have a problem with your health, you go to a physician for his or her expertise.  When you have a problem with nutritional problem, you go to a nutritionist for his or her expertise.  When you have a problem with an educational problem, you go to a teacher or educator for his or her expertise.  Yet, when you have a spiritual problem you often pray to Me for a miraculous answer and you then neglect taking time to consult with Me on the necessary things that you need to do in the earth to expedite the work that I am doing in the heavenly dimension in answer to your prayers.  The minute you pray, I am on the job, working My miraculous orchestrations.   But, if you do not take time to hear My helpful personal wisdom relating to the particular problem, you continue in the inefficient thought, attitude and action patterns that got you into the problem in the first place.  I cautioned you in My Instruction Book that you should not be like people of the past who wandered aimlessly for years in their problems because they refused to hear My wisdom relating to the easy, effective solutions.
     My Holy Spirit wrote to My born again, Spirit baptized children that they should not be like My children who never come to the knowledge of the truth relating to a situation because they get angry, judgmental, rebellious, impatient and faithless refusing to spend time with Me and hear My wisdom.  (Hebrews 4:1-13)  They knew that I was calling them into fellowship with me, but they disobeyed My admonition to enter into communion with Me in order to find out why their religious and political efforts were ineffective and, in fact, cursing their lives. They did not want to give up their ineffective ways in exchange for My effective, loving ways. They claim to seek Me, but they seek emotional highs instead, seeking for the teachings of men to apply Band-aids to their problems instead of hearing My wisdom and working with Me to effecuate a permanent solution to their problems. Instead of loving their enemies, they hate their enemies.  Instead of doing good to those who offend them, they multiply the evil by seeking vengeance.  They judge anyone who is different from them instead of loving them as My child.  (II Timothy 3:2-9) They participate in political wranglings as if their citizenship was in the earth instead of in My heaven.  In doing those things, they place themselves on the side of evil instead of remaining in My family of good where all of My blessings flow.
    Your brother Jesus died so that you could hear My voice spoken to you through My Holy Spirit, the voice of spiritual reason and insight which contains all of My wisdom, knowledge and insight into how to live the abundant life that was purchased for you by Jesus. (Hebrews 3:11-16) Every solution to every problem that will ever present itself in your life was already designed and produced in My Mind so I am eager and willing to share with you the wisdom relating to your present problem.  You are My child.  I am eager to give you My wisdom and knowledge relating to your problems.  Life comes from intercourse, and spiritual life comes from spiritually, mentally and verbally intercoursing with Me in order to receive My wisdom.  (James 1: 2-8)
    Your enemy, the devil, brings problems into your life in order to test your faith.  I know your faith level because I live in you.  I would never test your faith.  Good parents do not test their children.  Only abusive parents do. 
    I said that My children perish because of lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)  My Holy Spirit has all wisdom and knowledge relating to your problems and trying situations and I sent Him to live in you.  So you have within you all wisdom and knowledge necessary to see all problems solved, but it requires your taking time to seek Me and My wisdom.  I said to seek Me and My righteousness and all things will be added to you.  Seek Me in your prayer closet.  Intercourse is never done in public.  It is done in private.  Spiritual intercourse is done in your prayer closet, one on one with Me. (Matthew 6:5-6)
    I am always available for our times of fellowship which produce the infusion of My wisdom into your mind. solving your troubles and problems.  I want you delivered from curses.  If you want rest for your soul, come to Me and hear My loving insight and wisdom.  I am always waiting for you.
    Your Problem Solving Father    

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Dear One,
    I said in My Instruction Book that those who are led by My Spirit are called My children.  In other words, My true children are the ones who consult with Me, hear My words, take My advice and reap the benefits of My wisdom and knowledge. 
   Human parents say the same thing about their own children, some take the advice of their parents and avoid many pitfalls in their lives.  Others are headstrong, think they know all the answers, and reap the unpleasant results of their rebellion.  They are still natural children of the parents, but they do not reap the wonderful benefits of the obedient children who follow the advice and admonitions of the parents, much like the prodigal son in the example of Jesus.  My headstrong, rebellious, deceived children end up eating in the pen with the pigs because of their following the voice of the enemy of their entire families instead of the voices of their parents who have lived longer and are more experienced in the ways of the world.
    So when I said that those who are led by My Spirit are called My true children, I was saying that following My personal words of wisdom and knowledge has great benefits because I know how to lead My children around the traps set by the enemy, how to sow good seeds into their gardens of life, how to love their enemies so that they are not defeated in anything, how to keep peace with everyone so that peace will reign in their lives, how to reap My blessings in every area of their lives.  I am the Good Father and I only lead My children in My right paths to green pastures of rest and abundance.(Psalm 23)
    Many of My children decide what they want and then they demand that I grant their requests.  They are like the children of human parents who have temper tantrums and demand that their unreasonable requests be granted.  I still love them, but I cannot bless them because they are using techniques of their enemy, the devil, and his demons who are ministering to that child of mine put enmity between us.  Those children want me to follow them instead of them following My advice and insight.  Instead of being led by My Spirit, they want Me to follow their lead and bless it, even if it leads to destruction.  I cannot bless roads to destruction, even for My children.
    It is told in the Book of Instruction relating to rebellion and lost blessings the warning that if My children do what the children of Israel did when they wandered in the wilderness for years because of not following My lead and entering their land of milk and honey in a short time, that My children also fail to enter into their full blessings while they live in the earth that I created for them. Their failure is never on My part because I lead them into their blessings and full benefits.  The failure is because they do not choose to hear My voice and then take My advice.
They tell Me what to do instead of hearing My voice and taking My Fatherly advice which leads them into success and prosperity, overcoming every obstacle in their lives. They claim to walk in My Light when all the time they want to lead Me and then ask Me to bless their dangerous paths. (Hebrews 3:7-19)
    I am the Light.  I walk in the Light and I know the right paths, the right actions, the right thoughts, the right attitudes which will put you on the paths to a peaceful physical, emotional and mental rest.  From My heavenly perspective I see the traps, the holes, the destructive bombs that have been planted by your enemy.  I want to lead you around them so that you will not take ten steps backwards on the paths of life instead of always taking steps forward with My advice. (Hebrews 4:1-12)
    I provided My Holy Spirit to be your Light in the earth, leading you onto the beneficial paths of life on which you will be blessed instead of cursed because of bad decisions. I speak My wisdom to you through My Spirit and He is always obedient to Me, always eager to lead and guide you into a blessed life.  The secret is to hear His words, take His advice and continue to allow Me to lead you into the paths which lead to My blessings. (John 16:12-15)
     The broad way to destruction is easy.  The narrow way leading to all of My blessings is hard only because of your needing to separate yourself from your own desire to lead, asking Me to bless your leading.  (Matthew 7;13-14) Life becomes easy when you allow Me to lead you.  Taking the  time to hear My voice is the first requirement.  Then taking My advice is the second step.  Then reaping My  blessings is the result.
     Your Father of Light   

Monday, August 10, 2015


Dear One,
    You have been in the presence of someone who is walking in the dark, and you have wanted to escape from their presence quickly before the darkness hopped onto you. Their darkness is shared with other people through their words, their attitudes and their actions.  Darkness will overshadow your Light if you will let it.  That is why Jesus told His disciples to dust the dirt of darkness off of their feet if someone refused to believe their good news.(Matthew 10:13)  He was cautioning them to not allow the Light in them to be snuffed out by the darkness in others.
    That does not mean that I do not love My children who are walking in darkness.  I love them with My whole heart and I continue to send My angelic hounds of heaven after them, eagerly waiting for the time when they are open to My Light.  I pursue them spiritually because they are the lost sheep who need My love.  But until they are in need of My Light, I want My Light bearing children to be safe from the darkness that wants to smother My Light.
    Darkness never sees goodness, kindness, love, joy and mercy in others.  It is blind to My Light because mental and emotional darkness come from hell, sent into a person to rob him or her of the thrill of ever walking in My Light.  Darkness hates My Light.  Darkness puts a shadow over any Light that exists in other people because negativity is more comfortable than positivity to those who have walked in darkness for long periods of time. Darkness is familiar garbage, as I told you.  It is so familiar that some people who are told of My Light refuse to change their allegiance and switch from walking in emotional darkness to walking in My Light.  They are afraid to trust that My Light in the world is real and lasting, so they continue to choose darkness, being drawn to negative, judgmental, hateful rhetoric instead of being drawn to My Light which is filled with faith, hope, encouragement and love.
    My children who are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit have to be mindful to always watch for darkness to invade their thinking because the devil never gives up on his mission to snuff out My Life from within My children.  The efforts of the devil toward spreading darkness are most often done through religious and political rhetoric, just like it was when Jesus walked the earth.  The mission of darkness has never changed and neither have the battle strategies.  Jesus chided the religious leaders and the political leaders constantly for adding burdens to My children rather than lightening their load of misery. 
    You must listen to My Holy Spirit and receive His discernment which separates My gospel of love from the gospel of hate, judging between My loving sheep and the hateful rhetoric of goats.   My Spirit will draw you to the rhetoric of Light which teaches love and forgiveness for others, and He will alert you to the false rhetoric of darkness which teaches that your battle is with flesh and blood instead of with the demonic principalities and powers in the heavens. (Ephesians 6:10-12) That is called the gift of discernment, recognizing good conversation as being from Me, and identifying evil words which come from the darkness of hell in an effort to overcome the Light in you.
    Forgive My children who are walking in darkness and choose to remain in darkness.  Love them because you understand their reluctance to trust Me.  But you do not need to expose yourself to their darkness constantly or you might fall for the trick of the devil to get you engaged in useless arguments, discussing doctrines and dark beliefs which trap you into battling with flesh and blood.  (I Timothy 4:1-3).  It they can trap you into arguing with them, you might eventually begin to lose the brilliance of My Light.  Offer your love, but dust off your feet and keep walking in My Light.  Intercede in the Spirit for the human emissaries of darkness who are captivated by the darkness and are afraid of My Light.  Your prayers for them will accomplish much more than your arguing with them or defending your beliefs.  Be sure and make your battle with the demonic spirits who are influencing them.
    Walking in My Light, which I encourage you to do multiple times in My Instruction Book, means that you are able to discern good rhetoric from bad rhetoric, judgmental words from forgiving words, love for all people from hatred for anyone.  Walking in My Light means that you hear My words of wisdom and become as I am in the world, Lights who shine in darkness. (Matthew 5:16)
    I desire that all people come to the knowledge of My truth.  Pray for My children who walk in darkness but be cautious that you do not take on their darkness through religious or political wranglings.  Those are traps that you must learn to recognize by the revelation of My Holy Spirit. (Matthew 23:12-15)
    When you walk in My Light you have a forgiving, loving, merciful heart toward those people who walk in darkness.  I do.  As My child, you must do the same.  But, My wisdom says to guard your heart, your Light, for out of it flows the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23)
    Your Loving, Forgiving Father   

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Dear One,
    The only comparison to My Light in your world is that My power is like nuclear power multiplied to the nth degree.  Nuclear power can lighten entire huge cities, bringing light power to brighten the homes of people when darkness comes at night.  It powers all of the electrical equipment necessary to operate all appliances, office machinery, street lights, water plants and corporate plants.   It also brings light in darkness, all of those at the same time. Nuclear power is the most efficient and clean power available to My children.  Yet, some people have fallen for the temptations of the devil and have connived to use the nuclear power to destroy other people, dominating them instead of using nuclear power to enhance the lives of everyone.   Now do you understand My admonition when I told you through Jesus that you must be careful that the Light in you does not become darkness.  (Matthew 6:23-24)
    Some of My children begin their spiritual journeys walking only in My Light, the gospel of Jesus Christ, by being born of My Spirit.  (Matthew 4:17; John 3:3-7)  Then later they are enticed by the evil one into seeking power over others, or seeking riches of the world instead of My wisdom.  They leave their first love of Me and become seekers of wealth, domination, control of others, division, shame, judgment of others and condemnation of others.  They fall for the temptations of the devil just like Adam did. 
   Remember that Jesus, by the power of My Holy Spirit, refused the temptations of the devil.  My born again children have the same power to refuse those temptations to join into unity with the devil again and thus inheriting his curses instead of their staying in unity with Me and inheriting My blessings.   They are deceived, just like Eve was deceived, because she listened to the devil instead of listening to Me. I accused Adam of being disobedient because I told him not to listen to the voice of evil before I even created Eve.  Eve was deceived but Adam was disobedient to My admonition, and humanity began to be cursed.
    The same thing can happen to My children who are enticed by the devil to do the devil's works of anger, being judgmental, condemning, demeaning, divisive, hurtful, insulting, unforgiving, seeking revenge, abusive and other injurious actions toward My other children.  Paul asked My Spirit filled children in Galatians who had bewitched them.  He even said, "Oh, you foolish Galatians."  He said that they had begun their walk in My Spirit and then they retreated from My Light and they had returned to the judgments of religious laws and political wranglings. (Galatians 3:1-5)  He said that it should not be so.  He said that they had begun walking in the misdeeds of the flesh where satan works and had refused the leading of My Holy Spirit. Fellowship with Me was broken when they began obeying evil temptations from which they had previously been delivered by My power of Light.
     With full revelation knowledge of My Light and My Love, they would not have left My ways and joined again with the devil by which the light in them had become darkness.
     You know by now that your enemy, the devil, never gives up on enticing you back into joining him in his works.   I also never leave you or forsake you.  I never cease trying to bring My children into more and more Light which frees them from the devil's works.  However, when My children choose darkness instead of My Light, the darkness comes between us and My children cannot hear My voice of Love and reconciliation.  (Isaiah 59:1-2) Very often, they only return to me when they are tired of eating the slop in the devil's pig pen.  I am always ready and willing to receive every child who has been deceived back into My family because I know their weakness in joining into the deceptive works of satan who uses their flesh to do his works in the earth. (Galatians 5:16-21)
    My children who leave My Light and join with the evil one leave a path of destruction behind them.  That is when My explosive power comes into the equation.  When they return to me, through intercessory prayers in My Holy Spirit I restore the years that the worms and locusts have eaten.  (Joel 2:25-29)  My authoritative power is reestablished in My children and spoken through the prayers of My Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 1:16-23)  Reconciliation and restoration are completed through intercessory prayers. (Ephesians 6:10-17)
    My power is more than sufficient to destroy the works of evil in your life.  (I John 3:8)  Jesus did it through the power of My Spirit and you can do it only through the power of My Spirit.  I light up the world with My power.
    Your Light Giving Father

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Dear Ones,
    My children purchase security systems to protect them from earthly home invaders. Earthly home invaders can only take what perishes with age and rots.
The real invaders do not come in the front door, the back door or the windows of a home.  The most destructive invaders come in through the minds of My children, yet My children neglect to fulfill the appointment that I gave them to become constant watchmen, watching for the spiritual enemies who desire to rob your soul and spirit of My gifts to you.  (Matthew 6:19-22)
    Jesus told you to watch for the robbers who steal My Light from you.  He said that they do it by introducing darkness into your mind which will eventually overcome the Light that is in you if you do not recognize the darkness as what it is, an effort to snuff out My light which shines within you.  He said that if the light in you is overcome by darkness, then the darkness becomes greater than My light. (Matthew 6:23-24)  He said that you cannot serve two spiritual beings, Light and darkness, Light being Me and darkness being the devil, because you will leave one and cling to the other.
    Then Jesus identified some of the invaders when He cautioned you to monitor your mind, always watching for thoughts of worry, anxiety and fretting.  He said that worrying about anything will not produce My blessings in your life.  He said that those thoughts only rob you of My blessings.  (Matthew 6:25-32)  He said that I know your needs before you do, and I supply them if you will seek Me and My righteousness instead of the darkness that invades your mind with depression and worry. He was telling you that you have the choice of whether to select the thoughts that come from My Light or the thoughts of the devil's darkness that present themselves to your mind. (Matthew 6:33-34) 
    Jesus cautioned you not to take the thoughts of despair that come to your mind.  He meant not to accept them, not to welcome them, not to harbor them.  He said to take My thoughts of faith, hope and love when they come to your mind.     
    When the dark thoughts of worry, fretting, despair, anger or envy of the treasures of other people come to your mind, counteract those thoughts with My thoughts of faith and hope in Me.  Speak to the dark thoughts by professing your faith in My ability to supply ALL of your needs according to My riches in glory.  (Philippians 4:19-20)  When you do that, you are telling the spirits of darkness that they cannot rob you of My Light of faith and hope because you are fully convinced that I will supply your needs.  (Romans 4:21-22)
     Don't take the devil's thoughts into your precious mind, the mind which I created to commune with Me and receive My thoughts.  Reject the dark thoughts. 
     My Holy Spirit is the tutor who puts My thoughts into your mind such as the thought that I will supply all of your needs according to My riches in glory.  Speak that promise a hundred or even a thousand times a day if you are receiving dark thoughts which were sent by the devil to defeat you.  Replace thoughts of lack with thoughts of My love for you and My promise that I will supply My riches which are yours because you are My child.
    Home invaders can only steal things that rot and corrupt.  Mind invaders can steal your peace, your love and your joy.  Be careful to monitor every thought that invades your mind.  Reject the dark ones which come from hell.  Cling to the Light ones which come from Me.  I am your good Father and I love to supply everything that you need. Seek Me and My righteousness and everything will be added to your life. (Matthew 6:34-35)
    Your Loving, Light Filled Father   

Friday, August 7, 2015


Dear One,
    Some people are so addicted to darkness that they cannot identify light when it becomes present in their lives.  If people have been raised in a negative household or lived in an abusive relationship, those people find light to be offensive because they are more comfortable with the darkness of negativity because it is familiar. (Ephesians 5:8-9)
    If you will remember when you were struggling with whether to receive the fullness of My promise, which is being baptized in My Holy Spirit, I asked you if you would prefer the familiar garbage that you had lived in for years or would you rather choose the unfamiliar gold that I have for you.  You immediately chose rightly, choosing My promises of bringing My light into your life.  You have never been the same.  You left the pig pen of darkness, eating with the pigs like the prodigal son, and you were immediately transported into My kingdom of love where you were baptized with My love.  You never wanted to return to the pig pen of darkness again.  You have continued to walk in My light and enjoy the joyful benefits of being My child.
    My children who walk in darkness have often seen My light but they have returned to the familiar mindset of negativity because of its familiarity.  They don't even know My light when they see it.  The darkness invades their minds and they feel comfortable because of its familiarity.  They profess to know Me, but they walk in the darkness of hatred, prejudice, anger, discrimination, grief, sadness, judgment, condemnation, vengeance, and lusts of every kind including sexual lust, lust for money, lust for power and the domination of others.
    My children who walk in light do recognize the traps set by their enemy, the devil, to entice them back into negativity.  They refuse the temptations of the evil one who either whispers in their ears his enticements to fall into the pit of darkness or he uses other people to lure them back into the same pit, usually all in the name of religion or political perversions.  That same demon has not changed his methods.  The same temptations were used when Jesus, the true Light, walked the earth.  Jesus warned of the woes that would engulf My children if they listened to the religious law judges and the political fathers of darkness who add the burdens of hatred, prejudice and discrimination to the minds of My children of Light.  Pollution of their minds takes place and woes begin to enter into their lives.  Those children say they are suffering for Me, but they are suffering for their own lack of knowledge of Me and My Light.  They have returned to darkness and no longer recognize Light.
    My Light is loving to all people, kind to all people, merciful to all people, good to all people, patient with all people, keeps peace with all people, is joyful in tribulation, is long suffering with the misdeeds of all people, and is forgiving of all offenses of people.  In other words, My Light is reflected in My children of Light and they walk in My light, sharing My Light with everyone, both the lawbreakers and the law keepers.
    To identify My Light, you must realize that everything positive is of My Light.  My gospel is called the good news.  It never delivers bad news.  Good news makes your heart sing.  Bad news makes your heart fail, both emotionally and physically. Good news elevates you and reveals the importance of loving everyone, just like I love you.  Good news loves the world in which you live and desires to care for it with diligence.  I created your world and I love it.  Only darkness can curse your world.  Darkness tries to destroy your world, but Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil.  (I John 3:8)
     My children should never walk alongside the devil, participating with him to destroy their world and other people.  When My children believe the religious and political demons, called the principalities and powers of the air, they take on darkness and shed My light.  I said you cannot serve both Light and darkness.  You will eventually have to choose with whom you will be in unity. 
    Walk in My Light, always being in communication with Me instead of the powers of darkness who want to earn your cooperation in cursing what I bless. 
     Remember, if any human or negative rhetoric is not of love for all people it is not of Me. It is of the kingdom of darkness and it will swallow up the Light that is in you, with your permission, if you allow it into your mind.
     Forgiveness covers all sins, along with love.
     Your Forgiving, Loving Father of the Family of Light         

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Dear One,
    My voice of discretion, which means hearing My voice which makes you free to make good, beneficial decisions, is resident within every baby who is born into the earth.  When Jesus was questioned about who in His kingdom is the greatest, he said that people must humble themselves as a little child or they will never be able to enter into My kingdom while in the earth.  Little children were flocking to Jesus, humbling themselves to be with Him.  The Pharisees were judging Jesus, having long ago lost connection to My voice of discretion which makes them nonjudgmental of others but efficiently equipped to make wise decisions for themselves. (Matthew 18:1-4)
    Jesus said that if anyone causes one child to sin, meaning to become judgmental, that it is better for that person to have a millstone tied around his or her neck and cast him into the sea.  Jesus knew that if My children teach their children to become judgmental, critical, snobbish and condemning of others, that their own lives, as well as the lives of their children, will become likewise judgmental and condemning and the seeds that they sow will return to their lives the plants of judgment and condemnation. (Matthew 18:5-6)
   Jesus continued His teaching by saying that if one of your body parts causes you to sin that you should cut off that body part and cast it into eternal fire. He was being figurative, talking actually about the demons who cause you to become judgmental and condemning of others.  He was telling the people that they have the authority to cast the thoughts of judgment and condemnation of others into hell because that is where they originate. (Matthew 18:7-9)
    Jesus taught truths about your having the ability to be just like Me, nonjudgmental and forgiving. He said that I leave the 99 safe people and go after the lost one who is caught in the throes of his own sins, whether they are  being judgmental, condemning, stealing, lying, envious, murderous, promiscuous, bound to religious or political sects, angry, jealous or yielding to other demons who bring the curses of the devil into your life.  He then launched into a teaching about if a person offends you that you should make peace with that person instead of judging him or her.  (Matthew 18:10-14)
    He then taught what to do if the person refuses to make peace with you, that you must take another person with you and go again to the person, then take two people with you, because things are confirmed by two or three witnesses.  He eventually taught that if the person refuses to make peace, that you should take the person before the entire church.  Those instructions that He taught tells you how important it is to Me for you to make peace with everyone, refusing to be judgmental and condemning.(Matthew 18:15-17)   He amplified the teaching by teaching the truth relating to your being bound to a person when you are being judgmental and condemning of him or her.  When you judge a person, you make yourself one with the other person and you become condemned with the person, receiving the same judgment of satan that the person does from his or her being judgmental and condemning of others.(Matthew 18:19)
     Along with this truth comes the truth from Jesus that where two or three agree on anything, including forgiving someone, that it will be done by Me.  If you ask for Me to forgive anyone, I erase their mistakes and misdeeds just as I erase yours.  (Matthew 18:20; John 20:21-23)) 
     Peter was perturbed by this teaching and asked how many times you need to forgive, as many as seven times?  Jesus said seven times seventy times, if necessary. (Matthew 18:21-22) Remember that Jesus amplified the importance of His own teaching when He asked Me on the cross to forgive the people who crucified Him because they didn't know what they were doing. (Luke 23:34)
     Then Jesus taught you and all of My children about the king who wanted to settle all accounts and a man had no money to pay what he owned the king.  The king ordered him to be sold, along with all of his family, and his lands.  After pleading with the king for mercy and being granted mercy, the man approached another person who owed him money who had no resources with which to pay him.  When that person begged for mercy from the person who had been granted mercy by the king, he refused to grant him mercy, putting the man in prison for not paying. When the king heard about the lack of mercy shown by the first man who owed the king money to the second man who owned him money, he called the unmerciful one to him and put him in jail until he could pay his debts. (Matthew18:23-34)
    Then Jesus summed up His teaching by saying that My children must forgive others because they have been forgiven My Me.  (Matthew 18:35) 
    The gospel, the good news, is that you are forgiven; and because you are forgiven, you must forgive others.  My Holy Spirit softens your heart to people who make mistakes.  My Spirit also gives you the power to forgive other people from your heart, not only from your mind but from your heart.
    When you have a forgiving heart by forgiving all people for their offenses against you, you behold My face again, just like your angels do, because you are as humble as a child again.
     Your Forgiving Father         

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Dear One,
     In the beginning when the devil tempted Eve in the garden of Eden, he lied to her and told her that they would not die if she and Adam obeyed him.  (Genesis 3:-4) I had already told Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which meant not to obey both Me and to the devil, thus having the devil's evil knowledge and My good knowledge. (Genesis 2:16-17) I did not tell Eve not to eat of that tree, she was not created when I told Adam that admonition.(Genesis 2:18)  Adam relayed My message to Eve.  Eve did not hear it first hand from Me.  So the devil tempted Eve, who relayed the temptation to Adam. (Genesis 3:6)  Both Adam and Eve obeyed the devil, thus allowing him to enter the earth with his demons, all of which were determined to destroy everything that I created.
    If you want to know how the earth became polluted with evil, read the succession of the demons who manifested their presence in the earth.  The first one was shame, for when I called Adam to account for his betrayal of Me, he hid from Me in shame.  (Genesis 3:8) The demon of shame from hell became in control of Adam and Eve.  They hid from Me instead of communicating with Me in the cool of the evenings like we had previously done. 
    When I asked Adam if he had obeyed the father of evil, Adam immediately blamed the disobedience on Eve. (Genesis 3:11-13) So blame was the second demon to be identified.  Blame began to be in the personalities of My children to be passed down from that day forward.  It is called the Adam syndrome, blaming someone else for your problems.  For men it is usually the women in their lives, always blaming their lack of success on the females in their life.  She becomes the scapegoat for his failures.  Women blame other women also, their mothers or daughters or female friends for their unhappiness.
    Blame is just another word for judging.  Blame declares a person guilty of something and judging also declares a person guilty of something. (Matthew 7:1)
    So My character trait that is opposite to blaming and judging is forgiveness and absolution for the person.  Since the sacrifice of Jesus, I ask My children to put all blame and judgment where it belongs, on the tempter who causes all sins,  transgressions, iniquities, misdeeds or mistakes. (John 1:29; I John 2:1-3) 
   You have courts of law that dispense punishment for acts of disobedience to civil laws, and rightfully so, but I ask My children who are filled with My wisdom and knowledge to forgive people for their hurtful actions, refusing to yield to the demons of blame and judgment.  (Matthew 6:14-15) My reason for asking that they give no place to blame and judgement of My other children is so that they will not be burdened with the activity of demonic spirits which curse their lives, keeping them in bondage to evil by replaying hurtful offenses against them in their minds over and over again.  Forgiveness is what I ask of My children when they have been injured in some way so that they will be loosed from the demonic powers of blame and judgment, which leads to being judged themselves and blamed by others because of the seeds that they have sown.
    Jesus already suffered on the cross and went to hell for your wrongdoings and the wrongdoings of everyone who ever lived.  You don't need to blame or be blamed for anything.  You don't need to judge or be judged for anything in the courts of heaven.  The payment has already been paid.  The punishment has already been dispensed upon Jesus.  In My eyes and in the eyes of My children the punishment for all wrongdoings have already been fulfilled.  That is why forgiveness is so easy for My children who are educated in My grace.  They know that their citizenship is in My heaven where everything is forgiven.  Any civil dispensation of punishment for breaking civil laws will be carried out by your courts of civil laws.  You must declare everyone innocent because of Jesus' payment for the sins of everyone, but you allow your civil courts to justly dispense their judgment according to their laws in order to protect the innocent people from the lawbreakers.
   My children must learn the difference between My kingdom, of which you are a member by spiritual birthright, and their earthly nations in which their live, of which you are members by your earthly parents.  They are different with different laws and different dispensations of laws and punishment.  In My family's court of law everyone is deemed not guilty because Jesus has already made the required payment for yielding to the father of evil, the devil.  In My family, My kingdom, the devil is the one who is always guilty and My children are always not guilty because the propitiation for all sins have been made by Jesus. 
    Watch out for the spirit of blame which causes you to put the blame for your suffering, your lack of success, your unhappiness and your misery upon some human being.  All humans are deemed pure in My eyes, just like you are.  Put the blame on the demons who tempt people to do dastardly things to others.  (Ephesians 6:10-12; Genesis 3:13)
   If you judge you will be judged in return.  It is the result of the demonic spirit of judgment and blame which came into the world at the disobedience of Adam.  In order to defeat that spirit so that you will not be judged also, forgive others of every spiritual, emotional or physical offense against you.  You will be identified as My child when you do it because I forgive every offense immediately because they never existed in My eyes.  They are white as snow and obliterated.  They never happened, only in your eyes if you refuse to forgive. (John 20:22-23)  I do not want to exact punishment and neither should My children.
   Your Forgiving Father