Friday, August 21, 2015


Dear One,
    As your loving Shepherd, I deliver you from any fear of death.  David knew that truth.  He professed it when he wrote that when he walked through the valley of the shadow of death that he feared no evil because I was with him.  David lived in the shadow of death because of his loyalty to his country which had a history of war from its early days in the promised land into which I had brought them.  His ancestors did not take my advice but instead they married with the inhabitants of the land and took on their gods.  As a result, they inherited a war demon which still curses them. David lived under the shadow of the spirit of death because of that.  Yet, his profession of faith in Psalm 23 was that, as he lived constantly under the shadow of death that he had no fear of death because he knew that I would never take My presence from him. He wrote that he would fear no evil.  He knew also that on the occasion of his exit from this earth and his entry into My heaven that his mind would be peaceful because of My presence with him.
     He wrote that My rod and staff comforted him. (Psalm 23:4)  He knew the shepherd's tools.  He knew that the rod was used to beat off the wolves and other beasts who might pursue his sheep.  He knew that the rod was never used on his sheep, only on the beasts who were a constant threat.  David also knew that his staff was used to lasso his sheep when they wandered into the thickets and couldn't get out.  They would call to him and he would find them and use his staff to gently guide them around the thorns on the bushes in the thickets.  He knew My gentleness and that is why he said that My rod and My staff were a comfort to him, both necessary to rescue him from any problems, those which might lead to death and those which might lead to troubling problems in his life.  David confessed that he would not fear evil or death because he personally knew Me as his guide and his protector. 
     John had the same assurance of death, that there is no fear of death or in death when a person has allowed Me to perfect the revelation of My love in him or her.  (I John 4:11-19)  Paul was also determined that My children would have a full revelation of My love for them and he said he prayed that I would, through My Holy Spirit, reveal to My children the height, breadth, depth and length of My love for them.  That is definitely a full revelation.  It leaves nothing out.  It is not mere human knowledge, he said, but he said that you will be filled with the fullness of Christ himself when you have a perfect revelation of My love. (Ephesians 3:14-19)
     David ended his writing in Psalm 23:5 by saying that his cup runs over and goodness and mercy follow him all of his days.  Paul explained it it even more fully when he wrote at the end of one of his letters to My children that by the power that is at work in you, who is My Holy Spirit, I am able to do exceedingly, abundantly far more than you dare think or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)  Paul certainly knew what it means to have your cup running over with the goodness of My gifts to My children when the fear of death is gone and My Holy Spirit reveals the fullness of My love to you. 
     When My Light shines into your soul the revelation of My love, there are neither shadows of death nor shadows of fear.  There is only love, peace and joy.
      I am your Father of Love.  Ask My Spirit to perfect My love for you and in you.  All fears will vanish when My love becomes fully perfected in you. 
      Your Loving Father

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