Friday, November 30, 2012


Dear One,
     Where there is conflict, sow peace.
     Where there is division, sow unity.
     Where there is hatred, sow love.
     Where there is insanity sow deliverance.
     Where there is sickness, sow health.
     Where there are problems, sow solutions.
     Where there is fear, sow faith.
     Where there is insecurity, sow confidence.
     Where the enemy has sown his products, smother them out with My fruit.  Overcome evil with good.
     You are My child and My presence in the earth.  Sow all of My positive and powerful attributes where you see that there is negativity and you will see your world transformed.
     Jesus prayed that My will would be done in the earth just like it is in My spiritual dimension.  That is your pleasure and your joy, to represent Me in the earth.  That's what "in Jesus name" means.  It means to do things as His and My representative, doing them in His place.
     Be peace in His name, be unity in His place, be love in His name. be deliverance in His place, be health in His name, be solutions in His place, be faith in His name and be confidence in His place.  That's why We sent My Spirit into you, to do greater works that He did.  My life came into you when you chose to receive My Holy Spirit.  You have the power to do My works as led by My Spirit and when endued with My power.
     Love, God
Romans 12:21; Matthew 6:10; Mark 16:17-19; John 14:12-14; I Corinthians 6:19-20; Romans 12:2; Philippians 2:14-16; I John 4:4; I John 4:17.
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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Dear One,
     You played followed the leader when you were a child.  When you were a teenager you also played follow the leader, too, often choosing the wrong leader and experiencing behavior that was not advantageous to you. You had no problem following the leader at those times in your life, often trusting the leader not to do anything dangerous or hurtful to you at the time.  Yet, there are no humans who consistently make the right decisions and lead you in the right direction, even the ones in whom you have put complete trust.
     Following My lead is what I ask My children to do.  I have proven Myself over and over to you that I am trustworthy, loving, kind and good. You know that I will not hurt you or manipulate you or judge you or curse you because of your actions.
     Because you know the depth, breadth, length and height of My love for you, your following My lead says that you have put your complete trust in Me and that You will always be able to trust Me to lead you beside the still waters of safety.
    It is said that those who are led by My Spirit are called My children.  Only My children who are intimately acquainted with Me, knowing and trusting  My love for them, have proven to themselves and others that they are My children.  That is because they value My words and take My advice.
    Jesus said that if his disciples truly loved Him that they would keep His commandments.  The same is true now.  When My children know that they can trust Me to be the loving Father that I am, their love for Me is manifested in their taking My advice and following My leadings, My teachings, My guidance and seeking My revelations. 
     When you intimately know Me, you have no problem following Me.  You know that I will neither fail you, nor will I lead you into dangerous areas.  I am your Father.  I only lead you into spiritual, social, mental and physical happiness.  Those are the paths of righteousness.   I am the only One who knows the right paths where there are no dangerous traps and quicksand to capture you. I only know still waters of peace and tranquility.
     Love, God      
Psalm 23;  John 14:15-21; John 15:10-15; I John 2:3-34; Romans 8:14-17
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Dear One,
     Like we have talked about in the past, I desire that there is no conflict, no strife, no resentment, and no division in your life.  I desire peace, love, grace, mercy, unity and compromise in your life.  All of My positive attributes will work for your good.  They will benefit you completely and keep My angels resident in your spiritual atmosphere to work great things for you.
     My characteristics through the Holy Spirit of love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness and mercy toward others are the only attitudes that My angels can be attentive toward and in which they quickly gather together. My angelic servants have My  powers that are beneficial to you.
     Think about the emotional atmosphere around a person who has a bad attitude.  You can feel the effects of it.  It has power to change your attitude if you will let it.
     That scenario should convince you that My attitudes, called the fruit of My Spirit, have spiritual powers and they attract My angels to work for you.  They also repel the negative spirits which have been summoned by conflict, strife, disapproval, judgment and other negative thoughts and attitudes.
     Always check your thoughts and attitudes to see what team you are playing on at the time, either the blessings team or the curses team. You either help the evil team score points and win a victory, or you help Me and My good team score points and win a victory.     
     Play for our team and defeat evil in your life and the lives of your family members.
     Succumb to negative thoughts and attitudes and you give permission for evil to block your blessings from coming into your life and the lives of your family members.
     You can't play for both teams, evil and good.  Either you serve one or the other.
     Love, God
   Numbers 11:26-29; Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Hebrews 1:7; Hebrews 1:13-14; Hebrews 2:1-8; III John 1:2.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Dear One
     Silver linings are in every cloud you see.  Yes, for sure, there are silver linings to everything that happens when you bring Me into the situation and allow Me to work My supernatural powers into the people, the circumstances and the situation. 
     Often you need to look closely to see the silver linings because they are not always apparent to the human eye because they are only spiritually discerned.
     Compare that truth to an instance when several people look at formations of clouds and one person out of the crowd will see some recognizable form in the configuration of the clouds but the rest of the people will only see randomly scattered clouds.
     The same thing happens when tragedy strikes or situations negatively  change.  If you are praying in My Spirit and walking in My Spirit, because of faith in Me you can see the advantageous things that can happen.
     When you seek My wisdom about the situation I will show you the good endings to what seems like only dark, gray clouds.
     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and future blessings are in the eye of the beholder.  It's all about what I can make out of the bad situation that satan has created.  I can turn the bad situations into silver and gold with your cooperative prayers and your operating in the fruit of My Spirit.
     Love, God
Romans 8:14-31; I Corinthians 2:9-16; II Corinthians 4:15-18; Ephesians 3:14-21.
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Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear One,
     I cue you about upcoming events when it is necessary to mentally and emotionally prepare you for them.
     When I tell you to, "Go with the flow and flow with the go," I am preparing you for news that you will later hear relating to big changes coming into your life.  Then you must rely upon Me to orchestrate the changes which relate to everyone involved, perfecting them and tailor making them to fit your personalities, your situations and your needs so that everything will work for your good.
     I can perfect everything related to everyone down to the tiniest detail.
     I have told you many times that I will show you things to come.  Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would show My children things to come, so it is all to prepare you for surprises that come your way, good surprises sent from Me and bad surprises sent from hell.
     Rely upon Me to alert you to the events that might normally throw you into an emotional upset, never assuming that My warnings are coincidences, but knowing that I, Your Father, am taking care of you and everyone concerned in the matters. 
     Love, God
John 16;3-4; John 16:13-15;  Matthew 6:10; Acts 2:17-18; Acts 19;6; Romans 12:6; I Corinthians 12:7-11.
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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Dear One,
     When good situations change to bad situations out of the blue and you have a tendency to feel like the sky is falling, always switch your thoughts and emotions into faith mode, knowing that because of your praying and bringing Me into the equation that eventual success is guaranteed in the matter.
     Thanking Me for the solution immediately and then thanking Me for the solution regularly will keep your mind fixed on Me and My ministering angels who are working to bring a perfect solution is important to the end result.  When you are thanking Me for the solution you are not fixated on the problem.
     Praying is not only presenting a problem to Me but prayer is also continuing to make sure that you have left it in My hands, making Me the authority in the matter.
    I have told you to be of good cheer for a purpose.   Being of good cheer is your attitude of faith, your statement to the heavens and earth that I am in control of the situation and you are not concerned in the matter because you have given the problem to Me to solve because of your faith in Me.
     Switching your thoughts and emotions into faith mode, then thanking Me continually for the solution while being of good cheer, sets the elements in the earth into the perfect atmosphere for you to readily receive the answers to your prayers.
     Begging doesn't work because I already desire that you receive the blessings.  Begging only delays your receiving the answers because begging says that you don't know that I love you and that I am working in your behalf all the time. 
     Thanking Me does work because it is your statement of faith. Thankfulness clears the paths into your life for heavenly elements which contain answers to prayers to flow easily and speedily.
     Love, God
Psalm 37:1-9;  Matthew 11:25; Matthew 15:36-39; Philippians 4:6-9.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Dear One,
     You never know what you do or what you say that might point someone toward desiring to have a relationship with Me. 
     Sometimes just their hearing about your devotion to Me will spur someone to want to know Me.  If you are someone that the person respects and admires, then what you say makes more of an impression on the person.  What you say about Me carries more credence when you are thought of in a positive light.
     When people see you display My fruit of the Spirit, then the wrapppings in which  the message is being delivered will also hold more reliability.
     You can drop little nuggets about My love and My answers to your prayers and others will be intrigued and begin to search for Me.  They will want what you have when they see how our relationship has enhanced your life.
    In many ways, when I said that you would be My witnesses, I was talking about your life witnessing to the good things about being My child.
    People are hungry to know Me and hear about Me.  Don't try to run over them like a Mac truck.  All you have to do is witness about what I've done for you.  Then people are intrigued and want to get to know Me.
                                                                                     Love, God
Galatians 5:22; Acts 1:4-8; Romans 10:13-15; II Peter 1:3-9; Romans 1:16
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Dear One,
     I desire that you emotionally fly like an eagle when problems present themselves in your life.  The eagle doesn't flap its wings all the time, wasting energy and vigor.  Eagles soar in the sky by catching wind currents and letting the wind currents do the work.
      In My Instruction Book I described My angels as winds and ministering spirits sent to serve My children who are inheritors of My salvation.
     You can soar like the eagles, unaffected by adversity, because you know that My ministering spirits are always present to lift you up above problems while they are working in your behalf to save you from the effects of the problems.
     When you keep your eyes on Me, refusing to look down at the problem, you will see My miraculous works in your behalf and you will be oblivious to any distress.  You only see Me and My marvelous works.  Faith is multiplied in you when you keep your eyes on the miraculous events that come from our relationship.
     As faith increases from keeping your eyes and thoughts on Me, you will see your blessings also increase.
     You can either fly like the eagle high above problems or you can trudge through the mud and muck with your mind on the problem.
     When problems show their ugly works in your life, change your course of thought and begin to praise and thank Me for My solutions to the problems, remembering that I have already made a way of escape and it will be shown to you in due time.  I promised that when you keep your eyes on Me that the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of My glorious works that I do through My grace and kindness toward you.
      If you find yourself already mired in the life-sucking mud and muck of life, pull yourself out.  Then put your thoughts on Me until the problems are out of your spiritual visual range.  Keep your thoughts on Me and the problem will vanish.
      Part of keeping your thoughts on Me is to pray in My Spirit, releasing My power into the earth to solve every problem. Angels multiply to work in your behalf when My power is released.
      Paul said he prayed at all times in the Holy Spirit and prison walls fell down for him.  Let him be an example for you. Peter had the same experience.  He praised Me when he was in prison and the prison doors opened for him.
     Love, God
Isaiah 40:31; Isaiah 26:3-4; Hebrews 1:7;Psalm 103:2-5; I Corinthians 10:13;  Acts 12;6-8; Acts 16:25-26; Philippians 4:8-9.  
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Monday, November 19, 2012


Dear One,
     The Tie who binds you together in Christian love is My Holy Spirit.  He is the living entity who has the power and the desire to bring unity between people because He is My Spirit.  He is the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Peace, the Spirit of Faith, the Spirit of Mercy, the Spirit of Grace, the Spirit of Forgiveness, the Spirit of Joy, the Spirit of Goodness and Kindness, and He is the Spirit of Wisdom and Knowledge.  He has all of My attributes and characteristics which will cause you and My other children to want to live together in peace, love and unity. 
     He is unity personified. 
     Where there is conflict He will bring peace.
     Where there is division He will bring unity.
     Let My Spirit institute in you the desire to live in unity with all people  It may involve your letting go of political, social, religious and emotional prejudices on your part.   
     Unity always requires all participants to let go of prejudices and rigid beliefs.   
     Remember that Jesus was willing to let go of all religious laws in order to minister love to all of My children.  He knew that the atmosphere of unity was necessary for Him to be able to work My miracles and deliverance in the lives of people. 
     Bless the Tie who binds you together in Christian love.  He's called the Holy Spirit.
     Love, God
Luke 24:44-49; Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4; I Corinthians 12: 4-11; Ephesians 4;1-7; Romans 12:17-21; Hebrews 12:14-15; Luke 2:14.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Nov. 9, 2001

Dear One,

     When terrorists invade your country, the people get indignant and go to great lengths to rid the country of the terrorists.
     Every minute of the day terrorist try to invade your mind with explosions of fear, terror, unbelief, condemnation, guilt, strife, disgust, judgment, jealousy, envy, depression, defeat, dissension and millions of other diverse thoughts.
     You must go to great lengths with great vigor to launch a campaign to rid your mind of every negative thought so that the terrorist will not strengthen its hold on your mind and completely enslave you with its thoughts of defeat and fear. If you allow the terrorist to freely attack your mind because you do not recognize it as evil coming from hell, then you will become use to its attack and become a slave to it.
     You think that negative thoughts originate in your mind but they do not. Their beginning is in hell. They are one the things I spoke of through Jesus when He taught about wolves in sheep's clothing. They are disguised so that you will not recognize them as invaders and terrorists.
     Begin to consider every negative thought as a terrorist because that is just what it is, sent to confuse you, enslave you and then destroy part of your peaceful life.
     Remember that My thoughts give life to you and give life more abundantly, so only entertain thoughts that bring an abundant life to you and to your family, thoughts of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, faith, patience and mercy.

                                                                                                       Love, God
John 10:10; Romans 5;20; Matthew 7:15-19;I John 4:1-4; Philippians 4:8


Dear One,
     You read that prayers are always for help, thanks or "wow"..   The wow ones are  when you are astounded by the miracles.
     You know that I always answer the prayers for help because I said that whoever calls on My name will be saved.  You have prayed the prayer for help millions of times and you have received the answers and been saved from calamity or mistakes or tragedies.   
     Your conversation is replete with the "thanks" prayers every day, always thanking Me for small blessings, large blessings and answers to the prayers for help.
     The "wow" prayers are your reactions in response to something I've done for you that excited you beyond your "thanks" remarks to me.  The "wow" response indicates your total appreciation and overflowing astonishment at the working of My power.  Think of it as similar to what My disciples said when Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to them.  That was a "wow" moment for them.  You have experienced lots of those, too, where you were overcome with My love for you and My power that I demonstrated in your behalf. 
     All three prayers, the prayers asking for help, the prayers of gratitude and the prayers of astonishment, all three open the gates of your life to more and more blessings because they come from the depth of your heart and they are treasured and appreciated by Me.
     I have asked for your help on occasion in ministering to other people, prompting you to witness to them of My love and My Fatherly concern for them as well as demonstrating My power gifts in order to answer their needs.  I tell you thanks for doing those acts of kindness in sharing My love.  I also give a big "wow" when you allow My wisdom to permeate your mind, reviving your soul and bringing My life more fully into your life.  I am astonished at those moments in your life just like you are astonished by My powerful gifts that I give to you. 
     We have a mutual admiration society going between us.   I appreciate you just as much as you appreciate Me.  That's what a  loving family does, it meets the needs of others.   
     Love, God
Romans 10:13; Psalm 4:1; Psalm 5:3; Psalm 6:9; Psalm 17:1; Daniel 2:23; Jonah 2:9; Mark 6;52; John 2:11; I Corinthians 12:1-11.
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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Dear One,
    To be unconditionally loved and to show love are the Utopia of the human spirit. 
     People reach for wealth and it doesn't satisfy.
     People reach for positions of importance and they don't satisfy.
     People seek for fulfillment in a mate, but the mate can't satisfy the hunger for true and unconditional love.
     People seek for peace through alcohol and drugs.  They can't satisfy.
     The only real, lasting satisfaction and total fulfilment comes when a person knows that he or she is loved unconditionally by Me, as revealed by My Holy Spirit.
     The reason that My love is the only complete fulfillment is because the human spirit was created to receive My love for its completion just like I created the human mind to receive My truth for its completion.
      My children will search and search until they find My Holy Spirit and receive from Him the revelation of My unconditional love, which is the epitome of truth.
      My children will also search and search for truths until they receive more of My truths, being thrilled with every little nugget and tidbit of truth that is revealed.
       When a person has received the truth about My love through revelation by My Spirit, and when the person has received other truths from My Spirit, then the person knows complete fulfillment and satisfaction.  It is the Utopia that is desired.
        I said to seek Me with your whole heart and you will find Me.  I'm not hiding from anyone.  I am readily accessible.  Those who seek Me will find Me.
                                                                                    Love, God
Matthew 6:31-33; Matthew 13:45-46; Ephesians 3:1-6; Romans 5:5-9; Ephesians 3:14-20.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Dear One,
     Have you wondered why Jesus said to do to others as you would have them do to you? There is a spiritual principle in that advice that you need to know about.  It is a spiritual principle that has been in operation in the heavens since the world was created.  It is the principle of seed planting and harvest.  Whatever seeds you plant in the lives of others will come up as produce in your life.
     The truth of that principle is that when you do things to make other people happy, you have also made yourself happy, too, because either that person or another person will do something to make you happy.  It's a spiritual truth that will happen every time, seed planting and harvest, seed planting and harvest. 
     You do not plant strawberry seeds and reap turnips.  It can't happen.  It's the same with the truth of doing to others as you would have them do to you.  What you do to others will be produced in your life, as well.
     You must remember, though, that the principle works for bad actions as well as good actions.  That's why Jesus spoke so often about it.  If you plant seeds of sour tasting, gnarled, ugly fruit in the lives of others, you will reap produce from the same plants.  They will boomerang back on you in some way.
     I was trying to teach My children through Jesus the first lesson in seed planting and harvest when I gave the Golden Rule of doing to others as you would have them do to you.  Doing good, even to those who have done evil to you, will produce good events in your life.
     Doing evil to others will come back in the form of bad events in your life.   It can't happen any other way because of the spiritual principle of seed planting and harvest.
     Also, doing good to others makes you happy because you see the happiness that the acts produce.  Joy begets joy.  Kindness begets kindness.  Forgiveness begets forgiveness. Peace begets peace.  Gracious acts beget gracious acts.  Happiness begets happiness.
     The principle that Jesus so emphatically taught about doing to others as you would have them do to you is just another way of saying that the seeds that you plant will produce plants in your life, maybe not immediately but they will come back upon you sometime in the future.
      I intended for all of My children to plant good seeds because they are made in my image.  But, when evil came into the world at the invitation of Man, the devil began to influence My children to plant evil seeds in their lives by doing evil to others.  The objective of evil was to curse my children, which is what evil produces, curses.
      I teach My children through the statements of Jesus and through My Spirit to always plant good seeds of love, forgiveness, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, patience, self control and faith because those seeds will always overcome evil and reverse curses in the lives of My children.
      Remember, when you do things to make other people happy, you have made yourself happy, also.   It's guaranteed.
                                                                                      Love, God 
Matthew 5:43-48; Matthew 7:9-12; Mark 4:3-9;  Ephesians 4:1- 7; Romans 12:21; Hebrews 10:23-24
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Dear One,
     There are ministers of the religious community who want to make sure that My children do not forget that they are "sinners".  They seem to harp on that fact more than they encourage My children that they are redeemed by the blood of Jesus.  Religion wants My children to become more conscious of sins than they are conscious of their own righteousness through My Spirit who is the purifier of all things. 
     There are also people who want to remind Me regularly that they are sinners instead of being my children, righteous because of My Spirit who lives inside of them.  I don't need to be reminded of your occasional flings with the devil by walking in the flesh instead of walking in My Spirit.
     Your determination to stop the activities that cause you problems is enough for Me.  I know your heart.  I see your determination, not your indiscretions and mistakes.
     I said that if My children would pray and turn from their wicked ways and seek My face, then I would heal their land.  I'm still in the land-healing business today.
     My concern for you is that you will finally turn and go in the other direction away from sinful ways, which is what repentance really is, choosing to follow me again rather than choosing to participate in activities that will hurt you which are instigated by the evil one.
     Walking in my Spirit and being led by My Spirit so that you will always have My blessings instead of the curses of satan  is My desire for you.  I made it possible by washing you clean and giving you the power to be My child.   Now you are righteous.  I desire that you be conscious of My righteousness inside of you which makes you My much loved child.
     Love, God
II Chronicles 7:14; Matthew 3:3-4; Matthew 3:11; I Corinthians 6:20;  Isaiah 1:18-20;
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Dear One,
      You sometimes forget that your sins, iniquities and transgressions are all washed away, cleansed by the power of My Spirit that is in the blood of Jesus and is present in My blood.  You are scrubbed, bleached and white as snow. 
     More often you forget that the sins, iniquities and transgressions of others are all washed away, cleansed by the power of My spirit that is in the blood of Jesus and is present in in My blood, too.  They are scrubbed, bleached and white as snow.
    The only one who wants to remind you of your mistakes and failures and sins and and transgressions is the devil.  Reminding you of them is his greatest pleasure because he loves to condemn and judge you and all of My children.  If he can succeed in making you feel guilty and feel condemned, he can send his demons to curse you with the curses that he institutes when My children are under religious laws.  Your religious leaders are his most efficient ministers of his curses that come from guilt and condemnation.  You should run from those accusations as fast as you can.
     Reminding you of your past mistakes is his way of resurrecting the past and making you pay again and again for them.  How many times do you think you have to feel guilty to be cleansed?  A hundred times?  A million times?  No.
      Your past mistakes are erased, annihilated and no longer existent.  The only way they can be resurrected is if you fall for the trick of the devil and resurrect them in your mind.  When they reappear in your mind with the objective of condemning you, you can tell them that your brother Jesus has already paid for them, that He was the propitiation for all sins and they are forgiven and forgotten as far as the east is from the west. The devil already knows that truth, but he hates it when you remind him of it.  When you speak that truth to him, he knows you have all power over him and he has no power over you.
     Making you conscious of sin is his most powerful weapon of destruction because he makes you focus on his works in your life rather than you focusing on My works in your life through the ministry of Jesus, which was to destroy the works of the devil.
      You can say, like Jesus did, "It is finished," when you are reminded of past mistakes.  When you are reminded of them, you can say, "Be gone, accuser of the brethren.  My brother Jesus already robbed you of your power to condemn when He died on the cross and was resurrected on My behalf. "
      When the devil knows he can't fool you into becoming conscious of sins and thus feeling guilty and condemned, he will leave you just like he left Jesus in the wilderness when he tempted Jesus.  Fooling you is not easy for him.  You know Jesus and You know Me and you know the power of My Spirit.  What more do you need?  Nothing.
       Love, God
Romans 3;22-26; I John 2:1-12; I John 4:9-19; John 17:4; John 19-30; Matthew 4:1-11.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dear One,
     Prejudice is learned behavior.
     Hatred is learned behavior.
     Anger is learned behavior.
     Conflict is learned behavior.
     Domination is learned behavior.
     Unnecessary submission is learned behavior.
     Abuse is learned behavior.
     Love is learned behavior.
     Mercy is learned behavior.
     Peace is learned behavior.
     Patience is learned behavior.   
     Goodness is learned behavior.
     Family dynamics and experiences teach people prejudice, conflict, hatred, anger, domination, abuse and unnecessary submission.
     I teach My children through My Spirit love, joy, peace, faith, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and inclusion.  I give them the Spiritual power to adopt My family characteristics into their lives.  Then their new family dynamics will always be to love unconditionally and to sow peace in every situation.
     My children who are led by My Spirit will display My family characteristics in their lives. 
     You've heard that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, meaning the characteristics of parents are adopted by their children.   My children who are intimately acquainted with Me as their Loving Father will consistently love other people because they are loved by Me.  Love seeds grow love plants.   You must be a descendant of My Love to become Love to others. Learn love from Me.  Then you will love unconditinoally and be called My child.
     Love, God
Galatians 5:16-26; Ephesians 3:14-20; James 2:1-9; I John 3:7-10; I John 4:6-12; I john 4:19-21. 
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Monday, November 12, 2012


Dear One,
     Praying at all times in the Holy Spirit is peppering the earth's atmosphere and the spiritual atmosphere with My words.  When you do pray at all times in the Holy Spirit you are furthering the creative nature of My words.  That will guarantee success in all areas of your life.
     Remembering that My words do not return to Me void, but they accomplish what I send them forth to do, that truth should give you faith that all things will work together for your good when you are dedicated to praying in the Holy Spirit and being led by My Spirit.
     My words created the earth and My words still create in the earth.  They not only create, they re-create things and people, changing their very nature. 
     I said that faith can move mountains.  Your faith in the power of My supernatural words can actually do that.  Plus, they can move people to do what needs to be done in order to perfect things for My children and give them the desires of their heart. 
     My words through your mouth in My language are the powerful key because they are the outgrowth of My promise given to My children from the beginning, that I would live in them in the personhood of My Holy Spirit and I would be their loving Father.
      Fathers arrange good things for their children.  I can do so much more for you when you are praying in the Holy Spirit, speaking My will in every situation that concerns you.
      Love, God
Jude 1:20; Jeremiah 1:9-12; Isaiah 55:10-13; I Corinthians 14:14-18; Romans 8:26-29; Matthew 21:22; John 14:15-17; Acts 1:4-5; Acts 2:1-4.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Dear One,
     Always be a watchman, watching out for warning signs at all times.
     One thing to always watch for is signs of abuse in varying forms.  They are unmistakable, they are obvious and they are revealing.  They point to bigger problems such as verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse.  They hide, but they are always later revealed in more obvious ways.  They might have the faces of extreme teasing or sarcasm but they can escalate to other more obvious forms of abuse if left unchecked and unidentified.   They hide but they are eventually revealed in other more injurious ways.  Give them the right name of abuse, plain and simple. 
      Give all forms of belittling and control their right name, which is abuse. 
      If you will bring them to the light, they will lose their power over the victims and be revealed as what they are, which is demonic.  
      Identify the demons, then cast them out if the person is willing. If the person is not willing, then do not put yourself under the control of that horrendous demon who wants to rob you of self respect, self realization and success. 
      Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil.  The Holy Spirit in you carries out the same commission, destroying the works of the devil. 
      Abuse is the devil's  most powerful weapon against My children because through it he can completely control a person with fear. That is from hell for sure and causes hell on earth for the victim. 
       Watch and be alert for the first signs of abuse.  It ridicules and belittles My precious children, young ones and old ones. 
     Often the carrier of the abuse demon is oblivious to the fact that he or she is a operating under the influence of a demon.  They often think it is just normal behavior, because it is normal behavior for them.
       Love elevates others.  Abuse tears them down.
       Watch and be alert, identifying it in your mind as what it is. Then come to Me for your instructions on what to do in the matter.  I want people freed from that demon and its rampages. 
       Love, God
I John 3:8; Matthew 5:21-22; Ephesians 4:29-32; Colossians 3:8-10; Colossians 3:21; Romans 15:14; Romans 15:17-21.    

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Dear One,
     Patience will always produce good results. 
     People say, "It always works out in the end."  Professing that saying is a form of faith, faith in the elementary elements of the world working together to bring good results.
     Things are guaranteed to work out with perfect results eventually if you will combine faith in Me with the faith and patience that is incumbent within "things working out in the end."  When you think about it, that saying promotes patience, the willingness to wait for good results to present themselves in the end.
      Faith and patience are spiritual fraternal twins because they come from Me as two of the characteristics of My gifts to you from My Spirit.
      Patience is always based on complete trust in Me and My abilities.  Patience is based on insight that I am constantly working out intricate details in the situation, changing circumstances and changing people so that things will all work together for your common good.       
       Faith cannot produce anything without patience because faith makes a person willing to wait until the prayers are answered.  Faith also knows that the perfect answer is relative to your putting patience into play. 
       Faith and patience confess thanks to Me long before the answer is manifested because faith sees things that are not as thought they were.
       Faith knows Me as Creator of the world and faith knows that I never stopped creating.  I continue to create when I answer your prayers. 
       Faith always produces wonderful results when it is combined with patience.
                                                                                  Love, God
Romans 4:17; Romans 5:3-6; Romans 8:24-25; Colossians 1:10-12; I Thessalonians 5:14; I Timothy 6:11-12; Hebrews 6:12-15; Hebrews 10:36; Hebrews 12:1-.2.
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Friday, November 9, 2012


Dear One,
     Community is so important.  The community of believers is important to your social, your emotional and your physical life.  Even the community of nonbelievers is important to your happiness because each person has his gifts that I gave to My children which would enable everyone to get their earthly needs met.
     You have seen when tragedy strikes how people rush to meet the needs of the person, supplying what is needed according to the talents of the community. The community in every venue exists for the good of its members.
     You have seen how different groups have the talents and gifts needed within that group to supply every area of need, whether it's a spiritual need, a material need or an emotional need.
     Community members go outside of their own usual gatherings to extend love and earthly benefits to others, perpetuating the fulfillment of all earthly needs.
     There are needs that go beyond what a community can supply.  Those are needs that are spiritual and go beyond the spiritual fulfillment that people can meet  That is why I sent My Holy Spirit, to meet the needs that are demonic in origin.  Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil and My Spirit is continuing His work in the earth.
     Some of those needs are for healing where physicians and medicine cannot cure.     
     There are emotional and mental needs that psychologists and medications cannot meet that only My Spirit can give insight and wisdom relating to those problems. 
     There are problems involving conflicts between people that counselors do not know how to negotiate.  I can give the perfect strategies toward creating peace in those situations through My Spirit. 
     There are battles and onslaughts by the devil that humans have absolutely no weapons which are effective against the evil forces at the base of the situations.  Only My Spirit and His words in prayers can deal with the perpetrators of the evil, chasing them out and sending them to hell, bringing peace to the people.
     The community is important, but there are limits to the effectiveness of community.  That's where I come in, to do what humans cannot do.
     You can study the power of My Spirit and what He can do in the earth.  All of My power is available in Him to correct and perfect what people do not have the ability to perfect in the earth.
     I have provided everything necessary for life and godliness through My Spirit.    
     Learn about Me and My Spirit and then you will be educated on My power.  You will be able to employ My promise to My children to the fullest degree. I am your Father.  I supply everything for you.
     Love, God    
I Corinthians 2:12-16; I Corinthians 12: 29-31; I Corinthians 13:1-8; Ephesians 4:10-16;  Colossians 1:25-29.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dear One,
     Following My advice gives great rewards.
     I caution you.
     I impress upon you insight.
     I attempt to save you from problems.
     I alert you to any dangers that are ahead of you.
     I lead you into My paths of righteousness where you won't be hurt.
     I warn you to keep your mouth from joining in with the devil's curses.
     I discern the spirits of good and the spirits of evil for you.
     I teach you, using many tools, sometimes experience and sometimes adverse situations.  I prefer to teach you without bad earthly situations, preferring only the teachings of My Spirit inside of you.
     I use My wisdom to reveal to you spiritual truths which will benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually. 
     I am your private tutor.  The difference in an earthly private tutor and Me, as your spiritual private tutor, is that My words, leadings, impressions, warnings, alerts, cautions and discernment come into your thoughts from My Spirit who is inside of you. Tthe earthly tutor teaches with audible words. 
     The greatest advantage to being taught by Me is that My words have power to change you, your family, your circumstances and your situations.  My power that is inside of My words changes everything.
     I go to great lengths to rescue you from the evil one.
     Stop, look, listen and act according to My instructions.
     Love, God
I Corinthians 12: 4-11; Psalm 23; John 14: 15-16; John 15:7-11; John 16:7-15; Romans 8:7-17. 
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Dear One,
     You should care for your body like you care for your most prized possession.  It is your most prized earthly possession because it houses your true person, your spirit. 
     Your body is also My most prized possession because it houses My Spirit, too, if you have invited Him into your life.  Where My Spirit is, there I am.  My dwelling place in the earth is in the bodies of My children, not in wood or brick or metal buildings. 
     Because I live in My children, I sing when they sing.  I dance when they dance.  I pray when they pray.  You are My presence in the earth.
     I want you to take care of My temple, your body, just like people took care of the Ark of the Covenant under the old covenant.  The attention of the priests and others was commendable.  My presence was in that Ark and later in the Temple because the way had not been paved for Me to live in the spirits of My children.  But now, under the New Covenant with all people, I have chosen to live inside of My children.
     I don't want you to give Me a body that is overstressed, over tired, over worked, over involved, weak, controlling, over fed, angry, strife-filled or the like. My dwelling place should be kind, loving, clean, groomed, healthy, merciful, loving, joyful, faithful and wise.  It should be a reflection of My life which is inside of you.
     I was specific in giving the design for My temporary temple to men under the first covenant. I am just as concerned about your diligence in caring for My temple, your body, under My new and final covenant with people.
     Your attitudes should be My attitudes.  Your food should be nutritious and healthy.  Your rest should be plentiful.  Cleanliness should be observed.
     Make the outside of your body a reflection of the inside where I live. I have given specific instructions related to this in My Instruction Book relating to thoughts, words, attitudes and actions.  Jesus taught extensively about it, as did Peter and Paul.  Research them and let My Spirit enlighten you about taking care of the housing for your spirit and My Spirit.
     "Don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit?"
     Love, God
I Corinthians 6:17-19; Philippians 4:6-8; Matthew 5, 6 and 7; II Peter 1:3-11.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Dear One,
     "Whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive it."
     Does that sound entirely too simple?  Well, it is.  I make everything simple for My children.
     When you see yourself in your mind possessing what you desire that is one of My promises to you, it becomes yours at that moment.  Later, when all of the earthly elements have been fulfilled, it becomes yours in reality.
     You often forget that your inheritance is already yours.  It was bought with a price and all of it has been deposited into your spiritual bank account so that when you desire to withdraw it from the account, which is My storehouse for you, it becomes yours.
      I make everything simple for you.  Only your enemy makes things difficult for you.  He does not want you to have any of your inheritance.  He wants to use you and your behavior to block all of your inheritance from coming to you, so he tempts you with unbelief, strife, division, judgment, anger, hatred, wrath, railing, envy, jealousy and all the rest of his demonic personnel that he sends to take your blessings from you.  The devil can't do it alone. he has to get you to work along with him because you are the authority in the earth.  If he can get you to operate in his activities he will, in essence, be getting your permission to rob you.
     When your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions stem from My characteristics, always being based in love, then your permission is given for My angels to bring things necessary for your prosperity in all areas into your life.
     I never withhold from you what I have promised.
     Love, God        
Matthew 21:22; Mark 11:24-26; John 16:25-28; James 1:-5-7; James 4:1-3; !I Peter 1:3-11. 

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Monday, November 5, 2012


Dear One,
     You depend upon My wisdom and insight and knowledge to teach you and enlighten you.   That pleases Me. 
     You depend upon My guidance to show you paths of righteousness, where to go, where not to go, which ways are advantageous.  That pleases Me. 
     Now you need to learn to rely upon My minute by minute words of caution, My leadings and promptings that I give all the time to prevent you or others from making mistakes that can harm you or inconvenience them or you.   Those are equally as important as the other communication from Me as your Father. 
     Make it a practice to always immediately act in accordance with My promptings.  There is always a good reason, one that is beneficial either to you or to others.
     My minute by minute promptings are usually in the still, small Voice from the inside of you.
     If a good earthly father were to prompt you to do something that would cause you to avoid trouble, you would instantaneously take his advice. 
     When a child is young and is about to engage in actions that would harm him, the father has to yell at him to get his attention.  But, when the child is much older, the father only has to speak in an emphatic, calm voice to get his attention and elicit a change in the child's actions. 
     My alerts are much more important.  There are more critical and lasting consequences to whether you take My advice or not.
     Remember My advantage  point.  I am able to see more clearly than you the plans of the enemy to cause you problems.  I will alert you, hoping that you will take my advice.  So much depends upon your acting upon My counsel.
     Love, God
I Kings 19:12;  Psalms 29:2-11; John 14:15-17; John 15:7-11;John 16:7-15; Psalm 1
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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Dear One,
    Want a big laugh?  Such joy is available to you when you allow My joy, a fruit of My Spirit, to grow from the inside of you where My Spirit is housed, letting it overflow to the outside and overtake every thought of despair.
    Just like good overcomes evil and love overcomes hate, My joy overcomes all sadness and despair.
    My joy is full of glory.  There doesn't have to be a funny circumstance for you to have joy.  Joy doesn't depend upon outward circumstances.  It is only dependent upon your allowing My Spirit to baptize you with My joy.
   Joy will overtake you and give you relief from life's problems.
   The full benefit and real value of My joy is unknown to My children.  When you yield to My Spirit of joy, then any negative spirits that have been ministering to you have to leave your surroundings because they cannot stand to hear the verbal effects of your joy, that being your laughter and happy words.
    The negative spirits love to hear your verbal expressions of despair and unhappiness.  They love to hear you give praise to their work.  When you are speaking your despair, they know that their work has been successful.  But, when you express joy, the evil spirits know that I have won a battle and they leave the premises.
     So joy announces to the heavens that you and I have won another battle. 
     Joy heals you, cleanses your spiritual atmosphere and allows My angels to continue their work in your behalf, which is to make you more happy and more joyful.  
                                                  Love, God
Psalm 5:11-12; Psalm 16:11; Psalm 21:1- 4; Psalm 27:6; Psalm 32:11; Isaiah 12:2-6; John 17:13-15; I Peter 1;7-10.
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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Dear One,
     If you will avoid all the "dis" attitudes, which come from your thoughts, you will find that your life will be happy and prosperous. 
     I'm referring to attitudes of discontentment, dis-ease, dissentson, discouragement, distrust, disappointment, disillusion, discrimination, discord, discomfort, discourteous, discontent, dishonest, disagree and disrespect, etc.  To "dis" something is to be deprived of something.   When you engage in "dis" attitudes you rob others and yourself of happiness and prosperity.
     My Spirit said through Paul that you should be happy in whatever station you find yourself, thanking Me for the current blessings.  That advice was so that you would put yourself in a frame of mind that will attract future blessings to you.
     Griping, complaining and sowing dissension, discord, discontent and disagreement will only bring things into your life that will bring more situations into your life to further those destructive attitudes.
     I sent My Spirit into your life to bring My gifts of wisdom, knowledge, healings of mind and body, miracles, prophesy, tongues and interpretation, faith and discerning of spirits to aid you in banishing the words of the devil.
     I taught about obstacles of discord, dissension and disagreement when I taught about keeping peace with everyone.
     I taught about defeating disease when I taught about My gifts of healings.
     I taught about the obstacles of being discourteous, disrespect and discriminatory when I taught you to treat people who are in low stations in life just like you treat those people in high stations.
     I taught about the obstacles of discontent, discouragement and  disappointment when I taught about not being concerned about what you should eat or drink or if you would be clothed.
     I taught about being merciful, loving and speaking words that edify the hearers.
     I also taught about the obstacle of discouragement when I taught you to fight the good fight of faith.  You can't be courageous and be discouraged at the same time.  Being courageous in your battle against the devil in prayers and attitudes will bring all of My blessings into your life.  Becoming discouraged will cause you to remain in your situations of unhappiness, lack and poverty.
      I taught about the obstacle of distrust and disillusionment when I taught about your trusting Me to supply all of your needs and that you should speak the things that are not as through they were.  That is professing your trust in Me.
     I taught about attitudes because I want you to have My attitudes of courage, respect, mercy, faith, trust, courtesy, harmony, love and peace. 
     Become a watchman and begin to monitor your thoughts and cast out the ones that are sent by your enemy to sabotage your blessings.  That's the only way he can do it is by incorporating you into his works.  When you agree with him by entertaining negative thoughts and attitudes, you have lost the fight of faith and handed it over to your enemy.
      You have the choice of believing Me or believing the enemy of destruction. 
       Refuse to cooperate in your destruction.  Choose to cooperate with Me for your abundant life which I promised.
      Love, God
Matthew 5, 6 and 7; I John 4:18; II Corinthians 10:4-5; Philippians 4:19; Timothy 6:11-2; Romans 4:17-20.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear One,
     Just think for a moment about the healing elements that I put into the human body when I first created it. 
     When I made you in My image I put chemicals in the human blood that would cleanse and purify cells as it flows through them. 
      I put mucous membranes that would carry bacteria out of the body and I put the waste tract that would aid in eliminating poisons from the body.
     I did all of that so that the bodies of all of My children would be purified and cleansed from contaminants. 
     I also gave and still give wisdom and knowledge to medical experts about how to combine certain chemicals to aid in healing the bodies of My children where there are more serious contaminants present. 
      When all of those fail, I give, through M;y Holy Spirit, the gifts of healings to do mighty works that go beyond the body's ability to heal itself and beyond the medical community's expertise in aiding in healing. 
       I fulfill every need of My children physically, mentally and spiritually because I am the Father of all mankind.  I cover all the bases for you.
       Love, God
Genesis 1:26-28; Matthew 4:24; Matthew 6:23; Matthew 8:16-17;Matthew 10:8; I Corinthians 12:4-11; Ephesians 4:15-16.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Dear One,
     Panic happens when a person feels that complete loss of control is about to happen, that impending doom is around the corner. Panic is the reaction of your body and mind to loss of control.  Panic is the height, breadth, width and depth of the devil's emotion of fear because it completely engulfs the person, resulting in what the person originally feared, which is loss of control.
      When you are uneducated in something with no insight into it, you often panic when you are faced with it. An example is encountering a snake.  If you are ignorant of the outward signs of snakes indicating whether snakes are poisonous or not you might panic when encountering one. But, if you are educated to recognize the shape of the heads of snakes and certain markings, then you will remain calm because you know whether there is danger or not.  Knowledge is the basis upon whether you will remain calm and not panic.
     The same truth relates to prejudice.  When children are unfamiliar with people of other races and religions, they become fearful and often panic when encountering someone with a skin color different from his own.  The child will judge the person as a threat and run from the stranger.  Adults do the same things, pre-judging people of different religions, ethnic backgrounds and skin colors.  It is fear that is at the basis of all prejudice, racial prejudice as well as ethnic and religious prejudices, fear of loss of control of one's rights, his freedoms or his station in life.
     Panic in unfamiliar situations, circumstance or localities is also about loss of control, fearing someone will attack and you won't have the arsenal to defend yourself.
     My children who know My voice and know My truth about My angelic protection of them are panic-free because they know Me and know that they are always in control of things because of the power of My Spirit within them.   I said, "Of whom should you be afraid?"  No one and no thing.  I have given you authority over snakes and scorpions and fear itself.  Fear comes to destroy My children.  You have authority over it.
     Let Me educate you on your authority in the earth.  That knowledge will chase fear and panic away like the coward that it is.
     You are My child.  You have dominion.  Because I live in you, you have authority over anything that would harm you.  Use it for your good.
     Love, God
Matthew 20:25-28; Luke 9:1-2; Mark 16:17-19; John 1:12-13; I John 5:13-15; Romans 6:9; Ephesians 1:17-23; John 14:27.