Tuesday, September 30, 2014


How blessed you become when you realize that My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts. My thoughts are higher in wisdom, in insight, in knowledge and in strategies which lead to solutions for you. If it were up to you, you would only reward those who think like you do, act like you do, believe like you do and look like you look; but I cause it to rain on the just and the unjust, causing the plants to sprout so that there will be seed for the sower and bread for the eater. I said that My words that go forth in the earth will not return to Me void but they will accomplish the good that I sent them forth to do. There are people who by culture and upbringing do what I encourage My children to do, walk in peace with all people.

 They do not call themselves by My name but because they do what I command My children to do, they set themselves on the pathway of receiving My blessings. One of the admonitions that I spoke to My children who were under My covenant with a nation is that the wicked man should forsake his ways and the unrighteousness person his thoughts and let him or her return to Me and I will have love, pity and mercy on that person. Very often My children who are called by My name take on wicked ways and entertain unrighteous thoughts, all because they think they are special and are above others. They have not taken on the attitude of Jesus of whom it is said was lowly in heart, becoming a servant. The ones who think they are special exalt themselves above others. The key is to keep your thoughts pure and of a good report. That becomes a reality when you think My thoughts which are higher than your thoughts. My thoughts are not thoughts of fear, judgment and dread. They are thoughts of mercy, faith, love and unity. They are thoughts of being at peace with all people. You can choose to have this mantra "I do not fear." I gave you the ability to choose your thoughts and your words. When your ways become wicked by putting yourself above others, and your thoughts are unrighteous, meaning they are critical and judgmental instead of forgiving and peaceful, then you have allowed the devil to erect a barrier between you and your blessings. You can choose to have this mantra "I do not judge." I said that when you return to Me, you will go forth will joy and be led by peace. I said instead of thorns and briars in your life, you will eat the good of the land. Forsake those thoughts from hell which elevate you above others. Have the same thoughts that were in Christ Jesus who took upon himself the attitude of a servant. You are My child and you must serve peace, love, joy and mercy to other people. Your Loving Father Isaiah 55:7-11; Philippians 4:8-9; I John 4:18-19; Psalm 139:23-24; Proverbs 23:7; Psalm 19:4.
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Monday, September 29, 2014


Dear One, We have talked many times about My admonitions through David, the man who was said to be after My own heart. My advice to My children not to fret has been repeated many times in My Instruction Book. I told you not to fret because of evildoers, meaning don't fret when evil spirits bring bad things into your life. I told you also not to fret because of those evil spirits who work unrighteousness in your life. I told you that they will soon be cut down like grass and wither like green herbs. Instead of fretting because bad things happen to you, I told you to trust in Me and do good and you will dwell in the land and feed on My faithfulness to you. Then I reinforced My promise when I said that you WILL be fed. Then I told you the attitude that should be emanating from you when i said to delight yourself in Me and I will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart. To delight yourself is to have great pleasure in Me, to be joyful in Our relationship, to take great pleasure in knowing Me and depending upon Me. When you delight in Me, you know Me well enough that you know when you roll every care onto me that I will bring the solutions to pass.

  When you delight in Me, I will make your righteousness a light to the world and your goodness to shine as the noonday sun. I said that you must stop fretting, that you must still your anxious mind and know that the evil doers will soon be cut off. I said that those who wait patiently on Me will inherit My promises while in the land. Another caveat given through David is that you cease from anger and wrath because they tend to evil-doing. That is why Jesus said to do good to those who do evil to you. In going good to those who have caused you distress you defeat the anger and wrath in you and in them. . I said that the meek inherit the earth and delight themselves in the abundance of peace. So My advice through David not to fret, instead to delight yourself in Me, to roll all your cares on Me, to cease from anger and wrath and to remain meek will all result in the evildoers being cut off before they can attack you. Learn to delight yourself in Me. When you do, you will have the desires and the secret petitions of your heart. because you have rolled all cares onto Me and you trust Me to handle them. After all, I am your Loving Father and I care for you. Your Loving Father Psalm 37:1-11; Psalm 40:8; Psalm 40:16; Psalm 70:4; Psalm 90:14; Psalm 92:4-5; Psalm 94:19; Psalm 119:6; Psalms 119:24; Psalm 119:47.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Dear One, There are many kinds of judgment. One beneficial kind of judgment is for My children to discern the difference between good and bad thoughts which come to their minds. In other words it is the action of discerning of spirits which is a gift of My Holy Spirit. My Spirit reveals to My children who are attentive to My word when they are being tempted by evil or led by good guidance. Judging the origin of the thoughts and then commanding the negative or evil one to depart is a good kind of judging, which comes from Me. So judging of evil spirits is a ministry of My Holy Spirit. Judging other people is not a good kind of judgment.

That is the judgment that I told My children not to do because it brings the same degree of judgment back on the one who judges. When you judge people, you are acting from the motivation of the devil who is the author of evil judgment of people. You see, he was ostracized from My heaven so he wants to entice as many of My children as possible to also be judged because they have judged other people. In doing that, he feels that he has gotten back at Me for throwing him out of My kingdom. Judging other people for their beliefs, their religious doctrines, their physical attributes, their habits, their cultures, their attire or their actions is the kind of judging that will return judgment to you. You are judging the person instead of rightfully judging he motivating spirits behind them. Jesus said that He did not judge but when He did judge he judged rightfully, meaning that he discerned the evil spirits behind the person and He did not condemn the person. A subtle form of evil judgment is blame. The spirits behind the fallen nature of people always prompts them to blame someone when a bad incident happens. They immediately search for the person to blame. That inclination of being persistent to place the blame on someone is from the evil kind of judging. It wants to punish the person who appears to have done something wrong, pointing the finger at the wrongdoer. Forgiveness, which is My motivation, flies out the window and blame, judging and condemnation become the motivating emotion toward the person who seems to be a problem to you. In that scenario you forget that evil spirits are at the basis of the problem, not the person. When Jesus was teaching about judging others He said that I judge no person and that He judges and condemns no one, but that when He does judge that His judgment is right, meaning that He judges the evil spirits behind the incident, not the person. Then He made His insight clear when He said that people judge by the outward actions but He looks on the spirit, meaning that He looks at the evil spirit behind the actions and condemns those evil spirits. My children must be wary of the spirit of blame. It will entice you to immediately judge and condemn a person when a wrong is done. My instructions is that you forgive the person but judge the evil spirit behind the action. Then you will escape the boomerang judgment that happens when you judge a person, inviting a judgment back on yourself. You should always remember that the word "sin" never refers to a human action but it refers to the evil spirit behind the action. That is why there are instances when Jesus healed a person that he merely forgave the sins of the person, meaning he released from the person the demon that caused the sickness. When he was challenged by the religious leaders for forgiving sins, Jesus said that it's the same thing, His saying, "Rise and walk," and His saying, "Your sins are forgiven," which means the evil spirit which caused the sickness was released from the body of the person, causing the person to be healed. Instead of blaming someone for an evil action, seek to receive a revelation of the evil spirit behind the action which enticed the person to do an evil act. Can you see that forgiveness is easy when you know the motivation of an evil action is a demonic spirit instead of the person? The person has just obeyed an evil spirit, which you have done many times, also. If you judge a person for an action, the source of the action, who is the devil, will return the same judgment to you. Then he has "killed two birds with one stone," or caused two people to be judged instead of one. Everything good that happens in the earth is motivated by Me. Everything bad that happens in the earth is motivated by evil spirits. Always judge the evil spirits, not the person because in judging the person you are inviting judgment on yourself. Jesus was clear when He said judge not lest you be judged. I am in the restoration business, restoring you and also restoring all people to My blessings. Pray for the restoration of all people but judge the evil spirits behind every evil action. Your Loving Father Romans 3:23; Matthew 7:1-5; Matthew 9:2- 8; John 5:22-23; John 7:24: John 8;15-16; John 12:47-48; John 16:5-11;

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Dear One, I have told you that there are solutions to every problem and that no problem will ever happen in your life that is not common to people. You have told your children that there is a solution to every problem. So when a problem arises why do My children fall apart and get panicky, fearful and hopeless? It's because of the human emotions which are fed by the father of lies, the devil, into the minds of My children. Always remember the truth that I spoke to your friend, do not handle things in your emotions because you are no match for the devil there. The secret is to switch channels from your human emotions into the channel of My spiritual emotions where there is faith to move mountains. That channel is always available for you to access, just like I am always available. One way to switch channels is to cast down imaginations and everything that exalts itself against what I say about the matter, that there is a viable solution that is available with faith and patience. Another way is to speak the things that are not as through they were. Speak your confidence in Me along with declaring that I have the solutions immediately available to remedy the situation. Another way is to renew your mind with My promises, then speaking them as your declaration of faith. If you have to declare them a hundred times in a day, so what? You have glorified My abilities every time as you have expressed faith in Me. Another way, and the most important way, is to bring Me wholeheartedly into the situation by allowing My Holy Spirit to pray My words by your praying in My prayer language which is the exercise of allowing Me to speak the solution to the angels who will get on the matter posthaste to bring the solution into existence. Pray until you know there is victory. Then you must exercise your faith and patience until the solution is manifested. Your past confidence was expressed in speaking the scripture, "I know Him in whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day." Your speaking of faith empowers the angels and Me to be speedy in our endeavors because of your spoken confidence. Human emotions will delay any solution because they are usually motivated by fear, which is the opposite of faith. Fear is confidence in the works of evil. Faith is confidence in Me and My ability to expeditiously provide the solution to our problem. I said that in Christ Jesus nothing is yes and no, but in Him everything is yes and amen, so be it. I am the Father of good solutions. Put your confidence in Me. Love, God I Corinthians 10:12-13; I Corinthians 1:19-20; Romans 12:2; Romans 4:17-21; II Timothy 1:12-12; II Corinthians 10:3-5; Jude 20. http

Friday, September 26, 2014


Dear One, Sometimes My children get things reversed in their minds. Sometimes My children get extreme in their devotion. For instance, certain of My children get upset when others do not show respect for national symbols, flags, seals and similar things which are only inanimate representations of their countries. In their extreme patriotism they put their devotion onto symbols of their countries. The people who make up the country are often maligned and hated by the ones who are devoted to the flags of their countries. The people of a country are the country, not the symbols. When a person curses, hates and maligns the officials whom they have elected, that is being unpatriotic because the people of a country make up the country, not the flags and symbols. The people who criticize others who do not salute the flags of a country are often criticizing the ones who are the most patriotic because they are merciful, kind and loving toward the people of the country. The people are the country, not the symbols. Jesus spoke this truth when he spoke to the Scribes and Pharisees who were proud of their religious patriotism. He said that they were hypocrites because they paid their religious and political tithes yet they omitted the most important things which were mercy, righteous judgment and faith. He said that they should have done the things which related to people and to Me. He said they had neglected the things which I commanded of loving Me, which is faith, and loving their neighbors as themselves, which involves mercy. In other words He said that the people make up their country and they had neglected them while they paid their tithes which were required. He said that the people are more important than obeying every tithing law of their countries. The righteous judgment of which He spoke is the discerning of spirit which causes you to see what is important to Me, which are My children. He further said that they should pay allegiance to their countries but to make important in their lives what is important to Me, which are people who are created in My image. Be cautious when you say, "My country, right or wrong." Do you want the curses to come upon you that come upon your country when atrocities are done to people in the name of your country? I think not. Get your thinking right. Don't speak evil about people who do not salute your flag or pledge allegiance to your country. Sometimes their allegiance is to Me instead, and their respect for those who are in authority in your country is more important than their saluting a symbol of your country. Are flags more important than people and are seals more important than My admonitions to you? I told My children to pray for those who are in authority over them so that they will lead a peaceful life. Some of My children want to find offense with everyone in the name of religion and patriotism. Those people do not lead a peaceful life because of their judging of others If you are after a peaceful life, follow the advice of Jesus and do the more important parts of religious laws, loving Me and loving others as I love you. That is what happened to Jewish laws, the laws became more important than My children, who are the loves of My very being. Live a peaceful life by praying for those in authority over you and doing good to those who offend you, returning good for evil done to you. My ways are higher than your ways and My thought are higher than your thoughts. Respect national symbols, but show love to My children. You can know My ways by listening to Jesus and My Holy Spirit. Your Loving Father Matthew 23:23-38; Hebrews 13:17; Romans 12:18-21; I Timothy 2:1-6; Isaiah 55:9-12.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Dear One, We have reviewed the question of who is your Father. You have answered, "The Father of Love." And we have reviewed the truth of who is your enemy. I reminded you that people are not your enemy and I am not your enemy. The truth being that the devil is your enemy. Now you need to realize who is your Brother, whom I called the first born of many brethren. Jesus asked His friends and disciples who other men said that He was. Peter replied that people said that He was John the Baptist, Elias, Jeremiah or one of the other prophets. The men thought Jesus was flesh and blood returning to earth. Even though they were expecting the Messiah, they never dreamed that He would come to earth in a human form as a servant of people. . Only when Jesus asked the disciples who they said that He was did Peter identify the Godly part, the spiritual part of Jesus, who is often identified as the Son of Man and Son of God. Peter correctly answered that Jesus was the Christ, the anointed One, the Son of the Living God. I had revealed to Peter that Jesus Christ was My Son, having been created by the union of flesh and My Holy Spirit. Peter firmly knew that He was My Son, created by the life giving sperm of My Holy Spirit. Jesus said that My spiritual kingdom, My family, would be built upon that revelation knowledge. When you were spiritually born of My Spirit, with that re-creation as part of your inheritance, you became My child and as part of your inheritance Jesus Christ became your Brother. I am your Father and He is your Brother. Earthy people look to their big brothers to protect them, along with their parents. Your Big Brother Jesus Christ is one of those benefits of your becoming My child. Your Big Brother Jesus Christ defeated your enemy, the devil, and He gave you the same power that He had in His world changing battle with your enemy. All you have to do is mention the name of your Big Brother and the devil and his demons crouch in fear because they remember the epic battle that He won against them when He took back from the devil the authority to the earth which was given to the devil by the first man, Adam. Your enemies have to be reminded whom your Big Brother is and will forever be. The power and authority that your Big Brother gave to you is the same power and authority that gave Him power in the earth to do miracles and it's the power that raised Him from the dead. That power is the Holy Spirit, My unique and glorious Spirit who carries out the ministry of your Brother Jesus Christ in the earth. Now you know the answer to the question who is your Brother. The mere mention of His name sends your enemies running for cover. You Brother Jesus died so that you might have the same power that raised Him from the dead. You have that power and authority in the earth. You must allow My Spirit to reveal to you all truth regarding the power that you have. He is eager to enlighten you so that you will live the abundant life that I promised. Your Big Brother died so that you could be enlightened. Your Loving Father Matthew 16:13-19; Romans 4:20-25; Matthew 3:16-17; Romans 8:11-14; John 10:10; Ephesians 1:16-23.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Dear One, The earthly lineage of Jesus through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was for the fleshly heritage, the earthly generational line. That is why He was often called the Son of Man. The spiritual part of Jesus, the anointed part, came from Me when My Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and she conceived My Son, more often called the Son of God, My Son. The spiritual part of Jesus did not come from human lineage, not from Levi or Aaron or any other Jewish priest. I said that the Spirit in Him was from the line of Melchizedek which means He had no beginning or end. He was with Me in the beginning and He will always be with Me. All those priests of the line through Levi and Aaron had an earthly beginning. and they died The priest after the order of Melchizedek had no earthly beginning and experienced no death. So Jesus Christ had no beginning or end. Only the fleshly part of Jesus had a beginning and end until the death of His flesh on the cross. Then My Holy Spirit, the spiritual part of Jesus, transformed His flesh and caused it to be consumed by My power and raised from the dead. He appeared to thousands of people, even with the visible side piercings. There was no longer a fleshly lineage in Jesus, only an overcoming Spiritual Being with the ability to appear in the earthly dimension at will. Then He came to reside again with Me.as a whole spiritual being, My Son. The death of Mosaic law was enacted when Jesus' anointing of the priesthood of My Holy Spirit was given to people who believed in Him. The Holy Spirit priesthood was given to all men and women who choose to invite Him into their lives with the same authority that Jesus had to overcome the works of the devil. The prophet Jeremiah said My laws would be written on the hearts of My children during the new covenant I have with My children, that they would be My children and I would be their God. They would no longer be servants as it was during My covenant with a nation through which the fleshly part of Jesus was to come. My new covenant, which Jesus called "the promise of the Father," is that I would live within them as a guide, a tutor, a counselor, an advocate and a Loving Father. When the new agreement was instituted, the old became null and void to those who would walk after the Spirit instead of after the flesh. Those who choose to walk after the flesh are under religious law which satan perverted into avenues of his curses. When My Holy Spirit leads and guides My children, there is no need for religious laws because My words of guidance, counsel and teaching are spoken into the minds of My children by My Spirit. They take the place of religious laws because they are pure, unadulterated and tailor made for each one of My children. My words come from Love so they will be loving. Old covenant law never revealed My personality. My Holy Spirit reveals My true personality of love to My children. Jesus warned you not to put new wine in old wine skins. Don't put the guidance of My Holy Spirit into the old religious laws that were given for the flesh. They don't mix. When you are led by My Spirit you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Old corrupt wine will poison the new wine that My Spirit gives. Your Loving Father Hebrews 5:5-14; Hebrews 7:1-3; Genesis 14:18-20; Romans 7;1-6; Romans 7; Romans 8:1-6; Jeremiah 31:33-34; John 13:34-35.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Dear One, Most wars are lost because of lack of knowledge of the strategies of their enemies. Sometimes battles are lost because countries invade cities and kill the innocent inhabitants because of the misconception that an enemy is housed there. The most pitiful result of war is when the soldiers are killed by their own friends, having been mistaken for an enemy. That is commonly called "friendly fire." The families of the victims have to face the fact that their children were killed by their friends. Forgiveness is even more difficult in those circumstances. My heart goes out to everyone involved, the killer, his family and the victim's family. A more pitiful situation involves My children who judge others or who refuse to forgive others. They judge others for their actions, all the while being perpetrators of spiritual "friendly fire," themselves. I spoke explicitly about this when I said through My Holy Spirit that your battle is not with flesh and blood but it's with principalities and powers of the air, meaning the devil and his demons. When My children are spiritually uneducated about the devil and his works, they blame people for their problems. Then they end up killing their families or their friends with "friendly fire" either in reality or they send bullets of judgment, hatred, anger, bitterness, strife or disgust at flesh and blood when all the time their enemy, the devil, escapes the weapons of destruction which I gave to My children to defeat the true being behind all evil, the devil. Spiritually uneducated people sometimes blame Me for their problems and I become the enemy in their minds. They lash out at Me instead of using the authority that I gave them to defeat the true perpetrator of the evil. I understand their spiritual ignorance, but I grieve also at their ignorance because their lack of revelation definitely costs them their blessings and often costs them their lives. I often ask My children this question, "Who is your Father?" I want them to proclaim that I am their loving Father. Now I ask you, "Who is your enemy?" I want you to know that the devil is your enemy and that he seeks to devour you. If you do not know that, you will be guilty of spiritual "friendly fire" and will target either Me or some of My other children, blaming either Me, your family or your friends for causing your problems. The devil hides his works from you and laughs at your spiritual ignorance and the results of it, which is that you battle against flesh and blood instead of battling him with the armor that I gave you. I gave you the Commander In Chief, the Holy Spirit, and His myriads of angels to defeat your true enemy, the devil. Don't be guilty of "friendly fire". You have spiritual eyes to know your true enemy and you have the weapons of warfare to defeat him in everything he brings against you. Your weapons are mighty to the pulling down of spiritual strongholds. The only weapons the enemy has are lies, deception, accusations and tempting thoughts. Spiritual "friendly fire" is the result of being ignorant of who is your enemy. It's not Me. It's not other people. It's the father of lies, the devil. Your Loving Father Ephesians 6:10-20; I John 3:6-7; I Peter 5:8; Galatians 5:13-25; II Peter 2;3-4.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Dear One, You have heard the testimonies of people who have had temporary visits to heaven while in comas. Their descriptions of the colors in heaven are that the colors are indescribably vibrant and truly radiant. Every testimony has been the same, that their first experience was to be enthralled by the colors in heaven. The spirits of all people have colors emanating from their beings. A joyful, loving person has beautiful vibrant colors which pour forth from their inner beings. That is why other people are attracted to them. They are exuding My personality which is love and joy, so those characteristics affect the gases around them, producing beautiful, radiant colors in the spiritual dimension. Those colors are from My true being, evidencing the vibrant issues of life. Judgmental, angry people also have auras which emanate from them but they are not beautiful colors. They are black, charcoal gray and dark brown, the colors of death. I said that the religious laws bring death. When people speak judgmental, death filled words, their auras are repulsive and they cause people to run for cover from the attitudes and words of death. When you exude My true colors, the reality of My personality which is love, joy and peace, other people will be attracted to your aura because it has blessed their lives. You, yourself, have distanced yourself from people who radiate judgment, fear and spiritual death because of the negative effect on your emotions. You know the condition of a person's heart by the aura of the person, which is spiritually discerned. The auras either bless you or curse you. Let your light (your aura) shine before everyone so that they will glorify Me as the originator of that pleasant, beautiful outpouring of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and patience. My aura emanating from another loving, joyful person is what attracted you to Me. Be that colorful, shining light to others which will lead them to Me. The beautiful colors in heaven are a reflection of Me and My character. That's why no one who has visited heaven ever wants to come back to earth. They are engulfed in My personality which is shown as brilliant colors. They have no fear of death because they have tasted My love. My aura is called My glory. Let people see My glory reflected in you and glorify Me. Your Loving Father. Habakkuk 2:14; Matthew 5;14-16; Luke 2:9; Galatians 5:16-25; I Corinthians 13:4-7.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Dear One, When you forgive others, you benefit, too. When you forgive others, you release yourself from the mental activities that have tortured you with replays of the injurious events. Other people involved in the events are also released from the torture because you are no longer sending out attitudes which contain the evil energy of cursing them by returning evil for the evil that was originally done to you. When you retain the sins of others, you suffer, too, because retaining the sins of someone who has hurt you invites into your life the evil spirits which caused the unpleasant event. That is the truth behind the binding and loosing key to My kingdom. I said whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven. So if you bind the event in your mind by thinking about it over and over, you bind to you the same evil spirits in the spiritual kingdom which is around you. If you loose the perpetrators by forgiving the evil done to you, you loose from you and the other person the continued evil activity in your lives. You forget that it's always a war between good and evil Retaining the sins of someone who has wronged you will keep you on the side of your enemy, the devil, who is the originator of evil. You authorize him to continue in his torture of you and the person who wronged you when you refuse to forgive.. My concern is for all of My children and I gave Jesus the ministry of teaching the keys to My family about how to defeat evil. The best way is to forgive any evil done to you. When you forgive, you are released from evil works because you have released or loosed the evil spirits who started the whole mess. My forgiveness envelops your whole spiritual community and all of the events of your life when you loose yourself from the imprisonment of our enemy. The imprisonment came when you refused to forgive, binding yourself to the evil. To forgive is to give forward, to release from your mind, to refuse to dwell mentally on an event which hurt you. Forgive as an act of your will, seventy times seven if need be, and eventually the forgiveness will come from your heart. I never leave you or forsake you. Often, you leave Me and forsake Me by refusing to forgive someone. The injurious acts become your god because you dwell on them continually. So you separate yourself from My goodness. I don't leave you. I am always there for you. When you forgive others, you remove the barrier that was erected by your refusal to forgive. Forgiving others you will cause you to bask in my goodness again. Your Loving Father Isaiah 59:1-3; Matthew 6:11-12; Matthew 15:34-35; Matthew 8:21-24; Matthew 16:18-19; Hebrews 13:5-6; Romans 8:38-39.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Dear One, My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of goodness, the Spirit of kindness, the Spirit of love, the Spirit of peace, the Spirit of faith, the Spirit of patience, the Spirit of joy and the Spirit of mercy; all because He is My very own Spirit. He is the Spirit who reveals My true personality to My children because He IS My true personality. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would reveal righteousness to My children. In other words, He reveals what is good, what is righteous, what is loving about Me. Before the dispensation of My Holy Spirit into the world to take the place of Jesus in the lives of My children, there was very little revelation of My true personality. So My children attributed demonic/human emotions to Me, those of wrath, jealousy, judgment, anger and vengeance. Jesus began to reveal the Truth about My personality when He said that anyone who had seen Him had seen Me. When you read the details of the works of Jesus you will see that He exemplified goodness, kindness, mercy, love, joy, peace, patience and faith. Some of My children still attribute human emotions to Me, especially the ones which are motivated by satan. They falsely believe that I am judgmental to those people who are obeying the temptations of the devil. That is untrue. Jesus had compassion on the people who were under the influence of demons. He relieved them of the demons by casting them out instead of judging the people That should reveal to you who is at the core of all sin, the devil. Jesus said that My Holy Spirit would not only reveal to you My loving personality, but He would reveal to you the sinful personality of the devil, revealing to you that the devil (evil) is the father of sins. Jesus also said that My Holy Spirit would reveal to you the ability that He gives for you to discern the difference between righteousness and sin, righteousness being My personality and sin being the personality of the devil. That discerning is spirits is judging between good spirits and destructive spirits. In other words, My Spirit reveals the origin of good blessings and the origin of destructive curses and how to discern between the two. Allow My Spirit to reveal to you that I am love and that all of My actions and works toward you are good, kind and loving. Then you will know Me and become like Me, radiating My love. Your Loving Father John 14:15-18; John 16:7-15; Matthew 5:15-16; Luke 1;18; John 5;19-24; John 5:46-48; John 14:7-14; James 1:17-18. I Peter 2;21-22. I Peter 1:3:10-13; I Corinthians 12: 4-11.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Dear One, When you love others unconditionally, you are also showing love to Me and to yourself. You are fulfilling every religious law given to My children when you love others as I love you, which is unconditionally. I said that all the laws are culminated in loving others. Look at the keys to My kingdom related to love.

 I said that what you do to the least of My children in your world that you do those acts to Me. So if you show unconditional love to others, you are showing love to Me. You are, in essence, loving Me with all your heart, your soul and your mind. If you show My unconditional love to others, those love seeds will multiply in the heavens and will overcome you in the earth. Seeds on good ground multiply hundreds of times. That is also a spiritual key to My kingdom. You will be overcome with love if you show love to others, regardless of their religions, their politics, their education, or their social standing. If you are hating others, you are hating yourself because you are sowing seeds of hatred. Those seeds will grow hatred plants which will eventually cause others to show hatred toward you. That's why I said to love your enemies, to do good to them, because of the seed sowing key or principle in My family. Notice that the key to My kingdom relating to your enemies does not leave out your religious enemies, your political enemies, your social enemies, your neighborhood enemies or the enemies of your family. I said to love all of your enemies and do good to them. In following My commandment to love others as I love you, there are no exclusions. I never excluded you from My River of Love. You were always baptized with my love, even when you were lost in sinful actions. You must do the same to others. As I am, so are you in the world. My love will always overcome you. Your ministry is to do the same, to let My love flow through you which will overcome others and giving value to their lives because you and I treasure their existence. I said the greatest thing in the earth is love. You can become love if you will become acquainted with My unconditional love for you. Love will flow from you like love flows from Me. Your Loving Father Matthw 5:43-48; Matthew 18:4-11; Matthew 10:40-42; Matthew 25:31-45; John 13:34-35; Romans 5:5-11.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Dear One, My children believe Me for answers to prayers. When the prayers are answered, My children are thankful for the answers. Most of all, they are thankful for My love shown to them through the answered prayers. There is a spiritual principle for love always giving. That principle is outlined in the most quoted scripture in My Instruction Book; that being that I loved the world so much that I GAVE My Son that whoever believes in Me will not perish but have eternal life.

 So giving is an outgrowth of love. When My children give to the poor, the hungry, the depressed and the oppressed people, they are giving to Me also because I said what you do to the least of My children you do to me. Giving to the unfortunate is giving to Me because I live in them. When My children experience answered prayers and speak to others of My goodness, they become aglow with my Spirit. Their thankfulness for the love shown to them is apparent on their countenance and they become glowing examples to the world of My love. I said that when others hear the testimonies, they will know the reality of My love and glorify Me, or become aglow with Me also. I told you years ago that if you would believe Me for answers to prayers, allowing Me to do miracles in your life, that you would have such magnificent testimonies to tell that I would bring spiritually needy people into your path so that you can tell them about My love for my children in rescuing them from problems just like I did for you. Don't you see that the real gospel, the real good news for you to tell people is that I have saved you from the works of evil in your life and I am well equipped to save them from the effects of evil in their lives also. People don't want to hear theoretical stories that happened two thousand plus years ago. They want to hear true stories of what I have done individually for My children currently. That is the living word of testimony. You become aglow when you tell of My good works in your life. Then the hearers will glorify Me and want to know Me. People never forget a living testimony. It stays with them for life. People forget theoretical testimonies that happened years ago unless it amplifies the reality of your testimony. You can even become aglow with My Spirit when I give you dreams or visions of the answers to prayers before the answers are manifested. You spiritually see and hear the events before they happen and you become aglow with My love because I have given to you the oath that I will do what I have promised. The writer of the book of Hebrews tells about the promise and the oath. The oath is when you are infused with faith by either a gift of faith or by dreams or visions relating to the promise. That is the oath, the guaranty of faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen by the human eye. You can see the answered prayed with your spiritual eyes before you see them with your human eyes. When you receive My oath that I will do what I promised, you also become aglow with My Spirit. People want to hear "true confessions" about the evidence of My love that I show toward you. Tell them. They are starving. People don't want to know that I can do something. They already know that because I am God. They want to know that I DID do acts of love toward you through answered prayers. They want reality, not theory. With your stories of the reality of My love, other people will believe that I WILL do the same for them. Become aglow with My Spirit and you will draw all men to Me because you are lifting up the reality of My love. Your Loving Father John 3:16-17; I John 3:8; Hebrews 6:9-29; Ephesians 3:14-20; Romans 10:13-17. .

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Dear One, Jesus was very thrilled with the ministry of the Holy Spirit that was going to be available to My children after He rose from the dead and ascended into heaven to live with Me. He taught at length about the ministry of My Spirit, who He is and the ministry of what He was going to do for My children. Jesus said that My Spirit is the Spirit of truth. He said that My Spirit is called the counselor, one who counsels My children in one-on-one counseling sessions, He said that My Holy Spirit reveals mysteries which had been hidden. He said that My Spirit would be a guide to keep My children from danger and on the narrow path. He said that My Spirit would live inside of My children instead of merely being alongside of them. He said that the same power that had empowered Him to minister to others would be inside of My children to empower them. All of that teaching on the Holy Spirit came before Jesus went to the cross. After Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to His disciples, He breathed on them and told them to receive the Holy Spirit.

 Then he told them something that He had not previously told them. He said, "Whose sins you forgive are forgiven and whose sins you retrain are retained." Not until the disciples received the first fruits of the Holy Spirit did they have the power to forgive the sins of others. They had been taught about forgiveness, but they did not have the power to completely forgive sins until they breathed My Holy Spirit into their lives. When they willingly breathed in My Holy Spirit, they became new creatures, born anew of the Holy Spirit who forgives sins, just like I do and like Jesus did. As new creatures with My Holy Spirit inside of them, they had new motivation to forgive the sins of others rather than holding others accountable for their sins. That anointing that was given to the disciples of Jesus was the anointing that Jesus had when he walked the earth. If you will remember, He often told people whom He healed that their sins were forgiven. Those statements angered the religious leaders because they proclaimed that only I can forgive sins. I had passed that pleasure and delight of forgiving sins on to My Son Jesus and He passed the pleasure and delight of forgiving the sins of others on to His disciples. That is one of My ways to defeat the evil one is to forgive the sins of people who have obeyed his temptations. You breathed My Holy Spirit into your life when you were born of My Spirit, You have the pleasure and delight of forgiving the sins of others, just like Jesus did and just like He commissioned you to do immediately after He rose from the dead, having defeated satan in hell and being empowered by My Spirit to rise from the dead. He told His followers that they had the authority to forgive the sins others. My children become mission-minded instead of forgiveness-minded. The very first thing Jesus authorized you to do after rising from the dead is to forgive the sins of others. He knew that with My Spirit inside of you that you would have the motivation and the authority to forgive sins, just like I do. Jesus said when you forgive sins, your sins are automatically forgiven. You dont want to retain the sins of anyone. If you do, you retain your own sins. Do what Jesus first called you to do, forgive the sins of others. You might be the only person in their lives with the authority to forgive their sins. Your Loving Father John 14:15-33; John 16:7-15; John 20:22-23; Matthew 9:2-7; Matthew 18:21-22; Mark 2:6-12;

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Dear One, Your problems seems insurmountable to you at times. To you it seems like the problems are unique and hard to solve. When you have those times of feeling powerless, feeling like your problem is even too big for Me to tackle, remember that I said in my Instruction Book that nothing happens to you that is not common to man. In other words, millions times millions of people have had the same problems, suffering the same troubling scenarios that you have at the moment. What you might not realize in your times of weak faith is that I have lived in those millions times millions of people with identical problems as yours, and I am experienced, yes, I am expert at providing the solution. My solution has worked millions times millions of times before and it will work in your situation.

The caveat is that you must let me handle the problem, putting your complete faith in Me and My power, plus the history of My experience in problem solving. When you turn a problem over to Me, you are not turning it over to some godly being who lives in another galaxy far away. You are turning it over to your Father who is the ONLY experienced and powerful God who lives inside of you. You are turning it over to the only One who has experienced 100% success in completely eradicating the same problem millions of times. I even give you the faith and the patience to wait for the final and perfect manifestation of the solution. Because My Holy Spirit, who is the ultimate problem solver, lives in you, there are times that you must be attentive to His voice of guidance which will spur you onto a path of right thinking about the matter. I might clue you that you need to forgive someone. I might need to clue you to do good to the person who is causing the problem. I might clue you to pray in the Spirit until He lets you know that there has been spiritual victory in the matter by which the physical manifestation will soon follow. You have erroneously thought in the past that you walk through problems alone, crying out to Me for solutions. Listen to My words: I live in you and I am involved also. I bring My experiences of solving the identical problem that others of your brothers and sister had in the past. I lived in them and I successfully worked out the solutions with their cooperation. I said that with the commonality of your problem, I will always provide a way of escape so that you can bear up under the problem because I give you the courage to bear up and the faith and patience to wait for the perfect solution. Jesus said We would not leave you without comfort, but that We would give you another comforter, the Spirit of Truth who comes from Me. When He lives inside of you, you have the most powerful being in the earth as your problem solver. Why should you be afraid? Trust Me, the ultimate and powerful problem solver inside of you has had millions times millions of opportunities to fix the identical problem that you have and ones that you will ever have. He fixed them. His record says "It's done." As you say, I have "been there and done that" same scenario countless numbers of times. I have experience. I won every time. Your Loving Father I Corinthians10:13-17; Romans 12:1-5; John 14:15-18; John 15:7-13; I John 3:8; Romans 4:21-22; II Timothy 1:12.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Dear One, If you will notice I told the nation with which I had My first covenant to love their neighbors as they loved themselves. If you will also notice, before Jesus was raised from the dead and came to live with Me again, He told My children to love one another as He loves them. Is there a difference? Yes. Self love under the old covenant was a natural human emotion because people were self absorbed, self conceited and self protective. Loving oneself was limited and short lived, but it was still more love than they had for each other, as evidenced by their actions. Loving others as they loved themselves was an improvement over their ability at the time to love. When Jesus admonished you to love others as He and I love you, He was describing a type of love that can only come from Me. It is unconditional love, agape love, unselfish love, sacrificial love, merciful love and forgiving love. It is a love that never takes into account a wrong suffered, a love that is not prideful or jealous or boastful, a love that is not resentful or irritable, a love that bears all things with faith instead of fretting, worrying, complaining and griping, a love that rejoices when good things happen to others instead of rejoicing when bad things happen to people who oppose them.

That is My love because it never ends. It is the greatest thing in the earth. It takes My Holy Spirit to reveal My love to My children. That is why I could not command the children of Israel to love others as I love them. They didn't know the reality of My love. It takes My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, to reveal My love to My children. Under My old covenant with a nation, My Spirit had not been given to live in My children because Jesus had not completed His ministry. Only when His ministry was completed, His sacrifice, His death, His resurrection and His ascension into My heaven, only then could He send My Spirit into the earth. My Spirit was the power that allowed Him to complete His ministry. But when it was over, it was time for the ministry of My Holy Spirit to begin. Jesus called the ministry of My Spirit "the promise of the Father". Jesus knew that My Spirit would reveal My love to My children and then they would be able to love others as We love them. To love others and to show love to them is the greatest ministry that My children can do in the earth. Then others will see those works and glorify Me as being the power and motivation behind the ministry of love. They will want to know Me and My love. Love will even defeat evil. My Holy Spirit said that love will overcome a multitude of sins, meaning evil spirits and evil deeds. Love forgives the sins of others, eradicating the effects of them. The power of My love transformed you. My love in you will do the same for others. Your Loving Father John 13:34; John 17:26; John 20:2I-23; Acts. 1:4-8; Romans 5:5-8; Corinthians 13:4-7; James 5:20; I Peter 4:8-10; Matthew 5:16; Ephesians 3: 14-20.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Dear One, I wanted you to know about the enormous amount of help that you have from My spiritual beings who are resident in the heavens around you. That's why I allowed My Holy Spirit to reveal to My children truths about angels and their ministries for you.

I told you that angels are servants sent to minister for those who are the inheritors of My salvation, those being My children. My angels minister for Me. Why would you not think that they would minister for and to My children? I cautioned that My angels are not to be worshiped, only My Son is to be worshiped, to be idolized and copied. That truth aside, as I told you in the past, the more you know about the spiritual dimension around you, the more faith you have based on the fact that you will know truth and that truth will make you free. I send you servants to carry out My ministries to you, to serve as messengers, freedom fighters and deliverers of My wisdom to My children. Remember that My angels ministered to Jesus after his wilderness experience where he refused the temptations of the devil. When you check in your Instruction Book you will see that much of My works for you are done by angels in answer to My orders and strategies. Everywhere My Spirit goes, the angels go. Ezekiel saw that when he was granted the privilege of seeing into the heavens. I even revealed to the author of Hebrews the identify of the beings who are resident in the cloud of witnesses which surround you, their always being eager to help you, according to My instructions, in your journey in the earth. On the day of Pentecost there was a mighty wind and flames of fire landed upon the heads of those people who were waiting for My promise which had been hidden since the foundation of the world, that being Christ in you, the hope of glory. I told the author of Hebrews that My angels appear as winds and flames of fire. So therefore, when you became born of My Spirit and baptized with My Spirit, along with Him came your spiritual help in the form of angels because everywhere My Spirit goes, My angels go to assist Him in My work. After writing about the abundance of servants that I have given to My children in the form of angels, as well as writing about the ministry of Jesus, My Holy Spirit told you that faith is the evidence of things not seen by the human eyes, but what is evident to the spiritual eyes. In doing that, My Spirit was telling you that you must have confidence in Me and My gifts of servants to you who will work to deliver My will into your life. My admonition to My children in the book of Hebrews is that, therefore, since you are surrounded by that great cloud of witnesses, who are sent as helpful spiritual gifts to you, that you must lay aside every weight and sin that so easily besets you and look to Jesus, who is the author and finisher of your faith. I told you to lift your drooping head and strengthen your weak knees, make straight the paths for your feet so that you will be saved from distress and be healed. Setting aside the passions that easily beset you is important, setting aside all bitterness, anger, judgment, fear, division, lust, hatred and all other spirits which have robbed you in the past. My cloud of witnesses cannot minister for you if you are joined with your enemies at the time because you have chosen evil attitudes rather than choosing My good attitudes. That is why Jesus taught so vehemently about ridding yourself of negative attitudes. I even named the army of spiritual beings who are resident in the cloud of witnesses around you, those being angels, the first born, the spirits of men who have been made perfect, Jesus, My Holy Spirit and Me. What more do you need? I intended for this revelation to give you faith to move mountains. Since you are the temple of My Holy Spirit, you are endued with My power and you have an army of spiritual beings around you, eager to do My will in your life. You are My blessed child, a member of a blessed generation, an heir of My complete salvation. Go and move negative spiritual mountains out of your life so that you will have faith and My blessings will flow to you and from you. Your Loving Father Matthew 8;31-32; Hebrews 1:5-9; Hebrews 11:1-3; Hebrews 12:1-2; Hebrews 12:12-28; Ezekiel 10: 1-8;

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Dear One, I am Love, so where true, abiding love is present, I am also present. I said that where two or three are gathered in My name, I am in their midst. I told you one time that when two or three of My children are gathered together in love, that I am present inside of My children but I am also present with you in the spiritual dimension around you because I never miss a family reunion. So where peace is present, I am there with you spreading extra doses of My love around. That is why there are blessing flowing when there is unity between the ones who gather together.

 On the day of Pentecost My children were of one spirit, in total unity, and My long awaited promise was able to come to fruition, that being that I would come to dwell in people and make them My spiritual children, sending My Life Giving Spirit to create a new Spirit within them which would lead them, guide them, direct them, rescue them, tutor them, all of that because of My being their Loving Father. Where there is a unity based on bitterness, strife, anger, judgment and jealousy, I cannot be present because of the presence of the devil and his cohorts. Where strife is present, I said there would be every evil work, meaning every demon will be there to create more destruction. I cannot be in the presence of evil, so I distance myself from heated disagreements. Because My children are operating in strife, they have chosen to exclude Me and My salvation from their gathering. I grieve for them but I cannot be present if I am not welcome. My children either welcome Me and My loving works or they welcome the devil and his evil works. Always remember that a loving atmosphere is an open invitation to Me and My cloud of witnesses to be present with our gifts of the Spirit and our overflowing love. You are uncomfortable in rebellious, strife-filled situations. I am even more uncomfortable in them. Keep peace with all people and you will constantly be welcoming Me into your gatherings to dispense My love and My gifts of blessings. Your Loving Father Matthew 18:19-20; Acts 1:4-7; Acts 2. 1-4; Hebrews 12:1-2; Hebrews 12:22-28; Philippians 3:14-16; II Corinthians 3:17

Friday, September 12, 2014


Dear One, Out of the abundance of My love for all of My children, Jesus admonished all of you to refrain from judging others. Commanding My children not to judge others was never a tenet of old covenant religious laws. Their belief was that I was the judge of all and that I was eager to punish those who digressed from the religious laws. That was a lie of the devil who actually was the one who judges people according to how often and severe they judge others. That is why Jesus immediately taught after His ministry began that My children should not judge others or they would be judged by the same measure by the devil. Jesus proclaimed to people at the time that I do not judge. He said that all judgment was given to Him and He judged no man. The only judgment He did was that He judged the demons who afflicted people and He cast out the demonic spirits which judged them. The one who judges My children is the devil who is the father of judgment, condemnation and guilt. The devil uses religious laws with which to condemn My children. Have you ever thought of the mindset of judging? The mindset is that a person who judges another as being inferior in race, religion, culture, attire, nationality, customs, social standing, family dynamics or actions are justifying themselves above the ones whom they are judging. Judging is not loving others as yourself; nor it is loving others as I love you. Judging is putting others in an inferior position in your eyes and it is an implication by you that they are inferior in My eyes. Do you remember when you were only a baby in spiritual matters and you were judging a person by her actions toward you and I asked you whom you were using as the yardstick in judging the person?. I knew you were comparing that person to yourself and declaring her as being inferior in value to you because of her actions. I wanted you to know the evil mechanics of judging others, which is always based in devaluing the other person in your own eyes. Please understand that this key of My kingdom is of great importance. I don't want you to sow seeds of judgment into the devil's garden of destruction by which you will receive back into your life judgment to a greater degree. Don't forget that the temptation to judge is of the devil who tempts you to judge someone so that he can judge you. When you judge others, your thoughts will be of devaluing the person in some area. Judging others always puts you in the garden of destruction rather than in the garden of life. I want to keep you out of the devil's garden of destruction. I said to deem others as being better than yourself, as always being deserving of My forgiveness, mercy and love. Then you sow seeds into My garden of blessings. Your Loving Father Matthew 7:1-2; John 5:15-32; John 8:15-16; John 12;46-50; John 16:7-13; Luke 6:37-38; Luke 7:41-48; Romans 2:1; Romans 14:13-14; Philippians 2:1-3.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Dear One, I am Love. I am Faith. I do not test your love. I do not test our faith. I would be a cruel father if I did. James wrote in My Instruction Book that I do not test you. He said that I cannot be tested, therefore I do not test. So who is the one who tests your faith and your love? It's the evil one, the devil. He will test your love and he will use religious laws to do it. Religious laws are always the benchmark that causes My children to judge themselves and others. I said through Paul in My Instruction Book that there was no knowledge of trespassing or sinning before the religious laws were given, I gave the religious laws to the nation of Israel so that they would identify the works of the devil and avoid them. I neither meant for the laws to be used to judge and condemn My children nor for them to be used to judge and condemn others. The burden of guilt and condemnation that My children struggle under are caused by the misuse of My religious laws, which were originally given by Me for guidance in avoiding evil, not for a benchmark of righteousness. My new covenant with each individual one of My children, not with a nation or a denomination or a church, is devoid of religious laws because My Holy Spirit who lives inside of them is the guide and the teacher and the counselor. While religious laws were formerly an effective tutor for My children to teach them to avoid the works of the devil, when My Holy Spirit lives inside of My children, then the religious laws are null and void because He is the one who leads and guides My children on how to avoid becoming entangled in evil and then suffering the consequences of being bound to the devil instead of being yoked to Me and My burden bearing works in your behalf. All burdens are light to Me and I bear them for My Spirit-led children. The devil will tempt you to judge and condemn others by using religious laws which became the arsenal which the devil uses to do his work in the world. The laws are not evil. What your enemy, the devil, does with the laws by condemning and judging you will separate you from Me. He tempts you to judge and condemn others, which also separates you from Me. Jesus was adamant when asking you not to judge others because He knew that if the devil can entice you to judge others by religious laws so that the devil can place the same burdens of judgment on you that you put on someone else. Jesus, Himself, did not keep all of the religious laws and He was killed by religious people for not being a follower of religious laws. Be led by My Spirit of love and faith and you will fulfill all the religious laws because I, Myself, will identify the temptations, testing and works of the devil for you through My Holy Spirit, which was the reason for the laws being given to the people of Israel. Then you can avoid the works of evil and stay in unity with Me, receiving My grace, love and blessings. The devil has seen that wars have begun and ended in death of millions and millions of My children, all over differences in interpretations of religious laws. That is the work of the devil. Where My Spirit is, there is peace, love, goodness, kindness, mercy and patience. My admonition to My children through Jesus is to love others as We love you. Your love will be tested by the devil and he will use religious laws to test your love. When you yield to his spirit of judgment, you are outside of My area of protection for you and you will be judged by others. I cautioned you about that truth hundreds and hundreds of times in My Instruction Book. When you have thoughts of judging others, instead of judging them you should immediately choose to extend your love and My love to them, even to the extent ot forgiving their sins. Then evil is defeated and you will escape from the consequences of the devil whose joy is to see that you are judged. I cover everything necessary for the abundant life in My Instruction Book and I have given you My Spirit to be your tutor in the interpretation or revelation of the keys to My abundant life. One of the keys is that you do not judge others when tempted by the devil to do so, but that you perpetually love others as I love you. Your Loving Father James 1:12-18; James 2:9-12; Romans 3:20-28; Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 7:7-12; John 20:21-23; Romans 2:1-4; II Peter 1;2-4.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Dear One, My tutoring, by My Holy Spirit through Peter relating to your thoughts, is valuable advice. He amplified a teaching of Jesus, just like Jesus said the Holy Spirit would do. Controlling your thoughts is the precursor to controlling your tongue which we have discussed as being set on fire by hell. I said you are condemned by your negative words and you are justified by your positive words. My Spirit said that you must gird up the loins of your mind. I was telling you that controlling your thoughts is important to your prosperity and success in life. In that same admonition, My Spirit said that you must be sober, meaning that you must be serious about protecting your mind, becoming powerful in self restraint, setting your hopes on Me and the grace that is given to you. Further explaining girding up the loins of your mind, I said through My Spirit that you need to be a child of mine who is not conformed to the emotional passions of your former ignorance but being conformed to Jesus who was holy while still in the earth, that you should desire to be holy in all of your conduct. Peter further explained the girding up on the loins of our mind by saying that purifying your mind will cause you to have a sincere love for all people, loving them from your heart. The Holy Spirit said through him that you have been born anew of imperishable seed through My loving and abiding word. He said that you should speak loving, life-giving and abiding words to others which begins with your purifying your thoughts, girding up your mind to only accept words that will further build My love inside of you. In girding up the loins of your mind, My Spirit taught you through Peter that you should put away all thoughts of malice, guile, insincerity, envy and slander. He said that, like a newborn baby, you should only yearn for pure spiritual milk that comes from Me so that you will grow up into full salvation because you have tasted My kindness. Full salvation is having destroyed the works of the devil. I further told you to abstain from the passions of the evil one which wage war against your mind. You do that by refusing to allow negative rhetoric to invade your mind, stealing your peace. Abstaining from evil passions happens when you have girded up the loins of your mind. My Spirit said through Peter that another way to gird up the loins of your mind is for you to be respectful and submissive to your governing authorities, not only to the kind but also to the overbearing. In that way, you will refuse to hear rebellious rhetoric and you will continue to inherit My blessings, just like Joseph did while under the slavery of Pharaoh. Although a slave, He eventually was put in charge of all of the kingdom because of his wisdom and his respect for the rulers. He lived like a king. Joseph even saved from starvation his brothers who had sold him into slavery, causing them to be prosperous again after a devastating famine. I said to gird up the "loins" of your mind because human life comes from the sperms in the loins of men, the genitals. Your blessed life depends upon you girding up the loins of our mind, protecting it from evil rhetoric which comes either directly from the evil one or from the mouths of people who are influenced by evil to speak words which are contrary to My will. Girding up the loins of your mind is the same as protecting your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life. When you have girded up the loins of your mind, refusing to allow negativity to invade it, then you will only speak words which justify the fact that you are My child and you will inherit your full inheritance, just like Joseph, the son of Jacob, did. He entered into the promised land of prosperity while he was still physically under slavery in a distant land. Your speaking always comes from your thinking. When you judge your thoughts, you will filter your words. Then you are on your way to My full inheritance of blessings. People will see your good works of love, peace and grace and they will glorify Me. Your Loving Father I Peter 1: 13-25; I Peter 2:1-3; I Peter 2:11-25; Proverbs 4:23. Philippians 4:6-8, The prosperity of Joseph is found in Genesis 37-50.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


DEAR ONE, I have told My children that the devil travels the earth seeking whom he may devour. I have also told My children to be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Part of that last revelation reveals to you that My Holy Spirit is filled with gentleness and mercy toward you. The other part of that revelation is that the devil, who travels the earth seeking whom he may devour, has to be alerted by the actions of My children to whom he may successfully attack. The devil doesn't know your thoughts, only the ones that he puts there as a temptation. So how does he know that he can successfully devour you? How does he know your weak spots in your armor? BY YOUR MOUTH. I said by our words you are condemned and by your words you are justified. When you continually speak words of fear, words of unbelief, words of judgment of others, words of conflict, words of strife, words of anger, words of self pity, words of bitterness, unforgiving words, prideful words or words of abuse, you turn on a green light to the devil to attack you in ways you cannot imagine. You are condemned by your words. You invite the devil into your own life to devour you. Jesus said to let your words only be yea and nay. The Holy Spirit said through James that you set hell on fire by your words. You stoke the fires of the evil one to devour you by your unfiltered words. I can teach you to filter your words. It all begins with your thoughts and attitudes. I told you to only think on things that are good, true, pure, of a good report, honest, kind, virtuous, full of praise, full of faith and filled with love. I told you through Jesus that your attitudes should be the same attitudes that He taught. When you do those things, filter your thought and attitudes, then your words and actions will not be of such toxicity that the devil will take them and begin to devour your good life. Jesus did not talk just to hear Himself talk. Every word that He spoke was to alert you to My works of righteousness and the devil's works of destruction. He is My First Born, your brother. He wants to protect you from participating in your own destruction. Listen to your Big Brother Jesus and to My Holy Spirit, your counselor and My dispenser of truth. They know the strategies of your enemy, the devil. They defeated him in hell. Now they want to empower you with truth so that you can defeat him in the earth. It starts with your mouth and the fruit of your tongue, whether it is positive or negative. My words are always yea, amen, so be it. Let your words always edify others and bring grace to the hearer. When you can do those two things, you stop the devouring of your blessings by the destroyer. Your Loving Father I Peter 5:6-8; Matthew 5:37; Matthew 10:16; Philippians 4:8; James 3:5-12; Ephesians 4:29; Galatians 5:13-16.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Dear One, My Holy Spirit perfectly described My characteristics that grow on My children as fruit. Fruit grows on trees. The fruit that grows on My children grows on what I consider My trees of life because My children are the trees of life to others. The elements of My personality grow in the lives of My children who know Me and are so intimately acquainted with Me that My personality grows on them, starting from the inside and then growing to the outside. My Holy Spirit, who lives inside of My children, is My actual life source, so He grows elements of My true personality in My children. Where there previously was the fruit of the evil one such as judgment, condemnation, strife, jealousy, anger, raging, intimidation, domination, conflict, lust, bitterness and abuse, My Holy Spirit's tree of life inside of My children will grow love, peace, joy, mercy, goodness, kindness, faith and patience. The previous evil fruit will fall off of My children and be replaced with fruit of My Spirit instead of the poisoned fruit from the devil who is the tree of evil. Often when the replacement takes place, the growth of My new fruit is unripe and green for a while, depending upon the attention given to growing My fruit. The owner of a human orchard will be constant in his attention to the fruit growing on his trees. He doesn't want diseased fruit to pollute the good fruit. I am the Good Orchard Keeper. I want My children to stay free from diseases and pests which will destroy My crop of ripe, sweet, nutritious fruit in the lives of My children. I want My children to inherit all of My blessings while they are in the earth. If they allow diseases and pests to pollute their fruit it will negate their blessings and will pollute the trees of life in others. Sowing and reaping is the key of My kingdom which is at work there. Stay alert to recognize the invasion of pests and diseases which want to rob you of your blessings. When you get plenty of sun and water, those being My Son and My waters of the Holy Spirit, then you will have sweet fruit which attracts My blessings to you because you are operating in My kingdom principle of sowing and reaping. Your sweet, nutritious, ripe fruit will feed My personality into other people in the world. They will see your goodness, kindness, mercy, peace and love, and they will glorify Me, desiring to know Me. Your fruit will give others a foretaste of My love. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:16; Galatians 5:13-25; I Peter 4:7-8; Ephesians 3:14-20; Matthew 5:43-48.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Dear One, There are people who call themselves by My name who are ministers of hatred in your world. They speak to people with the same addiction to hatred who crave their daily mega doses of hateful rhetoric. Yet My children who are supposed to be ministers of love have embraced the toxic words as if they were My gospel. There are no hateful, strife filled, divisive words that come out of My mouth. My gospel is the gospel of peace to all people. Jesus is called the Prince of Peace. He brought peace to the world. My children are supposed to embrace peace and teach peace and preach peace. The spiritually blind ones teach strife and hatred, division and domination. That comes from the cesspool of politics and religion which Jesus so adamantly revealed as being of the devil.
You must pray for their enlightenment so that your world will not suffer from the consequences of their actions along with them. As they sow to the cesspool of hatred and strife they will inherit hatred and strife in their own lives, but your world will also suffer consequences because of the harbingers of turmoil who have invited curses of satan into your world. Pray for them so that they will be enlightened with the revelation of the length, depth, width and height of My love for them so that they will be completely enmeshed in My love that they will abandon the politics of hatred and strife. The acts of political religions are not actions which come from My love, peace, goodness and kindness. Their rhetoric is toxic rather than loving. They need transfusions of My love into their lives so that they will be transformed into My image instead of being transformed into the image of the father of hatred and strife. Do not be deceived by religious and political doctrines of hatred and strife or you will be such inheritors of strife and hatred that you will wonder what happened to your previous peaceful, loving, joyful, merciful life that was filled with goodness,kindness and faith. When you realize that you abandoned My love and peace for the fruits from the cesspool of hatred, if you will return to Me then I will restore to you what the caterpillars of hatred have eaten and what the cankerworms of strife have eaten from your garden of life, leaving you bitter and desolate. I am the restorer of My fruits from My Garden of Paradise to My children who come home to Me. Hatred begets hatred; strife begets strife. Peace begets peace; mercy begets mercy; love begets love. Love your enemies, do good to those who spitefully use you, return good for evil done to you. Then you will be known as My child. The perks for being My child is that you will inherit good things from My Garden of Paradise. Your Loving Father Matthew 5:7-9; Matthew 5: 22-26; Matthew 5: 38-4 John 8:42-47; Ephesians 3:14-20; I Corinthians 13: 4-7.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Dear One, Do you want to know My true character and personality? Research the personality of Jesus. My personality is not what religion teaches you. Religion teaches that I am a Savior while at the same time being eager to punish for every mistake, iniquity, sin and trespass. I would have to have multiple personalities and have two faces, one of love and one of evil if I was like religion teaches you. Jesus cast out the demons from people who had evil motivations within them. He didn't punish them.

 He punished the demons. Jesus didn't punish the woman who was considered unclean by the Jews because she was a Samaritan. He didn't condemn her. He offered to her His rivers of living waters. Jesus knew that the woman at the well was under the curse of satan which satan ushered in at the beginning when Adam allowed the father of evil to legally enter the earth and curse My children. I told Adam that one of the curses that satan put on women was that they would desire a man to rule over them. It was a sin in the eyes of the Jews for the woman at the well to have had five husbands, but Jesus didn't punish her. She was seeking to have the perfect man to rule over her as a result of being cursed by satan. There are no perfect men. Jesus didn't condemn her. He offered her My rivers of living waters and revealed to her that true worshipers would worship Me in Spirit and in truth. Not only did He not punish her, Jesus revealed My desire for My children to her, that My children would not worship Me as they had previously worshiped Me. He said that there would be a new way to worship Me, by allowing Me to live within them and they would receive My personal words of living waters which would bless them continually. He was foretelling the coming of the Holy Spirit, My new covenant with My children. Investigate the personality of Jesus. He said to people that if they had seen Him, that they have seen Me. You must seek to know Me through Jesus' personality, not the religious characterization that is based on those who speak of the punishment of sins as being in My nature. The evil being, the devil, is the one who punishes you for sins. The pitiful truth is that he entices My children to sin and then punishes them for their sins. Punishment for sins results from binding yourself to the father of evil, the devil, instead of binding yourself to Me, the Father of Life. Jesus had a problem with religion because of its lies which are told to My children all the time relating to My personality. He even said that the ministers of religion at the time were of their father, the devil. When ministers today attribute the personality of the devil to me, they are speaking from the family of hell, not My family of heaven. They don't know Me. I understand the blindness of their minds to truth because they have been blinded by the devil. Seek to know Me. Seek to know my personality of love. Seek to know My saving grace and forgiveness which was evident through Jesus. When you know Me, you become like Me, forgiving, loving to all creation, dispensers of grace, filled with joy and ministers of peace to others. To know Me is to love Me like I love you. Your Loving Father Research the personality of God through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; especially John 4:7-26. The curses of satan on women, men and the earth are found in Genesis 3. They entered the world through the devil.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Dear One, Under My old covenant with the nation of Israel, the people and priests attributed to me the characteristics of their own polluted character traits of anger, wrath, jealousy, domination and vengeance. They no longer had the loving character traits that I gave them in the beginning. They bonded with satan when they allowed him into their lives. Their characters became polluted by the father of lies. Because they had a mixture of good and bad traits, they said that I had good traits and bad traits, always being eager to punish them for disobeying My commandments. The devil blinded them to My love and attributed his personality to me. When Jesus came to earth, He showed you what My personality is like, full of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and faithfulness to My children. Yet My children still held to their beliefs that there was an evil side to My personality, eager to punish My children for every infraction. That belief gave them the impetus to abuse their own children and other people. It should not be so. Jesus, Himself, said that when the Holy Spirit came into the lives of My children that He would reveal My true personality of righteousness, love and mercy. He said that the Holy Spirit would also reveal to My children the character of the devil which they had formerly attributed to Me, those being anger, wrath, domination, jealousy and vengeance. My children must first break away from the old beliefs that were taught to them under the religious laws, taught under My old covenant with a nation by people who didn't know Me. Only My Holy Spirit can reveal to you My true character of love. Only My Holy Spirit can reveal to you the character of the devil which is evil. Only My Holy Spirit can reveal to you how to judge between the two, separating the evil characteristics and attributing them to the devil. Only My Holy Spirit can reveal to you My characteristics of love and mercy. You can never know my true character from the writing of the old covenant because the people did not know Me and did not know about the existence of the evil one. They thought I was both good and evil. That lie is still believed and taught even by blinded ministers today.

         Depend upon your private tutor, My Holy Spirit, to teach you and reveal to you My character of love. Then you will be overcome with My love, baptized in My love, and forever changed by My love into My image of love. Seek Me and you WILL FIND ME. Your Loving Father John 14:9-11; John 16:7-15: Romans 5:5-8; Romans 8:38-39; Ephesians 2:4-5; Ephesians 3:14-20; James 1:17-22.