Saturday, April 30, 2011


Dear One,

You should rely upon the peace that passes understanding when you are in the middle of a trial, remembering that all trials are sent by the devil to take away your peace and love.
You can reach down within the core of your body where the true person lives, which is your spirit, and you can find peace in the midst of the trying matter.
My peace will cover turmoil, indecision, strife and all unrest. My peace is the result of your spirit knowing before the evil situation is over that the end result will be advantageous to you.
Peace is the absence of confusion and unrest.
I said, "Let not your heart be troubled," and I said, "My peace I give to you." My peace is the peace that passes understanding and it is based on confidence and trust in Me.
I have everything under control when you put your trust in Me.

Love, God
John 14:1: John 14:27; Philippians 4:6-8.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Dear One,

Don't assume that My grace ceases in the midst of a tragedy. Have you considered that My presence is made known to the victims during a tragedy and that painful conseqences to the victims of the tragedy may be nonexistent because of My grace?
Often the spirits of victims of a deadly tragedy leave their bodies, which are the vehicles of pain, and they come with Me into heaven before anything unpleasant is felt. That is part of the gift of grace to My children, escaping the pain that would normally be present in a deadly situation.
I meet everyone at the point of need, even in tragedies, no matter how bizarre or horrible they may seem.
Trust that My grace is sufficent, even in tragedies, so that My children can overcome everything.
You would snatch your children out of a deadly tragedy. So do I. Then I take them to heaven to live victoriously with Me. Things of earth grow dim in the light of My glory and grace.

Love, God
II Corinithians 9:8; II Corinthians 12:9; I Corinthians 10:13

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Dear One,
Don't ever voluntarily or willingly exchange peace in your mind for fear or unrest. When you do that, you are upsetting the spiritual balance of your mind, tipping the scales from one world, the world of heaven, and tipping the scale toward another world, the world from hell. Fear and unrest are the climate of hell. Peace and serenity are the climate of heaven.
Would you willingly choose to enter into a weather pattern of tumultuous storms and tornadoes and hurricanes if there was another available weather pattern of sunshine, restful breezes and sweet aromas? Of course not. However, people willingly expose their minds to images of killings, murders, jealousy, covetousness, licenciousness, condemnation and abuse of others, even when they could choose loving, encouraging, beautiful, heart warming images. That is more of the choice revelation that we have talked about before.
What is more valuable to you, the perversion or the purity?
You must make the choice when you are faced with thoughts that come from heaven or hell.
Choose the climate of My heaven for your mind and blessings will follow. Choose the hellish climate for your mind and curses will follow.
Curses come in various disguises.
Blessing come in multiple wrappings, like prosperity, health, loving relationships, peaceful mental activity and on and on.
You must also choose what you feed into your mind. The images you see will come back to haunt you or bless you, depending from which spiritual location they come, either heaven or hell.
Choose loving, peaceful, merciful, good and kind food for your mind, and then choose loving, peaceful, merciful, good and kind thoughts. Let peace reign in your life.
Love, God
Proverbs 4:20-27; Philippians 4:4-8

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Dear One,
While you are teaching and learning more about the awesome power of your words, do not forget the truth about your thoughts. Thoughts are the precursors to your words and actions. The sequence is that thoughts become attitudes, and the attitudes become actions in words or deeds. That is the natural order.
The deception is in the falsehood that you can't choose your thoughts. That is the real lesson you must learn from the Garden of Eden, that you have choices between good and evil. That comes from your ability to choose your thoughts, which ones to accept to stay in your mind and which ones to refuse. Whatever thoughts you keep in your mind and meditate upon will become activities you perform and will either bless you or curse you.
Your adversary, the devil, entices you to commit his actions, which are called sins. I impress you to commit My actions, which are called righteous acts. The choice is your between good or evil, blessings or curses and the choice begins in your thought life. It's called thought life because the activity in your thoughts produce life changing results, either good or bad.
Learn this truth well so that you will know how to discern the spirits who influence your mind, whether they are of Me or whether they are of the evil one. Even thoughts of judgment will produce detrimental effects in your life because judgment will return to you in the measure you have judged.
Do not entertain the thoughts that come from hell. They are meant to destroy you. All negative thoughts are from hell; yes, even anger thoughts, disgust thoughts, abuse thoughts, condemnation thoughts, strife thoughts, division thoughts, pride thoughts, jealousy thoughts, covetous thoughts, envy thoughts and vanity thoughts. Stop those thoughts while they are at the door of your mind, before they gain entrance or you begin to act upon their vengeful instructions.
Replace detrimental thoughts with My good thoughts of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy and faith. You can find a promise in My Instruction Book to replace every thought temptation of the enemy, just like Jesus did. My promises, which are My thoughts for you, cover every temptation that the enemy can introduce into your mind. Choose Me and My thoughts every time and blessings will flow to you like a river from the heavens.
The choice between good and evil always begins with thoughts which will bring blessings or curses.
Your thoughts are not a private world. They are public in the heavens because they are either given to you by heaven or hell. Then you make a choice. Choose thoughts that will produce a positive, loving, peaceful future for you. That is My desire for you, to be loving, peaceful and joyful.

Love, God
Deuteronomy 11:26-28; Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Psalm 109:15-17; Matthew 4:1-11; Philippians 4:4-9

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Dear One,
When you assume the role of controller in the lives of other people, your adult children, your friends, your business associates, you are working from the spirit of pride, insinuating that you are the only one who can adequately handle situations. You are being anxious that the other person that you are attempting to control is unable to function without your seemingly perfect methods of operation. That is grounds for rebellion in the other person.
When you attempt to be in control of the thoughts, attitudes or actions of others, it will ruin their lives and it will ruin your life.
Give up the puppet strings that you have so willingly clutched in an attempt to motivate, drive or push others. You get the strings tangled and knotted and nothing is accomplished. Then when you finally decide to pray about the situation, it takes Me longer to untangle and unknot the lives of the people you have insisted on trying to control. Most often, you have gotten tangled in the strings also and have them knotted around yourself, which actually makes you controlled by the circumstances rather than free to be happy and productive.
I give free will to you, yes, even to make mistakes. You learn valuable lessons from those mistakes. You must give free will to your children and to everyone, praying for Me to lead them into the right paths. I am better equipped than you are.
Remember that the strings you try to attach to others in an attempt to control their paths will come back and bind you. Then you lose your joy.
Love, God
Matthew 16:19; Matthew 18:18-19; Genesis 2:24

Monday, April 25, 2011


Dear One,

To be in control of the life of another person is an awesome responsibility, and no human is capable enough to do it.
When a parent refuses to release a child to Me so that My plans can be put into effect in that child's life, then the parent is refusing to give up control. Control is a burden, a full-time endeavor when you try to control another person's life, his future or his behavior.
Sometimes people refuse to release a loved one from the earth so that the beloved one can come to live with Me in the heavens. That is a form of control, wanting to keep the dying person resident in the earth rather than releasing him to a life of paradise with me. Again, in that instance one person is assuming complete responsibility for the life of another one by refusing to give the person the free will to leave.
I have said that I loved the world so much that I "gave" My son to you and for you. When you love someone to the highest degree of love, then you give that person the right of free will to choose for himself, choosing his directions for his own life or choosing the time of departure from it.
Sometimes a person will clutch onto another person, fearing that that loved one will make mistakes which will harm him. In that situation, your fear will attract the ill fate to the other person, anyway. So the key is to release your emotional control of the person, turn him over to Me, pray for him and then you will be free of the emotional torment that comes from your self imposed control.
My first gift of free will must be reciprocated by My children in relation to their own grown children because controlling another person has bad implications for you. It burdens you and makes you a pack mule.
Release every burdensome responsibility you have taken upon yourself for the lives of your grown children and you will be free, just like I intended you to be.
Love, God
John 8:36; John 3:16; John 11:28-29; Deuteronomy 30:19-20

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Dear One,
Many people are looking to win without realizing that they are already winners.
Many people who are already winners are expecting to lose in every area of their lives because they don't know that they are winners.
The state of your mind is more important than the state of your situation. Winning and losing are both states of mind. One has positive thought patterns, the other has negative thought patterns. One looks at circumstances, the other looks at the future results that I promise. One looks at the temporal, which is merely temporary. The other looks at the eternal, which produces perfect results every time. The temporal can change. The eternal view, which comes from My revelations, can only effect perfect changes because they are firm and stable, ordained by Me.
Accept that you are winners and expect to continue to win. I have ordained it! I know the beginning and the end.
Love, God
II Corinthians 4:17-18; Romans 12:2; II Corinthians 13:11; II Timothy 3:17; James 1:17; Psalm 138:8

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Dear One,
Jesus said that the spirit of antiChrist was in the world during His time in the earth. After the resurrection of Jesus, the apostle John said there were many antiChrists in the world.
To respond to an antiChrist spirit is to act contrary to the actions of Jesus.
Jesus said he condemns and judges no man. So any judgment and condemnation on your part is in response to the antiChrist spirit, because it is contrary to the actions of Jesus.
So many of My children respond to the spirit of antiChrist by judging other people by their fleshly actions. Jesus looked on the spirit of all men and he refused to judge according to the flesh.
Religious laws are the criteria by which My children judge others. The laws were never meant to be used for measuring the spirituality of people. They were meant to call attention to the devil's activities and to encourage you to refrain from participating in his temptations. But religious teachings erroneously use the laws as a yardstick by which people are judged good or bad. That was never the reason for My giving them to My children.
When My children judge other people, they are yielding to the spirit of antiChrist, because judging is an activity of the devil.
I don't use a measurement of religious laws in order to deem the actions of My children either good or bad, either righteous or sinful. I look on the spirit of the person and his desire to love and be loved.
The actions of the flesh of a person are only temporary because the outer person is always changing. Only the inner man is important to Me because I am merciful and forgiving. I understand the programming that every person has had, their family backgrounds, their heritage, their childhood training, all of which they have no choice in selecting.
Judging the flesh of people is anti-Christian because the person may change at any minute but you have him locked into old behavior.
Judging others is based in pride because the person who is dispensing judgment feels that the person he judges is inferior to himself.
I never consider anyone inferior. I see every person as perfect in My sight because of the actions of Jesus.
Remember that when you are tempted to judge others that you are being tempted by the spirit of antiChrist who wants you to also be judged since judgment seeds always return to the judging person.
Strive for the high calling of only seeing the inner person of everyone you meet. Then you will be Christ-like. As He is, so are you in the world.
Love, God
Matthew 7:1-2; John 8:15-18; I John 2:18- 20; I John 4:2-6; II John 1:6-10

Friday, April 22, 2011


Dear One,
Forgiveness for yourself and other people who make mistakes is required of My children, knowing that yo u have done the same thing or something similar, or you are capable of the same mistake in the future.
There is no permanent registry of guilt for those who make mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally, because the list would be too long and the list would include everyone who has ever lived.
Learn from mistakes rather than becoming angry at yourself or others. I allowed people to make mistakes when I gave free choice to them, so you must give yourself and other people the same privilege. That is called grace and mercy.
I said that the merciful obtain mercy. Extend mercy to people who make mistakes and you will obtain mercy when you make mistakes.
Love, God
Matthew 5:7; Galatians 6:1-2

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The old movie by the name Lost in Space has lost its familiarity in the past few years. However, the current phrase “lost in cyberspace” is familiar to everyone who is even the tiniest bit literate in computers. That is a situation to which we have all been privy, meaning that a valuable writing or a necessary work on the computer has been temporarily or permanently lost, possibly never to return again.
Recently my husband and I had an upsetting experience along the lines of lost in cyberspace.
My husband Steve had been employed to stenographically record a full day of trial depositions. I had transcribed them for him, which required three long, tedious days at the computer. The attorneys and the witnesses were all fast talkers and ungifted in proper sentence structure, so that increased our work load tremendously. I trudged along and finally got to the end. The notation at the end which said, “Deposition Concluded” was a welcome sight to my tired eyes and hands. I quickly speed-read over the entire 200 pages, then ran it through the spell checker, eager to turn the rough draft of the deposition over to my husband for his final chore of printing it out and proof reading it. Fixing dinner was a welcome diversion from working on the 200 difficult page depositions which had required my devotion for the past three days. I busied myself in the kitchen while my husband proceeded to split the 200 pages into two depositions before he printed it out. My joyful retreat into cooking by chopping veggies was suddenly interrupted by a dreaded sound coming from the computer room. A loud, “Oh, no,” is never a welcome exclamation when dealing with computer aided transcripts. I never like to ask what happened in relation to a similar expression in relation to computer work, but I had to ask this time, “What happened?” I was really not wanting to know the answer if it would require me to have to repeat any of the difficult work. The dreaded answer came back, “I lost the first deposition, all 100 page of it, when I split it off. I can’t find it anywhere.” My heart sunk. That meant bad news. I might have to re-transcribe the difficult pages, requiring even more hours at the computer going over the same but still difficult testimony. My husband spent an hour looking in every file, every folder, even in the backup folders, to no avail. The transcript of the deposition was gone. My mind began to tumble, like Jack and Jill when they fell down the hill, tumbling into despair. This gave new meaning to “broke his crown” to me because I was definitely beginning to display a broken attitude from the situation. We both decided to put the problem aside and enjoy the evening, tackling the problem in the light of a new day. We’re in the habit of praying about every problem, knowing that God’s brain, since it‘s much more advanced than our brains, can find solutions that we don’t even know exist. The next morning Steve called the computer software company to employ their expertise in helping to solve the problem. As fate would have it, all technicians were busy with other calls, so my husband left a message with all the pertinent information about what had happened. Knowing that it might be hours and hours before they returned a call, he went to our grandson’s ball game. I went outside to mow the lawn, one of my enjoyable activities. After finishing the mowing job, I went back inside the house to see if there was a return call from the software company. There was a detailed call from one of the male techs which cautioned my husband not to do certain things or it would be impossible to retrieve the missing deposition file. Too late. He had already tried all of the maneuvers that were warned against. Things were looking bad and I envisioned having to do the work all over again. A few hours later the computer tech called again and echoed the instructions he had left on the answering machine, cautioning us not to do certain things, which my husband had already done. It was beginning to look hopeless. I decided to put a load of clothes into the washing machine. As I entered the laundry room I saw a pair of white cotton pants that I had put on the washer to add to the next load of whites. My eyes landed on a stain on the white pants. It was in the shape of a perfect heart. I couldn’t believe my eyes, that it was a perfect heart shape. That heart shaped stain was an indication to me that everything was going to turn out great, a promise from a loving God. How many times have you seen a stain in the shape of a perfect heart? I told my husband about it the minute he returned from the ball game. He had to see it himself. He was dumbfounded, also, but filled with faith that everything would turn out fine. In fact, we were so filled with hope and faith that the rest of the weekend went great. We managed to put aside any concern about the 100 pages which were lost in space somewhere. Early Monday morning it was time to tackle the problem. My husband called the software company again. This time a female tech answered his call. He told her the problem and told her what the male tech had said. The two of them worked together for a while, with the tech instructing him on things to do, and then her working alone doing heaven only knows what; and I mean that literally. After about 45 minutes I decided it was safe to go into the computer room. I saw a smile on my husband’s face as he mouthed the words to me, “She found it.” And she had! Hallelujah! The divinely inspired scenario had worked out perfectly. The male tech would have been limited in his knowledge and also in the patience to try the detailed things that the female tech tried. She was the one chosen by the heavens to answer the phone that morning. It wasn’t even Valentine’s Day, but the heart that came from God and His angels was the promise that there was a way already being made to solve the problem. The scenario played out just the way it was supposed to. God comes through every time, even leaving evidence of His ability to do more than we dare think or imagine. Nothing is ever lost. Everything is always found because God knows where it is all the time,; somewhere in space or somewhere in cyberspace, it makes no difference. Nothing is hidden from God. We felt a bit silly rejoicing over a stain, but a heart stain is worth rejoicing over. Wouldn’t you have liked to have seen how the angel that God chose for that mission accomplished it? That would have been fun, to see it being painted on the pants, but we’re rejoicing mightily that it actually happened. God does work in mysterious ways, and we beheld His glory in the shape of a heart.


Dear One,
Don't fret about mistakes make by yourself or other peoples. Mistakes happen only when a person mistook that something would work or mistook information that his brain said would work, or mistook the distant that the glass or cup or bowl was from the edge than it actually was, or that the vehicle was further from the other vehicle than it was.
Mistakes are accidents therefore they are involuntary actions of someone which results in a misstep of some type.
Mistakes can be a wonderful learning experience. People often say that they will never make that same mistake again, yet sometimes they inadvertently do. When a person learns from his or her mistakes, then it actually resulted in a good experience not a bad one. The mind will replay the lesson learned from the past mistake and cue the person to take a different action that will be beneficial, not detrimental.
There should be no punishment from you for mistakes because everyone inadvertently makes them or will make them at some time in the future.
Learn from your mistakes. They are tough teachers, but you have gained knowledge when you learn from mistakes. That knowledge will determine your future successes.
I don't chide you for making mistakes. I will help you to learn from them like any good father would do. I'm not a father of punishment. I'm a Father of helpful and useful instruction who teaches My children valuable lessons from everything you experience if you will come to me for my loving insights.
A mistake is never a failure. Neither are you a failure when you make mistakes. You are human, like everyone else. You must not condemn people for making mistakes. You must comfort them, reinforce their value, and then help them learn. I do the same for you. Now pass on understanding instead of judgment and condemnation.
Love God
Matthew 7: 1-5; Luke 12:57-59:Galatians 6:1-2

Monday, April 18, 2011


Dear One, I give to My children the spirit of power, love and a sound mind. The spirit of peace is the spirit of a sound mind. The devil, through worldly events and through prophets of doom, give the spirits of turmoil, fear and confusion, the opposite of what I give. So guess to whom you are listening when fear, confusion and turmoil occupy your mind. It's not Me. I am not the kind of Father who hides behind things and jumps out at his children to frighten them when they walk by. That is a heartless action and is attributable to your spiritual enemy. If a person is listening to fear, confusion and turmoil in the media and from bearers of bad news, then that person has made the devil his father for the time being. When I walked in the earth I told people who were condemning and accusing others that they were of their father the devil. I meant that they were letting the devil provide leadership and guidance to them and that they were becoming oppressive, judgmental and full of fear. If your mind is not sound and rooted in My love and peace, then you have momentarily turned it over to the devil for his fatherhood role. Believe Me when I tell you that he will only lead you down the road of destruction. Choose My road of peace, health and prosperity by accepting My gifts of power, love and a sound, peaceful mind. You have the power to choose My words of hope and faith, casting the words of fear into the abyss. My words always bring hope, peace, love and a sound mind. Switch channels of your mind to the Peace channel where My words will feed you with My love. Check your mind regularly to ascertain the state of your mind. If it is fearful and upset, come back to Me, like the prodigal son, and receive everything I have for you, a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.

Love, God

Luke 8;44; Romans 8:15; II Timothy 1:7

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Dear One, If you will live and walk in the revelation of the power of your tongue, you will have a blessed life. You have received truth regarding the tongue and now you must tame your tongue so as to chart your future with words of blessing and not cursing; words of love and not hate; words of hope and faith, not fear; words of building, not tearing down; words of construction, not destruction; words of joy and not sorrow; words of creation and not desecration; words of life and not death. Remember that I called attention to your choices between life and death, blessings and curses, and you have often chosen death through negative speaking, thus cursing your future with negative, destructive words. Now you have received a key to bringing My kingdom into your life. The key is in the words that flow from your mouth, either living waters or poisonous waters. You must dam up the poisonous waters of strife, hatred, division, disgust, judgment, anger, belittling, sarcasm and like speaking. You must release from your inner being the living waters of love, peace, joy, hope, mercy, only speaking uplifting words that bring grace to the hearer. Then you and your family will walk in peace and prosperity. Remember that life and death are in the power of the tongue. My children must give credence to that key to My Kingdom. You prophesy every time you speak, either blessings or curses. Choose to prophesy blessings. Love, God Proverbs 18: 21; James 3:2-18; Ephesians 4:29-30

Friday, April 15, 2011


Dear One, When My children insist on giving gifts of negativity to others, negative words, negative actions, negative attitudes, then the earth is filled with even more negativity rather than being filled with My love, My grace, My forgiveness, My mercy and My joy. If you will begin to give grace through your words, attitudes and actions to all men every moment of the day, then you will see grace overtake you and overtake other people one hundred fold. Forgiving others will return forgiveness to you. Loving others will return love to you. Being merciful to others will cause others to be merciful to you. Being gracious to others will cause other people to be gracious to you. Those seeds will all multiply and spread love, mercy, grace and joy in the world. Peace will come to your world as a result. If you want to be overtaken by love, joy, peace, mercy and gracious behavior then you must sow those seeds. Give good gifts to others and you will receive wonderful gifts from the heavens. The ground is always plowed and ready for the seeds of love, joy, peace, mercy and grace. Love, God Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 5:7; II Corinthians 9;6-8; Galatians 6:7-10;

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dear One, Gifts have a way of coming back to you. Remember the principle of giving, the measure you give will always come back, sometimes ten fold, sometimes a hundred fold. Yes, even gifts of cynicism, gift of prejudice, gifts of anger, gifts of judgment, gifts of unforgiveness, gifts of strife, gifts of hatred and jealousy, all of them have a way of returning to you, often pressed down, running over, will men will give them back to you. Gifts are what one person gives to another, and they can be good gifts or bad gifts, positive gifts or negative gifts, constructive gifts or destructive gifts. They will be returned to you in the same kind. There is no spiritual principle for giving negative gifts to others in the earth and receiving positive gifts in return from other people. However, there is one spiritual principle for someone giving negatives and receiving positives back and that gift is from Me and it is called grace. That is the principle of My covenant with My children, that I return gold for garbage. I, Myself, am not bound by the same principle as you are in the earth. I always return good for evil. I want My children to do the same. Then other people in the earth will do the same, followed by the earth being filled with goodness because the hundred fold return will multiply throughout the earth. Give good, loving and gracious gifts and they will be returned to you. Love, God Matthew 5:44-48; Matthew 7:17-19; Matthew 12:-35-37; Mark 6;38

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dear One, Your churches talk about sins of commission and sins of omission, always wanting to remind you that you are a sinner. My Holy Spirit talks to you about loving others just like you love yourself, which is My last and great commandment. I gave that admonition because I wanted love to prevail in the earth rather than sin reminders which come from religious laws. I know that men cannot love each other unconditionally unless they know how much I love them. Then My love flows from them like a healing river to everyone. Those occasions of omission are real and are frequent. Jesus spoke of them when He said that when you see someone who is hungry and you feed them that you are feeding Me, and when you clothe someone who is naked you are clothing Me, and when you give love to the unloved that you are giving love to Me. When you refuse to do those things, then you are omitting to share the things I have supplied to you. When you know My love for you and for all mankind, then you desire to show love to everyone you meet, acknowledging their presence and their need to be noticed. When you give goods to the needy, then you are sharing what I have given to you. I said that you owe other people love. Love always gives when love sees a need. Your inheritance is divine, unconditional love from Me so you must pass it on to others who need it and crave it, those inside your household and those outside your household. Everyone I created deserves the best. Give to them what is needed, whether it's love, joy, peace, praise, thanks, clothing, food or revelations of freedom. People are in bondage to the sin doctrine that is touted by religion. Share your freedom with them and tell them how to be free via the gift of the Holy Spirit who breaks every bondage and gives the power to love and free others. You are the conduit of all good things in the earth. You are the fountain of living waters in the earth You are a channel for allowing Me to meet the needs of others. It is your good pleasure to share your inheritance with others. Sharing freedom from religious bondage is the primary gift. Then the freed ones can receive My love which I'm always pouring out upon My children. Love, God Matthew 5:40-49; Matthew 25:34-40; Romans 13:8; Ephesians 3:17-19

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dear One, Giving credit where credit is due is more encompassing than you realize. Giving thanks to people is giving credit where credit is due. Giving praise to people is giving credit where credit is due. Giving compliments to people is giving credit where credit is due. Giving love to people is giving credit where credit is due. Giving gifts to people is giving credit where credit is due. Giving time to listen to people is giving credit where credit is due. Giving revelations to people is giving credit where credit is due. Giving forgiveness to people is giving credit where credit is due. All kinds of gracious giving is giving credit where credit is due because all men are worthy of love, thanks, praise, compliments, love, gifts, time and sharing of revelations. All men are due good things that you give because they are My children, My creation and everything you give to them you give to Me. I said what you do to the least of My children you do to Me. It's still true. Love, God Matthew 25:34-40; Matthew 5:42-48, Luke 6:38

Monday, April 11, 2011


Dear One, Sometimes when you are solving a jigsaw puzzle you can't finish it because a piece has fallen under the table or is hidden under the lid. It's obscured from your sight in some way. There is never a piece to any puzzle obscured from My sight in relation to solving any of your problems. I know where all the pieces are and I am putting them together as you pray. The puzzle will be solved and will appear before your eyes as perfectly solved, often to your surprise, always to your delight. Many times solutions are beyond your ability to deduce because you look at them only with human eyes. My insight into every matter is a requirement. Your expectations can only believe for a partial result but My expectations are for perfection. I produce the perfect results every time and everyone wins. Come to Me for My insight and My wisdom in all matters and you will be elated with the ease of My instructions to you on how you can help expedite the end results. Continue to pray and to meditate on My words and you will have peace about every troubling matter. Love, God Matthew 13:14; Mark 8:17-18; I Corinthians 2:9-13

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Dear One, Solution means to solve, to find an answer, to perfect. Solving involves curing, healing, preserving, perfecting, dissecting, explaining and deducing toward a good result. In other words, solving is saving you from troubles and it is dissolving bad consequences. Solutions always keep you from dangerous events. They often involve analyzing components in the situation so that good results can happen. To solve is to apply salve to a situation so that the end results brings quietness to the mind and emotions. They both heal and cure problems. Salves cure physical problems such as cuts and abrasions. To solve means to cure problematic situations and circumstances. Both produce good results. So solutions are cures for all problems that afflict the spirit, soul and the body. They always solve the problem and bring peace to My children. Very often a salve is not appealing to the senses. It's smelly, thick, black and painful, but it cures a physical problem. Sometimes the steps toward a solution in situations and circumstances are unappealing in looks and emotions, but when the proper solutions is applied to a problem it produces the perfect results. Often the solution might be painful to you because you have been required to forgive a person, to bless an enemy, to extend love to others, to correct abrasive personality traits in yourself or to pray without ceasing. Come to Me and allow Me to present the solution to every problem in your life, knowing that the solution that is applied, like a salve, will result in the perfect answer to your prayers. Then peace and love and joy will abound in your life. Love, God Matthew 11:28-30; Luke 4:40- 41; Luke 9:2; Romans 11:33; I Corinthians 12:9; James 1:5

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Dear One, You tell your children that there is a solution for every problem. I tell you that there are solutions for every problem, every situation, every circumstance, every lack, every confusion, every illness, every area of bondage, every affliction and every addiction. Another word for solution is wisdom. Another word for solution is knowledge. Another word for solution is prayers. Another word for solution is insight. So every solution is resident within My mind. Therefore, the Holy Spirit, who lives in you, will speak My solutions to you, the solutions that He hears from Me. He is eager to share the solutions with you when your cooperation is needed. Then you must give heed to them and follow the instructions. Also, My solutions are also resident within the prayer language of the Holy Spirit . He is eager to pray the solutions through your mouth in My spiritual language. When the Holy Spirit's prayers are utilized, He will carry out the mechanics of the solution without your actual knowledge so that you will not impede the results with fearful interference. Then you will rejoice when the solution appears and know that I, your Father, have saved you again and again. Draw from the pool of wisdom and knowledge within you and also pray My solutions spoken by My Spirit. My expertise is vast in all areas. I want you unencumbered by problems so that you will be joyful children. Love, God Isaiah 12:3-5; Proverbs 1:20; Proverbs 2:6-10; Jeremiah 1: 9-11; John 16:13-15; Jude 20.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Dear One, Rebellion has various shapes and forms in My family. One form is refusing to forgive another person. Another form is refusing to love other people as you love yourself. Refusing to seek medical help when a dreaded disease is apparent is rebellion. Refusing to take care of your body is rebellion. Refusing to take care of your property is another form of rebellion. Refusing to seek wise counsel when you are in a difficult situation is a form of rebellion. Refusing to act upon sound advice is another form of rebellion. Refusing to be prudent is another form of rebellion. Rebellion is refusing to live life in a way that takes advantage of all of the sound advice that I have provided for you in My Instruction Book and in the ways of wisdom and knowledge which My Holy Spirit prompts you to do. Rebellion is knowing Me and refusing to follow Me and My gifts of insight and wisdom that I send to protect and prosper you. Do not accuse other people of rebellion. You don't know their hearts. You must investigate your own life and see where you are in rebellion against My helpful counsel which makes your life completely fulfilling, which is then a living testimony to Me and My wise counsel. Rebellion against burdensome religious laws which condemn and judge you and others is not considered rebellion in My family. It is considered freedom. Look at My wise counsel for you as avenues which lead to freedom because that is exactly what they are, freedom from conflict, freedom from strife, freedom from burdens, freedom from sickness, freedom from condemnation, freedom from lusts of the flesh, freedom from poverty, freedom from dysfunctional relationships and freedom from fear. My wise counsel lifts you above the elements of the earth which afflict you spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. My words set you free every time. Love, God Psalm 1:1-3; Proverbs 1:2-5; Proverbs 12: 15-20; Proverbs 19:20-21; John 16:13-14; I Corinthians 2:9-10-12

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Nov. 30, 2000 Dear One, When I told you to keep peace with all men I meant that you should find an area of agreement with everyone you oppose and everyone who opposes you. When I promised that your enemies would be at peace with you I meant that I would give you the wisdom to find an area of agreement between you so that understanding would bring peace. All conflict is the result of lack of knowledge and understanding. When you really know a person, you understand him and his attitudes and motives. When you find one area of agreement with a person, then the power of conflict and strife is broken. When an area of agreement is established, then communication flows. Communication is communication, a sharing of your inner beings. Love begins to flow when communication begins. You can find areas of agreement with all men, especially when you recognize their true value. You must realize that I value every living being because I gave them life. When you learn to value them, you will learn to love them and find areas of agreement within which to communicate. All the other areas of noncommunication are of nothing in my eyes and they must become nothing in your eyes when agreement is present. Keeping peace with all men is important in relation to getting your prayers answered because where there is peace there are no opposing demonic spirits who would love to block your answers to prayers. Love, God Matthew 18:20; Luke 11:21; Ephesians 4:3; Philippians 4:6-7; Mark 9:50; John 4:17; Isiah 59:1-2; I Peter 3:7.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Dear One, To judge or to pre-judge (prejudice) is to put yourself in the position of "playing God" because judging and pre-judging are taking a position of superiority over others. You are saying that you have the right to declare the actions, attitudes, thoughts and appearances of other people as being right or wrong, good or bad, righteous or unrighteous. Judging is actually assuming the position of dominance and control over others and it is an ungodly attitude because you don't know the person's background, family dynamics, education or religious doctrines. Pride and arrogance are at the core of prejudice and judgment of others. They are in direct opposition to love and forgiveness. Godly attitudes toward others involve looking on the spirit of others, not on their fleshly actions. Godly attitudes involve knowing and understanding the backgrounds behind the actions, beliefs and appearances of others. People with My thoughts and attitudes will accept everyone as brothers and sisters and will consider them as part of My body in the earth with different functions and different compositions. Understanding others and accepting others without judgment and prejudice will produce love for them, and then there is peace in you and in the world. If you want peace in the world, accept other people and love them unconditionally. Peace in your world must start with you. Love, God

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dear One, The effects of love on all living matter is glorious. You have seen plants and trees which have received hands-on love in the form of nutrients, pruning, kind and loving words spoken around them. They glow with their strength, their beauty and their brilliant colors in season. They survive in every kind of weather. You have also seen the effects of neglect and abuse on plants and trees. They have to struggle to survive, shedding their flowers and leaves early in drought and wilting in heat. They finally give up and die when weather conditions are bad. You also see that animals register the same effect. With abuse and neglect they will often fight back, endeavoring to survive the offensive behavior by using anger and wrath toward other animals and humans. Humans react the same way to abuse and neglect that plants and animals do, only more dramatically. You have read studies that report the effects upon babies who are denied love and hands-on attention. You have seen the effects upon young adults and adults who have been abused and neglected as children. They fight back at other humans because of their neglectful programming. Love brings life to all living things because Love is the Life-Giver. Love is the Life-Giver because I am Love and I am the Life-Giver. Where there is no love there is death because the Life-Giver is not present. There is a force within love which covers people, plants and animals inside and out, like a baptism of life. Living things can actually feel love and feel the warmth of it in their inner being. They recognize it as the Life-Giving force for which they have always longed and they respond to love with humility and appreciation. Love is a visible force in the heavens and all men are drawn to it. Make it a tangible force in your earth by pouring My Love onto all living things, plants, animals, and most important, upon all My children. Since you have experienced the Live-Giving effects of My Love, share it with others who need it and often crave it. You can baptize people in My love every hour of the day with kindness and goodness and joy. They will respond by soaking it up and becoming loving people because you shared My Love with them. I told you to give to others. I spoke primarily about Love. Love, God Ephesians 3:14-19; Romans 5:5-6;Romans 8:38-39; Ephesians 5:2; I John 4:7-8

Monday, April 4, 2011


Dear One, Everything that Jesus said was important to your spiritual life. He talked about attitudes and actions. His speech that is considered the Beatitudes are just that, the attitudes of men. When he taught about praying he said if you have anything against your brother when you are praying you should forgive him so that your sins will be forgiven. There was a magnificent principle in his teaching which they could not understand at the time. They did not understand the battle between good and evil. When you are praying, forgiving everyone who has anything against you, or whom you have anything against, affects your prayers because it clears the spiritual atmosphere of all the evil spirits who are working against you and against other people in your life. Your attitudes affect everyone connected to the situation for which you are praying. That's why releasing them from your judgment is important when you pray. When one person changes his attitude, the whole conflict-filled situation is changed. There is a domino effect and everyone begins to change. When one person begins to love unconditionally, then love is dispersed into the entire situation and everyone is changed because love covers a multitude of trespasses. I said through Jesus that whose sins you forgive are forgiven and whose sins you retain are retained. Don't look for answers to prayers that are just good for you. Expect answers that will bless everyone involved so that the results will be permanent and complete. I said it rains on the just and unjust. Answered prayers affect the just and the unjust, the ones for whom you are praying and the ones who receive changes in their lives because of the domino effect of your prayers. I told you not to be a respecter of persons because I am not a respecter of persons. Your attitudes toward whomever you are praying affect the outcome of your prayers. Extend forgiveness and love to everyone involved in a situation for which you pray and you will see the quick result of answered prayers. Jesus knew what He was talking about. Love, God Matthew 5:23-26; Mark 11:25-26; Luke 18:11-14; Luke 21:36

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Dear One, Often you are in the middle of answered prayers without realizing it because the answer doesn't have the appearance that you expected. That doesn't mean that it is not the perfect answer, just because it doesn't have the appearance that you expected. Very often you still want to program the answer and design the answer the way it will be less emotionally painful for you. Yet, the way you would program it, the end result would be unfulfilling for everyone involved. You must take yourself, your emotions, out of the center of your prayers, thinking that the end result is only for your good and your relief. When you begin to consider everyone involved in the situation and pray for the greatest good for all concerned, then you will experience a more rapid answer. You will be able to see and appreciate all events as they lead up to the end results. All people are spiritually connected, and your prayers must be directed toward everyone in the situation. Answers to your prayers cannot take only you into consideration. Everyone wins when My perfect answer is manifested. Life is not a power struggle. It's being immersed in My love and My life. Love, God Romans 13:8; Matthew 12: 31; John 13:34-35; John 14:20-21; John 15:12-14; I John 4:21

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Dear One, Treasure every revelation you receive. Faith increases in you tremendously with every revelation. Revelations unveil the workings and wonders of My kingdom. The more you know Me and the workings of My kingdom, the stronger your faith becomes because faith comes by hearing My words. Revelations are always My words tailor made so that you individually can understand spiritual things which are the operative things that go on in the spiritual dimension around you. You will revel in the knowledge of the power I have given you. You will revel in the knowledge of the hope of your calling. You will revel in the knowledge of your glorious inheritance. You will revel in knowing the height, depth, width and breath of My love for you. All revelations refer to My love, My hope for you, My authority that I've given to you and My inheritance that I sent to you in the Holy Spirit. With revelations you become baptised again and again in the Living Waters of My words and you are changed forever. As a result you become new in every part of your personality. Revelations restore your mind as they renew it and enhance your understanding of the spiritual activities that go on constantly, working for your good. Let scales fall from your eyes as you listen to My Holy Spirit infused and life giving words that I personally send to you. You will appreciate life and you will love your life more and more as the scales fall from your eyes. My words are the tools I use to cause the scales to fall from your understanding. Then you understand more and more the things that I do for you, reveling in them. Seek Me and you will understand and know Me more and more and you will always rejoice. Love, God Ephesians 1:16-23; Ephesians 3:14-19; John 16: 13-15

Friday, April 1, 2011


Dear One, You still marvel when you see answers to prayers. That is good because you still react like a child when I supply your needs, wants and desires. You respond joyfully and in awe. That thrills me as much as the thrill you get when you experience the answers. Child-like exuberance is of great value because one byproduct of it is thanksgiving and praise. Those byproducts fill the atmosphere around you with words which invite more of My angels into action for you. That is the reason for thanksgiving on your part, to increase the amount of angels who are sent to serve you. They enjoy hearing your words of thanksgiving and joy. Having child-like exuberance begins to show on your countenance, too, because what is on the inside of you will begin to show on the outside and your youth will be renewed. When the heavens are filled with My wonders, then evil must and will find the first way out of the area. Evil cannot stand to hear My children in a thankful, praising, joyful, excited mood. Let the exuberance of a child be your first reaction to My blessings entering your life. It clears the way for the entrance of more of your benefits of being My child. Love, God Matthew 18:2-4; Isaiah 12:3-6; Psalm 91; Psalm 117:1-2