Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Dear One, It's not hard to bless those who curse you and to do good to those who spitefully use you. If they were not possible, I wouldn't have advised you to do them. Blessing those who curse you and doing good to those who spitefully use you are an act of your will. They are not emotional exercises. It is deciding to bless the offenders as an act of your will, and then to do good to them. You might find the feelings or emotions for doing those acts of your will, even if you don't feel like it, will follow later when you realize that the reason for your deciding not to return evil for evil done to you is because you are merciful to the offending people because you know that their actions against you will produce like actions returning to themselves. You will realize that when you do like Jesus did on the cross, asking Me to forgive the offenders because they didn't know the vast results of their seed sowing which would be devastation upon themselves and their families, then your thoughts and attitudes toward them will change to forgiveness. My mercy inside of you will flow and you will feel empathy for them so you will mercifully bless the ones who curse you and do good to the ones who hate you. You will realize that they have only yielded to the temptations of the devil, which you have also done many times, maybe only in thoughts and attitudes, but those are as if they had been done in reality because of the negative hormones released into your own body by the negative thoughts and attitudes. Jesus said that if a person looks on another person with lustful thoughts, they have already committed adultery. He was revealing to all of My children that when lustful thoughts captivate your thoughts, that negative hormones have already started invading your body which will cause damage and injury to your physical and emotionsl health. Guilt and condemnation from the devil coupled with the lustful hormones which are released will defintely cause your peaceful existence to be aborted. Jesus taught everything that He taught for your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being. So instead of returning evil for evil done to you, if you will return good for the evil done to you, then positive, loving hormones are released into your body, and you do not further inflame the perpetrator of the opposition against you, and there will not be more and more strife sown into the relationship. I ask you to keep peace with all people because keeping peace will clear the avenues for My promises to come to you and My blessings to be uninterrupted in their flow to you. I said that My blessings for you were prepared from the foundation of the earth. Their delivery to you depends upon you displaying My character of love and peace in the world. The heavens rejoice when you keep peace and do good to others, because My angels know that they will be able to deliver your inheritance to you. As an act of your will, forgive everyone, return good for evil and meditate on the spiritual activity that will happen in your own body and in the heavens when you forgive others. It all starts as an act of your will. Love, God Matthew 5:43-48; Matthew 6:21-30; 38-48; Matthw 7;1-14; Mark 11:25-26; Luke 23:33-34; John 20:22-23.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Dear One, Only speak faith filled words and lots of testimonies about My works and you will be having testimonial dinners for Me and parades of praises for me. At testimonial dinners the people in attendance eat a good meal and then give speeches of praise for the person being honored. When you tell about My wonderful works in your life in the form of testimonies, the listeners are eating and taking communion with Me by your praises heaped on Me and My works in your life. They are proof of the scripture that says that those who seek Me must believe that I am and that I am the rewarder of those who diligently seek Me. Testimonies prove all the teachings of Jesus, that He came to destroy the works of the devil and give My abundant life to My children. To seek Me is to open yourself up to Me because you know that I am the Loving Father who gives My abundance to My children spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, My rewards are not given because of any works on your part because that would make you an observer of the old covenant of laws which were given for the flesh of people. My rewards come to you because you are My child. As My child you put yourself into the avenues and roads from My Heaven to earth on which My blessings and rewards flow. Those avenues and roads are love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, pationce and faith. Those are My characteritstics, so you attract My blessings and rewards to you because you are displaying My personality from which all blessings flow. So it is not your works that attract My blessings and answered prayers to you, it's My personality inside of you producing My personality outside of you which attracts My blessings and answered prayers to you. When you display the personality of the devil through strife, anger, lasciviousness, various forms of lust, cheating, pride, judging, coveting, envying, jealousy and others, I said you will not inherit the things of My kingdom because you are displaying the personality of evil spirits. My goodness toward My children cannot enter into the kingdom of evil. I do not withhold My blessings from you. Those displays of satan's evil personality block My blessings from coming to you. Jesus died so that My blessings could come into your life because you have inherited My personality through allowing Me to live inside of you in the person of the Holy Spirit. If you return to the pigpen of evil, then his characteristics put barriers between us so that My blessings cannot flood into your life. When My personality is displayed in the earth as a result of My children becoming intimately acquainted with Me, causing their personalities to be conformed to Mine, then all of My blessings flood into their live. Who is your hero? Who is your Father? Is it the father of lies or is it Me, the Father of Love? Whose works you display in thoughts, attitudes, words and deeds in your life will reveal who is your hero because you have had testimonial dinners by glorifying either My works or the works of the evil one. Check your mind to see whose parade is being held there. Cleanse your thoughts, your attitudes, your words and your actions until they are conformed to My image. Then stand back and experience the abundant life that I promised. Love, God Natthew 7:18-23: I Corinthians 6:9-11; Galatians 5:17-26; Isaiah 59:1-4; John 4:16-17; I Corinthians 3:14; Hebrews 19:35-36; Hebrews 11:6

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Dear One, Testimonies that you give relating to My goodness and kindness are witnesses of My love for you and others. They give people faith in Me, hope that I will do the same thing for them, which is to rescue them from the effects of evil in their lives, whether it's disease, relationship problems, mental or emotional instability or temptations to do all manner of evil. When people belabor the negative things about their situations, they give a parade for the devil and his works, like I told you in the past. They become a witness to his works, glorifying him. When My children share the testimonies about My goodness in their lives, they give a parade for Me and My love for all of My children. They become a witness to My mighty works, glorifying Me. When you are tempted to share the bad elements in your life or the lives of family members, be sure and step back and examine the motivation. If it is to elicit sympathy for yourself or a family member, then it is sharing from the flesh and will glorify the evil one. If sharing it is to cause you to understand the situation better by getting wise counsel from others, then don't present the dramatic overview, only present the facts and shorten the parade for the devil which magnifies his works in the world. Every detailed verbal description of a bad situation should always be accompanied by a declaraion of My mighty works or My promises relating to the situation, statements of faith on what I have promised regarding the situation. You might want to share tne negatives of a situation that led up to a miraculous intervention on My part which erased the troublesome events, showing that I restored the years that the caterpillar had eaten, the locust and the cankerworm, those being evil works. Witnessing to My restoration from devastating events will give hope and faith to others. So it may be wise to share the facts about the devastation before you share the glory of My restoration. Don't capitalize on the negatives. Let your witnessing of My loving works in your life always be followed by a declaration of My goodness and graciousness toward My children. Many people don't know it. Your being a witness confirms it. Love, God Joel 2:23-26; Psalm 145; Jeremiah 32:17-19; Luke 19:37-38; Ephesians 1:16-23.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Dear One, Testimonies boost your faith, especially when they contain minute details about miraculously answered prayers or about My meeting your wants, needs and desires. When I open the obvious doors for you to share the testimonies, be sure and do it because the people need to hear about the reality of My desire to answer prayers instead of their merely hearing theories about it. They need the reality, not only theory. Your testimonies are reality. They are like feeding nutritious food to a starving person. When Jesus told Peter to feed My sheep, that is what He was talking about, feeding the spiritually starving people with faith-filled, encouraging testimonies about My existence and that I am the rewarder of those who diligently seek Me.

Sharing your testimonies about My blessings in your life is being a witness for Me and My willingness to meet your needs and to give you the desires of your heart. You are thrilled by My special kisses for you in the form of miracles and blessings. Even through you have heard millions of them and have experienced thousands of them, can you imagine a person who has never heard a real testimony of a dramatic miracle and how overwhelmed he or she would be to hear your exciting testimonies? It is like being thrown a life preserver while in the tumultuous ocean of life. Even though you could write many books on the miraculous events that have happened in your life, there are so many people who have never experienced even one miracle or heard one testimony of My goodness and kindness. Testimonies are good news. They are the news about what has happened to you. A witness is someone who has either observed or experienced an incident. You have thousands and thousands of them because you finally have eyes and ears to receive them. You have the faith that I give to you when we have our one-on-one time together. It's not your faith. It's My gift of faith. To be a witness is to share with others what you have experienced. When you are willing to share, I will bring people to you to hear about My loving works in your life. The listener is infused with faith and you are thrilled by reliving the events which involve My miracles in your life. You have many life preservers to give to people. Be alert to recognize the needs of people and the doors that I open. Love, God James 1:22- 25; Luke 22:67-71; Luke 24:46-49; John 1:7-16;John 8:18; John 10:24-30; John 15:27; Acts 1:8.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Dear One, There are physical and psychological benefits to forgiving and making amends. Forgiving a person releases that person or persons from your thoughts, which will affect your attitudes. Refusing to forgive a person or persons releases negative hormones into your body which will usher into your life sickness, disease, depression and other mental and physical illnesses. Making amends with someone and forgiving that person will release healing hormones into your body and mind, which will heal areas that were negatively impacted by inner strife caused by the strife filled incident. Holding grudges will constantly flood your body with the negative hormones and will hold you hostage to an incident or incidents which hurt you or caused you to oppose someone.
 As long as you hold the grudge, you are a slave to the person and the incident; and the person and the event become the lords of your life. I said that whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Harboring hurtful incidents will make your life miserable and you will never win ascendency over the incident. It will plague you and curse you as long as you continue to harbor the injurious incident in your thoughts that was responsible for causing your distress. You carry the incident in your mind, constantly building more and more resentment as the days go by. When you are obsessed by an unpleasant incident, there is no room in your mind for your thoughts to be stayed on me which will bring peace, as I promised. I gave the antidote through Jesus for keeping your mind and body healthy and fit. It was to forgive everyone and to make amends if you have been the perpetrator of evil intentions toward others. Jesus said when you stand praying and someone has something against you, go to the person and make peace. Then return to your prayers which will easily be answered when there is no negative thoughts being sent out towards you. I also told men to live considerately with their wives so that their prayers will not be hindered. That principle covers other relationships, also, or Jesus would not have taught to leave your prayers behind until you make peace with your accuser. From those two spiritual principles, you must deduce that forgiving others and making amends if you have wronged someone will benefit you spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physically. Jesus did not talk about important matters just to be talking. Every word He taught came from My mouth as well as His. I want you healed and free from things that curse you and rob you of your blessings. Jesus spoke emphatically about them. Forgiving everyone and making amends for wrongs done to others will erase the devastating effects of a hurtful, angry and strife filled event or situation. Jesus knew what He was talking about. To live a joyful, loving, peaceful life, you should forgive, forget and make amends. Then your mind is clear to receive more and more revelations from Me which will bring a loving, peaceful existence to you. Love, God Mark 7;18-23; Proverbs 23:7; Jeremiah 4:14; Matthew 5:21-30; Matthew 6:12-15; Matthew 7;1-6; I Peter 3:7-13.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Dear One, After Adam (man) and Eve (woman) let the father of lies (the devil) into the earth, I told Adam and Eve that they would have to choose between good and evil, blessings and curses. I meant that they had legally let the father of evil and curses into the earth so they would have to constantly make the choice between obeying My voice of blessings and the voice of the father of curses. My children still have to choose between blessings and curses at all times. The promptings come in your mind. They are temptations to do either good or bad, bless others or curse others. You choose between the thoughts, the temptations, and then your attitudes are formed from whichever thought you chose, good or evil. Those attitudes become actions of the same, either good or evil. Those actions either bless you and others or curse you and others. The actions of your brother Jesus set the perfect example for you when He was tempted in the wilderness and He chose good thoughts based upon My Words instead of choosing the evil temptations of the devil. My angels were called to minister to Him after He rejected evil and chose My ways. It still happens that way, when you choose loving thoughts rather than evil thoughts, My angels come to minister to you and for you because you have chosen Me as your Father by whose advice you have taken. Even though you have made the decision to always follow My leading and guidance, there are times when the enemy comes to tempt you, to entice you to join in with his evil ways. It all starts in the mind. It might not be the obvious fleshly temptations like lust, lasciviousness, murder, stealing, cheating, adultery, promiscuity, and the like. It might be the temptation to judge others, to engage in strife and opposition, to sow contention and strife in your family or relationships, to be angry, to rail and rave in rage, to hold grudges, to be jealous, to cause dissension, to be selfish or to be at enmity with someone. Those are the beginning of the thoughts from hell which will develop into attitudes which rob, steal and destroy you and others. Then the next step is that you do actions which rob, kill and destroy the peaceful existence of someone or you rob, kill and destroy the loving atmosphere in your family, business or other relationships. That's why Jesus taught first against judging others, refusing to forgive, creating strife in situations, entertaining thoughts of opposition and dissension. He knew that thoughts and attitudes always produce actions which will either bless you or curse you. Entertaining thoughts of love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and faith always summon My angels to deliver to you the elements of your inheritance, which are My blessings. When you choose loving thoughts over strife-filled ones, My kingdom is constantly around you in the spiritual dimension to deliver your blessings to you. When you do fall into temptation to entertain evil thoughts and attitudes, don't feel condemned. Do the proactive thing of rejecting those temptations and return to unity with Me where there is love and peace. I always receive you back with loving arms and My forgiveness. The rewards of choosing My ways are magnificent! Love, God Matthew 4:1-11: Matthew 5:1-12: Matthew 5:21-27; Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 7:1-6; Galatians 5:13-25.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Dear One, It should be no mystery to you why Jesus waa so emphatic when He taught about attitudes and thoughts and actions. He knew the power that is produced by them to energize situations, both good and bad. He knew that, as My child, your thoughts and attitudes project energy through emotions. The word emotions come from the word to emote, which means to project an emotion dramatically. So negative and positive emotions project energy into the atmosphere which is taken by whichever kingdom they originate, either My kingdom or the evil kingdom. Then whichever kingdom is activated will bring its properties and substances into your life, either blessings or curses. Jesus said that if a man lusts in his heart, he is already committing adultery. That should show you how powerful your thoughts are. Jesus had already resisted the devil in his evil pull toward enticing Jesus to let the devil curse His life by thinking the negative thoughts of the devil and his kingdom which would create a negative attitude and then evil actions. Jesus was intent on preventing the rest of My children from falling for the same tricks that were played on Him in the wilderness so the first thing He taught was about attitudes and thoughts. Your emotions emote the power to do either good or evil, depending upon whether they are positive emotions or negative emotions. It all starts in your thoughts. People even call it your "thought life." It is just that, a life that goes on inside your mind, projecting either good or evil, inviting either My good kingdom to work My blessings in your life or they invite the evil kingdom to work its evil curses in your life. We have talked about the fact that you can enter a room and tell what the thoughts and attitudes of the occupants are in the room because you can discern the presence of either pleasant energy or uncomfortable energy. Energy is power, so My children emote power to either bless or curse others, depending upon to whichever kingdom you are listening and by whichever kingdom you are being motivated. If people can so easily discern either the positive or negative energy upon entering a room, consider the fact that people have either summoned the angels of light into the room or they have summoned the angels of darkness to enter the toom, summoning either blessings or curses. It all goes back to the thoughts and attitudes of My children, whether they have chosen to entertain thoughts of light or entertain thoughts of darkness. Your abundant life depends upon only thinking on the things that are pure, clean, virtuous, loving and of a good report. When you continue in those thoughts, you summon My blessings into your life and the lives of your children. Love, God Matthew 4:1-11; Matthew 5, 6 and 7; James 4:7-12; Deuteronomy 30:15-20; Philippians 4:6-8

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Dear One, Since the reason for the religious laws given to the Israelites was to identify sin, which are the works of the devil, they were not intended to be used to condemn My children or to condemn others who did not obey the laws.
 However, they were used by the devil to do just that, bring condemnation and guilt. That was not My intention for the laws. That is why I told My children to love mercy and to do justly, and walk humbly with Me. In other words, I was telling them to listen to My instructions given at that time through the prophets, to be merciful to the people who did not keep the religious laws instead of condemning them. The John who came before Jesus called the religious leaders vipers and Jesus called them vipers because they were supposed to use the religious laws to free My children but they used them to condemn them. Jesus said He preferred mercy to sacrifices. He said they returned evil for evil and they oppressed the poor who had no tithes or sacrifices instead of being merciful to them and feeding them. Jesus taught My children to do the opposite of what they had been taught by religious leaders. He taught that they must return good for evil done to them, to forgive those people who spitefully use them. He told them not to judge so that they would not be judged. He told them to forgive their enemies instead of opposing them, just like I do. He taught more effective ways to defeat evil in the world than what their religious laws taught. He taught that love, mercy, kindness, goodness, joy, faith and patience are more effective weapons against those who promote evil. He taught that My children should not bring old religious practices into My new relationship with them, which is the covenant of love, Christ living in you, the hope of glory. You must not go back to the old religious laws as a symbol of your righteousness. If you do, you must keep all of them or the laws will condemn you. Instead, be led and guided by My Spirit to love everyone and you will fulfill all of the laws. Love is the nature of Our family. Matthew 3:1-12; Matthew 12:24-37; Matthew 9:16-17; Matthew 5;38-48; Matthew 6: 1-6; Matthew 7: 1-6; Galatians 5:16-22.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Dear One, I told My children in the country with whom I had an old covenant when they became judgmental and hyprocritical that even though they paid their tithes, which their religious laws required,and they had made proper sacrifices, which their religious laws required, I told them that they had neglected the weightier things like mercy and doing justly to all people, which is what I required of them. I even told them that obedience is better than sacrifice. I told them to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with Me. Rather than using the wisdom in the religious laws to protect themselves and to identify the evil that would tempt them, they used the laws to judge other people who neither tithed nor payed sacrifices. That was never the intent of religious laws. It was not to be the yardstick with which to judge others. Jesus told My children that all the laws are bundled up in the admonition to love Me with all their hearts and to love others as you love yourself. He said that all of My commandments are included in that admonition. Jesus said that under My new covenant with individuals that I would put My words in their hearts and in their minds. Paul told all of My children that even if you give your bodies to be burned for Me and don't have love, that you are nothing. He said if you have faith to move mountains and have not love, that you are nothing. He said if you speak in tongues and prophesy and do not have love, you are a noisy gong, a clanging cymbal and have nothing. He said if you give away everything you have for Me but have not love, you gain nothing. He said that love is the greatest thing in the world. I said through Paul that nothing in the universe can separate you from My love. Nothing should separate you from loving others, either, because that is the last and greatest commandment, that you love others. Love is the greatest thing in the world because love is My nature. Love will overcome everything. Love, God Proverbs 17:1; I Samuel 15:22-23; John 15:7; Luke 11-42-44; Romans 8:38-39; I Corinthians 13;1-7; Romans 13:8-10.

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Dear One, You have heard that habits are hard to break. That refers to bad habits and also good habits. We have talked about making a good habit of sowing love seeds every day, adorning My earthly creations with love, feeding the souls of My children with their biggest need, which is love. Sowing love in the earth is sowing My character in the earth. You can also make it a good habit of praying in the Holy Spirit at all times, in all seasons. Jesus did it. Paul said he did it more than any living person at the time he lived. His works in the earth were similar to the works of Jesus. My works in the earth through Paul's prayers are monumental. Those are two individuals you would be wise to emulate. My Holy Spirit's words are My words, sent out to meet every need of every person. I am your Father of Love. Of course I an eager to meet all of the needs of My children. I am always searching for people to speak and pray in My heavenly language so that I can send out the wonderful formulas for cures for diseases, formulas for new medicines to eradicate the damages caused by bad bacteria in the lives of My children, strategies for solutions to governmental problems, solutions to estrangement problems in families. I am looking for My children who are willing to pray My commands in the earth to order anger and strife spirits to hell. Because of the stronghold that the disease of cancer has in the lives of people in the earth, I might need ten people praying at the same time to complete each segment of the formula to cure it, to completely eradicate it. When you are praying in the Spirit at every opportunity in your prayer closet with My words coming from your mouth, then you are a fortunate participant in that monumental discovery. It will be your honor to be assisting Me in the endeavors because I need people in the earth to cooperate with Me in My monumental work of redeeming the earth from the curses of the evil one. Paul understood this concept because he said that the whole earth cries to be redeemed from the evil bondages. When Jesus was resurrected He said that His disciples should wait for My promise to come to earth. My Holy Spirit came to earth on the day of Pentecost and the people who were eagerly waiting for My ultimate promise to be revealed received Him, which is Christ in you in the person of the Holy Spirit, which is My hope of glory. Jesus knew He was powerless without My Spirit inside of Him; and He knew that when He came back to Me that We would send the same power of My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in My children, giving them My power and My love, equipping them with everything needed for My abundant life by redeeming My children from the curses of satan. My creative words which I spoke in the beginning when I created the earth are still My creative words. Now they are spoken and prayed by My children in My heavenly language in order to redeem My children and the earth from the bondage to the evil spirits. Making a habit of praying in the Spirit at all times, in all situations will produce wonderful blessings for you and your family; and My words will transform your earth into the garden it once was. You become five star generals in the earth in the battle between good and evil when you bring My earth changing formulas into the earth by praying in the Spirit at all times, in all situations. Love, God Romans 8:18-27; Colossians 1:25-29; Acts 1:1-5; Acts 2:1-4; John 3:16-17; I John 3:16; Ephesians 6:10-18.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Dear One, Don't ever identify with defeat. It will affect your success. When your favorite team loses or your candidate loses or you lose your job or someone near to you loses a competition or your child's team loses in a contest, chalk it up to a learning experience for the participants which will necessitate their reexamining the strategies, the game plans and the skills involved which will lead to a better performance. You should have sympathy for the players who lose, but not for long, because it can affect your own success if the failures of others, or yourself, affect your emotions which will affect your life.

Turn off all thoughts of disappointment or you will attract more disappointment into your life. Declare that you are a winner, a success, an overcomer in all affairs because you are a child of Mine, able to conquer all emotional fluctuations. I repeat, do not identify with losses. Pray for the losers and rejoice for the winners, rejoicing with the winners for their expertise which boosted them to success. Also pray for wisdom for the losers. Detach yourself from all losses or you will become consumed with failure yourself. If you do not detach yourself from the loss, you will be unable to get back on the road to success in every area of your life. Winning and losing is a matter of attitude as much as talent and actions. A winning attitude is necessary to win. That is why I told you to forget all that is past and to press forward to the things that are before you, keeping your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. Jesus never failed. He's your brother. He is always encouraging you to identify with his resurrection, not his death. His death was not the end. his resurrection was the beginning of a completely new covenant with My children, one in which I sent My Spirit to live inside of them to lead, guide and direct them, giving them the power to overcome all failure and to become a success in every area of life. I gave you My power. You need to use it to be winners. Love, God Hebrews 12;1-4; Job 11:14-20; John 14:1-14; I Corinthians 9:22-27; John 10:10.
Photo is my Grandson Neil and his best friend Rhea who are a perfect example of winners.  They spread joy wherever they are.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Dear One, Acts of love from you come in many forms. The most effective one, the most powerful one comes in the admonition in My Book which tells you to pray at all time, in all occasions, in the Spirit. When you pray in My Spirit at all times, in all occasions, you are giving Me the opportunities to send out through My words solutions to the problems in your family, solutions to problems in your country, solutions to decisions to be made by your elected officials.
 I am also, when you pray in the Spirit randomly, sending out cures for diseases which are received by scientists. I am also sending out ways for the uniting of estranged families. I am sending out solutions to governmental conflicts. I am turning the hearts of estranged parents toward their children and children toward their parents. I am sending out healing angels sent to give healing to individuals who will receive it. I am sending out deliverance from emotional and mental demons when you pray in the Spirit. I am sending out all manner of loving works into your earth when you pray in My Spirit. When you pray in My Holy Spirit you are participating with Me in restoring My earth and your earth to the loving state it was when I created it. When you pray in My Spirit you are calling unredeemed people through intercession into belief in the redemption of Jesus, the infilling of My Holy Spirit and deliverance from the works of evil. You are in the ministry of love when you pray without ceasing. You are calling into your life every good and perfect work when you pray at all times, in all seasons, in the Holy Spirit. When you pray in the Spirit you are also building up yourself on the foundation of faith when you unite with Me through My Holy Spirit to dispense My blessings into the earth. Walking in love and praying in My Holy Spirit at all times will bring My solutions to the problems of all people into the earth. After all, it was My words that created the world. So it will be My words which will heal it. Join with Me in your prayer closet and pray at all times, in all seasons, in the Holy Spirit. We make wonderful prayer partners. Love, God Romans 8:14-17; Romans 8:22-28; Acts I:1-5; Acts 2:1-4; I Corinthians 2:5-12; Ephesians 3:7-12; Colossians 1:25-29; Jude 20; Ephesians 6:10-18.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Dear One, The determination to only think and act out of love is a wonderful goal. If you will determine to do a certain number of love actions every day, your days will be filled with joy and peace. After a while you will become a master at giving love to others and it will become second nature to you, a vital part of your personality instead of merely an act of your will. You will be a factory of love in the earth just like I am a factory of love in the universe and in the heavens. My love will permanently flow from you and also flow back to you in ways in which you will be overcome with the knowledge that you are deeply loved and treasured by Me and by others.
  The key is that you should become love conscious instead of only being conscious of yourself with self concern, self consciousness, self promotion and self validation. When you become a love factory, you become conscious of the needs of others, you will have the desire to promote others in your mind and in the minds of others. As a love factory you will have elation when you validate the existence of others, validating their lives, their talents, their families, their occupations, their appearances and their personalities. Factories import substances in order to continue to produce their products. Inside of you there is an endless supply of love ingredients necessary to continue the flow of love. There is mercy, kindness, goodness, patience, endurance, and discerning of spirits so that you will see good rather than evil. All of those attributes are incorporated in the constant production of more and more love actions. There is an endless supply of them in My Spirit who is living in your spirit. He lives inside of you to convince you of My love for you and to work through you to pass My love on to others. To be a dispenser of love is the greatest privilege you can have as My child because you are expanding the revelation of My character and personality in the earth. After all, I am love. Love, God John 3:16; I John 3:1I; I John 2:5; I John 3:13-20; I John 4:7-21; I John 5;1-3; Jude 1:29-21.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Dear One, You can, by an act of your will, determine to sow love seeds in every situation that presents itself throughout your day. Begin each day, before you put your feet on the floor, to prime the pump of the wells of love inside of you by blessing everyone who comes to your mind. The wells of salvation inside of you only produce waters of love. Bless your family members, your enemies, your friends, your acquaintances, your elected officials and bless yourself. Then if you will set your mind on the blessings that I have given to you, they will keep your mind on Me and the elements of My endless flow of love toward you. Peace will rule your mind because you have set your mind on the good that I have done for you rather than thinking about the evil that people have done in the far past or the near past either to you or to your loved ones. The past is dead unless you resurrect it by dwelling on it and giving it new life. Begin to sow new love memories for the future. The thoughts you keep in your mind will attract to you more of the same, either good or bad. You can determine, as a act of your will, to show love to everyone. You can determine, as a choice, to show love through particular ways, through gifts, through encouragement, through validation, through compliments, through a listening ear, through making amends if you have caused distress, and through forgiving those who oppose you. Once you set your mind on showing only love, you will find that your mind is less on yourself and more on others and on Me because we are working together to further My family love in the earth. When you were born of My Spirit you were baptized with My love as well as My power. There is power in love. Baptize others with love. The result will be that love will flow back to you and overtake you. Love, God I Corinthians 13; Ephesians 3:14-20; Matthew 5:38-48; I Peter 4:8.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Dear One, Disappointment is a "dis" that I warned you about, just like discord, disease, disagree, disrespect, discontent, disengage, disconnect and others. Dwelling on a disappointment might not seems like it's a blow to your blessings, but it is.
 Disappointment will bind you to an incident or a person, which will bind your blessings from coming to you. The "dis" you must learn to appreciate is discern, which you must learn is the gift that I give you to discern good from evil, to differentiate between the two and their influence on your life. You must learn that the pulls in life are either to think and act from My heaven or to think and act from the devil's hell. My enticement are to do the good things which will bring blessings into your life. The devil's enticements are to do the evil things which bring curses into your life. You might think that the evil enticements are always the ones of the flesh, lust, cheating, adultery, domination, killing, robbery, licentiousness and like actions. Jesus taught just as emphatically about judging others, being angry, gossiping, refusing to forgive, speaking evil of others and loud praying in public in order to be noticed. Those also come from hell and are attempts to engage you in practices which will rob you of your blessings. When you learn to discern all the differences between good and evil, you will know that My orchestration is always for your good, that I entice you to kind and good thoughts, attitudes and actions because it is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom. You open the doors to My blessings flowing into your life by loving thoughts, attitudes and actions. I gave you the instructions in My Instruction Book and My Spirit reiterates them to you in order that you would be protected from joining with the spiritual beings who want to rob, kill and destroy you. My desire for you is that you receive all of your rightful inheritance which are all the blessings that being My child affords you. Refuse to be engaged in any of the damaging "dis" actions which will cause you to be robbed of your blessings. I have given My blessings to you. They are already yours. My Spirit in you works full time promoting the thoughts, attitudes and actions of My family that will cause you to always receive My highest and best. Love, God Luke 12:29-32; Matthew 5:21-30; Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 7:1-12; I Corinthians 6:5-11; Galatians 5:19-25; Romans 14:17.
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Monday, November 11, 2013


Dear One, There are spiritual mysteries to be unlocked. There are cures for diseases that need to be discovered. There are beneficial inventions that are waiting to be produced. There are solutions for all human problems that are evident in My heaven which need to be brought into the earth so that human suffering can be alleviated in the earth. There are formulas for medicines that need to be imaged, then produced by spiritually astute scientists. The only thing limiting My children from collecting all of the answers to every human problem is the unbelief that I want to meet every need of humanity. That unbelief says that I am unwilling to give the insight and wisdom for every problem that My children have. You know that My Instruction Book teaches that things must be prophesied and believed in the earth before they are received. When I speak in prayers through your mouth in My spiritual language, I am prophesying the solutions to all needs of My children. I need people who are willing to stand in the gap between Me and the scientists, between Me and the inventors, between Me and the doctors, between Me and the psychologists, between Me and the preachers, between Me and the businessmen, between Me and your fractured families. I need prayer warriors who are equipped with the words of My Holy Spirit who will allow My words to be prayed at all times, in all seasons, in the Spirit. My words contain My knowledge and insight into the solutions for every problem in the earth. Your prayers in the Spirit can orchestrate the paths for solutions to be brought to famliies who live in strife and hatred. Your intercessory prayers in the Spirit can send angels to whisper formulas for the cure of diseases in the ears of scientists and can send angels to other scientists who are willing to use My formulas for new medications which can alleviate suffering in the earth. Your intercessory prayers in the Spirit can give to individuals who live in fractured families the thoughts of love and forgiveness which can heal their families. Your intercessory prayers can send angels to convince businessmen to be fair and merciful to their employees which will bless their businesses. I am constantly looking for My children who have received the truth about the words spoken by My Spirit in prayers, that their acceptance of My calling to pray in My Spirit at all times commissions me to send out cures for diseases, beneficial inventions, formulas for medicinal discoveries, and the deliverance from demonic curses which keep My children from receiving their full inheritance. Jesus was very eager to finish His ministry on earth so that He and I could send My Holy Spirit into the lives of people, enabling My creative words to be spoken in the earth, words which contain My solutions to all human problems. Paul said he prayed in tongues more than anyone and prison doors were supernaturally opened for him. I work through the laying on of hands, through the works of the ministry and I work through intercessors who are willing to be My helpmates in th earth by bringing heaven's solutions into the earth through Holy Spirit led prayers. After all, things visible are made of things invisible, things temporal are made out of things celestial. Your faith will multiply speedily when you accept the appointment of an intercessor because you have built yourself up on your most holy faith by praying in the Holy Spirit. Love, God Jude 20; Genesis 1:2, 6, 9, 10, 11-13, 14-15, 17-19, 20-23. 24-31; Acts 16:25: Romans 8:25-27; I Corinthians 14:14-16; Ephesians 6:10-20; I Corinthians 2:9-13.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013


Dear One, There are psychological principles that mirror My spiritual principles. For instance, psychology teaches that there are consequences to your actions, good or bad. That principle mirrors My spiritual principle of seed sowing, that the seeds you sow will produce like plants in your life. My children teach their children that there are physical consequences to their actions. I also teach My children that there are spiritual and physical consequences to their thoughts, attitudes and actions. I teach that loving, merciful thoughts and attitudes produce the same thoughts and attitudes from others toward you. I also teach that thoughts, attitudes and actions determine whether you receive blessings or curses in your life. Angry, hateful, judgmental thoughts and attitudes will produce the same actions towards you and will attract curses into your life because of the spiritual energy produced by the thoughts and attitudes. However, the good news is that by changing your evil thoughts, attitudes and actions to loving ones, accompanied by forgiveness for any wrong done to you, you will reverse the production of evil in your life and send it packing to hell. Changing your thoughts, attitudes and actions is called repentance, reversing your direction and going an entirely new direction as led by My Spirit. I have covered that admonition in My Book, that you should not let My grace give you license to knowingly sow bad seeds of judgment, anger, strife and other evil works. That is making a mockery out of the sacrifice of Jesus, feigning repentance but returning to the same old thoughts, attitudes and actions. I forgive you for your repeating injurious actions instead of repenting, which means to adopt new beneficial thoughts, attitudes and actions as being led and empowered by My Spirit. But, rest assured, seeds sown will produce plants in your life, good or bad. With the power of My Spirit inside of you, you can refuse to sow negative seeds of the devil into your future by sowing his strife, division, unforgiveness, demonic passions and injurious works into the earth. You are My child, not the devil's child. I said those who are led by My Spirit are called my children. My Spirit only leads you to sow love, kindness, goodness and mercy into the earth. Choosing your motivation in life is a minute by minute event, choosing life instead of death, blessings instead of curses, love instead of hate, mercy instead of judgmental thoughts and attitudes. My love for you never ceases. The inheritance you receive while in the earth depends upon which seeds you sow, either thoughts, attitudes and actions of My family or the thoughts, attitudes and actions of the kingdom of evil. Sow to My kingdom and live the abundant life that I promised. Love, God Matthew 6:33-34; Matthew 13:2-43; II Corinthians 9:5-15; Galatians 6;7-10; Galatians 3:13-18; II Peter 2:9-22.l Romans 14:17-19

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Dear One,
     True repentance involves adopting a new direction, a new motivation, new thoughts, attitudes and actions which are advantageous to you and your family, leaving behind old actions which are injurious to you and others. Repentance means that you avoid making the same nonproductive mistakes over and over again and you begin to take righteous actions that are of My family of love. Penance is a result of repenting, to make amends to the injured people either in an apology or serving them in some way, restorng unity. Penance as a result of repentance is not repeating prayers over and over in an effort to please Me. Penance as a result of repentance is restoring unity between yourself and others so that your prayers are easily answered. Both repentance and penance result in actions of love, not inactions of depression and extreme emotionalism by donning invisible sackcloth and ashes in the outward form of crying or isolationism. They are active, restoring peace and love to difficult situations. They involve forgiveness and extending mercy to others. When you repent, turning from injurious actions as a result of restoring unity with Me, it means you have been saved again from evil or injurious practices. When you repent and turn from sowing strife, division, anger, rage and other selfish actions, there is rejoicing in heaven. The angels and cloud of witnesses rejoice and say, "Yea. Another victory for our side." I say, "Well, done, My child." Love, God John 3:3-8; II Chronicles 7:14-15; Ezekial 18:27-28; Matthew 3:1-3; Matthew 4:7; Matthew 9:12-13; Mark 6:12-13; Luke 15:7; Galatians 5:13-25; Matthew 25:23

Friday, November 8, 2013


Dear One, Religious teachings are often erroneous in their concept of certain words. For instance, to repent means to do an about face, to turn from actions which are injurious to you and other people. It mean to retreat from a strategy of life which has caused horrible results in your life. It means to stop listening to and obeying the voice of the father of curses and to return to Me, listening to Me and taking My advice relating to life's choices. Repentance never meant to put on sackcloth and aashes in order to show your repentance to others. That is not productive repentance. Repentance is to turn from actions that produce bad results and begin to do acts at My bidding which will produce blessings. I told Job twice to stand up on his feet like a man and seek My counsel. When he did, he took My advice and prayed for his accusing friends. Then everything was restored to him two times over. I told Isaiah that I don't choose fasts of sackcloth and ashes, bowing down your heads like a rush. I told him that the fast that I choose is to loose the bonds of wickedness, to let the oppressed go free, to share your bread with the hungry, to bring the homeless into your house, to cover the naked, to take away from the midst of you the yoke of bondage and the pointing of the finger in judgment and speaking wickedness. I said My fast for you is to pour yourself out for the hungry, to satisfy the desires of the afflicted, to cease only doing your own pleasure and to cease talking idly. Then I told him to tell My children that if they do those things I will make you ride upon the heights of the earth because you have taken My advice and become dispensers of My kingdom of love. In other words, repentance involves becoming My images in the earth, doing loving actions to all people, forgiving others, being merciful to everyone, being nonjudgmental, refusing to sow strife in any situation and to meet the spiritual, physical, financial and emotional lack of others who are in need. Repentance is to cease living for yourself and to begin living My life in the earth because you are My child. You have My Holy Spirit inside of you to accomplish the loving feats. Love, God Job 38:1-3; Job 40:6-7; Job 42:10; Isaiah 58: Psalm 30:10-12; Matthew 3:1-3; Matthew 5, 6 and 7.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Dear One, Think about this, the areas in others that you would label as bad behavior might only be because of your rigid religious teachings, your divisive political beliefs or your narrow social standards. The areas in you that others would label as bad behavior might only be because of their rigid religious teachings, their divisive political beliefs or their narrow social standards. It's all a matter of perception from teachings, whether implied or actually taught. Seek the good the people and you will find it. There are treasures in everyone just like there are treasures in you. I only see the good in all of My children. My eyes are not blinded to the good like your eyes are often blinded to the good in others, and others are blinded to the good in you because the results of rigid religious teachings are to identfy acts of sin and dwell on them. I prefer that My children dwell on redemption and dwell on the righteousness produced by My redemption in the lives of My children. My Holy Spirit will identify the works of the devil in the lives of people, often called sins, but He will always bring mercy to the forefront of your mind and give the impetus to pray for the person so that he or she can be transported from the pigpen into My mansion of blessings. My Spirit discerns evil as being the works of satan, not the works of people. My Spirit then reveals how to get rid of the motivation to do evil acts and replace it with the motivation to do My good acts with the power of My Spirit. When you are tempted to judge someone, apply the principle of first seeking to see My kingdom in that person, my righteousness, and everything will be added to you and to that person because you have magnified My righteousness instead of magnifying evil. You will see in a person what you seek to see. If you seek to see the evil in a peron, you will only see evil. If you seek to see good in a person, you will only see good and the need for redemption. I said to the pure in heart all things are pure. Love, God Matthew 5:8-12; Matthew 15:8-11; II Timothy 2:22-26; James 4:7-12; I Peter 1:22-25; Titus 1:15-16; Matthew 9:10-13; Matthew 11:18-19; Romans 14:16-23.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Dear One, Aren't you amazed how much good there is in people when you look for the good?
From My perspective, I always see the good. I see the small child who was ridiculed and abused, forming a bitter outer exterior, but the wayward adult is still a small vulnerable chlld who never matured past the abused child. If you will to only see the bad attitudes and bad actions in others, you will see them, just like if they seek to find bad attitudes and actions in you they will find them. Some people think that loving the unloved, the broken hearted and giving to the poor are bad actions because of the thought pattern that the poor should work and provide for themselves or that the broken hearted should just buck up and get it all together. The spiritually uninformed people don't know about the demons of poverty and depression which cripple a person, not allowing them to become fruitful in physical prosperity or emotional prosperity. Some of your beliefs might seem wrong to others because they don't know your motivation and your revelation of the spiritual world around you. They would term you deceived because of your beliefs, which would be bad beliefs to them. As long as you see the good in others, you will find it and you will find treasures there, the ones that I see, the ones that are of the true person. Religious training and political extremism are two of the reasons some of My children look for and judge bad actions of others. They don't look upon the spirit of the person instead of the flesh. Jesus told His disciples that he always judges by looking on the spirit of a person, not the flesh. Then His righteous judgment will see the needs, the injuries, the abuses, the desire to be free and the need for healing of the person. That's why His ministry in the earth was so efficent, because He judged no man from the flesh. He only saw the spirit of the people. You can do likewise, you can train yourself, in response to My love inside of you, to only see the inside of a person, the spirit of that person, who is loved and treasured by Me. Then you will love and treasuer that person also. You can restore them with My love rather than curse them by your judgement. I did the same for you. Pass it on. Love, God Romans 7:22-25; Romans 8:1-14; Romans 12:2-5; John 7:24; John 8:15-16; Matthew 7:1-6; Romans 14:3-14; I Corinthians 11:28-31l James 4:11-12.
Photo is my husband in our youth with our son De, who is one of the kindest, most merciful men I know.  He is such a blessing. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Dear One, Because I put My children in charge of the earth when I gave them dominion over everything in the earth, everything in the earth is allowed if you allow it, but not everything is beneficial or edifying since the entrance of the devil into the earth in the Garden of Eden brought curses into the lives of My children. You can engage in those curses if you choose to, but the repercussions that accompany them are devastating to you and your family. To one person, certain occasional activities might not be a problem but to another person the same activitites might be devastating because of the family dynamics from the past, the genes that are passed down from generation to generation. For instance, if there ia an addictive gene passed down from the forefathers, then engaging in certain foods, drinks or recreational activites might reawaken that addictive gene in the person and cause him or her to become addicted immediately. That is why listening to My Holy Spirit is so important, so that you know what might be a problem to you in the future. It's never a matter of sinning in my eyes because Jesus died for the sins of everyone. It's merely engaging into activies that are of the pigpen of the devil might cause you to become addicted, thus allowing evil spirits to rob you of everything you have. So it's a matter of participating in the kingdom of sin which will curse you so My chldren should avoid them. How much better it is for My children to know My Instruction Book which warns about the areas which might curse you, and then you can refuse those thoughts, attitudes and actions which might deceivingly ensare you. My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of discernment. He will give you the green light or the red light, the go light or the stop light, which will warn you of the dangers involved in the enslaving actvities. So you have two witnesses, My Instruction Book and My Spirit who lives inside of you. You must not use My wisdom relating to engaging in damaging activities in order to judge someone who is participating in the activities which will curse him or her. That puts judgment on you and the person, too. You must pray for that person and I will send someone to lead the person away from the pigpen life into My life of abundance of blessings. Pray diligently for your sisters and brothers who are engaging in the pigpen life of curses. They are blinded to their damaging actions. Your prayers can snatch them out of the kingdom of curses and prepare the way for them to be delivered by the sacrifice of Jesus into the kingdom of blessings. You must also be diligent to make the right choices between the pigpen life and the blessed life. Love is the key to making the right choices, loving others as you love yourself. Do everything from the motivation of My unconditional love which is inside of you. It's always your choice whether you want to act from the kingdom of curses or the kingdom of blessings. Choose My blessings, My way of life, My Instruction Book and My Holy Spirit; then every good thing will be added to you. Love, God Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Deuteronomy Deuteronomy 28:1-19; John 3:16-17; I Corinthians 10:23; Galatians 6:1-7; Romans 8:26-27; Romans 10:1-4; Romans 12:9-21.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Dear One, What size of mountain or barrier or blockage would it take to block your blessings and your answers to prayers from coming to you? Would it take a giant one or just a tiny one? unforgiveness are emanating from you and giving permission to your spiritual enemies to rob from you, then you must use your faith to cast them into the abyss. You must determine that you will not allow them to occupy your mind ever again and cheat you out of what I have already given to you. Those blessings were intercepted by evil forces who love to cheat and rob from you. You must not hand them the arsenal with which to do it. I love you so much and I have provided everything necessary for your abundant life. Let My Holy Spirit teach you how to avoid entertaining the negative thoughts, attitudes and actions which come from the kingdom of darkness to rob from you. Renew your mind constantly by letting My Spirit judge between righteous thoughts and destructive thoughts, giving you the power to cast the evil ones into hell. My love is forever pouring upon you. Don't stop that flow at the entrance to your life by being in strife and conflict with anyone. Being right in a matter is of no importance. Being righteous in all matters is called being My child. Love, God Romans 12:2-3; Ephesians 4:22-27; Isaiah 59:1-4; Philippians 4:6-9; Matthew 7:1-5; Matthew 5:21-26; Matthew 5:38-48; Matthew 6:11-15. John 20:20-23.
Maybe they are tiny but they look giant in the heavens. It doesn't matter what size they are because I told My children that you can say to the mountain to be removed and be cast into the sea. Then I said if you believe in your heart that it will be done. Sometimes, because of fear, you have allowed the devil to place mountains at the entrance to your life. Sometimes, because of anger, you have allowed a barrier to be placed at the entrance into the lives of your family members. Sometimes, because you fell for the temptation to judge others, you have invited judgment back upon yourself and there is a blockage on the road that leads to your life. That blockage stops all of My blessings from coming to you. Sometimes, because you have refused to forgive someone, you have bound your own mistakes and misdeeds to yourself which shuts doors to your full prosperity. When you realize that fear or anger or judging or

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Dear One, When things happen in your life which are negatively affecting you, go back to the beginning and review what happened at the beginning of time when Man and Woman believed the temptations of the evil one instead of believing Me. They were deceived, but the curses of the evil one still came upon them and upon all of humanity, their children first and then their children and on and on. They never dreamed that the curses would affect so many people for so long a time.
However, I sent My salvation in the person of My Son Jesus who died for the disobedience of all people and made it possible for My Holy Spirit to live inside of My children with My power to overcome the evil spirits and their temptations. That is My salvation, for you to be saved from the evil that is rampant in the world. Go back to the truth of the entrance of curses into the world when the devil was allowed by Man and Woman to invade their Garden of Eden because they believed his lies rather than the truth of My instructions to refuse to believe evil promptings. The results of believing evil always results in curses. Believing My promptings always results in blessings in every area of your life, just like it was in the beginning of time before Man and Woman opened the door for satan's curses to enter into their lives and the lives of their children. It's just so simple, you must shut the door to evil promptings which come in your thoughts. Because of the simplicity of My truth, the enemy has to deceive you, cloaking his lies in a little bit of truth so that you will believe him and act according to his will, thus allowing yourself to be cursed. It all starts so innocently, yet deceptively, in your thoughts. You believe the father of lies rather then Me, the Father of Truth. Whatever actions you portray is the kingdom you invite to act in your life, either good or evil. My grace and forgiveness are always waiting for you to return from the pigpen of curses and come back into My family of blessings. After tasting the curses of the evil one, you must return to me. I will restore to you all the rights of My children. There will be instances of reestablishing My kingdom in your life in the form of forgiving others, loving your enemies, returning good for evil done to you, being merciful rather than judgmental to everyone and letting love flow from you at all times. Those actions restore to your life the blessings that were stolen when you acted in accordance to the prompting of the father of lies. Exemplifying My character of love and My righteousness will attract My blessings into your life because blessings and My righteousness are of the same family heritage. Love, God Genesis 1:26-32; Genesis 2:15-17; Genesis 3:14-24; John 3:16-21; Acts 1:1-8; Acts 2:1-4; Galatians 5:16-26; I Timothy 6:9-12; I Timothy 2:20-26; James 4:7.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Dear One,
With delight you observe the unfolding of a bud into a beautiful flower. With delight you observe the leaves on trees changing from uniform green to every shade of orange, red and yellow. Your soul is thrilled with the beauty of changing nature, always changing in order to give you great pleasure. Your eyes take in the beauty and you wish to capture the beauty forever in your mind. That's the way you look to Me in the spiritual dimension when you are seeking My kingdom and My righteousness. As you become more and more transformed into My characteristics, you produce more and more beauty in My kingdom and you attract more and more of the elements of My kingdom to you. More and more of My angelic hosts who are involved in My ways and means assignments are drawn to you to supply My blessings to you. They are already your blessings because you are My child. My united spiritual postal service is impeded only by the works of your flesh which block the delivery to your life. I sent the blessings to you already, but the works of spiritual enemies in your life intercept them before they are fully placed into your storehouse. Your spiritual enemies can rightfully say that your blessings cannot be delivered because you have moved; you have moved from My kingdom into acting from the kingdom of destruction and death by your negative actions. When My children display the characteristics of the evil one, then they attract the curses of their spiritual enemies who come to rob, kill and destroy. Those evil spirits lie in wait for you to adopt the actions of the flesh, which are works of strife and conflict. Then they can bring into your life the works of darkness because you have temporarily joined with them in your actions. When My children turn from the works of darkness and begin to again be led by My Spirit of Light, then I immediately commission My deliverymen to start again with their delivery of every good and perfect gift into the lives of My children. I said you can't serve two masters, but My children very often choose to walk and be led by My Spirit at times and then walk and be led by the father of strife and conflict at other times. James taught emphatically that you gain nothing when you do that. You must choose to seek My righteousness in order for the angelic hosts to complete the delivery of My blessings into your life. Many times I said in My Instruction Book to choose whom you will serve, good or evil. Whomever you serve decides whether you inherit blessings or curses. I delight in seeing your personality unfold into My attributes just like the rose unfolds from a bud into a beautiful, fragrant flower. My blessings are attracted to your spiritual beauty. Love, God II Corinthians 4:11-16; Galatians 5:22; John 10:10; Matthew 6:21-24; Matthew 26:40-42; Luke 4:2-14; I Corinthians 10:12-13; James 3:2-18; Matthew 6;33.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Dear One, When you carelessly refuse to lock your vehicle in a high crime area, if your car is robbed or stolen, then you have in a large way allowed the robbery to occur, even though your desire was not to be robbed. When you carelessly refuse to lock your house during reports of multiple robberies in your area, if you are robbed you have in a large way allowed the robbery to happen because of your carelessness, even though you have not invited the robbers into your home. You have made it easy for the robbers to take your belongings. Apply those examples to the truth of your spiritual robbers coming to steal your blessings from you. When you participate in their activities of strife and conflict, then you have participated in your own victimization. You have not actively participated in the robbery but you made it easy for the robbers to commit the crime. The way your spiritual enemies gain access is when you begin to participate in their activities of opposition to others through judging, insisting on your own way, pride, strife running rampant, belittling others, backbiting, gossiping, blaming and other works of the flesh. You leave the doors of your spiritual house or spiritual vehicle unlocked, allowing yourself to be ravaged and robbed. In some way you have participated in your own robberies by participating in the activities of your enemy even though you did not take your own treasures. When the devil can get you to engage in strife and conflict, be assured that he will take your blessings away from you. When you keep peace with all people, even being willing to be wrong, being willing to take the blame like Jesus did, then there is peace, love and an abundance of My blessings because there are no activities of the robbers in your life. Receiving your full inheritance depends upon your active participation in My kingdom, My righteousness, because you have declared to the heavens that you are My child when you act in loving ways and My blessings will flow into your life. I haven't kept My blessings from you. I said through Isaiah that your iniquities have made a separation between us. I never leave you or forsake you. I never stopped My blessings from flowing. There are often dams placed between you and the blessings by your participating in the characteristics of darkness which will rob you every time. That's whey I identified My characteristics as being love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, patience, mercy and faith. I said against those activities there is no law, meaning when your action are loving toward all people there is no lawlessness present to rob you. My desire is that you have everything that will make you happy and prosperous. Participating in My characteristics will attract them to you because I have already provided them in abundance. Love, God John 10:10; Isaiah 59:1-4; Matthew 5:21-48; Galatians 5:16-25; Matthew 6:33; Hebrews 13:5-6; Romans 8:35-37.