Thursday, December 14, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    The objective of your enemy, the devil, is to dominate you through depressing you mentally until you feel beneath other people, less important than your peers, submissive to them, subject to their ridicule, having no self worth, no motivation to improve, being satisfied with being the tail instead of the head, being at the bottom instead of the top, being less fortunate instead of the most fortunate, one of the cursed people of the earth instead of the blessed.  Depression makes you feel comfortable at being deprived instead of prized.  I want you to feel prized and loved. That comes by taking My advice and honoring My words.  (Deuteronomy 30)
   The demonic spirit of depression manifests itself in many ways.  One is in thoughts and attitudes, telling you that you are unattractive, unappealing, lacking in physical, mental and emotional attributes which make you acceptable to people.  Those demonic thoughts are like the anorexic person who already is skin and bones but when he or she looks in the mirror the image that is reflected is of a fat person, indicating that the person needs to eat less and less.  A person who has a demonic spirit of depression looks in the mirror and sees someone who doesn't measure up to friends and so he or she feels that trying to look better is useless because the person can never attain the standards as set forth in his or her socio+economic bracket.  That is a lie from hell.  It is the demonic spirit of depression which wants to dominate you through your thoughts that come from being depressed and also from the attitudes of other people who want to run from that demonic spirit and its attributes displayed through you.
   The motivation behind the demonic spirit of depression living in you is to make you feel unworthy even though I want you to feel worthy, to make you feel unattractive when you are actually attractive, to make you feel unimportant when I want you to feel important, to cause you to feel a kinship with the poor of the earth instead of feeling a kinship with the blessed people of the earth.  The demonic spirit of depression also makes you attractive to people who are domineering because you are so easily dominated mentally and emotionally.  That spirit of depression will attract you to people who will ridicule you, insult you and demean you until you feel actually at the bottom of the social chain rather than at the top of the social chain in which you feel prized, appreciated, honored and respected.
   A spirit of depression living inside of you will not be satisfied until it makes you feel like excrement, unworthy of any praise and unworthy of being accepted as a person of value.  My Holy Spirit wants to do the opposite in you, to elevate you to a position of being loved and accepted, being prized and respected by everyone because you are My child.  My Holy Spirit wants to cause all old depressing thoughts, attitudes, spoken words, actions, clothes and adornments to pass away which reflect a poor, depressed person.  I want them to be eliminated and replaced by new and more attractive things which reflect new thoughts, new attitudes, new motivations and new adornments.  I make all things new, attractive and beautiful, reflective of My kingdom.  (I Corinthians 5:17-22)
   The first thing that needs to happen when this truth is revealed to any depressed person is that all old things need to be eliminated from their lives.  Any identify with depression and unworthiness needs to be cast out of their lives because the demonic spirit of depression attaches itself not only to the inside of a person but also to the clothing and adornment of the person.  The old clothing and adornments are the objects through which ridicule by other people are guaranteed to come in order to cause the depressed person to feel more depressed because he or she feels so unworthy in the eyes of others.  Stripping oneself of the bodily coverings that are testimonies of being depressed is completely necessary in order to be totally free from the demon of depression.
   I placed in My Instruction Book the necessary requirements to emerge from the curses that come with having a demon of depression. (Isaiah 58:3-11) I told My children that when they fast that they are not to fast in sackcloth and ashes which is reflective of the clothes of the poor people of the earth. (Matthew 6:16-23)  I told them to put on a merry face, a prosperous countenance and only fast in private, not publicly as the hypocrites do in order to be deemed religious by other people.  By adorning yourself with clothes that are a compliment to you and to Me, you are reflective of having chosen My blessings instead of the curses of the devil.  The curses of the devil from generations past will afflict the spiritually depressed of My children, wanting them to reflect being children of poverty and lack, only worthy of receiving pity from others instead of respect from them. 
   My children who choose My blessings instead of the devil's curse of depression will live lives that reflect their choice.  They will dress as a person worthy of love and respect instead of dressing as a person who is begging for pity and ridiculing thoughts toward them from others.  They will speak as a person who is worthy of love and respect instead of speaking as a person who is begging for pity and dishonor from others.
   The demonic spirit of depression in a person begs other people, as all beggars do, for pity and ridicule.  My children who have chosen Me and My family have chosen My blessings.  They will receive respect and honor from other people, not the devil's cruses and poverty of spirit.
   You are a light to the world.  Your demeanor and your adornments will reflect your choices, whether you persist in choosing depression or whether you persist in choosing My love and My blessings.   You choose pity and ridicule if you choose to continue being depressed.  You choose respect and love when you choose to live My life of blessings.
   Blessings attract more blessings.  Curses attract more curses.
   Choose My blessings and live a life of joy.
   Your Father of Royal Respect and Honor          

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   When the gate to the world was opened by Adam which allowed evil to enter and curse mankind and his earth, the demon of oppression entered with celebration that his mission to destroy My children could finally be realized.  The desire to oppress you and the rest of My children is part of the demonic mission to destroy you.  Oppressing My children is part of the desire that men have to rule over women.  The demons of oppression minister to the minds of men constantly in an endeavor to make them feel superior to women, children and men who are loving toward their families. 
   Certain rulers of nations oppress everyone in their countries, delighting in carrying out the devil's destructive curses upon everyone under their rule.  The devil is the father of those dictators and he is, in fact, the ruler because of his influence over the human dictator.  Inflicting harm and destruction upon My children is no problem for him because his desire is to destroy My family in the earth.  
   The mechanics of the devil ruling over people is very simple.  Because he is not human, that evil spirit has no real authority in the earth so he has to tempt My children to do his will of oppressing others, ruling as tyrants over them.  The rulers are actually the devil and his demons who are influencing the dictators.  The devil delights in the oppression because it gives him control over people, influencing them to do his evil in their world instead of doing My good in the world.  Because the devil is not human, he doesn't have a body through whom to rule over people  He can't do the evil himself without a human body.  So he has to tempt My children to do his evil deeds as tempted by him, the devil.  My deceived children who obey him make it possible for him to be the god of the earth by their doing his evil will. Oppressing people, bringing them under the rule of a dictator is the way for the devil to become the god of a world that I created to be an image of My kingdom of heaven.  The more dictators that are allowed to rule over people and harass them, the more control the devil has in the earth.   The more men there are who oppress and rule over their wives and children,  the more control the devil has in the earth.  The more women who rule their children with an iron hand by religious laws or strict oppression, the more control the devil has in the earth.
   The most blatant insult to Me is when My children who are called by My name allow domineering, oppressive, corrupt and demon inspired men or women to rule over their churches or their countries.  The people who are submissive to those men or women are blinded to the fact that the devil is actually their ruler because he is in control of the minds and souls of the oppressed people through the rulers whose consciences are also ruled by the devil.  My heart is grieved when the devil's curses are rampant in the earth because of the lack of conscience in the rulers and their followers.  They know neither My scriptures nor My power.  If they knew My power, they would have My gift of discerning of spirits and reject the devil's temptation to oppress and rule over people.  (I Corinthians 12: 4-11) They are deceived just like Adam was in the beginning of the world when he joined with evil and allowed My children and the earth to be cursed in every way.  (Genesis 3)
   The oppressive rule of the devil in the world comes through thoughts and attitudes.  A thought of oppressing someone, as in a father oppressing his children, comes to the father in his thoughts and then if he meditates upon that thought it will produce an attitude and actions of oppression.  Then he will use words to rule over and oppress his own children, demeaning them and robbing them of self worth.  The devil is then in control of that household and that family.  The devil will not let go unless one of the family members begins to hear from My Holy Spirit and rejects the work of the demons of oppression and control, casting them out of his or her family.  (Matthew 10:1)  Then the family needs the counseling of My Holy Spirit to reprogram every member of the family from domineering attitudes to My loving attitudes. 
   The demons of oppression not only use words to oppress and destroy people, but they also use physical punishment as ways of having control over their subjects.  They maim, injure and inflict pain upon the people who trust them enough to make them their gods.  That is a travesty to Me and My name.  It is often done under the auspices of My name, which is a lie from hell.  The demon of religion is at the core of those oppressive actions, not Me.
   Oppression has no place in My family.  (Psalm 55:3; Psalm 119:134; Isaiah 54:14; Isaiah 59:13)  Jesus Christ came to the earth to allow the oppression people in the world to go free.  My Holy Spirit frees My children from every form of oppression when their own oppressive attitudes are cleansed and changed into My righteousness. (Isaiah 58:6)  The devil deceives My children into thinking that they must rule over people to have power in their lives.  My desire is that My children will win over the oppressive devil and his demons, casting them out of their lives and into hell.  My Holy Spirit gives to My children the authoritative power to cast the demon of oppression into hell.  He gives you the power to cast out the oppressors.  Do it in faith and you will live a life of freedom and victory.
   Your Father of Love and Victory Over Evil

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
    When you know the history of a person, you understand his or her motivations, his or her character, his or her beliefs and his or her chances for success in life. 
    Likewise, knowing the history of your world causes you to understand the reasons for all of the good and bad things that happen.  That is the reason why the book of Genesis is so important, so that you can know the origin of sin and the origin of the successes and failures of people, that being the invasion of your world by evil in the way that Jesus described.  He said that the devil came in illegally, by deception, deceiving the first man Adam to allow him access by taking on the personality and character of evil, little by little allowing all of the devil's demons to take up residence in the earth with the motivation to take over the world and destroy it. 
    The reason for the devil's motivation was his evil character of being a murderer.(John 8:44)   The belief of the devil was that the way to get back at Me for ostracizing him from My heaven is to destroy all of My children and the world that I created for them.  The devil believed that his chances of ruling My creation, the earth, was to conquer My children and to become their father by tempting them to do his will instead of their doing My will in the earth.  The evil plan worked and the earth became cursed, as also My children became cursed by doing the will of the devil instead of doing My will. (Genesis 3)
   The word Adam means man.  Adam's story or history is the history of every person who ever lived in the earth, you included.  Your spiritual history is the same as Adam's history.  You are born into the earth in human flesh and you eventually become tempted to do evil, to betray someone, to injure someone, to lie to someone, to deceive someone and other demonic actions.  When you yield to the first temptation, it becomes easier to repeat similar actions and become more and more accustomed to doing evil deeds which often go undetected.  That is why Jesus said that no one is good except Me. (Matthew 19:17)  I cannot be tempted and so evil cannot deceive Me. (James 1: 13 and 14)  When some men called Jesus good, He said not to call Him good because no one is good except Me.  As long as Jesus walked the earth in a fleshly body, He was tempted by evil and so that is why Jesus said not to call him good.
   The history of the world does not clearly outline My magnificent mystery that I instituted to save the world, to win it and My children back from the devil. (Mark 4:11)  I hid My strategy for generations because all of the intricate works had to fall in place before it could be revealed, that being the life and death of My Son Jesus Christ.  First, His birth had to be supernatural.  He had to be human and He had to be Spirit.   My Holy Spirit had to impregnate Mary so that He could walk the earth in flesh, being both Son of Man and Son of God.  By being born of a human woman, Jesus fulfilled the prophesy that He came into the earth legally, in a human body.  The devil did not do that.  The devil only tempts people, deceiving them into doing his will.  Jesus proved that I never tempt My children to do anything, that I give them a choice in everything.
    The devil requires death for yielding to his will because of his being the father of death.  Religious laws required death for sins.  When Jesus was crucified in the flesh, He paid the price for the sins of all of the world, being a substitute for every person who ever lived.  He died individually for every person.  Then He went to hell, which is what the devil required.  Oh, but then the mystery was revealed, because Jesus did not stay in hell, as was planned by the devil.   He was catapulted out of hell by the power of My Holy Spirit and He walked the earth again in a redeemed human/spiritual body to be seen by hundreds of people.  The price of death was paid by My Son Jesus but then He cheated death and rose from the dead.  Because He is My Son and you are My child, He paid the requirement of death for you, His personal siblings. not just you but for the sins of the whole world. 
   The history of the world doesn't end there.  Even though the price had been paid for sins, My children were still living in a world filled with evil.  My plan was that I would give My supernatural power to My children, power over evil, the same power that Jesus had when He walked the earth.  I sent My power of the Holy Spirit that was formerly housed inside of Jesus Christ, sent Him into the world to be received by My children so that they would have My supernatural power inside of them to overcome every work of evil in the world that I gave to them.  The authority that I gave to My children at the beginning had to be exercised over evil accompanied by My supernatural power.  Only then are the evil demons commanded to leave My children and become ostracized from the earth in the same manner that I ostracized the devil from My heaven, by the power of My Holy Spirit.
   Jesus had to come to earth in a human body to have authority in the earth and My Holy Spirit comes to live in the human spirits of My children inside of their bodies in order to have the authority and power to cast out the demons from the earth.  What a glorious plan; the sins of every person who ever lived are forgiven and I, through the power of My Holy Spirit living in you and My other children of faith, I have given to you the power and authority to ostracize from the earth the presence of sin, that being the devil and his demons.  My Spirit said that the whole earth longs for My children to be revealed so that evil can be completely eliminated from the earth and the curses upon My children and the earth are over.  (Romans 8:18-28)  When My children allow My Spirit to reveal the culmination of My plan, that it is Christ, the Victorious One, living inside of you with all the power of My Holy Spirit living in you, then you will begin to eliminate evil from your lives.  Every person with whom you are able to share the mystery will take part in the elimination process, ostracizing the devil and his demons from your life, from the lives of others and from the earth. 
   The Day of Pentecost was the day when My kingdom came to earth as it is in My heaven.  Not only does the power of My Holy Spirit come to live in My children, but He brings into the earth with Him myriads of My angels to assist in ridding the earth of the devil and his demons.  The only part of the mystery that is incomplete is for My children to realize their part in the mystery, that they must learn to be led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit until all of the mystery is complete.  You must persist in casting out demons from the earth just like Jesus did when He walked the earth, as led by My Spirit.
   When you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, the same power of My Holy Spirit that was inside of Jesus Christ is inside of you.  The same authority that was in Him is inside of you.  The same myriad of angels that accompanied Jesus accompanies you in the spiritual dimension around you. (Hebrews 1:13-14) You have everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness while you still live in the earth. (II Peter 1: 3-4)  Jesus only had twelve men who helped Him in His earthly journey of destroying the works of the devil.  Now the workers are few but more will join the battle against evil, taking their duty seriously of eliminating evil from their world.
  I said if you are willing and obedient, that you will eat the good of the land. (Isaiah 1:19)
  I admonish you to be willing and obedient.  When you are, it will be as it was promised, the righteous shall shine like the noonday sun and others will become willing and obedient because you have showed them how to become the light of the world.  I am glorified in My Children of Light. (Matthew 13:41-44)
  Your Light Giving, Love Giving Father

Monday, December 11, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   I created My children and their world out of My Divine Love, so your original nature is love. (Genesis 1:26-27)   The only thing that ever interfered with your being love in the world is the entrance of evil which came through Adam and Eve when they allowed evil to enter the world in the form of the devil whom I threw out of My heaven because of his corrupt nature of evil. (Genesis 3:1-7)  I had warned Adam not to allow that alien spirit to invade their earthly home, but he and Eve were not able to resist his temptations. (Genesis 2:15-17)  They allowed him to pervert all of the love that I placed within them at the beginning. They became polluted with every manner of evil as time advanced.  The first sign of evil was when they hid from Me, their own Loving Father.  The devil's demons of shame, fear and guilt came between them and Me.  (Genesis 3:8-10)
   One of the next demons to minister to Cain, one of the children of Adam and Eve, was jealousy and as a result the demon of anger tempted him and he became a killer, displaying the very nature of the devil.   (Genesis 4:8-11) My children ceased looking upon Me as their Father and the devil became their god because people followed the devil's will instead of My will.  The earth itself had already been cursed by the devil and it no longer easily grew plants and trees which nourished them.  Growing food became a struggle.  (Genesis 3:17-19)
   One of the devil's curses upon women was that they would have a desire for a husband to provide for them what I had previously provided and that persists even today. (Genesis 3:16)  One of the devil's curses upon men was that he would rule over women.  Women allow domineering men to rape, abuse and kill them and their children.  That demon of domination is a perversion by the devil.  Instead of men ruling over the earthly demons who minister to their thoughts, they desire to rule over women.  
  The curse upon men that the devil instituted in the nature of My children that men would rule over women and dominate them with selfishness, cruelty and neglect persists into your world even today.  (Genesis 3:16)  Abuse of women by men is the primary cause of law breaking.  Sexual abuse of women in the form of harassment and even rape is predominant in your world, often respected by men but hated by women.  Women persistently refuse to persecute men who sexually and physically dominate them because they think it is part of life and they tolerate it because of the devil's programming from the beginning in the nature of all women, the curse that their primary desire will be for a man to be their god, their provider and protector.  My desire of Love is that I will be their provider and protector, their Father of Love. 
   The first church through whom My first covenant was made with Abraham never recognized women as inheritors of My blessings.  They were not allowed to enter into the holy court but had to sit only in the outer court with children.  The devil's curses persisted in their worship ceremonies. Only men were recognized as being privileged enough to serve Me.  That was the curse of the devil which persisted into their worship and religious traditions until My new covenant of Love entered into My relationship with My children through Jesus Christ. 
    Only when the old covenant was finished and Jesus Christ ushered into the earth My new covenant of Love in which My Holy Spirit began to live inside of My children and minister personally to them, only then were any of the original curses of the devil broken and supplanted by My will in the earth.  I said through the Holy Spirit that in Christ, in My new covenant of Love, that there are no men or women, no Jews or Gentiles, but that all people are inheritors of My kingdom.  It began to be that women were religiously able to be respected for becoming recipients of My revelations, My dreams, My visions and My insights because they became free from the curses of the devil that came into the earth via Adam.  (II Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 6:15; I Corinthians 12:13)  Only in religious traditions do men continue to be dominant over women  and that is authorized and instituted by the devil when he poured his curses upon the earth.  In My new covenant of Love, there is no domination.  There should only be love, peace and mutual respect.
    Do not let religious traditions bring you back under the curses of the devil.  Woman are encouraged by Me to have a one-on-one relationship with Me instead of desiring a man to be their providers and their protectors and their intercessors with me, taking My place as their Loving Fathers.  Men are taught by Me to treat women with love and respect as equals instead of ruling over them as sexual objects, servants and slaves.  When My children, both men and women, intimately know Me, I teach them through My Holy Spirit how to break the curses of the devil over their relationship and for each one to depend entirely upon Me as their Loving Father.
    Few of My children listen to Me instruct them how to break the devil's curses upon their lives.  My children who depend upon Me completely as their Loving Father rather than depending upon other people, religious institutions or political parties, those people become My children of Love because their guidance and power comes only from Me.  (Romans 1:16)  Faith comes from hearing My personal words to you.  (Romans 10:17)
    Endeavor to break the devil's curses on your life by the power of My Holy Spirit and live a life of My blessings in the earth.
    Your Love Father

Sunday, December 10, 2017

My Dear Precious Child,
    Without being conscious of it, all of your life you make the choice between light and darkness.  When you choose My light, you choose blessings.  When you choose darkness, you choose the devil's curses. When you choose thoughts that are from My Light, you choose good benefits from My heaven.  When you choose thoughts that are from the devil's darkness, you choose evil destruction from hell.
    Yes, I said that your choices are made but they are, most often, made unconsciously by your choosing thoughts that are either injected into your mind by the devil, the father of evil, or they are made unconsciously by your choosing thoughts that are injected into your mind by Me, Your Father of good and perfect gifts.  Some of your programming comes from your parents, whether they are positive or negative in their own choices.  A parent who chooses positive thoughts will feed positive, good, uplifting thoughts into the minds of his or her children.  A parent who chooses negative thoughts will feed negative, abusive, depressing thoughts into the minds of his or her children.  Those choices by parents determine whether their children walk in light or darkness the rest of their lives.
  If a parent speaks judgmental, fearful, prejudicial words, then the children of that parent will develop prejudicial, judgmental attitudes which will constantly feed dark thoughts of fear, anger, strife, discord, division, opposition and contention into their thoughts, attitudes and words which sow seeds of destruction into their lives.  The anger and strife will attract all the demons from hell into the lives of the children and they will probably perish early because of the toxic attitudes.
   If a parent speaks inclusive, loving, peaceful words, then the children of that parent will develop loving, peaceful, gracious attitudes towards other people which will constantly sow seeds of inclusion, acceptance, affirmation, kindness and goodness into their lives.  Their love and peace will attract blessings from My heaven into the lives of the children and they will live long, loving, peaceful lives because of their kind attitudes.
    Sometimes children who have been raised in peaceful, loving families and exist for years with those attitudes toward other people, they often join an organization, a church or a political party which is reclusive, vengeful, prideful and judgmental of other people.  They will soon be reprogrammed into having the same dark thoughts and attitudes of the club leaders, the church leaders or the political leaders and they will forget their positive upbringing of love and kindness. They will sink into a pit of despair and darkness, afraid to leave because they have been programmed to be fearful of the outside world beyond their own club, church or political cult.  The light in them from their childhood programming turns into darkness.  My son Jesus warned about this very thing, accepting darkness which destroys their light,  but often My children neglect to follow His advice.
    Sometimes children who have been raised in abusive, judgmental, fearful, prejudicial households will desire to become joyful, kind and good because they have met people who shed light into the world, beacons of love that draw others to them.  The beacons of light give hope to other people that there is a better way to live in the world.  The people of light who only think and speak hope and love are like magnets, attracting other people to the Light in themselves.  When My children of light tell other people about the Light in themselves, that He is a person named Jesus Christ, then the strangers want to meet Him and accept His sacrifice for the darkness that has plagued them all of their lives.  His promise of a change in attitude from darkness to a life filled with My Light will become their desire and they will choose to have a life change, becoming light themselves when they receive My Holy Spirit into their spirits where a new person is created.  Old things will pass away and all things will become new.  Jesus Christ spoke that a person must be born of My Spirit to have My Light inside of himself or herself.
    After your being completely immersed in My Spirit, the Holy Spirit wants to become your guide, your  counselor, your advocate, your power, your Light and your  salvation from the evil that formerly was your motivation.  He will live inside of you and He will be the umbilical cord from Me to you, feeding My Light into you in order to chase away all of the darkness, if you will allow Him. 
   However, it is still your choice of whether to receive thoughts of  light into your mind or whether to allow thoughts of darkness to invade your mind.  Take My advice through Jesus Christ and My Holy Spirit, casting out of your mind all thoughts of darkness. (II Corinthians 10:5)  Since you have free will, you can ignore My advice and meditate on dark thoughts which will not only eventually curse your own life with destruction and will also curse the lives of other people around you by your spewing negative words from your mouth which poison the minds of other people and poisons the atmosphere that surrounds the world that I gave to My children originally for you to govern wisely and lovingly.  (James 3:9-18)
   Jesus, Himself, cautioned you about letting the light in you be overcome by darkness.  (John 12;35-36; I John 1;5)  Darkness exists to snuff out the light in My children, coming between us like a veil so that you cannot inherit the blessings and benefits of My family of light which give you a life of love and peace.  The devil cannot stand to lose you as an ambassador of his darkness.  The motivation is always to entice you to return to darkness.  The ways he does it is to work through the passions of your flesh which My Spirit clearly identified.  (Galatians 5:19-21) You must reject every thought that relates to those temptations.  I said that you will not inherit the goodness of My kingdom while you live in the earth if you yield to those poisonous, dark thoughts.
   I told you to walk in My Light and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.  (Ephesians 2:3; Galatians 5:16)  I also told you that if you bite and devour one another by angry words, then you will consume one another by those words of darkness.  If you do, you have returned to the family of the devil, the evil  one.  Words that proceed from Light are healing words, loving words, forgiving words, gracious words and peaceful words. 
   When you walk in the Light, thinking only words of Light, having good attitudes of Light, speaking words which bring Light to the world and when you do actions from the Light inside of you, you glorify Me and My Love.  My kingdom comes to your portion of the earth as it is in My heaven. 
    I am Light and in Me there is no darkness.   Strive to say that proclamation about yourself, that there is no darkness in you.  My light shines through your eyes when there is no darkness. (Luke 11:35)
    Your Father of Light and Love

Saturday, December 9, 2017

My Dear Precious Child,
   There are great rewards for seeking Me.  I said that those who seek to know Me must believe that I am (that I exist) and that I reward those who diligently seek Me. (Hebrews 11:6)  If I don't reward you with wonderful things, what is the benefit of seeking Me?  Knowing Me must make your life better in supernatural ways or there is no benefit. 
   In preaching about being born of My Spirit, the promise is that you will spend eternity in My heaven with Me where there are glorious benefits from being in my presence. 
   When being born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, the ultimate reward for seeking Me with your whole heart is that My heaven comes into your life on earth in the form of My kingdom with all of My glorious benefits. (Matthew 6:33)  Those are My promises to all of My children. that you don't have to wait for your body to die to inherit My kingdom benefits.  (Luke 11:20)
   When you are born of My Spirit by My Holy Spirit coming to live inside of your spirit creating a new being, you are assured of living in heaven with Me when your human body dies.  That is merely the first step of salvation, when you are assured of etrnal life with Me. (John 20:19-23)  But, still, Jesus told His followers who had already been born of My Spirit to wait for the coming of My supernatural power into their lives by being baptized in My Holy Spirit. (Acts 1:3-8)  Jesus called that supernatural happening "the promise of the Father".  In other prophesies, it is called the mystery that had been hidden from the foundation of the world, My strategy that I instituted just in case My first two children yielded to the devil and allowed him to enter the world with his curses. (Colossians 1:27)
   From the beginning I had a strategy planned that would allow My children, while they live in the world that is dominated by the devil's sin, to have My own supernatural power to live in them in order to defeat the evil that they allowed to exist in the world, and to bring My kingdom into their lives on earth as it is in My heaven.  (Matthew 6:10)  It is having Christ, the Victorious One, living inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit with all of My power to defeat evil in the earth. (Colossians 2:2-7)   That is to be celebrated because it is called salvation.
   From that day forth after being baptized in My Holy Spirit, My children have all of My power and authority at your disposal through My Holy Spirit who not only lives inside of you, but you are surrounded with My Spirit and his multitude of angels to assure victory in your battles with demons who cause sins, iniquities and transgressions.  You not only have My power inside of you, but you have the power of My angelic hosts surrounding you. 
   There is no greater power in the earth than being baptized in My Holy Spirit.  It is more powerful than hydrogen bomb power and atomic bomb power combined.  All victory is contingent upon your learning to use My power effectively and wisely, not being frivolous or unwise in using it against My other children.  My power is to be used against the demons who afflict you and My other children.  It can be used to cast out demons from other people who come to you for ministry, but it must not be used against people.  My love is to be used with people and My power is to be used against the devil's demons who inhabit the earth in order to destroy you.
   Praying in My Holy Spirit is one of the ways that I can defeat evil through you.  In your yielding to the spiritual languages of My Holy Spirit, you allow Me to give necessary instructions from your mouth in the earth to the angels that I have given as My gift of reward to you, angels who battle against the demons who tempt you and cause evil in your life.  Wherever My Holy Spirit goes, My warring angels go with their explosive power to defeat evil.  The prophet Ezekiel saw this coming event by a vision years before it first happened in the world on the day of the celebration of Pentecost.  He knew that I called those warring angels the cherubim who battle against evil.  (Ezekiel 1:12:14; Ezekiel 10:1-5; Acts 2:1-4)  After Jesus came to heaven to live with Me, His followers received My power into their lives , the same power that gave Jesus Christ authority over the evil that plagued the world while He ministered.  My angels are part of My kingdom coming into your life when you are baptized in My Holy Spirit.  Part of My reward for you is an army of powerful angels who fight the demons who harass, tempt and destroy My children.  Because I gave authority in the earth to My children at the beginning of the world, My instructions to the angelic hosts serving My children have to come from the Holy Spirit through the mouths of My children.          
   My children want Me to be engaged in all of the battles against evil.  I can only do it when My children allow My Holy Spirit to speak His words of strategy that lead to victory through engaging My angelic hosts to fight and win all spiritual battles with evil spiritual beings, those being the devil and his demons.
   All of the real battles of My children are against demonic principalities and powers in the air.  Battles are never with other people.  They are with the devil and his demons who have access to your world.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)  When you pray My words in My Holy Spirit's spiritual language, I send My warring angels to defeat the devil and his demons who are keeping My heaven from coming into your life on earth.  Your part is easy.  It is simply to pray in My Holy Spirit's intercessory prayers at all times in your prayer closet where I hear and then I reward you openly.  You must extend love to all people for My strategy to work.
   As I told you before, you have the easy part.  My heavenly hosts of angels have the difficult part of being the servants of salvation to My children who inherit My kingdom. (Hebrews 1:7; 13 and 14)   Jesus Christ sat down at My right hand and now salvation from evil in the earth for My children comes through My Holy Spirit and His hosts of angels.  Jesus Christ already did His ministry of dying for your sins and the sins of the whole world. (Hebrews 1:1-4)  My salvation currently comes through the ministry of My Holy Spirit when you make Him the Lord of your life.  (II Corinthians 3:17-18)
   The mystery has been revealed, that I came to live in you in the person of My Holy Spirit when you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  Then My multitude of angelic hosts surround you, waiting for you to allow My Spirit to speak My instructions through your mouth in My spiritual languages which outline My strategy to the angels on how to defeat evil in your life on earth.  The instructions come from My wisdom in heaven, through My Holy Spirit in you, through your mouth to the warring angels who are equipped with My power to defeat the evil that keeps you from having My kingdom become evident in your life on earth.  Your rewards are on the way when you submit yourself to My Spirit, praying My spiritual words of instruction which bring My heaven into your life on earth. 
    The devil doesn't care where you spend eternity.  The devil blinds My children to the truth of the mystery that I would come to live in you, baptize you in My Spirit and give you a warring spiritual army of angels who listen for instructions through your mouth from Me so that they can advance and do their explosive work in the dimension around you of ridding the earth of the demons. (Ephesians 1:16-23)  That is what the devil fights because when you become part of the mystery, your life on earth becomes blessed instead of cursed and the devil loses his war of winning you for his side in earth's battles.
    My children who seek Me will find Me and receive all that I provided for them to restore the earth to its former glory.  It's your choice if you want to be led and guided by My Holy Spirit, knowing that My rewards are great for you.  They include having love, peace, goodness, kindness, forgiveness, mercy, faith, joy unspeakable and patience evident in your life.  Because of My character living inside of you and showing on the outside of you, the abundant life that I promised becomes real to you.
   Seek Me with your whole heart.  I'm waiting patiently for you to develop a one-on-one relationship with Me so that you will have heaven on earth.
    Your Strategy Providing Father.  

Friday, December 8, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   One of the things that you must never forget is that there is a battle going on in your body, the war between your human mind which the devil temps and the mind of your spirit where My Holy Spirit lives.  (Galatians 5:17)  I am diligently trying to transform your human mind into the mind of Christ.  The demons who minister to your human mind are always placing logical, judgmental, passionate, evil thoughts in your human mind so as to manipulate you to do the will of the devil and then he can destroy your life and bring death to your body.  My Holy Spirit, from the inside of you in your own spirit, is diligently trying to teach your human mind the behaviors that are My will, those being love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness and mercy for others.(Galatians 5:23)  My Spirit is even infusing your human mind with the power to do My will in the earth which brings My kingdom benefits into your life on earth,  It is a lifelong battle which never stops because the devil hates to lose one of My children in his effort to destroy all of them in order to avenge Me for throwing him out of My heaven. (Galatians 5:16)
   You have the power to win all of the battles that the devil sneaks into your thoughts without your realizing it.  You have the power to defeat every temptation, every iniquity, every sin, every transgression that evil tempts you to do.   The problem is that you often do not recognize the evil thoughts, only thinking that they are your own thoughts.  They aren't. They come from hell in order to be able to curse your life with destruction and death if you yield to the thoughts and meditate upon them.  Meditating means prolonged thinking about a certain thing.  One of My prophets prayed that the words of his mouth and the meditations of his heart would always be acceptable to Me.  (Psalm 19:14) The things that you meditate upon after accepting thoughts from hell into you mind will eventually become evil words or actions toward other people which cause hell to celebrate winning a battle because you have authorized him to curse your life.  Allow that scenario to happen often enough and you will lose the war with evil.  If you lose enough wars, the devil will win the war for your mind and you will suffer destruction in your body, in your mind and in your spirit at his hand. 
   All is not lost.  When you are baptized with My Holy Spirit, allowing Him to permeate your human mind with His truth, He will alert you to the fact that certain thoughts are from hell and he will remind you to cast them back into hell instead of meditating upon them.(John 16:7-11)   My Spirit will teach you to recognize evil thoughts which only seem logical but are sent to engage you in contention, anger, hatred, judgment, strife, jealousy or envy.  When you recognize them, you can use your authority to banish those demons from the earth and send them out of your life into hell. 
   My Holy Spirit will teach you how to welcome into your thoughts My words of love, peace, mercy, kindness and goodness. He will teach you My wisdom, My knowledge and My supernatural insight into every event in your life.  He will show you the cause of every event, whether the motivation has come from heaven or from hell.  Jesus said that you cannot understand spiritual things until My Holy Spirit comes to live in you and constantly baptize you with understanding about all matters.  (John 16:12-15) 
   When you yield your thoughts to My Holy Spirit, you will have the mind of Christ, a mind that comes from Me, Your Father.  (II Corinthians 5:16-23) You will begin to think like Me, speak goodness and kindness like Me, bring peace to every situation like Jesus did, and you will love other people with My unconditional love.  There will be no more long lasting battles because you will be led by My Spirit to cast evil thoughts out the minute they try to invade your mind. (II Corinthians 10:4-5)  You will know that the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart are acceptable to Me because they are My words from My Very Own Spirit.
   My Spirit gives you the power, the wisdom and the knowledge on how to win every battle.  (Ephesians 6:10-18) He will empower you to rise up with authority in every battle, displaying My standards of love and peace to other humans whom the devil is using against you, and he will empower you to use your authority to dominate the evil spirits that come against you, placing them under your feet of authority. 
   When you are led by My Spirit, you have the power of My Spirit to heal the sick, to raise the spiritually, emotionally and physically dead, to soothe the broken hearted and to free the captives of the devil.  When you are led by the temptations of the devil in your fleshly mind, you receive multiple curses spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Your physical health suffers, your mental health suffers, your emotional health suffers and your spiritual life suffers, all because you became like Adam and yielded to the corrupt temptations of the devil to become oppositional, confrontational, divisive, selfish, judgmental and led to instigate evil in the earth or return evil for evil done to you.  (Galatians 5:15-25)   
    I even identified the works of the devil who use your flesh against you.  They are listed by My Holy Spirit in My letter to the Galatians who were losing battle after battle to the devil.  I even said that when you yield to the demons that minister to your flesh, that you will never enter into My kingdom while you live in the earth.
   I said when you are led by My Spirit, walking in My Spirit, that you will inherit My blessings into your life because My kingdom will come into your life on earth just as it is in heaven because you do My will in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10)
   I give you the power and authority to win every battle against evil.(Ephesians 1:16-22)  The power comes from submitting yourself to the Holy Spirit by praying in the Spirit and being guided by My Spirit.  Then all things will work together for you good because you are doing My will in the earth. (Romans 8:26-28)
   Your Father of Victory 

Thursday, December 7, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   My desire for you is that you grow in wisdom, becoming strong in faith and in My grace.(Luke 2:40)  That was My desire for My Son Jesus and He accomplished it because He was totally reliant upon My Holy Spirit who lived inside of Him.  You are My child and My desire for you is the same, that you grow in wisdom, become strong in faith, and display My forgiving grace to all people 
   Favor with people comes with wisdom because wisdom teaches you how to operate effectively in the earth by being at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:18; Hebrews 12:14) )   The more wisdom you gain from My Holy Spirit, the more favor you have with people, which allows you to inherit My promises which are yes and amen, so be it. (II Corinthians 1:20)   I glory in your receiving My rewards that I willed My children when they have done My will in the earth.  Gaining My wisdom also gives you favor with people because I teach you how to coexist lovingly and peacefully with people in the earth that I gave to you.
   You have heard it said that you must learn scriptures until you get the information down into your spirit.  That is erroneous because when My Holy Spirit lives inside of you in your own spirit, He already knows all wisdom and knowledge because He is My storehouse of all My insight, wisdom and knowledge.  Scriptures in your human mind can serve as a record of My will which My Spirit uses to confirm My truths which I teach from the inside of you.  The truth of revelation is that you must allow My Holy Spirit to teach your own human mind every element of truth which equips you with supernatural insight. (John 16:7-15)  Jesus told His followers that it was necessary for Him to leave them so that the Holy Spirit (who empowered Him with My love, My peace, My wisdom, My knowledge, My battle strategy against evil, My goodness, My kindness, My mercy, My patience and My faith) could come to live in you when you become His earthly temple.  You don't educate My Holy Spirit in spiritual matters.  He teaches you spiritual matters, sending them from your spirit into your thoughts which are then stored in your mind.  He amazes you and thrills you with His truths.  (Hebrews 8:10)  He educates you on growing up into having the same mind as Jesus Christ until you are conformed into My image and become a light in the world, just as He was.
   I told you that no one teaches Me about spiritual matters, that I do all of the teaching to My children from My Holy Spirit about spiritual matters such as My power and My love.  (I Corinthians 2:9-16)  The human mind cannot, itself, outwardly conceive of the truths taught by My Spirit because of the veil of unbelief that is placed there by the devil.  (II Corinthians 3:14; II Corinthians 4:4) ) But when My Holy Spirit comes to live in your own spirit, the mind of Christ is inside of you and He teaches My wisdom and knowledge to your human mind from the inside of you, from inside your spirit into your thoughts which become stored in your mind.  I said that I would write My words on your heart and in your mouth, the words of faith which I profess. (Romans 10:8; Romans 10:17)
   Human words cannot teach spiritual truths.  Only the words of My Holy Spirit can teach spiritual truths to your human mind, and that comes from the inside of you.  Faith comes by hearing My words from the Holy Spirit spoken to you personally into your mind. (Colossians 1:27) When you hear My personal words to you and meditate upon them, I can reveal to you more and more of My truths which change your personality and your character into being an image of Mine.  It all happens from My temple of the Holy Spirit inside of you.  (Romans 10:17; Galatians 3:5)
   Human teachings can encourage hope in you, but faith comes only by hearing the words of My Holy Spirit that come into your human mind from the inside of you.  When you are not only born of My Spirit but also baptized in My Spirit, then My words become like fireworks exploding with truth into your mind.  When that happens, then you know My joy unspeakable and you become filled with glory.
   I said that I reveal all things to you from My Holy Spirit, things hidden from the foundation of the world.  (I Corinthians 2:9-14)  You don't teach your spirit anything.  You might teach your fleshly mind some scriptures which My Spirit can recall to you when needed, but the only truths from Me come from your tutor, My Holy Spirit, who lives inside of you if you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit.  It is your receiving truths and revelations from My Holy Spirit inside of you which change you into becoming My image of peace in the world and change you into Love so that you can spread My unconditional love in the world.  When you do, then I am glorified as the Father of Love that I am.    
   Your Father of Every Loving and Peaceful Provision

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   In the growth of the human body, some people have growing pains in their legs, arms and back as they lengthen and the muscles and blood vessels adjust to the new size.  The same is true in My spiritual children who are growing into My fullness of love, into the fullness of Christ.  (James 1:12-15) They have growing pains as the devil tempts and tests you to do his will in the earth because he does not want you to become My image of love in the world, so he injects into your life temptations and trials to cause you to abandon faith in Me and stop the flow of My love from you to all people. 
   Your steadfastness in loving everyone is tested by the devil.  Because of your love being tested by the devil, I want your love to be lengthened and strengthened, empowered by Me to cover every person involved in the test or trial from hell.  It will be considered by you at the time to be a "suffering" of your flesh because you are being encouraged by Me to love an unlovable person who has done evil to you, the person through whom the testing of your faith has come from the devil.  (Matthew 5:43-48) 
   My Holy Spirit said through James for My children not to say that they are tempted, tested and tried by Me.  Yet, many ministers teach that I am a cruel taskmaster who requires strict adherence to My rules in order for Me to punish you if you fail the tests.  They teach that I test your faith.  They don't know Me.  They only know some facts about Me as taught by their teachers who also don't know Me.  That is why My Spirit wrote in your New and Revised Instruction Manual the real truth, that I am the giver of all good things, and that I do not do evil on one hand and good on the other hand to anyone. (James 1:16-18)  Evil comes from hell so the trying and tempting of your faith comes from hell.
   So, then, why do I tell you to count it all joy when your faith is tried by the devil?  (James 1:2-4)  Because when you have been steadfast and immovable in your faith by loving the unlovable people who persecute you for your love, when you do not become angry and oppose them when people are angry and oppose you; when, instead, you are loving, then you have sown seeds into My kingdom of love.  You, in being steadfast in love, you increase the benefits of My kingdom in your life because you have done My will in the earth.  I said that your reward will be that you lack nothing.   Lacking in nothing means that My blessings will flow into your life because you have been steadfast in the faith that produces love for your enemies.  That's what I do, reward My children, so when you also are the reflection of My love in the earth, then heaven is able to pour its blessings upon you.  You have done My will in the earth and so My kingdom comes into your life on earth just as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 6:10) 
   I am glorified by your refusal to become angry and confrontational but instead you have been steadfast in loving others who are not loving you but are doing evil actions or speaking evil words to you.  You have passed the devil's test and love has won again over evil.  Count it all joy during the testing of your faith by the devil, and you will certainly see the result of being joyful during the testing of your love.  You will experience joy unspeakable and full of My glory after you have withstood the testing of your love.  My rewards for you, your lacking in nothing, will produce unspeakable joy in you.
   My Holy Spirit said that if you lack wisdom in this truth that you ask Me for insight into this truth and every other truth in which you lack wisdom. I am eagerly waiting to explain things to you and to all of My children.  I don't leave you ignorant of anything. I said I don't want you tossed about by every wind of doctrine, being uninformed about spiritual activity going on around you. (James 1:6-8)  Instead, I want you to be fully apprised of the inner activity in the spiritual dimension around you; yes, even when your faith and love are tried by the devil. 
   Another benefit to being joyful when you are tempted and tried by the devil is that every time you are steadfast during a testing from hell, you become more steadfast and immovable for future tempting and trials, which will certainly come because you live in a world in which evil exists.  Its efforts through testing and tempting you are to defeat and destroy you.
   Counting it all joy is like when your sports team gets behind in a game.  The fans can lose faith in the team, stop cheering and even leave the game because of their sadness; or the fans can joyfully remain faithful, cheering the team on to victory.  It's the same spiritually. Your team is My team and we win against evil because of your steadfastness in joyfully cheering our team on to victory by loving the people who are being used by the devil to test your faith.  As long as you are steadfast and steady in loving people with My unconditional love, then you will win every temptation that is sent from hell.
   Joy is strength.  Joyfully reveal in your life the image of My unconditional love and you will overcome every bad situation.
   Your Joyful, Merciful, Loving Father      

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   My desire for you is that you are filled to capacity with Christ, the Loving, Victorious One.  (Ephesians 4:13) In doing so, you will become the light of the world, a city on a hill which draws all people to Me. (Matthew 5:14-16)  I desire that you become perfected in love and peace, spreading My love in the world and bringing peace to every contentious situation.  If you are not different from the children of the devil who spread discord and hatred in the world, what praise for Me is that because you are supposed to be a reflection of My characteristics which flow from My love. 
   In My New Instruction Book I wrote many letters to My children who had been diverted from their first anointing of love and had become engaged in the devil's work through lack of knowledge of My character and My love.  They were born of My Spirit, baptized in My Holy Spirit, but still only knew a lot of facts about Me and were energized to built up their congregations rather than to build themselves up into Jesus Christ's personality.  They became like orphans who were displaced from their real Father.  Their allegiance to Me was misplaced with allegiance to a person or a congregation.  Their motivation became to be separate from the world instead of becoming My image in the world through which unbelievers would see their good works of love and glorify Me.  Instead of building themselves up in My love for all people, their desire became to build up the numbers of their congregations.  Unbelievers began to have an unfavorable attitude toward My children because of their prideful exclusion instead of having a favorable attitude toward them because of the depth, width, breadth and height of My love becoming evident in them.(Ephesians 3:14-20)
   Unfortunately, My wandering children who wander for years without truly knowing Me find themselves no longer energized by My Holy Spirit but their lives become so polluted with demonic thoughts, attitudes, words and actions that many of them leave their first love for Me and wander many years in groups of believers who also don't know Me but only know facts about Me.  
   Except for the books about the ministry of My Son Jesus, all of the other books in My Instruction Book of the New Covenant pertain to problems that have arisen in My body of Christ that have robbed My children of My objective for them, which is that they grow up into the fullness of Christ, knowing Me so intimately that you know My voice and follow My guidance.  When you grow up into My fullness, then My love flows from you automatically rather than your being determined from your flesh to show love to everyone. (Ephesians 3:14-19)  Being intimately acquainted with My love transforms you into being My Love in the world.  I am Love and My desire is that you become My love in the world.  (I Corinthians 13:4-13) 
    When the revelation of My Love is perfected in you, there is no fear that creeps into your thoughts when trouble or problems come into your life from the devil's effort to suck you back into his family.  When My Love for you is perfected in you, fear has no torment for you because you know that I am Your Father of perfect Love and that I am your protector, your provider, your healer, your strength, your power and your Father of guidance into peace.  (I John 4:18) 
   My Holy Spirit said that I want you to not only become intimately acquainted with My love for you but that you become rooted and grounded in My love.  When you are firmly rooted and grounded in My love you are like the oak tree whose roots go deep into the earth and the storms cannot uproot them.  When you are firmly planted in My love for you, nobody can convince you that I am a vengeful, unmerciful god who tests and tries your faith.  When you are deeply rooted and grounded in My Love, you know Me as your loving Father and nobody can convince you otherwise. 
   When you were born of My Holy Spirit, Love came to live inside of you, eager to bless you with My kingdom benefits and eager to make you into My image of love so that you are the light of Love in a dark world.  When I said that you would BE My witness in the world, I meant that your life would be a living testimony of the nature of My love. (Vine's Dictionary of New Testament Words)
   Strive to know Me as Love and your life will be filled with rewards that come from truly knowing Me. (Ephesians 3:20) I said that I will be able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare ask, think or imagine, according to the power of the revelation of My love that is rooted and grounded in you.
   Make knowing My love your aim.   In knowing My Love, you know Me.
   Your Loving, Merciful, Forgiving, Peaceful Father   

Monday, December 4, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   There are great rewards for being law abiding citizens in the earth.  There are punishments for citizens breaking laws in the earth.  Every country has its own laws and its own punishment, some severe, some lenient.  Obeying the laws of the land are beneficial to citizens of every country.  That is why I have told My children to always submit to the authorities in their land, to avoid being punished and possibly imprisoned because of breaking laws. 
   There are spiritual principles that I teach to My children when they are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit.  Those principles are the teachings of My Son Jesus Christ who went from My heaven into the earth to be a witness to My personality of love and goodness.  I said that the people who believe in Me must believe that I am love but must also believe that I am a Father who rewards My children who love others and DILIGENTLY seek Me. (Hebrews 11:6; I John 4:16)   His teachings to you are enhanced and explained personally to you by My Holy Spirit when He lives inside of your own spirit.  The ministry of My Holy Spirit is to take the loving, peaceful and kind principles of My family that I spoke through Jesus Christ and teach them personally to you, enlightening you on how to access the benefits of My family of love by your becoming Love.
  Unfortunately, My children become so obsessed with becoming religiously ritualistic and obsessed with bringing other people into their religious institutions that they forget that My objective in sending My Spirit to live in them is for them to grow into spiritual maturity by becoming My images in the world.  Every one of My children who grow into the image of Christ rest from their labors because their becoming the reflection of My love will draw all people to Me.  They don't need to labor into exhaustion to witness for Me because when they become My witnesses of love in their bodies, My Holy Spirit does the work of bringing people into maturity in the lives of My spiritually mature children.  The spiritually mature ones who are led by My Spirit and pray in the Spirit will see that My Spirit does all the work of ministry and they are able to rest from their labors, as I intended.  I bring the spiritually hungry people to you and then you tell your testimony of My love which causes them to want to know Me.  Let Me do the work and rest from your labors.
    To "be" My witness means that you become My image in the world, displaying My characteristics of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, patience and steadfastness because you have become intimately acquainted with Me.  When you are intimately acquainted with Me, then you become like Me by osmosis because of personally associating with Me in our one-on-one fellowship. (Philippians 3:4; Ephesians 1:15-23)  To BE My witness is to become so mature in the nature of My Holy Spirit who lives inside of you that your "life and actions are testimonies to the worth and effect of your faithful relationship with Me and where your faith is a witness of My words in scriptures which exemplify the teachings through Jesus Christ."  (Acts 1:4-8)
   I desire that you will BE a witness of My loving nature instead of your religiously witnessing constantly for Me without your life being a true testimony of My love.   You can't encourage people to know Me if you don't, yourself,  personally know Me.  If you merely know facts about Me by the hearing of the ears like Job did, then you will never mature into BEING a true witness of My loving nature and you will continue to inherit the devil's curses in the earth because you don't really know Me and you have not become a visual witness of My true nature..  When Job truly came to know Me face to face, one-on-one, his rewards were great. (Job 42:1-5) 
   Until My true nature of love is real in you, My rewards for being My child will not flow into your life because even if you profess My name over and over again, it is your becoming My image in the world that qualifies you to receive My inheritance for you.  You can know a lot about Me but still have the nature of the evil one.  It is through your becoming intimately acquainted with Me that changes you from sowing the devil's destruction in the earth to your sowing My life of love in the earth.
   Your life becoming a testimony of My love is more important to Me than your mouth proclaiming facts about Me and your constantly pointing out the sins of other people to them.  I want your life to be a witness of My love through your keeping peace with everyone, your loving your enemies, your refusing to return evil for evil done to you and your refusing to become a hypocrite who loves to pray publicly and give alms to the poor in public in order to be praised by other people.  I said I cannot reward you when you practice the actions of hypocrites because their reward of destruction comes from the devil for their hypocrisy.  Their rewards are the praise of people.  My rewards for those of My children who give to others in secret and pray in secret are great and they will be rewarded openly. (Matthew 6:1-7)  Jesus said it and yet My children continue to do the opposite.  The motivation of their hearts determines whether their rewards are from people or from Me.
    To BE My witness is to be My image in the world, allowing the people of the world to know that I am love and that I desire peace for all people.  When you sow My peace in the world and when you shower My love on even your enemies, then you are My child, My image of love in the world and My blessings will flow into your life as the reward for intimately knowing Me as Love because you are the image of a child of My family of Love. 
    Your Father of Love and Peace

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   A child in the world who grows into responsible maturity will receive many rewards from his or her parents, bosses, mate, children, government and friends.  A child who does not grow into maturity but remains temperamental, emotional, irresponsible and selfish as an adult may still be loved by his or her parents but will never be rewarded for maturing properly into a respected adult.  The reason for their lack of rewards is that the immature person cannot be trusted with money, possessions, investments or valued material things because of the absence of trustworthiness that is present in the immature person. 
   In My spiritual family the same situations are repeated over and over again.  My spiritual children who become born of My Spirit but never mature into My image by consistently spreading love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, joy, faithfulness and steadfastness in the earth will find that they have no rewards while they live in the earth.  They will spend eternity with Me, but their thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions done have never glorified Me as their Father. and so they do not receive rewards from My kingdom of love.  (Matthew 5:16)  I do not keep any rewards from My children.  I am the giver of rewards; but, often  when My children retreat back into following the devil as their father they will receive destruction and death as a reward from the devil as a result of choosing the devil's curses over My many blessings.  Those people who listen to the powerless religious leaders and self serving political leaders will find that they are living a life of woes, just like Jesus predicted when He taught His instructions to you.  (Matthew 22:15; Matthew 23:23-38) 
   I said to those to whom much has been given, that they will receive more, but to those who don't have anything, that even what they have will be taken away. (Matthew 12: 11-12)  I do not take anything good away from My children, but as long as My children choose to serve Me and yet serve the devil at the same time by displaying his characteristics, which are called sins, then they will lose what they have already gained as a reward from Me. (Hebrews 11:6)  Only by being led by My Spirit and consistently being loyal to Me will you  be rewarded with long life and all of My many blessings.   I told you many times that you, yourself, choose between life or death, between My blessings or the curses of the devil. (Deuteronomy 30:19)
   I said that you cannot serve two masters.  (Matthew 6:24)  You cannot profess to have Me as your Father and still sow the characteristic flaws of the devil to the world such as anger, discord, division, strife, jealousy, envy, pride, hatred, oppression, robbing from the poor, refusing to rescue the displaced people of the world and being selfish and self serving like the religious and political leaders.  If you do, you will inherit the curses of the devil.  The devil will take everything good away from you and he will make you  think that I did it.  In reality, you stopped being devoted to Me and you began to allow the devil's characteristics to invade your flesh.  (Galatians 5:16-26)  Those demonic character flaws curse your life, allowing the demons to rob from you all good things that I have given to you.  Displaying the characteristics of the devil identifies you as his child and gives him permission to take from you all good things with which I have blessed you.
    Jesus said that you must grow into My mature child the same way that He did, by allowing My Holy Spirit to tutor you, to cleanse you of demonic thoughts and attitudes, to cleanse your mouth of bitter words, to give you the power to return good for evil done to you and to love your enemies with My love.  Through the power of My Spirit inside of you, you have the fullness of My maturity which enables you to become My child who is perfected in sowing love and peace in the earth. (Matthew 5:48)  As a result, you will receive love and peace from My Kingdom.  My rewards for you will be great because you have displayed My image in the world, becoming witnesses of My character.  (Colossians 3:23-25)  That is the witness to which you have been called, the witness of My character and personality of love. 
    Life in the earth is a battle between My good and the devil's evil.  When you mature into My child with My personality of unconditional love for everyone, then I am able to reward you with all of the wonderful things that are real in My spiritual dimension which is called heaven.  My kingdom comes to earth as it is in heaven because you have done My will in the earth.  (Matthew 6:10)  Through your obedience to My Spirit, evil is defeated in your earth and there is celebration in My heaven.
   Your Loving, Kind Father

Saturday, December 2, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   We agreed that growing up for all humans is hard to do because of the changes in bodily and emotional functions.  Some people never grow up emotionally, maintaining the emotions of a small child even into adulthood by having temper tantrums, being self absorbed, emotionally dominating others, sexually exploiting others, displaying childish behavior and exhibiting other kinds of immaturity all the way until the end of their lives.  They never become successful, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  Becoming responsible adults is never their desire or motivation so they embrace childish behavior. 
   Unfortunately, some of My spiritual children do the same thing.  Even though they are born of My Holy Spirit, they never go on to become obedient in partaking of My promise of being baptized in My Spirit which allows My Spirit to become their counselor, their advocate, their protector, their provider, their intercessor, their tutor, their strengthener, their guide, their victory and their freedom from the curses that come from participating with evil. (Ephesians 4:11-15)  I desire to fulfill My Fatherly duties through My Spirit living in their spirits and then spilling over into their minds and bodies.  Those children of mine who continue to be motivated by their flesh are spiritually weak, endeavoring to fight evil on their own but they are ill equipped to succeed in their own strength.  I said that Jesus Christ came into the world to destroy the works of the devil, saving My children from participating in evil deeds by their ignorantly yielding to the temptations of the devil. (I Timothy 1:15; I John 3:8-9) 
   I spoke specifically to those of My children who are still led by their fleshly passions when I observed that they had begun their walk with Me in the Spirit by being born of My Spirit but they were trying to finish their spiritual walk by being motivated by their flesh. (Galatians 3:3)  They fear letting go and allowing Me to be their full-time Father by leading and guiding them into all truth on how to be successful in the earth that I gave to them. (Philippians 3:3)
    My spiritual children who are led by My Spirit do not battle My other children.  They only battle the demonic principalities and powers in the air who tempt them in their minds and through others.  Their battles are through intercessory prayers in their prayer closets where I hear them in secret and reward them openly. (Ephesians 6:10-18; Matthew 6:5-7)  Their battles against the demons from hell are fought in secret against the devil, not publicly against other humans.  I said that when you are in conflict with other people that you are still walking in the flesh.  However, when you are led by My Spirit, you spiritually battle through intercessory prayers the demons who motivate other people to come against you.  You do those battles in intercessory prayers.  Loving other people and doing good to them are how you treat the people who oppose you, who come against you, who speak evil of you or who confront you.  Love overcomes every evil deed from other people who are in conflict with you.  (Matthew 5:38-48)
    Keeping peace with a human enemy is the way to defeat the devil who is motivating the person to do evil to you.  The demons have to leave the person when you return goodness for evil done to you.  The demons can't remain where love and peace are present. (Ephesians 4:3; Romans 12:18)
    When you grow up into the image of Christ, the victorious One, humans are no longer your enemies.  When you grow up into the image of Christ, you are no longer motivated by the demons who minister to your flesh, no longer tempted to sow evil into the world that I gave to you.  Instead of yielding to the temptations, you cast the tempting demons into hell by the power of My Holy Spirit.
    I said that those who are led by My Spirit are My children. (Romans 8:14) Those who are still led by their fleshly passions which come from hell are still led by their father, the devil. (John 8:41-44)       
    I said that a person who is led by the demons who motivate his or her flesh receives nothing from Me because I am no longer his or her father.  Those who are led by My Spirit receive all the benefits of My kingdom.  When you are led by the demons who motivate your flesh, there are bitter words spoken, envying, jealousy, strife and every evil demon from hell is present.  (James 3:14-18)  However, I said if you tame your tongue that you are a perfect spiritual person (James 3:2)  You lack nothing as far as blessings when you are led by My Holy Spirit and do not sin with your words.
   Seek to be a grown up, perfect person in spiritual maturity.  When you do, My entire kingdom comes into your life on earth.  Growing up starts and continues with casting out every negative thought that invades your mind, casting it into hell.  ( II Corinthians 10:5)Then it continues by being led by My Spirit. (Romans 8:14)
   Your Father of Loving Guidance and Gentle Chastisement 

Friday, December 1, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   All of My human children have growing pains when they are maturing physically, mentally and emotionally.  Hormonal changes, emotional changes, independence separation and lack of an educational foundation cause the growing pains.  Yet, all of those changes are necessary to enable people to operate as a mature individual in the world.  Growing up is hard.  Without proper guidance on how to discern good from evil, there can be lifelong problems which, if not corrected, can cause failures in everyday living the rest of their days on earth. 
    It's the same with My spiritual children who become born of My Spirit. (Ephesians 4:15)  If My children who are newly born of My Spirit are not nurtured properly on how to discern the difference between good and evil, are not taught properly the keys to My kingdom, are not guided properly to recognize evil temptations, and are not encouraged to hear My personal words of guidance to them, then they will fail in their spiritual lives, causing them to fail in their fleshly lives, and they will continue to do evil works in the earth, sowing seeds into the devil's garden of evil and reaping evil plants into their lives. (Ephesians 4:10-18) They will do what My Spirit said, make converts more polluted than themselves, all the time professing My name.  (Galatians 5:13-25) 
   All of My books to My Spiritual Children pertaining to My New Covenant with My children teach you about My promise of your having a Father/child relationship with Me.  They are written by My Spirit to point out and guide you into becoming spiritually mature individuals instead of being tossed about with every wind of doctrine that comes your way through spiritually ignorant human teachers.  The only way to mature spiritually is to personally become acquainted with Me and hear My voice of guidance that comes from My Spirit who lives inside of you.   
   My Holy Spirit is the voice of discernment, the voice of reason, the voice of wisdom and the voice of guidance.  Only when My children are baptized in My Holy Spirit can they hear My voice.  I said that I would write My words on their hearts and I do that from the inside of them into their thoughts.  I said that My children know My voice. (John 10:27; John 16:13)
   Discern the teachings of the human ministers, religious teachers and political leaders.  Allow My Holy Spirit to weigh them on the scale of love.  If they are not words which teach you to love your enemies just as much as you love your friends, to never return evil for evil done to you, to refuse to display your prayers and giving of alms to others, to forgive everyone as I forgive you, to refuse to obey the guidance of the hypocrites, the self serving political leaders and the powerless religious leaders while still forgiving them for their ignorance of My way.   If they teach you to be unmerciful and unloving to the poor, the immigrants, the people of diverse nationalities and religions, the disenfranchised, the homeless, the mentally ill and people of different political persuasions, then they do not hear My voice of love but instead are attuned to the voice of the devil and his hatred.  If you adopt their thoughts, attitudes, words and actions, then you will become just as polluted as them and you will suffer growing pains long after you should have matured in love by the tutoring of My Holy Spirit.  The sooner you mature in My love for all people, the less growing pains you will have which make you suffer at the hands of the devil.
   Personally seeking Me and My righteousness might be unpleasant for a while as you reject the demons who tempt you and the demons who have programmed you to do their evil duties in the world.  My power that is in you is the power of My Holy Spirit and He does the job of casting evil spirits out of your life and sending them to hell at your request.  The freedom that comes into your life is worth the small amount of suffering that you do as you grow up into My mature child, into the image of My Son Jesus.  The characteristics of My Holy Spirit are loving everyone, keeping peace with everyone, being merciful to everyone, forgiving everyone, being joyful even in the midst of problems, doing good and kind works toward everyone who opposes you, being patient with others while they grow into My image, being patient with Me while I answer your prayers and being faithful to Me and My family. 
  Yes, there are spiritual growing pains, but when the glorious life of love and peace that I promised enters into your life, the past suffering that ensued while you battled against the demons who tempted you in your flesh will seem like nothing. (Romans 8:18; II Corinthians 1:7; Philippians 3:10)
   The only suffering that you experience as My child is suffering the fleshy tendency to yield to the devil and his temptations.  Casting away those demons results in joy unspeakable as My kingdom comes into your life. (Luke 11:20)
   When you diligently seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek to become My righteousness n the earth, the suffering is minuscule because I teach you personally how to avoid the curses of evil.  Good Fathers do that for their children.  I am your Father of Love and Peace. 
    Your Father of Freedom and Liberty 

Thursday, November 30, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   You have heard it said, "When all else fails, refer to the instructions,"  That is reliable advice.  The book that you call the Bible is actually an Instruction Manual.  In it are contained some of My wisdom, My knowledge, My Insight and My admonitions which give to you and all of My children the secrets to having a glorious life on earth of love, peace and joy.  There are also stories contained in it relating to My children who have failed in life because they either did not read My written instructions to them or they did not take the advice that I placed in the Book relating to how to avoid evil and how to cleave to good thoughts, good attitudes, good words and good actions. Those children of mine who failed did not learn from the mistakes of the first man in the earth who was tempted by an evil spirit, yielded to the temptation and allowed the devil to enter into the earth and bring his curses.  Along with the curses came troubles, destruction, problems and even death.(Genesis 3:13-20)  Jesus said those who fail know neither the scriptures nor My power.
   Also included in My effective Instruction Manual to My children, which is called My New Covenant or New Testament, are instructions on how to become My children of promise by being born of My Spirit.  That is the beginning point for having a life of joy in the earth. It is the beginning of salvation.  That instruction tells you to accept the sacrifice of My Son Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, allowing Him to be the substitute for your breaking of spiritual and civil laws by following the devil's evil advice instead of following My beneficial advice.  When your spirit become spiritually born of My Holy Spirit's sperm, you become white as snow in My eyes.  Old things are passed away and all things become new. (II Corinthians 5:17)  Instead of the devil being your father of curses, I become your Father of love and goodness.  You are like a new baby, pure and unblemished, ready to learn from Me how to avoid evil and how to love like I love you.
   Unfortunately, the evil one, the devil, does not give up on you willingly.  He continues to try to motivate you into spreading evil in your life, just like he did before your new birth.  The demons rejoice when you obey their evil motivations.  However, because you are My child I have given to you My Holy Spirit to live inside of you, giving you the supernatural power to resist the devil and to teach you how to restore your earth to the land of peace that it was when I created it. 
   By My living inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit, I teach you how to live in peace with all people, enemies and friends. (Matthew 5:38-48)  I teach you how to love the unlovable people who are still motivated in the earth by the devil. (John 13:14-16) I teach you how to recognize evil thoughts, attitudes, word and actions, rejecting them.  I teach you how to recognize good thoughts, good attitudes, good words and good actions, being empowered to do them and thus bless yourself and the earth. (John 16: 7-11)  I teach you how to bring My heaven to earth just as it is in My heavenly dimension, in answer to the prayer to Jesus.  (Matthew 6:10)  I give you the authority to forgive other people for their sins just as I forgive you.  (John 20: 21-23) I give you new words to replace the former destructive, negative words that flow from your mouth as motivated by the devil.  (Acts 2:1-4)  My words in your heavenly prayer language restore all cursed things in your life and make them blessed things in your life.  (Romans 8:26-28)
   I have the solution to every problem that can enter into your life.  I do miracles in your behalf when you are living in peace with everyone, forgive everyone and love everyone as I love you.  When you do those things by the power of My Holy Spirit and by the teaching of My Holy Spirit, miracles are plentiful because heaven has been reproduced in your world. 
   My Instruction Manual that I gave to you is your history book and your instruction book.  It contains examples of winners and examples of failures, alerting you to why they either won or lost in life's battles.  My Holy Spirit is your tutor who takes the words in My Instruction Manual to you and explains them fully, making them personally effective in your life of bringing heaven on earth to you. 
   You have the Book and the Tutor.  You have everything necessary for the abundant life that I promised.  (II Peter 1:3-4)
    Your Father of Effective and Powerful Provisions

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   Some earthly fathers provide the sperm for making a child and then abandon the mother and the child.   Some of My children think that I do the same thing, disappear after making sure they are born again, which is being born of My Spirit.  They consider being born again to be My only duty toward My children.  Those children think that they have to go out and witness for Me, bringing other people into My family.  As young children in My family, they are uneducated in becoming My loving, peaceful image in the earth which presents the true witness to others, which is My image of love. 
   In reality, your being born again is only the beginning of our relationship.  It is only the beginning of salvation.  During your entire life on earth, I am saving you from the works of the devil, just like Jesus did when He walked and ministered in the earth.  I am obligated, as your Father, to save you from evil all of your days on earth.  Salvation is a continued and constant benefit that I institute toward My children.  I save My children from evil by tutoring them, guiding them, educating them and instilling My wisdom and knowledge in them.
   All of the good father/child relationships of humans is done through communication and fellowship where the father imparts wisdom and knowledge to his children, teaching life lessons that he has learned.  It is no different with My Father/child relationship with you.  It is in our communion together, our fellowship with each other, where I impart My supernatural wisdom and knowledge to you which enables you to discern the difference between good thoughts and evil thoughts, between good attitudes and evil attitudes, between good words and evil words, between good actions and evil actions, all of which positively or negatively affect your life the earth that I gave to you.  My Holy Spirit tutors you to choose good thoughts, good attitudes, good words and good actions. 
   There were no evil temptations in the earth until Adam listened to the devil and allowed him to become the judge of the world who pollutes and works to destroy My children and the earth.  I teach you how to avoid those actions which pollute and destroy your life on earth.  I teach life lessons to you individually with the teachings of Jesus as your Instruction Book and My Holy Spirit as your tutor.   Every class of learning has a teacher and an appropriate book.  I gave to My children My Instruction Book and I give to My children My Holy Spirit as their tutor.  You have everything necessary for having a life in the earth of love, peace and godliness. (John 16:7-15)
    Some people fail in their human educational process because of several factors.  Some students fail to study to seek knowledge and some students fail because of bad teachers.  It's the same in My family.  Some students do not want to expend the effort in seeking to know Me, seeking to hear My personal words to them.  They only want to hear the occasional words from a human teacher who also does not know Me, only knows facts about Me,  They are born of My Spirit but never seek to hear His life changing words which free them from bondage to evil works that come in temptations in their thoughts, attitudes, words spoken and actions taken.   
   When My children are born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, they have My power to defeat the works of the devil in the earth just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:8) Through defeating the works of the devil, My Spirit allows My kingdom to come into their lives.  I tell My children how to beat the demonic bully at his own game.  I tutor My children on how to love people and how to bring peace to every situation.  Jesus said that you are cleansed of evil ways by His words.  It has never changed.  You are still rescued from the works of the devil by communing with Me and allowing Me to teach you, counsel you, guide you and empower you.  There is no other way. 
   My desire is for every one of My children to be able to hear My personal words to them so that they can be guided and led by Me into the green pastures and still waters of life.  The perfect way that I chose was that I would come to live in them in the person of My Holy Spirit so that I could teach them from the inside of them, one on one, without interruption from evil.  I cleanse you with My words.  I empower you with My words.  (Romans 10:17)  I counsel you with My words.  I encourage you with My words.  I save you from evil with My words.  My words are the umbilical cord from Me to you through which all of the elements of My life flow. 
    Paul was willing to spend three years seeking to be taught by Me alone in the desert.  You might not be able to do that.  But you and My other children need to be determined to set time aside from your life to personally hear from Me, which in reality is seeking My kingdom and My righteousness.  When you do, I make Myself known to you, giving you beauty for ashes, joy for mourning and praises for heaviness so that you will be called righteous because of the planting of My Holy Spirit in you.  When My righteousness in you exceeds the polluted righteousness of the hypocrites, the powerless religious leaders and the ineffective politicians, then  I am glorified by your righteous actions toward other people. (Isaiah 61:3; Matthew 5:20)
   Seek Me and you will find Me.  I am waiting patiently for you to commune with Me, not just having a one way relationship when you appeal for My help, but also with your hearing My insight into every situation.  Complete salvation from evil is the result.  What a glorious day that is in the earth and in My heaven.
   Your Loving Full-Time Father

Monday, November 27, 2017


My Dear Precious Child,
   I said that I would make all things new when My promise comes into the lives of My children.  My promise is that I will live inside of you.(II Corinthians 5:17)   I not only make your spirit new, as in being born of My Spirit, but My desire is to make everything in your life new.  This is where many of My children cease to grow into My images in the earth. They stop at being born of My Spirit, thinking that they have everything that I offer to My children.  I said that I want to make ALL THINGS NEW in their lives.
   With My Holy Spirit living inside of you, His ministry from the inside of you is to bring My kingdom into your life by starting with your attitudes, changing them until they reflect My attitudes of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and patience. (Galatians 5:22-24) When you allow Him to do His magnificent ministry inside of you, you become My image in the earth, the witnesses of My character in the earth, and other people begin to desire to intimately know Me because they see My love visible in your character.(Ephesians 4:13)
   Some of My children stop their growth into complete newness because they become so ministry minded, encouraged to bring people to know Me, instead of allowing My Spirit to do the ministry of changing them into My image first.  I said that you must go beyond learning elementary teachings and begin to grow in the knowledge of My character so that My Spirit can duplicate My personality of love inside of you.  When you allow Him to create in you My child who walks in love and when are being led by Him, then all things will work together for good for you in your entire life. (Romans 8:9-11 and 26-28) Problems will be stopped before they happen and evil will fall at our side instead of attacking you. (Psalm 91:3-8)  Those benefits of being My child only happen when you dwell in My secret place inside of you where you commune with Me, (verse 1) and when you have made Me your refuge, placing your entire trust in Me. (verses 9-13)
   I said that when you cleave to Me with complete dependence upon Me as your Father, your guide and your counselor, that I will deliver you from evil, that I will rescue you and honor you when trouble comes into your life and that I will satisfy you with long life and show you My salvation. (Psalm 91:14-16)  Those benefits are only yours when you grow beyond being born again and those benefits become real when you make Me the Lord of your life, having complete dependence upon Me.  The power to reject the temptations to obey the devil come from your having complete dependence upon Me as your Loving Father.
   Every area of your life can become new and joyful when you learn to depend completely upon Me as your Father. 
    Allow Me to make all things new in your life, not just your spirit when you are born of My Spirit.  I want to make your attitudes new, your thoughts new, your words new and your actions new and your devotions new.  When you allow Me to do those things, then your body becomes renewed and your rightful inheritance from Me can become visible in your life on earth.  That is when you allow Me to answer the prayer of Jesus to bring My kingdom on earth in your life just as it is in My heaven.
   There is complete salvation for you when you become the recipients of My kingdom coming into your life on earth.  It's my desire for you.
   Your Loving, Saving Father