Thursday, June 30, 2011


Dear One,

Expect the best in every situation.
You deserve the best because you are My Child.
You have the best because the best has been given to you.
You deserve the best because your spirit knows the best of everything.
Since the best things are yours and the best things have been provided to you, then you must appropriate them fully by expecting the best things and opening yourself up to receive the best things, the best in healing, the best in finances, the best in relationships, the best in family matters, the best in recreation, and the best in spiritual matters.
Do not accept less than the best because anything less than the best things coming to you means the devil has stolen what was rightfully yours. Refuse to accept his leavings. His leavings are not what are rightfully yours.
You wouldn't allow a robber to take part of what you own without a fight, especially when you know he has no right to it. You would gather the proper authorities and you would have him arrested and demand your property be returned to you.
You must do the same with the real robber, the devil. Do not allow him to pilfer from you. Instead, gather your spiritual help and have him arrested and demand the return of everything he has taken from you.
Destroy the works of the devil in your own life by taking back what he has stolen from you. You have heavenly authority and help to assist you.

Love, God
I John 3:8; John 1010; Ephesians 6:12-19.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Dear One,
Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, and taking care of your possessions is what stewardship is all about. I called all men to be caretakers of everything in their domain, everything that relates to your body, your soul and your spirit.
Your body is the covering for the real you, your spirit, and your body keeps your spirit earthbound and it protects you from the elements.
Your soul, which is your mind, is the computer for the real you, the spirit, and it is the receptor for My instructions which flow from My Spirit who is housed in your spirit.
It is imperative that you keep your body and your mind in first rate condition since they serve as vehicles for the real you, the spiritual being.
Your possessions, your home, your vehicles and all of the amenities that go with your home are part of your inheritance from Me, and you must care for them and honor them as gifts from Me, caring for them with your utmost devotion.
Your family is part of your inheritance from Me. You must treasure the members of your family just like you treasure Me, for your relationship with them is a reflection of your relationship with Me. Stewardship is evident in your caring for your family. They must be nurtured and prized as extensions of My love to you. Your friends are gifts, too. Treasure and care for those relationships just like you treasure Our relationship.
Everything that graces your life, large or small, should be appreciated and treasured in order for stewardship to be effective.
In true stewardship the giving part is My responsibility but the caring part is your responsibility. My giving part is easy because of My love for you. Your caring part is your responsibility. It is an extension of your thanksgiving to Me for My gifts that I have given to you. The caring part from you is an outgrowth of a grateful heart, a heart that values My gifts so much that you treat them with love and respect, caring for them as valuables because they are gifts from Me to you.
Stewardship is caring for and giving value to what has been given to you. I made you the caretaker of everything that pertains to you. I appreciate your tender care for everything I have given you. Thank you.
Love, God
Genesis 1: 26-31; Luke 12:42 and 43;

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Dear One,
Gratefulness flows from a gracious heart.
Ungratefulness flows from an unclean, prideful heart.
Gratefulness is an outgrowth of love and respect.
Ungratefulness is the outgrowth of selfishness and self-consumption.
When a person realizes that he must be dependent upon Me for all of his guidance, healing and restoration in all areas of his life, then gratefulness is the result.
If a person is dependent only upon himself, then he becomes prideful, arrogant and hard. He has no room in his life for help from Me until he encounters something beyond his ability to fix. When that occurs and he calls out to Me, then he receives My help and develops a grateful heart which begins to soften and become open to all areas of My guidance.
There is virtue in being grateful because you have opened yourself up to Me and to others.
A grateful heart is a full heart, brimming with gratitude and love for Me and for all people..
Love, God
Romans 1:21-23;I Corinthians 1:4 and 5; I Corinthians 14:18; I Corinthians 15:57; II Corinthians 2:14; II Corinthians 9:10-12.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Dear One,

How do you call prosperity into your life in all areas, spirit, soul and body? You call it in by praying it in, praying in the spirit without negative thoughts, negative words, wondering why-or -why-not thoughts, and without doubtful thoughts.
Calling in prosperity is like collecting your inheritance that is already yours. It has been earmarked for you, a testate in your name, and the dispensation is carried out by the Holy Spirit through your prayers. Because you are a child of Mine, prosperity migrates toward you.
Don't feel that you don't deserve prosperity in every area. No one does because of his own righteousness. People don't deserve an inheritance; it is given freely by the testator. So is yours given to you, freely and generously. You are an heir to My kingdom because of your spiritual rebirth by My Spirit.
I said that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous.
My Spirit inside of you makes you righteous, the heir of everything I have. So all prosperity is in storage, waiting for you to appropriate it through prayers and walking in the Spirit; in other words, by walking in love.
Prosperity involves health, peaceful and fulfilling family relationships, material goods, social relationships, business relationships, financial benefits, wise decisions and on and on, anything that benefits your life.
I said that I desire that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. Make sure your soul prospers by having love thoughts and words, forgiving thoughts and words, merciful thoughts and words, gracious thoughts and words, pure thoughts and words, good thoughts and words plus kind thoughts and words. Then the dispensing of your inheritance will be facilitated speedily.

Love, God
Proverbs 13:22; John 10:10; Deuteronomy 28L10-14; II Peter 1:3.

(photo is one of my azalea's in our yard)

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Dear One,
My promises are always true. They are always sure. They are always solid. They are always stable. My promises are forever.
There are always going to be areas that the devil will tell you that My promises don't cover, and he would like to convince you that I only care about religious matters. If you don't intimately know Me, then you will believe him and his lies.
I say that I created My children spirit, soul and body; therefore, I care about the things that are involved with the soul and body, as well as the spirit.
Remember that I said that you should not worry about what you should eat and drink or where you would sleep because I feed the birds of the air and I will provide for you. So you must know from that promise that I am interested in providing your needs in every facet of your life.
One of the keys is, like I said, that you should seek Me and My kingdom and then everything will be provided. When you pray in the Spirit you are seeking My perfect will in all areas of your life; therefore, you are seeking Me and My kingdom in the matters.
When you seek to hear wisdom from Me, then you are seeking Me and My kingdom.
When you seek My insight and knowledge about a matter, then you are seeking Me and My kingdom.
You must cease in putting religious significance to all the scriptures. You must realize that I care about everything that I created and I am eager to maintain My creations. When you know that I'm your Heavenly Father and I want to be your provider, your protector, your wisdom, your deliverer, your salvation , your every help in time of need, then you know you are My child and I want to prove the loyalty of My Fatherhood in your life. I Fathered you. I love you. I want to prove My Loving Fatherhood to you.
Love, God
Matthew 6:28-33; Hebrews 10:23; I Corinthians 1:20.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Dear One,
A wise man wrote, "Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall walk and not be weary. They shall run and not faint. Teach me, Lord, to wait."
Yes, I will teach you, My child, how to wait for the culmination of my promises to you. Patience is part of My personality. When you have Me living inside of you, I teach you to have patience because I know patience firsthand.
You have often experienced frustration while waiting, but you shall see my salvation in every area in which you have prayed. The results of the patience that I cause to grow in you will be joy unspeakable. You will be in awe of me when you see the blessings flow.
Negative imaginations have almost robbed you of your faith by working frustrations and impatience.
There are higher plans in the workings that you know nothing about. There are orchestrations that are in the planning stages also. Just give Me time to complete the details. This kind of thing for which you are praying takes time to complete. Please give Me time to carry out the minute details which will all come together to produce the perfect results.
Use My other characteristics of My Spirit which live inside of you during the waiting time. Spread My love, joy, mercy, faith, goodness, gentleness, self-control and kindness during the waiting period. Then the avenues will be cleared on which the answer will eventually come. It will all fall into place soon and you will rejoice exceedingly.
Love, God
Psalm 40:1-3; Galatians 5:22; Romans 8.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Dear One,

Some people let satan make them afraid of their own shadows, afraid to experience life, love and happiness. The devil makes them afraid to experience life because he makes them afraid to make a mistake, or he makes them afraid to love because they are afraid of getting hurt. Often he makes them afraid to experience happiness because they are afraid the happiness won't last.
There are other people who satan makes afraid of Me through religious teachings.
Children are not afraid of Me because they have had no religious teaching to instill fear in them. When Jesus walked in the earth, young children gathered around him without fear or suspicion. That's why He said to allow the children to come to Him because their angels are constantly beholding My face, meaning that the children knew Me and they were pure, responding to the delight of their angels in being in the presence of My Son.
When people become students of religion, most teachings encourage them to be afraid of Me. Those teachers don't know Me and My love.
Religion makes My children afraid to have a one-on-one relationship with Me because it teaches that I am judgmental and condemning.
People who intimately know Me will tell about My love, My mercy and that I am a Good Father, not a condemning judge.
My judgment is reserved for satan because he harasses My children. The desire to get back at Me for kicking him out of heaven is what motivates him to temp and harass My children. He is getting back at Me through My children. Don't fall for his tricks of using fear.
I have given you the power through the Holy Spirit to intimately know Me and to destroy the works of the devil in your life, just like Jesus did.
Don't side with the devil in believing that I am a judge, jury and prosecutor. I am none of those things to My children. I am your Loving Father, your Good Dad, your healer, your provider, your peace and your joy.
Being in awe of My abilities is a fleshly reaction to experiencing My power in your life.
Fear of Me has no place in the lives of My children who are intimately acquainted with Me. Fear is a separator and a divider. Love unites and creates oneness with Me.

Love, God
Job 11:15; Psalm 27:3-6; Psalm 46:2; Proverbs 3:25 and 26; Matthew 18:10 and 11;

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Dear One,
Unbearable stress comes from taking on responsibilities that are not yours to bear.
You are only obligated to handle your own responsibilities. When you assume the responsibilities of someone else, then you are overstepping the areas of your expertise and the added responsibility becomes unbearable.
If you will train yourself to only do what is your personal responsibility, then you will find that your emotional, physical and spiritual health will be sound.
The trick of the devil to make you overburden yourself is all encompassed in his plan to make you so stressed that you will be defeated in your emotional and physical health. You will become ill and depressed.
Worrying and fretting are two mental activities that are sure indications that you have assumed responsibilities that aren't yours, either spiritually, emotionally or physically. If you could do something about those situations, you would. But the fact that you have not and cannot handle them indicate that they are beyond your abilities, thus beyond your area of true responsibility.
When you find yourself physically stressed or emotionally stressed, begin to shed superfluous responsibilities. Let someone else do the work.
When you find yourself emotionally and spiritually stressed, you must then shed superfluous mental responsibilities. Let Me and My angels do the work. All you have to do in those areas is pray and trust Us with the results.
I came to earth and demonstrated My love for you so that you would allow Me to lighten your load. I said to come to Me all those who labor and are heavy laden and I would give you rest. My yoke is still easy and My burden is still light. Let Me do the work in the situations of spiritual need. Then you can rest from your worrying and fretting. I'm your Big Dad. I can handle everything that burdens you.
Love, God
Psalm 37:1-9; Matthew 11:28-30.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Dear One,
Persist, persist. persist, persist, persist and then persist some more in prayer. I told My children that persistent prayers accomplish much.
Sometimes you don't know how difficult it is for Me to bring solutions to your needs and provisions for your desires to you. The difficulty is in dealing with the wills of other people who are engaged in the situation for which you are praying.
Very often there is much resistance in the heavens, and often there is much resistance in the earth between you and ones who are involved in the circumstances that are the subject of your needs, wants and desires.
Persistence is the key because My angelic workers and I must have your intercession and participation in order to get the answers to you.
I said that the effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. The effect will always be wonderful when fervent prayers are administered in the situation and applied to the circumstances.
There is never failure in any area of your life when you pray fervently about every situation.
I said when you don't know how to pray, the Holy Spirit prays in My language with great power to be applied in the situation. After you have persisted, persist some more. Then the blessings will flow and you will be delighted with the results.
Love, God
Colossians 4:12; James 5:16; Ephesians 6:18; Jude 1:20;Romans 8:26 and 27

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dear One,

Make your desires knows to Me through prayers and thanksgiving.
Your Spirit-led prayers allow Me to design and send forth orders for the provisions of your desires, and thanksgiving sets your heart and mind in a receiving mood, making it easier for you to receive the answers.
Why does thanksgiving make it easier to receive? Because with the attitude of being thankful to Me you have eliminated griping, complaining, manipulation and unbelief. With thanksgiving you are truly in a grateful mood by putting your thoughts in unity with Me. That allows the spiritual atmosphere to be cleared of all negative spirits which would like to block your provisions from coming to you.
Thanksgiving creates a magnetic force around you toward which blessings are attracted.
Be constant in prayers and thanksgiving and you will see the culmination of your prayers flow to you in abundance. I am your provider of all good things.

Love, God
Ephesians 1:16-21; Philippians 4:6-8

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear One,

Vigilantes are self appointed administrations of their own justice.
There are many vigilantes in My family, ones who hurriedly judge, accuse, indict, convict, condemn and emotionally or physically execute others for their ideas of transgressions and sins.
There are others of My family who are filled with My mercy and My compassion, those who look on the spirit rather than on the flesh.
The ones who look upon and judge the flesh of others are ones who are turmoil oriented. Those who are turmoil oriented dwell on the flesh of others, refusing to look on the spirit.
I see the whole picture, the flesh and its past programming, which has often experienced abuse, neglect, injury or degrading words from others. I also see the spirits of everyone. Most people wish to be rid of their fleshly weaknesses and wish to please Me and mankind.
As I look upon the whole man, spirit, soul and body. I understand a person's motivation for doing things.
Can you understand others and be merciful and compassionate toward them even when their flesh has done things that are despicable and reviling to you? I do, and I can do it in you. I can give you My mercy and compassion.
I am looking for willing children who will pour My mercy and compassion and healing power on others. I want you to be a restorer of the brethren in a spirit of love, just like I do.

Love, God
Matthew 7:1 and 2; John 8;15; Galatians 6:1

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear One,
Since the reason for religious laws is to point out the activities of the devil, how do they do it?
Religious laws point to the areas of life where satan (sin) has set snares for My children. When I gave the commandments to men to avoid those areas, I was cuing the people to avoid the activities of evil because the result would be death. People do the same thing for their children, warn them of evils that are lurking that will be damaging to them.
However, satan used the religious commandments to his advantage by first enticing people to go outside the boundaries of the laws because of curiosity and a sense of adventure, or very often rebellion. Then satan uses the laws to condemn the ones who have yielded to his temptations. So the two most powerful weapons he uses against My children are temptation and condemnation. The devil heaps guilt upon the person and makes him feel completely worthless because of his disobedience to the commandments that I gave to warn them of the presence of evil.
You must realize that religious laws were given by Me to call attention to areas where satan works and where he is lurking to entice and ensnare. They were given so that My children would avoid those areas where pitfalls are present. So the original purpose of My giving the commandments was good, it was to help My children. They were not given to measure the righteousness of anyone
What satan has done to pervert the religious laws and commandments is the problem because he has used what I meant for good and he has perverted it and used it his own advantage, to tempt and then condemn.
My Holy Spirit dwelling in you takes the place of the religious laws, the commandments. His guidance and counsel to My children is so wise and so clear that when He warns you about the tricks of the devil, then He will give you the power to avoid them and also give you the power to defeat the devil in those instances. His wisdom and knowledge and insight are so powerful because they are inside of you and you cannot miss them. My Spirit is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, and when you listen to His advice you will be healthy, prosperous and wise. He is My life inside of you.
Love, God
Romans 7; Romans 8:1 and 2; Romans 8:11 and 14-15; John 16:8-11

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dear One,

You will find hardened hearts where you find reliance upon religious laws rather than reliance upon My Spirit.
Religious hearts will be hardened to the plight of other people, always professing that others are sinful and deserve their troubled station in life. Mercy flies out the door when a religiously hardened heart enters a person.
A physical result happens also to the person with a religiously hardened heart. The person will eventually have clogged arteries because of the buildup of hard materials leading to the heart.
If you will keep yourself free from the false doctrine of justification by following religious laws, you will keep yourself from having a hardened heart and you will not have the physical, mental and spiritual results of it. There are always residual effects of the condition of a person's heart, either good or bad.
A hard heart is a Spirit-less-heart, one that has a loss of mercy and love for other people who do not follow certain religious laws. Very often the people who do not follow certain religious laws have more mercy and love than religious people.
Pride rules a hard heart, pride in one's own righteousness. A hard heart often spurs a stiff neck; ergo, stiff necked people.
Remember that mercy, goodness and kindness replaced judgment and condemnation when Jesus rose from the dead and sent My Holy Spirit to live in everyone who would receive Him.
The presence of mercy and love are the measurement of My presence in the life of a person.
Religious laws create judgment and condemnation.
My Spirit creates mercy and love in the life of a person.
Protect your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life.
Love, God
Ezekiel 36:26; Matthew 5:7; Matthew 9:13; Acts 7:51; Galatians 5:22., Proverbs 4:23.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Dear One,
Don't expect negative things to occur. That temptation is merely a negative spirit trying to get you to imagine a bad situation or a bad result of an action. Then you will be in agreement with the activity of the negative spirit and you can help bring the imagined thing into reality by believing that it will happen.
Instead of accepting the negative image, replace it with a positive image so that the positive will have your approval and your agreement toward its reality in your life.
The most deceptive activity of the devil is to entice you into imagining the worse and then fearing the worse, and if you imagine it enough you will be agreeing with the worse thing that can happen. Fear will be the power that establishes it in your life.
You must refuse to program your future with the negative images that satan puts into your mind by agreeing with their reality.
Replace negative images with positive ones that I put in your mind. Then My images will prevail and overpower the negative ones.
My plans for you are to live an abundant life in all areas. Agree with My plans, place them in your mind, and Our angels will see that they are accomplished.
Does that sound too simple?
Well, it is.
I said that the battle is mine and that My burden is light.
Agree with My plans for your life and you will be working with Me to bring them about.
Love, God
Matthew 8:5-13; Isaiah 7:15; Philippians 4:8

photo from our yard

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Dear One,
The letter of the law kills, as an enlightened man once said, but the Spirit of the law brings liberty.
Religious laws were meant to identify the works of evil spirits who work through people and who work through temptations in your mind to do evil deeds. Religious laws can help people to circumvent places where evil is lurking. In essence, religious laws should keep people from getting into evil territories where they have little resistence. The laws were given to warn people to stay out of mental, emotional and physical areas where evil is rampant.
However, when the end result of religious laws become a judgment of honor, worth or righteousness if they are obeyed, then they are erroneous because no one can obey all of them. Often relilgious laws become a god unto themselseves rather than a means of protection from involvement in evil activities which will curse you.
When the laws become a measurement of doing right and being righteous rather than a tool of protection, then they have gone beyond their function.
So, in essence, religious laws were supposed to be identifications of evil so that My children could set boundaries in their own lives of staying out of the territories that are replete with evil tempations. But, determining righteousness or godliness beause of following religious laws is a perversion of the purpose of the laws. Also, determining unrighteousness or unworthiness of others because of breaking a religious law is also a perversion of the purpose of the laws.
For the young, religious laws can serve as a defensive trainer in the modes of operation of the devil so that the people can recognize the devil's evil ways and refrain from participating in them. But using obedience to the laws to measure rightousness or unrighteousness is using the law erroneously.
Often officials of religious laws will teach that your obedience to their laws is necessary for you to warrant My love. That is a belief from hell but is often taught by people whose laws are their gods.
My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Liberty and Truth, will lead you and guide you into all truth. He will lead you and guide you around evil traps and He will lead you to distance yourself from the devil's evil ways.
My Holy Spirit will convince you of My love for you. He will amplify the reality of My love for you. He will be My confirmation of My love for you. Then He will reveal My wisdom, My knowledge and My insight into every area of your life to enhance your ability to receive all of the good things that I have for you. He will protect you with My guidance inside of you rather than your having to rely upon perverted ourwardly written religious laws for guidance.
Where My Spirit is, there is liberty and freedom. Where My Spirit is, there is the reality of the height, width, breath and length of My love for you. When My Spirit reveals My love to you, you will be free of fear in all areas of your life. You will be liberated.
My Holy Spirit is available to you. All you have to do is ask Him to live in you. He awaits your request. Then you are blessed beyond measure because I am your Good Father.
Love, God
Romans 7:6-25. Romans 8:2-5; Galatians 5:18; Ephesians 3:14-20;

Following all of the laws fosters pride in people.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Dear One,

When wisdom and knowledge enter into your mind, enlighenment occurs. Enlightenment is the presence of light.
Jesus said, "I am the Light of the world." His enlightenment, because of the Holy Spirit in Him, came because of My truth and wisdom and knowledge. That is why He could then, and still does, bring light to all men. He can enlighten areas in the human mind that have previously been dark, areas that have been ignorant of truth that frees. When My wisdom, knowledge and insight shine into those areas of a person's mind, then they cease to be dark. Then freedom occurs.
The evil one works in the dark. He works where there is no light, no enlightenment. Evil cannot work in the minds of men where there is enlightenment because there is no darkness there. There is only light and truth.
Children and adults have a fear of the dark because they cannot see; ergo, there is no light. Where there is no darkness, there is no fear. Wisdom and knowledge allay all fear because they eradicate darknesss caused by ignorance of truth.
My insight allows a person to see what he never perceived before. There is no room for fear when a person knows the full revelation of My love for him and for all people.
Power increases with wisdom and knowledge. When you perceive My wisdom and My knowledge, then you are free of all darkness.
Light will overcome darkness every time. Seek enlightenment in the form of My wisdom and knowledge and you will be free of all darkness.
Ignorance is not bliss when you are in need of enlightment. Ignorance of spiritual truth is a curse of satan, a veil that is present between your soul and spirit.
I said that My Words cuts asunder the soul and spirit, and they do. They pierce through the demonic veil and enlighten your mind so that you can be free of all fear.
I asked you to seek My kingdom and then all things will be added to you. I meant to seek My insight into every activity, every problem, every circumstance and every situation in your life. Then you will have the insight that I have and you will be free to receive all of your inheritance.
All bondages of religion and ignorance will fall off of you when you receive My gifts of wisdom and knowledge. You become powerful against all destructive forces.

Love, God
John 3:19-21; John 8:12; Johm 12:46; Hebrews 4:12-13; James 1:5

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Dear One,

You have experienced the truth that knowledge is power.
When another person has more knowledge about a matter than you, that person has more power than you because of that knowledge. Very often, that person will "lord" it over you because of that knowledge, not in a malicious attitude but in the practice of being free.
Knowledge gives control in a matter because of the insight that one has attained from the Spirit of Truth. That principle is the basis for My giving the gifts of wisdom and knowledge to My children, so that they will have My special insight into their lives, their occupations, their children, their illnesses, in all their situations that arise in life.
In the event that My children do turn to Me and tap into My gifts of wisdom and knowledge, then no one, neither anyone human or demonic, can become lord over you by your ignorance in the matter.
There are times that you can gain earthly wisdom and knowledge about something, and that will put you back in control of an area of your life in which you were powerless before.
Wisdom and knowledge are crucial to maintaining control of your own life and your own affairs. I have all the special insights that are necessary and I will either tell you directly or lead and direct you to the proper source for you to attain wisdom and knowledge.
Supernatural power is available to you so that no one, no human or demon , will be able to dominate your life.
I desire that you become free in every area of your life. Seek truth, wisdom and insight from Me and you will be free.
Love, God
John 8:32; John 14:16-18; John 15:26-27; John 16:13-15

Friday, June 10, 2011


Dear One,

When you spiritually see things clearly, then revelation has come to your mind. Revelation will always free you from some sort of bondage, either religious bondage, spiritual bondage, emotional bondage or physical bondage.
Can you see why the devil fights the Holy Spirit so much? The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, like Jesus said, and His mission in your life is to free you from bondage by revealing truth to you. The devil doesn't want you free from bondage because that is his hold on you. However, Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will reveal ALL truth to you, and He is eager to do it.
Jesus began the freedom process and now the Holy Spirit continues the freedom process. That is what Jesus meant when he said that greater things would be done after He went to the Father. The greater things are the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of all men in the earth who will invite Him into their lives.
Revelation is the greatest Freedom Fighter in the arsenal of the Holy Spirit because Truth always sets you free.
Seek Truth and you will get revelation knowledge. Then you will be free in areas that you never knew you were bound. Sometimes religious bondage is more devastating than emotional or physical bondage.
I will reveal Myself and My truth to everyone who seeks Me.
Seek to intimately know Me and you will be free.

Love, God
John 8:32; John 16:13-15; John 14:25-27; Ephesians 1:16-19; Ephesians 3:14:19.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Dear One,

The fruit of My Spirit, which are My characteristics of My Personality, when they are displayed from you to others and shared with others, then people will eat of them and they will have communion with Me as a result, just like at the last supper when Jesus shared My words with the disciples and they communed with Me. He said that the Words of the Holy Spirit come from Me. When people consume love, peace, joy, mercy, patience, faith, goodness and kindness from you, they consume Me because those attributes all come from My Spirit who is inside of you.
Serve My fruit to all men and they will partake of Me and they will desire more of My characteristics. You know the hunger is great in others, and the supply of My fruit is always available if you will allow it to be.
You will be temped to share the fruit of the flesh, which is where the devil influences you, and that fruit is disgust, judgment, dissension, strife, arguments, distress, depression, anger and other things that destroy people. But you must always choose to share My fruit with others because the nutrients in My fruit will satisfy others and you will be satisfied, too.
The nutrients in earthly fruit are necessary for health of individuals. The nutrients in My Spirit are necessary for physical life, emotional life and spiritual life.
Shared fruit will not become rotten. Stored fruit may become rotten.
Shared fruit will give life to the ones who consume it, including the one who is sharing.
Love, God
Galatians 5;22; Matthew 4:4; John 6:63; Matthew 3:8; Matthew 7:16-20; Matthew 12:33

photo drawn by one of our special Grand children in years past and saved to "present"

Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear One,
You can find peace in the midst of turmoil.
You can find joy in the midst of sorrow.
You can find love in the midst of hatred.
You can find faith in the midst of unbelief.
You fan find patience in the midst of unsettling behavior from others. You can find patience in the midst of delays while waiting for answers to prayers.
You can show kindness when others are being unkind to you.
You can show goodness in the midst of evil.
You can show mercy when others are caught up in sin, disobedience and opposition.
All of those characteristics, mercy, peace, joy, love, faith, goodness, kindness and patience are inside of you where I live. I am all of those inside of you in your spirit and I can be called upon to minister love, joy, peace, mercy, faith, patience, goodness, kindness when they are needed. That is what the Apostle Paul meant when he said that when he was weak, he was made strong. He knew that My Spirit within him could supply everything that he lacked when they were needed under trying circumstances. The secret is to let those fruit of the Spirit flow from you at all times because they are characteristics of your true personality, the characteristics of your spirit when My Spirit is in ascendancy in you. They are called fruit because they are the product of our union, the union of My Spirit and your spirit. When I was called upon to plant My Seed of My Spirit within your ground, which is your spirit, then our union produced a new product which was a regenerated spirit and that product produces My fruit. All of that fruit is available to be shared with other people in the world.
People are starving for nutrients that are contained in the fruit of My Spirit. Share all of it and you will see yourself and others transformed.
Love, God
Galatians 5:19-22; John 14:27; John 13:34; II Corinthians 12:10

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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Dear One,

To say someone is wrong is a judgment call on your behalf.
To say someone could be mistaken, it seems to you, is the proper way to think about it. But, you should always give the person the grace and the right to believe what he or she chooses to believe.
People choose to believe what they have been taught to believe and they believe the things to which they are exposed during their lives. So belief is experiential.
If belief is a result of experience, then how can you say that someone is right or wrong if their experiences are limited only to information to which he or she has been exposed?
Make no judgment calls in relation to right or wring. That is none of your business. I said if you judge, then you will be judged.
You can make it your business only if you discuss with someone your beliefs that are also a result of your experience and the beneficial results of love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness patience and faith that have come from your beliefs. Then the person can make an informed choice based on broadened exposure to truth.
Remember that you made judgments in the past that have now dramatically changed. You believe things now, because of revelation knowledge, that you didn't believe in the past. Allow everyone to also change beliefs with his or her exposure to truth. If there is no exposure to truth, then there is no desire to change.
Your testimonies relating to My truths will set men free when you throw out the lifeline of what truths set you free.
People are looking for lifelines, not judgment.
Love, God
Matthew 7:1; Matthew 6:37; John 5:24; John 12:47

Photo from our beautiful azalea's at entrance to our home

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dear One,
Always listen to words of peace and words of love. They are sent to restore and resurrect you.
Always refuse to listen to words which bring fear and always refuse to listen to words which instill hatred in its listeners. They are always sent to depress and defeat you.
You know the fluctuations in your emotional well-being when you hear negative words that infuse fear and distress into your mind. You know the fluctuations in your emotional well-being when you hear negative words that infuse hatred and disgust and prejudice into your mind. You become defensive and confrontational in your thoughts, attitudes and actions. Then you sow seeds which will return to you as judgment from other people.
Can you really claim to walk in the Spirit of Love when you choose to listen to words of fear, conflict, hatred, judgment or disgust? It is impossible to walk in the Spirit of Love when you have listened to words that are in contrast to Me and My nature.
Choosing to hear negative words is choosing curses because negative words originate in hell where curses originate.
Choosing to hear positive, loving words is choosing blessings because positive words originate in heaven with Me from where all blessings flow.
Again I tell you to guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life.
Love, God
Proverbs 23:7-8; Matthew 9:4; Matthew 15:19-20; Philippians 4:8; Hebrews 4:12;

Friday, June 3, 2011


Dear One,
So many destructive influences come into your mind from hearing offensive things, upsetting things, cruel things and depressing things.
Also, many destructive things come into your mind from what you see. You must protect your mind by choosing what you see and read. Don't view perverted things in any way, sexually perverted or emotionally perverted. Your eyes are the windows to the soul, so protect your mind by carefully choosing what you view.
Your thought life is dictated by what you hear and see.
In like mind, be cautious what you say. If you hear yourself voice words of fear or depression or doubt or unbelief, then it increases the power of that emotion in your own mind. You can eventually become a slave of that emotion if you meditate on it long enough.
That is what I meant when I said to protect your heart because out of it come the issues of life.
So pay heed to these instructions and be careful what you see and hear. That is being a good steward, protecting your mind from invading thoughts which will negatively influence your mind, your attitudes and your actions.
Your spiritual health is also influenced by what you hear and see. You can be knocked off of the Solid Rock by allowing negative influences to invade your mind.
Good stewardship begins with protecting your mind. You will be glad you did when you overcome every negative influence by stopping it at the door to your mind. Then you will not be robbed of your peace, joy, love and faith.
Love, God
Philippians 4:8; Proverbs 4:23; Proverbs 23:7