Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dear One,
Protect is an interesting word and a thrilling concept for My children.
To be "pro" something is to be for something.
"Tect" is from the word technology.
When I said I would protect you, I was saying that I will use every bit of My unlimited spiritual technology to show you that I am for you, not against you. I will protect you, meaning I will show you in millions of ways that I will intervene for you and that I will stand between you and anything that would hurt you.
Many people say that I am against men unless they worship Me. That is false. In fact, it is far from the truth. I love all men and I desire to protect all men.
When you come to Me and ask for My protection, it is easier for Me to keep My end of it. You must ask before you can receive. That is a spiritual fact. Otherwise, I cannot circumvent your free will. Ask for My protection and I am there to do what I promised.
Love, God
Psalm 91:1-16

Monday, November 24, 2008


Dear One,
Have you noticed that when your imagination runs away WITH you that it always runs toward the negative?
Notice that I said "with" you. That means that the real you, the spiritual man, accompanies the mind on the path of the imagination., so the real person is led by an outside influence, an imagination spirit, which will put images in your mind of the worse case scenario. Never, in a crisis situation, will an imagination spirit lead you toward something positive.
Only with one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit will you be able to receive positive images, envisioning the best case scenario because My promises to you are always yes and amen. So when the spirit of imagination begins to run away with your mind, begin to seek Me and My information on the situation. I guarantee you I will give you positive images of My plans for the situation.
Come now and let us reason together.
Love, God
Romans 1:21-26; Romans 11:33-38;I Corinthians 12:7-11; James 1:5; Isaiah 1:18

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Dear One,
I am constantly cautioning My children with My gift of discerning of spirits. Yet, most often, My children will refuse to believe the inner check, inner discernment, the inner umpire.
If you will always rein in your emotions when you have an uneasy feeling, then you will be free to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and discern whether heaven or hell is ministering to you.
Remember that evil appears in sheep's clothing, especially religious evils. They appear as genuine when all along they are wolves enticing you in many ways. Always use My reasoning instead of emotions when dealing with religious people and you will receive the good parts and refuse the evil that is clothed in sheep's clothing. I don't want you deceived.
Love, God
Matthew 7:15-20; Matthew 24:4-12

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Dear One,
I will never fail you.
I will answer your prayers, every prayer, with the most beneficial answer for everyone involved. I am a part of every prayer you pray when you begin praying because you make Me a part of every prayer when you initially give the problem to me. I continue to be a part of the situation even when you take back the prayer in your concern or worry. However, in those instances I am still part of the prayer, but with your concern and fretting, worry and impatience I have limited involvement because you take it upon yourself to be the answer.
Leave your problems to Me and I will actively participate in bringing the answer.
Love, God
Matthew 6:25-34; Jude 20
photo compliments of hokuMark at www.flickr.com

Friday, November 21, 2008


Dear One,
There are no beginnings and endings in My kingdom. There are only "nows" because the "nows" are forever in My dimension.
There is no past or present or future in My dimension because everything is indestructible and timeless and eternal.
My Life is in everything in My kingdom. There is no evil, therefore no death of anything
There is no fear in My kingdom because I gave men the authority to cast fear out of his own dimension like I have in mine. I have the authority in My dimension and you have the authority in your dimension to cast fear into the abyss.
My desire is that My kingdom will be in the earth as it is in My heaven, full of power, faith and spiritual activity.
Exercise your authority over the negative forces, but spread My love to all people. Then heaven will be in your life like it is in mine.
Love, God
Matthew 6:9;
photo from pilou@ttitude

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Dear One,
Since the "fall of man" from his place of authority in the earth at the beginning, the natural series of events has been that the sins of the fathers have been passed on to their children. Science calls it gene transference, pasing on family genes to children.
However, when Jesus regained the authority and gave it back to man, now it is possible to stop the generational progression of demons being passed on to your children.
When Jesus died on the cross, all of those generational curses came upon Him. So instead of you passing them on to your children, you must pass them on to Jesus. He died so that you should not have to suffer the consequences of passing them on. Jesus defeated every one of them, and you can defeat every one of them by using the authority that He passed on to you in exchange for the curses that were passed on to Him.
You have the authority and you have the obligation to demand that the family demons cease and desist in their work, commanding their departure from your life and the lives of your children.
Come now and let us reason together and I'll tell you how to facilitate it in your life. I promised freedom and that includes freedom from family curses.
Love, God
Galatians 1:5; Exodus 34;6&7; John 8;36

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Dear One ,
You have seen that things can work out fine without your intervention and interference. You have seen that people can live their lives without your intervention and interference.
Very often, parents enter into the lives of their older children, usurping the natural process of the children's maturation by the parents always being there to be the answer to every problem. A parent's persistence in being the answer is unwise because the parent is stifling the child's ability to discern good and evil, and the parent cripples the child's emotional growth. Good parents would never physically cripple their children but they emotionally cripple their children by refusing to let them find their own solutions.
If a parent always provides solutions, then the child never learns to find solutions himself. Taking a hand-off approach to your family is often just as important as the hands-on approach. Discern which approach is needed in every situation, under girding every situation with intense prayer.
Love, God
Luke 2:40-50

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Dear One,
Most of My children jump to conclusions before they ever calmly think about a problem and before they reason with Me about it. In that scenario fear takes over because the conclusion is almost always wrong.
Anytime you are moved by outer circumstances, your conclusions are erroneous. Only when you assess a problem with My assistance and with My input will you reach an accurate conclusion of the true happenings.
Give Me a chance to impart My wisdom into every situation and you will come out a winner every time. My wisdom causes you to be successful and prosperous in every situation.
Judging by outward circumstance will cause you to fail because you will judge wrongly.
Be alert so you will hear My wisdom and shut out all negative conclusions.
Love, God
Isaiah 1:18-2; John 14:16-18; John 16:13

Monday, November 17, 2008


My beautiful Azalea Tree this year
Dear One,
My invitation to you today is, "Grow old with Me. The best is yet to be."
Growing old with Me in your calendar years will neither show on your countenance nor in your attitude.
I promised that I would renew your youth like the eagle, and I will. I will erase the effect of years of life from your face and your body and your mind. Rather than life adding to your physical body, My new life in you will preserve your body. I will improve your health rather than letting your years of life in the earth afflict your body with ailments. I will lead you into effective thinking and effective living which will benefit you.
I will prosper you in your aging rather than your paying the price of lack.
All of your blessings will be because of your unity with Me as you grow old in years along with Me, the fountain of New Life. I am ageless and as you become ageless in your thinking and your living by letting Me be your burden bearer, then you will inherit the same family blessing. I said My burdens are light and yours will be the same. Then you will not bear the effects of being a worrier and one who frets because you have given all the burdens to me.
Love, God
Psalms 103:2-5; Matthew 11:30; Proverbs 3:5&6
Love, God

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Dear One,
When you hear the saying, "Go with the flow," always mentally add, "and don't blow." I mean that you must not let your emotions get the best of you so that you lose your head and blow your stack. Volcanoes destroy everything surrounding them with their hot molten lava. Blowing your stack can do the same thing. It's bad for your heart, bad for your relationships, bad for your thought processes and bad for the spiritual climate around you.
Going with the flow is riding the waves of adversity with faith and trust, knowing that I will make the best of every situation and even make the worst of situations work for you.
Every adversity is only temporary, and a change for the good will come soon when you are walking in the Spirit and praying in the Spirit. Don't delay the perfect solution by blowing your top and going against the flow. It is exhausting and defeating to succumb to stress in such a way that you blow your top.
Remember that salmon die after swimming upstream, against the tide, and laying their eggs. Exhaustion bring death to them. Do not put yourself in reverse gear and go against the flow, blowing your top, injuring your loved one, and then carrying the burden of guilt. Make every situation work for you instead of against you. That is done by switching into faith and trust and going with the flow. Then you are of a mind that I can counsel you about the situation.
Love, God
Matthew 7:12; II Timothy 2:24-26; Romans 2:6-10

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Dear One,
You must consider the fact that what seems to be perfect, or the perfect solution in your mind, might not be perfect at all.
The human mind considers "perfection" to be what mores and traditions think are good and perfect. If that were true, then Jesus would never have been the "perfect" Messiah. Traditional religion said that He should be killed because He said He was the Son of God. So in the view of mores and traditions He was totally imperfect because He did not keep their religious laws. However, He said that He descended from His Father, and He did.
Your earthly reasoning about perfect solutions are limited to what you have experienced in the earth. My reasoning about perfect solutions are unlimited. They are not earthly but they are ethereal and far above what you could ever imagine.
Often you are in the middle of the unraveling of a perfect solution without realizing it because you mind is stuck on its own traditional concept of what the right solution is,
Let Me perfect all situations for you in answer to your prayers.
Love, God
Matthew 5:43-48; Romans 12:1-2; I Corinthians 2:6-10

Friday, November 14, 2008


Dear One,
Always remember to give forward. In other words, for-give.
When you give forward, meaning to forgive, you are releasing the burden of another person's offense from yourself and you are giving the burden back to the offender and you are giving it to Me to correct. Then the other person must deal with the situation because you have given it away and it is no longer yours to deal with.
Giving the matter to Me allows Me to deal with it with My wisdom.
The other person must learn to deal with it in ways that he can find, either by coming to Me or by locating other wise solutions from other sources.
Because you have given it up, you have no emotional or mental involvement in the situation, you are an observer, not a participant. The burden is off of you. You must have no thoughts about it. You stop being the judge in the situation when you forgive, so you will not receive any reciprocal judgment because of judgment seeds you might have planted. When you forgive, you have no part in the situation again.
Forgiving is part of giving. The only thing forgiving costs you is a burden.
Love, God
Matthew 6:12-14; Matthew 18:21-25; II Corinthians 2:7 & 8; John 20:23
Trip to see the changing leaves in Arkansas

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Dear One,
Acceptance is the most basic of human needs.
To accept means to receive unto oneself.
People can immediately discern whether they are accepted by you or not.
Many people mentally reject other people by their prejudices, judging others without knowing them. The recipients of the rejection can emotionally feel it. To reject others means you propel others away from you. All prejudices are based in fear, fear of the unknown.
Acceptance attracts others to you.
Rejection propels others away from you.
Check the seeds that you are sowing, either acceptance seeds or rejections seeds, because they will multiply and return to you.
Love, God
Matthew 11:28; Luke 17:33-37
Our trip to Arkansas to view the leaves changing season

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


"Our Seasonal Yard, Front Entrance"

Dear One,
Opportunities can often be disguised as problems. Those opportunities are presenting themselves as an avenue for you to put your faith into action and as a call for intense prayer.
Prayer that changes things is called fervent prayer. Fervent prayer usually involves a spiritual battle in which you pray until there is victory. Fervent prayer involves all of your being after you have determined that you will see it through until positive changes come.
Prayer that gives you strength to endure is different. Often that kind of prayer is rote prayer, giving you comfort in the midst of problems, soothing your emotions and your mental anguish.
If you want to change things or change people, fervent, electrified, dynamic prayer is necessary. I will give you the spiritual words, the faith and the assurance along with your prayers. Remember the hours that Jesus prayed, often all night, before he ministered to people and changed them and their situations. Hearing My instructions to you, my words of wisdom and knowledge, is an integral part of fervent prayer because I have instructions for you in the midst of the fervent prayers. Sometimes those instructions involve forgiveness on your part and other times they include wisdom and insight into the situation so that you will understand and reverse your negative mental images.
Whatever kind of prayers you need, remember that I am in the midst of those prayers with you, either bringing comfort to you in the midst of problems or joining you in the battle with the life changing fervent ones.
I'm always there for you.
Love, God
James 5:16; Ephesians 6: 12- 18; I Peter 4:7

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Dear One,
When you have unmovable faith in relation to something because of My personal oath to you, you cannot ever give up. If it is in relation to someone, then you give him over to Me but you must never give up on him because you have been empowered with My faith.
Prayer is your only responsibility in the matter, allowing My words of instruction to impart wisdom to My working angels who are assigned to the salvation of people involved in the matter.
Don't ever give up. Always give your requests, your concerns, your worries, your fretting, your cares in relation to the matter over to Me, but don't give up on the people involved.
If you give up, you are giving the people and the situation over to the negative forces that created the bad situation.
Giving the people over to Me releases the people and the matter to my positive forces.
Make this song My song of faith to you:
I will never give up on you,
You must never give up on Me.
My words never end,
They always begin
Because I never give up on you.

I will never give up on you
You must never give up on Me,
My love never ends,
It always begins
Because I never give up on you.
Love, God
Revelation 1:8; Philippians 4:6-7; Psalm 37:1-11

Monday, November 10, 2008


Dear One,
Mercy overcomes everything the way love overcomes everything.
Mercy is at the basis of every act of forgiveness.
Mercy shows forgiveness and grace even when the person is undeserving of them. Mercy has the quality of understanding human beings and their weaknesses.
Mercy never takes into account a wrong suffered.
Mercy never judges, but mercy always understands.
Mercy always sees the heart of another person rather than the flesh and it's imperfections.
Mercy releases people from their emotional and physical debts.
Mercy is always sacrificial.
Mercy speaks wisdom and extends forgiveness rather that judgment.
The merciful obtain mercy from others because of the mercy seeds they have sown.
Love, God
Matthew 5:7; Luke 6:36-38; Hebrews 8:12-13

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Dear One,
Abuse is at the center of everything that is considered to be sin.
There is abuse of alcohol, abuse of drugs, abuse of sex, abuse of food, abuse of authority, abuse of religion, abuse of words, abuse of control, abuse of rest, etc.
Evil always works in excess, and it causes one to abuse or wrongly use something or someone.
My Holy Spirit will impress upon you the need for balance and the proper use of everything.
He will lead you toward loving kindness toward all people so that you will not abuse them with corporal punishment or with cruel words. He will lead you toward wisdom and temperance in all things. Temperance is self control and it lead you toward moderation in all things.
When you are operating in temperance you are not abusing anything. You are treating everything and everyone with respect.
Abuse has a face and that face is the devil's face.
Love, God
I Corinthians 9:25; Galatians 5:23; II Peter 1:6-8; Titus 1:8

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Dear One,
Do not ever give up on anyone. When you give up then My angels have to slow down their ministry to that person because you have taken your request concerning that person away.
Giving someone over to Me is different than giving up on him.
Giving someone over to Me is releasing him from your mind as far as worrying and fretting.
Giving up on a person is to lose hope and faith that My work in the person's life will be done. I must have your faith in order to work in the earth because your faith gives Me permission and authority to continue My work.
Your faith opens doors from My dimension into the earth through which My spiritual forces can enter and perform their work. Your faith is the gate keeper through which I can enter and perform My work.
Faith is permissive power which gives authority to My dynamite power. Faith gets its power from My Holy Spirit power that I gave to you and it lives in you. That power illuminates and radiates the angelic hosts to work in your behalf.
Give people over to Me, but don't give up on them.
Love, God
Acts 1:8; Ephesians 1:19-23; Romans 8:11-14

Friday, November 7, 2008


Dear One,
You hear a lot about giving in relationship to receiving your blessings.
Have you considered one aspect of giving the action of giving to Me your mouth in prayer so that I can give to you My words of power which will go forth from your mouth to create the blessings for which you have prayed?
In other words, you give to Me the ingredients for Me to create the blessings, the ingredients being your will, your mouth, your voice and your time. And the end result is that I give back to you the answers to your prayers because we have been in unity. Your participation is minimal and My participation is great because I have also given to you the words to pray.
Giving love to people is also giving love to Me. That love will be returned to you from others and you will be blessed considerably. Love seeds have the most productive ability of all seeds.
Love, God
I Corinthians 14:14-19; I Peter 4:8

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Dear One,
There is a veil of unbelief in the minds of My children which is rooted in fear, fear that I am a God who will strike you down if you disobey rules.
The truth came through Jesus that I am a loving Father who exists to enhance the lives of My children. If you doubt that, read all about the life of Jesus who was My image in the earth. He loved all of My children and healed them and delivered them and encouraged them and taught them valuable lessons on love, peace, mercy, forgiveness and joy. He taught men about Me.
Perfect love casts out fear, meaning that when you have a complete revelation of My personality as Love, then you have no fear of coming into My presence in your personal life and obtaining what you need. When the revelation of My love for you is perfected, there is no fear in any area of your life. That is a state of utopia for men, to live without fear.
I am always talking to you, always speaking My words to you. When you hear them, faith if transferred from Me to you and you become empowered by My Spirit to believe for anything and to do anything and everything without fear.
Don't expect yourself or any other person to have powerhouse faith when you have not heard My personal words to you through either My instructions or visions or dreams.
Often a person comes into condemnation when he can only muster up surface faith for something, wondering why he cannot really believe. Much damage is done when you require a person to believe for healing when he only has surface faith because then condemnation and guilt are added to the unbelief in him.
The wisdom in My words to you will grant you powerhouse faith to believe for the impossible. Take time to commune with Me to receive My gift of faith so that you will be healed emotionally, physically and spiritually. My words have power. Remember that I created the world with My words. Spend time with Me and receive the gift of faith that can move mountains.
Love, God
Hebrews 6:11-20; Matthew 21:21; I John 4:16-18; John 16:26

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Dear One,
Be patient with all men, especially those who hold opposing views from you, opposing philosophies, opposing theologies, opposing cultures, opposing traditions, opposing political beliefs.
Every person is entitled to his own thoughts and beliefs. I allow all men that freedom. Why shouldn't you?
You know that those who try to influence you by trying to force their beliefs on you are motivated by oppositional demonic spirits who delight in the turmoil that they stir up. When you participate in the turmoil you have championed the cause of the demons because their purpose was to disturb your peace and your love and your joy. That is why I told you to turn the other cheek, meaning don't participate in the battle.
Don't volunteer to enlist in the war between oppositional forces. Declare yourself ineligible because you are a conscientious objector to strife. Tell the demons that the war is over and you have won the war by refusing to participate in their conflict.
Sigh up for peace. Refuse strife, where there's every evil thing.
Join the army of peace. Wear it on your sleeve and in your mind and in your heart. Your brother Jesus is the head of the army of peace because He is the Prince of Peace.
When I said that your enemy would fall at your left side and your right side and would in no way harm you, I meant that you would have My power to reject the thoughts of turmoil and it would fall to earth without accomplishing what it intended.
May the army of peace go marching on led by the Prince of Peace.
Love, God
I Corinthians 3:3-4; Galatians 5:20-21; James 3:16


Dear One,
Faith comes by hearing the words of a person in whom you have utmost confidence, one who has promised that he will do what he says he will do.
Deep seated, powerhouse faith is a result of My children knowing My voice and hearing My voice or seeing My actions and then they have total confidence in Me.
Surface faith comes about when one only knows about a person, only knowing his reputation for honesty and concern. Surface faith only lasts for a while, and then when testing of that faith comes from the devil the person will abandon his surface faith and take on fear. In dire circumstances sometimes a person with surface faith will come to Me for My words of faith and he will receive My gift of faith, the kind of faith that is power filled and necessary for bringing about the answer to prayers. Surface faith is only the foundation upon which powerhouse faith is built.
Powerhouse faith is what My children have when they know Me and know My promises and know My voice. They know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will perform what I have promised because I have taken an oath to them that I will do something in particular. I am always talking to you to give you powerhouse faith, which is that oath to you that I will do what I promised.
I am always looking for ways to get My words to you in the form of my oath. There is a veil of darkness that the devil has put in your mind that I have to pierce before you can receive My oaths to you. You should determine to hear My personal words to you so that you can receive powerhouse faith to move mountains. Then the efforts on My part are easier.

Love, God
Hebrews 6: 11-20; Hebrews 11:1; Acts 1:8

Monday, November 3, 2008


Dear One,
There is surface faith and then there is heart-felt, deep seated, immovable faith that comes from the Spirit.
Surface faith is natural belief that some people have which originates in their minds. It can really be termed trust or reliance. Surface faith is a result of knowledge of facts about someone or something, often facts about Me.
Heart-felt, deep seated, immovable faith is supernatural faith which originates in the spirit of a man and it is generated by My Spirit, the real powerhouse.
Deep seated, powerhouse faith is a result of hearing an oath from Me, My personal oath to you, which guarantees the results.
You have heard people say that a person's air of confidence is only on the surface, meaning that inside, in his inner being, that person is lacking in confidence. So it is with surface faith. It is only on the surface.
When a person allows Me to speak My personal words to him in the form of words or visions in relation to a situation, then he receives My supernatural faith, faith that can move mountains. He knows that he knows that he knows that he knows that the thing promised will happen because I have taken a oath to him that I will bring My supernatural ability into the situation. In that instance, My promises are yea and amen, so be it.
You can rely upon surface faith to be your foundation, but you must have My gift of faith to be able to rely upon Me for supernatural changes in people and situations.
I have a powerhouse full of gifts for you in order to facilitate the answers to your prayers.
Love, God
Matthew 21:21; Hebrews 6:16-20; Hebrews 7:21-25; Hebrews 11:1
Photo from our friend Richard Nix at www.flickr.com

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Dear One,
Pray for the enlightenment of the men who are deceived.
Rebuke the spirits of deception, spiritual blindness, judgment and the apocalyptic spirit.
Those spirits have manipulated My children by blinding My children to the truth of forgiveness, mercy, compassion and redemption. They have veiled the truth about My ultimate gift of My power in the Holy Spirit that I give to men, given so that they might drive the devil and his demons out of the earth.
My children have refused to believe that I actually give My Spirit to live in them so that they can be My emissaries in the earth with all of My power and ability to purify the earth from the polluting spirits that have been allowed to flourish in the earth since man allowed it at the beginning when he began to listen to the devil.
Clean up time in the earth began on the day of Pentecost.
It's time to gather the polluting demons and send them to the abyss. I prepared a place for them there and My angels are ready to escort them. Do your part by giving them their marching orders. The time for their own apocalypse is here.
Love, God
Matthew 13:37-43; Matthew 13:47-50

Saturday, November 1, 2008


"the husband in his annual halloween fummy mummy outfit with matching tennis shoes!"

Dear One,
You must begin to realize the power and authority that you have in the earth.
Men have not yet tapped into the knowledge that they are the dominion, the ruler, the supreme authority, the magistrate, the inventor and the being through whom I am recreating the earth into the original garden that I created it to be.
A magistrate is one clothed with power and one who has dominion is one who is the highest order of authority.
When I gave the earth to men I gave them authority, power, benevolent ruling ability, wisdom and knowledge to fully equip them to fulfill their position in the earth.
However, when men let their spiritual enemy, the devil, into the earth to coexist with them, then they gave their power over to alien spirits.. Nevertheless, the power and authority had been taken away from the devil and his cohorts and it has been returned to any man who will receive it through the Holy Spirit. Not only has the power and authority been restored to men who ask for it, but My power and authority has been added to it.
If you will only hear My wisdom and insight into the truth relating to your current power and authority, then you will take your proper position and begin to rule over the alien spirits who still roam the earth looking for whom they can devour.
All spiritual beings in the earth and the heavens recognize your power and authority, and so you should recognize it also.
Use My authority over demonic spiritual beings, but use love in dealing with all men who are created in my image.
Love, God
Genesis 1:26; Genesis 2:15; John 20:22 & 23; Romans 8:21-28; II Corinthians 4:13