Thursday, August 31, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   We have talked about the power of joy, how My joy inside of you overcomes problems, obstacles, sins, persecutions, injured emotions, depression, anything that the devil throws your way to defeat you.  We talked about how My Holy Spirit said that instead of your becoming sad and faithless when problems come your way that you should rejoice because you know that the devil's trying of your faith always produces good results when you call upon Me and remain joyful. (James 1:2-4) My joy in you will produce emotional strength and physical strength because joy comes from the power of My Holy Spirit.  You will become steadfast, immovable and steady when other trials from hell come into your life. 
   If you fall apart emotionally when trials from hell come into your life, then the next time you will also fall apart and the next time and the next time.  You will be steadfast only in being depressed.  But, if you remain joyful in trials from hell, then your faith becomes more and more established, steadfast and immovable in your belief that I will make the situation work for your good.
  Trials from hell come constantly into the lives of My children in an effort to entice you to side with the devil and become sad, faithless, depressed, doubting, filled with unbelief, emotionally weak, hopeless and pitiful.  If you fall apart emotionally, you have handed a victory over to the devil.  But, if you remain joyful, knowing that it is the devil trying your faith and loyalty to Me, then you have defeated the devil and he has to retreat until another time.  When you remain joyful, My angels come and minister to you just like they did to Jesus after He refused to yield to the devil's temptations.  (Matthew 4:11)
   My Holy Spirit said for you to come to Me for wisdom when your faith is tried by the devil, come to Me asking for insight into the situation so that you will learn from it instead of merely fighting a battle of faith.  When you come to Me expecting Me to give you insight and wisdom, I will give it to you.  I will expand your knowledge of the workings in the spiritual dimension around you, revealing to you the works of evil for what they are and also revealing My own power that is at work for you as My child.  (John 10:10) You will learn from My wisdom the ways to close the doors of your life that allowed the devil to enter and tempt you and try your faith in his effort to have you join his side in the battle between good and evil.   His efforts are always to bring you onto his demonic side which robs, kills and destroys My children.  When you encounter trials of your faith, if you will joyfully encounter them. you will defeat evil quickly.  The devil's efforts are to get you to be depressed.  If you refuse, you have defeated him.  When you come to Me for wisdom, then you will hear ways to defeat him over and over again.
   I gave you a promise relating to this scenario that happens again and again in your life.  My Spirit said that when being tempted and tried by the devil, if you remain joyful and steadfast during the trial, loyal to Me and My kingdom, refusing to gripe, complain and grumble, but instead remain joyful, seeking wisdom from Me, then your steadfastness will result in making you perfect, lacking in nothing.
   Did you hear that promise?  I said your steadfastness in being loyal to Me, being joyful and steadfast in faith in Me during trials, that the steadfastness will make you perfect and you will eventually lack nothing.  Hear that promise.  I said you will lack nothing.  That means you will inherit all of My kingdom blessings.  That promise makes it well worth refusing to fall apart when the trials of life from hell come into your life.  When you know that encountering the trials from hell with My joy will bring into your life all of My promises of kingdom blessings, that should be the powerful impetus for you to immediately praise Me with joy when trials come.  Praise Me for the solution which I already have at My disposal to bring into your life. The more you encounter the trials with joy, the more steadfast you are in the next ones, and the results will eventually be that all of My glorious blessings will flow into your life. 
   Think about wars in your world.  When a nation stands against the assaults of another nation with confidence, winning every battle, then when the war ends the nation who stood against the assaults of the other nation always wins the war and also wins the spoils of the offending nation as well as the benefits of their own nation. (I Chronicles 26-27)
   When I said "lacking in nothing" I meant exactly that.  My promise is firm that when you follow My instructions and My admonitions that there will be great rewards and you will be established in My heavens because in taking My advice you have avoided participating with evil.  Counting it all joy when trials from hell come into your life will produce steadfastness which produces perfection, a life lacking in nothing.   It is well worth it in the end when you react with joy when things fall apart in your life because you have My promise that joy produces steadfastness and steadfastness produces a life lacking in nothing, inheriting all of My blessings.
   Joy is an outgrowth of the power of My Spirit, and My Holy Spirit is My power given to you to overcome all evil in the world.  Joy is power.
   Your Steadfast Father of Love     

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    My children should check their joy meter regularly to make sure that their joy is filled to the brim and overflowing.  Since joy is your strength, as proclaimed by the prophet, if your sense of joy subsides you will find your spiritual and physical strength waning also.  There is a physiological reason for it.  I put within My first children the hormonal function that dispenses healthy mental and physical health by flooding their bodies with essential chemicals which rejuvenate their bodies and brains.  Those chemicals are released by the flow of My joy from their spirits where My Holy Spirit's joy resides.  In other words, the spiritual activity of My joy releases healing chemicals into the physical and spiritual lives of My children.  Joy causes emotional and physical healing to take place.
  Sadness, depression, grief, griping and complaining cause negative hormones to be released into your body and brain, cursing them with diseases, illnesses, tumors, malfunctions and death.  That is why the devil tempts you to be sad instead of joyful, depressed instead of hopeful, griping and complaining instead of speaking faith in Me.  When negative attitudes flood into your mind, you can choose to shout for joy, praise Me for joy, clap for joy, sing for joy, laugh for joy or dance for joy, knowing that you are priming the wells of salvation for joy to be released from your spirit to minister healing to you. (Isaiah 55:12; Isaiah 49:13) 
  I said that you draw waters out of the wells of salvation and you praise Me as a result.  (Isaiah 12:3) There is a well of joy in the person of My Holy Spirit if you will allow Him to release My joy from the inside of you.  Joy is resident in Him and joy wants to baptize you with its strength and power.  Sometimes you must clap for joy; sometimes you must shout for joy; sometimes you must dance for joy; sometimes you must sing for joy and all of them produce rivers of joy coming from the inside of you. (Jeremiah 31;13)  Accompanying the joy is healing for your emotions and your body. 
   My joy is not just human laughter that makes you feel better in trying times.  There is power for physical healing and mental healing that results from My joy being treasured and honored as a spiritual power.  When the prophet wrote about joy unspeakable, he meant joy that is so powerful, so supernatural and so effective that it cannot be described in human terms.  (I Peter 1:8)  He even described it as being full of glory.  When something is full of My glory it has all of My supernatural, spiritual forces accompanying it, meaning all of My angels and all of the spirits of the saints who have gone to heaven before you, your brother Jesus and Me.  He was speaking about the cloud of witnesses which surround you.  (Hebrews 12:1 and 22-28)  We are called into action when My joy flows from you, doing Our powerful works in your behalf for your emotional and physical healing and solutions to problems.  When My joy is present, the cloud of witnesses spring into acton with gusto to answer your prayers, bringing healing to your body, to your mind and solutions to your problems. 
   Joy is a special manifestation of My power which increases My blessings in your life.  Joy facilitates emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing in you in addition to facilitating the answers to your prayers. 
   Joy is strength and strength comes from power.  Let My joy be your strength.
   Your Loving, Joyful Father

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Dear Loved Child,
   I said that in the days of the indwelling of My Holy Spirit within the bodies of My children that you would draw waters, or words, out of the wells of salvation and that you would proclaim praises to Me as a result.  Those wells of salvation are inside of the new creations that I Fathered by your being born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit.  There is an endless well of living waters inside of you which nourish, instruct, comfort, advise, admonish, warn, caution and guide you with My loving words. 
   My words are mighty, powerful, full of insight and they are My umbilical cords which feed life into My children.  My personal words to each child are given to keep them from the evil that is in the world, if followed.  Every good parent teaches, leads and guides his or her children away from evil and onto the green pastures and still waters of life.  I am your Father of Love and My efforts to save you from evil are always effective when honored and obeyed. (Psalm 23) 
   I told you that there are people in the body of Christ who have been born of My Spirit but because of ignorance of scriptures have not been baptized in My Spirit so they have no power over evil.  They walk in the earth by the dictates of their religious organizations rather than than walking in the guidance of My Spirit.  Their hearts want to please Me, but their teachings are void of the knowledge of My power which overcomes evil.  They are loved by Me but they are powerless over evil.  Without My power, the demons who tempt them in their flesh are obeyed more often than the dictates of My Spirit, so they are religious rather than spiritual, always struggling against the temptations of their flesh. (Galatians 5:16-25)  They have not been taught how to bring waters out of the wells of salvation that are in their inner beings, which has been in existence since their being born of My Spirit.  I love them with My unconditional love, and I am grieved that they are powerless against the devil because of lack of knowledge.
   My love is poured upon My religious children who are led by their flesh and My love is poured upon My spiritual children who are led by My Spirit.  The advantage to My spiritual children is that they inherit My blessings because they listen to My Spirit, following My advice through Him.  They know His voice, recognizing the wisdom and knowledge from Me that they know are not from their own flesh but are from My Holy Spirit.  The advantage of My spiritual children is that they are able to avoid the evil that is in the world and they are able to be rewarded with unlimited blessings because they have refused to sow evil for evil done to them in the world.  They are able to love their human enemies, bless them, pray for them, and forgive them, just like Jesus said.  Because of those actions of love, they receive the rewards that I sent into the world to those who heed My words. (I Corinthians 12:1-11)  They hear My words of healing, wisdom, knowledge, faith and prophesy and follow them. They pray in My heavenly language and speak messages in My heavenly language, knowing the interpretation of those messages to unbelievers. They know how to distinguish between evil and good with discernment because they have listened to My Holy Spirit. There are great rewards for following My advice, My words of ministry and My words of guidance because evil has been avoided and only good has been sown in the earth.
   There are magnificent rewards for My spiritual children who listen to My Holy Spirit whom I gave to them to be their teacher and guide, teaching them to avoid evil and only doing My actions of good in the earth.  I am not partial to them over the religious ones who follow their flesh.  There is no partiality in Me.  There is only love.  It is in their following My advice and admonitions that qualifies My spiritual children to be able to collect the rewards that have been set aside from the foundation of the world for My children who are led and guided by Me while in the world. 
  There are great rewards while in the earth to My children who are led by My Spirit to refuse evil.  There are many curses on those of My children who are led by the flesh, which are often the dictates of the devil.
  I said you must choose between blessings and curses.   Choose My blessings and live the abundant life that I promised.  The way to choose blessings is to follow the teachings of Jesus and obey the guidance of My Holy Spirit who lives inside of you.  (Matthew 5, 6, and 7; Acts 1:1-5 and Acts 2:1-4)
  I gave you free will to choose your present life and future life in the earth.  Follow My Holy Spirit's guidance and you will always choose blessings.
  Your Father of Unconditional Love  

Friday, August 25, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
  There are many of My children in the body of Christ, those who profess My name, who believe in Me and My Son Jesus.  Paul, after He met Jesus on the road to Damascus, called the accumulation of My children the "Body of Christ", each supplying special needs according to his or her gifts of service. (Romans 12:5; I Corinthians 12:12)   I said that every special joint supplies what needs to be supplied.  In supplying a calling or a talent as appointed by Me, all needs of My children are met through My entire body of people.  Those elements are supplied one to another. 
   However, not everyone in My body of Christ desires to attain to what I desire for them to attain, which is to be led by My Holy Spirit and guided by My Spirit.  Those of My children who are members of My body of Christ, merely having been born of My Spirit, have choices in My family of whether to follow the temptations of the devil and display what's called the fruit of the flesh, or follow My admonitions and instructions, displaying what's called the fruit of My Spirit.  Those who are satisfied to be born of My Spirit more often yield to their fleshly passions which are influenced from hell to do the devil's will in the earth. They have no spiritual power to refuse his temptations because they did not follow My instructions to receive the power of My Spirit. (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:1-8; Acts 2:1-4) Unfortunately, many of them fall by the wayside, being consumed by the dictates of the devil through their flesh.  They often become merely religious instead of spiritual and they adopt the tenets of their denomination or political party as their standards rather than seeking Me and My righteousness which lead them into having great rewards of having My kingdom living while in the earth by receiving My Holy Spirit to live inside of them, making His abode in them in the earth, 
   Those of My children who are completely led by My Spirit, obeying My instructions to be born of My Holy Spirit AND baptized in My Spirit, understanding My principles, clinging to My truths, neither looking to the left or the right outside of My truths, they can experience My kingdom being part of their lives in the earth as well as when they come to live in My heaven. (Matthew 6:10)  While in the earth, they perceive My ordinances and listen to the wisdom of My testimonies so that all of My words become flesh in them, becoming their new constitution and by-laws, the ones of My kingdom.  (Psalm 19:7-11) Instead of being guided by the devil according to his temptations of the flesh, some of My children do seek Me with their whole hearts, seek for My righteousness to be their righteousness, such as Jesus taught in His first teaching session.  I said that they will have great rewards while in the earth that I gave to them.  The greatest reward is that My kingdom becomes part of their earthly lives, bringing them love and peace because they have sown love and peace in their world. 
   I love all people.  I call all of My children into a one-on-one relationship with Me, which I said is becoming One with Me.  (John 17:20-26)  I do not force that close relationship with anyone, but I call all of My children into unity with me, beckoning them to become intimately acquainted with Me.  Many choose to seek Our unity because of a deep hunger and many don't because of lack of knowledge or teaching from their religious community.  Still, I am forever calling them into a closeness that benefits them in every area of their earthly lives.  I said that you can enter into My kingdom while still in the earth by refusing to cooperate with evil which causes you to pollute the earth with more evil when tempted to do so. (Luke 11:20) 
   When you defeat evil in the earth by the power of My Holy Spirit, My kingdom comes upon you with My many rewards.  When you return good for evil done to you, My kingdom comes upon you with My many rewards.  When you forgive someone from your heart, My kingdom comes upon you with My many rewards.  When you love, pray for and bless your human enemies, My kingdom comes upon you with My many rewards. When you pray, fast and give money in secret instead of to be praised by people, My kingdom comes upon you with My many rewards.  When you are merciful to everyone, My kingdom comes upon you with My many rewards.  When you make peace with everyone who opposes you, persecutes you and hurts you,  My kingdom comes upon you with My many rewards.   
  The glorious spiritual walk with Me of being guided by My Holy Spirit is possible and many of My children enter into My kingdom benefits by following My instructions.
   I gave My Instruction Book to My children to help you find the narrow gate that leads to the abundant life and I even gave to you My power in the person of My Holy Spirit to live inside of you to be your personal tutor, your guide, your advocate, your counselor, your power and your constant companion.  You have everything necessary for the abundant life and godliness. (II Peter 1:3-11)  What is necessary on the part of My children is a zealous desire to enter into a one-on-one relationship with Me while they live in the earth.  It requires crucifying the flesh and its demonic desires; instead, putting on My unconditional love for everyone and making peace with everyone as your primary motivations in life.  Those actions will cause you to have heaven on earth, which is My kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.
   Your Father of Love and Peace   

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Because My joy in you is your strength, if you let the devil steal your joy when he floods your life with problems, then you become powerless against other things that come your way.  If you can laugh at the devil when multiple problems appear in your life, knowing that he has tried to overload you with concerns, worries and cares so that you will become powerless against him, My joy in you will cause you to overcome the problems rather than them overcoming you.  Instead of him laughing at you when he is successful in getting you depressed, when you instead laugh at his efforts to rob you of your strength, you tread on him instead of him treading on you.  You allow Me to be Lord over him instead of him being lord over you. (Luke 10:19)
   I told you to count it all joy when you are tempted and when problems come into your life.  That means to allow My joy that is inside of you in the person of the Holy Spirit, allow My joy to overcome the "poor me," "why me" emotions and depressed feelings that flood into your life when problems come.  You can draw on My joy inside of you when you realize that the devil is at the core of the problems and his efforts are to steal your power by stealing your joy by  overloading you with problems.  (James 1:2-4) Instead of becoming sad and depressed, bring up My joy that is in you.  It is an act of your will.  Begin to laugh at the evil one who is at the basis of the problems and when you do that, he has to release his grasp on you which allows Me to raise you from being the tail to being the head over him. (Deuteronomy 28:13)  I said if you can react with joy to problems, that you will become stronger and stronger in faith and will lack nothing, having been rewarded with My kingdom treasures.
  Another benefit to your reacting with joy in the face of problems, knowing that I have the solution to every problem, is that when My joy in you raises up and meets a problem head on with faith, you keep My light burning in you, the light on a hill of which Jesus spoke. (Matthew 5:14-16)  When you apply My joy to problems, My glory in you is not diminished and others see My light in you, the fullness of My glory, and they glorify Me. (I Peter 3:3-8)
   You know the truth that I do not tempt and try you, that that is the mode of operation of the devil in an effort to destroy you.  (James 1:12-17)  Evil is his character and personality, and he wants to harass and destroy My children by bringing problems into their lives. 
   Rejoice!  Jesus Christ defeated the works of the devil in the earth and in hell.  (I John 3:8)  My Holy Spirit, the same Spirit who empowered Jesus and who lives inside of you, can defeat every action of the devil and repair everything that he has destroyed in an effort to tempt and try you all the way to destruction. 
   My Spirit and I are still in the creation business, as in the beginning of the earth, and We can use our ingenuity to restore and regenerate everything that the devil destroys when he brings problems into your life.   The problems are only temporary.  My solutions are forever.
   Protect My joy in you.  Laugh in the midst of problems that flood into your life, professing that I am your Father of miracles.  My joy keeps the fires of My Spirit burning in you, making you full of My glory, presenting faith and hope to others and bringing glory to Me.
   Don't forget this; My standard of joy in you is strength and power.
   Your Joyful Father

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   My glory was reflected in My Son Jesus.  (John 1;14) My glory in Him was reflected in His love for all mankind.  No one was turned away or were refused His healing powers or His forgiveness or His authority to cast out demons or His counsel and no one was rejected from His classes in righteousness.  His love toward all people was a reflection of My love.  His joy was a reflection of My joy.  His desire for peace was a reflection of My love for peace.  His goodness and kindness toward all people were a reflection of My love for everyone.  His faithfulness to Me was a reflection of My faithfulness to everyone.  His patience with the people who came to Him for ministry was a reflection of My faith and patience because He knew that I desire that everyone comes to a knowledge of the truth.  (I Timothy 2-1-4)
   You are a reflection of My glory that was in Christ Jesus if you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  My Holy Spirit is the One who delivers My glory into the world.  It is His light of revelation which enters into a person and enlightens the person to the reality of My love.  My angels surround them and My glory fills their temple of the Holy Spirit, their bodies, just like My glory filled the ark of the covenant when I was dealing with Israel.
   Jesus even said that his own followers, his disciples, could not understand the fullness of His truth but that when My Holy Spirit came to live in them that He would reveal all truth to them, even taking what Jesus taught and bring light to it.  He said that My Spirit would bring light to His teachings from the inside of them, revealing truths and making them workable in the lives of My children. (John 16:12-15)
  My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Life.  He is the  One who impregnated Mary with My divine sperm and created Jesus, the Son of God/Son of Man.  He is the One who enters into the spirit of a person and creates a new person entirely with new motivations, new thoughts, new power and new character, My character.  It is only with your permission that My Spirit can transform you with the renewing of your mind so that you can know My will in every matter and situation. (Romans 12:2)  My will contains everything that saves you from the evil works of the devil in the earth.   My will is that you have power over the temptations of the devil, rejecting the words that entice you to be trapped to do evil in the world that I created.  My will is never grievous but is always for your guidance into your behavior so that you can enjoy the benefits of My kingdom while living in the earth.
   My glory is always the working of My Holy Spirit along with My angels who accompany Him constantly.  (Ezekiel 1: 12-14)   There is never any works of My glory without the presence of My Holy Spirit.  When He lives in you and reveals My character to you, then you become changed from glory to glory by the power of My Holy Spirit.  (II Corinthians 3:18)
   Oh, what a happy day that is to Me, when My children come to Me for counsel by the person of My Holy Spirit who lives inside of them, and they hear His counsel, eager to receive His revelations of what Jesus taught.  When they do, they are ready to receive My truth into them, making them into a reflection of My glory.  (John 14:15-17)
   My glory which flows from you draws all people to Me.  My glory in you, as reflected in My joy, makes others want to partake of My glory and have the joy, peace and love that you have.  (I Peter 1:8).  I said that you become filled with unspeakable joy and full of glory.  When you are filled with My Spirit and joyful, you are full of My glory and it is reflected in your life by your becoming a light to the world.  Those of My children who have lost their first love for Me are no longer a reflection of My love to the lost people of the world.
   When My character of unconditional love becomes resident in you, having been grown and nurtured by My Holy Spirit, then you will draw all men to Me because you are reflecting My glory.
   Your Father of Glory   

Monday, August 21, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
  My desire is to have children who intimately know Me, and because of that close association with Me they have the fruit of My Spirit exemplified in their bodies as well as in their spirits because of their loving actions.  (I Corinthians 6:20)  I want children who do not exemplify the flesh in any way, having crucified the flesh and its evil actions toward people.  I want children who have ceased to judge others, ceased to condemn others, ceased to hate others, ceased to become angry with  others, ceased to take divisive sides in discussions over religious tenets or political beliefs.  There are two kinds of people, those who glorify the fruit of the flesh which invites the devil's curses into their lives, and those who glorify the fruit of My Spirit which invites the blessings of My kingdom into their lives.  There are no political divisions in My family in the earth.  There are only those who glorify the flesh and those who glorify My Spirit in their lives.   (Galatians 5:16-24)
  I want children who don't exclude people in their lives because of the color of skin or religious differences. I want children who take no extreme religious or political stands because they know that their citizenship is in My kingdom of heaven, not in any earthly nation.  I want children who feed the poor, heal the sick, do good toward and pray for their enemies.  I want children who refuse to return evil for evil done to them, who do not pray, fast and give money to be noticed by people, who are not hypocritical but who love others as I love them.  Jesus said that My children who do what He instructed them to do will be rewarded by Me. (Matthew 5: 21-48)
   I want children who know that their battle is never with other people but is always with the demons in the air around them who tempt people to do evil to them so that maybe My children will retreat into their flesh and do the devil's will instead of always doing My will in the earth of turning the other cheek.  I want children who are willing to pray in the Spirit which allows Me to win the battles with the demons that are causing problems in the lives of everyone. (Ephesians 6:10-18)  Love the people; battle the devil.  
   My children who intimately know Me have sought My kingdom and My righteousness, just like their brother Jesus taught them.  Because they have followed His teachings, they have been born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit so they have the spiritual power to refuse the devil's temptations to defame anyone, criticize anyone, oppose anyone, hurt or injure anyone.  My children who know Me intimately know that what they do to the least of My children, they do to Me.  They know that their love and kindness will reap great rewards.
   My children who glorify Me by blessing the people who persecute them for righteous actions of loving everyone as I love them and being peacemakers in every situation will be rewarded greatly.  (Matthew 5:11-12) 
  My children are rewarded who follow My teachings because they have sown seeds into My garden of love and love plants will flood into their lives.  My children who yield to the flesh sow into the devil's garden of destruction and reap his curses.  My efforts in My teachings through Jesus and in the revelations of My Holy Spirit are to entice you to always avoid participating with evil but instead to glorify Me in your body as well as in your spirit.  When you do, the riches of My kingdom are yours because you have magnified My personality in the earth.  As a result, people will glorify Me and want to come into My family with you.
    Your Loving, Glorifying Father 


Dear Precious Child,
   My children waited for generations for My glory to be manifested in the earth, My glory being My divine presence.  It was manifested in the person of My Son Jesus when He was born into the earth as My image in nature of the reality of My character and personality.  The assurance was confirmed that He was My glory in the earth when the angels came to worship Him and glorify Him.  There was no doubt in the eyes of the observers that He was My Son because My glory surrounded Him.  There was an essence of goodness and love in Him and around Him that drew all people to Him all of His life.  Yet, He said that when He sent My Holy Spirit into the earth that My Spirit would do greater works than He had done.  Jesus Christ glorified the Holy Spirit and His works in the earth, but many of My children do not glorify My Holy Spirit like they glorify Me and My Son Jesus. 
   We are One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
   It was My Spirit who hovered over the earth and worked along with Me to create everything in it.  (Genesis 1:1)
   It was My Spirit through whom I visited My children when My angels appeared to them because My Spirit is the Leader of the angels, their Head, their General, their giver of My instructions.  (Ezekiel 1:12 and 20; Ezekiel 3:1-5) 
   It was My Spirit who impregnated Mary with My divine sperm, creating My Son who died for the sins of the world.  (Luke 1: 30-35) 
   It was My Spirit who is My promise to My children throughout the ages as the ways and means through whom I save the world and My individual children from the works of the devil. 
   It was My Spirit in Jesus Christ who gave Him power over the works of the devil both in the earth and in hell when He went to hell for the sins of the world. (I John 3:8) 
   It was My Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead and catapulted Him back into the earth to be seen by hundreds of people.(Mark 14:16-19) 
   It was My Spirit in Jesus Christ who told His followers to wait for My promise to My children which was that I would live in them in the person of My Spirit, that I would be their Father and their own power over the evil in the world.(Luke 24:49; Acts 1:1-8) 
   It was My Spirit who then catapulted Jesus into heaven to sit down with Me while My Holy Spirit continued My work in the lives of My children and in the earth, just as Jesus taught His followers. (John 14, 15 and 16)
   It is My Spirit who filled the room with My glory on the day of Pentecost when My promise to all of My children was fulfilled, when My Spirit came to make human bodies My dwelling places in the earth.  The people began to pray and speak My own spiritual words because My Spirit came to live in them.  My words became the avenue through which the people and the earth would be saved from evil, as it has always been.  I created the earth with My words and it is My words through My Holy Spirit in the earth today as spoken to and by My children which continue the ministry of Jesus in the earth of covering the earth with My knowledge. (Isaiah 11:9)
  It is My Spirit's presence in the life of a person who creates a new individual in that body when the person is born of My Spirit.  It is My Spirit who causes old things to pass away and all things to become new. (Romans 8:11; Ephesians 2:1)
  When you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit, you have My greatest treasure in your body. (II Corinthians 4:7)  You have My words of the Holy Spirit inside of you to teach you and you have My words of the Holy Spirit's prayer language which can change your entire life by His power. 
  I told you not to neglect such a great salvation, yet many of My children let the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches entice them away from My Holy Spirit's treasure in them.   He is the One who has the power to rid you of the cares of the world by sending My solutions to those problems which engage you in cares and worries.  He has the power to give to you the riches of My kingdom which are unconditional love and soul peace.  They are more valuable to My children than earthly riches.  They do what earthly riches cannot do. (Hebrews 2:3)
  Again I say to you, do not neglect to be led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit.  In being led by My Spirit and praying in My Spirit, all things will work together for your good to those who are in Christ Jesus and who let My Spirit recreate their world.
(Romans 8)
  Don't sit around waiting for My glory to be manifested.  You have the glory of My Holy Spirit inside of you. Build up your faith by praying in the Holy Spirit.(Jude 20)
   Your Promise Keeping Father 

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   When I speak of My glory, I refer to the manifestation of My nature and character in the earth, either in the lives of My children or in physical evidence of My actions in the earth.  In one of My promises I said that, though not having seen Me with fleshly eyes, that you can love Me and know Me intimately.  That intimacy results in your having unspeakable joy which fills you with My glory. (I Peter 1:8) 
   What a pleasure it is for you to be filled with My glory and have joy that goes beyond human description.  Only by our relationship of close unity will I be able to transfer My glory to you, making you a light on a hill, of which Jesus spoke.
(Matthew 5:14-16) Peter had observed My glory in the person of My Son Jesus and He knew My glory first hand.
   The evidence of My nature was perfected in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.  There was an essence of Divine Love that flowed from Him.   He was moved by compassion and healed all who came to Him who were sick.  He was moved with mercy for those who were demon possessed, knowing that they were driven by demons and needed forgiveness and deliverance.  He was moved with concern for My children because of their ignorance of spiritual things so He taught them about the difference between good and evil at every opportunity.  He was so moved with My love for humanity that He gave hope and encouragement to the masses, coaching them that they must be born of My Spirit before they could do the works that He did.  He was so moved with My desire for peace in the earth that He taught His followers about loving their enemies instead of returning evil for evil, taught about asking forgiveness for any wrong they did to anyone.   My goodness, My mercy, My compassion, My concern for people, My love and My forgiveness all were evidence of My nature, My glory which was inside of Jesus which flowed outward to people.  My glory flowed from Him because of My nature being magnified inside of Him.
   My Holy Spirit told you through Peter that you, even though your human eyes never see Me, that you can know me intimately, that you can be so personally acquainted with Me and My Divine Nature that you observe My nature and character spiritually and you become filled with My glory which will flow from you, doing My works of love in the world which bring praises, honor and glory to Me. (Matthew 5:17) 
   It is easy for Me to manifest My glory in the earth through nature.  My angels and I can enter the earth and change the elements of the earth, manifesting My brilliance as in the burning bush, when Moses and Elijah visited with Jesus and also on the day of Pentecost.  That is no problem for Me.  Manifesting My glory in My children is more of a labor for Me because I gave free will to My children.  Every change in them requires their choosing to allow Me to build My kingdom inside of them until their bodies become My temples in the earth where My Holy Spirit can reside and become Lord in the earth.  (I Corinthians 3:16-17; II Corinthians 3:16-18)  I cannot swoop in and do it without their permission, their choice.  I said that, if you are willing, that you can be changed from glory to glory into My likeness until you are a bright light in the world, displaying My nature and character in a world that is filled with evil.
    Your being filled with joy and being filled with My glory go hand in hand just like faith and patience go hand in hand.  My glory inside of you, as produced by the presence of My Holy Spirit with your permission as you seek Me, will cause My joy to overflow from your body into the world.  You will rejoice in hard times and good times.  You will rejoice in tribulation as well as revelation because you know that I will cause your enemies to be at peace with you.  You will rejoice when persecuted for doing righteous things in the earth because you know that the seeds of goodness that you sow will return to you with good actions from others. 
    Seek Me, seek My kingdom and seek My righteousness and you will be filled with joy, the light on the hill that I desire you to be, bringing glory to Me.
    You are My reflection in the earth.  
    Your Father of Divine Love     


Dear Precious Child,
   I know your desire to know Me intimately and to enjoy My family benefits which I promised.  I know that you don't see Me, yet you know Me because of the revelations of My Holy Spirit.  (I Peter 1:6-8) Your joy at knowing me is  "unspeakable" because the height of its elevation is beyond description.  There are no human words in any language which adequately describes My joy which is present in you in the person of My Spirit.  It is the power in My joy that becomes your strength in troubling times when the devil brings his temptations and his evil works into your life to rob you of My joy.  When he can rob you of My joy, he robs you of your power. (Nehemiah 8:10)   So do you see his reason for robbing you of My joy?  It's because you become powerless and vulnerable to his works, allowing the demons to do what he means for them to do, rob you, kill you and destroy you.  (John 10:10)   When he robs you of your joy, he robs you of your power because My joy in you is your strength and your power.
   In the parable of the wise virgins and the foolish virgins Jesus said He was teaching about My kingdom of heaven and the power that is resident in it.  (Matthew 25:1-13) The wise virgins kept their fires going and when the bridegroom came they were prepared for their union with Him.  The foolish virgins were negligent in keeping their fires going, tried to borrow from the wise ones, were refused and went in search of more oil.  While they were gone, the bridegroom came and the doors were shut to the foolish ones who neglected to keep the fire of My Holy Spirit blazing inside of themselves so that they would remain joyful and obedient.  They did not enter into the joy of the Master because he did not know them.  He said He was not intimately acquainted with them. 
   Jesus amplified this truth by teaching about the man who went on a long journey and entrusted his property to his servants just like I entrusted the earth to My children.  (Matthew 25:14-31) The man gave coins to each servant in relation to the servant's abilities.  The servant with the most coins wisely invested it and doubled his investment. The servant who had two coins gained two more coins.  The person with one coin buried it in the ground.  When the master returned, he rewarded the servants who increased their money with great rewards and told them to enter into the joy of their master.  Jesus was saying that My children who have wisdom seek more and more of the wisdom of My kingdom and their joy is increased, meaning that their power and strength is increased.  My children who become born again and stay ignorant of My kingdom because of fear miss out on the revelations of becoming intimately acquainted with Me, even being blind to My works in their behalf.  They never enter into My joy.  Because there is no strength, when spiritual winds blow and floods come they are destroyed instead of saved by My power.
   Jesus said that My children who do what I tell them to do, feed the poor, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, minister to the sick and welcome strangers into their homes are My wise children because what they do to the least of My children they do to Me.  They are My children who enter into My joy.  The people who call themselves by My name but who neglect the needy are the ones who do not inherit My kingdom living while in the earth and they have no joy, so they have no strength when spiritual winds blow and floods come and they are destroyed instead of being saved by My power. (Matthew 25:34-45)  They are still waiting for Me to return to earth, not realizing that I came back into the earth in the person of My Holy Spirit.  Their joy can be complete and "unspeakable" if they will ask to be baptized in My Holy Spirit.   My joy and strength inside of them will abound to unfathomable heights.
   Everything I have is yours.  My joy is yours.  My strength in you is in My joy inside of you.  Don't allow the enemy, the devil, to rob you of your joy.  Hell's mission is to take My joy from you.  When you feel your joy waning, ask Me to restore to you the joy of My salvation.  Joy comes when you seek Me, My kingdom and My righteousness.  I meet you halfway, your seeking Me and My finding you.   I love to fulfill that prayer because I desire to have joyful children who bring glory to Me.
  I said when you have joy unspeakable you are full of My glory. 
   Your Loving, Joyful Father 

Friday, August 18, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I said something profound that My children miss because of the veil that is over their minds, put there by the evil one.  Through the prophet David I said that My joy is your strength.  I did not say that mere earthly joy is strength. Some of the laughter that comes from the flesh of people is not strength for My children because it is at the expense of someone.  I said that My joy in you is strength.
   We have talked about My standard of My love being powerful against evil, soothing the ruffled feathers of your human enemies because love always overcomes evil.  It takes a long time for My children to believe that standard of behavior, that My love will always overcome evil actions from other people.  When they do, they are empowered by that revelation and are able to always overcome evil with good actions of love from their behavior.  Once they experience the power of love, they will continue in obeying My admonition and come against the evil done to them with love for the evil doer instead of returning to their old behavior of returning evil for evil.
   Now you need to know how My joy is power.  Yes, I said it is power.   Strength is power.  You only need power over your real enemy, the devil.  You don't need power over your human enemies who hurt you, persecute you or revile you.  I said to love them.  The power that you need is over your real enemies, the devil and his demons in the air around you.  (Ephesians 6:10-13)  One way to defeat the demonic enemies is with joy because it is strength.
   You ask how can joy defeat the enemy?  It's very, very easy.  The reason that the devil and his demons bring evil against you is to make you take the position of being under them, under their domination by your becoming only self conscious, conscious of what the evil is doing to your ego and your human emotions. having a "poor me" attitude, a "why me attitude", spiraling downward into depression because something bad is happening to you.  You retreat into yourself with self protection, cutting yourself off from others, persecuting the human that the devil is using against you, and nursing your emotional wounds like a cat or dog licking its wounds.  All the time the devil and his demons are having a laughter party at your expense because they have accomplished their task of robbing you of your faith, your joy and your love.  The longer you stay in the prison of depression, the more laughter is heard in hell at your expense.  You and I become laughing stocks in hell.  I am a laughing stock because you are My child and you have willingly succumbed to the actions of the devil in becoming emotionally hurt, upset and depressed.  I get no glory from that scenario.  I get ridicule from hell. 
    HOWEVER, when My joy is strong in you, instead of your becoming angry, upset, displaying "poor me" or "why me" attitudes until you are completely depressed, as My child when the winds blow and the floods of life come when the devil brings people against you or evil things against you -- which they will as long as you live in the earth -- when you can laugh with joy at the circumstances that were meant to depress you, laughing at the devil's multiple efforts to defeat you at the same time and his hoping to overload you with bad circumstances, you will defeat the devil and his works which flooded into your life with My joy.  When you are physically tired and bad circumstances come against you, when you allow My joy to overtake your mind, you will laugh at the devil instead of retreating into his hell of self consciousness which allows the devil to laugh at the pitiful situation which he caused.  Very often, when he brings multiple bad situations into your life at the same time, the hilarity of the situation is so evident that the evil works are his doing, and so you laugh because you know that the battle is already won for your side and My side because you did not allow the devil to accomplish his efforts to depress you and get you into the prison of your own mind. 
  My joy in you during trying situations will keep you as the head instead of the tail in bad times.  My joy will make you an overcomer instead of your being overcome with evil.  My joy will catapult you out of your self consciousness into being only conscious of My forces of good which are working in your behalf to solve the problems that the devil brought against you.  Only with faith in Me and in the power of My Holy Spirit's ability to effectively and efficiently solve the problems can you react with joy.  Only with your laughing with joy during trying times at the devil's efforts to defeat you can you immediately allow Me to overcome the evil that was done to you, 
   Joy is strength.  Joy is power.  Joy is an outgrowth of the presence of My Holy Spirit living inside of you. (John 16:22)
   Your enemy, the devil, always overplays his hand.  Bringing multiple problems into your life at the same time is his mode of operation.  When you are physically tired is when he floods your life with problems.  But, when you raise the standard of joy, laughing at his efforts to defeat you, then you have already won the battle. In the atmosphere of joy and faith, I and My angels are able to solve the problems quickly because you remained loyal to Me as your Father, not succumbing to the devil's attitudes of depression and sadness which says that you have made him your father at the time instead of Me.
    Laugh at evil circumstances and declare that you will not be defeated because I am your Loving Father who will never allow you to be defeated.  Repeat that confession and laugh with joy until I am able to provide the solution.  (John 17:13)
    Joy is positive power which elevates you to new spiritual heights.  (Acts 13: 52)  Sadness and depression are also powers of the devil which place you under his feet where he treads on you instead of you treading on him, as I meant for you to do.
    My joy is the Olympic flame of power that burns in you, keeping you as a winner in life, an overcomer who cannot be defeated. (John 15:11
    Laugh for joy in the face of the devil when he brings things into your life to rob, kill and destroy you.  My joy in you will overcome all of the forces of evil because your house is built on My rock of stability. (Matthew 7:24-27)  Remain joyful until I have all of your problems solved.
    I said My joy is your strength.  Strength is power.  My joy is power.
    Your Joyful Father Who Rejoices When My Children Display My Joy                     

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   In My instructions to you relating to the narrow gate that leads to life and the wide gate that leads to destruction, I told you that few find the narrow gate.  I don't make it hard to find.  It's the devil who deceives you by making it hard to find. (Matthew 7:15-18)
   One way I told you how to find the narrow gate is for you to watch out for false prophets.  They are the people who speak for Me and they come in sheep's clothing but inside they are ravenous wolves working for their own edification.  They endeavor to lead you onto the wide path to destruction.  I said that you must inspect their fruit because grapes cannot be gathered from thorny bushes or figs from thistles.  The more you hear their thorny words and see their spindly thistle, the more acceptable their words become and you ignore the poison of their fruit.  I said that a sound tree yields good fruit and a bad tree yields evil fruit, meaning that the people who are truly of My family are the people whose lives are filled with love, peace and joy.  The people who are hypocrites in their beliefs are filled with hatred, bigotry, anger and strife.  (Matthew 7:16-19)
   Many of My children, because of religious and political emotionalism, have become poor inspectors of the fruit emulating from their leaders.  They listen to the leaders' instructions to return evil for evil to unbelievers and others of My children whom they think are infidels, teaching you to consider them as your enemies rather than doing what I said through Jesus, which is to love and bless everyone, even those people of different political and religious beliefs whom hypocrites consider their enemies.  The false prophets poison you with their evil rhetoric and behaviors.  Many of My children copy their hypocrisy. (Matthew 7:21-23) Unfortunately, they will be the ones whom I said to depart from Me, I never knew you, because their attitudes, speaking and actions are opposite from My family traits.  They don't act like My children.  Their attitudes, speaking and actions reflect the beliefs and behaviors of the false prophets and they qualify themselves for the devil's cruel rewards from hell because they are bound to the evil rhetoric from their leaders. 
   My children who are good fruit inspectors, always checking for love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness and mercy, often only discover strife, hatred, anger and bigotry in their leaders.  They refuse to bind themselves to the hypocrites because of the knowledge that comes from discerning the nature of their fruit, whether it is kind, good, loving and peaceful or whether it is the same as the hypocrites who speak one thing and then do another.
   I said that those people who hear My words and do them are very wise, building their lives on My attitudes and actions, the standards as instructed by Me through Jesus.  They are the people who inherit My kingdom while they live in the earth because they are recognized as being My children.  (Matthew 7:24-27)
   Become good fruit inspectors and reject the things taught by wolves in sheep's clothing.  The wolves do not speak truth.  They are lies and they are efforts to keep you out of My family and keep you from inheriting the gifts of My gracious kingdom.
   My Holy Spirit gives to you the spirit of discernment so that you will be able to discern good from evil, discerning blessings from curses.  Listen to Him and you will be able to recognize false prophets immediately because of their evil fruit.  Do not take into your mind their evil destructive ways. 
   Pray for the false prophets that they will be filled with My Holy Spirit and be able to become My real prophets, speaking truth instead of lies and sowing goodness instead of hatred.
   Remember that when you do what is pleasing to Me, I make even your enemies to be at peace with you because you have sown peace in their lives.
    Your Gift Giving, Peaceful Father    

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   In whom is your complete confidence?  Is it in your government?  Is it in your pastor?  Is it in your mate?  Is it in your political party?  Is it in your club?  Is it in your church?  Is it in your business?  Is it in your corporation?  Is it in your bank?  Is it in your insurance company?  All of those are either human beings or they are made up of human beings, so they are unstable, subject to destruction, subject to fall for the temptations of the devil, just as you do.  They are the houses that are built on sand, just like Jesus spoke. (Matthew 7:26-28) He said that winds will blow and beat upon the house, torrential rains and floods will come and the house will fall, and great will be the fall because the man was foolish who did not believe My warnings and follow them.   
   My kingdom is built upon the Rock of My love and upon My power.  (Matthew 7:24-25)  When problems come, which the devil brings upon every person, the person who has confidence in Me will never be defeated or destroyed because the person has placed his or her confidence in Me, not in humans who have frailties.  The wise person who has confidence in only Me receives rewards from Me which will never diminish because he or she has not only heard My warnings but has done what I instructed.  My instructions and warnings are steadfast, reliable, unmovable, trustworthy and eternal.  I am Love and My love for the world that I created and the children that I created to tend it will never diminish.  I will never fail you, will never leave you, will never punish you, will never rob from you or steal from you or kill you because I am your Loving Father who created you. 
   The confidence that you have in Me will always be rewarded with blessings from My family of love.  My children are the most prized possessions of which I am most proud and I delight in giving gifts to My children in order for their joy to be complete, 
   The rock of revelation knowledge of the truth that you can become intimately acquainted with Me, knowing My character and personality, will establish you in My loving ways so that your confidence will be based upon wisdom and knowledge.  You cannot have confidence in someone you do not know intimately.  That is why one of My children wrote that his main goal in life was to become so intimately acquainted with Me, that he would personally know My power that is available to those who believe in Me, and that he would completely know the height, depth, width and breadth of My love. (Ephesians 3:14-20; Ephesians 1:15-33) He even said that when your reach that goal of intimately knowing Me, My power and My love, that I will be able to do supe rabundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to My power that is in you.   If the power in you is My Holy Spirit, then I am able to do more than you think is possible. 
   You can't have complete confidence in someone you don't intimately know. When you do place your confidence in mere humans or the institutions that they form, then you will find yourself in a house built on sand which collapses.  They will collapse because the devil sets them up and then tears them down in order to fulfill his curses on them.  
    Your confidence in Me is rewarded by My answering your prayers. (I John 5:14-15.) Your confidence in Me allows you to follow all of My teachings, My admonitions, My instructions and My standards.  Your following of them is what proves the depth of your love for Me.  I said multiple times that if you love Me, you will do what I command.  All of My commands are for your benefit because they guide you away from the wide path that leads to destruction and they lead you to the narrow gate that leads to a life of abundant blessings, peace and joy  (Matthew 7:13-14)
   Your Promise Keeping Father

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   Every family, culture, race, nation, kingdom and religion has its own peculiar standards which are behaviors and actions which are particular to their heritage. 
   In the earth that I created, I gave My attitudes to the first man and woman which became their standards because the humans were made in My image.  They exhibited My behavioral standards of love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, joy and patience in the earth that I gave to them until they were deceived into letting the devil enter into their earth and curse everything in it. (Genesis 3:1-3) Because of the devil's curses upon them and in them, many of their attitudes and standards changed from good actions to evil actions because of the temptations of the devil, who is the father of all evil.  (Genesis 3:13-19)
   Some of the first demonic attitudes and behaviors that they displayed in the earth were guilt, condemnation and shame, as evidenced by the devil's judgment of them and their actions of hiding from Me because of their realization that they were naked.  The devil introduced his standards of shame and guilt into their thoughts because they had disobeyed Me by listening to and obeying him.  From that day forth, the devil was free to tempt My children and then make them feel guilty for doing his will. (Genesis 3:4-7)  That is his deception, tempting you to sin and then condemning you for sinning.  That's what the devil does and My children fall for it because he has put a veil over their minds so that they are ignorant of his ways.
   After the first temptation and Adam and Eve choosing to listen to the devil, My children ceased making the choice to be My image in the world by having My behaviors and actions of goodness which they were created to display in their world, and they began to display the devil's standards of anger, jealousy, hatred, deceitfulness, discord and murder, as evidenced later by their son Cain's attitudes toward his brother Abel which resulted in his killing of his own brother.  Demonic thoughts, attitudes and activities began to flood into the earth and rule My own children instead of their being led by My loving thoughts, attitudes and actions, which were their original standards of behavior.  They knew not only My goodness from their original heritage of being created by Me in My image, but they also knew evil motivations because of allowing the devil to enter into their domain that I gave to them.  Until the coming of Jesus Christ and My Holy Spirit into the world, the history of My children relates to their struggles between good and evil, between My standards and the devil's standards.
   I was often able to temporarily rescue them from the pits of destruction which the devil caused in their lives when the descendants of the first two people obeyed evil thoughts.  I even made a covenant with a righteous man, Abraham, through whom the flesh of My Savior Son Jesus was able to enter into the earth.   Abraham's good attitudes and standards of behavior caused Me to choose him so that it would be his fleshly descendants through whom salvation would come to earth.  My plan was that their savior would be a man, but that that man would be created inside of a woman by My Holy Spirit so He would also be God in the flesh.  My plan was accomplished, not in a day but many generations later through My covenant with Abraham.
    That God/man Jesus Christ was able to do what the first man, Adam, was unable to do.   He resisted the devil's temptations to obey him and he didn't allow the devil to curse Him and curse the earth even further to destruction.(Matthew 1-11)  Jesus Christ went on to destroy the works of the devil in the earth even after His crucifixion and resurrection from the dead.  (I John 3:8)  His ministry in the earth was over and My final covenant began with My children.  We sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by those children of Mine who believe in Me, the same Spirit who created Jesus in the earth in a human woman, the same Spirit who ministered salvation from the works of the devil when He ministered in the earth by overcoming the works of the devil, and the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead. 
   We sent My Own Holy Spirit into My children to restore to them My guidance, the same guidance that was available to Adam in the beginning but which he allowed to be polluted by the devil.  My Holy Spirit gives to My children all of the good attitudes, attributes and standards that I gave to the first man before he was polluted by the devil.
   The salvation of people comes from the power of My Holy Spirit because He gives to My children My own supernatural power which overcomes the devil and his works, destroying his plans, his orchestrations of death and destruction and his authority in the earth which Adam so willingly gave to him.  My Holy Spirit becomes the Lord in the earth, living inside of My children.  (I Corinthians 3:16; II Corinthians 3:17-18)  My Spirit gives power to My children, loving authority over every living thing again by My guidance and also power over the devil and all of his destructive works in the earth which cause My children to rob, kill and destroy each other.  Instead of the devil continuing to be lord over My children, I, through My Holy Spirit, again become Lord, their guide, their wisdom, their power, their love, their faith, the same Loving Father that I was at the beginning.  My standards become their standards because they have My power to refuse to obey evil temptations, the power to destroy the works of evil and the power to love everyone as I love them.  
   Since the day of the first Pentecost My children have had the power to do what I ask them to do.  (Acts 2:1-4)  The only command to My children is to love others as I love them. (John 13:34)  All of My admonitions and instructions through Jesus and the new covenant prophets are fulfilled in your loving everyone, human enemies and friends, with the same love that I love you. 
    Understanding the history of your heritage as My child and My wonderful gift to you of My Holy Spirit should spur you to choose to adhere only to My standards of love, loving your human enemies as well as your friends.  This knowledge should empower you, by the power of My Holy Spirit, to reject every temptation to do the devil's will in the earth.  This knowledge should empower you to always do My will of love and goodness in the earth which brings into your life all the blessings of My kingdom, causing My kingdom to come into your life as it is in My heaven.  
    I am your Loving Father.  Everything that I have is yours.
    I AM LOVE.

Friday, August 11, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I spoke through My Son Jesus about the rewards that come when My children exhibit My standards in the earth, the standards of My kingdom of love of which there are many.  All of My standards come from My love for all humans and my love for the earth that I created for them because I am Love.  Remember that one of My promises is that when the enemy comes in like a flood in your life, that My Spirit will raise up My standards against him.  That means that when evil comes against you in your life, I will raise up in you My standard of goodness which counteracts the evil and I will cause you to sow goodness in the earth instead of adding evil to evil.  That standard of goodness done to the person who does evil deeds to you will cause the person to be tenderized by the good deeds from you and glorify Me and My kingdom of goodness.  The evil demons behind the original evil action will have to flee because they can't stand to be in the presence of love. 
   What is evident in My Instruction Book that I gave to you is that there are great rewards for My children who perform My standards of love in evil situations.   Jesus said that there are great rewards for you and My other children who do not practice piety in public to be seen by others, but instead do their praying, their giving and their fasting in private between only you and Me.  He said clearly and distinctly that those who practice piety in public to be seen by others will NOT receive any reward from Me because they have received what they desired, which was the praise of people.  (Matthew 6:1-6)  I said through Jesus that My children who pray in their closets alone with Me, give their monetary gifts in private and fast with a joyful face so that they cannot be identified as fasting will receive great rewards from Me.  He said three times that I will not reward the hypocrite who prays, gives alms and fasts to be seen by people, but that I will reward those who raise My standards quietly without fanfare, always in secret. (Matthew 6:4, 6 and 17)
    I said that you must not only believe that I Am, but you must believe that I  reward those who diligently seek Me.  When you seek Me and My righteous behavior, you will do in the earth what I do in the heavens. As a result of those standards of love and goodness, My rewards come into your life because you are sowing My love in the earth which causes My kingdom to flood into your life.  It's the simple example that Jesus taught about seed sowing and harvest.  Whatever seeds you sow in the earth will return the same plants, or rewads, into your life.  If you sow  love, you will reap love; if you sow evil, you will reap evil. 
    Some of My children who profess My name who still sow evil seeds because of the cares of the world, the deceitfulness of riches and other evil actions have allowed demonic spirits to capture their minds.  They sow seeds of evil and reap evil events into their lives and wonder why.  They think that only professing My name will qualify them for My rewards.  I said it's those of My children who do My will of raising My standards of love and goodness in the face of evil who will inherit My kingdom living while they live in the earth. (Matthew 6:10)   Only those children of Mine who sow love seeds in the world will inherit the rewards from My kingdom of love into their lives.  They cannot sow evil seeds and expect to reap My loving rewards.  They can't reap My rewards because they have sown seeds into the devil's garden.  The devil does not reward his children with good and loving events because he, himself, is the father of evil.  He rewards people who do his will with evil events.  Only those of My children who sow loving and good seeds will inherit My rewards because they have sown loving seeds into My garden of love.
    My rewards are My blessings.  I said that the merciful are blessed by Me and are rewardd by obtaining mercy from others. (Matthew 5:7)  I said that the meek are rewarded by inheriting My blessings while in the earth. (Matthew 5;5)  I said that the pure in heart are blessed because they see Me, in their dreams and visions. ( Matthew 5:8)  I said that the poor in spirit who seek Me are blessed and rewarded by inheriting My kingdom. (Matthew 5:3) I said that those who mourn will be blessed by Me with comfort, prophesying that those who mourn after the death of Jesus would be comforted by My Spirit living inside of them.  (Matthew 5:4)  I said that those who hunger and thirst for My righteousness will be blessed by being rewarded by having My Spirit living inside of them and satisfying them by making them clean and whole. (Matthew 5:9)   I said that those of My children who are peacemakers in every situation are blessed and rewarded by being called My children, qualifying them for My kingdom coming into their lives. (Matthew 5:9) I said that those who are reviled and persecuted falsely for My account will be blessed.  I said they should rejoice because their rewards are great in My heavenly kingdom. (Matthew 5;11-12)
   In My Book I gave you examples of people who were persecuted for My sake.  Think about Stephen who was being stoned and I opened the heavens to him so that he saw Jesus and Me.  He visited heaven before his body died from the stoning.  Before his body died he asked Me not to hold the sins of the people against them.  He was blessed above measure by coming into My kingdom before his body died. 
   Think also about Peter and Paul who were sent to prison on My account.  They were blessed miraculously by My kingdom rewarding them by opening the prison doors so that they could be released, continuing to minister My kingdom benefits to the multitudes.
    Great are the rewards of My children who seek Me, seek My righteousness and do My will in the earth.  By doing My will, they raise My standard of good against the standards of evil in the world.  My children who do My standards in the earth increase My kingdom in the world, as I intended.  They glorify Me by returning good for evil.  Go and do likewise.
     Your Father of High Standards of Love     

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dear Precious Child,
   My instruction book to you and all of My children is full of My insights, wisdom, instructions, revelations, doctrines and examples relating to how for you to live successfully in your earth and how to practice holiness in your daily life relating to how to treat My other children. (II Corinthians 3:16)  Except for the evil that is in the earth, remember that I created everything in it and so I know how for you to exist with meekness and lowliness of heart so that you will have peace for your soul. (Matthew 11:28-30)
   In asking you to be yoked to Me, I promised that you would have peace for your soul.  (Matthew 5:33)  My peace for their minds is the greatest need that My children have, no matter their station in life.  The minds of My children spin out of control with worry, anxiety, doubt, hatred, anger, vengeance, lust and other thoughts from hell, all put there by the evil one, the devil. (Matthew 6:25-33) That evil demonic being wants to defeat all of My children and the way that he chooses to do it is by poisoning their minds with his temptations so that My children will obey him instead of obeying Me.  In obeying him, My children become yoked to him and his evil ways, poisoning their own lives and the lives of their family members and friends with his destructive ways which rob, kill and destroy them. (John 10:10)
    My instructions to you are that you must choose to be yoked to Me instead of yoked to the devil and his destructive ways.  I even give you the power to be joined with Me and that is through the power of My Holy Spirit.  When you invite My Holy Spirit to make His home inside of you, you are permanently joined with Me because you have become the temple or home to My Holy Spirit.  (I Corinthians 6:19-20)  We become joined as One spirit from that day forth. (I Corinthians 6:17)   The secret to having My kingdom on earth in your life is that you constantly allow Me to lead and direct your life into the green pastures and still waters where you have peace for your mind, as I promised you if you allow Me to be your Good Father with My guidance and leadership.
    That truth is the means by which My kingdom comes into your life on earth as it is in heaven because you have done My will in the earth, becoming My image of love, just as I am. (Matthew 6:10)  All of the teachings of Jesus are to lead you into having My kingdom in your life on earth.  All of the teachings of the new covenant prophets mirror and even expand on the same teachings of Jesus, encouraging you to stay yoked to Me through the Holy Spirit's guidance which is inside of you.  Jesus said that My Holy Spirit would explain more fully My instructions to you, all done from the inside of you into your thoughts.  I said that I would write them on your heart and I do it by the power of My Spirit when He lives inside of you. (John 16:12-15)
   With the power of My Holy Spirit inside of you, I made it possible that you and I would be so yoked together in unity that we would be one spirit, one mind and one heart, forgiving people immediately, loving and blessing your human enemies and defeating your spiritual enemies by battling them in My Holy Spirit's prayers in which I battle against your real enemies, the demonic powers of the air. (Ephesians 6: 10-18)
   Being yoked to Me means that you allow love to abound in your life, peace to abound in relationships and in your mind, mercy to be extended to all sinners, joy to be your strength, goodness and kindness to be extended to all people, and that you have My patience with everyone, enough even to wait for the answers to prayers.            
   Every thought either comes from heaven or hell.  Learn to recognize the ones from hell and then break your yoke to hell by casting out those demons from which the thoughts entered into your mind.  Only allow My thoughts of guidance, love and encouragement to enter into your thoughts.  When you do, you will have heaven on earth. 
   If you want rest for your mind, stay yoked to Me and My thoughts which are pure and loving. 
   Your Father of Easy Yokes

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
   I have asked you and My other children many times to believe Me and My words that I spoke through Jesus and to believe the words that I now speak through My Holy Spirit to you relating to My standards.  I wish for you to adhere to all of My standards relating to how to act and react to other people when the devil floods your life with problems.  I ask you to raise My standards against the devil by loving the people, all for your benefit and good fortune.  
    Do you really believe that loving your enemies will result in good things coming your way, as I promised? (Matthew 5:43-45)  If you believe Me, then you will love your enemies.
     Do you really believe that blessing the people who oppose you and persecute you for doing kind things that I ask you to do will result in good things coming into your life, as I promised? (Matthew 5:10)  If you really believe Me, then you will bless your enemies, love them and pray for them.
    Do you really believe that returning good for evil done to you will result in good rewards flooding into your life, pressed down and running over, as I promised?  (Matthew 5:38-42) If you do, then you will return good for any evil done to you because you believe Me.
    Do you really believe that forgiving everyone who does evil deeds to you will result in My forgiving you, avenging you and causing multiple blessings to enter into your life, as I promised? (Matthew 6:12-14)  If you do believe Me, then you will forgive everyone who does any evil deed to you.
    Do you really believe that refusing to strike someone who strikes you but instead to turn the other cheek will bring you rewards from Me, as I promised? (Matthew 5:39)  If you believe that I know what I am talking about, then you will never strike back at anybody in word or action.
    Do you really believe that loving your enemies and praying for them instead of cursing them will cause even your enemies to be at peace with you, as I promised? (Matthew 5:44)  If you believe Me, then you will instantly extend love to your human enemies and pray for them because you believe Me.
    Do you really believe that praying in private with just Me as your only companion, also giving your gifts of money in private and fasting in private will result in My rewarding you openly because I have heard your prayers in secret, as I promised? (Matthew 6:2-6; 16-18)  If you really do believe Me, then you will bring all of your concerns, your problems, your questions and your worries to Me in the quiet of your home and commune with Me one on one.  It's called the communion that Jesus instituted.  
    Do you really believe that refusing to duplicate the rhetoric and actions of divisive politicians and hypocritical religious leaders, instead duplicating the behavior of Jesus as revealed by My Spirit will result in great rewards, as promised by Me? (Matthew 5:20)  If you do believe Me, then you will refuse to listen to the poisonous name calling and toxic rhetoric of divisive politicians and religious leaders who substitute extreme patriotism for the fruit of My Spirit. 
    OR -------- do you believe that those valuable instructions from Me are too grievous for you to do all of them and so you only rely on your water baptism to bring My blessings upon you and your family, even though My words say otherwise?   Your profession of believing IN Me is not believing Me and My instructional words to you which protect you from the destruction caused by your joining with evil. 
    It is your behavior as My child in the earth, your righteous works of love in the lives of My other children, which brings My rewards into your life.  I said that you must not only believe that I AM, but you must believe that I am the rewarder of those of My children who diligently seek Me AND MY RIGHTEOUSNESS with their whole heart. (Matthew 6:33)  It's My righteous behavior of love being displayed by you which unlocks the storage bin which contains My rewards, causing them to flood into your life, blessing you with all of My gifts. 
    Remember that I said whatever you do to the least of My children, you do to Me. (Matthew 25:40)   Whatever you do to the poor, the crippled, the strangers, the depressed, the unbelievers, the people you consider infidels, people of diverse races, people who are deceived, the sinners, the lost and the forgotten, what you do to them you do to Me.  It is those actions toward them that are rewarded by Me because you, as My child, are the only hands that I have in the world.  Your voice is the only voice that I have in the world.  Your goods are the only goods to give that I have in the world.  My children are My only physical distributing agents in the world.  Your loving heart is the only heart that I have in the world through which I can funnel My love to unloved people.
    Many of My children call themselves believers who only believe the same things that the destructive politicians believe and the narrow minded religious leaders believe, the same people who bind additional burdens onto people.  I said that your righteousness must exceed those people for you to enter into My kingdom living while in the world.  Believing only superficial and mundane things will not qualify you for My abundant kingdom benefits.  I said that some will say, "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name?"  And I will say to depart from Me because I never knew you and you never really knew Me.  
   Yes, the way is narrow which leads to the abundant life and the way is wide which leads to destruction.  (Matthew 6:11-14)  Those people who seek Me with their whole hearts will find Me.  It takes seeking Me with your whole heart to tunnel through the mountains of mental debris that the devil places in your path.  When you seek Me with your whole heart, you will call upon Me and I will answer and heal your life, making you the head and not the tail, placing you above the evil in the earth instead of your being under it. (Deuteronomy 28:13)
    Rebelliously picking and choosing what you will believe is self destructive.  Believing everything that I ask you to do in order to enter into kingdom living is paramount to your having My abundant life while here on earth.  It's a matter of sowing seeds of unconditional love in the earth and those seeds producing love plants in your life, causing you to be flooded with My loving benefits of being My child.  It's all so simple but very hard without the power of My Holy Spirit.  I gave you the power necessary to have the abundant life, My Holy Spirit.  You must use His power of faith in your life.  He gives to you the most magnificent power available to all people by which your finding the narrow way becomes easy and fruitful for you. (John 16:12-15)
   So you must decide if you really believe what I told you through your brother Jesus and through My Spirit who makes His words cut asunder the soul and the spirit, by discerning the thoughts and intents of your heart relating to your level of belief.  Faith and belief come from your hearing My words to you. (Romans 10:17; Hebrews 11:1)  Partial belief is no belief.  I said that those people who only had partial belief know neither the scriptures nor the power of My Spirit. (Mark 12:24)
   I want to reward you with all of My heavenly blessings. (Hebrews 11:6)  You must be willing to cast aside everything that stands between us in order to hear My words, allowing My Spirit to infuse into you My power from on high.  You become on fire with My Holy Spirit which burns out the dross that evil programmed into your thoughts and your flesh.  My Spirit makes you pure and righteous in My sight.   It is My righteousness in you that qualifies you for My kingdom coming into your life on earth as it is in heaven.
   Seek Me with your whole heart and you will find Me.  Seek My righteousness and you will hear My words which purify you and make you whole.
    I love to fulfill My promises to you of giving you all the blessings of My kingdom.  You must believe Me first and do the works of love which I speak to you. (John 13:34-35; John 14:21; John 15:12) 
    Your Father Who Delights in Giving You My Kingdom Rewards

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Dear Precious Child,
    Jesus reiterated time and time again how important it is that you do in secret the things that I ask you to do rather than doing them in front of people.  It is in that context that He said that you should not store up treasures on earth where moths and rust can corrupt them or thieves can steal them.   He said in the same teaching that you should not pray in public, expecting people to praise you for your wording, also that you should not give your money in public where people praise you, and that you should not fast openly where people can praise you for your religious practices.  All of those are done in public, in front of people.  When prayers are done in public, the devil's temptations flood into your mind, encouraging you to add flowery words to your prayers so that people will know you are religious, setting up your treasure on earth so that people will praise you for your prayers,  When you give money publicly, the devil wants you to brag to somebody about the amount given, setting up your treasure on earth which is the accolades of people.  When you fast and put on a sad look, making sure that people know that you are fasting, you are setting up your treasure on earth, expecting people to respect you for your restricting of yourself in My name.  If you do those things to be praised by people, then you get a meager reward which will pass away before you leave the company of the people.  The people will forget all about your prayer, your giving and your fasting.  You have set up treasures on earth rather than in My heaven and your rewards are short lived.(Matthew 6:19-21)
   However, if you only pray in secret to Me, also give your money in secret so that you don't even know how much you are giving, and if you fast with a happy face and only unto Me, then you have set up treasures for yourself in heaven and I will reward you openly.  If you forgive those who hurt you and persecute you, if you turn the other cheek when struck, if you love your enemies and do good to them, when you are robbed if you give your coat also if the robber demands you cloak, and if you love unconditionally your enemies as well as your friends, then you are also laying up treasures in heaven.  Because you have done what I ask you to do, your rewards are many because you have laid your treasures up in my heaven.  When you do what I ask you to do, all of which are for your protection from evil, you receive a magnificent reward because I am your Father who rewards those people who diligently seek Me.
   When you love and forgive the thief, the adulterer, the liar, the hypocrite, the corrupt politician, the preacher who is divisive, the child abuser, the rebellious child, the sinner, the person who fasts to be seen, the person who brags about his giving, the religious person who puts on a sad face while fasting, then you have laid up treasures for yourself in heaven.
    The treasures are your inheritance which comes upon you when you are doing what I ask you to do.  My treasures come upon you because you have sown seeds into My kingdom of good and you have magnified goodness in the earth, so My kingdom is able to reward you because you have shown that you belong to Me as My child.  I said that if you love Me that you will do what I, your loving Father, commands you to do.  (I John 5: 1-5)  My admonitions are not grievous and hard to do. I even gave you My own power, My Holy Spirit, who empowers you to take My advice to heart and do it because you know that My commands are for your protection, causing you to avoid evil, and My commands are for your entitlement as My child, qualifying you to receive the abundant life on earth that I promised to all of My children.  Those of My children whose character of love identifies them as My children are constantly sowing treasures into My heaven and reaping the benefits of those treasures.
    Your treasures that are stored in My heaven are safe and gaining interest to the highest rate of return so that I can send them back to you pressed down and running over.  That's what Love does.
     Keeping My words and obeying them are a witness to your being a child of My goodness, eager to take the advice of Your Loving Father.
    I love everyone but I can only reward those of My children who follow My advice because My advice keeps you pure and free from the works of evil.
    Your Father of Great Rewards