Sunday, January 31, 2016


Dear One,
     Gospel means good news.  If your religious teachers teach hell, fire and damnation, that I am eager to condemn you for every mistake or sin that you do, then that is not good news.  That is bad news or evil news.  Those teachings are a result of that teacher only knowing some erroneous things about Me that are not truth as revealed by My Holy Spirit.  They only know what some other teacher who was not intimately acquainted with Me has taught to them.  They only know what religion has taught instead of what My Holy Spirit is eager to teach to my children. Jesus said My Holy Spirit is the private tutor of every person who comes to Him for truth teachings, not institutional religious teachings. 
    Jesus said that he does not judge and I do not judge, meaning that We do not condemn anyone.  We save people instead of judging and condemning. (John 3:16-17) When Jesus healed people He did not condemn them for their sins.  He said, "Be of good cheer.  Your sins are forgiven."  That sounds like the pronouncement of good news, not judgment or bad news.  (Matthew 9:2)
     He also told them the best news when He said that while they lived in the world that they would have evil tribulations, testings and problems with people, but to be of good cheer because He has overcome all of those bad things that can happen in the world. (John 16:33-33) He didn't say that He would empower you to only overcome a few minor things.  He said He had overcome everything bad in the world and He is available to do the same thing for you through the same power of My Spirit that enabled Him to overcome evil.  Don't be sad when bad things happen; instead, he said to be cheerful.  
     Jesus told you that the words that He always spoke to you, advised you, admonished you and taught you were so that you would also overcome the bad thing that happen to you while you live in the world.  He was saying that when you cooperate with Him and do things that He teaches you to do, you will also overcome all evil that is sent from hell to destroy you. 
     One of the strongest admonitions that He taught is that you should not judge other people.  That means that you should not judge anyone, you should not condemn anyone outwardly or in your thoughts, but that you should forgive the person.  (Matthew 7:1-6) He said that you should not judge someone because of a speck in his or her eye when you, yourself, have a huge log of judging others in your own eye. The reason that advice was so important is that He also told you the consequences for judging others, and those consequences are not from Me.  He said, "Do not judge or you will be judged by the same measure you have judged."  He knew that your enemy, the devil, is eager to tempt you to judge others so that he can bring his destructive judgment upon you. 
    So Jesus gave you an important key when He cautioned you that you must not fall for the traps that come into your mind to judge someone because the judging thoughts are the devil's trap that is set so that, if you will fall for it, that your judgment of the person will cause you to also be judged by hell by the same standard you judged the person.  In other words, Jesus was telling you the way to keep from being judged by the devil for judging someone.  He wanted you to be cheerful, of good cheer, because if you take His words of advice you will be protected from being judged.  That is good news, news which should make you choose to be cheerful and nonjudgmental.
      However, there is a Spirit of discernment that teaches you to judge between  the thoughts that are sent from hell to entice you into condemning someone and the thoughts that are sent from Me to save you and teach you.  That discernment is a good form of judgment because you are to discern evil spirits, not condemn your earthly siblings.  Judgmental discernment teaches you to recognize the evil behind thoughts and actions, only judging the evil spirits, not the people. 
     The form of judgment that Jesus told you to avoid is judging and condemning people.  He gave you by the Holy Spirit the power to judge evil spirits by casting out demons from people who are tormented, just like Jesus did.
      Be of good cheer, I say to you.  When you follow My advice you will have every reason to be cheerful.  Even when you don't, when you do return to Me to hear My way out of the problems, I will show you how to overcome the evil that was at the core of the situation.  I am the Savior, not the condemner.
      Your Loving, Cheerful Father          

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Dear One,
     We have talked many times about the truth that it is My great pleasure to give you everything in My kingdom while you still live in the earth.  (Luke 12:32)  I even gave you through Jesus the keys to open all the doors to My blessings that are stored up for you.  The doors to the storehouses of heaven which contain My gifts for you cannot be opened unless you use the right keys because of the barriers between earth and heaven which were placed there by the devil when Adam allowed him to enter the earth. The evil one from earth placed barriers which block My children from their rightful inheritance as My children.
      My Spirit wrote through Peter that it is by My divine power that I have given you everything necessary for righteousness and the abundant life in every area.  (II Peter 1:3-4)  I am delighted and I rejoice when My children follow My instructions, become My images of righteousness in the earth, and collect their inheritance.  Most of the keys relate to your relationships with others and with Me.  My children cannot be rebellious to Me or in opposition to any of My other children and expect to be blessed because My family is a family of peace.  Jesus is called the Prince of Peace and I am the Father of Peace, so opposition to Me or to any of your earthly siblings will keep you from being abundantly blessed.  When you oppose anyone, your identity as My child is temporarily negated and My delivery angels cannot pour My blessings upon you. 
     When your young children were fighting, they lost their privileges.  It's the same thing in My family, except I do not withhold privileges and blessings.  It is yielding to the voices of evil temptations which cause your opposition to Me or to your earthly siblings that sets up the barriers and keeps you from being abundantly blessed.
       Jesus began His ministry teaching you to be humble instead of proud, meek instead of rebellious, loving instead of hateful, peaceful instead of being in strife with others, merciful instead of judgmental, returning good for evil instead of returning evil for evil done to you.  He taught you to never hit back when hit, to do good to your enemies instead of fighting them, to forgive instead of holding grudges and to pray for those people who oppose you. (Matthew 5)  He knew that being an ambassador of My love in the earth is what I desire because I am Love.  He knew that I desire that My children always receive their rightful inheritance of blessings from Me and He knew that doing evil to anyone in the earth instead of doing good to your siblings in the earth will temporarily rob you of your blessings because you have switched fathers when you do evil in the earth.  You have given up your loyalty to Me and instead you have chosen the ways of the one whom Jesus called "your father the devil."  When you choose evil ways instead of My ways you have changed allegiances and you will inherit the destruction that evil has designed for you because you have united with him.
       This is why I sent you an Instruction Book, so that you will be able to understand there are two kingdoms at work in the earth, My kingdom and the kingdom of evil.  When you oppose anyone you have joined with the kingdom of evil, to your own detriment.  I warn you, coach you, instruct you, admonish you, command you and guide you through My Holy Spirit not to join with evil or you will be cursed with destruction.  When you do unite with evil, wallowing in the pig pen of destruction, but then decide to return to Me and My loving ways, I welcome you as if you had never left Me and My family of love.  I restore to you every blessing that I have.  I forgive you and restore you to My good graces.  I grieved for you while you were in the pig pen eating with the pigs but I could not bless you because you had left the protection of My family. (Luke 15:11-24)
     Because I forgive you, you must learn to forgive everyone who opposes you, injures you, insults you and differs with you,  To refuse to forgive the person binds you to the destructive spirit which caused the evil act toward you, and you will be an inheritor of more destruction.  Forgiving others releases you from the effects of the destructive actions done toward you.  Forgiving others guarantees your release from the curses of strife. 
      I gave you My Holy Spirit to empower you to forgive everyone.  It is only with His power that you can accomplish what I desire for you, which is becoming My righteousness in the earth so that you will be blessed abundantly.
     Place yourself in the excellent position to receive all of My blessings by taking the advice of your Brother Jesus.  I spoke My wisdom to you through Him, wisdom that contains the keys that open the windows of heaven for you.
     Your Loving, Merciful, Forgiving Father        

Friday, January 29, 2016


Dear One,
    Thoughts are prayers.  Often you pray to Me in your thoughts only and I hear those prayers if they are in line with My love and mercy.  The ones I cannot answer are the ones that are negative toward another person.  Those thoughts come from hell and not from Me.  When your thoughts are negative toward someone, you are in agreement with the devil's destructive plans for the person instead of being in agreement with My plans to bless you and the person. No one gets blessed when your thoughts are opposed to anyone.
     Being blessed in every possible way is My will for everyone. So there is no agreement between My will for a person and your will for a person if your thoughts about the person are negative.  Sometimes My children even rejoice when something bad happens to someone with whom they have differences.   Love does not rejoice when bad things happen.  (I Corinthians 13:6)  Love always rejoices when good things happen to others, even for your enemies for whom you are praying. 
     When you continue holding negative, judgmental and bitter thoughts about anyone, you are binding yourself to that person and his or her sins. (Matthew 18:19)  Because you have bound yourself to the person with negative thoughts, you will inherit the devil's judgment of that person, which is destruction in many areas.  Forgiving the person is the cure for releasing yourself from the judgment.  When you forgive the person, you stop being bound to the person because to forgive means to release the person and let him go.  If there is any avenging to be done, I will do it.  I promised that I will avenge you if you will not seek to take vengeance yourself in your thoughts or in actions, binding yourself negatively to the person. (Romans 12:19)
     I said that I will keep a person in perfect peace if the person's thoughts are on Me.  There is calmness of mind, which is called soul peace, when your thoughts are on Me and My marvelous works instead of on people who have failed you, hurt you, injured you and opposed you.  When your thoughts are on those things, you do not have a peaceful mind.  In fact, you have a toxic mind which poisons your body with destructive hormones.
    Remember this, to My children there is no right and there is no wrong in opinions, doctrines or beliefs.  Everybody is at a different place in spiritual growth.  There is only love and forgiveness, understanding and mercy in My family.  You would not chide a kindergarten student for not understanding calculus.  You would not even expect the child to know how to read. Yet, you think negatively about someone who has not had the opportunity to allow My Holy Spirit to teach the person about love and forgiveness.  You judge the person because of what he or she doesn't know when there are plenty of things that you, yourself, do not know about My kingdom.
     Keep your thoughts on Me and My goodness toward everyone.  When you do, you will not entertain the negative thoughts which separate you from Me and My blessings by binding you to someone with judgmental, negative thoughts.  It's an exercise in control, throwing out the negative thoughts and replacing them with My positive ones of love, forgiveness and mercy.  Throw out the negative thoughts and replace them with positive, loving thoughts.  When you do, you put yourself in the position of inheriting all of the benefits from being My child.
     What you bind to yourself on earth is bound to yourself in heaven.  If your thoughts are negative, you bind yourself to the devil's judgment from those thoughts. If your thoughts are positive, loving and kind, you bind yourself to Me and My blessings.  It all goes back to the beginning when I said for you to choose between good and evil, between blessings and curses. Choosing good thoughts means that you have also chosen blessings.  Choosing negative, destructive, judgmental thoughts means you have chosen the devil's curses. 
     My angels and I rejoice when you choose good thoughts because we get to bless you abundantly. (Deuteronomy 30:19)  There is no greater pleasure for Me than to see that you have chosen good thoughts over evil thoughts about someone.  When you do choose good thoughts, I get to do My most pleasurable thing, which is to give you My kingdom blessings. (Luke 12:32)
     Your Nonjudgmental, Loving Father 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Dear One,
    My dedicated prayer warriors wonder why sometimes their most concentrated prayers do not bring dramatic results.  The key is that, very often, their thoughts are negative toward the person for whom they are praying.  They are praying for me to change the person, save the person or heal the person; yet their thoughts are oppositional toward the person.  Your prayers and your thoughts must always be in agreement. The key is what David wrote in Psalm 19:14, "Let the words of my mouth (your prayers) and the meditations of my heart (your thoughts) be always acceptable in your sight, Oh, Lord, my strength and my redeemer."
    Since your thoughts produce attitudes, which are energy, if your thoughts are critical, judgmental, condemning, angry or bitter toward the person, you need to change your thoughts about the person to thoughts of love, forgiveness and mercy so that your prayers will easily be answered. That is why I told you that if there is a problem between you and someone when you are praying, that you should make things right before you come back to the altar to pray again. Your prayers are easy for Me to answer when your prayers and your thoughts about a person are in agreement.
     You are in charge of your thoughts.  They are your domain.  Nobody else has the authority to change your thoughts, only you.  When you find that your thoughts are against a person instead of for the person, you must replace the negative thoughts with affirmative thoughts of love and mercy, remembering that I am loving and merciful toward you even when you are opposing others.  My mercy is everlasting and, because you are My child, your mercy must be everlasting toward everyone.  Gird up the loins of your mind is what you must do, refusing negative thoughts about the person but instead replacing them with positive thoughts of My love and mercy toward the person. (I Peter 1:13-16)  When you can do that, your thoughts and prayers are in agreement and it is easy for Me to work in the situation.
      My Spirit wrote through Paul that faith only works by love.  (Galatians 5:6) I gave you the image of a power line that transports electricity from a transformer to homes.  If that power line is broken by weather, accident or whatever, there is still power going through the line but the power can become destructive power if someone touches the broken line.  So if your thoughts are against someone for whom you are praying, the power line is broken from the transformer of My love and the power can become destructive to others instead of constructive. Your thoughts must be loving toward the person for whom you are praying.  That produces the necessary ingredients, faith and love, for your prayers to be answered. 
     I know it is especially difficult for you to have loving thoughts toward an enemy when you pray for the person, but you must realize that it has nothing to do with emotions. It has to do with the fact that all people deserve My love and your love because everyone has done destructive acts toward others, either in their thoughts or their actions; yes, even you. 
     Gird up those negative thoughts about a person for whom you are praying and replace them with the truth that I loved the world so much, even when it was filled with hatred, anger and bitterness, that I sent My Son to save it.  Change those troublesome thoughts by replacing them with loving thoughts toward everyone for whom you pray.  I can change the hardest of hearts and give to them hearts of flesh, pliable and gentle.(Ezekiel 11:19)
      Come to Me with prayers in which your thoughts and your prayers are in agreement in an attitude of love.  With faith prayers and love thoughts, My promises are yes and amen, so be it. (II Corinthians 1;20)
      Your Forgiving, Loving Father

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Dear One,
     It is a shock to My children when they hear that I do not play "favorites".  When someone is unkind to you, injures you physically or emotionally or opposes you, I do not take your side against that person.  I love both of you equally because I am Love.  When children in a human family fight over something or disagree over something, good parents do not take sides.  They let the children settle their differences.  If they can't, human parents often intervene and punish both of the offenders.
    I do not play favorites and I do not punish My children.  My ideal in a troublesome situation is that one of My children will choose to do the righteous thing and makes peace with the sibling, even if the sibling is in the wrong.   When that happens, both people are blessed because peace has come to the disagreement and My blessings can freely flow.  If no one chooses My way of handling the situation by taking the blame upon himself or herself, then they have made the choice to continue toward destruction of the relationship and also destruction in other areas of their lives.
     Paul saw this principle clearly when he said that My children must bear the burdens of others, meaning their troublesome faults, because when you do refuse to respond negatively to the faults of others you are fulfilling the admonition of Jesus Christ when He said to love others as I love you.  (John 13:34; Romans 8:4; Galatians 6:1-2)  You are doing what Jesus did when He bore your sins and the sins of the whole world in His body on the cross.  He refused to respond to his accusers and his killers in anger, but He did what I called Him to do which was to die for the sins of the world.  When you do not respond angrily to someone who offends you in some way, you fulfill the admonition of Jesus to bear the burdens of others.  When you forgive that person, your love is complete, spiritually mature and you are identified as My child, in a position to inherit the blessings that I set aside for you.  The windows of heaven open and bless both you and the offender, just like the rain falls on the unjust and the just. 
     When you bring peace to an offensive situation by refusing to respond to the anger of another person with an angry reply, instead responding with a kind reply, My angels are able to minister to the offending person and change the heart of the offender to be at peace with you. (Romans 12:19-21) Asking forgiveness or forgiving another person does the same thing. They relieve you of the mental torture that is caused by being in conflict with another person and they turn the heart of your enemy to love you instead of opposing you.  Peace is present in the minds of both of you instead of conflict and strife. (Ezekiel 10:1-5)
     As My child, your actions and reactions need to be different than they were before you became My child.  Your motivations, as led by Me, need to become the same as My motivations, which are to bring peace to every situation, to love the unlovable, to sacrifice your own fleshly desire to always be right in every situation.  When you become willing to be wrong even though you are right in a situation, you have become perfect in love.  I said those who are perfect in love and patience will want nothing because all of their needs will be supplied.  (James 1:2-4)
     The mental peace that comes from taking My advice is worth everything.  All of My children seek peace for their souls.  My way of being willing to be wrong in a situation even though you are right is worth the peace that comes from staying out of opposition and strife.  It is saying, "Father, your ways are truly better than my ways." 
     I love all of My children equally.  I do not have favorites. I love you as much as I love Jesus because I am Love.  Determine that you will love others equally, even your enemies who oppose you.  Make peace with them, pray for them, do good to them, just like I do.  You are truly My child when you do those things.
     Your Father of Truth

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Dear One,
    Grief is built on regret and regret means that you have lost something important to you or something has failed in your life.  Often grief comes along with bitterness because of a failure, a lost relationship or a lost cause or because of your losing something or someone important to you.  Grief comes into your emotions because you do not see the whole picture. 
    My children who can hear from My Spirit experience exciting replacements for all losses.  They are encouraged in the face of losses of any kind because of faith in Me.  Remember that Jesus spoke to His followers many times before He was crucified about not grieving for what was to come, which was His leaving them and His coming to live with Me. (John 14:1-2) He told them that somebody more exciting was going to come to live inside of them, My Holy Spirit. He said that they would be stronger and more empowered when they became the temple of My Spirit.  (John 14:25-29) He said that they would do even greater works than those that Jesus did. (John 14:12) 
    Jesus told them before He was crucified not to let their hearts be troubled, discouraged or dismayed.  That is what grief does to you, makes you feel troubled, discouraged and dismayed.  You cannot imagine why something happens and you feel a loss.  However, when you hear from Me, I tell you not to be troubled or dismayed like a person who has no faith.  
     The reason I want you to be encouraged instead of troubled and dismayed after a loss is that if you grieve too long a spirit of grief can enter into you and cause all sorts of problems for you.  Grief leads to depression because of the loss and it can make you hit rock bottom emotionally.  Because of the depression, you lose your joy, your hope and your faith.  You become stymied in the well of depression, unable to get your head above water.   Hopelessness invades you mind and faith leaves you.  You become bound to the loss instead of being bound to Me in faith that I have glorious things to replace the loss.
     Jesus knew that the tendency of His followers would be to grieve for being separated from Him, yet they had no idea that His replacement would be so empowering, so loving, so wise, so knowledgeable, so kind and so good.  That is why He encouraged them not to grieve for Him.  (John 16: 7-15)  He wanted them to expect more glorious things to come into their lives to replace any loss they felt that they might incur.  On the day of Pentecost they understood the glory to which  He referred when I came to live inside of them and empowered them with My own Spirit.  (Acts 2:1)  When Jesus was with them in the flesh, they were only empowered by My Spirit being with them in the person of Jesus; but, after their loss of His presence with them, they became supernaturally filled inside of them with My presence in the person of My Spirit.  It was My promise to them from the foundation of the world.
    When grief tries to invade your mind, refuse it.  Be expectant that there are exciting things to come into the lives of those who expect Me to enrich their lives with My goodness.  Refuse to become bound to a loss.  Be expectant of wonderful things coming into your life because you are My child.  Rejoice in My promises being fulfilled in your future instead of grieving a loss.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Dear One.
    Do you wonder why I repeat myself so many times in My Instruction Book, the Bible?  When children are young, their parents have to repeat things many times before the children finally understand and follow the instructions of the parent. It's the same in My family.  My children skim over My advice many times before the wisdom finally sinks in and takes hold.  It might take five times for some people and it might take a hundred times with others. 
    When parents tell their children to pick up their clothes or they will not be able to go to the park, the children usually ignore the command several times until it is time to go to the park and then they scurry to get it done.  There are strict parents who will cancel the plans to go to the park on the second or third time of giving the instructions.  Those children learn quickly that the parents want their instructions followed speedily in order for things to work peacefully in their families and in order for them to obtain the perks that come from obeying their parents. 
     Every rule, every instruction, every principle, every word of guidance has benefits that come with obeying it.  Also, there are unfortunate results that come from disobeying them. 
     The results of following My instructions and My guidance are much more wonderful than merely getting to go to the park.  They are the blessings that I promised, those being that you will be blessed, fortunate and have everything you ever desired in every area of your life. The reason for that is that My guidance and instructions tell you how to only make choices which will cause you to be blessed.  It's called the narrow way of which Jesus spoke and of which I spoke to  Moses.(Deuteronomy 28:1-14)
     The results of not following My advice and guidance are destruction coming upon you in every area of your life because you have chosen the path to death.(Deuteronomy 28:15-35)  There are areas of life which are sent by the devil to trap you into following his instructions; and, if you do, the results are your being cursed spiritually, emotionally and physically. That is called the wide way that leads to destruction. (Matthew 5;13-14) It always looks appealing to the eyes, the ego and the emotions.  The devil is not going to make his temptations ugly and unappealing.  They are always as enticing as they were to Eve in the Garden. 
     Always remember that I do not bring destruction to any of My children.  I only bring blessings and the abundant life.  The truth is that you must choose which way you will travel in life, whether on the wide way to destruction or on the narrow way which leads to the abundantly blessed life. 
    Those are the exact reasons why I repeat and repeat and repeat My instructions to you.  I wrote over and over and over in every one of the books in My entire Book of Instructions that My children should never return evil for evil done to them.  Yet, My children refuse to do what I instructed them to do.  If someone yells at them, they yell back.  If someone hits them, they return the blow.  If someone insults them, they return the insult.  They call it self defense.  What happens in each of those instances is that they multiply the yelling, the insulting and the bullying in the earth, causing destruction to come into their lives because they have chosen to advance evil in the world instead of My goodness.
    The ones who do return good for evil find that the good overcomes the evil and peace comes to the people.  My family of peace has won the battle.  Then I am able to send My angels to minister to everyone involved.  Love has won again in that instance.  That simple instruction, to only return good for evil done to you, has powerful effects.  I said I will avenge you and I will.  I can only avenge you if you do not try to avenge yourself by demanding that you are right.
    There are two kingdoms at work in your world, My family of love and also the devil's family of destruction and death.  Whichever kingdom you choose to obey determines whether you are blessed with all of My blessings or whether you are cursed with destruction in areas of life.
    Again and again and again I ask you not to return evil for evil done to you but instead to return good for evil,  I ask you to always forgive a person who hurts you emotionally, offends you verbally or injures you physically.  When you take My advice and start returning good for evil done to you, all of My windows of heaven will open and blessings will cover you like the waters cover the seas.  Loving relationships will be restored, which is the biggest results. That promise is culminated in yes, amen, so be it.  It's guaranteed.
    That is why I repeat, repeat and repeat My advice, so that you will be blessed.
(II Corinthians 1:29)
    Your Loving, Forgiving Father          


Sunday, January 24, 2016


                               INSULTS PRODUCE JUDGMENT
Dear One,
    Maybe you missed that admonition that Jesus spoke so adamantly about in His first teaching. (Matthew 5:21-26)  In His first occasion of teaching about how to have My abundant life He said that killing a person is not the only thing that brings judgment upon you.  He said that when you are angry with someone you are liable for judgment.  He also said if you insult someone, you are liable to be arrested and judged.  He said if you call someone a fool you are liable to the fires of hell.  In other words, He was saying when you participate with evil you will receive the judgment of the devil.  That is why the devil sends someone to make you angry, so he can trap you into returning anger for their anger, which multiplies the judgment of hell in the matter.  When you inject anger into any relationship there is the possibility of there being a full fledged fight which will invite the policemen into the situation and you will both be brought before the judge for judgment in the matter. 
    When you are angry with someone and insult that person, the person will react in anger, multiplying the anger in the situation, which will cause both of you to be brought before the officials who will see that both of you will receive judgment. Anger is the devil's biggest tool which he uses to trap you into doing his will, which multiplies his evil in your life and in the world.  Calling a person insulting names will increase the seriousness of the matter. When you resort to calling someone derogatory names, the demons of hell are poised and ready to bring their curses into your life.
     My children have glossed over the importance of this valuable and insightful teaching by your Brother Jesus.  They become angry and call it righteous indignation.  There is no such thing.  Indignation is oppositional and there is no place for oppositional attitudes in My family.  Anger is anger and it is from hell and if you yield to it you will be judged for it by governing officials and by hell itself.  If you insult a family member you will experience estrangement which is hard to remedy because the insults reverberate in the minds of the person forever unless you restore the relationship.
     Yes, that is what Jesus said to do is to always restore relationships.  He said your prayers cannot be answered if there is anger between you and anyone.  (Matthew 5:23-24)  He is talking to people who profess to know Me, people who are called by My name, yet who persist in their anger toward other people who upset them.  He even gave the strict instruction on how to solve strife-filled matters.  He said to go to anyone who has anything against you and restore the relationship.  It might take an apology.  It might involve giving a gift.  It might take asking for forgiveness. Whatever it takes is important to your future prosperity and your peace of mind.  You cannot receive My blessings when you are in contention with anyone.  Barriers have been put up between you and My blessings when you are angry with anyone. (Isaiah 59:1-4)
     Jesus went on to say that you must make peace with your accusers when you are on the way to court or the case might be turned over to the judge who will deem you guilty and you will be put in prison.  You will not be free until you serve your sentence.  That is a spiritual principle. (Matthew 5:25-26)
     When someone has a complaint against you, make peace with the person at the first hint of there being a problem.  If you don't, the person will engage other people against you and there will be more opposition against you. Their judgment of you will increase through their involving other people in the disagreement.  Satan will enjoy pouring his judgment into the situation, mental torture, bodily malfunctions and separation from Me.  You give him the permission to destroy your life when you continue to engage in strife. (James 3:16)
      The people who bring peace to every situation are My true children. (Matthew 5; 9)  Those people who sow strife, discord, division and anger in the world are yielding to the work of evil and they will inherit evil in their lives.  I grieve for them that they did not follow my guidance which leads them to inherit My wonderful blessings.  Instead, they allowed the devil to set up barriers to My blessings by setting up strife barriers, discord barriers, division barriers and anger barriers.  I told My children how to keep the avenues open for free flowing paths of blessing.  They always involve love and doing good to everyone.
     Your Tutoring Heavenly Father of Blessings

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Dear One,
    I am Love and I rejoice when My children have kind thoughts, attitudes and perform kind deeds in the earth. (I John 4:8) Paul, who came to visit Me in the third heaven just like Ezekiel did, wrote that love does not rejoice when wrong is done but love rejoices when right is done. (II Corinthians 12:4)  I am Love so, of course I rejoice because I know that My children, who are My images in the earth, are behaving like My children should behave and they put themselves in direct line to receive My blessings. 
    Relate that image in your mind to a human parent who has instructed his or her child to avoid evil and embrace good in order not to be injured physically, emotionally or spiritually.  When the child takes the advice of the parent by only doing good instead of evil, that parent rejoices that the child has obeyed him, knowing that only good things will come into the life of the child because of taking the parent's advice.  The advice was given to protect the child from evil influences which would injure him or her in some way.
    I am your Father, your greatest cheerleader, and I rejoice when you choose to take My advice, refusing to engage in strife in your mind, in your attitudes, in your speech and in your deeds.  When you are confronted with a temptation to return evil for evil done to you, if you return good for the evil done instead of returning evil, I am proud of you and I rejoice again and again that good has, once again, overcome evil.  I am filled with delight that another battle has been won for Our side in the battle between good and evil.
    Paul also said that when My children fall for the temptation of the devil to do unkind things to other people, and by returning evil for evil, becoming bitter,
hardhearted, unloving, judgmental and unkind, then My Spirit is grieved that you have not taken My advice and I am grieved that you will inherit the bitter plants from the toxic seeds that you have sown by falling for the evil temptations.  (Ephesians 4:30-32)
     As My children I want you to never rejoice when you see a wrong done to someone, but only to rejoice when you see righteous behavior done to someone.  There is a tendency for you to be delighted when something unfortunate happens to a person whom you dislike.  That is the devil's temptation to engage you in his works, trapping you into being happy when a wrong is done to someone who has opposed you in the past.  If you fall for the temptation, you sign up for unfortunate destructive results to come into your own life.  Peace of mind leaves you and mental torment enters. (I Corinthians 13;6)
     That is why I told you that love does not rejoice when something bad happens to someone, but love only rejoices when good things happen to people.  You are My child and I asked you to love others as I love you.  I said that My children will be known by their love. (I John 4:7-8)
     Your Loving Father      

Friday, January 22, 2016


Dear One,
    As your loving Father I provide for you everything necessary for the abundant life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Human relationships are the basis of all problems that you encounter; so, of course, all of My instructions, admonitions and principles teach you how to nourish relationships so that you will live a peaceful life.  I am not interested in the affairs of countries.  I am only interested in families because families are the basis of all stable relationships in the world. As the families go, so goes the world.
    The problem is that family relationships are the primary target of the devil,  turning husband against wife, wife against husband, children against parents, parents against children, in-laws against in-laws and on and on.  By infusing toxic situations into those relationships, he is able to dominate the world.  Peace is nonexistent and people are fighting all over the world.  Skirmishes develop and full fledged wars begin because of the anger that started in human relationships.
     When My children take My advice and heal their family relationships they will find that they are free of the mental torture caused by family strife.  I said that where there is strife there is every evil work, meaning every demon from hell is cheering on the discord in the relationships. (James 3:16) That is why Jesus only taught about relationships, your relationship with Me and your relationship with others. 
     The ways taught by Jesus, which are My ways, are never the ways of human nature which insist that a particular person's ways are always the right ones.   Human ways tell you to always defend yourself and fight back when you are attacked. (Matthew 5:38-48)  I know that when a person does that, defends himself or herself, that it only multiplies the evil in the situation and will result in physical or emotional harm.  In order to protect My children from harm, Jesus taught the opposite.  He said that if someone does harm to you that you should return kindness to him or her.  That teaching was revolutionary to the people at the time and is still revolutionary at this time.  Jesus said that when you do follow His teaching, reacting with kindness instead of anger, that I will avenge you and bring peace to the situation.  I turn the heart of the one who opposed you toward you in a spirit of love when you return kindness instead of conflict. (Romans 12:18-21)   Emotional war is averted and you are at peace again. 
      If My children will do this one activity of returning good for evil done to them, there will be no family strife which plagues every family on earth at this time.  There will be peace instead of conflict, forgiveness instead of judgment and love instead of anger.  The relationships of children will be restored to their parents and parents will be restored to their children, in-laws will be peaceful toward each other and families will be a reflection of My family in heaven.  There will be peace on earth. (Malachi 4:5)
       Returning good for evil done to you is not an easy thing to do.  That is why I provided the power of My Spirit to live in you and give you My power to love the people who oppose you and I give you the power to resist returning evil for evil.  I know the results of keeping peace with everyone.  The benefits are soul peace and freedom from negative, strife-filled, tormenting thoughts which rob you of peace. 
      Never forget that I created the world and I know how to solve every problem in your life.  The relationship ones are cured by always returning good for evil done to you.  Under stressful conditions, make it an act of your will to return good for every evil done to you.  Forgive the people you have offended you in the past.  Apologize to everyone whom you have offended.
     The people who are peacemakers are My true children.  They are the ones who inherit My blessings.(Matthew 5:9)

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Dear One,
     My children have sung, "Nobody cares for me like Jesus," and "Love lifted me," and many love songs about My love for them.  Yet they have not welcomed the full truth about the height, width, depth and breadth of My love as revealed to them by My Holy Spirit. When you receive the revelation of My love for you, you become the image of My love in the world, in your family relationships, in your casual relationships, in your troublesome relationships and in your relationships with strangers.  (Ephesians 3;14-20)
     When you have the full revelation of My love for you and for everyone, there is a change is your thinking and attitudes about everyone, about those who are obvious sinners, about your enemies, about the ones who oppose you and conflict with you, about believers in other religions and about Me.  When you know My love, you see My other children through the rose colored glasses of love which filters out all sins, trespasses, iniquities and mistakes. You see other people through the eyes of My love instead of your fleshly judgments which had cursed your life in the past because if you judge others you will be judged by your own judgments.  (Matthew 7:1-6)
     The rose colored glasses of love are actually the color of the blood of Jesus, glasses with rosy red lenses which cause you to only see the needs of others instead of their sins, just like I do.  You see their need for your love and My love instead of the devil's works in their lives.
     When you seek My Holy Spirit's revelation of My love for you and the world, He will reveal to you the kindness of My attitudes toward you and all people.  He will reveal to you that I love you with the same intensity that I love Jesus, My Son who was without sin.  I see Him when I look at you. 
    My Spirit will reveal to you that no one is more important to Me than any other person because I do not have the demonic nature of  playing favorites.  You are just as important to Me as David, Isaiah, Paul, John and any other prophet who speaks for Me.
    My Spirit will reveal to you that My goodness is always available for you to access because it was prepared for you from the foundation of the world, just waiting for you to love others as I love you, which is the proper key to accessing My goodness.  My Spirit wrote through Paul that when you have a full revelation of My love for you that you will be empowered by My love to love others as I love you. As a result, I can do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to the power that is in you.  When the power that is in you is love, then  there is no end to My blessings because you are My image in the world.
    My love, as revealed by My Spirit, is patient with everyone, even the ones who are deemed by others as the most corrupt and sinful.   I am patient because I don't see their sins. I only see their needs.  I am patient and kind to them, sending My love to them through My children who know Me as Love. It is my goodness that brings a person to repentance, not any condemnation and judgment from people. (Romans 2;4) My children who know My love will extend My love to those people who are possessed by demonic spirits because My children know Me and look on their human spirit instead of their flesh.
     My children who know the power of My love know that I do not take into account a wrong suffered.  I have no book of records in which I write your infractions.  There is only the testimony of Jesus, that He died for the sins of the whole world.  My children who know Me and My love will endeavor not to take judgment into their thoughts when someone offends them.  They will forgive and move on into a life of love.
      I do not insist on My own way before I extend My love to anyone.  I only encourage My children to walk in love, which is the narrow way that leads to the abundant life.  Once My children experience the full revelation of My love, they are eager to love others as I love them.  I don't have to push and shove anyone into walking in love.  Once love is revealed to them, I don't have to do anything.  My love for you is the motivation behind your loving others as I love you.
      My love for My children is never jealous when they wander off and follow idols.  I grieve for them because I know that they are inviting the demons of the idols to curse them.  I send My angels to them to bring them back into My family where they are loved and honored.  My children of love are not jealous of anyone or anything.  They know all they have to do is ask for anything they need.
      I am never irritated or resentful with My children.  I know the struggle between good and evil.  I know that they need My power to enable them to refuse evil and embrace good.  That is why I provided My Spirit, so that you would have supernatural power to resist evil and cling to good.  I know that My children who do not have My supernatural power of My Spirit in their lives do not have the necessary power to refuse evil.  I understand their lack of power; and so I understand their misdeeds.  I do not have the capacity to be irritated or resentful.  Those are the characteristics of the devil and his children.
      My love for you bears up under all things, no matter what you do, say or believe.  I believe wonderful things about you.  My hopes are eternal that you will eventually pursue My kingdom and pursue a revelation of My love.  I endure every mistake and rebellious choice that you make,  I endure every temper tantrum that you have.  I endure your thoughts, attitudes and actions that deny My love.  I never lose hope in your return to Me and My family of love.
     Because of My love for you, I never lose hope in you.  I want you to never lose hope in others, never take into account a wrong suffered, never be resentful or irritated, always be merciful instead of judgmental, always be patient with others and never insist on your own way.  Those are the things that My love does for you  and what I desire that you do to others.   (I Corinthians 13)  
      Remember that what you do to others, you do to Me because I live in them. (Matthew 25:40)
      Your Loving, Forgiving Father

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dear One,
     The most powerful words in the English language which restore peace are, "I'm sorry," and "Forgive me."  Bad attitudes toward you fall to the ground and die when you are able to ask for forgiveness from someone you offended or when you apologize for something that you did or apologize for something that someone perceives that you did. 
     You have experienced seeing relief in a person when you have apologized for causing problems in his or her life.  Peace is restored between the two of you and My kingdom is restored into your lives. (Matthew 5;21-25)  I said that if you are angry with your brother that you are in danger of the devil's judgment in the matter, and his judgment is always destruction of some area of your life.  Jesus was revealing a powerful key to My kingdom, My family blessings, when He taught that truth.  In fact, if you will notice He did not say that you make peace with your brother if you are wrong in the matter and he or she is right.  He said to make peace with him, anyway, whether you are right or wrong. 
     When you are right in a situation and need to apologize to restore peace with someone, it is hard for our fleshly man to admit to a wrong which it did not do.  When you can do that, you suffer in the flesh just like Jesus did when he suffered for your sins.  You take upon yourself the person's wrongness in the situation, just like Jesus did for your sins.  That is what is means to suffer like Jesus did.  He knew He had not sinned, yet he suffered on the cross for the sins of the world.   So when you restore peace with someone for something they did to you, you are doing what Jesus did, you take on the wrongdoing of the other person, forgiving the person in an effort to restore peace between you so that My blessings can flow in your lives.
    Being right or wrong is a situation is of no importance to My children.  You are on a level playing field in My family because you have all been forgiven of all of your mistakes, so all of you are innocent in every situation.  What is important is restoring peace between you so that your prayers can be answered.  That is what Jesus meant when He said that it rains on the just and the unjust.  Forgiveness from Me falls on the just and unjust because Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. (John 3:16-17) All people have sinned and fallen short of My glory, so all men are forgiven.  (Romans 3:23)The people who make peace with others in a disagreement are the ones who are truly My children, the peacekeepers.  When the peacekeepers do their job and make peace with others, the windows of heaven are opened and My blessings flow like rivers into their lives.(Matthew 5:9)
     REMEMBER THIS:  Being right or wrong in a situation is of no importance.  Being the peacemaker in situations is what is important to Me because when you make peace with someone you restore My kingdom in your lives, allowing me to pour My blessings upon the just and the unjust in the situation.  You are doing what Jesus did, dying to your fleshly desires for justification of being right in your own eyes and the eyes of others, and you are willing to bear the sins of others.  When you do that, you are fulfilling the laws of Christ.
      There are times when an apology is unnecessary but that doing an act of kindness will do the same thing.  It will restore peace to your relationship.  Very often, a gift, a kind word of encouragement, a card or letter letting a person know that he or she is important to your life, all of those will restore the unity of spirit and peace between you.  (Romans 10:19-21)  Peace and unity is of utmost importance to Me, not who is right or wrong.
      Strive to enter into the narrow gate by following the teachings of Jesus with the power of My Spirit.  Become righteous instead of striving to be right.
      Your Righteous Father

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Dear One,
    All laws of a democracy are given to protect the people.  The principles, the commandments, the statutes, and the ordinances are necessary to know, and the judgments that come from breaking those laws are also necessary to know in order to enable you to knowingly participate in making sure that you are safe and successful in life.  When you do not follow those laws, you open yourself up for prosecution and maybe even imprisonment.  If you do follow those laws, you are protected and even empowered to live a successful life because you have observed the laws of the land. Persistent lawbreakers never attain success in their lives; in fact, they are always unsuccessful.
     It is the same in My family.  There are principles, statutes, laws, ordinances and commandments that will enhance your life; and, if they are observed, they will make you happy, prosperous and healthy. (Psalm 19)  However, many of My children think that just because there are no Kingdom law enforcers, that they can escape any retribution for their refusal to observe My spiritual laws.  Actually there are spiritual beings, the devil and his demons, who are always present to exact his curses upon My children when they wander outside of My protection. 
     Remember that all laws are given to protect you from evil.  In My family, when you venture outside of My protection, you are trespassers in the kingdom of evil and you open yourself up to the devil's judgment, which is destruction and death.  I give you the guidance in My laws and commandments on how to stay inside the protective walls of My kingdom but My children often willingly wander outside of My walls of protection.  When you do refuse My guidance, you have willingly asked to be judged by the devil, inheriting his curses instead of My blessings that are available when you take advantage of My protection.  The devil is the one who tempts you to leave My protection by refusing to follow My guidance, and then he is the one who punishes you with his curses,
     Oh, if you would only follow My guidance, loving others as I love you, forgiving others who physically and emotionally injure you, refuse to hit when you are hit, do good deeds to your enemies, keep peace with everyone, refuse lustful thoughts, and do not swear or promise to do anything.  (Matthew 5) When you follow those admonitions, you stay inside My walls of protection which I erected in order for you to stay on the narrow path that leads to happiness. (Psalm 119)
     I said that the path that leads to destruction is wide, but the path that leads to the abundant life is narrow and hard.  (Matthew 7:13-14)  The rewards are worth the anguish that comes from making your flesh obey My guidance.  It is hard on your emotions to forgive.  It is hard on your ego to love your enemies. It is hard to obey the guidance of My Spirit, but the rewards are tremendous because you have stayed within My walls of protection, free from the evil results caused by your wandering into the devil's family of evil.  The benefits of following the voice of temptation are death and destruction.  The benefits of following My voice of love are the abundant life and happiness  Choose My ways and live.
      Your Father of Blessings         

Monday, January 18, 2016


Dear One,
    Returning anger for anger will always result in more anger, physical injury, mental injury and separation from Me as well as separation from the offending party. There is never a good result from returning anger for anger.  That is why I said for you not to let the sun go down on your anger, because if you go to bed with anger in your heart you will stew on the offending incident, playing it over and over in your mind until the incident has gained more attention in your life.  You will be consumed with it until it is harder and harder to forgive, which means to let it go from your mind. (Ephesians 4:26-27)
    It is easier to forgive immediately after the offending incident than it is the next day, increasing the chance for anger to continue day after day after day.  If you do what I coached you to do, forgive the person and do some act of kindness to the person, the results will be in your favor because when you forgive the person you release yourself from the damaging effects to your body that anger produces.  The person is also released from his or her anger because your kindness chases away their sinning against you because love covers over every evil work.  Peace is restored to both of you and My blessings can easily return to your lives. (I Peter 4:8)
    When you are offended, it is natural for you to react with anger but I told you that when you are angry you must not sin by offending someone in return, must not strike the person, must not insist on being right.  I said that you must not respond to the anger of another person.  When righteous indignation rears itself in your mind, you must rein in the anger in your mind, refusing to sin by returning anger for anger done toward you.  I told you those insights to protect you from physical and mental injury and even death, plus protecting you from estrangements in your family.
     "I apologize," "Forgive me," and, "I'm sorry," are powerful phrases, ones which rob anger of its destructive power.  You can see the evil leave a person when you apologize and ask for forgiveness, even if you are not wrong.  It's never a matter of who is right and who is wrong.  It's a matter of keeping peace so as not to increase the power of evil in the situation. (Romans 12:18)
     When you do an act of kindness toward someone who is angry at you, then love enters into the situation and tenderizes the person's heart toward you.  The offender's heart is changed with your kind action and the anger that previously was shown will no longer exist toward you.  Peace prevails and both parties are in direct line to receive My blessings with no barriers to block. (Romans 12:19-21
     It makes no difference who is right and who is wrong.  That is why I said that everyone has sinned and come short of My glory.  So there needs to be no determination of who is right and who is wrong.  Whoever makes peace in the situation, refusing to return anger for anger, that person displays My righteousness and they will inherit the benefits of My kingdom in their lives.
     Refusing to return anger for anger will result in your receiving blessings from My heaven into your life. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Dear One,
     Very few of My children have fathers who have wisdom good enough to give to their children, so I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to live in people to deliver My wisdom to anyone who asks.  I created the earth and I created people, so I know the insights, wisdom, guidance and the solutions to all problems.  My Spirit inspired men to write the help necessary for My children to have a successful life.  That book is called the Bible, My Instruction Book.  Because evil prevails in the earth, you see that My guidance is always the opposite of what people naturally do in their lives in relationships, which is where problems always begin. People come to Me for guidance and insight because the ways of the world have failed them. 
     My children have My Instruction Book and My tutor that I sent to them, the Holy Spirit.  My ways never fail.  My ways are the only ways which solve every problem in your life.
     For instance, I told you that when a person strikes you, My way is to never strike the person in return.  The way of evil is to immediately strike the person who strikes you.  My children even teach their own children that when someone hits them, that they should hit back, defending themselves.  When they do, then a full blown fight begins and both people will be injured or even killed.  My way of refusing to return evil for evil done to you is to do something good to your enemy and it will make the person who hit you stop his or her attack on you. But, if you hit the person in return for his or her hitting you, you will multiply the evil in the situation and physical injury to both parties is guaranteed.  Now do you see why My advice to My children is to always seek peace in every situation?  When you do, then I can avenge you, causing you to receive My blessings in the situation. The blessing is that you will not have multiplied bodily harm to the person who opposed you and bodily harm to yourself.   My ways never fail. (Matthew 5:13-20)  My ways are always for your protection, causing you to escape physical harm and mental harm.
     Forgiving someone who opposes you, criticizes you or does evil to you is even more rewarding.  If you refuse to forgive someone who injures you physically, mentally or spiritually, you plunge yourself into despair, depression, strife and bitterness. 
    Forgiveness  means to give forward, refusing to let the person and the injurious situation become the lord of your life, which being unforgiving does.  When you refuse to forgive, you carry the person on your back, being yoked to him or her in your thoughts and your conversation.  Unfortunately, continuing to carry the person and his or her injury to you will only result in negative hormones being released into your body which will cause health problems for you.  Also, if you continue to refuse to forgive, you are in strife with the person and you will probably return evil for the evil done to you, causing physical or mental injury to yourself and the perpetrator of the evil act done to you. 
     If you will follow My Fatherly guidance, forgiving everyone who offends you, you will get rid of the temptation to continue in strife and you will allow positive hormones and energy to heal your body and your mind.  Plus, you will have stopped the flow of evil in other areas of your life and in the life of the person whom you forgive.  In following this mighty key to My kingdom, you will be labeled as My child, a peacemaker. (Matthew 6:13-15:)  Peacemakers are shown to be My children, inheritors of all of My blessings.  Forgiving others will heal your body, your mind and your spirit because you release the person from your thoughts and begin to be in unity with Me again. You have stopped making your enemy your lord, by letting the person captivate your thoughts.  Instead, when you forgive, you are again in unity with Me and you have placed yourself in line to receive My blessings. 
     Because of My forgiveness for you, your forgiveness of others is the most important key to My kingdom and it has great rewards, which begins with mental peace.  When you forgive, you release the person from your mental persecution of the person, to which you have been engaging.  In refusing to forgive you have cursed yourself with negative hormones which produce depression and despair.  When you forgive someone, your mind is clear, your body is healed, and you have restored yourself to favor with Me and favor in the mind of the person you forgive.  Peace prevails. (Matthew 7:20-21)
     I cannot forgive for you.  It is an act of your will.  It starts with your choosing to forgive someone, then doing something loving toward the person. (Romans 10:19-21) In teaching you the benefits of forgiving others, as your protective Father I have protected you from physical injury and mental torture.  As an act of your will, choose to forgive everyone.  If you are tempted again with an unforgiving thought, proclaim your forgiveness again until you feel forgiving toward the person.  In the beginning, you don't have to feel forgiving.  You do it as an act of your will, choosing forgiveness instead of judgment of the person.  Jesus coached you emphatically about this when He said to judge not or you will be judged.  When you refuse to forgive, your judgment of the person will cause you to be judged by other people. 
     I taught you about forgiveness in order to protect you from being judged by others. (Matthew 7:1-2)
     I am your good Father whose wisdom guarantees you a blessed life.  Following My advice is paramount to receiving My blessings because My coaching always teaches you the keys to My kingdom and My storehouse of blessings.  Keeping peace with everyone is a primary key.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


    Taking care of yourself is of primary concern to you and to Me. 
     In My first covenant with Abraham and his children, I gave dietary rules to follow because farming and ranching methods were unsophisticated then. So I gave guidance in My instructions to them on things that were dangerous for them eat.  If followed, those instructions kept them from getting sick and dying.  However, growing and harvesting methods have changed so that the things that were forbidden then are now deemed nutritious to eat, causing no problem to My children. However, there are products that some of My children cannot successfully eat because of allergies, so their doctors teach them to eliminate from their diets the foods that offend them. That is part of taking care of yourself, having a good relationship with your own body.
     Having a day of rest from labors was necessary under the old covenant because workers and slaves were required to work seven days a week with no rest.  (Jeremiah 17:22-27)Consequently, the workers and slaves were sickly, exhausted and died early.  So I instituted a day of rest for them so that they would have time to commune with Me. That commandment was given so that My children would take care of themselves, giving their bodies a full day of rest to rejuvenate themselves, body, soul and spirit.  My wisdom has instigated a five day work week now for most people unless there is willingness to work six days.  Giving your body a day of rest is taking care of it.
      Another way of taking care of yourself is for you to honor your parents and others who have authority over you.  (Hebrews 13:17People who are older than you have learned valuable lessons and they can teach you how to maneuver around the problems in life if you will listen to them.  When you do listen and follow their instructions, you find that you have soul peace or mental peace, because their wisdom is workable in your life just like it became workable in their lives.  It takes humility to listen to others and take their advice.  In doing that, you save yourself from unfortunate situations that cause problems in life which will cause you mental anguish, confusion and lack of direction in your life.  The problems can also cause death and destruction in your life.
     The guidance found in My Instruction Book and in your true Guide, who is My Holy Spirit, is the most important tutoring that you will ever find.  He knows the ins and outs of every situation, knows the characteristics of every person you meet, knows the solution to every problem.  That is why I told My children to hear My voice delivered to you through My Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth.  He will guide you into everything you need to know to become successful in every area of your life because that is My desire for you, to make it possible for you to access all of the blessings that I prepared for you.  So your determination to hear My voice and follow My guidance is another way for you to honor Me and, through that, to take care of yourself.  (John 14:12-15)  I said that when you take My advice that you  will rest from your labors because you have trusted Me and followed My guidance.
(Hebrews 3:7-14)
     Hearing My voice and following My guidance results in your being blessed in every area of your life. (Deuteronomy 28:1-15) Either refusing to hear My voice of guidance or refusing to follow My guidance will result in your being cursed in every area of your life.  (Hebrews 28:15-68)    Taking My advice is always beneficial to you, making you successful in every area of life.  Trusting in your own wisdom will always result in your being cursed in life.
     Taking care of yourself is primary to your helping to care for others.  Your health must be good, your mind must be peaceful, and your spirit must be yoked to Me, always trusting in My guidance and wisdom.
      When you are healthy physically, mentally and spiritually, you are in the direct channel to receive My gifts which are My good pleasure to give to you.
      Your Loving Father

Friday, January 15, 2016


Dear One,
    When Jesus taught about attitudes in His famous Beatitudes speech, He was telling My children how to be blessed by Me.  (Matthew 5:3-9) He said that the poor in spirit are blessed, meaning that the people who have a need for My Holy Spirit's power instead of trusting in their own fleshly power will be blessed because they come to Me instead of trusting in themselves. 
     He said that those who mourn will be comforted.  That also speaks of the people who come to Me for My power of My Holy Spirit will also be blessed. He knew that when He left them and came back to live with Me that they would mourn but that I would send My Holy Spirit to do inside of them what I did outside of them, which was become their counselor. (John 14:12-17)
    Then He began to teach about My righteousness.  He said that the meek, the humble ones who depend upon Me, will inherit the earth, meaning that I will show them how to access My kingdom while they live in the earth. Those who are prideful are not meek.  Meekness is being humble enough to know that their own wisdom is inefficient and insufficient, but that My wisdom is always filled with solutions to every problem.
    He said that those people who are hungry and thirsty for My righteousness, being transformed into My image of righteousness, that they will be satisfied by becoming My righteousness in the earth. 
    He further said that the merciful will always obtain mercy.  Remember that mercy is an outgrowth of My Holy Spirit living inside of you if you are allowing Him to transform you into My image. Judging and condemning others will cease in your thoughts, attitudes and actions and, instead, you will become merciful to all people.
     Then Jesus went back to repeating His first example of righteous thoughts, attitudes, speaking and actions.  He said the the poor in heart will see Me, meaning that their humility, trusting in Me instead of their own flesh, will allow them to become intimately acquainted with Me, having the one-on-one relationship with Me which allows them to reflect My righteousness in their lives because they personally know Me instead of just knowing facts about Me.  Because of their righteous behavior, they will be blessed by receiving their inheritance.
     He identified the activities which identify you as My child.  He said that the peacemakers are blessed and called My children.  You have the power of My Spirit to bring peace to every circumstance and situation.  Bringing peace to every situation is the most convincing attribute of My children because Jesus is called the Prince of Peace; therefore, those who truly know Me and know Jesus will become the makers of peace in the earth. Peacemaking is a character trait of My children who truly know Me.
    He summed up His teaching when He ended the portion about attitudes.  He said that My kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are persecuted for righteousness sake.  He wasn't talking about the people who are prideful in their relationship with me, but the ones who are humble and meek are the righteous ones.  He wasn't talking about the ones who give their bodies to be burned for My sake.  He wasn't talking about the ones who have faith to love mountains for My sake. (I Corinthians 13:1-4) He wasn't talking about the ones who carry crosses across countries in My name.  He wasn't talking about the ones who drive out demons, do many miracles, prophesy is My name, take a Jesus count, seeing how many times people say Jesus in their conversations or the conversations of others, and gather around the pole in My name to be seen by others. (Matthew 7:18-27)
    He said that you are blessed when you are persecuted for righteousness sake, meaning that you are persecuted for loving the unlovable, when you extend mercy to sinners, when you forgive those who do evil to you, when you bring peace to every situation by stepping back and not insisting on your being right, when you give more to people who demand something from you, when you do good acts toward people who bring you into their conflicts, when you feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, give hospitality to strangers, clothe the naked, take care of the sick, (Matthew 25:33-42; James 1:27)
    The fruit of My righteousness is always found in My Holy Spirit's actions displayed through your life.  They are love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, patience, mercy and faithfulness. Those actions of righteousness are what determine the behavior which qualifies you to receive your inheritance from Me.  They are what qualifies you to be blessed because you have chosen My ways instead of evil ways. This is clearly outlined in my Instruction Book and taught to you by My Holy Spirit
    It's not those people who declare their righteousness who receive My blessings.  It's those who do My will who receive My blessings.
    Your Loving Father

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Dear One,
     You know by now that the devil uses your relatives to tempt you to engage in anger, wrath, judgment and condemnation.  You would rarely fall for his tricks if he used a stranger.  You would merely forgive, forget and go on.  But he uses the people closest to you to rile you, hoping to engage you in a battle of wits and emotions so that he can destroy your peace and soundness of mind.  Because your relatives are the people closest to you, you are more likely to fall for the tricks from hell to engage you in destructive emotional battles.
     When you engage in strife with others you lose your spiritual connection with me, which was the devil's plan all along.  You also lose your sense of mental tranquility, plus you lose your loving relationship with your relative.  Lines are drawn which entice others to take sides and "all hell breaks loose." The evil plan accomplished its purpose, which was to rob all of your relationships of the peace and unity that you so vigorously seek and for which Jesus died to accomplish. 
     You must constantly be on guard to stay alert to the evil plans to destroy your peace of mind.  If you will recognize his plans to rob you, you will not participate in the robbery by willingly engaging in controversy, strife, conflict or accusations.  Instead, you will keep peace at any cost, often sacrificing your desire to be right in an argument.  Sacrificing your pride and ego, which cause you to insist that you are right, is not an easy thing to do, but it accomplishes what I desire for your life, which is peace between you and another person and also the peace of mind which I desire for you. 
    Your proclivity to insist on being right is demonic in its origin.  I created you to be flexible, always giving other people the opportunity to be right in disagreements and arguments.  You are not their god and you are not their conscience, which is what you are trying to do when you insist on being right and their being wrong. 
     One of the outgrowths of My love is to never insist on your own way, never insisting that you are right. (I Corinthians 13:4-7) Instead, you should give everyone the favor of your never insisting that you are right, especially if someone disagrees with you.  When you do refuse to insist that you are right, you are righteous, which is My desire for you.  I never wanted you to be right in every thought, word and deed.  I wanted you to be righteous in thought, word and deed, yielding to everyone by honoring them with the opportunity to be right in their thoughts, even if you think they are wrong.
     Consider this: millions of people have been killed, lives destroyed and nations captured by people who were staunch in their belief that they were right, when all the time they were wrong in their thinking.  They only thought they were right in their own minds because they were pawns of the devil.  Think about that when you are tempted to insist on being right in your thinking.  Give to others the right to exercise their own free will, just like I do for you. 
    If someone in a situation is right, I will avenge the person who is right.  I will send My angels with the truth of which opinion is right.  It will be spoken through the mouth of someone who is respected as an expert,  Then the truth will be documented.  If you are right, you will be avenged.  If you are wrong, you will save face by your not insisting on being right. 
    My proving what is right in a disagreement is what I meant when I said that I will avenge you.   If you insist on avenging yourself, you will look ridiculous if you find out that you were wrong all along.  However, if you allow Me to avenge you, then you will be respected.  If you are right you will be respected for being right all along but refusing to insist that you were right.  But if you are wrong, you will be respected for allowing others the privilege of being right. Your graciousness will be appreciated in the situation. (Romans 12:18-21)
     This is part of My tutoring of you on keeping peace with all people.  It is for your peace of mind as well as your being able to continue in our one-on-one communion, which is furthered by your keeping peace with My other children.
     Your Brother, the Prince of Peace, taught this truth many times, hoping that you will understand the truth of keeping peace with everyone so that My blessings will not be blocked from flowing into your life. (Isaiah 9:6)
     Your Peace Loving Father


Dear One,
    One of the outgrowths of My Holy Spirit's character that pours from My children is kindness.  Returning kindness is a powerful tool against the evil prompting in the temptation to return evil for evil done to you.  Killing with kindness the evil spirit behind the person who did evil to you works every time.  The evil spirit cannot continue its destructive work when kindness for the person is returned for the evil done to you.  Why does it work?  Because good always overcomes evil and love always overcomes anger and hatred. (Romans 12:21)
    The heart of every human being cries out for kind acts done to him or her, so when kindness is returned for an evil act, word or attitude, the heart of that person grabs onto the kind act and holds on for dear life.  The person is starved for kind affection.  When he or she receives it, the person refuses to continue in his or her evil actions.  The person has been tenderized by kindness.  The evil spirit behind the evil deed shrinks away in intimidation of My power of true kindness and true love.
     First you must realize the power in My love, goodness and kindness.  It all culminates in the principle that it is My goodness that brings a man to repentance.
It is My love that saved the world.  (John 3:16-17) It is My peace that sent the Prince of Peace into the world. (Isaiah 9:6)  It is My joy that empowers you and gives you strength.  It is My mercy that instantly forgives all people.  It is My power of love that empowers you.  Learn the power of love. (Ephesians 3:14-20)
     What killing a person with kindness actually does is smother the life out of the spirit of evil that comes against you.  It results in turning the heart of the person to you, creating peace in your life. 
     Would you rather have curses or blessings?  That's an easy choice for My children.  If you want blessings, then you must do what I do, administer kindness to everyone, especially the people who are used by the evil one to test and tempt your faith and your love.  In returning kindness for unkind acts done to you, you defeat the evil spirit behind the unkind act.  The person is set free from the evil that prompted the unkindness toward you and you are set free from the destructive results of returning evil for evil done to you.
     I am kind to all humanity.  I am loving to all humanity.  I am merciful to all humanity, I am good to all humanity.  I rain on the just and the unjust.  I love the just and the unjust.  I am merciful to the just and unjust.  I am good to the just and unjust.  I am kind to the just and unjust. 
     You are My child, made in My image.  With the power of My Spirit inside of you, you can be kind to the unjust.  You can be loving to the unjust.  You can be merciful to the unjust.  You can be good to the unjust. 
     It's easy to be kind to those who love you.  With the power of My Holy Spirit, you can be kind to the people who oppose you, who injure you, who criticize you, who rail at you, and who persecute you.  You have Me and My army of angels who will avenge you for your kind acts toward those who do evil to you.  My rewards are many.
     Kill with kindness all evil spirits who use people to come against you.  Watch the evil spirits shrink away in defeat when you display your actions of kindness to the person.   Watch it and marvel at the power of My love.
     Your Powerful Father of Love    

Monday, January 11, 2016


Dear One,
    When you visit a zoo you encounter many signs near wild animal exhibits that say, "Don't feed the animals."  That warning is for your own protection because if you attempt to feed the animals there is the possibility that one will grab your arm, pull you into its habitat and either kill or badly wound you.  It has happened many times because people do not take the warning seriously.
    I have warned you in My Instruction Book many times not to feed the evil demons when they come against you through another person.  I said clearly that you should not return evil for evil done to you.  When you do, you are feeding the monsters of evil, feeding sustenance to the demons of anger, wrath, vengeance and strife which have been sent from hell to tempt you into returning the evil, thus multiplying the works of evil in your life and in the earth.  Those evil spirits test your loyalty to Me, tempting you, through another person, to feed them with your own evil reaction to the evil that came against you.  If you have returned evil for evil, you have given those evil spirits the same vitamin enriched sustenance to allow them to multiply their evil deeds.  If you fall for the trick, the evil test from hell, then you will be further plagued by more problems in your life, your health, your peace of mind, your relationships, your work and your spiritual growth.
      However, if you do follow My caution and refuse to feed the evil monsters of anger, wrath, strife and vengeance, instead overcoming them with kindness, goodness and love, then you have defeated evil instead of multiplying its works in your life and in the lives of your family members.  You have returned good for evil done to you, laying the groundwork for a change in the life of the person who was used by the devil to test your loyalty to Me.  You are also multiplying My goodness in the earth.  You will continue to access My blessings because you have used the key of love to access the benefits set aside for you in My kingdom,(Romans 12:21)
     I gave you My Holy Spirit to empower you to love the unlovable and to return good for the evil that the monsters from hell bring against you through other people.  Jesus said if He cast out a demon from a person, then My kingdom came upn the person. (Luke 11:20)  When you react in love and goodness toward a person who has been used by the devil to test your loyalty to Me, then you cause the demon to leave that person and My kingdom comes upon both of you.
     There are many ways for My children to be persecuted for righteousness sake.  One way is when you are targeted by the devil to test your love and peace by his using another person, often a family member, to do an evil act to you.  That test from hell is to tempt you to abandon My advice to return good for evil and instead react by doing evil for the evil done to you.  (Matthew 5:38-48)  When you refuse to return evil for evil done to you as a testing by the devil of your love and faith, if you continue in righteous behavior, My kingdom of heaven will continue to bless your life because your reacting to evil with good works identifies you as My child with a legal right to My blessings.
     You are persecuted by demons from hell every minute of your life by temptations to think evil thoughts about someone, or think judgmental thoughts about someone, or think lustful thoughts, or think envious thoughts, or think angry thoughts, or think divisive thoughts, or think thoughts of strife toward someone.  Those are invitations to feed the monsters sent from hell to test you and trap you into advancing into full blown evil deeds. (Matthew 12:34-37) I even told you what thoughts to allow into your mind in order to remain righteous in your thoughts, in a mindset to inherit all of your blessings.  (Philippians 4:6-8)
     "Do not feed the evil monsters from hell," is viable and workable advice that I give to My children.  If you feed those demonic spirits with evil, you multiply curses in your life.  If you walk away, refusing to speak evil and instead do good to the person who was used by the devil to test your faith and love, then the windows of heaven are opened and you receive blessings galore.  You have furthered My work of righteousness in the earth.  (Matthew 5:10-11)
    Your Father of Workable Solutions              

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Dear One,
    You must be cognizant of the truths that are in the teachings of Jesus relating to relationships and why they are important to you and to Me.  I created My children so that we could have a relationship, a sharing of love been us.  I wanted the relationship to be a sharing of all of My personal traits relating to love, so I created My children in My image in the earth with the abilities and powers that I have in the spiritual dimension. I also created a planet for them in which they would dwell, their own domain.  My reason for creating the heavens, the earth, the seas, the firmaments, the animals and the birds was so that My children and I could share our mutual interests, which are caring for our domains and enjoying our relationships for our mutual good.  I gave the original man the wisdom to efficiently have dominion over his domain, the earth. 
    Unfortunately, taking advantage of the gift of free will that I gave to the first man, he allowed an alien spirit, the devil, to enter the earth and curse it, cursing himself and cursing his mate with evil spirits.  The way the devil continues to curse the earth is through the relationships that My children have with each other because he knows that relationships, the sharing of My love, is of primary importance to Me. After all, that is why I created My children, is to have a close relationship with My offspring, sharing My love, My wisdom, My goodness, My kindness, My peace and My joy with them.
    So that is why your relationships with your family members, your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, your acquaintances and even strangers are important to Me and they should be of primary importance to you.  That is why I instructed Jesus to teach on relationships, because they are so important to Me and to your ability to access My blessings in your life. 
    You are blessed through good relationships, because I am in the middle of those relationship; but you are cursed through bad relationships, because the devil is in the middle of those relationships.  That is why I said where two are gathered together in My name of Love, I am in the midst of them.  My works of blessings are multiplied in their lives.(Matthew 18:29)  But, when two are involved in strife, the devil is in the midst of them and there is every evil work present.  The works of evil are multiplied in their lives. (Romans 1:28-32)
     Relationships with My other children are based on which spiritual kingdom you are in relationship at the time, whether Mine or the kingdom of the evil one. When you react to evil with evil, you are multiplying the power of evil in your life.  When you react to evil with good, you are multiplying the power of My goodness in the earth and you are defeating the works of the devil who had tempted one of My children to come against you with evil deeds, anger or wrath, testing your relationship with Me.  The way to defeat evil in those instances is to do what I do, love unconditionally with forgiveness and doing good to the perpetrator of the evil deed.  You defeat the devil and his evil deeds by showering the person with goodness.
     When you yield to the power of My Holy Spirit and return good for evil done to you, you efficiently access My blessings and they will pour from My heaven into your life because you have identified yourself as My child, the inheritor of My blessings. 
     It takes practice, after you have learned this key to My kingdom, for you to refuse to return evil for evil done to you and instead to return good for evil.  You must keep that key at the forefront of your mind, the key of always returning good for evil done to you.  Otherwise, if you return evil for evil you temporarily forfeit your inheritance because you have refused to love others as I love you. (John 13:34; I John 2;7-11)
     I said what you do to the least of your brethren you do to Me.  (Matthew 25:37-40)  My life is in all human beings because there is no life other than Mine.  So what you do to other humans, you do to Me. If you do good to them, you do good to me.  If you do evil to them, you do evil to Me.  That is why returning good for evil done to you is My will, because you have forgiven the person and extended love to someone who has yielded to evil without knowing the truth.  You crucify your fleshly desires from hell which tempt you to return evil for evil, just like Jesus did when he was on the cross.  He chose to do what I commissioned Him to do, died to the devil's desires for revenge, knowing that I would avenge Him.  I will avenge you when you return good for evil done to you and My blessings will flow unbridled into your life.
     If you want to defeat evil in your life, return good for evil done to you and you will experience success in every area  I will avenge you, rewarding you with My marvelous blessings because you have chosen My ways.
     Your Father of Love and Goodness