Saturday, January 23, 2016


Dear One,
    I am Love and I rejoice when My children have kind thoughts, attitudes and perform kind deeds in the earth. (I John 4:8) Paul, who came to visit Me in the third heaven just like Ezekiel did, wrote that love does not rejoice when wrong is done but love rejoices when right is done. (II Corinthians 12:4)  I am Love so, of course I rejoice because I know that My children, who are My images in the earth, are behaving like My children should behave and they put themselves in direct line to receive My blessings. 
    Relate that image in your mind to a human parent who has instructed his or her child to avoid evil and embrace good in order not to be injured physically, emotionally or spiritually.  When the child takes the advice of the parent by only doing good instead of evil, that parent rejoices that the child has obeyed him, knowing that only good things will come into the life of the child because of taking the parent's advice.  The advice was given to protect the child from evil influences which would injure him or her in some way.
    I am your Father, your greatest cheerleader, and I rejoice when you choose to take My advice, refusing to engage in strife in your mind, in your attitudes, in your speech and in your deeds.  When you are confronted with a temptation to return evil for evil done to you, if you return good for the evil done instead of returning evil, I am proud of you and I rejoice again and again that good has, once again, overcome evil.  I am filled with delight that another battle has been won for Our side in the battle between good and evil.
    Paul also said that when My children fall for the temptation of the devil to do unkind things to other people, and by returning evil for evil, becoming bitter,
hardhearted, unloving, judgmental and unkind, then My Spirit is grieved that you have not taken My advice and I am grieved that you will inherit the bitter plants from the toxic seeds that you have sown by falling for the evil temptations.  (Ephesians 4:30-32)
     As My children I want you to never rejoice when you see a wrong done to someone, but only to rejoice when you see righteous behavior done to someone.  There is a tendency for you to be delighted when something unfortunate happens to a person whom you dislike.  That is the devil's temptation to engage you in his works, trapping you into being happy when a wrong is done to someone who has opposed you in the past.  If you fall for the temptation, you sign up for unfortunate destructive results to come into your own life.  Peace of mind leaves you and mental torment enters. (I Corinthians 13;6)
     That is why I told you that love does not rejoice when something bad happens to someone, but love only rejoices when good things happen to people.  You are My child and I asked you to love others as I love you.  I said that My children will be known by their love. (I John 4:7-8)
     Your Loving Father      

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