Monday, January 25, 2016


Dear One.
    Do you wonder why I repeat myself so many times in My Instruction Book, the Bible?  When children are young, their parents have to repeat things many times before the children finally understand and follow the instructions of the parent. It's the same in My family.  My children skim over My advice many times before the wisdom finally sinks in and takes hold.  It might take five times for some people and it might take a hundred times with others. 
    When parents tell their children to pick up their clothes or they will not be able to go to the park, the children usually ignore the command several times until it is time to go to the park and then they scurry to get it done.  There are strict parents who will cancel the plans to go to the park on the second or third time of giving the instructions.  Those children learn quickly that the parents want their instructions followed speedily in order for things to work peacefully in their families and in order for them to obtain the perks that come from obeying their parents. 
     Every rule, every instruction, every principle, every word of guidance has benefits that come with obeying it.  Also, there are unfortunate results that come from disobeying them. 
     The results of following My instructions and My guidance are much more wonderful than merely getting to go to the park.  They are the blessings that I promised, those being that you will be blessed, fortunate and have everything you ever desired in every area of your life. The reason for that is that My guidance and instructions tell you how to only make choices which will cause you to be blessed.  It's called the narrow way of which Jesus spoke and of which I spoke to  Moses.(Deuteronomy 28:1-14)
     The results of not following My advice and guidance are destruction coming upon you in every area of your life because you have chosen the path to death.(Deuteronomy 28:15-35)  There are areas of life which are sent by the devil to trap you into following his instructions; and, if you do, the results are your being cursed spiritually, emotionally and physically. That is called the wide way that leads to destruction. (Matthew 5;13-14) It always looks appealing to the eyes, the ego and the emotions.  The devil is not going to make his temptations ugly and unappealing.  They are always as enticing as they were to Eve in the Garden. 
     Always remember that I do not bring destruction to any of My children.  I only bring blessings and the abundant life.  The truth is that you must choose which way you will travel in life, whether on the wide way to destruction or on the narrow way which leads to the abundantly blessed life. 
    Those are the exact reasons why I repeat and repeat and repeat My instructions to you.  I wrote over and over and over in every one of the books in My entire Book of Instructions that My children should never return evil for evil done to them.  Yet, My children refuse to do what I instructed them to do.  If someone yells at them, they yell back.  If someone hits them, they return the blow.  If someone insults them, they return the insult.  They call it self defense.  What happens in each of those instances is that they multiply the yelling, the insulting and the bullying in the earth, causing destruction to come into their lives because they have chosen to advance evil in the world instead of My goodness.
    The ones who do return good for evil find that the good overcomes the evil and peace comes to the people.  My family of peace has won the battle.  Then I am able to send My angels to minister to everyone involved.  Love has won again in that instance.  That simple instruction, to only return good for evil done to you, has powerful effects.  I said I will avenge you and I will.  I can only avenge you if you do not try to avenge yourself by demanding that you are right.
    There are two kingdoms at work in your world, My family of love and also the devil's family of destruction and death.  Whichever kingdom you choose to obey determines whether you are blessed with all of My blessings or whether you are cursed with destruction in areas of life.
    Again and again and again I ask you not to return evil for evil done to you but instead to return good for evil,  I ask you to always forgive a person who hurts you emotionally, offends you verbally or injures you physically.  When you take My advice and start returning good for evil done to you, all of My windows of heaven will open and blessings will cover you like the waters cover the seas.  Loving relationships will be restored, which is the biggest results. That promise is culminated in yes, amen, so be it.  It's guaranteed.
    That is why I repeat, repeat and repeat My advice, so that you will be blessed.
(II Corinthians 1:29)
    Your Loving, Forgiving Father          


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