Sunday, January 24, 2016


                               INSULTS PRODUCE JUDGMENT
Dear One,
    Maybe you missed that admonition that Jesus spoke so adamantly about in His first teaching. (Matthew 5:21-26)  In His first occasion of teaching about how to have My abundant life He said that killing a person is not the only thing that brings judgment upon you.  He said that when you are angry with someone you are liable for judgment.  He also said if you insult someone, you are liable to be arrested and judged.  He said if you call someone a fool you are liable to the fires of hell.  In other words, He was saying when you participate with evil you will receive the judgment of the devil.  That is why the devil sends someone to make you angry, so he can trap you into returning anger for their anger, which multiplies the judgment of hell in the matter.  When you inject anger into any relationship there is the possibility of there being a full fledged fight which will invite the policemen into the situation and you will both be brought before the judge for judgment in the matter. 
    When you are angry with someone and insult that person, the person will react in anger, multiplying the anger in the situation, which will cause both of you to be brought before the officials who will see that both of you will receive judgment. Anger is the devil's biggest tool which he uses to trap you into doing his will, which multiplies his evil in your life and in the world.  Calling a person insulting names will increase the seriousness of the matter. When you resort to calling someone derogatory names, the demons of hell are poised and ready to bring their curses into your life.
     My children have glossed over the importance of this valuable and insightful teaching by your Brother Jesus.  They become angry and call it righteous indignation.  There is no such thing.  Indignation is oppositional and there is no place for oppositional attitudes in My family.  Anger is anger and it is from hell and if you yield to it you will be judged for it by governing officials and by hell itself.  If you insult a family member you will experience estrangement which is hard to remedy because the insults reverberate in the minds of the person forever unless you restore the relationship.
     Yes, that is what Jesus said to do is to always restore relationships.  He said your prayers cannot be answered if there is anger between you and anyone.  (Matthew 5:23-24)  He is talking to people who profess to know Me, people who are called by My name, yet who persist in their anger toward other people who upset them.  He even gave the strict instruction on how to solve strife-filled matters.  He said to go to anyone who has anything against you and restore the relationship.  It might take an apology.  It might involve giving a gift.  It might take asking for forgiveness. Whatever it takes is important to your future prosperity and your peace of mind.  You cannot receive My blessings when you are in contention with anyone.  Barriers have been put up between you and My blessings when you are angry with anyone. (Isaiah 59:1-4)
     Jesus went on to say that you must make peace with your accusers when you are on the way to court or the case might be turned over to the judge who will deem you guilty and you will be put in prison.  You will not be free until you serve your sentence.  That is a spiritual principle. (Matthew 5:25-26)
     When someone has a complaint against you, make peace with the person at the first hint of there being a problem.  If you don't, the person will engage other people against you and there will be more opposition against you. Their judgment of you will increase through their involving other people in the disagreement.  Satan will enjoy pouring his judgment into the situation, mental torture, bodily malfunctions and separation from Me.  You give him the permission to destroy your life when you continue to engage in strife. (James 3:16)
      The people who bring peace to every situation are My true children. (Matthew 5; 9)  Those people who sow strife, discord, division and anger in the world are yielding to the work of evil and they will inherit evil in their lives.  I grieve for them that they did not follow my guidance which leads them to inherit My wonderful blessings.  Instead, they allowed the devil to set up barriers to My blessings by setting up strife barriers, discord barriers, division barriers and anger barriers.  I told My children how to keep the avenues open for free flowing paths of blessing.  They always involve love and doing good to everyone.
     Your Tutoring Heavenly Father of Blessings

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