Sunday, July 31, 2011


Dear One,

Put priorities in their rightful places.
Your immediate family is your number one priority in the earth, so we are in complete agreement in relation to your prayers for them. You will receive everything that is needed to perfect that relationship and the circumstances in relation to them, plus we are in agreement for their blessed future . I have a detailed plan in relation to each one of them. Your Holy Spirit prayers contain every tiny bit of orchestration to bring all of that about.
Your number two priority is your job. I have guidance for you in relation to it. I intend that you will be abundantly blessed by and through your occupation. If you are not being financially blessed by it, then you need to hear My words in relation to your occupation and how to draw upon your financial inheritance.
Number three in priority is your governing agencies for by those entities you are blessed with peace. Your obligation is to pray for them and to elect representatives who are committed to peace, mercy and taking care of the poor and the widows and orphans.
Your number four priority is your friends and acquaintances and your service to them , serving love, goodness, kindness, mercy and faith to them so that they will see your good works and know that they flow from Me. Then they will want to know me like you know Me.
All of those priorities come from Me because I know that I am your first love. Your devotion to My parental guidance and wisdom is paramount to your being able to have the right priorities and learn how to facilitate their successes.
Know the depth, height, width and length of My love for you and you will find it easy to unconditionally love your family, your business acquaintances, your friends and your governmental officials.
Love just be at the basis of your priorities.

Love. God
Matthew 5:3; Luke 6:20; James 1:27; Ephesians 5:25-28; I Timothy 2:1-3; Ephesians 3: 14-19

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Dear One,
In the midst of trouble and problems always remember, "This, too, shall pass."
All bad situations eventually pass. All situations change. All situations are afforded relief. They never remain the same.
Often when your answers to prayers and your blessings are on the way to your doorstep, things will look bleak and grim. But, be of good cheer, your inheritance as My child is already designated for you.
With the reading of My will in your life by the Holy Spirit, who is your Advocate, you should rejoice and be glad. You will thank Me and rest in Me and My provisions for you. You will have the Sabbath rest that I instigated for you.
Don't become weary in your endeavor to love every person unconditionally and don't cease in your life changing prayers. Trust My Holy Spirit to allocate the best of everything that pertains to you. You have Jesus, you have My will, you have My Advocate, you have My angelic hosts working for you and you have My favor. All things will work together for good for you.
Love, God
Romans 8:28-31; I John 2:1; Matthew 5:5; Matthew 25:34; Acts 20:32; Hebrews 6:12

Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear One,

Have you ever tried to run an important foot race with a 150 pound weight strapped to your back?
Have you ever tried to run an important foot race with a 200 pound weight strapped to your back? That is an impossible way to finish a race, let alone win it.
Would you rather run a race with no extra weight strapped to you and run it with the lightest clothing and running shoes?
That is what Paul was talking about, running a race set before you, fixing your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. The Holy Spirit, through the Apostle Paul, was telling you to lay aside all weights that are initiated by worry, unforgiveness, vain imaginations and anything that is not in line with the wisdom and knowledge that I give you.
You can transfer that extra back breaking weight to Me, the burden bearer. You cannot run the race and win the race if you persist in carrying unnecessary weights on your back. They will wear you down and they will cause you to drop out of the race toward the high calling of Christ Jesus, which is to live the abundant life that He promised you.
Give all of the back breaking weights to Me, your failures, your worries, your negative imaginations, and give to Me the failures of others, the hurts and injuries that were done to you by them. Those are sent to make you stop dead still in your tracks rather than successfully completing the race set before you. The prizes are waiting to be awarded to you. Don't let the weights keep you from receiving your prizes.
Have you considered that your trying to fix a situation without My wisdom and insight is human works? I said that you began in faith and you must continue in faith. The human solutions that you are implementing in solving a problem are merely ineffective works. My wisdom and insight take the weights off of your back and puts them on to Me. Then I can solve the problem.
When I said that faith without works is dead, I meant that after you receive insight from me relating to a problem, if I give you instructions on what your participation must be in solving the problem, then you should follow My advice. If I have not given you any instructions, then praying in the Spirit and walking in love are the only works required of you. Those two actions of yours will leave the spiritual dimension free and clear for Me to perform My miracle in the situation.
Always look to Jesus, who began your journey and will complete your journey toward your receiving the full inheritance.

Love, God
Hebrews 12:1 and 2, Philippians 3:13; John 10:10.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Dear One,

When you can release the past with all of its imperfections, the hurts, the disappointments, the failures and on and on, then you are ready for the future and the perfections that I have planned for you.
You have very little real knowledge of the happenings of the past, only your perceptions of them which are based upon partial sense knowledge.
I advised you to forget all that is past and that you must look to the future with expectation of the best things to happen and also the highest blessings possible.
When you hold onto the past you are believing that I cannot make gold out of garbage and beauty out of ashes. The garbage and ashes are the ingredients that I use to form My blessing for you, just like I formed the first man out of the dust of the earth and breathed life into him. If you persist in holding onto the garbage and ashes, of the past then I don't have the proper ingredients to make your abundance of blessings because you have held onto them in your dimension.
Forget what is past and let me make an abundance of blessings for you beyond belief. I made water into wine. I can make blessings from the failures of the past if you will relinquish them to Me.

Love, God

Isaiah 61:3-7; Philippians 3:13-14; John 10:10

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Dear One,

You are always getting into the areas of different kinds of perception. You can perceive as real what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you touch and what you experience., or you can perceive what My Holy Spirit tells you in the form of wisdom and knowledge. He wants to put in your mind the images He receives from me.
In other words you can believe what your natural senses show you or you can believe what My Spirit shows you.
Negative earthly perceptions seem to be true and real but often they are false, created to knock you off of your strong faith. The natural occurrences are only temporary, subject to change by My spiritual activity. My spiritual perceptions are eternal, lasting, real and informative.
My perceptions can be trusted to be forever because they are from My Kingdom and they are instituted by Me.
I cautioned other people that they could see but could not perceive. I meant that they were limited in the earthly dimension and could not spiritually perceive My insight, wisdom and knowledge.
My wisdom is based upon My complete insight into all matters. That's why you can speak the things that are not as though they were, because they are real in My dimension and with prayer they will become real in your dimension.
Reality is more often not what you see. It's what I see and what I will show to you so that you can perceive what I am doing for you in My dimension. You can then perceive it in your dimension and have faith for a perfect outcome.

Love, God
I Corinthians 4:18; Romans 4:17-21;

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Dear One,
When you are praying diligently, don't view anything that goes wrong as being real. Only view what is right as being real. Anything that goes wrong is only something that's on the way to becoming right.
Jesus gave his life so that you might have all things perfected, or made right. You must persist in prayer until all things in your life are made right, or perfected.
When you review the past, only recall what was good, what was of a good report, then you will not be glorifying the wrong things as being real and lasting. When you recall the good things you will not be giving attention to the works of evil.
Only recall the miracles that I have performed.
Only recall the lives that I have changed.
Only recall the healing that I have done.
Only recall the deliverances that I have performed.
Only recall the sacrifices that I made for you and recall the total defeat of all of your enemies. Do not recall the works of evil. Only recall the devil's defeat and the defeat of his demons, for they are truly defeated.
Recall My victories and your victories. Celebrate them and you will have millions more of them.
Love, God
I Corinthians 15:53-58; I John 5:4; I Corinthians 12:4-11; Ephesians 6:10-18.

photo from my yard

Monday, July 25, 2011


Dear One,
You have been given the opportunity to reestablish love in your family and in your world.
The opportunities present themselves in many ways. Be conscious of them so that love can flow like the river that it is. I said out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters. Anything that brings life to yourself and others proceeds from My love.
There is love in you that is still untapped. It is waiting to be primed and pumped. Then it will flow so freely that you will be amazed.
There are times when love can only be a small creek that flows from you. That is when you have selfishness at the mouth of the stream where it begins, and the selfishness partially shuts off the flow so that it cannot become a river that flows from you to others.
Inside of you there are enough love waters to be a huge, raging, power filled river, but the flow has been impeded by selfishness so that only a small stream or creek is all that can flow.
I desire that you become a full flowing river of loving and living waters that flow to all of your family and to everyone you meet by tapping into the powerful flow that brings love, joy and peace to yourself and others along with it.
Love cannot do its magnificent and powerful works unless it is unleashed by you and unimpeded by anything. You have seen it work but you haven't seen its full work yet. You shall see it in the future because it has been ordained and orchestrated to begin and continue until everything has been fully restored.
Do not rely upon what you see in the natural world. Only trust what I say about a matter.
Let love do its full work, transforming and restoring everything in its way.
There is power in love. Look what My love has done in you and for you. When you fully realize the benefits of My Love toward you, then its no effort to trust love to do the same things in others.

Love, God
Ephesians 3:14-19; James 5:30; I Peter 4:8-10; Ephesians 4:16; Hebrews 6:10
Photo is of porch off my kitchen where I spend time with family and in prayer....

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear One,
What does prayer cost you?
It can cost you time that you would spend in frivolous pursuits of short term happiness.
It can cost you selfish times spent on yourself.
It can cost you extra sleep that might make you sluggish.

What can prayer afford you?
It can afford you family prosperity, family joy, family love, family restoration, family blessings and family peace.
Prayers can bring you your heart's desires and the fullness of your blessings.

Will you exchange selfishness in your leisure time for family prosperity, love, restoration, blessings and peace?
The benefits far outweigh the selfishness.
Choose blessings.

Love, God
Romans 8:26 and 27; I Timothy 2:1; Hebrews 7:25; Ephesians 6:13-20

Photo of my husband and I, prayer saved his life from cancer last year.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Dear One,
Is there peace in the current situation? Then treasure it.
Is there joy in the current situation? Then treasure it.
Is there love in the current situation? Then treasure it.
Often you have your own plans and ideas in relation to a situation that are contrary to mine. You think the circumstances should be a certain way. But if you find peace and joy and love in the situation, then enjoy and treasure it.
Often you have been erroneous in thinking the things happening in the situation are not My will because they are not playing out in a certain way. However, if there is peace, then the inner umpire is saying that everything is safe.
Prayers are always working. Good results are in the working, and time and patience and faith will prevail.
You have done all that is required if you have prayed without ceasing and if you have walked in love for everyone involved. The rest is up to Me.
Love, God
Philippians 4:6-8; Colossians 3;15-17; Ephesians 5:2; Ephesians 6:18

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Dear One,

If you watch for bumps in the road of life, then you won't be surprised and dumbfounded when you hit the bumps and are jolted into an emotional reaction. When you are prepared for the bumps, knowing that they are all part of life; then the reality of them is not earth shattering. They become anticipated, handled, and then overcome rather than you being surprised, devastated, depressed and overcome.
Remember that I told you that in the world you would have tribulation, but to rejoice because I have overcome the world? And so you will with My help. I am the overcomer and I have made you a powerful overcomer n the past and I will make you a powerful overcomer now, and in the future I will make you a powerful overcomer.
You have experienced the joy of overcoming everything in life, all the bumps. Why would you doubt for a second that We will not only overcome every one in the future but that We will also overcome as a winner, as the head and not the tail, as above and not below?
You often forget that you are already the winner and that I have already overcome the evil one, so you have already overcome the evil one and all of his insidious tactics. So, therefore, you have overcome him and every situation he can produce.
Do not fear the bumps. If you do, you will live a life filled with dread and depression.
If you rejoice in My love and My power to overcome every negative thing in life, then you will live a life filled with joy and thanksgiving. You will see salvation in every area of your life.

Love, God
Romans 12:21; I John 2:14; I John 4:4; I John 5:4; I Corinthians 15:57; Deuteronomy 28;13

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Monday, July 18, 2011


Dear One,

One of the biggest mistakes My children make is in looking for signs that their miracle is on the way. You must expect a miracle but do not look for signs and wonders to indicate that the miracle is beginning.
Most often, there are no signs and wonders until the final works have been completed and suddenly the miracle appears in your life. That is not a trick that I play on you to keep you guessing or to punish you. I couldn't do those things to My children. The truth is that the activity in the spiritual dimension has not yet culminated in the final marvelous creation. In other words, the works are not completed but they are on the way to final completion.
When you are constantly looking for signs and wonders to appear that your prayers are working it will only result in a loss of your faith. The combination of your faith and your patience are the elements that work together toward your prayers being answered.
If your impatience results in your losing faith, then the finished answer is delayed and sometimes even aborted because your loss of faith has closed the door to the ability of the miracle to burst into your life when all things fall into place.
Please realize that We are working together in total agreement that your prayers will culminate in a perfect result.
Let your confession to your doubtful mind be, "The miracle is on the way."

Love, God
I Thessalonians 1:4; Hebrews 6:12; James 1:3-4;

photo from our yard

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Dear One,
When you are moved off of your peaceful state by the activities in your natural world, you are saying that those activities are more real than the activities in the spiritual world. They are not more real. They are only temporary. My activities in the spiritual world are permanent and everlasting. They are the true and lasting and real activities.
Regard activities in your natural world as temporary, as only part of the solutions and that they are ever changing which will bring about the final good result.
Your prayers are real and are instigators of the solutions because they are supernatural. They are spiritual words which change the entire scenario from bad to good.
Continue to apply your spiritual prayers to the problem and you will reap the crop of My righteousness in the situation.
All of My words are yea and amen and so be it, just like I told you in the past. Remember that every time you say amen that you are declaring that what you have prayed will be so.
Love, God
II Corinthians 1:20; Acts 1;1:4-5 and 8. Romans 8:26-27;


Dear One,
Don't take on a burden as if it belonged to you. It does not belong to you unless you claim it as your own by worrying and fretting about it. The burdens of all of My children were designed from the foundation of the world to be carried by Me. The solutions were inaugurated by Me before the problem began for you.
I will work out the necessary details and the necessary scenarios to get the matter rectified. It takes time to distill the spiritual part drop by drop, so let the process proceed without your interference. I will instruct you if you are to intervene with wisdom and insight, but do not interfere with the distillation process. All healing takes place with patience.
Love, God
I Corinthians 10:13; Psalm 138:8; Ephesians 6:12; II Timothy 1:7.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Dear One,

Do you apply faith to the thoughts in your mind about a situation or do you apply fear to your mind about the situation? The outcome depends on what is applied as the power source, whether it's faith or fear. With faith, there will be a good result. With fear there will be a bad result.
Fear has negative powers to bring about a bad result.
Faith has positive, supernatural powers to bring about a wonderful result.
Fear binds the problem to you, making sure that you will continue to have more devastating problems.
Faith releases the problem to Me for My work in the situation. My gift of faith knows the good result before it is manifested in the earth and faith shows it to you.
Your spiritual enemy, satan, will project into your thought imaginary bad things that he has planned for the situation. If you incorporate his power of fear into the imagination, then he will be able to accomplish his plans.
Faith sees the best result for every problem spiritually before it is visible to the human eye. I said that faith sees the things that are not as though they were. Faith counts on My works to fix the situation.
Who is your Loving Father? Is it Me or satan?
Your father is whomever you trust to perform his works in your life.
I know your heart and your love for Me. Now believe what I have promised about the situation.
Love, God

Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear One,

My child, My child, this burden is not yours to bear. It is My burden but I cannot carry it if you refuse to give it up.
When you plan in your own mind things to say or things to do to fix the situation, then you are still carrying it, still trying to come up with the right human formula to fix it. When you are still working on it with human reasoning, then I can't work on it. You are getting in My way by trying to use your own human power to try to fix it. When you are in my way, I can't utilize all of My own power to fix the situation to My perfection. I can't push you aside to implement My supernatural intervention of using My ingenuity, My wisdom, My knowledge and My orchestrations. You must willingly give me full rein in the affair.
Depend upon my words, not your words, to put the right components in the proper working position so that it will all work together for your good and the good of your family. If you could fix it, you wouldn't need Me.
Your part in this is persistent prayers and walking in love. Get to work on those while I do My solution-guaranteed supernatural works.

Love, God
II Corinthians 4:18;Mark 8:18-21;I Corinthians 2:9 and 10; I Timothy 2:8; Jude 1:20.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dear One,

Remember that what you see is not always what you get. Often it is the opposite. Often the sad situation is only an outward sign of the turmoil that is going on in the heavens.
Also remember that I said that the kingdom of heaven had suffered much violence at one time. There are times when the Kingdom of God is engaged in battles with demons on your behalf in the heavens and you only see the earthy representation of that activity. In those instances things will look bad, but in the near future it will look good when My angels have won the battles for you.
Look forward to the final, finished products. Don't look at the battles and their earthly consequences. Only look for the victories which are on the way. Give them time to appear.
Rejoice now that our side has won and know that magnificent changes will come in the emotionally trying situation.

Love, God
Matthew 11:12; II Corinthians 4:18; I Corinthians 2:9; Ephesians 6:12-18.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Dear One,

In answer to your prayers I have begun a good work and I will continue the good work.
You have only seen the beginning of the transformation. You will see the middle and the end results.
Give salvation time to do its perfect work. Do not stop in your endeavor of walking in the Spirit and praying in the Spirit.
We make a great team working together because we are equally yoked, in unity for the same purpose which is wholeness in all areas of your life, your family, your prosperity, your relationships, your recreation and the revelation of the keys to My kingdom.
Always remember that My promises are yea and amen., so be it.

Love, God
Matthew 11:29; Hebrews 12:3; II Corinthians 1:20-22; Romans 8:1; Galatians 5:16; Romans 8;26

The Wisteria Tree in our yard....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dear One,
Give Me time to perfect that which is of the most concern to you.
What concerns you is of vital importance to Me, also. It is the most important thing to Me.
I instructed you to be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in love and gentleness and kindness. That is your part in the equation of seeing your prayers answered.
Persist in your prayers.
Persist in loving the lovable and the unlovable.
Persist in determination that you will have the best and the highest in the situation.
You are My child; therefore you deserve the best. Do not settle for anything but the best. Do not be moved by circumstances or negative reports. Only be moved by My promises that you will have the best.
I have promised that your children would be saved. They are constantly being saved by My grace and through your prayers. All situations combine together in the culmination of that promise. Your children will be saved from the curses of all demonic activity.
Trust Me to do the work. My ways are not your ways. They are the highest and the best. Rejoice because salvation is nigh.
Stand back and see the salvation of your Lord.
Love, God
I Timothy 1:11; I Corinthians 15:58; II Corinthians 8:7; Philippians 1:9; Colossians 4:12; James 5:16.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Dear One,
A wise writer once said that the suffering of the present time is nothing compared to the glory of the end results when you see your prayers answered. Always look for any suffering you are experiencing to turn into triumph no matter if the suffering is physical or emotional.
What seems like hell now is only temporary.
What seems permanent now is only temporary.
Your prayers, your faith and your love will combine to result in wonderful things.
Do not become confused and hopeless. Instead, become more steadfast and more determined that My will be done in the situation.
When you persist in praying My will in My prayer language, you will see My glory prevail. Imagine My perfect solutions and you will see them come to fruition. I turned water into wine and I calmed the seas. Know that I can turn your bad situations into triumphs and I can speak to your strife-filled experiences and change them into peaceful ones.
Love, God
Romans 8;18-26; John 4:46; Mark 4:39 and 40

Friday, July 8, 2011


Dear One,

Insight is the ability to see into a situation, a circumstance, a person or an organization. The only possible way that can occur is through My gifts of wisdom and knowledge.
There are people who naturally have the habit of meditation who can hear from their own spirits. But when one allows himself to hear My voice within him, then the gift of insight becomes wisdom and knowledge, supernatural gifts.
Jesus instructed his followers that they could see but could not perceive. That meant they had the ability to see with the human eyes but they did not have the ability to have insight, wisdom and knowledge into the true intricacies behind the natural happenings into the supernatural dimension.
When one reacts emotionally to a bad situation, he is operating with only human reasoning with no spiritual insight. When one reacts spiritually to a bad situation he is operating with My gifts of wisdom and knowledge. In other words, he has My supernatural insight. He then perceives the true happenings behind the natural world into the spiritual world; ergo My Kingdom.
True spirituality is to constantly perceive the activity behind a natural situation and receiving My insight, My wisdom, knowledge and discernment into the situation. It will save you many problems and prevent many conflicts if you will perceive the spiritual happenings rather than emotionally reacting with human emotions to bad situations.
When you understand the situation spiritually, then you will forgive and love your enemies. And then your wise seeds will yield abundance in goodness and kindness toward you.
Love, God
Matthew 5:44; Matthew 13:14-16; John 14:26 and 27.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Dear One,

Repaying evil for evil was a cultural principle of the people who were under the old religious covenant. Refusing to repay evil for evil, but repaying good for evil done to you is a principle in the new covenant with My children.
Why the dichotomy? Because people could not return good for evil in the old covenant because they did not have the power and ability of My Holy Spirit to overcome the mindset of vengeance. Only with the Holy Spirit's power can a person overcome the vengeance mindset.
Only with My power can people cease in doing to others as they have done to them. Only with My power can people do unto others as you would HAVE them do to you.
The Holy Spirit can return love in ANY and ALL situations because He is Love just as I am Love.
When you use good to overcome evil, you not only use the power of My Loving Spirit within you, but you incorporate My entire kingdom into your endeavor, because then you are surrounded with good spirits who will overcome bad spirits who were operating in the situation.
My covenant of sonship via My Holy Spirit living in you always incorporates My Love as the power source because My only request of My children is that they love others as they love themselves.
I said that all the commandments are fulfilled in love.
If you will overcome evil with good you will change your world and you will change the spiritual climate around you.

Love, God
Matthew 5:43- 48; Mathew 22:38-40; Romans 12:19-21;

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dear One,

Listen to My inner words of instructions.
Listen to My inner words of knowledge.
Listen to My inner words of wisdom.
Listen to My inner words of spiritual reasoning.
Listen to My inner words of encouragement.
Listen to My inner words of guidance.
All of those facets of My words, which are the voice of My Spirit, are in you and available to be drawn upon at any time. You don't have to wait for My words. I am always leading you and directing you and instructing you from the inside of you where I live in the person of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes a time of waiting is only because you have to get your human mind quiet enough to receive My Living Words.
My words are the voice of calmness and peace.
My words are the voice of insight and knowledge.
My Voice will often speak messages contrary to what your human mind would speak because your human mind only reasons with what your human senses have programmed into it. My Holy Spirit has supernatural senses that speak to you of spiritual workings behind the scenes that are being orchestrated in answer to your needs, wants and desires.
I know you and your desires and your aspirations and I will speak messages to you that give you what you need to hear in order to be sound and whole. That is what I am interested in, your soundness and your wholeness. You can't be whole without hearing from Me.
Humans don't have the power and wisdom to attain wholeness without Me. The secret is to tune into My Voice so that you will continue your journey toward wholeness, wholly peaceful, wholly loving, wholly joyful and wholly faith filled.
I know how to complete the works that I begin. I am the author and finisher of your faith. I never leave jobs partially completed. The only way they can be thwarted is if you decide to withdraw your faith and trust in Me.
Remember, I see the end result before it appears to you. You can see it, too, if you will allow Me to implant it upon your mind. Then your faith is unshakable.

Love, God

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Dear One,
Keep your eyes and ears open for confirmation of things that I have told you.
Often you have inadvertently ignored something I have spoken to you and you have thought that it was your own thinking or imagination. However, I will keep on speaking to you and leading you and confirming what I have told you. Often I will see that My angels reiterate the truth to you in the form of a confirmation either through the conversations of another person or through the writings of another person. Then you are positively certain that I have spoken to you.
Do not feel guilty that you did not immediately act upon My first leading. I said a truth is established by two or three witnesses. I also know your heart and the fact that you desire to be receptive to all of My words. I will get the truth of a situtation to you every time by two or three different means. I am committed to you and committed to My parenting role with you of leading and guiding you into all truth because of My love for you.
Truth frees you and I want you free to enjoy the abundant life that I have provided for you.
Love, God
John 8:32: Matthew 18:16; I Corinthians 1:6. Hebrews 2:3.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Dear One,

Broaden your horizons and find hew horizons.
A horizon appears to be the end of something, a line that sets a limit, an end. I desire that there be no limits to your interests, no limit to your talents, no limit to your love and no limit to your joy.
Boundaries and horizons portray limits to some people. I desire there be no limits to love and joy and peace and faith and patience and all of My personality characteristics that are resident inside of you in the person of My Spirit. The only boundaries that I set are boundaries which protect you from the works of evil. In My family there are no boundaries set which keep you from the good and beneficial things that I have for you.
The devil will set boundaries for you to keep you from attaining the best and greatest things that I have provided for My children. Fear and ignorance are two of the messages that he puts in your mind that limit you. My wisdom and My love for you will overcome those limits.
Push beyond the boundaries that limit your spiritual growth and that limit the fullest growth of My personality traits within you. Don't let the spiritual pests and the spiritual emotional weather extremes of the devil cheat you out of the best things.
The spiritual weather extremes are the emotional extremes that he hurls at you and that land in your mind. If you accept them and dwell on them, then you will retreat from your goals.
The spiritual pests are the demons themselves who try to delay you on your way to claiming the best that I have for you.
Press forward and upward toward the prize of the high calling that I have for you without fear, ignorance or defeat. See beyond the horizon to the brightest lights and the highest prizes. They already are prepared for you.

Love, God
Isaiah 54:2-5; Philippians 3:13 and 14; Hebrews 12:1 and Galatians 5:22.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Dear One,

When the man wrote, "To be or not to be, that is the question," he was writing a valuable lesson for everyone. He was actually talking about the choices that a person must make every second of every minute of every hour of every day of his or her life.
Those choices are the ones involving thoughts, whether to embrace thoughts of negativity or whether to embrace positive thoughts of affirmation of life. That is the starting point of all choices, in the thought life of a person. That is the basis of My instructions concerning either choosing good or choosing evil.
If a person chooses to receive and nourish evil thoughts which are negative toward himself or others, then he has chosen one road over another, because once he has chosen negativity and nourished it he has charted a negative path for his future.
If a person chooses to receive and nourish positive thoughts of love and goodness toward himself and others, then he has charted a positive course for his future and it will be so.
Isn't this a lesson about whom you are going to believe? You can believe me and the good news that comes from positive thoughts or you can believe the evil one and his lies by choosing to believe negative thoughts.
Choose evil thoughts, nourish them, and you will receive their reward, which is misfortune.
Choose My good thoughts to nourish and you will receive their rewards, which are My blessings.
Yes, whether to choose positive thoughts and images or whether to choose negative thoughts and images, that is the question for all My children.
I said if you will hear My words and choose to believe them, then you will be blessed in every area of your life. Choose My thoughts and words every time. Blessing will flow like a river.
Love, God
Deuteronomy 11:26-28; Deuteronomy 30:19 and 20; Matthew 5:44-48.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Dear One,

Unspeakable joy, unreasonable faith, peace that passes understanding, comforting love, mercy toward all people, self control over raging emotions, good and kind actions toward others, all of those are the results of walking in the Spirit. They are the outgrowth of being led by My Spirit.
Joy that comes from My Spirit does not proceed from human thoughts or emotions.
Faith that comes from My Spirit is never dependent upon the mere human knowledge of men, but it proceeds from supernatural belief.
Truth that comes from My Spirit does not come from the reasoning deductions of men.
Peace that comes from My Spirit cannot be understood because it gives calmness and serenity in the midst of turmoil.
Mercy that comes from My Spirit understands the genetic makeup and experiences that others must endure, and My mercy not only understands but it forgives.
Goodness and kindness that come from My Spirit produce actions toward others that are not produced by human emotion but are sparks of My good and kind actions.
Love that comes from My Spirit does not come from the emotions of a person because Love that proceeds from My Spirit is unconditional, looking beyond human frailties.
Self control that proceeds from My Spirit can master the negative genetic composition of a person's mind.
Patience that comes from My Spirit does not come from the time-oriented mind of a person. My patience never takes into account time or feelings or what is seen and heard. My Patience only takes into account the supernatural knowledge that My plans and orchestrations related to answering your prayers are always in operation and the results will be splendid.
The senses of men have nothing to do with the earthly productions of My Spirit.
Allow My Spirit within you to give you My characteristics of love, joy, peace, faith, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and self-control. They will overcome every negative emotion, reasoning and programming of your mind. My Spirit wants to flow through your mind and body to others, giving them a sense of My love for them.
Remember that I said, "Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the minds of men what I have prepared for those who love me, yet I have revealed them by My Spirit."
It will pay you to be led by My Spirit, and it will benefit others for you to be led by My Spirit. He is My very own Spirit who knows all truth.
Love, God
I Corinthians 2:9 and 12; Galatians 5:22; Romans 8:14-17.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Dear One,
When I anoint you to speak to a demonic mountain that is harassing you, I am speaking to that mountain just like when Jesus spoke to the storm to be still. Your voice is My voice when I impress you to speak.
I need voices in the earth to speak My words. I need minds in the earth to receive My plans and guidance and insight and wisdom. I need transmitters to speak My encouraging words and extend My love to others. I need human bodies to be My vessels in the earth to bring My will into being. That's what I meant when I said you would be my witnesses, witnesses to my healing power, witnesses to the freedom that comes from knowing My truth, witnesses to the peace that passes understanding, witnesses to My unspeakable joy, witnesses to the extent of My love.
It is an awesome responsibility to assume the role of My emissary in the earth. I will supply the words and the wisdom and the love and the power if you will supply the voice and the body.
Rest in Me. It's all my labor. You just need to be willing to pass along My gifts to others. You get to revel in the awesome works that I do.
Love, God
Matthew 17:20; Mark 11:23 and 26; Matthew 24:14; John 18:37; Acts 1:8.