Friday, October 30, 2015


Dear One,
    I described to you what true worship is when I related the incidence of when a son adores his loving father so much that he dresses like him, talks like him, wants the same haircut and wants to work with his dad, wanting to be in the presence of his dad at all time, wanting to be just like his dad.   People say that the son just "worships" his father.  The son does not fall down on the ground and worship at the feet of his father, but he wants to become just like him in every way. He can only become just like the father if he spends time with the father, observing the demeanor and character of the father.  When he does that, he will begin to unconsciously mimic the father's personality. 
    That is exactly what is meant by Jesus' proclamation that true worship is to worship Me in Spirit and in truth. He was contrasting true worship with fleshly worship which goes away when a person leaves the synagogue or church and the true nature of the person is exhibited to others. If the true characteristics of anger, strife, revenge, conflict, hatred, division, opposition, pride and arrogance are exhibited at home or in the world, then the person's worship in the churches are of no avail.  Jesus knew that the people at the time were worshiping Me from fleshly motivations instead of through truth and Spirit.
     To worship Me in Spirit and in truth means that My children are the same everywhere, the same outside of the churches, in their homes and in the world.  It means that My character has been so infused into them that they act like Me, talk like Me and become like Me.  In other words, they have sought My righteousness and become My righteousness.  The righteousness that I put inside of their spirits when they were born again becomes the same actions in their flesh.  They have become loving and peaceful with everyone.  They have delighted in doing acts of goodness and kindness.  They have joyful hearts and they speak good news all the time instead of constantly speaking bad news of defeat, opposition, condemnation and judgment.  They extend mercy even to the lawbreakers because they know the lecherous pull to do the temptations of the devil. They are faithful to My ways, even when flooded with earthly tribulations. They are patient with their children and with other people because they know the battle between good and evil that is present in the world. 
      So when My children become transformed into My image, having My personality as revealed to them by My Spirit, then they are worshiping Me in Spirit.  They are transformed into My image instead of being conformed to the image of the devil, whom Jesus told the Pharisees was their spiritual father. (John 8:32-45) The Pharisees were religious, knowing rules and regulations, but were ignorant of My true nature and character.
     To worship Me in truth is to hear My personal teachings to you through My Holy Spirit.  Jesus called Him the Spirit of Truth. He is the One who reveals My ways so that they explode inside of you, enlightening your mind and changing you bodily from being conformed to the world to being transformed to My personality by the renewing of your mind.(Romans 12:2) Truth chases out doubt and unbelief and replaces them with faith and belief. Truth takes the blinders off of the eyes of My children and settles down inside of them with life changing revelations.  Truth opens the minds of My children to My ways and My personality, which produce My ways in the earth. 
    To worship Me in Spirit and in truth is to seek to know Me and to seek to become My righteousness on the outside, in the flesh, as well as inside, in your spirit.  Then every good thing that I have for you will flow into your life without any striving from you.
    I have amazing surprises and experiences in store for you when you worship Me in Spirit and in truth. 
    Your Father of Love and Truth 

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Dear One,
    Faith and works are the same as doers and hearers, which we talked about earlier.  We discovered that doers are the ones who hear My words to them and do what I admonish them to do so that their lives in the earth can be the heaven on earth that I intended.  That is why I told My children under the first covenant with a nation that they must honor their parents so that their lives will be long in the earth, because their parents have lived longer and have learned things by experience so their advice is valuable to their children.  Rebellious children want to do their own thing, fraternize with other rebels;and, as a result, they get into the devil's territory where they are cursed with every destructive activity.  The advice of good parents would prevent that if the children only listen. 
     The same truth applies to doers and hearers.  When My children hear My advice and admonitions and do them, they will have the abundant life that I promised simply because I have led them around and away from damaging thoughts, attitudes and activities. Rebellious children do not take what they hear from Me and do it, so they follow false prophets, ones who lead them into destruction instead of into prosperity for their spirits, souls and bodies.  As I said, I love those who are hearers only as much as those who are also doers, but the lives of the doers are blessed beyond imagination. (Ephesians 3:20)
     Let's look at faith and works.  Faith is the power given to My children when they hear My words and receive revelation regarding those words. I said that faith comes by truly hearing My words. (Romans 10:17) Those words are the active, powerful words of explanation and revelation given to you by My Spirit.  Only hearing the logo, the written words, will not bring revelation.  Only My Spirit reveals the true meaning behind every word that I speak.  He is the author of those words, so He knows how to personally explain them to you. When He brings life to those words, new life is created in you.  Faith is the power that is created when My children spent time with me and allow My Spirit to bring the full truth of My words to them.  In other words, faith is produced in a person when the tutor, My Holy Spirit, personally explains the words in My Instruction Book to you, and also when He explains the working of things in the earth.
     So what are the works, you ask?  The works relating to faith have little to do with working in the traditional religious ways.  The children of Israel proved those works to be fruitless.  The works that I ordain are the working of My character into My children because they have spent time with Me, absorbed revelation by having My Holy Spirit explain My words, and then they become transformed into My image.  When you become transformed into My image, then the works produced from that newness of life are love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and patience.(Romans 12:2)  Those are the fruit produced by the working of the power of faith in you. (Galatians 5:22-23)
     My children become burdened and exhausted trying to do works for Me.  They have missed the truth of what I said.  The works are what I do IN you, not what you do for me. Works of the flesh are never what I desire. (Matthew 11:28-30) I do not need you to prove your faith to Me by doing fleshly works of ministry.  I want you to let Me do My work through My Holy Spirit of transforming you into My image, making the outside of you as conformed into My image as is the inside of you.  It is by spiritual osmosis that you are changed into My image.  The more intimately you know Me, the more transformed your whole being becomes.
    As I told you in the past, let Me do a good work in you and let me do some miracles for you.  Then you won't have to fleshly strive to work for me because I will send people to you to hear what I have done for you and they will desire to also become intimately acquainted with Me. (I Thessalonians 1:3-5) You won't do any of the work.  I will do all of the work.  I will produce My good works of producing love IN you and send others to observe that love.  They will desire to know Me and to have the relationship with Me that you have. 
    So faith without the corresponding works of love is dead.  That truth is in this old saying, "I hear your words but your actions speak loudly." (James 2:18) Faith with the corresponding works of allowing Me to transform you into My characteristics of love, peace, mercy and joy is alive and produces the desire for My life in others.  That truth is in the instruction to not be conformed to the world but to be transformed into My image by the renewing of your mind.  (Romans 12:2)
    The works of the power of true faith in My children is the evidence of loving your enemies, doing good to those who do evil to you, blessing those who curse you, forgiving others as I forgive you, doing good to everyone, keeping peace with everyone, refusing to strike back when stricken, extending mercy instead of judgment and condemnation."
    True faith explained in a capsule is this: true faith is loving others as I love you.  (John 13:34-35)  That is the work of faith that I desire for you.
     Your Loving and Faithful Father     

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Dear One,
    I say to My children the same thing I said to Peter, "Do you love Me?"(John 21:15-17)
    They all say, "Yes, Lord, I love you."
    I say to My children, "Then forgive and love your enemies and do good to them."(Matthew 5:38-48)
 Again I say to My children the same thing I said to Peter, "But do you really love Me?"
    And they say to Me again, "Yes, Father, I love you. I profess you before people and I pay my tithes."
    Then I say to My children, "Then do not participate in bitterness, strife, dissension, division, anger and hatred toward any of My creation."  (Ephesians 4:30-32)
 I say again to My children, like I said the third time to Peter, "But do you really, really love Me?"
    And they say, "Yes, Lord. I give offerings to my church and teach Sunday School."
    And I say to them, "If you really love Me, you will lay aside all divisive religious and political loyalties; instead sowing peace in the earth that I created for you.  If you love Me, you will love all people of different colors, religious beliefs, political beliefs, cultural backgrounds and genders because I love them as much as I love you.  You will strive to sow peace in order to promote My peace rather than sowing strife in order to promote your religious and political beliefs."(John 13:34)
    The sheep and the goats are separated into My angels who sow love and peace in the earth and the goats are the demons who sow division, strife and hatred in the earth.  You know them by their fruits. (Matthew 25:31-40)
   I say to My children every moment of the day, "Do you love My Son for what He did for you, went to the cross and died for your sins?" 
    You say, "Oh, yes, I love Jesus for purchasing forgiveness for Me."
    I say, "Then you will extend His forgiveness to everyone, regardless of their sins, just as I extend forgiveness to you." (Matthew 6:12)
  I say to My children, "Do you really love My Son for His ministry of bringing peace to the world?" 
    You say, "Oh, yes, I love Jesus, the Prince of Peace."
    I say to you, "Then sow peace everywhere in your life instead of sowing discord and conflict. When you do sow peace, you will have peace for your soul."  (Ephesians 4:1-3)
  I say to My children, "Do you really treasure the peace, love, and joy that came into your life because you know Me?" 
    You say, "Yes, Father, I am grateful for your miracles of peace, love, and joy that you give to Me."
    Then I say to you, "Then BE My peace, love, mercy and joy in the world."
  I say to My children, "Do you really appreciate My goodness, kindness, mercy and patience that I perpetually show toward you?" (Galatians 5:22-23)
    You say, "Yes, Father, I appreciate all of your blessings toward Me, all that is your good pleasure to give to me."(Luke 12:32)
     Then I say to you, "If you really love Me, do the same to all people, pass on My goodness, kindness, mercy and patience toward all people."
     I say to you, "My child, do you treasure the gifts of My Holy Spirit in your life, My greatest promise to My children?" (Acts 1:4-5)
     You say to Me, "Oh, Father I treasure all of your gifts to me through your Holy Spirit."
     Then I say to you, "If you do appreciate His counsel, His guidance, His truth, His tutoring, His prayer language, His wisdom, His knowledge, His discernment, His insights and His prophesies to you, then you will seek them, believe them and make them the entire motivation of your life."  (I Corinthians 12:1-11)
   I ask you again, "My child, do you really love Me and appreciate the love I show to you?"
     You say, "Oh, Father, I love you totally, with all of My heart." 
     I say to you, "If you really do love Me, you will love everyone, feeding My peace, goodness, kindness and mercy to everyone." (I John 2:8-11; I John 3:14-18; I John 4;20-21)
  The measure of your love for Me is how much love you show to others, your enemies and your neighbors as well as your family.
    Yes, love shown to others is the appreciation of your love for Me.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Dear One,
    Religion is having written rules and regulations without having revelation regarding them.  That kind of religion, rules without revelation, is what adds burdens to people instead of relieving their burdens.  That kind of religion is what starts doctrinal wars, political wars, religious wars and family wars.  Rules and regulation-based religions without revelations from My Holy Spirit are what separate My children rather than unifying them.  Rules and regulations are what invite the devil to torment My children with guilt and condemnation.
    My Holy Spirit is the One who reveals truth.  Jesus called Him the Spirit of Truth. (John 14:14-18) If members of a religion or denomination do not have the power of the indwelling ministry of My Holy Spirit, then the people are left with only fear based rules and regulations which, without the Teacher, give power to the devil. (Romans 7:5-9)
    I did not only give half of My education tools to My children, only giving the written Instruction Book.  I also sent the private teacher, the Holy Spirit, to live inside them so that they will have the full gospel, the entire benefits of being My children which causes them to overcome the works of the devil. (Matthew 11:28-30)
    The people with whom I had an old covenant had plenty of rules and regulations.  They added to them constantly.  Yet, they were powerless over the temptations of the devil which cause sin.  They yielded and yielded and yielded to those temptations, even the ones which led to death.  That was because they did not listen to the prophets whom I sent to teach them My ways.  Instead, they killed the prophets, who were My messengers.  They did not want to hear the truth.  They wanted to persist in their own ways, using the laws to condemn others while they, themselves, ignored them.  They were powerless over the destruction of the devil, which the rules and regulations were meant to identify, not become their life coaches.
    My children who accept My Holy Spirit into their lives to be their teacher of My Truth, but who still refuse My guidance through Him, will be like the children of Israel who wandered 40 years in the wilderness when the journey was only several weeks.  They wandered because of their unbelief in following My guidance.  They griped and groaned about Me.  They ignored My guidance and they were powerless. 
    So My children who have the indwelling power of My Spirit and still yield to teachings that come from others who are still guided by unrevealed rules and regulations will continue to wander in life, often dying in the wilderness of life without inheriting My promises of the abundant life.  They will spend eternity with Me, along with the children of Israel who wandered for 40 years, but their lives on earth will be the hell that the devil intended for them.  When My children refuse My wise guidance, refuse to adopt My ways, refuse to consult and follow the still, small voice of My Spirit inside of them, they will fall in the same wilderness that the 40 year wanderers did. (John 10:15-16)
    I want My children to overcome the works of the devil in the earth, just like Jesus did.  He sent the same Holy Spirit, who empowered Him, into the lives of My children  to teach you, guide you, give you power, reveal to you My love and My power, and to give you My love for others.  (John 16:12-14)
    Unrevealed rules and regulations cause My children to judge others, condemn others and do evil to others, sowing seeds into the garden of hell instead of into My garden of love, forgiveness and mercy. (John 5:39-42; John 10:1-5)
    The religious demons are still doing their works in My children today because My children do not listen to My words from My Holy Spirit and take My advice.  (Hebrews 3:7-19) I am grieved for them in their painful dilemmas but I cannot help them until they come to Me for My healing words and solutions.
    It is My ultimate and good pleasure to give you My kingdom.  (Luke 12:29-32)  I have given you everything necessary for you to collect your inheritance.  I gave you My Instruction Book and I gave you a personal tutor, My Holy Spirit.  You must seek the revelation of My Spirit regarding all of My ways, become My righteousness, and then everything will be added to you.  I am delighted when you collect your inheritance.
    Your Loving Father

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Dear One,
    To keep your mind from judging another person -- which is persecuting the person in your thoughts and words -- instead of joining with the judgments that come to your mind or from others, train your mind to only consider others as being deceived rather than guilty.  That will identify whom the real culprit is, the devil, rather than the person who obeyed the temptation.  Leave any verdict of guilty to be determined by your courts of law.  If the incident is not in a court of law, then it's none of your business whether to determine guilt or innocence.  When you do become judge and jury, you have sown seeds into the devil's garden and you will be judged, yourself, in some way by others or by circumstances. (Romans 7:10-17)
     Since Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, all people are innocent in My eyes because I walked in the flesh of Jesus and I know the temptations that He had to overcome in order to stay in unity with Me.  He was tempted in every way but he didn't obey them, only because of the presence of My Spirit in Him who gave Him the power to resist the temptations. (I John 2:1-2)
     In your courts of law an accused is allowed to present his background, his human heritage, his education and his beliefs before being sentenced by the judge.  All of those elements enter into the degree of punishment for his illegal actions. Yet, some of My children use religious or civil laws in order to judge people without knowing the inadequacies of their parents, their family customs, their lack of education, their lack of religious training or their actual guilt or innocence in order to judge others.  In doing so, they bring judgment upon themselves and their own families. (Matthew 7:1-2)
    When My children observe someone whom they consider having sinned or broken the law, My children shouldn't immediately judge the person, as tempted by the devil.  Instead, My children need to have the mindset that the person was deceived by the devil's temptations and obeyed him without knowing that the devil was at the core of the action.  My children need to extend mercy to the lawbreaker instead of judgment. When you do, you receive mercy instead of judgment for yourself and your family members. 
    So when you are tempted to judge someone, train yourself to always extend mercy to the lawbreaker and consider the person as being deceived rather than condemned.  When you do, you are fulfilling the ministry of Christ who forgave two lawbreakers while on the cross. (Luke 23:34 and 42-43)  He even forgave the ones who condemned Him to death. 
    "Deceived" and "forgiven" should be your immediate reaction to a religious or civil lawbreaker instead of your determination of "guilty" and "condemned".  When you do, you sow My seeds of mercy into the earth instead of sowing the devil's seeds of judgment into the earth.  You will reap what you sow.  There is no other alternate spiritual law to sowing seeds and reaping what you have sown. It happens every time.  (Galatians 6:7-10)
     You are deceived by the same devil when you judge someone, heaping upon the person condemnation, guilt and shame.  (I John 3:8-10) You don't know the evidence or all of the extenuating circumstances; yet, you think that, because you are My child, that you deserve to extend judgment.  You have it backwards if you believe that.  As My child it is your duty to extend mercy and forgiveness, love and peace.
     I understand all motivations to do evil.  It goes back to the garden of Eden when satan was allowed to enter the earth by the first man.  So the guilty one is always the devil.  The only thing of which My children are ever deemed guilty is being deceived.   Being deceived is never grounds for judgment or punishment because everyone is deceived, deceived by the devil even to judge others.
     Practice being merciful by determining a person who is caught in a sin, iniquity, or a trespass as having been deceived rather than condemned and in need of punishment. When you can do that, you are acting as My child because you have become merciful, just like Me.
     The merciful obtain mercy.  Those who judge receive judgment.(Matthew 5:7; Matthew 7:1-2)   
     I am merciful, forgiving and peaceful.  My children should be merciful, forgiving and peaceful.  I said that the peacemakers are called My children. (Matthew 5:9) 
     Your Father of Love and Mercy    

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Dear One,
  We talked about the blinders that make you self concerned, self conscious of your hurts and self protective which cause you to become self centered.  Those blinders blind you to the needs of other people, making you obsessed with your own troublesome situation.   One of the antidotes for that blinding attitude is the admonition that I gave to you to pray for one another so that you will be healed.  When you pray in My Holy Spirit's language for someone else who is in involved in either the toxic situation in which you are involved or another one, I add My prayers for your situation so that it will be solved.  Stepping outside of your own selfishly consuming emotions and praying for someone else always calls My solutions for your problem into play because you are bearing the burdens of others and thus fulfilling the ministry of Jesus Christ.  Blinders have fallen off and you see the needs of other people. (Galatians 6:2; James 5:16)
    Refusing to forgive someone places blinders on your own eyes, causing you to focus on the wrong that was done to you or your family.  You become one dimensional.  Your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions become bitter, focused only on the person who "did you wrong," wanting revenge on that person.  You persecute the person in your mind, reliving the wrong again and again.  Because of replaying the event in your mind, it causes you to resurrect the hurt along with the evil situation . Those thoughts and attitudes disperse toxic hormones into your mind and body, causing illnesses and diseases to enter into them. Those are curses of satan. That is why he initiated the strife filled event in the first place, to cause both of you to engage in the conflict so that he can bring his diseases on you.
   That is why Jesus taught again and again about forgiveness, even giving parables so that you would understand the necessity of forgiving others.  He wanted you to be able to avoid the sicknesses and diseases caused by refusing to forgive others.  When you bind yourself to someone by refusing to forgive the person, you invite the demons which caused the situation to also afflict you like they afflicted the perpetrator of the hurt. You bind the person to yourself and you bind yourself to the evil seeds that they have sown which will definitely return evil to the person and to you. (Matthew 16:17)
   When you forgive a person of a wrong done to you, you loose yourself from the works of the devil and you loose yourself from the person who wronged you, no longer being vengeful and desirous that the person be punished for what he or she did to you.  You become free.  It is written that whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  The teachings of Jesus are meant to set you free from all the works of the devil.  When you forgive someone, like He told you to do, you become free of the person, the devil and the hurt.  You are free to go on with your life without any encumbrances, inheriting My blessings instead of the devil's curses. (John 8:36)  When you become free from the effects of wrongs done to you, you make the ministry of Jesus of great effect. When you forgive someone, you do what Jesus did, die to the emotions of the flesh and you are resurrected from the troublesome event.
    Allow My Holy Spirit to remove the blinders from your eyes, convincing you that My ways will bring My blessings into your life and the devil's ways will bring curses into your life. (Deuteronomy 28:1-15)  Only with revelation of My Spirit will you be able to forgive from your heart.  However, forgiveness begins with an act of your will.  When My Spirit reveals forgiveness to you, eventually it will become forgiveness from your heart and you will be blessed.
   Your Forgiving Father

Friday, October 23, 2015


Dear One,
    If you will notice, when something disturbing, troublesome or catastrophic happens in your life, it is like blinders are placed on your head and you can't see anything except how the event affects you. You become self concerned, self reliant, self medicated and you seek ways to comfort yourself because of your broken heart caused by the events.  In your mind, your major emphasis becomes yourself and your hurts. 
   My children who know Me will turn to Me for comfort, concern, direction and solutions, relying completely upon Me and My spiritual help instead of seeking their own meager solutions.  Sometimes it's their own meager emotions, attitudes and actions that the devil uses to get them into trouble.  And when they become self reliant they are accessing the devil's oppositional ways instead of  accessing My spiritual and workable solutions. (Matthew 5:44-48)
    As an example, the selfish, human way is to do evil in return for an evil act done to you, returning as much hurt to the person as the person hurt you.  That is called vengeance. (Romans 12:19-21) When you do that, the devil gives you a sense of satisfaction that you hurt the person who hurt you.
   My way is the opposite.  When you come to Me for My comfort instead of acting out of your own emotions, I tell you to do what Jesus said to do when someone does an evil act to you.   I say that you should do something good in return to that person.  When you do, the blinders come off of your own eyes which caused you to only be focused on yourself.  In that action of doing good, I sweep in with My angels and we bring kindness, unity, love and peace to the situation because you have performed an action from heaven instead of from hell.
    I cannot work in an atmosphere where evil exists.  I can only work in an atmosphere where good exists.  Why?  Because there is no evil in my house.  I threw the devil out of My heaven because of his evil deeds.  I saw his propensity to spread his evil.  My children who return evil for evil done to them are participating in spreading his evil in the world and even multiplying it. (Matthew 12:35-37) When My children return good for the evil done to them, they are stopping the spread of evil in the world and instead they are spreading My good in the world. In doing good to others, they become less self centered and become more loving to others, just like I am. (Matthew 5:38-42) The blinders come off because your vision is enlarged as you have refused to do what evil tells you to do.  Your surroundings are enlightened and you see the needs of others instead of only seeing your own needs. The bonus is that you see My works done in the situation and you rejoice that My good prevailed.
    When you participate in returning evil for any evil deed done to you, you are inviting the devil to do more of his evil in the situation.  When you refuse to return evil for the evil done to you, returning good instead of evil, you participate in spreading My kingdom of goodness in the earth. (Romans 12:17-18)
    Blinders separate you from Me and My kindness.  Blinders separate you from others.  Blinders fall off of your eyes when you return good for evil done to you and you see My salvation in the matter. (John 9:25-26) Then you will rejoice on earth as the angels and I rejoice in heaven.
    Love, God     

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Dear One,
    In the beginning My plans were that My children would have heaven on earth just like I have in My heaven.  The first man had heaven on earth because he never had to battle with any enemies because there were none.  The earth, with its bounty, was watered with a mist that came from the earth.  There was every good thing that I provided for him.  Instead of having rain, which you have that can occasionally cause occasional devastation, flooding, fires caused by lighting, etc., my provision of the mist provided a perfect amount of water for the vegetation that I created.  Everything was blessed and flourished. (Genesis 1:26-31) There were no curses upon the earth until the first man allowed the devil to enter his heaven on earth.  The devil cursed the first man, his wife and the earth.  Everything in the earth became cursed by the devil instead of it continuing to be blessed by Me. (Genesis 3:12-19)
    I chose a man, Abraham, because of his ability to hear My words and believe them, chose him to be the fleshly human line through which My Son Jesus would be born into the world in order to become the Savior of the world, dying for the sins that the devil caused My children to commit. (Galatians 3:6-7) My Holy Spirit was My blood line inside of Him.  Because His flesh was from Abraham's fleshly heritage and His blood and Spirit were from me, He was known as Son of man and Son of God.  He was Me living in a human body.
    My plan was that Jesus would usher in a new unity between My children and Me, one that would enable My children to again personally hear from Me in order for Me to teach them how to rid their world of the works of the devil.  My plan was that the relationship between My children and Me would again be like it was in the beginning when Adam and I communed like Father and child.  Jesus did His ministry that I called Him to do, and then after He came to live again with Me in heaven, He sent into the earth the same Holy Spirit who gave Him the power to defeat the works of the devil through Jesus while He was in the earth, and My Spirit gives My children the authority to be efficient managers of the earth just like Adam was in the beginning. (I John 3:8)  My plan was that My children would take back the earth from the devil and return their lives to the utopia that it was in the beginning of the earth by hearing My personal words to them and following them. (Romans 8:14-17)
     Jesus made My plan clear when He said that when He cast satan out of the life of a person by the finger of God,  then My kingdom comes onto the life of that person.  In other words, blessings of My kingdom of heaven are restored upon that person. My finger is the Holy Spirit.  Jesus made that proclamation after He cast a demon out of a man. (Luke 11:20-28)  Jesus said that the people who hear His words and keep them are blessed, which was the strategy behing Me sending My Spirit into the earth to live with in people, so that they will listen to Me and take My advice on how to rid their lives of the works of the devil. (I John 3:8)  My strategy was that My Holy Spirit would give My children the wisdom and power to again receive My blessings which I had created for them from the foundation of the world.
    So can you see from the words of Jesus that My intent was that My Holy Spirit would give to My children to power to be constantly connected to Me and My power, because they have chosen to have My Spirit live in them; plus, they would follow My wisdom and knowledge and insight which coaches My childen on how to inherit My kingdom while they live in the earth.  My Spirit wants to restore what was lost by the first man when he allowed the satanic alien spirit to corrupt him and his world.
    I love My creation.  I love My children.  I delight in them when they hear from Me and find how to inherit My blessings while they live in the earth, the ones that I gave to the first man after I created Him.
    Jesus taught extensively about the keys of My kingdom of heaven, how to cause the blessings to become part of the lives of My children.  He said that revelation knowledge from Me to you through My Holy Spirit will show you the keys that open every heavenly storehouse where I have your kingdom inheritance stored. He will show you how to eliminate every barrier that satan has caused you to place in the way that blocked Me from being able to deliver your blessings to you, the blessings which are already yours. 
    That is what the father of the prodigal did when the rebellious son returned to the family of his father.  The father opened all of the treasures of his family and gave them back to the son who had turned from his riotous ways and returned to the ways of his father.  That's you and that's Me.  When you turn to Me, seeking the keys of My kingdom and seeking to become like Me, hearing My words to you and following them, then My rich blessings of heaven are received by you because they belonged to you from the beginning of the world.  They were bound from coming to you because you bound yourself to the devil and his works.  The devil's curses were loosed upon you when you bound yourself to him.  My blessings are loosed upon you when you bind yourself to Me.  Matthew 16:19) 
    You have the will to choose My ways and live the abundant life while in the earth.  It is My pleasure to give you My kingdom and all of its benefits.  Make it your pleasure to hear My personal words to you and follow My advice.  When you do choose My ways, you will have heaven on earth.
    Your Strategy Fulfilling Father        

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Dear One,
    My universal invitation to troubled people is to come to Me if they are heavy laden and I will give them rest. (Matthew 11:28-30)  That is My promise to those people who are plagued with problems, worries, family squabbles, conflicts, depression and oppression.  My promise is that I WILL give you rest for your soul, the kind of rest spoken of by David when he said that I make you to lie down in green pastures and restore your soul. (Psalm 23:1-2)  Your part is that you must come to Me completely, willing to hear My instructions, My wisdom and My insight.  You must be willing to trust Me for the right solutions instead of continuing in your own limited earthly ways. 
      Part of the solution that leads to complete rest is that must you let Me lead you in the paths of righteousness which means you let Me change your ways into My ways, your thoughts into My thoughts, your attitudes into My attitudes, your actions into My actions which are much higher and more effective than your ways, thoughts, attitudes and actions.  (Psalm 23:3) If you come to Me with a problem and give Me the problem but you continue in your old contentious ways, it is impossible for Me to work in the troublesome situation.
      Your ways in the earth must coincide with My ways in heaven or there is no agreement between heaven and earth for rest to come to your soul.  If I perform a miracle in your life by taking a burden completely off of you; but if you continue in your strife-filled ways, you invite the bad spirits from hell back into the situation and you keep inviting curses from hell into your life because you have not changed to My righteous ways. 
      Every time Jesus taught about My eagerness to answer your prayers, He taught that you must do good to others as you would have them do to you, or He taught that you must love others as I love you, or He taught that you must forgive others, or He taught that you must bless others who persecute you, or He taught that you must turn the other cheek instead of striking back, or that you must never return evil for evil done to you.  He always promised that I would do great and wonderful things for you according to your faith.  Your faith always includes doing righteous works that come from your faith in Me. (James 2;17-18)
     Your works of righteousness, which come from being a reflection of Me, are not what moves Me to answer your prayers.  I answer your prayers before you even ask.  My angels immediately deliver the answers to your prayers.
The problem is that they cannot work in situations when you are displaying the personality of the devil by being unforgiving, filled with anger, hate, contention and division.   Those attitudes form a barrier around you so that the answers to your prayers are held at bay until there is a change in the spiritual atmosphere by your displaying My righteous nature.  They work in surroundings that are peaceful. (Isaiah 59:1-2)
     Do I refuse to answer your prayers unless you are good?  Heaven forbid.  If that were true I would not be able to answer any of the prayers of My children.  It is by faith in Me that your prayers are answered.  They are answered before you ask.  BUT, what slows their entry into your life or what even stops the answers from being manifest are the works of evil which proceed from your mouth and from your attitudes.  Those are the barriers that stand between you and the answers to your prayers, not Me.  It is your continuing to be yoked to the works of the flesh which are opposite from the works of My Spirit.  Those are the attitudes which block your blessings from coming into your life. (Galatians 5:19-25; James 4:1-11)
     If you really want rest for your soul, you will yoke yourself completely to Me, so eager to have your prayers answered that you will begin to think like Me, speak like Me and act like Me.  When you are bound to Me, you will act like Me.  When you are bound to the evil one, you will act like him, allowing him to intercept the answers to your prayers before they are delivered to you.  (Matthew 16:18-19)
     I grieve when My children do not receive the answers to their prayers.  That is why I told you not to grieve My Holy Spirit by speaking bitter words about anyone,   (Ephesians 4;29-32)  When unkind, evil words proceed from your mouth you are sowing seeds in the devil's garden of evil and you will inherit his curses instead of inheriting My blessings from Me. 
     Desiring rest for your soul?  Then come to Me and find rest for your soul by following My leading instead of obeying the devil's temptation to speak and act from bitterness and strife.
     I rejoice when you are able to receive the answers to your prayers.  It delights Me beyond measure.  It thrills me that you took My advice and used the keys of My kingdom, the keys of peace and love.  In fact, all the angels of heaven also rejoice when you inherit what is rightfully yours.  There is a celebration in heaven when you begin to display My righteous actions in the earth because the angels and I know that you will receive the answers to your prayers which are My pleasure to give. (Luke 12:32)
     Your Father of Rest 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Dear One,
    Faith heals My children of diseases.  Fear afflicts My children with mental, emotional, spiritual and physical diseases.
    My faith produces love for other people because I am love.  The devil's fear produces suspicion and contempt for other people because he hates My children.
    Faith includes others in your life, even loving your enemies, doing good to them and blessing them. Fear causes separation from others in your life, excluding others who believe differently than you, causing you to avoid your enemies, tempting you to make war with others instead of making peace with them. My true church is inclusive, which is caused by faith;  rather than exclusive, which is caused by fear of others.
    My children who teach fear to others are cooperating with their enemy in his afflictions.  Without revelation of My love as revealed by the Holy Spirit, the problem is that religious rules are based upon fear of Me.  When My children have a revelation of My love for all of the world because Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, then they will become inclusive with their love for everyone because I am inclusive in My love for everyone.  I said that I have not given to My children a spirit of fear, but I did and still do give them a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. (II Timothy 1: 7)
    The reason I said that I have given you first a spirit of power is that the power of My Holy Spirit is needed to cast out a spirit of fear. The reason I said that I have given you a spirit of love is that revealed love also casts out fear.  A sound mind is what is left after a spirit of fear is cast out.  That truth identifies the fact that fear gives to My children an unsound mind.  Many of My children have an unsound mind because of the fear that is fed into them by their religious and political leaders.  They are always expecting bad things to happen to them and to the world instead of using their faith to change the bad things in the world into good things by shedding their love abroad to others and by praying in My Spirit.  
    Fear causes stagnation in the spiritual lives of My children.  It causes them to retreat from Me rather than coming into communion with Me so that they can be healed by My love. Fear petrifies My children, causing them to become detached from the world, just like it did Lot's wife. (Genesis 19:26)  It causes a person's heart to stop beating, just like it did Ananias and Sapphira when Peter accused them of lying to My Spirit.  (Acts 5:4-10) Peter caused fear to consume them and their hearts stopped.  At that point Peter did not know the full truth of My forgiveness and My love.  I had forgiven him for denying me three times and yet he accused others of sinning.  Later in his spiritual growth, he knew the entire truth of My forgiveness.
     When it was written that fear of Me is the beginning of wisdom, it was talking about being in awe of Me which opens a person up to receiving wisdom from Me.  It means that the person has experienced miracles to the degree that the person is in awe of My love and My power and he or she wants to hear My personal words which reveal My love. (Acts 1:7) The word "awe" was misinterpreted and was translated into the world "fear."  When a person is awed by My power and My love, he or she wants to know more about Me, submitting himself or herself to My tutoring in order to know Me intimately, which brings wisdom. 
    Fear does not cause a person to want to get to know Me. Just the opposite.  It causes a person to hide from Me, just like Adam and Eve did in the garden after the devil became their life coach.
    If fear can turn you into a petrified zombie, like it did Lot's wife, and if fear can kill you like it killed Ananias and Sapphira, why would My children want to take fear into their lives, even if it is spoken by their religious and political leaders?   They only welcome fear because of the lies of their leaders who want to enslave them with fear.
    My yoke is easy and loving.  It is not filled with fear and hatred.  I have no resource in My heaven from which to draw fear in order to give it to My children.  There is no fear in My family. The birthplace of fear is hell and the devil uses it to put My children in mental, emotional and physical prison. Do not entertain fear in your mind.  It is from hell.
    My angels always tell My children not to fear.  Their appearances in the lives of My children are shocking so they always say, "Fear not," when they appear visually so that My children will not be frozen with fear and experience torment in their bodies and minds. 
    Faith always produces soundness of mind.  Fear always produces an unsound mind which produces mental and physical diseases. (I John 4:18-21)
    I am your Father of Love.  Learn the truth about Me and live the abundant life. 
    Your Loving and Kind Father 

Monday, October 19, 2015


Dear One,
    One detriment to My children's lack of faith and belief is the misconception that My heaven is far off in the sky.  I am not apart from you.  I am a part of you.  I live inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit.  I cannot be any closer than inside of you. 
   When you pray in My Holy Spirit, as instructed by Me, the words come from inside of you.  They are the rivers of living waters that were spoken of by Jesus. He said that the waters that He gives will proceed from your innermost belly. (John 7:37-39)  My Spirit wrote through Jude that you should build up yourself on your most holy faith by praying in My Holy Spirit. (Jude 20)
    Another truth that you should believe is the truth that Jesus spoke when He said that My kingdom is at hand, meaning that it is no further away from you than your hand.  (John 10:7-8)  Another confirmation of that truth is when My Holy Spirit wrote that you are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses consisting of the spirits of the redeemed, the spirits of righteous who have been made perfect, also Jesus who mediated a new covenant, His blood, My myriad of angels and Me.  (Hebrews 12:1 and 22-26) He said that you are surrounded by My spiritual house which is filled with power. 
     Therefore, you should be able to enter into My rest if you know that My heaven is around you as well as in you in the person of My Holy Spirit.  
     What more do you need?  I came to earth in the person of Jesus to begin a new covenant with all people who accept Me into their lives.  The old covenant with Abraham became null and void when the purpose for My covenant with them was over.  I chose Abraham through whom his fleshly human line would come the Son of Man but My own blood line would be in the blood of Jesus.  That is what made Jesus to be God and man, because His fleshly genes came through Abraham's lineage (Mary) but His blood line was from My Holy Spirit.  Remember that My Holy Spirit came upon Mary and created the only person to ever be God and man, Jesus.
    After the ministry of Jesus was completed on earth and He came back to live with Me in My heaven that surrounds you, We sent My promise into the earth, the Holy Spirit.  He came into the earth to live inside of anyone who accepts Him so that they will not only have Me surrounding them in My heaven, but so that I would live in them in the person of My Holy Spirit. My words become your words, My motivations become your motivations, My attitudes become your attitudes and My actions become your actions, as led by My Holy Spirit.
     From the point of your becoming a new creature in Christ Jesus, the only things that can deter your being conformed on the outside into My image as well as on the inside are your believing the temptations of the evil one and your being conformed into his image of destruction to others and yourself.  It happened to Adam and it happened to the descendants of Abraham who perished in the wilderness and went after other gods, obeying the temptations to gripe and moan and groan against Me while all the time the detriment was their own unity with the devil. (Hebrews 3:8-19 It happened again to the descendants of Abraham who did enter into the promised land but while there they did not take My advice.  They intermarried with the inhabitants of that land and replaced Me with their gods.  They broke their covenant with Me.  I never broke My covenant with them.  (Hebrews 4:1-4; 4:10-13)
     The blessings of your inheritance were prepared for you from the foundation of the world.  Access to them is contingent on your staying in unity with me, knowing  that My kingdom is around you as well as in you. and taking My advice given to you in My wisdom and knowledge.
     I am in you.  I live in you.  Take full advantage of the benefits of My promise to you, that of being led by My Spirit and praying in My Spirit, and then everything will be added to you because you have stayed in unity with Me.
     You have My Holy Spirit, your tutor, and you have your Instruction Book, the Bible.  You have everything you need to enter into finding My rest for your soul. 
     Your Loving Father    

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Dear One,
     You have noticed that when your attitudes are bad that you feel bad, your thoughts are bad, your emotions are toxic and your actions toward others are unloving. 
     You have noticed when you walk into a room where people are in strife with each other that their attitudes cause feelings of discomfort to you, making you want to exit the room quickly.  The people are not bad in My eyes, but their attitudes are toxic, summoning bad spirits into the room. If you have a feeling of wanting to exit the room, think what My glorious angels must do.  They cannot stay in the presence of evil, so they must exit the premises until peace becomes the atmosphere in the room, just like it is the atmosphere in My heaven. (Isaiah 59:1-2; 22-25)
      Attitudes are real. They emit powerful feelings.  They are the outgrowth of thinking on negative things, thoughts of revenge, thoughts of anger, judging, condemnation, hatred, conflict, poor me/martyrdom, and other toxic images.
      Jesus was so emphatic about attitudes that they were the first thing that he taught to My children.  He taught that the attitude of mercy in a person will attract mercy to the person who is merciful.  He said that the merciful person will be blessed. Mercy is the opposite of judgment and condemnation.    He said if you sow judgment into your life that you will be judged by others but if you sow mercy into the earth, being merciful to everyone, that you will receive mercy. (Matthew 5:7)
      He taught that humble people, the ones who are poor in spirit, considering everyone equal to themselves regardless of race, nationality, culture, religious beliefs or political beliefs, they are inheritors of My kingdom.  They are not prideful or arrogant, thinking of themselves as being above other people and their beliefs. (Matthew 5:3)
      He taught that those who mourn, suffering from emotional hurts, will be comforted and blessed by the ministry of My Holy Spirit who is the comforter.  I said that I would collect their tears in a bottle, being present with them in their times of distress, comforting them in their afflictions. (Psalm 56:8-10)  People who get angry at Me when bad things happen to them cannot be comforted by Me because I cannot comfort in the presence of angry spirits. (Matthew 5:4) 
      Jesus taught that My children who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled with My righteousness.  He said that they are blessed by My kingdom when they seek Me and My righteousness.  Their attitudes of being hungry and thirsty for Me will cause them to find me because their hunger and thirst are invitations to Me to join into unity with them, filling them with My love.  My angels and I rush into the atmospheres of those who hunger and thirst for Me and we fill them with My wisdom and knowledge which produce righteousness in them. Their attitudes of desiring a one-on-one relationship with Me will fill the atmosphere around them with invitations for Me to fill them with My blessings of revelations, wisdom and knowledge which will produce unity with Me. (Matthew 5:6)
       He taught that the attitudes of the pure in heart, people whose attitudes are neither selfish, nor seeking for riches, nor desiring to rule over others, nor seeking gain from others, nor seeking a special place in My kingdom, nor trying to manipulate Me for their own gain are the ones who see Me in everything because they do not delight in evil.  They delight in Me and My love and they see Me in others, seeing past the outer tough covering and seeing into the hearts of others.  Because of the purity of their own hearts, they see past the flesh in others and see their need for Me.  They are blessed because they see Me in everything, the flowers, the trees, the sunsets, the sunrises, the antics of children, the beauty of snow, the majesty of the mountains, the inventions, the medical discoveries, all of the things that I created to bring pleasure to My children.  The people who are impure in their hearts only see the evil in the world.  They bypass My works in the world and only see the imperfections in others. (Matthew 5:8)
      Jesus taught that My children who make peace and keep peace with everyone are called My children because their attitudes of peace surround them and emulate from them, bringing peace to every situation. They are reflections of My peace and they know that I am the Father of Peace, therefore they cannot participate in turmoil, strife, anger, wrath, rantings, ravings, wars, dissensions, divisiveness, all which invite injuries, killings, destruction and death to My children.  My children of peace are evident because of the peace that is sown in their lives.  There is no turmoil sown into the earth by them.  They are the ones of My children who are recognized as My children because they permeate their lives and their atmosphere with peace.  (Matthew 5:9)
     My children who are persecuted because of their deeds which are from My righteousness will be blessed by Me.  (Matthew 5:10-11) The righteous are those who turn the other cheek when stricken, those who feed the poor, those who counsel the sad, those who rescue the defenseless, those who do good to their enemies, those who bless their enemies, those who pray for their enemies, those who forgive instead of being vengeful, those who are kind, loving, merciful, doing good deeds toward others, those who are joyful even in dire circumstances, those who sow peace instead of turmoil and competition, those who are good to the people who ridicule you when you refuse to fight back, those who are kind and merciful even to the people who are caught in the worse kinds of iniquities,  Those are the people who become blessed because they attract goodness to themselves by thinking and acting out of My righteous character because the attitudes of My Spirit have become so real in their lives. (Galatians 5:22-23) 
     Jesus said that your reward is in heaven when you act in the world just like I act in My heaven, being merciful and forgiving, always erasing the sins of others in your own mind. (Matthew 5:12)
      When Jesus told you to have those attitudes, often called the Beatitudes, he was cluing you into the attitudes which invite My blessings into your life.  He was telling you how to inherit My blessings into your earthly life instead of inheriting the devil's curses in your life.
      There are two kingdoms in operation in the earth, My kingdom of love and the devil's kingdom of curses.  Always choose to possess My attitudes of righteousness and you will sow seeds into My kingdom, inheriting the blessings of My kingdom which are My good pleasure to give to you. (Luke 12:32)
      Choose between your thoughts, choosing only the thoughts that come from love and you will not become stagnant or even moving backwards in your spiritual growth.  My Holy Spirit is inside of you to strengthen you and guide you.  Listen to Him and then take His advice.
       Your Father of Blessings         

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Dear One,
     My ways are always productive.  Let Me repeat.  MY WAYS ARE ALWAYS PRODUCTIVE.  The ways of the flesh, which are the devil's ways, are always destructive. 
     My effective ways always sound ridiculous to My children.  When I said through Jesus to love your enemies, it was completely opposite from what was customary to do at the time.  It is now considered opposite to what is considered customary in your time.  Yet, My ways always work to your good.  Loving and doing good to your enemies produces the end to strife and the eventual result is that you gain new friends plus My works are glorified as being productive.
     My Holy Spirit said through James that when you are tried by the devil with an unpleasant circumstance or situation that you should count it all joy because the fact is that the evil one is trying your faith.  It means that he is trying to get you off of your faith in Me and into his emotions of dread, worry and fear so that he can curse your life.  (James 1:1-3)  The reason for his bringing a trying situation into your life is because he knows that something wonderful is on the horizon for you and he wants to get you into his territory of fear, worry and dread so that he can intercept your blessings that I have prepared for you. 
     My antidote for the devil's emotions of fear, worry, dread and fretting is for you to always recognize his temptations as ways to suck you into his thought and attitude patterns and off of your faith and joy.  BUT, if you remain joyful in your faith in Me, steadfast, unmovable, then his evil works are thwarted and the end result is that you will collect an abundance of your inheritance because there is power in My joy.  By remaining joyful, you have refused to leave Me and join with the devil's evil ways.   
      My joy is strength.  Love is powerful and joy is also powerful or I would not have said that joy is strength.  (Nehemiah 8:10) My Spirit said that your steadfastness, which is faith in Me which is shown by your having joy, will produce perfection and completeness, and you will be lacking in nothing.  Joy draws on the patience that is inside of you in the fruit of My Spirit.  Joy emulating from you says that you have faith that I will do what I promised to do, which is to make you an overcomer instead of a failure, a survivor instead of a victim.  Joy says that you know Me in whom you have believed, and you are persuaded that I will do what I promised.  (II Timothy 1:12)
     When you count it all joy in a trying situation, it means that you believe in My perfect outcome because you have brought Me into the situation by praying and you will not be moved off of your faith.  It means that you know that the outcome of the trying situation will work for your good because I promised that it would. (James 1:4)  Being steadfast in joy means that the outcome will be glorious because you believe My promises to be yes and amen, so be it.
     In trying situations a good way to count it all joy is to review the miracles that I have done in your life, going over them one by one in your mind until joy rises up and overtakes any doubt that has crept into your mind in order to rob you.  Joy will produce good results because joy is a fruit of My Spirit, one of My personality traits that is resident inside your spirit as an outgrowth of having My Holy Spirit inside of you.   As you review My miracles, the image of My power is multiplied in your mind instead of the devil's debilitating powers of fear, dread and worry. You will remain an overcomer if you will count it all joy when the devil tries to rob you of your faith in Me.
     Sing your joy, shout your joy, declare your joy, proclaim your joy to the heavens.  Do it until My promises are fulfilled.  Those declarations of your joy are your professions of faith in Me and they are loud annoyances in the ears of the devil who must flee when you resist his temptations to become fearful, worrisome and fretful.
    When trying situations occur in your life, count it ALL joy instead of becoming unsteady in your faith which results in fearful, worrisome and poor-me speaking.   
    Joy always produces wonderful results in your favor because I am your joyful Father who loves to bring joyful things into your life. 
    Your Joyful and Loving Father 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dear One,
    Very few of My Children would start to build a beautiful home and stop in the middle of it, abandoning it and leaving it unoccupied by the family which would bring life to the dwelling.  Those who do abandon the house cheat themselves and their families of the pleasures and beauty of the finished home if they allow something to cause them to stop in the middle of building and abandon it.
    That happens to My dwelling places in the earth, which are the lives of My children.  Sometimes My children invite Me into their spirits, allowing Me to bring My new Life into their own lives, and then they unknowingly, because of lack of discernment, allow alien spirits to invade their minds.  Those spirits form barriers between us. cutting off communion between us.  Then My dwelling places in the earth are abandoned, causing My children to become stagnant in their spiritual growth, which stops My ability to distribute My characteristics in the earth of love, joy, peace and goodness.  We talked about how unrevealed fundamentalist religious teaching and strife-filled political rhetoric cause stagnation in My children.  There are other demonic thoughts, attitudes and actions which also put barriers between My children and Me which cut off the work of My Holy Spirit in My dwellings in the earth.  I said that My children are the temples of My Holy Spirit, My dwelling places in the earth just like Jesus was. 
    Some other aliens which invade the thoughts of My children are temptations to do evil to My other children, people whom are often considered religious, social, racial, cultural or political enemies.  They are not My enemies.   Why should they be your enemies?  That is why Jesus taught you to love your enemies, to do good to them, to forgive them, to bless and not curse them, to turn your cheek if they hit you, to give more to them than they require, to forgive them for everything they do against you, to pray for them instead of become vengeful toward them.  (Luke 6:27-38) Any thought that comes into your mind to strike back at others, to return evil for evil done to you, to be vengeful, to refuse to share your bounty with others, to kill someone who robs from you, to do evil deeds to those who do evil deeds to you, all of those thoughts, motivations and actions are not of Me and they stop the building of My temple within you.  When you entertain those thoughts and act upon them, you have left Me and you have joined with another father, the father of evil. (Galatians 3:1-3)  Then My beautiful dwelling place in the earth has been abandoned and you become stagnant in your spiritual growth.  Actually you have regressed backward toward the cursed life that you had in the past instead of progressing toward being My children of love and peace in the world. 
     Learn to identify and discern the motivations to retreat from Me, whether they come by thoughts put in your mind by the devil or by other humans, people who have become joined with the father of evil but who still profess to know Me.  They have left Me and joined with other gods.
     My Holy Spirit will discern the thoughts which invade your mind which are alien to My ways.  Some are listed in My Instruction Book and are called the works of the flesh.  They are: immorality, impurity, idolatry, vanity, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, envy, selfishness, dissension, divisive political sects, carousing, drunkenness and other temptations which cause you to do evil works to My other children.  I encourage you to do good instead of evil to others as led by My Holy Spirit.  He leads you to love others, to bring peace to tumultuous situations, to be joyful even in troubling situations, to always do good to everyone, even your enemies, to desire to do kind works to others,  to always be merciful, forgiving everyone who wrongs you, to be faithful to your words and to be patient with everyone because I am patient with you.  (Galatians 5:16-26)
      My constant building of My dwelling place within you will produce the fruit of My Holy Spirit.  When you listen to Him, all alien temptations will be identified and cast into hell because they are meant to cause stagnation and regression in your spiritual growth.  If not identified and cast out, you will find yourself separated from Me and My wonderful blessings. (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
     Your choices never end.  Either you will love Me and follow My ways or you will retreat from Me and follow the tempting voices in your mind to follow after what the alien spirits offer, which are deceptive curses.  They look like benefits but they are death to your spiritual, emotional and physical life.
    You have a free will to choose.  Use it to always choose My ways, which are never the ways of the demonic prince of the world.  My ways are diametrically opposed to his ways.  His ways are of hatred and fear.  My ways are of love and peace.  Discern all thoughts; keeping the ones that are of peace and love.   Reject the ones which are of fear and hatred. 
    I am your good Father of blessings.  Choose My ways and live.
   Your Loving, Blessing Father      

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Dear One,
    We talked about the fact that I am life and My life in you involves movement toward a goal of becoming intimately acquainted with Me so that you will become the image of My character of love in the earth.  There are evil things which tempt you to become stagnant or even move backwards instead of moving more and more toward Me.  Fear, strife, conflict, anger, jealousy, envy, dissension, division and other negative emotions are the emotional weights that cause you to become stagnant or even cause you to lose ground in your spiritual growth.  My children need to know their enemy and avoid participating in his works immediately upon being exposed to them, which comes either from the mouths of others or from his temptations in your own mind.
     Mental fear, strife and conflict are his most deceptive weapons against you.  Two of the avenues through which he introduces fear, strife and conflict into your life are religion and politics.  Unrevealed fundamentalist religious teachings will bring fear of judgment into your life, causing you to fear Me, fear judgment, fear other religions, fear end time prophecies and fear condemnation. Those teachers do not know Me and do not know the revealed scriptures because they rely upon their own meager interpretations or the teachings of other people instead of relying upon My Holy Spirit and His truth.  They enslave people with fear and say they are doing it in My name.  It should not be so.   If any teaching causes fear in your mind or judgment and condemnation for others, those teachings are lies sent from the devil to cause you to spread his bad news of fear and destruction instead of My good news of love and forgiveness. (Hebrews 2:14-15)  Jesus identified the people who spread fear and destruction in His day of walking the earth as Pharisees.  He did not say they were blessed, he said woe unto them for what they do to My children.  My children who have bound themselves to the father of woes will inherit his woes.
     Strife, conflict, division, dissension, domination and anger are other weapons used by the father of evil which causes My children to become stagnant in their quest in search of My righteousness.  Publicans, who were political office holders,  and scribes and Sadducees, the keepers of the religious laws in the time of Jesus, were the people whom Jesus said were spreaders of bad news in His day.   They added additional burdens to the lives of My children rather than relieving them of their burdens.  They used laws to unjustly punish My children rather than using My instructions through the laws to relieve people of the burdens caused by strife, conflict, division, anger and dissension.  They delighted in causing strife and conflict to further their own political views instead of coming to Me, learning My ways and relieving people of the reasons for their strife and conflict which is and has always been because of their obeying the temptations of the devil. 
     Many of your politicians today are unknowing ambassadors of satan in the earth rather than wise and kind discerners of the national laws which are sent to protect My children from evil actions of satan.  You can recognize them by their fruit of anger, conflict, accusations, corrupt communication, ranting and raving about their hatred for others.  They are deceived; and because of that deception they spread evil into the world.  If you bind yourself to them by listening to their strife filled rhetoric, you will become stagnant in your quest to know Me.  You will switch loyalties from Me to the political demons and their destructive ways.  Then you will wonder when you left your peaceful union with Me.  If you bind yourself to those politicians you will attract the woes to you about which Jesus talked.  (Matthew 18:78; Matthew 23:23-24)
     You will either be blessed by My good works for you because you have yolked yourself yourself to Me, or you will be cursed with the woes of the political and religious leaders who have deceived you with their fear and anger which lead to conflict and wars.  Jesus taught you to do what I do, bless those who curse you, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, and he taught many other of My ways which allow you to collect your inheritance of blessings.  (Luke 6:27-38; James 4:1-4)
     Continue on the straight way of knowing Me intimately, becoming so in unity with Me that you will become My righteousness in the earth, blessed beyond measure.   Then people will know Me through you and glorify Me as the loving Father that I am.  
     Your Loving, Forgiving Father  

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Dear One,
    My family is never static.  It is always moving spiritually toward a goal of becoming light, the reflection of My love in the earth.  That powerful movement forward is caused by My children constantly tapping into My wisdom and My knowledge.  Because My revelations bring change, they always cause positive emotional and spiritual changes in My children. There is no static, only movement because life is always movement.  I am movement because I am life.  Life is always growing, moving toward a goal. 
    Because emotional and spiritual changes accompany every unveiling, every revelation and every word of wisdom and knowledge from Me to you, there also comes physical changes in My children because they more and more become My light in a dark world.  Their spiritual DNA changes but their physical DNA changes, too, because their bodies react to the spiritual changes in their minds.  They become molded more and more into My image in the earth, presenting to the earth My true nature, the nature of love.   Old things pass away and all things become new. (II Corinthians 5:17-21)  Salvation is not a one time thing when you are originally born of My Spirit.  That is only the small measure of faith that is talked about in My Instruction Book.  That is only the beginning, the starting point, the launching point that I created.  (Romans 12:3) That is when the movement begins toward Me, becoming My image in the earth, the dispensers of My love.
    There are things that happen that come from the evil one in an effort to cause My children to remain static or even to move backward toward old habits or mind sets.  The enemy cannot stand for My children to become changed into love because love is the only thing that totally defeats him.  I said that love covers or overcomes a multitude of sins, snuffing them out by robbing the sins of their power over my children.(I Peter 4:8)   When the temptations come to cause My children to become stagnant or move backwards toward old mental habits and negative thoughts, My mercy and forgiveness is always in full force toward that child.  I wait patiently for the return to My love so that My child will again move forward with speed toward being led by My Spirit into the rewarding paths of righteousness where My blessing flow like the rivers of living waters that were promised by Jesus.  
    Living waters flow.  They don't remain stagnant.  Living waters become more and more clean and clear as they flow.  Purity and clarity become their properties instead of being cloudy and muddy. The purity is produced by the constant flowing, the movement of the water toward a goal.  When the goal is to be more like Me, to be conformed into My image, then the waters of My Holy Spirit will gracefully usher you toward that magnificent goal. (John 7:38-39)  Your thoughts will change, your attitudes will change, your speech will change and your actions will change, not because I insist upon it ,because I never insist.  They will change because you have come to intimately know Me and because you have spent time with Me, hearing My voice and becoming enlightened by My words.  By spiritual osmosis you will become My reflection, My light in the earth.
    If you feel that you have begun to become stagnant or moving backwards toward the old motivations of the flesh, make the conscious choice to return to Me with a greater degree of determination to seek Me and My righteousness.  That will be a declaration to the evil one what you are serious about your quest to become intimately acquainted with Me and to be conformed into My image, the image of love.
     Rather than struggling to seek the answers to your prayers, only seek to have fellowship with me and seek to become transformed into My image.  Then all things will be added to your life, all of My blessings and all of My inheritance that I created for you.  Jesus told the people of His day that you must not toil and spin by frantically seeking the answers to your prayers for food, for prosperity, for earthly gain, but that you should seek Me and also seek to become My righteousness and then everything that I have will be added to your life. All of your needs, wants and desires will be met.  The added bonus is that you will know Me and My love which you will admit is much more valuable than diamonds, rubies, gold and silver. (Matthew 6:25-34)
      Move toward Me with greater intensity and desire every day in your quest to know Me.  Paul said that his greatest desire was to become so intimately acquainted with me that he would be conformed into My image, dying every day to the temptations of the flesh which the devil uses to tempt you to move away from Me by dwelling on negative emotions rather than your moving toward Me with the intent of knowing Me deeply and intimately. I have everything necessary to satisfy your soul.  It is My Love.
      Your Loving Father            


Dear One,
    The answers to your prayers were prepared for you from the foundation of the world.  That is what Jesus said, that My children who are conformed to My love and love others as I love them will be inheritors of My kingdom which I prepared for them from the foundation of the world. (Matthew 25:24-40)
     The disciples of Jesus asked Him what they did to inherit all of My kingdom and he said that what you do to the least of the brethren, the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, the lonely, the naked and the prisoners, that you are doing the same to Me.  Jesus confirmed the love commandment that was to come after He rose from the dead and taught that you should love others as I love you.  He said that all religious laws are fulfilled when you love others with My love.  (John 13:34)
      My Spirit said through Paul that even if you speak in tongues, have prophetic powers and have faith to move mountains, give everything you own to the poor and give your body to be burned for your religion, that if you do not have My love for others that you are nothing and will gain nothing. (I Corinthians 13:1-3)
     Love must flow from you and your revelation of My love, flowing constantly to others and it is the light that shines from you that identifies you as My child.  Love is the invisible password that opens the windows of heaven and commands the angels to bless you in all that you do.  
     You must dwell upon My revelation of the actions that stem from My love which are: patience, kindness and goodness.  He said love does not insist on its own way, is not envious or jealous, is not boastful, is not irritable or resentful, is not vengeful, does not rejoice at someone's ill fortune but only rejoices when right prevails.  He said that love believes all things that My Spirit teaches, bears up under the sins of others and endures all things without grumbling and griping.
(I Corinthians 13:4-7).
      My Holy Spirit even went further when He wrote through Paul that when you are rooted and grounded in My love, then I am able to do for you exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think or even imagine, according to My power of love in you.  (Ephesians 3:30)  Love is the password to keep My windows of heaven open so that the wonderful things that I created for you from the foundations of the world will come upon you. 
     I said that My mercy endures from the foundation of the world.  My mercy for My entire creation never ends.  It is constantly in perfect working order.  Let your love and mercy for others be in constant working order.  When you do, you will stand still and see My salvation in everything that you do.
     Faith without love working through you is dead. (Galatians 5:6; James 2:17)
     I provided both My love and My faith in you through My indwelling Holy Spirit.  It is His working of faith and His working of love in you that causes you to inherit My kingdom, which is My pleasure to give. (Luke 12:32) 
      Your Loving, Faithful Father 

Monday, October 12, 2015


Dear One,
    I have never changed.  Only the revelation of My character has changed in the minds of My children.  I am merciful, not judgmental. (Psalm 89:1-2) I have always been merciful instead of judgmental.  Not until Jesus came to the earth did it become apparent to My children that it was a lie that that I am both good and bad, doling out judgment as well as mercy.  That belief has cursed My children since the foundation of the earth when Adam allowed the devil to invade the earth and teach lies about My character. The devil is the being who doles out judgment upon My children because I judged him and threw him out of My heaven.  Vengeance is in his heart and the only way he can get back at Me is to bring judgment upon my children.  Using religious laws to judge My children brings him his greatest pleasure because he knows that religion without revelation teaches that I am the judge and that I bring destruction upon My children. 
     When Jesus came into the earth to show My real personality, that of Love, there should not have been any more questions in the minds of My children that I am merciful, loving, forgiving, good and kind.  There are no examples of Jesus being judgmental other than to the devil and his works when He healed the sick, comforted the brokenhearted, set people free from demonic bondage and when He died for the sins of the whole world.  Jesus said if the people had seen Him that they had seen Me.  They saw mercy and forgiveness, not judgment and condemnation. 
     Jesus taught that the merciful inherit mercy.  In other words, when a person is merciful to others that person is acting out of My personality and has sown mercy seeds into My garden, the kingdom of heaven.  That person has sown seeds of mercy and will receive mercy from others in return. (Matthew 5:7)  My mercy is eagerly waiting to reward the people who are merciful to others with works of My mercy in their lives.
    Jesus also taught that if a person judges others that he will be judged. In other words, when a person is judgmental of others that person is acting out of the personality of the devil and that person has sown judgment seeds into the devil's garden of hell and that person will reap judgment into his life by the devil.   The devil is just waiting for My children to judge others so that he can curse their lives with judgment and destruction.
     My children need to listen in their thoughts to My Holy Spirit's gift of discernment. (I Corinthians 1:10)    He reveals which thoughts in their minds are judgmental and which are merciful.  My Spirit gives you the power to resist the judgmental thoughts from hell and embrace My merciful thoughts. (James 4:7) That gift of discernment is often translated by people unwisely in My Instruction Book as judgment but it isn't your idea of judgment and condemnation.  It is being wise in deciding which thoughts are of Me and which are from hell, discerning the difference between the two. (John 5:30; John 8:15)  My Spirit judges between the two of them; in other words, lets you know their origins so that you can refuse the evil thoughts and embrace the merciful, kind thoughts. 
     Because some of My children think that I am their judge, they think that they have the right to judge others.  That is a lie from hell.  Jesus said He does not judge My children and that I do not judge My children. (John 5:22; 8:15)  We are merciful to everyone, the sinners and the righteous, the lawbreakers and the law keepers.  Because of My mercy, I sent My own Son to die for the people who become lawbreakers, those who obey the temptations of the devil.  I know the motivation behind all sins and  it is the devil whom I threw out of My heaven. Because I know the devil is at the basis of all evil, I understand when My children yield to him instead of yielding to me.  That is when My mercy does its full work of blotting out sins from My eyes.  All I see is the pure human spirit of the person, knowing that his or her spirit wants to do good instead of doing the evil when his or her flesh obeys the devil.  Jesus said that I look on the spirits of people, not on their flesh. (John 8:15)
     When My children are born of My Spirit and are baptized in My Spirit, they should become merciful, as I am merciful. (Galatians 5:22-23) They should be finished with judgmental thoughts about others.  Jesus said that what My children do to the least of My other children, they do it to Me. (Matthew 25:34-41)  So when My children judge others, they are judging Me, saying that My mercy is limited. 
    Sow mercy into your garden of life.  You will receiver mercy from everyone.  
    Your Merciful Father

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Dear One,
     In your courts of law a jury is instructed that an accused should not be convicted on the basis of sympathy, prejudice or any other emotional responses to the facts, but the accused must be convicted on evidence that leaves absolutely no doubt in the minds of the jury of the guilt of the accused.  Only jurors who declare that they can be fair and impartial are allowed to be on a jury.
     Can you understand now why Jesus was so clear in his teachings when He said that My children should not in their daily lives judge anyone?  If, even in your courts of law, a person has to be found guilty by all of the evidence which convinces the jurors beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the offense, how can My children make snap judgments about other people merely on their own emotional reactions or the emotional reactions of someone else? My children who judge others do not hear all of the evidence relating to the offense of the person whom they are judging.  They judge by outward appearances, not by the condition of the spirit of the person they are judging.  Jesus said that He judges no one and that I judge no one.  He said that the religious laws of the Israelites judged them because they, themselves, could not keep the old covenant laws yet they judged others by them.
     When Jesus said that My children judge by the outward appearances of people, their race, their religious practices, their politics, their clothes, their 
business practices, their treatment of others, that the judgments are unfair because My children do not know the motivations of the hearts of other people.  He said that I look only on the spirits of people, not the outer part, the flesh.  I see the desires and motivations to be kind to others in their hearts, even though they might be programmed by their families to be unkind to others.  Jesus said it is unkind and unloving to judge others.  He said that you, yourself, will be judged by the same degree of judgment that you give to others, pressed down and running over will men return the same judgment to you because the devil will see that his judgments continue to boomerang back to you.
     What does it mean to look on the spirits of others?  It means that the spirits of all people were declared not guilty of sins when Jesus died for them and was resurrected for them.  He paid the price for the sins of the whole world.  So when you look upon a person, see them as clean and white as snow because you only look on their spirits, not their flesh.  The devil will temp you to look on their outward person with its problems so that you will judge the person and then be judged yourself by others.  But when you look on the spirits of people and see them cleansed by the blood of Jesus, there will be no judgment returned to you, only love and forgiveness from everyone.
     According to Jewish law, Jesus broke two commandments.  He healed the sick on the Sabbath and it inflamed the religious leaders of His day.  They accused Him and His followers of being lawbreakers. (Matthew 12:1-8)  The religious laws required that everyone do nothing on the Sabbath except visit the churches and rest.  Jesus also did not honor His earthly mother when she and his earthly brother insisted that Jesus leave His disciples and fellowship with her and her other children. (Matthew 12:46-50) Jesus refused their request and said that His real family is those who do My will.
    Jesus did not keep all religious laws because in keeping them He would have been limited in His efforts of pouring My love upon people.  The Jewish laws were given to point out the works of the devil.  They are now null and void because the devil uses them to condemn people  The only commandment from Jesus is that you love others as I love you.  When you unconditionally love others all of the religious commandments are fulfilled.
     Jesus' healing the sick on the Sabbath was an act of My love, but it broke a religious law.  His spending time teaching His disciples the truths of My kingdom was from the motivation of My love because His disciples needed to be schooled in the truths of My kingdom and the lies, untruths and half truths of the kingdom of satan. Mary and another of her sons wanted Jesus to put his earthly family above My spiritual family.  She thought he spent an unreal amount of time with His disciples when He was equipping them for ministry.
     Jesus broke two of the religious laws of the time in order to do what I sent Him to do, which was to extend My love to people. 
     The devil uses religious laws to condemn and judge My children.  My children should not yield to his temptation to do the same, which is to judge others according to whether they keep religious laws.  If they do, the devil will see that My children are also judged by the demonic spirits of judgment which use guilt and condemnation to enslave My children.
     Unless you crawl into the flesh of others you cannot judge their actions or reactions even beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the measure in your human courts of law.  I said through My Holy Spirit that the only entity who know the motivations of every person is the spirit of the person. (I Corinthians 2:11-12)  My Holy Spirit discerns the thoughts and intents of the hearts of others and He declares them NOT GUILTY. 
     When you listen to My Spirit and are led by My Spirit, according to the ministry of Jesus who died for the sins of the world you will also declare all people NOT GUILTY in your eyes according to the sacrifice of Jesus.  Remember that He died for the sins of the whole world.  That is how you can forgive others of all sins, trespasses, iniquities and mistakes is to listen to My Holy Spirit,  He teaches you to do what I do, forgive and forget because you have looked on the spirit of the person instead of the flesh and its lawbreaking tendencies.
     The fact that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world is beyond all reasonable doubt.  It is truth.
     Love covers and forgives a multitude of sins. (I Peter 4:8)
     Your Forgiving, Loving Father       

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Dear One,
    I cued Jesus to be very definite about My children refraining from judging other people.  I said through Him that when My children judge others that it invites judgment upon themselves.  That is because of the seed sowing principle that I put in the earth of sowing seeds and reaping a like harvest.  It originally related to vegetable, grain and fruit seeds, but it also covers attitudes and actions of My children.
    You need to know exactly what judging others involves.  First of all, look at your courts of law which were patterned after My heavens.  A jury made up of an accused person's peers is instructed over and over again not to make their judgment of guilt or innocence until they have heard all of the evidence from both the fact witnesses and the expert witnesses.  Fact witnesses give both circumstantial and eye witness testimony.  An expert witnesses gives testimony about the subject matter, giving his or her opinion about the reasons for the crime and how the circumstances of the accused contributed to the crime.  All testimonies must be heard before the jury makes a decision to convict the accused. The decision to convict cannot be made before there is evidence given that might completely exonerate the accused.  The jury cannot decide after only hearing the evidence that accuses the person of a crime.  They have to hear the testimony that is presented by the lawyers who are defending the accused.  The  instruction is given over and over again in every trial in your world that the jury must not make a decision of guilt or innocence until the have heard all of the evidence and the testimonies.
     In everyday life the same principles need to apply.  You must never make a judgment about a person because you have not heard all of the facts relating to a person, his or her background, education, family dynamics, experiences, the circumstances in which an event happened; in other words, the entire situation. But the tendency is to judge and convict a person immediately by appearances or undocumented facts from others. That judgment comes from the whispers of the devil in the ears of My children because he wants to judge and condemn everyone;and if he can entice a human to judge someone else, he gets to judge the entire community because many people are affected by judgmental opinions. 
     So what happens is that you hear about a situation from either another person or the earthly media and you make a snap judgment without hearing any testimony from the accused or from someone who is equipped with facts to defend the person.  You might possibly have believed lies or assumptions from other people when the facts are completely opposite from what you heard, yet you try and convict the accused person in your mind without knowing the truth about the matter. 
     When I said that people have an advocate sent from Me, Jesus Christ the righteous, that means that Jesus is the defending lawyer for everyone whom the devil accuses of committing sins.  He defends everyone and does it perfectly because He and I know all of the facts, all of the motivations, all of the education, and all of the good and bad situations in the backgrounds of the accused people.  The most important fact that we know as expert witnesses, because we see into the spiritual dimensions, is that the spiritual being that is behind all of the evil actions, mistakes, sins, iniquities, transgressions and bad choices is the devil who tempts My children to do his dirty work in the earth.  (John 10:10) Jesus, as the defending lawyer, not only presents an outstanding job of defending the law breakers, but He is the ultimate advocate because He took the place of all offenders and died on the cross for them.  He became the ultimate defense lawyer who takes the place of the accused.  He went to the prison of hell for them or was put to death for them.  He became the payment for the sins of the world, not just for the righteous but for the sins of the whole world.  My verdict between guilt and innocence of people will always be NOT GUILTY.(Romans 5:8-11; I John 2:2)
     I want the verdicts of all of My children to be NOT GUILTY to every accusation that comes to their minds relating to themselves and others.  The tempting thoughts to declare someone guilty is always from the accuser of My children, the devil.  I called him the accuser of the brethren and I said his power would be cast down by the power of My Holy Spirit.  (Revelation 12:10)  It was on the day of Pentecost when I came to earth in the person of the Holy Spirit to live in the lives of My children. 
     Your earthly courts of law will determine the guilt or innocence of people who are accused of breaking earthly national laws.  Leave that duty to them.  But, as far as the accused being accused by Me in the heavenly courts of law, it never happens because the accused have already been exonerated by Me because Jesus took their place in My court of law, went to hell for them, rose from the dead and they are innocent as far as I am concerned because the price has been paid.  They are white as snow.  The crime never happened in My eyes.      
    A person who is falsely accused in the earthly courts, wrongly convicted and serves unjust prison terms is not the only person who suffers from being wrongly accused.  The person's family suffers also.  Neighbors suffer, business associates suffer, their prosperity is diminished and the devil has a hay day in the lives of everyone who know the innocence of the accused.  It takes years to restore the entire family to joyful lives, even after the accused is released from confinement and declared innocent. 
    Think about your judgments of people, even for their races, their religious affiliations, their politics, their looks, their associations, their lack of education, their slovenly ways, their drunkenness, their gluttony, their choice of bodily attire or any other judgment that comes from the accusations in your mind by the devil who is the one who accuses everyone.  Those accusations will come back upon you because you have sown judgment seeds into your garden of life and they will grow judgment for you and your family.
    It is easier to declare everyone not guilty than it is to suffer the judgment that is returned to you by the devil because you have fallen for his temptation to judge others.
    I judge no one and Jesus said He judged no one.   My children should judge no one. (Romans 14:13; John 8:15-16)
     Your Non Accusing, Non Judging, Loving Father