Saturday, October 17, 2015


Dear One,
     My ways are always productive.  Let Me repeat.  MY WAYS ARE ALWAYS PRODUCTIVE.  The ways of the flesh, which are the devil's ways, are always destructive. 
     My effective ways always sound ridiculous to My children.  When I said through Jesus to love your enemies, it was completely opposite from what was customary to do at the time.  It is now considered opposite to what is considered customary in your time.  Yet, My ways always work to your good.  Loving and doing good to your enemies produces the end to strife and the eventual result is that you gain new friends plus My works are glorified as being productive.
     My Holy Spirit said through James that when you are tried by the devil with an unpleasant circumstance or situation that you should count it all joy because the fact is that the evil one is trying your faith.  It means that he is trying to get you off of your faith in Me and into his emotions of dread, worry and fear so that he can curse your life.  (James 1:1-3)  The reason for his bringing a trying situation into your life is because he knows that something wonderful is on the horizon for you and he wants to get you into his territory of fear, worry and dread so that he can intercept your blessings that I have prepared for you. 
     My antidote for the devil's emotions of fear, worry, dread and fretting is for you to always recognize his temptations as ways to suck you into his thought and attitude patterns and off of your faith and joy.  BUT, if you remain joyful in your faith in Me, steadfast, unmovable, then his evil works are thwarted and the end result is that you will collect an abundance of your inheritance because there is power in My joy.  By remaining joyful, you have refused to leave Me and join with the devil's evil ways.   
      My joy is strength.  Love is powerful and joy is also powerful or I would not have said that joy is strength.  (Nehemiah 8:10) My Spirit said that your steadfastness, which is faith in Me which is shown by your having joy, will produce perfection and completeness, and you will be lacking in nothing.  Joy draws on the patience that is inside of you in the fruit of My Spirit.  Joy emulating from you says that you have faith that I will do what I promised to do, which is to make you an overcomer instead of a failure, a survivor instead of a victim.  Joy says that you know Me in whom you have believed, and you are persuaded that I will do what I promised.  (II Timothy 1:12)
     When you count it all joy in a trying situation, it means that you believe in My perfect outcome because you have brought Me into the situation by praying and you will not be moved off of your faith.  It means that you know that the outcome of the trying situation will work for your good because I promised that it would. (James 1:4)  Being steadfast in joy means that the outcome will be glorious because you believe My promises to be yes and amen, so be it.
     In trying situations a good way to count it all joy is to review the miracles that I have done in your life, going over them one by one in your mind until joy rises up and overtakes any doubt that has crept into your mind in order to rob you.  Joy will produce good results because joy is a fruit of My Spirit, one of My personality traits that is resident inside your spirit as an outgrowth of having My Holy Spirit inside of you.   As you review My miracles, the image of My power is multiplied in your mind instead of the devil's debilitating powers of fear, dread and worry. You will remain an overcomer if you will count it all joy when the devil tries to rob you of your faith in Me.
     Sing your joy, shout your joy, declare your joy, proclaim your joy to the heavens.  Do it until My promises are fulfilled.  Those declarations of your joy are your professions of faith in Me and they are loud annoyances in the ears of the devil who must flee when you resist his temptations to become fearful, worrisome and fretful.
    When trying situations occur in your life, count it ALL joy instead of becoming unsteady in your faith which results in fearful, worrisome and poor-me speaking.   
    Joy always produces wonderful results in your favor because I am your joyful Father who loves to bring joyful things into your life. 
    Your Joyful and Loving Father 

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