Saturday, October 31, 2009


Dear One,

You should have empathy for all the people who do not know the truths that you know, primarily the truth that I am love and the truth about My power. They are left to their own devices, which you know never changes things. You should pray that they will have revelation knowledge of My love and My power to change bad things into good.
You must not oppose people who are spiritually ignorant of My true character and the purpose of My power. When you oppose them, you are opposing yourself because you were ignorant of the truths of My love and My power at one time but you thought you were so enlightened.
Being tolerant of an intolerant person is difficult to do, but you must realize that you were intolerant in the past.
When you hear them speak intolerant words from their mouths say to yourself that you also spoke similar words in the past. When you hear people speak judgmental, condemning words, you must remember that in the past you spoke similar words or had similar thoughts.
Pray for revelation knowledge to flood the minds of the intolerant, judgmental and condemning people so that they will become truly enlightened in My ways and become more loving and more powerful in spiritual ways.
Love, God
Ephesians 1:16-21; Ephesians 3:14-20

Friday, October 30, 2009


We enjoy each Holiday with Joy!

Dear One,
Bless those who curse you.
That is a huge order for men to mentally assimilate.
Sometimes you have trouble blessing those who love you, let alone those who curse you.
Can you really get to the spiritual place where you bless those who curse you? Yes, you can,when you understand that blessing them takes away the power of the spirit who is cursing you. Then all the negative power that was poured out on you will diminish and leave the person free of his evil deeds. The result is that you will be free, too, of the effects of the person's curses.
Rejoice when you are given an opportunity to return good for evil and blessings for curses because you have defeated another spiritual enemy and you have restored the person to a place where he can receive blessings himself. You have rescued him from the land of the dead and positioned him in the land of the living. That is a thrilling place for you to be.
Cursing other people means you will reap curses.
Blessings others means you receive blessings from others.
It always works that way. You reap what you sow.
Love, God
Matthew 13:19-23; Matthew 13:31-32; Matthew 5:44-48

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Dear One,
You must realize what negative imaginations can do to you.
They can convince you that something detrimental is about to happen and you will dwell on it, you will begin to expect it to happen, fear will become rampant and then you will agree to its happening; then, voila, it happens. It all began with a negative, fearful image in your mind. Then you added the emotional energy of fear to it. Then your belief in it brought it into being because you believed for it.
Learn to immediately replace negative imaginations with positive ones, the ones for which you are praying. Then add faith in Me to the positive image, prayer and thanksgiving. Faith and patience in prayers will see that the positive blessings will be brought into being.
Your imagination can work for you or against you.
Imagine the best things happening and they will happen.
Love, God
Philippians 4:8; Mark 11:23-24; Matthew 18:19

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Dear One,
Don't question a person's reasons behind his actions. Also, don't question the motive behind the reason. This is none of your business. That is outside of your territorial rights. That right belongs to the person performing the action because it is his territory.
When you engage in invading another person's territorial rights by judging his actions you become like a wild animal who invades the territory of another animal, making the area as your own with every right that the true owner had. That is when domination and control has established itself in you as your god and has enticed you to establish yourself as a ruler over the other person and his area of living. Then you must be responsible for all things which happen in that territory. Do you really want to do that, be responsible for the actions of others by judging their thoughts, attitudes or actions? Surely not.
Leave the actions of others up to them and know that their seed planting will either reward them or it will subtract from their benefits.
You have juries and courts who decide whether a person's actions are right or wrong. They only make a decision after they have fully heard all the evidence from both sides. Then the proper judgment is rendered.
You are neither a court nor a jury. Leave that assessment alone.
Refrain from judging the thoughts, attitudes and actions of others. That is their territory, not yours. Their seed planting will reap what they have planted. It is no concern of yours unless they come to you for guidance.
Stay free of judgement and watch the heavens open up and bless you because of your mercy, love, joy and peace.
Love, God
Matthew 7:1-5; Luke 6:37-38; John 7:34; John 8:15-16;John 12:47

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My Grand Edan and I "Movin and Shaken" on our vacationDear One,
You must be a mover and a shaker. When you pray in the Spirit you move the angels into the right places so they can do the perfect work for you.
When you pray in the Spirit you also release the demons from their negative activity by casting them out of the situation,. Thus the shaking takes place and they remove themselves from things that pertain to you. Then what remains is of Me and My desire will be established in the situation.
So there is moving and shaking taking place as a result of your prayers. You are the movers and the shakers.
Love, God
Jeremiah 1: 9-12; James 1:16-20: Hebrews 12:25-29

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Dear One,
Reveling in My love for you and My daily gifts of miracles is the secret to never losing your first love for Me.
When your spiritual eyes are opened and your spiritual ears are unclogged so that you can perceive the treasures that are yours, then the joy of your first encounter with me is rekindled.
It is a daily occurrence, to stroke the flames of faith by hearing My voice and seeing My works in your behalf. It is the daily communion with me that feeds My life source within you with My words and My insights. That's what true communion is, drinking My blood by hearing
My words of encouragement and also eating my body which is receiving My revelations and insights. They are spiritual food, not the earthly food of your religious communion services.
Your hunger for My wisdom is never fully satisfied because you desire to know Me more intimately every time you come to Me for My instructions and My knowledge. I give them fully for that day, and then more is desired of you as faith grows stronger and stronger. It was the daily manna that sustained the Israelites in the wilderness, and My daily words to you are your manna in life.
I am willing to share everything with you as we reason together. The result is that your love for Me grows stronger and stronger because you more intimately know Me the more you hear My words of love and My words of insight. They are health to your bones and rejuvenating life to your blood.
My love for you never diminishes and your love for Me will continue to grow the more we share our lives with one another.
Love, God
John 6:51-58;Proverbs 3:5-10; Ephesians 1:17-23

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Friday, October 16, 2009


Dear One,
Patience is often the prime key that will usher in the answers to your prayers.
Being patient enough to wait for the inner workings of My angels to perfectly and precisely perform their assigned duties for you is the golden key that opens the chest of treasures that I have for you.
You can put patience aside and demand that things happen in your favor, but then the end result is not favorable. Things are not perfect when you demand immediate results from your prayers.
Faith and patience go together because it is impossible to have real faith without patience. It is impossible to have patience without faith. So you inherit all of your blessings through faith and patience working together.
Faith says that I will answer the prayers and patience says that it may take a while to complete the necessary work for the perfect outcome.
Time doesn't matter when the perfect answers to prayers are manifested in your behalf. When you rejoice with the results, you forget the time element.
Love, God
II Timothy 3:10; Titus 2:2 &3; Hebrews 6:12; James 1:3; II Peter 1:5-8
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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Dear One,
Don't be upset by what people say about you. People are not encouragers by human nature. It takes My Spirit to make people into encouragers and loving counselors. With My Spirit in them, people become dispensers of mercy, love, goodness and kindness. So you are dispensers of those spiritual attributes, mercy, love, goodness and kindness because I live in you.
You must realize that many other people are not spiritually equipped to give encouragement to others unless they have been trained by Me.
You are trained by Me. You know how to let the encouraging words of My Spirit flow from your mouth to bring love and life to others.
Don't dam up the rivers by refusing to dispense encouragement to others. Everyone needs it. Most people thirst for it. Give the waters of encouragement to the thirsty. It will save their lives and you will be sowing seeds of encouragment in the earth.
Love, God
Galatians 5:22; II Peter 1:5-9;

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Dear One,
Guard your emotions and do not let them run away with you. Hang on for dear life.
Your negative emotions are never based upon truth. They are only based on immediate circumstances that might not ever be representatives of true facts.
Emotional reactions that are in response to the emotional upsets of others are frivolous because the emotional actions of the other person may be rooted in selfishness or jealousy or anger or strife rather than being rooted in actuality.
When you refuse to react emotionally, all of the bad situations will vanish because the anticipated reaction did not come to fruition. When your reaction is unemotional, it takes the wind out of the situation and there is no need for anyone else to continue to act emotionally.
When there is reason for concern and intercession prayers, I'll will alert you and you will pray until the concern is resolved. Then time will take care of the rest.
Emotions can get you into trouble.
Vain imaginations always begin with emotional reactions of someone. Don't get caught in that trap.
Do good to those who try to bait you into emotional outbursts. When you turn the other cheek it inflames the demon who started the situation and he has to leave and start a similar situation somewhere else because you have refused to participate in his game.
You are My child, not the devil's child. Play by My game plan, not his.
Love, God
Matthew 5:44; Luke 6:27-36

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our front entrance from '08

Dear One,
If you really want to live My life in the earth, extend the same elements to others that I extend to you. Every person deserves My love, My mercy, My grace and My blessings.
Religious people strive to deserve My mercy, My love and My favor because they think that I only give to those who follow rules and laws. That is erroneous. My blessings are free and easily accessed by anyone who calls upon Me. No one can earn them or work to deserve them because they are freely given.
My blessings are freely given to you, so you should freely give them to others. You can cover the earth with My gifts and watch them change people.
People are starving for the knowledge that they are loved and that they can obtain mercy and grace without the trappings of religion. Let them know the power of My love and the power of my mercy and grace. Let them know that I have the power to defeat their enemies so that they can be free of religious trappings.
Extend My mercy and My grace and My power to people, and then teach them about the benefits of being in unity with Me.
Men only know about religious laws that bind them and judge them. They need to know about My love that frees them. Show My love and teach My love.
Love, God
Romans 8:2; I Corinthians 15:56; Romans 5:8

Friday, October 9, 2009


Dear One,
Division divides and subtracts from your blessings pool.
Multiplying grace multiplies and adds to your blessings pool.
When you extend grace to another person, then seeds of grace are sown in that person. Then it will multiply seeds by the person also extending grace to you and to others. Those people will extend grace also and grace will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.
My advice to My children about letting no corrupt (negative) communication proceed from your mouth but to speak only those words which minister grace (peace) to the hearer is the advice that will multiply the seeds of grace to people in the earth.
When you minister grace in your words and actions, you begin the process of covering the earth with grace.
You know that it all starts with grace and love thoughts toward others. Then it becomes grace and love words and actions.
Sow grace and love in the earth and you will multiply grace and love seeds to be sown by others. Then the work of the Prince of Peace will be truly manifested in the earth.
Love, God
Ephesians 4: 21-31; Habakkuk 2:14

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Dear One,
Divisiveness is a big problem to people.
When you are divisive you disturb the complexion of the spiritual atmosphere around you. you destroy unity and you disturb the ability of your angelic workers to complete their assigned tasks of working to bring good things to you.
When I told you to, as much as is possible, to keep peace with all men, I was telling you that your happiness and your joy depends upon your attitudes of congeniality and respect, always giving forgiveness and grace to everyone with whom you come in contact.
You are My love vessels in the earth. Spread a lot of love around. Determine to be in unity with everyone, bringing peace and joy to everyone and you will be blessed beyond your imagination.
Love, God
Nahum 1:15; I Corinthians 14:13; Ephesians 4:3; II Corinthians 13:11

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Dear One,
Don't take it on!
Don't take on depression. Leave it to depress itself.
Don't take on strife. Leave it to strive against itself.
Don't take on contention. Leave it to contend with itself.
Don't take on judgment. Leave it to judge itself and be cursed.
Don't take on fretting. Leave it to fret itself into a frenzy.
Don't take on jealousy. Leave it to be jealous of itself.
Don't take on worry. Leave it to worry about itself.
Don't take on opposition. Leave it to oppose itself.
Don't take on anything that exalts itself in your mind, canceling out what you know that I have for you. I have all good and perfect things for you.
I have perfect solutions for depression, strife, contention, judgment, fretting, jealousy, worry, opposition and everything else that evil feeds into your mind. I have the answer to everything, so don't take on the negativity that presents itself to your mind every moment of the day. It is there to defeat you by taking away your faith in Me.
Realize that those negative thoughts and emotions come from your enemy who is determined to defeat you. Call him a liar and refuse his negative thoughts.
Speak My words to him and send him to hell where he belongs.
Don't take anything from him.
Instead, take faith and love and mercy and joy and a sound mind from Me and that will replace what your enemy has lied to you about. My words are Truth.
Love, God
Matthew 5;25-34; John 9-11; James 1:17
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Dear One,
"Bless be the tie that binds your hearts in Christian love." Yes, you can be that tie that binds people together in love.
Also, you often can be the wedge that separates people into conflict and strife.
The tie that binds others together in love or the wedge that separates, which do you want to be?
The tie that binds hearts together in love also binds joy and happiness to you, bringing into your life all of the elation of heaven.
When you are the wedge that separates into conflict and strife it binds sadness and depression to you and that's what you will reap.
I am the original tie that binds hearts together in love. My Holy Spirit in you and in the earth accomplishes that mission when you allow him to do it.
The original wedge that separated men into conflict was satan, and his demons do that in your life when you yield to their temptations. They love family conflicts because that fulfills their assignment from satan.
Pray for a binding cord of love to encircle your family and their families and everyone with whom you come in contract, creating a quilt of hearts which will comfort all people and bless everyone involved. You are the beginning of the cord of love when My Holy Spirit is at work in you.
Become a tie that binds, not a wedge that separates.
Love, God
Matthew 5:43 & 44; Matthew 22:37-40;Luke 6:27-36

Monday, October 5, 2009


Dear One,
When Jesus proclaimed that, "It is finished," he was proclaiming that the power that satan had over people in the earth was finished. Jesus knew what He was going to send the Holy Spirit into the earth to live in men and that His power to overcome the works of the devil would be available to all men who choose to welcome Him into their lives .
He was saying that the power of disease was finished.
He was saying that the power of despair was finished.
He was saying that the power of depression was finished.
He was saying that the power of anger was finished.
He was saying that the power of strife was finished.
He was saying that the power of jealousy was finished.
He was saying that the power of domination was finished.
He was saying that the power of discord was finished.
He was saying that the power of judgment was finished.
He was saying that the power of conflict was finished.
He was saying that the power of addiction was finished.
He was saying that anything that plagued men and made them defeated was robbed of its destructive power. He was saying that the authority in the earth was returned to men like it was in the beginning.
Don't resurrect anger, strife, jealousy, domination, discord, judgment, conflict, addiction, disease or despair by yielding to them, thus giving them authority to defeat you in your life.
When I say, "It is finished.," IT IS finished. Finale. Finis!
Decide to let satan's power be finished in your life and then the sacriice of Jesus will have done its valuable work.
Love, God
John 17:3-4; John 19:30; I John 3:8

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Dear One,
When you provide the prayers and faith, which is actually the open door to the earth, and when I provide the power and the angels, yes, we can do anything.
Less is required of you than is required of Me, but your part is necessary for Me to have the permission and the impetus to work in any situation in the earth.
Don't forget that the power that I gave to you in the person of the Holy Spirit is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and defeated satan in hell. So, with your earthly spiritual power and My heavenly power combined, the two of us working together can do anything and everything.
The power of your faith plus the authoritative and dynamite power inherent in Me are unbeatable.
We can get anything done.
Love, God
Romans 8:11; Ephesians 1:19-23; Ephesians 6:12; Philippians 3:8; Matthew 18:19

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dear One,
Operate or cooperate.
You can try to operate in the world as one person, self sufficient and self reliant, or you can cooperate in the world with other people and increase your operational ability.
Spiritually when you oppose people you are operating as a sole entity and you are limited because you have a limited supply of spiritual helpers to assist you.
Spiritually when you cooperate with people rather than opposing them, then you incorporate their spiritual helpers to assist your spiritual helpers to work toward answering your prayers. Answering your prayers is My major goal and the major goal of your angelic helpers. They rejoice when there is additional help afforded to them by your cooperating with other people.
All armies rejoice when there is an additional influx of soldiers to assist them. It is the same in the spiritual realm, rejoicing when cooperating angels arrive to assist.
There is always an area in which you can agree with others, cooperating with them. Then your cooperating angels can work out every solution.
I called it agreement in the scriptures.
You can think of it as cooperation.
Find an area of agreement with all men and you will see wonderful benefits.
Love, God
Matthew 5:25 & 26; Matthew 18:19 & 20; John 17:11

Friday, October 2, 2009


Dear One,
Do you have questions that are unanswered?
Do you have curiosity about spiritual matters?
I never told My children that anything was unanswerable. I told them to ask, seek and knock and it will be opened to you. I didn't say some things. I said all things will be open to you.
So you must ask, seek and knock and when the door is opened then you step through to the world of knowledge and insight.
My words of knowledge and wisdom are two of My gifts I give to you through the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of Truth and Jesus said He would reveal all truth to you. Jesus said the Holy Spirit would take what is mine and reveal it to you.
I enjoy your curiosity and your eagerness to learn all of the knowledge and wisdom I have for you. It enriches your life. I am your Father and I never withhold anything from you that will enrich your life.
I don't pour out My Truth upon all humanity because there are those who are not ready for it and they would trample on it. That's why I said I will give truth to those who ask, seek and knock. Then they will treasure what I reveal and incorporate it into their lives.
I love our chats together when you sit with Me and ask Me for My advice and insight into matters which concern you. All fathers love those times. I look forward to them with eager excitement, ready to share with you things that you want to know. Then you are changed into my likeness because you become intimately acquainted with Me and you become My image. Then you can spread My love around your world and others will be changed.
Love, God
Matthew 7:7-14; John 14:17; John 16:13-15

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Dear One,
To compromise your faith is to be conned out of My promises for your future.
Don't ever forget that My promises are yea and amen, so be it.
When you compromise and accept less than I have promised, you have been conned by your spiritual enemy.
When you cooperate with the devil in his activities of hate, strife, discord, division, dissension and disagreement, then you are participating in your own conning, robbing yourself of My promises.
I made promises to you for a reason, so that you would know what things are yours spiritually, mentally and physically.
Without My promises My children would not know what wonderful things I have for them. They would only be satisfied with the bare minimum of things and be in poverty or lack in every area of life.
My promises were given to teach My children to reach for the highest, to believe for the best. Everything I have promised to you are things that were rightfully yours from the beginning and they are still rightfully yours.
Your spiritual enemies have blocked the supply route to you. However, your faith and your love clears out the obstacles on the supply route so that My workers can bring your prosperity to you speedily when the roads are open and clear.
Compromising with the devil should not be your normal spiritual activity.
Prayer and faith should be your normal spiritual activity.
You may need to compromise with people as an act of love and kindness, but never compromise with the devil and accept less than is yours.
Whose child are you? You are mine and I have multitudes of love gifts for you.
Love, God
Luke 9:56; John 10:10; Hebrews 2:14 & 15; I John 3:8