Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Dear One,
     My promise to all of My children was that with the coming into the earth of My Holy Spirit to be received into the bodies of My children, that the ministry of My Spirit is to restore everything to My children the way that it was at the beginning of My creation of the earth, where the first man and I walked and talked and communed and everything was blessed in his life.  (Joel 2:25-27)  That was before the devil deceived the first man and his wife and entered into the world by permission of Adam.  Everything became cursed by the devil and My blessings were limited. 
    Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil. (John 10:10; I John 3:8) When He walked in the earth He did His restoration ministry.  He healed the sick, He gave sight to the blind, He raised the dead, He healed the brokenhearted.  Then he died for the sins of everyone who ever lived and He sent My Holy Spirit into the earth to continue to destroy the works of the devil, just like He did when He walked the earth.  The only difference was that My Holy Spirit would do it through everyone who chooses to receive Him into their lives.  Greater works were promised by Jesus because there are more of My children who want to destroy the works of the devil in their own lives as well as the lives of others. 
     I promised through Joel that even an army would accompany My Holy Spirit when He came to live in all of My children who welcome Him.  (Joel 2:10-13) Restoration begins to be the result of My new covenant with My children, that I would come to live in them and give to them the power of My Spirit who is the only One who overcomes evil.  It was through My Spirit that I created the world. (Genesis 1:1)  My creative words always come into the earth through My Holy Spirit.  WHEN MY CHILDREN PRAY IN THE WORDS OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, RESTORATION BEGINS IN SOME AREA OF THEIR LIVES.
     The ideal situation is that My children will also listen to the leading and guidance of My Spirit and then take My advice.  That is called cooperating with Me, taking My yoke upon you.  When there is complete unity with Me by listening to My Holy Spirit and then praying in My Holy Spirit, restoration of everything of which you have been robbed will be restored to you pressed down and running over will I restore everything that I originally gave to the first man, which was prosperity in every area of his life.  Restoration can only happen in an atmosphere of love.  That is why I told you to be My reflection in the earth, reflecting My love, My peace, My goodness, My kindness, My mercy, My faithfulness, My patience and My joy.  Those are called the fruit of My Holy Spirit.  (Galatians 5:22-23)  They are a reflection of My character.
     Those of My children who continue to yield to the temptations of the devil and do his works in the earth will not have complete restoration to the blessed life that I promised because I said you cannot serve two masters.  You must be yoked to Me completely, refusing to join with the devil in his pursuits to rob My children of what I have given to them. When they refuse to give to the poor, refuse to forgive the people who wrong them, sow discord, hatred and contention in the earth, even if they profess to know Me they have removed themselves from having every good thing restored to them.  I have not stopped restoring their blessings, they have stopped the restoration because of their own thoughts, attitudes and actions which are not of Me.
     My promise was that if you will seek My kingdom and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, then every good thing will be added to you.  (Matthew 6:33) Complete restoration of your inheritance depends upon your becoming My reflection of goodness in the earth.  There is no other way for you to inherit the goodness of My kingdom.  I even supply the private tutor, My Holy Spirit, to teach you My righteousness because He will reveal to you My goodness and you will be changed into My image, distributing into the earth all the facets of My character of love.   When that happens, you will be flooded with My blessings because you are recognized as My true child by your character of love. (Matthew 5:9)
     Restoration of anything that has been destroyed takes time, restoring each area completely at different times.  The end result is your having the abundant life while in the earth.
     Your cooperating with Me involves keeping peace with everyone and blessing everyone, those who do good to you and those who do evil things to you.  Blessing people who curse you instead of cursing them in return is a good beginning place.  Practice that until it is automatic to your thoughts, attitudes and actions.  Then go on to praying for those who do evil to you, just like I do.  You will begin cooperating with Me in your complete restoration when you do those things.
     I gave to you the ministry of reconciliation, being reconciled to Me and to others.  Go and restore others to your favor with love. (II Corinthians 5:17-20)
     Your Loving and Blessing Father           

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Dear One,
     It is difficult for My children to believe that I am the restorer of all good things to My children.  I promised total restoration when I said that I would restore the years that the locust, the canker worm, the caterpillar and the palmerworm have eaten.   Those demonic worms destroy, strip naked and eat all of the blessings of My children when My children listen to them and obey them. (Joel 2:23-29)  That's what the demons do, is destroy.  Yet, I promised that when My children return to Me, just like the Prodigal son, that I will restore every good thing to them. 
    That promise is fulfilled by the entrance of My Holy Spirit into the lives of My children.  He is the One who does signs and wonders in the heavens and in the earth.  It is through Him that I do My works in the earth, in your life and in the lives of My other children.  I promised that I will restore everything that was cursed by satan.  My children who cooperate with Me, taking My advice and following My advice, will see that I will restore everything that has been cursed in your lives.
    Not until the day of Pentecost when My promise became manifested in the earth, as spoken by Jesus,when My Holy Spirit was poured out upon all flesh.  Until then, only certain people sought My counsel, spending time to hear My wisdom.  They were called prophets, the ones who spoke My messages to My children.  However, when My Holy Spirit was poured out upon all flesh, then anyone who who chooses to receive My Spirit can hear My promptings, pray in My spiritual languages, see spiritual visions and dream spiritual dreams.(Acts 1:7-8; Acts 2:1-4)
     I am not a respecter of persons.  I pour out My Spirit upon all flesh who will receive Me.  When that happens, restoration begins. 
     All good things begin to be restored to My children via My Holy Spirit.  For those people who immediately choose to hear My voice, take My advice and become changed into My image by My Spirit will see immediate restoration of their relationships, their prosperity and their full inheritance from Me.  Most people experience a slower restoration of what was previously cursed because of their choice of ignoring the tutoring of My Holy Spirit.  He provides constant tutoring, desiring to pour My blessings upon them, but many of My children want to camp outside of their promised land of total restoration in order to fulfill the desires of their flesh, some of which are being in constant opposition to others, being unforgiving, being prideful and arrogant, being controversial, self serving and divisive, ignoring the poor and the downtrodden and they choose to be exclusive instead of inclusive. 
      Every area of your life needs restoration by Me.  I am working constantly through My Holy Spirit to restore all of your blessings.  If you want total restoration, you will take My yoke upon you, being bound to Me instead of the promptings of the devil through your flesh.  You will do what I do, love, forgive, restore, bless others instead of cursing them, pray for your enemies instead of opposing them and bring peace to every situation.  When you seek My righteousness, as Jesus asked you to do, you will be restored in every area of your life to a blessed life which I called the abundant life. (Matthew 11:28-30)
      Your Father of Restoration            

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Dear One,
     Have you ever wondered why people who don't call themselves by My name very often do what I have asked of My children?  They keep peace with everyone, they give to the poor, they bless people who persecute them, they do good to their enemies and they are merciful to the downtrodden.  Have you wondered why they seem to prosper in all ways, in many ways of which My own children who call themselves by My name are lacking?   That doesn't seem fair to My children.
     The truth is found in My Instruction Book.  I said through My Holy Spirit that there are people upon whose minds I have been allowed by them to speak My admonitions.  They are able to hear from Me and they choose to follow what they call intuitions but they really are My promptings.  They do what seems good to them and so they bring themselves in direct line to receive My blessings because they do what My love requires. (Romans 2:13-16)
     At the same time, there are some of My children who proclaim My name in all of their affairs, yet they sow strife, they oppress the poor and the downtrodden, they curse their enemies, they rebel against their governing officials, they are prideful and arrogant in their religion, they are bitter, fearful and arrogant.  Yet, they think they are entitled to inherit by blessings simply because they are called by My name.  It has never worked that way, even in the times of the old covenant when I said through Isaiah that the iniquities of the people had separated them from Me and My blessings. I had not retreated from them.  They had retreated from Me and My loving ways that I constantly issue toward all of humanity. (Isaiah 59:1-14)
      The magnificence of My new and last covenant that I have with My children, the covenant of love, is that I can speak and write all of My words in the minds of My children who seek to have the indwelling of My Holy Spirit in their lives.  He is the interpreter, the tutor, the One who reveals all truth to My children.  Instead of seeking to obey ineffective religious laws, My true children seek to hear My voice, the voice of love who always prompts My children to do good to others and have pleasure in doing good.  My voice of love prompts them to keep peace with everyone, to be merciful, to love the lawbreakers and pray for them, to love and bless people who have different opinions, different philosophies, different doctrines, and different beliefs.  (Matthew 8:15; Matthew 5:21-26) 
         My children often quote a scripture that says if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.  Notice I said if My people who are called by My name will turn from their wicked ways.  I did not say if the unbelievers would turn from their wicked ways I would heal their land. I said if My people who are called by My name will seek Me, pray and turn from their wicked ways that I will heal their land.  My ways are always the ways of love.  (II Chronicles 7:14)
      Seek My kingdom and the righteousness of My love and everything good will be added to you since I make the sun to shine on the evil and the good and I make it to rain on the just and the unjust.   Those who do acts of love to others will inherit My blessings, for such is My will toward all people.     (Matthew 5:44-48)
      Your Blessing and Loving Father

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Dear One,
     Always remember that I am not your judge.  Jesus made that fact perfectly clear when He said that He is not your judge and I am not your judge.  He said that He came to earth to save the world, not to judge it.  (John 12:45-50) Yet, religion teaches you that I will judge you for any disobedience to religious laws.  That judgment comes from old covenant laws which were given to the children of Israel in order for them to easily identify the works of the devil and be able to avoid participating in them. 
    Religious leaders do not use those laws as a guide in order to teach people how to avoid evil, but they use them to judge and condemn people who are victims of the evil spirits who tempt My children to do evil deeds.  Jesus told My children that they are judged by the laws of religion rather than benefiting from their guidance.  Because of the darkness in their minds, they are unable to resist the devil, they yield to his temptations, and then the devil uses fear of punishment to condemn and judge them for the very things he tempted them to do.  Those religious laws were given to the people of a particular nation, not to the whole world.
     At the beginning of My new covenant with all of My children, I sent My Holy Spirit into My children to take away the darkness in their minds caused by the devil which had blinded them from knowing Me as their Father of love.  I am eager to save them from the consequences of their disobedience to religious laws instead of judge and condemn them. (II Corinthians  3:15-17)
     I said that My children who choose to receive My Spirit into their lives would have My light shine on My righteousness so that they would recognize it.  I also said that My Spirit would shine light on the works of the devil so that they would recognize it.  I said that My Spirit would show them how to discern or judge between the two.  (John 16:7-11)
      The only judgment that comes from Me is actually discernment which is the enlightenment from My Spirit to discern the difference between good and evil.  The religious judgment that comes from hell is condemnation and death.  Those who bind themselves to the devil by obeying his temptations will find themselves being judged by him because his works lead to destruction and death.  My enlightenment, which is discernment, leads to being saved from the works of the devil because you recognize the voice of temptations in your thoughts as being from hell and not from Me.
     My efforts from the beginning of time with Adam have been to save My children from the works of evil.  I clued Adam not to obey the evil temptations from hell but he disobeyed and as a result sin came into the world and cursed My children whom I want to always bless.  I sent guidance to them in religious laws on how to avoid evil; but religion, influenced by the devil, used religious laws to condemn and judge My children rather than using the laws to alert them to the works of evil so that they could avoid them.  I sent Jesus to earth to die for the sins of the whole world so that My children would know that they did not have to die for their sins, as required by religious laws, because Jesus had already done it. Then I sent My Holy Spirit to live inside of My children to be their own personal guides, able to lead and guide them from the inside of them on avoiding evil because I identify evil temptations as what they are, from hell, and I identify My righteous thoughts and actions as what they are, from My heaven.  As a result, My children are able to choose good over evil more efficiently.
       Paul had a magnificent truth when He said that it is not judgment from Me that leads a person to repent and turn from his evil ways, but it is My kindness that leads a person to make the decision to turn from evil and embrace My goodness. (Romans 2:4)  Jesus did what the religious laws could not do, He saved My children apart from the laws of religion. (Romans 8:3-14)  He died for all of mankind when death was required by religious leaders who were led by religious laws. Jesus already paid the price for you.  Then I sent My Spirit to alert My children from the inside of them to the works of the devil so that they can resist and destroy them, just like Jesus did. 
      When you judge others, you put yourself under religious laws and you will be judged by the devil who uses religious laws to judge and condemn.(Matthew 7:1-2)
      Everything that I have done and will ever do is to save My children from the works of the devil. (I John 3:8)  I did it through Jesus and I do it through sending My Holy Spirit into you as the teacher, guide, leader, comforter and unconditional lover of all of My children. 
     My only commandment is that My children love others as I love them.  They fulfill all religious laws when they love others with the power of My Spirit of Love.(John 13:34-35)
      Your Loving and Merciful Father  

Friday, September 25, 2015


Dear One,
     One of the reasons I sent Jesus into the world is so that My children would have an accurate image of Me as a loving Father.  Religious leaders had taught that I am a cruel king, a vengeful dictator who is eager to punish every act of disobedience.  That image had been perpetuated by religious leaders for centuries even though My true prophets had spoken differently.  True prophesies were based on the truth that I want to save My children from the works of the devil, who is the spiritual entity behind all evil in the world.  Jesus cleared up the lies and misperceptions when He manifested My love to the whole world, even dying for the world.
     When Jesus began to teach My children how to avoid participating with the devil in his evil acts, He first taught about how My children can stop their evil participations in their inception by changing their thoughts because thoughts become attitudes.  Attitudes emote power of either good or evil, either My thoughts or the devil's thoughts.
     Attitudes are gauges of which family to whom you have been listening in your mind, either My family from heaven or the devil's family from hell.  I WANT YOU TO HAVE HEAVEN ON EARTH AND THE DEVIL WANTS YOU TO HAVE HELL ON EARTH.   If you entertain My thoughts, you will be blessed.  If you entertain the devil's thought, you will be cursed.  (Deuteronomy 11:26-28)
     Attitudes are powerful and they are reflections of either positive or negative thoughts.  If your thoughts are fixed on Me and My love for all people, then your thoughts will be positive and loving toward all people.  If your thoughts are fixed on bigotry or racism against any of My children, then you are emoting hatred in your attitudes. 
    Remember that attitudes are backed up by the power of which family you are fixated on, either My family of love or the devil's family of hate.  Your attitudes will pour forth out of your being as either love or hatred.  If they are attitudes of love, then you will receive love back from others.  If they are attitudes of hate, then you will receive hatred and judgment back from others.  Hot pepper seeds cannot grow sweet fruit.  Whatever you put out will be returned back to you, pressed down and running over will people do to you.  (Luke 6:37-42)
     My children who listen to evil thoughts of racism or bigotry in their minds toward people of any nationality, color, race, culture, religion or belief will have destructive and judgmental attitudes towards people who have no control over their lineage, their nationality or their race but are merely victims of their birth, not their own actions.  Bigotry and racism in the attitudes of My children cause My children to persecute and judge others of My children whom I love, judging them for things over which they have no control.  As a result, things in their lives become sour because of their destructive attitudes.
       Judging others by bigotry and racism exalts the person doing the judging over the ones that they judge.  It is the highest form of pride and arrogance.  My true children treasure other people who are different in race, gender, heritage, religion, cultures and beliefs.  They understand that My love is for all of humanity, not just their little group of believers.  If they are true believers, they will love even the ones who are unlovable because of their actions, too.
       Judging others by bigotry and racism results in having attitudes of anger and hatred which have no place in My family.  Those who do such things will find that they will be judged also by the same evil spirits of racism and bigotry because of the seeds that they have sown.  My kingdom cannot bless those who judge others because the evil spirits of judgment block My blessings from entering their lives.
      Attitudes exude the power of whichever spiritual family to which you are entertaining in your mind.  If you are listening to My promptings, then you will speak, act and promote My love.  If you are listening to the temptations of the devil in your mind, then you will speak, act and promote his hatred into the world.  AND YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN, much to My grief and your own grief.  (Ephesians 4:29-30)
     Love has the power to overcome all evil.  Love from you towards everyone has the power to turn people from their proclivity of obeying the temptations of the devil to obeying My voice in their minds.  The attitudes of My love from you will overcome all evil in the world. 
     Your Loving, Merciful Father         

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Dear One,
    Until Jesus came to earth nobody knew what eternal life was.  Only in Him was there evidence of the reality of what My life is like.  It is eternal, everlasting in duration, but it is more than that.  It is powerful, an infinite times more powerful than human life. That is what eternal means, supernaturally powerful, with abilities that affect human life in miraculous ways.  It means that I have all insight into problems in the earth and I have answers to those problems.  It means that I have solutions to every confusing circumstance and situation that can ever happen to My children.  It means that, because of the quality of life within Me, that I desire to give My solutions to all problems, detrimental circumstances and situations that happen to My children.  It means that no matter what human beings do, I love them unconditionally. So it means that My love is eternal, everlasting, able to endure all kinds of disobedience, rebellion, stubbornness and assaults against Me.  My love is durable, reaching into My children for the duration of time.  (John 1:2-5)
      The first thing that My children learn from their tutor, My Holy Spirit, is that there is nothing that they can do to stop My love from being extended to them.  I wrote that promise in My Instruction Book when I said that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor hell, nor any other creature shall separate you from My love which is in Christ Jesus.  Nothing; no, nothing can separate you from My love. It is eternal, everlasting, yours forever and ever because I am love.  My love for you flows through My blood.  My love for you joins the joints and marrow in your body.  My love for you causes your brain to function in perfect order.  Nothing can separate you from My love.
      However, there are things in your life that come between us.  When you are participating in the works of the devil, those works separate you from Me, but they don't separate Me from you.  That means that My love, joy, peace and goodness are still being poured upon you, but evil thoughts, words, attitudes and actions which come from satan are setting up a barrier between your knowledge of My presence.  My presence is still with you in the spiritual dimension, but blockages from you in your world have taken away your knowledge of My constant presence in My heaven.  I am still distributing My blessings to you, but the barriers on your end stop the flow of those blessings into your life.  (Romans 8:37-38)
      My forgiveness is eternal.  It is everlasting, never failing you no matter what you do.  (John 1:29) Jesus has already died for every mistake you have made in the past or will make in the future.  He satisfied the courts of hell that required death as punishment for sins.  My forgiveness extends to the ends of the earth and into My heaven. (I John 2-2)  It cannot be withdrawn because it is forever and ever.  My forgiveness is for every person who ever lived and will ever live in the future.  Nothing you can do can cause Me to withdraw My love from you. 
      My children are blinded to My love for them because of satan, who was made the god of the earth by Adam when he believed satan's temptations instead of believing My warnings in the beginning of the earth.  (Genesis 2:17; Genesis 3:3-5) That evil spirit has put darkness into the minds of My children so that they do not know the intensity of My love for all of My creation. (II Corinthians 3:14-17)Only when My Holy Spirit reveals My love to My children are they able to be firmly rooted in My love.  The spiritual blindness of My children is removed when My Spirit removes the devil's veil that he put there to separate you from the knowledge of My love.  Then I am able to put the light of My life into your mind.  It is called enlightenment.  You begin to understand love and you begin to be rooted and grounded in My love.  (Ephesians 3:14-20)
     My life with all of its supernatural power is the light of people. My Spirit reveals all the aspects of My love to you if you will ask him.  (Matthew 7:7-8)
     Your Loving Father     

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Dear One,
     Jesus said that you must be careful lest the light in you becomes darkness. (Luke 11:35) There are efforts every day of your life for evil words to introduce darkness into your life.  Jesus actually said to "take heed"  or to watch out constantly that darkness does not invade your mind because its aim is to snuff out the light in you. 
     My light in you produces hope in My promises, faith in Me, peace with everyone, love for everyone, mercy toward everyone, goodness, joy, patience and kindness, which are the outgrowth of having My Holy Spirit resident in your life.  Darkness wants to destroy My light that is in you because My light identifies spiritual darkness as the curse that it is.  (Luke 11:36)
    The ministers of darkness in the days that Jesus walked the earth were many but most were religious leaders and political leaders.  They were the people who walked in darkness and tried to snuff out the light in Jesus.  They harassed Him at every turn, were in opposition to everything He did and taught.  However, they touted themselves as being followers of mine.  They were the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  (Luke 11:37-47) They were exacting about other people keeping religious laws but they neglected the things that Jesus said were most important which are mercy and love for everyone, especially the deceived people who become lawbreakers by yielding to the voice of evil in their thoughts.
    Religious leaders who call themselves by My name but who don't really know Me are the ones who put judgment and condemnation on people.  The light in them became darkness when they became judgmental.  I am merciful to people who are in darkness instead of being judging them.  My children should do likewise.
    Political leaders who also don't know Me heap fear, dread and anxiety upon My children by their predictions of doom. (Luke 11:52-54) They did it in the days of Jesus and they continue to do it today because they are influenced by evil spirits of negativity.  The politicians use fear and opposition to win their seats of influence and they continue to use fear to enslave people to their political philosophies.  I told My children to be obedient to those in authority over you, so as to stay in My light instead of becoming rebellious and confrontational.  I did not tell you to absorb their fear, dread and strife.  That is why I told My children that their citizenship is in heaven, not in the earth, so that they will not embrace doctrines that are taught by demons to certain of their religious and political leaders.  
   Remember, if the words of religious leaders and politicians are not words of love toward everyone, you must take heed not to let their words, attitudes and actions overtake you and snuff out My light that is in you.   
    Do not be swayed by the fears that are touted by religious leaders and politicians.  The spirits behind them are the same ones who persecuted Jesus because He invaded their dark world and began to shine My light on their dark words and beliefs.  (John 3:19-21) Their dark beliefs had become their gods instead of Me.  If their conversations are not filled with love for everyone, hope for the future, taking care of the widows and orphans, feeding the poor, forgiving rather than judging, then you should not listen to their negative rhetoric or you will be sucked back into the darkness from which I previously rescued you.
    Walk in My light and we will have fellowship with each other, communing and sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that He came to earth to save all people from the grips of darkness which are often extended to My children by religious and political leaders. (John 1:1-5)
     There is no fear in love because My love casts out all fear.  Reject all speeches and writings which spread fear, hatred, anger, strife and opposition.  Embrace all speeches and writing which spread forgiveness, love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and patience.  (I John 1:5-7)
    Fear and hatred desire to overcome the light that is in you the same as it did with Jesus when it caused Him to be killed on the cross.  He defeated it by being raised from the dead by My Holy Spirit and then He sent that same Spirit into you and others who choose to receive My comfort and truth.
     Fear targets a mind that is filled with love and peace.  It comes through religious and political philosophies.   I said to protect your heart for out of it flows the issues of the abundant life that I promised. (I John 4:18-21)
     Take heed lest the light in you is overcome with the darkness spoken by religious and political leaders who don't even know Me, only know a little bit about Me.  Their mouths and attitudes will identify their devotion to either Me or to their own political aspirations.
     Protect My light that is resident in you.  Hear from My Holy Spirit and you will become My righteousness in the earth because you know you are loved. 
     Your Merciful Father

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Dear One,
     Not only does My Holy Spirit illuminate the right paths that My children must take to enhance their lives with My goodness, but He also illuminates the source of thoughts, which ones are from hell and which ones are from Me.  Many thoughts that prevail in the minds of My children are not their own thoughts and certainly not My thoughts.  (Psalm 19:14)  That is why the songwriter David wrote that he desired that the words of his mouth and the meditations of his heart would always be acceptable in My sight.  He knew the struggle to keep his mind positive instead of negative. Plus, he knew that his thoughts affected his attitudes, his words and his actions.
     With the good news of My Holy Spirit's ministry in the lives of My children, the truth was revealed that He would be the filter through which My children need to accept or reject thoughts.  My Spirit illuminates thoughts, identifies their source and encourages you to accept the good, beneficial thoughts and deny the bad, detrimental thoughts any entry into their minds.  Immediately after Jesus taught about attitudes, that being forgiveness for everyone, loving your enemies, blessing those who curse you and are hurtful to you, He taught not to judge anyone because if you do you will be also be judged by the people you judge and you also will be judged by other people. Jesus knew that every attitude and action starts with thoughts. 
     My Holy Spirit teaches you that what you do to other people will be returned to you, pressed down and running over will people give to you the same attitudes and actions that you give to them, just like Jesus said.  Jesus taught that principle when He was teaching about judging and condemning others instead of forgiving them. He said that you will receive back what you give to others. If you give to others from My family of love, then you will receive love from others; but if you give to others attitudes, words and actions from hell, then you will receive judgment and condemnation from them. (Luke 6:37-38) It does not matter who is right or who is wrong in a situation.  Love is always right.  My children must learn that their first reaction to evil actions done toward them needs to be forgiveness instead of judgment and condemnation. When you do, you become My Light in the world just as I am the Light in your life.
      It is written that My words are quick and powerful, piercing between the soul and the spirit.  That means that My Spirit will caution you when invading hellish thoughts of judging others and condemning others, opposition, strife, pride, jealousy, envy and other thoughts from hell will tempt you to think upon them, poisoning your mind, which results in separating you from Me and My blessings. My Spirit is the umpire who rules those thoughts as being illegal to Me as far as whether to allow them access to your mind or not.   It is written in that same revelation that My words will discern which thoughts are the intent of your heart, where I speak to you, instead of your mind which listens occasionally to the devil. (Hebrews 4:12)  My Holy Spirit will raise the red flag which identifies the entrance in your mind of thoughts which will curse your life.
      My Light illuminates and identifies bad thoughts which will cause you problems when they develop into bad attitudes, negative words and unloving actions.  Because I love you, I never want you to speak corrupt words which poison your life as well as the lives of the hearers. I want you to only speak good words which bring grace to the hearer, edifying them instead of bringing fear and defeat. (Ephesians 4:29-30)  I said that negative, unloving words grieve My Spirit because I know that those words will bring curses into your life.  I even identified the words which will curse you, those being bitter words, wrathful words, angry words, vehement protests, evil speaking and words of malice.  I said that instead of having those attitudes that you should always be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another just like I forgave you by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
     All attitudes, words and actions begin with the thoughts that you allow to take up residence in your mind.  Refuse every negative thought that comes from hell but accept every thought of love and peace from Me. 
     A man becomes what he thinks in his mind.  That is why I school you so often in monitoring your thoughts. They lead to either success or to destruction. (Philippians 4:8-9)
     Your Loving Father      

Monday, September 21, 2015


Dear One,
     Good news always bring happiness and joy to people.  The light produced by My Gospel, which means good news, will always point the way to events and choices which will bring happiness and joy to My children.
      As the light from My guidance and direction lead you into the green pastures of prosperity, as proclaimed by David, along with providing the still waters of peace for your mind, you will leave behind all bad choices, bad situations and bad circumstances that plagued you in the past.  My guidance for My children lead them away from the curses of their past lives and lead them into a new life of happiness and joy. The abundant life that I promised is based upon My love for you and the provisions that come from that love.  Taking advantage of My guidance is the key to finding the land of joy in the world, the promised land that I promised. (John 10:10)
      Under My old covenant with a blood line of flesh through which My Savior of the world came, I promised that I would lead the people to a land of milk and honey where a cluster of grapes was too heavy for one man to carry. (Numbers 13:33) My promise of happiness and joy in that land was contingent upon their allowing Me to be their guide, keeping them from falling into the traps set by the evil one.  They ignored My warnings, refused to follow My guidance and they have suffered ever since.  My light, My guidance illuminated the direst paths to happiness and joy, but many of them perished before they even entered the promised land because of their griping and grumbling caused by unbelief.  They forgot My warnings and began to follow their own limited knowledge which was actually the guidance of the devil.  Those who entered immediately set aside My warnings to them. Their families are still cursed to this day by the spirit of war which they readily embraced. (Judge 3:1-2)
     Jesus ushered in the world My new covenant with people.  He provided Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the whole world and then He sent My Holy Spirit, My heavenly GPS, into the world to be received by those who believe in Me and My good news.  Through My Holy Spirit I give My instructions, My admonitions, My warnings, My guidance, My comfort, My advice and My Light so that My children have My love revealed from inside of them instead of through some other person who might not even personally know Me.  Many people know facts about Me but they have not taken the time to personally become intimately acquainted with Me.
      My Spirit is My heavenly radar, giving My children the images of impending traps set by your enemy, the devil.  My Spirit will lead you around them into safe territory.  He will be the umpire who says to you in your inner being whether to turn to the left or to the right, whether or not to embrace a religious theory or doctrine, whether or not to bind yourself to a political philosophy, whether or not to overload yourself with unnecessary social burdens.  He will warn you not to join with oppositional religious or political crusades.  He will teach you not to hold grudges but instead to forgive everyone who injures you emotionally or physically. He will urge you to bless the people who curse you or do ill to you or your family.  He will lead you to be My righteousness in the earth so that you will become outwardly the Light that is shining inside of you.  Others will see your happiness and joy and glorify Me as the source of your loving attitudes.
      My Light will always lead you to be My righteousness in the earth, refusing to be self serving and selfish but instead to be led by My Spirit to be loving, kind, good, merciful, joyful, peaceful and patient with everyone, and faithful to Me by taking My advice and following My guidance. I will lead you to the promised land while you still live in the earth, the promised land of peace of mind and prosperity of health and blessings.
      Listening to me, accepting My guidance and taking My advice is the key. It was the key from the beginning of the world when the first man was told not to listen to the evil voice inside of his head but instead to follow the leading of My loving voice.  It is still the key.  Today My children have My Spirit to be their guide.
    Under My new and final covenant with people I have given My own Spirit to My children to be their counselor, advocate, guide, tutor and the Lord of their lives. (II Corinthians 3:17-18)  He leads you into all truth by relaying to you My perfect ways and My perfect paths. 
    My paths are always the paths of peace and love.
    Your Loving and Peace Loving Father 

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Dear One,
    Evil thrives in darkness.  When light is shined in darkness, evil loses its power.   In fact, evil runs for darkness in which to hide. 
    If bugs and rodents are resident in a house, when lights are turned on in the house the invaders run to hide in dark places where they will not be identified and then killed.
    The same thing is true about evil spirits, often called genes, which exist in people.  Those evil  spirits hide for many years in My children and then they manifest their presence in a big way.  When they are brought to light, they are identified by My children as invaders in their lives and they have the choice to either keep the invaders or excise the invaders from their lives. When bad genes passed down from past generations are hiding, unrecognized by My children, they have power to harass and torment My children by tempting them with evil thoughts which result in bad attitudes and actions.  The lives of My children are cursed by those bad genes, which really are bad spirits.
     When My children become born of My Holy Spirit and baptized in My Holy Spirit, My light shines in the darkness of their souls and illuminates the bad genes which have been the source of their problems.  My Light does not condemn or judge.  My Light not only illuminates the source of bad thoughts, attitudes and actions in My children, but My Holy Spirit's power is present to spur My children to excise those evil spirits from their lives. 
     One way that My Spirit gets rid of invaders which have caused My children to be cursed is by giving My children the power and authority to cast those evil beings out of their lives.  Another way is that I give My children the authoritative power to resist the evil temptations so that the bad genes will flee.  Once the spirits have been illuminated and identified, most of their power over people is gone, anyway, because evil does its work in the dark.  Then when My children resist their temptations, the spirits leave and go to someone else who will think and act according to their promptings.
     Dark spirits had no legal right to inhabit the earth and the bodies of My children until the first man, Adam, allowed them into the earth to curse the earth along with cursing the lives of My children. Evil had to have permission of a man in order to enter the earth since I gave the earth to people to be legal guardians of it. (Genesis 3)  After Adam's deception, darkness prevailed in the earth until Jesus came into the earth legally, through a woman.  Because He came to earth legally, through a human being, He had legal authority to defeat the works of the devil in the lives of My other children.  My Light began to shine in the earth and in the lives of some of My children when Jesus walked in the earth.  (John 1:9-14)
     Jesus did what I sent Him to do.  He died for all the sins of the whole world.  Death was the requirement of the evil spirits for all people.  Instead of letting evil destroy all people, Jesus died for them and satisfied the evil spirits who sent Him to hell where He retrieved authority to the earth from the devil.  Then He rose from the dead and appeared to some people who had recognized Him as My Son.  He only stayed in the earth long enough to command the people who had known Him as My Son to wait for My Holy Spirit, who was to take His place in the earth with the ability to do greater works.  (John 14:12-18)
     My Spirit was My supernatural power in Jesus and He didn't need the power to overcome evil anymore because He was going to come back to live with Me in My heaven.  My children in the earth needed the supernatural power that was resident in Jesus to refuse the temptations of the evil spirits, to cast them out of their lives and the lives of others, and to become My children in the earth with My supernatural power to defeat the works of evil.  They would become My Lights in the world.
      The ministry of My Holy Spirit in the earth now is the same ministry that Jesus had, to bring light into darkness so that the darkness will be exposed and excised from the lives of My children.
       I commanded My light to shine in darkness.  I sent Him and still send Him into the lives of My children who choose to become Light in the world, willing to allow Me to expose all darkness in them and in others.  When darkness leaves, My Light takes over a life because the person has chosen Light rather than darkness.  (I Corinthians 4:6-7)
      I am the Light of the world through My Holy Spirit. You are meant to be a reflection of My light so that others in the world will see your good works and glorify me.  That is called righteousness.  Because of My Light in you, others will want to also become My Lights in the world. (Matthew 5:14-16)
      Your Light Giving Father

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Dear One,
     Don't let anything rob you of your peace. Don't let bad circumstances, bad situations or bad relationships rob you of your peace.  My peace that is a characteristic of My Holy Spirit living inside of you is an outgrowth of your having a firm foundational belief in My love for you. The peace that passes human understanding comes from being rooted and grounded in Me and My love for you.  Only My Spirit can reveal My love to you.  When He does, you experience My peace that passes human understanding.  Even when the world seems to be falling apart around you, you are at rest because you trust My love to provide My protection, My provisions and My blessings.  You are unmovable in faith.
     My Spirit wrote in My Instruction Books that you should be determined to enter into My rest.  He said that the failure to enter into My rest is because of unbelief.  (Hebrews 3:12-14)  He said that My children who don't believe in Me and My love cannot enter into rest for their souls. (Hebrews 3:19) He reiterated it again when He said that there is a promise of entering My rest but some people fall short of it because of lack of faith.  (Hebrews 4:2-3) He used the children of Israel as an example of unbelief (Hebrews 4:6-9)
      The gauge of whether you have entered into My rest in a situation is if you have ceased from your own ineffective works of trying to solve human problems with human wisdom.(Hebrews 4:10)  My Spirit even told My children that the only labor for you in the face of problems is that you labor to enter into My rest, trusting Me to have the wisdom, the knowledge and the solutions to all upsetting issues in your life.  In those instructions My Spirit gave a powerful boost to your faith when
He wrote that My words are mighty, more powerful than a two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing line between your emotional soul and your restful  spirit, convincing you down to your joints and the marrow in your bones that I will do what I promise. (Hebrews 4:12)   He wrote that My words are a discerner of the thought and intents of the hearts of people and even a discerner of the solution-finding thoughts in My mind.
      Every word that I speak to you is powerful and is given to enlighten your mind and restore your soul.  Every word the I speak is filled with solutions.  Every word that I speak personally to you will give you the peace that passes understanding.    They kick unbelief out of the way and become truth to you, restoring our soul.
      My Holy Spirit's prayer language has powers that pass human understanding.  They broadcast My solutions into the earthly atmosphere where they are taken by My angels, obeyed by them and your problems are solved according to My riches in glory, not according to your limited human wisdom which is powerless. 
      I told you to build up your faith by praying in the Holy Spirit.  Praying in My Spirit stokes the fires of faith in you.  The more you pray in the Spirit, the easier it is for your mind to receive My truths which will bring you into My rest, allowiing you to rest from your human labors. (Jude 20)
      I provide everything for My children.  I provide spiritual wisdom, spiritual knowledge, spiritual truth and your spiritual prayer language.  Against those words there is no effective power of evil.
      Your Problem Solving Father  

Friday, September 18, 2015


Dear One,
    Abraham has always been an example of faith, identified as a man who believed Me and it was counted to him as being righteous, simply because he believed Me. Abraham believed that what I had promised, which was invisible at the time, would become visible in the future because I had promised it. That was the only basis upon which his belief was secure, that being My promise to him.  That is called faith. Faith is not based upon some nebulous beliefs, some baseless ideas or some religious doctrinal teachings.  Faith is based upon My promises to My children. (Romans 4:16-25)
     When I told Abraham that he and Sara would conceive a child, he did not look at the things that were seen, his advanced age, his nonfunctioning male organs, Sara's nonfunctioning female organs or her advanced age. He only visualized the culmination of My promise, that I would make him the father of many nations. He simply called the thing that was not as though it was because I had promised it.
      My promises to My children under My new and final covenant with humans are many and they are varied.  I even had them written by My prophets of the new covenant into a book called the Bible which is My Instruction Book and My Book of Promises.  They wrote, by the leading of My Spirit, that if you will seek Me and My righteousness, that everything that I have will be added to your life. (Matthew 6:33)  That includes your family being saved, your finances being plentiful, your animals being blessed, your children being blessed, your relationships being blessed and your days on earth will be filled with joy and happiness.  It all depends upon your believing Me, taking My advice and becoming intimately acquainted with Me, your Father of all good things. (Romans 4:1-6; 13-15)
      My all encompassing promise to My children is that they will have rest from emotional, mental and physical labors, from the curses that came upon humanity when Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth and curse the earth as well as My children.  When My children are in unity with Me, hearing My personal words to them, believing Me, taking My advice and following My admonitions, then I will show them how to triumph in life, becoming the head and not the tail, becoming above and not beneath the unfortunate things that happen as a result of believing the voice of evil rather than believing Me.
       The spiritual mechanisms have already taken place to ensure that you prosper in all areas of your life.  Jesus died for your sins and transgressions and so the revelation of My mercy is everlasting.  (Romans 4:6-8) You don't have to suffer the effects of sinning and transgressing because I sent My Holy Spirit into your life, if you choose to receive Him, for you to have the power to refuse evil and embrace My goodness.  My Spirit always works to get you onto the right path which guarantees your receiving all of the things that I promised to My children.  He shows you how to stay on the paths where My blessings are constantly being poured upon My children.  My children who believe Me, that I reward those who diligently seek Me, will follow the leading of My Holy Spirit, will always believe Me and follow My advice and admonitions.  (Hebrews 11:6)
        It is said that Abraham called the things that were not as though they were.  He paid no attention to what his body was saying.  He paid no attention to the traditional beliefs that at an old age a man could not father children.  Instead, he paid complete attention to My promise to him, that he would be the father of many nations.  He believed Me and he became what I had promised. A magnificent miracle happened because he believed Me and paid no attention to negative circumstances and situations. (Hebrews 11:8-11; 17-19)
       My children must believe Me rather than bad circumstances and bad situations.  When they do, they magnify My works in their lives and they will inherit what I promised. Bad circumstances and bad situations are temporary, of the temporal world, but what I promise is eternal, never failing.
       Call the things that are not as through they are what I promise.
       Your Promise Keeping Father  

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Dear One,
   My Holy Spirit wrote in My Instruction Book through Paul that by Christ Jesus I will supply all of your needs according to My riches in glory.(Philippians 4:19.)  It doesn't say that I will supply all your needs according to your bank account, your investments, your playing the lottery, your work, your profession, your family, your neighbors or by any social means.  Those entities have limited supplies.  My promise is that I will supply ALL of your needs according to My endless supply.  I am eternal and My riches in My heaven are endless. 
    You might think that your needs are endless, forever revealing your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical poverty.  They are not endless.  They are common to all people.  (I Corinthians 10:12-13)  A countless number of people have had the same needs and desires through the ages that you have now.  I have supplied their needs and desires according to My endless supply in My heaven and I have the means to supply all of your needs, wants and desires.
    All of the needs of My earthly children come from spiritual poverty.  Jesus comforted My children when He taught that the people who are poor in spirit are blessed because My kingdom in heaven is theirs. The poor in spirit are those who are depressed, hopeless and faithless, without any knowledge of My abilities to comfort My children.  All they know are their earthly families and friends who have failed them over and over again.  Jesus promised them at His first teaching that they would be comforted and eventually blessed by Me, which means to be fortunate.  Then later Jesus told them that He was sending My Holy Spirit to be their constant source of comfort.  It was the best news they had ever heard.  They never dreamed that I would supply constant comfort to their hopeless souls and spirits. 
    It is the same scenario today, many of My children in the earth are poor in spirit because they don't have a revelation of My love.  They don't know that, because of My love, I desire to supply all of their needs, wants and desires. They don't know about My endless supply of blessings that are just waiting to be distributed to them.  They have been taught by religious leaders that I am waiting to judge and condemn them instead of My desiring to bless them with all of My riches in glory when they come into unity with Me.
     When My children become schooled by My Holy Spirit in the depth, width, length and height of My love for them, they have a firm foundation of faith in My desire and My ability to pour My blessings upon them. (Ephesians 3:14-20)  They are no longer poor in spirit but they are rich in the knowledge that they are valued and prized by Me, the Father of riches and blessings.  They firmly believe My promise that because of the power of My Holy Spirit in their lives that I will do super abundantly more than they need, want or desire. 
      After being firmly rooted in My love, then My Spirit will tutor My children, who previously were poor in spirit but now are rich in wisdom and knowledge, about My power that is available to them, the power to overcome all of the works of the devil, who is the father of spiritual, mental and physical poverty.  (Ephesians 1:16-23)  My Spirit will teach them from the inside of them, using My Instruction Book as confirmation. 
      With a firm foundation of My love and My power to work in your behalf, you and all of My children are convinced that I will supply ALL of your needs according to My riches in glory.
      Your Loving and Blessing Father      

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Dear One,
    I told My children not to be dismayed or discouraged when bad outer circumstances look like they are never going to change. I am working in your behalf to change things so that they will work for your good. 
    What you don't realize is that most often My children have contributed to bad circumstances themselves by bad choices.  Often those choices are bad attitudes toward the poor, the people with infirmities, the downtrodden, the people who have opposing opinions and the less fortunate.  The choices that you make in your thoughts toward other people forms your attitudes toward them. 
    Jesus taught teachings about attitudes in what is called the Beatitudes, meaning be of these attitudes. He said that the people who mourn along with others, the people who are poor, the people who hunger for My righteousness, the ones who merciful, the ones who are pure in heart, the ones who bring peace to every situation and the ones who are persecuted for being kind and loving, will all be blessed because of their attitudes.  That was His first public delivery of My truth.  He was identifying the people whose attitudes are such that they attract My blessings into their lives. 
    Then Jesus announced the fact that My children are the salt of the earth, but if their character has become negative, condemning and judgmental, that they are no longer displaying My character which brings praises to Me and My personality.   He said that My children are the light of the world but if their light becomes dark, moody and depressed, then there are no good actions from them that bring glory to My name because they are no longer reflections of My light.
    So, very often, the thing that is lacking in the equation of praying in the Spirit + being led by My Spirit = everything working together for your good, is the part of the equation of being led by My Spirit.  If you are led by My Spirit, then He will produce My characteristics in you of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and faith.   (Romans 8:14-15; 26-28 )   With My characteristics displayed in your life, then you will be easily blessed beyond measure.
     The works that are referred to in "Faith without works is dead," are the working of My personality and characteristics in your life by My Holy Spirit so that you will be identified as My child, the inheritor of My blessings.  You will be merciful to the lawbreakers and the people who yield to the temptations of the devil.  Jesus said that the people who are merciful will obtain mercy because of the seeds of mercy that they extend to others.
     He said that the people who mourn will be comforted.  Mourning with others in their bad situations shows that your heart and My heart are tender toward the people who endure bad situations and circumstances, showing that I desire to comfort the brokenhearted because you do also.   As My child you are a refection of My compassion. 
     He said that the attitudes of the people who seek Me and My righteousness instead of seeking the treasures and pleasures of the devil which are evident in the world, those seekers of righteousness will be satisfied because I am already pursuing them. When they seek Me, We become unified and of one mind by My Holy Spirit.
     Jesus said that the pure in heart always see Me in every circumstance and situation instead of only seeing the evil that is evident to the human eyes.  They see My compassion, My mercy, My love, My goodness and kindness toward everyone involved in conflicts and strife.  They see that I desire to meet every need of every person who is plagued by the curses of evil choices.  The pure in heart always see the needs of a person instead of their bad choices, sins and iniquities.
     He said that My children who are schooled by Me to have the attitude of  keeping peace with everyone will be called My children because Jesus is the Prince of Peace and My children are also emissaries of My peace to the world, bringing peace to every situation and every circumstance.  People who keep peace with everyone are called My children.  The people who call themselves by My name who sow discord, strife, wars, dissension, anger and hatred in the world  are not My true children and they are the ones to whom Jesus said, "I never knew you."  (Matthew 7:21-23) They cannot be blessed by My kingdom while they live in the world because of the identity crisis of displaying the personality of the evil one rather than having the attitudes of My Holy Spirit. 
    Jesus said that My children are blessed who have My same attitudes toward others, displaying My compassion, My mercy, My peace, My love, My pure heart and My goodness; in other words, My righteousness. 
    I told you to seek My kingdom AND MY RIGHTEOUSNESS and everything will be added to your life, all of My blessings, all of My treasures and all of My goodness which is My pleasure to give will be yours.  (Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:32)
    If your prayers are not answered, check the salt in your attitudes and the light in your character.  If they are not of Me, then you are not identifiable as My child and My angels pass over you instead of work to bring My blessings to you. (Isaiah 59:1-2)
    To be fully blessed you must display the fruit of My Spirit in your life because you have become like Me by spiritual osmosis, reflecting My character because you have spent personal time with Me so that My character becomes your character.  When you do, blessing will overflow in your life.
     Your Blessing Producing Father         

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Dear One,
    Problems are never permanent when I am totally brought into a situation.
    Conflicts are never permanent when I am totally brought into a situation.
    Temporal circumstances and situations are merely that, temporary, when I am brought into a situation.
     My solutions are always successful and victorious when I am brought into a situation.
     My power is always successful and victorious when I am brought into a situation. 
     So My children should never look at a bad circumstance or a bad situation as being permanent.  They are not permanent if you bring Me into it and follow My guidance in it.  I am looking at the circumstance or situation from a different perspective than you.  You only see the earthly or temporal events that are going on.  I see the demonic activity behind the events and I know how to stop their activities.  I also see My associates and My assistants in the situation, the production company of the heavenly cloud of witnesses who are at your disposal in every situation to bring Our supernatural powers and abilities into the circumstance or situation and overcome every work of evil so that My blessings can flow to everyone involved.  Those helpers are Jesus, My Holy Spirit, My angels and the saints who have become perfect in My heaven, and Me.  We outnumber any and all workers of evil who cause you problems. 
     Bad situations can easily be solved by My helpers and Me.  What delays the solutions from coming is never from My heaven.  It is always from your earth.  When My children bring Me into a bad circumstance or bad situation by praying, My first instructions to them is that they must walk in love with all people, bring peace to every situation, forgive those who have wronged them and bless those people who curse them.  In that earthly atmosphere I can do quick and tremendous works for them. 
    In an earthly atmosphere of conflict, unforgiveness, strife, pride, arrogance, depression, belligerence, stubbornness and judging others, I cannot bring My powers to solve problems because My children have chosen those as their motivations rather than My love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy and joy.  The devil and his  motivations have become their choices of gods rather than Me.  Remember that I said that you cannot serve two masters.  If you choose to operate out of the devil's personality traits rather than My love toward all people, then the choice has been made whom you are serving in the world.
     Praying is not the only prerequisite in My instructions through Paul when My Holy Spirit gave him the equation which guarantees My solutions to all problems. He wrote that when you pray in the Spirit plus being led by My Spirit, the results will be everything working together for your good.  In other words it's a spiritual equation: pray in the Spirit + be led by My Spirit = all things working together for your good.  (Romans 8:14-17; 26-28; 37-39)
    I can make bad circumstance and bad situations work for your good when you turn from selfish ways and let My Holy Spirit lead you to exemplify My character in your life rather than the character of the evil one, the devil.  When you succumb to the leading of My Spirit, then My blessings will pour into your life because My power can only be demonstrated in an attitude of My love.  (Isaiah 59:1-4)
    I said that you are more than conquerers.  You are not only victorious, but you are heirs of My family's vast storage of blessings. 
    Don't look at bad situations and become defeated by the outward circumstance.  Instead look to Jesus, the beginning and end of your faith, the One who guarantees success and victory when you not only pray but when you become His image in the world, forgiving everyone, doing good to everyone, blessing even those people who oppose you and injure you, being merciful to even the most pitiful of sinners and workers of iniquity.  In other words, you must display the fruit of My Spirit, identifying yourself as My true child in thought, word and deed instead only by your profession of being My child.
     Fill the earth with the fruit of My Spirit, which ushers in My glory.  When you do, then every good thing will be added to you and all of your prayers will be speedily answered.  I said to seek My kingdom and seek My righteousness also.  Where My children miss the mark is that they do not seek to become My righteousness so that they are identified as My children to the angels who are the delivering agents of My blessings. 
      Pray in the Spirit + be led by My Spirit = everything working together for your good.  (Romans 8)
      Your Loving and Instructional Father  

Monday, September 14, 2015


Dear One,
    Behind every play, orchestra production, symphony production, movie, opera and every form of entertainment, there is a production crew behind the scenes which you never see, hear or know about, but the production is completely dependent upon the effective working of that production crew.
    Behind every product that you use to enhance your life plus every piece of machinery necessary to make your life easier, there are production crews which work efficiently in order to produce the product but also to deliver the product to you in perfect working order.
    Everything in your life depends upon a behind the scene working crew which works in unity with each other in order to make sure that your life is enhanced by  their efficient abilities, those being the courts, the schools, the businesses, the churches, the corporations and the governments.
    You trust and depend upon those entities to do their appointed tasks in time and in perfect working order or your whole life falls apart in some areas if they don't, even through you don't see their work or their presence at their work. 
     It is the same thing relating to spiritual things.  My Holy Spirit wrote through the writer of the book of Hebrews that there is a cloud of spiritual witnesses surrounding you who are appointed to see that your life is blessed abundantly. (Hebrews 12:1-2) Everything in your life is affected either positively or negatively by the spiritual beings with whom you are choosing to unify.  If it is My cloud of witnesses, then your life is blessed.  If it is the devil's demons, then your life is cursed. 
     My cloud of witnesses around you consists of My myriad of angels, the spirits of My children who have been made perfect, Jesus, My Holy Spirit who was in the blood of Jesus, and Me.  We are always working behind the scenes in My spiritual dimension, working to bring My kingdom into your life so as to bless you abundantly.  When you are in unity with Me, magnifying My thoughts, attitudes, words and deeds in the earth, then there is no failure of My production crew to give you everything abundantly from My family in heaven. (Matthew 6:33)
    Your life is blessed with miraculous works in your behalf when you have chosen to receive My Holy Spirit and His wonderful prayer language,  (Acts 2:13-4; I Corinthians 14:14-16)  When you do, I speak My perfect orchestrations to the cloud of witnesses which surround you in My heaven.  The angels scurry to do My will in the matter and a perfect production is the result. 
    Since I gave the earth to people in the beginning, giving them authority over all of the earth, it is necessary for the production strategy to come from the earth from the mouths of My children and in the spiritual language of My Holy Spirit.  He speaks My strategies, My formulas and My production secrets from the earth; and My angels, plus the cloud of witnesses, become part of the production crew which guarantees a perfect answer to your prayers.  My crew is constantly working in your behalf and they wait for you to open your mouth so that My Spirit can issue My orders, guaranteeing that a perfect solution can be produced every time. (Romans 8:26-27)
     Your life is visible to you, but its success or failure depends upon My production crew, the cloud of witnesses who are the behind the scene participants in your life.  Faith is having confidence in Me and My production crew, the real workers who determine the end results, which are My blessings in very area of your life.
    Stay in unity with Me.  When you do, you won't believe the elements that I put together to answer your prayers and solve your problems.  They will amaze you!
    Your Loving Father and CEO in Charge of Blessings 

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Dear One,
    My children teach their children that choices matter, choices between good and evil.  They emphasize choosing between having sex before marriage and not having sex before marriage,   They also emphasize obeying civil laws rather than ignoring civil laws.  They teach that choosing not to drink alcohol instead of becoming drunks is a choice that they must make. They teach that choosing friends who are law abiding rather than law breakers is a good choice. They teach their children that the futures of their children depend upon the choices that they make. 
   I do the same thing with My children, I teach them that their choices matter.  However, My teachings about choices begin with choosing thoughts instead of merely choosing their actions, because all actions are preceded by thoughts.  I teach My children in My Instruction Book that thoughts must be either accepted or rejected and their attitudes and actions depend upon the choices that they make in choosing thoughts. 
    In the beginning of the earth I instructed the first man not to choose to listen to the devil, choosing bad thoughts over My good thoughts.  I called it the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  The first man didn't follow My instructions but instead he entertained evil thoughts from the devil and the result was that communion with Me was temporarily cut off as well as his blessings being cut off.   (Genesis 2:15-17) On occasion he would choose to listen to My wisdom and instructions, but on other occasions he chose to listen to the evil one, followed the instructions of the devil and becoming cursed in many areas of his life.   Not only was he cursed but the ground was cursed, his family was cursed and his entire life became cursed.
    In the course of time I sent a savior to save men from the curses caused by listening to evil thoughts and following them.  My son Jesus came to earth as a human and with My supernatural power in Him, the Holy Spirit, He defeated the effects of the curses, which are often called the works of the devil.  (I John 3:8) Jesus took the place of My children, satisfying the devil's plan to spiritually kill all of My children which would result in physically killing them.  He took the place of all of My children.  He went to hell for My children, then rose from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit.  After three days He came back to heaven to live with Me for eternity so that My children could do the same thing that He did, overcome the works of the devil. 
    Jesus sent into the lives of My children the same Holy Spirit who empowered Him because We knew that My children needed My supernatural power to refuse to listen to the devil in their thoughts.  With My power you can reject every thought that exalts itself against My teachings of wisdom and knowledge. (II Corinthians 10:3-5)  I said in that instruction that with My Spirit in you that you have the power to cast down every thought that is from hell instead of from Me.
    The reason I sent My Spirit into you is so that you would have the supernatural power to resist the temptations of the devil to deceive you into following his guidance through your thoughts which produce attitudes and actions of conflict, turmoil, depression, despair, envy, jealousy, drunkenness, carousing, wars and other defeating attitudes and actions. (Galatians 5:17-21)  I said that My Holy Spirit will give you the supernatural power to exemplify My works which are love, joy, peace, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and faith.  Those are the thoughts that I place in your mind, hoping that you will follow My guidance. (Galatians 5:22-23)
     It's all a matter of choosing your thoughts.  I said to submit yourself to Me, to resist the devil and he will flee from you.  The devil knows that you have a choice, and when you choose My thoughts over his thoughts, then your attitudes and  actions will be of Me and your life will be flooded with My blessings instead of the devil's curses. (James 4:7-8)  Evil will have to flee from you.
     Choosing to follow Jesus is not a one time thing.  Every moment of your day you are afforded the opportunity to choose My thoughts over tempting thoughts of evil.  You are tempted by the devil to judge others, to hate others, to be jealous of others, to be angry with others or to want revenge over others.  Those thoughts come from hell.  My thoughts will entice you to forgive others, to bless them instead of curse them, to do good to everyone, to love others as I love you. (John 13;34)
      Choose My ways by choosing My thoughts and you will live the abundant life.
      Your Wisdom Teaching Father   

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Dear One,
    As long as your live in the earth there will be negative images that cross your mind, especially when you are involved in an illness, a conflict, a strife filled situation, a family crisis or a business problem.  That is a result of evil spirits who are resident in your world.  The object of their negative images placed in your mind is to plunge you into fear because fear has torment and they delight in tormenting My children.  Fear grips your gut like a powerful vise.  You have the choice whether to continue thinking the negative, fear filled images or whether to replace them with My images of  love, peace, success and goodness.  I said to rejoice, for I have overcome the power behind those negative images.  (John 15:33)
    My instructions to My children are to look to Jesus, the author and finisher of their faith, meaning that He is the One who made it possible for you to resist negativity and choose positive thoughts.   He endured the cross and made a trip to hell for you so that you would not have to yield to negative images which cross your mind in order to make you a slave to fear.  He is the only One who completes the process by beginning to put new thoughts and images in your mind of being healed, restoring peace with others and solving problems. He finishes what He started, which is instilling trust in your mind instead of fear.  He brings a solution to every disturbing circumstance and situation.
     My Holy Spirit wrote that you have at your disposal an army of witnesses around you in the spiritual dimension called heaven. (Hebrews 12:1-2)  He wrote that you must lay aside every weight of stress and worry which invades your mind.  Choose, instead, to think of Jesus who is the pioneer and perfecter of your faith.  He overcame every evil spirit and He will continue to overcome them in you when you choose to fix your mind on Him rather than all negative occurrences in your world. 
     My Spirit wrote that you are also surrounded by a myriad of angels who are willing to work in your behalf.  You are also surrounded by the people of the old covenant who were looking forward to the Messiah before He was ever born.  They are in My heaven of witnesses which surround you.  I am in the cloud of witnesses, along with Jesus and the spirits of people who were made perfect when they entered into My heaven.  Another powerful element in the cloud of witnesses is My Holy Spirit who was resident in the blood of Jesus when He lived in the earth.  He is My Spiritual power who is able to overcome all the works of evil in the world. We only need your permission through prayers and supplications to enter into your troublesome situations.  (Hebrews 12:22-24)
    You have on your side, working for you, all the power of My heaven which overcame death and hell through Jesus and who will overcome every act of evil from hell which is sent to defeat you.   All of My heavenly beings know how to defeat evil works.  They are experts at doing it because they do it countless times a day in the lives of My children who trust Us to prevail over evil in their lives.
    My heaven cannot be shaken off of its solid foundations.  It is firm forever.  My love for you cannot be shaken off of its reality.  It is firm forever. 
    Works of evil can be shaken off of their feeble foundations because they are powerless before Me and My family.  My Holy Spirit described Me as a consuming fire with the ability to defeat evil works.  My Spiritual power consumes the works of evil because they are merely gases which are consumed by the fire of My Holy Spirit. The evil works are swallowed up in the victories of My Spirit. (Hebrews 12:26-28; I Corinthians 15:54-57)
     Lay aside every weight, every thought of defeat, and look to Me and My cloud of witnesses who surround you.  We are eager to enter into your situation with My power to defeat anything and everything that upsets you.  I am your Good Father and that's what a Good Father does, He defeats everything that harms His children.
     Look to Me, Jesus and others in the heaven around you.  Keep your eyes on Me instead of on the weights of worrying and fretting.  I am the Victor in every situation in which My children invite Me.
      Your Loving Father  

Friday, September 11, 2015


Dear One,
     Jesus said that out of the mouths of two or three witnesses a thing is established, guaranteed, or shall come to pass.  He was talking about going to a person who has wronged you and if the person does not listen to you, he said that you should take another person with you, and then another.  He was talking about the power of words, that if you agree with something negatively or positively that it will come to pass. 
    There is another facet of that truth and it is that My promises are guaranteed if  the agreement in words, attitudes and actions in the earth agree with the words, attitudes and actions in My heaven.  When they do, then it is easy for Me to keep My promises to My children.  That is what is meant by the phrase "in My name."  In other words, My children must manifest in the earth the words, attitudes and actions of My Holy Spirit before they can expect their prayers to be answered speedily. 
    Isaiah said that the negative actions of My children, their iniquities, make a barrier between us and I cannot hear their petitions because of the negativity of their actions.  (Isaiah 59:1-3) They pray and pray and pray in faith, expecting me to hear their prayers, but there are barriers which block their requests from being heard in My heaven because their words, attitudes and actions are from the father of evil instead of from Me, their good Father. There is no agreement between heaven and earth when My children are unloving, unforgiving, unkind, stubborn, prideful, belligerent and strife-filled,
     Jesus said that you must ask "in My name." (John 14:13) "In My name" means that you exemplify My words, attitudes and actions, that you are living as a representative of Me.  When you do, you are easily recognized by My angelic hosts as My child because you are a witness of My character.  When My character is manifested in the earth, then you are in agreement with My promises for you and your requests can easily be expedited from heaven into your life.  When your character is of another family, the family of evil, then you are not recognized as My child because your witness is not of My personality and character. The delivery of My blessings is only accomplished when the words, attitudes and actions of a person identifies him or her as My child. (John 14:14)
      Jesus said when He admonished the disciples that they should bear fruit and that their fruit should remain.  He was speaking of the fruit of My Spirit which are love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith, patience and longsuffering.  Then Jesus said in that setting whatever they ask of Me, "in My name," that it will be done by Me from heaven.  He reiterated it in His next statement when He said that you must love one another.  (John 15:16-17)  It is clear in the proclamation of Jesus that words, attitudes and actions on earth must be in agreement with My family in heaven for your needs, wants and desires to be granted.  
      I am Love and when you are in agreement with me, you are led by Love and walk in Love.
      Become easily identified as My child because of the fruit of My Spirit being evident in your life.  When they are, then Love triumphs and all of your requests will be granted because you are truly a representative of Me and My name, easily identified by your fruit, your behavior, which is love. 
      Your Loving Father

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Dear One,
     I have said in My Instruction Book that all of My promises are yes, amen,  and so be it; meaning that I always keep My promises.  (II Corinthians 1:19-22)
     I always keep My promises to My children no matter what circumstances, situations or actions of people look like to the outer, earthly eyes because My promises are yes, amen, and so be it.
     I always keep My promises to My children no matter what your earthly mind and your earthly emotions say to you because My promises are yes, amen, and so be it.
     When My children believe in, rely on, trust in and cling to My promises that I make to them, I will move heaven and earth to keep My promises to them. answering their every need. 
     To expedite the answers to your prayers, you must endeavor to believe My promises to you instead of the outward, problematic, disturbing, hellish emotional and physical upsetting circumstances that happen in your life.  You must cling to My promises rather than clinging to disturbing outward appearances.   The problems are only temporary but My help in the matters are supernatural, everlasting and powerful.  Trusting in My power and abilities will produce solutions to all of the problems which present themselves in your life.  (II Corinthians 4:17-18)
      Another way to expedite My ability to keep My promises to you is for you to walk in love with all people, forgiving them of offenses against you.  I said for you to seek My kingdom and My righteousness and all things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33) Many of My children only believe that they should seek My kingdom and everything will be added to them, believing that all of their prayers will be answered.  It was a two-fold promise, including in it that you must seek My righteousness.  All of My righteousness is culminated in loving others as I love you. So seeking Me and loving others as I love you will result in your receiving the answers to your prayers every time.  I said EVERY time.
     You cannot act in the power of satan and then access the answers to your prayers.  I said a person cannot have two masters, that he or she will cling to only one, not cling to both of them at the same time. (Matthew 6:24)  You constantly have the pull toward hellish behavior and the pull toward My righteousness.  Always choose to act from My love, which will spur My kingdom into action in your life. I even give you the power to forgive and love others.  That power is in My Holy Spirit who took the place of Jesus in the lives of My children.  He lives in My children rather than merely being with them.
     It is My good pleasure to keep My promises to you, answering all of your prayers and meeting all of your needs, wants and desires. (Luke 12:32) I cannot break My promises to My children.  My children can break their promise to Me by refusing to  walk in love, kindness and goodness toward others.  When they do, they put themselves outside of the direct workings of My kingdom of Love.  I am not the promise breaker.  My children are promise breakers when they pray for My blessings and then they refuse to forgive, they refuse to love and they refuse to be followers of My righteousness.
     I have never broken a promise to My children.  Those who walk in My love, forgiving others, will always receive the results of My promises which are yes, amen and so be it. (I Corinthians 13:1-3)
     Your Loving, Promise Keeping Father. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Dear One,
    My advice to My children has always been to focus on Me and My abilities rather than on problems, conflicts, afflictions or difficulties.  I told My children under the old covenant that I had with a nation that they should keep their minds focused on Me and if they did they would have perfect peace.  (Psalm 26:3) I know that it is difficult to focus on Me when your world seems to be spinning out of control, but it is your choice on what you allow into your mind.  Always choose to focus on Me and My abilities instead of what is going on around you which affects your emotions negatively.  When you focus on a bad situation, you magnify those evil works instead of magnifying My power and ability.  When you magnify evil works, you give them more power to afflict you physically, emotionally and spiritually.
     Under My new and effective covenant with My children now, I give you more descriptive spiritual elements upon which to focus.  Jesus, Himself, told you not to spin out of control mentally or emotionally by focusing on cares of the world, what you don't have to eat and drink, but to focus on Me and My abilities to supply your every need.  He used the lilies of the field and the birds of the air as examples of My abilities to supply what is needed.  Then He said to seek Me and My kingdom and EVERYTHING will be added to you if you are not anxious and troubled; in other words, His advice was to focus on me completely, seeking Me continually, and all of your needs will be met.
     My Holy Spirit told you through Paul that there are more powerful abilities in My heaven than there are in your world.  He taught that there are things heavenly and there are things worldly, or things terrestrial and things celestial.  (I Corinthians 15:39-40) That knowledge was to lead you to the truth of the power of My heavenly, spiritual powers and abilities. Everything in the earth is made from elements in My heavens, so earthly things are subject to the authority of My spiritual powers.
      My Spirit wrote in the book of Hebrews that there is a cloud of witnesses surrounding you in another dimension, which is My heaven.  (Hebrews 12:1-2) He even identified the source of your comfort and power as being in that cloud of witnesses.  He said it includes Me, your loving God.  It includes innumerable angels and all the firstborn from the old covenant who were waiting for the Messiah. It includes the spirits of the saints who are now perfect and Jesus who is the mediator of My new covenant with all people, plus the blood of Jesus which is the Holy Spirit who overpowered Mary and gave her a Son with My perfect blood of life flowing through Him. (Hebrews 12:22-27)
      He was alerting you to the fact that all of the power of My heaven are available to you, so you must not harden your hearts and only look at what you lack, what is afflicting you, what is making you sad and depressed.  He said not to look to what can be shaken and fail but instead to look to all that I have provided for you, multiple powers that are at your very command, which cannot be shaken or fail. (Hebrews 12:28) 
      Jesus coached you to seek Me and My righteousness and everything will be added to you.   Focus on Me, live righteously with the power of My Spirit in you, and you will have more than you think, want or desire. (Ephesians 3:20)
      You tell your children to focus.  I tell My children to focus on Me.
      Your Loving and Powerful Father

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Dear One,
    I talked to you about living in the world and how there is always tribulation in the world because of the father of evil who entices people to do destructive things.   Jesus said that very thing but then He proclaimed the good news, that He has overcome the world and you can also overcome the bad things that happen to you but you need My power in order to overcome evil works. (John 16:33)
     My Spirit wrote through Paul that you will be afflicted but not crushed, perplexed nor driven to despair. He said that you will be persecuted but not forsaken.  He said that you can be struck down but not destroyed.  He wrote that the way to always overcome those unpleasant occurrences in your life is to do what Jesus did, become dead to the emotions and vision of the natural man, the flesh.  He said that you must be like Jesus, always living the life of the Spirit, not the flesh.  (II Corinthians 4:7-12) Jesus was persecuted, but never forsaken by Me.  He was afflicted but never despaired.  He was struck down but always overcame the bad experiences.  He did those things by drawing on My supernatural insights, My wisdom and My knowledge, always drawing the supernatural strength to rise up again and do what I asked Him to do.(II Corinthians 4:16-18) 
     Jesus loved the people who persecuted Him, afflicted Him and struck Him.  If you will remember, He told you and all of My children to love your enemies. (Matthew 5:43-48) Love is supernatural power that I give you to overcome the bad things that people do to you.  Love is powerful.  It changes people, things, situations and circumstances. Love overcomes a multitude of sins of people who oppose you. (I Peter 4:8)  Jesus told you to see people with the eyes of your Spirit, not with the eyes of your flesh.  When you see people with the eyes of your Spirit, My eyes, you forgive them because you know that they are merely yielding to the devil, just like you do on occasion. (John 8:15)
     My Holy Spirit told you that any affliction, persecution or striking blow to your flesh or your emotions that happens to you is only temporary and that you should not look to the flesh, the things that are seen with the human eye, but you should look to things with My Spiritual Eyes which include My supernatural powers, My supernatural abilities, My angels, My cloud of witnesses, My things that are heavenly instead of earthly.  Only with My things that are heavenly and celestial will you overcome everything bad that happens in your life on earth.  Every good thing in My heaven overcomes every bad thing in your earth.  (I Corinthians 15:40-58)
     I said to always look to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. (Hebrews 12:1-2; Romans 5:3-11)  Only look to Me and My abilities, not to the devil and his afflictions, persecutions and tribulations.  Glorify Me in tribulation by speaking of My abilities to save you from the effects of tribulations rather than speaking about and glorifying the devil and his abilities to afflict, maim and destroy you. When you speak of My abilities you are speaking your declaration of independence from the works of the devil and speaking your declaration of dependence upon Me. 
     Instead of only seeing the afflictions of the devil on your life with human eyes, you will become victorious over every tribulation if you will see My powerful, saving, and overcoming works with spiritual eyes. Jesus said that the people of his day only looked on the flesh but that He looked on the Spirit. He overcame every obstacle.   Go and do like He did with the power of My Spirit.
     Your Loving and Powerful Father