Friday, September 11, 2015


Dear One,
     Jesus said that out of the mouths of two or three witnesses a thing is established, guaranteed, or shall come to pass.  He was talking about going to a person who has wronged you and if the person does not listen to you, he said that you should take another person with you, and then another.  He was talking about the power of words, that if you agree with something negatively or positively that it will come to pass. 
    There is another facet of that truth and it is that My promises are guaranteed if  the agreement in words, attitudes and actions in the earth agree with the words, attitudes and actions in My heaven.  When they do, then it is easy for Me to keep My promises to My children.  That is what is meant by the phrase "in My name."  In other words, My children must manifest in the earth the words, attitudes and actions of My Holy Spirit before they can expect their prayers to be answered speedily. 
    Isaiah said that the negative actions of My children, their iniquities, make a barrier between us and I cannot hear their petitions because of the negativity of their actions.  (Isaiah 59:1-3) They pray and pray and pray in faith, expecting me to hear their prayers, but there are barriers which block their requests from being heard in My heaven because their words, attitudes and actions are from the father of evil instead of from Me, their good Father. There is no agreement between heaven and earth when My children are unloving, unforgiving, unkind, stubborn, prideful, belligerent and strife-filled,
     Jesus said that you must ask "in My name." (John 14:13) "In My name" means that you exemplify My words, attitudes and actions, that you are living as a representative of Me.  When you do, you are easily recognized by My angelic hosts as My child because you are a witness of My character.  When My character is manifested in the earth, then you are in agreement with My promises for you and your requests can easily be expedited from heaven into your life.  When your character is of another family, the family of evil, then you are not recognized as My child because your witness is not of My personality and character. The delivery of My blessings is only accomplished when the words, attitudes and actions of a person identifies him or her as My child. (John 14:14)
      Jesus said when He admonished the disciples that they should bear fruit and that their fruit should remain.  He was speaking of the fruit of My Spirit which are love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith, patience and longsuffering.  Then Jesus said in that setting whatever they ask of Me, "in My name," that it will be done by Me from heaven.  He reiterated it in His next statement when He said that you must love one another.  (John 15:16-17)  It is clear in the proclamation of Jesus that words, attitudes and actions on earth must be in agreement with My family in heaven for your needs, wants and desires to be granted.  
      I am Love and when you are in agreement with me, you are led by Love and walk in Love.
      Become easily identified as My child because of the fruit of My Spirit being evident in your life.  When they are, then Love triumphs and all of your requests will be granted because you are truly a representative of Me and My name, easily identified by your fruit, your behavior, which is love. 
      Your Loving Father

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