Thursday, June 30, 2016


Dear One,
    My instructions to My children to keep peace with everyone is not meant merely to be an admonition meant to encourage you to do something that will make My heart turn toward you.  My heart is always turned toward you.  You are My child, My precious child whom I adore.  There is nothing from My heaven that can separate you from My love. (Romans 8:38-39)
     There are things that can come between us from earth that will interfere with your ability to hear My personal words to you which set you free from the works of the devil.  Those things occupy your mind so that you cannot keep your mind focused on Me and My blessings that I have for you. (Isaiah 59:1-3) One of the things from earth that comes between us is conflicts in which My children engage which occupy their minds all day and often into the night with thoughts of vindication, what you should have said to the person with whom you are in conflict, or what you should have done to the person, or what that person should believe that is right because you believe it.  Those constant negative thoughts separate your mind from My mind and rob you of your mental health, your prosperity and your physical health because what a person thinks in his mind, so is he. 
    When your mind is in conflict with someone, your body is in conflict with itself because of the negative hormones which are poured into it by your endocrine system.  You are allowing your own mind to poison your body by holding on to anger and revenge.
     Jesus handled that problem of My children when He admonished you to make peace with everyone, not because making peace with people earns you My love.  My love for you is constant.  He spoke My truth to you about being in conflict with anyone because of what happens in your own body when you are angry with anyone.  When you are in conflict with anyone, you are in conflict with your own mind and body because they will suffer the effects of your anger and division.
     The instructions from Me through My Holy Spirit in Jesus is that you should bless your enemies, pray for them and do good deeds to them so that their favor will be returned to you and they will make peace with you also.  That stops the flow of negative hormones from your emotions because you have switched from anger to showing love.  Your body benefits and your mind benefits because positive hormones flow to your mind and body instead of injurious ones.  When peace is restored, My blessings can be restored to you because you are operating in My emotions of love and forgiveness instead of the devil's emotions of anger and conflict.  My kingdom can flow into your life unhindered with My marvelous benefits for you.  (Luke 11:20)
     My Spirit said that you can't serve two masters.  You can't serve anger and love.  It is impossible.  Anger hates love. (Matthew 6;24) When you are angry with someone you endanger your physical, mental and financial prosperity and your ability to inherit My blessings because you are serving the devil by yielding to his emotion of conflict.  Your life will be affected when you have changed sides in the battle between My kingdom and the devil's kingdom.  While still in conflict, your mind is on your right to be angry because you think you are right in the situation.  My Spirit said that everyone sins and falls short of My glory so you are carrying around a boulder in your eye while you accuse another person of having a splinter. (Matthew 7:1-5)
    All of My instructions to My children are for your benefit, not so that you will be good enough to earn My love.  My love is freely given.  Bless your enemies for your own benefit.  Pray for your enemies for your own benefit.  Do good to your enemies for your own benefit.  Make peace with people with whom you are in conflict for your own benefit, so that you stop negative emotions from cursing your own body and your own mind.
    Every time you make peace with someone, you are praising Me in your decision because you are taking My advice.  You are freeing the other person from being bound to you in anger and you are letting him or her be free, just as you are free after making peace, free from being bound to the other person in anger.  You also become free from cursing your own body and mind with conflict and anger. 
    To forgive someone means to let the person be free from your anger and to let yourself be free from anger.  You are then free to be happy and prosperous in every area of your life.
    My advice is always for your own benefit, placing you in the lane where My blessing come into your life.  Making peace with everyone accomplishes it.
    Your  Father of Wise Advice

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Dear One,
   My advice to My children to be thankful for their blessings does not come from My need for affirmation.  Your verbal words of thanks are not to merely tickle My ears so that I will be attentive to your needs.  I am not that kind of a father, not a human father who is easily manipulated by grateful words.  The giving of thanks to Me from My children is a strategic maneuver on their part to let the principalities and powers of the air and My angels know that you are grateful to Me and that I am your source of all blessings.  Thankfulness is an affirmation of your faith in Me and your statement that you are grateful to me for My Fatherly gifts to you. 
    Another strategic effect from your giving thanks to Me is that thanksgiving from your heart is a statement of your faith that what I promised I will deliver.  Remember that Abraham thanked Me that he would be the father of many nations when he was well past the age of fathering children.  Yet, he praised Me and thanked Me that My promise to him would come true even though his wife Sarah had no youthful functioning physical organs that would allow her to conceive a child.  They thanked me before they saw the product of their faith.  They spoke statements of faith by speaking the things that were not reality at the time as though they were already reality. (Hebrews 11:8-12)  They were able to have faith because they believed My promise to them.  They thanked Me that they would be parents of many children before they were parents in reality in their later years.
     Because faith is simply the spiritual substance of things hoped for, the spiritual evidence of things that are not yet seen, thanksgiving for the future appearance of the answer to prayers is a statement of faith.  (Hebrews 11:1)  It is speaking your confidence in Me to all the spiritual world that exists around you.  (Philippians 4:6-8)   As you hear yourself speak thankfulness to Me, you are also reminded that I am your source of all good things, your loving Father who wants the best things for you and your thanks says that I am able to do what you ask of Me.
     When I told you to make your requests known to Me with prayers and thanksgiving, I also told you to never be anxious for anything; but, instead, to think only of things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, praiseworthy, to think of those things.  In other words, keep your mind on things that come from faith in Me instead of things that come from fear that your prayers will not be answered.  When you are fretting and anxious that I am not going to answer your prayers, you are allowing the devil's fear to consume you instead of allowing My faith to consume your mind.  When you speak thanks to Me for bringing the answer to your prayers into reality, your mind switches from a negative channel to a positive, faith filled channel, switch from the hell channel to My heavenly channel.
     Thanksgiving is a powerful action, producing more than you ever imagined.  When you are announcing your needs to Me in prayer, make it an automatic choice to also thank Me before you see the answers to prayers become reality. (Ezra 3:11; Psalm 69:30; Psalm 95:2 ) Thanking Me says to yourself, to My kingdom and to the demonic kingdom that you have faith in Me to supply your needs according to My riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  (Philippians 4:19) 
     David, the song writer, said that praise and thanksgiving causes you to enter into My gates. (Psalm 100:4-5)  Isaiah said that My promise to Abraham and Sarah would produce comfort and compassion for My children and that I would make the desert places like Eden and the wastelands like a garden, that joy and gladness would be in you and that thanksgiving and the sound of singing would be found in all of My children. (Isaiah 51:3-4)  He said that My words would go forth into all of the world and produce justice for all. That feat was accomplished by My Holy Spirit coming into the earth to live in My children by which My words became available for all people to hear them because I make My home in them and they become My children.  I became the Father of many children in whom I make my home.   That is reason for celebration and the giving of thanks. 
      All of the spiritual beings in the heavens pay attention to your words of thanksgiving to Me, marveling at your loyalty and devotion.  Your words of gratitude empower My angels and they are deafening roars in the ears of your spiritual enemies.  I often told people to shout their thanksgiving.  That was instructing you to shout your independence from despair and your dependence upon Me. 
      Thanksgiving is for your benefit.  Praise and thanksgiving go together just like prayers and thanksgiving go together.  They make statements of your confidence in Me.  That is My thrill, hearing your thanksgiving statements announce your confidence in Me. (Ephesians 5:1-5)  
      Your Father of Wonderful Gifts         

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Dear One,
    From the first day of the culmination of My promises that I would come to live in My children, that first day being the day of Pentecost, on that day the impossible became not only possible but became reality.  The manifestation of My promise of complete forgiveness of sins became real, the manifestation of My promise that My children could become the temples of My Spirit in the earth became real, the manifestation of the promise that I would speak individually and personally to My children in their thoughts became real, the promise that I would give to My children dreams and visions to enhance their lives became real, and the promise that My words would cover the earth as the waters cover the sea became real as My children began to speak My words in spiritual languages.  (Joel 2:28-32; Jeremiah 31:33-35; Isaiah 11:1-9; John 37-39; Acts 2:1-4) My words, which I had used to create the earth, are available for My children to speak, creating peace out of chaos and bringing solutions to all problems. 
     Not only did the impossible become reality but the impossible still becomes reality in the lives of My children who are in unity with Me, for My kingdom becomes reality in their lives in the earth.  My words through their mouths move demonic mountains of destruction out of their lives and I send My healing virtues to restructure their bodies, souls and spirits.  My personal Fatherly advice and instructions become reality in their thoughts and they follow My guidance.  Yes, the impossible becomes reality to My children who are dedicated to My Spirit within them instead of being dedicated to the passions and judgments of the devil who tempts them in their flesh.  (Romans 8:12-17)
     Jesus came to earth in the power of My Holy Spirit to destroy the works of the devil and My Holy Spirit inside of you wants to destroy the works of the devil in your life.  My Spirit is doing the same ministry of Jesus in the lives of My children today by living inside of them and becoming your power source against all evil temptations and evil works.  (I John 3:8-11)
     My love became evident in the earth in the person of Jesus Christ.  My love lives in you and must be spread abroad in the earth by My children of love.  True, unconditional, unselfish love is My nature and My children are products of My love.  Therefore, you owe love to everyone because of My love that is resident in you in reality, as was My original plan through the person of the Holy Spirit. (John 13: 34-35; Romans 13: 8-10; I John 4;7-8)
     The impossible became reality when Jesus came to earth to show My love to everyone.  The impossible becomes reality when My Holy Spirit shows My unconditional love for everyone through you.
     My children who are led by My Holy Spirit while living in the earth always live the life of impossible events becoming realities in their lives.  They have My personal words to them which transform them into My image and they have My spiritual languages which transform the earth into My kingdom. (Luke 11:20)
     My plan is complete in those who are led by My Spirit.  My plan is no longer a mystery.  It is reality.
     Your Father of the Perfect Plan      

Monday, June 27, 2016


Dear One,
     The reason that I gave the old covenant laws through Moses was to identify sin, the works of the devil.  They were never given to declare a person's righteousness or unrighteousness.  (Romans 3:20-23)  How could they declare anyone righteous since all have sinned and fallen short of My glory?  Everyone who ever lived has yielded to the devil's temptations just like Adam did.  I gave the commandments of old merely to identify the works of evil so that My children would recognize the evil temptations and refuse to obey them.
     Religion came in and made the laws an indication of My acceptance of people, saying that if a person obeys those laws then I accept them as My child.  They were not given to determine your standing with Me because no one can obey all of the laws.  When Jesus came into the world and defeated the devil at every turn, and when believers accept My Spirit's invitation to allow Me to live inside of them, that is when righteousness becomes attainable.  It is only by the presence of My Spirit inside of anyone that makes people righteous by My design. (Romans 3:21-24) It is the power of My Holy Spirit, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, that gives anyone the supernatural power to hear My voice and take My advice.  The old written laws become null and void when My Spirit comes to live inside of you because My Spirit of discernment identifies to you the temptations of the devil which come in your thoughts. (Romans 3:28) My Spirit gives you the authoritative power to refuse to do the devil's tempting activities when you are attentive to My voice inside of you, casting tempting thoughts of evil into the abyss of hell.
      It is My decision that My children would be the earthly temple of My Holy Spirit that brings great joy to Me and it should be a reason for your greatest joy.  In carrying out My mysterious plan, I was able to make all of My children free from the works of the devil and to become righteous in My eyes.  I infuse with power My children who will agree to be My earthly temples.  They have supernatural power that they had never experienced which accomplishes in them what the written laws could never do. (Acts 1:2-8)  They have access to Me, one on one. because I live in them.  Their joy is full to overflowing!
     My kingdom becomes part of their lives and they are filled with My love. The written laws could never accomplish that feat and was never meant to. Only My Holy Spirit is able to fill you with overflowing My power, My love and My joy.
     I am My Holy Holy Spirit and My Spirit is Me.  Because My Spirit was in Jesus, I am Jesus and Jesus is Me.  We are One.  When My Spirit lives inside of you, then We are One also and all the benefits of My family are yours.  It was My plan, it was accomplished and Jesus make it possible.  Christ, the Victorious One is in you in the person of My Holy Spirit.  He is the hope of My glory, making it possible for Me to deliver all of My blessings to you because you are My child. (Colossians 1:26-27)
     Your Father of Great Plans

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Dear One,
    My Holy Spirit wrote to My children that there is no need to send anyone to heaven to bring Christ down to earth to save you from evil and there isn't any need to send anyone to hell to bring Him up to the earth again to save you from the works of the devil.  (Romans 10:4-9)   Jesus Christ has already done that spectacular duty that I sent Him in the flesh to do.  My Spirit said that because of what Jesus Christ did for you, sending My Spirit to live in you, that My words of victory are already in your heart and in your mouth.  My words of unity with Me were restored to you when My Spirit came to live in you as your guide, your protector, your Lord, your standby, your advocate, your comforter, your helper, your strengthener and your intercessor.  He said My glorious plan of redemption and salvation has already taken place; and, oh, what a marvelous one it is. (John 3:3-9 and 16)
    My plan to restore My children to a one-on-one relationship with Me has been  accomplished, beginning on the day of the feast of Pentecost.  My Very Own Spirit came to earth to live in My children, speaking My personal and intimate words to their thoughts and speaking My orchestrations from their mouths in spiritual languages which defeat the devil and his evil works in the earth. 
    In executing My plan, I was able to bypass the barriers in the earth that were set by the evil one.  I was also able, with the help of Jesus, to institute My marvelous plan which had remained a mystery from the evil one and from the people of My old covenant with a nation.  The mystery was that the same spiritual power that lived in Jesus Christ would live in you and He would bring the hope of glorious things happening in your life.  (Joel 2:28-29)
    I said that when My Spirit lives in you that He will even bring to life the portions of your body which were dead to Me because the devil had set a barrier between us.  (Romans 8:10-11)  My Spirit brings life to your spirit, your mind and your body, sending the devil to hell for his mastering your emotions and your passions.  This new life comes when you are attentive to My personal words to you and you follow them. 
    In cooperation with you, My Holy Spirit prays through your mouth in My words and exerts His authority over the evil one and his evil demons.   My words of power do their effective job when My children know that My last covenant with My children is one of complete perfection.  Jesus did His duty to perfection and My Spirit does His duties to perfection.  The only limitations come from My children when they listen to the devil and become compartmentalized into denominations and factions with binding doctrines.  There are no doctrines, denominations and factions in My family.  Those who are compartmentalized by doctrines live to promote their own doctrines, forgetting about My love.  
    In My true family there are only children who honor and prize My plan of coming to live in them in the person of My Holy Spirit, with Me speaking My love words into their minds and speaking My words of victory from their mouths over the works of evil in their lives.  My words are the words of faith, that being the power to change you and your world.
    My plan is the good news, the news that I overcame the works of the devil through Jesus and I can, by the power of My Spirit in you, continue to overcome the works of evil in your life and in the world.  (I John 3:8)
    My plan is complete.  My Spirit is now Lord in the earth to those of My children who allow Him to be My Fatherly presence in their lives.  (II Corinthians 2:17-18) Those children treasure the greatest gift that I gave to them, which is My very own Spirit of love. (I Corinthians 6:19; II Corinthians 4:7)  My true children are not looking to be taken out of the world.  They enjoy My presence in their lives while in the world because I already live inside of them.  (John 17:15-17)
    If you want ultimate love, ultimate joy, ultimate peace, ultimate faith, ultimate goodness and kindness in your life, listen to My Spirit who speaks My instructional words to you and also pray in My Spirit, which allows Me to speak victorious words for you.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)
    Treasure My words spoken to you by My Spirit.  They are life and health for your body, soul and spirit.
     Your Father of Wise Counsel

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Dear One,
    How I wish you could have seen the celebration in heaven on the day of Pentecost when the Jewish feast became a reality in the earth.  My Son Jesus, My angels and I celebrated wholeheartedly that finally My promise to My children was fulfilled.  It was made possible by the fleshly death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.  He and I sent My Holy Spirit to live within all people who would ask for Me to be the Lord of their lives, their guide, their advocate, their tutor, their protector, their wisdom and their umbilical cord leading to Me. (Acts 1:7-8 Acts 2:1-4)  My words had finally made their way back into the earth and My Spirit is a conduit from My mind to the minds of My children so that Fatherly communication is restored as it was at the beginning between Adam and Me. 
     Previously, without My Holy Spirit, My children were fatherless, lost and in fellowship with the same devil who tempted Adam to allow him access into the world, through which their fellowship with the devil brought curses into their lives.  Through My Holy Spirit's presence in the lives of My children, finally My blessings can be restored to the ones who choose to heard My voice and take My advice. (II Corinthians 3:17-18)
     Yes, We celebrated in heaven when My Spirit reentered the earth to live in My children, giving My instructions and insight to my children.  He had previously resided in Jesus.  We still celebrate when even one of My children takes My advice and in doing so overcomes evil in the world. Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil and He relinquished that assignment to My Holy Spirit when He sat down with Me in My heaven.
     Since it was My Spirit who empowered Jesus to hear My words, to follow My lead and then take My advice, Jesus was willing to share My power with My other children in the earth so that they could overcome the works of the devil in their own lives in the earth, just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:8: John 10:10)
     My words are My parental connection to My children.  Hearing My words delivered to My children via the Holy Spirit gives them the power to take My advice and do what I say.  (Romans 10:17) My words spoken through your mouth in My Holy Spirit's prayer language orchestrate every move that your servants, My angels, make to solve your problems. (Romans 10:5-17; Romans 8:26-27; Hebrews 1:12-14)
     Some of My children are waiting for Me to set up My kingdom in the earth.  They are waiting for Jesus to re-enter the earth and fulfill the promises in My old covenant with a nation.  My Spirit said through Paul, who had more of My revelation than anyone except Jesus, "Don't say who are we going to send to heaven to bring Christ down to earth," or, "Who are we going to send to hell to bring Christ up from the dead?"  My Spirit said that My own powerful words are in you, even in your heart by which you can believe, follow and be led into green pastures and still waters.  Plus, I said through My Spirit," My words are in your mouth, the words of power to which you believe."  Freedom from evil are in the words which have been restored to you though My umbilical of My Holy Spirit.  They are all that you need to save you from the evil that is resident in the world.
     Some of My Holy Spirit baptized children in the earth give more credence to the prophesies given by the prophets of My dead covenant with a nation than they give to My Holy Spirit. (Romans 10:4) Now My precious Holy Spirit speaks individually to each of My children, guiding you, empowering you, answering your prayers and saving you from the works of the devil.  My Spirit carries My voice to My children and His words spoken into the earth through your mouth in My Holy Spirit's  prayer language will save you from all the works of the devil. (Romans 8:26-28)
    This mystery was hidden for years but is now revealed to My children.  It is Christ in you, the hope of glorious events coming into the lives of My children because of My dwelling inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit. (I Corinthians 6:19-20). 
     Give the same honor and respect to My Holy Spirit that you give to the ministry of Jesus while He was in the earth.  It was My Spirit in Jesus who did the work of redemption and it was My Spirit in Him that made Him My Son.  It is My Spirit inside of you now who makes you My child, worthy of My blessings in your behalf.  It is My Spirit who is Lord in your life when you make Him your guide, protector, advocate, helper, power giver and who reveals My love to My children.
    Many blaspheme My Spirit by deeming His ministry less than the ministry of My Son, even after Jesus gave My Holy Spirit honor and praise and said that you would do greater things with the Holy Spirit's power.  My Son and My Spirit are the same except that Jesus Christ, the victorious one, is sitting in heaven with Me now that My Spirit, who empowered Him, is Lord in the earth in the lives of My righteous children who have opened the door to Him.
     My Holy Spirit is all that you need to overcome the evil that comes against you in the earth.  His ministry was a mystery hidden for years but now is revealed by Him to My children who have ears to hear. (Colossians1: 25-26)
     Your Father of Divine Plans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Friday, June 24, 2016


Dear One,
    Most people love a good mystery which holds their interest, captivates their  thoughts and entertains them. There is a spiritual mystery that has been hidden from My children since the beginning of time when evil was allowed to enter the earth by Adam and deafened the ears of My children to My voice.  Before that invasion of evil, Adam and I talked openly and My wisdom was shared by us.  The devil then blinded the eyes of Adam to My works and deafened his ears to My words.  My divine mystery was concocted in My mind on how to overcome the works of evil in the world and it was hidden from people but was later revealed by prophets and then Jesus and then My Holy Spirit. (Romans 16:25-27)
     The mystery was not revealed until Jesus taught about My Holy Spirit, how He would enter into the lives of My children, speaking My words into their minds which would allow them to overcome the works of evil in every area of their lives.  By human standards that was impossible to believe, that I would live in people.  My Holy Spirit amplified it when He said that the mystery was Christ in you, the hope of glory. (Colossians 1:27)  The very idea that My glory would accompany My Holy Spirit when He lived in people was futuristic and far fetched in the minds of  My children at the time.  However, on the day of Pentecost that is exactly what happened, I sent My Spirit into the earth to live in people who welcomed Him, and He births Christ in them, the overcoming, victorious One who overcomes all evil and restores our Father/child relationship.  The mystery eventually was solved and revealed to all who will hear. 
      My traditional children of the nation with whom I had an old covenant only believed that they would know Me in heaven.  There is no evil in My heaven so there would no need for them to overcome evil there.  When the mystery unfolded it became clear to those who believed that I would actually live in them while they lived in the earth just like I lived in Jesus, and I would make them victorious over evil in the earth by the power of My Holy Spirit in them. Evil is rampant in the earth and it needs to be overcome by My children who become filled with My Holy Spirit, just as Jesus was. After being filled to overflowing with My Spirit, they can overcome the evil that is in the world through the same power that was in Christ Jesus. (Ephesians 1:7-14)
     What a marvelous plan I had and it works in the lives of My children who hear My voice and take My valuable advice.(Colossians 1:24-29)  The mystery is still hidden from some of My children, not by Me but by the devil.  Some of My children are willing to be born of My Spirit but they refuse to be baptized in My Spirit in order to have My Spirit in every area of their lives.  They limit Me to their spirits but refuse to allow Me in their minds and bodies.  Those children of Mine are afraid to yield completely to Me because they are afraid that they will be rejected by other people for being connected to My mind in their minds with the power and ability to reject evil temptations in their bodies.  They are simply afraid to yield completely to me.  Oh, what glorious joy they have rejected.  I love all of My children, even the ones who reject Me and limit Me.  They do it by the influence of the devil.  They miss out on knowing the end of the book, the solution to the mystery that was hidden for generations, which is that I can live in you and bring with Me the power of My Spirit to overcome the evil that is in the world, establishing again our unity in the Father/child relationship.
     My Spirit wrote to the Colossians that He wants you strengthened by His  power according to My very own glorious might and He hopes that you will have all patience and endurance and joy while in the earth because the sacrifice of Jesus Christ qualifies you for the full inheritance that comes from being in total unity with Me through the indwelling of My Spirit.  (Colossians 1:11-12)  Then He told the Colossians even more of the mystery, that Jesus Himself delivered you from the kingdom of darkness and transforms you to the kingdom of My Son who paid for your sins so that you and all of humanity would be forgiven for yielding to the devil's temptations. (Colossians 1:13-14)
     How glorious is that proclamation of My Holy Spirit, that all of your sins are forgiven and that you are inheritors of all of the riches of My kingdom because My Holy Spirit has come to live in you and made you as Christ was, a blessed child of Mine and an inheritor of My glorious riches.  You are blessed because you read the book where the mystery was revealed by the writer of My book, the Holy Spirit.  He reveals all truth to you and He gives to you My character and personality of love and peace.  That is the good news, that I came to live in you and brought My supernatural power to overcome all the works of the devil while you are in the earth. ( I John 3:8)
    Your greatest inheritance is the ability to hear My voice, just as Adam did at the beginning.  My wisdom will lead you and guide you around the pitfalls that are put in your path by the evil one.  My Spirit will give you power to overcome all the works of evil in the world.  Jesus said that My Spirit inside of you would do greater works than He did while He was in the world.  That is a great mystery and worthy of telling others about.  Another benefit of your inheritance is your ability to pray in My Holy Spirit, allowing Me to orchestrate the solutions to all problems in the earth.   That is allowing Christ in you to be the hope of all glory. (Ephesians 1:17-23)
     Yes, My Instruction Book has within it the greatest mystery: how I am able to live in the earth in My children, restoring a Father/child relationship with them, speaking My words to them in wisdom and speaking my words through them in My Holy Spirit's prayers in order to overcome all the works of evil.
     You have the Book and you have your private tutor, My Spirit.  Go and overcome evil in the world.
     Your Father of All Solutions

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Dear One,
     I promised when your ways are pleasing to Me that I will be able to  make your enemies to be at peace with you.  (Proverbs 16:7)  That is a firm promise.  It wasn't until Jesus came to earth that I told you how to implement that truth into your life.   The first thing He taught was about forgiving your enemies, blessing them and praying for them. (Matthew 5:38-48)  That was diametrically opposed to the old religious laws of an eye for an eye.  Instead, Jesus said to forgive, bless and pray for your enemies. 
    Then My Holy Spirit explained this teaching more explicitly when He said through Paul that you must pray for your enemies. because when you do that it heaps coals of fire on their heads.  (Romans 12:18-21)  That is not a bad thing.  It is a wonderful thing. 
    When Ezekiel saw into the heavens, his report back to the people was that the cherubim angels have coals of fire in their beings. (Ezekiel 10:2)  So what My Holy Spirit was saying through Jesus and Paul is that when you pray for, bless and do good things to your enemies that you are sending My angels to your enemies to use the fire of My Spirit to burn out the demonic spirits from them, which will cause them to be at peace with you instead of opposing you. 
    There is no more powerful instructions from Me than this truth.  The power of My Holy Spirit in His instructions to My angels to burn out the dross from your enemies and make them at peace with you is the only way to change your enemies and make them to be at peace with you.  Fighting doesn't work; it only increases the evil.  Opposing them with words doesn't work; it only increases the evil.  What does work in turning the hearts of your enemies toward making peace with you is blessing them, praying for them and doing good to them.  When you do those things, it adds your 'yes and amen" to My "Yes and Amen," and so will it be.  (II Corinthians 1:19:20)
    There are more examples of this promise from Me involving this glorious privilege you have of blessing your enemies, praying for them and doing good to them so that they will turn from their evil ways and bless you instead of cursing you.  In doing this, you work alongside Me to turn the hearts of your enemies from doing evil to doing good.
    David wrote that when you dwell in My shadow, that a thousand of your enemies will fall at your side and you will look and see the payment for the wicked spirits who caused your enemies to oppose you.  (Psalm 91)  He even said that My angels would guard and protect you because you cleave to Me in love.  Jesus said later that if you love Me you will take My advice and do what I admonish you to do, one of which is to not oppose your enemies but to bless them, pray for them and do good to them.  It is a privilege for you to work with me in turning the hearts of your enemies from evil to good simply because you have loved Me enough to do what I asked you to do, which is merely to bless, pray for and do good to your enemies.  That is the easy part.  My part is the hard part.  My part is in using My angels to completely change the hearts of your enemies from evil to doing good.  I am very capable of doing My job.  You need to be very capable in doing your job of blessings instead of cursing your enemies.
     You and I can work together to change the minds of people who have followed the devil's temptation to do evil in the world.  Your Instruction Book is replete with instructions on how do to this.  It involves your refusing to seek vengeance, but to allow Me to avenge you by turning the hearts of your enemies from doing evil actions to doing good to you.  Jesus said if you love Me that you will keep My words that I speak.  (Romans 10:17-21; John 15:9-10)
     My ways work every time.  I would not have told you to bless your enemies, doing good to them and praying for them if it were not so.  You will behold a miracle when you do your part because I always do My part.
     It takes faith for you to do these things that I ask you to do in relation to your enemies.  I can even give you the faith through your reading these scriptures and digesting them with the help of the Holy Spirit since faith comes from hearing My words. (Romans 10:17)
     Your Miracle Producing Father 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Dear One,
     Judging other people according to their outward appearance is a very dangerous thing to do.  It invites the judgment of the devil to judge you with his gifts of destruction.  Jesus coached you, as your protective Brother, that you should not judge anyone, just as He judged no one.  Then He said that if He did judge anyone it was to discern according to the insight of My Spirit with what demonic spirit a person was acting in conjunction. He said that is the kind of judgment that He did while He was in the earth.  He needed to have My insight, My discernment, in order to effective cast out the offending demons which cursed people.  (John 8:15-16)
     When you are tempted to judge someone by human appearances, immediately switch your thinking and ask Me to reveal to you the demonic spirits who are behind the actions if they are offensive.  In receiving My insight, you will be able to stop judging the person and pray effectively for his or her deliverance from the evil spirit.
     When judging another person according to the outward appearances or action, one danger is the seed sowing and reaping principle.  You will be definitely be judged by other people and the devil if you persist in judging anyone.  You are not the judge and jury, thinking that you have the right to declare someone guilty of anything.  There are courts of law which have that responsibility.  As My child you have the duty to forgive everyone just like I forgive you because Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world, not just yours.  (John 3:16-17)
      Another terrible result of your judging someone, declaring a person as being an unbeliever. a fool, an adulterer, a murderer, a molester, a shirker of responsibility, an unfit mother or father, a liar, a robber or labeling that person as being any other kind of sinner, the danger is that you stand the chance of wrongly identifying the person as something that he or she is not.  If your mind has judged that person wrongly on an assumption or presumption, and if you repeat the assumption to a friend or someone else, that froemd will take the information as being true, not an assumption.  It will become truth to that friend instead of an assumption or presumption on your part.  That friend will form in his or her own mind an opinion which might not be even close to the truth, yet your friend believes it as truth with what the friend considers a sound basis, which is your word,  Your friend will repeat your assumption as truth to other people and a lie is spread, being repeated over and over again as truth,  A fire spreads, a lie that is unfounded and untrue, merely because you assumed something from an appearance that was untrue.  (James 3:5-18)   The fire will consume others but also will return and consume you.  Seeds sown will produce like plants.
     Now do you understand why Jesus was so adamant about your not judging anyone?   He was trying to teach you to avoid judging anyone by any standard  because of the resulting action of the judgment returning and judging you. (Matthew 7:1-2)  In yielding to the demonic temptation to judge someone, you are signing up and agreeing to be judged yourself.  Every word that proceeded from the mouth of Jesus was for your benefit, to lead you away from the pitfalls set by your real enemy, the devil,   The devil needs emissaries in the earth through whom his work is done, tempting them in their thoughts to carry out his will.   I need My children to be emissaries in the earth through whom I do My works of love in the earth.
    Jesus told you how to be one of My children of love.  One of the ways is to refuse to judge anyone by assumptions or presumptions but instead to always forgive everyone and extend love and mercy easily.
     My Holy Spirit continues the work of Jesus, teaching you from the inside of your mind how to implement the principles taught by Jesus.  His caution to you will be for you to forgive and bless instead of judge someone in your mind by an assumption or presumption.
     Protect your mind because the issues of life flow from it.  Refuse thoughts of judgments for anyone, including yourself.
     Assumptions and presumptions only bring judgment upon you.  Refuse those thoughts and live My life of peace.
    Your Father of Truth    

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Dear One,
     When you relive over and over again in your thoughts an event that was toxic, hurtful, abusive, or when someone has robbed something from you, you will be feeding the monster of anger and it will grow and grow until it destroys you emotionally, physically and spiritually.  That is why I told My children that they must forgive their enemies, so that they will not feed the monster of anger until it overwhelms them.  If they feed the monster instead of forgiving the person, the monster will grow bigger than they are and incorporate their whole bodies with physical diseases or mental illnesses.  My instructions relating to forgiving others are given so that you will have a happy, enjoyable life free from the effects of anger.
      My instructions to My children are never religious tenets given so that I will love you because you have obeyed Me.  They are given so that My children will have My proper parental knowledge and wisdom in order to avoid evil in the earth and live the abundant life for which I created them and for which Jesus Christ died to give them. My wisdom and knowledge are far above your earthly knowledge in effectiveness, so I instituted the compiling of My Instruction Book to outline My Fatherly advice to My family, covering every area of their lives. That is what good fathers do.
     Your Brother Jesus taught about forgiveness many times and then demonstrated the highest level of forgiveness when He asked Me to forgive his killers.  My children act as though forgiveness is merely an afterthought rather than an effective spiritual action that has lasting effects. 
    You have learned that forgiveness means to give forward from you any lingering thoughts of retaliation or vengeance, hurt feelings, bitterness, anger, hatred, division, disgust or any other negative thoughts that persistently come from hell to torment you and rob you of your joy and peace.  Forgiveness means to set up a barrier in your mind to any thoughts of a hurtful event.  Forgiving the person who was at the core of an injurious event means that you no longer carry the burden of the person's anger and abuse, and instead you give the injurious event to Me to handle.  You give Me, your Heavenly Father, the privilege of giving you peace relating to the event also.  (Matthew 6:12)
     Without the images in your mind of the toxic event, there is no monster to feed because you have released it to Me.  You, yourself, are free from anger and the event, so you are free to live unencumbered by a past event that is dead.  It will stay dead if you don't allow it to re-enter your mind.  If it tries, reject it like you would a monster that comes at you physically.  Block it with My words just like Jesus did.  (Matthew 4:3-11)  In reading about Jesus and His battle with the devil, you see that Jesus quoted My words to the monster and it had to leave.  After the monster left, My angels came to minister love and peace to Jesus.
     Unfortunately, the monster of anger is always hungry.  The monster wants you to entertain toxic events in your mind so that you feed it over and over again with more anger which overpowers you instead of your overpowering it.  There are doctors in your earth who are trained in listening to My children when they are helpless in fighting the angry thoughts.  The doctors listen to My children and they give you valuable advice on how to overcome the monster of anger which can eventually become depression.  Seek a doctor of thought management, a psychologist, when the fight becomes too much.  I can speak through doctors just like I can speak through other human beings.  Don't let the matter get out of hand.
When I said to seek and you will find, I was not only talking about seeking Me for answers.  There are times when you need to seek a physical doctor or a mental physician to help you.  I provide them to help My children.
      I created My children to live a life of peace and love.  Jesus died to guarantee it.  The devil comes to rob you of My peace and love.  Stop him at the door of your mind before he bounds into your mind and captures you.
      I am the Father of peace of mind.  (II Timothy 1:7)
      Your Father of Power Against Anger

Monday, June 20, 2016


Dear One,
   The family values as spoken of often by political and religious leaders are not My family values.  Their family values are restrictive, exclusive and unkind by My standards because they judge others by their own rules and regulations.  My family values are love, mercy, peace, goodness, kindness, patience, faithfulness and joy.  Those values are the diamonds, the rubies, the sapphires, the gold and silver of value in My family. (Galatians 5:22-23)
    When My children show My love to religious lawbreakers, the poor, the diseased and the lost instead of judging them, then My true family values are evident in the world.  Religion teaches you to exclude the lawbreakers who are lost and completely separated from My love and your love.  My love teaches you to rescue them and help them find Me, their Father of love for whom they have always longed to have a kind relationship with heavenly benefits.  They don't know that an evil spirit has separated them from Me in an effort to destroy them with his family curses.  (John 12:39-40)  I am pursuing the lost with My whole heart so that I can show to them My love by delivering them from the earthly hell in which they live.  Very often, My children act as through the lawbreakers knew that their yielding to temptations would bring hell into their life instead of bring My kingdom into their lives.  Remember that their eyes are blinded just as yours were at one time.
    One of the jewels of value that I have for My children who are born of My Spirit is the need to have a revelation of the truth of the teaching of Jesus that is explicit in telling them that anger will put them in danger of judgment of the devil.  They use the excuse that they are yielding to righteous anger.  There is no such thing.  Nowhere in the fruit of My Spirit is anger listed as being righteous.  My judgmental children think that if they see someone who is obviously sinning according to their rigid rules and regulations, that they are justified in being angry at the person.  Instead of being angry, My teachings are that you must have mercy and forgive the person, bless the person, do good to the person instead of being angry at the lawbreaker. (Matthew 5:21-26) 
    If you could only see the judgment upon your own body that comes from having angry thoughts and wrathful thoughts, you would immediately put a stop to your toxic thoughts and replace them with My thoughts of forgiveness, love and blessings.  Toxic thoughts are a recipe for eventually killing others and also yourself because of the negative hormones that pour into your body from the release of chemicals from the fight or flight programming that I initiated at the beginning so that you would have the extra adrenaline power to escape from danger.  The devil curses My children by bringing events into their lives to oppose them so that they will get angry and the chemicals that I intended for their good are used to internally kill them, spurred by the devil's temptations to stay angry. 
    The devil knows the weak areas of My children and he will bring people into their lives to make My children angry, causing them to nurse the anger over and over again in their  minds.  The result will be that eventually they will commit suicide by anger because of the negative chemicals that poured into their bodies.  I grieve that My family values of forgiveness were not implemented instead of destructive anger being nourished in their minds which resulted in eventually killing them.  Their eyes are blinded by the devil who taught them to judge others instead of forgive them. 
     Always remember that My family values are forgiving everyone, blessing your enemies, doing good to people who oppose you, making peace with anyone who causes angry emotions to arise in your mind.  Forgive everyone before you are judged by the devil for yielding to his temptation to become angry and vengeful. (Matthew 5:38-48; John 20:21-23)  Jesus said that if you react in anger that you will pay the last price to the devil, which are destruction and death.  Little do My children know that yielding to anger eventually causes suicide by anger. 
     Don't feel guilty and condemned when you get angry.  That is only yielding further to the devil.  Instead, send the demons of anger and guilt to hell where they belong.  They don't belong in your mind to bring destruction and death.  Choose to forgive the person or people with whom you were angry.   To change from being loyal to the devil's anger to being loyal to My forgiveness is called repentance
     Immediate forgiveness for others will result in your having the abundant life that I promised to My children who take My advice and do it.  I am always whispering My family values into your mind to counteract the temptation by the devil to become angry and vengeful.  I bring life.  The devil brings death.  Forgiveness brings life. Anger eventually brings death.
      Your Father of Loving Values   

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Dear One,
    My greatest pleasure is in being your Father.  My greatest pleasure is in being the Father of all mankind.  There are many who know Me as their Father and they reap the benefits of being intimately acquainted with a loving Father who dotes on them constantly, guiding them around the pitfalls of life, teaching them the principles of My family life so that they will enjoy the benefits of being My children.  There are others who do not know Me as their Loving Father because someone else has told them that I am a vengeful king who waits to punish them for disobeying the rules of religious or political structures.  That lie has been perpetuated for ages in the earth by the devil.
     My lost children who do not know how to take advantage of My guidance are still My children because they have My life within them. There is no life outside of My life.  Those lost children are under the influence of other people who have been taught fear by the devil instead of being taught love by Me. (John 3;16-17)
     I sent My Son Jesus into the world so that My lost children would know Me as their loving Father who wants to guide them around the traps of life set by their spiritual enemies.  When they begin a relationship with Me I reward them with My Holy Spirit whom I place inside of their spirits. (John 3:7-8)  Then they enjoy an abundant life when they take all of My advice which is found in My Instruction Book and follow the leading of My Holy Spirit, the private tutor whom I sent to implement My presence in their lives.
     My level of pleasure rose to infinitesimal heights when My Holy Spirit was able to leave Jesus at My side and enter the earth to be the same guide and power source to My other children that I was to Him.  I knew that those of My children who would accept Him into their lives would be able to succeed and overcome every evil work which their demonic enemy puts in their way.  I shout for joy when one of My children takes My advice, does what My words coach him or her to do, and they defeat a powerless spiritual enemy whose only power is to deceive them into doing his will. (John 10:9-10)
        Some of My children may not know that the lost children are still My children whom I love.  My spiritual DNA is still in them as it was in you before you found Me.  There was always the desire to "go home" to be with Me but you did not know what that prompting was that had not been satisfied until you found Me and became united with Me.  When you became born of My Spirit while in the earth, you knew that you had found your Father and your home and you were elated.  Then your journey began of learning how to be an obedient child of Mine, taking the advice of your Father who lives to guide you into green pastures and still waters, giving you rest from your labors. (Psalm 23:1-2))  I even sent to you My Holy Spirit who baptized you with the ability to hear My voice more clearly and have His power to then follow My guidance which results in the abundant life.   (John 8:12; John 16:7-15)
     A person in the earth who has never met his or her real father will always long to be united with the one who planted the seed of existence for his or her life.  It is the same relating to spiritual life.  My children who do know know Me always long to be united with the Father of their existence.  They seek and seek and they will eventually find Me because I am not lost from them. (Matthew 7:7-12) I know where they are and I know their longing.  The lost ones who seek will always find Me and be satisfied.   I will break through the devil's barriers and make myself known to the lost ones.  There are others of My children who are in unity with Me whom I use to rescue them and unite them with My family.
      I long for a Father/child relationship with all of My children, the lost ones as well as those who have found Me.  I want to show My love to you, My guidance to you, My forgiveness to you, My kindness to you, My goodness to you.  I want to infuse you with My peace.  I want to show you My mercy and My graciousness.  I want you to know the joy of having a close relationship with Me which produces, by osmosis, My light of love in you which makes it impossible to reject Me and My kindness because you intimately know Me.
     Loving Fathers pursue their lost children until they find them.  I pursue My children who are lost from Me in their own minds until they find Me and enjoy the life of love that I promised to everyone.   I have great joy and peace for all of you.
     Your Father of Real Fatherhood  

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Dear One,
    To have success in utilizing every mechanical device that you obtain, reading and following the instruction manual guarantees you success in making it work as well as maintaining its effectiveness.  When you neglect to follow the instructions, thinking that you know more about its functions and its effective abilities than the manufacturer knows, then you have displayed a bit of arrogance and pride.
    That truth applies to everything in life, including My detailed, specific, effective and workable Instruction Book, the Bible.  When My children call themselves by My name but ignore My instructions in the Book. you are saying that you know more than I do and so you follow your own limited knowledge rather than My Godly knowledge.  That is a recipe for failure.  Taking My advice, having it enhanced by My Holy Spirit's insight, is a recipe for success.
      One of the definite recipes for disaster in the lives of My children is when they ignore My instructions on how to treat people whom you consider your enemies, whether in your family, your business, your school, your neighborhood or your social groups.  The recipe for disaster always starts with conflict, as I have told you many times.  Conflicts will come into your life from other people, but the way you handle the conflict determines whether you will have success in life or failures in life,  It is so clearly outlined by Jesus, your Savior, that you should bring peace to every conflict that arises in your life by forgiving those people by whom the conflict arises.
     Jesus is your Savior whose words of instructions save you from being defeated by the evil that comes at you via other people but actually is from hell. The evil temptations that are present in conflicts are sent to rope you into becoming oppositional and vengeful so that you will be defeated, having failed at many things because peace was not your primary aim.  Proclaiming yourself right is your aim when you are of the flesh.  Peace is your aim when you are of My Spirit.  (Galatians 5:16-25)
      Not only did I identify the evil that is present in conflicts, but I told you how to effectively defeat them without your being devastated.  Remember that My ways are opposite from your normal defensive ways.  Instead of striking back, as you erroneously teach your children, I teach My own children to refuse to strike back, but instead to bless the person who struck you, doing good to the person, forgiving the person, because in doing those things you further My kingdom in the earth rather than furthering the kingdom of evil in the earth. (Matthew 5:21-30; 38-49) Because you have furthered My family of love, you will receive blessings from My kingdom instead of destruction and death from the family of evil.
     It's just really so simple that My children miss the truth of this principle.  The truth is that when you sow goodness and kindness into the world, you will receive goodness and kindness.  If you sow retaliation and vengeance into the world, you will receive retaliation and vengeance into your life.  This principle is the most basic truth in My family, the seeds you sow will return to you in like manner.  If you sow evil, you will reap evil.  If you sow love, you will reap love.  (Romans 12:17-21)
     When My children are first born of My Spirit, they should be taught the basic principles of how to access My blessings by loving their enemies rather than thinking they need to save the world.  Because the basic principles are never learned from My Instruction Book and enhanced by My Spirit in My children, emotionally crippled people are sent into the world to make disciples of their own lack of knowledge of the basic principles of how to live effectively in the earth.  Some of My children never learn that they are supposed to be disciples of My peace instead of disciples of conflict and destruction.
     Furthering conflict in the world has robbed My children of more of their blessings than they lost when they were unbelievers.   As unbelievers they trusted in their own retaliation and vengeance.  As My children, many of them still trust in returning evil for evil done to them and they are cursed because of that lifestyle.  Anger rules their lives.  They are taught to hate unbelievers, which they formerly were, and taught to distrust people who hold different beliefs and are of different religions and races.  They yield their thoughts to the devil and he places thoughts there of getting revenge from people whose beliefs conflict with their beliefs.  You are together in the thing called life in the world and you should seek peace instead of conflict in everything. 
     I have taught you that being in harmony with everyone creates a symphony in your life of love and peace.  If someone is not in harmony with you, you can still find an area upon which to agree, that being that peace is better than conflict. Forgive and bless that person, doing acts of love to the person and you will end up being blessed by the person and My angels because you have furthered My kingdom in the earth.
     The truth that being in conflict with anyone will cause more stress in your life than anything else should be enough wisdom and insight to spur you toward ending conflict in every form.  Constant conflict in your life curses your health, your mental stability and your relationship with me.   Bring peace to every situation in which you engage.  You are My child of peace.  Further peace in your life and your world will have peace.
     Your Peace Loving Father            

Friday, June 17, 2016


Dear One,
    I teach My children by My Holy Spirit to discern the voices of evil which come to their minds to tempt them to be in conflict with someone.  Jesus said that it is the same voice of evil that tells you to be angry with someone that tells someone to kill.  He said that the written religious laws say not to kill anyone but He said that if you are angry with someone that you are in danger of judgment also.  That admonition from Him reveals that anger will lead to killing if you are not careful and He warns you to stop the angry voices in your mind at their first uttering of conflict and strife.  If you don't, your emotions will escalate into thoughts of retaliation.  Then the other person will retaliate again and you will be in a full fledged war with a person,  (Matthew 5:23-26)  It is so unnecessary. 
     My good voice in your thoughts says to forgive everyone who offends you, to do good to that person and to pray for that person in order to defeat the voice of evil that prompts you to retaliate.  Keeping peace in every toxic situation causes you to be identified as My child of peace.  Continuing to be angry and seeking to avenge yourself will only add fire to the devil's initial evil work which angered you in the first place.  If you will immediately forgive and pray for a person whom the devil uses to cause conflict in your life, you will choke the work of evil at its inception instead of yielding your emotions to it and ending up being judged by the devil with his destruction in some area of your life.  Your flesh will seek to avenge itself instead of rejecting the thought to retaliate.  As My child, you must bear the troublesome burdens of other people who offend you, knowing that it is the devil and his works who are present to suck you into conflict which produces stress in your body and leads you to destruction in your physical health and your mental peace. (Matthew 5:38-48) 
     My principle of keeping peace with others also involves people who do not personally seek to engage you in strife, but those people who also teach, preach, lecture and project into your airways conflicting tenets of religion and politics.  They must be forgiven by you or the opposing thoughts will grow into huge avenues of stress in your life, supporting the lie that you are always superior in your views and they are inferior.  That is the face of pride which always goes before a fall.  Forgiveness and being kind to those people who have opposite views from yours creates peace in your life, but dwelling on the differences produces conflict, strife and stress in your life.  You will suffer the consequences of what anger does to a person if you do not reject anger and disgust at the first hint of accusing thoughts of others for being wrong in your mind. 
     Even fighting a battle in your own mind of trying to prove someone wrong and yourself right will create stress for you because it is a conflict.  If the accusation in your mind leads you to seek the truth about the matter from Me, then when you receive the truth from Me you will be free of the conflict because the battle is over. My truth and insight prove that My ways are right, not yours.  It doesn't matter if you were right or wrong, when truth comes to your mind via My Holy Spirit you are freed from the conflict.  (John 8:36-38)  You become compassionate to the person with whom you were in conflict.
    Jesus said that anyone who does My will in a matter is My child.  My children know My voice.  So when My words of promoting peace come to your mind during times of the stress of conflict, My children do what I ask them to do, which is to usher My peace into the conflict which stops the conflict and restores love.  If not, if you continue the conflict and add to it, then you have established yourself as being a child of the demon of conflict for a while.  Unfortunately, you inherit either the blessings of being My child from doing My will in the matter or you inherit the curses of acting from the emotions of anger and conflict as prompted by the devil. (John 8:42-47)
     The promise of Jesus was that if you hear His words and follow them, that you will never see death.  (John 8:51)  My words to you in My new covenant Instruction Book, the words through Jesus and My personal words to you spoken via the Holy Spirit, will keep you from death and destruction.  I am your Father of Love.  Of course My objective is to protect you from the works of evil ushered into your life through conflict.  My instructions on how to react to anger and its evil temptations is to love the person through whom the evil proceeds.  In doing that, you further My kingdom and you escape from death and destruction.  Jesus gave you the ultimate way to do this when He said, "Father, forgive them because they don't know that they are doing."  Your mantra must be the same, forgiving everyone who opposes you, doing good to everyone who has different beliefs, different cultures or different opinions than yours.  Give them the grace of having their own opinion.  
     You are not kingdom policemen or illegal vigilantes, seeking whom you can set straight on issues.  You are lovers of everyone, as I am, giving everyone the right to have their own opinions.  You are My gracious child to whom My grace has done a wonderful work, making you My child of peace and love, one who avoids conflict with everyone.  In doing that, you are My image in the word, a beacon on a hill and the salt of the earth.  (Matthew 5:13-16)
    The ultimate result of bringing peace to every situation is that you will have peace of mind.  The line of communication with Me will be firmly established and My kingdom blessings will flow into your life.  That is My desire for My children.
    Your Father of Peace and Love   

Thursday, June 16, 2016


Dear One,
    Conflict and strife always come between two people who are trying to prove they are right in a matter.  Trying to insist that you are right or striving to prove that you are right, either to yourself or to someone else, causes unbridled strife in your life. Consequently, you become stressed in your body and mind.   You are always trying to convince yourself or trying to convince someone else that you are the person who is right, that you are the person who has the most control in the matter, you are the smartest, the wisest, the most creative, the most respectful, the most popular, the best informed, the most knowledgeable or the most godly.  My true children have learned that striving to be right all the time creates conflict and strife in their own life as well as the lives of other people.  The people who insist on always being right never enter into My kingdom living while in the earth. (Romans 15:1-2)
     My instructions to My children primarily through Jesus is that the meek inherit My kingdom while in the earth.  (Matthew 5:5)  To be meek is to be pliable, fluid, like a willow tree, bending with the wind instead of being rigid and immovable.  To be meek means to always respect the opinions of others, always allowing other people to have their own beliefs about things without your correcting them with religious, political, social or cultural standards.  
      Also to be meek is to refuse to judge anyone for anything, their actions, their beliefs, their cultural and racial differences, their opinions, their dress, their hair styles, their religious practices, their sexual preferences or anything that identies them with their religious or political beliefs. (Romans 12:9-10) Thei practices and habits always come from their parental tutoring, their cultural customs, their religious tutoring or their political narrowness. You must respect that they are products of their heritage as well as their environmental teachings, just like you are.  If you don't want to be judged, then you must not judge others because I warned you through Jesus that judging others always reverberates back to judgment upon you.  This principle is why I teach My children to be meek, always mild and flexible in their treatment of other people, looking upon other people as better than themselves.  (Philippians 2:1-12)
      You must understand that your enemy, the devil, uses religious and political differences to cause you to judge someone.  My mode of operation is for you to forgive other people for their beliefs which do not reflect yours.  You are probably inaccurate about another belief which that person has had revealed to him or her.
      My Holy Spirit said through Jesus, through Paul, through James and through Peter that you must strive to consider other people better than yourself, their beliefs perfect for themselves at the time, their religions and political views as being their right to believe what they are programmed to believe. (Matthew 5:38-48)  In order to avoid strife and conflict, which cause stress in your life, you must listen to My Holy Spirit who will give you wisdom and insight into how for you to handle the temptation to judge others and in effect become in conflict with them. He will mirror in His teachings to you exactly what He taught through Jesus, that you should never consider yourself better than anyone else in thoughts, actions, beliefs or practices.  If you do, then you are setting yourself up to be a judge and jury and you will be growing judgment in the devil's garden judgment for yourself. (Matthew 7:1-6) 
      To eliminate conflict and strife in your life, eliminate from your mind the thought that you are always right, thinking you always better in beliefs, customs, culture or actions that anyone else.  Give honor and encouragement to everyone as better than yourself.  Treat everyone as the apple of My eye and the apple of your eye.  That's what I do with you when you are uninformed and judgmental.  It is your own judgment of others that authorizes the devil to judge you. 
     Become meek and flexible in dealing with all of humanity.  Forgive readily at the first hint of judgment which enters your mind.  If you don't, if you feed the superiority that causes judgment, then you are signing the devil's decree of judgment because it will boomerang back upon you.
     Meekness guarantees that you will inherit My kingdom while in the earth.  I could not have made it more clear.  Jesus died for the sins of everybody in the earth.  Don't narrow down His sacrifice to only being for yourself.
     Your Loving Father of Mercy    

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Dear One,
    The most devastating problems in the lives of My children are fostered by the demons of conflict. Your psychologists, your counselors, your therapists, your life coaches and I, your loving Father, tell you that the largest amounts of stress in your life come from conflict and can bring diseases into your physical body, mental illness into your mind and separate you spiritually from Me.  Those effects of stress are the very reason the devil brings conflict into your life, in order to destroy your peace, rob you of love and separate you from My blessings that I have already poured upon you.  Conflict causes stress in your body that will eventually cause diseases and death. 
    The devil will entice you to engage in conflict over the slightest, most mundane things in order to get you upset with somebody so that you will eventually be warring with the person and someone will get injured either emotionally or physically.  The devil is behind the scenes in the conflict and he never gets the blame for the problem.  Instead, the participating parties in the conflict blame each other instead of putting the blame where it belongs, on the devil.  (Proverbs 20:3)
     This truth is the very reason that Jesus began His teachings telling you to resolve conflicts between you and other people before they escalate into what the evil one planned, destruction and death.  Conflict is another word for strife.  I told you that where there is strife there is every work of the devil, every demon from hell rejoicing that they trapped you again.  My children are oblivious to the works of the devil which come through conflict and strife.  (Romans 1:28-32)
     My Holy Spirit persistently delivers My words to you through your thoughts and in My Instruction book to make peace with every person; and, in doing so, you are labeled as My child. (Matthew 5:9)  If you don't make peace with everyone, you have joined with the devil in his conflict, like two sticks rubbed together to make a fire.  In doing that, you set on fire hell itself and everyone engaged in the conflict will be cursed and eventually destroyed in some way, by sickness, disease, accidents, wars, killings, etc. It might not be immediate, but it will happen. (Proverbs 26:17-21; James 3:5-6)
     It might be necessary to send a gift to someone with whom you are in conflict.  Listen to My Holy Spirit.  If that will solve the conflict between you and another person, then do it.  Anything to bring peace to a troublesome situation.  My Holy Spirit knows just exactly what it will take to solve a conflict so that the two  participants will no longer be cursed by the devil with destruction.  It is absolutely necessary to forgive the person who started the conflict and often necessary to ask for forgiveness from the other person.  It will choke you to admit your grievous part in the conflict, but it is necessary to bring peace because you want to diffuse the conflict no matter what it takes. (Matthew 5:21-26; 15-20)
    This truth is conflict resolution 101, the most elementary teachings of truth that I have ever taught to My children.  My instructions are given to take you out of the kingdom of curses and bring you back into My kingdom of blessings. (Deuteronomy 30:19)
    The most devastating stress in your life comes from being in conflict with another person.  Your mind is constantly reliving the troubling situation.  The devil is the only being who ever wins when conflict and strife are entertained in the lives of My children.  Conflicts are started by the devil and the fires of strife are fed by the devil by tempting you and the other person to continue in the conflict, spreading evil in your world and the lives of others.  Jesus gave you strict instructions on what to do when the devil causes problems.  He said to forgive the person who was used by the evil one to inflict problems into your life.  In doing that, forgiving the perpetrator of the evil, you are free of conflict and the curses that come along with it.  Stress leaves your body.
     Eliminate stress in your life by eliminating conflict and strife.  Make peace with everyone.  My kingdom of heaven will enter into your life when you walk in peace with everyone and you will enjoy My love, My peace and My blessings.
     Your Loving Father

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Dear One,
    My children are called to extend mercy, not judgment.  Jesus said that the merciful will obtain mercy and the judgmental people will obtain judgment.  Those are the only two attitudes that He specifically said will return like attitudes to boomerang back to you.  The reason for that truth is that mercy is from My family and judgment is from the devil's family.  Whatever you sow into the earth will activate whichever kingdom to which it belongs.  Mercy from you activates My family to bring blessings into your life and judgment activates the devil's family to bring curses into your life. (Matthew 5:7; Matthew 7:1-2)
    It is the duty, obligation and should be the pleasure of all My children to extend love and mercy to lawbreakers, whether religious or civil lawbreakers.  My Holy Spirit said through Paul that all have sinned and come short of My glory so no one should judge others or they will sow seeds of judgment into the garden of satan and he will delight in judging that person for judging others. The devil is in the judging business.  (Romans 3:23-24)  My Spirit was telling you that you have also yielded to the temptations of the devil in some areas so you have no right to judge anyone for doing the same thing in another area.  Because you know that you are forgiven, you need to forgive just as you are forgiven.  (Matthew 6:12)
     The problem is that My children are still of the mindset from the laws of the old covenant which were given to alert My people to the temptations of the devil so that they could avoid obeying those temptations.  What the devil did is that he used those commandments to tempt My people into judging and condemning others instead using the commandment to identify the devil's works so that they would be avoided by themselves.   The devil uses My commandments in order to tempt people to judge other people for not obeying My words which were never meant to condemn anyone. (Romans 7:8-14)
     As I said, the devil kills two birds with one stone.  He tempts someone to yield to the devil's sinful nature, then he tempts you to judge that person, trapping both of you into his kingdom of sin and death.  Then he has delight in dealing out his curses on both of you.  My antidote for all of it is for you to always forgive other people for falling for the temptation of the devil to do his works in the earth instead of your judging the person.  Your obligation, as My child, is to forgive instead of judge. The basis of that truth is that I have forgiven you so you are obligated to forgive others.  (John 20:21-23)
     My Holy Spirit said that you have no excuse if you pass judgment on someone  because whatever point you judge the other person, you condemn yourself because you pass judgment on someone else when you are obeying the temptation of the devil to judge the other person.  (Romans 2:1-4)
    This is not a game where My children choose sides in different denominations, teaching that they are better than other people because they do not practice the sins that people in other sects do.  My kingdom is My family of love where My children are commissioned to forgive the sins of others in the world so that the devil's powers will be thwarted and he is not able to pour curses upon people because of their yielding to his temptations to break religious or civil laws and yielding to his temptation to judge others.  When you forgive everyone instead of judging them, you rob satan of his power in the life of the people.  When you judge anyone, you multiply satan's power in the life of the person and in the world.
    As My child you must spread love and forgiveness in your world so that you will enjoy the blessings that come from your relationship with Me.
    Listen to My Holy Spirit when He said that you have no excuse for judging others.  When you do judge others, you sign yourself up for the curses of satan to enter into your life.  Jesus died so that you would forgive others instead of judging others.  He died so that no one would not be judged so you must die to the temptation to judge others.  Refuse to judge other people and you experience the joy of being known as My child, the inheritor of My blessings.
     Your Nonjudgmental Father

Monday, June 13, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus told My children the keys of the kingdom on how to be blessed. 
    First He said that if you are poor in spirit with no power to overcome evil in your life that you are blessed when you receive My kingdom power of the Holy Spirit into your life. (Matthew 5:3)
    Next He said that if you mourn and are comforted by Me that you are blessed to have received My comfort. (Matthew 5:4)  
    He said that you are blessed if you have an attitude of meekness because you will inherit My kingdom while in the earth. (Matthew 5:5)
    Jesus said that you are blessed if you hunger and thirst after righteousness because you will be filled with My righteousness until you are satisfied. That is the supreme blessing. (Matthew 5:6)
    He said that you are blessed when you are  merciful because you will obtain mercy from others, which is a blessing. (Matthew 5:7)
    Pureness of heart brings My blessings into your life because you become intimately acquainted with Me and see Me face to face. (Matthew 5:8)
    When you are a peacemaker in every relationship, with every person you meet, with those who oppose you and those who insult you, you are blessed because you are identified as My child. (Matthew 5:9)
     Jesus said that you are blessed when you are persecuted for being righteous, loving, kind, merciful, meek, joyful, forgiving, kind, good, patient and faithful because My kingdom belongs to you.  (Matthew 5:10)
     He went on to say that the persecution must be false persecution for My sake.  That doesn't mean that you are persecuted for being oppositional, divisive, unkind, sowers of enmity and strife, envious, jealous or selfish with unbelievers.  It means when you are persecuted for being of My true characteristics, showing love and peace to even the ones who sow evil in the world, that you are blessed already because you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth.  (Matthew 5:13-15)  Your light is not bright when it is offensive to others.
     Jesus cleared it up when He said that your light should shine before people so that they will see your good works of love and peace, mercy. meekness, and forgiveness and as a result they will glorify Me because you have changed other people with your works of love and peace. (Matthew 5:16) Remember, it is your righteousness that glorified Me.
    To sum up His teaching, He said that if you receive My comfort you are blessed, that if you receive My Spirit into your life that you are blessed because you will no longer mourn, that if you are meek, merciful, peaceful with everyone, constant seekers of righteousness, pure in heart, joyful while being persecuted for being righteous, then you are supremely blessed because you have a Father and child relationship with Me.
     Some of My children seek to be persecuted by being offensive to people in trying to win them to My kingdom.  That is not being persecuted for being righteous.  Some people are judgmental of unbelievers and people who have different religious practices from them.  That is not being persecuted for being righteous.   Some of My children seek to be persecuted for their interpretation of the laws, acting like I make them judge and jury of everyone else in the world.  That is not being persecuted for being righteous.  Some of My children seek to be persecuted by being confrontational to people in trying to win other people to Me.  That is not being persecuted for righteousness sake.  Those people are dimmed lights and unsavory salt.
     My desire is that when witnessing to others that My children make love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy and meekness their aim. Those characteristics of mine will assure that your words will be easily consumed and digested, producing miracles in the lives of the hearers.
     Don't seek to be persecuted.  Seek My righteousness and you will be abundantly blessed.
     Your Father of Blessings

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dear One,
     Your part of every difficult situation or circumstance is to pray in the Holy Spirit to call into action My spiritual warriors who are My angels.  That is what I instructed My children to do EVERY time the works of the devil's vigilantes show up in their  lives.  The reason for that is because every problem is spiritual in nature, meaning the activity behind every problematic situation and circumstance is caused by the devil and his evil spirits.  The only battle weaponry that are effective against your spiritual enemies are My Holy Spirit's words which are spoken through your mouth in My spiritual language. All battles of My children are spiritual in nature. 
     That is why I told you that your battles are never with flesh and blood but they are always against demonic principalities and powers of the air.  (Ephesians 6:10-18) I told you that prayers in the Holy Spirit will bring success over the real enemies, which are demonic spirits.  My angels become warriors, assuming My positions of authority in every battle.  They follow My orders, defeating the rebel demons who have brought evil works against My children every time.
     The participating parts that My children have in the battles, besides praying, is always that you minister My love, My peace, My mercy, My compassion, My patience, My goodness and My kindness to the offensive people whom the devil is using to do his works in your life.  That is why I told you to do good to your enemies, to turn the other cheek when stricken or insulted, to forgive immediately an offense done to you, to pray for your enemies, to never return evil for evil but instead to return good for evil done to you.  (Matthew 5:21-26; 38-48) Because you are walking around the earth in flesh, you must minister love and peace to the flesh of your fleshly enemies.  The real battle is with the spirits behind any disagreement.  It is a spiritual battle and it can only be fought by My spiritual beings,  My angels are equipped with spiritual ammunition to win the battle for you behind the scenes in the spiritual dimension if you are doing your part by ministering My goodness and kindness to the flesh of your earthly enemies. 
     I do My part in answer to your prayers in the Holy Spirit by calling into the spiritual battle My warring angels who delight in battling against evil spirits in high places.  You must do your part by praying spiritual prayers and in ministering love and peace to the flesh of the people that the devil is using to oppose and harass you.  That spiritual warfare guarantees our success in the battle because we work in unity, you doing the fleshly work of love and Me doing the spiritual work of defeating the evil spirits behind the battle.
     We make a perfect team, you handling the flesh of people, ministering love to them, and Me handling the evil vigilante spirits behind the battle who are the origin of the problem.  You must do your part by showing love to the flesh of the person and let Me handle the spiritual part by defeating the demonic spirits who started the whole problem.  When you give My spiritual gifts of love, peace, goodness and kindness to anyone who opposes you, they have to yield to My love because love overcomes evil every time. (Romans 12;14-21)
     Anger and vengeance from My children never solve any problem and never win any battle.  They only escalate the force of the battle, causing the demons to multiply in the situation.  Love and praying will overcome every spiritual battle, causing blessings to rain down from heaven upon you and your enemies.
     It rains on the just and the unjust and blessings rain on the just and the unjust when love is applied to stressful situations.  If you trust in My words you will see that love works to your benefit. (Matthew 7:24-28)
     Always err on the side of love, loving your enemies, doing good to them, blessing them and praying for them.  Leave the avenging part to Me and My angels who take care of the vigilante spirits who are behind every problem, every stressful situation, every distressing circumstance, everywhere that strife is present because where there is strife there is every evil work. (Romans 13:12-14) 
     Work with Me, not against Me.
     Your Loving Father

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Dear One,
    There is a battle going on for your mind, which is the creative part of your being.  The battle is between the devil and Me.  I encourage you in your thoughts to be kind, good, loving, merciful, peaceful, faithful, patient and joyful.  Your enemy, the devil, tempts you to be mean, angry, hateful, condemning, fearful, judgmental, strife filled, selfish, impatient, depressed, oppositional, divisive, lustful, hopeless and sad.  Your motivation as My child is to accept My thoughts, follow My leads and become as I am, filled with compassion for others.
     The most powerful temptations over which My children must win the battle are thoughts of judging others because the devil knows that when he can entice you to judge others that he can also judge you with the same degree of judgment. (Matthew 7:1-2)  Killing two birds with one stone of temptation has always been his mode of operation.  Successfully tempting My children to judge others is his most powerful weapon against My children, against Me and against My kingdom.  The bad part of that scenario is that the devil uses the laws that I gave to a nation in order to entice you to judge others.  He also uses social standards and political standards.
     My commandments that I gave to the nation of Israel were given by Me to identify the devil's work so that the people would recognize the temptations of the devil and refuse to obey him.  They were never meant as a writ with which to judge anyone.  However, the devil uses those laws to gain power over My children with tempting thoughts. (Romans 7:7-21) For those of My children who are led by My Spirit, My personal words set them free from the laws of sin and death which are used by the devil to tempt, entice and punish My children.  (Romans 7:4-6)
     Judging others, just like in a court of law, is done by a jury of peers of the accused. When you judge other people, as their peer you join with the devil's temptation and make yourself a judge of the laws themselves, thinking that I did not really mean it when I said that if you judge anyone you will also be judged.  When you forgive others instead of judging and condemning them, you do so by the leading of My Holy Spirit who sets you free from the religious judgmental laws of sin and death.  (Romans 8:1-2)  My Spirit gives you the power to refuse the evil temptation to judge others, giving you the power to forgive others instead of judging them for not measuring up to your standards of religious, political, social and cultural laws.  Only My Holy Spirit can provide the spiritual power for you to refuse to judge others but instead to forgive them.  (Romans 8:3-8) In forgiving others, you put yourself under My grace, which is forgiveness of all sins.  In judging and condemning others you put yourself under the devil's judgment.  Which do you choose?  It's always your choice, as in the beginning of the world.
      My true children do not have a vigilante mindset, eager to catch someone in a sin, an iniquity, a trespass, a bad choice or a mistake.  Only those of My children who are deceived by the devil to judge others have the vigilante mindset,  Remember that it is the devil who roams the earth seeking whom he may devour.  My true children do not seek to catch breakers of religious, social or cultural laws so that they can judge them as guilty.  Only those who follow the devil's vigilante temptations will receive the same judgments that they mete to others.  I am grieved when My children fall for those temptations and remove themselves from My protection and blessings. (Ephesians 4:29-31) The door is always open for My children to return to unity with Me, operating in a spirit of compassion rather than judgment and condemnation.
     People in the earth who are controlled by the lusts of their flesh need your compassion and forgiveness.  They don't need the judgment and condemnation of anyone.  The devil provides enough of that to kill them.  Don't participate with him in his destruction of the children whom I love and treasure.
     Instead of being judgmental vigilantes, become missionaries of My love, My compassion, My mercy and My forgiveness.  Blot out the sins of other people by forgiving them just like I blot out their sins and your sins.  The blood of Jesus has already done it.  When you do it, you fulfill the ministry of Jesus Christ.
     Your Forgiving, Life-Giving Father