Sunday, June 26, 2016


Dear One,
    My Holy Spirit wrote to My children that there is no need to send anyone to heaven to bring Christ down to earth to save you from evil and there isn't any need to send anyone to hell to bring Him up to the earth again to save you from the works of the devil.  (Romans 10:4-9)   Jesus Christ has already done that spectacular duty that I sent Him in the flesh to do.  My Spirit said that because of what Jesus Christ did for you, sending My Spirit to live in you, that My words of victory are already in your heart and in your mouth.  My words of unity with Me were restored to you when My Spirit came to live in you as your guide, your protector, your Lord, your standby, your advocate, your comforter, your helper, your strengthener and your intercessor.  He said My glorious plan of redemption and salvation has already taken place; and, oh, what a marvelous one it is. (John 3:3-9 and 16)
    My plan to restore My children to a one-on-one relationship with Me has been  accomplished, beginning on the day of the feast of Pentecost.  My Very Own Spirit came to earth to live in My children, speaking My personal and intimate words to their thoughts and speaking My orchestrations from their mouths in spiritual languages which defeat the devil and his evil works in the earth. 
    In executing My plan, I was able to bypass the barriers in the earth that were set by the evil one.  I was also able, with the help of Jesus, to institute My marvelous plan which had remained a mystery from the evil one and from the people of My old covenant with a nation.  The mystery was that the same spiritual power that lived in Jesus Christ would live in you and He would bring the hope of glorious things happening in your life.  (Joel 2:28-29)
    I said that when My Spirit lives in you that He will even bring to life the portions of your body which were dead to Me because the devil had set a barrier between us.  (Romans 8:10-11)  My Spirit brings life to your spirit, your mind and your body, sending the devil to hell for his mastering your emotions and your passions.  This new life comes when you are attentive to My personal words to you and you follow them. 
    In cooperation with you, My Holy Spirit prays through your mouth in My words and exerts His authority over the evil one and his evil demons.   My words of power do their effective job when My children know that My last covenant with My children is one of complete perfection.  Jesus did His duty to perfection and My Spirit does His duties to perfection.  The only limitations come from My children when they listen to the devil and become compartmentalized into denominations and factions with binding doctrines.  There are no doctrines, denominations and factions in My family.  Those who are compartmentalized by doctrines live to promote their own doctrines, forgetting about My love.  
    In My true family there are only children who honor and prize My plan of coming to live in them in the person of My Holy Spirit, with Me speaking My love words into their minds and speaking My words of victory from their mouths over the works of evil in their lives.  My words are the words of faith, that being the power to change you and your world.
    My plan is the good news, the news that I overcame the works of the devil through Jesus and I can, by the power of My Spirit in you, continue to overcome the works of evil in your life and in the world.  (I John 3:8)
    My plan is complete.  My Spirit is now Lord in the earth to those of My children who allow Him to be My Fatherly presence in their lives.  (II Corinthians 2:17-18) Those children treasure the greatest gift that I gave to them, which is My very own Spirit of love. (I Corinthians 6:19; II Corinthians 4:7)  My true children are not looking to be taken out of the world.  They enjoy My presence in their lives while in the world because I already live inside of them.  (John 17:15-17)
    If you want ultimate love, ultimate joy, ultimate peace, ultimate faith, ultimate goodness and kindness in your life, listen to My Spirit who speaks My instructional words to you and also pray in My Spirit, which allows Me to speak victorious words for you.  (Ephesians 6:10-18)
    Treasure My words spoken to you by My Spirit.  They are life and health for your body, soul and spirit.
     Your Father of Wise Counsel

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