Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Dear One
    We have studied a long time about the dangers that Jesus talked about when you judge someone.  Jesus knew the works of the devil better than anyone in the earth and He knew that one of the devil's most dangerous temptations is to get you to judge someone so that he can pour his judgment upon you.  Jesus said it simply.  He said to judge no one or you will be judged by the same measure that you judge that person.  (Matthew 7:1-2)   Jesus wanted to warn My children about the dangers of judging others which are real and guaranteed or Jesus would not have been so definite about the demonic reactions that come upon you by your judging others.
     Every word that comes out of the mouth of Jesus was spoken at My urging so that My children would know that there are evil spirits roaming the earth in an effort to get My precious children to obey them and be cursed as a result of their obeying the evil temptations, judging being the most profound evil. Jesus knew that His mission in the earth was to destroy the works of the devil in the lives of My children and then to die for the sins of the whole world.  (I John 2:2; I John 3:8) He knew that when He sent My Holy Spirit to live in people that My Spirit would give them the power to forgive people instead of judging them for committing sins or iniquities or trespasses. (John 20:22) So His instructions were then, and have always been, for you to forgive everyone instead of judging them because that's what I do.  Jesus knew that if you judge someone that you are binding yourself to the devil and putting yourself in a position to be judged by him.
    Remember that My kind of judging is discerning which thoughts in your mind are of satan and which thoughts are of Me.  That is the only form of judging to which you are called, the gift of discernment of the Holy Spirit.  It is judging spirits instead of judging people.
    When you read My Instruction Book and take into your mind the instructions of Jesus, as My child if you do not follow them, taking My advice about avoiding evil,  then you are judging My words as being of no importance.  My Spirit said through James  that if you speak evil of anyone and judge that person that you are speaking evil of My words and you are judging My words to be of no effect, that My warnings are mere rhetoric, void of power.  He said in that instance you are a judge of My words instead of a doer of My words. (James 4:8-13)  You will be judged by the devil for saying the same thing he said in his temptation of Eve when he said, "Did God really say that you could eat of every tree?" To which Eve replied that they could eat of every tree except the tree in the middle of the garden and if they ate of it that they would die.  To which the devil said, "You won't die.  God just knows that if you do eat of it you will be like Him."  You know the rest of that story, that when Adam and Eve believed satan that they allowed him access into the earth to curse them and the whole earth. 
     The devil uses the same trick with you.  You  hear My tutoring of you through Jesus about not judging anyone or you will be judged also.  In your mind the thoughts come from the devil, "God didn't really mean that or we would all be dead already."  Guess what, you have been judged already by the devil if you have judged others in the past.  His curses are evident in your toxic family relations, your lack of financial stability, your illnesses and diseases, your lack of peace in your mind, your unanswered prayers, your lack of joy, your dispensing anger and hatred in the world which boomerangs back into your life, your lack of loving relationships with your children, your unhappiness and loneliness.  Yes, you have been judged by the devil for your judging others.  All of those can be avoided if you take the My advice through Jesus, James, Paul, John and Peter to not judge anyone, but instead to make peace with everyone, forgiving everyone for any wrong done to you and then doing good to them and blessing them. 
    You can even reverse the devil's curses which have come upon you for your judging others, holding grudges against them, calling them fools or delighting in opposing their beliefs and opinions.  You can cancel the judgments on you that have come by your judging others, canceling out those curses by forgiving people, blessing them, praying for them, and doing good to them in order to send My angels to minister to them, (Romans 12:20-21; Ezekiel 10:2)  You will come out a winner instead of a loser in life.
    My words are life and soul peace.  Taking My advice will bring you a life of abundance and peace for your mind.
    Do not judge other people because if you do judge others you proclaim yourself as a judge of My words, declaring them of no importance and no power.  Your judgment of others will give authority to the devil to judge you.
    Jesus knew that He was saying was true.  You should have faith in the veracity of His words and judge no person. Only judge the devil and his demons who tempt you by casting them out of your thoughts.
     Your Nonjudgmental Father

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