Friday, June 17, 2016


Dear One,
    I teach My children by My Holy Spirit to discern the voices of evil which come to their minds to tempt them to be in conflict with someone.  Jesus said that it is the same voice of evil that tells you to be angry with someone that tells someone to kill.  He said that the written religious laws say not to kill anyone but He said that if you are angry with someone that you are in danger of judgment also.  That admonition from Him reveals that anger will lead to killing if you are not careful and He warns you to stop the angry voices in your mind at their first uttering of conflict and strife.  If you don't, your emotions will escalate into thoughts of retaliation.  Then the other person will retaliate again and you will be in a full fledged war with a person,  (Matthew 5:23-26)  It is so unnecessary. 
     My good voice in your thoughts says to forgive everyone who offends you, to do good to that person and to pray for that person in order to defeat the voice of evil that prompts you to retaliate.  Keeping peace in every toxic situation causes you to be identified as My child of peace.  Continuing to be angry and seeking to avenge yourself will only add fire to the devil's initial evil work which angered you in the first place.  If you will immediately forgive and pray for a person whom the devil uses to cause conflict in your life, you will choke the work of evil at its inception instead of yielding your emotions to it and ending up being judged by the devil with his destruction in some area of your life.  Your flesh will seek to avenge itself instead of rejecting the thought to retaliate.  As My child, you must bear the troublesome burdens of other people who offend you, knowing that it is the devil and his works who are present to suck you into conflict which produces stress in your body and leads you to destruction in your physical health and your mental peace. (Matthew 5:38-48) 
     My principle of keeping peace with others also involves people who do not personally seek to engage you in strife, but those people who also teach, preach, lecture and project into your airways conflicting tenets of religion and politics.  They must be forgiven by you or the opposing thoughts will grow into huge avenues of stress in your life, supporting the lie that you are always superior in your views and they are inferior.  That is the face of pride which always goes before a fall.  Forgiveness and being kind to those people who have opposite views from yours creates peace in your life, but dwelling on the differences produces conflict, strife and stress in your life.  You will suffer the consequences of what anger does to a person if you do not reject anger and disgust at the first hint of accusing thoughts of others for being wrong in your mind. 
     Even fighting a battle in your own mind of trying to prove someone wrong and yourself right will create stress for you because it is a conflict.  If the accusation in your mind leads you to seek the truth about the matter from Me, then when you receive the truth from Me you will be free of the conflict because the battle is over. My truth and insight prove that My ways are right, not yours.  It doesn't matter if you were right or wrong, when truth comes to your mind via My Holy Spirit you are freed from the conflict.  (John 8:36-38)  You become compassionate to the person with whom you were in conflict.
    Jesus said that anyone who does My will in a matter is My child.  My children know My voice.  So when My words of promoting peace come to your mind during times of the stress of conflict, My children do what I ask them to do, which is to usher My peace into the conflict which stops the conflict and restores love.  If not, if you continue the conflict and add to it, then you have established yourself as being a child of the demon of conflict for a while.  Unfortunately, you inherit either the blessings of being My child from doing My will in the matter or you inherit the curses of acting from the emotions of anger and conflict as prompted by the devil. (John 8:42-47)
     The promise of Jesus was that if you hear His words and follow them, that you will never see death.  (John 8:51)  My words to you in My new covenant Instruction Book, the words through Jesus and My personal words to you spoken via the Holy Spirit, will keep you from death and destruction.  I am your Father of Love.  Of course My objective is to protect you from the works of evil ushered into your life through conflict.  My instructions on how to react to anger and its evil temptations is to love the person through whom the evil proceeds.  In doing that, you further My kingdom and you escape from death and destruction.  Jesus gave you the ultimate way to do this when He said, "Father, forgive them because they don't know that they are doing."  Your mantra must be the same, forgiving everyone who opposes you, doing good to everyone who has different beliefs, different cultures or different opinions than yours.  Give them the grace of having their own opinion.  
     You are not kingdom policemen or illegal vigilantes, seeking whom you can set straight on issues.  You are lovers of everyone, as I am, giving everyone the right to have their own opinions.  You are My gracious child to whom My grace has done a wonderful work, making you My child of peace and love, one who avoids conflict with everyone.  In doing that, you are My image in the word, a beacon on a hill and the salt of the earth.  (Matthew 5:13-16)
    The ultimate result of bringing peace to every situation is that you will have peace of mind.  The line of communication with Me will be firmly established and My kingdom blessings will flow into your life.  That is My desire for My children.
    Your Father of Peace and Love   

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