Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dear One,
     Your part of every difficult situation or circumstance is to pray in the Holy Spirit to call into action My spiritual warriors who are My angels.  That is what I instructed My children to do EVERY time the works of the devil's vigilantes show up in their  lives.  The reason for that is because every problem is spiritual in nature, meaning the activity behind every problematic situation and circumstance is caused by the devil and his evil spirits.  The only battle weaponry that are effective against your spiritual enemies are My Holy Spirit's words which are spoken through your mouth in My spiritual language. All battles of My children are spiritual in nature. 
     That is why I told you that your battles are never with flesh and blood but they are always against demonic principalities and powers of the air.  (Ephesians 6:10-18) I told you that prayers in the Holy Spirit will bring success over the real enemies, which are demonic spirits.  My angels become warriors, assuming My positions of authority in every battle.  They follow My orders, defeating the rebel demons who have brought evil works against My children every time.
     The participating parts that My children have in the battles, besides praying, is always that you minister My love, My peace, My mercy, My compassion, My patience, My goodness and My kindness to the offensive people whom the devil is using to do his works in your life.  That is why I told you to do good to your enemies, to turn the other cheek when stricken or insulted, to forgive immediately an offense done to you, to pray for your enemies, to never return evil for evil but instead to return good for evil done to you.  (Matthew 5:21-26; 38-48) Because you are walking around the earth in flesh, you must minister love and peace to the flesh of your fleshly enemies.  The real battle is with the spirits behind any disagreement.  It is a spiritual battle and it can only be fought by My spiritual beings,  My angels are equipped with spiritual ammunition to win the battle for you behind the scenes in the spiritual dimension if you are doing your part by ministering My goodness and kindness to the flesh of your earthly enemies. 
     I do My part in answer to your prayers in the Holy Spirit by calling into the spiritual battle My warring angels who delight in battling against evil spirits in high places.  You must do your part by praying spiritual prayers and in ministering love and peace to the flesh of the people that the devil is using to oppose and harass you.  That spiritual warfare guarantees our success in the battle because we work in unity, you doing the fleshly work of love and Me doing the spiritual work of defeating the evil spirits behind the battle.
     We make a perfect team, you handling the flesh of people, ministering love to them, and Me handling the evil vigilante spirits behind the battle who are the origin of the problem.  You must do your part by showing love to the flesh of the person and let Me handle the spiritual part by defeating the demonic spirits who started the whole problem.  When you give My spiritual gifts of love, peace, goodness and kindness to anyone who opposes you, they have to yield to My love because love overcomes evil every time. (Romans 12;14-21)
     Anger and vengeance from My children never solve any problem and never win any battle.  They only escalate the force of the battle, causing the demons to multiply in the situation.  Love and praying will overcome every spiritual battle, causing blessings to rain down from heaven upon you and your enemies.
     It rains on the just and the unjust and blessings rain on the just and the unjust when love is applied to stressful situations.  If you trust in My words you will see that love works to your benefit. (Matthew 7:24-28)
     Always err on the side of love, loving your enemies, doing good to them, blessing them and praying for them.  Leave the avenging part to Me and My angels who take care of the vigilante spirits who are behind every problem, every stressful situation, every distressing circumstance, everywhere that strife is present because where there is strife there is every evil work. (Romans 13:12-14) 
     Work with Me, not against Me.
     Your Loving Father

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