Saturday, June 18, 2016


Dear One,
    To have success in utilizing every mechanical device that you obtain, reading and following the instruction manual guarantees you success in making it work as well as maintaining its effectiveness.  When you neglect to follow the instructions, thinking that you know more about its functions and its effective abilities than the manufacturer knows, then you have displayed a bit of arrogance and pride.
    That truth applies to everything in life, including My detailed, specific, effective and workable Instruction Book, the Bible.  When My children call themselves by My name but ignore My instructions in the Book. you are saying that you know more than I do and so you follow your own limited knowledge rather than My Godly knowledge.  That is a recipe for failure.  Taking My advice, having it enhanced by My Holy Spirit's insight, is a recipe for success.
      One of the definite recipes for disaster in the lives of My children is when they ignore My instructions on how to treat people whom you consider your enemies, whether in your family, your business, your school, your neighborhood or your social groups.  The recipe for disaster always starts with conflict, as I have told you many times.  Conflicts will come into your life from other people, but the way you handle the conflict determines whether you will have success in life or failures in life,  It is so clearly outlined by Jesus, your Savior, that you should bring peace to every conflict that arises in your life by forgiving those people by whom the conflict arises.
     Jesus is your Savior whose words of instructions save you from being defeated by the evil that comes at you via other people but actually is from hell. The evil temptations that are present in conflicts are sent to rope you into becoming oppositional and vengeful so that you will be defeated, having failed at many things because peace was not your primary aim.  Proclaiming yourself right is your aim when you are of the flesh.  Peace is your aim when you are of My Spirit.  (Galatians 5:16-25)
      Not only did I identify the evil that is present in conflicts, but I told you how to effectively defeat them without your being devastated.  Remember that My ways are opposite from your normal defensive ways.  Instead of striking back, as you erroneously teach your children, I teach My own children to refuse to strike back, but instead to bless the person who struck you, doing good to the person, forgiving the person, because in doing those things you further My kingdom in the earth rather than furthering the kingdom of evil in the earth. (Matthew 5:21-30; 38-49) Because you have furthered My family of love, you will receive blessings from My kingdom instead of destruction and death from the family of evil.
     It's just really so simple that My children miss the truth of this principle.  The truth is that when you sow goodness and kindness into the world, you will receive goodness and kindness.  If you sow retaliation and vengeance into the world, you will receive retaliation and vengeance into your life.  This principle is the most basic truth in My family, the seeds you sow will return to you in like manner.  If you sow evil, you will reap evil.  If you sow love, you will reap love.  (Romans 12:17-21)
     When My children are first born of My Spirit, they should be taught the basic principles of how to access My blessings by loving their enemies rather than thinking they need to save the world.  Because the basic principles are never learned from My Instruction Book and enhanced by My Spirit in My children, emotionally crippled people are sent into the world to make disciples of their own lack of knowledge of the basic principles of how to live effectively in the earth.  Some of My children never learn that they are supposed to be disciples of My peace instead of disciples of conflict and destruction.
     Furthering conflict in the world has robbed My children of more of their blessings than they lost when they were unbelievers.   As unbelievers they trusted in their own retaliation and vengeance.  As My children, many of them still trust in returning evil for evil done to them and they are cursed because of that lifestyle.  Anger rules their lives.  They are taught to hate unbelievers, which they formerly were, and taught to distrust people who hold different beliefs and are of different religions and races.  They yield their thoughts to the devil and he places thoughts there of getting revenge from people whose beliefs conflict with their beliefs.  You are together in the thing called life in the world and you should seek peace instead of conflict in everything. 
     I have taught you that being in harmony with everyone creates a symphony in your life of love and peace.  If someone is not in harmony with you, you can still find an area upon which to agree, that being that peace is better than conflict. Forgive and bless that person, doing acts of love to the person and you will end up being blessed by the person and My angels because you have furthered My kingdom in the earth.
     The truth that being in conflict with anyone will cause more stress in your life than anything else should be enough wisdom and insight to spur you toward ending conflict in every form.  Constant conflict in your life curses your health, your mental stability and your relationship with me.   Bring peace to every situation in which you engage.  You are My child of peace.  Further peace in your life and your world will have peace.
     Your Peace Loving Father            

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