Saturday, June 25, 2016


Dear One,
    How I wish you could have seen the celebration in heaven on the day of Pentecost when the Jewish feast became a reality in the earth.  My Son Jesus, My angels and I celebrated wholeheartedly that finally My promise to My children was fulfilled.  It was made possible by the fleshly death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.  He and I sent My Holy Spirit to live within all people who would ask for Me to be the Lord of their lives, their guide, their advocate, their tutor, their protector, their wisdom and their umbilical cord leading to Me. (Acts 1:7-8 Acts 2:1-4)  My words had finally made their way back into the earth and My Spirit is a conduit from My mind to the minds of My children so that Fatherly communication is restored as it was at the beginning between Adam and Me. 
     Previously, without My Holy Spirit, My children were fatherless, lost and in fellowship with the same devil who tempted Adam to allow him access into the world, through which their fellowship with the devil brought curses into their lives.  Through My Holy Spirit's presence in the lives of My children, finally My blessings can be restored to the ones who choose to heard My voice and take My advice. (II Corinthians 3:17-18)
     Yes, We celebrated in heaven when My Spirit reentered the earth to live in My children, giving My instructions and insight to my children.  He had previously resided in Jesus.  We still celebrate when even one of My children takes My advice and in doing so overcomes evil in the world. Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil and He relinquished that assignment to My Holy Spirit when He sat down with Me in My heaven.
     Since it was My Spirit who empowered Jesus to hear My words, to follow My lead and then take My advice, Jesus was willing to share My power with My other children in the earth so that they could overcome the works of the devil in their own lives in the earth, just like Jesus did.  (I John 3:8: John 10:10)
     My words are My parental connection to My children.  Hearing My words delivered to My children via the Holy Spirit gives them the power to take My advice and do what I say.  (Romans 10:17) My words spoken through your mouth in My Holy Spirit's prayer language orchestrate every move that your servants, My angels, make to solve your problems. (Romans 10:5-17; Romans 8:26-27; Hebrews 1:12-14)
     Some of My children are waiting for Me to set up My kingdom in the earth.  They are waiting for Jesus to re-enter the earth and fulfill the promises in My old covenant with a nation.  My Spirit said through Paul, who had more of My revelation than anyone except Jesus, "Don't say who are we going to send to heaven to bring Christ down to earth," or, "Who are we going to send to hell to bring Christ up from the dead?"  My Spirit said that My own powerful words are in you, even in your heart by which you can believe, follow and be led into green pastures and still waters.  Plus, I said through My Spirit," My words are in your mouth, the words of power to which you believe."  Freedom from evil are in the words which have been restored to you though My umbilical of My Holy Spirit.  They are all that you need to save you from the evil that is resident in the world.
     Some of My Holy Spirit baptized children in the earth give more credence to the prophesies given by the prophets of My dead covenant with a nation than they give to My Holy Spirit. (Romans 10:4) Now My precious Holy Spirit speaks individually to each of My children, guiding you, empowering you, answering your prayers and saving you from the works of the devil.  My Spirit carries My voice to My children and His words spoken into the earth through your mouth in My Holy Spirit's  prayer language will save you from all the works of the devil. (Romans 8:26-28)
    This mystery was hidden for years but is now revealed to My children.  It is Christ in you, the hope of glorious events coming into the lives of My children because of My dwelling inside of you in the person of My Holy Spirit. (I Corinthians 6:19-20). 
     Give the same honor and respect to My Holy Spirit that you give to the ministry of Jesus while He was in the earth.  It was My Spirit in Jesus who did the work of redemption and it was My Spirit in Him that made Him My Son.  It is My Spirit inside of you now who makes you My child, worthy of My blessings in your behalf.  It is My Spirit who is Lord in your life when you make Him your guide, protector, advocate, helper, power giver and who reveals My love to My children.
    Many blaspheme My Spirit by deeming His ministry less than the ministry of My Son, even after Jesus gave My Holy Spirit honor and praise and said that you would do greater things with the Holy Spirit's power.  My Son and My Spirit are the same except that Jesus Christ, the victorious one, is sitting in heaven with Me now that My Spirit, who empowered Him, is Lord in the earth in the lives of My righteous children who have opened the door to Him.
     My Holy Spirit is all that you need to overcome the evil that comes against you in the earth.  His ministry was a mystery hidden for years but now is revealed by Him to My children who have ears to hear. (Colossians1: 25-26)
     Your Father of Divine Plans                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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