Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Dear One,
To refuse to let go of negative, critical, judgmental thoughts is to self destruct.
Self destruction is pitiful because it has required a choice, a choice to self destruct by subtle ways or a choice to build up by kind and loving ways.
Thoughts are magnets which attract the positive angels or attract the negative angels to work in your life to minister for you. Permission is given to destruct and destroy or to build and create by your thoughts.
Men have put a meaningful label on the activity in the mind by calling it "thought life", and that is exactly what thoughts are, they are thoughts which give life to negative or positive forces to either bring destruction or success into your life.
There are auras emanating from all humans originating from their thought lives. You can't see the aura because it is a spiritual aura which will only be seen by spiritual beings and will be acted on positively or negatively by whichever spirits it summons.
Holiness calls for pure, unadulterated thoughts, not just pure speech and pure actions. If you practice clean thoughts you will attract success in every area of your life because your words and actions will also be conducive to Godly living.
Love, God
Psalm 139:23 & 24;Proverbs 23:7; Matthew 13:17-19; Hebrews 4:12; Philippians 4:8

Monday, August 30, 2010


Dear One,

The joy you have when you watch a person grow in wisdom and knowledge of My love is tiny compared to My joy when I observe the growth of each one of My children. I delight in each stage of your growth, in each new discovery that you make, and in every step you take toward the mark of the high calling that I have for all of you, which is to become the image of My Love in the earth.
I delight in you, in your character and personality, in your idiosyncrasies, in your strengths; and, yes, even in your weaknesses which will soon become strengths when you seek and then receive truths that set you free.
I delight in your joy and excitement as each new revelation unfolds. As you peek around the corner at each new truth to cautiously view it with curiosity, I am filled with joy at your adventuresome spirit. You bring great joy to My life as I observe your voracious appetite for truth.
I delight in you because you are My child and I love you unconditionally.

Love, God
Matthew 6:33; I Kings 10:9; Romans 7:22; John 3:16; Romans 5:5-8

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dear One,
First things first, and then all things will fall into place.
UNITY with Me and others, THANKSGIVING, PRAYERS,LOVE for all men,
FORGIVENESS, POSITIVE ATTITUDES, TOLERANCE,all of those things must be practiced before blessings can flow into your life and overtake you. The opposites of all of those things will block blessings.
When you consider those things, unity, thanksgiving, prayers, love, forgiveness, positive attitudes and tolerance, they are all summed up in one word, LOVE, which is the only commandment Jesus gave, to love one another.
Learn to extend grace to all men just like I do, and continue to extend grace to yourself. Grace is the ultimate action of Love
Acknowledge every person as a person of great worth and give every person affirmation with My eyes shining through your eyes and My words confirming his value through your mouth. Listen to My voice inside of you and you will find yourself speaking My words and giving My looks of approval and acceptance.
Make sure every person you meet leaves your presence with a feeling of having great worth. Sometimes it only takes a smile or a nod to affirm that someone is valued. Be free with your smiles and nods and approving glances and words of encouragement. Then you are My emissaries in the earth.
Love, God
Matthew 5:1-10; Matthew 5;38-48; Matthew 7:1-5; John 13:34 & 35.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Dear One,
If you endeavor to be only an observer in negative situations, not an emotional participant, you will be in the world but not of the world; you will be above and not beneath everything, you will be living the life of the Spirit, not the life of the flesh.
You can choose to live a life led by My spirit and observe all of the negative things going on around you, being emotionally unmoved by them; or you can choose to live a life led by your emotions and the emotions of others and be a participant in the negative things of life. If you become a participant in the negatives, then you attract more negative things to minister to you and your family.
Be an observer of negative situations and circumstances without participating in them. Then kick the emotional dust off of your feet, like I told the disciples. You will be like the ones I told that if you accidentally tread on serpents you will not be hurt because you have refused to emotionally participate in the negative business of the serpents.
Choose the life of the Spirit and refuse the negative life of the flesh.
Love, God
Romans 12:2; I Corinthians 2:12; Galatians 5:16-24; Matthew 10:14; Luke 10:19

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Friday, August 27, 2010


Dear One,

Life sources, people have different life sources. One person may have a life source from sports. Another may have a life source from physical exercises. Another may have a life source from mental exercises, reading, working puzzles, occupational interests. Another person may have a life source from alcohol, drugs, religious rituals or food. There are many avenues of life sources.
The only true source of life that is effective, balanced and completely fulfilling comes from My life within you. I gave My Holy Spirit so that you can have the Holy Spirit, who is My Life Source, within you. Every person has the option of refusing or accepting My life source.
You must realize that the gift of the Holy Spirit to you is My Life, which brings life more abundantly into your own life.
Explore new ways for My Life to benefit you because I live within you. When you allow Me to be your life source you will find that every area of your life is blessed and I will amplify the abundant life within you and around you.
The benefits are endless. Make My Life your life source and you will find that you will be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations.

Love, God
Matthew 13:11 & 12; John 10:10; Ephesians 3:20

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dear One,

When you instill hope in people with testimonies of healings or words of wisdom or thrilling revelations, in truth you are magnifying Me and My Kingdom. When you enlarge the understanding of My works by telling about them, then you are magnifying Me, magnifying My abilities.
Telling about what I've done for you is so much more effective than merely telling about the works of Jesus when He walked the earth. Those are true testimonies, but people hunger now for new, fresh testimonies of My activities in the earth as I dwell in the earth in the person of the Holy Spirit.
My accomplishments in you and for you are just as real and powerful as My accomplishments in the past. Telling about My working in the far past are impersonal. Telling about what I have done for you is personal.
My personal activities in your life are powerful because you and I lived the incidents together. We were in unity and we felt the same spiritual emotions as they were happening.
When you tell what I have revealed to you, you magnify Me.
When you tell about My incidents of healings in your life, you magnify Me.
When you tell about the revelations of My love, you magnify Me.
The more you magnify Me by telling about Me, the more powerful My influence in the earth becomes.
Magnify Me by telling about My personal gifts of healings, miracles, wisdom, knowledge, spiritual languages, and revelations. Those things thrill people and cause them to believe that I can do the same thing for them.
Let people know that I am actively engaged in your life and in the lives of those who believe. I am a personal Father and I do personal things for My children. People won't believe in My personal gifts for them if you don't tell them what I have done for you. Magnify Me by telling about My work in your life.
Love, God
Luke 1:46-53; Acts 10:46; Philippians 1:20; Psalm 138:2; Psalm 70:4

Monday, August 16, 2010


Dear One,

My words to you are Spirit and they are Life to you. They bring healing to your spirit, soul and body when they are delivered by My Holy Spirit. They have the power to change you and then change your family because of the change in you.
Jesus spoke so eloquently about the value of My words. Not only did He say they are Spirit and Life,but he said that you are cleansed by the words that I speak to you. He related it to pruning a tree of its diseased limbs. Those limbs would be detrimental to the tree by sucking the life out of the tree, so they must be pruned, cut off.
I will tell you what detrimental habits, detrimental behaviors, detrimental thoughts and detrimental attitudes need to be pruned so that you will be healthy and successful in all areas of your life.
The changes are highlighted by Me and then we can work together to prune them from your life. Think how beautiful a tree is when diseased branches are pruned. Beauty is restored. The same thing happens when you allow My words to begin the pruning process, allowing you to bear the beautiful fruit of love, joy, peace, faith, goodness, kindness, mercy and patience. Then you can share your fruit with others and enrich their lives like My Words have enriched yours.
Love, God
Matthew 7:17; Matthew 12:33; Luke 6:44

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Dear One,
When you consume food you perpetuate your life because the food is converted into nutrients which will nourish your cells, enrich your blood and provide necessary ingredients for your organs, etc; thus, your life is perpetuated. Every part of your body is benefited by the vitamins, the minerals, the roughage and the energy created by the food.
The same is true of My manna, the bread and wine of My words which Jesus said are His body and blood and My daily manna for you.
My daily manna for you is your spiritual life-perpetuating food because My words to you contain all of the necessary spiritual vitamins and minerals that you need to sustain My Life within your natural body.
I said through Jesus, "My Words are Spirit and Life."
My words cannot perpetuate spiritual life with food that you eat which is regurgitated by other people because the food has lost some of its food value. Sometimes old manna spoils and becomes doctrine or philosopy rather than life giving good.
When you have eaten of My personal, private words to you, then you truly will hunger and thirst for more fresh daily manna because it has blessed you and produced good results.
My daily words to you are surely manna from heaven, manna which will keep you as the head and not the tail, above and not beneath the problems of life. When you listen to and heed My words to you, you will have success in every area of life. I am the Life-giver and My words are Spirit and Life.
Love, God
Deuteronomy 28: 1-14;John 6:63 & 64;Psalm 1:1-3

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Dear One,

Freedom has many faces.
I desire that you enjoy freedom from the opinions and judgments of others. I said, "What is man that you are mindful of him?"
When you are one with Me and know My love and approval of you, and when you are led by My Spirit, then you are not mindful of the opinions of others because you are free to be yourself, loved and enjoyed by Me.
I desire that you become free from preconceived religious ideologies which have bound you to erroneous ideas about My nature and personality. I created you a spirit with the ability to intimately know Me. We can know each other personally without the interference of another person's opinion about Me or about you.
I desire that you become free from worry and fear because they are indications of your being earthly minded rather than spiritually minded. Worry and fear are indications of a limited mind which is only conscious of earthly thoughts and attitudes. I would rather that you have a free mind which soars like the eagle, far above the earth, capturing My thoughts and attitudes instead of the negative attitudes of other people.
You are free because I made you free. Take intense delight in your freedom from anything that makes you earthly minded.
The opinions of other people make you earthly minded, causing your emotions to curse you with sadness and depression. Be conscious of My thoughts and opinions about you, which is that you are as the apple of My eye.
Love, God
Galatians 5:1; Job 8:4; Psalm 115:12; Isaiah 26:3

Friday, August 13, 2010


Dear One,
The word "spirit" connotes freedom.
When you hear the word "spirit" you visualize freedom from earthly restrictions. You are a spirit and you are free from earthly encumbrances that would cause you to be time oriented, to be earthly-cause minded, to be mindful of burdens, to be mindful of the opinions of others, and to be limited by earthly expectations.
Only when your citizenship changes from knowing you are a spirit to thinking you are only a body do you become mindful of the temporal, earthly matters in which you become burdened with worries, in emotional bondage to people, to things, to religions, to philosophies and to causes and opinions.
Freedom is the total lack of encumbrances, the lack of boundaries which restrict you from being the person I created you to be.
I desire that you have complete freedom from the past and that you become free to enjoy My blessings that I have for your future.
If you continue to hold on to the hurts of the past or your failures of the past or the failings of others, then you are not free to enjoy My plans that I have for your future.
Jesus died that you might be free from the things that burden you and harass you and dominate you. We sent the Holy Spirit so that He would lead you into all truth. His Truth will set you free from the burdens, harassments and other things that dominate you.
I said, "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed." Walk and live in My freedom.
Love, God
John 8:36;II Corinthians 4:17 & 18; I Corinthians 2:11

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Dear One,
Guilt immobilizes.
Repentance means to change direction, to change behavior.
When there is a spirit of guilt, because of immobilization there is no energy to turn and go in the appropriate direction.
Where there is reproof, or proof that current action is not beneficial, then there is the appropriate energy to repent, to change directions or change behavior.
Guilt is negative energy. Reproof is positive energy. Since repentance is a direction or behavior change, an actual action by the person, then positive results will emerge.
Don't look for guilt in a person. Look for the desire to make a change in behavior or direction. Sometimes a person does not know which direction to go. That is your job, to point the person in My direction so that I can give the person the right guidance and I can give him the Power to implement the right behavior to accomplish the changes. Then he is on the right track to the successful results.
Love, God
John 1:12 &13; II Peter 1:3-11; Acts 1:8

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear One,
Success is very basic when you know that it is the guarantee of your relationship with Me, the end result of our Oneness. There is a spiritual law, or truth, of cause and effect. Oneness with Me is the cause, and success in every area of your life is the effect.
I said through Jesus that if you would seek My Kingdom and My righteousness that everything would be added to you. I did not exclude anything. I included all spirit, soul and body benefits.
Oneness with Me provides all of the necessary atmospheric and spiritual climates to produce everything that will enhance your life.
I will provide love, peace, joy, patience, goodness, mercy, faith and kindness through the Holy Spirit in you.
I will lead and guide you into the still waters of life and I will show you how to access spiritual, mental and physical prosperity.
I will give you My gifts of healing, miracles, words of wisdom and knowledge, My spiritual language, interpretation of that language and I will give you supernatural faith.
I will lead you around obstacles that are traps set by your enemy to cause you to have problems in your life.
I will tell you what to say because you will hear Me saying the words in your thoughts before you speak.
I will show you what to do because you will see Me do them in your mind before you make a decision.
I will protect you from harm because I will show you snares that are planned against you so that you can avoid them.
I will give you insight into all people and all affairs of your life.
I will show you the right choices to make.
I will take what is mine and show it to you in ways that you can't miss the appearance of them.
I will do more than any earthly father can do. Earthly fathers are limited in all areas. I am not limited in any area and I willingly share the knowledge, wisdom and insight with all of My children who will listen and heed them.
I have provided everything necessary to life and godliness. All you have to do is listen to me, follow My guidance and you will have guaranteed success.
Love, God
II Peter 1:3-10


Dear One,
Friendship is just as it says, a ship of friends for times when the storms of life are tossing you about in the chopping, turbulent waters. A ship full of friends is there to love you, protect you, cradle you, caress you and steady you during the storms.
There is a common life within the bow of a ship and a unity of spirits because of the close confinement. There is also intimate interaction on a ship because of isolation from the rest of the world.
People on a ship don't irrationally panic and they are unaffected by the churning of the waters or of the threatening clouds and weather because they trust the captain of the ship to handle all the unexpected dangers.
As long as I am Captain of your ship of friends, all events will have a glorious conclusion and any upset will be righted. Treasure friendships which are provided by Me, the true Captain of your ship.
Love, God
Matthew 4:34-41

Monday, August 9, 2010


Dear One,
Guilt is self judgment, deeming yourself guilty of failure, guilty of sin, guilty of not measuring up to yours or another person's ideals. Guilt immobilizes and robs you of joy, happiness, energy and purpose.
Repentance does not involve a debilitating feeling of guilt, it involves a determination to abandon the present injurious actions and turning to different, righteous, fulfilling actions.
Self judgment through guilt is just as destructive as judgment of others because it activates further judgment in the spiritual dimension from judgment spirits to bring self fulfilled curses to you.
Forgiveness of yourself releases you from the judgment curses and prepares you for a change of direction, which is what repentance means.
Turning from destructive actions to constructive actions will bring blessings into your life. Continuing in guilt and self judgment will only keep you on the path of destruction.
Choose whether you want to do things My way, which is the righteous way, the way of love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience and faith; or whether you want to do things the devil's way, the way of guilt, self judgment, judgment of others, condemnation, failure and destruction.
My way brings success and prosperity in all areas of life, spirit and soul and body.
You always have a choice. I gave you the ability to choose your destiny, either My wonderful ways or the devil's destructive ways.
I will even give you the power of My Holy Spirit to resist the destructive ways if you will ask.
I provide everything necessary for the abundant life. They are yours for the asking and taking.
Love, God
John 10:10; Matthew 6:33; Matthew 7:1; Matthw 7:7-11; II Peter 1:3-7

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Dear One,

You have great delight when you see a person freed from religious bondage. You cannot even imagine My delight in seeing My children freed from the bondage to guilt, condemnation and judgment. I am overjoyed to see every child of mine choose to fellowship with Me and enjoy righteous and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
You have heard that the original state of man is sin, speaking of original sin, but that is a misconception because men only identify with their earthly bodies, their earth suits. The original state of men was Oneness with Me because I am the creator of your true person, the spirit. The earth suit was only created to house the real person and the earth suit back to dust when the real spiritual person comes into heaven with Me. The earth suit with its mental ability was influenced by original sin in the Garden of Eden.
When you begin to identify yourself as a spirit rather than a body, then you realize that you are righteous, not sinful. Then you know why your true spiritual self hungers and thirsts after righteousness and truth, and through truth why you long for freedom. When a person is brought into bondage by religious doctrine, then he always has an insatiable desire to be free.
Identify with Me, the Father of all spirits, and you will deem yourself righteous, in right standing with Me as My child. I deem you righteous so you should, also.
It's the flesh, the earth suit that comes into bondage to others. Your real self , your spirit, longs to be free.
Love, God
John 9:36; Galatians 5:1; Book of Galatians

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Dear One,
The testing of your faith always comes from your enemy, the devil.
The testing of your love always comes from your enemy, the devil, and his testing comes to get you into areas of fear, impatience, hatred, anger, disgust, depression, etc. so that you will lose your peace and sense of well being. Then he will send in his reinforcements to try to defeat you in other areas of your life. That is his battle plan.
Because love and faith are attributable to personality traits that you have inherited from Me, he wants to rob you of your identity as My child.
When you have resisted the devil and when you have refused to fall for his deceit, then you are ministered to by My angels just like Jesus was ministered to after He resisted the devil by using My written words.
If you fall for the enemy's deceit and allow him to force you to abandon love and faith, then he can harass you even more because you are in his territory and you are surrounded with his family of demons. If that occurs, you should realize what has happened, then immediately renounce his works in your life and return to your life of love and faith so that I can work for you though My angels.
You know that turning from a wrong path of action is what is called repenting. It means to turn away and go another path.
When you repent you are turning away from the devil's actions and reactions and you are returning to My actions and reactions of love, peace, kindness, goodness, patience, mercy and faith which will restore your peace of mind and loving ways. Then we're back on My game plan of spreading My love into the world, covering everyone with My love.

Love, God
Matthew 4:1-11; Galatians 5:13-25

Friday, August 6, 2010


Dear One,
Images are important. People are reflected images of their parents.
Children reflect images of their parents, positive or negative.
A person continues to reflect those images unless he meets a person who become his mentor, and then he reflects other images, positive or negative.
The greatest change comes when you meet Me and you have a new image to reflect. There is a supernatural change when you meet Me, because when My Spirit comes into your life you become a new person with My life changing Spirit inside of you. Then you have new images to reflect.
The more you get to know Me, the more like Me you become.
However, if you only know what religious mentors say about Me and if they portray religious images rather than true images of Me, then you are again reflecting other people, not Me, and there will be negative images mixed in with some positive images.
When you know Me intimately and when you reflect My image in your life, then you love other people just like I do and you value each person's uniqueness. You refuse to mold yourself and others into a false idea of My image. When you know Me and reflect Me, then you allow others to be free from your judgment. The result is that you are also not judged. I'm eager to hear people say about My children that they are My images and that if they have seen them they have seen Me. It makes this Father proud.
Love, God
Matthew 5:16; John 5:10; John 14:9-12; I John 4:14-16; Ephesians 3:14-19.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dear One,
My glory is in you in the person of the Holy Spirit.
My glory is also around you in the angels and My omnipresence.
There can be no fear, no dread, no unbelief when you know that I am in you and My angels are around you to minister to you and for you.
I am called the Lord of Hosts because of My angels who minister for me and for My children.
I will give you guidance, comfort and I will teach you and love you though My Holy Spirit. I will fight your battles and minister to and for you through My angels.
When you have so much going for you, how can you keep from having faith for anything? You cannot fail when you walk in the Spirit and pray in the Spirit.
I said that all things will work together for your good when you are led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit. In fact, I said I would do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think or imagine according to the power that is in you.
When the power in you is My Holy Spirit, then the sky is not the limit. Beyond the sky into the heavens is the only limit.
Depend on Me and My hosts of working angels. We are dependable.
Love, God
Ephesians 3:14-20; Romans 8

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Dear One,
When your mind is set on religious teachings about the end of time, then you stop truly living in the present time. You also neglect using your authority to put your enemy under your feet when you're planning on a great escape from an anticipated end of the world.
Jesus said, "Father, I don't ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one." I granted His request when I sent the Holy Spirit with all of My authority and power into the world to be received by My children and then used to overcome the evil one.
Many of My children are like soldiers who lay down their weapons and then lay down on the battlefield waiting to go home when all the time they have the power, authority and ability to defeat the enemy who is bringing all manner of evil against them at the time. The soldiers only need to use the weapons of their warfare to chase the enemy off of the field and into prison camps and then the soldiers can live in peace. As long as the soldiers wait for the end, while laying down on the battlefield, there is no victory and the enemy is allowed to continue to use his tactics to defeat the soldiers as well as the families of the soldiers.
My children should not be like those soldiers, defeated while their powerful weapons lay beside them on the field as they wait to be taken out of the battle.
It is all so simple, but the enemy has used deception against My children and My children have believed the lies. Instead of using My power and authority against the enemy, who is the devil and his demons, they use it against other people who do not believe the same doctrines that they believe. My children are not the enemy of My children. The devil and his demons are.
Pick yourself up off of the battlefield if you are waiting for Me to take you out of the battle. Use My authority and power that I have given you in the person of the Holy Spirit and send the spiritual enemies to the abyss where they belong.
I am in you. Because I am in you, you have all power, dominion and authority to restore the earth to a state of peace.
Pick up your weapons. Take up the sword of the spirit. Then gird your loins with truth, putting on the gospel of peace, and your breastplate of righteousness. The battle against evil is yours. You have already won the war. Now win each individual battle in your life with the aid of My Holy Spirit.
Take off your spiritual purple heart medals given to the wounded that you so proudly display and put on the Medal of Honor that your brother Jesus passed on to you. He died for that medal and He passed it on to you when He sent the Holy Spirit into you.
I am with you in every battle; and, guess what, we win when you pick up your weapons and engage in battle against the devil and his demons.
Love, God
Ephesians 6:10-18; John 17:15-2
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dear One,
I created man in My image in the beginning. We exchanged love because I am love. In the beginning man was love.
When man listened to satan, then he lost his feeling of being loved because his fellowship with Me was severed.
However, because we once shared the highest degree of love before the fellowship was broken, all men crave three things: love, acceptance and approval. Those are the true soul foods.
With the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and then his sending of the Holy Spirit into the earth to be received by men, now it is possible for men to again receive My love, My unconditional acceptance and My approval from within himself.
There are many people who do not know that they can have what their souls crave because they don't know the truth. It is the obligation of each one of My children to show the true meaning of love, acceptance and approval to the unloved, the unaccepted and the unapproved. People will not know it is possible to have what their souls crave unless My children become My image again and freely give the nourishment for the souls that I gave to every person through Jesus and I give now through the Holy Spirit.
Let all men know that I love them just they way they are, that I accept them just the way they are, and that I approve of them just the way they are. You can do that by showing My love, My acceptance and My approval.
I extend the same grace to you, pouring into you My love, My acceptance and My approval. Now you must extend it to others so that they will know that I love, accept and approve of them.
Love, God
Ephesians 2:5; Colossians 2:13 & 14; I John 4:19-21

Monday, August 2, 2010


Dear One,
There is a place of peace and quiet rest inside of you where you can find tranquility, even though there is strife and turmoil around you.
I am in that place of rest in the kingdom within you, and My presence is the reason for the peace and the tranquility.
When Jesus walked the earth, every place He put his feet became holy ground because of My life within him. It is, likewise, true of your spirit within you where I live. There is rest and peace and tranquility there because I live there . I'm always ready to restore peace and tranquility to you. They are present within your being, within your spirit.
How do you find peace? You must shut down your troubled mind, retreat into your inner man where I live, and rest and peace will flood your entire being.
I said I would give rest for your soul. It's always there. You must turn from the frantic life that you live, decide you want rest, and then shift your whole being into fellowship with Me. I'm not far away. I'm inside of you in your spirit. I live inside of you in the person of the Holy Spirit. He is the distributor of My peace and rest within you. Ask Him to flood you with peace and He will. He's the Giver of peace.
"Peace, peace wonderful peace," is yours.
I will sweep over you with peace from your spirit in fathomless billows of love.
Love, God
John 14:1; John 14:27; Romans 8:8; Romans 14;19; Romans 15:13

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Dear One,
Learning to lean on Me is learning to depend on my expertise in all your affairs, in your work, your family, your friendships, your entertainment. I am interested in every area of your life and I have necessary insights into every area. I know how to make your life the abundant life that I promised.
When you lean to your own understanding you are frequently too close to the forest and you can't see and appreciate the trees, or you are so lost in the forest you can't find your way out because of your limited vision.
My understanding is infinite because I am at a magnificent vantage point where I can see the whole scenario relating to your life. I can see the pitfalls, which I will lead you to avoid. I can see the unencumbered paths that you can take where there is safety and protection, as well as success and prosperity.
Even your spiritual vision is tunnel vision without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. With My guidance, through Him in you, you have panoramic vision, the ability to see and discern the right directions, the right decisions, the right plans and the right words to speak.
Remember that My Holy Spirit prayers are the right prayers to pray at all times and will see astounding results.
You have a powerful guide called the Holy Spirit. Take advantage of his gifts to you which will make your life abundantly blessed.
Love, God
John 14:25-27; John 16:7-15