Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Dear One,
   Discerning My beneficial guidance from the erroneous guidance that comes to burden you is a learning experience.  You have experienced times when My wisdom was coming to your mind in the form of thoughts that it was in direct opposition to other thoughts that were vying for space in your mind.  You were double minded at the time, not knowing which was the best solution to your problem.  You made a decision based on your gut feeling rather than an emotional feeling and you found that it was the right decision.  My wisdom won. (James 1: 5)
   You learned that the way to tell the difference between the good solution and the wrong solution is to discern which one relieves you of a burden and which one adds to your burdens.  My Holy Spirit is the burden bearer provided for you so that you do not have to bear a burden.  So, choosing the solution that takes a burden off of you is My wisdom and guidance because My Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom.  If you were to choose a solution that brings more burdens upon you, you would be choosing to be the burden bearer yourself and that choice would add more stress to your life, cursing you with unnecessary worries.  (Matthew 11:29-30)
   Jesus was the ultimate burden bearer.  He invited all of your burden upon Himself when He was wounded for your trespasses, bruised for you iniquities, chastised so that you might have peace and beaten so that you would be healed. There are no other burdens known to man than those burdens and Jesus bore them in His body on the cross so that you do not have to bear them. (Isaiah 53:5)I Peter 2:21-24)
    My Spirit of wisdom being given to you is the result of the punishment given to Jesus on the cross when He took punishment for you, bearing the burdens of your wrong decisions, your mistakes and your wrong choices which add burdens to your life. Jesus and I sent My Spirit to lead you into making the right decisions so that your burdens would be relieved rather than more being received. (John 16:7-11)
    Jesus told you that My Spirit of wisdom and truth will lead you into the truth that takes burdens off of you instead of putting burdens upon you. Jesus said that My Spirit would reveal to you what guidance is from My kingdom of righteousness and which guidance is from the kingdom of burdens.  He said that My Holy Spirit, when He comes to live in you, will judge or discern between the two so that you will know which solution to choose, then hopefully  your choosing the solution which will do away with your burdens rather than multiplying them. (I Peter 5:6-11)
    When you are faced with a decision, always make it a habit to allow My Holy Spirit to show you which of the thoughts ministering to your mind are from Me and which will add burdens to your life.  I want to relieve you of burdens and the devil wants to add burdens to you so that you will be destroyed with those added burdens.  (I Thessalonians 5:21-24)
    Don't let emotions have anything to do with your decisions.  The devil works in your emotions.  Merely decide which choice will allow you to shed burdens and then choose it.  You will have immediate peace when you choose that guidance because when you do choose it I go into immediate action to make your life peaceful and productive rather than broken by unnecessary burdens. (Psalm 26:3)
    Often My Spirit filled children will allow religious laws and obligations to add more and more burdens to them.  You must remember that religious laws bind you to burdens instead of loosing you from burdens.  Jesus declared that truth many times.  People who desire to be bound with burdens in an effort to prove their religiosity will find that they do become completely bound, loaded with burdens which destroy their peace and kill their spirit, their soul  and their body.  Instead of becoming burden bearers, I call My children to freedom for your spirit, your soul and your body. (John 8:36)
     Allow My Spirit of discernment to rule in your mind, coaching you on making right choices which will allow Me to be the burden bearer and allowing you to be free of burdens. Then you will have peace for your entire being. (Isaiah 52:7)
    Your Burden Bearing Father      

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Dear One,
   You cannot know how to love until you know how you are loved by Me.
    My love for you is kind,
                                 faithful, regardless of your actions,
                                 long suffering.(Romans 8:32-39)
     My love for you is not jealous,
                                  not envious,
                                  not prideful,
                                  not selfish,
                                  not puffed up,
                                  not easily provoked,
                                  not touchy.
     My love for you endures all things that you do,
                              rejoices in truth,
                              does not insist on My own way,
                              hopes in you,
                              has faith in you, 
                              blesses you constantly,
                              protects you,
                              elevates you,
                              validates you,
                              guides you,
                              accepts you without reservation,
                              heals you,
                              constantly gives to you,
                              always wins and never loses,
                              overcomes all adversity.(I Corinthians 13)             
      My love for you will never fail, regardless of what you think or do.
      My love for you will never end, even if the world ends.
      My love for you is My greatest gift to you.
      My love is yours to receive.
      Your Loving Father


Dear One,
    Jesus came to earth to defeat the works of the devil.  I have given to My Holy Spirit the ministry of defeating the works of the devil in the earth in this dispensation of My grace.  (I John 3:8)
    There are many ways that My Spirit will cue you to defeat evil deeds in the earth.  The most important one is to love others as I love you.  In doing that, the result is that you tie the tongue of the devil and he can no longer minister the venomous words with which he enjoys tempting people. In the presence of My love every evil deed loses its  power.  That is the very reason I told My children to love their enemies, because in loving someone who opposes, injures or maligns you, good attitudes and act will overcome the evil in every strife-filled situation. (Romans 12:21)
    In the atmosphere of love, the works of evil will fall to earth without doing what they were intended to accomplish, which is to rob, kill and destroy you and the people who have caused your problems.  Every thought, attitude and action of love done by you will multiply love in the mind of the offensive person toward you and will tongue-tie the devil, thwarting his efforts to further the evil that he originally instituted against you by tempting the person to say or do evil toward you.  The only way to overcome the works of the devil in that event is to return good for evil, doing good to the person, blessing the person and praying for the person.  Then the devil is defeated in his efforts to rob, kill and destroy you and destroy the person he used against you. (Matthew 6:35-48)
    My efforts in your behalf have always been to keep you from the evil that is sown in the earth by the devil. My children are ignorant of his ways of tempting My children to do evil against each other.  I gave you My Holy Spirit, who is My power and the dispenser of My love.  Only after the disciples of Jesus received My Holy Spirit were they able to forgive all sins and dispense My love into people in the earth. (John 20:22; John 13:33-35)
    Don't forget when you overcome evil with good deeds it allows Me to change the attitude of the person toward you and your blessings will be multiplied because there is no opposition against you in the earth. Everybody wins when love is shown to enemies, especially the person who has shown unconditional love wins because there is no more opposition to the flow of his or her blessings.
    My children teach their own children to strike back when someone offends them.  They are sowing strife in the lives of their own children.  That strife will be multiplied in the lives of their children and will result in their eventually being overcome by evil in some way.  If you will teach your children to overcome evil with good, you will be instilling in them the most important key to My kingdom, which is to love your enemies and to overcome evil with good. My children who are called by My name should not teach their own children to return evil for evil and then wonder why My blessings are blocked in their lives.  Their minds are dull to My teachings. (Job 28:2)
     I give seed to the sower in the form of My love, and your sowing seeds of love in the earth will multiply My blessings in your life because you have sown in the good ground.  (II Corinthians 9:10-11)
    Tongue-tie the devil every time someone does evil to you,  Return good for evil and bless people who oppose you.  Then you are My children.
    Your Loving Father

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Dear One,
    My promise to you is that I will give you the expressions of praise for any heaviness that comes upon you that was caused by the rigors of life.  Isaiah prophesied that when I introduced My salvation into the earth through My Son Jesus that I would give you keys to cure every depressive thought that comes to your mind. (Isaiah 61:2-3) As with all of My keys, My children must take the keys into their hands and use them before the doors to that part of my kingdom can be entered.  
    The master key is to become My love ambassadors in the earth.  When My children use that master key to unlock the gates to My heaven, then My Holy Spirit can teach them how to enter into each room in My heaven which contains solutions to every problem which pertains to human life. (John 3:16-17)
    There is an effective key that opens the door to the joy that is available in My family for all who desire to rid their lives of the heaviness of depression caused by disappointments, failures of themselves or others, illnesses, oppositional attitudes or stinging words spoken to them or about them.  Isaiah said that the garment of praise will cure all heaviness of spirit, so it is available to all of My children to cure depression.  An instructional song as given by My Holy Spirit says that you must "put on" a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  So under extreme heaviness of mind the garment of praise does not just come upon you but must be put on by you as an act of your will. 
    You have experienced using this key to returning to the joy of your salvation in the midst of extreme heaviness of your mind.  You have chosen, as an act of your will, to "put on" garments of praise by starting to praise Me when you had spirits of depression and heaviness invading your mind.  You chose My ways instead of the ways of depression which comes from hell.  You began to praise Me as an act of your will, not as an emotional feeling.  Your feelings at the time were definitely not emotions that would lead to praising Me because you were self consumed rather than consumed with praises for Me.  However, the more you praised Me for My mercy, My love, My goodness, My kindness, My patience with My children, My long suffering with My children, My productive guidance, My plan of saving you from the works of evil and My forgiveness, the more the heaviness dropped off of your mind and My joy was restored to you.  The joy of your salvation returned because the spirit of heaviness could not stay around where praises to Me are being proclaimed.  Your praises to Me are deafening blows to the ears of the spirits of depression and heaviness. (Psalm 48:10; Psalm 51:11-12)
   Continuing to praise Me will completely rid you of the depressing spirits of heaviness, chasing them out of your life.  When those spirits leave, the joy that is found in My heavens will flood your mind and you will again soar like the eagles over the mundane things of the world.  Your mind will no longer be on the depression and heaviness because they will be gone; but, instead, your mind will be on Me and My power to solve every problem that confronts you.  You will be magnifying Me and My power instead of magnifying the spirits of depression and heaviness. (Psalm 34:3-4)
   Praise is a simple but powerful cure for the heaviness of depression.  Every time depression enters into your mind you must choose to put on the garment of praise.  A garment is a covering of our body.  When you praise Me, as I said, your mind is no longer on yourself but it is on Me.  That's when the heaviness leaves and joy returns.  It starts as an act of your will. (Psalm 42:19-12)
  You might feel hypocritical in praising me when you have heaviness of mind, but after a time of praise you will notice that depression has left and joy has returned.  Continue in praise and then pray in the Spirit and the understanding because your spiritual antennas are high in faith because you have accessed My kingdom and turned your back on the kingdom of evil thoughts and attitudes which caused the depression and heaviness of mind. (Psalm 22:23)
    Praise is a cure-all for depression and heaviness of heart. (Acts 2:46-47)
    Your Loving Father of Solutions

Friday, March 27, 2015


Dear One,
    My Love always results in loving actions toward others, not only your family and close friends but also your enemies, also people of differing religious beliefs, differing political tenets, different cultures, different social skills, different races and of different social status than you. My love knows no boundaries.  There is no cutting off point where I stop loving.
    My admonition to rescue the perishing and comfort the dying identifies the people who need My love the most.  Those people who are perishing can be perishing from lack of earthly goods but they can also be perishing from lack of knowledge of Me and My love.  Every human being who does not know the extent of My love for all the world is perishing in great degree emotionally and spiritually. 
   Also, every human being who does not know the extent of My power to overcome every evil force is perishing from destructive works.  My power is available to all people who are perishing in any degree. Lack of knowledge of My love and power is the reason people perish physically and mentally as well as spiritually.
   Your testimonies are the rescue modes, the buoys by which the perishing can be rescued.  They will grab hold of your personal testimonies and know that what I did and still do for you. I will do for them. (John 3:33-34; Acts 14:3; Romans 10:13-15) Your testimonies are living examples of My love and My power to save the perishing,  (Revelations 12:11)  It is easy for you to throw the buoys of My love and power to the people who are perishing.  What I have done for you, people will believe that I will do for them.  That is why testimonies are important.  Religious theories and tenets are powerless but your personal testimonies will convert even the hardest of hearts.
    When you were condemned by the devil in the past for not "going into the highways and byways to convert people" I told you that if you will allow Me to do some miraculous things for you that I will send people to you to hear your living, personal, powerful testimonies of My love acts and they will believe and be converted.  You have experienced that countless times. When I have performed miraculous acts in your behalf and you have a testimony of My love and grace, I have sent perishing people to you to hear your testimonies of My love and power which have been  manifested in reality. You have been in awe and have cherished our personal relationship because it has not been laborious but it has been restful, enjoyable and thrilling.  I always do what I promise. (II Corinthians 1:20)
    Always be ready in season and out of season to speak of My marvelous works in your behalf so that the perishing people that I send your way will hear and then be able to believe that I will do the same for them.  They will be converted to My ways because they believe in what you said that I did for you.
   I make it easy on My children to speak forth My works of love.  I do the work and then send people to hear the testimony.  I said that My burden is light. (Matthew 11:29-30)
    Your Burden Bearing Father

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Dear One,
   People will not knowingly persecute you for righteous actions towards them.  Most often they are humbled by them.  However, the devil does use people to persecute you for your loving, righteous deeds.  The father of evil cannot stand for you to be vessels of love.  Coming against you with cruel attitudes, cruel words and cruel actions is the only way he endeavors to stop the stream of love that I desire to flow from you toward all people.
   When the devil sees you loving the unloved, the law breakers, the broken hearted, the nonreligious, the sick and the rejected people of your world, he develops plans to knock you down emotionally in order to cause you to become self consumed rather than being dispensers of My love.  Very often his methods work and the healing issues of love that flow from you become pinched off by your wounded spirit. You become so self protective that you decide to never again open yourself up to the anguish of a wounded soul. 
   I completely understand your dilemma in those situations. My heart aches for you that you have been emotionally wounded for loving others as I love you. My desire is to sooth your wounded feelings and heal them completely.
   Being persecuted for My name's sake is not always being tortured, killed, ridiculed and imprisoned because you are named as My children.  Most often it is more subtle.  It is being inflicted with cruel, disrespectful, strife-filled, oppositional words by the people who are closest to you, ones with whom you previously have had an open and loving relationship.  Jesus predicted that very thing when he said that because of His ministry that often brother would turn against brother.  The devil causes that because he can't stand for My healing, loving words to deliver people from the bondage of evil works.  The devil wants to continue to further his own destructive works through people so when someone starts loving others unconditionally he uses their loved ones to knock them down emotionally so that they will give up being My love ambassadors in the world and become his pawns again by being self protective.
    You must let this truth free you from the sensitivity that comes from always desiring peace with the people who are closest to you.  Knowing that the devil will use the people closest to you to knock you down emotionally so that you become ineffective in loving others is a truth that you must hear and digest.  Then when it happens you will recognize what is happening, that the verbal abuse or emotional abuse that comes at you is not from the person but is from the bowels of hell in an effort to steal the flow of My love from you. (Matthew 10:22)
   I said that the devil comes to rob, kill and destroy.  Stealing the foundation truth of My love from you is his most effective weapon in robbing from My love children, destroying their peace and killing their desire to show My love toward all people.  Jesus said that the devil will use the people of your own household.  It happens millions of times a day in every household where a person is motivated by My love. (John 13:34; Matthew 5:11)
    There is a way to defeat the real enemy in those situations.  My Holy Spirit taught it through Paul who had received persecution from within his own spiritual family who were My children who did not have a revelation of My love for all people.  Paul refused to make humans his enemy.  He knew that his only enemies were the demonic spirits sent by the devil who influenced people to oppose him, revile him and verbally wound him because of his teachings that I am love. (Romans 5:5-8; Romans 8:38) His fellow believers were so tied to the religion of laws and fear that they were easily used by the devil to try to knock Paul down with their accusations.  Their accusations were that Paul did not rightly oppose unbelievers and law breakers.  They were appalled at his love teachings.
    Through that emotional suffering of Paul My Holy Spirit taught him that humans were not his enemies but that the demonic spirits that influenced people were his enemies. (Ephesians 6:12)  My Spirit effectively taught that because his enemies were demonic spiritual enemies, that his weapons against the real enemies were also spiritual.
    You must hear My truth relating to this, that when you are reviled, ridiculed and knocked down emotionally by the people closest to you, that the people are not your enemies, but that your enemies are demonic spirits who work through your family members and your friends.  Even Jesus experienced the same persecution when his earthly family, the one that came through Joseph and Mary, chided Him for dispensing My love in the earth through healing others and teaching My truth.  They demanded that He spend time with them. (Matthew 12:46-50)  Jesus told them that his real family is composed of the ones who do My will.  He put the devil who motivated his earthly relatives in his place and silenced the devil's chidings which were spoken through his family in an effort to get him to give them a place of favoritism.  He continued in His teachings, his healing the sick, casting out demons, healing the broken hearted and teaching about My kingdom of love.
   Recognize your enemies.  They are not your family and your fiends.  They are the evil spirits who are influencing them to oppose you, wound you and emotionally injure you. 
   My Holy Spirit is the one who identifies your demonic enemies for you. He never identifies human beings as being your enemies.  You must do the same with the help of My Holy Spirit who gives you discernment to distinguish between the kingdom of righteousness and the kingdom of sin. 
   My love children do not war against other humans.  Your only war is with the demonic spirits who tempt people to defeat you.
   Your weapons are spiritual and I will teach you how to use those spiritual weapons.
   Your Loving Father             

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear One,
   Instead of condemning a person who is in bondage to an addiction, whether to alcohol, pornography, sex, drugs, gluttony, worry, fretting, judging, sloth, lying, compulsive behaviors, carousing, gambling, sodomy, gossiping, sowers of strife or uncontrolled tempers, you must have compassion and sympathy for the person because you know that those are all works of the devil which come from the person unconsciously yielding to temptations. (Galatians 5:19-26)
   My children would not yield to those temptations if they knew that they come from hell to bring people into bondage to behaviors which will curse their entire lives, making them slaves to evil instead of images of My love. (John 10:10)
   Human beings have little power and authority over those temptations unless they have the power and authority of My Holy Spirit to refuse them and overcome them.  Since My son Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil through My Spirit being resident within Him, the same evil works need to continue to be destroyed by My Holy Spirit who lives inside of all who invite Him to dwell within them. (I John 3:8)
   Compassion and sympathy for people who are addicted to destructive thoughts and actions come from My mercy.  My mercy for others is in you only as an outgrowth of the presence of My Spirit who grows My characteristics into maturity inside of My children.  Full grown mercy will readily forgive the person for his or her falling into the temptations of the evil one who tempts in order to enslave people to his evil works in order to rob, kill and destroy everything good that I have given to My children.  My mercy causes you to understand your failures as being forgiven by Me. My mercy causes My children to understand and forgive others who are caught in the obsessive throes of addiction.
    My Holy Spirit gives you the power and authority to put under your feet the demonic spirits who cause addictions, allowing you to trample on their tempting power over you and other people.  My Spirit gives you the power to say to addictive thoughts, "No, not this time.  You are defeated by the power of the Holy Spirit who raised Jesus Christ from the dead."
   Compassion, mercy, forgiveness and understanding are My attitudes toward the people who are addicted to destructive thoughts and acts.  Let those virtues be your attitudes and you will not readily fall for addictive thoughts of judgment which carry their own destructive results. (Matthew 7:1-2)
   Become My forgiving, merciful, loving child, just as I am your forgiving, merciful, loving Father.
   Love, God      

Monday, March 23, 2015


Dear One,    
    You must understand that My wisdom is to always do acts of love toward others, not only your loved ones but your enemies who condemn you, curse you, do evil towards you and gossip about you. Instead of returning evil for evil, if you return good for the evil done to you, it will change the thoughts and attitudes of the person toward you and your thoughts, attitudes, words and acts of goodness will be returned to you multiplied a hundred times over in your life. My blessings will replace the curses cause by negative thoughts, attitudes, words and actions in your lives.(Matthew 5:38-48)
    Jesus only taught truth, truths that will cause you to inherit the riches of My kingdom, benefits that come from My family in heaven.  He knew which actions would benefit you and which actions would curse you with destruction.  He is your brother, He taught you and all of My children how to receive the inheritance that I set aside for you since the foundation of the earth.  He is My first born of many brethren, and He wanted to teach His siblings, like any big brother, how to receive the benefits that come from thinking good thoughts, projecting good attitudes, speaking loving words and doing good deeds.  All of His teachings related to helping My children have heaven on earth, as I provided from the beginning of time when I said that everything I created was good.  Even though Adam gave authority in the earth to the devil, Jesus came to circumvent his curses and restore My blessings to My children.
    Jesus taught you how to access My kingdom.  My Holy Spirit comes to live in you to expand upon the teachings of Jesus with personal tutoring for you.  (Jon 16:12-15) He is the wisdom and power that makes it possible to inherit My kingdom while in the earth.  It is My good pleasure to give you My kingdom while you are living in the earth as well as when you live with Me eternally.  (Luke 12:32; Philippians 2:13)
    Go forth and change from evil to good the thoughts and attitudes of anyone whom you have previously opposed or who opposes you.  That can only be done by changing your own thoughts, attitudes, words and actions toward those people  Changing their attitudes from bad to good towards you by your good thoughts, attitudes, words and actions toward them will multiply the blessings that come into your life 100X100 because you have created good ground from the goodness of your good thoughts, attitudes, words and actions toward them.  It's a simple equation. Kingdom thoughts, attitudes, words and actions from you produce kingdom blessings coming into your life. (Matthew 13:8-9; Matthew 18:21-22)
    Sow into My garden of life and you will reap from My garden of blessings.
    Your Loving and Forgiving Father


Dear One,
    Jesus taught that attitudes are very important in the scheme of things.  The very first keys to My kingdom that he taught about were thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of meekness, of forgiveness, of peace, of humility, of mercy and of purity of heart in what you call the Beatitudes.  He endeavored to teach people how to access the goodness of My kingdom.  He later referred to them as being keys to My kingdom.  (Matthew 5:1-10)
    I have always tried to get My message into the earth about how to become My love children which grants you the power and ability to have My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)  Jesus was not amiss when He prayed that My kingdom would come on earth.  He knew that My desire is to give you My kingdom.  In fact, He firmly stated that when He cast out demons from a person that My kingdom comes in the life of that person. (Luke 1:20)
    Jesus told you to forgive your enemies, to do good to them, to refuse to strike back when stricken, to pray for your enemies.  He said for such is the kingdom of God.  So that teaching says that accessing the blessings of My kingdom has much to do with your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of others. 
    Good deeds and generous giving to others results in the recipient of those kind actions changing his or her mind toward you if there was strife previously between you.  Because of that change in mind toward you, there is agreement between the two of you and goodness becomes the prevailing thoughts and attitudes from both of you.  Because there is energy and power in thoughts and actions, as taught by Jesus, those thoughts that proceed from My kingdom multiply your blessings because the seeds you have sown have multiplied in the life of the person by changing his or her attitude toward you. 
    That spiritual principle is the reason Jesus told you not to judge others because, if you do, judgment will be returned to you by the judged person with judgmental thoughts and attitudes.  Judgment will be multiplied in your life and in the life of the person that you judged.  When you judge, your blessings will be blocked by the judgment.  Instead of blessings, you will receive judgment from others and from the devil who tempted you to judge in the first place. (Isaiah 59:1-3)
    It is an earthly principle that positive energy attracts positive energy.   It is a spiritual principle that good thoughts, attitudes, words and deeds attract the same actions to you.  You grow what you sow in your garden of life in the earth.
    I taught it, Jesus taught it and My Spirit still teaches it to those who will hear.
    Your Loving Father

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Dear One,
    Teachers, instructors, professors and parents tell people to concentrate, concentrate, concentrate.  That means to only allow their minds to process the material which needs to be learned or understood, not to let their minds wander to thoughts that will not help them in their endeavors. 
    I tell My children to concentrate on certain things.  I tell them to concentrate on things that are pure, good, true, honest, just, lovely, things of a good report and things that can be praised. (Philippians 4:8-9)  I said that if you only choose to concentrate on things that are of love that My peace will overtake you.                                                 
    What I tell you in that admonition is that when you are praying for someone that you should not think about things that pertain to what the person has failed to do, or the bad things what the person has chosen to do, or the sad state of affairs relating to the situation.  I am saying that you should concentrate on My promises which relate to finding a solution to the situation, the person and the circumstances.  In other words, don't concentrate on the bad actions of humans, but concentrate on My actions that are available to remedy the situation.  I have made promises to all My children that I will redeem, restore and reconcile all things to Me. (John 10:10)                             
    When you concentrate on My ability to remedy a situation, that is called faith.  It is giving Me the power to accomplish My solution to the problem.  It is calling the things that are not visible as though they are reality   (Romans 4:16-22) It is being firmly planted in the truth that I will remedy the unpleasant situation. 
    When you concentrate on the evil that a person has done, the mistakes made and the failures, you are giving reality to the works of the devil rather than giving reality to what I can do in the situation.  I said that I can do super abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to the power that is in you.  When the power in you is faith in Me and the power of loving others as I love you, then there is no limit to what I am able to do in situations that concern you.  Loving others as I love you is forgiving them for their misdeeds and mistakes.  It is not holding an offense against the person but releasing him or her from the guilt of the misdeeds. (John 13:34; Matthew 7:1-2) It is recognizing that you have also erred in the ways of life and were forgiven, so you owe love and forgiveness to others.  (Romans 13:8)
    Keeping your thoughts on Me by concentrating on what I can do in a troublesome situation will set up the pathway for My mighty works in the situation to speedily be performed and the solution to be manifested. 
    Magnifying Me means to concentrate on what I can do to correct all things relating to the event rather than concentrating on what the devil has done in the situation through the person.
    My promise is that I will keep you in perfect peace if your mind is stayed on Me.  You know that there is no peace when you judge a person for a misdeed, thinking only on the person's failures or mistakes.  There is only turmoil and unrest in your mind.  But when you concentrate on My power and ability to remedy the situation, there is perfect peace because your mind is stayed on Me and My abilities.(Psalm 26:3-4)
    It is always My good pleasure to remedy every bad situation and make it into a testimony to My ability to perfect what concerns you. (Psalm 138:8; Luke 12:32)
    Concentrate on Me and My power of love.
    Your Loving Father

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Dear One,
    I promised that if you allow My Son to make you free, that you are free indeed, which means that you are free for sure. (John 8:36) There is only one avenue of freedom from the generational curses that are passed down from parents to children and that is to be set free by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died that you might have the power to defeat the curses that were innocently passed down through your heritage.  There is no other avenue by which to arrive at complete freedom.  He suffered for you that you might not have to suffer the effects of curses which are programmed into your life by genes which were innocently willed to you by your forefathers.  (John 10:10)

   The generational curses are the works of evil which entered the world through the first man and have been inherited by each succeeding generation. Those curses are varied in each family.  Some are genes of immorality, impurity, lying, strife, enmity, jealousy, envy, anger, impatience, selfishness, dissension, drunkenness, carousing, gluttony, division, pride, addiction, abuse and other diverse genes.  They are spirits from hell. (Galatians 5:19-21) They are all sent by the devil to rob from you, kill you and destroy everything that I have for you which will enhance your life. They cause  sickness, diseases, sins, mistakes and unwise choices which further the works of hell which destroy your life. (John 8:44; I John 3:8-10)
  There is a spiritual substitute that I and My Son Jesus provided who will replace those generational genes or curses in your life.  That spiritual substitute will bring love, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, patience, gentleness, joy, faithfulness, self control into your life and He will change your generational curses into My heavenly  blessings.  He is My Holy Spirit and He will make you prosperous in every area of your life.  He is My gene, My Spirit, My power and My presence in you life. He is the Spirit of good choices, good intentions, good decisions, good actions and good attitudes which will bring all things good into your life, just as I intended at the beginning when I created the earth. (Galatians 5:22-24)
    My Holy Spirit is the One who can replace the generational curses of evil in your life with My power to refuse the temptations to do evil deeds which have cruel consequences.  My Spirit gives you the power to destroy the works of evil which have caused you to have unhappiness, sickness, diseases, a broken heart, sadness, grief, broken families and fear.  He replaces fear with My power, My love and a sound, peaceful mind which is free from distress. (II Timothy 1:7)
   You can return to the good life that I promised by choosing My blessings instead of the generational curses of evil.  Making that life changing decision and then making that daily choice will return you to the good life that I promised from the beginning of the earth when I created it and called all of it good.  You can have all good things in your life simply by making the choice to receive My Spirit and be led by My Spirit of goodness instead of continuing to be led by the spirit of evil with its curses.  My Holy Spirit is the Spirit of goodness, love, peace and kindness. Choose Him and live. (Galatians 5:25-26)
    Because of My love for you, I provided a substitute for you, Jesus Christ, and I provided the power fo you to resist and destroy evil through My Holy Spirit.  There is no other avenue to complete freedom.
    Your Loving and Freedom Giving Father

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Dear One,
   There is no power over the forces of evil except the power of My Holy Spirit.
   People will try and try and try to refuse the temptations of the devil to do evil in their lives but there is no human will that can defeat all of the works of the devil. If there was, then there would be no need for the sacrifice of Jesus and the ministry of My Holy Spirit, which were My greatest gifts to all of humanity and the world.  
   The deception of the evil one, the devil, is so deceptive that it bypasses all human wisdom and knowledge because he has darkened the eyes of the understanding of My children since the fall of Adam in the garden. 
    Rejoice, for I have made it possible for My children through the power of My Holy Spirit to have the discerning ability, called judging insight, to reveal the temptations of the evil one as what they are, works which rob, kill and destroy My children. My Holy Spirit is the One who has My authority in the earth to coach My children so that they will refuse evil and choose to only obey My good admonitions to do My loving deeds in the earth. (John 16:7-12) That is the battle between good and evil.  Being led by My Spirit is the only way to have the power and ability to have the abundant life that I promised to My children.  He is the only way.  As Jesus said, if it were not so, He would have told you differently than what He taught which was that My Holy Spirit is My power to defeat evil.
    My Spirit, Himself, wrote through Paul that he prayed constantly that you might have: number one, the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Me; number two, that you would know what is the hope to which you are called; number three, what are the riches of My inheritance to you; and, number four, that you will know the exceeding greatness of My power that is available to those who believe which came as a gift from My Son, the Christ, the Overcoming One, who was raised from the dead by My Spirit and appointed Him as the authority over all things in heaven and earth.  (Ephesians 1:16-23) I inspired Paul to never cease praying for My Spirit to reveal those benefits of having My Holy Spirit live within My children.
    My Spirit of love always coaches My children to love people and hate the evil temptations to obey the devil in his self appointed mission to defeat My children who are made in My image.  (Psalm 97:10; Psalm 8:13; John 13:34)
   When you are rooted and grounded in My love, then become knowledgeable through revelation of the power that I have available to you through My Holy Spirit,
you will soar in the earth like the eagles soar in the sky. (Ephesians 3:14-20)
    Without a revelation of My love for all the world and a revelation of My power available to you to defeat the works of the devil, you cannot overcome evil and become My image in the world by spreading My love to people and defeating the works of evil in your life and the lives of others. My Spirit is the Spirit of Truth who reveals everything necessary for the abundant life and My godliness.  (II Peter 1:3-11)
    Seek to know My love and to know My power. 
    Your Loving Father of Provisions      

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dear One,
   My promise to you is that I will do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think or imagine, according to the power that is in you. (Ephesians 3:20)  When the power that is in you is love, as generated by My Holy Spirit from inside of you, then you give Me the pleasure of not only giving you the desires of your heart, but I will exceed your expectations with more abundance than your human mind can conjure with its limited abilities.
   My Spirit can accomplish more miracles than you have heard happening, more blessings than you knew existed and an abundance of cures, restorations, rejuvenations and reconciliations than you can even deem possible.(I Corinthians 2:9-12)
   Such is My promise to you after you have received My glorious promise of being baptized with My Holy Spirit.  (Acts 1:4-8) Walking in the paths as led by My Holy Spirit and praying in My Holy Spirit are the avenues through which all of My promises are culminated in yes, amen, so be it.  (Romans 8:14 and 26-27; II Corinthians 1:20)
   All things become new.  Your dreams become reality.  Your wishes and desires are met and your life becomes the blessed existence that I have always wanted for My children.
   So many of My children are satisfied to wait until they arrive in My heaven to receive the benefits of their inheritance, but I desire that they have My abundance of all good things while they live in the earth. You would not want your adult children to only have good the abundance of blessings which brings joy to them only when they visit your house.  You want them to have the best things that are available to them while they live in their own houses. 
    I have given all good things to My children since the beginning of time.(Luke 12:32) Only their association with the devil has caused them to lose the good things that it is My pleasure to give them  (John 10:10)
    Seek Me, the knowledge of how to access My kingdom benefits and seek to become My righteous witness of love in the earth and everything you wish, want and desire will be added to you.   It is My desire that you have everything that I possess.
    Your Loving, Truthful Father
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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Dear One,
    My Holy Spirit wrote through John that the reason the Son of God came to earth is to destroy the works of the devil.  In His doing that, My children become reconciled to Me because when the works of evil are eradicated in the lives of My children, My kingdom is immediately restored to them.  Jesus spoke that truth when He ministered in the earth.(Luke 11:20; Matthew 5:10-11)
    Jesus, the Christ, restored for My children their relationship with Me because those who choose to be restored are immediately reconciled to me and legally eligible to inherit all of the benefits of being My child.
   When Isaiah prophesied the earthly ministry of My Son Jesus, the Prince of Peace, he outlined what His death and crucifixion would purchase. 
The following are the beneficial works that He did to destroy the works of the devil in your life:(Isaiah 53)  He prophesied "surely" He has done all of these marvelous things for you.  "Surely" means for sure, there is no doubt He did these:
       1. He bore your grief's and carried your sorrows.(So that you will bear up under the grief's and sorrows of your own and the grief's and sorrows of other people.)
       2. He did not deem Himself smitten or stricken by Me, (He knew that it was My will that He die for you but He knew that I did not wound Him, bruise Him, chastise Him or beat Him.  It was the devil who instigated and carried out the plans through men.)
       3. He was wounded for your transgressions. (He received, in your stead, the punishment in effect for the breaking of religious and civil laws.)
       4.  He was bruised for your iniquities. (He was beaten and bruised for your obedience to the temptations of the devil to do evil toward others)
       5.  He was chastised for your peace. ( He paid no attention to the criticisms, chastisements, lies and ridiculing words uttered against Him. He had no fear of what would happen to Him on the cross or after.)
       6.  He was beaten with a whip, receiving stripes in His body, for your healing.(He suffered in his flesh for any work of satan in your flesh.
   My children sing, "Oh, happy day, when Jesus took My sins away."  The joy in My heaven on that day most surely was also heard in the earth by those who had listening ears.  
   In addition, He sent My Spirit into the earth to be received by those who choose to become My children, equipped with My power to overcome the evil works in the earth.  He sent the same Spirit into the lives of My children, the Holy Spirit who tutored Him, prospered Him, protected Him, provided for Him and revealed My truth to Him.
   The benefits of becoming reconciled to Me are tremendous. The bonus is that you and I become One, just like Jesus Christ and I are One. 
   Jesus said that true worship is to worship Me in Spirit and in truth.  That is impossible without the presence of My Holy Spirit in your life because He is the Spirit of Truth.  To worship Me is to commune with Me so intimately that you become My image, filled with love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and patience, which are My character traits.  So, true worship is to let My Spirit transform you into My image so that people will say, "Look, that person must know God because of the fullness of love that I see."   When that happens, you have worshiped Me in Spirit because My Spirit has transformed you into My image.
    Your Loving Father  


Friday, March 6, 2015


Dear One,
   When Jesus asked Peter who he thought Jesus was, Peter said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God."  Peter didn't say that He was Jesus, the son of Mary and Joseph.  He said that He was "the Christ," the anointed One, the overcoming One, the reigning One over all the works of evil.  He can only be the Christ if he is My Son.
   When Isaiah prophesied the coming of My Son into the world, he declared all of the assigned duties that My Son would have in the earth, as ordained by Me.  Isaiah said that My Son would bear your grief's, carry your sorrows, but He would not deem Himself stricken and smitten by Me and afflicted by Me. So Jesus, the Christ, is still available to bear your grief's and carry your sorrows.(Isaiah 53:4)  He also told you to bear the burdens of others and that will fulfill the ministry of the Christ, the Overcoming One.
   To bear the burdens of others means that you bear up under the mistakes, the misdeeds, the bitterness, the strife, the grudges, the condemnation, the accusations, the unbelief and the religious errors of others. (Galatians 6:2)  You are called Christ-ians, or Christ ones, so you are called to bear up under the burdensome imperfections of others and to bear the grief's and carry the sorrows of others, just like He does for you.
    Isaiah also prophesied that the Christ would be wounded for your transgressions, bruised for your iniquities, would be chastised for your peace, and by His stripes that He endured that you would be healed. (Isaiah 53:5)  Every wound that He received in His sacrifice for you made it possible for your transgressions from all laws, rules and regulations to be erased, completely eradicated.  Every bruise that He suffered was payment for your obedience to the temptations of the devil.  He blotted out the requirements for your punishment for engaging in the devil's deeds, making them null and void.  The sentence by the devil of killing you was satisfied by the Christ because He died for your imperfections. The stripes that He received from beatings were endured so that you would be healed of every physical disease, every malady, every generational curse, every mental disease, every sickness and everything that destroys your body, the temple of My Holy Spirit. 
    In addition to those momentous accomplishments for you by Jesus, the Christ, He was chastised, ridiculed and criticized so that you would have the peace that comes from having My Spirit live inside of you, supernaturally giving you My peace.  He made it possible for you to refuse the accusations of the devil which brings fear to your mind.  He gave you the power of My Holy Spirit to bring peace into the world which is replete with strife, wars and disagreements. He let the chastisements, words of ridicule and criticisms roll off of him like they were never said.  He was deaf to negative accusations hurled at Him. 
     My children still engage willingly in disputes, ridiculing others, criticizing others and chastising others who have differing beliefs, in which you also engaged at one time. My desire for you as Christ-ians, Christ-ones, is that you bring peace to every discussion, every disagreement, every situation involving strife, every war between individuals, your families, groups, organizations, states and nations.  Jesus was chastised for that peace.  If you are a Christ-one you will bring peace to every small, medium and large war between humans.  Jesus endured chastisement for your ability to bring peace to the earth, as He did. He is the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)
     When you are born of My Spirit and baptized with My Spirit, you are My ambassador of love, peace, reconciliation, healing, forgiveness, mercy, goodness, kindness, patience and joy in the earth.  Become My image in the earth by becoming intimately acquainted with Me so that you will mirror My character in your life and in the earth, reconciling all people to Me.(II Corinthians 5:18-21)
    Your Loving Father  

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Dear One,
    The greatest energy force in the earth is My love.  It is greater than faith or hope. (I Corinthians 13:13)
     My love is constant, but it becomes concentrated on one of My children when that person messes up because there is a bigger need in that person for My forgiving, restoring, redeeming love.  Jesus gave the example of the lost sheep and how the shepherd leaves the 99 ones and goes after the lost one who has gotten himself caught into thickets or wandered into a pack of wolves.  Forgiveness and love for My children who wander away from Me into the thickets of life or into the company of wolves of the devil increases instead of decreases because I understand the pull toward evil. (Matthew 18:11-14)
    The fallen part of human beings does not do what I do when other people fall for the lure of temptations.  They ostracize, demonize, reject and punish the lost one. (Matthew 7:1-5) Only My children who are perfected in My love will restore, love, redeem and forgive people who make grievous mistakes against them and others. My children who are still under Mosaic law will want vengeance and retribution for the sins, misdeeds and mistakes of others.  My children of love will restore the lost ones and lead them back onto the paths of righteousness.  My children of love will redeem the lost ones, offering forgiveness instead of punishment, just like I do. (I John 2:5-12))
    My children of love know that they are anointed with the ministry of forgiveness because they intimately know that I have forgiven them. (Galatians 6:1-2) My children of love will  not deviate from love because they know that any actions of judgment and condemnation are from the bowels of hell and will result in their separation from Me.  I never separate from My children, but they can separate from Me by holding the misdeeds of others against them, which results in their separation from My forgiveness also.  It's a matter of doing what Jesus said to do, become motivated by My family of love rather than the family of the father of lies and destruction. (Matthew 6:24; Matthew 6:14-15)
    When you make mistakes, letting guilt and condemnation separate you from My love, remember that I am seeking you to restore you to My love and comfort.  My love is the high energy force that is drawing you back to Me so that I can give you the blessings that I have set aside for you in My kingdom. 
   You sing about crowning Jesus with many crowns.  I want to crown you with the crowns of My kingdom, establishing you as My much loved child just like the prodigal son in the parable.  Jesus wants to share His crowns with all of My children. As you remember that you are My much loved child, you must also treat others as My loved and treasured children, even when they are rebellious and in opposition to you and Me. (Matthew 6:38-48)
    Make love your aim, loving others as I love you. (John 13:34-35)
    Your Loving and Forgiving Father           

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Dear One,
   Impatience with Me is rooted in fear that I am not going to answer your prayers.
   Impatience with others is rooted in lack of knowledge that I am forever patient with My children, including you.
   Fear is rooted in unbelief that I love you and am working diligently to answer your prayers and give you My entire kingdom. (Luke 12:32)
   Unbelief is rooted in lack of wisdom because you have listened to other people and their religious teachings, sidestepping My Holy Spirit and His liberty inducing tutoring of you.  (James 1:5; II Corinthians 3:17)
   Lack of wisdom is rooted in ignorance of My promises to you and ignorance of the depth, breadth, height and length of My love for you. (I Corinthians 2:10)
   When you become intimately acquainted with Me as revealed by My Holy Spirit, then you are so rooted and grounded in Me and My love for you that you will never entertain any teaching, any unrevealed scripture or any religious tradition that erroneously teaches that I am angry at any of My children and that I am impatient with the reluctance of My children to obey My commandments.  My commandments are only admonitions, giving you the free choice to choose between good and evil, as at the beginning. My commandments were given to encourage you to make the right choices, avoiding evil at every turn.  I understand that you and all of My children are powerless to always refuse evil and choose good, and that is why I sent My Very Own Spirit to live inside of you in your spirit, to be your teacher, your tutor, the revealer of truth, your leader, your guide, your defender, your constant companion and counselor to lead you into all truth and to give you the power to defeat the works of the devil in your life just like Jesus came to earth to defeat the works of the devil. (John 16:7-15)
    Make it your aim to become so well grounded in My love for you that you will have a firm foundation of My love for you, for all of My children and for My creation. Meditating on the life of Jesus and My love as shown through Him will allow My Spirit to reveal My love to you. (Ephesians 3:14-19)
    When you do become rooted and grounded in My love for you, then you must become rooted and grounded in the power of My Spirit who lives in you if you have invited him to make His earthly dwelling place in you.  He will teach you the power that is available to you by your using His power to defeat the works of the devil and to put him under your feet, treading on him and his works, making them of no effect to you and your family. You will know that there is no fear in you when you know My love and My power that are available to you. (Ephesians 1:16-23)   
    When you are firmly rooted and grounded in My love for you and when you have learned the power that is in you in the person of My Spirit, then I can do super abundantly above all you dare think or imagine because you know Me intimately and know My love toward you and the power that is in you. (Ephesians 3:20)
   There is no fear in you when you are rooted and grounded in My love because perfect love casts out all fear. (I John 4:18-19)
   There is no strife in your life when you are rooted and grounded in My love because you know that the devil tempts you to engage in strife so that he can invade your life with all of his demons of destruction.(James 3:16-18; II Timothy 4:18)
    Remain loyal and devoted to My Holy Spirit because He is My greatest gift given to you.  Jesus called Him My promise to you from the foundation of the world.  Revere Him for what He is, My presence in your life. (Acts 1:4-8)
    There is no fear, no unbelief, no impatience, no lack of strength and no lack of wisdom when you are rooted and grounded in My love. (I John 2:5)
    Your Loving Father 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Dear One,
   We have talked about My patient endurance with the nation of Israel under the old covenant where they tested Me over and over again, yet My patience never ended.  (I Corinthians 10:1-12; Hebrews 3:7-11)) When that covenant ended and My new covenant with all of mankind began where I came to live in individuals and they became My children, temples of My Holy Spirit, My patient endurance continues, even when My children gripe, moan, rant, rave, kill, destroy and rob from each other as led by the father of evil.  My patient endurance never ends.  The benefits of being My children might temporarily end for you because you have changed your allegiance, but My patient endurance and love for you never ends.  As I said, I wait patiently for you to return to Me after you have reaped thorns and thickets by following the voice of evil which tempts you to do ill will toward others. (Matthew 7:16-17)
   It is written that you should count it all joy when you fall into temptations because that is an occasion to bring forth patience out of your spirit where My Spirit's patience is resident. (Galatians 5:22-24) That admonition says that if you will let patience have her perfect work in you that you, also, will be perfect, lacking in nothing.  That is a firm promise.   The perfect work of patience is that My patience will make you merciful and loving to people, calmly waiting for your prayers to be answered in the life of a person, knowing that I will change the circumstances to your favor.  That promise also says that if you lack wisdom in the situation that you should ask for it and it will be given to you if you ask in faith, not being double minded.  Being double minded is hearing from the evil voice from the devil who wants you to be in opposition to people but also hearing from Me since I always want to bring mercy, love and peace to every situation. (James 1:2-8)  Choose My way and live.
   There is a promise that you must stand upon; that being that with faith and patience you will inherit My promises.  What I promise, I will do.  What I declare, will happen. (Hebrews 6:11-12)  The promises that I make will come to be in reality, according to your faith and your patience.  Faith is at the basis of your patience.  Faith is being convinced that what I promise I will do.  Lack of anything in your life can never be traced back to Me.  It is always from the earth, either in the lacking of faith or patience.  Both are fruit of My Holy Spirit who lives in you, so hearing My voice in everything produces faith in you.  (Hebrews 11:1-3; Romans 10:17)
    Patient endurance being required to inherit My promises is not what My children what to hear.  They often want instant relief from their problems.  I understand.  I also want speedy growth of faith in your life so that you will quickly access the inheritance of My promises.  Since I have patient endurance with you, I ask that you have patience endurance with others.  When you are patient with others, you are on the way to inheriting your promises.   (Hebrews 6:13-19)
    The endurance part of patient endurance means that you endure the sins, frailties, transgressions, mistakes and iniquities of others the way I endure yours.  In other words, you bear the actions of others that are burdensome to you.  Jesus did it for you and My Holy Spirit will do it in you. (Galatians 6:2)
    Your Patient and Loving Father

Monday, March 2, 2015

Dear One,
    My first attribute of My love that is identified in My Holy Spirit's instructions to My Children is that My love is patient.  (I Corinthians 13:4) The best example of My patience with My children is the journey of the children of My first covenant when I brought them out of bondage and led them to the promised land.  It is recorded that they tried My patience during that long journey.  I fed them, led them with visible signs, caused their clothes to never rot or wear out and performed miracles for them.  Yet they griped and moaned and made gods for themselves.  Still, My patience with them was everlasting.  When they returned to Me, I was exuberant at their return and restored the blessings that were necessary for their journey to the promised land.  When My patience is described as everlasting, it means that there is never an end to it.  It never runs out, just like My love never ends.(Hebrews 3:8-12)
    Another good example of My patience is after the resurrection of Jesus when He returned to His disciples and told them to wait in Jerusalem for My promise that I would come to earth in the person of My Holy Spirit and live inside of people, tutoring them, guiding them, revealing Myself to them, giving them supernatural powers to defeat all evil and leading them to their promised land, which is having My kingdom evident in their lives with all of My benefits. (Acts 1:4-8)They were obedient to My instructions, gathering in one place and in unity.  Only when they were in "one spirit" or in unity could My Holy Spirit and My cloud of witnesses appear to them and deliver My long awaited promise which I made to My children through many prophets.  When they sought Me with their whole hearts and stayed in unity, then My promise was realized by them as they became the first fruits of My patience. (Acts 2:1-4)
   They provided their earthly bodies to be the dwelling places of My Spirit just like Jesus did when He walked the earth.  Their patience and their obedience paid off.  They became filled with My Very Own Spirit, becoming new creatures with My supernatural powers and My love resident inside of them. (I Corinthians 3:16)
    My patience didn't end there, just like My patience did not end in the account written about the second generation Israelites who entered the promised land.  My patience is everlasting.  I have patience with My children as they grow in wisdom and grace.  I am patient with them as they seek to become My image in the earth with what I call the fruit of My Spirit which are My personal character attributes,  Just like you are patient when the buds on fruit trees turn to blossoms, then to fruit, then to ripened fruit, I am forever patient with you and My other children as My character attributes begin to bud, blossom and then turn to My fruit.  I am patient, knowing that it takes a while for fruit to fully develop and ripen so that it can nourish My children in the earth.  It takes time for My image to be formed in My children of love.
    One of the fruits of My Holy Spirit who lives inside of you is the fruit of patience.  It is fully developed in your spirit where My Spirit lives, but it takes time for you to allow it to change your soul and your body into My image of patience.  I am patient with you while you allow My patience to be fully developed in you. 
     Here is the caveat:  you must seek to be patient with others in their growing in grace and you must seek to be patient in waiting for your prayers to be answered.  Your patience with others is an outgrowth of My patience with you.    
    The patience that is required of you as you wait for your prayers to be answered is actually a time of giving My Holy Spirit the opportunity to show you what things are blocking your prayers from being answered in your life since I promised that when you ask for anything it will be done. (John 14:14; James 1:2-4) There are always attitudes and actions from the earth that block the answers to your prayers from being manifested.  Unity with Me will always start the flow of blessings again as we reason together about the delay.  (Isaiah 59:1-2)
    A definition for patience is the ability to wait for something with a calm attitude, never griping, complaining, ranting, raving or being angry. Patience with your children means that you are willing to wait for them to grow in their maturity to where they take your advice, just like I wait for you to mature spiritually until you can immediately take My advice and defeat the works of the devil by becoming My image in the world.  (I John 3:8)
    Patience with yourself and others is an outgrowth of My Holy Spirit creating My character within you.  It is the assurance of your prayers being answered. (Romans 15:5-7)
    Patience is rooted in expectation. It is with faith and patience that you inherit My kingdom.
    Your Patient and Loving Father