Sunday, March 29, 2015


Dear One,
    Jesus came to earth to defeat the works of the devil.  I have given to My Holy Spirit the ministry of defeating the works of the devil in the earth in this dispensation of My grace.  (I John 3:8)
    There are many ways that My Spirit will cue you to defeat evil deeds in the earth.  The most important one is to love others as I love you.  In doing that, the result is that you tie the tongue of the devil and he can no longer minister the venomous words with which he enjoys tempting people. In the presence of My love every evil deed loses its  power.  That is the very reason I told My children to love their enemies, because in loving someone who opposes, injures or maligns you, good attitudes and act will overcome the evil in every strife-filled situation. (Romans 12:21)
    In the atmosphere of love, the works of evil will fall to earth without doing what they were intended to accomplish, which is to rob, kill and destroy you and the people who have caused your problems.  Every thought, attitude and action of love done by you will multiply love in the mind of the offensive person toward you and will tongue-tie the devil, thwarting his efforts to further the evil that he originally instituted against you by tempting the person to say or do evil toward you.  The only way to overcome the works of the devil in that event is to return good for evil, doing good to the person, blessing the person and praying for the person.  Then the devil is defeated in his efforts to rob, kill and destroy you and destroy the person he used against you. (Matthew 6:35-48)
    My efforts in your behalf have always been to keep you from the evil that is sown in the earth by the devil. My children are ignorant of his ways of tempting My children to do evil against each other.  I gave you My Holy Spirit, who is My power and the dispenser of My love.  Only after the disciples of Jesus received My Holy Spirit were they able to forgive all sins and dispense My love into people in the earth. (John 20:22; John 13:33-35)
    Don't forget when you overcome evil with good deeds it allows Me to change the attitude of the person toward you and your blessings will be multiplied because there is no opposition against you in the earth. Everybody wins when love is shown to enemies, especially the person who has shown unconditional love wins because there is no more opposition to the flow of his or her blessings.
    My children teach their own children to strike back when someone offends them.  They are sowing strife in the lives of their own children.  That strife will be multiplied in the lives of their children and will result in their eventually being overcome by evil in some way.  If you will teach your children to overcome evil with good, you will be instilling in them the most important key to My kingdom, which is to love your enemies and to overcome evil with good. My children who are called by My name should not teach their own children to return evil for evil and then wonder why My blessings are blocked in their lives.  Their minds are dull to My teachings. (Job 28:2)
     I give seed to the sower in the form of My love, and your sowing seeds of love in the earth will multiply My blessings in your life because you have sown in the good ground.  (II Corinthians 9:10-11)
    Tongue-tie the devil every time someone does evil to you,  Return good for evil and bless people who oppose you.  Then you are My children.
    Your Loving Father

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