Friday, March 27, 2015


Dear One,
    My Love always results in loving actions toward others, not only your family and close friends but also your enemies, also people of differing religious beliefs, differing political tenets, different cultures, different social skills, different races and of different social status than you. My love knows no boundaries.  There is no cutting off point where I stop loving.
    My admonition to rescue the perishing and comfort the dying identifies the people who need My love the most.  Those people who are perishing can be perishing from lack of earthly goods but they can also be perishing from lack of knowledge of Me and My love.  Every human being who does not know the extent of My love for all the world is perishing in great degree emotionally and spiritually. 
   Also, every human being who does not know the extent of My power to overcome every evil force is perishing from destructive works.  My power is available to all people who are perishing in any degree. Lack of knowledge of My love and power is the reason people perish physically and mentally as well as spiritually.
   Your testimonies are the rescue modes, the buoys by which the perishing can be rescued.  They will grab hold of your personal testimonies and know that what I did and still do for you. I will do for them. (John 3:33-34; Acts 14:3; Romans 10:13-15) Your testimonies are living examples of My love and My power to save the perishing,  (Revelations 12:11)  It is easy for you to throw the buoys of My love and power to the people who are perishing.  What I have done for you, people will believe that I will do for them.  That is why testimonies are important.  Religious theories and tenets are powerless but your personal testimonies will convert even the hardest of hearts.
    When you were condemned by the devil in the past for not "going into the highways and byways to convert people" I told you that if you will allow Me to do some miraculous things for you that I will send people to you to hear your living, personal, powerful testimonies of My love acts and they will believe and be converted.  You have experienced that countless times. When I have performed miraculous acts in your behalf and you have a testimony of My love and grace, I have sent perishing people to you to hear your testimonies of My love and power which have been  manifested in reality. You have been in awe and have cherished our personal relationship because it has not been laborious but it has been restful, enjoyable and thrilling.  I always do what I promise. (II Corinthians 1:20)
    Always be ready in season and out of season to speak of My marvelous works in your behalf so that the perishing people that I send your way will hear and then be able to believe that I will do the same for them.  They will be converted to My ways because they believe in what you said that I did for you.
   I make it easy on My children to speak forth My works of love.  I do the work and then send people to hear the testimony.  I said that My burden is light. (Matthew 11:29-30)
    Your Burden Bearing Father

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