Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear One,
   Instead of condemning a person who is in bondage to an addiction, whether to alcohol, pornography, sex, drugs, gluttony, worry, fretting, judging, sloth, lying, compulsive behaviors, carousing, gambling, sodomy, gossiping, sowers of strife or uncontrolled tempers, you must have compassion and sympathy for the person because you know that those are all works of the devil which come from the person unconsciously yielding to temptations. (Galatians 5:19-26)
   My children would not yield to those temptations if they knew that they come from hell to bring people into bondage to behaviors which will curse their entire lives, making them slaves to evil instead of images of My love. (John 10:10)
   Human beings have little power and authority over those temptations unless they have the power and authority of My Holy Spirit to refuse them and overcome them.  Since My son Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil through My Spirit being resident within Him, the same evil works need to continue to be destroyed by My Holy Spirit who lives inside of all who invite Him to dwell within them. (I John 3:8)
   Compassion and sympathy for people who are addicted to destructive thoughts and actions come from My mercy.  My mercy for others is in you only as an outgrowth of the presence of My Spirit who grows My characteristics into maturity inside of My children.  Full grown mercy will readily forgive the person for his or her falling into the temptations of the evil one who tempts in order to enslave people to his evil works in order to rob, kill and destroy everything good that I have given to My children.  My mercy causes you to understand your failures as being forgiven by Me. My mercy causes My children to understand and forgive others who are caught in the obsessive throes of addiction.
    My Holy Spirit gives you the power and authority to put under your feet the demonic spirits who cause addictions, allowing you to trample on their tempting power over you and other people.  My Spirit gives you the power to say to addictive thoughts, "No, not this time.  You are defeated by the power of the Holy Spirit who raised Jesus Christ from the dead."
   Compassion, mercy, forgiveness and understanding are My attitudes toward the people who are addicted to destructive thoughts and acts.  Let those virtues be your attitudes and you will not readily fall for addictive thoughts of judgment which carry their own destructive results. (Matthew 7:1-2)
   Become My forgiving, merciful, loving child, just as I am your forgiving, merciful, loving Father.
   Love, God      

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