Monday, March 23, 2015


Dear One,
    Jesus taught that attitudes are very important in the scheme of things.  The very first keys to My kingdom that he taught about were thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of meekness, of forgiveness, of peace, of humility, of mercy and of purity of heart in what you call the Beatitudes.  He endeavored to teach people how to access the goodness of My kingdom.  He later referred to them as being keys to My kingdom.  (Matthew 5:1-10)
    I have always tried to get My message into the earth about how to become My love children which grants you the power and ability to have My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)  Jesus was not amiss when He prayed that My kingdom would come on earth.  He knew that My desire is to give you My kingdom.  In fact, He firmly stated that when He cast out demons from a person that My kingdom comes in the life of that person. (Luke 1:20)
    Jesus told you to forgive your enemies, to do good to them, to refuse to strike back when stricken, to pray for your enemies.  He said for such is the kingdom of God.  So that teaching says that accessing the blessings of My kingdom has much to do with your thoughts, attitudes, words and actions of others. 
    Good deeds and generous giving to others results in the recipient of those kind actions changing his or her mind toward you if there was strife previously between you.  Because of that change in mind toward you, there is agreement between the two of you and goodness becomes the prevailing thoughts and attitudes from both of you.  Because there is energy and power in thoughts and actions, as taught by Jesus, those thoughts that proceed from My kingdom multiply your blessings because the seeds you have sown have multiplied in the life of the person by changing his or her attitude toward you. 
    That spiritual principle is the reason Jesus told you not to judge others because, if you do, judgment will be returned to you by the judged person with judgmental thoughts and attitudes.  Judgment will be multiplied in your life and in the life of the person that you judged.  When you judge, your blessings will be blocked by the judgment.  Instead of blessings, you will receive judgment from others and from the devil who tempted you to judge in the first place. (Isaiah 59:1-3)
    It is an earthly principle that positive energy attracts positive energy.   It is a spiritual principle that good thoughts, attitudes, words and deeds attract the same actions to you.  You grow what you sow in your garden of life in the earth.
    I taught it, Jesus taught it and My Spirit still teaches it to those who will hear.
    Your Loving Father

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