Monday, February 29, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus cautioned you not to judge a person as bad or good but for you to always discern or judge the spirits at work in the flesh of a person which motivate him or her. (Matthew 7:1-2; Matthew 7:15)  Those works of the flesh are called the fruit of the flesh.  Those fruits are either from Me or from hell and you can tell the difference by the attitudes, speech and actions of the flesh of a person.
   The actions of their flesh which are from hell are the ones to which you should be very careful not to respond.  They are sent to trick you into either agreeing with them and become like them, or they are sent to trick you into responding to them in anger and disgust which will cause you to become corrupted also.  The secret to responding to the actions of a person from the flesh that come from hell in another person is to forgive the person, love the person but remove yourself from the presence of the fruit from hell, refusing to consume it or you will be corrupted.
     When you go to the market to buy fruit to eat, you always look for the freshest fruits, the ones with good color, the ones that are not shriveled or rotten or partially eaten by pests.  If you buy the rotten ones you endanger your own health.  Yet, some of My children are not wise enough to reject rotten fruit pouring from the mouths of some of their teachers, religious leaders and politicians.  They forget that I said that you will know the corrupt ones by the fruits of their attitudes, their words and their actions.  My children often follow them right into the pit of destructive hell, becoming cursed in every area of their lives  (Matthew 7:17-19) My gullible children often continue following them right into destruction because they have made religious or political saviors of the person displaying rotten fruit.  I cannot save them from destruction if they have chosen another savior. 
     Jesus warned My children that you need to discern the attitudes, the speaking and the actions of people who claim to hear from me.  If their fruit does not have the aroma of peace, the taste of mercy, the sounds of goodness and kindness, then they are not from Love and they are not from Me, no matter how many times the person calls me Lord, professes My name and produces miracles and healings. (Matthew 7: 22-23) 
     Twice in that lecture Jesus said that you will know them by their fruits.  (Matthew 7:15-16; Matthew 7:20-23))  He was cautioning you that you need to discern the soundness of their self proclaimed righteousness and that you discern it by their fruits as led by My Holy Spirit. 
    The conclusion to that lecture by Jesus was his warning that if you do bind yourself to a person who says that I am his or her Lord and Savior but who has corrupt fruit that is contrary to love, then when rains of distress come and floods of destruction come upon you, your entire house will fall because you built your house upon a foundation of sand.  You did not discern the corrupt fruit of the person who said he or she was speaking for Me. 
    Pray for the person from whose mouth the corruption poured, but do not eat the fruit of his or her corrupt tree or you will have the same end as that person, which is a house fallen and destroyed. (Matthew 7: 24-27)
    Paul, as led by My Holy Spirit, amplified this teaching of Jesus.  He said that you should not devour one another, should be not be bitter toward anyone, should not be divisive or sowers of strife.  He said that corrupt fruit of the flesh will cause you to bite and devour one another and possibly be consumed by one another.  My Holy Spirit identifies more fully the fruits of the flesh and the fruits of the Spirit.  
He said that the people whose thoughts, attitudes, words and actions are of the good fruit of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, mercy, gentleness, patience, faithfulness and self control are the ones whose trees are sound and healthy.  It is people with those fleshly attributes which you should accept and believe the words of their mouths.   (Galatians 5:17-25)
    People know Me by the fruit that My true children display to the world because they are My children who know Me intimately.  When Jesus said that there are some people to whom He would say that He never knew them, He was referring to those people whose fruit is corrupt.  (Matthew &;23) He never knew them because their outer character was corrupted by listening to religious teachers whose fruit was sour and rotten.  They don't look like My true children who are displaying My righteousness to the world as the salt of the earth and the light on a hill.(Matthew 5:13-16)
    Jesus told you to "beware" of people who say they speak for Me if their fruit is rotten because it comes from a corrupt tree.  Sometimes they are in sheep's clothing but are ravenous wolves. (Matthew 7:25)  You will be ravaged if you do not discern the rotten fruit of the flesh and retreat from it.
    If attitudes, speaking and actions are not from love, they are not from Me.  It's simple.  I said faith, hope and love live on and on, but the greatest is love. (I Corinthians 13:13)
    Your Father of Love

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus was never against anyone except religious people who heaped condemnation and guilt upon others instead of relieving their burdens.  He taught against politicians who encouraged their followers to be divisive, lovers of conflict and contempt, robbing people of hope and faith by instilling fear in them.  Jesus lifted the burdens from the people whom the religious and political people heaped burdens upon.  He identified hypocrites as people who proclaim one thing but their actions show the opposite. Righteousness has little to do with religious and political rhetoric but has everything to do with attitudes which exemplify My character of love.
    In His lecture on attitudes Jesus said that My kingdom of heaven belongs to the people who are persecuted for righteousness sake, that means for their love, their joy, their peacemaking, their mercy, their goodness and their kindness towards others. (Matthew 5:10.)  I said that My kingdom consists of righteousness, peace and joy in My Holy Spirit. (Romans 14:17-19) I said through James that pure and undefiled religion is to visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction and to keep yourself spotless in the world.
    Righteousness has nothing to do with proclaiming your loyalty to Me but instead it has to do with living your loyalty to Me by doing what I lead you to do which is to be merciful, humble, kind, meek and mild, taking a back seat to others instead of insisting on your own selfishness as a person of importance.
    Righteousness is letting My true character, the fruit of My Spirit, be your true character.  The clusters of My fruit within you are displayed outwardly as love for everyone, having a joyful heart, keeping peace with everyone, doing good works toward others, being kind in attitude and words toward others, being merciful to lawbreakers and sinners, being patient with people who oppose you, being faithful to your families and to Me, being gentle with all people, having self control when confronted and for being persecuted for loving the unlovable.  The attitudes of righteousness are thoughts and actions of never seeking your own way, but always putting the needs of others ahead of yourself. (Galatians 5:22-26)
     I said that love is the epitome of righteousness and that if you don't have love for others that you will gain nothing. (I Corinthians 13)  Religious and political tenets mean nothing to Me.  Love means everything to Me. The fruits of righteousness in My children are the fruit of My Holy Spirit.  You are blessed when you display My character to the world.  If you are persecuted for being peacemakers in the world then My kingdom belongs to you.(Matthew 5:11)
     If you are persecuted for being the image of My love and goodness in the world, then you should rejoice because you are the salt of the earth and the light on a hill, you are My true image in a world of false images of Me. (Matthew 5:12-16)  It is My goodness that brings a person to repent and turn to Me. (Romans 2:4)  Display My goodness to the world whose image of Me is skewed by religion and politics.  People are hungry for the knowledge of My goodness and My love.
     When you display to people the fullness of My love, you are blessed in My family because righteousness has prevailed and identified you as My child.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus spoke to the people who came to hear His wisdom about the way to access My blessings while on earth.  He said that the people who are merciful to others will always obtain mercy.  Mercy is forgiveness, not holding anyone accountable for anything evil done to you.  The attitude of mercy looks at a lawbreaker with forgiveness, knowing that his acts of breaking the laws are instigated by the devil and that the person has only fallen for the evil temptation, just like you have fallen for temptations many times in other areas.
     Mercy absolves all people in your mind of all infractions, ill will, evil actions and breaking of laws because My mercy in you understands the pull toward obeying evil temptations. 
   Judging is the opposite of mercy and Jesus taught later about the effects of judging someone.  He said that if you judge someone that you will be judged by the same measure that you judged.  So Jesus was telling My children that when you judge someone you will inherit judgment but when you are merciful to someone who does evil acts that you will inherit mercy in the earth and you will inherit My blessings while living in the earth.  To be blessed means to be fortunate, prosperous, happy and with joy of life.  Being merciful to everyone causes a person to inherit those precious gems of life but judging others guarantees that you will be judged.  Mercy begets mercy and judgment begets judgment.  Choose merciful thoughts instead of judgmental thoughts and you will be blessed with happiness and prosperity in every area of your life. (Matthew 5:7;  Matthew 7:1-2)
     When your thoughts are pure regarding other people, seeing their spirits instead of their flesh like Jesus said He and I do, then you are seeing Me in the person instead of the devil's influences in the flesh of the person. (Matthew 5:8)   You are seeing the need for My mercy and forgiveness instead of the devil's activities in the flesh of a sinful person.  It is by the power of My Holy Spirit that you can look past the garbage in the flesh of a person and see the gold in the person, which is his or her spirit. (John 8:15-16) You see the valuable person that I love, looking past the devil's work in the flesh of the person.  As you become proficient in seeing Me in people, you will see My works in everything and your eyes will be trained to see gold instead of garbage.  You become inheritors of My blessings when you see the spiritual needs in others instead of their flesh.
     My most identifiable attitude exhibited in the life of a person is the character trait of being a peacemaker. (Matthew 5:9) I said that peacemakers are called My children because Jesus is the Prince of Peace and My kingdom is the kingdom of peace.  The people who keep peace with their mates, their parents, their neighbors, their children, their government officials, and, yes, even their enemies are identified as being My children.  My true children inherit all of My blessings.  People who keep peace with everyone are automatically blessed because there is no turmoil in their lives, no conflict in their lives, no destruction in their lives, no dissension in their lives and no divisiveness in their lives. (Ephesians 4;1-4; Romans 12:17-21) Because My children who are peacemakers have produced the atmosphere of My heaven in the earth by keeping peace with everyone, they inherit every one of My blessings and have life more abundantly. 
     Jesus, in His teaching on exhibiting My character traits in the earth promised that the people who are merciful, peaceful, forgiving, seeing the spirits of others instead of the flesh are the people who are blessed by inheriting the benefits of My kingdom of love.  He identified explicitly My character traits or attitudes found in My children, the energy forces which attract the blessings of My kingdom to be evident in their lives, which are all of the benefits of My love.
     Pay close attention to the teachings of Jesus because they are My teachings.  My Holy Spirit will make them revelations in your life, creating My same character traits in you which will produce blessings in your life.
     Your Tutoring Father     

Friday, February 26, 2016


Dear One,
    The words that Jesus spoke were gems of wisdom which He spoke to instruct My children how to be blessed while living in the earth.  His insight was not human insight but it was revelation from Me.  His first teaching was on the ways to be blessed and each one represented an attitude for which My children must have which allows them to inherit My blessings.
    The first attitude which Jesus said causes My Kingdom blessing to come upon them is humility, or being poor in spirit instead of arrogant in spirit. (Matthew 5:3) Proud people exalt themselves above other people but Jesus announced that the humble people are the ones who are blessed by Me.  Pride does not allow a person to yield to My teachings because the attitude of pride displays a know-it-all attitude which will not hear My words and yield to them.  A humble person is willing to lay everything down that he or she believes and yield to Me and My teachings.  Pride always precedes a fall so the proud will often have a humble spirit after the person finds out that he or she does not know everything.  As the previously proud person becomes humble, that person will have a desire to receive My wisdom and teachings.  When that person humbles himself or herself to Me to receive My teachings, the person will be blessed by inheriting My kingdom benefits.
     Another attitude which Jesus said that causes the people to be blessed is the  attitude about mourning the dead, promising that those people who mourn the dead will be comforted by His eventual resurrection.  (Matthew 5:4) In His day there was no promise of the resurrection of the dead because Jesus had not been crucified on the cross and paved the way for the dead in body to rise in spirit and live with Me.  He was encouraging His followers to develop a trustful attitude toward Him, that there is a resurrection from the dead to come and that their spirits live on with Us in heaven. Even today in your world the people who are unbelievers in the resurrection if they see Me are eventually comforted by the revealed knowledge of the resurrection of their spirits after the Holy Spirit reveals the miracle to them.  (Romans 1:1-4)
     The attitude of meekness is very important in being able to inherit My blessings while in the earth.  (Matthew 5:5) Humility is seeking Me and hearing My wisdom, but meekness is taking My advice and making My truths part of your thinking, your attitudes, your speaking and your motivation for living.  Meekness is what allows My children to learn from Me and become My images in the earth, revealing to others My loving personality.  When a person trains a domesticated animal to become willing to obey the voice of the owner, the person has successfully meeked the animal.  When My children know My voice and take My advice, as Jesus said not looking to the right or to the left, but doing what I advise, they are meek and mild, trusting in My ability to advise them wisely which produces good results.  Humility causes a person to be willing to hear My voice, but meekness causes that person to be led by My Spirit in all matters in life.  (Romans 8:14) When that happens, a person is blessed among people because I have shown him or her how to prosper in life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The attitude of meekness guarantees your accessing My kingdom benefits.
     Jesus said that those of My children who have an insatiable hunger and thirst for My righteousness will be satisfied. (Matthew 5:6)  My righteousness consists of My character traits of goodness, kindness, love, peace, patience, joy, mercy and faithfulness.  (Galatians 5:22-24)  He didn't say that a person is blessed by seeking the benefits of My kingdom.  He said that you are blessed when you hunger and thirst after My righteousness. It is My righteous character traits that invite My blessings into the lives of My children.  My righteous behavior in My children is what identifies them as My children, legal heirs to the benefits of My kingdom. 
     Many people come to Me and only hunger and thirst after the benefits of My kingdom, ignoring that My desire for them is for them to become My image of righteousness in the world.  When they hunger and thirst to know Me, to become intimately acquainted with Me and My righteousness, then they will become more and more like me, filled with My love for everyone.  As My character traits, which are My righteousness, become their character traits they will be satisfied with all the fullness of My kingdom because they have been identified as My children, heirs to My kingdom benefits.
     My children seeking to become the evidence of My righteousness in the world is of utmost necessity because people who have only sought My benefits selfishly are the ones who make disciples of their own selfishness instead of making disciples of My righteousness in the earth.  My children of love seek Me and My righteousness.  They do not seek riches and wealth.  The benefits of My kingdom life in the earth come to those who seek to be My righteousness in the world because they are identified to My angels as My children, legal heirs to My benefits. (Luke 12:8-9; Romans 12:1-3)
    Remember that thoughts become attitudes and attitudes become actions.  Watch for negative thoughts which will become negative attitudes which are contrary to My attitudes of which Jesus spoke. The negative thoughts are planted in your mind by the evil one to rob you of My righteousness.  This is a valuable gem of truth in My instructions to My children. Attitudes matter greatly in My family.
    Your Righteous Father of Blessings         

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus taught a very valuable lesson to His followers about doing religious things in secret instead of parading them before other people.  There was a logical reason for it and it is because He knew the truth about the spiritual dimensions around you.  He knew that there is a tendency for you to brag about how much you have given to the church, to the poor, to a person in need or to your needy children.  The devil wants you to get the credit for your giving instead of Me getting the credit for meeting their needs. 
    I am the originator of all of your giving because My children are only a conduit for sharing My blessings with others in the earth.   When you refuse to tell anyone about your giving, it's a secret between us and I reward you openly because you have been obedient to My teaching and, therefore, you have sown into My kingdom of prosperity.  But, when you yield to the temptation to brag about your giving, you are the one who gets the credit for your giving.  Yes, the reason for your bragging is to get the praises of people for your generosity.   I get no credit from the ones in need for supplying their needs; instead, you do.  When you let other people know about your giving to others, you stop the return flow from your giving.  When you don't let others know about your giving, your return is pressed down and running over, multiplied, and people wiil give out of their abundance to you. You already have the return you were after when let people know about your giving, which is the praise of people.  When your giving is a secret between us, the power is there for you to enjoy a return on your giving and the pressed down and running over the return comes from Me, Your Heavenly Father. (Matthew 6:1-4)
     The same gem of truth relates to praying in public.  Jesus was adamant about His followers not praying like the hypocrites do who love to stand and pray in front of others so that they may be seen by people and complimented for praying such beautiful prayers and congratulated for their devotion to Me.  Jesus said that they already have their reward which they desired, which is the praise of people for their beautiful words and their obvious outward devotion to Me.  Instead, Jesus said when you pray that you should go into your room, shut the door so it's only you and Me, and then do your praying.   He said in that situation, one-on-One, is when your rewards, which are the answers to your prayers, become reality because those are pure, unadulterated prayers, unencumbered by self centered, unbelieving spirits.  He said that when you come to Me in secret, knowing that I am waiting for you there, that I will reward you openly by answering your prayers because you and I are unencumbered by unbelieving people and evil spirits. 
      Jesus also taught that you should not use empty phrases repeated over and over again which you know unbelievers do, those who think that the more flowery words they use the more likely it is that I will answer their prayers.  (Matthew 6:7-8)  He said there is no reward for those prayers.  Why is there no reward?  Because the motivation was to be praised by people, not seeking the reward of answered prayers by Me.
      You need to realize that if you reveal your giving to others for praise and if you pray in front of people for their admiration and approval, that I still love and adore you.  Nothing can ever interfere with that.  The sacrifice of Jesus obliterated all of your sins, iniquities and transgressions.  They don't exist.  Jesus, in His teaching on these gems, was coaching you on effectual prayers, the way to get your prayers answered expeditiously and how to meet the needs of the hungry and the poor secretly which results in your getting your reward for being obedient to My advice and being a conduit to My meeting the needs of others.
      The traditions of people have made these teachings of Jesus of no importance.  They are ignored completely by My children who don't know the importance of praying in the Holy Spirit in your room with the door shut where We meet together and I commune with you and you commune with Me.  It is in those battle rooms where you and I battle with evil principalities of the air, defeating them in their plans to defeat you and your family.  It is in those times together with Me that My orchestrations are spoken by My Holy Spirit that will answer all of your  prayers. 
      It's so simple, prayer is a private meeting between you as My child, and Me as Your Heavenly Father.  When you have needs for Me to intervene in your life and bring My blessings into being by My sending the answers to your problems, meet Me in your room with the door shut so that it's just you and Me without the spirits of unbelief from others who are listening if you are praying in public.  Unencumbered prayers alone with me are easily and speedily answered.
      Jesus knew this by experience.  He spent hours and hours and sometimes all night with Me where He and I met alone.  Remember that He did not even allow His chosen disciples to enter our prayer room.  He left them outside the area while He prayed.  It was in those times alone with Me that He received My wisdom, knowledge and insight on how to meet the needs of the people who were coming to Him the next day for Him to minister to them.  He stirred up My Holy Spirit's  power in Him that was necessary to answer all the prayers of the masses of people who came to Him for healing and deliverance.  If the unbelieving disciples had been in His prayer room with Him, there would have been no power present for Jesus to answer the needs of people the next day because the unbelief of the disciples would have robbed Jesus of His power.(Mark 14:33-34)  Remember that He could not do His mighty works in some towns because of the unbelief that was in that town. (Matthew 13:57-58)
     Pay close attention to this gem.  Do not ignore the brilliance of it.  Learn from it.  Accept it as an important gem from Me to you on how effective prayer works.
I am so eager to answer all the prayers of My children.  My children must be just as eager to take My advice on how to pray according to the instructions of My Son and the power of My Holy Spirit.
     Your Loving Father of All Provisions

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Dear One,
     If you want a life of beauty, beautiful, loving relationships, a sound and calm mind, financial prosperity, wisdom that instructs you in ways that bring the beauty of heaven into your life, you must look for the spiritual gems in My Instruction Book.  You must not only find them but you must collect them, believe them, follow them, ask My Spirit to make them real to you, hear His revelations which enlighten your mind and incorporate them into your life.  When you do that, you will walk in beauty, the beauty of My heaven on earth which I promised when I gave you My kingdom.  I said when you seek My kingdom and My righteousness that all things will be added to you.  The gems related to My righteousness are many and varied.  They are not hidden from you.  Your understanding is only blinded to their truth, blocked by the veil of unbelief placed there by the devil.
     One of the spiritual gems about which Jesus spoke is that the words you speak are of utmost importance in relation to future events in your life.  He said that by your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned.  Positive words sow seeds into My kingdom of blessings but negative words sow seeds into the devil's kingdom of destruction.  Pay heed to this truth.
     Your encouraging, loving and kind words to people justify you as being My child and will attract to you blessings from My family.  Discouraging words are identified as being from the devil's kingdom and will bring destruction into your life.  My Son Jesus could not have made it more clear. (Matthew 12:34-37)  He said that a man brings forth good words out of his "good treasure" and that an evil man brings forth evil words out of his "evil treasure".  What does that say about your treasury?
      Make sure you understand this truth, this gem of instruction, because it is paramount to your having a blessed, beautiful life.  Jesus went on to say that it is not what a person eats that condemns the person's life, but the words that come out of his or her mouth are what condemns the person's life. 
     In fact, Jesus called a multitude to hear His instruction.  He even told them to, "Hear this and understand it."  He heralded its importance.  He said that it is not anything that a person eats that deviles the person because the food is digested and the digestive system eliminates anything bad that is in the food.   
      Peter asked Jesus to explain more fully what He meant.  (Matthew 15:10-15) Jesus said that out of the heart and then the mouth proceeds evil thoughts, bad attitudes, bitter speaking, murders, adultery, fornication, blasphemies, thefts, lying, etc.  He said that those things are what defile a person and make him or her unclean, not what is eaten or if food is eaten with unclean hands. (Matthew 15:16-20) "By your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned," is a precious gem in the words of Jesus.
     You need to realize that I created the earth with My words.  You are created in My image with the ability to be a creator of things in your own life.  When you speak evil words to someone or about someone, those words create a defiled life for you.  When you speak loving, kind words to someone or about someone, those words create a blessed life for you. "By your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned," is a precious gem in My instructions. 
     Words that you speak are a result of your thoughts and attitudes.  Refuse any thoughts that are detrimental to you or anyone else.  Accept all thoughts that are kind, loving and forgiving.  When you do, the creative words that you speak will create good events for you and for other people.  "By your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned," is a gem of great price.   It coaches you on a spiritual principle that cautions you about the words that you speak, that you will either be blessed by them or condemned by them. The Son of God could not have made it more clear when He said, "By your words you are justified and by your words you are condemned." 
     Do not ignore this gem of great price because if you do you will live a condemned life and My Spirit and I will be grieved for you that you did not take My advice and live a beautiful life. (Ephesians 4:29-32)
     Your Father of Loving Instructions

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Dear One,
     Wisdom that comes from Me is worth much more than an earthly pearl of great price which might support an entire nation for years.  My wisdom is valuable to the person who needs answers to prayers, needs insight into problems and needs My solutions which lift burdens off of you.
     One of the pearls of great price that Jesus taught will startle and surprise you because it is the basis of Our relationship.  It involves faith and trust in Me, being firmly planted in the reality that I love you and want to take care of your every need, want and desire.  The surprising thing to you might be that before Jesus taught about depending upon Me, He described the two forces at work in the world, My kingdom and the devil's kingdom.  He said that you cannot serve mammon, the god of this world, and also serve Me.  He said It is impossible to be loyal to both. (Matthew 6:24) 
    After He pronounced that truth through a precise admonition, He said therefore for you not worry or be anxious about anything. (Matthew 6:25-33)  He said not to worry about what you need to drink or what you need to eat because when you are dependent upon Me and My kingdom that your every need will be supplied. At that time He used eating and drinking as an example but His instructions later on when He taught about My Holy Spirit living inside you, He taught that if you depend upon Me relating to anything, that I will meet every one of your needs, the need for healing, for miracles, for wisdom, for knowledge, for the supernatural power to overcome everything negative in the world. (John 14:23-27; John 16:12-15) That is a pearl of the greatest value.
    Some of My children think that worry is a virtue, that if they don't worry about something that the circumstance or situation does not really matter to them.  Those faithless people think that if they don't worry about something that they are not showing Me how important the matter is to them. That is a lie instituted in your mind by the devil.  You cannot worry in your mind and also entertain faith in me at the same time.  It is impossible.   So worry thoughts in your mind comes from hell because they make you anxious for things you need.  But, My words infused into your mind give you faith in Me, relieving you of all worry. 
    Worry comes from hell; faith comes from Me.  It's that simple.
    This pearl of great price is a key element to My kingdom.  James said it clearly.  He said you should not be double minded about anything because if you are double minded by worrying and trying to have faith at the same time, that you will receive nothing.(James 1:5-8)  I am not withholding anything from you, but when you worry and are anxious for anything you are yielding to the devil's temptation to join with his kingdom of destruction.  When you have faith, speaking your confidence in Me, you are depending upon Me to supply your every need.  It is in a faith atmosphere that I can do everything.  It is in a worrying, fearful atmosphere that I am unable to do anything for you because you have switched your allegiance from heaven to hell.   It's a matter of on whom you choose to depend, upon hell or heaven, upon mammon or upon Me.
     When you depend completely upon Me, nothing wavering, I am able to do anything and everything for you because you have chosen the good part.  Remember Martha and Mary who had welcomed Jesus into Martha's house.  Martha was disturbed that Mary was listening to Jesus teach instead of helping her serve food to the people.  When she complained to Jesus He said, "Martha, you are worried with cares and troubles about many things but Mary has chosen the good part which cannot be taken away from her." (Luke 10:38-42)
     You should always choose the good parts, the thoughts of faith in Me and My ability to supply every need you have.  Instead of worrying about how you are going to solve your own problems, when you depend upon Me you will be accessing all of My power and the help of the angels to meet all of your needs.
    Let your mantra be that you are not ashamed, that "I know Him in whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him."   (II Timothy 1:12) That is a firm profession of your faith in Me.  I can keep working efficiently in your behalf in that spiritual atmosphere.  I said if you confess Me before men, professing faith in Me, I will confess you before the angels, coaching them on how to meet your needs because you have professed faith in Me. (Luke 12:8-9)
    Your Father of Efficient Works in Your Behalf

Monday, February 22, 2016


Dear One,
    I have all of the wisdom necessary to instruct you how to allow Me to bear your burdens, to rid you of all problems that feel like heavy weighs on your mind and on your back.  One of the nuggets of gold is My instructions to you to forgive everyone who offends you, injures you, gossips about you, ignores you or snubs you. 
    The lessons that I taught which are written in My Instruction Book through Jesus and other people about forgiveness are many because to hold a grudge against someone is the heaviest burden a person can carry because it occupies your mind completely and becomes your god.  Instead of your mind being occupied by Me and My good news, the conflicted event is paramount in your mind and the burden is all you can think about.  You think about what you should have said to put the person in his or her place.  You think about what you will say in defense of yourself the next time you see the person, reliving the event over and over and over in your thoughts.  It is a huge burden.  (Matthew 11:28-30)  
    I said that whatever a person thinks about all the time becomes his or her motivation for living, so the oppositional event continues to do its destruction in his or her life.  That replaying of a hurt over and over in your mind is the devil's work, not mine.  The replaying of any hurtful event is a temptation by the devil to keep you in bondage to the burdens that he wants you to experience because he wants you to be motivated by unforgiving thoughts, binding you to the hurtful event so that you will be tortured over and over again. 
     My cure for the burden of carrying a hurtful event in your mind is to let it go, release it from your mind.  That is what forgiveness is, releasing from your thoughts all hurtful events so that you will be free of them.  It might take releasing them hundreds of times from your mind until they stop torturing you with the memories.  It will definitely take your making the choice to forgive the person, releasing the person from any vengeful thoughts by a decision to forgive the person for hurting you or opposing you. 
     When I said that I cannot forgive you if you do not forgive others, I didn't mean that I don't desire to relieve you of the burden of having vengeful thoughts. (Matthew 6:14-15)  My mercy and forgiverness are always active and alive and in operation.  The sacrifice of Jesus when He died for the sins of the world is always in effect, blotting out all offenses.
     The true insight is that I cannot come into your mind and make the choice for you to release someone from their offenses against you.  I gave you free will to make that choice yourself.  So My admonition to forgive others means that as long as you hold a grudge you are inviting the burdens to torment your mind.  But, when you make the choice to forgive a person, you not only release the person but you also release yourself from the burden of having a tormented, vengeful mind which curses your thoughts, your attitudes and your body because of the burden which you have chosen to bear instead of releasing it. 
     I always forgive you of your sins, iniquities, transgressions and mistakes.  Jesus paid for them.  He also paid for the hurtful offenses toward you that people do, so those are forgiven in My mind.  But as long as you hold them in your thoughts, you have chosen that particular burden to continue to plague you.  When you refuse to forgive someone, the devil has accomplished his temptations in your life and you bear his burden in your thoughts.  The results are a tormented mind, toxic attitudes, and sickness in your body.
     I said if you live in Me and My words live in you that you will have peace.  (John 15:7) Let My gold nugget of forgiving others as I forgive you become your gift of great wealth.  When you forgive people, your burdens are lifted from you.  When you forgive people you allow Me to avenge you and heal you because you have taken My valuable advice. You become whole and healed, happy in every area of your life.  You have given to Me the hurt and you have allowed Me to heal you because you have chosen to follow My advice.
     My words spoken through Jesus and the new covenant prophets are nuggets of gold which enhance your life on earth.  Take My advice and live the abundant life that I promised. (John 10-10)
     Your Forgiving, Loving Father

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Dear One,
    Remember to not stroll by brilliant jewels in your walk of life, ones which I send your way to teach you how to overcome every negative thing in your earthly life.   My children ignore My advice all the time because they are blinded to the truth by a veil that the devil put on their minds so that they will not know My truths and be set free.   However, you know that My Holy Spirit enlightens your eyes and opens your ears so that you will recognize My wise jewels which I wrote in My Instruction Book, the Bible, and which I give to My children to help them succeed in every ares of their lives.
    One huge diamond of admonition that I gave to you through Jesus that is worth more in value than the largest diamond ever discovered is the advice that I gave through Jesus that you must not judge others, condemning them either openly or in your own mind for actions that they do, clothes that they wear, words that they speak or choices that they make.  Jesus could not have made it more clear.  He said, as reported by all four writers of the gospels.  They reported that the good news he taught was, "Judge not so that you will not be judged." (Matthew 7:1-2) He could not have made that spiritual diamond more clear.  He said that when you judge other people you invite into your life from hell the same degree of judgment that you prounounced upon the other people.  That should be sobering to My children who regularly judge, compare, condemn, size up, declare right or wrong, form an opinion of being proper or improper and estimate in their own minds the worth, quality or fitness of others. That is standard worldly behavior and mental activity but it has serious consequences.
     The huge diamond of truth in that serious admonition of Jesus who advised you not to judge others has been lost through the ages even in My most loyal children.  What they have missed in that area of truth is that I am not the judge. (John 5:22: John 8:15-16; John 12:47) Jesus said that truth very emphatically, too.  He said the judge of this world is the devil who tempts you to judge others so that he can see that you are also judged by hell.  What a celebration he has when he tempts you to judge someone because he knows that you have invited him to also judge you.  The judgment that comes upon you might be depression, mental uneasiness, snobbery, pride or life, cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches, all which choke out any nugget of truth that comes your way.  In your mind you rob people of their worthiness and you exalt your own worthiness above them.  You lose your peace of mind and wonder where, along the way, you lost it.  Jesus said that you lose it when you judge someone.
     So what is so unhealthy about judging other people?  It's because you are examining the speck that is in the life of another person instead of the log that is in your own eye, all of which is instigated by the devil so that he can bring judgment upon you also, just like he caused you to judge someone else.  As the old saying goes, he kills two birds with one stone, or what happens is that he lassos two of My children with one temptation, tempting you to someone and then you are judged by the same judgment of the devil to which you yielded.  (Matthew 7:3-5)
     Jesus taught this truth, this diamond of truth, so that your joy will be full and you will not fall for the temptations of the devil, falling for his tricks which are sent to defeat you and destroy your life.  (John 7:26-27) Do not build your house upon the sand of judging others or you will be handing over your future to the judgment of the devil, and he knows how to access your weak points, the weaknesses in your personality which he can easily use to curse you.
     Digest this diamond of truth regarding Jesus' admonition not to judge others.  Make that truth part of your being, your motivation for life.  Be a watchman, always eager to arrest any thoughts of judgment of others.  Jesus said that the ones who hear His words and do them will be like the house that is built upon the rock of truth, and when rains come and floods come, your house will not fall because it is built upon My revealed truth that I do not judge anyone and you have not judged anyone.  (John 7:24-25)
     Who is right and who is wrong in a situation is of no importance.  Who has refused to judge and has forgiven others has done the righteous thing and will inherit My blessings.   
     Your Loving, Nonjudgmental Father

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Dear One,
   We talked about the precious metals and precious jewels that people ignore, passing by them as if they were mere rocks.  Those "rocks" that are valuable could relieve people of financial burdens, giving them peace of mind.  Right there in My Instruction Book are huge nuggets of gold that will bring My greatest gifts to the emotions and lives of My children, which are peace of mind and peace with others.  My children ignore the nuggets as if they were rocks thrown by the wayside with no spiritual value. 
    Let's take, for instance the first teaching of My Son Jesus in which He endeavored to relieve the burdens of His followers.  He immediately said that their actions, their speech and their emotions coming from old traditions are not My actions, speech and emotions.  If you will remember, He said that they had heard it said that you should not kill someone, but He instructed them that even if you become angry with someone that you will be in danger of being judged by the devil.  What He did not say at the time but he said it later on is that the devil tempts you to get angry by causing someone to hurt you.  If you do become angry the devil punishes you for the actions of that anger by having the person with whom you were angry to turn on you and injure you either emotionally or physically.  Instead of getting angry with someone who opposes or offends you, Jesus said to make peace with everyone so that you will not be judged and persecuted by the devil through other people, making you even more angry which could result in injury to you or even death. 
      If My children will take the advice contained within that nugget of gold from Jesus, there will be no more family squabbles, no more religious and political wars, no more cheating in businesses, no more turbulent weather, no more killings, no need for jails, no need for self medicating drug usage and no more violence in the world. 
      Is that possible?  Yes.  That is why I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth is to give My children the power to refuse anger when they are tempted by the devil.  In the lives of My children, My Holy Spirit is the authority in the world with power over all evil.  With the power of My Holy Spirit you have the power and authority to do what I advise instead of what the devil tempts you to do.
    Knowing that spiritual truth of avenging yourself by becoming angry toward anyone who offends you will result in putting yourself in the devil's arena to be judged and persecuted by him with possibly an injured body but certainly a distressed emotional mind should be enough to keep My children from becoming angry with someone.  When you have the power of My Holy Spirit inside of you, you have the power to refuse the temptations of the devil to become angry.  Instead, with the power of My Holy Spirit you will do good to the people who oppose you, who injure you and who speak evil about you.  When you do, you put yourself in the arena of My kingdom and I can reward you with My blessings. (Proverbs 16:7) You will have peace of mind, uninjured bodies, having calm emotions, be conflict free, and you will walk in peace with everyone. (Matthew 5:21-26)      
    Jesus went on to explain further.  He said that if someone injures you that you should not return injury to the person because if you do yield to anger and react in anger that the fight will escalate into a full blown conflict and you will also injure the offender who will in turn injure you again, back and forth until someone is killed.  This nugget of gold that proceeded from the mouth of Jesus was that you should not act and react from the old traditional ways, but that you should act and react like I do to you, returning good for evil done to you.  He was telling My children to stop strife at the first temptation to become angry when you are tempted to return evil for evil done to you.  When you do what Jesus advised, the forces of evil are defeated before they get their way and involve you in conflict which leads to a troubled mind and possibly even death.  Because you have refused anger and embraced My good, you will have the peaceful result of a sound mind and you also will inherit My blessings because you have been a witness of My goodness in the earth. (Matthew 5:38-42) 
     My children must check to see if their consciences convict them relating to those wise nuggets of gold that Jesus taught and Paul and John later amplified.  When you have believed the truth in them and followed their admonitions, you will find that you are blessed and fortunate among people because you are living the life of My Spirit instead of the life of the flesh with its condemnation and judgment which come from falling for the temptations of evil to become angry. (Romans 12:19-21; Ephesians 4:29-32)
     When you take the nuggets of gold that Jesus taught and make them the motivation of your life, you will find that you are blessed and fortunate because you have received your inheritance from Me. 
     Love is the key.  Love forgives people instead of becoming angry with them.
(I John 4:7-12)
     Your Loving and Forgiving Father 

Friday, February 19, 2016


Dear One,
    If you were to be walking on a leisurely stroll and saw a large nugget of gold or a large priceless jewel placed clearly in your path by another person who wanted to share wealth with you, you would be negligent in ignoring it.  You would be wise to consider the thought that I have miraculously suggested to someone to do that very thing so that you would be abundantly fortunate.       
    Some of My children in the earth are so blinded by fear and unbelief that they become immune to receiving the gift of My Holy Spirit which is clearly described in My Instruction Book in the teachings of Jesus and the prophets of old. (Joel 2:28-29) The ministry of My Holy Spirit was clearly taught about, preached about and prophesied about by Jesus and many prophets, it having even been promised that He would do the same and greater works in the lives of My children than even Jesus did.  (John 14:12-14) 
      In the chronicles of the history of the salvation of people, it was spoken of as a glorious and welcomed event which was to come when I would enter the earth to live in the spirits of people in the spiritual being of  My Holy Spirit.  That gift of spiritual gold and priceless jewels is clearly read about but often misunderstood.  Those people who do not believe it are like the ones who passed over the sharing of wealth, the gold nugget or the brilliant jewel that is specifically placed in their paths.
    Sometimes My children who are hungry for spiritual truths will read about the blessing of the Holy Spirit coming to live in their lives, will invite Him into their lives, will be gloriously blessed and then they become negligent in seeking My righteousness which is necessary so that they will become My image in the earth, fully equipped to do more of the things that Jesus said they would do.  They become earthly minded instead of spiritually minded.  They lose their first love for Me. 
     However, there are more of My children who constantly hunger for spiritual food who seek Me, seek to become intimately acquainted with me, and they have found that all of their prayers have been answered and they are delighted to pray for other people who have needs.  Those of My children who constantly seek Me are the ones who fulfill the prophesy of Jesus that they would do what He did and even more works than He did.
    My Holy Spirit is more valuable than the huge nugget of gold or the priceless jewel that I described as being placed in the paths of people.  There is no comparison in value.  My Spirit offers to you all the authority and power of My heaven.  He offers to you the same supernatural power that raised Jesus from the dead.  I encourage you to never lose your desire to seek more and more of Me and My wonders.  (Ephesians 1:16-22) 
   My Holy Spirit has the solution to all of your problems.  He has the cure for all of your diseases.  He has the wisdom necessary for you to find peace and keep it with everyone.  He has the words which bless you in your family, your nation, your city, your bank account, your animals, your storehouse, your garden and your friendships.  He has the words which open the treasury of My heaven so that you will access your full inheritance. (Deuteronomy 28:1-14)
    My revelation words come to you via My Spirit.  Listen to His voice inside of you and pray in the words of My Spirit and when you ask for anything it will be done by me.
    Your Father of Great Strategy and Love  

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Dear One,
    My promise of a wonderful inheritance for My children is not limited to when they get to heaven to live with Me.  That benefit is wonderful, but it is only part of My promise.  I promised that while you are in the earth that I will give to you My Holy Spirit, who is the dispenser of My promises to you.  Jesus even said that you will ask what you will and it will be done to you. (John 15:7)  So your life in the world will also be blessed when you are led by My Spirit and pray in My Spirit. (Romans 8: 14 and 26-27)
    The gold, silver, rubies and sapphires that are treasured in the earth are of very little value when compared to My gifts to My children of being born and baptized by My Spirit, knowing My unconditional love, wisdom, knowledge, insight, spiritual truths, solutions to problems, freedom from fear and confusion, peace with all people, plus a sound and stable mind.  In My heavenly dimension those gifts have more value than the precious stones and metals in the earth all piled together. Because they are of such value to Me and My family, they are valuable in the earth to My children. 
    When you are in the middle of a troubling family situation, your desire for peace and tranquility in your family is more valuable to you than the biggest diamond in the world.
    When you are in the middle of a financial problem, your desire for guidance from Me for finding a solution which will lead you out of the problem is more valuable to you than pearls in the ocean. 
     When you are sick, diseased, with an infirmity or injured, My healing abilities and power are more valuable to you than the biggest ruby in any valued piece of jewelry in any museum.
     When your children are burdened with a problem which seems to have no solution, My insight and wisdom will find the perfect strategy to solve the problem  and it is more valuable than heaps and heaps of silver piled high in the earth.
     Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical problems can never be solved with precious jewels or metals.  They can only be solved by Me because I created the world and I know how to solve every problem that comes your way.  My Instruction Book says that there is nothing that can come against you that is not common to people, meaning that many, many other people have experienced the same tribulations and overcome them with My help and guidance.  (I Corinthians 10:13)
     That promise is a guarantee that there is a solution to your problems and that when you are in unity with My Spirit I will see that the strategy that is necessary to solve the problem will be implemented.  Sometimes I instruct you on what to do and sometimes I impress you to keep praying in the Spirit so that I can instruct My angels on how to bring peace to you and your problems. Every solution is tailor made for that particular problem.  That is why you should not stop praying in the Spirit for any problem until the answer comes.
      Many people who are depressed and hopeless would sell all they have just to have the burdens lifted from their minds.  The price has already been paid for their peace of mind.  It was the sacrifice of Jesus. (Romans 4:8)  He paid the ultimate price on the cross for your peace of mind so that you can always depend upon Me to be your mode of freedom from problems.  Your problems are not unique.  I have solved the same problems for other people more times than there are numbers.
     My wisdom and knowledge are more brilliant in the spiritual dimension than the brilliance of all precious stones stacked together because My wisdom and knowledge created the world and they are the answers to all human problems. When you became My child, all of My wisdom and knowledge became part of your inheritance because of the blessings of being My child.  So when you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit everything that I have becomes yours when you are portraying My image in the world.
     Remember that everything that sparkles in the earth is not gold.  Things that might sound like My wisdom often come from the wolves that manipulate you using your human mind.  My Spirit speaks to you His words of wisdom and knowledge from the inside of you, from My Spirit inside of your spirit which is My dwelling place in the earth.
    You have a treasure in earthen vessels and He is My Holy Spirit.  Ask Him for wisdom when it is needed.  (James 1:5-9)
     Jesus said to seek My kingdom and My righteousness and everything will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)
     Your Father of Great Spiritual Wealth    

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Dear One,
    When you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit you have the complete treasure that people talk about at the end of the rainbow, but much, much more.  We talked about the success of My Plan B that I formulated at the foundation of the world that allowed Me to bypass the human minds of people which were veiled with the demon of unbelief and I came to live in their spirits, becoming their comforters, their counselors, their advocates, their tutors, their wisdom and knowledge, their spiritual power plant and their avenue of communion with Me.  We talked about how that plan was hidden from the foundation of the world from the understanding of men, also hidden from the devil and his principalities and powers so that it would not be sabotaged. 
     In the fullness of time, My Plan B was instigated and became the way of salvation for My children and their earth.  Oh, what a happy day in heaven it was.  Jesus prophesied it as the day when My promise to My children would be fulfilled.  He even said that in My new dispensation of the treasure that My children would do the same works that He did and even greater works than He did in the earth.  That is a powerful endorsement, that you would do the same works and greater works than Jesus did when My wonderful plan came into being. (John 14:12-14)
     Jesus spoke very highly of My Plan B, even though He knew it was going to cost Him His life on earth and that He would have to suffer in the flesh by crucifixion, that His earthly body would die, go to hell and take authority for the earth back from the devil, be raised from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit and then He would come to live with Me in heaven.  Jesus knew that He and I would send My Holy Spirit into My children, who had empowered Him and would raise Him from the dead,
     My Plan B was that We would send My Spirit to enter the earth to live in My children and continue the ministry of Jesus in the earth of saving people from the curses of the devil that had been resident in the earth since Adam's disobedience.  It was My 100% workable plan.  Although Adam failed with Plan A, My new plan, Plan B, was that I would live inside of My children by the spiritual power of My Spirit.  Through My Spirit I would do in them what could not be accomplished at the beginning of the earth when Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth and curse My children and the earth with his demons by putting veils of unbelief on the minds of people. 
     My Plan B is called in My Instruction book a "treasure in earthen vessels." (II Corinthians 4:6-9)  John the Baptist prophesied that when My magnificent plan began that Jesus would baptize people with My Spirit and fire. (Matthew 3:11)  No person was able to understand how I could come to earth to live in My children, giving them the power over all evil, all destruction, all problems, all troubles, all depression and even death.  Jesus described it as similar to the wind, that you can't see it but you see the results of it.  So when My Holy Spirit first came to earth to live in My children, there was an earthly sound like a mighty wind which entered the room where My obedient children were waiting to receive My promise, and there were tongues of fire that rested on each person.  They began to speak in different languages as My Spirit gave them My words.  So it happened the way Jesus described, like a wind which produces great results.
     The treasure of My Holy Spirit that you have as a gift from Me, if you have invited Him into your life, is the greatest gift that a human being can ever receive.  That treasure is that through My Holy Spirit, I send My Power into you to redeem the earth and My children from the curses of death and destruction which come from hell.  Some of My children who have received My greatest gift of My Holy Spirit are negligent in seeking to become better acquainted with Me and My gift to them.  They want Me to answer their prayers but they want to make their churches, their pastors, their political parties, their politicians, their hobbies or their passions their gods instead of making My Holy Spirit their God. 
     My Instruction Book describes those problems in all of the letters written to My children by Paul, Peter and John.  They encountered the same thing in their ministries, people who had received My greatest treasure, My Holy Spirit, but had replaced their loyalty to Me with an earthly substitute whom they could touch with their hands, see with their earthly eyes and hear with their earthly ears.  Seeking Me is too much trouble for some people and so they make gods of other things and other people.  I am always waiting for them to return to Me so that I can answer their prayers and make their lives a heaven on earth because they have My great treasure in their spirit, ready to lead and guide them to success by teaching them to refuse evil and embrace My goodness.
      The treasure of My Holy Spirit is eager to teach you, lead and guide you to make the right choices in defeating the father of destruction and embracing your Father of Love.
      Your Powerful and Loving Father       

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Dear One,
     The earthly dwelling place of My Holy Spirit being in My children, which was My Plan B in spiritual matters, is not only able to solve all the problems of My children through My gifts of wisdom, knowledge, insight and prophesy, but My spiritual words spoken through your mouth in prayers are equal to the same words that created the world.  They are formulas and strategies that I design to solve every problem, every troublesome situation and every destructive circumstance that comes upon you and My other children.  When you bring a human need to Me and allow Me to pray in My Holy Spirit through your mouth, My creative words design the perfect solution to that earthly need with My supernatural abilities through the Holy Spirit.  You forget that I AM NOT LIMITED TO HUMAN ABILITIES AND POWERS.  I have a host of angels who are eager to do My bidding because they are programmed to follow My instructions only.
    So when I came to live inside of you, I bypassed the human mind's inability to be programmed from the outside with spiritual matters because there is a veil put there by the prince of evil, so now I program your mind with My love from the inside of you via My Holy Spirit; but in My plan that worked I also instigated the ability for Me to bypass the human mind's inability to pray effectively so I send My spiritual words through you via My Holy Spirit to be prayed in My heavenly language, called praying in tongues.  So My heavenly words, the words with which I created the world, become the words through which all prayers are answered.   
    Yes, that is another benefit of My promise to My children. that I would live in them and be their Heavenly Father, meeting all of their needs by being able to speak again My spiritual words into the earth, meeting all the needs of My children.  It is through My words that I destroy all the works of the devil, My words spoken to you via My Holy Spirit inside of you and through My words spoken from the Holy Spirit through your mouth in My spiritual prayer language.
     Rejoice, My plan that I had in My mind from the foundation of the world works because I bypass teaching your human mind from the outside which is limited by the veil of the devil and I reprogram it from the inside, teaching My children My ways.  Rejoice even more that My plan works because I bypass the unbelief that is in the human mind which is limited by the veil and I speak My words of life, restoration, reconciliation and solutions to all problems through your mouth in your spiritual language.  Your human mind is not involved in praying at all because the words come from My Holy Spirit who created the world. 
    The problem My children have is that, because of the veil, they attribute human abilities to Me and My host of workers.  If the problem looks too big for humans to handle, they feel like the job is also too big for Me. Often you feel like I won't meet your needs because I am not interested in your earthly needs, only your spiritual needs.  If that is your thought, then you don't know Me and the history of My experiences with My earthly children. 
     The spiritual language of My Holy Spirit becomes your prayer language when you are baptized in My Spirit.  It is the language of solutions to all troublesome issues that you have in your life on earth. When You allow Me to speak the answers to your prayers in the language of My kingdom, there is immediate attention paid to My words by My host of angels and the answers are on the way into your life to solve your problems. 
      When My Plan B was accomplished and I sent My Spirit to live in you, all of the forces in heaven began to give complete attention to My words which bring solutions to all of your problems.  The solutions come via My Holy Spirit who brings My wisdom and knowledge to your mind which brings you into unity with My answers through developing in you the fruit of My character, called the fruit of My Holy Spirit.  Those are love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and patience.  There are no temptations of evil which can enter to stop My solutions when My personality is evident in a person.  Only the personality of the devil which often takes over My children can delay the answers to their prayers.
    When My children walk in unity with Me, hearing from My Spirit and allowing Him to conform them  into My image of love, there is earthly agreement with My solutions to all problems.  Also, when you are obedient to Me and pray the solutions to all troubles in your prayer language from My Holy Spirit, you can ask anything you will and it will be done by Me.
    This is the mystery that was hidden from the foundation of the earth.  It is only  revealed through My Holy Spirit.  Rejoice that you are living in the time of the dispensation of My Spirit with all of My wonders, miracles, solutions and healing.
     I live in you and I am eager to answer all of your problems, bringing My wisdom to you and speaking My solutions through your mouth in prayers.
     My desire is that you will have a life baptized in an abundance of My gifts. 
     Your Father of Provisions         
     John 14, 15 and 16; Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4)

Monday, February 15, 2016

PLANS B, C, D, E.............

Dear One,
    Don't be discouraged when you are praying in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit if things are not working out exactly like you want them to be. There are always plans B, C, D, E and on and on that I can put into effect until your prayers are answered.  There are always many, many right ways for Me to answer your prayers.  If the first one is not effective, then I have many more strategies that will produce the perfect answers to your needs.
    Remember that I gave people free will, the right to make their own decisions on running their own lives, hoping that they would follow My advice in doing so. You know that it doesn't always work out that way; for instance, in the life of the first man, Adam, who was the first to reject My admonition to not listen to satan and eat of the knowledge of good and evil.  Adam rejected My advice and because of his decision satan has lived in the earth as an alien spirit, causing all evil, destruction and death. Temptations are his evil communication with people in order for him to curse their lives. 
     I did not want puppets when I created people.  I wanted children who are made in My image, with free will to manage their earth which I had given to them.  Because of My decision to give the gift of free will to people, I took the chance that Adam would believe satan and allow him to curse the earth with his destruction and death.  Remember that there was no death in the futures of My children until the first man allowed satan in the earth, believing him instead of believing Me.
      I already had Plan B in mind when I created the earth and the first man in case he did choose evil over My good advice.  It took a while by earth's time standards but not long by heaven's time standards for Me to be able to put Plan B into effect.  But, oh, what an effective strategy that plan turned out to be. Plan B has worked in the lives of many of My children who seek Me and My righteousness.
     In the beginning of the earth Adam and I talked constantly and I was able to communicate with his natural mind which I had created identical to Mine.  I tutored him on how to care for the animals, the birds, the plants and the environment.  We communed easily until Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth.  From that event forward in the earth, which was the disobedience of Adam, people were tempted by the devil in their own thoughts and they were not able to access My thoughts and guidance in their minds because the devil put a veil over the minds of people so that they could not hear and understand My guidance. (II Corinthians 3:13-18)
     My Plan B was put into effect in the earth from that day forward.  Jesus Christ was the forerunner of that plan, the instigator of that plan.  He came to earth as My Son, filled with the power of My Holy Spirit.  He died for the sins of every person who ever lived, He was resurrected, came back to live with Me, and We sent into the earth the same Holy Spirit who lived in Him to live in the spirits of My children who invite Me to live in them.
   My Plan B was such a mystery that it bypassed the devil.  My Instruction Book said it was hidden from the foundation of the world. (Matthew 13:35; Romans 16:25-26) I said that it was not the wisdom of men in the world or the wisdom of the evil princes of the world, but it is wisdom that was in My mind, My Plan B if Adam allowed the devil into the world to put a veil over the natural minds of My children.
    My Plan B was that I would live in My children in the person of My Holy Spirit with the same mind that was in Christ Jesus. The plan was that Jesus would make it possible for Me to live within the spirits of My children and from the inside of them I would program their human minds with My magnificent words of guidance, not from the outside into  their human minds. I could not efficiently program their human minds from the outside with My revelations because of the veil that was placed there by the devil.  The hidden mystery in my plan was that I would bypass the human mind with its veil that rejected My communication, and I would come to live inside of My children with the ability to reprogram their minds, leading them and guiding them from the inside of them instead of the outside of them.  I can effectively program your mind from the inside of you by My Holy Spirit after you invite Him to live in you and baptize you with His power.
     There was a celebration in heaven on the day of Pentecost when Plan B was first implemented.  The bodies of My children became My dwelling places in the earth and I was again able to commune with them from the inside because there is no veil on the inside of them.  My Holy Spirit restores your human minds from the inside and the veil is lifted.  In My children who seek Me and My righteousness, in them I am able to efficiently communicate and they become transformed by My wisdom and knowledge from the inside with wisdom and knowledge that is infused into their human minds by My Spirit.
     So, in case Adam fell for the trick of the devil which allowed evil to put a veil over the minds of My created children so that they could no longer commune with Me, My Plan B was the mystery that was hidden from the foundation of the world.  After Plan B was implemented, I revealed it to Paul in his years in the dessert as he was communing with Me.  I revealed the mystery which was hidden from the devil and his demons, whom he called the princes of this world. (Colossians 1:27-29)   That mystery is Christ IN you, the hope of glory.  The mystery was that I would live inside of My children and I would commune with them from the inside, programming their human minds with the wisdom and knowledge that is in My mind and in the mind of Christ which is resident in in the Holy Spirit who lives side of their human spirits.
    Remember that Christ is the overcoming One, the One who efficiently overcame all evil in the world.  In My communication with you from the inside of you, I show you how to overcome every work of evil.  (John 10:10; I John 3:8-9)
    Plan B was that I would restore My guidance to My children through My Holy Spirit who lives inside of them, the same guidance that I gave to Adam at the beginning when we communed so efficiently in the Garden of Eden. I hid the plan from the devil and from people so that it would not be thwarted. On the day of Pentecost, My plan first became reality.
    My children who want to succeed in life by destroying the works of evil in their lives must seek to hear My revelations from My Spirit who lives inside of them. They must commune with Me one-on-one until they efficiently recognize My voice.  I said My sheep know My voice. 
     I am your good Father and I want to give to you everything I set aside for you in My kingdom.  The key is hearing My voice and following My advice given freely to you from the inside of you.
     Your Father of Many Plans and Works.                    

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Dear One,
    There is so much power in My love.  It will transform you, your thoughts, your attitudes, your words and your actions.
       My love for you will last forever.  I am patient and kind to you.  I am never jealous of things you do that have occupied our time.  I am never moody with you.
      My love for you is never arrogant.  I never put you down.  I always lift you up.  I am never rude to you and I never insist on My own way before I bless you with My goodness.  I am never touchy or fretful with you.  I never take into account any wrong that you do.  I pay no attention to your shortcomings.  I never rejoice when you fail but I do rejoice when truth prevails in your life.
       I bear up under anything you do, everything you will ever do, and I am always ready to believe the best about you.  My hopes in you never cease under any  circumstances.
       My love for you will never come to an end no matter what you do, say or think.  My love for you is the greatest thing in your life.  (I Corinthians 13)
      When you are firmly established in My love for you, you will never be satisfied with living the life of the flesh again which is led by negative thoughts, attitudes, words or actions.  If you do, it will be like leaving heaven and going to hell.      
     Walking in the knowledge of My love for you takes you out of the earthly dimension and makes you supernatural because My love is supernatural. It is not of your world.  It is My unconditional love which transforms you constantly into a complete spiritual being because My Spirit has become your motivation for living, as He has revealed to you My love for you and for all beings.
    It is hellish to judge others by earthly standards.  It is supernatural to never judge anyone; but, instead, to see them spiritually, like Jesus said that He did.  My love in you covers all mistakes, all misdeeds, all sins, iniquities, transgressions and shortcomings of others and will only see their need for Me and My unconditional love.   My mercy and compassion can then be released from within you to all people regardless of what they have and haven't done for you or to you.   
    Love Looks Over the Vain Elements in the personalities of people .
    What does love cost you?  Nothing of value.  I have already paid the price.  I sent My Son to live in the earth and He gave His life so that you might know My love for you.  The price has already been paid.
   The only thing that loving Me and other people might cost you is giving up prejudices, pride, bitterness, vengeance, selfishness, condemnation and judgment.  When you give up those attitudes you can operate fully in My love, My forgiveness and My mercy.  My blessings are delivered quickly in a loving environment.
      My love is without prejudice.  I don't love anyone more than another.  I don't have the character defect of judging anyone.  That comes from hell.
      Become firmly established in My love for you and you will be able to love others as I love you.  Your life will be transformed and you will have heaven on earth.  (Ephesians 3:14-20)
       Your Loving Abba, Your Heavenly Papa

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Dear One,
    All of My children want to be free of problems, free of fear, free from bondage to troublesome habits, free from domination, servitude and injustice.  There is only one real way to have freedom from all of those things and other ones which plague the existence of My children.  I said that you would know the truth and that truth will make you free. (John 8:31-32) The truths contained in My words to you are the only liberators.  My truth can make you free even in unjust circumstances.  My truth can make you free even if you are in bondage to unjust mates, bosses or governmental authorities.
    You must always remember the history of Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery but because of the truths that that I gave to him through interpreting dreams he gained favor with his captors, was elevated to a place of authority, given lands and riches, and even eventually saved his father, brothers and their families from starvation. His story is an example of truth setting a person free.  Joseph did not fight against his captors; instead, he heard truth from Me and because of truth he was not only set free from bondage but he prospered under the unpleasant circumstances. Much later, Peter and Paul were set free from prison also by the Spirit of Truth when they prayed in My Holy Spirit.
    Jesus was emphatic when He said that truth will always make you free. (John 8:33-36)  He later said that when the Spirit of Truth comes to live in you that He will teach you all things from the inside of you.  (John 14:15-21)  He said that the Spirit of Truth will give you the peace which comes from being freed through His teaching you the insights and wisdom in what Jesus taught which you are unable to understand without the tutor, the Holy Spirit, explaining them to you. You are blinded to the effective ways to be free because your human mind is unfruitful in truth because of the devil's veil that he put upon the minds of all human so that they cannot understand My spiritual ways.  (John 14:25-27) 
    There were more promises from the mouth of Jesus.  He said that if His words live inside of you and are revealed by My Spirit of truth, that you will ask what you will and it will be granted to you.  He said that your joy will be full if you hear the words of the Spirit of Truth and follow them because they are the words of liberty.  The admonition of Jesus was that if you love Him that you will seek to hear the truths from the Spirit of Truth and you will be set free from bondage to all fear.  You will have joy instead of depression and sadness.  (John 15: 7-12)
    Rejoice!  When the Spirit of Truth comes to live in you at your invitation He reveals the wisdom of the teaching of Jesus from the inside of you, dispensing truth to your human mind from the inside of you, bypassing the veil which was put over your human mind from hell which caused you to be in bondage to spiritual ignorance and fear all of your life.  (II Corinthians 3:14-18) 
    My magnificent plan works.  Through the indwelling of My Holy Spirit in you, I bypass your human mind by My coming to live in your spirit.  And I teach your human mind from the inside of you instead of from the outside of you.  You become transformed by the renewing of your mind by My Holy Spirit from the inside of you instead of the outside; learning spiritual truths from the outside is impossible because of your mind being blinded by the devil.  (Romans 12:1-2)
    You are My temple in the earth if My Spirit lives in you.  (I Corinthians 3:16)   Make Him your Lord, your tutor, your counselor, your strength and the one who reveals My love to you.  (II Corinthians 3:17)
     My Spirit reveals all truth to you.  (John 16:7-15) There is no revelation of power that frees you aside from the Holy Spirit's truth.  He is My own Spirit and He was in Jesus.  When Jesus came back to live with Me, We sent the same Spirit that was in Him to live in My children to be the power which makes them free from every negative circumstance and every negative situation. There is no other way to be free. (Acts 1: 4-8)
     This truth was the mystery that was hidden from the foundation of the world. It is My full redemption of people through the indwelling of My Spirit whom I send to live inside of the spirits of My children.  (Romans 2:7-10)  Through Him I teach all things to My children so that they will have liberty and freedom in all areas of their lives.  He waits to free you from all problems, teaching you from the inside when you take time to learn from Him.  He waits for you to seek My truth from Him.  
     Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
      Your Father of Truth

Friday, February 12, 2016


Dear One,
    Unconditional love has spiritual energy that will heal the human body, the human emotions and the human spirit.  That is why, when I take up residence inside of a person, My Holy Spirit begins His magnificent work of restoration and reconciliation, restoring the souls of My children to perfection and reconciling the person to Me as My prized and loved child.  I speak loving words to the person from inside of him or her, assuring words which affirm the value of the person regardless of the negative programming that has been infused into the mind of the person by the devil through other people.  I speak My loving words of affirmation and honor in your mind, words that validate your existence. 
   One of His most enjoyable efforts of My Spirit in My children is to rid the person of all the negativity which pollutes the person's mind.  Negative programming is from hell and is responsible for all destruction of relationships, the relationship between My children and Me and the relationships they have with people.  It is with My loving words that I chase out the old cruel words, the bitter words, the demeaning words, the injurious words and the belittling words that caused any feelings of inferiority.  Those words may have been spoken by parents, by teachers, by friends, by enemies, by religious people, by politicians or by mere acquaintances but they are still resident in the emotions of My children.  When I enter into My earthly dwelling place, which is your human spirit, My loving words erase those old destructive words and I replace them with My loving words which cleanse you completely.  (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
    I begin restoring the minds of My children with My gentle tutoring and personal comforting of their emotions until they are established as healthy, loving people who can pass on My loving words to others.  The spiritual energy in My love heals without pain or distress because there is no discomfort in My healing balm of loving words.  My Spirit heals instantly with My words of affirmation and healing power, leaving behind a healthy, restored vessel of love. (John 16)
    Because I know every person inside and out, I know the perfect love words which will do their magnificent work in each individual.  I said that no one knows the totality of a person except the spirit of that person.  When My Holy Spirit lives inside of you, He does My glorious work of cleaning out the old garbage and replacing it with My glorious emotions of being deeply loved and prized.  The results are joy and peace in your human mind.  (I Corinthians 2:11-16)  That is what I meant when I said, "Behold, all things become new."   (II Corinthians 5:17-20)  My Spirit is the spiritual house cleaner and the perfect decorator, replacing garbage with golden revelations that can never be removed and never lose their luster.
     I can only do My cleaning and redecorating work with your permission.  Because I gave you free will, I have to have your invitation for My Holy Spirit to heal every crevice in your mind of the past toxic, poisonous words which have caused you to be unhappy.  I infuse My joy into you and you become a distributor of My love, peace and joy. 
     Your Loving Father of Peace and Joy 

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Dear One,
    Your world was made with My Love.  Your world was made because of Love.  your world was made with the intent to always have love as its atmosphere and its primary elements.  However, the first man, Adam, did not take My advice and he let an alien spirit, the devil, invade the world with all of his evil.  I already found a solution to the problem and so sent Jesus into the world to distribute My love again and make it possible for all of My human creations to receive the power of love that was resident in Jesus when he walked in the earth.  After He came back to heaven to live with me, We sent My Spirit of Love into the world to be received by all of My children who invite Me to live in them and fill them with My Spirit of love.  It is through My Spirit of Love that I recreate heaven on earth in the lives of those people who choose to inherit My kingdom of Love. (Luke 11:20)
      Love is not merely a feeling of well being, comfort, soul satisfactions and joy. It is a heavenly power that transforms My children into My image. Then My children spread the atmosphere of heaven into the world. the atmosphere of love.  It is through them that love lifts the hearts of other people who need to be lifted above the evil events in the world. It is through the ones who are filled with My love that I meet every need of the people who are sick, confused, lost, depressed and forlorn. 
    That is what Jesus meant when He said that when He came back to heaven to live with Me that the people who received My Holy Spirit, whom He would send,  would do greater works than He did.  It is through My love in His obedient followers then and today that I do greater works, the greatest being to introduce them to being born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  Jesus only foretold of that mystery of being born of My Spiritual seed of love.   He could not accomplish that mystery because My Spirit lived in Him and needed to complete His work of raising Jesus from the dead.  When Jesus rose from the dead, appeared to many, many people and told them to look for the coming of My Spirit of Love to come back into the world to live in My children just the way He lived in Jesus, He said that My children would spread My works of love in the world. 
     The kingdom of evil is still trying to rob My children of Love of all of their inheritance from Me.  The devil tempts My children to depart from a loving relationship with Me and instead embrace his evil attitudes of anger, hatred, jealousy, judgment, condemnation, bitterness, vengeance and enmity in the minds of My children in an effort to entice My children away from being My ambassadors of love in the world.  Adam fell for the deception and evil is still using the same tricks.  I send My faithful children to restore those deceived ones back into being My emissaries of love in the world. I restore them over and over and over again until they are firmly established in My love for all of humanity and their world. 
    Your world was created by My Love with the intention of love always being the atmosphere of the world like it is in My heaven. (Galatians 6:1-2; II Corinthians 5:17-21) My loyal children learn to reject evil thoughts and attitudes and adopt only good and kind attitudes toward others. 
      My children can easily spread love in the world when they are intimately acquainted with My love.  All fear fades away, all problems disappear, and all wisdom and knowledge become common in the lives of My children who are established in My love.
     My Spirit of Love is more willing to reveal My Love  to you than you are eager to receive the fullness of My Love.  My Spirit knows the power that you have when you know the fullness of My Love which surpasses mere worldly knowledge but is spiritually experienced.  It is the Comforter of which Jesus spoke.  He is eager to comfort you every minute of every day, comforting you with My insight and My wisdom through the Comforter.
     Don't allow enticing temptations to shortchange you, robbing you of your rightful inheritance of love.  Love will cast out all fear. (I John 4:18)
     Your Comforting Father          

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Dear One,
    When a person is baptized with My Holy Spirit, that baptism is a baptism of love because I am Love. That is why a person feels comfort and peace in the presence of My Spirit, because He is the Comforter, as described by Jesus.  Jesus reassured His followers that it was expedient that He leave them and come back to heaven with Me because if He didn't leave the earth the Comforter would not be able to come to them to live in them. (John 14:15-17) We sent the Comforter to live inside of those people who invite Me to be their ever present help.  He reveals the depth, width, height and breadth of My love to My children, reprogramming their minds with the fullness of My love.
     Fear vanishes in the fullness of My love for you.  When you know the fullness of My love there is no room for fear because fear is the ultimate robber who is sent from hell to rob My children of peace, joy and love.  Fear is a spirit and when My Holy Spirit reveals My love to you, fear shrinks into nothing because it knows that My love conquers all fear.  (I Timothy 1:7) 
     Seek the complete revelation of My love for you.  When you allow My Spirit to reveal the fullness of My love for you, all fear, all strife, all jealousy, all envy, all bitterness, all vengeance and all anger are snuffed out because nothing evil can exist in the knowledge of the completeness of love. (I John 4:16-21)
     Seeking the fullness of My love has many rewards besides having the knowledge of being perpetually prized and comforted.  I said that when you have the full revelation of My love that because of the power that is at work in you, that I will be able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you dare think or ask.  The experiential knowledge of My love is so powerful that all unbelief and doubt fade away and faith is multiplied in you to the extent that you will have faith for the most unbelievable things and they will become manifested in your life because you know Me intimately. I said that whatever you ask will be granted to you.  When you are filled with My love, you only ask for what I have already promised, which is the fruit of the abundant life. (John 15:7-14)
     Seek a revelation of My love just like you sought My kingdom because love is the atmosphere of My kingdom.  Love is My righteousness.  Love is the air that your spirit breathes in My kingdom.  Love is the water of the rivers of living waters that flow from your innermost being,  Love is the glue that joins us together in unity with one purpose and one desire, which is to love others as I love you.  Love always wins, Love forgives a multitude of sins and Love endures forever.(I Corinthians 13:4-13)
     Seek a revelation of My Love from My Holy Spirit and you will be baptized in Love. 
     Your Father of Love