Saturday, February 27, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus spoke to the people who came to hear His wisdom about the way to access My blessings while on earth.  He said that the people who are merciful to others will always obtain mercy.  Mercy is forgiveness, not holding anyone accountable for anything evil done to you.  The attitude of mercy looks at a lawbreaker with forgiveness, knowing that his acts of breaking the laws are instigated by the devil and that the person has only fallen for the evil temptation, just like you have fallen for temptations many times in other areas.
     Mercy absolves all people in your mind of all infractions, ill will, evil actions and breaking of laws because My mercy in you understands the pull toward obeying evil temptations. 
   Judging is the opposite of mercy and Jesus taught later about the effects of judging someone.  He said that if you judge someone that you will be judged by the same measure that you judged.  So Jesus was telling My children that when you judge someone you will inherit judgment but when you are merciful to someone who does evil acts that you will inherit mercy in the earth and you will inherit My blessings while living in the earth.  To be blessed means to be fortunate, prosperous, happy and with joy of life.  Being merciful to everyone causes a person to inherit those precious gems of life but judging others guarantees that you will be judged.  Mercy begets mercy and judgment begets judgment.  Choose merciful thoughts instead of judgmental thoughts and you will be blessed with happiness and prosperity in every area of your life. (Matthew 5:7;  Matthew 7:1-2)
     When your thoughts are pure regarding other people, seeing their spirits instead of their flesh like Jesus said He and I do, then you are seeing Me in the person instead of the devil's influences in the flesh of the person. (Matthew 5:8)   You are seeing the need for My mercy and forgiveness instead of the devil's activities in the flesh of a sinful person.  It is by the power of My Holy Spirit that you can look past the garbage in the flesh of a person and see the gold in the person, which is his or her spirit. (John 8:15-16) You see the valuable person that I love, looking past the devil's work in the flesh of the person.  As you become proficient in seeing Me in people, you will see My works in everything and your eyes will be trained to see gold instead of garbage.  You become inheritors of My blessings when you see the spiritual needs in others instead of their flesh.
     My most identifiable attitude exhibited in the life of a person is the character trait of being a peacemaker. (Matthew 5:9) I said that peacemakers are called My children because Jesus is the Prince of Peace and My kingdom is the kingdom of peace.  The people who keep peace with their mates, their parents, their neighbors, their children, their government officials, and, yes, even their enemies are identified as being My children.  My true children inherit all of My blessings.  People who keep peace with everyone are automatically blessed because there is no turmoil in their lives, no conflict in their lives, no destruction in their lives, no dissension in their lives and no divisiveness in their lives. (Ephesians 4;1-4; Romans 12:17-21) Because My children who are peacemakers have produced the atmosphere of My heaven in the earth by keeping peace with everyone, they inherit every one of My blessings and have life more abundantly. 
     Jesus, in His teaching on exhibiting My character traits in the earth promised that the people who are merciful, peaceful, forgiving, seeing the spirits of others instead of the flesh are the people who are blessed by inheriting the benefits of My kingdom of love.  He identified explicitly My character traits or attitudes found in My children, the energy forces which attract the blessings of My kingdom to be evident in their lives, which are all of the benefits of My love.
     Pay close attention to the teachings of Jesus because they are My teachings.  My Holy Spirit will make them revelations in your life, creating My same character traits in you which will produce blessings in your life.
     Your Tutoring Father     

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