Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Dear One,
    When you are born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit you have the complete treasure that people talk about at the end of the rainbow, but much, much more.  We talked about the success of My Plan B that I formulated at the foundation of the world that allowed Me to bypass the human minds of people which were veiled with the demon of unbelief and I came to live in their spirits, becoming their comforters, their counselors, their advocates, their tutors, their wisdom and knowledge, their spiritual power plant and their avenue of communion with Me.  We talked about how that plan was hidden from the foundation of the world from the understanding of men, also hidden from the devil and his principalities and powers so that it would not be sabotaged. 
     In the fullness of time, My Plan B was instigated and became the way of salvation for My children and their earth.  Oh, what a happy day in heaven it was.  Jesus prophesied it as the day when My promise to My children would be fulfilled.  He even said that in My new dispensation of the treasure that My children would do the same works that He did and even greater works than He did in the earth.  That is a powerful endorsement, that you would do the same works and greater works than Jesus did when My wonderful plan came into being. (John 14:12-14)
     Jesus spoke very highly of My Plan B, even though He knew it was going to cost Him His life on earth and that He would have to suffer in the flesh by crucifixion, that His earthly body would die, go to hell and take authority for the earth back from the devil, be raised from the dead by the power of My Holy Spirit and then He would come to live with Me in heaven.  Jesus knew that He and I would send My Holy Spirit into My children, who had empowered Him and would raise Him from the dead,
     My Plan B was that We would send My Spirit to enter the earth to live in My children and continue the ministry of Jesus in the earth of saving people from the curses of the devil that had been resident in the earth since Adam's disobedience.  It was My 100% workable plan.  Although Adam failed with Plan A, My new plan, Plan B, was that I would live inside of My children by the spiritual power of My Spirit.  Through My Spirit I would do in them what could not be accomplished at the beginning of the earth when Adam allowed the devil to enter the earth and curse My children and the earth with his demons by putting veils of unbelief on the minds of people. 
     My Plan B is called in My Instruction book a "treasure in earthen vessels." (II Corinthians 4:6-9)  John the Baptist prophesied that when My magnificent plan began that Jesus would baptize people with My Spirit and fire. (Matthew 3:11)  No person was able to understand how I could come to earth to live in My children, giving them the power over all evil, all destruction, all problems, all troubles, all depression and even death.  Jesus described it as similar to the wind, that you can't see it but you see the results of it.  So when My Holy Spirit first came to earth to live in My children, there was an earthly sound like a mighty wind which entered the room where My obedient children were waiting to receive My promise, and there were tongues of fire that rested on each person.  They began to speak in different languages as My Spirit gave them My words.  So it happened the way Jesus described, like a wind which produces great results.
     The treasure of My Holy Spirit that you have as a gift from Me, if you have invited Him into your life, is the greatest gift that a human being can ever receive.  That treasure is that through My Holy Spirit, I send My Power into you to redeem the earth and My children from the curses of death and destruction which come from hell.  Some of My children who have received My greatest gift of My Holy Spirit are negligent in seeking to become better acquainted with Me and My gift to them.  They want Me to answer their prayers but they want to make their churches, their pastors, their political parties, their politicians, their hobbies or their passions their gods instead of making My Holy Spirit their God. 
     My Instruction Book describes those problems in all of the letters written to My children by Paul, Peter and John.  They encountered the same thing in their ministries, people who had received My greatest treasure, My Holy Spirit, but had replaced their loyalty to Me with an earthly substitute whom they could touch with their hands, see with their earthly eyes and hear with their earthly ears.  Seeking Me is too much trouble for some people and so they make gods of other things and other people.  I am always waiting for them to return to Me so that I can answer their prayers and make their lives a heaven on earth because they have My great treasure in their spirit, ready to lead and guide them to success by teaching them to refuse evil and embrace My goodness.
      The treasure of My Holy Spirit is eager to teach you, lead and guide you to make the right choices in defeating the father of destruction and embracing your Father of Love.
      Your Powerful and Loving Father       

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