Saturday, February 20, 2016


Dear One,
   We talked about the precious metals and precious jewels that people ignore, passing by them as if they were mere rocks.  Those "rocks" that are valuable could relieve people of financial burdens, giving them peace of mind.  Right there in My Instruction Book are huge nuggets of gold that will bring My greatest gifts to the emotions and lives of My children, which are peace of mind and peace with others.  My children ignore the nuggets as if they were rocks thrown by the wayside with no spiritual value. 
    Let's take, for instance the first teaching of My Son Jesus in which He endeavored to relieve the burdens of His followers.  He immediately said that their actions, their speech and their emotions coming from old traditions are not My actions, speech and emotions.  If you will remember, He said that they had heard it said that you should not kill someone, but He instructed them that even if you become angry with someone that you will be in danger of being judged by the devil.  What He did not say at the time but he said it later on is that the devil tempts you to get angry by causing someone to hurt you.  If you do become angry the devil punishes you for the actions of that anger by having the person with whom you were angry to turn on you and injure you either emotionally or physically.  Instead of getting angry with someone who opposes or offends you, Jesus said to make peace with everyone so that you will not be judged and persecuted by the devil through other people, making you even more angry which could result in injury to you or even death. 
      If My children will take the advice contained within that nugget of gold from Jesus, there will be no more family squabbles, no more religious and political wars, no more cheating in businesses, no more turbulent weather, no more killings, no need for jails, no need for self medicating drug usage and no more violence in the world. 
      Is that possible?  Yes.  That is why I sent My Holy Spirit into the earth is to give My children the power to refuse anger when they are tempted by the devil.  In the lives of My children, My Holy Spirit is the authority in the world with power over all evil.  With the power of My Holy Spirit you have the power and authority to do what I advise instead of what the devil tempts you to do.
    Knowing that spiritual truth of avenging yourself by becoming angry toward anyone who offends you will result in putting yourself in the devil's arena to be judged and persecuted by him with possibly an injured body but certainly a distressed emotional mind should be enough to keep My children from becoming angry with someone.  When you have the power of My Holy Spirit inside of you, you have the power to refuse the temptations of the devil to become angry.  Instead, with the power of My Holy Spirit you will do good to the people who oppose you, who injure you and who speak evil about you.  When you do, you put yourself in the arena of My kingdom and I can reward you with My blessings. (Proverbs 16:7) You will have peace of mind, uninjured bodies, having calm emotions, be conflict free, and you will walk in peace with everyone. (Matthew 5:21-26)      
    Jesus went on to explain further.  He said that if someone injures you that you should not return injury to the person because if you do yield to anger and react in anger that the fight will escalate into a full blown conflict and you will also injure the offender who will in turn injure you again, back and forth until someone is killed.  This nugget of gold that proceeded from the mouth of Jesus was that you should not act and react from the old traditional ways, but that you should act and react like I do to you, returning good for evil done to you.  He was telling My children to stop strife at the first temptation to become angry when you are tempted to return evil for evil done to you.  When you do what Jesus advised, the forces of evil are defeated before they get their way and involve you in conflict which leads to a troubled mind and possibly even death.  Because you have refused anger and embraced My good, you will have the peaceful result of a sound mind and you also will inherit My blessings because you have been a witness of My goodness in the earth. (Matthew 5:38-42) 
     My children must check to see if their consciences convict them relating to those wise nuggets of gold that Jesus taught and Paul and John later amplified.  When you have believed the truth in them and followed their admonitions, you will find that you are blessed and fortunate among people because you are living the life of My Spirit instead of the life of the flesh with its condemnation and judgment which come from falling for the temptations of evil to become angry. (Romans 12:19-21; Ephesians 4:29-32)
     When you take the nuggets of gold that Jesus taught and make them the motivation of your life, you will find that you are blessed and fortunate because you have received your inheritance from Me. 
     Love is the key.  Love forgives people instead of becoming angry with them.
(I John 4:7-12)
     Your Loving and Forgiving Father 

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