Sunday, February 7, 2016


Dear One,
    It was a mystery to the disciples of Jesus when He told them that My Holy Spirit had been with them because He lived inside of Jesus, but Jesus said that My Spirit would come to live in them after Jesus came back to live with Me.  Jesus said that the same Holy Spirit who empowered Jesus to do mighty works of a supernatural nature would also do the same things in you.  Not only was it a mystery to those disciples but it is still a mystery to My children today.  Jesus related the mystery to when the wind blows and you don't know from where it comes, but you see the results of it. 
    My Holy Spirit is My very own Spirit, a gift to My children who asks Him to come and live in them and baptize them with My power.  He is no longer a mystery after He comes to live in you because you have experienced My power, My abilities and My wisdom firsthand as My Spirit manifests My love to you.  The results of the indwelling Holy Spirit become evident, or witnessed by you and others. 
     Jesus said that He would not leave any of My children comfortless, but that He would come to them in the person of My Spirit to live inside of them. (John 14:15-21)  Jesus called My Holy Spirit the "promise of the Father. (Acts 1:4-8)  My dwelling places in the earth became the bodies of My children. (I Corinthians 3:16-17)  What a wonderful day that was in the earth, when My Spirit came to live in the spiritual bodies of human beings.  It is still a wonderful day today when that decision is made to invite Him in.  And then when My Spirit is allowed to create a new person in you, one made after My image, there is great joy in heaven.
    The primary work of My Spirit when He comes to live in you is that He starts immediately conforming you into My image.  You begin to become the evidence of My character in the earth just like Jesus was a witness to My character.  With My human children it is a process because the old character has to pass away before the new character can be manifested in them. That happens by the tutoring of My Holy Spirit, who leads you into all truth.  He takes what I said to My disciples and He makes the words new, fresh, personal and applicable to each person.  The cleaning of My temple is done from the inside out. 
     My characteristic of love becomes evident, or witnessed, in My children who allow My Spirit to reveal My love to them.
     My characteristic of joy becomes evident, or witnessed, in My children who allow My Spirit to teach them My wisdom because wisdom always produces joy.
     My characteristic of peace becomes evident, or witnessed, in My children and they become the peacemakers in the earth, dispelling all strife, all dissension, all division, all disagreements, all emotional drama, all skirmishes and all wars.
     My goodness of character becomes evident in My children and they become the doers of good works toward all people.
     My kindness of character is evident, or witnessed, in My children and they will not insist upon their own ways but will respect the beliefs, the racial origins and the religions of others, refusing to become rigid in anything.   Kindness is flexible, respecting the opinions of others rather than opposing them.
     My merciful nature becomes evident, or witnessed, in My children and they are never judgmental or condemning.  Instead they are forgiving and understanding of everyone, refusing to look on the flesh of people but only looking on their spirits.  Because they are merciful, they will obtain mercy from others.
     My faith or faithfulness of character is evident, or witnessed, in My children and they are known as loyal, responsible and stable family members, friends, workers and faithful children of Mine.
     My patience is evident, or witnessed, in My children.  They know, as taught by My wisdom, that I am always working in their behalf and they are patient because they know that it takes My angels a while to change the minds of people because of the gift of free will I gave to all people.  My patience in the Holy Spirit will give you the necessary patience to also be understanding and long suffering in difficult situations. 
     I said that it is with faith and patience that My children inherit My promises. (Hebrews 6:12)  I also said that faith works by love. (Galatians 5:6)  So it is through your allowing My Spirit to perfect My character in you, making you the image of My love in the world, that allows you to ask for blessings and receive them.
     As My Spirit works My character in you, you must be willing and obedient.  It is the corrupt, bitter works of the flesh of people that keeps them from receiving their due rewards from Me.  It is My character, the fruit of My Holy Spirit, which makes you recognizable as My child and identified as the inheritor of My blessings. (Matthew 12:8-10)
     Give willingly to My Holy Spirit the important task of being your full time tutor, your revelation rock upon which Jesus said He would build the church into a fortress which cannot be moved.(Matthew 16:13-19)  Receiving your inheritance depends upon it.
     Your Loving, Peaceful, Joyful, Good, Kind, Patient, Merciful and Faithful  Father                     

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