Thursday, February 25, 2016


Dear One,
    Jesus taught a very valuable lesson to His followers about doing religious things in secret instead of parading them before other people.  There was a logical reason for it and it is because He knew the truth about the spiritual dimensions around you.  He knew that there is a tendency for you to brag about how much you have given to the church, to the poor, to a person in need or to your needy children.  The devil wants you to get the credit for your giving instead of Me getting the credit for meeting their needs. 
    I am the originator of all of your giving because My children are only a conduit for sharing My blessings with others in the earth.   When you refuse to tell anyone about your giving, it's a secret between us and I reward you openly because you have been obedient to My teaching and, therefore, you have sown into My kingdom of prosperity.  But, when you yield to the temptation to brag about your giving, you are the one who gets the credit for your giving.  Yes, the reason for your bragging is to get the praises of people for your generosity.   I get no credit from the ones in need for supplying their needs; instead, you do.  When you let other people know about your giving to others, you stop the return flow from your giving.  When you don't let others know about your giving, your return is pressed down and running over, multiplied, and people wiil give out of their abundance to you. You already have the return you were after when let people know about your giving, which is the praise of people.  When your giving is a secret between us, the power is there for you to enjoy a return on your giving and the pressed down and running over the return comes from Me, Your Heavenly Father. (Matthew 6:1-4)
     The same gem of truth relates to praying in public.  Jesus was adamant about His followers not praying like the hypocrites do who love to stand and pray in front of others so that they may be seen by people and complimented for praying such beautiful prayers and congratulated for their devotion to Me.  Jesus said that they already have their reward which they desired, which is the praise of people for their beautiful words and their obvious outward devotion to Me.  Instead, Jesus said when you pray that you should go into your room, shut the door so it's only you and Me, and then do your praying.   He said in that situation, one-on-One, is when your rewards, which are the answers to your prayers, become reality because those are pure, unadulterated prayers, unencumbered by self centered, unbelieving spirits.  He said that when you come to Me in secret, knowing that I am waiting for you there, that I will reward you openly by answering your prayers because you and I are unencumbered by unbelieving people and evil spirits. 
      Jesus also taught that you should not use empty phrases repeated over and over again which you know unbelievers do, those who think that the more flowery words they use the more likely it is that I will answer their prayers.  (Matthew 6:7-8)  He said there is no reward for those prayers.  Why is there no reward?  Because the motivation was to be praised by people, not seeking the reward of answered prayers by Me.
      You need to realize that if you reveal your giving to others for praise and if you pray in front of people for their admiration and approval, that I still love and adore you.  Nothing can ever interfere with that.  The sacrifice of Jesus obliterated all of your sins, iniquities and transgressions.  They don't exist.  Jesus, in His teaching on these gems, was coaching you on effectual prayers, the way to get your prayers answered expeditiously and how to meet the needs of the hungry and the poor secretly which results in your getting your reward for being obedient to My advice and being a conduit to My meeting the needs of others.
      The traditions of people have made these teachings of Jesus of no importance.  They are ignored completely by My children who don't know the importance of praying in the Holy Spirit in your room with the door shut where We meet together and I commune with you and you commune with Me.  It is in those battle rooms where you and I battle with evil principalities of the air, defeating them in their plans to defeat you and your family.  It is in those times together with Me that My orchestrations are spoken by My Holy Spirit that will answer all of your  prayers. 
      It's so simple, prayer is a private meeting between you as My child, and Me as Your Heavenly Father.  When you have needs for Me to intervene in your life and bring My blessings into being by My sending the answers to your problems, meet Me in your room with the door shut so that it's just you and Me without the spirits of unbelief from others who are listening if you are praying in public.  Unencumbered prayers alone with me are easily and speedily answered.
      Jesus knew this by experience.  He spent hours and hours and sometimes all night with Me where He and I met alone.  Remember that He did not even allow His chosen disciples to enter our prayer room.  He left them outside the area while He prayed.  It was in those times alone with Me that He received My wisdom, knowledge and insight on how to meet the needs of the people who were coming to Him the next day for Him to minister to them.  He stirred up My Holy Spirit's  power in Him that was necessary to answer all the prayers of the masses of people who came to Him for healing and deliverance.  If the unbelieving disciples had been in His prayer room with Him, there would have been no power present for Jesus to answer the needs of people the next day because the unbelief of the disciples would have robbed Jesus of His power.(Mark 14:33-34)  Remember that He could not do His mighty works in some towns because of the unbelief that was in that town. (Matthew 13:57-58)
     Pay close attention to this gem.  Do not ignore the brilliance of it.  Learn from it.  Accept it as an important gem from Me to you on how effective prayer works.
I am so eager to answer all the prayers of My children.  My children must be just as eager to take My advice on how to pray according to the instructions of My Son and the power of My Holy Spirit.
     Your Loving Father of All Provisions

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