Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Dear One,
     Spiritual communion has nothing to do with sitting in a church drinking wine from a cup and eating a wafer.  Jesus said when you do that, you should do it in "remembrance" of Him, or as a memory of Him.  He did not say to do it in substitution of true communion with Him.   He described the true communion which was to come through which people would be free from the works of evil in their lives and it is through spiritually communing with Him through the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you in your own spirit.
     Communion always involves an exchange of words, ideas, beliefs and teachings.  Communion is a discussion between two beings.  It is the Father/child relationship for which I yearn so deeply to have with you.  It is the true worship of Me of which Jesus spoke, worshiping Me in Spirit and in truth.  (John 4:23-24) When you connect with Me through our spirits, truth always comes from My mouth to your mind and you are changed into My image of love.  Without the exchange of words of truth from My Spirit to you, there is no true communion.
      Jesus explained it further when He said that that when My Holy Spirit came into the earth that He would be My spiritual connection to My children.  He said that His ministry in the world would be My new covenant with all people.  And He said that hearing the words that Jesus spoke and then hearing the revelations of His words as personally delivered from My Spirit to you would be true worship.  (Luke 22:13-21; Mark 14:22-24) 
     That miracle of My coming to live in people was spoken of as a mystery because humans cannot understand it until it is personally experienced.  When you have personally experienced the truth of the teaching of Jesus' words (eaten His body) as explained by My Holy Spirit (drink His blood), then you have experienced true communion with Me and new life comes into you.  You have received the exchange of life from Me to you, empowering you with power that you have never known because My revelations to you are Life giving and produce changes in human life.
     Many of My children have been satisfied with the religious ritual of only replicating the true communion by drinking wine and eating a waver which I said only to do in remembrance of Me.  I never said to do it as a substitution for true communion with me where My Holy Spirit personally teaches you the true meaning of My words spoken through Jesus and infuses you with supernatural power to overcome every evil that comes against you in your earthly life.  True communion with me produces supernatural life in you which changes you from the inside out.  Ritualistic communion only puts you in remembrance of Me.  (Luke 22:19) Do not be satisfied with the ritual because there is no exchange of power in it.
     If you want the fire of My Holy Spirit to burn out the devil's programming in you which has given you lifelong problems, true communion with Me is the only way it can happen.   All it takes it communing with Me and hearing My words of wisdom and truth.  John the Baptist said that Jesus would baptize you with My Spirit and with fire.  (Matthew 3:11)  That is My true baptism.  (Acts 2:1-4)  It is not a one time thing.  It is a continual event where every time we commune there is new life infused into you and the troublesome old life passes away.
      It was My promise from the very beginning when I hid the Tree of Life from Adam in the garden because of his communion with the devil by eating of the devil's words and yielding to his temptations.  So I had to take him out of the beautiful garden until Jesus came and redeemed the world, restoring our relationship and making it possible for people to receive My Spirit because of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  (Genesis 3:23-24)
      Being baptized with My Holy Spirit was My promise to all people, equipping you to be able to have the benefits of our relationship while still in the earth. (Acts 1:3-5)  I had been waiting for generations of men to be able to fulfill My promise and on the day of Pentecost it became a reality.  My Holy Spirit came to earth to live in the spirits of people just like He lived in Jesus, giving them power to bring My kingdom into the earth in their lives through the constant communion with my Holy Spirit which produces more and more of My glorious life in My children.
      As your Father I am always available for our one-on-one conversations which transform you into My image little by little and enable you to be abundantly blessed. 
      Your Life Giving Father     

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