Thursday, February 11, 2016


Dear One,
    Your world was made with My Love.  Your world was made because of Love.  your world was made with the intent to always have love as its atmosphere and its primary elements.  However, the first man, Adam, did not take My advice and he let an alien spirit, the devil, invade the world with all of his evil.  I already found a solution to the problem and so sent Jesus into the world to distribute My love again and make it possible for all of My human creations to receive the power of love that was resident in Jesus when he walked in the earth.  After He came back to heaven to live with me, We sent My Spirit of Love into the world to be received by all of My children who invite Me to live in them and fill them with My Spirit of love.  It is through My Spirit of Love that I recreate heaven on earth in the lives of those people who choose to inherit My kingdom of Love. (Luke 11:20)
      Love is not merely a feeling of well being, comfort, soul satisfactions and joy. It is a heavenly power that transforms My children into My image. Then My children spread the atmosphere of heaven into the world. the atmosphere of love.  It is through them that love lifts the hearts of other people who need to be lifted above the evil events in the world. It is through the ones who are filled with My love that I meet every need of the people who are sick, confused, lost, depressed and forlorn. 
    That is what Jesus meant when He said that when He came back to heaven to live with Me that the people who received My Holy Spirit, whom He would send,  would do greater works than He did.  It is through My love in His obedient followers then and today that I do greater works, the greatest being to introduce them to being born of My Spirit and baptized in My Spirit.  Jesus only foretold of that mystery of being born of My Spiritual seed of love.   He could not accomplish that mystery because My Spirit lived in Him and needed to complete His work of raising Jesus from the dead.  When Jesus rose from the dead, appeared to many, many people and told them to look for the coming of My Spirit of Love to come back into the world to live in My children just the way He lived in Jesus, He said that My children would spread My works of love in the world. 
     The kingdom of evil is still trying to rob My children of Love of all of their inheritance from Me.  The devil tempts My children to depart from a loving relationship with Me and instead embrace his evil attitudes of anger, hatred, jealousy, judgment, condemnation, bitterness, vengeance and enmity in the minds of My children in an effort to entice My children away from being My ambassadors of love in the world.  Adam fell for the deception and evil is still using the same tricks.  I send My faithful children to restore those deceived ones back into being My emissaries of love in the world. I restore them over and over and over again until they are firmly established in My love for all of humanity and their world. 
    Your world was created by My Love with the intention of love always being the atmosphere of the world like it is in My heaven. (Galatians 6:1-2; II Corinthians 5:17-21) My loyal children learn to reject evil thoughts and attitudes and adopt only good and kind attitudes toward others. 
      My children can easily spread love in the world when they are intimately acquainted with My love.  All fear fades away, all problems disappear, and all wisdom and knowledge become common in the lives of My children who are established in My love.
     My Spirit of Love is more willing to reveal My Love  to you than you are eager to receive the fullness of My Love.  My Spirit knows the power that you have when you know the fullness of My Love which surpasses mere worldly knowledge but is spiritually experienced.  It is the Comforter of which Jesus spoke.  He is eager to comfort you every minute of every day, comforting you with My insight and My wisdom through the Comforter.
     Don't allow enticing temptations to shortchange you, robbing you of your rightful inheritance of love.  Love will cast out all fear. (I John 4:18)
     Your Comforting Father          

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