Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Dear One,
     The earthly dwelling place of My Holy Spirit being in My children, which was My Plan B in spiritual matters, is not only able to solve all the problems of My children through My gifts of wisdom, knowledge, insight and prophesy, but My spiritual words spoken through your mouth in prayers are equal to the same words that created the world.  They are formulas and strategies that I design to solve every problem, every troublesome situation and every destructive circumstance that comes upon you and My other children.  When you bring a human need to Me and allow Me to pray in My Holy Spirit through your mouth, My creative words design the perfect solution to that earthly need with My supernatural abilities through the Holy Spirit.  You forget that I AM NOT LIMITED TO HUMAN ABILITIES AND POWERS.  I have a host of angels who are eager to do My bidding because they are programmed to follow My instructions only.
    So when I came to live inside of you, I bypassed the human mind's inability to be programmed from the outside with spiritual matters because there is a veil put there by the prince of evil, so now I program your mind with My love from the inside of you via My Holy Spirit; but in My plan that worked I also instigated the ability for Me to bypass the human mind's inability to pray effectively so I send My spiritual words through you via My Holy Spirit to be prayed in My heavenly language, called praying in tongues.  So My heavenly words, the words with which I created the world, become the words through which all prayers are answered.   
    Yes, that is another benefit of My promise to My children. that I would live in them and be their Heavenly Father, meeting all of their needs by being able to speak again My spiritual words into the earth, meeting all the needs of My children.  It is through My words that I destroy all the works of the devil, My words spoken to you via My Holy Spirit inside of you and through My words spoken from the Holy Spirit through your mouth in My spiritual prayer language.
     Rejoice, My plan that I had in My mind from the foundation of the world works because I bypass teaching your human mind from the outside which is limited by the veil of the devil and I reprogram it from the inside, teaching My children My ways.  Rejoice even more that My plan works because I bypass the unbelief that is in the human mind which is limited by the veil and I speak My words of life, restoration, reconciliation and solutions to all problems through your mouth in your spiritual language.  Your human mind is not involved in praying at all because the words come from My Holy Spirit who created the world. 
    The problem My children have is that, because of the veil, they attribute human abilities to Me and My host of workers.  If the problem looks too big for humans to handle, they feel like the job is also too big for Me. Often you feel like I won't meet your needs because I am not interested in your earthly needs, only your spiritual needs.  If that is your thought, then you don't know Me and the history of My experiences with My earthly children. 
     The spiritual language of My Holy Spirit becomes your prayer language when you are baptized in My Spirit.  It is the language of solutions to all troublesome issues that you have in your life on earth. When You allow Me to speak the answers to your prayers in the language of My kingdom, there is immediate attention paid to My words by My host of angels and the answers are on the way into your life to solve your problems. 
      When My Plan B was accomplished and I sent My Spirit to live in you, all of the forces in heaven began to give complete attention to My words which bring solutions to all of your problems.  The solutions come via My Holy Spirit who brings My wisdom and knowledge to your mind which brings you into unity with My answers through developing in you the fruit of My character, called the fruit of My Holy Spirit.  Those are love, peace, joy, goodness, kindness, mercy, faith and patience.  There are no temptations of evil which can enter to stop My solutions when My personality is evident in a person.  Only the personality of the devil which often takes over My children can delay the answers to their prayers.
    When My children walk in unity with Me, hearing from My Spirit and allowing Him to conform them  into My image of love, there is earthly agreement with My solutions to all problems.  Also, when you are obedient to Me and pray the solutions to all troubles in your prayer language from My Holy Spirit, you can ask anything you will and it will be done by Me.
    This is the mystery that was hidden from the foundation of the earth.  It is only  revealed through My Holy Spirit.  Rejoice that you are living in the time of the dispensation of My Spirit with all of My wonders, miracles, solutions and healing.
     I live in you and I am eager to answer all of your problems, bringing My wisdom to you and speaking My solutions through your mouth in prayers.
     My desire is that you will have a life baptized in an abundance of My gifts. 
     Your Father of Provisions         
     John 14, 15 and 16; Acts 1:4-8; Acts 2:1-4)

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