Friday, February 12, 2016


Dear One,
    Unconditional love has spiritual energy that will heal the human body, the human emotions and the human spirit.  That is why, when I take up residence inside of a person, My Holy Spirit begins His magnificent work of restoration and reconciliation, restoring the souls of My children to perfection and reconciling the person to Me as My prized and loved child.  I speak loving words to the person from inside of him or her, assuring words which affirm the value of the person regardless of the negative programming that has been infused into the mind of the person by the devil through other people.  I speak My loving words of affirmation and honor in your mind, words that validate your existence. 
   One of His most enjoyable efforts of My Spirit in My children is to rid the person of all the negativity which pollutes the person's mind.  Negative programming is from hell and is responsible for all destruction of relationships, the relationship between My children and Me and the relationships they have with people.  It is with My loving words that I chase out the old cruel words, the bitter words, the demeaning words, the injurious words and the belittling words that caused any feelings of inferiority.  Those words may have been spoken by parents, by teachers, by friends, by enemies, by religious people, by politicians or by mere acquaintances but they are still resident in the emotions of My children.  When I enter into My earthly dwelling place, which is your human spirit, My loving words erase those old destructive words and I replace them with My loving words which cleanse you completely.  (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
    I begin restoring the minds of My children with My gentle tutoring and personal comforting of their emotions until they are established as healthy, loving people who can pass on My loving words to others.  The spiritual energy in My love heals without pain or distress because there is no discomfort in My healing balm of loving words.  My Spirit heals instantly with My words of affirmation and healing power, leaving behind a healthy, restored vessel of love. (John 16)
    Because I know every person inside and out, I know the perfect love words which will do their magnificent work in each individual.  I said that no one knows the totality of a person except the spirit of that person.  When My Holy Spirit lives inside of you, He does My glorious work of cleaning out the old garbage and replacing it with My glorious emotions of being deeply loved and prized.  The results are joy and peace in your human mind.  (I Corinthians 2:11-16)  That is what I meant when I said, "Behold, all things become new."   (II Corinthians 5:17-20)  My Spirit is the spiritual house cleaner and the perfect decorator, replacing garbage with golden revelations that can never be removed and never lose their luster.
     I can only do My cleaning and redecorating work with your permission.  Because I gave you free will, I have to have your invitation for My Holy Spirit to heal every crevice in your mind of the past toxic, poisonous words which have caused you to be unhappy.  I infuse My joy into you and you become a distributor of My love, peace and joy. 
     Your Loving Father of Peace and Joy 

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